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Whirlpool WRS325FDAB 25.4 Cu. Ft. Black Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WRS325FDAB Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-WRS325FDAB Refrigeration
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Whirlpool 25.4 Cu. Ft. Black Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $1,299.00
20% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,092.20
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  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • This intuitive system senses and adapts using built-in sensors to measure the internal temperature and activates the compressor only when necessary, delivering efficient cooling performance.
  • Adjustable Gallon Door Bins
  • Easily move when and where you need to and can easily accommodate beverage jugs and other larger containers. Built-in handles on the EZ-Tote door bins make it easy to carry all your condiments to the table at once.
  • Slide-out SpillGuard Shelves
  • Slide out shelves provide easy access to items stored in the back of the refrigerator. The raised edges can contain spills up to 12 ounces, which prevents overflow onto shelves below and simplifies cleanup.
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • LED lighting makes it easy to see fresh and frozen food. It puts a spotlight on food and casts a more natural light on the contents of your refrigerator so food looks as it should.
  • Flush Exterior Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser
  • Minimize the need for bottled water with an exterior dispensers that offers cold, filtered water and ice without opening the door, while electronic controls make accessing features easy.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Exceeds federal minimum standards to conserve natural resources and help save money on utility bills. These eco-friendly appliances are better for the environment and your wallet.
  • PUR Water Filtration System
  • Kick the bottled water habit with the PUR water filtration system. You'll help protect the environment and prevent the disposal of up to 3,000 plastic bottles.


Refrigerator Capacity: 15.40 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Capacity: 10 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 25.4 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Features
Door Bin Description: Gallon Storage
Door Bin Quantity: 3
Shelf Type: Slide-out SpillGuard
Total Shelves: 4
Drawer 1: Snack Pan
Drawer 2: Crisper Pan
Drawer 3: Meat Pan
Freezer Features
Freezer Basket: 1, Plastic Bin
Shelf Type: Wire
Icemaker Type: Factory Installed
Ice Bucket: Interior Ice Cube Bin
On Demand Pulsed Defrost System: ADC
Dispenser Features
Dispenser Lockout: Yes
Dispenser Light: Yes
Custom Ice: Cubed/Crushed
Water Filter Status Light: Yes
Type: Side-by-Side
Door Style: Flat Smooth
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Width: 36"
Overall Depth: 34 5/8"
Overall Height: 68 7/8"
Weight: 245 Lbs.

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Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Nice refrigerator for an excellent price. Does everything we need. Installation was rapid (next day) and professionally done. Very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: it's my first whirlpool appliance and I'm loving the quietness and performance. | Review by

giving my honest review, the only thing that I don't like about this appliance is the noise it makes with the water when it comes to the making of the ice. other than that its a wonderful product.

Review Title: Workmanship very good | Review by

The construction and quality of workmanship appears to be far superior to previous appliances. No problems, have been found/ Every shelf, drawer, door, feature and part fits the way it should and works the way it is supposed to.

Review Title: enjoy the outside ice and water feature | Review by

This is the second whirlpool we have had and love it. Would highly recommend whirlpool over any other product

Review Title: Happy so far. Good quality. Service tech recommended over several other makes. | Review by

Some of the components (shelves, drawers) seem light duty. Chiller drawers don�t open as far as other makes. Ice cube dispenser is very slow to dispense ice and its little door doesn�t close all the time. If the service tech had anything good to say about it, we would have bought a Four door/French refrigerator. Hope it will last as long as our old one did. Service tech said the American models of Whirlpool are most reliable and parts are readily available.

Review Title: Cool Lighting | Review by

Love the look of this product...especially the lighting. I really want the French door but builder would not put that one in for us.

Review Title: Love the ice maker~ | Review by

I have had this fridge for about a month now and it suits our needs as a family right now really well. We love the ice maker and the drawers in the fridge have a lot of space. My cons for this fridge are the side shelves in the freezer are too small to really fit anything into so they are a waste of space, and overall it's just a tad smaller than I thought it would be when you actually put stuff in it, but it's a great fridge and we like it a lot.

Review Title: I needed white in a hurry. | Review by

The refrigerator was delivered just before Christmas. It took a while to get used to less shelve space than I was used to but I worked through storing my food in the drawers. I also think there should be one more drawer in the freezer. I love the lights that are used: soft and non-glaring. It is also good to have a working ice / water feature again.

Review Title: Great price | Review by

Bought this a little more than a month ago. Love the adjustable shelves. Keeps food fresh incredibly long periods of time!

Review Title: Everything Fits! | Review by

So happy with my Whirlpool Side-by-Side! Stylish and Sleek - looks great!

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

After having the unit for several months, I am completely satisfied and would purchase the same unit again. It has great storage capacity within easy reach.

Review Title: Easy to use with great reliability record | Review by

Whirlpool is known for high quality reliable appliances. We specifically bought this model refrigerator because it was not covered with superfluous digital displays and controls and is straightforward and easy to use. We didn't bother with extended warranties because we know we can trust our Whirlpool. We have all whirlpool appliances in our house and when we get ready to buy more we won't hesitate to buy whirlpool again. Our old Whirlpool fridge still runs and is in the garage cooling sports drinks and water for games and practices.

Review Title: Love My Whirlpool! | Review by

I inherited a builder grade (Brand can guess) set of appliances. Only 3 years old, freezer door would stick shut due to ice build up in icemaker. Repaired numerous times just to do it again. Finally repair got up to several hundred and warranty company offered cash towards new. YAY ... Goodbye Brand X ... Hello Whirlpool!! Always my purchase choice. This brand has been not just affordable, but reliable, and competes well with most any other brand, except for the real high end stuff. Was delighted to disinherit my old one for this. Can't wait to replace the other two major appliances! Nothing wrong with them, just prefer Whirlpool!

Review Title: Ice Maker | Review by

the Ice IS half moon BUT is small half moons!!!!! they are little! The next is that the Ice maker is on top with no gap between shelves! I have HIGH Gloss White and I love it. I am 50...2 _25 yr olds... and looked and looked, and I am a frozen girl, the Freezer on the bottom, would not work for me, I like to pull from the freezer!

Review Title: This product looks great and functions well. | Review by

This is a great refrigerator. It's huge. We can fit so much into this refrigerator. I love the spaciousness of it. The only thing I don't like about it is when the ice maker is used, the ice goes all over the floor. It makes a big mess. It's only on the crushed choice. The regular cubed ice choice works just fine.

Review Title: efficient | Review by

I brought my fridge about two months ago. I bought it for its style and power saving features. It is as advertised. However, I noticed some brown spots on the doors and other areas of the fridge. I guess it's rust that developed from wipping it down with a damp rag. Being in the kitchen, I would expected that they would of have a coating to prevent rust.

Review Title: like it | Review by

would like to see water dispenser higher so you do not have to bend down to add water for coffee machine

Review Title: Ideal for our home with all the accessaries we needed. | Review by

Perfect for our home. With the price we could pay that was well below other refrigerators in size, and the correct features, and it fits in well with other items in our kitchen and home.

Review Title: Awesome Feathers! | Review by

We bought this refrigerator about 3 months ago to put in our garage to replace a 20 year old unit. The clear difference between the two units is that the new refrigerator operates in cold conditions where the old refrigerator would not without heating the garage. Great energy saver!

Review Title: It is spacious and versatile | Review by

I was impressed with this refrigerator in the showroom, I kept going back to it after looking at numerous other refrigerators and this was the one the appealed the most to me.

Review Title: Good Fridge just haveing problems with it getting real cold I hope Whirlpool helps | Review by

I bought this about 3 weeks ago and it has plenty of room , looks great the lighting is great and lost of space , but even though I set the temperature to 33 on the front panel it does not go below 36 37 degrees normally I like to keep my beverages real cold

Review Title: Ice machine is too loud | Review by

The ice machine is too loud, but all other features are pretty good. One more shelve would have been nice.

Review Title: ice feature hard to use, ice fall s all over floor. | Review by

Most part happy with refrigerator. Development we moved into did not give us a choice of manufacturers when we purchased our appliances, would have liked the refrigerator to be made "In America" like our stove and dish washer.

Review Title: Plenty of space! | Review by

There is plenty of room on the shelving for the fridge and freezer doors. I do wish the ice maker was faster...we have a large family though so we go through it quickly. Overall a great purchase.

Review Title: Great fridge but some details can be improved. | Review by

I've got a brand new house and I'm glad it came with Whirlpool appliances. Here is the two things this item fails to perfection.

Review Title: Features | Review by

I have had the refrigerator for about a month. I like the refrigerator except the water from the water dispenser is not cold enough and there is a milky film that forms at the bottom of the glass. Not sure what that is and don't drink the whole glass of water.

Review Title: Poor design for everyday use | Review by

This refrigerator is not laid out well in terms of space. The top shelf of both the freezer and fridge are ridiculously tall, so items just end up getting piled in a jumble on them. It would be better to have more shelving for better organization. The bottom of the fridge on the outside is plastic instead of metal like the rest-it looks unfinished and strange, like a piece is missing. The worst feature is the ice dispenser- the place to put your cup is WAY too shallow, so inevitably ice spews onto the floor. Just very poor design overall, like no one actually tested this thing in a real home before selling it:(

Review Title: My dog loves it! | Review by

My dog just can't wait until I use the ice maker. He loves chasing the ice cubes all over the kitchen floor as they fly out of the front of my 2 month old frig!!!

Review Title: Great features and a lot of space. | Review by

I choose this Whirpool refrigerator, when my Amana of 25 years was giving up. I'm very happy with how it works and I love the ice and water dispenser. Never had one before.

Review Title: This product has a lot of room and shelves are easily adjusted to accommodate needs. | Review by

Ice dispenser is very sensitive and takes some getting use to. At first it is not unusual to dispense too much ice resulting in overflow ice in the floor. Other than that the refrigerator seems to be very well designed and an excellent product with the storage in the door and spacious freezer space a real plus.

Review Title: Love the non smudge stainless finish, and the featues on the Ice Maker. | Review by

I bought this about a month ago, and am very happy with product, has great space and all the door shelves are big enough to hold gallon jugs instead of just one of them, also like the adjustable shelving and the strength of the shelving.


Everytime I try to get shredding ice the ice blows outside of the cup even any size or close to this. It goes on my flow. Other that than I like this.

Review Title: I love everything about this fridge except that the ice dispenser shoots ice all over the floor when it is used. | Review by

I love everything about this fridge except that the ice dispenser shoots ice all over the floor when it is used. I have had to start opening the freezer and reaching in the ice bin to get ice out.

Review Title: Waiting for the water filter | Review by

I am happy with the fridge. But now comes the BUT. I got it delivered without the water filter. As far as I understood, Best Buy ordered it for me. Still waiting...... I do not like to use the water or the ice without the filter. Can you help ? Best regards Harryet Knauer-Winkelmann

Review Title: This product is very good fr te most part. | Review by

The only problem I see is that the ice dispenser jams quite often and makes a mess on the floor with small chucks of ice shooting out.

Review Title: OK item | Review by

The appliance runs fine, don't care for the finish.

Review Title: Icemaker has a design flaw | Review by

Why after I purchased didn't I notice all of the reviews about the icemaker? It is always spilling all over even with 4" glass, ice falls out when I'm in another room,why hasn't whirlpool come up with a design fix?

Review Title: You want the truth | Review by

Not impressed The crushed ice falls everywhere There is a tray to catch excess water outside the door the is as deep as a sheet of paper

Review Title: Best appliance I ever have | Review by

I never expect such a good quality and keep all food in good temperature

Review Title: Plenty of room! | Review by

I bought it six months ago and I love everything about it.

Review Title: love, love, love this refrigerator!!! | Review by

Plenty of space, wonderful adjustable shelving all around!! My favorite feature is where the water filter is located, easy to change and conveniently undectable which allows for more storage space.

Review Title: Good product - Can use more space | Review by

Good product - Can use more space flexibility for storage.

Review Title: This product has been reliable to date | Review by

We had a GE before we purchased our Whirlpool. We had to replace the ice maker 6 times and when we sold the ice maker was barely working. We have had no issues with the icemaker on our Whirlpool and it has otherwise worked very well.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

I must say that we are a little disappointed with our Whirlpool Refrigerator. When the water fills the ice maker it is unusually loud - it is very annoying! And when you are filling a glass with ice from the door dispenser ice ice chips always miss the glass and then it randomly spits an ice cube out onto the floor later (it does this a lot). For the money we pay for appliances, I expect no problems or issues at all. Now we will have to put up with thse issues for the next 10 to 15 years. So aggravating!!

Review Title: Average but a good price | Review by

Had to send the first one back because the ice maker did not work. Set up crews were spotty and not the cleanest; I had to scrub the floors afterwards both times.

Review Title: whirlpool refri | Review by

works great ,we have not had to go buy anymore bagged ice since we got this refg would buy again

Review Title: Ice Bin-Ice Maker | Review by

The ice bin cannot be taken out of the freezer which is a drawback.

Review Title: ICE MAKER IS THE WORST QUALITY | Review by

I bought this in of June 2014, and so far I have yet to see a full bucket of ice.. Mostly its empty over full, you always can see the metal spirals that help get the ice to the out put part. The finish needs a lot of up keep too. Yes very messy dispensing ice or water and with no where but a thin slot to catch the excess drips. the melted ice or few drips always run down the front.. Had no idea I would have to stainless steel treat my fridge not only daily but almost every time you use ice or water.. I regret buying it to these reasons. Its roomy inside. I do like that but the food drawers are a very thin, flimsy plastic. Use with EXTREME care. One of ours cracked only one week in use.

Review Title: Ice machine broke within 30 days! | Review by

Very disappointed that the refrigerator didn't make it one month before needing a service call.

Review Title: Big and Bright! | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator about two months ago, and it's great! I love the bright led light. We used to have a bosch fridge and this whirlpool is better! The bosch never made enough would slowly make ice. It was always empty. Not this whirlpool! It's always pumping out ice, it's rarely empty! It can also fit a large pizza box in the fridge! Thanks whirlpool!

Review Title: perfect size for us. nice looking works well | Review by

Bought this Frig a month ago. Love it! Nice looking! Works well!

Review Title: Great fridge! | Review by

Love the fridge! Great features, cools well, looks good. Doesn't show fingerprints as bad as most stainless appliances

Review Title: whirlpool 36 inch side by side | Review by

quiet, functional, easy to clean, pretty; the style is new

Review Title: Good Fridge | Review by

I have only had for a little over a month but it is working well

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

The refrigerator is great! It's simple and just all around a great refrigerator.

Review Title: Not bad | Review by

Water and ice dispenser are kinda messy. They could be aimed better. I wish the light came on whenever you got ice or water. Price was right.

Review Title: Great value, looks great... | Review by

For the price, this refrigerator is a great value. It looks nice in the kitchen, good size, very functional. The only thing we would mention is that the ice maker is loud but once you are accustomed to it, it is easy to tune out. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Loving it! | Review by

I bought this for my tenants who could not take the old fridge anymore. They have been using this for few months and loving it!!

Review Title: Awesome Refrigerator! | Review by

After two brand new refrigerators, NOT a Whirlpool, both with issues with the ice chute not closing properly, and defrosting my frozen food...

Review Title: love the features | Review by

love the lights on the inside of the fridge and freezer. The automatic ice maker and dispenser in the door are wonderful and work very well.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

Great simple refrigerator for the price. Not noisy like a lot of refrigerators. Stainless steal easy to keep clean, makes lots of ice. There is one little problem I have found with it... Sometimes ice will get stuck in ice shoot, and after it melts some it will fall out and melt in your floor.....Other than that... Great buy

Review Title: VERY happy with my purchase! | Review by

I wanted a sleek-looking refrigerator that also gave me plenty of interior space and shelving - and I got exactly that!

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I love everything about this refrigerator! It's spacious, easy to clean and has great lighting. The only thing I don't care for is the buttons on the water/ice dispenser are confusing for first time users...they want to push what is lit up vs. the button below to get their selection

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I have had this for about 7 months, and am happy with it. Although the ice shoots out of it on the floor no matter what you do. i even had the whirlpool tech come out and file down teeth on the ice dispenser (his idea) and it still doesn't close th dispenser lid fast enough when you get ice...and the lights in the freezer are only on top, so if you fill the top of the freezer, you can't see the bottom

Review Title: Adequate fridge, not happy with control pad | Review by

I've had this fridge for less than a year and the control pad buttons are cracking and falling off. The fridge itself works fine and looks nice except for the exposed buttons now on the front.

Review Title: GREAT PURCHASE | Review by


Review Title: Cool !! | Review by

We bought this new WP refrigerator after our last unit up and died on us! It is nice and bright inside. We like the spill-proof shelves.

Review Title: I trust Whirlpool | Review by

I picked it because the shelves were stronger then others. It is for a rental Condo and I did not want SS front in a rental.

Review Title: Great fridge | Review by

Great fridge for the money and this is my first whirlpool fridge. This had been great for storage lots of room and easy move shelfs

Review Title: NICE! | Review by

Best purchase I have made in a long time. Love the water/ice panel. It's easy to use and so clean looking. The only thing I would like to change is the bottom, front below the doors. It seems that a panel should have been designed to cover this area and make the front more finished looking.

Review Title: Good refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator a month ago to replace a 23-year-old nearly identical model. It works fine, no issues. The LED lighting is a nice modern update. The refrigerator is decent size but really needs another shelf. The freezer is a bit small due to all the space taken by the ice maker. Basically, it fits the opening vacated by my old refrigerator and that was the primary reason for purchase. Hopefully it lasts as long as the old one.

Review Title: so far so good ..but icemaker and delivery | Review by

Purchased this unit in Dec 2013 and as far as cooling it has done well , there is a couple of things I want to mention regarding the icemaker. Although the unit provides and makes ice well it does eject small portions on ice out over the glass and onto the floor, part of this may be because of the small height of the water/ice compartment, it's not tall enough to fit an large glass upright. To get ice or water you need to tilt the glass inwards to the faucet or ice chute Another big problem was that the Best Buy Delivery company..W Trucking LLC of Kansas City did several thousand dollars worth of damage to my wood flooring, they did not lay Masonite down and now trying to dispute any fault, a suggestion to all all..demand your delivery company use floor protection.

Review Title: nice refrigerator for the money | Review by

only a couple of small things.the ice maker is a little noisy when making or dropping ice,and my vegetable and fruit drawers can be a little difficult to open,like something is trying to hold them shut.other than those little things,i love the frig.

Review Title: We love it! | Review by

We bought this Whirlpool fridge and just love everything about it. It has lots of space and just the right number of drawers!

Review Title: Very good purchase. | Review by

I bought this refrigerator 3 months ago. So far, I feel I made a great selection.

Review Title: love it | Review by

We have had a ouple of weeks and are loving the new ice dispenser. It is super fast.

Review Title: Great refrigerator for the price! | Review by

Overall, this is a great refrigerator for the price. It looks nice and is easy to clean. The ice maker is a bit messy but that is a common problem with most refrigerators that have ice makers. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I wish it came with one more shelf in the freezer. It is the same size as the refrigerator I replaced, however, there is less storage space in the freezer. The ice maker takes up so much room (in comaprison to the refrigerator I replaced). It would be nice if the freezer came with one more shelf.

Review Title: Looks Great | Review by

This fridge looks great. It is a big step up from the old one that we got with the purchase of our home. We did our own install (although that really only means plugging in and connecting water), but it was simple and went off without a hitch.

Review Title: It does its job. | Review by

We asked our builder for a matching side by side fridge for our new home but are a little disappointed with what they got us. Having to switch from ice to water in the front dispenser is annoying and I can tell that the buttons are going to wear out quickly and we've only used it for 3 months now. The plastic inserts for the shelves of the door seem like they're pretty flimsy too. For being 25 cu. ft. it seems small inside to us but it fits everything we need and keeps it all very cold.

Review Title: COOL EXPRINCE | Review by


Review Title: This product is well made. | Review by

I like the looks of the refrigerator. I wish it was a little bigger. Sometimes the ice maker shoots cubes out on the floor! Overall, I like the refrigerator.

Review Title: Would not buy again | Review by

Had the unit about 5 months now. Replaced a unit of similar size. I don't like the layout of the shelfs when loaded, and ou really can't get a good layout moving the shelfs around. Ice maker is pitiful. Does't keep up at all. and spits ice when using. Now it is stuck on cruched ice and really makes a mess. Water dispensor is too far forward for easy use.

Review Title: More space than you'd think by looking at it! | Review by

I've had people say "don't buy the side-by-side because you can't fit anything in there" but they've never since this model. Plenty of space inside and both the refrigerator and freezer can maintain their temperatures without having to raise the dials past their default settings.

Review Title: great fridge | Review by

Great fridge very quit when making ice. Very spacious in freezer and fridge.

Review Title: Adjusting to the side by side differences. | Review by

We purchased the black model which upon arrival was very nice. I will say that it does show fingerprints a lot and I would not recommend placing any magnets on the front face of the refrigerator as I believe they may hava caused a permanent scratch for some reason. We love having the ice and water on the door but the ice sometimes gets stuck in the shute on it's way out of the dispenser. We are adjusting to the side by side features as the shelves are more narrow and though more overall cubic footage, seems like we can't get as much stored.

Review Title: Enjoying this refrigerator, the only thing i dislike is the build up of frost in the ice chute. | Review by

Enjoying this refrigerator, the only thing i dislike is the build up of frost in the ice chute. Besides that, it is great.

Review Title: Great price | Review by

I have to say that this is considered to be a great refrigerator and a very good bargain for the price. Now, the refrigerator does have few problems. The major problem is with the crushed ice that gets splashed all over the floor and comes out so fast that is almost completely uncontrollable. This is really considered to be a major problem if you have a Hardwood flooring. We have decided not to use crushed ice but use the cubes only. The second problem is that the fridge come with 2 shelves missing from the manufacture. No clue why whirlpool have decided not to include those 2 shelves. One is on the freezer side and the other one is on the refrigerator side. We bough both shelves from THE APPLIANCE ZONE. Overall, this is considered to be a great fridge and we are happy with it.

Review Title: Not happy with shelving | Review by

This refrigerator should have came with enough shelving.

Review Title: Great Design | Review by

I bought a Whirlpool side-by-side for our winter home in Arizona after comparison with other brands. It's design sold me. One feature I really like is the non-slip surface on the door shelves--no more "flying" objects if opening or closing the door quickly. Lots of space in both sides--never need to "cram" it all in--there is room!

Review Title: IN LOVE | Review by

This is my first brand new refrigerator... EVER! I am in love...I just open it to see the inside. I don't know how I've lived this long without ice & water in the door feature!!

Review Title: very clean look | Review by

i had a lg that the company could not fix so I switched to whirlpool and I love it ill be changing all my apps when they go thanks.

Review Title: My refrigerator was 30 years old, when I repaced it with the side by side Whirlpool. | Review by

I love most everything about my whirlpool refrigerator. It has plenty of room, lots of shelves, and keeps food fresh for a long time. It makes lots of ice, ( which we need in LasVegas summers), and is very stylish! My washer and dryer although old, are Whirlpool also. Let's hear it for Whirlpool products!

Review Title: Affordable Nice Ref | Review by

We bought this 3 weeks ago. We are very pleased coz it's nice and easy to clean & affordable though it looks expensive

Review Title: Good product for the price | Review by

I have waited almost a year to write this review. It has performed well and have had no issues to date. It is well designed for use of space and appearance. My only minor drawback is the ice dispenser tends to throw cubes onto the floor if you are not carefull in placing cup. I would buy this refrigerator again.

Review Title: I like the stainles steel | Review by

I baught the one with the freezer on the bottom I did not like it after I got it .You close the left door and the rite door pops open.Ibaught the side by side and sent the other one back.The wator in the dispencer is not cold in eather one.

Review Title: Great cooling, not as much room as I would like | Review by

My fridge came as part of our new house package, so we did not make a selection. I like this fridge and the different compartments. As with any side by side with this design you do loose some storage space. I do like all of the shelves.

Review Title: The Coolest is Whirlpool | Review by

My first and most excellent choice was my Whirlpool refrigerator with a fantastic ice and water dispenser that also has a fresh food atmosphere and roomy frozen food container. The platinum finish and sleek design complete my enjoyment of my new refrigerator while enhancing the style of my kitchen. Great choice.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I am happy I bought this refrigerator. I have had no issues it. Good value.

Review Title: greatest fridge ever | Review by

I am so happy with it. I am in love with the filtered water and the space

Review Title: It is a nice refrigerator The outside is easy to keep clean. | Review by

I only thing I would change - would be an extra shelf in the freezer and refrigerator section.

Review Title: The Frige has clean and appearing stile | Review by

It has performed well ever since we bought it, the only issue is the ice maker is loud when dropping ice.

Review Title: The unit works great but have concerns wth the water dispenser design | Review by

The unit works great but have concerns wth the water dispenser design. It drips water and then there's no drain for such water. I end up using dispossable towels to clean the accumluated water. The ice cubes are also good, but the ice crusher lost efficacy, so no much crushed ice available. In the other hand, the other features are quite nice.

Review Title: Refrigerator | Review by

Good for the price. Love the blue lights. It looks nice.

Review Title: Great looking | Review by

I always look at whirlpool first! I like the quality style and perfoamce

Review Title: Keeping it cool | Review by

We recently remolded our kitchen with all new stainless by whirlpool.The prices and the great look was all we needed.Lowe's made it possible with the help on great employees.Each person was helpful and really wanted us to be completely happy.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Excellent purchase, very satisfied with operation. Overall great product.

Review Title: Sleek looking | Review by

We have purchased Whirlpool appliances in the past and have got many years of service from them. We love the speed at which this unit makes ice.

Review Title: This product has good style and price point | Review by

Looked at many comparable fridges and this is hands done the best for the money. I do remodeling and have bought whirlpool for my clients and have down in confidently no problems to date.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES! | Review by

We bought this in October and really like it, it's deep so provides a lot of room and love the lighting inside.

Review Title: Included in the new home appliance package | Review by

This refrigerator as well as the matching gas stove, microwave/vent, and dishwasher were included in our new home's appliance package. The fridge is ease to use and all the shelves are adjustable to fit just about any need. Cleaning it is a breeze, even the stainless steel exterior (hint: use baby oil for routine cleaning)!

