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Buy Appliances Online: A How-To Guide

New appliances are a major investment. You should give serious consideration to several factors before you make a purchase. In some ways, shopping online is even more of a challenge than in a local showroom. While you may be able to get better deals online, you can't

Common Appliance Issues and How to Repair Them

Even the most well-made and reliable appliances may develop issues after years of operation. When that time comes, you should look into getting them repaired. But the question is: what problems can you fix yourself, and which ones require the attention of a professional? I spoke with a

Featured Brand Friday: Cavaliere

  BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Cavaliere Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 2005 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY Cavaliere is a brand sold by Atlas International, Inc., which was established in 2005. They are located in a 100,000 square foot distribution warehouse in Santa Ana, California. Since their creation, Cavaliere has found itself at

Featured Brand Friday: Hoshizaki

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Hoshizaki Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 1947/1981 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY In February of 1947,  Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto founded Hoshizaki Electric Company in Japan. One of their first products was a car horn. Throughout the years, they have continued to manufacture and sell many different things,

Featured Brand Friday: Broan

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Broan Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 1932 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY Some of the greatest products in history came about during the Great Depression, and Broan's products are just one example. In 1932, Henry Broan developed a kitchen fan called the Motordor® Fan. It provided quiet,

Featured Brand Friday: FiveStar

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: FiveStar Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 1935 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY Grover Cleveland Brown started selling his first cooking products in 1935. The company was known as Brown Stove Works, Inc. Since that time, his family has continued building on that legacy. Currently, his great-grandson,

Featured Brand Friday: Bunn

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Bunn Brand Type: Small Appliances Year Started: 1955 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY In 1955, George Bunn founded BUNN on family values and traditions. They created the first commercial paper coffee filter. They continued to work on innovating products, finally building their cornerstone product and first commercial

3 Warning Signs Your AC Needs Some TLC

With summer looming, no other household appliance is quite as important as your air conditioner. In Edmonton, Phoenix, or anywhere in between, it’s all about keeping cool through the summer heat. But how do you make sure your unit can handle the heat? Here are three warning