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LG LRG3095ST 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection (View all from LG)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

Appliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking

Appliances LG-LRG3095ST CookingAppliances LG-LRG3095ST CookingAppliances LG-LRG3095ST CookingAppliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking
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  • Appliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking
  • Appliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking
  • Appliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking
  • Appliances LG-LRG3095ST Cooking

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LG 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

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We're sorry, but this product is not available. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

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  • Cooking Performance
  • 5.4 cu. ft. Large Oven Capacity
  • 1.0 cu. ft. Storage Drawer Capacity
  • Powerful EvenJet Convection System
  • Convection Bake
  • Convection Roast
  • 17,000 BTU SuperBoil Burner
  • 5 Sealed Gas Cooktop Burners
  • Matching High End Knobs
  • SmoothTouch Glass Controls
  • Style and Design
  • Premium Finishes in Stainless Steel, Smooth White and Smooth Black
  • WideView Window
  • Brilliant Blue Interior
  • Porcelain Coated Cooktop Surface
  • Convenience
  • 2 Heavy Duty Racks with 7 Positions
  • GoCook Oven Light
  • 12 Hr Automatic Shut-Off
  • Self-Cleaning


Dimensions & Weights
Width: 29 15/16"
Depth (including door): 26 1/2"
Depth (including handle): 26 29/32"
Height (to top of cooktop): 36"
Height (to top of backguard): 47 5/8"
Oven Capacity Width: 24 1/2"
Oven Capacity Depth: 19 11/16"
Oven Capacity Height: 19 1/2"
Drawer Width: 23"
Drawer Depth: 16 1/2"
Drawer Height: 4 11/16"
WideView Window Width: 20 1/4"
WideView Window Height: 12 1/4"
Net Weight: 231 lbs.
Type: Free Standing Gas
Oven/Cooktop: SmoothTouch/Knobs
Display: White VFD
Electronic Clock & Timer: Yes
Control Lock Function: Yes
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Special Functions: Temperature Unit of Measure (F/C); Beeper Volume (High, Low, Mute); Language: English or Spanish; Preheating Alarm Light On/Off
Door Lock: Yes
Cooktop Specifications
Type: Coated Porcelain
No. of Sealed Gas Burners: 5
Burner Power - Left Front: 12,000 BTUs
Burner Power - Left Rear: 9,100 BTUs
Burner Power - Center: 8,000 BTUs
Burner Power - Right Front: SuperBoil 17,000 BTUs
Burner Power - Right Rear: 5,000 BTUs
Oven Specifications
Capacity: 5.4 cu. ft.
Type: Self-Cleaning
Variable Cleaning Time: 2hr, 3hr, 4hr
Delay Clean: Yes
Broil Burner: 15,500 BTU
Broiler Type: Flat Broiler
Bake Burner: 18,000 BTU
Delay Bake: 12 Hours
Convection System: Yes
Convection System - Bake: Yes
Convection System - Roast: Yes
Convection Conversion: Yes
Automatic Shut-Off: After 12 Hours
WideView Window: Yes
GoCook Smart Oven Light: Yes
Interior Oven Light Adjustment: 1, Auto/Manual
No. of Racks/Positions: 2 Full/7
Capacity: 1.0 cu. ft.
Type: Storage
Available Colors: Stainless Steel (ST), Smooth White (SW), Smooth Black (SB)
Oven Interior: Brilliant Blue
Knobs: Matching Metal
Handles: Matching Commercial Handle
Power Source/Warranty
Electrical Requirements: 1.2kW/5A, 120VAC
Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor

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The oven is large and bakes extremely evenly every time. The cooktop burners light easily and provide more than enough heat. Everything is great about this stove except for the timer-chime. It is a pleasant sound but the volume (even at the highest setting) cannot be set loud enough to be heard in the next room.


I bought this model because of the larger capacity oven and the 5 burners. Love the super boil feature and that it had the large BTU burners & only one simmer burner. I have large family get together so very important to be able have all the larger burners.
I bake bread a lot so also liked that it has a proofer.

