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Whirlpool WRF989SDAM 26.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM RefrigerationAppliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM RefrigerationAppliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM Refrigeration
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM Refrigeration
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM Refrigeration
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRF989SDAM Refrigeration

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Whirlpool 26.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,699.00
24% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,334.60
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Whirlpool 2.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $469.00
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Whirlpool Gold 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
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Regular Price: $804.10
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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range - Convection
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $1,799.00
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Regular Price: $1,569.10
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Chimney Style Wall Mount Range Hood
Regular Price: $499.00
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Whirlpool Gold 15" Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor
Regular Price: $829.00
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Regular Price: $728.99
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Whirlpool 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $299.00
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Regular Price: $241.11
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Whirlpool 36" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,199.00
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Regular Price: $1,029.60
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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,749.00
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Regular Price: $1,294.10
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  • Most Fresh Food Capacity Available
  • Store more food with the most fresh food capacity available. Now you can meet all of your food storage needs and have enough space to hold bulk food purchases and large party platters with 29 cu. ft. models.
  • Most Door Bin Space in the Industry
  • Refrigeration storage isn't just for the interior compartment. These french door refrigerators offer the most door bin space in the industry, so you can easily access gallon jugs, 2-liter beverage containers, condiments and more.
  • AccuFresh Dual Cooling System
  • Helps keep crystals off your ice cream and fruits and vegetables stay fresher with the AccuFresh dual cooling system. It keeps food tasting great with higher humidity levels and improved food preservation.
  • MicroEdge Shelves
  • Store more items on each shelf with this model's MicroEdge shelves. They not only give you 25% more usable shelf space,* they also help contain leaks. With more shelf space, your refrigerator will be ready for whatever you bring home from the store.
  • In-Door-Ice System
  • This innovative system moves the ice bin to the door, creating room for an extra shelf in the refrigerator compartment. A removable, clear ice bin lets you fill coolers with ease.
  • Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry
  • Temperature-controlled full-width pantry.
  • Triple Crisper System
  • Increase your refrigerator's storage flexibility and keep a variety of items fresh with the Triple Crisper system. There are two larger crispers with humidity controls for long items like celery stalks and a smaller, center crisper.
  • Freezer Divider
  • Easily customize freezer storage and organize frozen food with the moveable freezer divider bin. This bin is ideal for small or loose freezer items.
  • 11-point Ramp-up White LED Lighting
  • Easily locate hidden items with 11-point ramp-up white LED lighting. Improved lighting makes finding items in your refrigerator easier.
  • Exterior Filtered Water Dispenser with Tap Touch Controls
  • Minimize the need for bottled water with an exterior dispenser that offers cold, filtered water and ice without opening the door, while electronic controls make accessing features easy.
  • Measured Fill
  • Allows you to select the exact amount of filtered water-in ounces, cups or liters- that you need. The dispenser will fill the container and automatically shut off when complete.
  • Fast Ice option
  • The Fast Ice option drops freezer temperatures for a full 24 hours to increase ice production by over 30%.
  • FreshFlow Produce Preserver
  • Leave air freshness to your refrigerator. This model's FreshFlow air filter is 15 times more effective than baking soda at reducing common food odors by actively circulating air through our carbon based filter.
  • Adaptive Defrost
  • Adaptive Defrost senses and adapts to help save energy and provides improved food preservation by running the defrost cycle only when necessary. Sensors monitor how often the compressor operates, as well as when the doors are opened.
  • FreshFlow Air Filter
  • Leave air freshness to your refrigerator. This model's FreshFlow air filter is 15 times more effective than baking soda at reducing common food odors by actively circulating air through our carbon based filter.
  • Pizza Pocket
  • Easily store frozen pizzas in your freezer with the freezer's Pizza Pocket. Now you can store pizza boxes upright without the hassle of trying to fit them on flat freezer shelves.
  • Fold-Away Shelf
  • Make room for tall items. The front of this adjustable shelf slides out of the way creating temporary storage space for containers like a tall 2-liter bottle or a large salad bowl.
  • PUR Water Filtration System
  • Kick the bottled water habit with the PUR water filtration system. You'll help protect the environment by preventing the disposal of up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year and save over $600 for yourself.


Freezer Capacity: 7.7 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Capacity: 20.9 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 28.6 Cu. Ft.
Dispenser Lockout: Yes
Measured Fill: Yes
Theatre Lighting: Yes
Number of Baskets: 1
Basket 2 Quantity: 1
Max Ice: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes
Door Bin Description: Window
Door Bin Quantity: 3
Total Shelves: 4
Water Filter Location: Interior RC Top
Energy Star: Yes
Door Style: Contour
Dimensions and Weights
Cabinet Width: 35 11/16"
Cabinet Depth: 35 15/16"
Overall Height: 70 1/8"
Cutout Width: 36"
Width with Door Open 90°: 38 3/16"
Depth with Doors Open 90°: 48"
Depth with Drawer Open: 47 5/8
Depth without Handles: 33 3/16"
Depth with Door Open 90 Degrees: 48"
Cutout Height: 69"
Height to Top of Cabinet: 68 5/8"
Height To Top Of Cabinet: 68 5/8"

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Review Title: The design is a bit boxy. I would have loved it to be a bit more rounded. | Review by

I do love this Whirlpool 29cu ft french door refrigerator. All the room is amazing. I love the pizza section and pull out in the freezer portion. However the outside drink portion is a bit confussing. Too many options. I would definetly reccomend this to my friends and family...

Review Title: love the features especially the deli/meat/soda drawer | Review by

We have enjoyed our new refrigerator. It is easy to use and holds more than expected. Although we are still adjusting to the noises it makes, we would purchase another like it.

Review Title: Lots of space, Easy to organize | Review by

This fridge is very spacious which makes it easy to organize. Love the freezer space. Well designed and beautiful addition to our kitchen. Only drawback is that it is noisy at times.

Review Title: This refrigerator is awesome! | Review by

My new french door refrigerator is a true delight. Tons of room inside for everything! I am getting so spoiled and I love it! I absolutely love the pull out freezer drawer on the bottom. Easy to access and I am able to keep everything organized because of the double drawer layout. The new white ice color is perfect. Bright and cheery! This refrigerator is a very functional dream appliance in my kitchen...

Review Title: Very Disappointed | Review by

We bought this fridge in December 2012 upon moving into our new home. We were excited to be able to buy a fridge with enough storage space for our family needs. We went with the french door design based on the look and the preference to have the bottom freezer.

Review Title: This is a beautiful refrigerator | Review by

We bought this refrigerator by viewing a photo only! We didn't want to change to stainless steel, but wanted something fresh and trendy. We were absolutely delighted with the refrigerator. It has a large capacity; looks wonderful and classy (for a frig) in our kitchen. The drawers are made well and pull out with ease. The freezer has ample room and you are able to keep it neat and find what is in there! Also, this is the most quiet refrigerator I've owned.

Review Title: Love my new whirlpool | Review by

Love the side by side with the freezer below. Icemaker easy to use.

Review Title: Love the color (black ice) and freezer drawers. | Review by

I did not want to deal with a stainless steel refrigerator and finger prints and did not want a bottom freezer because everything is in piles. When I saw this refrigerator I was sold. The black ice does not show finger prints and the stainless steel door handles makes it look so fashionable with my other stainless appliances. The divided extra drawer and divided bottom drawer makes it so easy to find items in the freezer. Bonus - measures your water for when you are cooking. Just too smart.

Review Title: Aesthetic and utilitarian | Review by

This refrigerator looks great and is easily accessible. The shelves are conveniently placed at waist height up to eye level and the LED lighting not only enhances visibility but is easy on the eyes. The French door design allows this "fridge" to be opened on one side at a time or both sides if you wish. This is so much better than one heavy door. The slide out freezer is very convenient and spacious. Love it!

Review Title: One star because there are no ZERO star options | Review by

It had 3 service calls in the first 6 months. Door seals, ice maker , ice dam in the refer side. Then @ 9 months it stopped cooling. 6 more service calls in next 6 months for the same issue. But because some of the work was done under manufacturer warranty and some under the extended warranty, it is "not a lemon". There has to be 3 failures of "the same exact parts", not the same issue, for it to be a lemon. You cannon combine standard and extended warranties to get there. We have been without it for up to 3 weeks for parts to come in. It has been out for 2 weeks and extended warranty offered us $80 toward a mini-fridge! Really? Can't we just have something that works and is reliable? I mean for $2k+ we got hosed!!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator! | Review by

This refrigerator is great. The luminescence from the lighting is nice. The refrigerator uses very low amounts of electricity and keeps the food well. I would recommend this refrigerator to anyone.

Review Title: great refrigerator | Review by

I really like this refrigerator .French doors with water and ice in the door is a nice feature. This is the first bottom mount freezer I have owned and I love it. This 29 cubic foot size has plenty of space and the shelving setup is nice. I like the way the icemaker is mounted in the door leaving a lot of refrigerator space inside I have always liked Whirlpool products.

Review Title: serious design flaws | Review by

We returned this within 3 weeks of purchase. Ice falls out onto the floor all the time. Whoever designed this frig needs to be fired. Lower freezer drawer makes horrible grating sounds. Went back and checked other floor models at store and all were making same noise. I think all sales people should warn customers of the design flaws in this model. I liked the looks of this and the basic design but having paid so much for the unit, I was not going to accept the problems inherent in this refrigerator.

Review Title: Love this | Review by

Very roomy, great refrigerator and great price. Very happy with purchase

Review Title: Love this fridge! | Review by

I went from a side-by-side refrigerator to this french door & I am amazed at how much more room this one has! Of course, it is a bigger fridge & takes up more room, but love it!!

Review Title: Exchange of Refrig | Review by

Purchased Nov 2013. Service tech has been here 4 times; all for the same issues that it seems is prevalent to this model. I confirmed this on the 5th service request & was told that the problem has now been fixed. And to my surprise, I was told an exchange would be honored. So i'm getting the exact same frig, but as they stated, "the previous issues" have been fixed and you are getting one off the factory floor. (we will see). It has to do with the fan motor; ice maker, ice buildup on inside top left, etc. WE all seem to acknowledge these same problems.

Review Title: Whirlpool is so close to getting it perfect but not there yet... | Review by

I bought the refrigerator in September 2013. I love the size and color. The shelf division and drawers is why we bought it. The water dispenser is awesome. I do not like the noise of the refrigerator. It can be very loud- really loud. We have had 2 trips from the service man to add "noise reduction" foam to the refrigerator. It is better. On the top of the refrigerator near the water line condensation gathers. Typically, it will freeze to the ceiling. Before recommending to anyone I would wait for Whirlpool to fix this problem. Next time, I'd just put in an osmosis- water filtration system next to the kitchen sink and buy the classic refrigerator with ice made in refrigerator because this problem is due to the idea that the ice machine should be in the refrigerator (too warm). Also, the magnetic black panels are already scratched even though we try to be super careful to keep it pretty.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Excellent product for an excellent price. Plenty of room, easy to use, and easy to clean. Holds up very well to a 4 year old and 1 year old as well. Has all of the features you could want and more, and even some that you will never use. It does make noises that I am not used to, but all of these newer energy efficient appliances make these different noises that normal (like the new washers). Highly recommend!

Review Title: Pretty to look at, not the highest quality | Review by

The ice maker, and dispenser are loud! And the ice and water dispenser are messy! Something seems off with the ice box also, it always has condensation around it and sometimes it looks like the ice has melted some (inside the box). This refrigerator is pretty and nice, but it doesn't feel like the high quality item I thought I was buying. Also, I've discovered the drawers are small- not much fits in them.

Review Title: ice forms inside at a rate of 3-4 lbs/2weeks | Review by

We purchased the whole set of black ice appliances, but the French door refrigerator is a disaster. Ice forms behind the deli drawer at a rate of 4 lbs every two weeks. I have to chip it off with a knife as the drawer doesn't close all the way due to the ice... I'm regretting not going with another brand. I don't even have the door ice hooked up to the water and based on the reviews seems like a good decision not to hook it up. It's been the sun's day one and I think it's a design flaw nit an issue with my fridge. I hope whirlpool will come out and has a fix for it...else I have no idea what I'll's not like they recall refrigerators like they do cars, but I wish they get forced to take these units back and give us new updated units with ask the issues fixed.

Review Title: I love the space | Review by

I love how much space my Whirlpool has. I have 3 teenage boys and we could never keep our old side by side full enough. But now it holds so much and the freezer is great. The only thing I might change would be the water dispenser. We are having a water flow problem and need to have someone come out and look at it. We have done everything the troubleshooting has told us to do. But other than that I love it. The looks the size. It's great.

Review Title: This product is huge. | Review by

We love our new fridge. It is huge. The lighting is great. The drawers are temperature controlled which is awesome for your favorite drink.

Review Title: Great if it was not already having problems | Review by

This refridgerator began having problems after only 5 months. It started with a loud sound that would come on at various times of the day. Three repairs later and the sound is still here in addition to condensation and dripping on the inside of the unit. Very discouraging to have this bad of an experience with a new fridge. The look and design are great but unfortunately, the performance and qualify of the entire unit are not acceptable.

Review Title: size is great! | Review by

There is a engineering flaw with this fridge in that it leaks water down on the top rack from the top left (ice maker) area. We have had several service technicians out to the house to address this problem, but the band-aid solution was to keep stuffing more stiraphon packing into that top left panel. It has eliviated some of the water, but according to all the repair technicians this is on the engineers that designed it. Also and according to all the reviews that I read befofe purchasing this model, is that it runs extremely loud / a very noisy refrigerator compared to anything else I've had in the past. However, the reviews mentioned it, I bought it knowing that and we will just live with it. On a positive note, this model has great storage size, the dispenser and icemaker seem to work as advertised, the LED side lighting is awesome and the versatility with the shelves are a really nice feature. I hope this review is helpful. God Bless.

Review Title: This product has several great features and I'm very pleased with its appearance and performance so far. | Review by

I am very satisfied with this appliance and will be purchasing a matching dish washer and microwave/oven combination in stainless steal.

Review Title: Very Large! | Review by

Very nice fridge, lots of space, like the french door layout. Water outlet on door for cup fill should be back a little more or adjustable for small cup filling.

Review Title: This refrigerator Is a plus | Review by

We had to look months to find a refrigerator that would fit in our space and meet our features. We checked Consumer reports, when to different stores to see many different types. They all had something we liked about them. This was a highly rated refrigerator for many reason. The only simple draw back we didn't care for was that small center crisper drawer but it's not really all that bad. The water dispenser is a little to forward hand you should use your hand to dispense the water so it doesn't miss the glass opening. This should NOT be a show stopper as I found out it's not a big deal anyway. Plenty of room inside with adjustable shelves. Bottom, line we are glad we purchased it and we've only had it about 5 weeks. Don't be afraid to get it.

Review Title: great size | Review by

We really like the new refrigerator. We had unfortunate experience with the store we bought It from but Whirlpool really gave us great service. Thank you.

Review Title: This refrigerator lasted less than 9 months. | Review by

Even though it is very nice looking, this refrigerator has known design flaws, particularly with condensation building up on the inside and problems with the ice maker. Their solution to fix the condensation problem was to add a heat strip in the refrigerator ceiling near the ice maker. I don't know if that helped because right after that the ice maker quit. Shortly after replacing the ice maker, the whole thing quit cooling. The Sears repairman visited 4 or 5 times. The last visit was because the unit had a freon leak which could not be fixed.

Review Title: The best refrigerator I've EVER owned | Review by

I've had ten maybe twelve refrigerators in my life, this Whirlpool is by FAR the best one I have ever had. Its efficient, easy to use and looks great too. There are lots of great innovations on this refrigerator and I love this thing. Not only do I love it, my wife really loves it.

Review Title: Had to be replaced twice in 14 months | Review by

Had this replace twice in 14 months by Sears. Poor parts had to replace the compressor and evaporator coils . $900 in repair each time. Tried to buy Whirlpool because it is built in the USA. No longer!

Review Title: Operates great so far and its good looking | Review by

The only thing I don't care for is the frig. sets next to a wall and the right side door can only be opened at approx. 90 degrees. It's difficult to get from or put something into the frig. unless you open the left side door. Although very nice,the door shelves stick out too far that type of installation.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

Our new refrigerator is great! We went from a side by sie to the French Door model and really like the layout and the features. Our delivery process was also a great experience as it arrived on time and the setup was great with them showing us how to get it set up and operating properly.

Review Title: Needs design work | Review by

Vegetable drawer should be split to avoid opening both doors for access.

Review Title: AWESOME REFRIGERATOR | Review by

I love my new refrigerator. It has so much more room for large bowls than my side-by-side. I like the meat tray and crispers at arm level. The freezer is convenient with lots of compartments.

Review Title: whirlpool - 27 cu. ft. Whirlpool� French Door Refrigerator | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago almost and so far so good. Hate the water dispenser does not work with the opposite door open, but oh well getting used to it. Pull out in bin in the freezer seems kind of flimsy, hopefully it holds up forever. We had a whirlpool fridge for 11 years before compressor broke. We decided to stay with the brand!

Review Title: Icing up ....... | Review by

We got a replacement from Lowes. But it has the same problem of Icing up in the ceiling area of the refrigerator section as well as on the door. This replacement is also going back now and we are changing the brand completely. Hopefully it will be all good after spending $2500.00.

Review Title: Love the water dispenser I | Review by

I bought my whirlpool refrigerator a month ago and couldn't be more pleased. Plenty of space inside and the bottom door freezer is awesome I have so much room. I can't even hear this appliance running.

Review Title: Sleek Lines | Review by

Beautiful refrigerator. motor makes a lot of noise. Filters are bit expensive. prefer this to LG brand I had before

Review Title: Does not collect fingerprints! | Review by

We bought this from a picture, because it was so new the store did not have a model for us to look at, as it wasn't in production yet. We were happy to get our new refrigerator! I liked the black ice design because it had some stainless in the handles, but also had the black doors. I love the french door style. The refrigerator compartment is so spacious compared to my old side-by-side! The interior lighting is nice and bright, and the water filter is easy to access. The freezer drawer is a little stiff to pull out. Ice cream stored in this freezer is much easier to scoop than ice cream from our chest freezer. The front does not show fingerprints nearly as much as I thought it might. We had friends over for dinner, some of whom were seeing my new kitchen for the first time, and they were asking about the refrigerator and how easy it was to keep the front clean of fingerprints. I couldn't remember when I had last wiped it down, and told them I hadn't wiped it before they came over. They seemed impressed by that. It is a little noisier than we expected. The ice and water dispensers work well, but the water spout is in front of the ice dispenser, so if you have a narrow glass it is necessary to press the dispenser lever with your fingers and hold the glass farther forward or the water will dispense in front of the glass. Overall, I am very happy with my new refrigerator!

Review Title: Overall satisfied, but there are a couple of things I'd like to see changed | Review by

Overall, satisfied with this product, but couple of suggestions for improvement would be: - lower noise level - like large meat/drink/deli drawer, but would prefer two drawers so that you don't have to open both doors in order to open - whenever the water filter door gets opened and then closed, it automatically sets percent used back to 100 - think that there should be a way to override this, as you may not have put in a new filter (in fact, it is quite easy to accidentally knock open the filter door) - think it should retain the current used percentage, and give you an option to select when you are actually installing a new filter.

Review Title: This product has lots of usable space | Review by

The large capacity provides plenty of shelving and door bin space for food and beverages. The interior lighting is bright, but does not glare. The adjustable shelves are convenient.

Review Title: The product does have great features | Review by

Love the French Door which puts food more at eye level. the different drawers and door shelves are very handy. I love the drawer over drawer in the freezer. I would recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

Purchased this refrigerator about two months ago and love it. My wife and I argued about getting this one or the cheaper side by side model and luckily went with this model. More room then you would ever need and the freezer has ample space as well. The drawers with seperate temperature control work great for keeping certain things colder then the rest of the fridge. Great purchase.

Review Title: Plenty of Space | Review by

I'm happy with the refrigerator. The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is the size of the ice compartment. I checked out the cubic feet, but it didn't check out the capacity of the ice compartment. My previous Whirpool refrigerator was smaller, but the ice compartment was 2 times larger than this one. But overall, I'm pleased so far with the product.

Review Title: Excellent and quiet! | Review by

Our new house has the "open" concept: living room, kitchen and dining room in one large, open area. So it was critical to find a large, but quiet refrigerator. After several refrigerators that were just too noisy, we finally got this Whirlpool. It has two motors - one for the freezer and one for the fridge. And the vegetable area is NOT dry, so veggies stay crisp. The ice maker works well, and the inside design is very effective. I'm stingy giving out good reviews, but love this refrigerator!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

The refrigerator is great. A lot of flexible space. The ice maker and dispensing system is very compact and does not take up a lot of room in the refrigerator. Bottom freezer is hard for me to get used to. Luckily, I don't have to access it that often because of the dispensing system.

Review Title: Roomiest Fridge you'll ever see. Love the design and shelving. It maintains a constant temperature and does a wonderful job keeping things frest. | Review by

We love the Whirlpool design and this is a refrigerator with mucho space. It is the roomiest refrigerator we have ever seen. The shelving arrangements are fantastic and the storage drawer help to keep our produce and fresh fruit, fresh as the day we bought it. It's also backed by the Whirlpool guarantee and that alone is great peace of mind. You won't regret purchasing this appliance. It's also very quiet and saves on energy. Plus it looks great and is easy to clean. Whirlpool did a fantastic job on the refrigerator. Powerful engineering It's great!

Review Title: We are enjoying this refrigerator! | Review by

I am enjoying the space and arrangement of this refrigerator. I like the large tray on the door that allows me to put two gallons of milk in it. I also like the shelving and how it slides back and front to allow for taller items.

Review Title: Overall great fridge | Review by

I love this fridge. The only downfall was that the bottom door shelves aren't as deep as the upper ones, so items stored there are hard to see.

Review Title: Great fridge but ice maker system has some design flaws | Review by

Just for your reference I work for Xerox and am a Technical Service manager. The Ice maker has had 3 service calls on it by A&E service (Sears) Last retrofit seems to have made it better but not perfect. Problem was, leaking down the back wall and leaking in the front between the door and actual ice catch bin. I was not going to live with this problem and the servcie has made it bearable but if it continues I will be contacting Whirlpool again for complete resolution. Other than the ice maker, I am satified with the unit. Regards Robert Erath

Review Title: piece of junk!!!!! | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator without the in door ice maker (ice maker in refrigerator space). Within six months the ice maker quit working. I am just over the one year period and now my refrigerator in its entirety has quit working. I live 2 1/2 hours from a repairman and I cannot get help for a few days!

Review Title: Love my refrigerator!! | Review by

I have had this frig for over a month now, and it is fantastic. Love the outside finish. I was worried about finger prints, and they aren't a problem. If I get a few, I can just take my damp cloth, and they come off very easy!! The adjustable shelves on the inside are very easy to move. Love the bottom freezer, plenty of room. I would recommend this to anyone.

Review Title: Excellent quality | Review by

We purchased this particular model after dealing with a Samsung French door refrigerator that required repair calls ever other month. The Samsung condenser broke twice costing loss of frozen food and water all over the floor. Since we went back to Whirlpool, it has been a dream and has more usable interior space, quieter running motor and easy to understand control. Will never leave Whirlpool again. (Our 13-year old Whirlpool dishwasher is still the best)!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We wanted a state of the art refrigerator but not a large freezer. The features are tremendous ,mainly created by the in door ice maker. Lots of fridge space and ,whilst there's plenty of freezer space in the drawer,it just works better this way. Really pleased

Review Title: Happy with my purchase. | Review by

No problems to date. The stainless steel handles really gives it a modern look without the stainless steel price. I have received many compliments. The sound level is a minor issue.

