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Whirlpool WTW5500BW Cabrio 3.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

Appliances Whirlpool-WTW5500BW Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WTW5500BW Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WTW5500BW Laundry

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  • 3.8 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Wash more than 2 baskets of laundry in one load. The washer's 3.8 cu. ft. capacity wash basket offers enough space to handle larger loads and bulky items.
  • Adaptive Wash Technology
  • Adaptive Wash technology automatically senses and adapts to the size of your load and uses the right amount of water for great cleaning. The wash system is more gentle while delivering better cleaning performance.
  • Care Control Temperature Management
  • Adjusts the cold and hot water inlets to reach temperatures that are warm enough to dissolve detergents. Water is kept from overheating to help reduce shrinking and/or color bleeding.
  • 5 Adaptive Wash Actions
  • Up to 5 different adaptive wash actions provide a combination of powerful cleaning and gentle fabric care. They sense and adapt to the needs of each load, handling everything from heavily soiled jeans to delicate silks.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • ENERGY STAR qualified models exceed government standards by over 20% to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills.
  • Clean Washer Cycle with Affresh
  • Deep-fill the washer to clean even those areas that aren't normally reached by low-water wash cycles. Add an Affresh Washer cleaner tablet for best results.


Total Capacity: 3.8 cu. ft.
Number of Cycles: 11
Number of Temperatures: 5
Max Spin Speed: 800 RPM
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Number of Spin Speeds: 2
Bleach Dispenser: Gravity Bleach Dispenser
Extra Rinse: Yes
Quiet Wash Noise Reduction System: Yes
Deep Water Wash Cycle: Yes
Quick Wash Cycle: Yes
Super Wash Cycle: Yes
Delicate Cycle: Yes
Adaptive Wash Technology: Yes
Precision Dispense: Yes
Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the US: Yes
Drum Material: Stainless Steel
Wash Motor: 1/3 HP PSC
Lid: Solid
Hoses Included: Not Included
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 27 1/2"
Product Depth: 27"
Product Height: 43 1/2"
Gross Weight: 135 Lbs.

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Review Title: I love mynew washer!! | Review by

I bought my new washer a month ago and I love it!!! It was a scary purchase! washers have changed alot since I bought my last Whirlpool washer!! I really do think my cloths come out cleaner and fresher. This washer is also very quit. I also like the chimes at the end of wash that lets me know its done! Now I can't wait for my dryer to break so I can get the matching dryer!!!

Review Title: User Friendly Appliance | Review by

I bought this appliance just over a month ago and so far I am very pleased with it. After using a washer with the agitator for years, I was very reluctant to switch. Thus far I am very satisfied with my purchase for both its performance and ease of use.

Review Title: Whirlpool | Review by

Thery Is Nothing To Say I Love It Whirlpool Speaks For Its self

Review Title: Replaced after flood | Review by

I was so happy to get my new washer after not having one for two months. I had a whirlpool standard washer before the flood and hated to see it go so opted to get another and up grade. It has been great.

Review Title: My clothes don't feel clean!!! | Review by

Not a good product!! Next time I will buy another MAYTAG!!!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I purchased this model 6 months ago and it has done a good job of cleaning my clothes.

Review Title: Great | Review by

I am happy to using my Whirpool washing machine every day

Review Title: Efficient and affordable | Review by

This washer is so efficient using less water than our previous washer.The vast array of settings ables you to not waste time or money.Gets clothes clean at half the cost.

Review Title: Great Machine | Review by

This machine works perfectly and our clothes have never been cleaner. Our electric bill is also lower. Love it.

Review Title: Pleasant surprise! | Review by

For many years we have used a suds-saver washer and glad for it because we have a well. It finally would run no more so this Cabrio machine seemed like a good choice. At first I was dismayed as it used so little water but the clothes come out clean though more wrinkled that in the old washer. The Super Wash is excellent for my husband's dirty work jeans & shirts. It does get a little noisy when spinning sometimes.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Very happy with how my clothes are washed and I can put in a good size load for my husband and I

Review Title: The best appliance ever! | Review by

I love my Cabrio washer! It's the best appliance that I've ever had! It's energy efficient and cleans better than any washing machine that I've ever owned! The cycles are a bit long but when the clothes come out clean, it's worth the wait! Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: I love it! Great features! | Review by

We purchased this washer a month ago, and are very happy with it. My only problem is that the tub very deep, and therefore hard for me to get to the clothes at the bottom. Otherwise, it is great to have the sensor feature to judge the size of the load, and also to have the delicate cycle.

