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Whirlpool WRS965CIAH Ice Collection 24.5 Cu. Ft. White Ice Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances Whirlpool-WRS965CIAH Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-WRS965CIAH Refrigeration
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRS965CIAH Refrigeration

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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24.5 Cu. Ft. White Ice Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star
Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.1 Cu. Ft. White Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" White Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.0 Cu. Ft. White Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Gas Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" White Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection
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No Sales Tax. Outside Missouri
Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,749.00
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Regular Price: $1,369.40
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  • Industry's Largest Capacity Counter Depth Refrigerator
  • This model is in a league of its own. The industry's largest capacity counter depth refrigerator is the only counter depth side-by-side model that offers 10 cu. ft. of interior freezer space.
  • MicroEdge Shelves
  • Store more items on each shelf with the MicroEdge shelves. They not only give you 25% more usable shelf space, they also help contain leaks.
  • In-Door-Ice Plus ice dispensing system
  • Creates 30% more usable space in the freezer and the bin tilts out or can be removed with one hand and placed on the counter to make filling glasses, pitchers and coolers easy.
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • This intuitive system senses and adapts using built-in sensors to measure the internal temperature and activates the compressor only when necessary, delivering efficient cooling performance.
  • Multipoint Ramp-Up White LED Lights
  • Illuminating from all angles, this model's white LED lights surround your food with light to reduce shadows.
  • Counter Depth Styling
  • This model's counter depth styling isn't just for looks. By combining counter depth styling and 25 cu. ft. of capacity, you no longer have to sacrifice space to take home the style you want.
  • Exterior Filtered Water Dispenser with Tap Touch Controls
  • Minimize the need for bottled water with an exterior dispensers that offers cold, filtered water and ice without opening the door, while electronic controls make accessing features easy.
  • Measured Fill
  • Allows you to select the exact amount of filtered water-in ounces, cups or liters- that you need. The dispenser will fill the container and automatically shut off when complete.
  • FreshFlow Air Filter
  • This model's FreshFlow air filter is 15 times more effective than baking soda at reducing common food odors by actively circulating air through our carbon based filter.
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Energy Star qualified refrigerators exceed federal minimum standards to conserve natural resources and help save money on utility bills.
  • PUR Water Filtration System
  • Kick the bottled water habit with the PUR water filtration system. You'll help protect the environment by preventing the disposal of up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year and save over $600 for yourself.
  • Hidden Hinges
  • Create a sleek, smooth appearance on the exterior of select Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators. These hinges also make for easier, cleaner installation below cabinetry.
  • Adjustable Gallon Door Bins
  • Build your door storage to fit your needs. Adjustable gallon door bins easily move when and where you need to.
  • Adaptive Defrost
  • This model's Adaptive Defrost saves more energy by monitoring when the compressor is running and defrosts only when necessary, resulting in improved food preservation and energy savings.


Freezer Capacity: 10 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Capacity: 14.5 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 24.5 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Features
Number of Baskets: 2
Refrigerator Features
Door Bin Description: Gallon Storage
Door Bin Quantity: 4
Total Shelves: 4
Shelf Type: Slide Out with Nano-Guard
Drawer 1: Snack Pan
Drawer 2: Crisper Pan
Drawer 3: Meat Pan
Door Style: Hidden End Cap
Energy Star: Yes
Measured Fill: Yes
Water Filter Type: PuR
Control Type: Gemini Flash
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 35 7/16"
Depth: 30 13/16"
Height: 69 1/4"
Cutout Depth: 24 3/8"
Depth with Door Open 90 Degrees: 45 11/16"
Height To Top Of Cabinet: 68 5/8"
Gross Weight: 245 lbs.

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Review Title: Excellent choice | Review by

My only concern with this product is the ice maker bucket pulled away from the door causing it to be replaced under warranty. It was delivered this way.

Review Title: Great strides, with a few minor details missed... | Review by

Overall, great product. Looks great, works as expected, but missing just a few details.

Review Title: Good solid Product | Review by

We purchased this product recently and are very happy with it. We needed to replace a failed unit with a counter depth unit due to our kitchen configuration. It provides the space that we need and has great features such as the ice maker and interior lighting.

Review Title: Side by side fridge | Review by

The fridge and freezer themselves work great. Our issues have been with the ice maker. Service technicians have come out 4 times in the past 2.5 months. We've had the ice maker replaced twice. Water pours out of the ice dispenser onto our kitchen floor. I wish we never bought this fridge...

Review Title: I really WANT to love this refrigerator... | Review by

I bought this refrigerator because we were renovating the kitchen and I needed a counter depth size to fit into our new cabinets. I've had great luck in the past with Whirlpool / Kenmore products. The refrigerator looks great and is a perfect size for just my husband and myself. The problems started quickly after it was installed. We had to have the ice maker replaced after only 3 months due to the fact it leaked and made a horrible noise. After it was fixed the ice maker works well, it just doesn't make much ice. If we had our family over for dinner we'd have to buy bag ice to have enough. My only other complaint is that you can hear this refrigerator running in every room in the downstairs of our home!

Review Title: Looks great, faulty ice maker. | Review by

The fridge looks great. I've had a lot of problems with the ice maker. Had a service tech come and replace the board. Worked for a couple days and then broke again. I will say that Whirlpool and their service company had great customer service.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We are so very pleased with the new Whirlpool refrigerator! The handles are so easy to keep clean, the lighting when you open the door is great!! Love the shelves, so easy to take care of. There is nothing I do not love about the refrigerator! !!

Review Title: Nice refrigerator, but outside shiny black finish scratches | Review by

This refrigerator could be perfect, but the black shiny finish is a disappointment. After the installer left, I wanted to wipe off the handprints left on the front of the refrigerator, so I could admire my new beautiful refrigerator, and to my dismay, after wiping the front with a soft cloth, it left scratches all over the front. It doesn't appear there is any way to remove these scratches and I am left with a refrigerator with scratches that make it look old

Review Title: On my 3rd refrigerator. First two were defective. | Review by

If this refrigerator were not under warranty for 2 years I would not have replaced it with the same thing. The first two were very loud when the compressor (I think that's what it is) went on. I thought that something in the refrigerator/freezer was rattling so I took everything out and it still made a loud rattling noise. It stopped making the noise for a few minutes if I shook the refrigerator. Also, the items on the top shelf of the refrigerator all froze so I couldn't use the top shelf. The repairman said that the refrigerator is cooled from air being pumped from the freezer which comes out at the top of the refrigerator. No matter what I put up there .. it froze. Now I have the latest model and it does not make noise and I can put things on the top shelf of the refrigerator and it does not freeze. So, the models I got in 2011 & 2012 must have been improved upon with the 2013 one that was just delivered. However, I am disappointed in the quality of the Whirlpool "upgraded" appliances that we purchased through our builder .. even the washer is bad. Can't wait for the warranties to expire so I can get appliances from a different manufacturer.

Review Title: Design Innovation | Review by

I was curious when I read about the Whirlpool Ice line in the Wall Street Journal. I had to go investigate. When I recently built my new home I designed the entire house around my Whirlpool Ice! I was so tired of stainless steel, that difficult to clean finish. Here was something that actually was different, new, innovative. I now have white cabinets with stainless hardware and black granite counters. It's beautiful. Now if time will be on our side for lasting performance I will be very pleased.

Review Title: Quietly elegant | Review by

We have had it about a month and are, so far, very pleased with the quietness, looks and performance of this refrigerator. I could not give five stars because we did not hook-up the water or ice since these were the most criticized areas in the reviews I read before purchasing.