Review Title: HERE I GO AGAIN! | Review by

I purchased my Whirlpool refrigerator in November, 2013, it's loud, lots of condensation and it's leaking.

Review Title: this refrigerator works real good. | Review by

It is an outstanding refrigerator,very quiet & holds a lot.upgraded from a maytag 29 cubic foot energy star frige & this unit outperforms that fridge & runs less.

Review Title: asthetics are nice, not able to use yet | Review by

This was a good looking fridge, I purchased it to update my wifes kitchen when I was doing a remodel. I had it delivered September 29th and moved it into the house on November the 3rd to install. It did not work, I ended up having to call Whirlpool to send out a tech to fix it. I was advised it will need the refrigeration system replaced. it has been a display and never used and not sure why it has to have the system replaced.

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

This refrigerator has great storage and ideal features. It looks great and has so far been exceptional. There is a slight high pitch noise when the compressor kicks on (sounds like a circular saw a block away) - not loud just noticeable and only lasts for a few seconds. Other than that the fridge is top notch.

Review Title: Great product overall. Exceeds my expectations . | Review by

I have had this refrigerator for about 3 months now and have no regrets on the purchase . It has well a designed refrigerator and freezer .I researched many other units before choosing this one.

Review Title: Multiple problems | Review by

We've had this refrigerator for about 18 months. Within that time we have had to manually defrost the freezer on four occasions, replace the electronics for the ice maker, and now the ice maker is broken again.

Review Title: Love this refrigerator | Review by

Flexible storage, so I can really load it up when I need to. Lighting is bright and food is easy to find. The freezer section is huge anmore convenient than I expected. Vegetable are lasting much longer than my old refrigerator. Maybe best of all is the ice maker in the door so it doesn't take up refrigerator or freezer space. The ice bin is smaller than my old unit but the ice making easily keeps up with demand, even when we have guests. All in all I couldn't be happier.

Review Title: Decent fridge with lots of room | Review by

The refrigerator has worked great so far although it does make some loud noises when it turns on. Also the freezer at the bottom accumulates quite a bit of ice in a short time. Things are kept very cold and have not had any problems with the ice maker.

Review Title: This product is very well designed. | Review by

Great refrigerator. Well designed with lots of storage space.

Review Title: | am very pleased with this refrigerator. Excellent in every regard. | Review by

I find the french door design with bottom freezer very useful. It seems like you have much more room in the refrigerator area. The modular shelf design is very good and allows customization of your space to fit my special needs. The drawers are all well designed and very useful.

Review Title: Whirlpool Refridgerator | Review by

This is the first Refridgerator I have ever bought new. There were so many different options and brands to choose from. I did research for several months before purshasing this one. I love all the features on it. It is easy to see what you are looking for and I love the spacious freezer on the bottom.

Review Title: I love my Whirlpool french door refrigerator. | Review by

I love my new refrigerator. When I open the french doors, the bright lights and well spaced shelves make everything visible. Lots of storage in the doors, room for tall items, ice maker with measured water and crushed ice--great! The freezer holds lots of food, the sliding tray keeps small things organized. All in all we have been happy so far with every feature. I kind of wish the meat drawers were divided like the produce drawers so I wouldn't have to open both doors but it is still fine. The ice maker is noisy but efficient. I like having chrome handles but white exterior--no problems at all with fingerprints.

Review Title: Sharp-looking but noisy! | Review by

Love the look. Have the Black Ice color. Everybody likes the new look without being totally stainless steel, which is getting boring. But it has a lot of different sounds because of the multiple fans and motors. Also, the ice on the door does open up more shelf space, but it also doesn't make as large or hard cubes as my old side-by-side.

Review Title: Overall good product | Review by

Had to go back to dealer to get new water filters. Could not get bad taste out of ice and water even after purging system. Lasted a month before I changed the filter. Better taste now though. Water / ice dispenser release is stiff to push and not easy to use

Review Title: Extremely Loud | Review by

We have had the repair man out 2x in 1 year mainly for the ice maker problems stated in previous reviews. We got that fixed along with a fan that was causing it to be really loud. Now just 60 days out of warranty, another fan behind the produce saver is making this unit really loud. It is a real annoyance hearing the fan constantly kick on and off throughout the night. If you have an open floor plan, I would not recommend this unit.

Review Title: Other than the fridge dying with in the 6th month, and getting a replacement, it's a good fridge | Review by

I bought this fridge in September and it completely stopped working in February - all my food spoiled and it was an extreme hassle. It took Whirlpool 5 weeks to get me a replacement - which was an eternity w 3 small boys- so, I have the new replacement and so far so good.

Review Title: Ice Maker | Review by

The ice maker is EXTREMELY slow making ice and the bin is too small. Not enough ice is generated during a 24 hour period to satisfy my requirements. Also,the lever on the outside to access the ice and water is difficult to activate.

Review Title: I love this fridge... | Review by

This fridge is so easy to organize, everything is so easy to see and locate. The icemaker being in the door is a great feature, that was a major selling point. We love the led lighting. The only drawback is that I have noticed is some condensation near the icemaker, not a huge problem.

Review Title: This is junk | Review by

At 3 months old the water line cracked and leaked into the floor causing 9k worth of damage. At 4 months door and gasket had to be radiated 3x. At 8 months it stopped cooling. Needs new evap coil out of refridgerant. Stay away.

Review Title: French door refrigerator | Review by

I am not sure how well this refrigerator will hold up in the long run. I love the concept but there is something lacking with the ice and water dispensers. Drops of water appear inside. Shelves need more help with placing items. I bought The Container Store bins to make storage easier and much better. The ice comes out even after a few minutes all by itself. It is hard to get the feel for ice and ESP water through door. I want this ref to work so much that I know I am compromising how and why I am working so hard to make it work. I love American made-I hope and parts should be easier to come by. I've only had this ref for a month and put in a new filter to make it work better?!

Review Title: looks good, roomy, bad feature design | Review by

I'm disappointed to say the least. Although it looks good and has plenty of room that is offset by two annoying issues..

Review Title: Nothing but noise, ice build up, freezer coil icing over, and rust. | Review by

This refrigerator has been a nightmare. Nothing but noise, ice build up, freezer coil icing over, and rust. Now I am researching on the best way to fix and salvage it. Only 1.5 years old. Been like this almost from day one.

Review Title: very poor product | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator new this last July. The ice maker is extremely loud. I have also had a problem with the ice maker leaking water inside the refrigerator and pools of water collect on the shelves and run down the side. A repair man has been out twice to fix the problem. The second repair was successful for about one month and now the ice maker is doing it again. I am very unhappy with my purchase!

Review Title: this fridge is excellent. meets all my needs | Review by

pretty loud but tolerable. the water tastes great. makes good ice.

Review Title: Great features and quiet | Review by

This product has so many compartments to hold food and makes fridge appear uncluttered - great self pouring water feature

Review Title: great product! | Review by

being a elderly person I always thought the botton freezer and eye level refrigerator would be a good fit, little did I know what a wonderful help with physical limitation. Love the features of double freezer drawers, can pack alot of "stuff". being able to open the doors and able to see what I want without searching in the back of the refrigerator is great! would highly recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: An excellent product | Review by

Well designed though I wish that the deli drawer could be divided so that it wouldn't be necessary to open both doors.

Review Title: cautious on strong recommendation | Review by

Bought one, lasted 5 months then freezer & ice maker failed, lost all food. Repair technician said it needed a new fan kit and sensor. Went back to Sears, got a new replacement instead. Now I am trying out a second new one. too soon to tell if I could recommend this or not. It makes strange noises sometimes but is working fine so far.

Review Title: Whirlpool Let Me Down | Review by

I thought when we spent more than $2K for a refrigerator that we would have the best and the most reliable. Wrong! We bypassed the foreign made boxes for the Whirlpool brand with all the latest technology. We've had Whirlpool in the past with nothing but great performance and reliability. However, we had our first service call on this box within two weeks of delivery. One of the fans sounded like an airplane taking off. The fan as well as an ice maker part was replaced and the unit settled down for awhile. Now, another fan has gone our, apparently on the condenser. I can hear it two rooms over from the refrigerator.

Review Title: Too noisy! | Review by

Looks goods and has nice features...but I would not have purchased it if I had heard it run. Never had one that moaned, whistled and rattled. One month old and getting a new door due to rust.

Review Title: Top Quality - highly recommended | Review by

Love the features and design. Should have bought the bottom freezer model years ago. This refrigerator is so hi tech yet so easy to use. Love the low noise level, spaciousness and drawer features. The air fresheners are very helpful. TOP quality productr

Review Title: spacious with functionality | Review by

My new whirlpool surpasses my expectations. There is space to store all my groceries and leftovers. The design enhances the beauty of my chefs lair. Whirlpool has been around since before I was born and has a reputation for rreliability and functionality with beauty in design. The spacious design for my on the go family lifestyle.

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

I have read lots of the negative reviews. We purchased these appliances Dec 2013. I was a little nervous about it. I do not have any of these problems. I think I must have always had noisy fridges as this one doesn't seem loud to me at all. I love all the space it has and the ease of use. Definitely has lots of light inside. Very easy to find items. I agree my veggies seem to stay fresh longer. Love the big freezer on the bottom. We renovated our kitchen and I chose the white arctic ice collection for all our appliances. They all look fabulous. I would definitely recommend this product.

Review Title: So pleased with this refrigerator! | Review by

Our 29 cu. ft. Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator is so functional, from the wide storage compartments on the doors to the ready water and ice dispenser features. What we love most is the bottom, pull out freezer compartment with the sliding bin inside. We have never found it so easy and convenient to find our frozen foods. There is even a place in the front designed specifically to store frozen pizzas! The ability to change shelves depending on space needed is great. We love not only the look of our refrigerator, but everything about its storage capabilities!

Review Title: Love the ice maker in the door | Review by

I've had it two weeks or so and love it! Love the ice maker in the door becuz it frees up so much space

Review Title: Obviously in love with this appliance! | Review by

I was hesitant to purchase a french door refrigerator after having a side by side for many years but I liked the number of drawers, shelves and door storage compartments for organization. The outside styling caught my eye. I bought one in black with stainless handles and it looks fantastic. (I hinted to my husband that I want the matching wall oven/microwave and dishwasher) We've found that we use the refrigerator top section much more than the freezer drawer so the freezer part isn't opened unnecessarily and the extra room on the top is great! We can put a large pizza box right on the shelf. The freezer section has several areas. There is a slot for frozen pizzas, a bottom section we use for frozen veggies and frozen chicken, and a top drawer we use for ice cream and food the kids eat. I couldn't be happier with it.

Review Title: This fridge is great | Review by

This fridge is very large on the inside and layed out very well and holds alot of food .

Review Title: Great purchase! | Review by

We bought this appliance as a replacement and upgrade to our old Whirlpool 26 cf side-by-side refrigerator freezer. Our goal when we started looking was to find a french door refrigerator with a freezer drawer, with a through-door ice maker and water dispenser.

Review Title: Nice Fridge | Review by

We bought this refrigerator about 2 months ago. We love the freezer on the bottom. My old fridge was a side by side. It is huge. Love all the space, but wish there was a "small" compartment for individual pkts of catsup etc. pkgs of yeast, etc., but I can make do. The most disappointing function of this refrigerator is that fact that you have to push the same buttom for cubed ice, crushed ice or water. Wish there were at least 2 different buttons for water and ice. Also you have to be careful where you put your glass under the water, as it is very close to the edge. Also you have to push quite hard on the lever to get ice or water. Small annoyance in comparison to everything positive about the refrigerator.

Review Title: Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! | Review by

Bought this when we remodeled our kitchen. 4 months out of warranty it quit cooling with a sealed sytem failure. Whirlpool did stand behind it and covered a new compressor, evaporator, and a few other parts. Had one of their certified companies, Fuller appliance, do the repairs. 3 weeks later it's down again. Waiting a week for Fuller to get another tech out. Can't wait to hear this diagnosis.

Review Title: Very nice refrigerator with lots of space. | Review by

Whirlpool continues to have the best water filters on the market. Great storage capacity. The micro edge shelves are a great feature. The storage bins are well organized, and the partly recessable right top shelf for storage of taller items is a plus. It is easy to access items and to clean the refrigerator.



Review Title: Love, love, love this refrigerator! | Review by

Love almost everything about this refrigerator, only thing that may be considered is the ice maker is not very large but that is the case with all refrigerators that are this style. The only time it is an issue is when we are having a large get together, solution is easy..make some ahead of time and store it in the large freezer compartment located on the bottom. I can't begin to list the pro's, storage, style, ...on, and on, and on the list goes. Way to go Whirlpool you managed to perfected the refrigerator!!

Review Title: Lots of storage space! | Review by

I love the style and all the extra room I seem to have. The larger gallon size door shelves allow me to put all of my bottle products on them instead of taking up a shelf.

Review Title: Great Fridge/Lots of room, but a bit noisy | Review by

I love the space in my new fridge! There is very little that I can say bad about it. The side by side door with the ice maker in it doesnt close without a good push, so I often end up hearing the door alarm to close it tightly.. Also, the compresser is quite noisy.. It drove me nuts for the first several months, now it's kindof like white noise and I don't even hear it.. Overall I am satisfied and still love my fridge with it's few flaws.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is great. It holds a ton of food.

Review Title: This is a great fridge. Love the size and features | Review by

Only problem we had was ice maker leaked a bit when new.. Service came out and had to add a part. Now works great every time.

Review Title: My wife loves it | Review by

We recently purchased a new french door refrigerator. I held off writing an reviews. Now that we have had it for 3 months. I feel I could give a better review. The very first thing my children said. " mom needs to go to the market " We had the same amount of food in it. The space makes it appear empty. The ice maker works good. The controls are easy to use. Overall we are very pleased with our Whirlpool refrigerator.

Review Title: Best Refrigerator Ever | Review by

My wife and I love this refrigerator. It is huge and is very well designed. There are many shelves and several convenient drawers. The LED lighting is amazing. We love the french doors and bottom freezer. The water and ice works well. Like all in-door ice, occasionally a piece of ice falls after I have removed my glass but its no big deal.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for about 3 months now. It replaced another brand that only lasted 6 years. I have much higher expectations for this Whirlpool. It looks great and is very quiet. Keeps food very cold and makes tons of ice. We love the interface on the front of the refrigerator. Also love the location of the water filter. Easy access and easy to change. The draws and bins are all solidly constructed. Would highly recommend.

Review Title: Very good product | Review by

I would design the bottom shelf to "split " like the top one, so both outside doors do not have to be opened to gain access. Thus saving te and energy

Review Title: Looks beautiful and lots of room | Review by

This refrigerator is very roomy and we love the look. The only complaint in the 3 months that we have owned it is the sound. It's relatively quite while running but during its compressor start/stop cycles it makes loud noises and can be a little annoying

Review Title: The Devil is in the details as they say................ | Review by

After over 19 years of continued use of our previous frig, we deceided it was time to upgrade due to shelf and other problems with the old frig. My wife can tell you I don't make any decision quickly or on impulse especailly on electronics. I researched, checked reviews, checked available features in all brands, went to all stores even checking the same models in each (going on for weeks), compared all prices with respect to features available in similar price range, and procrastanated and procrastanated before purchasing this Whirlpool. I worked in an appliance department of a major box store about 20 years ago and know some features are just window dressing draws, so I kicked a few models to the curb. This was the best value with the most features and benefits we "will" use. If you don't need a feature then it isn't a benefit. IWe've had this now almost 2 months and don't regret my decision. Enljoy.............

Review Title: Love it, just a little loud. | Review by

We love this refrigerator. The flexability of the shelfs make storing everything a breeze. the "measured poor" on the water dispenser is super convenient. The only draw back is the noise level of the unit. it is rather loud, and very noticable in a quiet room. Other than that this fridge is great.

Review Title: Love the space | Review by

We had some problems with our first frig. Whirlpool was happy to replace it and we have been good since. Love the features and space it provides.

Review Title: Nice | Review by

I bought this with out my wife knowing. She loves it.

Review Title: Design to Simplify !! Great Product | Review by

great product ! amazing internal space ! Love the design !!

Review Title: The interior lighting and ice storage in door are greatly improved!! | Review by

I love almost everything about our new Whirlpool refrigerator...First the new styling caught my eye with the stainless handles and black shiny "ice" exterior. We currently have black appliances but thought I could go stainless later on since the handles were stainless. Ice storage in the door gives us extra room. Great interior lighting, very bright! If I were to say anything negative it would be that when the house is quite I can hear it running.

Review Title: Great refrigerator, not so great finish | Review by

I love everything about this refrigerator except the stupid logo on the door and the screw holes showing on the door handles. I know it's a small thing, but every time I look at it I wince, I wish there was a way to pull off the ugly logo and fill in the screw holes.

Review Title: Bad product | Review by

I think this refrigerator needs to be built better it had a freezing problem and it freezes in places it should not like inside of top part of frig and makes ice inside freezer part where you are unable to open freezer at all this was not built correctly.

Review Title: French Door Refrigerator | Review by

My wife loves our new French Door Refrigerator. We had a side by side for many years and we really like the convenience of locating items in the refrigerator. The location of the ice maker in the door means that you don't loose shelf space. the compartments are very convenient and the freezer compartment with the slide out drawer is handy .... so far very pleased with the new appliance.

Review Title: Saves money | Review by

Food stays fresher longer. Storage is great. The big plus my wife loves all the features. Much better temperature control over the LG we had. I read reviews before buying and biggest complaint was noise, I don't agree, it is not as noisy as the LG

Review Title: Experience buying installing and using the New Refrigerator | Review by

Purchase was very easy. Delivery and Installation were a breeze. The refrigerator is everything we hoped it would be, excellent capacity, easy access and it looks great in our kitchen

Review Title: This is an excelent product | Review by

Over all I dont think This product can be out done. Its durabillity and performance is second to none.

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

I've had both hip replaced so having a fridge on top is what I needed. However I hate how much fridge space you loose with the ice maker. This frige has the ice maker in the ceiling so you still have plenty of space inside . The only problem with this is the ice is small and we ran out one weekend. We bought a bag of ice and keep it in the garage freezer. The only problem it had was fixed by a $1.00 bag of ice.

Review Title: I love the LIGHT features in my refrigerator as well as the SPACE that it has. :) | Review by

Many great features. My favorites are the LIGHTS on the inside and the MEASUREMENT selections on the icemaker/water dispenser to use for baking.

Review Title: Ice maker in refrigerator door is a real problem. | Review by

Purchased a year ago. This past September ice maker began to leak and freeze up at the back where it meets with the back wall and also where the seam of the ice maker comes together. It has been designated as unrepairable after three service tries to repair. The refrigerated area is not cold enough to keep the ice properly and not produce condensation.Think about; ice made in a refrigerated area instead of a freezer area. The engineers need to go back to school on this one. Otherwise, I like the storage capacity and the layout. I hate to give it up, but I want the convenience of dispensable ice and water and Whirpool has not come up with a way to make it all work properly in this design.

Review Title: Freezer quit working in under 2 yrs | Review by

Came home to a freezer full of thawing food last weekend. Fridge has always been loud since it was delivered from Sears, but we were told that was just how it ran. Shame on me I guess for not purchasing the extended warranty [which starts after only 1 year] and assuming that Whirlpool made a quality product. Helpline was worthless and was only useful in the sense that they indicated I should have bought the extended warranty. A third party repair specialist diagnosed a bad control board in the fridge and the repair is going to cost me $275 in parts and $150 in labor. He also indicated that there are numerous posts and discussions in the appliance repair community about this model and that the quality issues are known by Whirlpool (which they deny). My wife and I spent almost $5000 on a full kitchen of Whirlpool Gold appliances, including this garbage, and I can say with absolution that Whirlpool will never get another dollar of business from me or anyone I can talk out of buying their shiny, low quality, junk.

Review Title: Love this spacious refrigerator! | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator when we moved into our new house. After a lot of research, this was the one! It has plenty of space and is thoughtfully laid out. I love the multiple produce drawers for organization as well as the dividers/storage in the deli drawer and freezer drawers. I also like having the shelf that slides back into a "half-shelf" to enable storage of tall items. We have found ourselves using the measured fill feature daily, it's great!

Review Title: Spacious and bright lights. | Review by

I love the spcaciousness of this refrigerator and the lighting, there are no more dark areas. I replaced my 23 year old Whirlpool side-by-side with this one, it was working just fine but had issues with the vegetable bin drawer supports. I had been looking for a new refrigerator for a while and I found this one online. The ice maker doesn't take up a lot of room like so many other models, that was what really sold me. I like Whirlpool appliances, have owned several and still own other Whirlpool appliances. I have never had to call a repairman for any of my Whirlpool appliances, the only time I've had problems is when they are old and worn out. And I generally replace them with another Whirlpool.

Review Title: Ice maker | Review by

This is our second replacement refrigerator as there was a flaw in our first one. Lowes sent us another one and it also had the same flaw. 6 service visits and it was finally identified as a moisture issue with the ice maker and the right parts were sent after the wrong parts were sent. Hopefully this will fix it. I have purchased many whirlpool products over the years but have never had the experience I have had with this one. The fridges has features that we like but getting the issue identified quickly was not pleasant.

Review Title: Lemon | Review by

I bought this unit also 2 years ago and now for the second time it is having to be repaired. PIECE OF JUNK!!! going to cost more to fix than I can go buy another brand for. I have always been a Whirlpool person, but no more!!! I will not ever buy another Whirlpool.

Review Title: . | Review by

Noise is the only drawback to this appliance although i know it is due to the energy saving feature I do want.I am happy to have all my new kitchen appliance from Whirlpool

Review Title: Love, love love | Review by

I just love my new refrigerator. It is so classy looking and exactly what I had been looking for a long time. I had been purchasing another brands appliances for everything we owned ever since I can remember but decided to change brands this time. I'm so happy that I did. This refrigerator appears to be made so much better and has a totally different appearance to it. So far I'm very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: We've Always Had Good Luck With Whirlpool | Review by

Our GE fridge died (we inherited it with the purchase of the house 5 yrs ago) so our next purchase was going to be a whirlpool based on our past experience with a side-by-side. We chose this model for size and design - shelving, drawers, freezer space, and conveniences. The auto water dispenser is great!! This fridge is noisier than I would have expected from the latest and greatest design which is why we could not rate it a 5 star. The manual does talk about the noise and what to expect so it must be a design limitation or something. Because you have to open both doors to access the full length drawer in the fridge, which seems like a waste of cool air escaping out, is why the 4 star for design. This really isn't a huge deal breaker though, only an observation. Aside from the noise, after 3 months of use, so far so good. Did I mention how much we all love the auto water dispenser?!!!!!!

Review Title: Love our Whirlpool | Review by

Replaced our old side-by-side fridge with this one and I am so much happier with the design of this one. The freezer on the bottom is great and has plenty of room for everything I need. I love all the storage space and specific drawers in the fridge area too. The fact that the shelves are adjustable is great as well.

Review Title: highly recommend, perfect for our family of 8!! | Review by

the capacity and efficiency is great. The shelving on the frig doors add so much space and we are able to use the body for the large platters and dishes easily. I am still getting used to the bottom freezer, but the drawers and compartments make using the freezer easier to find and get to stuff vs the top freezers just being stacked.