Review Title: super easy to use | Review by

The large capacity is great along with the dispensing system. I spend less time doing laundry now. Great washer..

Review Title: So quiet I do not know its on | Review by

Had this for over 2 months now . Easy to use , the energy saver modes do a real good job of cleaning and saves me money to boot.

Review Title: Lasted only 3 years | Review by

We purchased just over 3 years ago. Had to buy a new machine today.

Review Title: Continues to perform above expectations | Review by

Spent time learning about HD washing machines. Asked my appliance repair tech which manufacturers they service least. Whirlpool had the least service calls. Washing settings made sense; not complicated. Absence of cleaning dispenser no big deal== just measure and pour into clothing center. Quieter than expected but there are clothing placement differences. Dropping into piles rather than dumping entire load results in no item tangling. Placing softener ball in lower pile of clothes results in consistent dispensing. Highly recommend this machine!

Review Title: Soso at best | Review by

No bleaching instructions on inner lid. I followed the instructions in the manual. So far I have ruined two pairs of slacks and one shirt that I was wearing when I used bleach. I have ruined one king sheet and one night shirt that were in the machine itself. I am 66 years old and never had this problem with any other washer.

Review Title: Simply the best! | Review by

Just moved into our new house and needed a nice washer. We wanted a energy efficient top loader for a great price, we found it in this product. We love the auto sensor that adjusts the load size to how much clothes you actually throw into it. I couldn't be happier with how easy the installation was as well. We have used this thing almost everyday and it works great without any issues. We love it.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this washer a month ago and so far it's been great. I just wish I could see through the lid to watch it in action. The higher end models have the glass lid to see whats happening inside, so perhaps that's what I should of bought.

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

Writing this on behalf of my boyfriend because I use the washing machine more then he does. He bought the washer in Sept and we are both very happy with mostly how quiet it is. Being a female I can really appreciate the fact that it's very gentle with my delicates and it does a great job on getting my boyfriends very soiled hunting clothes clean. All the features this machine has are great. It almost makes the decisions for you. Over all we are very pleased.

Review Title: Really nice!!!! | Review by

This is an awesome washer! Handles large articles too like comforters. Spins dry efficiently and is quiet!!

Review Title: Washer | Review by

I purchased the washer a little over a month ago and am not as happy with it as I am with the dryer

Review Title: Waste of money, sours clothes, wastes water | Review by

Oh how I hate this washer let me count the ways!

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

This washer serves its purpose. It's efficient, uses less water and washes my clothes. It's on the louder side, especially when spinning on high. I often lower to a slower spin to reduce the noise but it's not a deal breaker. I love the money I save on detergent and it leaves no marks on clothes. I also read that people think this doesn't wash your clothes due to less water but that's not the case. My clothes are always saturated and smelling fresh. Be sure to read the instructions and load the washer correctly.

Review Title: Wonderful washer! | Review by

I was looking for a front load washer, but found this one. I love it, it hold a lot of clothes for my house size and it doesn't use much water.

Review Title: great product | Review by

I would recommend this product to anyone. Love my whirlpool.

Review Title: Faster than old one; wrings water completely | Review by

I am loving the fact that it wrings most of the water out. Clothes dry faster than before

Review Title: I love the quietness | Review by

Perfect machine. I think this is the best machine for my family. I love the energy efficiency and multiple options.

Review Title: I love my new washer! | Review by

After 19 years I had to replace my whirlpool washer - I love my new washer it holds so much and really gets my clothes clean!

Review Title: Nice looking, many features,fits perfect. | Review by

I am pleased with the washer, dryer units, I'm able to load a large load or 2 items. Either way I have the choice of how I want it to operate.

Review Title: nice innovation | Review by

We bought this clothes washing machine a month ago. If you are accustomed to the older top load agitator style, there is some getting use to the new sounds and functionality , including the fact that the machine uses remarkably little water. The detergent and softener dispensers are a really nice feature. Clothes come out looking and smelling clean and fresh - which is really what it is all about !!

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

This is the first non agitating washer we have ever used. it seems to be doing a good job and is easy to use ! Just enough bells. Takes a while to level the load and is a tad noisy, but overall was a great purchase.