Review Title: Ice maker noise | Review by

Having more area in the freezer is great but the sound of the ice maker carries all the way upstairs. It will wake you up at night.

Review Title: This is a good combination of stainless and white, love the look | Review by

My husband wanted stainless appliances and I wanted white, the White Ice Collection was a good compromise. Just need to get use to having less space in this fridge as compared to our last Whirlpool because of our decision to get counter depth.

Review Title: All I need | Review by

This the machine I was looking for. It is a good size for a counter depth refridge. It came in white. The water/ ice dispenser is great.

Review Title: Beautiful product, good features | Review by

Honestly, everything about this fridge is well thought out except for the water dispenser--it takes far too much pressure to activate. Other than that, though, it's a great appliance.

Review Title: Ice maker has been a pure nightmare | Review by

The freezer and refrigerator work great! Our ice maker on the other hand does not. We have had repair techs out to our house 4 times to fix the ice maker. Three of the service calls were due to the ice maker failing to make ice. The last service call was a bit scarier. I woke up to water leaking and pooling onto my kitchen floor. Luckily it had just run an ice making cycle, but the water did not turn off. I pulled the refrigerator out from the wall and shutoff the water supply. Just wondering if i had not woke up when i did, would my kitchen have been flooded? Would my walls and cabinets be covered for damage? The technician installed two shims on the door and said it was fixed. Lets hope so.

Review Title: Happy with my purchase. | Review by

I am happy with my purchase with two minor exceptions the bottom produce drawer is a little flimsy when you open and close it and the ice maker is a little loud but tolerable. I purchased the full set (stove, microwave hood, dishwasher and side by side, in white ice) for its looks and totally love it all. The set is so much better than the one I had when I moved in here.

Review Title: Very good refrigerator at a reasonable price | Review by

This refrigerator has all of the necessary features, great style and is priced reasonably as compared to other brands. The glass shelves and LED lights make storage and retrieval of food items from the refrigerator easy. The interior is well lit and allows for convenient organization. The ability to store gallon bottles of milk in the door compartments is great.

Review Title: Pleasantly Surprised... | Review by

I knew I needed a new refrigerator. My was very old and not energy efficient at all. I knew I had to up-grade. I did all my research on-line and found my refrigerator locally available. I knew the quality would be good because it was a Whirlpool product. And I haven't been disappointed at all. I've already seen an energy reduction in my monthly bill.. First, it looks nice in the kitchen, and the kinda sexy. It was easy to set up all the drawers and shelves and it does seem to have alot of extra space. The settings were preset to almost prefect conditions, so the minor adjustments were simple. Finally, it works great! My vegetables seem to last for a very, very long time, at least twice as long as in my previous unit. And it's very quite, which I really appreciate. To sum it up, I'm so happy with this purchase that I'm going to seriously consider Whirlpool for my next appliance purchase, be it a washer/dryer or a dish washer.

Review Title: Space, accurate temperatures and looks good! | Review by

I love my new refrigerator from the striking and smooth white ice finish to the stainless handles, it looks great. Even better, it works well and the temps are accurate and nothing in the frig freezes! The crisper drawers work well too and the many shelves on the door hold all our condiments. The only thing that is the least bit negative is that it has a nosiy ice maker. You hear the dumping of the ice cubes. It seemed very loud in the beginning, but now we've gotten used to it and barely notice it. Both the freezer and the refrigerator are really roomy; I think it holds more than my old unit which was supposedly the same size, but a different brand. I definitely would recommend Whirlpool and this model..

Review Title: Nice modern features in a gold series model | Review by

Upgrade from an older Whirlpool model (20+ years). We had to find a 2 door, counter depth model. This unit fits our needs perfectly. The white Ice color w/ stainless handles matches the rest of the kitchen very well. We are very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Lots of storage room! | Review by

I bought this refrigerator as a replacement for a GE side by side & what a difference between the two. It seems to have more usable interior space & has the MicroEdge Shelves which I like. The freezer section is great too with the ice & water dispenser on the exterior with digital controls.

Review Title: Great value and very attractive looking | Review by

I could not have made a better choice. I am very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator early December when my other one died. I had been looking to replace it earlier in the year. I had a space constraint. I love the brightness & the ability to put larger items (milk) in the door. I also like the ice maker in the door of the freezer which opens more space for frozen foods.

Review Title: Love the Refrigerator; would give it 5 stars however we had to have the icemaker replaced. | Review by

Needed a counter depth refrigerator; with precise dimensions to fit into the alcove already built. This worked! Have not used a Whirlpool before, however it has a great reputation and I was counting on that when I made my decision. Love the Icemaker....although we had to have it replaced now works perfectly.

Review Title: love the roominess plus counter depth | Review by

I have the same cu ft in this counter depth fridge as I did in my Samsung Behemoth! I love most everything about this refrigerator. I love the ice maker being in the door to free up more room in the freezer. The "easy out" ice dish for pouring ice into your bucket or cooler is fabulous! My only complaint is that to set the amount of water that will dispense without holding the button takes quite a while. The largest measurement I could find is 1/4 c. So it climbs a 1/4 cup at a time to set it to fill, which takes a while if you are filling your 12 cup coffee pot everyday.

Review Title: Overall a good product. | Review by

The ice maker is very noise and until I got use to the noise it would startle me. I was disappointed that I was unable to apply cabinet panels to the doors.

Review Title: Nice layout | Review by

I like the design of this refrigerator/freezer. Same size appliance as the one we replaced, but seems to have much more usable space due to the great layout. The repairman that came to look at our old one highly recommended buying a Whirlpool. Seemed like a good source to listen to on what brand to buy, and we've been very happy!

Review Title: better than I thought | Review by

I like this better than I thought I would. It has decent amount of room especially for being a counter depth.

Review Title: The water on front of door will show you in ounces how much you're pouring | Review by

We had originally purchased another brand . It was cheaply made. This fridge is solid and has tons of cool features. We like this line so much we just ordered a stove and dishwasher in the Whirlpool Gold line also.

Review Title: It is Classically Attractive, but... | Review by

This is a wonderful addition to our kitchen - Keeps everything as cold as it needs to be. Fits beautifully and looks quite elegant. Well lit and just enough storage space for the two of us. However, the ice maker is sloppy - scatters small pieces of ice all over on a regular basis, whether cubed or crushed. The ice bin is difficult to return to its position once removed, and the repairmen basically have said "it's a poor design".

Review Title: smart design | Review by

To gain floor space in my kitchen, we decided to buy a counter depth refrigerator. We looked at many to see how much storage space we would have to give up. This Whirlpool Gold refrigerator has surprised me at how much I can get into this refrigerator. The door capacity has amazed me. My husband loves the LED lighting. The bonus: it is really so much quieter than my old refrigerator.

Review Title: I think it's okay. | Review by

I think the fridge is okay. The shelf under the wine rack could be lower, it doesn't fit much. The directions/manual or poor. I am sure I can do more with the fridge than I am currently doing, but the manual does not explain things very well. For example, the water from the door is warm, I want it cold. Can I change that? I don't know.

Review Title: Amazing product. | Review by

There is so much room in this unit. Both the refrigerator and freezer give you space to put various size containers on both the shelves and in the door. Very quiet. The lights are a great feature. I highly recommend this unit.

