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Bring out your Inner Interior Designer with our Decor Collection

Once you have a room furnished and properly lit you need some extra touches to really bring out the feel and personality of a space. With Goedeker’s variety, quality, and affordable prices we have just about everything you would want when it comes to decorating your home, office, dorm room, or even classroom!

You can really tie the room together with an awesomely quirky novelty rug. Choose from many different types such as: classic cartoons, shag, large flowers, and even the periodic table for classrooms or a science nerd’s layer.

Are you on a different schedule than your significant other? Need to keep your family on track? Going off to college? You might want a way to leave messages old school while also adding to the look of a room. Message boards are a useful tool as well as a great accent to just about any room. You have your pick of different kinds from wall decals to chalk and dry erase boards, whichever complements your existing furniture, lighting and décor of the area you are focusing on.

Make any room pop with art decor with wall murals that make you feel like you are in a field, on the bow of a ship, or up in the clouds. You can even pick out some brick or paneling for a look of reality without all the work of re-doing your walls in the actual materials. Zen out and add a mountain for some office art to feel a touch of escape at work, just when you need it.

Whatever your decor needs we are confident you can find it on

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  • 20" x 32" Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Mat
  • Chocolate Lab Doormat (Set of 1)
  • Cino Matte Silver Aromatherapy Burner
  • Red Fancy Yarns Hand-Woven Cozy Shag Rug (5' X 8')
  • Green Floral Fragrance Pellets
  • Natural Shower Mat
    Free Shipping
  • Fresk Nepal Himalaya's Peak Wall Art
  • Ludo In the Field Wall Art
  • Blabla To Choose Joy EN Wall Art
  • Blabla Coffee Break Wall Art
  • Blabla Super Mama/Papa Wall Art
  • Patchwork Brown Medium Rug
  • Sunny Bees Multi-Color 1'6 x 2'6 Doormat
  • 24" x 36" Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Mat
  • Nikalos Navy Medium Rug
  • 20" x 48" Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Mat
  • Ecotex Charcoal Rectangular Plushmat Indoor Entrance Mat (24" X 36")
  • RoadKill Carpet Pad
  • Cadence Neutral Medium Rug
  • 20" x 72" Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Mat
  • Ecotex Granite Rectangular Plushmat Indoor Entrance Mat (24" X 36")

Items 1 to 21 of 34697 total

per page
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5