Review Title: This product has all the features we both wanted in a refrigerator | Review by

My husband and I had been in search for a new (never owned a new refrigerator on our 44 years of marriage) refrigerator for the last couple of years. We each had our own wish list, i.e. bottom freezer, easy access to all food items, good use of space, great low price, etc. The moment we saw the Black Ice refrigerator and what it offered we knew that our search was finally over! We have loved our newest member of our kitchen family since we had installed and know it will be in our family for many, many, many years!!!!!

Review Title: Looks great, poor preformance | Review by

Installed 11 months and has seen two different techs one of which has been here three times, the ice chute has been replaced the main valve has been replaced and my freezer has been out for two weeks as well as no ice production and still needs another hour or two of work to try and fix it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

Review Title: great size | Review by

We purchased a little over a year ago and overall we like the fridge. However we do have ice buildup along the back, behind the ice make. We have recently turned off the ice maker because it was leaking water into the inside of the refrigerator. I would have to wipe out my my shelves every day along with the door of the freezer. We are outside our warranty but I'm still going to call and see what can be done.

Review Title: Poor Warranty | Review by

Compressor has failed after 14 months and was as loud as a train after month 6.

Review Title: Wonderful Addition | Review by

Recently had to replace a 22 year old refrigerator, didn't think we could ever replace that trusted member of our family. This Whirlpool French door is GREAT! The room and ease of use makes this an easy fit in our busy life style.

Review Title: Love it ! | Review by

I absolutely love this refrigerator. With a family of 6 this refrigerator has room for everything we need. It is large enough inside to put a full size cookie sheet and a turkey. The lighting inside make it easy to find everything. The freezer also has lots of space and the drawer makes it easy to organize things.

Review Title: Love this refridgerator. | Review by

This refrigerator has all the features that I was looking for. It has been an easy refrigerator for everyone in the family to use. I especially love the door alarm that notifies you when any of the doors are left open. This has been a great feature since I have 4 kids who are always leaving something open or on. We have had a slight problem with the fan in the freezer freezing up and causing the freezer to defrost. So far it has seemed to be a once and done fluke.

Review Title: Beautiful but poor quality | Review by

11 months of ownership no cooling, Water dispenser problems at installation, 6 months later - black ice in the back. Looks really good;

Review Title: Great overall features and energy efficient | Review by

I simply love the design, convenient features, energy savings and performance of my new Whirlpool Refrigerator and Stove. I highly recommend both to anyone looking for energy savings, stylish, easy to clean and high performance appliances for their home. I couldn't have made a better choice in appliances.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

Very happy with my new Whirlpool! Especially like the freezer. Easy access and love the pizza storage.

Review Title: This refrigerator is very stylish. | Review by

Very happy with this purchase. Design is very sleek. Lighting is very good and the layout of the design gives ample storage space.

Review Title: Very happy | Review by

We love the design, and over all we really feel it was a great buy. The only issue we've had is the doors closing. When closing the doors there is a load squeak. It seems it coming from the door seals or flaps just before the door completly closes. I was wondering if I just spray silicone on the flap hinges. Anyway something your techs may know something. It has to be an easy fix. I would appreciate any help you may have with this issue.

Review Title: Industrial noise level | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for about 6 weeks now. It replaced another brand that only lasted 6 years. We have higher expectations for this Whirlpool. It looks great BUT is very noisy. Can hear it on the other side of the house. Everyone else that has reviewed their refrigerator has said it is quiet.. Keeps food very cold and makes lots of ice. We love the interface on the front of the refrigerator. Also love the location of the water filter.. Easy access and easy to change. The draws and bins are all solidly constructed. Would highly recommend. this refrigerator if not for the noise level.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This model has plenty of space in both the fridge and freezer. I would reccomend it to others.

Review Title: water pressure is off | Review by

Good quality whirlpool fridge, but the water dispenser is terribly slow, could be the water line or the filter, most likely the installation of the fridge, other than that, and it's a little loud sometimes, it's a great machine

Review Title: Overall a great refrigerator and investment | Review by

One of the best investments we have made since purchasing our new home. We purchased a French door model and have been happy with the convenience features that come with that model. We have been amazed at how long produce lasts as well as meats and cheese. The moisture controls are more than just a gimmick. This is a great refrigerator and we would never again buy anything other than a Whirlpool. Thank you for such a great product.

Review Title: This product is WONDERFUL! | Review by

We bought this item because it matched the appliances in our newly constructed home. After our purchase I read the reviews and was a little worried. NO WORRIES! This is not a noisy appliance. Our master bedroom is off of the kitchen and it is very quiet. We had a different brand in our old home and the kitchen was on the first floor bedroom on the second floor and you could hear that one all of the time. I highly recommend this product and the ice machine on the door definitely gives added space in the inside!!!

Review Title: Very large fridge with good features | Review by

This was exactly what we were looking for in a fridge. My fiance really wanted the in door ice maker which was a big reason we went with whirlpool. I like the design and there is a ton of space inside, we never have it full.

Review Title: This product is great. | Review by

I like the bottom draw freezer and side by side door.

Review Title: over all good. | Review by

The water/ice switch is hard to use. it is not senative at the bottom.

Review Title: not such a good product | Review by

the ice in door feature melts ice cubes causing water puddling inside of the fridge, the top left side develops ice above the shelves almost like the defroster cycle isn't working, to get a good closing seal, if you've opened just the left door you have to open the right door also before you close the fridge and close the left door first. good part is the water dispenser features such as measured portions. the sound levle when running is the loudest we've ever had,even compared to 20 year old models.

Review Title: 2nd Time Charm? | Review by

My second attempt at this refrigerator. The first one, purchased on 6/12/12 only lasted to 1/19/15. Bad compressor and the cost to repair was $1,200. If this one breaks, we will never buy another product made by Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great purchase! | Review by

We have enjoyed our new refrigerator. It has been roomy, flexible and beautiful.

Review Title: I love this fridge | Review by

This is the 2nd one, we had to return the first one due to a leak at the ice naker.. It was a ver smooth return and this unit has been great... no issues at all... very quite and love the design

Review Title: Our new refrigerator | Review by

We are quite pleased with our new refrigerator. The food stays fresh and cool in the refrigerator and the frozen compartment works great as well

Review Title: I absolutely love my new whirlpool refridgerator its perfect for my family! | Review by

I was shocked at how much room I have everywhere, in the door, the shelves the freezer. Its the same size as my old side by side, but still has more usable space. The feature my family probably notices most is the ice & water in the door, it has a taller opening to fit all the glasses. Its easy to change filters & does an excellent job keeping food fresh. I just love it!! I am very pleased with the style & features, Whirlpool really did an amazing job on this product! Thank you!!

Review Title: Some of the features are great. | Review by

The icemaker leaks. The rubber gasket around the ice bin has ice around it, which you have to break off to get a good seal. Not happy with how loud the frig hums. The inside is awesome. The timed water feature is great and the deepness of the well is great

Review Title: LOUD | Review by

It's been a year, and other than the rust problem of the stainless steel the refrigerator is extremely noisy. It makes several different operational noises (hisses, hums, high pitched steady tones to name a few). It simply is never quiet. These are normal operational noises, however I shouldn't be able to hear them from upstairs. They seem to be insulated in other refrigerators. That being said, I'm donating this refrigerator and buying a highly rated quiet competitor's refrigerator this week. Good luck all.

Review Title: French door design provides enhanced use. | Review by

We replaced our traditional side-by-side refrigerator freezer with a Whirlpool French door regfrigerator (Gold Series). This design gives enchanced use and storage. We greatly enjoy the brightly lit regrigerated area and the front door ice and water dispenser. Discovering that the variable temperature settings for storage drawers is very useful for storing produce, dairy, and other items. Also enjoy the bottom pull out freezer and the inner door which helps separate items for maximum storage. Very pleased with this addition to our kitchen.

Review Title: Love the features and Service | Review by

When the product arrived we did not notice a missalignment of the Freezer drawer until we loaded it. It had been bumped out in transport and we could not get it re-aligned. Whirlpool had a technician out the next day to fix it at no charge. We love the roominess and features. It is much easier to find item as they are visible throughout the refrigerator. We love the ice in the door and the ease of use

Review Title: This product does have good features, but | Review by

It is loud; it sounds as if the motor does not turn off, it is on more frequently than my older model. Door shelves, there is enough space but the smaller shelves is usless, once you put something in them you have to remove the shelf to get product out of it. Door handles; both had to re-tighten since installment.

Review Title: Roomy!!! | Review by

I have had the fridge for over a month. Love that it is very roomy, however it's loud. That's the only reason I couldn't give it an excellent. I love the feature on the water dispenser: pre-measured amounts, has come in very handy!

Review Title: Great product | Review by

An amazing amount of storage in this refrigerator, and while the lower freezer might not look big it provides great organization options. Very happy.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I can easily find product in the refrigerator and freezer.

Review Title: so far great frig | Review by

Have only had this frig for 8 wks after our 17 yr old side by side frig stopped working. Love the space & storage this frig has to offer.

Review Title: I would buy this refrigerator again | Review by

The only thing I have to say bad about this product is it is alittle noisy. Our kitchen is right next to the living room.. It isn't too loud to where it bothers us tho. It is a great size and the freezer holds alot. The icemaker seems to keep up with our family.

Review Title: Poor quality for the price | Review by

Ice maker did not work. Had to be replaced as soon as refrigerator was delivered. Motor is noisy. My old Whirlpool fridge is quieter and the ice maker more efficient. I would not purchase this model again

Review Title: Unacceptable | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator just over 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems since the warranty expired. Ice began to develop just below the housing of the ice maker unit on the inside of the refrigerator, with water intermittently dripping down the inside of the ice storage bin in the door, all just after the warranty expired. But that is not the worst of the problems. At 1 year and 8 months of age, the freezer began malfunctioning (i.e. ice cream and frozen vegetables were melting inside the freezer & the temperature was hovering around 20 degrees). I contacted the retailer, who sent their repair service. Within the last 6 months, and 5 service calls later, they have now replaced the thermistor and the compressor (10/9/14). In the last 2 days, the freezer has now begun to malfunction again (temperature is at 22+ degrees), so I will be contacting the repair service, yet again. I notice that this unit has now been discontinued, understandably.

Review Title: love the style. | Review by

Like the refrig. Took some time to get used to the doors, water, etc, but now really like it. Love the lighting!

Review Title: This is a great product. | Review by

We just bought this product and love everything about it !!

Review Title: I am so pleased with everything about this product, I absolutely recommend it. | Review by

The adjustable shelves are easy to move, and it holds so much. My 26 lb. turkey fit with lots of room to spare!

Review Title: This product does have great features. | Review by

I really like the looks of this refrigator . BUT......we had to get rid of it. We could not stand the noise it constentent made, like a plane taking off again and again and never stopped. We tried two refrigators ,and within two months and couldn't stand the noise. We now have a different refrigator and enjoying quiet time again. I hated to see it go, but it couldn't take the noise, so sorry.

Review Title: this product has greatfeatures | Review by

I .have had some problems with my new frig but they have been resolved and even though I was offered a replacement product I decided to keep this refrig. as it is beautiful and I could not find a replalcement with all the features and good looks of this model It is not the most user friendly as far as the ice chute and water dispenser goes but I will get use to it I hope.VS

Review Title: Sound levels are poor, but everything else is very good. | Review by

I read a few reviews about this refrigerator before I bought it. Some of the reviews stated that it was quite noisy. I honestly did not believe that it could be that noisy, after all, it was a Gold Series Whirlpool! To my amazement, the first night that we had it, I could hear multiple noises coming from it. The noises were at different pitches, and varied in volume, depending on what function it was performing. Other than that, the refrigerator is designed very well. I like that the ice maker is located in the top of the refrigerator, reducing the bulkiness in the door. I like the inside LED lighting, the glass shelving, the see-through drawers, the sliding shelf for taller items, the blue LED display on the front, and the "tall glass" capability in the water/ice dispenser. Fortunately, the noises that are produced do not bother me that much, as the TV pretty much drowns them out, but I wonder why the engineers allowed this to happen. The previous two refrigerators that I have had didn't make this much noise.

Review Title: I love , live, love my new fridge | Review by

It has so much space compared to my old fridge. I no longer have to unload everything in order to reach items in the back. The freezer is awesome! I can see everything in it and I have it packed. We love the filtered water and ice in door. Other awesome feature are the large door bins and slide in shelf for tall items. The only thing I would change design wise is the temp controlled drawer. I would split it like the fruit and veggie bins, so you could open it without having to open both fridge doors. Also, the door swings out and hits our counter if you open and let it go. I am so afraid it will dent or scratch the door, but so far it hasn't marred it. I love that it is super finger print resistant and I love the black with stainless steel handles. At first, it seemed noisier than our old unit, but now I am accustomed to the new sounds.

Review Title: This refigerator has great features. | Review by

This refigerator has a great layout and plenty of space. The compact ice maker is a plus over the larger units in other models. The other outstanding feature is the led lighting inside.

Review Title: Very large, very cool great for a big family | Review by

Small problem 2 weeks after delivery with ice maker, call for warranty and repairman was there the next day. Ordered some kind of replacement board for drying Ice machine air. Expect it to be in early next week. Only a minor problem and only sometimes at all

Review Title: ok | Review by

i love it. . it.s so much larger than my last one. i love the finish.

Review Title: Has problems with sound and water dispenser | Review by

I am very disappointed with how to get water from the door. If you use a smaller glass you have to hold your hand on the lever to get the water going and if you are lucky you get water in the glass instead of all over the floor. My last frig had a compressor that was so quiet you could hardly hear it run - Not so with this one and it is a Whirlpool Gold model.

Review Title: Looks good�. | Review by

I purchased this unit about two months ago, It's looks great plenty of space. Sometimes the motor to the air filter runs a little loud! It sounds like a small engine running, it's the only appliance that I hear in my kitchen. Other than that it works fine.

Review Title: Ice maker/Water could be improved and door can be easily left open | Review by

Overall, I am pretty happy with this refrigerator. The temperature seems to stay pretty consistent throughout and the space is easily organized with the adjustable shelving. My only complaints come from the ice maker/water lever response and positioning of the water spout, as well as how the left door can be left ajar easily without any warning sounding.

Review Title: looks great but poor quality | Review by

Purchased 7 months ago and has required warranty calls 3 times. Vegatable crisper drawer front tabs to attach drawer front to drawer broke off. Had to order parts and repair myself. Frost build up required service calls to repair factory design flaw. Two weeks after repair the same issue came up again requiring yet another service call.. So happy I purchased extended warranty (not from Whirlpool) for this refrigerator.

Review Title: Replace and renew | Review by

Really enjoy everything about new fridge; wish I had bought same thing in 4-door

Review Title: Great buy for the money | Review by

Replaced old refrigerator bought in 1990. Reviewed several models - chose this one and are not disappointed.

Review Title: Lots of room! | Review by

I love the amount of room there is with the french door I can get large pizza boxes, platters and still have room around it to store other things. There's a shelf that will fold into itself for tall bottles or pitchers. The long wide drawer is great for can drinks, cheeses what ever. When you open the freezer door on the bottom an extra drawer stays in so you can hide ice cream, ha ha, but seriously there is so much room, you will love it too.

Review Title: Lots of space! | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator for our new home, we love how big it is and the freezer at the bottom. We purchased black, the smooth finish on the front does scratch very easy!

Review Title: Interior is well Designed and has good feature functionality; door sweep is restrictive | Review by

This is our first Whirlpool product! We were 100% GE customers and found the Whirlpool design, energy cost and "made in USA" on this unit attractive enough to purchase. The review summary is indicative of our experience. To elaborate, the craftsmanship did not live up to our expectations; the freezer drawer made a horrendous noise like it was going to come off the tracks and the compressor tubes were touching creating annoying noise levels. We've had a technician visit twice and one is scheduled to come today. The first visit fixed the "rubbing" tubes; the second visit came about a month later since we had to wait for the freezer drawer parts to be delivered to our home and it wasn't fixed on that visit because another problem arose with the top slider unit in the freezer drawer unit. They scheduled to come back this Wednesday, 4/3, and cancelled at the last minute and reschedule for this morning 4/5. Hopefully it'll be fixed. I would have preferred to write a better review but a $2000 investment should have performed better than this....

Review Title: This product meets all of our expectations | Review by

We have owned this frig for a short period of time but are extremely happy with our purchase. The quality, ease of use, and appearance far surpasses our expectations. We love the streamlined look, the capacity is great, LED lighting is so sharp, icemaker works like a charm (no leaks, no chunks), no out of the ordinary noise. We were hesitant about this purchase because of some reviews complaining about the icemaker and noise, we have none whatsoever. Also, we purchased it as an "Open Item" at Best Buy and the price was so good, couldn't pass this one up and glad we did move forward with the purchase. Would highly recommend this product to anybody.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Like al the features, especially the LED lights and automatic water level dispenser

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Love the extra room in the fridge with the ice maker in the door. Also the LED lighting is much better than a single standard light bulb up too.

Review Title: Love all the space!! | Review by

Very happy with purchase accept this model has a smaller water filter that doesn't work as well as the larger filter in my side-by-side did. Finding calcium deposits in ice cubes.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We love our French Door Refrigerator. The water dispenser is the kids favorite and my husband and I love the amount of room. The doors hold quite a bit of product and helps keep everything organized and easy to find. Highly recommend this product..

Review Title: Great Size | Review by

I like the size of the refrigerator. The in-door ice-maker makes more room in frig.

Review Title: LOVE THIS FRIG!!! | Review by

Great refrigerator! I researched french door-bottom freezer refrigerators prior to purchase. Many had poor reviews on the in-the-door water and ice dispenser. However, the Whirlpool Gold had very good all-around reviews. I had my local appliance dealer order the frig for me and have been absolutely in love with this refrigerator. Not only is it beautiful inside and out, but it is very large, open, and designed so conveniently. I love opening my french doors and being able to instantly see everything inside because of the large, open design. I never thought a refrigerator could make me so happy!

Review Title: WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR | Review by


Review Title: This product is outstanding. | Review by

The features and size are great. THe access to drawers is wondeful. The bottom freezer is easy to access and has allot of storage room.

Review Title: Just okay | Review by

Had to replace our Amana refrigerator that only lasted 7 years. Decided to go with a brand that was more reliable. I do love the inside layout. Lots of room. Love the shelf that slides back for tall bottles. Sadly the ice maker just doesn't keep up with our family.

Review Title: Way too noisy and returned for a Samsung. Love the Samsung! Disappointed in Whirlpool! | Review by

See above - always owned Whirlpool before but more than disappointed this time!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

After spending weeks (if not months) at looking at appliances, my wife and I finally came to the conclusion to purchase this whirlpool refrigerator. I promised myself that after we purchased this item, I would write my own review. I have lived in my new home for almost a year now so I thought that it was time to express my own thoughts on this item. This refrigerator is wonderful! It looks great! It has so much useful space (almost too much room!) in both the top and lower compartments. The LED's are awesome. Some reviews mentioned that the ice maker was no good and that sometimes they found pools of water from it. This has NEVER happened to us! I use the ice marker on a daily basis and it functions/refills great. If there was one negative feature with this refrigerator (and I am stretching for this) is that sometimes the left door does not shut all the way and after a few minutes the door alarm will go off. This has maybe happened 5-6 times in the past year.

Review Title: Product looks nice and has great features. | Review by

My wife and I really like our new Whirlpool refrigerator. It looks nice and it has great features. We purchaed the White Ice and like it very much. We also like the large capacity refrigerator and freezer. The water and ice dispenser in the door works very well.

Review Title: Awesome features | Review by

We just bought this a month ago. Replaced an old fridge, this one is great. Plenty of storage, great features and looks great in the kitchen. I would recommend this model to anyone

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

Love the design and space. Whirlpool has always been our choice for appliances. A little noisy when running. Would recommend to a fruend

Review Title: Love the storage | Review by

We were replacing a side by side and decided on the French door style. I was not sure I'd like the bottom freezer, but I love it. How often do you get in your freezer? With the ice and water dispenser in the door not often... And there is so much storage in the freezer. I have a drawer for meats, veggies, sweets, etc. LOVE IT,

Review Title: Good product | Review by

I love it. This refrigerator is very spacious. It is very big and works well for my faily of four.

Review Title: WORTH THE WAIT | Review by


Review Title: Just gold | Review by

bought it got it great no issues tried a samsung digital controls failed in 3 days tried a lg and after 7 service calls returned it this a real review

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I love my Whirlpool refrigerator and my only compliant is there is water dripping once in a while. It is coming from the indoor dispenser. Is this normal?

Review Title: Great refrig | Review by

Makes enough ice for my family of 4. Freezer is kept at 0 degrees. Frig is kept at 37 deg. Very quiet, love the design. Ice dispenser is quiet to. I owned a previous whirlpool frig, that is why I bought this one. Wife loves it to. No problems at all.

Review Title: No problems yet. | Review by

Had this same make last year. Multiple problems with it until it was replaced by the factory. Holing my breath this one lasts longer.

Review Title: happy with the purchase | Review by

We shopped around many places to compare refrigerators and found that we liked the whirlpool because of the location of the ice dispenser and indoor water dispenser. The ice on the door gives us plenty of room for bigger trays of food on the shelves, we cook for a lot of people! Racks of ribs and briskets can be stored easily. The indoor water features are good for our children to use and w/ less mess. The lower freezer gives us more than enough room for storage. This unit is quiet and cleans up easily. Our only con is that we bought it through BEST BUY, they were a mess. They had this model listed with "black side panels" something I really wanted !! After several attempts to get it and 3 deliveries, I finally called whirlpool and found out that they do not make one w/ black sides (they should). I took the one w/ grey sides because I really liked the features. Over all very happy so far!

Review Title: Nice refrigerator, but some design issues | Review by

Much has been said in the reviews about this refrigerator being noisy. I don't think it is any noisier than the average refrigerator when it is running normally. However, when one of the compressors starts (there are two), it makes a higer than normal sound for about 30 seconds. When you close the door, it sounds like the fan speeds up briefly. The ice dispenser is really loud, like running a sack of ice down a garbage disposer. The interior lighting is spectacular, there are no dark corners in this refrigerator. I like the layout, but my wife has had a hard time adapting from our previous side by side. Personally I think the refrigerator is very spacious. The icemaker and storage bin are small. It works for two people, but a large family would run out. This is the result of putting the icemaker in the refrigerator door. The bottom drawer freezer is a bit smaller that our previous unit, but the refrigerator and the freezer are on seperate compressors, so the temperature control is excellent. They even put in a seperate slot for pizza, which is a waste of space if you don't buy frozen pizza. The fact that you have to open both refrigerator doors to open two of the bins is an irritation, but I don't see a better way to do it.

Review Title: Large capacity and great features | Review by

We are enjoying our new fridge. Lots of space, Love the drawers, and adjustable shelves, along with all the door shelves. First time users of the water/ice feature in the door and love it!! Freezer is very roomy and easy to maneuver. The new white ice finish is classy and easy to maintain.

Review Title: Love the sleek style. And the features that it has to offer. | Review by

have had it a couple months now. And so far no complaints.People have said they thought it to be noisy. I don't think its no more noisy than my old one. And that didn't have none of the features that this one has.

Review Title: Nice to have the expanded space! | Review by

First, we love the measured fill water feature! Sure don't miss the side-by-side fridge--the space allocation in this one is so much easier. BUT, there is ice at the top in the back of the fridge along the roofline--probably frozen condensation. AND the sound is horrific. Even called a repairman to come listen. Looking for a solution to the irritating noise. Foam on the wall? Seems like $2000 ought to buy a quiet refrigerator these days.

Review Title: Noisy | Review by

Overall good product just noisy. Whenever the door is closed it sounds like a vacuum pump comes on to seal the door.