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio | Review by

I am impressed with the amount of clothes you can stuff in this washer. I would have given it 5 stars except the lid locks when it starts up so you cant throw in that missing sock! Love this machine - thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: great water saver,this is important with a well. | Review by

big tub, low use of water, no big agitator. does a great job.This is the 6th whirlpool washer in 51 years.Nothing but whirlpools. two kids to boot. Thanks for the great product.

Review Title: Top load washer | Review by

Three months and no problems ,only time will tell.

Review Title: Pretty good washer | Review by

I bought this washer to try and use less water. It does a good job, but is noisy.

Review Title: Great washing machine | Review by

Works great! No problems with this machine at all.



Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought this machine last month and I am very happy that I chose this product. It has all the features I need, very easy to use and it will reduce my water bill.

Review Title: Okay washer | Review by

This washer is okay but I preferred my Whirlpool front load...I find that it is hard on my towels and sometimes have a lint problem on my clothes

Review Title: Wow | Review by

First impression from the family - look how big it is. Without the agitator that our previous washer had the inside cavern is impressive. The efficiency and cleaning power seals the deal.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

No issues what so ever. Nice quite product and energy efficient.

Review Title: Quite a surprise!!! | Review by

I had no idea how far technology has come. The last time I bought a washer was in 2002. This washer senses how much water is needed for each load and therefore saves on water. It also makes some very quirky noises since it doesn't use a spindle. When I first turned it on it sounded like R2-D2 from "Star Wars". When the wash cycle started it sounded like some deep voice was grunting. It is in my garage, I don't have a cellar since I live in Florida, so I don't really hear the noises that it makes. I absolutely love this machine.

Review Title: Works well but noisy | Review by

It cleans clothing well and can hold a lot of clothing but it is very noisy.

Review Title: Love The Features | Review by

I bought both the washer and dryer in September and I've been so happy. I can fit big items now with no difficulty and everything doesn't get twisted up in knots. I love the fact that it is so quiet when it runs.

Review Title: NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME | Review by

I'm very happy with my new Whirlpool washer & dryer. It was quite an experience at first as it was my first time using them, but after a few days, I was glad to have purchased them. The clothes seem cleaner and the machines are so much bigger inside that it makes a big difference in the number of loads you do and save money on detergent.

Review Title: Very happy with purchase | Review by

Very happy with our cabriol washer by whirlpool love not having the long agitator anymore. Highly recommend

Review Title: the washer has a silent sound when washing clothes | Review by

i would have to say don't change nothing on the washer

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

The top load machine has great capacity and gets the job done.

Review Title: Top Load Washer | Review by

I purchased this washer in April 2014 and returned it in June 2014. Although the washer in itself had good features, I was not happy with the capacity size and the constant drum banging when using a large load.

Review Title: Brand new washer | Review by

Hello i both a brand new washer from you compagnie and it work so good....we are a week on two six person at home so that's a lot to wash....i thought at the begginning it would be to small but i was surprise how much i could fill insigh the washer....Thank you so much

Review Title: Worst machine | Review by

I bought one a year ago and had to return it for a new one. The bew one has now problems with the transmission avg repair cost 350 USD nit worth it. I would never recommend it to anyone

Review Title: Simple to use, very efficient. Love it. | Review by

Had it about 2 months, works great. Way better job than my old one.

Review Title: Large capacity! | Review by

I bought this 3 months ago and am loving it. It's deep and spacious, easy to use and I love the look.

Review Title: awesome energy efficient washer | Review by

I purchased this washer and dryer because I like the features of both. Not to mention its energy savings. Very reasonable in price especially with the durability in how long they last. In fact looking to replace my refrigerator and know doubt would go with whirlpool.

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

I bought this washer in October and love how it performs. The agitator free machine saves wear and tear on my clothes. I'm glad I made the purchase.

Review Title: Size and features | Review by

I bought the washer about 3 weeks ago and I enjoy using it. A lot different that the old models that I am use a good way.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

We are very happy that we made this purchase. I was concerned about some of the reviews referring to the tangle the clothes ended up in at the end of the cycle. Not so as after following the directions we have not had this problem. Clothes have come out much cleaner than our previous washer. The water savings are amazing.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I am loving my new washer. It's quiet, and does much more better than I anticipated.

Review Title: I love this Washer! | Review by

I am very happy with my purchase. The only issue I have is that the machine has too many sound effects that are annoying. I believe there is a way to turn the sounds off, but I have not looked to find out.

