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Our 13 Favorite Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

Anyone who experiences the changing seasons can understand the sentiment and value behind having a fireplace. They are beautiful and make a bold statement, no matter the style. Indoor fireplaces make it easier to decorate your home too! You can build an entire room around a fireplace

How to Build Your Own “Mom Cave”

You've already heard of the man cave - the place where husbands can go to watch sports or their favorite shows, have a snack and a cold drink, or play pool with their buddies. But really, why should this form of retreat be exclusive to men? Everyone

6 Advantages of Dormer Windows

Having a congested space to live is definitely not a good idea; after all, we have grown up from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Yet, if you have a jam-packed living space then of course you have to make maximum use out of it. There are

3 Benefits of Having Clean Furnace Filters

Not everything in life benefits you. Thankfully, your furnace filters can. By ensuring that they are changed regularly, your home can be improved in many ways. Plus, changing your furnace filter isn't hard - and you can do it yourself! Since there is always so much to

Featured Brand Friday: Lifestyle Solutions

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Lifestyle Solutions Brand Type: Furniture Year Started: 1989 Website: A BRIEF HISTORY Lifestyle Solutions has been making contemporary furniture for 25 years. They are headquartered in the United States, but they offer their products around the world. They have seen significant growth since they were

Midweek Reads #24

Good morning and welcome to another Midweek Reads! It's been crisp and rainy out here in St. Louis so far this week; how's the weather where you are? As you can see, I couldn't resist having a section dedicated to pumpkin goodies again this week. There are

Khalia Collier of the St. Louis Surge Talks Basketball Life

The St. Louis Surge, our city's own women's basketball team, has been making headlines this year. They are talented players and leaders in the community, but their biggest accomplishment so far was undoubtedly winning the 2014 Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) National Championship in August. Their owner and general

6 Ways to Save More Cash on Appliance Purchases

Frank Ladner writes about tips for saving more money on large purchases, technology, and home improvement. It's hard to live comfortably without good appliances, but it can also be hard after you've blown all your money paying for them. Whether you've got your eye on a new

7 Big Home Décor Trends from 2014

Home décor is a favorite topic of glossy magazine editors, bloggers, rich and suave socialites, working mothers, just-married couples and, of course, interior designers. It's no wonder then that there is so much print, Web, and television space dedicated to it. With all that information and more,