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Fall into Comfort with a New Mattress

Do you love memory foam mattresses but hate how warm they can get? You can still have the ultimate comfort of a memory foam bed with temperature control thanks to gel foam mattresses. These mattresses work the same as memory foam and still form a glove of comfort but keeps you from getting heatstroke. Make sure you get the best sleep you possibly can so you can stay healthy and happy with the quality mattress selection at Goedeker’s.

Once you have that new mattress, add even more comfort and support for your neck and head with bed pillows from Signature Design by Ashley.

Even wealthy and powerful character Jack Donaghy from the hit comedy tv show 30 Rock got bed bugs. So it is important no matter who you are to help protect your mattress from infestation. Goedeker’s can help you with that! We carry mattress encasements. to help protect you and your bed from an itchy menace.