Win GE Artistry Kitchen Appliances In The Search For Artie Sweepstakes

Artie, the GE Artistry mascot, cannot decide between the black or white appliances.

Artie, the GE Artistry mascot, cannot decide between the black or white appliances.

Last week, we published an exclusive interview with the people behind the new GE Artistry line of kitchen appliances. Now, GE is giving you a chance to win a suite of GE Artistry appliances plus some spending money to complete a kitchen remodel or equip your new home.

Introducing Artie, The Dalmatian Puppy

In last week's interview, Steven Hopmann, Brand Manager at GE, told us a bit about the Artistry marketing campaign.

"The campaign also features Artie, the Dalmatian puppy who has yet to decide the color of Artistry appliances – white or black – he likes best," Steve told Goedeker's.

Artie is making his debut on the GE website in the latest sweepstakes contest. Drawings of Artie are hidden on different pages throughout the GE appliances website. Find them, and get extra bonus entries in the aptly titled "Search for Artie Sweepstakes."

Win a Complete Suite of Artistry Appliances

GE Artistry Series BlackGrand prize for the sweepstakes is a complete suite of GE Artistry appliances, plus $5,000 cash you can use towards moving into a new home, or remodeling your kitchen or another room in your house.

Now through January 7, 2014, you can enter each day through this web page on the GE Appliances website. You get extra entries for each picture of Artie you find throughout the website. You can even earn additional entries by sharing the contest information with others via social media.

GE's Investment In Style and Youth

In case you missed the announcement of the GE Artistry series of kitchen appliances, it is a new line of home appliances that was designed with the young generation of home buyers in mind. In fact, GE chose 27-year-old Tomas DeLuna to lead the design team.

GE Artistry RangeTomas emphasized simplicity, value, and great design elements from past design when creating the Artistry series. The end result is not just a line of appliances for young people, but something that appeals to everyone who wants a simpler life.

"From a number of our recent consumer research studies, I've seen a trend for appliances that are simple without the bells and whistles – just the essentials. I hear a lot of “I just want a simple, easy-to-use appliance that looks good," Tomas told us last week.

The Artistry appliances come in only black or white - hence the use of a dalmatian puppy as a mascot - and lack the technological interface other lines use. The Artistry range, for example, has an analog clock. Even the badge on the appliance has a retro look.

Even the badge on the GE Artistry appliances evokes a bygone era.

Even the badge on the GE Artistry appliances evokes a bygone era.

In simplifying the appliances, Thomas said he also wanted to give the user a positive, even professional feel. The touchpoints, or the places you touch the appliance when using it such as knobs and handles - are metal. This makes the Artistry series a great value, which is not only great for young people buying their first home, but anyone interested in a simpler life - at least in the kitchen.

Check out the complete Artistry line from GE here at Goedeker's.


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