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Range Hoods & Kitchen Ventilation

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Range hoods are an often overlooked but crucial appliance for your kitchen. Without a properly functioning range hood, a kitchen becomes dirtier, more dangerous, and more uncomfortable.

Many people mistake the function of a range hood to be limited to venting smoke from a burned dinner. The truth is that range hoods are fare more important and should be used more often when cooking in the kitchen. A range hood not only pulls smoke out of your kitchen, but other bad substances such as smoke, particulate matter in the air, and carbon monoxide. It is recommended that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your kitchen, since the dangerous gas can accumulate there, so it is also important to have a ventilation appliance capable of removing it from your home.

Range hoods do more than just remove dangerous substances from your kitchen. The act of cooking is a messy chemical procedure that releases a number of substances into the air. If these things remain in your kitchen, they eventually settle on surfaces such as kitchen appliances, walls, cabinets and counters. These surfaces discolor and will feel greasy to the touch over time. So running your range hood while cooking will help keep your task of cleaning the kitchen easier in the long run.

Finally, running your range hood while cooking will help remove hot air. Especially in the summer, the heat can make working in your kitchen almost unbearable. But by running your range hood, you can keep the air moving, especially that hot air you want vented outside.