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Whirlpool WRT138TFYB 18.45 Cu. Ft. Black Top Freezer Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances Whirlpool-WRT138TFYB Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-WRT138TFYB Refrigeration
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRT138TFYB Refrigeration

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Whirlpool 18.45 Cu. Ft. Black Top Freezer Refrigerator - Energy Star
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

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No Sales Tax. Outside Missouri


  • 20% ENERGY-STAR Qualified - CEE Tier I Rating
  • SpillMizer Glass Shelves
  • Up Front Temperature Controls
  • Clear Meat Pantry
  • Field-Installable Icemaker
  • ADA Compliant


Total Volume: 18.45 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Volume: 13.11 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Volume: 5.33 Cu. Ft.
Total Shelf Area: 15.73 Sq. Ft.
Shelves: 2 Full Width, SpillMizer
Clear Crisper: 2 Humidity Controlled
Fixed Door Storage: 2 Full Width, 3 Half Width
Removable Shelf: 1 Full Width, Wire
Door Storage: 2 Full Width
Icemaker: Optional (Part #W10313176)
General Information
Door Handle(s): Bow
Accu-Chill System: Yes
Foam-in-Place Doors: Yes
Double Tub Construction: Yes
Textured Steel Cabinet: Yes
Reversible Doors: Yes
Auto Exterior Moisture Control: Yes
Adjustable Rubber Rollers/Levelers: Yes
Width: 29 1/2"
Depth Including Handles: 32 3/4"
Depth without Door: 28 1/2"
Depth with Door 90°: 59 1/4"
Height: 66 1/4"

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Review Title: so far so good | Review by

We had the compressor go out within 2 months but the service to repair was great.

Review Title: Love our refrigerator! | Review by

We bought this refrigerator for our a spare in our garage and cannot be happier. It's perfect.

Review Title: Clumsy design | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator from Sears online, sight unseen. I had space restrictions and only a few models fit the bill. I read reviews on other Whirlpool models but somehow missed the reviews on this model. The interior design is perplexing. There is a large plastic shield from front to back at the top that makes putting away a carton of milk a strategic maneuver. There is no sliding from one side to the other on the top shelf. And since the top shelf is not separated, adjusting the shelves would give me no room on the bottom. And the bottom shelf on the door is hard to reach. Just wondering who the engineer was that thought the design was a good idea.

Review Title: Good basic refrigerator | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator for the break room at work. It fits the needs of our employees.

Review Title: Excellent refrigerator storage design and spacious freezer. | Review by

I wanted a basic, no-nonsense or extra frills model that was energy efficient. I love the wide storage on the door and the glass shelves and the clear view of all contents. The temperature control is easy to adjust and is reliable-one dial does all and the drawers are automatically humidity controlled. Also, the sound level is excellent. No constant humming or gurgling. Consider this an excellent buy for the cost and the size. I also appreciated that there were two color choices available (black or white). Both inside and out wipes clean easily. I highly recommend this product to others who want a reliable, cost efficient, basic refrigerator/top-freezer.

Review Title: this product can be nosy | Review by

Overal love this fridge but when.enter cooling it can be nosy.

Review Title: Nice fridge | Review by

I got this a month ago and I love it. Great sturdy shelves even the freezer has a nice shelf in it. The only thing I would change is the way the door on the inside is. It doesn't hold as much as my last fridge. But overall it's a great fridge!! I recommend this fridge to everyone!!

Review Title: Wonderfully simple and efficent fridge. | Review by

This is a wonderfully simple machine which comes in black or white. The doors are also interchangeable opening form the left or the right. The interior has plenty of room for the needs of a small family and has adjustable glass shelves. The top freezer also has plenty of room for your frozen foods. Does not come with an ice maker but the option is available. Truly a nice priced fridge to fit your budget.

Review Title: This fridge is junk. | Review by

Got this fridge through the home energy program. The first week the fan motor went out and it is going out again. Got this fridge in 2011

Review Title: Came with new build | Review by

The fridge appears to be a good size, but after trying to put groceries away, I find that the functionality is lacking. The shelves don't configure well and I lose a lot of space. My last fridge (Another brand) was a base model also, and it had a much better design internally.

Review Title: Its a fridge | Review by

For the price, this fridge does what it's supposed to do. It cools and freezes things. Haven't had an issue yet.

Review Title: NIce product | Review by

I am enjoying the product. I love the glass shelves.