Review Title: Washer is too noisy in wash cycle | Review by

The only reason I would not recommend this washer is because of the noise when in the wash cycle.

Review Title: New Concept | Review by

Still getting use to this new type of washer that adjusts the water level according to the amount of laundry. Strange not to have an agitator. So far it is cleaning well and is quiet.

Review Title: great washer | Review by

Good morning. I purchased the washed about a month ago and I am very pleased. It gets my clothes looking cleaner and smelling refreshed. I wash my rugs and comforters and it does a great job. It saves me on water and on my electric bill. Thanks whirlpool for your well made product.

Review Title: I never expected the efficiency | Review by

When my vintage 1985 Whirlpool 5500 finally gave up (29 years isn't bad) I was forced to buy a new one. Of course I didn't considered anything but Whirlpool. I hadn't realized the advances made with the new High Efficiency washers. It uses significantly less detergent, less water, and my clothes are cleaner than any agitator washer and I still get the convenience of a top load washer.

Review Title: Love my new washer! | Review by

I was a little hesitant to buy the washer without the agitator but my friend had one and she loves hers, so I got one and I'm glad I did. I notice my husbands work socks are cleaner and it uses much less water.

Review Title: Ease of use and efficent water use. | Review by

It came with a new house and the same model as the one I purchased 4 years ago except for the controls. I replaced an old Maytag with the HE and have more than satisfied.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

I bought this H E washer 6 months ago and am very pleased with it. If you have not had a H E washer they take some getting used to. Use the right detergent, don't overload and shake out your clothes as you put them in the dryer and you will be a happy camper. Had a G E -H E washer and within a year developed a clunk and then within a few months was inoperable.

Review Title: Cabrio washer | Review by

We've had this washer for 3 months. Has worked perfectly and is very quiet. Would highly recommend.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Love my new washer. A big plus is that the washer senses the size of the load which saves water! My clothes seem cleaner. Love the ease of use. Great washer would highly recommend.

Review Title: Very Water Efficient! | Review by

I bought this almost 2 months ago and it works really well. My favorite feature is how little water is left in the clothes when it's complete. I also like how quiet it is.

Review Title: Gets them clean | Review by

I replaced an old washer with this Cabrio 2 months ago and at first did not like the sensing option and locked lid but now I am accustomed to it and like it alot. I can put many more clothes per load and it uses less water and still gets the clothes clean and well spun. Great value for the money.

Review Title: Great Machine | Review by

I was nervous about the no agitator, but clothes come out really clean. The spin cycle is so fast, clothes come out practically dry. And I find the machine super quiet. Our laundry room is directly next to the kitchen and dining area, and I am often unaware thrasher is on. The only negative is that clothes come out wrinkled.

Review Title: I like the feature | Review by

I bought this machine about 2 months ago and so far it has been excellent,however the whirlpool model before this one we had purchased new 3 yrs ago died so we bought another whirlpool cabrio to match the dryer. This time bought extended warranty as the first one would have cost over $400 to fix.

Review Title: great product | Review by

Easy to use and quiet operation making a pleasant experience to do laundry.

Review Title: ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WASHER!!!! | Review by

We have only had our washer a short time, but I am totally impressed. It is simple/not complicated as some of the new appliances are. It is very quiet. And it cleans our laundry beautifully. We have already decided we wll be replacing our dryer with a whirlpool, when the time comes.

Review Title: nice, but | Review by

nice but noisy. the clicking sensors before the washer actually commences, makes one wonder if something is wrong electronically. i have a small house with a small laundry room, so the noise is a minor issue. other than that really nice, many useful features

Review Title: Terrific Machine | Review by

Have had this about one month and I do not have one single complaint. Very, very happy with it!

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

We have had the washer for a few months and are so pleased with it.

Review Title: Great. | Review by

My wife and I bought this washer a few weeks ago with the matching dryer. We are pleased with it's features and facilities. We recommend it for the quality and price.

Review Title: Love the load size! | Review by

With a house full of 5 people laundry is a chore. Well it was until I got this washer. I can throw a full hamper into the washer and bam laundry is going. Gets clothes supper clean and I love the features. The HE part of it is great to! My water bill has cut down 13 dollers a month! Doing three loads of laundry a day dosent seem so bad anymore! I love it!