Review Title: Small Issue | Review by

The only problem I have with this Refrigerator is that the drawers do not close easily. Because of this if you are in a hurry the racks on the door hit the protruding drawers. I only purchased my Refrigerator in December and the front of one of the drawers is cracked already. This never happened my last fridge and I had it for several years.

Review Title: great refrigerator | Review by

I didn't want a refrigerator with TOO many bells and whistles. This one has been perfect--lots of room and the ice/water dispenser works great!

Review Title: Great fridge | Review by

I purchased this fridge 2 months ago and have had nothing but a great experience. Would have liked to purchase the French door top and bottom pull out drawer but after purchasing all new appliances I did not have the extra money at the time.

Review Title: A pretty good buy | Review by

We purchased 6 months ago. We are very please. I only wish it was the non-streaking version because just the slightest touch leaves a nasty streak and print.

Review Title: It has great performance and features. | Review by

Shelves are easy to move and clean. My only problem with this refrigerator is the ice delivery. It makes ice fast and is fairly quiet, but the dispenser is too wide. Cubes go all over when you dispense ice. It doesn't matter if it's cubes or crushed - they fly all over the floor and your hand. The delivery spout is designed too wide. Even using a bowl under the spout does not help. Be prepared to chase and mop after dispensing. Otherwise, I love the space and convenient options.

Review Title: What a horror | Review by

Inside space is very small and not enough shelves. Ice maker spits out cubes at oddest times.., and the machine is very loud. One can hear the water runnibg to make the ice

Review Title: WRS325FDAM Refrigerator | Review by

We loved all our Whirlpool appliances from 17+ years ago. If we had more space we would have gotten a different refrigerator, but not much to choose from in the Whirlpool line that would fit into our existing space. The quality is very poor compared to our old one. In fact, the interior is almost identical except it is made much more cheaply. Less shelves, no meat compartment temp control. The freezer has no quick freeze shelf and has a cheap plastic bin instead of the nice wire baskets in the old model. Icemaker throws ice all over the floor, even when you leave the glass under it until it stops. Water also drips onto the floor. Very disappointed in Whirlpool on this particular model fridge.

Review Title: Very nice and works very well | Review by

The appliance runs very smooth, but the ice and water dispenser can be a little messy. It never fails that ice and water spill, make sure to keep the cup under the dispenser for about 10 seconds after pushing the handle. Other than that, it runs great and keeps everything very cold.

Review Title: Large Ice Maker Tray | Review by

I previously had a French door refrigerator with the ice maker contained inside the left door and found the tray not large enough to meet my family needs even when using the rapid ice feature. I bought this refrigerator due to its large capacity and a lg ice tray. Even making multiple 3 qt iced tea pitchers does not use all the ice.

Review Title: Not up to par | Review by

After just 1 week I had to call for service because the ice dispenser was not working properly. Ice was freezing in the chute. The water dispenser was also chattering. 2 parts have already been changed and now I am waiting for another. Not a good situation.



Review Title: Perfect for my refrigeration needs . | Review by

I bought approx. 1 month ago and it has operated better than advertised. The refrigerator has exceeded my expectations and i will be a whirlpool appliance buyer for many years to come !

Review Title: Great for the price | Review by

The fridge is great for the price. The ice does make a mess and the noises can be a little loud when refilling the ice maker, dropping the ice and when it makes the "dripping water" sound. (maybe a defrost cycle?). But I do recommend this fridge :)

Review Title: Works gr8 and looks fantastic! | Review by

We bought this fridge about a week ago and it works great. It has a great amount of capacity . Love the lighted touch buttons for ice and water. It also features a button to lock the water and ice dispenser, so the little ones can't push it. The only draw back is it can be a little loud at times on the ice drop and refill of ice maker, but is tolerable. This was a gr8 purchase and I would highly recommend it.

Review Title: Not in love with this model | Review by

Day 2 the ice maker was spitting cubes on the floor after use. Waited a long long time for replacement. Within a very few days same issue and this time a new door was ordered. Were told it had to be MADE and were given a 4-6 week wait time. Air leaking into freezer all this time. Ice cubes sticking - frost buildup in chute and interior of ice tray had to be scraped frequently. Saw on order that cost of new door almost exceeded cost we paid. Have been Whirlpool users for years but the quality of the stainless door fronts is SUBSTANDARD compared to previously owned stainless refrigerator. Have tried 3 different cleaners to remove spots & streaks. Our last stainless appliances cleaned with a damp rag! Thought we were getting the "old" Whirlpool quality- but alas not so. Very disappointed with Whirlpool.

Review Title: I have issues with the ice/water dispenser! | Review by

I have had several problems with the ice and water dispenser. I find that, in more times then not, the water and ice will go everywhere except in the cup/glass. It has been a constant mess with almost every use and I find myself wiping up the fridge/floor or picking ice up off the floor. Everything else is adequate and the unit looks sharp.

Review Title: Could use a better design for crushed ice | Review by

The space in the fridge and freezer is great. We don't like that it's so difficult to use the crushed ice feature without it going everywhere. Also, the ice maker is fairly noisy.

Review Title: Simple Elegance | Review by

I have had my Whirlpool for a couple months now. I chose this design because of its clean lines. I am very impressed with the adjustable shelves and the large amount of room this refrigerator has. I have found that the ice maker is very quiet, unlike the brand I am replacing. I am very excited to show everyone who stops by.

Review Title: Lots of Space | Review by

Bought this to replace a small standard refrigerator in a small Home. Was very pleased with how much storage space it had for the size. The double doors made it easy to enter. I actually delivered and set this up myself with no problems. The ice maker, water line and filter were easy to install. Produces a lot of ice quickly.Would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lot of space in a small area.

Review Title: Great | Review by

I bought our fridge at Sears, it's a white one, match our white kitchen perfect, and it's on sale for $940. A great deal. Works awesome. Thank you

Review Title: Nice fridge | Review by

Good so far! Love the ice maker. Door space is good.

Review Title: Limited storage | Review by

I bought it 2 months ago. The freezer section is limited in space. Ice maker takes up a lot of space. Door selves too small. No place to store a pizza. Every time I opened the freezer, items would fall out on the floor. Had to purchase baskets to store items in. Light in water/ice dispenser doesn't come on automatically when filling cup. Don't like that you can't set a pitcher or caraf in the dispenser without having to hold the pitcher until it's full. Stainless steel is a finger print magnet.

Review Title: Good and Bad | Review by

About a month after having the refrigerator delivered to our new house the ice maker quit working. A repairman came and replaced it. Otherwise, it looks great and works great.

Review Title: Great Value, Flawed Ice Dispenser | Review by

Great Value under $1000, Flawed Ice Dispenser, Ice tends to escape even large cup openings

Review Title: really average | Review by

Ice and water in door..very small and difficult to put tall glass in. Ice chute ices a new one hope it solves the problem

Review Title: Fantastic price and features | Review by

It seems as though a top shelf was missing I don't know if this was intentional or forgotten

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Purchased the unit as an installation in a new house. Very pleased with the efficiency and features. Our builder made a great choice!

Review Title: great features | Review by

My husband bought this for me for christmas and i absolutely love it. There's plenty of space, lighting is wonderful, and it matches the rest of our whirplool appliances.

Review Title: Side-by-side | Review by

Have had this product about 6 months. Would not purchase same product again. Not enough usable space inside refrigerator part. No option to move shelves the way I would like for them to be. Ice dispenser in door is not good. Too much ice lands on floor. Even does this when not dispensing ice. Have other Whirlpool appliances and have been completely satisfied with those products.

Review Title: Love the style | Review by

Bought this about 6 week ago and everyone comments on it. We love it too, but had problem with the ice maker. Called repair and they came right out. of course it seemed to be working ok, but today the repairman called and had an update on the ice maker and came back and now it is working great.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

This product is a great value. It has all the features you need. The only down side I've experienced is that there are no dividers for the shelves in door so if they are not full the contents tend to tip over when the door is opened/closed.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

Great fridge, ice sometimes get stuck in ice machine and I wish the lip where you got ice and water was a little bigger. Otherwise pretty great!

Review Title: Enjoy having ice/water available in door | Review by

Only "complaint" is that if you are not very careful when getting ice, it will dispense/dorp ice after you remove glass.

Review Title: Sleek Refrigerator! | Review by

I bought this refrigerator about a month ago for my condo. The only issue was the first week we had to have a new ice maker put in. Since then it has been perfect. It looks great and has plenty of space.

Review Title: Icemaker issues | Review by

I am not happy with the icemaker - it throws out ice cubes on the floor! You have to time pulling a glass away or you have ice cubes all over.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

We didn't want to spend a lot on a fridg, but wanted a stainless look and water/ice dispensing. After reading many reviews on this model, I was a bit skeptical but decided to buy it anyway. After it was installed, the doors didn't line-up and there was an uneven gap between them. The Lowe's installer said there was no adjustment. When they left, I loosened the bracket screws and got the doors aligned pretty well. There's no doubt this is a lower-end product, but it looks good and does the job. And the issue with dispensed ice spattering everywhere is a bit overstated. Just keep the cup close to the dispenser. Just a reminder to the folks complaining about this: nothing is perfect, especially at this price point.

Review Title: Some questions | Review by

It is the same size in outward dimensions as my old refrigerator, but it seems to have less room inside, or less shelves. The same on the freezer side. It is like it is one shelf short, so can't put as much in it. Can't fit things like I used to. Also that bottom drawer just won't slide in and out nicely. It is always sticking and is a big pain in the neck. I like the lighting inside.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I really like this refrigerator. I like the ice dispenser in the door. Another feature that I like is you don't have to bend over to get to the freezer. There is plenty of room in both sides which makes it easy to fill.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I'm very happy with my new refrigerator. Works very good.

Review Title: We're set for another 30 years | Review by

Our last whirlpool refrigerator was 31 years old and going strong. We renovated our kitchen and decided we needed a new look for our appliances. We chose whirlpool for its good looks, design and fit, but mostly for its endurance. It looks great and we have had many compliments on it. Several years ago we also purchased a whirlpool range and it has worked perfect and we expect many years of trouble free use from both appliances.

Review Title: Sleek and Modern Look | Review by

I bought the Whirlpool 25 cu. ft side by side refrigerator in July and couldn't be happier with the quality and design. Filter is located at a very convenient and easy place to replace when the time comes. In door ice and water works great but just a little getting used to the water dispensing toward the front rather than center. I have had a few spills but it is easily accustomed to quickly and pressure is great. It also offers room to fill larger receptacles. Working great and enjoying it very much. Three stars only on sound, as the water dispenser is a little louder than usual while dispensing but definitely not a big deal.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

I have this refrigerator for almost 6 months. So far everything works great. Except the inside space is a little bit small and could have one more shelve.

Review Title: Does the job | Review by

Bought this a month ago and everything works just like it should.

Review Title: Beautiul Styling | Review by

This beautiful appliance came with my hime purchase in May 2014 and I love it. There is space for everything and the ice makes dispenses crushed and cube ice; which doesn't run out during family gatherings.

Review Title: Spacious and Easy To See Contents on Each Shelf | Review by

Although purchased in an emergency situation we reserved enough time to shop and compare features and price value. We actually found a White unit. We remain pleased with our choice. Would like to have a much quieter ice dispensing improvement.

Review Title: New fridge! | Review by

Love Whirlpool products, the look of this fridge works perfectly in my kitchen! Wish it made ice more quickly.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

We bought this about a month ago and it was just a great buy all around. Excellent product for the cost.

Review Title: Perfect Fridge | Review by

This is the perfect fridge for my family, plenty of storage, ice dispenser, and other features. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to own a fridge.

Review Title: Good but sometimes loud | Review by

The ice machine comes out with too much ice sometimes leading to a big mess on the floor.

Review Title: Good so Far | Review by

No issues with the fridge other than the loud noise it makes when the ice maker cycles. At first we thought something was wrong but now we are used to it.

Review Title: CAN'T COMPLAIN | Review by


Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Love having the water and ice in the door. Storage trays slide in and out easily for the kids too!

Review Title: We always purchase Whirlpool appliances. | Review by

We love our new refrigerator. It looks and works great.

Review Title: Exceeded my expectations | Review by

I have had my Refrigerator for 4 months and love it. There is so much more room in the refrigerator that I never fear having more groceries than will fit. The freezer is just as roomy. The refrigerator is quiet. I had some dripping from the water dispenser when I first used it. It took a couple of tries to clear air from the waterline as the trouble shooting guide described to do it. The drip stopped and has not reoccurred. I am very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Great side by side | Review by

I love this fridge. It has more room than the average side by side. It can fit a pizza box. The design is sleek and crisp. Looks great in the kitchen. The ice and water maker noises can be a little noticeable sometimes. Overall it is still a nice fridge.



Review Title: This product has great features! | Review by

We got a great deal on this fridge and we have been very happy. We haven't had any problems, it was just what we wanted and more!

Review Title: excellent | Review by

in my experience of buying utilities for my house, this refrigerator was the best decision i could have ever made. I just love how everything fits in it and that it doesn't take a lot of space in my kitchen!

Review Title: Love this fridge! | Review by

I was skeptical, because I had wanted a french door fridge. We got this one because our kitchen has such a strange shape it could not accommodate that. Luckily I love this one! It fits enough food and drinks for a hungry family of 4 and is pretty to boot.

Review Title: This review pertains primarily to yhe Ice Maker | Review by

This Ice Maker is the worse we have ever owned in a refrigerator. It Is extremely noisy, clogs with ice, dispenses ice too rapidly and scatters ice over the floor. At times, dispenses ice when not in use. We purchased the refrigerator in August 2013 and have had service calls twice in 3 less than 3 months. Should have considered the reviews posted on the ice maker prior to purchase sinc e reviews indicated problems with ice makers.

Review Title: Easy to clean, lots of room! | Review by

After purchasing this refrigerator, we couldn't be happier! Filtered Ice and water. Crushed if you prefer. Easy to use, and looks great!

Review Title: Keeper! | Review by

Great price for a great product. You won't be sorry

Review Title: Sleek Loking and very nicely set up | Review by

The two issues that I have with this item are 1) the ice maker that is in the door sprays ice chunks everywhere everytime you use it. Even when you try to get the cup up as high as possible it still sprays ice everywhere. It's ridiculous. And 2) the bottom is UGLY. Why would there not be piece included to hide the ugly bottom of this fridge?? NEVER would have purchased it if I had known that there wasn't a nice grate to go over the yucky bottom part. It also allows all kinds of junl to slip under the fridge. Poor design

Review Title: Great design | Review by

very smart design, upgrades my kitchen. water dispenser a bit slow but overall great refridgerator freezer.

Review Title: ice Maker Noise | Review by

I purchased my refrigerator from Lowe's in November. When the ice make got ready to drop ice it made a loud grinding noise. Lowes brought me a replacement and it also makes the same noise but it isn t quiet as loud. I like the features and style but wouldn't purchase another one because of the ice maker.

Review Title: Ice maker functions poorly | Review by

When the ice maker is used, ice shatters on the floor. Frequently, after a period of time, more ice falls shattering to the floor. It is not easy at our age to pick up all the ice. Also,there is over 16 inches between the top shelf and the ice container. We don't store tall items in the freezer, so there is a lot of wasted space.

Review Title: We didn't want a lot of bells and whistles, just reliabiilty. This seems to fit the bill. | Review by

It has all the features we were willing to pay for and so far apprears to be working just fine. It is noisier than our prior unit, both in the sound of the motors and the ice-maker. I am also not a fan of the new interior lighting. It takes a second to come on. It's not a significant delay, but it is annoying. And finally, it has one less shelf than our last model. We are coping.

Review Title: Good for the price | Review by

I bought this refrigerator with several promotions: store sale, Edison rebate, store gift card which left me paying about $800! I have had this refrigerator for at least a few months now and pretty satisfied with the price I paid for a brand new, brand name side by side refrigerator with the features I enjoy. I LOVE the crushed ice and enough my cold drinks even more so now. There has been plenty of storage for all my food for my family of 3 and sometimes 2 more with nephews coming over. The one thing that I dislike about this refrigerator is that when I pull the cup away from the crushed ice dispenser, ice falls onto the floor. I tried putting a rag below and a floor mat to help the problem, only to have a better place for the ice to melt. I also tried to push the cup as far up into the dispensing area as much as I can to prevent the crushed ice from dispensing after releasing the lever but it still did. I just let the crushed ice dispense the way it has been and let the small puddle of melted ice evaporate unless someone with socks walk over it to clean it up for me.

Review Title: This product is average, low quality | Review by

I have had this fridge for 4 months. The buttons for the ice & water are cracked like I've had it for 10 years. They look like bad! Also, when I push the ice button, it goes EVERYWHERE. Some of it goes in my cup, but half of it goes on the floor. It's a mess. That' my biggest "hate" for this fridge. Other than that, efficiency is good, and the storage space is perfectly fine.

Review Title: Noisy, has had service twice | Review by

There are problems with this frig, known problems, yet they still sell it. This will be my last whirlpool prooduct. I usually purchse Kenmore.

Review Title: good value | Review by

The refrigerator works well and neatly fits into the required space.

Review Title: Happy Customer | Review by

I bought this refrigerator immediately after buying my house. I am a first time buyer of bother and somewhat out of my element. It was exactly what I wanted and the price was unmatched. It was easy to install and and I've had no issues with lack of space. It doesn't make much noise like previous refrigerators I grew with. It's perfect for a family.

Review Title: Ice maker needs work | Review by

Ice comes out too fast and lands all over the kitchen floor.My old model never had this issue.Needs to be addressed.

Review Title: Weak Product | Review by

The design of this appliance is not functional, too big with small spaces. The ice makers stuck frequently and we need to remove the ices with my hands and clean all the days some fell down to the floor.

Review Title: Just average | Review by

We've been using the fridge for a couple of months now and it's just ok. I mean, nothing special or unique. It's just a fridge. I do feel like the ice maker/water dispenser could use some work. It's placed very low, so depending on the glass or bottle I'm trying to fill I have to bend down to make sure the water will actually go in the glass and not everywhere (yeah, hard to learn that the hard way). Also, ice always falls out at random times, so we end up with puddles on our floor. Like I said, it's just a fridge. It does its job keeping things cold, but it a no frills, basic model.

Review Title: Overall Great Fridge | Review by

Looks great. Lots of nice compartments and lighting. Cool design features. Ice maker is a bit messy to use . Otherwise recommendable.

Review Title: Nice addition to our kitchen. | Review by

Over the summer we revamped our kitchen and decided it was time for new appliances. We got a dishwasher, oven and refrigerator, all which are Whirlpool and I couldn't be happier! They are each very nice on their own and much better than what we had before. This refrigerator is a great addition to our kitchen. We didn't have the outside water/ice feature previously so I really like it on this model. I also really like all of the shelving on the refrig door; it fits 2 gallons of milk and lots of condiments. Our kitchen is on the smaller side so a french door model would not work, but this fits in nicely. Not too tall or too depth for the space.

Review Title: Great looking fridge - all in one!! | Review by

I bought this a month and never felt that i made a bad choice. It has lots of space than it looks from outside. Simply the best, very happy with the purchase!!

Review Title: works great | Review by

purchased aprox 1 month ago, so for so good, nice looking machine. Easy to keep clean, exactly what we were looking for.

Review Title: Happy So Far | Review by

Recently purchased this fridge, after reading the reviews, checking the stores and online specials. Folks complained about the ice maker - so that was a concern. Heres my experience. When I use the crushed ice and then switch to cubes- the thing can get stuck and no ice comes out. Oh, its still functioning. However inside I had to pull out a huge chunks of cubes and crushed ice that merged into one big cube blocking any ice coming out. Two minutes later problem was solved. The crushed iced will sort of eject out and pieces land on the floor no matter how I attempt to line my cup up. Other than that- works great, looks good. Yes the ice maker makes some noise- who cares- so does the washing machine= these things i expect.

Review Title: Has everything we needed. | Review by

Very pleased with this new refridgerator we purchased for our summer home in Alabama. We actually like it better than the Black ice model we bought in Florida.

Review Title: serves the purpose | Review by

for the price I paid, I was somewhat disappointed.

Review Title: Dispenser mishap | Review by

Needed a new ref when our old one for 13 years gave out. Got this because we liked other Whirlpool item we bought.

Review Title: Defective front door membrane switch for water | Review by

We were very pleased with this fridge for the first two months until the plastic film over water and ice dispense switches cracked. Terrible design to fail so quickly in normal use. We will be making a warranty claim. Tried to add a photo but that feature apparently does not work....hmmm.

Review Title: Extreme Disappointment | Review by

We were disappointed within the first month. Besides the misuse of space on the inside, the ice maker and dispenser is extremely disappointing. It doesn't make enough ice for one person, let alone a family of four. Going from bad to worse, the ice maker has almost completely stopped working. We have had to resort to buying bags of ice at the gas station to fill the dispenser because we cannot rely on this ice maker to make ice. When it does occasionally make ice (it may drop a load about every other day), it is loud enough to wake the dead. Not only that, but it comes out crushed, even though cubed is selected. The crushed ice goes all over the place, not in the cup. What kind of brand new refrigerator stops working within the first month??!! Besides the ice issues, the freezer and fridge shelving is not well planned and wastes a lot of space. If we didn't have an extra freezer in the garage we would be in trouble, there is barely enough room for a couple of frozen pizzas and a few bags of vegetables in this thing. If we could go back in time we would take back this purchase. DO NOT BUY THIS REFRIGERATOR! You will regret it.

Review Title: Mr | Review by

good price and electric bill went down. nice machine for price



Review Title: Good buy. | Review by

This side-by-side,is elegant and offer lots of space.For a Mom,who has three college kids at home;I was not sure about the metal coverage on the outside.The sales lady at the Lowe's had told me to use baby oil and this worked perfect.I do not have to worry to about adding another chemical spray in my home. All the children,like the "high tach.," lighting,that was a cherry on top. :)

Review Title: This refrigerator/freezer is a good buy! | Review by

We wanted a side-by-side with an ice/drink dispenser, and we're happy with this model that provides both. The interior is well-designed. We're having an issue with frosty ice forming near the ice dispenser, otherwise we would give this even higher ratings.

Review Title: Great Side-By-Side Fridge | Review by

Overall this product is great.

Review Title: The water filter is the best thing | Review by

The water from the filter in this refrigerator tastes really good. It works well so far, but I've only had it a few months. I don't think the use of space is that good in the freezer, but I've managed to adapt. The ice maker makes a lot of noise. You hear the water go in, then you hear the cubes drop, along with the mechanics of making this happen. I've gotten used to it, but at first it was very annoying. Overall, for a basic refrigerator, it's fine.

Review Title: elegant | Review by

Love my refrigerator, you all no need to spend to much to get an elegant and great Whirlpool product!

Review Title: great fridge | Review by

I bought this thru Lowes and its the first side by side I have ever owned and it is a great fridge, plenty of room for everything

Review Title: Great size and features | Review by

I purchased for my daughter's new condo. This stainless finish looks good and is easy to clean. It fits perfect and has enough storage, with the drawers and the adjustable shelves. Settings are easy to adjust. The ice maker and water dispenser function well and is quite. I would purchase it again .

Review Title: Love the inside | Review by

Love the storage space inside and the ease of moving the shelves around. Not wild about the ice maker in the door. The opening is shallow and I always end up with ice all over the floor.

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

We bought this a couple months ago. So far, so good. It has good features. Be careful on the size. It says it fits in 36". Our walls were not perfectly square and it almost didn't fit. The sides are touching the wall in some places. Also the doors are wider (at the hinge) than 36" when opened. Be careful with the ice maker. You need to have the cup right up under the shoot or it will end up all over the floor. At least when it is on crushed.

Review Title: Very nice for the price! | Review by

This refrigerator performs as expected for the 3 months we have owned it. It initially seemed smaller than our other 25 cu. ft. but once we moved the shelves around it seemed to gain storage space. It is very nice looking but takes a bit more work to keep it clean for the stainless version. It operates quietly and seems to be very efficient.

Review Title: Good Machine, Tricky Ice maker | Review by

Overall, we would have to rate the product as just good. We are appreciative of the size and features offered at this price point, however we are dissatisfied with the ice dispenser. It often gets blocked and stuck in the "open" position while dispensing ice. We will have to have this repaired.

Review Title: Good price for energy savings performance. | Review by

The price is economical. The product overall good and i notced energy savings on my electrical bill. But my specific product has problems with door condensation and water leakage in dispenser area.

Review Title: Love the water dispenser. | Review by

I really like this fridge, especially the water and ice dispenser. My other fridge would leak all over the floor because of the way the overflow tray was. This one does not. I like the way the inside is organized. Very happy with my purchase!!

Review Title: Wonderful value. | Review by

I purchased this fridge to replace a very old one that was left in a home that I bought. I don't have "extra money", so this fridge was at a price that fit into my budget. It's a great appliance. Plenty of room, love the ice maker and water dispenser.

Review Title: i like the features on this product | Review by

I like having an high efficiency top loader. It cleans the clothes very well. The only thing i would like to change is the volume of the cycle. Its a bit loud but not unbearable. I am happy with the purchase though. I would recommend it to others.

Review Title: plenty of room | Review by

I am very happy to have chosen this model, lots of space

Review Title: Good value! | Review by

This frig is a good value. We like the space on the top shelf of the frig. However, the ice/water dispenser isn't tall enough for a larger glass. You have to tilt the glass, and then the ice sometimes flies on the floor.

Review Title: Not bad considering how much I paid for it | Review by

Very simple fridge nothing too fancy have to say it is very spacious, but it is very loud.

Review Title: awful fridge | Review by

This fridge was included with the salw od house but I almost wish it hadnt it shoots out icecubes makes alot of noise and the shelves inside are terrible for storage

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

Our new refrigerator had all the features that we wanted for a reasonable price. The refrigerator is more convenient and better constructed than the product it replaced. It is easier to use. My husband is gaga over the LED interior lights and the night light feature on the outside is useful also.

Review Title: Everything you would want. | Review by

We looked at the specifications of all the top brands then picked the Whirlpool..It had a very large capacity but was an inch shorter than others. That meant I could fit it in a 23 year old house without moving or changing the cabinets. I especially like that the sides are gray and not that awful black. The LED lights are bright and energy efficient. The ice and water dispenser is great and even has the lockout feature if you have small children.

