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Wall ovens are the perfect cooking appliance for homeowners who want to make their kitchen more personal, and take control of their kitchen layout.

A wall oven, as the name implies, is an oven that is mounted in the wall or cabinets of your kitchen. You can install them just about anywhere. You can, if you so desire, even install one under a cooktop for a built-in range, or put it in a kitchen island away from the walls and in the center of the room.

The most common way to install a wall oven is to put it higher up than a freestanding range. To use a regular oven, you must bend down or stoop to load and unload food from the hot oven. With a wall oven, you can set it at the optimal height so that you can put food in and take it out without undue strain on your back and neck.

Largely for this ergonomic reason, many of these wall ovens are ADA certified. This means the wall ovens are so easy to use, they will not interfere or aggravate existing mobility issues you or our family may have.

If you want to get the most out of your appliance, choose a double wall oven to get two full-sized ovens in a single unit, or a combination wall oven with a microwaved for added convenience.

Goedeker's is an authorized dealer of your favorite brands, and can therefore offer factory-direct pricing on your new wall oven. We also have financing terms available so you can get your new discount appliance on just about any budget.