Review Title: Stylish Counter depth fridge | Review by

Purchased along with 3 other appliances, and the order was delayed 3 different times by Whirlpool/Maytag shipping and took a month longer than expected, BUT once we finally received the product we installed it ourselves of course and absolutely love the unit so far. Counter depth was a must for our kitchen and this was by far the #1 choice over all other brands and styles. We just can't understand why these things are so high in cost. I hope it lasts 20 yrs or more.

Review Title: Great Find | Review by

The refrigerator was a perfect upgraded replacement to the18 year old one we had. The old one failed and needed to be replaced. This one is quieter, more space and fits in the same hole, and the ice maker is much better than out last. It down-feeds the ice cubes so they always come out without a jam-up, and the size of the cubes are smaller... better. The built in water filter makes a difference... we noticed the better taste in the water right away. We looked over six different models and they all had a over all size problem. This one fits and has more room inside. It is white to go with the rest of the appliances we have, but it has stainless steel handles to help a cross over in the future.

Review Title: excellent use of space for a counter depth refrigerator | Review by

I was limited in space for a refrigerator in my kitchen, but this fridge fit the space perfectly. We looked at a bunch of counter depth fridges, but this one has ample shelf space and good size veggie bins. There is also a lot of storage on the door. It is the perfect size fridge for a smaller household. The design is very sleek, and I would say it was a selling point for me. The ice maker can be a little noisy at times, but I've never had an ice maker before, so maybe that's just normal. And, when we bought this unit we had to get the water filter housing replaced because there was a cracked line in the back of the unit (we did purchase a scratch and dent model - but it was fully covered under warranty, and Whirlpool took care of it for us right away).

Review Title: NOISY, NOISY, NOISY | Review by

I got rid of my old refrigierator (2006 Kitchenaid) because the compressor was starting to go and was making a lot of noise, other than that it worked fine. Bought this one, nice size and layout, looks nice. Done with the compliments. The water dispenser in the door does not dispense cold water due to the design. I was told the hose that brings the water to the dispenser goes over one of the hottest parts of the refrigerator! Brilliant design there!! Now, to the noise...OMG whoever designed the ice maker layout and design should be shot. Apparently they have changed the type of insulation that is used, so now there is nearly no soundproofing. Water that fills the ice maker runs up the front of the door, so you hear it everytime if fills up, and it is noisy. Then when the ice drops, and it is frequent because I am in Florida, the temp is hot and lots of ice gets used, you can hear it throughout my house!!! Then there are the miscellaneous noises that it has also, I won't even go there. My big complaint is that for $2000+ I have a refrigerator that is noisier than the one I got rid of, and because this is the design of the refrigerator and there is technically nothing wrong with it, I have to live with it. So my recommendation is to NOT BUY this refrigerator, unless you are hearing impaired, and then you will probably be happy with this purchase

Review Title: Warning: Ice maker is totally unreliable! | Review by

We bought this cabinet-depth Whirlpool WRS965CIAM to replace an older model that was no longer meeting our needs. We studied reviews and were enthusiastic that we had picked a good one, but a year later I'd have to say we were wrong.

Review Title: Ice Maker Design is terrible | Review by

We just purchased our fridge in May and have already to call a tech out 3 times to fix the ice maker. By design the ice frequentlygets stuck and messes up the cycle. Tech says there is nothing we can do to fix it. Hope you afford the extended warranty!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator! | Review by

Bought this as a replacement to a GE Profile counter-depth. Much more space efficient than the GE as we were able to get an additional 5 cu ft in the same spot in the kitchen. Ice maker in door allows for more freezer space although it is a bit noisier than our old ice maker. Family enjoys the measured fill feature on the in door water dispenser. Adjustable shelves and door bins make storing foods and condiments easy. Wish we'd had this refrigerator since we bought the house.

Review Title: Modern Features | Review by

I love the touch buttons to see details about your fridge. Everything is very convient

Review Title: So nice to have counter depth | Review by

The refrigerator does what it's supposed to do... Keep stuff cold. But my kitchen now feels more roomy, thanks to the counter depth. It looks good, nice black ice finish. When I asked the delivery guys, "is this a good one?", they responded, "the whirlpools are the best." Satisfied. Just ordered the whirlpool gold black ice stove.

Review Title: Nice product except freezes items on top shelf in refrigerator | Review by

I have had 2 of these refrigerators and they both have the same problem. Items freeze on the top shelf of the refrigerator. It is a design problem that Whirlpool needs to fix.

Review Title: The product has good and bad features. | Review by

The product is very noisy, always humming or making some other noise. The ice dispenser is very messy and the location of the on-off switch for ice is very inconveniently located. Also the water that is dispensed continues to taste of plastic. The vegetable and fruit bins are very small.

Review Title: this product has more room inside than expected. | Review by

got the counter depth and it was perfect for the spot in the kitchen. Expected to pay more but it was a great value and looks good. easy to clean.

Review Title: all the bells n whistles you need today | Review by

the first plus is its depth..we love the way it fits right in the space provided...doesn't stick out farther the the counters...the second is its looks...bright shiny white with chrome of both...

Review Title: Good appliance for the money | Review by

Overall satisfied with all aspects of the product with the one exception. Trying to adjust the temperature control for the right setting for both the freezer and the refrigerator. The manufacturer recommendation needed to be changed. Not a big deal but a factory pre-set should have been correct. Possibly each location has its own unique needs.

Review Title: Elegent design | Review by

All electronics in the front are excellent and the lighting inside is wonderful

Review Title: Great Refigerator in Hard to Fit Space | Review by

We bought this refrigerator 2 months ago. We have a hard to fit space in our kitchen with cannot take the standard 35.75 with plus we needed countertop depth. Not only did this refrigerator fit into our space but it looks great and runs really well. You can occasionally hear the ice drop into the bin but overall is quiet and we love the LED lights and control panel to check and adjust temps. We wanted the white color and the silver handle looks very sharp. Would buy again.

Review Title: WONDERFUL fridge! Reliable, functional and economical! | Review by

We we searched high and low for the PERFECT fridge. This has great storage capacity, even at counter-depth dimensions. I love the separate ice and water buttons in the door, its not all-in-one. Its not so overly complicated that parts fail and lag like a computer. Pretty straight forward. My only cons are the intervals that they place the shelves- some of the shelves end up so skinny they are barely tall enough for a yogurt. Also, the ice maker is a little loud when starting a new batch, but if your bedroom is far enough away from the fridge, you dont even hear it. Also, the doors are smudge magnets, but you hit it with a little windex and you're in business. Great fridge for the price, reliable, and looks great!

Review Title: Nice features. | Review by

I have been using this new refrigerator for about 2 months, every thing works perfect except the water dispenser still dripping 2-3 drops after it has stop flowing.

Review Title: Beautiful and efficient! | Review by

I love my refrigerator! Easy to clean and well designed maximizes every square inch in both freezer and refrigerator space. Ice maker is problem free which is wonderful!

Review Title: Everything I dreamed of! | Review by

After a month of online/in-store research, I finally found the side-by-side that I wanted. I LOVE the abundant bright lighting and the inside door space is more than enough! The in-door ice maker is fabulous, fast and quiet. And I love the cool blue LED indicator feature that actually shows how many ounces of refreshingly cold, filtered water are being dispensed. I recommend Whirlpool any chance I get! FIVE STARS, no question!

Review Title: Very stylish fridge, with slick water/ice dispenser | Review by

I have had this fridge for over 6 months now. I really like the exterior style/look of the fridge. The touch interface for fridge settings looks really nice. The measured fill option is also a nice feature. The fridge is little bit noisier than the Kenmore fridge it is replacing, but noise was not a consideration for me. I am not using a lot of ice, but I liked the crushed/cube options. I also wish the unit came with 1-2 more shelves - even though it is easy to move the shelves around, I would like to use as much space as possible. (I ended up ordering an extra shelf from a parts store). Overall, I really like the fridge and would not hesitate to buy it again.