Review Title: great brand! great features! | Review by

I bought this last of many fine Whirlpool products, about 2 months ago. Its 1st refrigerator I've had that had acess to water & ice, through the door. Very convenient. If I was to need an update on this design, only different might be to get the botton freezer drawer style.

Review Title: Refrigerator keeps everything cool as necessary | Review by

Both this refrigerator approximately 2 months ago, and it has worked very well since being installed. Only issue I would change is that you need to push a button to change from ice to water. I did not notice this when I bought it otherwise I would have bought a refrigerator with two separate discharge paddles, one for ice and one for water.

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

It's the 2nd of these I've bought and I've been thrilled with both!

Review Title: Very happy with this purchase. | Review by

Its a great fridge. This is our first side-by-side and really like the design. However, you can't fit wide things (like casserole dishes and pizza boxes) in it. The negative comments about the ice cube maker making a mess really only apply to the crushed ice, not to the cubed ice. However, I have never seen a crushed ice dispenser that did not 'throw' some ice. So far, after 6+ months, only thing not holding up is the plastic facing on the ice/water buttons. They're rubbing off.

Review Title: Nice fridge but needs some adjustments | Review by

The ice maker spits tons of ice everywhere and the light for the water/ice doesn't come on automatically. You have to manually turn it off and on which is extremely hard to do in the dark since there are no back lights either. The interior is great though. My door on the fridge part is half an inch shorter than the freezer side so that's a bummer. But it gets the job done.

Review Title: This product has poor design features | Review by

I had a TON of problems with this fridge. Ice didn't come out right, went all over our floor; water poured all over our floor; for the light to come on in the freezer I had to open the refrigerator door. I have been a Whirlpool consumer for over 35 years and was extremely disappointed in the performance of this product. All my appliances are Whirlpool so this was a surprise that it was so poorly designed.

Review Title: Poor Interior storage. | Review by

I was very surprised at how much smaller the door bins and shelves were compared to the side by side I had previously. Refrigerator storage is very limited, so I tend to go grocery shopping according to how much space I have vs. what I need. Also, the water dispenser is extremely slow. I like the side-by-sides, but do not recommend this particular model.

Review Title: Excellent Choice | Review by

Very satisfied with this refrigerator. Very quite, lots of room and plenty of interior light.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Bought in Jan. Like the LED lights. Ice maker works great.

Review Title: Great size & works great | Review by

I bought this item a few months back. Great product, but a little unhappy with the ice dispenser. Ice does not come out to glass like I would like

Review Title: review | Review by

We bought this fridge brand new for our newly built home and it is a good fridge with the exception that it is missng 2 shelves, one in the refiderator and another in the freezer!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

We were in need of a new fridge, as ours had died unexpectedly. This one was on sale and we really liked all the features and the large capacity.

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

I love my new refrigerator. Good size. A lot space very easy to use

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

Purchased this refrigerator for my personal home. I addition, I have purchased this same refrigerator for homes I have built in the last couple of years and have had no complaints from my customers !! This is a quality refrigerator at a good value.

Review Title: jUST WHAT WE WANTED | Review by

Apart from being just what we wanted in a refrigerator, it is so quiet. Would recommend this to everyone thinking of buying a side by side one.

Review Title: Love the ice in the door! | Review by

This is my first side by side and I love it. Before this side by side, we put all of our soda in the refrigerator. Now we don't have to keep them in the ref. We can even put the milk in the door. The freezer has lots of room. Being able to see all of the frozen things is very helpful. I now can see everything that's inside. Getting organized is a good thing. It took me a while to get adjusted to the different shelves. I really like the moveable shelves and that you can see through them. I also love that you can have 2 kinds of ice. Before this refrigerator, we didn't have ice.

Review Title: Great quality product | Review by

I had originally purchased a less expensive refrigerator from a different manufacturer, thinking that it would be a good, basic refrigerator. I discovered (after returning the first one) that there is a huge difference; the quality in this refrigerator is exceptional! The pull out drawers work smoothly, the door storage is ample and the ice maker works exceptionally well. I love the LED lighting in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The only concern that I have is that the covering over the ice/water/light selector buttons seems prone to scratching from fingernails.

Review Title: Well made product for the money | Review by

We have had the refrigerator a month and have not had any issues with it. Runs quiet and makes ice cubes fast. Interior shelves are made sturdy to hold heavy products.

Review Title: Dependable and Reliable | Review by

Had this refrigerator for 7 years and very happy with it. Been working good and had no problem at al, knock on wood.......

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

We bought our Whirlpool back in August. Have been very happy with it!!

Review Title: Average | Review by

Chose this model due to height. I was very limited in my choices, I wish the refrigerator side was a bit larger than the freezer but it appears to be the opposite.

Review Title: Great Capacity Refrigerator | Review by

We bought this 2 months ago and I love being able to fit things into it and still find them.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

I purchased this product a month and half ago...words can't express how please I'm with my choice of purchase. I'll recommend this refrigerator to my family and friends.

Review Title: This appliance has performed well, we really like it. | Review by

Our new side by side Whirlpool refrigerator- freezer has attractive stainless steel front doors which we like very much. The unit is larger than we expected and the interior storage is very convenient for both the refrigerator and the freezer sides. It is also very easy to move in and out of the space in our kitchen for cleaning. The meat drawer is convenient for having ready to cook main course meal items. We would strongly encourage anyone needing to replace their refrigerator-freezer to consider the Whirlpool 26.5-cubic foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator which has an Energy Star Rating.

Review Title: Sleek, big inside without taking up the kitchen | Review by

The last thing we felt like doing was spending money on a new refrigerator. But this one has been just wonderful. It doesn't take over the kitchen, but it holds a lot. It is quiet and beautiful.

Review Title: good looking and like the features | Review by

ice maker throws ice everywhere, need a better design when using ice maker to keep ice going into the glass not the floor. .thus don't use ice from dispenser.

Review Title: My new Wirlpool refrig rocks!!! | Review by

I bought this refrig a few months ago and we really like it. It is much more energy efficient than previous refrig and the ice maker is very quit. Our previous refrig ice maker was very noisy. I like the water filtering system and the fact it tells you when to change the cartridge. The quality is obviously there as well.

Review Title: overall this product has great features | Review by

The size is perfect for our pantry room. It is very spacey inside and the shelving is ideal. the dispenser for crushed ice is the greatest feature of this product and the price is right. Overall I give this Whirlpool side-by-side 5 stars.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I have been using this for a little over a month now and it works great. I read many reviews that complained about the ice dispenser throwing ice all over the floor, I have not had any problems with it. I would buy this product again.

Review Title: The product has mostly good features exceptions. | Review by

Our previous Whirlpool had separate levers to push to get ice and water. Having to push a button to get ice and then push another one before you can get water is a lot more inconvenient than the old way.

Review Title: frige | Review by

looks amazing, very practical, great sale $, love it

Review Title: Solid fridge | Review by

LOve the capacity and the cooling. Excellent refrigerator. ZDidn't think I woild like a sisde by side but was shocked at the size

Review Title: Spacious | Review by

We do like the fridge. It has better storage space then what we had before. We are not as impressed with the way the ice and water machine work. It seems to clog up the ice alot and cup has to be put a good way or it spills ice out.

Review Title: Nice steel look. Good for the price. | Review by

The ice maker spits out too many small pieces off to the side. Good lights. Shelves distribution and number can be better.

Review Title: Too soon to tell. | Review by

The refrigerator is beautiful. But I put it in a vacation home. I'm on played it when I came back it looked like ice cream him now. It took me a little to get the temperature right with the freezer in the fridge.but I don't know if it's the fridge or the power went out.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

This fridge fits perfectly. The white matches everything else in my kitchen great. It has great space inside. Love the ice and water dispenser on the front.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

The only complaint I have is sometimes when you use the ice on the door, when you walk away, several pieces of ice fall out onto the floor. The sound levels and quality are great.

Review Title: Cool inside and out! | Review by

My wife and I bought this frig, to replace our not so old one that just would not keep freezer cold. We choose the whirlpool for how much it can hold, the look and the name. Whirlpool is a trusted name. I also got advise from my Brother who owns 3 laundry mats and uses commercial whirlpool units.

Review Title: Great features and performance | Review by

Have had this refridgerator for about 3 months now and it has performed great. I really appreciate the thru the door icemaker & water. The fridge is very quiet and the stainless is beautiful. Very happy we made the choice for this refridgerator.

Review Title: Just What I needed | Review by

I bought this side by side refrigerator a few weeks ago when my prior refrigerator went bad. I am very pleased with the features, the stainless steel look, and the price was very competitive.

Review Title: Nice refridgerator | Review by

We purchased our Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. Large Side-by-Side Refrigerator a few months ago. We have been generally pleased with the unit over-all. The refrigerator side is spacious enough for our small family. We are still trying to decide if the water/ice option was worth purchasing. It takes up a large amount of space on the freezer side. We also purchased the stainless steel option, but I would recommend the fingerprint-proof finish option. We have had no major issue with the unit and we have not needed to change the water filter yet, despite daily use.

Review Title: Good for price | Review by

It provides good space, but does not come with all the racks. It would be nice if it had all the racks. The slots/holders are there, so it appears like it has missing racks. Had to put a floor rug since the ice sometimes does not make it to the cup. But happy with this product and would recommend it.

Review Title: Works well for our household | Review by

We have had it four months now. It is quite and efficient and recovers temp. quickly for our household. The only complaint is the freezer light works when it wants to an the ice shoot stops up easily. Overall, we are satisfied.

Review Title: like the features for the price | Review by

Like led lighting simple features for a great price thank you

Review Title: Is a good buy | Review by

Had some initial issues but got resolved. It provides a good space for its size. Was the only one that could fit our cabinet profile and it is a good match.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

This is my first upgrage since 15yrs and this is the best product and I highly recomended to others. I am very satisfied!

Review Title: Perfect size for our family, easy to fit everything we need! | Review by

Bought ours 2 months ago and still very pleased with purchase!

Review Title: love the lighting when door opens | Review by

Bought it a month ago, only problem is with getting ice with door feature it doesn't work all the time

Review Title: Stylish but Noisy | Review by

The Builder of our Subdivision installed Whirlpool appliances in all of his new homes and they look very stylish. Our Whirlpool Refrigerator not only looks good, but it operates well. My only complaint is that the ice maker is extremely noisy.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

So far, I love everything about my new fridge! It looks great, doesn't take up much space in the kitchen and there is plenty of room for everything inside. It's easy to use and I especially love the water and ice feature on the front, which we use frequently.

Review Title: Efficient, attractive design. | Review by

Purchased a month ago and have been pleased. The repairman of my previous one recommended Whirlpool. Since he had no bias, I used his suggestion.

Review Title: Great feature | Review by

I bought this at an awesome price and I couldnt have gotten a greater refrigerater. It's worth every dollar I spend.

Review Title: Love this fridge | Review by

Love the 3 crisper drawers & space on the top shelf.

Review Title: More space than I could imagine possible | Review by

I love this refrigerator because it is so huge I have more space than I ever imagined possible. and it cleans so easily. what more can I say?

Review Title: Whirlpool advantage | Review by

New washer works like a charm. Saves a lot of water. Great for the environment.Takes care of business in a very short amount of time.

Review Title: Great look! | Review by

I am enjoying it very much! My only disappointment is the ice just flies out all over the place when using the dispenser on the door!

Review Title: It fits my needs | Review by

I am pleased with the overall performance of the refrigerator. I was disappointed that it sticks a bit more beyond the countertop than my old refrigerator, but I do have a greater capacity. I love the LED lights inside. The ice dispenser, however is quite challenging and needs to be redesigned. When I need ice, I open the freezer, open the little door and scoop it out. When you use the dispenser on the door the ice cubes, crushed ice invariable spills on the wood floor. The in door water dispenser works great.

Review Title: Okay product | Review by

I have had the refrigerator for one month and am fairly happy with the product

Review Title: great features and style everyone compilmeent"s on how nice it is. | Review by

Ive had it for about two month,only complaints i have is after you get ice out of the door it keeps dropping bits an pieces of out on the floor.

Review Title: fridge | Review by

Am pleased overall. Need to call for service for a few minor things which should be easy to resolve.

Review Title: I love my new refrigerate. I like the way light on the outside and inside. the ice maker is amazing | Review by

My new refrigerator is great. All I ever wanted and expect from a whirlpool appreciate.

Review Title: good product | Review by

This product has simple easy features my family can work with.

Review Title: Lots of room! | Review by

I bought this refrigerator 3 months ago an immediately I was impressed with the room I had and different compartments. My only complaint about the refrigerator is the ice maker. It tends to dump ice in the floor and hangs up quite often. It also has a smaller storage area for ice cubes that what I am use to. I do plan on calling the company about this problem as I also bought the two year extended warranty. All in all, I like the refrigerator. It would get a perfect 10 if we could fix the ice maker issue!

Review Title: Excellent Fridge | Review by

Wonderful interior space on the refrigerator side, ice maker takes up more room on the freezer side. Our large family (6) maxes out the ice maker's capacity by the end of each afternoon. We are learning to make do with less cubes. The greatest feature by far is the water filter. I used to have to maintain an under the sink style filter for my refrigerator. Now it is in the unit itself. Slides right in, easy as pie. I also love the smooth finish of the doors better than the textured surface of the old style.

Review Title: Whirlpool Side-bySide Refrigerator | Review by

I have had my new refrigerator less than 6months. This is what I have noted, ice cubes and crushed ice come out in large amounts and always get all over the floor. Also I don't like the fact that I have no way of telling when I should replace the water filter. Other than those two things I like the Frig.

Review Title: good features | Review by

We bought this refrigerator in July and had delivered in October. We have always purchased Whirlpool appliances. Have always been very satisfied with this brand. Only thing is I wish I had purchased a bottom freezer instead of side by side which is what I have at another home. Getting older and it would be so much easier to get food out of freezer and see what food is in the freezer.

Review Title: Nice storage. Sleek finish | Review by

Have had for couple months and love it except for ice dispenser.Has a mind of its own. Can't get cubes without at least 1 on the floor.

Review Title: It keeps the food nice and cool. | Review by

So far it is working very good and it not too noisy like my old one. The ice machine works good however the crushed ice makes a mess on the floor . so I have to use the cubes instead. the trays or place where I put the vegetables seem smaller . Stainless steel is nice as long as there is no finger prints. It is good!

Review Title: Okay product | Review by

I have had this product about 3 months it works fine just that it will not spit out any ice cubes. It always gives you crushed ice and the water is always look warm . I have a technician coming in to check it out this week. Hopefully it fixes this problem. Otherwise I am happy with the product

Review Title: Basic quality | Review by

Not bad for a basic model, I expected more. Wish I had paid more attention while shopping for refrigerators but we were in a hurry. Not as spacious as I hoped for inside, I thought I liked having 3 drawers but I find they just take up shelf space. I have found that the refrigerator makes a lot of noises. Not very quiet. Weren't able to see the sides of the refrigerator and they turned out to be a dark grey color. Would rather have had black as it would match my kitchen better.

Review Title: Product is defective | Review by

In our new refridgerater the ice shoot leaks air into the freezer, causing it to frost up. Repair service put in new part and it still leaks. Store won't replace because it is three months old. Turn out the part is a recall! We sere sold a machine with a defective part. Needless to say we won't be buying anymore Whirlpool or HH Gregg stuff!

Review Title: Product has a poorly designed water/ice dispenser and interior shelving | Review by

We had to replace our previous Whirlpool refrigerator after just six years because it went dead (we also had to replace the ice maker auger on this unit within the past year). We had reservations about buying the same model again but since the first of three Whirlpool refrigerators we purchased, lasted for 10+ years and we've purchased numerous other Whirlpool appliances in the past without incident, we stayed with your product. We are extremely disappointed with the quality and design of this updated model. The ice machine does not function as well and although I like the smaller ice cube size, access to the cube maker through the door is very difficult because the ice dispenser door is not designed to stay open, (so you can't easily reach inside to retrieve a greater volume of ice cubes without using the door dispenser). Also the ice/water door dispenser is terribly designed and you can barely dispense cubed or crushed ice without shards of ice flying out onto the floor, and the cold water hose inside the fridge holds far less water than our old one did. Why did you reduce the capacity of the chilled water line so significantly? The adjustable bracket shelves in our previous model provided greater flexibility for spacing and capacity, the new shelving design does not. I can't even double stack two 4 cup Ziplock storage container on the center shelves or an 750 ML bottles of wine with a stopper on the top shelve. The overall capacity, configuration and lack of visibility make accessing middle shelve items very inconvenient. Additionally I don't care for the smooth front finish versus the former orange peal finish (that you currently use on the sides). The smooth enamel finish may look nice now but it most certainly will not hold up as well to accidental scratches over time. Based on the poor design and quality of this replacement model, I would have serious reservations about purchasing another Whirlpool product in the future.

Review Title: Perfect for my requirment, its great ! | Review by

I bought four month ago, I am 100% satisfy with this product.

Review Title: I am very happy with the purchase. | Review by

We bought this refrigerator at the Sears store and it was a very good deal. The only problem we have had is that icemaker seems to be slow, other than, I am happy with the features and performance.

Review Title: Not really pleased | Review by

I purchased my refrigerator in April and am not happy at all with the ice maker. It jams and spits ice all over the floor. I read instructions and no matter what I do, it still does it. The icemaker is so loud, it sounds like a banging and clanging noise and then a loud dump. I am also unhappy with the drain under the icemaker, it stays full all the time and runs down the door leaving streaks on the stainless steel finish that I constantly have to clean for it to look not so streaky and messy. I am sorry to say I am not happy with my choice of refrigerators. There also seems to be less room inside like maybe a shelf is missing. I had a Kenmore before and did not have any of these issues.

Review Title: Love the LED lights | Review by

What a great purchase. I love it. My husband isn't a fan of the LED lights when you open it, but I love it. Never saw that before. The ice maker is a little on the loud side when making ice, but that is expected, just didn't expect it to be as loud as it is. Over all a really nice fridge.

Review Title: Great, but no gold ring | Review by

What I like most is: The doors have a "half open" instead of full open semi stop The drawers and shelves have an extra reinforcement. It is very quiet The LED's are very cool.They project a warm greeting in a darkened room. The price was very good for it's value. Incentives made the s ale. Stainless steel is still the way to go. Does a great job maintaining an even temperature evenwhen you have it open for a longer than normal period of time. Very quiet unit.

Review Title: Features and Price | Review by

Love the price and features I was able to get with this product. After a month of ownership I am more than happy with my choice.

Review Title: Great fridge and freezer | Review by

I am extremely happy that I purchased this whirlpool product. Not only is the capacity great but it also looks good in my kitchen!

Review Title: Great fridge for a side by side | Review by

I am not much of a fan for side by sides but it came with the house when I purchased it. A great fridge, does its job, it cools, it freezes, what more do could one ask for aside more space. Had one small issue with the lines freezing up but the repairman believe its due to low pressure from our r/o system being hooked up to the fridge. He removed the filter that comes in the fridge and so far the problem has gone away. If I can offer any advice if you have a reverse osmosis system hooked to your fridge and the two systems are about 20ft apart or more, you might want to consider removing the factory filter. BUT check with your local repairman or manufacture.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

All around great appliance. The only complaint I have is when you use the crushed ice feature the ice comes out everywhere and misses the glass.

Review Title: Great fridge for a decent price | Review by

We recently bought this fridge after purchasing our new home. The guys that set it up were fast and professional. I had a problem with the fridge not being leveled so the ice wasn't coming out but Whirlpool sent out a technician quickly and since then I haven't had any problems. It has a lock on the freezer door so our little one isn't getting water and ice all over the place. The only thing I would change is the sound of the ice makes inside the fridge, it is a little noisey.

Review Title: large capacity | Review by

A simple, straight-forward side by side that has a large capacity refrigerator section and basic, understandable controls.

Review Title: Just what I was looking for in a frig | Review by

This is really more than I expected and I am very pleased with the frig so far

Review Title: awesome fridge | Review by

I bought this fridge a month ago and it works great. Quiet operation and ice maker is a great bonus. Bought for 700 bucks at sears outlet store.

Review Title: Our refrigerator | Review by

We bought our new refrigerator about 1 month age it's beauty has brighten up our kitchen we like the new feathers of having ice & water at the push of a button thank you whirlpool

Review Title: Lots of Compartments! | Review by

I bought this fridge with the purchase of my new home and have truly enjoyed it! There is tons of space and it keeps everything very cold. It houses more than enough space. I just wish I could get the ice dispenser to function in a way that no ice hits the floor. Overall, nice fridge!

Review Title: Wide capacity, | Review by

When we were looking for another refrigerator we thought we were going to have trouble finding one to our expectations. Love all the compartments which makes it easy to store and find items we are looking for. It is wide and roomy enough. When company comes the see it and love the outside but when they see the inside they like it more.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

I had this refrigerator installed in a new construction about 2 months ago. It looks great and has more than enough space. Only negative is the ice goes everywhere no matter how big the glass is. A little noisy too

Review Title: Great Buy!!! :) | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! It's all that I asked for and more never owned a side by side until this one and I couldn't be happier best purchase everrrrrr!!!!!! :)))))

Review Title: My Whirlpool Refrigerator | Review by

I have a 25 cu. ft. Whirlpool� Side-by-Side Refrigerator which is easy to use, has convenient features, good energy savings, modern style and a very quiet fridge.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

so happy with it, love the cheese drawer and its so spacious.

Review Title: New Fridge | Review by

We are enjoying our new fridge, but are not really happy with the ice maker. We do not seem to be able to get ice without a significant amount of ice shards, and sometimes larger pieces missing the cup and spilling out onto the floor. That is the only negative aspect of this product.

Review Title: Only one reservation | Review by

Like the unit except for one thing - Shelves in the refigerator section at least need to be more adjustable up and down. Basically lose a lot of cu. ft. storage if you can't efficiently adjust the shelf heights to suit your storage.

Review Title: Ok refrig. | Review by

I've had this for a few months and already the filter indicates that I need a change. The water dispenser and ice dispenser are probably the worst design I have used on one of these appliances. My kids cannot get ice without getting it on the floor. I have used a much lower grade model made by another company that had better features. Every thing else is fine, but the water and ice is why I chose this refrigerator. Forget about crushed ice, I don't think I have used any model that does that without a mess.

Review Title: Ice Machine Inadequate | Review by

Ice cubes are smaller and not made frequently enough. We previously owned a Frigidaire Professional Series and were persuaded to go with Whirlpool based on a service techs recommendation. Everything seems to work fine (temp, etc) however, constantly running out of ice. Wish there was some way to "turn up" the ice maker

Review Title: Excellent, efficient performance | Review by

Since November 2014, satisfied with performance. Efficient power. Practical design. Plenty of room.

Review Title: The New one | Review by

we have had this for a about a month now. It has been working great. the ice machine is great with different options to chose from. no cool leaks. keeps the milk the right temp. be nice to have the ice machine in the door. to make more room for more food.

Review Title: good value and look | Review by

Updated our small kitchen with stainless steel appliances, nice size and layout for fitting family weekly groceries.

Review Title: Pleanty enough room | Review by

I love this Refrigerator it's big enough for my family of six which includes four boys and a husband I always have enough food in my refrigerator.

Review Title: Nice Refrigerator | Review by

I went to the Sears store in my area but the prices were really high so I came home and was pleased to find a much bigger assortment of refrigerators at much lower prices online. I needed a basic one with an ice maker that would fit in my kitchen. I have not had any problems with the new refrigerator, it's very roomy for my family's needs, the ice maker works well and it's very nice. I would definitely recommend this model.

Review Title: looks sharp | Review by

There really is not alot of freezer space for storing

Review Title: Awesome! Love it! | Review by

Lots of space in both the fridge and freezer! Everything I could ever ask for. Growing up I never had a ice dispenser, so that fact that it delivers crushed ice just blows my mind every time I use it. I love this thing!

Review Title: overall decent selection for the money | Review by

Ice maker can be a little loud but other wise good choice

Review Title: Lots of Room | Review by

Just bought a home with the refrigerator included and was one of the best selling points in my decision to purchase the home.

Review Title: Good for the price | Review by

We love the overall look of the refrigerator, especially for the price. It works great, but our biggest frustrations are cosmetic issues... which I guess is what we get for getting the lowest end SS fridge we could. The doors don't line up at the top of the fridge, with the refrigerator door being 2-3 millimeters taller. That may not seem like a huge issue, and it's not, but it's definitely noticeable. Our other issue is that after 1.5 months of use the button you press for "cubed" and "water" have both already cracked and are peeling. This looks cheap and unfortunately we don't see any way to fix this or keep it from getting worse. Not worth replacing the whole refrigerator, but definitely makes me question Whirlpool's design quality for such a big flaw to happen so quickly.

Review Title: Very Pleased | Review by

I have had othe Whirlpool refrigerators but this is my favorite. lot of room inside and lot of light.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

After looking for awhile for a replacement fridge, I found this model. It came in black and had ice/water in the door, something we never had before but wanted. I love this fridge! It's roomy enough for us and the LED lighting makes everything look so appetizing. I drink more water at home now due to the fact that I can have ice water instantly thru the door. The only flaw is the crushed ice setting. It's crazy. No matter how big a glass you use, ice gets everywhere. It's really messy, I rarely use it and just use the cubed setting which is perfect. Maybe someone will look at that design and re-engineer it.

Review Title: Perfect fit! | Review by

I was looking for another Whirlpool fridge to replace my previous one that lasted a very long time. This one matched the dimensions of my kitchen perfectly. I was very pleased with the updated look and functionality. This model is simple but meets all my needs.

Review Title: Return Buyer | Review by

After having previously owned a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator in my last home, I purchased one for my new home. In general I am satisfied with it although I don't think the quality of the materials is as good as the last one. I particularly am not happy with how poorly the drawers slide. They catch and bind every time you slide them in and out. The construction of the stainless on the doors is not as nice as the last one I had and the designers for some reason eliminated the toe kick which really detracts from the look. It looks like a part is missing. It isn't obvious when you look at it on line which is how I ordered the appliance, but I don't think I would have ordered it if I had realized it had this "design flaw".

Review Title: Excellent value for the money. All the features are well thought out. | Review by

Very stylish at a reasonable price with a hgih enrgy rating. In MD we receved the maximum rebate for energy conversation.

