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7 Advantages of Having an In-Home Ice Machine

While the ice maker in my freezer beats using ice trays, I still hate it. It makes these horrible 2” long crescents that are both too hard and unwieldy for drinking. They are like the Neanderthal of ice cubes, roaming in cocktail glasses across the world, clonking

Great Ways to Dress Up Your Windows

Windows are a focal point of any home, allowing natural light to flood the room and brighten it up. They can, however, look plain and boring if they aren't attended to properly.  Below are a number of ways in which you can dress up your windows to

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends of 2014

This year has been a good year for kitchen design trends. Kitchens have never looked so polished and stylish. Want the inside scoop on the hottest trends of 2014? Check out our top ten list below! 10. Grey is in While stainless steel has always been popular

Clever Ways to Utilize Your Garage Space

If you’ve recently sold your car or simply prefer to park on the driveway, you may have an underused space in the home. Whether you’re tight on space in the home or you’re keen on making the best use out of your home, the garage can be

Vintage Appliance Colors #ThrowbackThursday

Until the early 50's, the only finish offered for home appliances was a standard white. Nowadays, stainless steel appliances are enormously popular and can be found in most kitchens. But what colors have been all the rage in between those times? I was having a conversation with

Our 12 Favorite Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

Anyone who experiences the changing seasons can understand the sentiment and value behind having a fireplace. They are beautiful and make a bold statement, no matter the style. Indoor fireplaces make it easier to decorate your home too! You can build an entire room around a fireplace

How to Build Your Own “Mom Cave”

You've already heard of the man cave - the place where husbands can go to watch sports or their favorite shows, have a snack and a cold drink, or play pool with their buddies. But really, why should this form of retreat be exclusive to men? Everyone

7 Big Home Décor Trends from 2014

Home décor is a favorite topic of glossy magazine editors, bloggers, rich and suave socialites, working mothers, just-married couples and, of course, interior designers. It's no wonder then that there is so much print, Web, and television space dedicated to it. With all that information and more,

What to Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

There are a lot of reasons to buy hardwood flooring: it's easy to take care of, it looks nice, and it can increase the value of your home. Hardwood floors are also better for people with allergies than carpet. So if you are convinced that installing hardwood