Review Title: love it | Review by

easy to use, cleans easily and quiet, lots of storage space

Review Title: No to ice maker! | Review by

Unit is generally great, but ice maker is a disappointment!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

We thought we would need to sacrifice some inside space to have a counter-depth refrigerator, but this well designed model has plenty of space. The ice maker in the door opens up a lot of extra space in the freezer too. The appearance is beautiful, inside and out, and it doesn't shows fingerprints. We have a small kitchen, so the extra space the counter-depth gives us was well worth the extra money.

Review Title: Really like counter depth. | Review by

Good design and functionality, but is way too noisy. One handle had flaw.

Review Title: Counter depth | Review by

I really like the refrigerator, but I wish there was more space.

Review Title: Ice make/cold water stink | Review by

I have had this unit for 3 months now. The ice make is slow when working and I am already on my second service call to get it working.

Review Title: Great Product! | Review by

This product has lots of great features. There are LED lights and see thru bins throughout so food doesn't end up rotting in the back of the fridge. The shelves are not as deep, because the door shelves are deeper than the ones my old fridge had. That feature actually made it easier to get into my narrow doorway and the fridge has more space overall. I am disappointed that there was no way to get a model without an icemaker. My fridge is not located near a water source, so it is a big waste of space. However, there is sufficient room for basic frozen goods for my family of 7. I would need a second freezer though to be able to accommodate extra food prep holiday time.

Review Title: Very pretty | Review by

The black ice is really pretty. The space is working out good so far. I seem to have enough room but I haven't had a lot of people here yet. Works great and love the crushed ice in the door. If I have trouble with the settings on the front, my 9 year old granddaughter shows me what to do.

Review Title: love this product it is stylish with plenty of room | Review by

we were surprised with the amount of space in both the freezer and the refrigerator---love the features with the water/ice dispenser

Review Title: Great features, poor build quality | Review by

The gasket on the refrigerator door is malformed causing the door to not close properly. The bottom of the door should be flush next to the freezer door but protrudes about 1/4 inch. Our dealer has ordered a replacement door and this should resolve the problem. This problem should have been caught at the factory.

Review Title: Difficult to use | Review by

I've had this a year. I bought it because it is counter-depth, has more cubic ft. than most counter-depths & looks great. The two features I use the most are the ice & water and I'm disappointed in both. You have to push really hard to get ice. The cubes are small & it's very loud when it dumps ice & refills the trays. I sleep with my bedroom door shut & can still hear it. The dispensed water is warm. I paid over 2K and am not happy with it. I wouldn't recommend this model.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator, Questionable Reliability. | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator and loved everything about it until 4 months in, my ice maker started leaking water. It was determined that my ice maker needing replacing. The new ice maker arrived and made ice, but the level would not turn to allow the ice to dispense. I now have one of those on order and will have the repair company out a 4th time to repair my now 5 month old refrigerator. Quality does not seem too high on this unit with the parts being used.

Review Title: Very good except for noise | Review by

The icemaker makes too much noise, both when it is filling with water and when the ice drops. Otherwise, it is an excellent refrigerator.

Review Title: This refrigerator has a lot of extra space....more than I thought from a counter depth design. | Review by

This refrigerator has a lot of extra space....more than I thought from a counter depth design. The lighting is extra bright which really illuminates the entire inside. Of course the wine bottle holders are a nice feature as well as the smaller area just right for a several dozen eggs. Great choice for a good price.....Best Bang for the Buck!

Review Title: Style and Function all in one | Review by

This refrigerator is a great replacement for our old refrigerator. By having the ice maker in the door we have much more space in the freezer than we did previously. The LED lighting is great and helps with finding everything, no more lost items in the dark corners of the refrigerator. The features are very functional and beneficial, not just glitz.

Review Title: Small but excellent | Review by

We used this refrigerator to replace a top freezer that was a problem for we older folks. We chose counter depth to make more room in the kitchen, so the capacity is small, but its capability is excellent. It cools and freezes wonderfully, the LED lights make everything easy to see, and it is laid out quite logically.

Review Title: Just okay | Review by

This refrigerator is just average. Not an even temperature. The source of the cold air comes from the top rack and pretty much freezes all my juices and milk there. I've even adjusted the temperature to a higher temp setting, but still have the same problem. Also, to get ice or water, you have to push down on the dispenser so hard. That is completely annoying. Maybe they didn't want to make it too easy for a young child to play around with it, but it is ridiculous that i have to use my whole body weight to get water and ice. It's nothing special in the design. Looks like a big capacity, but doesn't fit much. Holds just as much food as the refrigerator in an apartment that I lived in. Which was only a basic model refrigerator. Wouldn't purchase this refrigerator again.

Review Title: Good Looking in White | Review by

The big metal bows of the handles set off the hard white finish and echo the bow of the front. True counter depth, we have ours in tight to the counter top and the doors are hinged so that they open away from it. Impresses company. Ice maker serves for two adults but we need to pick up a bag of ice for a dinner party. Both compartments are evenly lit by pods of LEDs asymmetrically arrayed; well done. Exterior controls for the ice maker light up. Shelves in both compartments and the doors have too few adjustments and those on the doors are hard to use. Ours came with a huge metal rack hanging from one shelf; no clue what it was for, we moved it to our attic. The description we saw on the website said we would get a can despenser, I guess we got this rack instead. There are two filters that require replacement every 6 months, and I anticipate the ice maker failing. Given a ten year life expectancy, I estimate my average cost per year in the $400 -$500 range.

Review Title: Nice refrigerator | Review by

I bought this a month ago. I was limited in the space available. It has surprised me to have 3 feet of more space in the same size space.

Review Title: Fridge review | Review by

I love my new fridge. Happy that I got the side by side. More able to keep freezer contents organized and visible. Love the lights inside, the water/ice maker, the many shelves and drawers. The one thing I don't like is the noise the ice maker makes and occasionally the fridge itself.

Review Title: Clean Modern Look | Review by

It has been about three months since we got our new fridge and we love it. We got the white fridge to match the rest of the kitchen and it looks very modern with the smooth finish and led lights. there is plenty of space for a family of three, and its very quiet.

Review Title: You will drink more water, just fun to watch it self serve... | Review by

Great refrigerator with lots of space, adaptable to our needs and the self filling water dispenser is fun to play with. Just tell it how many ounces you want, place your glass or cup and it does the rest. Our whole family loves the convenience.

Review Title: Noisy, does a bad job with ice | Review by

I have now experienced this item for four months. It does keep things cold. It is noisy! The shelves in the fridge section are strangely arranged, with too few options for respacing. You can get a deep shelf at the top or at the very bottom, but nowhere in between. And a shelf of middle height is impossible. The ice maker is more annoying that useful. Frost collects on the underside so that a glass first will fill with this. The frost-freet feature seems to melt the ice, which then forms a big lump. And the ice maker is very small. The shelves In the freezer are very shallow and very far apart. Most frozen foods are not in tall packages and stacking would be difficult given lack of depth of the shelves. Its goods feature are the two drawers and having the water filter at the top, rather than on the floor.