Review Title: Great Fridge! | Review by

We have had this fridge for 2 months and love it. We love it so much that we want another one by entering into this drawing for writing this review. We love Whirlpool appliances and would definitely by another Whirlpool appliance.

Review Title: So far, so good | Review by

We bought this side-by-side Whirlpool about 5 weeks ago and are pleasantly pleased. My only complaint is that the egg holder will not allow for an 18-egg carton.

Review Title: This product works well. | Review by

The outside of the doors started staining a couple of months after purchase with some yellow, rusty looking stains and water stains that do not come off. The drawers are brittle and one broke about a month after purchase.

Review Title: It is very noisy | Review by

Didn't pick it's in our rental has no cold water, the light is horrible

Review Title: Excellent performance! | Review by

I love all the features and performance of the fridge! Makes life easier!

Review Title: Perfect Fit and Coor | Review by

Easy to use, lots of space, fits perfectly and the Black color is wonderful. Was replacing a stainless steel and this is MUCH nicer. No more fingerprints that are difficult to remove. Love it.

Review Title: Perfect for the office | Review by

Our office fridge went out over the weekend and we needed to replace it quickly. The Whirlpool fridge that we purchased fit perfectly and is very energy efficient.

Review Title: Money worth spending | Review by

My Old fridge Broke down and needed a new One Fast, so I went to the computer to see if I could find one to fit my Kitchen first off.. then for the Style I wanted .. and of coarse PRICE!! WHIRLPOOL HAD IT ALL.. The delivery was Great From Lowes I needed it Now But it Came the Next day... I was very Happy about that : ) I love the new technology for the Lighting inside , Noise level was very low Ice dispenser was a little sloppy but after holding a glass different it seemed to work out Ok .. The crisper drawers are see thru so that makes it Nice to see whats inside for easy looking for getting in and out fast .. I bought the 24.5 cu. ft which holds a lot of goodies.. Just Love the front door Handles Clean lines for a custom look.. and the finish is just Beautiful Stainless... a Great new addition to my new Home... Thank you whirlpool

Review Title: Installed in Jan 2014. Has performed very good so far. | Review by

I bought this particular model because of it's height, 68 inches. It fit under existing overhead cabinet wth one inch to spare. It has performed well. Had to have the lower rear removable panel replaced because it was torn during installation. Very thin material. Also the doors were not aligned evenly. Fixed that myself, a tool is provided. Cosmetics of the lower front panel below the doors is not very good. Could be improved. Craftsmanship not has good as the 30 year old GE it replaced. But milk stays fresher longer, so does fruits and veggies. Icemaker works good. Much more efficient than old GE. Quieter also. I hope I can write a good review a year from now.

Review Title: Nice Looking | Review by

I purchased this in November, 2014. For some reason, the ice maker was noisy for about a month. It has been running quiet since. It has the right amount of room inside and is nice looking on the outside.

Review Title: Its a okay product | Review by

This product is okay not bad but okay. The water in the door is loud as it pulling out and it makes a mess. The ice machine is not designed well. The ice gets jammed and in cube mod it fall out all round the glass and on the floor. Its not a bad product for the money. But the door features could have been designed better

Review Title: worst fridge I bought | Review by

I purchased this fridge because I owned a whirlpool for 17 years with no problems so I figured the next one will be whirlpool. But I am so disappointed with this that I am going to sell it or get rid of it. The ice flies all over the kitchen floor so now we just open the door to get to the ice as for the water it also miss's the glass and shoot onto the floor and then drips after your done, the dials don't work right if they are set like they should the freezer part tends to thaw and the fridge part tends to freeze when you adjust the dials it gets worse. I finally contacted service and have someone coming out to see what can be done to fix all of this.

Review Title: Great buy | Review by

I bought this refrigerator 3 months ago and it has been an outstanding appliance. Plenty of space for what I needed and couldn't beat the price.

Review Title: Space | Review by

This refrigerator was purchased to replace an older unit. It has plenty of space inside. It also has a lot of features such as the LED lighting, a great ice maker, water and ice dispenser and a filter for the water and ice. Great piece of equipment.

Review Title: Amazing Features! | Review by

Absolutely LOVE this fridge. It is very spacious and the ice maker works great! We are very pleased!!

Review Title: easy access to all compartments | Review by

The finish is nice finish and it is bright & roomy inside

Review Title: Convenient arrangement | Review by

After having had a similar model that I loved for nearly 20 years, I didn't hesitate to purchase another Whirlpool refrigerator. I really like the flexibility offered in arranging shelves in the refrigerator and the higher energy efficiency. However, there are a number of small "quirks" with this model that I'm not happy with: The freezer shelves do not allow much flexibility, and where there are brackets for an additional shelf, no shelf is available and this leads to wasted freezer space. I preferred the water/ice dispenser in my older model - with separate levers for water and ice, rather than having to push a button to change between the two. Also, from the beginning, the ice dispenser is messy - with small chips falling out when the dispenser is no longer dispensing. I trust the Whirlpool name and have been pleased with the cooling and freezing, but the small irritations add up. I cannot highly recommend this particular model.

Review Title: Plenty of room | Review by

We love our new fridge! Lots of room and works great!

Review Title: best in door ice maker | Review by

The whirlpool 25 cu in the door ice maker is the best ever. It never runs out of ice, the size of the cubes are always the perfect size to refresh your ice tea. Best part it's not noisy.

Review Title: Wow! | Review by

We had to repalce our fridge oin Easter Sunday morning! This was the model we had been looking at anyway, so we went ahead and got it! Great features and whisper quiet! Love the LED lighting and the stylish look!

Review Title: NEW REFRIGERATOR | Review by


Review Title: Good for the money | Review by

This refrigerator is good for what you are paying. It's not the fanciest fridge. The biggest drawback is the ice maker. No matter what you do, you will get ice on the floor. Also, there are fewer shelves in the freezer and fridge than our previous unit (even though it has the same volume) which limits our ability to store food. We had to get an additional freezer for our garage to hold all of our frozen goods. The ice maker is pretty loud when it fills with water and periodically, you can hear a dripping noise (I assume it is the drainage from the condensation on the compressor or something like that).

Review Title: the fridge | Review by

we love are new fridge, this is the first side by side we have owned. we love all of the space it has.. plus I really like the led lights the are good looking and give off good lighting. thanks ed

Review Title: Nice refrigerator works great. | Review by

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Best buy for the money. We had an older model before. This one is a little bit nosier.

Review Title: Quality Counts | Review by

Our Whirlpool Refrigerator has more capacity, more energy efficient, and is very quiet to run. We love the options for ice and water dispenser feature. Side by side saves room.

Review Title: great feature | Review by

I bought this a month ago i am so happy and like to recommend to anybody who wants need fridge.

Review Title: Good value, nice features | Review by

I have had this unit for about three months. While i would give it an over-all B+, the only issue is the ice maker. It makes ice nicely, but delivers it messily. There are always cubes on the floor after each use, even if i hold the cup right up to the dispenser. It turns off late (after the cup is pulled away), and somehow manages to get ice out from around the cup as well. The water dispenser works well, and the water tastes great. The light for the dispenser should be automatic, however. You have to turn it on and off each time you use it to see the level of the water in your cup.

Review Title: Excellent size | Review by

For a family of four this holds enough food for up to two week. The only dray backs are the ice maker and the water spout on the door. There is no room for error, the water sprays out and wet the floor if you push the arm two far and two few or too many ice comes out when you call for it. Also very loud when making ice.

Review Title: Noisy - Spits out Ice - Water drip well too small | Review by

Very noisy when making and dispensing ice into the ice bin. Spits out crushed ice onto the floor. The water well is to small to contain water and the well cap is hard to remove. Have never owned such a noisy refrigerator. Regret purchasing this item.

Review Title: Sleek design and lot of room inside. | Review by

I was worried about the size constraints in my kitchen, but this unit has plenty of room inside.

Review Title: VERY SHARP-INSIDED & OUT | Review by


Review Title: Good but one thing | Review by

The fridge is really nice, however, a side by side does not offer as much space as the bottom freezers do. It is the same cubic space as other fridges but the tall skinny side by side is difficult to get anything of medium or larger size in. For instance two 1 ounce pacages of chicken cannot sit side by side. It makes grabbing things out difficult as well. The fridge is overall great but I would recommend you buy the bottom freezer drawer model if you are buying food for more than two people.

Review Title: Addendum | Review by

I did fail to say that the ice maker which we were excited about is faulty Misses cups water runs out unless cup is situated correctly We are hoping it will get better n shelves could have been vetter also not as much room as we thought

Review Title: Good looking Great value | Review by

We bought the whirlpool because of price point and appearance. Neither one has disappointed.

Review Title: Great Frig!!! | Review by

Lots of room and produces tons of ice. I have kids that get something to drink all day. My Samsung before it could not keep up with them. It will look great in any Kitchen!!!!

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

The only complaint is that the ice maker is very loud.

Review Title: Very cool: sleek, quiet, and energy efficient! | Review by

We recently had to replace our old refrigerator, and were dismayed that we could not find the brand we wanted in the size and color (bisque) that we wanted. When we looked online we found that Whirlpool offered a great selection. We love the sleek styling -- especially the handles and water/ice dispenser area in the door. I'm also impressed by how quiet it is! The clear interior drawers help me keep track of what foods I have on hand at a glance, and I find the mid-side drawer above the two produce drawers especially handy for sandwich fixings like sliced meats and cheeses. Also, I find real peace of mind knowing that this model is not only economical to run, but because it's energy efficient, it is minimizing our footprint on the environment.

Review Title: reliable and energy saving | Review by

I bought this fridge a year ago! seals holding up well so far. The ice dispenser touch pad is fragile and cracks easy. that's the only down side. it's roomy and chills perfect. quite operation. ice machine makes the normal ice drop noise. I like the lighting in the fridge and freezer it lights up real bright.

Review Title: Keeps things cold, that's about it. | Review by

Many issues with this model : 1. Ice maker is a joke. Makes small cubes that taste bad. Dispenser in door wastes ice on floor and does not accept a full size glass. 2. Door pockets in freezer too small. 3. Loud water pump when using water dispenser. 4. Water dispenser does not shut off immediately resulting in water in tray and down door. 5. Temperature control must be set on maximum setting for both freezer and frig to keep things below 40. 6. Because the temperature hovers so close to 40 the bottom door pocket on frig sides heats up easily. 7. LED panel selections do not light up. Panel only shows that you have selected an item ot what you have actually selceted. Very difficult to read at night.

Review Title: This is the perfect product for us. | Review by

We have really enjoyed our new refrigerator since purchase. I would have preferred the water filter to be inside the unit, instead of on the bottom front next to the floor. Other than that, it has served us well so far.

Review Title: perfect fit for new home | Review by

We bought a new home and the kitchen appliances were bisque. Not too many styles and brands come in that color. I have had really like my Whirlpool appliances in the past and very happy that we found this fridge.

Review Title: Great Features! Love the Filtered water and ice maker. | Review by

Bought this a month ago. So far it seems to run great and looks good in my kitchen.

Review Title: Good product | Review by

Got this fridge a month ago, we are happy with it, a selection guide would have helped as we are more organic and we don't need that much freezer space. Somewhat sad as we're chilling an oversized freezer area needlessly.

Review Title: Side by side | Review by

Love having the ice maker and water on the door. I like the side by side feature for finding items. This refrigerator is ok for myself an my husband but would recommend the freezer on the bottom for larger families as more space would be needed .

Review Title: Happy with the product. | Review by

Only one con .The guy who designed the water and ice dispenser should have to use it regularly. The guy that approved it should be demoted to lesser responsibility. Very difficult to keep the ice in the glass. I am sick of picking up ice cubes from the floor. Before you judge, try it yourself.

Review Title: Side by Side with ice and water delivery | Review by

The ONLY complaint about the refrigerator freezer with the ice and cold water delivery system in the door is that the opening is TOO DARN SMALL, in height. It BARELY accommodates a regular sized glass, and if you use a taller glass, as we do, you have to try to hold it at a slant and HOPE that the ice and water goes in.

Review Title: mistake | Review by

More ice on ground then in glass from dispenser...

Review Title: Great all the way around | Review by

I love my refridgerator I would recommend it to everyone.

Review Title: Perfect Refrigerator! | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator about a month ago and it works great. No problem getting the temperature set. The ice maker works great and easy to remove if you need to fill a cooler. Price was better then all other makes. Whirlpool did it right!!!

Review Title: Ice Maker | Review by

Ice make throws ice all over floor. you need to make two area in door, one for water, one for ice. Because when you use the ice cubes and then switch to water - ice cubs continue to drop.

Review Title: very unhappy with whirlpool frig | Review by

Did not like the frig because, whenever we would go for a glass of ice water, we would get ice sprayed all over our wood floor. Poor design of ice shute, needs to be much less aggressive!! We did have them pick up the side by side and chose another one without water and ice in door, we went this time with the french door and love it, much more room!!!!

Review Title: Great buy! | Review by

We love our new fridge. It is very spacious on the inside and has been great so far! (We purchased it right before Thanksgiving)

Review Title: has all the features i want | Review by

only issue is the ice maker. When dispensing ice it frequently drops ice cubs even after I let go of the lever

Review Title: Excellent Value for Most-Wanted Features | Review by

We bought the 25-cu-ft. Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator to replace a 29-year-old fridge that, while still functional, was not very efficient and showing its age.

Review Title: Good Basic Refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is a sturdy, dependable basic refrigerator. It does everything it should do. Storage isn't as abundant as might be expected for a 25ft but it is adequate for us. The freezer isn't easy to store with a basket and a shelf and then some small areas on the door which hold very little. The ice maker is very very loud and sounds like someone is breaking into the house. The ice dispenser loves to throw ice cubes or crushed ice onto the floor regardless of how you try to hold the cup under the dispenser. But overall it does as advertised.

Review Title: I love this refrigerator! | Review by

This refrigerator changed the appearance of my kitchen! I love the adjustable shelves and the door storage space is great. It's quiet and in door ice and water dispenser is most useful.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

I bought this 2 weeks ago and love the quietness, function and digital lights inside.

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator | Review by

This is very fine refrigerator everythis is made for ease in using and designed perfectly. Thanks for a great product!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

So far we love this fridge, the water and ice with filter is wonderful. It has the removable shelves and door shelves, makes washing easy.

Review Title: Well equipped, looks great, good price! | Review by

I have had this refrigerator for only 2 months but so far it has been very quiet and works well. I have plenty of ice and water - there is a light to remind me to change the filter. My only complaint is the plastic drawers. The bottom drawer is a little difficult to open and close, the older models were glass and metal and seemed to slide much better. Good fridge for the price.

Review Title: Great "starter" refrigerator | Review by

This was purchased with our new home. I love the refrigerator but I NEED more room because I love to cook... And always cook too much. I believe that this would be a great "starter" refrigerator or for someone who doesn't cook as much.

Review Title: A good basic refrig. | Review by

My 20 yr old refrig. used 180 watts and ran most of the time. This one uses 110 watts and appears to run only 1/2 the time, so is much more efficient. The cold air distribution is excellent. After buying extra shelves for the refrig. it holds more than the old refrig. However the freezer shelves are the cheapest flat grills that do not adjust. It also appears to be basically nearly identical to more expensive refrigerators that have more shelves and features. The LED lighting takes a 1/2 second to come one but is bright and lights all shelves.

Review Title: Product is okay | Review by

I miss the old model because the water and ice were tow different dispensers. The pad is wearing where you push to dispense. I have only had refrigerator for a few months

Review Title: Noisy ice maker | Review by

I have had this refrigerator for 6 months and while it keeps my foods cold and frozen, the ice maker is terrible. It is very noisy when filling with water and dumping the ice cubes. It also spills ice all over my floor when filling a glass. It dumps out ice after I have removed the glass. And the ice often gets clogged in the dispenser. If I had know this, I would have purchased a different refrigerator.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this a month ago and so happy I did! You should too.

Review Title: Its everything we were looking for. | Review by

This product is great,.Its everything we were looking for.

Review Title: This refrigerator really shines! | Review by

We have now had this great refrigerator for about two months, Its performance and style really meld together. Could not be more pleased.

Review Title: This product has all the features that I was looking for. | Review by

I am very satisfied with this purchase. It has all the features that I need and the price was excellent (under $900 on sale). This refrigerator replaced a 25 cf Amana french door refrigerator that had a compressor failure after 7 years. Repair cost for the Amana was greater that the cost of this one new!

Review Title: Great Looking & Good Working | Review by

I bought this product about three months ago and I am really glad that I did because it is awesome. I wanted a black refrigerator that had a high shine to complement my other appliances and it definitely fits right in. The inside shelves have an elegant look while still being super durable. All of the setting are user friendly. The only issues I have experienced with this product is the ice dispenser does not have a cover so ice will fall to the floor often and occasionally the ice dispenser will just shot ice to the floor when no one is near the refrigerator.

Review Title: Still up for debate!!!! | Review by

I have had this refrigerator for a few months now. I am not as pleased with it as the one I replaced. It being a whirlpool as well. This one is very noisy and the water in the door is very slow!! And don't even get me started on the layout of the shelving in this new one. But all in all it is serving it's purpose wich is to keep things cold. So if I Could go back and purchase a different one I would. But just keep in mind I would still purchase a whirlpool product. Just not this exact model.

Review Title: adequate for our needs | Review by

one or two shelves in the freezer do not extend all the way to the back of the freezer causing smaller items to fall down the back and sliding under the drawer at the bottom of the freezer. Ice cubes slow in production possibly caused by RO system.

Review Title: Quality and Reliability ! | Review by

I purchased this whirlpool Refrigerator through my purchase of a new Home, it was big, Black and a Beautiful Fridge, I am a 60 year old Grandfather on a fixed Budget raising 2 Grandchildren so it had to be a great Refrigerator to get by in my house, I love the lights on the Ice Crusher (door) and the perfect insides that allow me to put as much inside as I need . It operates smoothly and Efficiently without any problems, So I have to say if I purchase another one it will be Whirlpool!

Review Title: Good looking product with great serviceability | Review by

This refrigerator is an excellent addition to my kitchen. Water and ice in the door. Light for filter to let you know when it needs changing. Shelves are adjustable to easy storage arrangements.

Review Title: Ice Dispenser has issures | Review by

If your cup isn't in the right spot in the Ice dispenser, ice goes flying everywhere. Otherwise it keeps food cold.

Review Title: review | Review by

ice maker jams all the time, fridge space too small, poorly designed

Review Title: A good solid and prectical refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator after my two tear old unit of another well-known brand failed miserably. This is a side-by-side unit rather than top-bottom and my wife and I both feel the storage space and access are better in this Whirlpool. It is quiet and efficient. This Whirlpool unit keeps the butter and milk cool better than my previous unit. We are both satisfied with this Whirlpool and expect a good and long service from it.


This 25 cu. ft. whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator has a Greater Capacity then our past one. We feel it fit's our needs very well. Everything about this refrigerator meet or exceeds what we were looking for. Great product & Great quality

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

So far this fridge has done it's job. We haven't hooked up the water line, so we haven't gotten to test the ice machine and water dispenser on it yet.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

It is very quiet and a great addition to my kitchen. The look is great and the space inside is fanastic

Review Title: So far, so good... | Review by

I've had minor issues like ice gets stuck in the door, leaks water -1-2 drops a few times a day... Good space... Whirlpool has a good warranty they honor and good repair guys!!! Not too impressed... But it's ok...looks good tho!

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

I enjoy this refrigerator and really appreciated the price that I bought it for. Its overall value is great and the design is classy as well. The only problems I have had with it so far is the chute that dispenses the ice is small because the ice cubes it produces are small, but if more than one cube is stuck together it can jam the chute and cause a major pileup of ice in the door. Where this usually wouldn't be a problem for me, it has happened quite a few times in the last month of owning it and no matter how hard you try to be careful clearing the backed up ice out by hand you will end up making a mess and needing a mop to clean up the floor. Also the drawers are a little temperamental and don't slide back in as easy as I would like. Otherwise this is a stylish and quiet refrigerator and well worth it to own.

Review Title: Whirlpool Side-by-side is on my SIDE | Review by

Whirlpool is a name I can trust! I own a Whirlpool washer & dryer that has given me great service & have owned other Whirlpool refrigerators. The outside appearance is great. The inside has shelving that is usable & durable. The freezer side is well arranged

Review Title: solid friddge | Review by

After having my other fridge go out i bought this fridge and its been great. Clean modern look and works great. Solid build and not cheaply made. Gf loves it.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

A really good 'frig. The only thing I would change is to have the outside light come on when you dispense ice or water, and go off when you're through. One small critique is all I can find, so it's pretty good.

Review Title: Great product/purchase | Review by

We are very happy with our purchase. It is very easy to use/maintain. It also appears to be very efficient. When it is running you can hardly hear it! Our power recently went out for 12 hrs. We opened the refrigerator several times during the outage. When the power came back on I checked the thermometer almost immediately and it was still 37 degrees in there! We normally keep it at 35 degrees so that is pretty good in my opinion. We also haven't noticed any issues with the jcemaker shooting ice all over the place as previous reviewers have mentioned. The only 2 negatives I have are with the shelving and the icemaker filling. There are plenty of shelves but they offer limited options as far as adjustment. It would be nice if there were more locations provided to adjust shelf height. The icemaker works perfect however when it is filling it sounds like water is leaking all over the floor! It is very noisy compared to the other models we have had. No issues with leaks but it sure sounds like it! The ice dispenser also takes up a large amount of room in the freezer section. If it weren't for these 2 issues I would have given it 5 stars everywhere. Overall it has been a good purchase with excellent value for the money.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

Bought two months ago look beautiful has nice compartments there were only two small complaints a little noisy sometimes and the place to get the water and ice the ice kind of goes everywhere but overall a good purchase

Review Title: Quality and construction | Review by

Good features except for the plastic on the bottom inside. Already have a crack from something falling out of the refrigerator onto plastic. Have only had approx a month

Review Title: Be careful what you buy | Review by

Well our kenmore stopped working after only 10 yrs. I thought i would try a different brand. I should of paid attention to the reviews. Now we are stuck for another 10 yrs with a sub par fridge.The ice crusher shoots ice all over the floor. It serves water with a lot of noise.The sliding bins don't slide with ease. The only positives are is that the water tastes good through the PUR filter, and we got a SDGE break cause of the led lights.

Review Title: perfect size | Review by

We had a very specific size limit. This refrigerator fit in the small space available, and we actually have more refrigerator and freezer space than with smaller old unit.

Review Title: love the room inside lots of space | Review by

I'm so happy with my new Whirpool Refrigerator I am so glad I bought it!

Review Title: Overall OK | Review by

this is a very good refrigerator. the only thing I do not like about this refrigerator is sometimes a ice hangs up. especially when you get crushed ice. overall it is a good refrigerator but if it wasn't for the ice hanging up I would give it 5 stars.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

The 25 cu ft provided great capacity with great value.

Review Title: Simplistic Convenience | Review by

Very modular refrigerator, absolutely no problems at all. It runs silent, easy to use and easy to clean if needed. Plenty of space to store what I need to store.

Review Title: Solid, basic model | Review by

Overall, solid pick. Don't love the one lever for ice maker/water. Kind of a pain to always switch back and forth. I wish the dispenser area was taller--big Tervis cups are challenging to fill. The ice dispenser kind of throws ice beyond the cup opening sometimes, esp for crushed ice. All ok, and liking the temperature within. Love the easy slide out to help clean.

Review Title: Good for the price | Review by

This is a good quality mid-level fridge. It is a little noisy, but not more than other brands we looked at. If you are sensitive to sounds (trickling, humming, clicking, and the occasional clunk), this is not the fridge for you. Our kitchen is far from our bedroom, so it doesn't bother us too much.

Review Title: Whats not right? | Review by

Ice maker will not keep up with two peoples need for Ice on a daily basis. appears that ice dispenser could have been redesigned to provide additional freezer space. Ice falls a long way to the glass and is noisy. shelf location in refrigerator area are limited to pre-positioned locations and only two shelves provided with refrigerator (three shelf predetermined locations).. NO egg tray or egg bin included.



Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this 3 weeks ago because I loved the features, storage space & quality of the product.

Review Title: Side-by-side | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator about a month ago and am pleased. The set up was easy and the interior space is great. I like having the extra "shelves" inside the freezer door. I had heard that the ice maker could be loud but have not found this to be the case.

Review Title: The best | Review by

Great crushed ice!!!! Great features!!! Excellent comparments !!!! Great tempature settings!!!

Review Title: Whirlpool side by side 36 inch | Review by

We bought two months ago. We are happy with the organization of shelving, the function and also the reverse osmosis water system. Everything works really well and we enjoy the see through shelving as well.

Review Title: this product met all of my expectations | Review by

I love the style, performance, and ease to use. I received quality for the money and I would recommend

Review Title: Looks good in the kitchen. Affordable. | Review by

So far this refrigerator is working well. Temperatures for refrigerator and freezer are right on track. Automatic ice dispenser does not produce much ice--very slow at producing ice. Overall, looks good and does the job. Very affordable.

Review Title: Great product but... | Review by

Overall, a very good product but we have had trouble with the ice cube/crushed ice feature. For example, hours after using the Ice cube feature, we went to get some ice water and an ice cube came out. We often end up mopping the florr because the ice cubes come pouring out.

Review Title: Doors do not line up | Review by

I should review this in a few weeks after they repair my doors

Review Title: very spacious | Review by

I bought this in July and I'm very pleased with it!

Review Title: Great value for a great refrigerator. | Review by

We had a limited space to fit a refrigerator but need the extra capacity so this one was a perfect fit. LED lighting and ice/water dispenser are great added bonus.

Review Title: noisy ice maker | Review by

Ice maker dispenses cubes erratically, often after I have removed my cup and therefore requiring picking up several pieces of cubes from the floor. The ice maker is very noisy when in working mode and since this is in an open kitchen it can be very disruptive.

Review Title: Model does not work well in warm climates. | Review by

Had Sear revise it and had to Exchange it. Bad luck for me due to the fact that I changed it for a Kenmore model but its a Whirlpool model inside. Therefore, have the same problem.

Review Title: 25 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator | Review by

Great refrig - love the LED lights inside - icemaker is a bit noisier than previous model, but not bad at all - I am very pleased.