Review Title: NOW WE'RE COOKIN' WITH GAS! | Review by

Cooking can be a chore or it can be rewarding. The LG gas range and over make it very rewarding. First, if you're looking for control, this range gives you what you need to cook food that will make family and friends want to come to your place rather than go out to dinner. The five burners allows you to boil big pots, simmer delicate sauces, and stir fry that will put those hoity-toity Asian restaurants on their heels. The oven bakes conventionally and with convection with great results. Bake goods come out just the way you want them and in good time as well. I highly recommend this product. Consider it before you select a commercial-type product that costs a whole lot more -- and probably is NOT self-cleaning (if you take my meaning)!

Review Title: TERRIFIC RANGE | Review by

Love the blue color inside the oven, it really does help to see the browning. Burners and features are really easy to use, still working on how to use the convection properly. Only suggestion would be to make the vents at the back of the range not stick out because it makes it hard to fit a pan or pot on the back burners.

Review Title: PERFECT | Review by

I love my range. The features are really easy to use. I love the cobalt blue that lines the inside of the oven. I think this helps with the cooking process, which by the way is amazing. It cooks quickly and evenly, especially when you use the convection bake/roast. The only issue I have with this range is that it produces a lot of heat. But of course it is a gas range and my kitchen is kind of closed in with one ac vent. I will take the heat for quicker cooking time.

Review Title: EXCELLENT PRODUCT | Review by

Very happy with our new range. Only two months old and so far no issues. I noticed in some of the other earlier reviews people had issues with the knobs breaking, the newer stoves have a steel band around the knob insert which seems to have resolved the issue.

Review Title: GREAT PRODUCT | Review by

I love this stove! It cooks evenly and quickly and cools down quickly too! This is my first convection oven and I have enjoyed learning to cook with it. Everything I've tried has come out beautifully.
My only complaint is that the timer chime is not loud enough. I wish there were a way to adjust the volume so that I could hear it outside the kitchen.

Review Title: LIKE THIS RANGE VERY MUCH | Review by

Best range I have used, I am a picky cook and this range works as promised. The burners are hot and well controlled with the valves. I can have four skillets on the stove top at once if needed. Oven has worked well and gets to the temperature fast and accurately.

Review Title: GREAT RANGE | Review by

We love the new range that we purchased a month ago. So far we have no complaints about it. It cooks nicely and it is easy to use. It also looks nice. I have not used the self cleaner yet. I would recommend this product.

Review Title: GREAT QUALITY RANGE | Review by

Love this range, looks great in our kitchen. Convection oven features bake evenly. Love the color of the oven and so does everyone else who sees it. I was concerned the chime was a bit quiet but I do hear it and I have hearing issues. The griddle on the center burner is very slow to heat up which is my only complaint. The power burner really speeds up the process when needed.

Review Title: POOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. | Review by

The front left burner does not produce an even flame and therefore cooks unevenly. Two service visits and three parts replacements has not resolved the problem.

Review Title: NICE LOOKING RANGE. | Review by

The oven looks very good. The grates cover the entire top and look like they will last forever. I like the different size burners for fast boil or slow simmer. I don't like that you can't use any type of burner drip pan under the flames. While the top appears to be easy to clean, every little spill must be cleaned up immediately or it could look very sloppy very quickly. It would be nice to just be able to remove a drip tray and put it in the dishwasher. The worst thing is the little lip at the back of the burners under the control panel. Being all black you usually don't notice it is there sticking out about an inch into the burner area. It seems that every time I pick up a frying pan off the back burner I hit that lip. I wish it was either not there or it was stainless steel and it would be easier to notice it. I am not much of a cook so I haven't used the oven for anything yet. I am interested in trying the convection part for something. I have used convection in the toaster oven and it seems to cook a lot faster. I really like cooking with gas again. I had electric for the last 35 years.

Review Title: LOVE THIS STOVE | Review by

I've only had it about a week, but what a joy to use. Even cooking on the range and in the oven. Griddle, fast boil, broil, roast, convection oven. what more do you need?

Review Title: BEST IN ITS CLASS! | Review by

This oven is wonderful....great features and easy to the blue interior and the professional looking can't go wrong with this one...


Great Stove. Many features that help make dinner easy and effortless. The music that is played is different for each function so that you can monitor progress from another room.

Review Title: BEAUTIFUL OVEN | Review by

I replaced the oven the house came with. We put up with it for 10 years. Then the dishwasher broke, so we said let's get a new oven to match the dishwasher. I love the stainless steel look and features of this oven. I'm very satisfied with our choice.

