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  • Model: PHS920SFSS
  • Height: 37.25"
  • Width: 31.25"
  • Depth: 28.88"
  • 4 Heating Elements
  • 5.3 cu. ft. True European Convection Oven
  • Fast Preheat
  • Self-Clean Roller Rack
  • Warming Drawer


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  • GE GE-PHS920SFSS Ranges
  • GE GE-PHS920SFSS Ranges
  • GE GE-PHS920SFSS Ranges
  • GE GE-PHS920SFSS Ranges

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GE Profile PHS920SFSS slide-in induction range

from Goedeker's is without a doubt one of the best induction ranges out there. In fact, named it the Best Induction Range of 2014. But what is it about this range that makes it rate so highly? Here are just a few things!

On the Cooktop

  • This range has an
    induction cooktop
    , meaning it will only transfer heat when it comes in contact with a compatible magnetic pan. This reduces wasted heat.
  • The cooktop has four burners, including one
    11-inch Power Boil element
    . It also features a
    warming zone
  • You can use nearly any size pan when cooking, but keep in mind that if the pan is too small, the range will not turn on. This is a safety feature that prevents accidentally burning other things that touch the rangetop, such as your hands or cooking utensils.
  • There are
    19 different power levels
    you can choose from for more precise heating. It is an extremely versatile cooking surface with a wide range of temperatures.
  • The cooktop is
    fast and responsive
    , with all burners able to reach a boil very quickly. This speeds up basic kitchen tasks, like boiling water or fixing pasta, and saves you a lot of time!
  • Just as it heats up swiftly, it also cools down in an instant.

Inside the Oven

  • With a capacity of
    5.3 cu. ft.
    , this oven can hold a lot!
  • It features
    True European Convection with Precise Air
    for efficient heat distribution and faster preheating.
  • The
    eight-pass broiler
    is a huge asset. This oven is known for baking, cooking, and broiling evenly.
  • All oven racks move back and forth smoothly.
  • The front display updates the oven temperature in real time as it heats up.
  • When you want to clean your oven, you don't have to resort to scrubbing. You have the choice to use the
    self-clean cycle
    , which utilizes concentrated heat, or you can select the
    steam clean option
    . Just pour a little water in the oven and it will quickly clean it through the power of steam.
  • As an added bonus, the oven includes a
    temperature probe
    , so you can prepare a perfect roast every time!

Other Features

  • Beneath the oven, there is a
    variable-temperature warming drawer
    . When not in use, any spare racks you have will fit in there, or you can keep a few pots and pans stored inside.
  • The
    intuitive glass touch controls
    are located on the front of the range for ease of use. You can set temperatures in a snap, and they take minimal effort to clean, so you won't see tons of fingerprint smudges.
  • Many people love the
    extra large oven window
    on this range that provides a clear view of your food while it's cooking.
  • The range is
    ADA Compliant
    , so it was constructed to be accessible and easy to open.
  • This induction range was
    made in America
    . GE can certify that it is 70 to 90% U.S. content.
  • If you're in the market for a range hood to match your new range, the GE JV636HSS under cabinet hood is a complementary model.

The GE PHS920SFSS range has a stylish, transitional appearance with clean lines and an attractive shade of charcoal gray. But most importantly, it is known for its unbeatable performance, simplifying cooking with the latest technology.