Review Title: love it | Review by

Love the size, a lot of room. Love the water and ice maker too. Water is nice and cold.

Review Title: Great equipment with a lot of space and beautiful design | Review by

My wife bough this equipment and we are so happy,nice design and lot of space inside

Review Title: Good price and look but door design needs to improve for more even | Review by

Good products and reliable but need to design for easy to installer

Review Title: love the space | Review by

very happy with the purchase more room than i thought.

Review Title: good value. | Review by

We are well satisfied with this product. There is more capacity than what it may appear from the outside looking in. The shelving has been thoughtfully positioned to provide for maximum storage. In addition the side shelves offer both convenience and practicality. We are happy with the look as well, and the bang for the buck is exceptional. Very happy with the product and would recommend it highly.

Review Title: Overall a good fridge | Review by

The fridge side is nice and roomy and I like the layout of the drawers, shelves and door shelves. The freezer is very small and the layout is not great. The ice maker takes up a TON of space. We have a hard time fitting all our stuff in the freezer and we're only a family of two. This would probably not be ideal for a large family. Although the ice maker takes up a lot of room, I do like it. The water also tastes great!

Review Title: Good value for the cost | Review by

We bought this to replace the one that was in the house we bought a few months ago. Works great, fits perfect. I do wish the slots for the shelves were a little better placed. A lot of room above the top shelf, but if I put it up the next slot, drinks won't fit. Otherwise, I love it.

Review Title: problems with ice dispenser | Review by

can't figure out how to fill up a cup of ice with out throwing ice all over the place

Review Title: Prefer previous Whirlpool Refrigerator. | Review by

We preferred several features of our older Whirlpool refrigerator. Ice maker is located too high in the freezer, not convenient to reach into, ice dispenser throws ice on floor. Shelves do not allow enough choices for height arrangement.

Review Title: Not good | Review by

Ice does not always go in glass. Goes on the floor. Water is not cold until 3rd and 4th glass. Comes out room temp.

Review Title: Freshest fruits and veggies!!! | Review by

I love my new refrigerator ! It keeps my food fresh, the shelves adjust to fit my needs, it's easy to keep clean and very stylish!

Review Title: Stylish and efficient | Review by

Great looking product. I love the lighting inside and the delay feature when you open the door. Roomy and many good and flexible storage design features. Easy to keep clean and free from fingerprints. Love it!

Review Title: Good value. Freezer space taken up by automatic water. | Review by

I must say that my review is a little biased. I bought this refrigerator to replace a French door refrigerator I had which went bad. The French door refrigerator held so much stuff compared to this refrigerator. This refrigerator is a great value and that is why I kept it. I was tempted at times to not keep it however I could not afford a more expensive refrigerator. I have never used the automatic water as I do not have plumbing for it. The automatic water in the freezer takes up a lot of room in the freezer. I removed the ice cube tray which opened up a lot of room in the freezer. I like to freeze a lot of jams and produce from my garden. By adding a few containers in the freezer and refrigerator I was able to fit everything I needed to fit. Overall I am very happy. Get a 5 yr warranty as modern refrigerators are not built like the old ones.

Review Title: Very Noisy | Review by

Noisiest refrigerator I have ever owned. Stuck with it now. Kinda hope it doesn't last 15 years like my previous 2 have, but can't afford another one now. Constantly make me think someone's breaking into my house through the kitchen door.

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator | Review by

I have been wanting a stainless steel refrigerator for years, and if am very happy with my recent purchase of a Whirlpool side-by-side. It has tons of room for storage, and I absolutely love the ice and water in the door. What a beautiful and functional product.

Review Title: Works great in a 5 adult household | Review by

This fridge is big enough to handle 5 adults living in one house, so I'm sure for the average family it would work great, and would feel like a nice huge fridge for a couple. Plus it dispenses filtered water, and makes ice, which only sweetens the deal. Just make sure your roommate doesn't put candy in the ice maker or you'll get a glass full of plastic and frozen chocolate.

Review Title: Sticking with WhirlPool from experience | Review by

We bought this refrigerator about one month ago and have been satisfied so far. It was purchased as a replacement for a very similar WhirlPool model that we had for almost 15 years. The newer models are built a bit cheaper than 15 years ago but then again what isn't these days! We hope we get another 15 or so years from this model as well.

Review Title: We are very glad we bought it!! | Review by

This is our first side-by-side refrigerator. It took a bit of getting used to dispensing water and ice from the door but besides having to pick up ice cubes and crushed ice chips up off the floor it's been fun.

Review Title: Ease of storage and access. | Review by

This frig replaces one like it I had for over 20 years. It is an ideal size and improvements have been made in lower operating cost, easier food storage, easier access to the water filter, and yet maintaining all the convenience I liked about the old one. It is a little noisier than the old one, which the materials explain as part of the efficiency of operation. It is very easy to clean. The ice dispenser is faster and the ice cube container is larger. I have some trouble catching all the ice it so quickly dispenses.

Review Title: Smaller then I thought | Review by

I wish this had more space in fridge part. I feel there isn't a place to put can sodas along with left overs and normal everyday things. Also the Ice dispenser makes a lot of noice

Review Title: Love My New Whirlpool Refrigerator! | Review by

On Halloween Day our refrigerator died and we had to go out and find a new one. After looking at many different models, we chose the Whirlpool Side-By-Side with the water and ice in the door. We absolutely love this refrigerator. It is very roomy and has lots of storage space. My favorite part is the the small drawer for lunch meats and cheeses. It's great being able to get water and ice without opening the refrigerator. Thank you!

Review Title: Refrigerator is great | Review by

This product is great! It was way pass time to replace my old one was 35 years old. I love having a ice maker. 35 years ago I couldn't afford one with ice maker. Didn't really know what I was missing. Never want to be with out agin!!

Review Title: great fridge | Review by

Great fridge and easy to set up the water lines love it make sure to buy the cleaner for the fridge doors it's worth it.a little spray goes a long way

Review Title: Good freezer space, better than GE we had before | Review by

Quality is good but ice dispenser design can be improved. Seems like we have to use a bigger recipient to colect the ice.

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator! | Review by

I replaced a refrigerator that was 19 years old and I wish that I had done it sooner. The features on this fridge are excellent and it keeps the product inside at the perfect temperature. And for the price it was hard to beat!

Review Title: Love This! | Review by

Another beautiful sleek designed kitchen appliance must have for every home! Runs absolutely quiet, Love the led lights inside, Very spacious, big drawers and easy to clean.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator through a home builder. I never liked side by side refrigerators because the inside space is rather small, but like the idea of having the ice maker and water feature in the door. I also love the sleek and clean look of this refrigerator

Review Title: Brightens up my kitchen | Review by

Doors open or doors closed, my new Whirlpool refrigerator really brightens up my kitchen. The smooth overall design,the bright whit e finish and sparkling ice and water lights arer all pleasing to the eye. And opened the soft white lighting of the attractively designed drawers and shelves welcomes me.

Review Title: Whirlpool refrigerator | Review by

Bought my new fridge about one month ago and I am very pleased. Very roomy awesome lighting when open, and very roomy. Love the ice maker and water dispenser. Overall highly recommend any one purchasing a new fridge to go with whirlpool, most bang for your buck

Review Title: Great Product Great Price | Review by

Definitely satisfied with this purchase. After looking and reviewing several different brands and models, I picked this one because I concluded this was by far the BEST BUY!

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

I had to quickly make a decision to buy, and so far this refrigerator has done the job. I like the design of the ice maker and the interior. Everything has its place and remains visible.

Review Title: Remodeled kitchen | Review by

I have used whirlpool appliances for the last 40 years. I find whirlpool to be the excellence in service and we love the look. I just remodeled my condo I South Carolina with all new whirlpool appliances . I highly recommend Whirlpool . Just for the record I don't usually do surveys but I felt this one was worthy.

Review Title: New Fridge | Review by

This refrigerator had all the features we were looking for to replace the one that broke down. We felt the price was very reasonable and it was available for immediate delivery. We are very pleased with this appliance.

Review Title: Donna Frazier | Review by

I have used Whirlpool products since my marriage in 1957. Back then diapers had to be washed and dried. I had four children requiring lots of use of washer and drier and they never failed doing the job. When I moved from that residence both were still operating. I continue to buy only Whirlpool products and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great product.. Sincerely, Donna Frazier

Review Title: It keeps the food cold and is energy efficient. | Review by

I had an older model of this refrigerator and liked it so I bought this one when the old one finally died. I do not like the new smooth surface doors. The sides are textured but not the doors. The old ones were textured. These doors require you to not touch them or wipe them incorrectly or they will show marks. Definitely no magnets and that's hard to tell little kids. Like other reviewers have said, the ice dispenser shoots some ice onto the floor instead of all into the glass. The ice maker also takes up too much of the interior of the freezer, the old one did not.

Review Title: hmmmm | Review by

Ice maker is loud,could be insulated better. Ice dispenser sprays cubes on the floor.

Review Title: This product is not made well. | Review by

This refrigerator is made poorly. Not only have our drawers cracked for no reason but the icemaker is awful. When trying to fill your cup with ice the ice flies everywhere BUT in the cup. It also releases ice at any time it feels like it all over the floor whether or not someone is using the icemaker at the time. I would NOT recommend this refigerator to anyone. Poor design and poor features, we are very unhappy.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We are quite happy with our new refrigerator. Roomy and accommodating. Highly recomment.

Review Title: Quiet, does its job, great value | Review by

Great value for the money. It's our first fridge and we are so glad we bought it due to its features and functionality. Has everything you want for a fridge and it stays nice a quiet!

Review Title: whirpool 25 cu.ft side by side refrigerator. | Review by

good size with water and ice on the door.needs one extra shelf for stuff and one extra door shelf.good interior light.

Review Title: Nice for the price | Review by

All reviews are correct that it is a nice frig. for the price, but there is a flaw in the ice/water design.

Review Title: No Pleased | Review by

Not pleased with the frig. In only two weeks, two of the door containers broke! One fell out of the frig and do not know why the other broke. The veggie drawer is hard to open and close. I am concerned it will break also. Never seen a frig like it.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Great refrigerator for a fair price! Love the ice maker feature! Very bright interior and well designed!

Review Title: Very Good Refrigerator, sometimes ice maker gets jammed | Review by

This appliance works very well, and has a decent amount of storage. It is very deep, however, and it sticks out a little in comparison to the old one. It's also quite tall; we had to remove a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the cabinet that it sits under.

Review Title: Works very well - does what we expected. | Review by

This seems to be a good product and we are glad to have purchased it. Haven't had it very long, but it has performed very well. It looks attractive, with the exception that the refrigerator door is not flush with the freezer door at the bottom of the unit. The leveling screws/nuts were not the size listed in the product info and were difficult to use.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

We bought this unit when we purchased our home in November. It has been a great refrigerator providing us with plenty of storage options.

Review Title: Good Starting Refrigerator | Review by

We bought this for our new home. It's perfect size for a starting family. Exterior looks pretty big for our space but we are ok with it. Personally I love the side by side because the water dispensary doesn't stop when someone else opens the frig door, as it does for my mother-in-law's french door.

Review Title: This product is okay | Review by

I had this refrigerator for about 6 months and the cooling fan/motor went out on it. It is an overall good product besides that.

Review Title: impressions | Review by

I like this refrigerator overall but have issues with the drawers. They seem to be very cheap and do not slid easily

Review Title: Great Refrigerator! | Review by

I have no complaints about this product. It performs well and it was a very good price.

Review Title: Love the ice maker and water dispenser on the door | Review by

This product was so much more than I expected in a newly constructed town home and has been a great asset to my busy lifestyle ! Exceeds my expectations for features!

Review Title: Great storage | Review by

Very nice side by side refrigerator with great storage in both the fridge and freezer. The water & ice dispenser is pretty quiet and the water tastes great. The stainless is nice on this we will see how well it lasts for scratches and cleanliness in the next few months. Very happy replacing the old fridge with this one.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I like this refrigerator. I did however think the freezer had more space on the doors for some reason. I'm sure I just need to get used to a side by side. Dispensing the ice takes some getting use to also. The opening gets stuck with ice cubes and water drips from the ice as it melts. I told my husband to make sure to look up inside the opening to make sure that all ice has been released. I'm glad I bought it.

Review Title: Good Fridge for the Price | Review by

Two weeks ago, my old reliable fridge broke down. I have always had GE appliances, but the price point made me consider other brands. So far I love the way the ice maker works and the temp seems very consistent. I am not as happy with the operation of the drawers. It could also use one more door shelf. All in all, it does what I expect and will hopefully last as long as my last fridge did.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator for anyone on a budget | Review by

I'm brought this refrigerator a month ago and im very pleased and satisfied with my selection. Thanks Whirlpool

Review Title: Bought this because of name | Review by

This unit not only looks great but works great as well!

Review Title: Whirlpool appliances | Review by

We recently purchased this refrigerator and just love it. Whirlpool has been our appliance of choice and recommend these appliances.

Review Title: Great looking. | Review by

This is a great looking refrigerator. it's large so be sure you measure the opening its going in. I have not had the problems with the icemaker and/or ice/water dispenser that some have mentioned. The cubes are smaller than my previous fridge but I would not call them too small. The ice is dispensed about like others ive used. The water does come out near the front but it goes right into the cups i've used. so far.....i would recommend this to someone. The fridge side stays good and cold and the freezer keeps everything frozen. do please note, this was larger than i thought it would be and it barely fit into the opening that we have. if room is tight at all, i recommend measuring.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

This fridge came standard in our new home. We've gotten a number of comments from visitors that they like our fridge. I think the stainless handles add a lot to the sleek look. Overall we've liked it, but we felt we needed to buy an extra shelf for the freezer, fridge, AND fridge door in order to use all the space without having to unbury everything all the time. The water line also seems really noisy (maybe there's air in the line? It's not always noisy but often) and the ice and water don't come out of quite the same space so people are often spilling one or the other on the floor. Overall, though, we're happy with it.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

We purchased the side-by-side refrigerator Dec. 2013. It was not like my old one but I am adjusting to the difficulty opening the humidity control drawer. The interior arrangement of shelves is convenient. My biggest complaint is the dispensing of crushed ice. With a normal sized glass the ice goes all over the floor. I have to dispense into a pitcher then transfer to my drinking glass. Extra work and utensils!!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator because of the reliable Whirlpool name. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It has a lot of space, three crisper drawers, including one with humidity control. I also am pleased with the amount of freezer space even with the ice-maker included. The minimal amount of noise this unit makes is also a plus. I have only had this unit a couple of months now and I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment out of it. I would recommend this unit to anyone.

Review Title: great refrigrator | Review by

we bought one had a terrible vibration they replaced it with one just like it. it is doing great

Review Title: review on side by side refrigerator | Review by

We really like the refrigerator, the shelf designs, the in-door shelves, the ease of changing the filter. The lighting inside the fridge is excellent. The ice maker makes ice quickly, and is easy to remove to dump the ice. The only item we don't care for is the ice and water dispenser. It delivers both just fine, but sometimes the last bit of the crushed ice will end up on the floor. Overall, we like the fridge and would purchase one again.

Review Title: Whirlpool 25cu side by side | Review by

The door space is much larger than my old fridge and the lighting is better too. The shelf space is smaller than what I'm used to but I got an extra drawer so that made up for less width/length space in my opinion. The freezer has adjustable shelves which I like as well. I went from 26 to 25 cu and I definitely notice the 1cu lost.

Review Title: great fridge for the price.. quiet operation. plenty of space | Review by

This fridge has exceeded expectations and we haven't had any problem at all in the 4 years we've had it.

Review Title: Great Spare refrigerator | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator for our media room as an extra household refrigerator. Stores beverages and extra items. The price and stainless were what appealed to us. Do not particularly care for side by side. Primary refrigerator is a French door model and prefer it over side by side.

Review Title: Great design | Review by

I've had this fridge for a month now and it is quiet and efficient. I have a tight space and this was a great fit and has much more space inside than our previous one. We aren't ice people but if the tray is empty it can be quite loud. Keep it full, no worries. It's magnetic too.

Review Title: Great feature | Review by

I bought this product am satisfy ,this is good product for me

Review Title: Love my Whirlpool! | Review by

I love our new Whirlpool fridge! The ONLY issue is the angle of the ice tends to make a mess on the floor, otherwise we love it.

Review Title: Seems to work good | Review by

Replacing a Whirlpool refrigerator bought in 2000. Liked the old ice maker and storage better also the freezer dose not seem to hold as much as the old one. Over all it seems to meet our needs.

Review Title: Easy. Ice machine capacity is the winner | Review by

I had a better model prior , had many issues.. All to do with door and ice machine. It was finally replaced for a lesser model. I miss the fancy but adore the capacity of the ice machine. Huger difference from the fancier model and I don't run out of ice anymore. I did constantly.. What a improvement and the filtration seems better. I use to have to replace more frequent. Overall very happy until I get my French door...

Review Title: Dispenser and filter door | Review by

Ice and water dispenser makes a mess. If your cup is not close enough or larger than average, ice and water end up on the floor. Perhaps a longer spout would work?

Review Title: elegant appearance and finish | Review by

We find it to be elegant, functional with moveable shelves and quiet performance

Review Title: What we like and how to improve | Review by

We like most features of our new Whirlpool and bought it because our first Whirlpool refrigerator purchased when we married in 1978 is STILL working just great and is in our laundry room as a second unit. We like the bright recessed lighting and shelf flexibility. Are not too pleased with the loud ice maker (both when making and dispensing) as our previous one ( Kenmore) which was quieter and dispensed ice in a smoother motion-this one shoots ice out if not careful when filling your glass. We like the overall design and chose the black model. Really like the large open-the-door handles. And it does keep things cold very well- which is most important, of course!

Review Title: Great Space | Review by

I bought this refrigerator this December. It has great space. Great storage space in the door. I do wish I had more room the the freezer area. Ice Machine is loud

Review Title: Nice fridge for the money | Review by

I have two negatives. First the ice maker is loud and dispenses ice very loudly. Second the crushed ice goes all over the floor and sometimes does not switch back to cubed when the cubed button is pushed. Not happy with that aspect otherwise we like this unit.

Review Title: whirlpool fridge | Review by

my husband bought me the fridge, its totally awesome . would recommend to anyone looking for a fridge

Review Title: Great Fridge! | Review by

I bought this fridge to replace my ten-year old Kenmore one month ago. It is very quiet. I don't have the ice breaker issue mentioned by some buyers (knock the wood :) ). It is spacious, everything works fine. I am happy with this purchase!

Review Title: I love my new Fridge. The ice dispener could be a littl better. The shelves are great, deep and easy to get at. Solid seal on door. | Review by

First time owner of a Whirlpool. Will never change.

Review Title: New fridge | Review by

Selected this fridge for new house I built. Excellent quality for the price I paid. Only concern is ice maker will randomly leak cubes that end up melting on floor when I'm not home. Always fun when you're wearing socks!

Review Title: Make it Excellent | Review by

Really like my new fridge. However it could come with a sample stainless cleaner. The adjustable shelves are great and allow for a lot of variation. Lighting is wonderful and ice maker works well and is not to noisey. However the ice dispenser leaves a lot to be desired as ice goes everywhere if you use a normal glass. I use an oversized plastic container and then transfer the ice. C'mon Whirlpool Engineers I know you can do better!

Review Title: Very good appliances | Review by

The Whirlpool before this one lasted 18 years and We have had this one since Christmas 2014 and like the new features (Hope it lasts another 18) LA from North Carolina

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

I bought my frig three months ago and my family love it. I really like all the space and organizer for my spices and other stuff. Also, I like stainless steal, which makes my life easier to clean.

Review Title: This is a good product, But.... | Review by

The fridge is great. Very quiet and a lot of room, but the ice gets jammed up because of the flapper not allowing all of the ice that you need to disperse.

Review Title: Wonderful look and features!! | Review by

I just purchased this a month ago and so far am very pleased!! I love the lighting and the lock features on the freezer ice dispenser. The delivery men were very courteous and careful during the installation. THX GUYS!!

Review Title: Best refrigerator I've ever owned! | Review by

I really like the shelves inside and especially in the doors. They are very user friendly and I can put taller items wherever I choose. The cooling is very balanced which is nice. Some others I have owned would freeze refrigerated foods on the top shelves. This one is the best I've ever owned. It is very, very quiet and the ice maker will keep up with the demand!

Review Title: can't complain | Review by

We bought this refrigerator because our old one died. Now on to the likes and dislikes Likes led lighting is very nice Space Stainless steel Wonderful crushed ice

Review Title: Love Whirlpool Products - This One Too ! | Review by

Previoulsy owed a Whirpool side by side for 28 yrs & bought this one to replace it. Loved my old one and getting use to this one. Has great features for the price !! Works great and going to love this one too.

Review Title: Do NOT like this product!!!!!!! | Review by

I do not like my refrigerator. When you use the ice dispenser, the ice goes EVERYWHERE. I am constantly cleaning up spilled ice. Also, the fridge makes strange noises.

Review Title: the quanlity is as expected. | Review by

I am happy with the product Whirlpool - 25 cu. It has enough space and I recommend it.

Review Title: Pleasantly surprised by the quality of our product | Review by

Just moved in and compared to the old fridge we had, this one is light years ahead with technology and ergonomics.

Review Title: Ice maker is noisier than previous owned refrigerator. | Review by

Ice maker is noisier than previous owned refrigerator. Previous model was a Frigidaire that was much quieter but compressor did not last as expected.

Review Title: This refrigerator can simply be called: COOL! | Review by

This refrigerator is a replacement for an 8 years old Whirlpool. We had it for 8 weeks now and are impressed with its new technology.

Review Title: Great product for the price! | Review by

Plenty of space, nice looking stainless. Easy to clean, but it is SO NOISY when they water fills the ice maker.

Review Title: Great | Review by

I'm very happy with it . And looks good has led lights .

Review Title: refreshing refrigerator | Review by

the ice an water is very cold with no aftertaste. pepers tomatos lettuce stay very crispy mike is cold with each cup an stays fresh longer place your food in this refreshing refrigerator an give us you comment!

Review Title: SMART LOOKING! | Review by


Review Title: Great fridge overall | Review by

We are pleased with this purchase overall. The only issue has been the ice jamming up on occasion in the ice holder on the door. This has been a minimal issue that is fixed rather easily.

Review Title: The Frigerator is nice and quiet and looks beautiful. | Review by

However, we have had it replace once with another exact same model due to the ice maker shooting out ice after use and over freezing in the freezer even when turn down to not so cold knob. We are keeping a eye on the replacement Frigerator.

Review Title: Whirlpool is always my brand for all my appliances. | Review by

I bought this almost 3 months ago and I am very satisfied. It is the best, second to none.

Review Title: nice refrgetator | Review by

I have used our old whirlpool refrigerator for 14 years and recently bought this new one, very nice and we love it.

Review Title: Okay for the price. | Review by

My expensive Frigidaire lasted only 7 years so went with this cheaper Whirlpool. My husband thought the icemaker would be better.

Review Title: Whirlpool side by side 36" wide refridgerator | Review by

My husband and I bought this refrigerator after our old model's freezer stopped working. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of the new appliance however, the first week we had it the middle large door handle of the bin that controls the humidity of fruits and vegetables cracked and broke including the plastic strip that was snapped onto the drawer. Now we have to contact the company to obtain a replacement. The drawer handle is made of very cheap plastic.

Review Title: New fridge | Review by

Live the mew fridge but I looks like it is missing a shelf. You can move the shelves o several positions but there is an empty slot. I would have liked another shelf for a better finished look. I checked into buying another shelf but $150 is a little high. Performance is excellent.

Review Title: modern and easy on the pocket book | Review by

Bought this fridge on sale and really like it. Smooth drawers and great capacity.

Review Title: Great features, I second to that! | Review by

I bought this last June 2014, and just 2 weeks ago had the first replacement water filter replacement; and that was easy to do. It's roomy and all the controls were easy to find, if it needs adjustments. The only thing is the when we needed ice, when the ice selector is engaged, (off-course a cup or glass to catch the ice), the ice spills always instead of going into the glass or cup. Also, I think, on the ice or water dispenser, where you rest a glass or cup, it should be a little deeper. Other than that we are satisfied with our refrigerator.

Review Title: This is the best brand to buy | Review by

I love the Whirlpool brand and I would not buy any thing else. I like this refrigerator it is easy to organize and clean. The ice maker is fast and keeps up with the demands of my household.

Review Title: Despite the stainless steel, seems like a budget design. | Review by

My wife and I were in dire need of a new refrigerator and settled on this one as it seemed to be a pretty good deal. Stainless steel, side-by-side, with dispenser for about $900.

Review Title: We wish that we had paid more and got a different fridge | Review by

The refrigerator has plenty of space and functions well for our family. However the design for the ice drop is terrible. Every time you go to get ice no matter if it is crushed or cube it does not make in the glass. We are forever picking up ice on the floor. For this we rate it with one star. If I could trade it in I would. Bad choice on our part.

Review Title: Right appliance | Review by

This new refrigerator is great. LED lights are really amazing. The shelves can be adjusted to what ever you need. The freezer may be bigger than advertised. Which is not a bad thing. The storage area in the doors is huge. If this refrigerator last as long as its features, my son is going to have a refrigerator after I am gone.

Review Title: would not purchase again | Review by

crushed ice is all over the place. water is not chilled and leaks.

Review Title: ice maker | Review by

bought this and the wife wanted stainless steel what a mistake its so hard to clean it shows every little thing Also i've never had such a noisey ice maker you can hear it filling up and makes all kinds of noise. although everthing works good these are porblems

Review Title: The product is very compact for my kitchen space. | Review by

We have enjoyed this refrigerator very much. The quality is remarkable. This is our first Whirlpool and we would surely buy again.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This is a great product. It's big, well lit, holds a lot, built well and has great features.