Review Title: Many wash options | Review by

We like the many different wash/rinse options and that it uses less water.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

The washer works extremely well. We've had a front loader and this beats it hands down. The clothes are cleaner and brighter when washed in my new machine! I've tried just about all of the cycles and not one of them disappointed me. I'm so very pleased with this purchase!!!

Review Title: Whirlpool Washer | Review by

I brought my washer about 1 month ago, I truly like a glad the I decide to get it , love Whirlpool, that all I buy..

Review Title: I wish I had my old washer back. | Review by

This washer has given me more problems than I ever had with my old style washing machine. Without the center agitator The sheets, towels and t-shirts get stretched across the entire area and turns under. More times than not, it is off balance. I never had this with the washing machine that had an agitator. I can not fill the tub with water to soak something. Overall I cant stand this machine and I am looking to sell it to purchase one of the older styels.

Review Title: Not the strongest machine | Review by

These machines are made of very thin metal, can't wash heavy clothes. As all of the new washers use little water to wash and your clothes won't come clean, however this machine has an option to wash under water , that's the only function I use. Honestly , all if the new washers are like this, if I knew before I would buy an old washer from craigslist or anywhere and fix it, to get my clothes cleaned. Samsung is even worst, I don't know what is in the mind of the engineers building useless machines. Save water and get dirty or soapy clothes. Very loud too.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We like good product for medium price, and that is what we got. The washer has done a great job and is not hard to use.

Review Title: Love the ease of use | Review by

the cost and quality of this product is great! will recommend this product to anyone

Review Title: Still getting used to it! | Review by

I am still trying to determine which cycle to put my various clothes loads on. At times very dirty jeans have come out with dirty knees. I also have a problem with residue being left on some dark smooth fabrics even though I use HE soap and very little of that. It does seem to save time and usually does a very good job. The drying time after the wash has reduced considerably.

Review Title: Great Deal-Great dealer | Review by

The dealer was honest, helpfull, and courteous. The washer works great. Far more capacity than our previous one. We have purchased Whirpool products before and they have been good. Washer is just a bit noisy however.

Review Title: Slow and noisy | Review by

Purchased a month ago, and so far not overly impressed. Take too long for all the 'sensing', dark loads have white fluff after washing, machine vibrates excessively, noisy (too many beeps). Was told to use 'deep clean' setting, and fabric softener option (even if not using any) when washing darks to eliminate white fluff, but this uses additional water and defeats the high efficiency purposes.

Review Title: Great Features, love it | Review by

I purchased this a month ago were in need of one and I love it. My elecgdic bill did not increase. Avtually it went down

Review Title: Great Purchase | Review by

Love the capacity size of this machine. Do on average 4 loads of laundry a day and don't use half the water. This product will defiantly save us money.

Review Title: excellent product | Review by

This is a very easy to use. It is also very quiet machine. There are more than enough selections for type of load.

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio 3.8 HE Top Load Washer with Precision Dispense | Review by

I recently purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio 3.8 HE Top Load Washer with Precision Dispense. Last year when my dryer went, I purchased a Whirlpool Dryer. Now when my washing machine went , I knew it was going to be another Whirlpool product. It is much like a front loader in operation. Simple and easy. At first, the sound was a bit different than my old agitator machine, but the clothes don't seem to take as much of a beaten (for lack of a better word). The purchase is too new to tell, but the manufacturing says it will save on water. I would definitely recommend, Most liquid laundry detergents today are for HE , so don't let that make you shy away from a HE machine.

Review Title: This washer is noisy. | Review by

The slanted tops make them unpractical in the laundry room.

Review Title: Try a Whirlpool today and enjoy the rest of your life | Review by

I bought a whirlpool a month and a half ago and love it. Just throw the clothes in and let it do its job. It decides the level of water, etc. Gets the clothes clean with no manual labor.

Review Title: Washer Genie | Review by

I'm thrilled with the purchase of our new washing machine. Works fantastic! Energy friendly and washes great!

Review Title: Horrible everything!! | Review by

I've had this washer a few months now and thank G oD I am just renting it because I've had nothing but issues... One night my daughter got sick in her bed (and I cleaned up the vomit for the most part ) I washed her sheets and when the cycle had ended there was still vomit on some parts?? It still smelled horrible so I washed the sheets in the tub and re washed in the washing machine.. With my older whirlpool (with the agitator and lots of water) it ALWAYS did the trick! I miss the old models! I understand trying to save water but... If I'm washing clothes in the tub before placing them in the washing machine? I don't think Its saving me much of anything ! It'll just save me the headache when I send it back and try the front loader

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Purchased the unit as an installation in a new house. Very pleased with the efficiency and features. Our builder made a great choice!