Handle: Stainless Steel. Designer-Style
Oven Door Features: Big View Oven Window. Full-Wrapped Stainless
Color Appearance: Stainless Steel/Gray
Cooktop: Overhanging Cooktop; Black Ceramic Glass
Configuration: Range with Warming Drawer
Installation: Flush Appearance
Heating Element "ON" Indicator Light: 5
Element - Left Front: 8" 2500 Watts
Element - Left Rear: 8" 2500 Watts
Element - Right Front: 11" 3700 Watts Power Boil
Element - Center: 6" Warming Zone
Element - Right Rear: 6" 1800 Watts
Cooktop Burner Type: Induction
6-Pass Broil Element: Yes
8-Pass Broil Element: Yes
Hidden Bake: Yes
Number of Oven Racks: 3; 1 Roller Rack; 2 Standard
Oven Racks: Self-Clean Heavy-Duty
Rack Positions: 6
Interior Oven Light: 1 Halogen
Oven Cleaning Type: Self-Clean
Cooking Technology: Convection
Cooking System: True European Convection with Precise Air
Control Type: Digital Temperature Display
Electronic Oven Controls: Yes
Glass Touch Controls: Yes
Audible Preheat Signal: Yes
Auto Oven Shut-Off with Override: Yes
Auto Recipe Conversion: Yes
C° or F° Programmable: Yes
Certified Sabbath Mode: Yes
Control Lock Capability: Yes
Delay Bake Option (Time Bake): Yes
Delay Clean Option: Yes
Clock & Kitchen Timer: Electronic
Fast Preheat: Yes
Broil: Hi / Low Broil
Oven Meat Probe: Yes
Self-Clean Cool Down Time Display: Yes
Convection Bake: Yes
Melt Setting: Yes
Control Location: Front
Power Ratings
KW Rating at 240V: 12.2
KW Rating at 208V: 9.2
Amp Rating at 208V: 40 Amps
Bake Wattage: 2850 Watts
Broiler Wattage: 3800 Watts
Amp Rating at 240V: 40 Amps
Convection Wattage: 2500 Watts
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Warranty Notes: See written warranty for full details
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Width: 31 1/4"
Overall Depth: 28 7/8"
Overall Depth without Handle: 25 3/8"
Overall Depth with Door Open: 47 5/8"
Overall Height: 37 1/4"
Net Weight: 241 Lbs.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 265 Lbs.

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Review Title: A very happy person | Review by

Overall Rating
The stove is even better then what I thought besides all the pros cooking/cleanup even my pots are easier to clean. I researched this product for 7 years so I knew everything about it but it is wonderful. Another + it cooks faster on all accounts then any other power source. I am so happy with my decision to finally take the plunge. And your price is what made it all possible and your service was excellent.

(Posted on )

Review Title: Best induction range | Review by

Overall Rating
Beautiful ceramic top with excellent controls which do not force you to reach over hot pots to adjust and are not subject to drips on the cook-top. GE makes as fine a range as you could want.

(Posted on )

Review Title: Pleased as Punch | Review by

Overall Rating
I've had this oven for about several months now, and I absolutely love it. About a year ago I bought a portable single induction unit, and found myself using it every time I needed to cook with a pan. So when I remodeled my kitchen this summer, I know I wanted induction, and this was the best unit for the price, and Goedekers had the best price. I almost didn't buy it because the kitchen got expensive and funds were running low, but I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't. Glad I followed my instincts!

This unit is great because its sleek looking and easy to clean. Each induction burner's heat is adjustable from 1 to 9, going by 1/2 units, so you can get just the right heat. I also like the fact that if I take off a pan, the unit stops heating but doesn't turn itself off immediately. The number just flashes, and if I put the pan back on it resumes heating. If I don't return the pan, it turns off.

Overall, you get all the benefits of induction cooking like fast cook time, electricity savings, and being cool, for a fair price. I gave the price 5 stars even though its pricier than other technologies, because this unit is very affordable compared to other induction units. Hopefully the induction hardware will last me many years, good luck!

(Posted on )

Review Title: Great | Review by

Overall Rating
I love the look of my new range and so many features: quick boil, smooth racks, self clean with steam and the awesome warming drawer! Would recommend.

(Posted on )

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Overall Rating
I'm very satisfied with my new range. The cook top definitely meets my expectations.
I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the slide-out oven rack. A replacement was rec'd with the same faulty surface.

(Posted on )

Review Title: Very Fast | Review by

Overall Rating
We wanted to try induction since as two working people we are always in a hurry and hate waiting for things to get hot or boil, but prefer to eat at home most of the time. The trick, we found, is to buy the right cookware: Lots of brands say "induction ready" but we were initially very disappointed with the cooking speed with the cookware we bought. We went to a wonderful cooking store and discovered some cookware is designed first for induction, but works well on electric or gas as well. Huge difference: small pan of water full boil in 2 minutes, vs. 5 minutes on the induction ready cookware. Now my only problem is not over-cooking and/or burning food because of not watching the heat closely enough! A good problem that we will adjust to. A faster oven too! Very pleased with the design, fit and finish and Goedeker's service and follow-up.

(Posted on )

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