Review Title: Has every thing I need in a refrigerator | Review by

Fits the decor of my kitchen---has all the features that I was looking for

Review Title: An excellent value | Review by

I was originally attracted to this model by the price for the features I had in mind. I read some negative reviews concerning ice dispensing but had already ordered it online. After delivery, I noticed that the clear plastic guide at the bottom of the dispensing chute would certainly control the delivery if the "cubes" we're small enough. Sure enough, the "cubes" we're smaller and the ice delivery perfect. All other performance functions are perfect, resulting in the best value on the market.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Came with my new home very happy with this refrigerator! Wish there was more flexibility with moving shelves

Review Title: Good refridgerator | Review by

This fridge is very nice looking and keeps the food cool. The Ice/water dispenser is the weak part of this appliance. If on crushed Ice mode, it ALWAYs will put some ice on the floor. The water Dispenser makes some pulsing noises that aren't too bad, but they are there. And the water that comes out of the dispenser is not the coolest it could be in my opinion. Otherwise it works great, compressor isn't too loud, and the lighting inside is great.

Review Title: first stainless steel appliance in 15 yrs | Review by

Very nice everything thing works great lot's of space, only thing that I was disappointed in was the noise , I thought it would be very quiet.

Review Title: Great basic fridge | Review by

We bought this from Lowes Home Improvement on Dec 1 2014, it wasn't delivered until January 9. Disappointed with Lowes but not with Whirlpool. It's been almost a month and no problems. We had a similar Whirlpool model in white for over 17 year and remodeled to Stainless we just moved white into garage and it's still working fine. I hope this one performs just as well

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Works great and holds a lot of food! Stainless steel is very easy to keep clean.

Review Title: get a whirlpool | Review by

its very good looking works great I don't even hear it running

Review Title: More room! | Review by

We bought this about 2 months ago. Our family has grown and we grew out of our current refrigerator.

Review Title: It has the features we were looking for and was priced right. | Review by

We found the interior LED lighting to be bright enough but the bluish-white color took some getting used to. It makes ice just fine and although the water dispenser functions well, the water is not nearly as chilled as our previous unit. We also wish the dispenser LED would turn on when the glass is pressed in - rather than having to leave the dispenser light on all the time. This unit has the amount of storage we were after - both freezer and refrigerator compartments. All in all we're happy with our purchase.

Review Title: the filter is out of the way(bottom) good feature! Ice maker is 10-times better than GE. | Review by

the price wasfair for what we got and much nicer than the GE which desided after a brief 3-years to stop working 3 days before thanksgiveing

Review Title: Good choice | Review by

An excellent choice both in appearance and sound during operation. The only area of disappointment is the disbursement water area. It could have been slightly taller due to the various glass heights now used everywhere, by many. Still, once knowledgable to what fits, i tdoes a good job. What was surprising was the coil of tubing within the until for coiling water and the better anchorage of the door shelves.

Review Title: Smaller than expected | Review by

The inside of the refrigerator is smaller than expected. The ice maker takes up more space too.

Review Title: Don't like the ice dispenser | Review by

I like the refrig but the ice dispenser drops ice all over.

Review Title: So well organized. | Review by

I love the freezer drawer at the bottom with sliding shelf. so spacious and access able. The fridge is at eye level and easy to store stuff in. I love it

Review Title: Good frig | Review by

Bought 2 months ago- good price! Seem to be what we needed. Bottom drawer is hard to pull out like other user say- but just lift a little as u pull and it's fine. Which the water was a little colder coming from dispenser.

Review Title: Great size! | Review by

I bought this fridge when I moved into my new house that did not include a fridge. I knew I wanted stainless steal at some point in life but I was really just looking for a decently priced fridge to get my family by for the time being. When I found this fridge, I was amazed that it was not only a great price, but stainless steal as well! The fridge is a great size from the outside, not too big and bulky but substantial enough that it fits well in our built in. The inside of the fridge is huge! It has plenty of room for everything and I love the clear drawers, allowing me to see what I have stored in there. The only critique I could give it is that the stainless steal, smudges easily and with a four year old, it's hard to keep up with keeping it fingerprint free. Other than that, a great buy!

Review Title: 2nd one better than the first | Review by

The first refrigerator didn't work due to thermostat broken in refrigerator section. It was not cooling to desired setting so it was sent back for another ..Same model. 2nd one works perfect complaints.

Review Title: easy acess | Review by

we have had it couple months and love it but one small problem but i'm sure its operator fault. mositure on shelves and veg. drawer can't get temp. set right. we get back when problem fix.

Review Title: Not that great | Review by

We bought our house and they three in this fridge. It hasn't worked right from day one. My freezer will over freeE and then decide that it doesn't want to freeze properly. The fridge always has condensation in it. The ice maker has a mind if it's own too! There isn't enough room in the freezer to store much and the design of the fridge is very poor too!!

Review Title: a nice refrigerator for the price | Review by

Not a fancy refrigerator, but still looks good for the price. I don't use the ice maker. It would be better if the ice box inside the freezer is removable to make more room for food.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I've had this refrigerator for about 5 months and I love it! It's very spacious with plenty of drawers and shelves.

Review Title: Great Fridge at Great Price | Review by

My wife and I wanted a stainless steel fridge to match our other appliances in our new house and did not want to break the bank. This fridge delivers that and also has great size and lots of shelves for storage.

Review Title: Good price for its features | Review by

I bought it about two months ago and i love it. I was replacing my other whirpool fridge that lasted me more than 16 years with no issues.

Review Title: Not happy | Review by

I am not happy with my month old refrigerator. There is a loud, pulsating noise when dispensing water. The ice dispenser for cubes and crushed ice tosses the cubes and crushed ice outside of the glass, onto the floor. It also holds ice in the dispenser and releases it later where it lands on the floor. I have had repairmen for it three times and it is still not fixed. A fourth, other opinion, repairman is coming next week. I have asked for an other refrigerator but have to have repair people talk to Whirlpool Technical support in order to even talk about a replacement.

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

I have this product for only a few months and so far has had no problems with it. There is just one thing with the ice dispenser when using crush ice you need a larger container bigger that the average house size glass, otherwise the ice would not all go into the glass but on the floor.

Review Title: Great looking fridge | Review by

I've had this fridge for a month now and thinks its been a great buy. Roomy, great design, and so far, no issues. My only complaint is that the icemaker only gives you mildly cold water and the ice comes out at a weird angle so you will always be picking up ice cubes.

Review Title: This product is cheap in pricing | Review by

I got this product in Lowes. It's cheaper $200 comparing to Homedepot and other stores which is selling exactly the same product. They are all brand new; but Lowes is cheaper. The only problem I see so far is the water outlet. The water outlet is in fix position and not follow the push in switch. Therefore, you may need to use two hands to get water. if you cup is small or median size, the water is not going into your cup. But in general speaking, it's good for this price.

Review Title: Not the best | Review by

I am not pleased. When you get crushed ice it jams. Eventually you have a puddle of water in the floor.

Review Title: Disappointing | Review by

Great Fridge but the ice maker throws ice everywhere - its a mess.

Review Title: Not worth the money!!! | Review by

This fridge is so frustrating, I wish I could return it. The icemaker shoots ice all over the floor of my kitchen and pours water down the front of the freezer door. I called the repairman and he told me it work per the design, they changed it because people complained it would let ice come through so apparently they went too far the other direction. How annoying that they don't say anything about that when you buy it. Also, products in my fridge freeze no matter how low I turn the freezer dial (what the repairman told me to do); and my veges wilt unless I keep them in a ziploc. Not a good product.

Review Title: Great value and looks great! | Review by

Great value and looks great! Easy to clean and is very quiet. Only thing I don't like is the blue light at night is right outside the bedroom. I guess the kids don't need a night light then.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Old fridge died and we went with whirlpool this time. Absolutely love it

Review Title: Great Refrigerator For The Price | Review by

Love the crushed ice feature. My $2,300 Maytag that lased 7 years didn't have this feature.

Review Title: This product has very poor designs. | Review by

The ice and water dispenser does not come down far enough to fit into a glass and ice gets everywhere.

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator!! | Review by

The Whirlpool side by side refrigerator is a high quality appliance. It is large enough to store many items. It is easy to use and the doors open nicely. The items stay cold and the ice/water features on the front of the refrigerator are wonderful for company. I am very pleased with the refrigerator and recommend it highly!

Review Title: The Perfect Frig!!! | Review by

I have owned the frig for 2 months and love it. This stainless appliance has been easy to maintain and clean inside/outside. Also water/icemaker easy to keep clean and very quiet.

Review Title: this product has all the features I need and has great space. | Review by

I love this product because it has all the space I need from the shelves to the three drawers. I love that the water filter is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. I love the design of the ice and water dispenser. This product keeps the food fresh for long periods is very easy to clean.

Review Title: Trusted for more than 15 years | Review by

Second generation using Whirpool brand. Our last Refrigerator lasted 15 years. As far as capacity is very specious, considering that we are a family of four. Like the LED lights. I hope this one will last me another 15 years +.

Review Title: 2nd times the charm | Review by

First fridge did not work, which spoiled roughly $200 worth of food. Had a replacement delivered the next day, thankfully that one seems to be working just fine. I do like the shelves on the door, frees up so much space.

Review Title: The refrigerator is great | Review by

Everything about the fridge is great except the ice dispenser, when dispensing crushed ice it gets all over the floor, enough that I wont use it and would love to win a different fridge.

Review Title: great | Review by

My mom's refrigerator went bad, the repairman said it was not worth it to fix. I asked him what brand to get, he said Whirlpool, because it was consistent, did not break down and was safe as far as fires starting like some brands do.

Review Title: Great! | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for around five months and it has been great! Plenty of space inside and sleek look on the outside. The ice maker did clog up pretty bad once and it took my husband awhile to get it worked out but other than that no problems!

Review Title: Very nice appliance | Review by

The refrigerator is very nice and features are wonderful! Although it is a little small inside it's still a good size fridge...the only bad thing is it really noisy when water runs through it and makes noise with ice can really hear it kick on when it runs water through it.

Review Title: Lousy interior design | Review by

I had this pre installed in my house upon purchasing the house. I would have not chosen this model. The drawers are not user friendly and the freezer is way to small to be useful.

Review Title: Perfect size! | Review by

We bought this fridge about a month ago. We're so happy with it. We don't have a large kitchen and thought it would look too big, but it fits perfect and we can put so much stuff in there. I love the fact that is not noisy like our last fridge. Can't be happier with our new Whirlpool!

Review Title: Perfect for our family | Review by

So far the refrigerator has impressed with ease in adjustable shelving, spacious storage capacity, and a large reservoir for the ice dispenser. We love throwing parties at our house and our whirlpool lets us keep all of our leftovers neat and organized.

Review Title: Good buy! | Review by

Bought it at Lowe's a month ago with best deal, so far so good. It looks nice and big enough to hold a week's needs for my family. Very nice to have the lock function to prevent kids mess things up. Like it!

Review Title: Great fridge | Review by

I am really enjoying my new refrigerator. The freezer is smaller than I would have liked but it serves its purpose. Cleanup is very easy and it runs so quiet. Overall it was a great buy!

Review Title: Great refrigerator, just noisy at times | Review by

Aside from the fact that this refrigerator is noisy when it makes ice, it has been great! I would recommend it.

Review Title: No more taking time filling ice cube trays. Very handy. | Review by

This is a very good refrigerator/freezer. Very spacious.

Review Title: I am so incredibly happy with this! | Review by

This is the best refrigerator. So much space!!! We love the water and ice in the door. The fridge we replaced was tiny, we never run out of space for anything we want to put in it.

Review Title: Good price performer | Review by

This refrigerator is fine for the price. It's noisier than any frig I've ever owned. There is no balance adjuster, so you need to add your own splints to balance it correctly. Also, there are only 3 shelves although there's room for 4, and 4 would make it more usable. There's lots of room on the door shelves though, so that helps compensate for the lack of shelf space in the main section. The freezer section is adequate, but lacks shelf space on the door. All in all, it's not a great frig, but it's certainly fine for the price and I would buy it again for that reason.

Review Title: Perfect match and complimentary look. | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago for my new kitchen in new home. I choose it for it's good price for the size and design as well as the functionality features. The ice maker is a little clunky but still a great over all value. I wish it was a bit quieter.

Review Title: Good refrigerator at a good price. | Review by

I have owned this for a little over a month and am happy with it. I would have liked to have the light at the ice/water dispenser come on automatically when using it, although It is not difficult to turn light on and then off manually. When using the ice dispenser, especially crushed ice, it is difficult to place the glass or cup in position so as to not have ice fall all over the floor. Seems as if ice keeps getting dispensed even as you release lever and start to move glass away. We really like the look of the interior lighting and the way it starts dim and brightens.

Review Title: Good but Should have Bought a Larger One | Review by

While our new refrigerator is energy efficient, makes great ice cubes and is easy to clean, we should have gone for a larger one. The raised moldings along the sides of each of the shelves cuts down on the available space to stand bottles or jars so that they will sit squarely on the shelves. Plus the layout of the freezer is not at all as efficient as in my older Whirlpool. So, although the refrigerator is larger than my old one, there is less storage space in both the refrigerator and freezer.

Review Title: Poor design of ice and water dispenser | Review by

Bought this fridge mainly because it was Whirlpool. Great brand, nice looking fridge, not extremely expensive. Well I have been so disappointed with my purchase and wish I could return it. The water and ice dispenser is poorly designed. Water constantly leaks, ice gets stuck and then melts and leaks, crushed ice (which is my favorite) shoots all over the place, water and ice randomly shoot out on its own. I constantly have to clean the outside of the fridge where the water spills and leaves stains. It's hard to believe that whirlpool could produce such a poorly made fridge but they did. Guess the only plus is it is a nice looking fridge and fits our groceries perfectly.

Review Title: Love it is great for a family | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and love the fridge ! my wife loves it .. it has great LED lighting inside and the ice maker and water dispenser works like a dream .. Well worth the money

Review Title: Highly satisfied customer, product works great | Review by

Overall, product works great, just 2 things that can be improved upon, 1. Water fill cycle for ice maker can be quieter, 2. The Ice chute in the door appears to be wider than a standard 8 or 10 oz glass, ice falls outside the glass when using the crushed ice feature (just a little), recess area is narrow, ice falls on floor, other than these items, very satisfied with product.

Review Title: Very nice refrigerator | Review by

Had it for 6 months, simple and very efficient SXS Refrigerator.

Review Title: A great value! | Review by

This side by side stainless steel refrigerator offers all the features we were looking for at an affordable price point. It looks great and works well. It would however benefit from the inclusion of an extra shelf in the refrigerator section.

Review Title: Very pleased! | Review by

I've had this refrigerator for two months, and am really happy with it. Both compartments are well lit by LEDs and the layout of shelves maximizes the use of space. And it is very quiet!

Review Title: Poor ice maker | Review by

I have had this serviced 3 times and it still sprays pieces of ice cubes all over the floor. Never can use crushed ice it's a mess!

Review Title: led lighting is great | Review by

received this unit under warrenty . storage space is good for two people however when getting ice it seems to go all over .need to use a large pan not a glass. great new led lighting leaves no glare when getting out products . over all it is a good unit

Review Title: Nice Purchase | Review by

I've had it about a month and I really like it. Nice room and the fruit, vegetable, and deli drawers are easy to open and to see within. Plenty of room on the door for smaller items. Also like the light on the dispenser. So far, no dislikes. I do lose a few ice cubes, but you simply have to know where they come out and adjust.

Review Title: Whirlpool side by side refrig review | Review by

The Whirlpool side by side refrig is large from the outside, but less useful space inside. 1st, the ice marker and the water dispenser too large , it take up almost half of the freezer space, and the slot on the back side of the freezer door is too small to be useful,

Review Title: Great Storage! | Review by

This refrigerator is a godsend! My food is always fresh and at the perfect temperature. The freezer is so easy to store a huge amount of food! I can find it easily. I love the ice and water feature on the door! I use it constantly.

Review Title: could not be happier!! Love it | Review by

Looks great very practical great space for everything you need. Love the ice and water dispenser. Easy to clean. Sharp looking!!

Review Title: Great value/features for the price | Review by

I bought it a month ago... good shelving space.. great value for the price so far

Review Title: it's ok | Review by

Controls for ice dispenser seem cheap and clunky. Makes a lot of gurgle like water draining. The time delayed light inside the unit is sort of annoying.

Review Title: Ice Dispenser Issues | Review by

We have only had this fridge since June. From the start, the crushed ice part of the dispenser flew ice chunks all over the kitchen. So we never use that setting. It has been disappointing that the option indicators on the dispenser are already rubbing off. The cubed ice jams regularly. And now the dispenser won't even release cubed ice. It wants to crush everything instead.

Review Title: Great quality | Review by

We were in need of a new refrigerator and this is exactly what we were looking for. It matches our other appliances and adds to our recently painted kitchen.

Review Title: was what we were looking for | Review by

for the price this is what we were looking for in the price range

Review Title: Great Refrigerator ! | Review by

It looks awesome! It seems to have plenty of space and works great!

Review Title: Very pleased with my new Whirlpool Refrigerator. | Review by

I recently purchased a whirlpool refrigerator from H.G Gregg. I am very pleased with the sleek look of the refrigerator. I love the blue lights on the water and ice dispenser. What I am most impressed with is the ease of storage in the refrigerator. I am able to store a lot of food and able to access the food easily. I am so happy to have purchased this refrigerator.

Review Title: The NEW Love of My Life | Review by

When I settled on the model with ice/water thru the door and LED lights in both the frig. and freezer and over the ice/water on the door ... s/steel w/dark gray on the sides. Who would not be in LOVE with such a beauty. There is lots of shelves and three (3) drawers and the door well say no more plenty of shelves there, too. The ice maker is always working for me and I just love the fact there is a filter for the water to make it taste it's best, and a easy way to tell when it's time to change the filter. The freezer is not only making my ice, but hold a wonderful selection of breads and other goodies for later. I truly look forward to many, many years of enjoying my new frig.

Review Title: Satisfactory | Review by

Overall, we are please with our refrigerator. However, we have had to clear the ice dispenser of jams a few times. Setting temp control colder has helped but not completely solved this issue.

Review Title: Good for the money | Review by

We bought this about 6 months ago and are happy with it so far. It has good features, ice maker on door is great. Just wish it came with more shelves

Review Title: Easy and Solid Product | Review by

Well made product with affordable price. Works exactly what it's made for and very easy to use. Also, this product made clean look of my kitchen. Little hard to remove the stain on the surface.

Review Title: I should have done more research | Review by

Everyone keeps pressing the lighted symbols because they can't see the buttons. The ice blows around instead of funneling into the glass making a mess on the floor. It is larger then my previous frig. but has less shelves and storage.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Had to replace our existing refridgerator, shopped around and found the reputation of the product was a key in choosing it. The features, price and style all made the sale.

Review Title: Perfect for a single person or a couple with basic needs. | Review by

This is the perfect side-by-side refrigerator/freezer for a single person, couple, or a small household. The price/feature/performance combination is an excellent example of made-in-America appliance technology. The clean, flexible and well-lit interior design offers ample room and engineered space for all classes of items with ease of access. Temperature settings are easy to independently adjust for the 'fridge and the freezer. There is a water filter for the ice-maker/water dispenser that is well positioned for ease of change-out when signaled by the easy to see indicator light. Quality and dispensing of the ice cubes is excellent and the filtered cold water substantially reduces the need for an inventory of bottled water and recycling management. The unit is quiet even for my sensitive sense of hearing. The sales-person at Sears was very knowledgeable and didn't try to sell me up when he understood my needs. The delivery and set-up crew was professional and respectful of my space. I would not hesitate to make this same decision again. Sears can't be beat for appliances.

Review Title: So far, so good . . . | Review by

I will give four stars for now. That is, "so far, so good." I bought this @ the Home Depot in Zanesville for my old "homeplace" in E. Ohio, at the behest of my sister and family, who are living there. This is the first fridge we've ever had with a water/ice dispenser--which we ruralists can take or leave. Right away, sis found the freezer too small, though that's no fault of the appliance itself. They (and I) like the shelves in the door that're big enough for a gallon milk jug; in fact, the door space is nice, even if the shelves themselves are a tad narrow.

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

Satisfied with purchase, met expectations well. LED lights are very nice. Refrigeration systems works very well and is much more energy efficient than the refrigerator that it replaced. I noticed a lot of reviewers of this unit complained about the ice dispenser/maker...I don't have any issue what so ever, works great. Some materials used for components such as drawers and shelves are of sub-par quality. Stainless steel difficult to keep clean/free of water marks finger prints, etc.

Review Title: We are very please with the refrigerator | Review by

The refrigerator has peformed very well, with a minor issue with the ice maker. It has periodically stopped working, but seems to be working better now. No other problems and we like the frig.

Review Title: Great improvement | Review by

This frig replaced a 10 year old Sears, and it has many more features. Unfortuantely the line to the ice maker froze and I had to thaw with a hair dryer. No porlems like that with the Sears frig.

Review Title: Poor workmanship | Review by

The doors do not align either at the top or center. The bottom bin fits loosely in its track and frequently cants to one side when you push it in. It will probably break after some use.

Review Title: Good size | Review by

We bought this at the end of 2013. Had it delivered the end of January. The water coming out of the door came out s-l-o-w. Finally called Whirlpool and Columbus City Appliance Repair was sent out. He replaced the valve for the water in the back and said the filter was no good. Therefore at three months of use we will have to buy a new filter. Also several hours after he left from fixing the refrigerator, I went to the basement and found water. The hose coming out of the back of the fridge and the inline connecting hose were leaking bad.Turned the water off and next day I found the connection wasn't tight. We just remodeled our kitchen and the water which came out and laid on the floor has done damage to part of the floor. Needless to say not a happy camper.

Review Title: New Refrigerator | Review by

Looks good and runs good.The only problem with it is that ice cubes drop on the floor after you walk away.We call them Ghost Cubes

Review Title: Love the Fridge, except the ice maker | Review by

I love my fridge! It has great space and plenty of options. The only thing that bothers me is the ice dispenser. No matter how close you hold you cup to the top, ice goes EVERY WHERE!! If you could fix this, I would have no problems what so ever with this fridge!

Review Title: Keep the food cold as it should but that is about it | Review by

Nice looking unit but only had the unit four months and the two doors are starting to rust at the top 10 inches or so. I have to get started to file a claim to get this taken care of. Just have not do it yet.


Purchased this fridge about 3 months ago and love it. First time buying a new refrigerator and through friends and family I knew whirlpool was the way to go.

Review Title: Whirlpool Frig & Freezer | Review by

This is the perfect frig to replace a Maytag. It was just the right size to work within the cabinet built-ins.

Review Title: Great appliance for layout & ease. | Review by

Had my new refrigerator for a couple months now. The layout is great, ease of use and cleaning is amazing. Keeps my food just right. Only draw back (& it's not a major one) is the door is heavy and doesn't always close completely when pushed.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I am very happy with this refrigerator..especially not having to open freezer door in order to get ice cubes. or cool water.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Just purchased our Whirlpool, about 2 weeks ago. So far so good, but I love the fact that it is American made!

Review Title: Good features and works great. | Review by

This fridge came with the appliance package in my newly built home. I have been thrilled with its performance and accessibility.

Review Title: Beautiful refrigerator at a great price | Review by

Shiny black doors are beautiful to look at. Very quiet. Great layout inside. Very roomy. Easy to clean. Solid ice maker. Our only problem is with the ice dispensor. It throws ice all over the kitchen floor no matter how closely we hold the glass to the shute. We gave up and put a rug in front of the unit.

Review Title: OK, but drawers stick badly | Review by

If it were not for the two bottom produce drawers that do not shut well at all, I would be mostly pleased. Even when using two hands, these drawers stick horribly. Also, almost every time we get ice, it spills on the floor.

Review Title: Disappointed in new model | Review by

I bought this several months ago to replace a 10-year old version. I also wanted it in black instead of cream. I am so disappointed. It is so cheaply made. A piece fell off the veggie drawer, the ice/water buttons are worn off, the icemaker showers ice and chips all over the floor. Will not be keeping it long I guess. PS...the old one in the garage is working great...should have painted it?

Review Title: Broke after two weeks, doors were the problem as not sealing and ices built up, | Review by

Doors could not seal against refrig. Also came with shelf missing. Seems to be cheaply made. Apparently no quality control when it leaves factory with shelves missing. Thank God for retailer who took it back and gave me another one. To be fair, I may have received an ill built one, however it is apparent there is little quality control when the product is finished and leaves for the retailer.

Review Title: happy costumer | Review by

My family loves almost everything about our fridge. We did have a problem at the beginning with low quality of plastic design on the shells, but a technician promptly came to our aid and order new replacement shells. We are extremely happy now.

Review Title: Love my "fridge" | Review by

We recently bought a Whirlpool refrigerator after ours (another brand) played out after only four years old! So far I love it! It has plenty of room and was a great price for the features it has! I was most impressed with the "satisfaction" ratings and also with the low numbers or repairs for this brand! Looking forward to buying more genuine Whirlpool products!

Review Title: Side By Side Refridge | Review by

I really haven't had It long enough to give It a excellent review yet. It run's quiet, and is plenty cool. No problem's with the water, or ice despencer. The door's are level also, and close fine. I adjusted them with the two screw's at the bottom.

Review Title: good value | Review by

This refrigerator is a good value for the cost. It is spacious and easy to use. It is quiet, with the exception of the ice maker which periodically makes loud noises throughout the day as it is making ice. Also, when the ice dispenser is in the crushed ice mode it sprays some ice on to the floor instead of all into your glass. This gets a bit messy, so I would recommend just using the cubed ice setting.

Review Title: Features maike this product easy to use. | Review by

The refridgerator, freezer and water filter controls are in the front and accessible when the door is open. The ice and water dispenser is well lit and easily read which is important to us. Shelves are easily adjusted when you need to move things around for larger items.

Review Title: Energy efficient ! | Review by

Had it for over a month, and it is so much more efficient than my 20 yr. old one I replaced

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

We bought this a month ago & it filled our needs perfectly. Love the large storage in the door & filtered water. However the water is loud & it's not set deep enough in the door. Every time you get water or ice, some falls down the front of the door. Overall quite satisfied for the price though.

Review Title: Great value with higher end features! | Review by

I have to say I love my new Whirlpool refrigerator! I was a great value with features found on others costing more, such as LED lighting at several levels thought out both the refrigerator and freezer. Wide door shelves and like every refrigerator I�ve owed the ice maker makes the � round ice. However Whirlpool has stepped it up and those � round ice are now � the size they once were. This is a fantastic idea because the larger ice would cup to the curve of the glass blocking your beverage, these smaller pieces don�t do that. Over all I highly recommend this Whirlpool refrigerator!

