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Cooktops are appliances that consist of just the burners or heating elements from a range, and are very useful when planning a kitchen because of the freedom it gives you in designing and using your kitchen.

Unlike a range, which is a freestanding appliance and therefore requires floorspace and a wall to be installed against, a cooktop can be installed just about anywhere there is a counter space and hookups to your cooking fuel. Having a cooktop in your kitchen means that you do not have to face the wall when cooking, nor do you have to put your cooing appliance where there is available floor space. One popular option for installing a cooktop is to mount it in the kitchen island, where you are able to more easily converse with friends and family while preparing dinner.

Cooktops, or stovetops, are available as both electric and gas models, and come in a variety of colors and styles. They also can have some of the more advanced features that other cooking appliances offer. Induction cooktops are available from several brands. These special electric cooktops use magnetic resistance to generate the heat in your pot or pan, rather than heating an element. As a result, cooking is more energy efficient and the cooktop is more responsive to your control.

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