Review Title: Does not run quietly | Review by

Would be happy with this refrigerator if it would run a little more quietly than it does.

Review Title: i have had for 5 months now, works great | Review by

i was looking for top of the line with goals and feature and this unit worked

Review Title: Love it !!! | Review by

We are extremely happy with this purchase. The design is very thoughtful and attractive. Great lighting and very good water filter. The ice has no taste introduced from the food. The ice does clump together in the bin and has to be emptied periodically. Compressor noise is slightly more than our last fridge.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I have only had this fridge for 2 weeks, it was a replacement for one that the ice maker kept going out on. Great size, looks good, runs good. A bit loud. The only problem that I have is that the ice maker is small, nothing like the one I had for over 13 years. I guess the saying "They don't make them like they use to" is so true!

Review Title: Very Unhappy | Review by

This unit has had issues sense the day we purchased it. It is extremely loud for one. It has always frozen up around the ice box then proceeded and started raining inside my fridge. Now whenever we open the door there is a puddle on my wood floors. Between the last service call to the most recent service call my freezer has stopped working, thawing all of my food inside.

Review Title: This refrigerator is both innovative and efficient. | Review by

I have had so much fun with my new fridge! I love the settings on the water dispenser. I just put a container under it, set it and walk away. This allows to to do other things, such as table setting, as the glasses fill for dinner. What a great innovative way to help people become more efficient!

Review Title: Design flaws with the ice maker will require warranty repair. | Review by

The in-the- door ice storage provides more interior space but from day one there was interior ice build up at the back of the ice maker and the transition points between the ice maker and the door storage. I used the Whirlpool web site to schedule a warranty service repair and was very happy with the timeliness and the quality of the service. The fix required a new control panel on the front, a new circuit panel in the back, new gaskets at the back of the ice maker, and a new heater and front end on the ice maker, This was a significant repair that on paper amounted to $770 (covered by warranty). The repair was done a week ago and so far appears to have fixed the problem. Once it was fixed we were very pleased with the warranty repair process and the refrigerator in general. On the other hand, we were very disappointed that Whirlpool would allow this model to be sold with what by now must be a known design issue.

Review Title: Nice size, style, and features | Review by

This is a big upgrade from our smaller LG fridge. The size and capacity make storage easy, especially the sliding shelf/half shelf. The lighting is noticeable and the foods, especially produce are keeping much longer than expected.

Review Title: I like the looks & features | Review by

I love my new rerigerator. It is so convenient to use. The ice maker is real handy. Also the pizza storage area is VERY useful. There is lots of room to store things in the door. It is very roomy. I like the vegetable & meat storage drawers.

Review Title: Lot's of room. | Review by

It has plenty of room for everything. Love the adjustable shelves.

Review Title: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT | Review by

DO NOT BUY THIS REFRIGERATOR ! Poorly designed in door ice maker results in constant water dripping from ice maker inside refrigerator. Also, ice cubes are small slivers of ice. This refrigerator is much to expensive for what you get. Very poor design !

Review Title: Another amazing whirlpool product | Review by

All of our appliances are whirlpool & once again we were very pleased. This ref. is beautiful, very roomy, keeps my fruits & vegetables better...I now have less wasted food! Love all of the shelves in the doors..I am able to keep a well organized ref. now..

Review Title: Love everything about this refrigerator! | Review by

I absolutely love this refrigerator! Lots of room - infact I haven't been able to fill it up yet!!! Love the height, love the freezer space- perfect!!!

Review Title: Completely satisfied with our choice of the refrigerator. | Review by

Love the LED lights, including in the freezer. Have always thought that the freezer should be down below as you are in the refrigerator far more often than the freezer. It makes everything in the refrigerator so easily accessible. Looked at a lot of other options and loved the quality of this appliance, as well as the knowledgeable saleslady. She explained all the features and was not one bit pushy. The overall accessability to everything within the appliance, as well as the outward appearance, are absolutely outstanding.

Review Title: You won't be disappointed with this luxurious refrigerator | Review by

It is everything we could have imagined in a luxurious refrigerator. The space in it is a dream. It glows with a contemporary look!

Review Title: This Whirlpool refrigerator has good design features | Review by

We like our new Whirlpool refrigerator as it has some design features that are great as far as the available storage space in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. All in all we are happy with the product as far as what it was designed to do, store food. However, the only things that I would say that I haven't got use to, is its sound level, as it appears to run more than my old refrigerator. The sound is not loud, but it does run a lot more. The one thiing that it does do is, that it leaks water from the ice dispenser on the inside of the door and the water runs down into the lower inside shelves on the door. Not quite sure what causes this water leak as you have to wipe out water occasionally from the shelves.

Review Title: This product is quiet | Review by

The water dispenser is awkward to use and the fan by the ice maker caused constant moisture which causes ice build up. The freezer holds a lot of items. I like the pizza holding feature in the freezer.

Review Title: Expensive Piece of Junk!!!! | Review by

I bought this 11 months ago and it quit working ! same as all the other customer reviews, I paid $2500.00 it is still under warranty for a few more weeks, will see what Whirlpool will do for me. Don't ever write a review until you've had it at least a year.....

Review Title: The product has a great design/features | Review by

The design of the product is excellent. I love the freezer at the bottom with 2 drawers and a section to place pizza boxes. I also enjoy the water and ice dispenser along with all the features such as the measured fill option. Furthermore the product has a great look and plenty of storage.

Review Title: Great looking refrigerator. | Review by

Wonderfully large refrigerator. Interior is bright with plenty of lights that eliminates any dark corners or shelves. Large bins for meat, cheese and even soda cans. The temperature controls for vegetables are just great. Never need to guess if these drawers are set to the correct temps as the automatic temps are shown with just a touch of your finger tip. I love the large door containers for milk and orange juice, very handy.

Review Title: good fridge | Review by

We bought this fridge over another whirlpool because of the larger ice maker, which is in the door and leaves more useable space in the fridge.

Review Title: I love it | Review by

Is perfect for everything I needed. Enough space ,great features,

Review Title: The product has quality features | Review by

The Whirlpool bottom mount is spacious with strong storage bins, beautiful lighting, and comfortable temperature controls. It's quiet unless the doors are not properly closed. The freezer allows you to organize for easy use. Having the freezer on the bottom gives you a full eye level refrigerator on top.

Review Title: This product is easy to use and has lots of storage. | Review by

I like the refrigerator, however, there are noises I did not expect that are from the normal operation of the appliance. Also, in the store I did not notice that the stainless was only on the front and since there is no wall on the one side of the refrigerator, it looks a bit strange to have the gray enamel on the side. I like the French doors, but I do not like the wide drawer in the middle where I keep the meats and cheese because I have to open both doors every time I want to access that drawer. So far, the ice maker works well which was a problem in my previous refrigerator and the shelves adjust easily. Overall, I would buy it again if there were no other offerings of the things I don't like.

Review Title: New fridge after owning a whirlpool for 25 yrs | Review by

Love the lighting, see thru drawers & 3 door option. Dislikes: can't get water or ice from dispenser if any door is open Small ice cubes Slow making ice Have to open both doors to utilize large drawer

Review Title: Love the size | Review by

The size is amazing. I never run out of space. Keeps a constant temperature. Does run a bit loud but I seem to be the only one it bothers. Ice production is fast, fills within 24 hours. I do have a bit of hard time finding filters in stores but the ease of ordering online makes up for that.

Review Title: Sam77 | Review by

Love it but it is louder than my GE . Really like the bottom freezer. Thought it would be too heavy to open but it is not. Feels like a lot more space in refigertor with both doors opening on top.

Review Title: Refrigerator Review | Review by

We do not like the ice/water dispenser. Our kids are always spilling because the spout where the water comes out only works well if you are using a wide cup. Our old refrigerator had a much better ice/water dispenser. We feel this refrigerator is poorly organized and if we had to do it over again, we would do much more research into the specifics to find a better refrigerator for our family.

Review Title: stopped working | Review by

fridge freezer stopped working, after 2 months it was replaced

Review Title: this product is designed to make storage easy. | Review by

The refridgerator section has a lot of storage and easy access. The adjustable shelf is a really a plus when you have unexpected larger items. The freezer section is designed to provide good space for most types of items. Over all I would recommend it to any body that is looking for a new refridgerator.

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

We are quite pleased there is a little drip now & then from the ice maker. Some people have complained about having to open both doors inorder to pull storage drawers - it doesn't bother us- I think you have to use common sense & realize if you don't like that buy the model with one door.

Review Title: great refrigerator | Review by

Love the clean look, love the features, lots of space!

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator | Review by

I am quite pleased with our new refrigerator. The vegetables stay fresh for way far longer than my old refrigerator. Food is easy to find being at eye level and even though it is one cu. ft. smaller than the previous side by side. There is much more room in this design. The freezer drawers are quite handy to use. It does make some noise but I am used to hearing it now. Sort of a whistling noise at times. It annoyed my husband more than me but only because he was napping in the chair near the kitchen. I love the refrigerator and since I'm the one that does all the kitchen work, I would highly recommend this product.

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

After checked so many reviews, I decided to buy this refrig. It's a bit big for us, 4 people household. But love the big capacity.

Review Title: Great fridge | Review by

Tons of room in this fridge and great styling. Very visible and well lit interior. The inner drawers and door shelves are well designed to hold common items. The reason it did not get 5 stars is it's noisier than our previous fridge and the water output is too far from the push bar so that if you're not careful, you will get water on your hand instead of in the glass. We're used to it, so it's not a big deal, but still worth noting.

Review Title: Ice buildup in refrigerator compartment | Review by

We too have fallen victim to the ice buildup and condensation on or around the icemaker in the refrigerator compartment. Just sent a e-mail to service and support. We will see what happens. Fridge is 5 months old, has been doing this since new.

Review Title: It's OK, not sure yet totally | Review by

When it came in and delivered, the first problem was that the Ice and Water didn't work and that took awhile to fix. Then when the Tech removed the Plastic from the Doors they were scratched underneath.

Review Title: Looks good but very noisy | Review by

This is a very noisy refrigerator. I would not have purchased it if I had known this. It has a lot of noisy fans and the compressor is also noisy when it runs. Also, when you pull open the freezer door it sounds horrible, with a plastic grinding noise. It is large and has plenty of room, the multiple LED lights are a very nice feature as is the digital programmable front controls.

Review Title: Poor design | Review by

The first review I wrote did not get published. This fridge is flawed. I am getting condensation drips all the time from the icemaker design.

Review Title: Energy efficient and spacious | Review by

I like it a lot but it will need to withstand the test of time before I can give it my two thumbs up (we've only had it 2 months).

Review Title: Highly recommend! | Review by

This refrigerator has an extremely large interior so it holds all of our food items - great for entertaining! The adjustable shelving makes it easy to configure to your needs and I like the ice bin being located in the door instead of the freezer which allows a much roomier freezer. Love the Ice White finish and it is perfect for those who want or need white appliances. JGS

Review Title: What she wanted | Review by

As the title says, this refrigerator is the one she wanted. We did get one to start with that did not function properly but the exchanged one has. Our only complaint is that sometimes it is noisy compared to our previous refrigerators.

Review Title: Excellent workmanship. Love the flexibility of shelving. | Review by

I waited a few months before writing this review. I wanted to let my excitement over this new appliance cool a bit. My satisfaction with this new refrigeration has only increased. I love how quiet it is even when I filling my glass with ice. I love the see through crisper drawers that saves me from having to open them to search for an item. There is plenty of space in the fridge and in the freezer. The freezer has some sliding drawers where I can keep the oft used items on the top of the least used items. The only thing I disliked was how quickly the "need a new filter" light went on. I did not expect to have this added expense so quickly. Other than that, I give it the highest rating and recommend this appliance.

Review Title: This product has a lot of storage | Review by

I love my new refrigerator, it has lots of space for storage. The freezer has easy access and I am very happy with this purchase. I have other Whirlpool appliances that I love as well. I t is also made in the USA.

Review Title: GREAT DESIGN | Review by

Design allows for a storage capacity that was unmatched by other models. Great options, food constantly feels and smells fresh, great looking exterior.

Review Title: great features | Review by

very nice but a little loud when running,no other issues at this time

Review Title: I love the water on the outside of the door. | Review by

Very nice fridge. Has lots of great storage. Only drawback is the moisture on the inside from the icemaker. But not sure there would be a way to fix that as the door has to seal against the chute. Love the metered water function. Makes it so you don't have to stand there and push the button down to fill something up.

Review Title: Great Frig | Review by

Love it except for the ice maker it is a little noisy

Review Title: Great features! Lot of storage space! Would recommend to everyone. | Review by

Bought this a few months back and would recommend to everyone. Easy to maintain.

Review Title: I love my new fridge!! It is perfect! | Review by

I love the double doors with the wide shelves. The ice maker and water dispenser work great. The design is beautiful. But the best feature is the freezer located on the bottom with the sliding shelve and adjustable dividers. My last fridge was horrid.

Review Title: Really nice refrigerator. Lots of room for everything. Like all of the features. | Review by

We like the refrigerator. We like the fact that everything fits with room leftover. We also like the ice and water on the door. We use it all the time. Another thing we like is the measured fill feature. It's really handy when cooking.

Review Title: Excellent quality and planning! | Review by

We have had this French Door Whirlpool Refrigerator for 5 months. We are pleased with its roominess, light, excellent ice machine and dispenser and overall quality. It is absolutely quiet, doors close great, sliding drawer in freezer is so convenient! We highly recommend this refrigerator!

Review Title: Bad Design for water/ice to door | Review by

Bad design/engineering on the water and ice to the door.

Review Title: Great size! | Review by

Because the refrigerator has lots of space and the ability to move shelves around easily, I can cook a whole week's worth of meals for my family of 4 advance. Everything is accessible with the french doors. The door shelves are nice and wide, giving so much room for bottles, jars, drinks...

Review Title: very noisy, 3 months old | Review by

Very noisy, noise level has increased since delivery. Unit runs more than it is off..sounds vary from sound simular to high pitched 60 cycle hum to rumbel sound. Will not recommend purchasing.

Review Title: DO NOT BUY!! | Review by

Bought this fridge in April 2013. The ice maker/ water stopped working a month ago. Repair man came out today and didn't even need to look to know. He has been replacing the same issues on this fridge a lot- he says. There is a computer where the produce temp control is located, that needs to be replaced due to condensation. Ice maker is frozen and the entire top left side will need to be replaced. I am unable to adjust the temp of the fridge or the freezer-The entire front where the ice and water dispense will need to be removed and the computer replaced. Total cost is $822.00. The repair man said that the fix will work for a time but I will eventually have the exact same issues again. He said I can expect to invest a ton of money into this fridge if we keep it. I am so upset and disappointed. I waited 10 years for a fridge like this.

Review Title: Space for food for the whole family! | Review by

We bought this refrigerator because we needed enough space to store food for a family of 7. This refrigerator does not disappoint in that area. There's plenty of space, and the flexibility to move the shelves in half sections allows us the ability to store any food or beverages that we need to. I appreciate the multiple levels of drawers, in addition to how big the bottom drawer in the refrigerator is. I now have a place to keep all of my deli meats, hot dogs, bars of cheese, and cream cheese blocks, with room to spare. I do wish the middle drawer on the top level of drawers was big enough to hold our energy drink cans but it also suffices as a great drawer to hold yogurt containers. The freezer also provides plenty of space, and I love that it has a drawer inside of a drawer, with adjustable dividers to keep everything in its place. It's so much easier to find items in the drawer freezer!! My ONLY complaint with this model of refrigerator is the in-door ice and water dispenser. The ice and water are selected by a touch button in the door's panel, which took a little bit for my kids to get used to. The biggest complaint I have is that the water dispenser is IN FRONT of the ice dispenser, so you have to hold the dispensing panel with one hand and hold slimmer cups (i.e. most children's cups) under the water spout. The Whirlpool corporation attempted to work around this by having an option to select the number of ounces in panel but it's a hassle with the kids as they "guess" how many ounces their cups hold. Other than that, this is a great fridge that I would recommend.

Review Title: TERRIBLE UNIT | Review by


Review Title: Works Great | Review by

We have been using this fridge for 4 months now. So far everything is good with it. It is very spacious. The fresh produce filter must be working because out produce is, in fact, staying good longer. The water and ice dispenser is good, but I do with that the buttons were a little more responsive. You have to tap the buttons just right to get them to work. I also with that you could use the dispenser with one of the doors open.

Review Title: This fridge is huge! | Review by

I love this fridge! It's enormous and I can always fit our groceries in it. I love all the features--the pizza storage in the freezer, slide in/collapsible shelves, big milk storage on the door...we had a tiny issue with the ice maker, but whirlpool sent someone out the day after I called and they replaced a known faulty part and it has been fine ever since. It looks beautiful in our kitchen--it's functional but also a focus point in our new kitchen. I have no regrets about purchasing this fridge!

Review Title: multi service calls | Review by

Temperature control was not calubrated. I had llot of spoiled milk. Anew part was installled. Had problrms with water dripping off ceiling of refrigerator...another part installed. Custiomer service was excellant but I would preferred not having to call the tech out so manuy times.

Review Title: WARNING...RUST!!! | Review by

DO NOT....I REPEAT DO NOT wipe down the outside of the refrigerator with a slightly damp sponge. If you do, the "stainless" steel will rust before your eyes. Look closely at the grain in the light. This happened to me so the retailer replaced the fridge. When they brought in the new fridge, the tech's hand was sweaty where he touched the fridge. Within 30 seconds there were rust marks within the grain. I have never seen such a thing. I wiped it off IMMEDIATELY but still the rust streaks formed. It is a beautiful fridge but Whirlpool uses SUBSTANDARD STAINLESS STEEL. Mind you, in both instances the moisture was only allowed contact at most 30 seconds before being wiped off and polished with stainless steel polish.. UNACCEPTABLE for stainless steel. Funny, my stainless steel sink doesn't rust.

Review Title: Big Dis- appointment | Review by

I've had this new unit almost a year, the evaporator coil has a whole in it, ice makes leaks and compressor is very loud due to the hole in the evaporator, compressor runs all the time. I bought this product to support our American work force but the made in American phrase is not what it used to be, apparently there are a lot of complaints about his product on-line

Review Title: This product fills all my qualifications of a refrigerator! | Review by

I love the French Doors that open the refrigerator so that everything can be seen at once. There is so much room! I also love the long drawer where I store my meats so everything is so visible. I also love the sleek, clean design of the outside. I love this refrigerator!!

Review Title: Beautiful and Fills My Every Wish For a Refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is awesome. It's beautiful to start with--white with stainless steel handles! Looks fantastic. The lighting is wonderful--can see everything in the fridge without having to shuffle stuff around. The freezer has a special area for pizza storage. The ice/water on the door is a dream come true.



Review Title: Really big and nearly perfect. | Review by

This huge fridge is beautiful. We have the white with silver handles. Note that the delivery company had to remove the doors and freezer drawer to get it in the house. It has several shelf positions to accommodate different sized contents. Putting a gallon of milk on the door looks nice, but isn't practical for using the door space efficiently. The only drawback was that we noticed some frost in the freezer. After investigating, we discovered that shutting the freezer drawer takes effort to ensure a good seal. Since we discovered that, we haven't had anymore frost issues. Honestly, we love the thing.

Review Title: Nice looking, but noisy | Review by

The refrigerator is nice looking and bright inside. The stainless steel surface will allow magnets to stick to it. Had to have warranty service within a week due to a leaking water dispenser. The worst thing about this refrigerator is it seems to run all the time. It makes various noises and is loud.

Review Title: The product has great features | Review by

I love the frig. The LED lighting makes it very easy to view everything in the refrigerator.

Review Title: Sofar So Good | Review by

Purchased this Refrigerator about 2 months ago,so far so good. I seems to have much more space than the side by side of the same size that it replaced. One thing about it is that both top doors needs to be opened to slid out the veggie draw.

Review Title: .This is a good looking fridge, it's just average though for function | Review by

The indoor ice machine is really a good feature. The refidgerator is a good size and looks good. However, the refrigerator sweats inside. There is always water on the inside ceiling and on the door seal. The shelves are not really accomodating to tall things. If you adjust the shelf high enough to accomodate a bottle of wine, then the self above is too narrow to be useful. Ditto for the door selves. The French doors are not that much of a benifit. You have to open both of them to open the bottm drawer of the refrige.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

Like the LED lighting. Crushed ice in the door is great. Like the Fast Ice feature especially when company is here.

Review Title: Wowmazing! | Review by

The whirlpool refrigerator is second to none. It's sleek look is an eye catcher. The stainless steel handles are different and very orginal to other fridges. The interior has climate control drawers to separate food items making it more convienant. The interior shelf slide move and are big enough for any pot or product you have. I am a huge cooker and this fridge has maximum capacity! The freezer has easy sliding shelves inside which is convienant. It even has a pocket to store frozen pizzas for those hurried nights. The water and ice machine is deluxe. Measure your glass or simply fill it. This whirlpool refrigerator is absolutely ingenious! Love it which is why I called it wowmazing! Wow and amazing wrapped in one! Thanks whirlpool

Review Title: Refrigerator is awesome! | Review by

I love the french door style fridge. I had a big party and everything fit perfect even the deli tray and big bowls. I do think the door shelves could be designed a bit better. The bottom door shelves are pointless. You can't see anything on them. It would also be nice if you could remove the divider in the freezer for bigger items. The water dispenser in the door is good for large openings but not for water bottles because you cannot see where the water is coming from and it spills everywhere.

Review Title: This regrigerator is amazing. | Review by

It fit everything from my old side by side's freezer and a small deep freezer. The refrigerator is just as spacious. I love that water can be measured out automatically. The ice maker is a little slow and loud for making ice, but it is well worth the price and style.

Review Title: Lots of space! | Review by

We bought this fridge a few months ago and overall we love it. The cons are it runs a little louder and the adjustable shelves cannot be at the same height as another shelf because there are little bumps on the sides of them that prevent them from sitting level. So it means they have to be offset and it sometimes wastes space.

Review Title: One word - Spacious | Review by

I'm extremely pleased, overall, with my new Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator. It has very modern lines, is extremely functional and flexible. I love all of the storage capacity - it is huge. I have twice as much room in each section than I did in my older side by side.

Review Title: This product has potential to be a nice fridge. | Review by

Within 6 months the fridge has had to be repaired twice for the same problem, ice build-up. It has been one week since the repair man was just here and we are already seeing ice build-up again! The fridge is also VERY loud. I would not recommend this fridge to anyone, we have had nothing but trouble since we purchased it.

Review Title: New Fridge | Review by

Well, my wife and I spent a lot of time looking for a new fridge. We went store to store and couldn't find what we wanted. I found this fridge on the web and then called around looking for one on display...couldn't fin one. We "rolled the dice" and bought without seeing it. In short, a wonderful product. If I had one suggestion it would be a more durable finish as the black smooth finish has swirl marks even though I used the recommended process to remove the tape (micro fiber cloth and warm dawn soap). Truth be told, I am still a little annoyed.

Review Title: Really Disappointed | Review by

Whirlpool provides a 1 year warranty on this unit which sounds like they don't have a lot of confidence in it ... I know why now. I've had this frig for about 18 months. It's starting to make LOUD noises. When the repairman evaluated the problem he told me ice had built up around the fan in the freezer and the blades hitting the ice causes the noise. I'm not turning the frig off twice a month to defrost the freezer. I'm now hating this once beloved frig. This is a $2,500 + frig. My $500 frig in the basement gives me no problems. Did I just get a lemon?

