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Father’s Day Savings

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Let’s face it, sometimes men aren’t the best at expressing their emotions. They may love their spouse or care greatly about their children, but they have a hard time putting it into words.

However, fathers and husbands show their love in so many other ways. When they offer to watch the kids so you can spend time with your friends. When they come to cheer for their son at his baseball game. When they play dolls or have a tea party with their little girl. When they release their death grip on the remote and let you choose what to watch that evening, even if it’s cartoons or a cooking show.

So this Father’s Day, thank your dad for all the gestures of love he imparts throughout the year. Let him know you remember that time when he grilled your favorite food for dinner. Tell him you noticed that time he vacuumed the house, even though it was your chore, because he knew you’d had a stressful week.

Thank you to all the fathers and male caretakers out there. Thanks to any paternal figures that have played the role of a father in your life – the uncles, grandfathers, coaches, pastors, and mentors. From all of us at Goedeker’s, happy Father’s Day.