Review Title: Average | Review by

Hard to keep Temperature in Ref Inside to shallow in depth Not enough shelfs in Freezer

Review Title: New Refrigerator | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator new and have had it for about two months. The counter depth size is perfect for our kitchen space. The water dispenser has both like and dislikes. We like the dispenser measurement feature but dislike that the water isn't cold. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Love my new refrigerator, sleek design and really like the LED lights. Have used whirlpool for years and have always been impressed with their quality products.

Review Title: Automatic water dispenser is a kick and functional feature that my wife and I both like. | Review by

Adds attraction to any kitchen. Not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside where lighting and shelf space are great.

Review Title: My new refrigerator | Review by

I upgraded from a 28 year old refrigerator. I now have the "modern" convenience of ice and water in the door. The refrigerator section is so nice and large I can find what I am looking for easily. The glass shelves and clear drawers help in that regard. The deep shelves in the door are my favorite part. I choose this refrigerator because it had the largest freezer section of any that I could find and I still wish it was bigger. The air and water filters work great. The ice does not taste like last nights dinner.

Review Title: Excellent value; looks great, too. | Review by

I think that this is an all--around excellent product. About the only thing that I would change about it is the arrangement of the shelves in the srefrigerator section. The shelves on the doors can be moved in increments of three inches or so, but the shelf supports in the main part of the refrigerator are about eight inches or so apart. Seems that it would be pretty simple and cost effective to make a few more shelf supports to allow for greater flexibility. The frefigerator that i replaced was a whirlpool that was in use for twenty years, so I'm confident that I will get good service out of this one.

Review Title: I've had my new fridge over a year and I love it. No problems. | Review by

The water dispenser is large enough to fit tall containers. It fits well in my space. The inside space.

Review Title: Terrible Product | Review by

The icemaker on our refrigerator has never worked. Immediately after installation over 4 weeks ago we noticed the icemaker was not working. When you push on the lever to obtain ice, the motor turns but no ice comes out. No ice is being made; there is nothing in the ice receptacle. The icemaker has a sufficient water supply, and the in-door cold water source does work. The repair company that Whirlpool directed us to under warranty has had us defrost the refrigerator for 24 hours, and has ordered a new ice maker and infrared sensor, but then discovered that was not the problem. They are now ordering a new door for our unit, claiming the insulation in the freezer door is defective. It will be 6 more weeks before we find out if this solves the problem. If it does, we will have been without an icemaker for 3 months after purchasing this product. If it does not, it will be even longer. Do not buy this product.

Review Title: Let down | Review by

I bought this nine months ago and have had issues. The first one was the door seal came apart. The store switched out the door with another of the same model. Now the water/ice will not work when the right door is open. Also, it is very easy to scratch and take off the paint. There was one big scratch after it was delivered, store replaced the other door. Now, I have noticed little scratches are appearing that take off the paint. It is not very durable paint. The Whirlpool emblem also appears to be cheap even though I bought a Gold. I miss the old Gold emblem that looked like I was buying a higher quality appliance. One of the inside doors is already cracked. This one is definitely not durable like my last Whirlpool Gold but was the only measure fill that was in the counter depth and made by Whirlpool. I have always been happy with Whirlpool in the past so I was very determined to get another Whirlpool so a bit disappointed in quality.

Review Title: Love the counter depth | Review by

Haven't had this very long but so far I am very pleased. The counter depth is a great addition in my kitchen and really helps the layout. Attractive appliance, fits my food choices well, nice interior lighting. Compressor is a bit loud and ice maker too. I am used to it now and it has become part of my home's background noise. I am happy with my choice.

Review Title: Door problems | Review by

Door does not close properly retailer where I purchased from says door needs more weight to level it off. That's the most ridiculous answer I ever heard retailer won't respond back

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

We needed a counter depth refrigerator. These are hard to locate, but the Whirlpool Gold fit our needs and has been a great product!

Review Title: Performs Wonderfully!! / Looks Beautiful!! | Review by

We are extremely happy with our new Whirlpool Gold series side-by-side refrigerator! Its quiet! --energy-efficient! --and is the perfect size for our counter-depth space! Our only regret is we waited so long to replace our previous refrigerator.

Review Title: Well executed. | Review by

Would prefer water and ice maker to work even when refrig side door is open, as on GE models. Overall very nice machine. Filters too expensive.

Review Title: Elegant design | Review by

Love the White Ice collection with the sleek silver handles. Dresses up my kitchen!

Review Title: Nice Fridge | Review by

I like the fridge. The inside design could be a little better. I wish the wine rack could be removed for more storage if desired

Review Title: Love the ice maker and in door water | Review by

We have been without an ice maker for 20 years. When our old refrigerator began to give us problems, I researched and found this one. We needed a refrigerator that wasn't too deep and this one is perfect for our needs. The size of the ice cubes are just right. It is a bit noisy when it dumps the ice, but it is in the kitchen and we don't sleep in there!

Review Title: This refrigerator has terrific features, lots of storage, and looks great! | Review by

While we've only had this new refrigerator for one month, there is hardly a day that goes by when we don't comment how much we like it. We like the exceptional lighting system. It enables us to see everything so well. The glass shelves have unique spacing. Two of the shelves are perfect for items that are less than four inches high. There's no need to stack or lose things. The four refrigerator door shelves are all the same depth. I can store large bottles on any one of them; plus a whole lot more. The freezer's four shelves and two large drawers provide ample freezer space even with the ice maker in the door. We do hear the ice drop from the ice maker into the storage bin on occasion but it's convenience outweighs the sound it makes.

Review Title: good product, but recommend buying repair agreement | Review by

THis is the second whirlpool refrigerator I have owned. the first was purchased in 1991 and was still working and had no functional problems. I gave it to a relative who needed it and upgraded to a newer more energy efficient model. My only complaint is that you have to really watch the ice maker, cause it overshoots the glass when filling with ice sometimes..

Review Title: Hate, Hate, Hate | Review by

brand new white ice gold fridge, ice maker does not work, refrigerator food freezes, drips water from indoor dispenser.woke up one morning to a flooded kitchen

Review Title: Fits perfectly into my kitchen | Review by

We were limited as to the size and style that would fit into our 1950s home. My galley kitchen just wouldn't give way for the deep models of today's refrigerators. We reluctantly purchased the double door counter depth model as our only alternative but are pleasantly surprised at how much it has added to our kitchen. It is easy to use and holds all of our "required" items (you know like old jelly jars). The wine rack is a nice addition and the grandchildren love the ice and water feature.

Review Title: Great refrig both in style and performance. | Review by

Very pleased. Never have owned a side by side before and heard horror stories about them but we love our Whirlpool White Ice model.

Review Title: love the clean line look and surprisingly roomy | Review by

This counter depth has all the bells and whistles but I would prefer less stuff to break. So far everything works the way it should and is fun to play with. Doesn't have a current temp read out I would think that would be important but that would be the only negative after two months of ownership. The real review is still down the road after a year or two.

Review Title: Water... Need water... | Review by

Cooling seems even and consistent. Good space inside. The look is sleek and modern, and we were happy to find something that wasn't stainless steel. The water dispenser has been a letdown. Filters are expensive, they need replacing every 2-1/2 months or so (we're just a family of two, so not consuming copious amounts), and water tends to taste funny.

Review Title: New Whirlpool refrigerator is great. | Review by

Our new refrigerator is wonderful. It has more storage space than our old appliance with the same dimensions. The surface is easy to clean and keep looking shiny. The ice maker is a bit noisy when dispensing ice especially crushed, but it's not a big problem. For a side-by-side door design, I think this is a great product.

