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Baby & Kids

Next stop, Destination: Imagination!

Experts say that play is an integral part of learning and brain development for even very young children. Goedeker’s can help you build the perfect playroom for your child, or class of children, with its unique and imaginative playsets.

Do you have a budding future cook but don’t want to let them near any real equipment? We suggest a nice play kitchen. We have sturdy, realistic kitchen sets that will draw your child into a world of imaginary meals where they are a head chef and you are their taste tester.

Our art supplies offer some awesome options you can use at home and teachers can use in their classrooms. Your future artists will delight in our selection of easels, art stations, and art kits. With all of our offerings you are sure to keep your kids busy while encouraging them to build their creative skills and learn skills to not only help them express themselves, but also teach them the value of creation.

Transport your child into a world of make believe where they can act out all sorts of characters and stories with our theatrical play and dress up products. From stages to dressing storage, costumes and puppets we have everything you need for your child to put on a proper show.

Every child dreams of the perfect playset, something to climb and slide and crawl through; something that furthers the world of make believe and stories and characters they create.

Add more pretend play to your home and let Goedeker’s help your child learn with its fantastic children’s products.