Review Title: VERY WELL DESIGNED | Review by

It has a larger oven and it is well lit for viewing from outside the oven.
the broiler burner is larger than our previous oven.
The top burners are better regulated for propane than our previous oven.
And most important is that my wife loves it.

Review Title: PERFECT RANGE | Review by

We bought our house 7 years ago which came with a cheap range that wasn't well insulated, clunky and a nightmare to clean. We wanted not just replace it but also upgrade the range to have more modern features. We researched several brands on CNET and visited several stores to actually touch and view the products that were of interest. Hands down the LG from its sleek look to the details and materials it was our only choice. Bonus features we weren’t aware of once we had it home were the tones and flashing oven light when a temperature or timer has reached the desired levels. LOVE this oven and everyone who comes to my house is impressed. It has elevated my cooking since I am no longer sweating over and oven.

Review Title: LOVING IT! | Review by

Purchased this range after the oven on my last one died. I am so glad that it did die, this range lets me know what I was missing for quite a bit of time. My first convection (WOW) and it is awesome. Controls are excellent, located very nicely and easy to use. I could go on and on about the self cleaning oven after I had a pizza drip on the bottom. It wouldn't come off with a washrag and dawn but the self clean feature did the trick. It cleaned it like the day it was delivered. I love the stovetop burners as they work very nice. It's easy (level surface) to slide pans around without having to pick them up and the simmer burner on the back row is just fantastic not to mention the large burner on the front row for that extra flame. I haven't used the griddle yet, but I can see that it is a very nice feature. I tell all of my friends and family about how blessed I am to have bought this range.

Review Title: A QUALITY PRODUCT! | Review by

Everything about this stove is high quality. The performance is excellent. It is well assembled and very easy to use.

Review Title: THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME! | Review by

Love the range, oven cooks evenly. Used the griddle to fry eggs for breakfast! I am very happy I went with LG.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES & GOOD LOOKS | Review by

I love this stove. It is everything I have always wanted. I have tried almost all the features so far and
everything works great. The only thing I haven't tried is the cleaning feature. That is next. It is the easiest stove I have ever had to keep clean, of course you do have to clean it every day with the black top, 5 mins. and it looks brand new again. I guess I can't say enough. If you are in doubt buy it you will love it.

Review Title: LOVE THIS OVEN | Review by

I love every thing about this oven. I can't say the same for the frig. I purchased 2 years ago from LG.

Review Title: AWESOME RANGE!! | Review by

From having a gas range for 25 years and then going backwards to an electric range for 13 years, I love my recent purchase of this LG Gas Range.
Besides being gorgeous this range cooks food! The oven is large and offers many rack height options. I have not used the Convection Baking yet but do plan on experimenting in the near future. The burner setup is great with actually having large burners up front where they actually are more useful.
The only area I am having difficulty with (please don't laugh) is boiling water in a tea kettle. The tea kettle I have is stainless steel and performed well on the electric range but takes forever on this gas range. After some research I found that all tea kettles are "not" the same and that actually a copper bottom tea kettle works best with gas. I have not purchased one yet but it is on my wish list.
I almost forgot to mention, the rib roast I made for the holidays came out fantastic and my first homemade pizza in this oven was to die for.

Review Title: LOVE IT! | Review by

I love this oven. The preheat cycle is fast. During the Christmas holiday, I baked the best cookies I have ever had using the Bake Convection selection. Even my husband said they were better than his mom's. :)
It also looks great.

Review Title: ALMOST PERFECT | Review by

Have only had the stove a few days but generally we are very happy with it. It is a very attractive stove and the all the burners except the griddle are very functional. The griddle is the only disappointment as it does not heat up as hot as we would like so consequently it takes much longer to cook some items then we would like. The oven is a dream. Looking forward to the "proofing" setting as we are avid bread makers.

Review Title: LOVE THIS RANGE | Review by

Love this range, only complaint is the griddle doesn't get very hot, but only a minor problem

Review Title: ELEGANT AND PROFESSIONAL! | Review by

This range has been great I love the convection heat up time and the alert that chimes with the light that flash on and off. The griddle that come with it is a really cool accessory that is in the box with it. Nice and heavy duty grates on teh top not the cheap metal one. defibnately a great unit that gives that professinal feel while using it. The bread rising feature is great as well we use taht everyday.