Review Title: Dark spots on some clothing | Review by

Some of our cotton shirts have come out of the washer with dark spots. Delicate setting does not spin too well. Clothes come out very wrinkly. Good thing is there is no mold odor as did my front end loader.

Review Title: Best washer! | Review by

This washer gets clothes their cleanest with minimal soap and water. We love this washer!

Review Title: Clothes are brighter and softer! | Review by

Fabric Softener dispenser first drew my interest to this great machine. It's many pre-programmed (but modifiable) settings manage every fabric need. And I love the high capacity of this quiet, HE machine!

Review Title: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Cabrio | Review by

This washer is well made and delivers clean clothes. The only reason I did not rate it a 5 is because it is not a silent washer. It works great upstairs where I don't have to listen to it. I would not recommend it for a laundry room without a door...LOL. I do love it though.

Review Title: Great appliances | Review by

I bough the set of the washer and dryer and they work so good that I want to spend all day using them. They have a good space were I can put lots of clothes!! Also they help to save energy!!!

Review Title: Excellent purchase | Review by

Very nice features. Weight sensors do all the job. Just press "start" and that's it!

Review Title: A great product! | Review by

After having to use a Laundromat for the last 6 years, it's great to have my own washer and dryer again. But, this totally blew me out of the water! (no pun intended) This machine not only keeps my whites; white and colors brighter, it took the "whites" from dull back to nearly new white! It uses less soap and is so quiet. I'm so glad we went with this brand and style. I love it!

Review Title: Not Happy | Review by

The washer is very noisy and the sounds it makes while sensing is annoying. Some of the cycles do not even get the clothes wet....actually have to reset and use the setting for deep water wash and also use the extra rinse. Then after using these settings it is impossible to use the delicate cycle etc. The stainless steel tub has had to be replaced twice as it was rusting at the very top edge. If I could - I would give it back right now.

Review Title: Excellent feautures | Review by

Bought this almost a year ago and it's the best washer I ever bought

Review Title: Surprised! | Review by

Really amazed at how well it works using less water. I also like the ssensors, you put your clothes in push start and walk away.

Review Title: WONDERFUL | Review by


Review Title: So fancy | Review by

We bought this about a months ago and have had absolutely no complaints. This washer holds almost double the amount of clothes our last one did and is very fast!! If I can save time doing laundry for my family of 5 then I'm a happy camper.

Review Title: Cabrio washer, not so good | Review by

After four loads would be very happy to get my money back, can't believe how loud this machine is, sent a video to the guy I bought it from, he said the loud noice is normal, machine is loud and vibrates, so far very very disappointed, if someone from Whirlpool wants to see the video happy to forward, your site won't let me upload, keep you updated. My Maytag lasted 20 years, this one may not last 20 days. On the upside the Cabrio dryer is great, but the washer not so much so far.

Review Title: Very disappointed in washer - Please bring back agitator and high water level! | Review by

I have owned two whirlpoool agitator washing machines before this one. I was very pleased with their performance. However, I am very disappointed with the performance of this machine. It does not clean clothes. The water level is so low that the clothes cannot move freely in the machine. I have had clothes come out of the washer with dry spots on them because the water never reached those areas. Clothes have come out of washer with stain stick still on them. Items come out of washer full of lint especially noticeable on dark clothing! Very frustrating! I also dislike the fact that the washer must be cleaned. The tablets are not cheap and after the clean cycle is complete I must then take a cloth and wipe the interior to remove the dirt and lint from each hole inside the machine. Unbelievable! The fabric softener dispenser is not removable so after about five loads I have to take a towel and clean out globs of thick, clumpy softener that has remained in the tray. It is not energy efficient because I often have to run the clothes through two or three wash cycles in order for them to be clean. The cycles are far too long for each load as well. I am happy to say that I loved my whirlpool washers for 30 years but I am very unhappy with this one and feel that my money was wasted. I would love to have my old Whirlpool washer and dryer back. A washer should clean clothes!

