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Water Filtration Systems and Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Whether you are building a new home or updating your existing one, a dependable water system is a must-have. When you're filling your water bottle from the tap or making a pitcher of lemonade for the kids, you want to trust your water is the purest, cleanest, and freshest it can be. That's where a home water filtration system comes in. A new, reverse osmosis system will filter your water and save energy.

With that same mindset, you should also consider upgrading your water heater. A new hot water system with Energy Star certification can help you save a substantial amount of money every year. Plus, most energy-efficient water heaters qualify for special rebates and incentives from your local electric company. Settling into that hot bubble bath never felt so good.

Hard Water Problem?

You might need to purchase a water softener. If you already have a water softener system, now may be the time to upgrade. A water softener works with your overall water system to take excess minerals out of the water. Excess minerals can be hard on your hair, clothes, and pipes. You know those spots you sometimes find on your dishes after running a dishwasher cycle? Those are from minerals in the water. A water softener helps fix that problem.

If you are planning to upgrade your home water system, our online appliance store is a great place to start. We offer special rebates, discount pricing, and the kind of customer service you would want your mother to have. Give us a call today or peruse our products online.