Review Title: Love the White Ice | Review by

It has been quite awhile since I've purchased appliances, but I've never been told that I have to "break-in" the refrigerator. I've had 2 separate service companies come to my home because the doors do not line up correctly. The gasket around the freezer door is "smashed tight", but not on the refrigerator door. I was told that once the fridge is "broken-in", the gasket on the fridge door will eventually "smash tighter", therefore the doors will be even. One service company said I was lucky I didn't have slate floors because that would make it worse. Well, the last fridge I bought was put on a slate floor and we never had this problem with having to "break-in" the refrigerator so the doors would be even. They were even to begin with.

Review Title: Beautiful new refrigerator with quality features inside and out! | Review by

We purchased this beautiful new stainless steel Gold brand Whirlpool refrigerator because we renovated our kitchen. Our previous unit was also a Whirlpool that was still in great shape after 23 years! We selected the this 25 cu unit because of its interior capacity and sleek exterior contours. the micro edge shelfs make food storage easy.The adjustable shelves are also perfect for our family needs due to the variation of foods and beverages we have. The freezer side is also very spacious with plenty of options for storage. The on-door ice/water unit works great under constant use. If you are looking for quality, room, and design; buy this refredgerator!

Review Title: Spacious | Review by

Bought this about 1 month ago. So far we are satisfied. This is much more spacious than our previous unit.

Review Title: Perfect size for our Pullman kitchen | Review by

We replaced our big old oversize refrigerator with this counter depth side by side. What a difference! My husband and I can now fit in the kitchen without bumping into each other.

Review Title: Like the color | Review by

Liked the color and clean look. We were tired of the stainless look and all the finger prints.

Review Title: Great space and good features | Review by

Very pleased with this product. It has much more space then the other products its size. I love the ice machine on the door. It frees up space in the freezer. The only negative is that it is somewhat noisy when making ice, but it is tolerable.

Review Title: Great fridge, but... | Review by

Ordered this cabinet-depth refrigerator along with the matching dishwasher & over-the-range microwave. All the other appliances came in & were installed with no problem. The fridge, however, is another story. It took 3 different units to finally get one that would operate properly. 1st one came in & was dented; nothing major (so I thought). A few days after delivery & set-up, it started making horrible noises while running. Called for service; in moving the fridge out, a rear wheel disintegrated. Repairman recommended I return it for an exchange. 2nd fridge arrived in worse shape than the 1st one. Hinges were bent so badly the doors fell off when opened. Delivery workers would not even take the fridge off the truck. Finally received a 3rd unit, and (knock on wood) this one seems to be doing o.k. Everyone really loves the design of the refrigerator, and the ease of loading & unloading food is great! Much easier to see what we have in this fridge! And this unit (the 3rd one) does run more quietly than our old Whirlpool side-by-side. I just hope this fridge will perform as well as our previous Whirlpool...but before accepting delivery on one, make sure you inspect it CAREFULLY. I have no idea at what point these fridges were being damaged/mishandled; but it's no fun dealing with 3 fridges in & out of the house during the hottest months of the year!!

Review Title: Perfect for what I need | Review by

I bought this refrigerator without seeing it first at any store. I was interested in a counter depth, white, side-by-side refrigerator, and this one appeared to fit my needs. However, none of the stores I checked in South Florida carries it. The space is sufficient, I believe, unless there are many people in the household. I have read a few negative comments about the limited ice maker capacity, which is not very large, but it does not bother me. It has proven to be enough for me and for when I have visitors for dinner. Yes, the ice dispenser is somewhat noisy, but I do not care much. The refrigerator is quiet when running. The lights in the interior are great, the shelves are perfect, and the wine rack is very useful and original. Last, the looks are great despite being a white appliance, mostly because of the metal handles. The previous refrigerator I had was also a Whirlpool, bought 10+ years ago, and still working. I just changed it for this one because I wanted something more modern. The one thing that I would add is more flexibility to where place the shelves., limited now to the few options that come with it.

Review Title: Ice maker does not work. | Review by

Purchased 5/18/13. Now 9/07/13, 6 service calls, various parts replaced, including the ice maker but it has still NEVER made ice. No ice, no satisfaction. Don't buy this refrigerator.

Review Title: Whirlpool Counter Depth Refrigerator | Review by

We wanted a counter depth refrigerator but wanted a different brand. It was no longer available so we settled for this one. And we are so happy we did. Not only is the capacity larger the whole design is better. As far as the noise of the ice machine it is no louder than our other one and far more efficient.

Review Title: Whirlpool is Gold! | Review by

We purchased the whirlpool Gold Counter Depth Side-by-Side refrigerator for our new home last Summer. It was hands down one of the best decisions we made in terms of updating our appliances. Our previous refrigerator was from Samsung--which boasted the latest cooling technology, storage capacity and longevity. However in contrast, the unit did not perform to standard and failed within the first year. On the other hand Whirlpool commands excellent customer service, and we have enjoyed the amount of space and ability to remove or alter the rack space to accommodate our food storage needs--especially our kosher meats. Additionally, unlike many of it's competitors we noticed the unit is quiet absent buzzing noises emanating from the water line and motors. Overall, we are pleased and recommend the Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator to others in our community.

Review Title: Excellent Counter Depth | Review by

This fridge works well with my remodel. I like the flexibility of the shelfs & storage bins. The ice maker has metal blades. My last fridge had plastic ones that cracked in less than three years. The width and space of both the freezer and refrigeratation sides are good. The doors open wide. Glad I putchased.

Review Title: I would highly recommend this refrigerator ! | Review by

After looking at every counter depth fridge in town, we chose the whirlpool mainly due to the access to the vegetable drawers. These open wide enough to put away bulk lettuce from Costco, a must for us. We can fit a regular size pizza in the freezer, or a large pizza box in the refrigerating side. The ice maker is a bit noisy making ice and dispensing it. Overall, I would recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: counter depth refrig/freezer aligns with the cabinets; not bulging into the room as regular ones | Review by

Selected because it's counter depth; largest capacity available. Quieter than our previous counter depth unit.

Review Title: Great fit for our galley kitchen | Review by

We bought this refrigerator 3 months ago and we are happy with it. We had to replace our 8 year old LG refrigerator that was defective. The water that is dispensed is not as cold as we would like (as compared to LG), but that is our only issue. We like the cabinet-depth size.

Review Title: Great Product. Made here in the USA by American workers. | Review by

Very stylish refrigerator! Fits right in to an awkward space. Very spacious for a counter-depth refrigerator. Provides plenty of space for two adults and three children. LED lighting gives it that "ahh" cool feeling and excellent lighting when opening up. Kids love the measured fill feature.

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

I have had this fridge since June 2013 and so far I cannot complain about it, works great so far!

Review Title: Love the extra features. | Review by

This refrigerator has more features than my older Gold Whirlpool that I have! Love all the interiors lights!

Review Title: Great features and looks | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator a couple of months ago. Its looks are super sleek with an attractive and functional control panel. The inside is spacious and laid out well with the door shelving and interior shelving working in concert to keep the refrigerator organized and neat. The ice maker is a huge step up from my last one as the design now keeps the ice from melting into one large mess that could not be dumped from the door.

Review Title: Very nice, looks good and fits well | Review by

Bought this as an affordable solution for a counter depth fridge. We have been very happy and it looks great in our kitchen. The only negative is when a bunch of ice cubes drop into ice bucket it is a bit loud.

Review Title: Best appliance | Review by

Purchase this fridge with a new home, very happy with first the function and second the look.

