Your Sleeping Issues Solved

We know many people have problems sleeping at night whether you are suffering from restless sleep, allergies, temperature issues, back pain or issues sleeping with a partner. We are not doctors. Any medical issues should be addressed with your physician before purchasing a mattress. Also, a mattress, even the best mattress, is not a medical solution for many of these issues. What we can assure is that often these medical issues result from sleeping on a poor mattress or a mattress not suited for your specific needs. The right mattress might be the simple solution to these common problems.

  1. Problem: Restless Sleeping

    Why? Sleep should be relaxing, a chance to recharge, not a nightmare of constant tossing and turning. Often restless sleep is the result of an old or sagging mattress. The innersprings in your mattress don't last forever. A good innerspring is designed to avoid pressure points so that your body weight is distributed across a wide surface.

    We recommend: Simmons Beautyrest - These mattresses offer great back support and reduce the need to toss and turn. Posturepedic mattresses are designed to give orthopedically correct support and are designed in conjunction with the Orthopedic Advisory Board. Posture channels and pressure relief inlays are features in all models in this line.

  2. Problem: Back Pain

    Why? Back pain can be a terrible result of the same problems that cause restless sleeping. If you have back pain from your mattress you probably are also suffering from restless sleeping. Old and sagging mattresses are big time offenders. However, if you have progressed to back pain from just restless sleeping you might need a bigger solution.

    We recommend: A memory foam mattress because it is the supreme material for reducing pressure points.

  3. Problem: Temperature Issues

    Why? Don't you hate it when you bundle up in the covers to fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of night sweating? You probably thought it was just you. It could actually be your mattress. Not all mattresses are designed to dissipate heat throughout the night.

    We recommend: Comforpedic from Beautyrest mattresses - The Comforpedic from Beautyrest utilizes Simmons unique AirCool Memory Foam. These mattresses include TruTemp Gel which was specially designed to dissipate heat. Also, any mattress with a latex or Memory Foam layer has some heat dissipation ability.

  4. Problem: Suffering from Allergies

    Why? If your mattress is 10 years old, then it has been filling with dust and allergens for 10 years. If you are suffering from allergies, it is a good idea to get a new mattress and start fresh. Some mattresses are more allergen-proof than others.

    We recommend: memory foam mattresses - These mattresses are the most eco-friendly mattress we carry. You can also try pairing any mattress with a Glideaway Mattress Protector. Mattress protectors offer an extra barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens and are also waterproof.

  5. Problem: Sleeping with a Partner

    Why? We understand that sometimes sleeping like Lucy and Dezi is extremely tempting but there are mattresses that are specially made to keep you from feeling every movement your partner makes.

    We recommend: We recommend: Simmons Beautyrest mattress - The trademark feature of Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are a pocketed coil in the innerspring. This feature is great for limiting the transfer of movement from your partner.

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