Review Title: BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY | Review by

We've had this appliance for one year this month and were very pleased with it like all the LG appliances we bought when we had our kitchen redone a year ago. Then things went very bad very quickly. A week ago we used the self clean cycle and the next time we used the stove I noticed that several of the burner knobs had the finish distorted on the bottom portion, apparently from the heat of the cleaning cycle exiting the door vent directly below the knobs. Our neighbors have the exact same range and we mentioned this to them when we had them to dinner and they said theirs had done the same thing. They also mentioned that the ceramic coating inside their oven had cracked. I checked ours and sure enough there were cracks in the bottom of the oven liner.
I had noticed also that after using the stove for several months that the burner controls we're getting loose and wobbly and felt like something you'd find on a low end appliance. So it seems like this range has all the surface appearance and features that you pay for but with very little use shows some very disturbing signs of poor build quality.
The serviceman is coming tomorrow so I'll update you after this visit.


Every classy restaurant should have one of these LG Range. It handles and cooks like an expensive automobile; with class! Some of the things we like about it are: instant burner on with an even flame, the cool color of the hot oven, oven light provides light that illuminates the whole interior, oven door operates smoothly and heats up in a short period of time with digital read-out of its approach to the desired temperature, the items in the drawer do not get hot as in our past range, musical responses, ease of cleaning the spill area by the burners and able to remove the burner tops for cleaning. As you can see, we love everything about our new range. The only area of improvement would be to be able to adjust the volume of the timer.

Review Title: GREAT APPLIANCE | Review by

the oven looks great and professional. heats up quickly and bakes to perfection. my only problem is that even salt shows up on the stove top, I really have to wipe it off after each use, which is okay I guess. The burners are very efficient also. I actually love my new range.

Review Title: GREAT RANGE | Review by

I am very please with this range. The flexible size burners are efficient and the oven heats up quickly.

Review Title: GREAT OVEN FOR VALUE! | Review by

This oven overall has been a joy to use. Like the fact that it auto converts my recipes to be able to cook convection, yet I still have the capability to cook in the traditional way (using bake or roast cycle). Also enjoy the various "bells and whistles" such as the chime mechanism when oven is preheated. Only downside is--the control knobs are somewhat flimsy...could easily see where the knobs could break off under heavy use. Overall though, would definitely recommend. Great value for what you get!

Review Title: THIS STOVE IS VERY EASY TO USE. | Review by

I like the stove very much. The features are easy to use and understand. The oven is a dream! The grates are heavy duty and seem like they will be durable. I object to the use of plastic trim and knobs on a stove! They are hard to clean without scratching, especially the back panel. If it is a stainless steel stove, it should be ALL stainless steel, not part plastic. The black enamel top requires constant vigilance in cleaning--it looks great, but is a pain to keep up.
I really enjoy using this stove, but "cheaping out" on plastic parts bothers me.

Review Title: JUST GREAT | Review by

Never had a gas range before and just love it .... Bought the range in January and so far it has lived up to all my expectations. What is even better is it lives up to my wife's. Remember husbands if she is happy you are happy!!!!!

Review Title: FANTASTIC RANGE | Review by

We love the middle burner and included griddle...makes a breakfast so much easier, and love the BTUs of this burner.
The oven heats to temperature really fast! Also love the Proof feature for bread, as we bake bread twice a week. I am so happy with the new range.

Review Title: FANTASTIC RANGE! | Review by

Everything is as advertised. Quick boil is amazing, flexibility is great as far as moving the griddle around. Clean-up is a snap. Not possible to be more satisfied with a kitchen appliance purchase.

Review Title: DO NOT USE ALUMINUM LINERS | Review by

We used an aluminum foil type oven liner and it melted to the bottom of the oven! Just a warning to new IS in owner's manual assuming that you read it unlike me! :(

Review Title: EXCELLENT RANGE! | Review by

Purchased this range along with an LG refrigerator and we could not be happier with both. The range oven cooks very evenly while offering and very sharp interior for the viewing. We also enjoy the center burner for cooking larger portions, especially for breakfast items.

