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3 Warning Signs Your AC Needs Some TLC

With summer looming, no other household appliance is quite as important as your air conditioner. In Edmonton, Phoenix, or anywhere in between, it’s all about keeping cool through the summer heat. But how do you make sure your unit can handle the heat? Here are three warning

Whirlpool Announces Product Integration with Nest

Nest Labs has been causing quite the stir lately through their new Works With Nest campaign. Whirlpool Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances, is one of the major players that recently announced product integration with Nest devices through the Nest Developer Program. Works With Nest is an

What are the Quietest Dishwashers?

In a perfect world, kitchen noise would be nonexistent. From the sound of the french door refrigerator crushing ice to the whir of the range hood expelling fumes, the kitchen is full of conflicting crashes, bangs, and humming of different appliances. At the end of the day,

Top Load Washers vs. Front Load Washers

When you find yourself shopping for a new washing machine, you have two options to choose from: top load and front load. Contrary to what you may think, there are more differences between these two than the way you access your clothes. Taking note of the individual

Featured Brand Friday: Oster

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Oster Brand Type: Small Appliances Year Started: 1924 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY In 1924, John Oster had the opportunity to market the first hand-operated hair clipper for women's hair. After a motorized hair clipper was invented four years later, the John Oster Manufacturing Company became

13 Reasons to Buy a Freezerless Refrigerator

Freezerless refrigerators, also referred to as “all refrigerator” models, are a popular choice for today's consumer. Gone are the days of buying a traditional top freezer model by default for your kitchen, as many people find that other alternatives are able to fill their needs so much better.

Your Appliance Pre-Shopping Checklist

When you begin shopping for a new appliance, there are plenty of different considerations that you should keep in mind. Many of them are obvious - you won't accidentally start browsing for a new microwave when a range is what you need - but other smaller details could