Review Title: Best counter depth refrigerator we found | Review by

this refrigerator is very spacious and its design allows you to store as much food as a standard depth refrigerator. It is very quiet, yet cools food quickly. I also am a big fan of the water filtration system. Easy to replace and its water is cold and refreshing.

Review Title: Great except for ice dispenser design | Review by

We own three Whirlpool side by sides and like them. This newest one also works well except for the through the door ice dispenser design. Instead of the previous arrangement that works well, some well paid designer came up with a glass activator that hardly moves so you end up pushing really hard to get ice coming. Yes, I read the manual that says you don't have to push hard but you really do - it's just a bad design that looks good but doesn't work very well. It's not easy to use and, unfortunately, it's a function that you use a lot!

Review Title: Too early to really give an accurate evaluation! Try me again in 3 years. | Review by

Too early to give a fair evaluation! Contact me again in three years!

Review Title: Great Looking with great features. | Review by

Ice maker is loud. Frig has great features. Would like to see ball-bearing rails for the drawers given the relative high cost of purchase.

Review Title: Overall quite good | Review by

Nice design, like the lighting and shelf space. Not too much space sacrificed with the icemaker. Do not have the problems with top shelf being too cold and uneven temps in fridge as have read about. Icemaker is a bit loud when cubes drop, but is minimal, does not make sound when ice bucket is full, which is most of time. Not inexpensive, but all-in-all is excellent product, hope it has longevity!

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

Looks sharp, nice shelving, LED lighting makes it easy to see everything inside... BUT the ice maker is VERY loud when dispensing ice and it makes very little ice... There are only 3 in our household and we have to buy ice!! The ice cube holder is very small half the size of out last one.

Review Title: Space efficient | Review by

This model is much more efficient than the older one it replaced. The ice maker is kind of noisy.

Review Title: Great counter depth fridge | Review by

Fridge is only 2 months d but i really like the usablity of both the fridge and freezer sides. Nice clean, modern styling as well. Only negative is that the workings of the ice maker and water supply are a bit noisy.

Review Title: Exceptional look for the White Ice | Review by

I purchased two of the units with the entire suite and love it! No complaints.

Review Title: Great looking design@! | Review by

We are enjoying this new purchase. There is nothing that we are dissatisfied with at this point.

Review Title: Numerous break downs | Review by

Repaired 3 times within the first 6 months before being replaced

Review Title: Great looking. | Review by

We bought Whirlpool because of the durability and reliability that the brand has. We love the look of it. We were worried about the ice making capabilities but it has kept up fine. The ice dropping can be a little loud but overall we love it.

Review Title: Lemon | Review by

I should be rewarded a replacement refrigerator for this model. It is a lemon and does not meet Whirlpool's product standards.

Review Title: Refridg Review | Review by

Have had this fridge about 1 1/2 months. So far everything is great. The Ice and water works really well. I haven't had any issues with dispensing and/or any noise others complain about. The fridge regular noise is quiet....when the ice drops it makes normal ice drop sound for like 1 second. I would recommend this fridge to anyone looking for this size fridge and cub size.

Review Title: The Perfect Fit | Review by

Had to have a fridge the correct size to fit in cabinet opening. After searching for hours, I finally found one that met the size restrictions. It was a Whirlpool side by side counter depth. It fits perfectly. It's quiet, efficient, roomy, well made and beautiful. My daughter liked my fridge so much she bought a similar model a month later. I'm very pleased Whirlpool was my choice.

Review Title: great refrigerator!!!! | Review by

I got this couple of months ago. I am totally satisfied with it. I read a couple of places that said it was loud. It is close to my living room and I don't hear it running. I may hear the ice maker once in a while when the house is totally quiet. It's beautiful and works GREAT. The lights are nice. The shelves are good too. The only thing I would say to add to this refrigerator is make the shelves adjustable. Other than that it is perfect.

Review Title: Fantastic space utilization | Review by

This cabinet depth refrigerator has less claimed space than our previous competitive brand French door bottom freezer model (also doesn't stick out nearly so far as it did), but the interior space is organized so well that we actually have significantly more usable shelf and door space in both the freezer and the refrigerator sections. We are extremely pleased with the result. We've had it for almost 5 months now and no problems. Ice maker works fine, fridge is quiet. Most usable refrigerator we've ever had. The led lighting is nice as well.

Review Title: Don't buy it! | Review by

Delivered January 12th 2015 and have already had two service calls on the icemaker. Service technicians can't find the problem. Icemaker has been changed out, pressure checked and valve changed. Unit shoots water in the freezer freezing up everything. It's going back to the store.

Review Title: This is a very attractive, well designed refrigerator that functions well & is user friendly. | Review by

Must make the ice maker quieter. Water refills & ice dropping are both far too noisy. Otherwise, tibia. An excellent refrigerator with user friendly features and excellent design & appearance.

Review Title: This refrigerator is perfect for what I need. | Review by

Our kitchen has limited space, so when we were looking for appliances, we were happy to see the 'White Ice' model in a counter depth product. It fits perfectly and is a very attractive appliance. There is still plenty of space on the shelves and in the door for what my husband and I need. The fridge door sometimes swings open quickly making things in the door shift, but other than that we are very satisfied with it.The ice maker and water dispenser are very modern looking and functional. I highly recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Great looking. Great quality. | Review by

I bought this refrigerator about 3 months ago. It looks and works great. The digital lighting is very nice as it initially is low and quickly gets bright so as to adjust your eyes. The shelving is adjustable so that we get the most out of the capacity.

Review Title: Great replacement for a built in Kitchen Aid unit we had for almost 20 years. | Review by

Great product with enough capacity. The only thing we have found is that sometimes on the Fridge section if you put too many things in the upper shelf, a "cracking" noise ocassionally happens. We found out that it may happen due to the blockage of air coming/going to the freezer. Regarless, we are extremely happy with our unit.

Review Title: Love this counter depth frig! | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator in black after having a Frigidaire delivered several weeks prior. The Frigidaire counter depth was so noisy! It made such a constant clicking noise that we returned it and purchased the Whirlpool after talking to friends who loved their Whirlpool frigs.

Review Title: This product is exceptional all around | Review by

I am so pleased with my new Whirlpool Gold Side-by-Side refrigerator. Every time I open the doors I am amazed at the space inside both the refrigerator and the freezer. Even though it is 1 cu. ft. smaller than the model I replaced it with there is more storage space in both sides. I like the ice bucket on the door. Removing it from the interior gives more space for frozen food storage. For example, I freeze loaf bread. Before I could only keep four (4) loaves at a time now I can keep six (6). I also like the depth of the door shelves in both compartments. This allows for more small items needing refrigeration. The interior lighting is superior. I also love the clean exterior lines. So, over all you could say I love my new refrigerator.

Review Title: This product has a great design and plenty of space vs. other side by side refrigerators | Review by

Whatever you used inthe stainless steel paint really prevents finger prints. You provided a great deal of space in both the refrigerator and the freezer. The LED lights add class and cheaper electric bills to this already fabulous product. I make smoothies and my tall gasses fi under the ice dispenser making it much easier to make my morning smoothie. I am really more than satisfied with this great product.

Review Title: great features | Review by

very happy with the fridge--lots of room--easy to clean

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We waited for years to purchase a new refigerator. Then we shopped and compared brands and types for 6 months. Finally decided on the White Ice side-by-side and we love it! the drawers help to organize the contents, love the lighting and the ease of use. No noise problem and easy set up. Glad Whirlpool is still made in the USA too! That was a BIG part of our decision.