Review Title: Great interior design | Review by

Great interior space with the icemaker in the door rather than taking up shelf space. Easy to see all items with glass shelves and clear crisper drawers. Convenient top basket in bottom freezer pulls forward when the freezer compartment is opened. The single water/ice dispenser is tall enough for most glasses.

Review Title: Plenty of space and is cheap to operate! | Review by

I bought this last year and I am very glad I bought a larger (29 cu.ft.) refrigerator!

Review Title: Fabulous refrigerator | Review by

We love our new refrigerator!! It one of the focal points of our recent kitchen remodeling project. Family and guests alike all comment on its beauty, quality and outstanding style.

Review Title: Awesome fridge! | Review by

At first when we looked at this fridge I was a bit overwhelmed by all the features and buttons but had the capacity we were looking for. After it was delivered, I spent some time going through the quick reference guide and playing with the different options. This is a really cool fridge (no pun intended). Aside from the indoor pizza storage, I love that the water/ice dispenser locks. We have two small children who, I'm sure, would love to then our kitchen into an arctic ice bath. Fortunately, with the lock, they can't.

Review Title: I love the space and features | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator 4 months ago. We love the generous amount of space and the easy of re- arranging the shelves. Would like a bin in the freezer to store additional ice. All in all we are very happy with the purchase so far.

Review Title: overall a great refrigerator | Review by

I love the interior design, especially the triple drawer which holds meats, cheese, and cold drinks all at the proper temp for each. The only thing I would wish for would be able to rearrange the drawers when needed. Overall I love my whirlpool refrigerator.

Review Title: OK | Review by

Everything is ok with the unit. No middle draw on the outside is annoying. The thing I really don't like is how noisy it is when running.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Great fridge, roomy and user friendly.. The freezer is huge and easy to organize..

Review Title: Very happy with this purchase | Review by

This refrigerator has been easy to use and maintain. It has given us not problems and has performed excellently. We chose the black version to match existing appliances and have been very pleased with how it has fit in and it seems to hide smudges and smears better than the more common stainless steel versions.

Review Title: i love it | Review by

i would give 5 stars for everything except one design flaw. the full width 2 level freezer drawers prevent any larger item from fitting in the freezer, like a turkey or gallon of milk. if the upper draw covered two thirds of the lower then one compartment on the lower could hold larger/taller items. take a frozen turkey to work design guys and try it! i would also split the snack/deli drawer into 2 drawers, still have to open both doors to access this option. the led lighting is fantastic, love the measured water dispenser option, shelf configurations and door storage. easy to keep clean too. haven't had it long enough to determine energy use or savings

Review Title: We love our refrigerator | Review by

This was a great purchase for us. This appliance is very family friendly. Lots of space - a lot of different ways to arrange shelves Love the LED lighting The crushed ice is great The measured fill, which is the water in the door can be selected to certain cup increments (1 cup of water to dispense), is very handy Great appliance!! Not silent but not overly loud either, but it does hum a bit when running.

Review Title: Really nice refrigerator! | Review by

I bought the "black ice" model with the chrome handles and it is very good looking. Only had it a couple of months, but really enjoying it so far. A minor complaint, you have to open both doors to access the meat and cheese drawer.

Review Title: great size, minor issues | Review by

seems to be great quality, a the icemaker is a little noisy both when dispensing ice and making ice. There is a recurrent drip from the water in the door that requires a paper towel to be kept nearby which is a little annoying. There is no grid or tray for the water that drips, so it runs down the front of the fridge. Overall we are happy.

Review Title: Nice looking very functional. | Review by

The over all look is very nice. Sound levels are bad. This refrigerator is always making some type of buzzing, clicking, whinning on occasion loud hammering. Some sounds are at a frequency that very annoying.

Review Title: Poor design | Review by

15 months old and had to have compressor replaced. Ice maker is a joke. Good design poor execution. Fortunately Whirlpool paid for the parts but it still cost $400 to get a $2200 fridge working again! Not a happy consumer.

Review Title: Whirlpool has a winner in this product | Review by

The design is perfect with the ice cube maker in the top of the fridge out of the way. The shelves are just right including the adjustable length glass shelf which allows for tall bottles when you need the room. The water filter in the top of the fridge is also very helpful. I would recommend this to a friend.

Review Title: its still working | Review by

this was a replacement for a unit that was less then 1 year old .we have it a month with not problems evident

Review Title: Great fridge - believe the noise complaints- excessively noise | Review by

The fans or motor at times create loud whining like noise.the operational noise is LOUDER than anything I 've owned before. I read the comments and thought most may be too picky. I was wrong and all brands with this design had similar noise complaints. I bought it at HD with a no return policy and won't ever do that again. We absolutely love the fridge, but the noise levels will have to be improved for me to buy another one. Unfortunately, there is no agency who measures and reports product noise levels, making this purchase a blind one. But all the other elements we really love, and maybe some of the noise is,a failing part. Regardless, we've adjusted to the noise and will just enjoy there features that we like. But , they better resolve the noise if they want to sell me any other appliance. It will be a driving factor in ALL future appliance purchases.

Review Title: Love the idea- some issues with the execution | Review by

Looked at a ton of refrigerators when planning our kitchen remodel and selected this one. Pros: It looks great. Water/ice dispenser with the measured fill Storage in the doors Minimal footprint of the icemaker in the door. Cons: Freezer drawer makes an awful grating noise- I called to have it repaired but it turn out it is caused by the plastic teeth on the metal runners and there is nothing you can adjust or oil to make it stop- seriously like nails on a chalkboard. You have to open both doors to open the bottom drawers I kind of miss the butter/egg storage. I think the layout will be useable in time, but right now miss the nooks for certain things that allow everyone to know where they are intuitively.

Review Title: whirlpool 29 ft. french door | Review by

this is the 2nd 29 ft whirlpool I have owned. the first was northing but problems. It finally had to be replace under the warranty after 12 months. I hope the 2nd whirlpool is better.

Review Title: this product has great features | Review by

I absoutly love my refigerator. the size is wonderful, it is such a pleasure to have a full view of eveything inside. we had a side by side for 19 yrs, I was not happy with the small freezer space. having the bottom freezer is marvelous. we have always had whilppool applicances,,we will be purchasing a dishwasher within the next 6 months andit will be a whirlpool. it does seem to run/hum constantly. not sure if that is normal???

Review Title: overall sleek, very nice design, easy to use functions | Review by

Wanted in the door water dispenser easy enough that our younger children could manage while looking sleek. I love this fridge, wonderful design, we don't freeze as much as we eat fresh foods so it made sense to have double doors on top. Highly recommend this one!

Review Title: Nearly outstanding but for a possible design flaw with the icemaker. | Review by

Innovative design and great features and would be outstanding, except that the ice maker has begun to create considerable condensation in that area with resulting ice around the icemaker and on the ceiling of the refrigerator and condensation all the way to the rearof the unit. I will need warranty service to address.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love then ice collection, white with stainless steel handles. Love the French door style. Very stylish and modern

Review Title: Only a couple of small problems | Review by

We have had this fridge for about a month. When using the ice/water dispenser the spout for the water is too far away from the switch if you are using a small glass the water dispenses onto your hand. The switch for the dispenser is very hard to trigger. After calibrating the water "measured fill" feature it dispensed exactly the displayed amount, then last week it started dispensing half the displayed amount, strange. I checked the "would not recommend" only because it is a little noisy, louder than the 15 year old unit it replaced so I can see where that might bother some people but I am okay with it. I love the lighting and the ease of access and the crisper drawer configuration. The freezer layout is great.

Review Title: Plenty of Space - black ice is beautiful | Review by

We just built a new home and wanted something that wasn't stainless. Went with the whole Black Ice appliance collection. We are very happy with the purchase. The fridge has plenty of space available and love the bottom drawer. Wish they would make it without the water/ice as that is a feature I didn't need.

Review Title: Lots of room! | Review by

Last refrigerator was a side by side (different brand). Hated it. Poor space. Always thought I had wanted one but immediately regretted it.

Review Title: Only one issue, that,s with through door water dispenser. Need large opening at top of glass or water will miss glass | Review by

Would rate 9.5 of ten overall. Excellent configuration of drawers & shelving. Only used for 4 months so far, no problems

Review Title: Whirlpool French Door Frig | Review by

There French door Frigs are so much better than side by side you can find things in it soooo much better. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: SO EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT | Review by


Review Title: very nice feature that my wife want | Review by

we bought it when we had new kitchen remodel,,, want something different and better one

Review Title: Like it but where is the butter dish holder and left door could close better | Review by

We retired our last top end Whirlpool that we have had since 1991 just because it was worn out, still worked though.

Review Title: Quality refrigerator | Review by

I love my fridge! It's spacious, easy to find things and easy to clean. There's a place for everything!

Review Title: This frig is a beauty! | Review by

Two months ago we bought new kitchen appliances. We did some research and price comparisons, of course. This new Whirlpool was the best decision ever! We love it. It is a beautiful appliance, but very functional! We love our Whirlpool!$

Review Title: larger capacity, easy to get to freezer items | Review by

I bought this fridge a year ago, had a minor problem, Whirlpool quickly repaired the problem.

Review Title: Overall functions well | Review by

This product performs well and we enjoy the features and performance of the unit but feel that the refrigerator has too high sound levels that can be heard from many feet away from the unit. And the ice maker had to have a heating element installed to prevent condensation formin with the unit which we feel should have been anticipated before the unit was manufactured.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We replaced our 5 year old ** when the sidewall enclosed heating element (non-repairable) died. Other than a couple of things we really love it. It has great interior features, cleans easily, looks great! Love the LED interior. The downside is the layout of the freezer leaves a little to be desired, and it is noisier than I would expect a higher end product to be. However, I had read about this before we purchased it, and once you get use to it, you wont notice it. However, if you have a small house or you dislike hearing it at all, you might want to reconsider. But given the cost and all of the pro's I would recommend this product.

Review Title: Spacious and well lit. | Review by

Purchased this model about 18 months ago. I love that I can see everything without moving things around. My previous refrigerator was a side by side. This refrigerator can store anything. I put full cookie trays in. The in door water and ice is not designed well. I have to push the back lever with my hand because if I push it with my glass, the water misses the glass. Overall, I love this refrigerator.

Review Title: Two Doors Operate Independently | Review by

I bought this online and have no regrets. I really like the size; the inside bins in each door hold quite a bit; shelves are adjustable; the LED lights are great; bottom drawer of fridge is the entire width of the unit and can hold larger items; and each door can be opened separately. I try to place items in a certain place so I don't have to open both doors. The freezer has a pull-out drawer and the bottom is divided into several storage areas, as well as a smaller storage area behind the door to hold pizzas or whatever. My only comment is that the ice cubes are a little smaller than what I expected. I have read other comments about the ice 'falling' on the floor.. I use a wider plastic bowl to catch the ice and leave it in place for a few seconds after the ice has dispensed--problem solved. At times, it does have a 'noise', but it is not that bad and is quiet for the most part. I have only had it about 2 months, and am hopeful it lasts many, many years!

Review Title: . | Review by

Love the French doors and freezer drawers!! More convenient and useable space than side-by-side products.

Review Title: A simple but elegant design | Review by

The French doors makes it easier to find all the things you are looking for. It makes plenty of ice for our family of four. Also, the ice bucket pulls out so it makes it easy to fill up an ice chest. I wasn't sure if the bottom freezer would work but with the sliding drawers it makes it easy to find things.

Review Title: A great fridge, when it's working... | Review by

We bought this fridge when it first came out. Like many of the other reviews out there, we had a lot of trouble with it being loud and the fridge not staying cold. We went through 4 compressors in under 2 years. Whirlpool realized that the 1st generation fridge we bought was a lemon and exchanged it for a 4th generation version of the same fridge. Fingers crossed that it stays in working order as we LOVE the space and layout of the fridge.

Review Title: Everything we need | Review by

Everything we use most is right in front of us when we open the door. Very versatile, and well made.

Review Title: For the most part, this seems to be a very good refridgerator. | Review by

We really love the features that this whirlpool has over other brands and it is rated high. Sometimrs it sounds like a helicopter going over our house when the fridge is making ice. There is a little exageration there but it is louder than our past fridge which died after 18 years. The ice seems to clump up in the ice box and we have to throw out the clumps. But other than that it is a good fridge so far.

Review Title: This refrigerator has great features and is just the right size | Review by

We recently purchased this appliance for our new home. We love it!! It has amazing room without seeming so huge on the outside. The water and ice through the door feature works great. The black ice collection looks great in our kitchen and the quality is excellent. The inside is very adjustable which was a great feature during the recent holidays. We would highly recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

Huge capacity and great design. We just built a new house with an open floor plan, and this unit looks beautiful in the kitchen

Review Title: Love the look and the design. | Review by

There are 2 things I don't like about my new frig. Number 1 is that it runs all the time. Apparently it has to do that to be energy efficient. Was not aware of that when I purchased it. Number 2 is that you have to have a wide rim glass to use ice/water dispenser or ice and water misses the glass.

Review Title: Sharp looking, energy efficient, great product | Review by

As the title states, this is really a great addition to our kitchen. We paid the extra money to get this fridge into our brand new home. And waited three weeks for it to be delivered! It was totally worth it. We love the measuring water function, the touch-screen display, the french door concept where either door can be accessed. I personally like the LED lighting inside and the extra storage space. The "sold" for us was the pizza storage compartment in the freezer door! Just an added perk bonus. We love it! The only thing I personally don't like, and its minor, is the top drawer shelf in the freezer can bunch as its pulling out from being compacted while opening and shutting. But its minor and doesn't happen all the time. Overall, we love the fridge and would recommend it to anyone!

Review Title: I love this refrigerator! | Review by

I love this refrigerator ! It has so many feators! Love the in door shelves, produce drawers, pop drawer and lots and lots of room. Finally found a refrigerator that has all the features I need and love.

Review Title: The good, and the bad | Review by

My old refridgerator is a Whirlpool which I liked. I needed a new and a larger refridgerator. I decided to go with the french door design. 29 cubic feet gives you alot of space. It was the openess that sold me on whirlpool. The concealed ice maker inside does not take away like other models we looked at. We have never run out of ice for 4 adults. The led lighting is great. Adjustable door shelves. I could fall in love with this refridgerator except for...the noise. It is almost like it never stops running. First it goes into a spin cycle, then it sounds like it is changing gears and then it makes a whinning noise. Ok, my washing machine makes noise, my microwave makes noise. For some people this would be an issue and others not an issue. I would have been happy with a creame color finish. Not available, didn't want white or black so I got what is all the rage in stainless steel. Stainless steel gives you a mirrow finish. It is beautiful, it also shows every time you touch it with fingerprints and smudges. You can get another model that is not as noticable. I kind of wondered how a ice maker would work inside the refridgerator instead of the freezer? It sweats, not bad but there usually is a film of water dropplets on the surface of the ice maker and ice storage unit. The water in the door is slow. The freezer on my old refridgerator I only needed to open the door. On these french door models you are pulling the whole freezer out every time you open it. I do contruction type work and it takes some effort to pull the full weight of the freezer and food items out. The freezer also doesn't hold as much as my older model. What I really wanted was not available. I would like to have a refridgerator without a freezer that has a ice maker. And last, they scare you about needing the warranty. These new models have a computer board and are very expensive to replace. I like things that are kept simple and easy to fix.

Review Title: plenty of room | Review by

The ice maker and water are nice features. It looks great and works well.

Review Title: Beautiful Refrigerator | Review by

Awesome refrigerator. Quiet and flawless. Temp control drawer and hidden ice maker with 29 cu ft of space in a standard depth frig make it a ideal refrigerator for my household. Thanks!!

Review Title: Love the design | Review by

Large freezer on bottom works well for us. Double doors have a great deal of storage space.

Review Title: This product has lots of room | Review by

I like that the ice maker is on the door rather than taking up space in the freezer. It is very well lit inside and has lots of room. The pizza holder in the freezer is a nice feature and the full drawers vs a wire basket is great making clean up easier. The only change I would make is to split the bottom drawer in the refrig so you don't have to open both doors to get the drawer open.

Review Title: My wife and I enjoy the convenience of this large capacity refrigerator. with ample space and modern design. | Review by

Excellent refrigerator;

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

We purchased this unit about 8 months ago because we needed the extra capacity. This is more than enough space, versatile storing options and no warm spots - it distributes the cold air evenly which results in long life for vegetables ( lettuce especially) and fruits (raspberries) which enjoy long storage without spoiling. It is a little noisy, but well worth the benefits. The black and stainless suits our decore perfectly. Couldn't be happier.

Review Title: NA | Review by

My new frig required repair immediately. Coils and compressor. I lost at least $200 in food-- freezer and frig section. After repair it seems to work ok. It does make more noise (running ) than my previous frig. I'm trying To like it better. The verdict is still out. On the positive note, the repairman was very efficient and pleasant.

Review Title: Beautiful refrigerator. Short Lifespan. | Review by

This is a beautiful refrigerator and the features are great. However, ours lasted less than 2 years before the freezer stopped working and the repairman deemed the unit unrepairable. Fortunately I had purchased the extended warranty. After extensive reading I've decided that new refrigerators have about a ten year life expectancy and that high quality units with long lifespans like they used to have are not being made any more. I suggest choosing your features, purchasing an extended warranty, and hoping for the best.

Review Title: Very Unhappy Camper!!!!! | Review by

I purchased my NEW refrigerator in November 2013, and it's been a nightmare. It consistently runs, making a loud noise. In May it stopped freezing and I lost 75% of my frozen food. A repair service came out, just to tell me they needed to replace many parts. After waiting several weeks for the parts to arrive it was repaired. It's been 2 weeks and I had to call today because my food now has frost, and the packages are moist. My refrigerator is still running so loud that it's becoming annoying and I'm afraid to see what my electric bill is going to be this month. I want my LEMON REPLACED!!!!!

Review Title: So far we love it. | Review by

We've only had this refrigerator for about a month, but so far are very happy with it. The LED lighting is great, there is plenty of room as promised, and we like the freezer spacing. The only small complaint is the water dispenser - a little difficult to get used to; slightly noisy (lots of beeping), plus the bar you press is too far back from the dispensing nozzle - until you figure this out you are spilling water all over the place! But this is a very small issue and manageable once you are made aware of it. Overall excellent.

Review Title: Our New Fridge | Review by

We recently upgraded from a 26cu to a 29 cu. Just barely made the space but all worked out great. This fridge is awesome. The efficient use of space and layout made life so much easier. I love the three drawers and party platter drawer as well as the easy reach freezer drawer. The auto pour water dispenser int he door is a great feature.

Review Title: This refrigerator has the size and features that we need to take care of our large holiday gatherings. | Review by

This is the first refrigerator that we have owned with the freezer on the bottom...what a great idea especially with the french doors and water/ice dispenser...plenty of room for everything in the fridge....freezer is so simple to keep organized....great appliance!

Review Title: very roomy ! | Review by

bought a month ago. Good price. looks nice. has so much room VS. my old side by side and it is a real pleasure everyday. It is kind of loud- I can notice it running VS i never even thought about my old fridge- its not so loud- but loud enough that you know its there. other than that- so far so good. hope it lasts.

Review Title: This product's design is great | Review by

Then french door design of the refrigerator makes it easy to see all the items contained in the refrigerater area at a glance. It is also easy to clean inside without without much effort. The freezer features are great. There is easy access to all the items in the freezer and the two compartments are a big bonus. The only negative comment is that the sound level is noisier than anticipated

Review Title: Just what I've been looking for! | Review by

This refrigerator is a dream come true. I researched and went to 5 different stores for 2 months before purchasing this one. The lighting is great, I can find everything in there. The humidity controls for the fruits and vegetable bins are a really nice feature. I really love the full width pull-out drawer. It really comes in handy when I'm baking and entertaining. I was worried about getting stainless steel,(constantly cleaning). What a Surprise! The refrigerator stays very clean. I just now used stainless steel cleaner & polish for the 2nd time in almost 6 weeks.

Review Title: working great! | Review by

Have had refrigerator for 3 months. Well organized and great capacity to hold enough food for a family of 7. Ice maker a little small and drips water at times, or would have given all excellent review.

Review Title: style | Review by

style and color are great, love the action lighting, changeable levels for shelf ajustment



Review Title: The features/compartments are amazing! | Review by

There is plenty of space. Everything section has more than enough room. It makes the entire refrigerator even bigger as everything fits in its own compartments. The freezer is great and has the same spacious compartments. I have had numerous refrigerators, and I absolutely love my whirlpool refrigerator. It is a product that I have always trusted and it did not fail me with this purchase.

Review Title: Wow! | Review by

We chose this refrigerator on the basis of its brand record of reliability. We are so happy we made the choice as the features are so useful and thoughtful. Great reminders (beeps) when the door has been open too long--they don't go off too early. Perfect temp throughout. Awesome icemaker--fast, great crushed ice. No jams at all. love the drawers. solid construction.

Review Title: This product is very inovative. | Review by

I am very pleased with this product. Love the on the door icemaker! This feature allows for much more room inside of the refrigerator that would normally take up a lot of space. The seperated crisper drawers with seperate temperature controls is also a plus; LED lights are fantastic. Also the option of pre determined hands free water dispenser is a very nice option. Looking for stainless that is fingerprint free - this is the way to go with this item! Only constructive comment I would add is the sounds that this model has that I am not accustomed to from prior refrigerators.Not bad just different. LOVEIT! Go out and buy one! You will not be sorry!

Review Title: Happy with product | Review by

In general we are very happy with this refrigerator. Likes: 1. Good use of space. Chose it as it minimized the impact of the ice maker. Most internal volume of a refrigerator of this size. 2. Like the French door style. Easy assess with wide storage. 3. Good drawer and shelf layout. Flexible. Dislikes: 1. We knew the in-door water/ice access was single point - major flaw is location of water spout in door. It is out too far from lever for some applications. Children spill water all the time. 2. It seems to make constantly random noticeable noise. It seems to run a lot.

Review Title: Really nice fridge for a serious cook | Review by

Had this fridge for about 4 months and I am very, very happy with it. I have worked in professional kitchens so my expectations were pretty high. Based of reviews from several sites, I was a little skeptical of this model. Two recurring items seemed to be the "staining" of the finish shortly after installation and the noise level and performance of the ice maker. The "top rated" brand we ordered didn't fit in the door, so we went with this one. I have absolutely no regrets. It is quiet, efficient and beautifully set-up. There is PLENTY of ice, unless you are having a party for all of the Philadelphia Phillies and wives. The only regret, and a minor one, is that the freezer only goes to -6 degrees. For most folks this is a non-issue. Couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

This product has exceeded my expectations. The ease of use is wonderful. Wasn't sure if I would like the freezer however I love it - can find anything and everything. The motor is a little louder than I expected however it is completely acceptable.

Review Title: Wonderful features | Review by

After looking at other models, I feel I picked the best.

Review Title: Very spacious refridgerator | Review by

Great fridge. Problem free, plenty of room, quiet and good design

Review Title: I like this refrigerator but there are a couple of design suggestions. | Review by

I don't like the freezer drawer, it makes a terrible noise when it is opened and shut, however the rest of the unit is very nice. The runners are metal and i keep thinking there is something wrong with it, but they say no. Also the design/shape makes it seem smaller than my previous model's drawer (which was not a Whirlpool)

Review Title: love the size | Review by

the lower drawers should be smaller so you dont have to open both doors to get to some thing.

Review Title: My refrigerator is absolutely the best in features and looks | Review by

I love the design of my refrigerator. The shelves are spacious I can see my food at a glance. The drawers are ideal very handy in location and roomy enough for my needs. The freezer is roomy, convenient to use. The drawer is so handy to put my meats. I am so pleased with this refrigerator in every way. The best I have ever owned.