Review Title: The product has average features and is energy efficient | Review by

The refrigerator seems to be working fine but does not include any dramatic new features, particularly considering the more expensive price. It is relatively quiet and if it lasts as long as my previous Whirlpool I will be happy. The features are fairly standard but even though it is presented as having a little more room than my last model, I can't seem to fit as much food into it. Nonetheless I am not disappointed but also not wowed

Review Title: Great product does everything you need it to and doesn't make a sound! | Review by

This product works well for our ever growing family, with the oversized shelves and plenty of room in the storage bins at the bottom, stylish and economical as well what more could a working family ask for?

Review Title: Love my refrigerator | Review by

My refrigerator is energy efficient and keeps fruits and vegetables so fresh. I like the freezer on the top and it is very roomy. I am a big believer in Whirlpool products and have used them for years. My other appliances have the same high quality.

Review Title: good features | Review by

we bought this 2 months ago, it does a great job, but it was missing a part on the door and when I tried to put in the part they gave me it didn't fit properly and it shredded the plastic it was to fit into, tool it back to the dealer and he said he would order a new door but that it would takes months to come in, disappointed withat fact

Review Title: lack of feature | Review by

I just purchased this frig. I bought it for the smooth front finish and width. After receiving it yesterday, I was very disappointed to see that the freezer compartment has no light. Every frig I have ever owned has had one and I never thought to look for that. It was not on diplay at the dealer where purchased and I missed reading that in specs. It cheapens the entire appliance

Review Title: has excellent climate control | Review by

would recommend to anyone needing this type of refrigerator

Review Title: Shelving system is great for a basic fridge. | Review by

I was looking for an affordable replacement for my old whirlpool Fridge. I wasnt looking for a lot of bells and whistles. For a basic model, I was impressed with the sleek design. The shelves are easily converted for different sized items, which is very important for me. It actually exceeded my expectations.

Review Title: Basic | Review by

Exactly what I expected. Quiet, keeps produce fresh and crisp.

Review Title: Overall this product has performed quite well.... | Review by

This product has met my expectations quite well. I would have liked more of a choice in the finishes allowed,...... The door handle feels a bit "inexpensive".... Would have liked a more substantial feel. Also, would have liked a choice of the finish ie., stainless look. W/have picked up on the bit on the logo.....

Review Title: Very Unhappy New Owner | Review by

Unfortunately, this refrigerator was unavailable to see at our local hardware and appliance stores, so we purchased it based on online descriptions. The biggest limitation to our shopping choices was that we had to get something to fit the space we have available.

Review Title: average | Review by

The fridge came with my condo. Fairly low end. Can't fit a 4L milk jug on the door, and most of the door shelves are arranged so that no condiment bottles will fit. The initial fridge I got died about 2 months after I got it, but it was replaced promptly under warrantee. It does keep things cold...

Review Title: Perfect for our family | Review by

We replaced our stainless steel refrigerator with this model and I am very happy with it! The space is perfect; the color is perfect (keeping stainless steel fingerprint free is impossible!). This refrigerator is super quiet.

Review Title: Small-Profile Refrigerator at a Nice Price | Review by

In this Era of Monster Refrigerators, it was great to find a small-profile refrigerator at a fair price. People who live in older homes with smaller kitchens cannot fit 90% of the new refrigerators in the space where their old refrigerators used to be! Thanks, Whirlpool, for still making a refrigerator-freezer combo that is not too deep, high, or wide. I don't have any track-record on durability because we just purchased ours. The design, features, and operation are typical and adequate. For us, it was the small size that mattered.

Review Title: Wish I could go out and by another Fridge | Review by

I had a 20 yr refridgerator that work much better than this one. I have thrown away more food out of this fridge than my old one. I do not like this fridge at all.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Very happy with the performance and looks. Very quiet.

Review Title: Pleased that we could find a quality product in the right size and price! | Review by

Because of existing space, we were extremely limited in choice, our "repair guru" recommended this model and we didn't need to trim a cupboard. It is a "basic" fridge, but with huge amount of storage space, (we sometimes 'loose" food in the back). The drawers are spacious, and the cheese/meat drawer is particularly user friendly with its wide, but shallow depth. The space underneath is great for food trays and lasagne dishes. We do miss our multi adjustable shelving, but the glass shelves are easy to clean. The freezer is big and keeps ice cream properly frozen. We were able to get the colour to match the rest of our appliances and the textured outside wipes clean without streaking.

