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Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

If you have the opportunity to remodel your house, or just completely redo one room, then you know how important it is to choose furnishings and fixtures that you’re going to love long-term. Though the bathroom may not seem like a major design concern, you can’t deny that it’s a heavily trafficked room that you spend time in daily! It only makes sense to give it attention as well.

One of the key components of a well-designed bathroom is the vanity. Bathroom vanities come in many different styles and configurations, so you should make it a priority to find one that matches your needs as well as the aesthetic you envision for the room.


Vanity Styles

There are many different appearances your vanity could have. Contemporary bathroom vanities are trendy and eye-catching, while an antique bathroom vanity would give the space a certain classic flair. The most common style you will find on the market are traditional vanities, but there are transitional, rustic, and other options out there as well.


After you select the style you want, then you can start browsing bathroom vanity models to see which one has just the right combination of features. Here are a few aspects you should consider:

Vanity Cabinets vs. Vanity Tops Vanity Cabinets vs. Vanity Tops

Will your vanity be providing any storage, or will it just function as a sink and countertop? Bathroom vanity cabinets look attractive while tucking your toiletries and linens out of sight. Some floor-mounted vanity models have doors and others have drawers.

If you want something that is more versatile, choosing a vanity top only will keep your options open. You can let it stand alone, or place your own storage furniture underneath later. Bathroom vanity tops can be wall mounted or lofted.

Single Sink vs. Double Sink Single Sink vs. Double Sink

How many sinks do you need? That all depends on which bathroom the vanity is going in, how much space you have to work with, and what they’re being used for.

If it is going in the main restroom that your family or guests will be using, then a double sink bathroom vanity might be a good choice. It’ll give your kids their own spot to brush their teeth, as well as offer plenty of counter space.

For the master bathroom, or one that simply doesn’t have as much square footage, a single sink vanity might be better. However, if you have the floor space to spare, double bathroom vanities look great regardless!

Frame Material

Bathroom vanities, as one would imagine, come in a variety frame materials. Here is a list of the common materials:

  • Wooden Bathroom Vanities offer supreme durability and a beautiful finish. For a classic or rustic decor style, this framework is perfect.
  • Metal Bathroom Vanities are typically modern with rounded or squared edges. For contemporary lovers, this design would fit well into your bathroom.
  • Plastic/Acrylic Bathroom Vanities are strong and affordable. In addition to being stylish, this material repels moisture and mold, and is stain resistant.
  • Stone Bathroom Vanities blend durability and aesthetics together for an incredible, rich, sleek bathroom. Luxurious options include granite and marble.
  • Glass Bathroom Vanities provide an elegant, sophisticated look to the bathroom. This tempered glass material is not only glamorous, but durable and easy to maintain.

Other Features to Consider

There are all kinds of variations out there when it comes to bathroom vanities. Some are built with a backsplash, while others just have a flat countertop. Some have a larger counter area than others, even if they only have a single sink.

Look closely when you buy to see what your purchase includes. Bathroom vanity sets give you a vanity with a sink already placed inside, simplifying your shopping. However, most bathroom vanities do not include the faucet, so that will have to be bought separately.

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