Review Title: Great refrigerator!!! | Review by

We love our new refrigerator but, we love our customer service even more!! As I understand, this is a new design and we had a minor problem that was handled by replacing it with another new refrigerator. Awesome support from Whirlpool!

Review Title: Happiness is Flexible Capacity | Review by

Can't believe how much room I have in the refrigerator when I need it. No more trying to figure out where to store things when I'm having company.

Review Title: Nice Refridge! | Review by

The refridge is nice, the spacing is ok, to me, a bit tight for a French door. The water and ice dispenser are great, no leakage. It's slightly noise because it's not in an enclosed wall.

Review Title: This product has great features, but the ice maker has melted ice and water runs down the inside of the fridge from this. | Review by

I love the room and features this fridge has. The melting ice is a problem and we have had to call a repair man to fix the problem after only owning the fridge for 6 weeks. Hope these types of problems are not the start of some other issues in the future. I would cautiously recommend this product.

Review Title: Our fridge is a great product with excellent features. | Review by

Our new Whirlpool refrigerator is a great appliance. We like the shelving design. The middle drawer in the refrigerator with its own temperature control is great. We enjoy the water filtration system. Having the unit self contained underneath is really great. No need to worry about water, dirty coils, etc. We like the alarm that sounds if the doors are not closed. We are very happy with the unit.

Review Title: I love this fridge | Review by

I absolutely love this fridge! It's a perfect size. And all the separate drawers is great. And it's beautiful to look at!

Review Title: Would not buy again | Review by

The product has had ice making issues since purchasing. We are now on our 2nd unit with the same issues as the first unit. Moisture forms on the inside top and then freezes. A fix was installed to take care of the problem. The problem still exists. One shelf also broke while loading salad dressings bottles. The uinit other wise works. the freezer compartment is nicely layed out. The abundance of space in the refrigerated part is nice. This was one of the main reason for purchasing this unit besides not having in door ice making. Giving additional space to the regfrigerator

Review Title: Awesome Refrigerator | Review by

I bought this refrigerator 5 months ago. I love all features of the refrigerator. I love the double drawers in the freezer and extra storage in front of the drawers. I love the adjustable shelves. It makes it easy for larger platters and entertaining. Fingerprints are not an issue for this refrigerator. Love every aspect!

Review Title: Beautiful, useable product that adds to the overall atmosphere in our kitchen. | Review by

The refrigerator was delivered in a timely manner with excellent communication from the company who delivered it. I really appreciate the storage room AND the lighting makes it so easy to see and find what you are looking for. The ice & water dispenser works well and does not allow air leakage into the icemaker compartment. I am very pleased with the looks and serviceability of my new Whirlpool three door refrigerator.

Review Title: Beautiful design | Review by

I purchased the Ice collection mainly because of how stylish it is. So far the refregerator has performed well. I would recommend this for a combination of Style and Value.

Review Title: very big | Review by

I bought this a month ago as a floor model a few problems they were fixed very timely no other problems

Review Title: great product | Review by

we happy our whirlpool French door the best we recommended

Review Title: Ice and Condensation Issue - KNOWN PROBLEM | Review by

We purchased our refrigerator in March and 3 months later we are having the same issues as the previous reviewer. We have ice forming in the back of the refrigerator and large amounts condensation where the ice bin joins the door of the refrigerator. Had the repair folks out, they say it's a gasket problem, there is a retro-fix by installing a heater and new gaskets in the back of the refrigerator. Interestingly enough, the repair person came to our house with a TEAM of 4 Whirlpool representatives and the Whirlpool representative told me this is a "known problem" with this refrigerator. In addition to this problem, the measured water feature isn't working either. You ask it to dispense 1 cup, it dispenses 1/2 a cup. Whirlpool team AND repair folks were stumped by this and are ordering another part to fix the problem. 3 months, 2 major problems.

Review Title: Thank goodness for the manufacturer warranty | Review by

Upon hooking this unit up it poured water all inside and black ice immediately started building up on the back. The warranty repair bill was almost 1500 bucks. The tech stated all of the issues were all things that he reguraly sees coming from the factory. Maybe I got a lemon but I bought the matching set (dishwasher, microwave, oven) and have had issues with every appliance. I bought this unit based on the reviews but make sure to dig deeper in your research on other sites especially the black ice problem. Its the noisiest appliance in my house by the way.

Review Title: It's a love hate relationship !!! | Review by

My husband and I purchased this new frig. Love the design, looks great and stylish in our kitchen. Problem being none of the interior lights worked. Maintenance thought it was the board... Ordered one. Not it.... Waiting on new frig to arrive. I hope to love it again!!!!

Review Title: Ease of use. | Review by

We did a lot of research before selecting this Whirlpool product and we are very glad we did. We have had it for about two months and found nothing we do not like. It roomy, well lit and easy to see everything in it. We would recommend this product.

Review Title: Great product for the price! | Review by

We have been very happy with this refrigerator so far. It is easy to use and has a lot of space inside. We like the several drawers inside. The shelves on the door are a bit weak in how much weight they can hold. Overall, happy with our purchase!

Review Title: We are very happy with our new Refrigerator | Review by

We are very happy with the overall unit, lots of great feature. Wish it had a larger ice compartment and switching from ice to water was more plug and play.

Review Title: one very nice machine. love it. | Review by

To start it is so much more usable than our old side by side. The ice and water in the door are a great power saving options. The inside drawers and shelves are a wonder. They can be adjusted to any setup you need. The bottom freezer is easy for my short wife to find frozen food when I am not there to do it. Thank you for a outstanding product.

Review Title: Fantastic storage overall; great design and appearance. | Review by

Purchased 3 items in the black ice collection, and by far the fridge is the best. Has fantastic overall storage capacity in both sections. The only slight drawback is the location of the water dispenser in relation to the size glass which is used. Other than that, it's superb. There truly isn't much noticeable noise unless you are replacing an older fridge. The only time we notice any sound is when water is filling to make ice-and it truly isn't loud enough that we'd have to turn up the tv or disrupt anyone sleeping nearby. Great product!

Review Title: Love the American made quality | Review by

Our refrigerator is more than functioal, its a beautiful addition to our home. The features are fantastic, the energy efficiency is good, and the fact that its made in the USA makes this the best buy we've made in a long time. We wont be buying any brand other than Whirlpool.

Review Title: Black Ice Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator | Review by

I fell in love with the style of the Whirlpool French door refrigerator the minute I saw it. My favorite features are the LED lights, the water/ice dispenser, and the space availability! Our favorite perk was the silver linings on the glass shelves instead of plain white plastic. We got everything we asked for and then some!!! It does make noises but they aren't that loud and I think the rest of the refrigerator makes up for that anyway:)

Review Title: I love the ice maker! | Review by

Having the ice maker on the door gives me so much more room in the refrigerator section. I also like the freezer on the bottom and the double doors on the top. My husband likes the measured water feature because it allows him to get exactly the amount he wants in a glass of water. I would be willing to give this model a five star rating if one of the motors makes too much noise. Have had it checked out and was told these bigger capacity models are just that way.

Review Title: Looks good and performs well. Short on freezer storage. | Review by

I purchased this to replace a GE that I purchased when we built our home. I especially like the indoor ice maker. So far it is performing very well. The refrigerator space is great but you do open both doors a lot to open the long drawer. I've had about 5-6 months and I already have to replace the water filter which is what is advised. The freezer space is less than the side by side 25 cf GE that I had and the drawers make noise when pulled out. Also, products are hard to arrange due to the lack of space. You just have to put stuff where you can. Overall, it is what it says it is. Lighting is great and I really like the ice maker out of the freezer or refrigerator space.

Review Title: Very functional, excellent interior. Water (ice) dispenser poor. | Review by

Love everything about it except the ice/water dispenser. Interior bright, well designed, functional. Freezer also well designed. Like the Pizza space. Ice/water dispenser handle hard to press...and water outlet not centered...instead close to front edge, water often misses glass and flows down front of refrigerator.

Review Title: LOVE IT!! | Review by

I love my new fridge. My family eats VERY little meat, we eat as much raw veggies and fresh food as we can so the large capacity is perfect. I have never had ice/water in the door before. My whole family is drinking alot more water. The lights inside of the fridge are perfect, nothing gets lost in the back anymore. It took a little while to get used to the noises. I purchases all 4 appliances in the black w/ silver handles ( I have a dark green granite counter top) GORGEOUS!!

Review Title: This product has plenty of room. | Review by

The stainless cleans very easily. The storage is excellent in the fridge and the bottom freezer. The only thing I am not thrilled with is the two doors, it is not that user friendly, but was the only way to get the water/ice dispenser(which is used ALL the time). All in all I am glad I chose this product.

Review Title: Love, Love, LOVE! | Review by

My kitchen renovation called for new appliances (of course) and I wanted white. The White Ice was recommended for a more update look to the traditional white and I love it! You have to realize that my previous space for a refrigerator only allowed for a 29" model. This model has plenty of upper storage and configuration options. I'm in love with the storage drawers that help keep things more organized and the space and organization in the freezer drawer. The water and ice in the door is great also. We're finding we drink more water this way, which is a big plus. Haven't got to the switching out of the filters yet, so I can't comment on those yet.

Review Title: Great features, looks and was recommended to us | Review by

We love Whirlpool brand and have had all of their appliances for many years.

Review Title: Excellent Refrigerator | Review by

We've had this fridge for two months now and we've been happy with it so far. What I love the most about this fridge is the water dispenser. You can dispense exact amount of water you need. There were a couple of issues related to water dispenser leaking and the missing digits on the display but Whirlpool took care of that promptly no questions asked. I have owned different brands of fridges through out my moves and most of them required repair at some point. This fridge is a 29cf so there is plenty of room inside. Yes the motor does make little noise as others have pointed out kind of like a whistling sound. But it's unnoticeable unless it's completely quiet inside the house like at night.

Review Title: Love the fold down shelf... | Review by

I bought this in Nov. of 2013.. It has so much more room than a side by side fridge.. At Christmas, I had the 23 lbs turkey, 10lbs of potatoes in large pan, med. pan of veg.. drinks, cheesecake etc. Still had a little room to store more food.. I am still learning how to use all the computer options... I like the fast ice option, being a sr. citizen , I was worried about the freezer being on the bottom, but it is so easy to get into. also, the freezer has more room than it looks... I like the 1/2 shelf, wish there was 1 more like that... I Love this Fridge!

Review Title: Is it wrong to love an Appliance? | Review by

We've had ours for a few months now with no appreciable change in operation; it's still as good as new. The configuration of the design is flexible and it has so much more space than we had in both the fridge and the freezer. The freezer drawer keeps the freezer from getting stuffed and things lost in it. Two problems: The drawers in the fridge are split so they can be opened by opening only one drawer, except ... the cheese drawer. You have to open both drawers for that. Second problem is on each door there is a little shelf stuck below all the others. It is almost impossible to see what is on those shelves because of their placement. Neither of these are tragic or major. We love this refrigerator and use it every day!

Review Title: Sounds like an air raid alarm at times | Review by

We had an older Whirlpool that we gave to my mother when her side by side went on the blink. We wanted a stainless steel to match our other appliances. Best darn frig we ever had, so why not by another one, RIGHT!

Review Title: 5 months old and having PROBLEMS! | Review by

After owning this refrigerator for only 5 months, we had ice build-up on the back wall of the freezer and loud noise from grinding from the ice. We called the repair team to come out and they scheduled a visit in ten days. The difficulty in getting the freezer drawers out does not make us feel any comfort in getting this resolved. The jury is still out. Hopeful that we will be able to re-post a positive outcome where the ice does not expand.

Review Title: this Refrigerator is the best ever | Review by

I am so in love with this refrig. It has plenty of room in the freezer bottom also. The look of the product is so rich looking. I looked for 6 mons for the right refrig and the moment I seen this one I knew I would love it. It runs very quiet and alarms go off if the kids leave a door open. I can also lock it if needed. Whirlpool thank you for this wonderful product you did it again!

Review Title: Love the features | Review by

I love this refrigerator! It is easy to visualize everything in the fridge so that food doesn't get "lost". I love the wide drawer for storage of large items- ony drawback is having to open both doors to use it.

Review Title: Great design! | Review by

This is a great product. The only thing I would change is the shelf on the left, make it adjustable too like the one on the right. The split glass.

Review Title: Easy in easy out. | Review by

This is an excellent product, lots of space and adjusts to fit our family needs. Freezer section has wonderful ease of access and the roll out tray is very novel. The product design is very clean and modern. Because of the design and features we purchased the entire suite of products in the white ice design.

Review Title: love the frig but it is to loud | Review by

love this frig the crisper drawers keep my produe frsh longer than any frig i have had, also the meat/cheese drawer with temp setting keeps cheese amd lunch meats longer my only complaint is the noise level

Review Title: This refrigerator fits my needs perfectly | Review by

This refrigerator has tons of space. The built-in ice maker has storage in the door of the refrigerator which makes it take up very little space. It has alot of bells and whistles.

Review Title: Love everything except the random ice dropping to the floor | Review by

Installed yesterday and have had 3 occasions where ice cubes have randomly dropped out of the chute when no one was around. Not good on wood floors (or any floor for that matter!) Looking for a fix and will contact Whirlpool. Chose "no, would not recommend" but that may change if I get resolution. If I don't I'll be returning the fridge. Outside of that, like the design and layout. It's a little louder than my old unit but it quiets down once it gets to temperature.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Excellent compartments, smart pizza slot, water dispenser is amazing. Only thing I would change is making the top drawers spaced out so that you could open each drawer with only 1 door open. To get into middle drawer you have to open both doors.

Review Title: Beautiful design | Review by

I have had a repairman out 3 times, already. The refrigerator part freezes at the back on the side with the ice maker. Problem still not resolved! This is the first time I've had a problem with any new appliance, and I've primarily bought Whirlpool.

Review Title: Second time around | Review by

This is a replacement for the same model which we owned for exactly one year. On the exact day of warranty expiration our previous unit croaked. The freezer died, the refrigerator section barely cooled, the water was leaking, the screws in the ice bin were rusting. After calling Whirlpool and having two different repair companies come out (one of the repairmen laughed when he saw which model we have and said "yeah, I bought this one too and it died on me. It can't be fixed.", Whirlpool agreed to replace the unit (after almost two months without a refrigerator). The new unit seems to work well although the water dispenser is quite loud and some of the shelves were not delivered with the unit. We don't expect it to last the next year and know that we will soon be looking for a new refrigerator. This is particularly troubling because my last Whirlpool fridge lasted 25 years and is still in use today. As they say, "they don't make 'em like they used to".

Review Title: Nice unit | Review by

Very nice looking and innovating machine. Hope it holds up for years. Sometimes it seems louder than old fridge.

Review Title: A well thought out refrigerator | Review by

They say you have 3 seconds to make a firsst impression. This refrigerator will certainly get you attention in that amount of time. It looks stunning and includes features that make access to items easy. It runs very quietly. My wife and teenagers just love it.

Review Title: Very efficient and nice design | Review by

I love the look of this refrigerator. It is pretty quiet even when making ice. The only design suggestion I would have is to change the one deli drawer in the refrigerator to a double drawer only because you must open both doors to access this drawer. It would be easier to have to only open one door to get what you need. Also the door handle on the freezer door doesn't feel as sturdy as I would like. But performance wise this refrigerator meets and beats all my wishes.

Review Title: THE SIZE AND STYLE ARE GREAT | Review by

Having the extra width since the freezer is below has been so very nice, bending down to get to produce is not a problem as it is with the standard freezer/refrig side by side. Freezer is used so seldom there is not a problem finding what you are looking for since here again you have the width to see exactly what you are looking for.

Review Title: We love this refrigerator | Review by

When my Mom moved in with us, we were challenged with combining two kitchens into one - six refrigerators/freezers into three. We were looking for a new refrigerator for our kitchen that would give us the most storage space. This was just what we were looking for. Lots of bins to work with, retractable shelf, pizza pocket in the freezer - it has it all!

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I am very happy with my purchase, however, I've run into one problem. It came time for me to change the filters in the refrigerator and I could not find them anywhere. I went back to Lowes where I purchased the refrigerator and no filters. I also went to SEARS and Home Depot., again no filters. I made several trips to various store locations of the above mentioned stores looking for fiilters, no filters. In the end I had to order the filters on line, which entailed unwanted shipping charges. To purchase such an expensive product and then have to run around looking for the products you need to maintain the product only to be told that the stores don't carry the type of filters I needed was very disappointing.

Review Title: Looks great in my kitchen! | Review by

We just built a new house and our kitchen is the focal point. We really wanted all stainless appliances in the kitchen. This refrigerator was bought because of its appearance. As it turns out, it is a fantastic product as well. Many features, but it simply has plenty of storage and ease of access. The shelves quickly adjust if you have a bulky item to keep. We have small children. Four gallons of milk, a jug of tea, and a jug of cool aid and we still keep left overs and plenty of the usual items in this appliance with no issues. My wife loves this refrigerator. 5 star in our book!

Review Title: Beautiful, love the lighting inside, tons of room | Review by

So far I really like my new refrigerator! The size inside is just amazing. The lighting is awesome. I love the shelving, everything is great. I am having a small issue with the ice maker. It is leaking and not sure why, repairman is to come out next week, so hopefully it is nothing major.

Review Title: Lot's of room!! | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator to replace an old side by side. The french doors are great, there is so much room inside!! Very well designed interior. The freezer drawer is great as you can see what you have in there. Not disappointed in this refrigerator at all. Another nice feature is the water/ice dispenser. We use it all the time. Thanks for another awesome product. We have purchased so far the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and Dryer, Whirlpool Oven/Microwave Combo, and this Refrigerator!! Happy with all of them, and they are made in America!!!

Review Title: Great fridge! | Review by

We love this fridge. It fits our needs, its stylish, has great but simple features, plenty of room, actually a lot more room than we thought. We love the handsfree water dispenser. You do have to stay on top of cleaning if you want it to look new. Smudges easily show. Overall, I highly recommend this!

Review Title: Very nice | Review by

Overall I really like this fridge. I love the Satina steel. Very easy to clean. Doesn't show smudges or fingerprints. The fridge is a little noisier than I would like. The door on the left has to be pushed harder than I think it should in order to close. The right door closes easily. The freezer door also needs quite a shove to close. But there is a door alarm that sounds if the door is left open. That's been a big help. There is lots of room and quite a few options for configuring the shelves and bins.

Review Title: Nice features but defective upon delivery | Review by

Very nice refrigerator but original refrigerator arrived with defective ice maker, no working heating unit around ice maker and major condensation problem. Repairs were to be $450+ which of course was to be covered under warranty but no new unit should have these problems upon delivery.

Review Title: this product is very efficient and great design, not to mention lots of food space | Review by

me and my wife both love this refrigerator but we have found it makes too much noise. if you're living room is very close to the kitchen in, which most cases it is, then the sound of the refrigerator will overwhelm you. TV on and all. At first we thought its not that bad but it eats away at you every night that goes by. We figured it was as loud as our outdated one so "oh well".

Review Title: Worst Fridge Ever | Review by

We bought this fridge barely a year ago to replace our GE that died, the ice is very liquidy and is always drippy and causes it to always have big chunks clumped together in the ice bin. It sounds like an airplane taking off and keeps getting louder and louder. Have had 5 tech out to fix problems that keep recurring so finally they deemed it unrepairable so we can get a new one but I will not get a whirlpool, last tech said it has major problems and the parts don't last longer than a year. Poor quality and way too noisy!!

Review Title: Flexible storage! | Review by

Got this model about two months ago and love it! Lots of room, shelves move to adapt to different items, and the double door is awesome!

Review Title: Roomy interior | Review by

This was our first refrigerator with French doors and we love the room and accessibility it provides! The only thing I wish I would have thought of is the smooth front. I put a magnet on the front and it slid while I was wiping down the front door and left light scratches on the front.

Review Title: Great Fridge! | Review by

Overall extremely happy with our purchase of this fridge. We really got everything that we wanted except for one feature which is fast cool. I love the LED lights, all of the door storage, the solid buckets in the freezer as opposed to the cage ones. In door ice saves a lot of the fridge space and produces plenty of ice for just me and my boyfriend. Only 2 complaints that we have besides not having fast cool is that it does make more noise than we thought it would. Not that it is really loud but I thought it would be a lot quieter than the one that I was replacing. Other complaint is the that water, cubed ice and crushed ice are on the same button so if you want a different option you have to cycle through them. Not really that big of a deal either but can be frustrating if you hit the button too many times and have to keep cycling through. The measure fill feature sort of makes up for this as well and we usually just keep the option on ice and use the measure fill for water. I do wish that we could preprogram the measure fill to the amount of ounces that we usually need but it always starts at 8. Overall very amazing fridge and we are very happy with it.

Review Title: AWESOME fridge!!!! | Review by

We love the look and I really like the space and layout of the shelves. The ice/water is also very nice, I like the ice in the door!!!!! Also is easy to keep clean and doesn't show figure prints as bad as other stainless steal I have seen....

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

This refrigerator is an excellent product, the LED lighting is really well done. We love it.

Review Title: External and internal look and function is highly appealing. | Review by

Nice storage features like the retractable shelf that allows taller bottle storage when needed. Self contained storage with individual climate controls is a practical feature for todays diverse food storage requirements.

Review Title: Love the capacity and the view of all of the fresh food at once. | Review by

We love this refridgerator! It holds more fresh food than any frdge I've ever had. I love all of the drawers for produce and the fact that you can see everything that's in the refridgerator.

Review Title: Happy we got it | Review by

So far we are happy with our new refrigerator. What I like about it is the adjustable shelves, the inside the door ice maker, the water/ice dispenser (especially the programmed setting for 8 oz., 16 oz., etc., The French style really is convenient - much better than my old side by side; freezer space is adequate - able to put packages in many nooks and crannies without 'losing' them. The things we don't like: it is loud; the various motors seems to run so often but our electric bill has definitely gone down so it is efficient. Sometimes we have a 'wet' spot on the outside of the freezer - don't know what's going on there. My major complaint is that the fruit/vegetable drawers are just simply too small - I've accepted the fact that I am limited to what I can put in the drawers - the small 'middle' drawer is used for nuts and any grains that I refrigerate; also any citrus fruit. The fruit keeper holds about 3# apples; the vegetable bin at most can hold 1# carrots; some onions, maybe a small amount of broccoli and celery if you put it in on an angle. Forget about a whole head of cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Maybe the 'middle' drawer should be eliminated. Also, within a month of purchasing it, we had to have a repair representative come out because the freezer door was dragging. Somehow, the installer messed something up. The drawer seems fine now. All in all we are satisfied - we wanted a black refrigerator and it is shiny - fingerprints do show - also we were limited to height/width restrictions - this model fit perfectly.

Review Title: Totally satisfied with my new refrigerator | Review by

I had been shopping online and in stores for the right fridge. Narrowed it down to 2 brands. I like to do a hands on view before I purchase so I found a store that carried both refrigerators so that I could do a side by side comparison. This Whirlpool had a more efficient use of space especially in the door shelves as compared to the other brand I was looking at. I also liked how the ice maker took up less space in the fridge than the other brand. The storage capacity is also incredible. Yes the fridge is expensive but most new top of the line fridges are these days. I plan on using it for the next 15 to 20 years or more so I do not mind making that kind of investment. I love this fridge so much that when I open the doors it is so happy to see me that it lights up! :)

Review Title: Room for days!! | Review by

I love the roominess and design of this refrigerator.

