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Under Cabinet Range Hoods and Kitchen Ventilation - KitchenAid

What is Kitchen Ventilation? See More

What is Kitchen Ventilation?

Many people do not fully understand what kitchen ventilation is or why it is important. If you do not ventilate your kitchen, it could cause you serious health concerns. This is where range hoods come in. Range hoods are an often overlooked but crucial kitchen appliance. Without a properly functioning range hood, your kitchen can become a dirty and dangerous place.

Range Hoods and Downdraft Ventilation

Many people believe a range hood is limited to venting smoke from a burned dinner. The truth is that range hoods are far more important and should be used more often when cooking in the kitchen. A range hood not only pulls smoke out of your kitchen, but other bad substances such as particulate matter in the air and carbon monoxide. The act of cooking is a messy chemical procedure that releases a number of substances into the air. If they remain in your kitchen, they settle on surfaces like kitchen appliances, walls, cabinets, and counters. This can make them harder to clean and cause discoloration. Running a range hood while cooking will make cleaning the kitchen easier in the long run.

Kitchen ventilation has come a long way in design and style. Typically, a hood is installed right above your cooktop. In the past, they have always been square and diagonal. However, thanks to advancing technology, you can now purchase an island range hood to go above your kitchen island. You can choose a wall mount vent hood if you prefer the traditional look. You can even choose downdraft ventilation which is built right into your cooktop.

No matter your style, there's a way to ventilate your kitchen at Goedeker's. Purchase from our online appliance store today!


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