Review Title: Spacious! | Review by

I bought this fridge over 6 months ago. I love how spacious it is with moveable shelves & drawers. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that on day 3 our veggie drawer cracked down the middle and we will need to order a replacement. It did not crack from shutting the door on it. It cracked when sliding the drawer back in to place. I would love to see a better design/ smoother sliding drawers. They often slide in crooked to one side, jam and have to be yanked back out, straightened out and then slid back in to place again. Other than all that I love how easy it is to clean. Easy to see everything in the fridge at a glance. And easy to customize & organize storage.

Review Title: Good features,nearly the same as old unit. | Review by

Bought new because old unit burned out in utility power overage. Nearly the same as old unit, but is more energy efficient. Like the LED light system.

Review Title: Suits my needs! | Review by

I purchased this unit for it's capacity and features. The interior of the refrigerator is large and the freezer, though could use another shelf, is just about right. My only complaint about the unit is the ice dispenser keeps shooting pieces of ice on my floor. Overall, very pleased.

Review Title: Good fridge, getting used to the ice maker | Review by

I've had this fridge since April. Works as intended, but ice making can be a bit noisy as you hear it dropping and revolving inside. Also had an issue where there was too much and we had to remove pieces to clear it out. Be aware that it does a defreezing cycle once a weak. It sounds like everything is melting down and falling on the electrical components, with noises of water falling on something really hot! I almost panicked thinking it was broken, until I read the manual...

Review Title: This product keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time. | Review by

We are very unhappy with our refrigerator. We had 2 service calls on the refrigerator in the first 2 weeks. The 1st service man said there was nothing wrong. However, the ice cubes are so small. You have to get your ice cubes just a certain way as you can't stop and start again as the ice cubes get stuck in the dispenser. I'm gone a few hours and come home and there are ice cubes melted on the floor and the very little tray is filled with water and it's running down the front of the refrigerator. Personally, I don't appreciate wiping water up from the floor all the time. The 2nd service man came out and says you have an R/O system and did you take out the filter and I said no didn't know that I was suppose to!! Well, that filter has to come out and your ice cubes will get bigger. He took the filter out and the ice cubes may be a little bigger but not that much. My husband has a terrible time getting his ice cubes so I have to do that most of the time and is better than it was but still there are times that the ice gets stuck in the dispenser.

Review Title: Amazing product with one flaw | Review by

We have loved this product. It runs amazingly quiet. The water filter on the water dispenser gives us great, clean water whenever we need it without having to store a water pitcher inside of the fridge. It has great space on the doors with plenty of adjustable shelves. We did have some concerns that the freezer space may not be big enough. However, after getting it home, we can store an enormous amount of food in the freezer area. The pull out bin in the bottom not being a wire bin is another plus. My parents have a refrigerator with a wire bin and food items are constantly getting stuck by slipping through the holes in the wire bin. Our only complaint of the refrigerator is that the storage shelves on the inside of the refrigerator side only have so many set slot markings. This doesn't really allow you to move the shelves any way you want to. However, it is a minor flaw on an amazing product. We would highly recommend this for anyone interested in a new refrigerator.

Review Title: Not as roomy as I thought | Review by

Our previous frig was a Frigidaire 1 cubic ft larger side by side. Didn't think I would miss the additional room but I do. Always moving things around to make them fit. Drawers are not convenient or large enough.

Review Title: SUPER PRODUCTS | Review by


Review Title: works great except for ice maker | Review by

pro: quite and performs well con: ice maker has a mind of it's own.

Review Title: Ice dispenser | Review by

I purchased about a month ago and much to my dismay the ice dispenser puts as much ice on the floor as in the glass. Whirlpool needs to fix this and send a replacement

Review Title: Excellent refrigerator for the price and features. | Review by

I decided to purchase a new frige since my ice maker stopped working in my old one a couple of years ago. I shopped only for a Whirlpool, since my experiences have shown Whirlpool to be the best of the best. The ice maker works perfect and the doors are very smooth and lock at the halfway and full positions. I really like the PUR water filtration system also. My friends constantly comment about the "Fade On" led lights. Terrific product. My next appliance purchase will be "Whirlpool". Many Thanks.

Review Title: Good product so far. Ice despencer could use some improvement | Review by

Crushed ice despencer will throw ice all over the floor. You have to cup your hands around your glass so as not to have crushed ice all over floor.

Review Title: SATISFIED | Review by


Review Title: Side by side new to us | Review by

Leary of a side by side, but find it convenient to access both sides. Enough room for large items. When dispensing ice cubes or chips they tend to fall on floor.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

We bought this frig and put in a newly remodeled kitchen. It is beautiful! Everything is working well except the ice maker. We have reverse osmosis drinking water system and this frig cannot be hooked up to our system because it needs more water pressure than our system has. The only other problem I had is I had a magnetic toy on the front of my frig for my grandkids and it scratched the surface of the stainless steal. I would recommend not putting magnetic toys for kids on the frig to keep it scratch free. I otherwise love this frig!

Review Title: great appliance | Review by

I needed a new refrigerator and this one had all the features I needed.

Review Title: Have had a whirlpool refrigerator for over 30 years and my last one lasted 12 years. | Review by

I love whirlpool products. Love the Bisque color and features. Need one more shelf in the freezer part tho.

Review Title: Good but lots of wasted space | Review by

I bought this a month ago, costco online so didn't see it before purchasing it. There is so much wasted space; for example the spill proof shelves are more than an inch around the glass and not level so nothing can go on the outside perimeter. Also the filtered water is great but there is at least two inches along the entire back to allow for hoses so you lose valuable space! And the fridge door will swing back open if you don't push it harder than you should have to.

Review Title: Great result | Review by

I really enjoyed this whirlpool refrigerator. My foods can last longer & more fresh!

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

Its been in my kitchen for just over 2 weeks and its great. Great temp control and uniformity from top to bottom - no cold spots! Love the ice maker - very quick ice production. So quiet I have to get real close to see if its even running. THANKS Whirlpool!

Review Title: love black glossy finish | Review by

I bought the Black Gold side by side. The finish is beautiful and reflects so much light that it does not feel dark at all. It is very quiet as well. plenty of room in both sides for us

Review Title: beautiful frig | Review by

i brought this 2 months ago, and it works wonders, keeps things fresher longer, and doesn't waste electric.

Review Title: Love My Whirlpool | Review by

I bought my fridge about a month ago and i am very happy with it i have had no probs i would highly recommend whirlpool to someone else.

Review Title: great value | Review by

Our last Whirlpool frig lasted for over 20 years so when it was time to replace it we went with Whirlpool again. Very happy with the features of this updated model. It is a great value.

Review Title: It has great features, the large ice machine, the many shelves, and suprised at it slid into the fro | Review by

We got the 25 cu. ft. side by side and love it. The drinks are nice and ice cold, plenty of shelf space and three compartments for all my vegetables and meat and cheese drawers. The freezer side has plenty of room for the frozen food and the ice and water dispenser is great, especially the crushed or cubed ice and the water is good and cold.

Review Title: only 2 remarks | Review by

I wish that the ice cubes were bigger.....these are smaller than what i'm used to! Is there anyway to adjust to a large size?

Review Title: keeps food cold | Review by

This refrigerator works really good it keeps things cold/frozen like it should. We have all whirlpool black appliances in our kitchen and I really like the way it looks. We don't ever hear it running the only thing we hear is when it making ice sometimes but that all. All around a good product

Review Title: mostly love it, except... | Review by

doors are ajar. had folks come out to adjust but they could only do so much. hopefully it is still efficient. ice/water dispenser clunks when used. haven't called them about this yet.

Review Title: Mislead | Review by

The ads at the time said refirgertor was engerystar and a little big unit, it is not engerystar. This problem is both Whirlpool and Lowe's. We are happy with the refigertor.

Review Title: We love everything about this fridge! | Review by

We have had this fridge for a month now and love it. It is very spacious and well designed. Fits our needs perfectly! And the fact that it is manufactured in the US was our final decision maker.

Review Title: our second Whirlpool side-by-side! | Review by

I have the black refrig--easy to keep clean! the energy saving LED lighting espec in refrig side could be better. Placement of some larger items can leave dark areas in unit. Ice water dispenser takes up a lot of space in freezer. Purchasers need to understand all side-by-side units result in narrow, deep storage areas, Overall we are pleased with the looks and performance.

Review Title: Nice fridge, but the ice dispenser is not my friend | Review by

I have had the fridge for a month and am not a fan of the ice dispenser. Ice will sometimes not dispense and will get clogged in the outside flap. Because of this, the stuck ice will melt and drip water causing drips down the front of the fridge. Other than this, I like it.

Review Title: excellent quality | Review by

I'm so happy with this refrigerator, may in some time I going to buy something else of this brand like a stove

Review Title: Beautiful, slim lines! Perfect. | Review by

I love my Whilpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator. It has everything I need. I'm a ice-aholic. So I love the size of the ice cubes, and the brain it has to refill the tray when needed. I also like the large bin at the bottom of the freezer. I put all my frozen fruits there in one place. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: love this fridge | Review by

We bought this fridge about 5 weeks ago. I really like it. It is big and has great spots for my food. My only complaint is when you get water out the door no light turns on.

Review Title: Overall comments | Review by

Am happy with our new refrigerator but overall is noisy when ice drops and when its calling for water to make ice.

Review Title: Ice maker and dispenser | Review by

The ice maker took 10 days to fill the bin, a bit long by my standards. When dispensing crushed ice you need to put your hands around the dispenser otherwise it splatters all over the floor

Review Title: The size of this unit is what selected the product for our use | Review by

This unit was purchased for a small office kitchen. After the cabinets were installed, the space for a refridgertor was much smaller than the plan specs. Aftter searching diligently on-line, this model was the only one we found that would fit in the space and still offer full size space and features. Thus its size is the biggest pro. The unit works well, with water and ice dispensers that elimiated our water service. The only con is the size of the chilled water tank. When all 11 of our employees are in the office, the tank empites before lunch and we must add ice to the water in the afternoon to have chilled water. The tank fills and chills overnight, so the early birds in our offfice enjoy chilled water without ice, while the others must add ice for chilled water. The interrior space is adeuate for employees lunch storage and supplies needed space for stoarge of foods for luncheons.

Review Title: Great Refridgerator | Review by

Bought this refridgerator about 2 months ago and it has worked well so far and is everything I wanted in a refridgerator. My only concern is how loud the water dispenser is. Sounds like a loud pump working behind the fridge when dispensing water.

Review Title: Great Appliance/ Refrigerator | Review by

I purchased this appliance about 3 months ago. I am very pleased with this appliance. Great features. Easy to maintain.

Review Title: Awesome refrigerator!! | Review by

We purchased this in February 2015 and we love it. It is quiet and has lots of features that some refrigerators around the same price do not have. The lighting placement is well thought out and even has a freezer light. The over all look is...well is a beautiful refrigerator!!

Review Title: Great Fridge !!! | Review by

This is a very nice refridgerator. Works great. Does have a design flaw on the ice dispenser..shoots ice onto the floor when not in use...other than that...great fridge.

Review Title: Whirlpool Fridge | Review by

We love our new fridge. Much more room inside than my old Electolux Icon. Outside is easy to keep clean, also. Cost of the new fridge much, much less than the Electrolux without sacrificing looks and quality.

Review Title: Great Features all around | Review by

We have had it for a Month @ everything is great except for the ice maker, we're having trouble getting it regulated. Having to turn it to the coldest setting to work properly.

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

We actually bought another brand first and hated it...we went back to the store and returned it & bought the Whirlpool which we love!

Review Title: LOVE IT! | Review by

I just bought this refrigerator about a month ago and already I'm in love! It keeps nice, even temperatures on both sides (my last refrigerator thawed and refroze the freezer items constantly, causing a lot of wasted food). It has plenty of storage and nice, deep crisper containers. The ice maker is great and there are plenty of adjustable shelves for food storage. The one thing I would have liked was some kind of "lip" or barrier on the freezer racks-I have to stack food perfectly for it to not fall out.

Review Title: looks nice | Review by

very nice refrigerator looks and works good .like it

Review Title: Great product that does what it says it will | Review by

Plenty of storage flexibility. Ice and water have a good selection and are filtered nicely for great taste. The ice maker does not stop consistently and cause a small mess. The water going into the ice and water reservoir are a bit noisy but once you get used to that it's not really an issue. Great fridge that I would purchase again.

Review Title: Has great storage features. | Review by

We like being able to adjust the door shelves for different heights. Love having a choice between cubed ice and crushed. When you get crushed ice, some of it can get away from your cup, minor issue to us.The black finish is good at hiding fingerprints. Overall: very pleased with the appliance! This item is being used at a water treatment plant and so if there is a sound issue, I'm not aware of it. Haven't noticed any noise or annoying sound level when I'm in the same room.

Review Title: Average | Review by

I bought the refrigerator about one month ago and it is pretty good based on the price. I find that the temperature setting is not quite cold enough, luckily there is an ice dispenser since I love cold drinks! Speaking of the ice dispenser, be prepared to have ice all over your floor because ice shoots out everywhere except into your cup.

Review Title: I DON'T LIKE THIS REFRIGERATOR1 | Review by

I had a 25cu ' Whirlpool Gold side-by-side that was 14 yrs old and working great, but it was white and I wanted to upgrade to stainless. They changed the design of the ice maker. It now makes smaller cubes, leaks EVERY TIME YOU USE IT...I constantly have a water line on the door, puddles on the floor and sometimes ice comes out by itself. I called an authorized repairman and he said there was nothing he could do. Also the screws at the top of the machine are not stainless and I awoke with a rust stain coming down the front. Another problem is the push buttons on the door for water or crushed ice. They are difficult to read and not as easy to use as the old style. It also seems like there should be another shelf and another bin on the inside door. My old refrigerator was terrific which is why I bought another Whirlpool .I've only had this 6 weeks, and now have sold my house. My next refrigerator will not be a Whirpool.

Review Title: Modern design | Review by

Love my new Whirlpool refrigerator. I replaced a 15 year old Whirlpool that was still working! Just wanted to update to stainless.

Review Title: My First Side by Side | Review by

This Fridge came with my new house I bought a few months back. So far I have had no issues. This is my first side by side and like it. My kids like the Ice on the door feature(Although my son enjoys locking the controls to annoy others) I do like how the door shelves are designed.

Review Title: Very little usable space | Review by

It just seems there isn't a whole lot of room in it. Perhaps there should be one less drawer. Who needs 3 drawers, we need shelf space. It also makes a funny noise, you don't hear it until it is night time and you're trying to go to sleep.

Review Title: Great futures very nice lighting , love it! | Review by

Easy to organize very nice access to every corner of both sides!

Review Title: Great refrigerator. | Review by

I recently bought this refrigerator and I am very pleased with the size, looks and space

Review Title: Nice Fridge | Review by

Easy to install and everything works. Very pleased with the purchase.

Review Title: Overall a great refrigerator at a great price. | Review by

I have been very happy with this refrigerator. It is quiet, efficient, and attractive. The only concern I have is that there seems to be some light oxidation on the doors that forms between cleanings. I use a stainless steel cleaner that I got from the same store I purchased the unit from, so I do not think that is the issue. This is my first stainless appliance, so it is possible this is normal. As I said, though, great purchase; glad I did it.

Review Title: Great!!!!! | Review by

I brought this Whirlpool Refrigerator over a month ago and I am very happy with it

Review Title: Good features but a few downsides | Review by

This is our fourth side-by-side; it seems they all have a lifespan of about 12-14 years regardless of the brand. This one is nice; clean interior and the food is easy to see. Good deep drawers. Mild issues: LED lights fade up when you open the door (annoys my husband), the ice cubes are small and the ice maker takes a long time to fill the tub. The ice cubes also come shooting out of the slot and it takes getting used to. An additional shelf or soda drawer would be nice. The water filter is not in the refrigerator compartment (it is below the freezer door) and the water out of it isn't that cold. The ice maker is a little louder than our former one. All petty concerns in the big picture; it seems to cool well and the food looks good under those lights (once they're at full strength).

Review Title: Good quality/style for price | Review by

Looks and works great! Only problem I have notice it the ice frequently gets stuck in the ice dispenser in the door. Then when the ice starts to melt it falls on my kitchen floor. Besides that everything else works good!

Review Title: Wonderful Refridgerator | Review by

While it was a bit larger than I originally expected, this fridge is fantastic. It easily holds everything you could think of. This is mainly due to the large bucket slots in the doors. They easily take all the large, bulky jugs and jars - thereby freeing up shelf space for other items

Review Title: Overall great fridge; could use some minor upgrades | Review by

We purchased this fridge for our new home, and after the first three months of use, we are overall pleased. The refrigerator portion is quite spacious: multiple shelves within the door frame plus a well-size drawer for dairy products. On the freezer side, the ice box does take up quite a bit of space; it would be nice if it could be slightly more compact in order to maximize room. Additionally, our only other area for improvement would be the water/ice dispense in the door. You really have to push the lever far to the back to access water and ice, which at our home, means that likely there will be spills. You almost have to push the lever back with one hand while holding your glass with the other. Not as easy as previous dispensers we have had on refrigerators.

Review Title: Stylish | Review by

Nice fridge for a reasonable price. It would be better if it had separate ice and water push buttons and you did not have to keep pushing a button to select ice or water.

Review Title: Not Happy | Review by

The Capacity is ok but the way the crushed ice-cubed ice come out is a problem. If not careful will have it all over the floor. The water is not as cold as I would like it. I understand there should be some noise level but is more than what we had in the past. We previously had a Frigidaire and **Really** liked it. But when your refrigerator goes out suddenly you sometimes make hasty choices.

Review Title: Worked as expected. Very Good | Review by

Except the ice dispenser with no regulation, everything OK.

Review Title: Sleek and clean looking with desirable features | Review by

Love how the stainless steel and grey cabinets looks in our kitchen. Perfect size for our use. Had exact number and size of drawers I wanted in refrigerator. The ice maker broke by third day, but was quickly replaced and installed for free. Works great now. Am very pleased with purchase.

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

We got this refridgerator 7 month ago and have been very pleased. It has plenty of door shelves, 3 fridge drawers and the convenience of water and ice in the door. The water filer is conveniently located and we love the interior LED light. I just wish the replacement filters were less expensive but that's my only complaint.



Review Title: Lots of room | Review by

I just love the extra room I have.and I love the stainless steel look.

Review Title: The water supply is a slow stream | Review by

The water stream flow is way to slow. I have to stand at my fridge for ever in order for me to fill my glass with water. That is really all i have to say about it.

Review Title: Could be better. | Review by

We bought this refrigerator about the first of August '14. Our old Amana had shown signs of crashing so we were under some pressure. We liked the roominess of the Amana and wanted to duplicate it. However, all of the refrigerators we looked at had the ice and water dispenser in the door which took up a lot of space that reduced the actual storage space. We were very satisfied with the old one, but caved in to this one. We don't use the crushed ice button or the water button and the cubed ice button acts so fast that we occasionally (probably more often than that) have cubes on the floor. I tried to include a photo showing the roominess of our old one, but I got lost in all of the requirements.

Review Title: Excellent performance | Review by

Very good quality product. Clean design. Ease of use.

Review Title: Expensive- Noisy | Review by

Obviously too exspensive. Unit makes too much noise. It thumps, wheezes, squeels, hissesand clicks. Too many door vending buttons. Door buttons are already showing signs of wear. It cools and freezes just fine but the overall design of this unit would keep me from buying it again.

Review Title: Cools Well But Needs Design Improvements | Review by

I purchased this unit to replace an older Whirlpool side-by-side of similar design, features and size. The cooling and freezing performance of the unit seems excellent. This exterior has a sleek design but several people have commented that it looks like it is missing the grill cover below the doors. The interior is easy to access and well lit thanks to LED lights. The removable clear plastic door bins seem fragile and one was busted prior to delivery and had to be replaced. Overall running noise is very quiet but there are occasional loud knocking sounds presumably from the ice maker. The indoor ice dispenser needs a complete redesign. It is virtually impossible to dispense ice without making a mess down the front of the door. The water tube is positioned so that water over shoots even a large glass and onto the floor and user. The overflow catch tray is ridiculously small and there is nothing to prevent water from dripping down the front of the freezer door. I will consider other brands for my future appliance purchases.

Review Title: Loving my new fridge! | Review by

THis is my first fridge to purchase in many years and I'm amazed at how quiet it is. Not only when making ice but when the water is running. It has tons of room for the fridge and looks very nice. Happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

This refrigerator has awesome capacity, runs quiet, the ice maker makes so much ice it has to be bagged, it keeps everything cold, and has plenty of room in the doors. I have an r/o system so I cannot comment on filter life as I do not need one. This is an awesome value for the price. I definitely recommend this refrigerator to anyone.

Review Title: Good product for the price, design of ice dispenser could be better. | Review by

Everything works fine and does the job for the price paid. Disappointed with the ice dispenser, its poorly designed, much of the ice ends up on the floor. Maybe with practice, I'll get it right.

Review Title: Best buy, excellent price | Review by

I'm very pleased that I was able to find such a good quality refrigerator at such a great price.

Review Title: Average features at best! Developers never seemed to have used the product | Review by

The panel in front is not user friendly. It's impossible to see the "lights on" button in the night since it is dark, hello! The buttons are not that easy to press. So one has to press 3 times to switch to say ice or water. Water from the water dispenser is not cold except for the first glass of water. They need to really work on this.

Review Title: Mr. Reliable | Review by

This was purchased for my new house. Overall I'm very happy. However, there are a few things that I would address. 1) the ice dispenser gets clogged/jammed with ice and does not dispense properly or at all for that matter. 2) I feel the freezer portion is a bit small and would address this in my next fridge.

Review Title: Satisfied with reservations | Review by

Have only had this fridge about 2 months. It was the only one we could find in a off white. Bought extra shelves on a online site as the two supplied didn't meet our needs.First fridge we have had with auto ice despenser so like that feature, although it tends to drop ice on the floor unless you are very carefull.

Review Title: SHORTFALLS | Review by


Review Title: Reliable but freezer issues | Review by

I've owned Whirlpool refrigerators for 20+ yrs and am always pleased with their reliability. This model has a good amount of room in refrigerator and door. The freezer, however, is small and ice maker is very noisy.

Review Title: Plenty of room!! | Review by

We bought this fridge in December and the ice maker never made enough ice. So we called whirlpool and they came right out and replaced it.

Review Title: Great design | Review by

I bought three weeks ago and we love it . Works great and love the led light

Review Title: Better After Service | Review by

I bought this fridge in black in March and had to call on the warranty in July. The fridge looks great, but it made the worst noise when the fan ran. Over the period of a couple months the noise got louder and louder and you would have to turn the tv up to hear. After a quick call to Whirlpool, they had a technician hear the very next day and after a quick fix securing the coil, it has been super quiet. I am very happy with my purchase and extremely happy with the customer service I received!

Review Title: Nice product | Review by

We like this product a lot. The only draw back is the ice maker. It is a little noisy and the damper has ice getting trapped in it at times.

Review Title: Doors Stay Open | Review by

I bought this refrigerator because it was the only one that matched my other appliances color. It would have been nice if we got all the shelves and door trays with it. I didn't like having to spend another $160 to get two more shelves and one door tray.

Review Title: 2nd Whirlpool Gold | Review by

This is our Whirlpool Gold . We ventured away to a LG and now we are back forever.

Review Title: BEAUTIFUL | Review by

Well designed interior,spacious and love the interior LED lights.

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

The only complaint is the ice gets trapped in the dispenser shot. Then when it frees itself the ice comes shooting out, even when you do not want it.

Review Title: Love the features on this refrigerator! | Review by

This refrigerator is a breeze to use-love the style. It's a great size and holds a lot. Would highly recommend this model!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this two months ago and am very happy with it.

Review Title: Good refrigerator | Review by

The only thing i don't like is the ice dispenser. The ice comes out sloppily and too fast. Small pieces of ice always falls on the floor no matter how close i place the glass to the opening.

Review Title: best fridgep | Review by

Great thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vvcvv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Good storage space | Review by

We have only had the refrigerator a couple of weeks and enjoy using it. Noteworthy that the refrigerator emanates excessive noise.

Review Title: Price is good | Review by

Good price for the unit. Magentic sides for pictures of family

Review Title: Missing a shelf | Review by

I like everything about this refrigerator, except that it has 3 slots for shelves, and only came with two shelves- I bought an additional shelf from Westinghouse for holiday storage.

Review Title: ok except all the streaking | Review by

part of a package deal. runs well, was told it was an easy care finish NOT TRUE. cant use any cleaner except the one whirlpool makes for it. (10.00 a bottle). if there is a spill when you fill a glass with water, (always is at my house) it leaves a big streak. you have to use cleaner, if not applied the same over the appliance it shows big time. same for the dishwasher and stove. VERY HARD TO KEEP THEM LOOKING CLEAN AND SHINY. WOULDNT HAVE BOUGHT IF I KNEW THAT. I WAS TOLD IT WAS A NEW EASY CARE FINISH.

Review Title: I would purchase this item again without a question. it is absolutely great | Review by

I have owned various products, however i have never owned a refrigerator that preforms as well, and has all the items i require. Additionally it also is very inexpensive to run, as it is built to be energy efficient. I have the highest recommendation to any body planning to purchase a new refrigerator, I did my homework and made the right decision. I suggest all to purchase this particular refrigerator.

Review Title: Easy to use, stays nice and cold makes ice fast. | Review by

Bought in October, love it so far, ice and water dispenser work well and makes ice fast. easy to clean and adjust shelves. Would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Review Title: Ice dispenser | Review by

I received this refrigerator with my new home. The ice dispenser throws ice onto the floor if you do not use a wide rim glass or container. The service person states there is nothing they can do because the dispenser opening is to large. Also, the stainless steel stains easily. Ice maker is loud.

Review Title: Love my new appliances! | Review by

My first side by side refrigerator has so much more room than I ever expected. The crushed ice option is a treat!

Review Title: This refrigerator is a pleasure to use. | Review by

I love the interior of both freezer and refrigerator. Good spacing, ample size to door shelves. I love the brightly lit interior. I use and love the crushed ice dispenser for our daily smoothies!

Review Title: This refrigerator is great to use | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool refrigerator. I fits right in with all my other Whirlpool appilances.