Review Title: Great refrigerator for the price. | Review by

This product is wonderful. A refrigerator that you can purchase without some of the extras I didn't want, like an ice maker. Shelving fits more than my older, larger refrigerator.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

I bought this a month ago and I'm so glad about this refrigarator

Review Title: New Black Fridge | Review by

I like everything about it - lots of room on the interior - but it is bit noisy.

Review Title: very good | Review by

This product is very easy to use. The shelves make it possible to use many different size containers. The humidity control crispers actually work well.

Review Title: An excellent purchase, no concerns at all. | Review by

I like the shelf in the freezer,and the removable door shelving-so easy to clean.

Review Title: Good value for price | Review by

Purchased about a month ago and have not had any issues so far. The extra rack in the freezer is a nice addition to allow for more storage space in the freezer.

Review Title: Great Value For The Cost | Review by

I bought the refrigerator about 2 months ago and it has all the features we needed in a refrigerator.

Review Title: love the refrigerator, BUT | Review by

for 800 dollars should include ice cube trays??? Otherwise,am very satisfied ALWAYS with the Whirlpool brandny

Review Title: Pros and Cons | Review by

This is a great refrigerator,however it has some design flaws in the placement of shelves on the door. The egg holder is difficult to reach in some places because the butter door is directly on top of it. The bottom shelf on the door is almost useless. I put the things I use the least often there because the right side of the shelf is barely visible and hard to get to. On the plus side: it is quite, easy to clean, energy efficient and dependable!

Review Title: I am not sure I would recommend this particular product. | Review by

I find the fridge quite noisy. When it kicks in, I can hear it from my bedroom and it seems to run quite noisy. I did call Leon's where I purchased it and they recommended Aptco to come and have a look. I haven't had time as we just put in a new kitchen. I think it will be this week, so will see what happens once they come out. I puchased a washer, dryer, stove, fridge, and dishwasher on a special through Leon's. I also purchased a stove hood fan all at the same time. Because I have just put in a new kitchen, the dishwasher has not been installed yet as I have to wait for a countertop. At the time of purchase I waffled between the top freezer and a bottom freezer, but because this was the one that came with the deal, I went with the top freezer. Now I wish I would have decided on a bottom freezer and I think I will still do that if I can sell the one I have. I don't see that there is any new and innovative about this fridge. It's a fridge, like most I have had in my lifetime.

Review Title: Very Disappointed | Review by

We bought this refrigerator to replace a 17 year old Whirlpool of the same size that died in August of 2011. Quality of all the sliding drawers is very poor. The full width pantry drawer does not stay on its tracks and is made of very cheap plastic. Constantly falls off the tracks, basically useless. There is only one adjustment for temperature, which is suppose to control the freezer and the refrigerator compartments at the same time. Problem is that if you want the ice-cream to be frozen you end up freezing the food in the refrigerator compartment. Our old fridge could hold two one gallon jugs n the door, this one can't. Very disappointed in the quality and features.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

When we purchased this refrigerator we thought that here was one more adjustable shelf after much confusion we found out there was not. We did not want a bottom mounted freezer and we found that we had very few choices available. Whirlpool is a good name but not overall pleased with the is product.

Review Title: efficiency | Review by

the inside dimension being square means apparently it is insulated more efficiently. It fits in the same space as the previous one, but has more room inside. I think it will prove out to run more efficiently. The door racks are a better design, also.

Review Title: It is a great brand | Review by

It is perfect size and so much space inside! It was a great deal, very quite compared to the older fridge we had. I really do recommend this fridge.

Review Title: Okay product but you must pay attention. | Review by

This fridge is noisy when it turns off and on. It sounds like it is broken or breaking. I know it is not as it works fine but it is really noisy. Also, there is no light in the freezer(really) who would have even thought to look for that. Obviously not me. The salesman should have pointed that out. The shelves on the door are not as adjustable as I would like but you get what you pay for.

Review Title: Have joined the"Hot Set". | Review by

Just purchased this product after saying goodbye to my old Whirlpool Fridg that was 28 years old and working like a charm. (Believe it or not) ..Asked why I was giving away a new fridg to charity. Just had to change color after a kitchen up-date. Love the new one. Pretty inside (if that makes sense) and easy to see items. Bottles and mlk cartons on the door. Gives more space on top shelf. Quiet! Easy to clean. Door opens with some gusto and feels very very secure when shut. Nice heavy feeling. Keep looking at it daily as I pass. Just like having a personal make-over . I'm an old girl but transitions like this make me want to invite everyone in and listen to the AWhhhhhhhhhs

Review Title: Basic but great features | Review by

I didn't realize how bad my old refrigerator actually was until it died and I replaced it with this. The freezer makes ice within a very short time; am still getting used to that! One thing I especially noticed: this runs far less frequently than the old one which probably is why it has the Energy Star qualification.