Review Title: Just what we needed | Review by

This is a sleek looking fridge on the outside and love the LED lights on the inside. It has a lot of space which we love and especially in the freezer, love the drawers for storage and with the ice maker being in the door it creates extra storage space on the shelves inside. This is a great addition to our kitchen. Our previous fridge didn't have an ice maker and water feature in the door so our whole family is really enjoying that, too.

Review Title: Poor quality control and desgin. | Review by

The fridge looks nice and they layout options are good with lots of internal space for a shallow depth. We are on our second fridge in less than 3 months though. The first fridge the door gaskets where coming off, there was a large scratch down the side (from the factory) and the ice maker started pulling away from the door. The new fridge has better seals and no scratch but after 2 days the ice maker is again pulling away from the door. The cooling is not very even in the fridge area - when set at the factory default temp. the top shelf items frequently end up frozen.

Review Title: Love my new fridge! | Review by

I love my new fridge. To begin with - it's beautiful. There is so much more space in my freezer than in my old model - even though they look about the same size. Everything I took out of the old unit went into the new one and I only used up half the space! I think it is because the ice maker and bin are in the door and the bin is a perfect size. It doesn't take up half the freezer making ice that goes bad before I can ever use it anyway. Everything in this fridge/freezer is just right. I also love the measure fill water dispenser - I use it all the time.

Review Title: NO PROBLEMS | Review by

Before I bought I read reviews on this Refrigerator. So far no Ice problems. No fingerprints. All is good.

Review Title: Beautiful and functional | Review by

My husband and I bought this refrigerator in ice white. Everyone compliments how sleek it looks and how bright and spacious it is on the inside. The only drawback is the ice dispenser when it is on crushed mode. Maybe it's our water glasses but when the chips dispense, they fall outside of the glass. No worries though - my husband can change the dispense mode to cube or easily access lots of ice in the ice cube bin in the freezer. Overall, we are quite happy with this refrigerator.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I fill very good with whirlpool appliances, as a Property Manager thi is the brand I suggest to my clients at the time they need to buy new appliances for investment properties.

Review Title: LOUDEST ICE MAKER EVER!! | Review by

Be warned, This refrigerator has the loudest ice maker I have ever heard. It SLAMS the ice into the ice bucket and the water refilling the ice trays is super loud too. It will disrupt you from across the house and is embarrassing when you have company over. Every time you get ice from the ice maker it will go through the process of slamming the ice. We had 6 people over the other night and the ice could not keep up with our drinks. The bin is extremely small! Other than that, I like the refrigerator for its size and temperature control but the ice maker has got to go.

Review Title: Great Fridge !!! | Review by

I like the way it looks in my kitchen. Would give it the best rating , would the ice making process would be a bit faster, and plastic compartments & glass shelf's inside, less flimsy. Having this one for 3month now - no issues so far with performance. Would recommended.

Review Title: This product is very stylish | Review by

Have mixed feelings on this product. Quality is not as good as ten years ago, plastic is cheap, icemaker is loud. We had a serious problem in that there was a crack in the water house that went to the filter. Water was leaking out of it and all over my fridge. This happened within the first six months. Luckily under warranty. The repair guy said he had not come across this problem before. Water does not dispense as quickly as my last fridge. Other than that, seems to work well so far. But I will reiterate, it is not the quietest fridge.

Review Title: Looks nice | Review by

Overall the fridge is good. The panel on the freezer door keeps popping off. I have had it serviced once but need to call them back as it popped off again. Other than that it works good, looks nice and is a slim design.

Review Title: Broken drawers and shelves in 6 months, filtration system never recovered | Review by

The drawers in this do not slide in and out easily. My kids have managed to break the bottom two drawers in the refrigerator by closing the door on them without them being fully closed. This also resulted in one of the lower shelves on the door cracking and dropping the bottles in it all over the floor.

Review Title: We purchased this appliance feeling that the Ice White with Stainless Handles is a nice transitional style. | Review by

This appliance had all the features wanted in a refrigerator for a replacement refrigerator. The size was perfect, it is energy efficient, the LED lighting is a nice new addition, and the color and style fit our needs very well. The in-door water and ice offering is very convenient, the water can be measured to specific ounces catering to your specific requirement.

Review Title: INSIDE DOORS HEAT UP | Review by

Bought this refrigerator from Sears. Very nice design, owned it for one week and noticed the inside door frame gets very hot. 105 degrees using my lazer heat temp. gun. Found out the condensor fan was not working. Spun it with my finger and it would slowly move. Sears no longer stocks this model was told they would come and pick up instead of trying to repair ? Not very happy.

Review Title: Love the ice and water in the door. Spacious. | Review by

I love this fridge! It fits perfectly in my limited counter depth area. I love the sleek design and black color that fits in with my other appliances. I NEVER run out of ice, which is very important to me for entertaining.

Review Title: Expensive for average quality. Very expensive to buy because of depth size. | Review by

Cheap materials. Expensive for what it is. Average finish and construction

Review Title: Overall Very Satisfied But There Are A Couple of Quirks | Review by

Overall very satisfied with the product. However, could do without the air filter and the fresh water filter, especially since they take up so much valuable space on the top shelf. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to dismantle them.

Review Title: Lot's of room; excellent lighting; stylish; somewhat noisey. | Review by

We like how stylish this refrigerator is, in particular the excellent lighting when you open the doors. Both refrigerator and freezer are very roomy and we have a "counter depth" model. Lots of nice features: easy to set temps; ice selection; calibrate the amount ( in oz.) of water being dispensed. Only problem is the noise level. You can really here the compressor and the water refill is particularly noisy.

Review Title: Wish I was more impressed | Review by

My 1st unit's ice maker failed in 24hrs-water all over inside & out. Retailer exchanged it. 2nd unit works fine, but must say compressor is sometimes noisy on start up and now I occasionally hear the circulating fan inside make noise. This unit was quite expensive. I expected to very happy with it.

Review Title: Good | Review by

All in all a great machine, however the only drawback on this machine, as stated by previous reviewers, is that the ice machine spits out ice debris every time you use it. A little annoying considering the price, but Im happy with it in general.

Review Title: No issues with the product. Very happy. | Review by

Stylish product with no problems. Purchased for our new home.

Review Title: I like it more every day. | Review by

When I initially purchased this refrigerator, I did not notice that the shelves were not adjustable. The shelves are fixed and can not be moved up or down. The only adjustability is with the door bins.

Review Title: Disappointed! I would hesitate to get another Whirlpool appliance. | Review by

I have had my refrigerator for less than two months and I have had four service calls. It relates to the ice maker and the temperature of the cold side and not the freezer side. Also, I paid DOUBLE the original price for my refrigerator because I made the decision to buy Whirlpool for the features and clean lines ... and did not know that there were two sizes. I could not fit the original refrigerator in my kitchen and had to pay twice for a "counter depth" refrigerator! That is a "hidden" problem with changes in refrigerators and NOT explained at the time of purchase.

Review Title: Whirlpool refrigerator | Review by

Nice lines to this refrigerator. For the two of us it is adequate not sure if it would be for a family.

Review Title: Very stylish!! | Review by

We really like the counter depth. We love the look and features. The only issue is top can freeze things so you need to be careful what you put on top shelf! But consider that a small issue considering all the features!!

Review Title: a solid refrigerator | Review by

Just wish it came with metal drawer hardware instead of plastic. For the price I paid, I expect metal.

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