Review Title: Whirlpool Quality | Review by

When my wife and I deceided to purchase a new washer and dryer it was a no brainer to go with the Whirlpool brand. I am a medically retired veteran and we have learned by experience to go with a name that we trust and that has met all of our expectations in the past. The Cabrio washer and dryer that we recently purchased is no exception. We are currently raising two grandchildren and we could not be any happier with the performance that we have received from them both thus far. As an added bonus; it appears that we have reduced out water usage and electrical usage as well. They both have been a WIN WIN purchase. Thanks Whirlpool

Review Title: saves water | Review by

I brought this fast because my washer I had before quit working I glad I did because were I live the water bill is high so not only do save money on water bill using this washer but I love that has no dasher and can wash without worrying about my clothes getting caught under the dasher.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I love the wash machine. I love how energy efficient it is. I also enjoy the music it plays when the wash is complete. It makes laundry fun.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Its the cp30 to my r2d2 my family love the pair of them

Review Title: FANTASTIC!! | Review by

We recently bought this machine, I love it so much! Saves water and time, many choices for washing all different kinds of lods of clothes.

Review Title: Out with the old, in with the new.. washer that is! | Review by

I had a 15 year old washer & decided on a whirlpool. All the new features were a wonderful surprize! I especially like how well the spin cycle works. My clothes do not take nearly as long to dry ... saving money! Another feature l like is the sensor that determines how much water to use again saving money. I have already recommended this washer to friends & family. My friend came over to check it out thinking that she will soon be in need of a new washer. I am a satisfied customer.

Review Title: lots of excellent features | Review by

I bought this washer three months ago and love it' it uses way less water than my traditional washer but yet still gets my clothes sparkly clean, I really love having all the extra options of washing because I cloth diaper my kids and I set this one the way I want it and don't have to keep running back and forth to it like my old washer. I also save on detergent because you are only allowed to use so much detergent in a he machine which is way less than in a traditional washer, overall I really love my washer.

Review Title: Very efficient love it! | Review by

love the capacity and the fact that the washer machine is quite!

Review Title: Runs very quite /no vibration/ | Review by

Gave me a reason to look for other whirlpool appliances. Very PLEASED

Review Title: Great. Little noisy | Review by

I bought a month ago. Nice large loads!! A little noisy though and it wrings the clothes a lot so they tend to be more wrinkled

Review Title: good buy | Review by

does a good job cleaning clothes. easy to use as long as instructions are followed

Review Title: Love the Quiet | Review by

I bought this machine as a replacement for another brand that only lasted me a year. I love the features and the quiet.

Review Title: WORST WASHER EVER!!! | Review by

Purchased this wash machine a year ago. DOES NOT GET DIRTY LAUNDRY CLEAN !! I know it's HE but what you save on water, you spend in electricity because the cycles are longer, you spend in time to hand wash or rewash the dirt that didn't come out the first time and no it will not wash out solid deodorant. Forget washing sheets and blankets, they just wad up in a twisty ball, no chance for any dirt to be washed out. Loads of jeans get tied up in knots and so does long sleeved shirts. I really miss my old agitator, this machine is the worst, what a waste of money!

Review Title: FANTASTIC | Review by

We bought this a month ago and have never owned a washer this good .

Review Title: Great units | Review by

I month ago I purchesed a washer dryer pair. Its a great model and work amazingly. I'm looking forward to seeing the energy saving that I will also save with this pair. Thanks

Review Title: Good so far | Review by

Machine washes good, no problems so far. Quiet, most all of the water is gone.

Review Title: LOVE MY CABRIO!!! | Review by

We decided on the Cabrio after much research and talking to several "hometown" appliance dealers. They all recommended Whirlpool and specifically the Cabrio line as we were not interested in a front loading machine. Since purchase I have tried every setting on this machine and it does amazing in every cycle. With a family of 5, we do ALOT of laundry!! I was skeptical at first about the low water and how it would clean, but have been pleasantly surprised at how clean the clothes come out, even my husband's greasy clothes. I love the extra rinse feature, because when I do put grease removers on his clothes I simply use the extra rinse & walaa, they are clean and no soap or grease remover residue remains. The other thing I love is how much dryer the clothes are spun out too, this cuts my drying time in comparison to my old unit by over half. I would recommend these to anyone. I love the clean feature that allows you to clean the washer monthly by just dropping in an tablet and forgetting it.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

This particular make and model was recommended to me by a repair man who told me it would not be worth fixing my 40 year old Maytag. He said this was the machine he had in his home and I am very pleased with mine.