Review Title: Quiet Running | Review by

We were looking for a quiet running fridge and we found it! It also stays at an even tempature according to the refrigerator thermometer I use. The freezer freezes perfect, not too cold or warm, makes the ice cream perfect for serving. I like the humidity controlled crispers, keeps fruit and veggies fresh longer. Thank you Whirlpool!

Review Title: Workhorse | Review by

Purchased this for the garage. Mostly used for beverages, overstock freezer items, parties.

Review Title: Always a Whirlpool | Review by

I have bought all Whirlpool/Kenmore appliances since I first set up housekeeping many years ago. It was not a choice to buy Whirlpool, it was a must. My new refrigerator is the size and quality I needed at this time in my life.

Review Title: Compact_Convenient | Review by

My purchase 7 weeks ago has been very satisfying: convenient size for a small bungalow, wonderfully quiet (unheard) motor, solid freezing, crisp vegetable/fruit bins.

Review Title: Cheap fridge with awful design--worst I've ever used! | Review by

We got this model for our house. It replaced an 80s fridge that kept up phenomenally. When we turned it on, it seemed to take forever to get cold. The shelves misted up and wouldn't ever go clear, so they were always damp (still are). The sales place said that the more stuff in the fridge, the better for cooling. We eventually got it to get cold, but the control is in the fridge part and also controls the freezer. When it's ideal for the fridge, ice cream melts and nothing stays frozen. When it's colder so ice cream is solid, it destroys the food in the fridge. We've lost countless dollars worth of food from frozen lettuce, tomatoes, and other produce and have had milk and other liquids freeze solid. In a few months, after a couple repairs on this brand new fridge, they finally just replaced it with an identical model.

Review Title: Awesome Fridge! | Review by

I bought this as an additional fridge for the house and it has been fantastic...freezes fast, steady cooling - all that you want in a fridge...and it keeps beer at the PERFECT temperature! Highly reccommended value for the price!!

Review Title: Good features for the price | Review by

This refrigerator fits our needs of a smaller size than our previous model but it has plenty of space for a family of 3-4

Review Title: Great on a Budget | Review by

This was purchased as a solution for flipping the house with "All New Warranty Appliances". Its cost effective & works great. The only minor hitch was that the manual illustrates one shelf in the door that does not exist. Customer support phone support cleared this up quickly.

Review Title: This is a great product. | Review by

This fridge is not an expensive model, but is so wonderful for the price. We are very happy with our choice, and have not had any problems with our purchase or our warranty.

Review Title: Bought on line sight unseen. Do not like interior layout. | Review by

I'm disappointed with the layout of this particular model. While I would not recommend this refrigerator, I would recommend Whirlpool.

Review Title: Excellant product. Good value. Good reputation. | Review by

Shopped several other brands. The Whirlpool offered the best combination of features and price, The deciding factor was the dealer. Grand Appliance in Libertyville, IL. They were knowledgeable and helpful. Would buy other Whirlpool products from them in the future.

Review Title: We've enjoyed our fridge so far, it is quieter than most & works well | Review by

I would recommend this product to anyone, very good

Review Title: love whirlpool n all the features | Review by

i have a cabrio washer love it because its a water saver, quiet, everything comes oput clean, n smelling fresh also have dryer which is great also plus energy effiecient ... just got whirlpool fridge also great its roomy, quiet... also i love what whirlpool does for habitat for humanity.....thank you....

Review Title: Wonderful addition. | Review by

We needed a second refrigerator, and this one seemed to fit the bill...plenty of freezer and fresh food spaces. Unfortunately the first one delivered had a flaw in the molding which prevented a good seal from forming, so we had lots of problems with fresh food freezing. Our replacement is fantastic!

Review Title: very basic but efficient, all you need | Review by

price was very reasonable for a basic model. It is very quiet, I had to check to see if it was working. It was very clean and extremely efficient. The energy savings is quite noticable. So far this model has performed well. I would definitley recommend it to others.

Review Title: This product performs as advertised. | Review by

We are pleased with our appliance; it has stood up to its reputation and surpassed expectations.

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