Review Title: Icemaker broke within 6 months | Review by

Overall I like the refrigerator. It works as intended. The only problem is the icemachine broke after 5 months. I have been trying to get this repaired for 2 months and no success.

Review Title: Love Whirlpool, but this needs help... | Review by

I do love Whirlpool/Kitchenaid. This product is made in a American, and I will always by Kitchenaid/Whirlpool. This is my second fridge from Whirlpool (I moved and left the old one behind.) I was sad to not be able to find the same model I had had before, and chose this one as it was similar. I LOVE the freezer pizza box space. We don't eat pizza, but I do use it for other small boxes that would get lost otherwise. I love that the freezer bins are solid, and not mesh. Good use of freezer space. The refrigerator itself, is fine. Good use of compartments, I do like that I can adjust the meat drawer temp. I like the ramp-up lighting. I love the one shelf that can slide in half to make a temporary tall item fit. Great space. I don't like the layout of the door bins. I'm guessing most people have milk, maybe 2 gallons and maybe an OJ and like a pitcher or 2 litter...but then you have all your salad dressings and jelly and mustard...there is too much space for milk, and not enough space for salad dressing. AND there isn't a separate butter compartment. I like to close off the butter. My biggest problem, is that after 1 month, our fridge isn't working. It isn't getting cold, we have called for service, and I have high hopes, but it is terrible that this unit isn't working. I will update if it gets sufficiently fixed.

Review Title: Just what we needed | Review by

We were looking for an additional fridge and this one was perfect for the space we had in the utility room. Now we can buy in bulk and keep our food fresh without clutter

Review Title: Great features except... | Review by

The fridge is designed well and is very spacious...however even though it is only 2 months old we have two issues already: 1) The water line connection in the hinge on top of the fridge is leaking 2.) The in-door water spout continues to run for a few seconds even after pressure on the lever is released.

Review Title: I love my Whirlpool french door refrigerator! | Review by

My husband and I love our Whirlpool french door refrigerator. We bought the black ice, which looks just beautiful with our other stainless steel/black appliances. I'll never forget the first time I opened the refrigerator doors after it was installed: All the space and the lighting was amazing!! i like how the contents are so readily visible and easy to reach. We've always had really good experiences with our Whirlpool products in terms of reliability, too. For function and beauty, it's really unbeatable.

Review Title: What's Not to Love? | Review by

When choosing the 29 cu. ft. Whirlpool French Door frig, I was cautioned by friends that chose this feature that the bottom freezer drawer was their least favorite feature to organize and easily find stored food. Actually, the drawer is my favorite feature. The dividers allow me to sort and see clearly my choices for dinner.

Review Title: This refrigerator is awesome! | Review by

The movable shelves are great and easy to clean. We drink a lot of iced tea and have a rather large plastic container that I've always had trouble getting into other refrigerators but with the half shelf it works perfectly.

Review Title: Lots of room | Review by

Adjustable shelves to make room for everything, the milk in the door feature is great, and the freezer holds may more than I expected, I don't even use my deep freezer anymore

Review Title: Great refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is an excellent buy. Nice styling; very good interior lighting, plenty of ice on demand. Draws and shelves have innovative features allowing for out-sized containers.

Review Title: Love this fridge! | Review by

We researched lots of French door refrigerators with water/ice in the door, and are so glad we chose this one for our new home. Love all the different compartments and the convenience of them. The crispers are good sizes and slide out and back in easily. The freezer compartment was well thought out, with slide out drawers above the deep compartments, as well as a separate area for frozen pizza. We love it!

Review Title: No more waste! | Review by

From lighting to the wide open shelving and clear view more waste. I won't forget what is in the frig now! I m in love! The ice maker does not take up shelf room either - what a bonus!

Review Title: i love the color white ice | Review by

This is just a really good product well worth the buy. and the new color white ice is absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Review Title: Plenty of room! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and love it! Digital front is easy and real handy, little loud but can live with it

Review Title: Whirlpool French Door Refridgerator | Review by

I have owned this fro about four months now and I am having my first filter change. I am impressed thus far with my purchase. It is not loud as I read and I am impressed with the room.

Review Title: Have had 2 major problems! | Review by

Unfortunately even though the design of this unit is great with the 2 doors and bottom freezer drawer, I have had 2 major issues. The first was the inside top of refrigerator started to form a layer of ice. the technican had to replace 2 big modules to fix. then we had major ice building up on the side of the freezer on the inside and we could not open the drawer due to the ice. That took several trips out to fix and of course by then it was out of the manufacturer's warranty.

Review Title: Loud ice and water | Review by

Water and ice are a little loud! We can live with that, I guess!!

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

Is it wrong to hug your refrigerator? Well I have been caught a few times! I would hug my matching stove, but it gets too hot for that!

Review Title: So much room in this refrigerator! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool French door refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. I used to have a side by side and hated it every time I went to put something in it, because there was never any room. Not any more! We have tons of room now for large family dinners and all the leftovers!

Review Title: I like the look. but it runs way to loud. In a open area it s very annoying. It whines and Tehran noises are way to loud. | Review by

Runs to loud.What. Do you want me too say. the fridge fan runs too loud .And makes a whining sound.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

My French door refrigerator is beautiful . It has such a great capacity and ease of use. Love the freezer with drawer!

Review Title: Refrigerator works great, but very noisy. | Review by

The overall design and functionality of the refridge is great, only two big complaints is that it is very noisy and Ice maker goes into stand-by when opposite door is opened. This feature is very frustrating at times. Aside from those two items I am happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Not trusty | Review by

We bought a year ago and we are very disappointed with it. The compressor is noisy and too weak to run the fridge. The ice -maker not working as well.

Review Title: Whirlpool 29 cu ft French Door Refrigerator | Review by

big and roomy stores everything we need especially during the Holidays

Review Title: Great features, especially the theater lighting. | Review by

Love my new fridge, and I love all the space it has, my last one was a side by side and the space in this one is hard to fill up. Large bowls fit very well and all together just love it. To new to comment on services, but I hope I never have too. The only problem I have is the freezer door seems hard to pull open and makes a little racket when you open it, might be the top drawer causing this. It just doesn't glide easily and with all the great features it has I think this could have been improved.

Review Title: BAD | Review by

Like the looks, like the storage departments, features in the door, *BUT*, condensation in the top drips water all over the product on the shelves, fills the door bins with water even after having 3 different kits installed by the service company! When it vends ice from the ice maker into the bin, it has a loud humming noise that can be heard throughout the house! Still needs to be fixed after 3 previous attempts! WOULD NOT recommend.....

Review Title: Excellent French door fridge | Review by

Minus the lack of a butter tray, this fridge exceeds all expectations. Its huge, quiet and innovative.

Review Title: This product is everything I was looking for in a fridge. | Review by

I am really enjoying my new fridge, it has everything I wanted and is very easy to keep clean.

Review Title: love it | Review by

Bought it at the end of April for our new home and love all its features. Such A Great buy

Review Title: Very Good Features, A bit noisy. Overall, a good value for a french door refrigerator. | Review by

The refrigerator has very good features, and a good design for compartments. The icemaker in the door is a good feature, but there are occasional drips. Additionally, the water outlet is a bit far out from the back of the door....this causes spills for smaller size glasses if someone is not aware of this. The glass needs to be placed forward of the button, while the button is depressed with the other hand.

Review Title: how fresh the food stays | Review by

I love our new appliances they are better then we ever have owned so glad we pick whirl pool.

Review Title: The housing for the icemaker has been problematic since day one. | Review by

I like the look of the refrigerator, but with the water leaking from the ice maker unit and the overall loudness of the refrigerator, it has not been a pleasant experience. Whirlpool certified repair people have been to my house several times and the issue is still not fixed.

Review Title: Great looks and great features | Review by

My wife did an exhausting search trying to find just the right refrigerator and when she pick the Whirlpool she thought she got the perfect one. When we got it installed and started looking at the features we were even more impressed.

Review Title: I love how much room I have inside the refrig/freezer. | Review by

The refrig/freezer has plenty of room for everything and you can adjust the selves to different heights. I like the door selves are also adjustable and can hold gallon jugs. I love the ice/water dispenser and it looks great.

Review Title: lots of room | Review by

I wish the ice maker made more ice. We always seem to be out of ice.

Review Title: Design flaw with water in door | Review by

The water spout is to far forward, when you hold a glass against the control water runs down your wrist onto the floor also the ice cubes are to small ?

Review Title: We are extremely pleased with the looks and performance of our new Whirlpool French Refrigerator. | Review by

We have been surprisingly amazed at the capacity, functional design, and looks of our new Whirlpool refrigerator. It is a pleasure to be able to open one, two, or three doors, to look in and find immediately what we are looking for. Whirlpool has integrated their many years of refrigerator manufacturing experience into a wonderful product which any Family would be proud to have in their kitchen.

Review Title: Excellent refrigerator | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool refrigerator. Everything about it is excellent. Love the design, finish and features. No fingerprints! It is quiet - makes almost no noise. We would definitely recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Very pleased over all! | Review by

The style blends in well with the kitchen. Tons of storage space. Plenty of room for milk jugs and large juice containers. Extra pull out drawer easily stores 3 bottles of wine plus sodas or beer. The ice dispenser is slow and tends to frost up. The exterior cleans up easily. Would recommend this product.

Review Title: Have had problems | Review by

Have had two issues . Would not make ice and freezer having ice build up .have to take time off work for service calls

Review Title: DISAPPOINTED | Review by

Fell in love with this refrigerator but after 3 days and no ice the disappointment set in. Had to call a repairman out to fix it and he found there was a small hole in the coil which was not allowing the in door ice maker to work. He has to come back again and hopefully with a replacement part it will solve the problem. The rest of the refrigerator is what I've always wanted, plenty of room and after having a side by side the freezer on the bottom was the only way to go for me. I am just worried that this problem is an omen of nothing but disaster with this refrigerator. Will be purchasing insurance as it could get pricey having it fixed.

Review Title: Not sure if I made the right decision | Review by

The appliance was delivereed on Jan 17,2013 and on March 11,2013 we had our first service call as we have ice building up in the refrigarator due to a faulty gasket. So the jury is out on whether or not we made the right decision.

Review Title: This product had all the features we had been looking for. | Review by

We love that it was designed to fit our present opening and have much more room inside the unit. It looks great, especially the white ice combination, the led lights, ice maker in door and the large freezer are all very good features.

Review Title: Great fridge. Could improve water dispenser. | Review by

We are very happy with our new fridge. We did have to return the first one we received because it was leaking from the in door water dispenser. The replacement has not had the same problem and we love it. My one complaint would be that you can not adjust the preset amount of water to be dispensed. Because most of our glasses are the same size I wish I could adjust the preset amount of water dispensed to where it would fill our glasses. Instead I have to change the amount to be dispensed every time I fill another glass.

Review Title: This appliance is a wonderful appliance. | Review by

I love this refrigerator. I used to have a side by side and this is so much better. My old one was onlyi 13 years old but suddenly quite working---it was NOT a Westinghouse that's for sure. The only thing I would have liked was to eliminate the narrow center drawer which would allow the 2 fresh veggie drawers to be larger. I think that center drawer is for pop drinkers but we don't drink the stuff. Otherwise it is a wonderful kitchen appliance.

Review Title: A little loud. Ice stored in door was clumping up due to computer error (4 weeks after owning) | Review by

It's a very nice looking fridge... I will give it that! It is a little loud, but that might be out tile or something. BUT - I noticed that the stored ice in the door was always clumped together, and it was slightly wet inside. I called a technician at week 2 after owning, and we turned the temp on the ice-maker down as low as it could go. After another week, it was STILL a problem. Turns out they now have to replace the front panel on the door. I don't know about you, but does anyone have time for this after spending so much on a product? Don't you expect it to work? Super frustrating! I'm not even convinced this is going to work. I hesitated buying a LG or Samsung, in case of needing parts. BUT - I should have bought a different brand. I will never buy whirlpool or maytag again. Having problems with my washer & dryer in our new house as well. Uggghhh!

Review Title: Love the bottom freezer | Review by

there are so many wonderful features of this fridge. I especially like the bottom freezer with the ease of finding things and its capacity. The filter in the fresh food drawer really keeps food fresh longer. The adjustable shelf is great so I can store pitchers of tea and juice easily. The lighting is well placed and the easy of seeing everything in the fridge is wonderful.

Review Title: I love the three doors! | Review by

Everthing is great about my new refrigerator except one thing. I'm in a tight space (cabinet builder's error) and it would be beneficial if the doors opened all the way back to 180 degrees. My last refrigerator did that, and I appreciated being able to get into everything with more ease. But this one is great with all else! It's so nice to be able to utilitze more space. The icemaker does just fine for us and the water tastes great. Go Whirlpool!

Review Title: This is a large capacity, flexible storage refrigerator | Review by

No matter what I need to put in the refrigerator, this one has not only ample space but the flexibility of spacial arrangement to fit even the strangest designed serving pieces. So much more usable than my old side by side/1

Review Title: This product is a dream! | Review by

I absolutely love my new Whirlpool refrigerator. It is bright, big and beautiful. The spacious interior is such a delight, no crowding over the holidays. The adjustable shelf is a great feature also. The doors are fabulous. They handle all the products that used to take up room in my old refrigerator. Having the ice maker in the door provides a roomier interior also. It is well designed, whirlpool built in the U.S.A. and a very welcome addition to my kitchen. Thank you Whirlpool employees for your hard work. I love that you are making appliances here at home in the U. S.

Review Title: love it | Review by

Very spacious and looks great in my new kitchen. Always get compliments on it.

Review Title: LOVE MY FRIDGE | Review by


Review Title: WRF989SDAM - FLAWED ICE MAKER DESIGN | Review by

My unit was just over 12 mos and out of manufacturer warranty when the ice maker stopped working. Over the last 6 mos, tech from Home Depot extended warranty have been out 12 times. Yes, 12 times in 6 mos, and it still does not work. All this and not to mention the noisy compressor, but that doesn't much matter now since we are shopping again for a new refrigerator after only 18 mos of use -- will not be looking at the Whirlpools.

Review Title: Just what my family needed | Review by

My new fridge has all the space I have been longing for. Everytime I think I won't be able to get everything into this fridge, it surprises me! There is adequate space for all our drinks, plenty of room on the doors for all the condiments, and the crispers are great. I love the meat drawer that keeps meat fresh for several days. The only down side is if you leave the door open and you are not home to shut it when the warning sound is emitted, the fridge may shut off. This happened to us one day; but we unplugged it and replugged it in and it reset.

Review Title: Great amount of storage. | Review by

Great looking frig, that performs quite well. Could use a slightly larger ice reservoir.

Review Title: A high quality product that has proven dependable in every way. | Review by

We purchased two refrigerators within a two month period and after numerous service visits ended up sending both of them back because of unsatisfactory performance. After doing a thorough research on refrigerator reviews, we purchased a Whirlpool. We have been completely pleased with our purchase to date.

Review Title: Nice Design, Poor Performance | Review by

I bought this item WRF989SDAM00 about 16 months ago. We thought that an expensive appliance would be nice to have, but it has been a very disappointing experience and wish to no longer have it, but can't get a refund, and cant afford to replace it.

Review Title: great shelf arrangement for food storage with nice compartments for fresh veggies and fruit. | Review by

I love my new refrigerator. I like the 2 doors with the freezer at the bottom. the freezer has great storage compartments of different sizes and heights. I find it very easy to use. It is black so it does not show every fingerprint or smudge on the doors. The ice dispenser is great and is used daily especially for crushed ice. I like the size of the ice cubes and the accessibility to unload the ice bin for quantities of ice. It is my first one with crushed ice readily available and I love it. It is also great not to have to nearly stand on my head to reach or get anything out of the refrigerator- I just reach in and get whatever.I need. Door shelves are very versatile for bottles and etc. Very happy with my choice.

Review Title: the fridge.....sound is obtrusive,at times!!! | Review by

.....we are very pleased wiith the refrigerator and its features and, so far, with the performance. However, at times, it emits a high-pitched whine which can be quite obtrusive. This sound is above and beyond the range of normal refrigerator sound and cannot be discerned among the sounds of normality among those on the web site. The technician from A&E says he can find no problem. We remain in a quandry!!!

Review Title: The features are nice, when it works properly. | Review by

Bought 2 months ago. Replaced after a month with same model. Old one leaked water from ice maker inside refrigerator and outside. Also very very noisy. Replacement came only after ordered parts were not available. New refrigerator has frost build up on door and wall of freezer. Repairman cleaned frost, aligned all the doors. Freezer door and wall still frosting up. Repair man coming Nov. 13 for another attempt to fix the issue.

Review Title: love this product | Review by

We have had the fridge sinve march now and i couldnt be happier. We went from a 18 cu to this 29 cu. We are a family of five with 2 members with food allergies to milk and eggs there is plenty of room for the different typea of milk. We shop every two weeks and attempt to fill it...still have not been able too :) i love that after i shop i still have room for my left overs. I was afraid that with the size id loose items like i did with my old one but that still has never been the case. The one shelf that moves back to give more room for taller items is the best we are able to fit our tea with ease. At first i thought the water dispenser that with a touch will fill ur cup without having to stand there was silly but now i love it. I am able to keep doing things around the kitchen whilr waiting for it tofill a measuring or if one of the kids needs a drink i do it for them and cont with my life :) i find i use it more often than pushing and holding. The only time i even hear it running is the ice maker and thats only in the kitchen. Ive never been happier with a product than i am with this fridge!!!! Although its pricy its worth every cent so in my eyes its perfectly priced!

Review Title: Broke in the first month | Review by

Was working fin for about 4 weeks, then the ice maker started forming ice inside the fridge. This is apparently a known problem for this fridge. At the same time, the control board for the meat drawer went out and also caused the ice maker to stop working. Had the repair guy out and had to order parts.was sure hoping it would work longer than a few weeks.

Review Title: Nice appearance but incredibly noisy, and the ice maker has been a problem | Review by

I love the layout of the refrigerator, the appearance is perfect for my kitchen. I was so thrilled to get it. In the first 30 days the ice-maker needed a heating unit installed so that it wouldn't drip inside the main compartment, but it still drips, but not as badly. The main complaint I have with this refrigerator is the noise. I have my desk near it and it is so loud I am considering moving my desk across the room. We cannot watch TV without turning the volume up to cover the sound of the compressor. I would like to return it and get a different unit that isn't so noisy.

Review Title: Excellent overall product with good ice maker. | Review by

This is a very good product. We were worried a little about the in door ice maker, since this type of fridge seems to have problems. But it has been flawless, and the design is better than others we have seen. It has provided plenty of ice with no problems. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for this style of refrigerator.

Review Title: Love it! Looks great in our newly designed kitchen. | Review by

We love our new Whirlpool french door refridgerator. It looks so sleek and modern in our new kitchen! Love that you can open both doors for large platters. Shelves are easily adjustable to accomodate various needs. And like the bottom freezer - we don't use the freezer as often as the fridge so it's so nice to see everything at eye level - no bending needed!

Review Title: enjoy the features | Review by

the freezer drawer has issues with closing and developed ice on tracks and just inside the drawer

Review Title: Lots of usable space | Review by

I just did a holiday dinner for 16 people. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make ahead & had plenty of room in the fridge for everything.

Review Title: Love Love Love it | Review by

The only problem I have, is that the filters last sometimes five months and most of the time only two months and the ice is slow to make

Review Title: This is a great refrigerator! | Review by

We really like the refrigerator. It is large inside and what we need.

Review Title: veery unhappy withthe black ice model | Review by

In sept.of 2013 I purchased a complete kithchen since that time we are on the third black ice this point we don't have an ice maker or water thru the door.a factory designed updated kit was installed two weeks ago which did not fix the iceing up at the rear of the ice maker,since that kit was installed we have still got the iceing problem along with the no ice and no water thru the door.

Review Title: We love our new fridge! | Review by

Our recent purchase of a fridge has met our expectations. We wanted the freezer on the bottom, the water dispenser in the door, and the ice storage in the door as well so no fridge storage space was taken. The only thing that we are unsure about is the growning noise it makes when you close the door. It hasn't been a problem as far as how it functions, but the noise is a little odd. Overall, we are happy with our purchase and would recommend this product to others.

Review Title: Built very solid. | Review by

Has great features. Very efficient. It has plenty of space inside. Probably a little more than what the wife and need. I guess we will just have to stock up.

Review Title: Loaded with features we love. | Review by

We love the features on this refrigerator. In-the-door ice maker frees up a lot of space. Being able to set different temperatures on trays is great. Having the different media filters (water, air, methane) is a real plus. Capacity is great and sleek look is beautiful. Many more user-friendly features on the door that I wonder how I lived without. We highly recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Looks great but is pretty loud | Review by

I actually bought the original unit a little over a year ago, then some problems and Whirlpool replaced my refrigerator a little over a week ago. The new refrigerator looks great and performs well but it is still loud. You can hear the unit run all over the house.

Review Title: Top Notch Product | Review by

This is really a fine appliance. Does everything one could ask for and has lots of room. Large freezer drawer is easy to access and keeps everything well frozen. Shelves in the doors are large, and overall storage capacity is amazing. Needless to say - we love toe fridge!

Review Title: Great features are a plus | Review by

Great refrigerator. We purchased this one because of it features plus the zero swing hinges.

Review Title: Hate this refrigerator!!!! | Review by

First one delivered did not cool at all. New one worked fine for a while, but is VERY noisy and the where the ice is dipensed into the door drips and makes a mess. Ice maker stopped working and was replaced. Now the freezer is no longer cooling. We purchased the extended warranty through HH Gregg which is a total joke as they are making us wait 6 days for a technician to come and diagnosis the problem, much less attempt to fix.

Review Title: NOT HAPPY!!!!! | Review by

I bought this refrigerator a few months ago and already have had it worked on two times. The size is great inside of it and it looks pretty but it is cheaply made. We are not happy with this product at all. It is very loud and is constantly running which can not be good on the motor or compressor.

Review Title: Adjustable shelves make personalizing storage easy. | Review by

Like the door storage and the adjustable shelves. The long drawer at the bottom, though is flimsy and hard to use without pulling the pieces apart.

Review Title: This product has great features, A well thought out design with deep trays in the freezer with a pull out drawer as well!! | Review by

I love the in door ice and water panel. The ice cubes are a perfect size not to large not to small. The deep drawers in the freezer allow for easy storage. ie Frozen Turkey. I wish the meat drawer in the fridge was accessible with having only one door open. The fridge does have a whining/piercing noise that seems to come on in the pm time daily. Not sure why or where it is coming from. Great fridge other then that.

Review Title: very versatile and spacious for all our dishes and contents | Review by

very stable temperatures throughout the cabin without hot or cold spots. ergonomic design and easy to operate and use. split shelfs and variety of spaces available make it easy to store and view items. unit seemed to be a bit noisy at first, but it appears to just be a different tone than we previously were use to. not offensive, and barely noticable after some time. great value for money spent.

Review Title: Great design! | Review by

Love the large refrigerator and freezer and filtered water!

Review Title: Love the fridge but miss the touch screen | Review by

I would have given this 5 stars because I love everything about this refrigerator except the front control panel. My last refrigerator had the touch screen and swivel water dispenser that was so easy to use. This one you have to keep touching the buttons to get your desired need. Don't get me wrong this one works but I was spoiled by the panel I had in my other Whirlpool refrigerator. The inside is very large and bright plus I can now open the cripser drawer without having to open both main doors. The freezer compartment is outstanding with the added space in the drawer front; I use this for my boxed vegetables.

