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How to Survive Holiday Cooking

Do you dread cooking for the holidays? Is the jolliness overshadowed by the stress of trying to do everything by yourself? The holiday season is meant to be fun for all, including the cook! Today, I've given you tips to make your holiday cooking less stressful and

Sam Sifton Apple Pie from Savory Nothings

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Nora from Savory Nothings! She is an amazing cook and her blog is fantastic! You definitely need to check it out. Nora has beautiful food photography and her recipes are always spot on!  When I asked her to write a post for Goedeker's

10 Different Ways to Cook a Turkey

For many people, the turkey is the key component of their holiday dinner, which means it must be prepared to perfection. But while some people's idea of the ideal turkey is fixed in the oven, others have something a little different in mind. To give you a

12 Unusual and Delicious Quesadilla Recipes

Quesadillas are another one of those great foods like sandwiches or slow cooker meals - all you have to do is throw the hodge podge of leftovers in your fridge into a tortilla, heat it up, and enjoy! Sometimes, this random assortment of ingredients ends up tasting spectacular, so

15 Mouthwatering Crock Pot Recipes

Most people use the cold weather as a reason to drag out their crock pots. I make no excuses. I use the cold weather to double up on the already steady use of my crock pot. The millennial generation has been slow to adopt slow cooker recipes, and I

Must-Try Recipes for Fall

As you already know, I follow a lot of home life, design, and do-it-yourself blogs. These bloggers are always posting amazing recipes for desserts, appetizers, and main courses. Since I've been all kind of crazy about the fall weather coming, I couldn't help myself from scouring the

Tips to Make Cooking a Breeze

I love cooking. It is one of my most favorite things to do. For me, cooking is a way to relieve stress, but sometimes, cooking can be a catalyst for stress. Between the preparation and timing involved, to perfecting every detail of the recipe, cooking a meal can

Chow Down with Chow: Smoothie Recipe

My coworker and friend, David Chow, decided he would like to share the recipe for one of his famous breakfast smoothies as the beginning of a special feature on this blog, Chow Down with Chow! This smoothie looks incredibly delicious - and very healthy too! The problem

Kitchen Essentials [Infographic]

Andrew Sweeny sent us an excellent infographic all about the basic work layout, tools, and measurements used in your average kitchen. He even included information about some great cooking apps. Check it out! Author Bio: Andrew Sweeny is a representative of Pennywell, based in Limerick, Ireland. Pennywell is