Review Title: well constructed, good features | Review by

only complaints are, water from the dispenser is not cold and the ice maker will spit out ice after you with draw your glass

Review Title: would not recommend | Review by

The ice maker is very loud, takes up a lot of space in the freezer, and spills ice everywhere when you use the dispenser. The water dispenser is placed forward too much and hits the front of your cup so you have to be careful how you place the cup. Overall, the design of the ice and water dispenser is very poor. The drawers in the refrigerator don't slide very easily and stick at times. I am very disappointed with this appliance.

Review Title: Loud noise and ice machine | Review by

The ice maker throws ice out way to fast and goes everywhere, also when the water flows to the ice maker its very loud.

Review Title: water in door/ice feture | Review by

Just had our whole kitchen renovated and bought many whirlpool items - the refrigerator we are very happy with - the kids love the handy water/ice feature on the door. We are still getting use to loading the freezer and frige to meet our needs - will keep you posted.

Review Title: Good value for the price. | Review by

Easier to find items with side by side design. The ice maker is a plus. Plenty of shelves.

Review Title: review of side by side refrig | Review by

looks nice, has solid features on the ice and in door water, seems to be efficient and quiet, shelves seem flimsy to me though.

Review Title: issues with ice maker and drawers | Review by

We have had the whirlpool refrigerator for six months. The ice maker is wild. It randomly shoots ice out long after we have used it. We will be in the next room and hear ice hit the floor in the kitchen when nobody is even in the kitchen. We go in there many times and get wet socks from where ice has melted in the floor. The drawers stick too. They do not slid well and you have to kinda lift up to close them which is a pain.

Review Title: Greatness wraped in stainless | Review by

This is a great refrigerator. there was alot of planning that went in to this. Everything You need and somethings you want with a great price

Review Title: Great frig | Review by

So far so good. Very spacious. Love the water and ice dispenser. No problems with ice dispenser. Was concerned after I read reviews. The only noise us when the ice drops.

Review Title: A bit noisy but good base model | Review by

This is a decent base model refrigerator, no frills or whistles but it does get the job done. It is VERY noisy when filling the ice trays and makes all kinds of whirring sounds randomly. I have problems with the freezer bring too cold and frosting up. The water coming out of the door is NOT cold, cool maybe but not cold as stated in the stats. Besides those issues this is a good refrigerator.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

This is a great refrigerator for the money. I got it in January. I only wish it could recycle the water and ice that comes out of the dispenser. Even with this little flaw, it is great. All my appliances are whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: Works just fine | Review by

I bought this at the end of July 2014 and am still trying it out. It does not seem to have as much shelf space as the previous Whirlpool

Review Title: Good value for the money. | Review by

The product performs well, especially the ice maker. It turns out cubes quite rapidly. And, the ice crusher really performs well - you could almost make snow cones with it.

Review Title: this product is eficient,attractive and easy to maintain. | Review by

we like our new whirlpool frig, trust the brand, like the stainless steel.

Review Title: it's beautiful! | Review by

I'm very happy with this! The humidity controlled drawer really works to keep fresh vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Love everything about this product.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

Excellent Price for a good quality product. Functions and looks great

Review Title: Needs "Ice Catcher"! | Review by

In my opinion this is a builder grade refrigerator. No frills and no options that dazzle me. My biggest complaint is the ice dispenser is an epic fail! NEVER can I fill a glass with ice (crushed or cubed) where ice gets throw out on the floor! I have tried various techniques and yet have found one that only puts ice in my glass! I now reach in the ice box and fill my glass by hand!

Review Title: Nice Refrigerator�but.. | Review by

My wife and I purchased a suite of Whirlpool appliances for our new home. All stainless steel�. We have used them about 6 months now. The only complaints are with the Refrigerator. It seems to make a lot of noise. It clunks and knocks when making ice�much more than our older unit. Also.. ice constantly is falling from the ice maker. I don't know if the opening is too big�.but chips always fall to the floor while using the dispenser. AND �after an hour of getting ice�another larger chip falls to the floor. It's frustrating. Finally�.all the units are a pain to keep clean. The stainless steel is pretty but usually looks dirty with water runs and hand prints.

Review Title: nice fridge | Review by

I bought this a month or so ago. There is spacing for another shelf which I wish they would have included. Also, the paper work states chilled water from dispenser which it is not. The ice cubes are smaller and it does not hold a lot cubes either.

Review Title: I like the style and color, very pleased | Review by

I purchased my new refrigerator on the recommendation of my appliance repair man, I am very pleased with it, It is everything he said it would be. He has been my service man for years and I trusted his judgement.

Review Title: Sharp looking fridge | Review by

Bought 1.5 months ago, very happy! For a fridge under $1k, we couldn't ask for more. Very nice looking, stainless steel fridge. If you get stainless steel, make sure to buy stainless steel cleaner as fingerprints show like a sore thumb.

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

We've had this for a few weeks now, and it has been fine. It gets the job done - keeping food cold and such. There are some minor annoyances like how the drawers to slide shut easily - they seem to stop an inch or two shy unless you shut them again, and how random ice chips will fall out 30 minutes or more after you've used the dispenser in the door. It looks nice. I like the glass shelves. The large door bins are good. We gained a lot of usable interior space compared to the old one we had.

Review Title: A few engineering problems | Review by

First and foremost should you remove the ice tray you can't simply slide it back in. Instead you have to make sure that the dispenser drive arm is aligned manually or it won't work properly. Secondly you'd better grab a bowl or some skis if you're getting crushed ice because it loves to throw it all over the floor.

Review Title: Love Whirlpool appliances | Review by

Remodeling my kitchen and the Whirlpool refrigerator I bought is everything I was looking for an needed.

Review Title: Good refrigerator, but a little slow making Ice. | Review by

The refrigerator does a great job as a refrigerator-freezer, but the ice maker is noisier and slower than our last refrigerator.

Review Title: Lots of room | Review by

I like the available storage on this unit. The fridge side is very roomy and the freezer side even with the ice maker and water dispenser hold plenty of frozen items.

Review Title: Good features, great value! | Review by

Good features that make it easy to operate, runs quit and efficient.

Review Title: Ample storage and great features | Review by

This side by side refrigerator/freezer was one of the many whirlpool appliances in our new home

Review Title: So far, so good!! | Review by

We've owned this refrigerator for about a month now and have had no problems. Temperatures seem to stay constant - even when we push it a little with slightly warm leftovers, and it looks great!

Review Title: large capacity and cools well. | Review by

It is great except the ice maker noise is a little loud however the cubes are perfect.

Review Title: This product is awesome | Review by

Keeps the vegetables fresh for at least 2 weeks. Temperature is perfect. storage size is perfect. I love it and goes well in my new kitchen :)

Review Title: Clean and neat design | Review by

This is such an easy appliance to keep clean, wipe it down and your done! The space us just right, not too big or too small. Thank You Whirlpool!

Review Title: Whirlpool products are great | Review by

I love the whirlpool package I bought this summer. Side by Side Refrigerator is great. I love the ice and water dispenser. Easy to use. Take less space when you open it. Dish washer is so quiet you don't even feel it's running. Microwave is so powerful. Performance is great, energy savers.

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

Got a great price on this refrigerator, everything as worked as advertised 6 weeks in. would definitely recommend.

Review Title: Not so happy! | Review by

I wish I would have looked further into this refrigerator, I was very disappointed with it once I got it home and realized the shelves are not adjustable, Every one I have ever had, has had adjustable shelves, so I never thought to check. I have defiantly learned a very expensive mistake, with the shelves like they are (cause you can't readjust them) you can't even get your milk on the top shelf with out turning it side ways, and the bottom shelf is useless because all it can hold a 12oz can....WHAT WERE YA"LL THINKING WHEN YOU MADE THIS ONE?

Review Title: Wonderful refridgerator. | Review by

I bought aside by side with ice maker , water, in door. I Love it. Freezer Is Just Right For Me... Two crispers are also a plus... Storage in door are of good quality and big enough to hold a gallon of milk... It has all I would want....Butter keeper and so Much More

Review Title: keeps food cold | Review by

We got this in Dec. It does great keeping food cold, looks sharp and has great capacity. admittedly stainless steal and small children don't go together well (the fingerprints!) But we are happy with our purchase

Review Title: Good temps in both refridgerator and freezer. | Review by

Keeps great temps. Would suggest frosted raised areas of door shelves be placed on inside bottom of shelf rather than outside bottom. Would keep objects from sliding when opening door. Have not hooked up door ice and water dispense yet. Have heard of drain freezing problems but will try it since I took out and extended warranty. So far very pleased.

Review Title: It's Okay | Review by

We have had the refrigerator for over 2 weeks now. I have only 2 complaints, the ice cubes are to small and it takes to long to make/refill the ice bucket. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

Review Title: Would recomend | Review by

Ice maker keeps up good, but always seems to drop a few cubes out after you move your glass away. The freezer needs one extra shelf. Looks like there is a place for one at the top but is missing it. The refridgerator side has good storage, but the bottom drawers hang up when you try to push them back in. Only other issue is the stainless finish. It's difficult to keep it clean. Overall I am pleased with it for the price.

Review Title: What we expected | Review by

To date the refrig has served us well- The best feature is the ice maker/dispenser - it really puts out. Have not had it long enough to experiance all it's features, but no problems at this time.

Review Title: simply great | Review by

Eeps tgings nice and cold without running for extended periods of time.

Review Title: Whirlpool fridge is excelent. | Review by

Whirlpool fridge has plenty of space. It's design is excelent and it's interior is easy to clean.

Review Title: Not impressed | Review by

The fridge works fine but there are some cheaply built parts such as the water and ice feature on the front. Not impressed. Its like we bought the cheapest brand

Review Title: poorly made shelves | Review by

I purchased Whirlpool side by side model noted above. the refrigerator looks good, but the shelving units are very poor to say the least. they are already coming apart. And i have not had the unit six months. The previous Whirlpool i had for almost 28 years and was made well. with temper glass shelves and steel supports. The new one, glass and plastic shelves that come apart. Very very poor quality for the money. one new shelve on back order for a month, now another with a crack in already. If i cant put a gallon of milk on the shelve what good is it

Review Title: Refrigerator Great for large family | Review by

We recently purchased this refrigerator for the ice maker on the door but found out we got a great refrigerator too! The shelves are large and there are three drawers instead of two. Works well with family opening and closing it many times a day and I would recommend it!!

Review Title: Marvelous but cramped | Review by

We are delighted with the frig but we were used to a double door frig with freezor below. originally bought another brand than Whirlpool, but very soon regretted deviating from our usual loyalty to Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great refrigerator for a good price! | Review by

We needed a replacement refrigerator in a hurry after a power surge (of course, on a Sunday) fried the circuit breaker in our expensive (not Whirlpool), 8 year old appliance. We didn't have much buying power, so went to see what we could get. This model fit our budget and was available for us to take with us from the store. I really liked the roominess and the lighting! I also like the finish on the front. It is easy to clean. The vegetable crisper keeps the veggies and fruit fresher for longer! The ice container does not interfere with space. The only drawback is the water and ice dispenser position, but my husband and I have learned to use it. We received a new circuit board for the other refrigerator and got it working, but it will be delegated to the garage. We decided this model suits our needs! I am very pleased with it.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love our new Whirlpool refrigerator. The ice and water dispenser are so convenient, and I love all of the space in the freezer. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were less drawers and more shelf space in the refrigerator. I would definitely recommend this product, though!

Review Title: Sleek Design | Review by

This 2 door refrigerator is a great price and has a step up visual quality. It is however, loud with vibration noises. The ice machine gets stuck at times.

Review Title: review | Review by

Real happy with the size and storage

Review Title: refrigerator | Review by

Very good value. However, not as spacious as I thought inside. Still a very good value.

Review Title: Less than I expected | Review by

There is remarkably little space to store things in what should otherwise be a rather large refrigerator. Neither the freezer or the refrigerator part accommodates as much as one would think, and the ice maker dispenser does not work well at all. I take ice out of the top, which requires opening the freezer door.

Review Title: Does what it should do... | Review by

Nice looking fridge. No issues with ice maker or water dispenser so far (1 month). Not great use of space inside but we fixed that with fridge bins to help organization and maximize space.

Review Title: Beautiful refrigerator | Review by

Have only had this side by side for 3 weeks, we absolutely love it. The water dispenser is used all the time. We fill our bottles with it and it eliminates buying water constantly.

Review Title: Value Priced Side by Side | Review by

We chose this side by side model because it had all the features we wanted for a very fair price. Reliability was a factor and Whirlpool is very reliable according to the leading consumer magazine. The unit is quiet running and energy saving.

Review Title: it keeps things cold | Review by

this product does keep things cold, but the drawers are difficult to move, shelves need more position choices and the water/ice dispenser is not even tall enough to fit a typical water bottle for refilling. Also, why not have the light come on to the water dispenser whenever it is used, rather than have a separate switch to turn it on.

Review Title: Beautiful!! | Review by

We are overjoyed with this side by side! It is beautiful and easy to clean. We especially love the ice thru the door because with 10 grandkids the door was constantly opened and closed on our old fridge. We have plenty of room for juice and fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer.

Review Title: Very Big | Review by

I bought this in late October and it arrived in late November. I am glad I got it and it works great so far. I live alone so I really didn't need it to be this big. I open it and think it looks very empty.

Review Title: value laden fridge | Review by

I am so pleased with purchase of my new fridge it works so well and with such an excellent value. I am truly pleased with this purchase

Review Title: Classic look for a kitchen | Review by

Purchased a Whirlpool to replace the old Admiral that only lasted a few years. I have another smaller Whirlpool in the basement that has been running for almost 20 years. Need I say more!!

Review Title: nice design and stainless | Review by

Happy with the purchase. The stainless looks great in my kitchen and the led lighting is awesome. I am very happy customer. Simple stylist and affordable.

Review Title: Almost there | Review by

We have this for 3 months now. We had some issues with the icemaker and, after 2 service visits, it lloks like it is resolved. It gets the job done and looks very stylish. It can use more lights in the freezer compartment though.

Review Title: Nice fridge | Review by

The refrigerator looks great and works great. The buttons on the ice/water dispenser are a little confusing and hard to read if you're over 40 :)

Review Title: Great | Review by

This side by side refrigerator is very spacious in both sides. I have the stainless exterior and is easy to keep clean. Love the ice maker and water dispenser .

Review Title: Great fridge- cold, easy to use, and looks great | Review by

Very glad we bought this refrigerator. It was on the higher end of the mid-range side-by-sides and we wanted a quality machine that would last us many years. The first thing we noticed was how quickly it cooled down. They recommend waiting 24 hours because loading it up, but it was already cold within 2-3 hours (the freezer took longer). Food and drinks stay nice and cold and the shelves are durable, holding everything we load onto it. For a family of five, a lot can add up! There are not many levels for the shelves (you cannot change the height of each section) but the sections are a good height to fit in large items like milk, cola bottles, and large juice containers. When opening the doors, we feel the coldness inside but the cold doesn't seep out. On some fridges, you get cold when opening the door because you feel all of the cold escaping from the fridge. Not here. And when you close the door, the freezer door stays put. You don't have to make sure you close the other door too. On our last side-by-side, we had to always make sure both doors were closed and sometimes we forgot and would discover it open later on. The ice maker is great. We loved the idea to have a water filter built in. Installation of the filter was quick and easy. The indicator light tells when the filter needs to be changed. The ice maker makes water, cubed ice, and crushed ice. Two things I don't like about the ice maker: 1) when the ice maker fills up with water, it is pretty loud. We notice the water sound in the next room. Not a big negative, but when we have guests, they always say, "What was that?" 2) When getting ice, either cubed or crushed, we have to be very careful that it doesn't fall out of the glass and onto the floor. With our two kids, they are always cleaning up the floor from ice. I don't know if there is a better way to direct the ice more into the glass, but it is a little difficult. All in all, very pleased with this fridge and looking forward to many more years of use!

Review Title: This product is outstanding | Review by

it is a wonderful operating refrigerator and I am most satisfied with it. I would recommend it to be purchased.

Review Title: Really like it! | Review by

We have had this model for approximately 3 months and have had absolutely no issues with it until we had some house guests in the for the past 5 nights. They didn't know to empty the water out of the drainage area and it appeared we had a leak. But of course, we didn't. Everything going great with this unit.

Review Title: simple fridge, not many frills. | Review by

I like that this refrigerator doesn't have too many bells and whistles. It's simple and to the point. Easy water filter install. I've only had the refrigerator fora few months so I can't say much about it's durability. The ice maker is a little noisy. Ice cubes get stuck in the ice cube chute on occasionaly. But it is fairly priced. I'm happy with it.

Review Title: THE FRIDGE THAT DOES ITS JOB! | Review by


Review Title: Nice fridge - Ice maker needs work | Review by

This fridge was purchased for my home right before I moved in three months ago, and it has been a nightmare. The fridge itself and the freezer have worked well, and are easy to use; it also looks nice.

Review Title: Whirlpool 25 cu.ft. Lg. side-by-side | Review by

I purchased this Refrigerator about 2 mths. ago and I could not be happier. It is quiet, so much room in fridge as well as freezer. The water is nice and cold and I would recommend this purchase to all who are in need of a great fridge.

Review Title: Looks great in my kitchen! | Review by

We bought this a few months ago as an upgrade. Looks amazing! It is overall very good. My biggest complaint is the drawers. They don't slide with ease as I hoped they should. Other than that I am pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: Love this | Review by

I am so happy with my new stainless fridge. It has everything I could possibly want. I made the right choice!

Review Title: Solid medium capacity refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator a couple of months ago online, not entirely sure what I was getting. It's a great replacement (same configuration) for what I had previously. So far, I like everything about it, in spite of the fact that I have less room. The only annoying design flaw is that the spill tray under the water dispenser is very shallow, fills up very quickly, and starts to grow mold if I don't check it every other day. Besides this fairly minor flaw, it's a great appliance!

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

I have now had the refrigerator for several months i am really content. About a week after installation, there was a problem with the ice maker not working. I called the 800 number and the next day a service person came, and discovered, there was a setting problem, and fixed it. It was the least expensive 25 cf refrigerator available, and if i would have one complaint it would be they should provide another shelf, there is so much wasted space, when short items are stored.

Review Title: noisy ice maker | Review by

noisy icemaker so I frequently turn it off , it randomly spits ice which ends up on the floor. I hope I don't find a small lake from melted ice when I arrive home from vacations.

Review Title: Terrible icemaker | Review by

The refrigerator is working fine, but the ice maker is slow, and the dispenser is just awful. We will be calling for a refund.

Review Title: $150 rebate from BGE for this Energy Efficient Refrigerator | Review by

Does the job and has LED lighting and customer service from Whirlpool is awesome.

Review Title: love it | Review by

I bought my refrigerator in June and love it. Like the fact it has the option to lock the ice and water.

Review Title: This is a good fridge....just buy it!!! | Review by

Ice dispenser is incredibly fast and it has a lot of room in door for storage. It also runs very quiet!!!! we got it as a second fridge and its perfect. Only had it for 3 months now....very happy....

Review Title: Very beautiful! | Review by

We bought our refrigerator about 3 months ago and it looks great in our kitchen! The ice maker is very loud and the water dispenser is very slow. It doesn't have quite enough space on the shelves. It seems like there should be one more shelf in there! The drawer space is great! I can fit a ton of veggies in the drawers!

Review Title: refrigeator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator for my new house and I love it. It has lots of room. Love the ice maker

Review Title: Great new Fridge | Review by

This is a major upgrade from what I had. The price point is perfect for this level of refrigerator. It does not have all the bells and whistles, but it is top quality for the price level. It is very efficient and has plenty of room. The only thing notable is the ice maker is a bit loud, but that is only when filling the tray, and dumping the ice other than that it is nice and quiet.

Review Title: The Audi of Refridgerators!!! A+++ | Review by

I bought this fridge when my old one died. I bought mainly due to price and size/dimensions, however I am "so glad" I got this fridge. The space inside = Phenomenal!!! LED lights (reminds me of the Audi headlights) light everything up with a cool glow. I could not ask for a better made refrigerator.... Whirlpool has advanced the game a notch with this model!

Review Title: Great item,love the price for the value | Review by

The only problem is the ice crusher, it flys all over the place.Every thing is great, love the led lights.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Good quality, the ice dispenser is a little bit harder to use.

Review Title: VERY PLEASED | Review by


Review Title: Scaling Down! | Review by

As octogenarians who are scaling down our lifestyle and living space, we are looking for ways to simplify. Our refrigerator and large freezer were both aging so we decided to eliminate the freezer and buy a new, more economical refrigerator-freezer. The model we selected has swallowed up the essentials for living a simpler life. We have loved our past Whirlpool appliances, and we are very happy with our latest choice. Anything that eases the transition to dotage is most welcome.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

I bought this three months ago and wish that I did it sooner. It's made my life so much easier. The refrigerator is fairly quiet and is easy to clean.

Review Title: Pretty average with some real ice issues | Review by

It's a good looking fridge. It has a decent amount of room inside but the ice maker take up too much space in the freezer. The ice dispenser on the door is pretty good at spitting ice everywhere. The fridge door should have come with one more rack.

Review Title: Roomy but loud | Review by

We purchased for our new house about a month ago, works well and has plenty of room but the ice maker is very loud, it also sticks and gets jammed often.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

This was an update appliance for my newly built home. It is a perfect size and has excellent features, like the door water and ice dispenser.

Review Title: Excellent Quality for Value | Review by

Bought this refrigerator to replace one over 20 years old. Both were Great!

Review Title: good looking appliance, shelves and drawers are well located, very functional! | Review by

nice size for average family, love water and ice choices in door, very quiet, first time we could lay a pizza box flat in the freezer!!

Review Title: replacement fridge | Review by

this fridge replaced a French door 25 cu. ft. that I had nothing but trouble with. Thank goodness I did the extended warranty, did the same with this one. It's really sad that you have to do the extended warranty as thing are just NOT made to last anymore!

Review Title: features | Review by

I am pleased with all the functions with this appliance, I like the color, size and inside lighting. The only problem I have is the outside surface to keep it clean and stainless. Thank you!

Review Title: Quality,Quite and sleek design | Review by

Awesome side by side refrigerator. Very quite compared to our previous GE model. Looks great and I like the quality of the product. No issues.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and so glad I did. It is beautiful

Review Title: This is a great refer. More room inside than I expected. | Review by

The refrigerator is quiet. Lots of space inside, food is easy to find.

Review Title: It's Sufficient | Review by

The feature's are good, however, I would be happier if the ice didn't fling out everywhere when it dispenses. If you don't entertain much, then this frig has plenty of space. I love the lock feature to the ice and water, although I wish it had a door alarm.

Review Title: Replacement for kitchenaide | Review by

Am happy with function but see that quality of construction leaves a bit to be desired. This should be considered an entry level machine.

Review Title: Throws ice all over the floor | Review by

I like the fact that the front of this SS refrigerator is easy to keep clean. However, I do not care for the look of the appliance. It looks like the front kick plate is missing, but that's the way it was designed. It I do not like the ice dispenser and have seen similar comments from others. You have to use a wide mouthed glass and be very careful or you end up with ice all over the floor. I also would prefer larger cubes. The inside of the fridge is layed out pretty well and I like the bright LED lights inside. The freezer is another matter. The storage in the door is poor and it could use another drawer.

Review Title: Is this fridge a Delorean? | Review by

Remember how heads and shoulders above any other car the Delorean was? Well, thats how I feel with our new Whirlpool. Its sleek, clean lines, gleaming stainless steel exterior is only second to the well lit spacious interior of our new fridge. And the price. The price is awesome. I don't know they did it but if you need a fridge give this one a second look. Heck give it a test drive and park it in our kitchen. You will glad you did.

Review Title: Dissapointed | Review by

After my old refrigerator which I had for about 17 years gave up on me during Christmas season, I went out seeking a refrigerator which I needed desperately before groceries spoiled. Unfortunately for me every store was booked and I had to wait at least 1 week for delivery which I could not do, I found this model at my local store, on sale and would be delivered the next day, so I purchased it. While the exterior is appealing, there are small flaws in the design that actually make a difference such as: frozen items tend to slide off freezer shelves, the vegetable containers get stuck and do not glide in or out easily, the doors are too narrow, ice cubes get stuck in the dispenser and make a mess if you don't check, and a few months after buying a piece of the plastic bin on the refrigerator door broke off easily.

Review Title: Love the Ice Maker and the water in the door. Great product. | Review by

I bought this refrigerator last month because my old one died. Sure glad my old refrigerator died!

Review Title: nice concept | Review by

I have had this refrigerator for 6 or 7 months and the only thing I do not like about it is the way the door dispenses ice, it goes everywhere regardless of how careful you are to keep it contained in the glass. I think a design issue as our old one you never had this problem.

Review Title: Sexy Appliance | Review by

Appliance works as a fridge should. Isn't too loud, and looks good.

Review Title: The jury is still out... | Review by

I've had the refrigerator a month. At delivery the bottom of the refrigerator side door was about 1/4" further out from the freezer side door. The delivery guy said it was from the packing material and it would 'settle'. It hasn't 'settled' and it's still 1/4" further out. Calling the store I purchased it from today.

Review Title: So glad we choose this product | Review by

Nice features, quiet running, keeps food at the best tempeture.

Review Title: nice | Review by

I love Whirlpool however this was the first appliance that I had a problem with. Simple the lights started blinking and they fixed but at $300 for lights it forced me to buy extended warranty. Still a good fridge.

Review Title: OK | Review by

Quality is lacking. Bought this for the price. Doesn't seem like it will hold up.

Review Title: Great space in both freezer and fridge | Review by

Cons: - Ice machine is loud when the water kicks on - fingerprints are easily seen on stainless steel

Review Title: good overall | Review by

This is the refrigerator that came with the appliance package in our new home. Satisfied with it overall, but getting things in and out is a hassle due to narrow deep shelves. Freezer is hardest to get things or if because everything needs to be stacked due to limited shelves. Refrigerator side is big but again getting things from backs of shelves is almost impossible.

Review Title: Enjoying the water, ice features | Review by

I am learning how to move things around to make room for the turkey and the eggnog!

Review Title: Just right! | Review by

I'm very satisfied with the Whirlpool refrigerator we bought and would recommend it to friends.