Review Title: RANGE HAS EASY TO USE CONTROLS. | Review by

Range works great and looks great also. The controls on the panel are very simply to use. The digital display is simply to understand. Wish we would have switched to a gas range years ago. Cooks faster and oven bakes more evenly and faster also.


Only improvement I would recommend is to make the Grill pan out of cast iron (rather than aluminum) & make it reversible (griddle/Grill)


Since my purchase I enjoy every meal that I create using my new LG gas Stove. I love gas over electricity. And the compliments continue to come in which every meal I serve. Easy to use, and clean. The convex feature will make you wonder why it took so long to have this feature.
Over all I am extremely pleased.


I brought this gas range in July 2014. I can't get over how evenly everything bakes, my bread, rolls, scones, all come out perfect and oh my goodness, do a roast!!!!! I use conv. bake and conv. roast most of the time. The variable btu's on the surface burners are right on. I make homemade spaghetti sauce and now cannot do without the simmer burner. Love the cobalt blue interior. I highly recommend this gas range.

Review Title: PLEASANTLY SUPRISED | Review by

This purchase is my first use of a gas range. I love how quickly and evenly everything has cooked both on the stove top & in the oven. I very pleased with quality & beauty of this product.

Review Title: FANTASTIC BAKING OVEN SO FAR | Review by

We bought this from Abt as a returned floor model.
I quickly discovered why it was returned...the first buyer used the broiler to cook steaks from the looks of it. Well, I hardly ever use a broiler and I wouldn't recommend using it for meat in this oven either. Because the door has a plastic top, it looks like it melted on the first buyer, my guess is because the steaks were flaming up, and Im assuming that is why they returned it, although I don't think they should have been allowed to. I got a good price on it and I don't mind damaged goods, although I prefer to do the damage.
Anyway, I cleaned it up a little and it's fine. It looks like no other features were ever used except the broiler.
The frozen pizzas I've baked in there so far have been perfect, better then I have ever seen.
I love the burners and configuration, it is a very efficient stove on space and very rich with funcationality.


got this on a great deal. still learning how to use it, I (husband) haven't had too much of issue, wife on other hand had some trouble. 17 yr old daughter doing ok with it.

Review Title: GREAT STOVE | Review by

This LG replaced an older gas stove and the LG has been superb.
First meal was Thanksgiving dinner, a bit daunting, everything from Turkey to Pie came out perfect. Particularly like setting the temp digitally, you know where you are going rather than on the old dial the temp model.
Enjoy having the Super burner as well as a simmer burner. Efficient options.
Even a coblat blue oven is appreciated over drab black.
We have found the stove easy to use and so far everything cooks perfect. I've actually wondered if it was my imagination or things are really better on this LG, beginning to believe their slogan Life's Good!

Review Title: GREAT, EXCEPT | Review by

Love the new range. Almost all features are top quality. However, several nitpicking things. Black surface is difficult to keep clean. Almost have to clean it after each use. Time sound is way too meek. Can only hear it on high setting if standing at the range. Finally, the burner flames flare out excessively. Need to plan on using pots that have a bottom diameter 1 1/2 inches larger than the burner top.


This range was purchased as an early Christmas gift to ourselves to replace a 20 year old unit. The instructions for installation and conversion to LP gas were excellent and easy to follow.
The new range was used to prepare a big holiday dinner with a roast goose and roast duck at the same time along with all the trimmings. Great oven capacity!
We love versatility and features of this range!


Love the high output burners in front. Water boils very quickly. The oven is spacious too. I haven't made a very big dinner yet but it had plenty of room for 2 different entrees and a vegetable casserole. Very good looking too and a good match for the LG refrigerator I also bought at the same time.

Review Title: THIS STOVE IS AMAZING! | Review by

The layout and spacing of the stove top is perfect. And the griddle makes life quick and easy. The stove heats evenly and cooks food to perfection. The built in features such as letting me know when it's preheated makes life simple. I don't have to think about it....I just get to enjoy cooking again!

Review Title: Love New Stove | Review by

I am very happy with a gas stove vs. electric. The burners heat up immediately and cool fast...more control. I need to bake more to tell the difference in convection cooking. The only drawback so far is the shiny black stove top. It scratches easy and shows lint and dust daily.

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