Review Title: GOOD PRODUCT | Review by


Review Title: Works very well | Review by

Bought two months ago and am very pleased with it. Washes everything perfectly using less water and electricity.

Review Title: Quiet and easy to use! | Review by

I chose this Whirlpool washer 2 months ago and I'm have not been disappointed.

Review Title: Awesome! In need of more laundry.... | Review by

Wife got me washing clean clothes. Need dirty laundry.

Review Title: THE BEST | Review by

How could anything operate better than what I decided, could manually decree? After washing a few loads in this new machine, I felt it was "SAFE" to trust its judgement. I am happy in ALL RESPECTS with this new appliance. Of course I had great info and advise from the sales person.

Review Title: Poor performancy | Review by

Very bad even kenmore washes cleaner. My whites are turning brown. It rinses poorly. I wish it would break down so I can get another product.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Just getting use to the washer now .but pleased with it's performance.

Review Title: Great features and so efficient | Review by

I bought think washer a few months ago and am so impressed with it features and how efficient it is.

Review Title: Overall we are happy with purchase. | Review by

Like the following features of washing machine: extra large drum to accommodate larger loads, energy efficient, conserves water. Problem with something called "water hammer". Pipes in wall bang during some cycles and it can be quite loud at times.

Review Title: Bearings went after only 4 years. | Review by

I was so excited when I got this washing machine. We do a lot of laundry, and this washer was large enough to do the trick. Other than the fact that during the rinse cycle it would sound like a jet plane was landing in mylaundry area (located it my basement), I loved this washing machine.....until it started to leak water & lots of it from the bottom of the machine. We called in our friend who is an appliance repair man, and he told us it would cost almost $700 for the new parts, mainly new bearings. This washer died after only 4 years. Not worth the $ that I paid for it.

Review Title: Wonderful Washer | Review by

I bought this washer a little over a month ago and absolutely love it. It saves on water, it saves on detergent and does an absolutely wonderful job.

Review Title: Love love love! | Review by

Love all the features and have used them all. Do not put a quilt in this machine even on the bulky items because you will have a mess otherwise great.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I purchase washer & dryer for our new home, leaving behind Whirlpool at the old home. We've always purchase Whirlpool products. The quality & reliability you get from Whirlpool is incomparable.

Review Title: Great Buy | Review by

I love how much less water we're using and the fact that our whites are so white! Really happy with the purchase, can save on our dry cleaning bill as well. Really good value for money!

Review Title: Nice features & ease of use | Review by

I have had this washer for a month now. At first glance of instruction manual, I thought it would be tough to remember the use of different settings. But it really is intuitive and does a great job.

Review Title: Regrets.... | Review by

Pros: It washes clothes. It spins them alot, so makes for less drying. It is much more energy efficient than the old machines. Cons: Clothes are very wrinkled and twisted at end of cycle, no matter how they are "arranged" during loading. The fact that you are instructed to "arrange" the clothes when loading is pretty crazy. Who wants to make time for that? The machine is not level, but slanted! Somehow this was not on my radar and because of this 'design feature' you can't place anything on the top of either washer or dryer and think that it will stay put...even when the machine is not running. Clothes, detergent all slips (or is thrown) off! In my small house, this is valuable real estate but now useless. Was replacing a top loader, and wanted another due to space constraints and because I like to felt knitting projects. This is difficult due to the auto lock: you can't just lift the lid to check on things, but have to wait for it to unlock. I don't think anyone who actually does laundry was involved in design. I would definitely NOT buy this again!

Review Title: The best | Review by

I would only buy whirlpool products.That should say enough,because it is the best.

Review Title: This product has a lot of neat features. | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool Cabrio 3.8 cu. ft. HE Top Load washer with precision dispenser. Our new washing machine uses less water and energy than our previous washing machine. We like the Automatic Load Size sensing feature. No more guessing what the water level should be. This machine has a lot of cycle options to choose from. We are getting the right fabric care for the clothes we are washing.

Review Title: Very good quality machine | Review by

I bought the washing machine a month ago. It runs very quietly, and make me very happy about this product.

Review Title: So quiet!! | Review by

I bought this washer and matching dryer in June 2014. I love them both! This washer is energy efficient. IT USES ONLY THE AMOUNT OF WATER IT ABSOLUTLEY NEEDS! I like the different settings. Overall, great washer for a great price!

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