Review Title: Always wanted this model | Review by

I always wanted this style and because I have a narrow area I couldn't. This unit fit and cools well. Plenty of room and looks great. My problem is after only 5 months the "Stainless Steel" doors are developing rust. I have the moisture feature on to heat the doors. But it is rusting. I also noticed that magnets stick to the door. I am seeking help about it but not getting anywhere fast.

Review Title: Love the Design, interior space, and look | Review by

Love everything about it except the plastic door shelving. One broke within the first couple weeks. If you can get a better quality shelving as an option and have kids, definitely look into it!

Review Title: I love it except for the fact that it freezes in the fridge | Review by

I love the design of this fridge, the features are great

Review Title: DONT BUY | Review by

worst frig ever don't have any thing good about this frig This is the 2nd frig in 6 months and its the worst

Review Title: Time and money saver. | Review by

Efficient storage with everything at your fingertips cuts duplicate buying while also making meal planning and prep easier. Absolutely love the spacing in the refrigerator, doors and freezer. Effortless to keep clean too.

Review Title: it's wonderful | Review by

many reasons we love this fridge - meat/cheese tray, size of shelves in door, crispers, led lighting, movable and sliding shelves, plus the freezer on bottom is large and so easy to use. we've used it for 8 months.

Review Title: Love all of the great features, especially the depth of the shelves. | Review by

I have had my Whirlpool for about 6 months and love everything about it with one exception and that is the noise level when it is running. You do get use to it and don't notice it. Because of the wonderful size we do not need a 2nd refrigerator in the garage. The depth of the door shelves and location of the ice maker are fantastic. I can put large casserole dishes in it at same time without any problem.

Review Title: Fantastic Fridge! | Review by

Have had this 3 months and it has changed my habits completely. The water dispenser measures the quantity dispensed and you do not have to stand there and push on it while it works. I am drinking 3 times more the water per day than I ever could before. Space inside is so well engineered it seems much bigger than the previous one that was the same size. Would buy this again and would recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We Love This Refrigerator! | Review by

I consider myself somewhat of a maven when it comes to appliance purchases in that I will research for weeks before finally making the financial decision to purchase a high-dollar item. I went out on a bit of limb because, at the time of purchase, there were no consumer reviews on Whirlpool's 29 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator. I walked through numerous appliance stores, referenced a leading product comparison website, and considered all major brands. Here's the bottom line: I LOVE THIS REFRIGERATOR!

Review Title: WARNING: Do not buy! Refrigerator never worked properly. | Review by

We bought this new thinking we would have a fridge for fifteen years, but out of nine months, it has functioned maybe six weeks. The compressor growled and clanked even after it was replaced, and ice formed around it. Water poured out of where the ice dropped inside the refrigerator, so we had to insert a towel to keep water from pouring everywhere. The few times it did make ice, it would turn to slush, and then water would pour out the ice dispenser in the door. The system would only cool for short periods of time before it would die. Either the fridge would work and the freezer wouldn't before it all died, or vice versa following the next repair attempt...of which there were many, and all unsuccessful. This appears to be a known issue, but for whatever reason, the repairs never worked, nor did the refrigerator. Perhaps it was due to the dual evaporator system...I have no idea. It's a shame, too, as the design was great, and the fridge was very roomy, but the fact that it didn't function correctly was very disturbing.

Review Title: Awesome refrigerator, awesome design, awesome quality! | Review by

I researched refrigerators for about a month and read every review I could get my hands on. I have had great experience in the past with other Whirlpool products and they were at the top of my list. My wife wanted a French Door style larger than our current 25cf side by side. This model was the largest refrigerated area available. It has lots of great storage options, ice in the door, adjustable shelves and lots of door storage. The freezer has compartments and trays that allow you flexibility in storing miscellaneous items. Very happy and would give this refrigerator a high recommendation!

Review Title: Love this refrigerator | Review by

This is the best refrigerator I have own, not only is it beautiful it has so much storage. Love the whirlpool ice line.

Review Title: I love my new Whirlpool Refrigerator | Review by

I had a family dinner on Christmas Eve that was quite involved. My refrigerator had more than enough room to store two hams, a couple of pies, lots of vegetables, cheese tray and more. I especially loved the ice/water dispenser on the door. Being able to get your ice and water without opening the refrigerator or moving a lot of stuff around was so much easier than in the past with my old appliance.

Review Title: Watch out | Review by

We have found that this model has a design flaw that can cause condensation to drip from the fridge ceiling, so far whirlpool has not been able to fix ours. The first repair reduced the water flow, but did not stop it.

Review Title: I love all the space and features! | Review by

I love the top drawer in the freezer for my most used items and how it has sections in it! Also, all the room I have in the refrigerator. No complaints, good price and good quality!

Review Title: This Product is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone! | Review by

We have not had a Whirlpool Refrigerator before or a French Door Style so we were not sure if we would be happy with this but it has exceeded our expectations. Features we love: Measured fill for water, Fresh Flow feature keeps veggies and fruit fresher longer and we can't be happier about the room inside the refrigerator and freezer. We love the adustible shelf to accomodate taller items. We love the middle drawer that holds soda cans perfectly. We also love the feature that gives us digital status on the water filter that lets us know when we should replace it. It is so quiet we cannot hear it run and it maintains a constant temperature. Suggestions for improvement: Larger Ice maker and needs a tougher finish on the doors to prevent magnet scratches.

Review Title: Great sized, quality fridge | Review by

This fridge is pretty deep so it's something for someone to think about when purchasing. Reading reviews I saw a lot of focus on the ice maker. It will make noise as it makes ice, but I don't perceive it as an issue when in another room. My only complaints about the ice maker is the small bin, which could be a concern if entertaining, the lever to get ice/water is somewhat harder to push in over others I've used, and the water spout is somewhat far out so not friendly to skinny glasses. Regardless, no issues so far and happy with all the space in it.

Review Title: Spacious....but NOISY! | Review by

Had this for about 4 months. Spacious refrigerator. Looks great and with all the lights inside, it is very bright. I wish the large meat/cheese drawer was split (like the fruit/vegetable bins) so you didn't have to open both doors to pull out the drawer. I have two major complaints, however. which according to the service center are common ones for this model -- ice is forming on the inside top of the fridge where the icemaker is located. Apparently the icemaker and water valve are faulty and must be replaced (although there hasn't been a recall yet). Now have to empty fridge/freezer and let everything thaw so that the new parts can be installed. Secondly -- the fan and especially the compressor are very noisy! Unfortunately, I am told there is no fix for the noise problem - NOTHING can be done -- except complain to Whirlpool, if that makes you feel better.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

I just love everything about this refrigerator. The indoor shelves are sized for so many different types of things. The adjustable shelf for taller items. The 3 bins for different types of food. The large freezer with compartments for pizza and a roll in and out bin. I love the icemaker. Had a smaller and older version. So many improvements on this one.

Review Title: Love My New Frige !!!!! | Review by

Not only is it beautiful to look at, every thing about it is top of the line The.LED lights make every thing so bright and beautiful, I love the three Crisper drawers they are perfect just what I need for my friuts and veggies,and long items like celery and carrots also. Then I love the Deli drawer it holds all my cheeses, lunch meats, you name it will hold it, Also the shelves that slide back to make room for taller items. I really love the Ice maker in the door, So easy to remove if you need to, and it's beautiful to look at. so much on this frige I don't have enough room to say it all, But I really do Love it, and I highly recommend this Refigerator...

Review Title: This is a really cool refrigerator with lots of storage room. | Review by

The only drawback I have is that both doors need to be opened in order to get to the beverage drawer. My previous french door had the beverage cans in the door and that was very handy. I like how bright it is on the inside and how easily it cleans up. We have had many positive comments on how nice it looks. I love the white ice color.

Review Title: I greatly appreciate the unique design features especially the LED lighting and ice machine. | Review by

This refrigerator is the best we have had over the past 60 years of our marriage. The shelf arrangement and LED lighting make access to the contents truely efficient. The ice maker and the exterior controls are outstanding and simple to use.

Review Title: Product has great features. | Review by

This refridgerator looks very good and it has plenty of room and the features are right on.

Review Title: Love it!!!! | Review by

We bought this refrigerator for our second home in Florida. I LOVE this refrigerator beyond words. I like it soooo much better than my Sub-Zero at our Virginia home. It holds so much and very well designed with good organization in mind. It is very quiet. I will probably never fill this up, but I like having the option as my side-by-side that this replaced didn't hold anything. Great refrigerator. (Wish I could get one for my primary residence). I love the french doors and the freezer on the bottom. I was so tired of food falling out of the freezer. Not the cheapest, but we were not looking for that. We wanted a quality french door, bottom freezer unit.

Review Title: Love the space! | Review by

Love the space inside this refrigerator as the ice maker is in the door. The other feature we love is the measured water dispenser.

Review Title: Bright lighting and the interior is well layed out! | Review by

We had already purchased a Whirlpool Stove so it was no surprise that after researching several different refrigerators, we decided we liked the features of this one the best. The french door style really makes it easy for us and the kids to get in and out of it without problems. We are so impressed with our Whirlpool appliances that when we are ready to buy a new washer and dryer, Whirlpool is the way we will go!

Review Title: Got a Lemon. Don't Buy This Fridge | Review by

Purchased in Feb 2013.

Review Title: Ice maker does not function properly | Review by

Refrigerator has issue with ice maker. Ice forms in rear of ice maker and water condenses and freezes on ice maker.

Review Title: Don't Buy! | Review by

I bought this fridge 1 1/2 years ago and it has already failed. The bottom (freezer) portion no longer freezes and the compressor is making a new noticeable sound. The top portion still seems to work OK, but the fridge is pretty much useless without a freezer. It doesn't make ice either. I am very, very disappointed that a reputable company can produce and sell a $2,500 fridge and it won't even last 2 years.

Review Title: Great frig | Review by

We did a lot of research before we bought due to a very bad experience with our current refrigerator (Frigidaire) Had a side by side for a year and lost food in it 2 different times due to a repeated failed part. I will never own another Frigidaire product. All of the reviews were good on Whirlpool. The noise that people mention is minimal(normal). All frigs. make some sort of noise. We have had our Whirlpool for 2 months and love it. The french door is so much more user friendly than the side by side. Pizza boxes and other wide items fit nicely.

Review Title: Ice despenser | Review by

When you get ice from the dispenser you can always expect 2 to 3 pieces to fall after you have removed your glass. Also the coating on the options is peeling. We have already removed the plastic covering but this is what stays on the fridge.



Review Title: Excellent for a family! | Review by

We absolutely love this refrigerator. It's well made and excellent quality and with two kids, they can be hard on things (4 and 6), it's solid. It has ample space and is an excellent design for organizing your groceries. It's a little loud at times, but nothing I would consider unbearable. The one and only complaint I have is that the water comes out from the front of the ice dispenser instead of the back, so if you have a small cup you'll miss the cup.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

my wife of 46 years wanted a new refrigerator, and after looking and pricing, I chose this one for her Christmas gift, and did I do good, you betch I did. it has it all.

Review Title: We LOVE it | Review by

The motor is easily heard when it comes on, would have expected it to be quieter for the money. Lots of room, convenient access to everything, adjustable shelving that is amazing in more ways than one. Nothing freezes in the fridge when you put it towards the back on the inside. Love the extra features such as the lighting, water dispenser will dispense in I don't have to dirty a measuring cup, I could go on and on ... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

Review Title: Just love my new refrigerator! | Review by

This fridge is the best one I have ever had! I love the French door design since I'm able to see everything at once. The three storage bins allow me to organize all the small produce items. One of the bins can be used for aluminum cans as well. The bottom freezer is really roomy and the pizza box in the door feature is a real plus for larger items. I love the convenience of the water/ice in the door and the keypad is easy to use. The lights are pleasantly blue and the sounds for the ice/water usage are very pleasant - not annoying in any way. The fridge is very easy to clean.

Review Title: Great for a large family! | Review by

The refrigerator has plenty of space for a family and great storage bins.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

I really like this fridge. It has loads of room for the fridge and freezer. The doors have a great deal of storage capacity also. The water output is slower that I would like, but I would still highly recommend this product.

Review Title: Love all the features it has. | Review by

We just bought a new home and got all Whirlpool appliances. We have always had confidence in Whirlpool products. For the most part the appliances we got have performed excellent so far. The refrigerator is very noisy when the compressor goes into its cycle. We wish it produced ice faster.

Review Title: Two pluses in my book. | Review by

Great lighting, now everything in my frig is highly visible, no more digging and guessing. Never had a refrigerator with so much storage. Love the freezer on the bottom, much more convenient overall.

Review Title: Not the best on the market | Review by

I've owned this refrigerator for a few months. The icemaker had to be replaced after the 1st week. Whirlpool then increased my warranty to 3 years at no charge, which is good. The refrigerator is very noisy and runs throughout the day and night. It was explained to me by a repairman that the noise level is increased in most refrigerators due to reduced insulation to increase energy efficiency. I have no way to validate that statement. I do like the design and all the features. It's a good appliance if you can put up with the noise level.

Review Title: Great Design | Review by

We looked at many different brands of appliances before deciding on the Whirlpool. Once we saw the "White Ice", with Whirlpool's great reputation, and the features we wanted, we were sold! Thanks to Andrew at Sear's in Pensacola, FL. He is well versed on his product knowledge and represented your product fantastic!

Review Title: Nice interior layout. | Review by

I love it! The only complaint I have is that the water dispenser does not line up with my everyday glasses. The water misses the glass if I press the back wall with the glass to dispense water.

Review Title: Broken ice maker | Review by

We got this refrigerator November 2012. We have had four service calls on the ice maker. What is even worse is service repair comes in eight to ten days, looks at it and then orders parts, another eight to ten days. Ice works for awhile then stops making ice, freezes inside and drips all over everything. Had to buy a portable ice machine so as not to be without ice for 20 days at a time. My remodeled kitchen has to have a big white ice machine sitting on the counter. Whirlpool states that as long as it can be repaired it can't be replaced. HOW LONG ARE REPAIRS SUPPOSE TO LAST, just a few months?

Review Title: Ease of use | Review by

Purchased as part of the house package. We picked all Whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: Hoping for a "fix" before my warranty expires | Review by

I researched for a long time before settling upon this model. I love the features, and the amount of space is unmatched....PERFECT for our family!

Review Title: This product not only has great features but it is a nice looking appliance. | Review by

I love the different doors and compartments, keeps everything so organized .Having the fridge on top makes it so much easier to get to things. The lighting is awesome as is the gallon storage bins in the door. As you can tell I love my new whirlpool .

Review Title: Beautiful fridge but problems early on | Review by

Looks great. Approximately four months after installation the water and ice maker stopped dispensing. No luck with a fix after five service calls. We hope the sixth is the charm and we didnt purchase a lemon.

Review Title: Bigger sometimes is better | Review by

Love the 29 cubic feet of space. With a large family we sure can pack in the food. Live the adjustable shelves, ice maker in the door so no wasted space.

Review Title: What is not to love | Review by

I got this mostly for the size style and color. Compared to some other large feature filled fridges this is good keeps getting better. Figure out the Ice thawing at the top of the indoor ice maker, and I'd say perfect. Things I've had that I miss in this price range, a crank adjustable shelf instead of the retractable half shelf and more responsive touch controls.

Review Title: This is an easy to use and great size refrigerator. | Review by

Overall we love the Whirlpool 29 cu ft. French door refrigerator we purchased 2 months ago. Wasn't sure if I'd like the freezer on the bottom, but love it. The shelving comes out easily to clean any spills, and it's much easier to get things in and out than our old side by side. We got black as our other appliances were black, but not as fond of the smooth surface as you have to be very careful not to scratch it when cleaning. The bumpy surface was not available. I do notice it running at times, rather loudly, but not unbearable. Our old refrig (different brand) only lasted 11 years, so hoping this will last as long as our Whirlpool washer/dryer 15 yrs. and going strong.

Review Title: NIce product. Looks great. | Review by

The fridge has a very nice look. It has good storage and i really like the pull out drawers with temperature controls.

Review Title: TOO NOISY | Review by


Review Title: Refrigerator | Review by

We have had our new refrigerator about three months. Love the space it has , no longer have to search for what you need. The LED lights are great. We like the freezer on the bottom.Very quiet. Would recommend this if you are looking to purchase a new refrigerator.

Review Title: Wonderful | Review by

We love our new Whirpool. The sleek ice maker design leaves added space. Love the in door water and ice.....

Review Title: Overall I have been happy with it. | Review by

The ice and water dispenser could be improved. The water is awkward in front of the ice and sometimes misses the glass. Occasionally ice falls and there is no lip to contain the ice so it lays on the wood floor.

Review Title: Love my new Whirlpool Refrigerator | Review by

We are very satisfied with our new Whirlpool Gold refrigerator. I researched refrigerators online for a while before deciding on this one, even though not all its reviews were perfect. The main complaint in other reviews were the sounds it makes, and ice-dispenser woes. Since the dispenser is in the door of the frig, we opted to buy the extended warranty in case we had problems as it ages. We have had it in our remodeled kitchen for 3 months now, and have had no problems. Yes, it occasionally makes a rather loud humming noise, but I notice it only every few days, and it doesn't last long, like it is making extra ice or something. Mostly, we don't hear any noise from it at all unless someone opens the door or uses the dispenser. We have had no trouble with the dispenser either, and use the measured dispense feature regularly. Also like the half-shelf option to store tall items. And most of all, we love the roomy interior and freezer space that we never had before. The only thing I don't like about it is that I felt like we needed to buy an extended warranty/service contract. Wish they would back up their products for more than one year.

Review Title: It's Horrible | Review by

Nothing but trouble since we bought it. Ice-maker required repairman the first week we bought it. Over the first year freezer items seemed to be de-frosting and then re-freezing. Bought thermometers in order to monitor our new freezer and fridge. 13 months post purchase freezer failed. This week at 21 months, freezer failed again along with the fridge portion. No resolution in sight yet.

Review Title: great | Review by

my only issue (very simple issue) is that sometimes when I open the left side door, it is dropping ice & falls everywhere. And sometimes the water from the ice ben drips down the side & into the bens in that door. Other than that, I absolutely love this Refrigerator ! ! !

Review Title: This refrigerator is excellent. | Review by

Great food storage compartments. This refrigerator is perfect for my lifestyle.

Review Title: Amazing Look and Features for the Price | Review by

We looked at refrigerators from $1500 to $3500 and are very happy with this model. We got the upscale features we were hoping to find like dual compressors, measured fill water dispenser, in-door ice storage, LED lighting and digital temperature readout without paying the high price.

Review Title: beautiful but not well made | Review by

we have had this for 3 months now and the seal is coming undone and the doors don't close very well the left door sticks out a little more so it looks like it is not closed all the time. tried 4 times to put picture in

Review Title: I love the look of this | Review by

This refrigerator works really well. I love how we can move the shelves to accommodate party trays. I love the LED lights and the extra large drawer at the bottom of the fridge for drinks, meats, or etc. the left door has to be forced in to close so make sure you push to close but if you don't the fridge has a loud enough sound to alert you. I do wish I had more space for veggies and fruits, freezer, and door space but guess I could have gone with a larger capacity fridge. The water and ice dispense a bit slow but other than what I mentioned, fridge works well for its purpose

Review Title: Overall love this refrigerator | Review by

My only complaint is tha the fan/motor is very loud. We are having someone come out to look at it. Other than that, love it!

Review Title: Very good | Review by

Love my new refrigerator. The only downfall is that it runs a little louder then my old one.

Review Title: Great features, too bad it has a ice build up problem. | Review by

I have had ice build up in the fridge section since I have bought it had repairs done twice now and still ice!!! This has become more of a job to call and wait for the repair person and then the seal was loosened since they forced the door it shut. Trying again to see if they have a repair for the ice. They are sending the same repair company. I wish I chose another fridge.

Review Title: Love the look and capacity of this fridge. | Review by

Was a bit disappointed by how much noise this fridge makes. Also notice condensation/occasional ice on the top-interior. Keeping an eye on that issue. Overall - satisfied.

Review Title: This product has great performance and capacibility. | Review by

The problem I found is the noise the refrigerator make. it 's very strong.... Also, I found the inconvenient when I have to close the door. Always must be the left doors fist and then then the right...this system it is not practice at all.

Review Title: Greast value for what I paid | Review by

I purchased this refrigerator-freezer as a special order return and was given an excellent discounted price on a well-made unit.

Review Title: Great refrigerator!! You will not regret buying it. | Review by

Great refrigerator with a huge amount of space. The ice maker supply's plenty of ice. More than I thought it would. Beautiful, sleek, and very well made. I do not regret this purchase. Everyone that sees it wishes they had one just like it.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for about 5 months. We love it! Have had no problems. Really like the large drawer and many uses.

Review Title: Overall happy | Review by

We like the roominess. We like the lighting inside. We have a big family and it holds a lot of food. Pizza compartment in freezer is nice as is the double drawers. But it immediately need repair on minor drip of water filter inside and leak at back of ice maker. Both were repaired and seem to be functioning well.

Review Title: Quality concerns | Review by

I replaced all my old whirlpool appliances with new whirlpool appliances as part of a kitchen remodel. The overall design and size of this fridge is great. Unfortunately, not unlike the new dishwasher, it has some fit/function issues. Example, the gasket that goes around the freezer drawer doesn't fit well in the corners. This leads to ice build up around the corners. Also, the electronic buttons for the ice dispenser are already flaky. I'm concerned they won't last a year. Hopefully they fail right before the warranty expires - and not right after!

Review Title: Hate the two-door | Review by

I don't even know why we bought another Whirlpool fridge. The last one died in 5 years. My wife wanted one with two doors and a bottom freezer. Don't really mind the bottom freezer, but I liked our side by side better and liked the previous "freezer on top" just as well. But the twin doors are horrible. Half the time you open the wrong door. Half the time you open one door and find the bacon or lettuce or what-ever you want are in a drawer that you have to open both doors to access. What's the point? And I'm betting the seal between the two doors will be leaking like a sieve in a few years. It's like high heels on a lady. Looks good, horrible for function.

Review Title: The design and features help make this product work with quality performance. | Review by

After having this product in our home now for over a month, we have been utilizing the space especially through the holidays. The large storage areas in the freezer bottom make it easier to purchase products on sale. The sound levels on this are good and the innovation of this French Door product make it enjoyable to be in the kitchen with company.

Review Title: It's HUGE and Bright! | Review by

Open the doors and watch out for the light show! Beautifully illuminated with soooo much room. Like the split shelf that scoots back to make room for something tall, used it right off the bat.The big plus is the in door ice maker and dispenser, LOVE it! No more loosing cooling with the slide out drawer freezer keeping all the cold inside. Excellent temp controls let you temp it exactly as you like. Price was well within our budget!

Review Title: Only lasted 18 months | Review by

I purchase the refrigerator in 2/13. 1 month after the warrantee was off the ice maker quit, kept leaking into the refrigerator and had to shut it off. Now 5 months later the freezer doesn't keep anything frozen. The motor runs constantly and is very loud. I looks like I am going to have to replace this $2500 refrigerator after only 18 months. I don't think I will be buying another Whirlpool product.

Review Title: this product had lots of space. | Review by

we have three children and 3 grandchildren. when we would gather at our beach home, there was never enough space for all the food everyone brought. when we purchased the new refrigerator this summer, everyone was pleasantly surprised and complimented us on our new purchase. we now have room for all the food plus being able to find it!!

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

The first one we bought had problems. Whirlpool was good enough to replace it after a year and a month. So far it works well.

Review Title: This product has lots of room. | Review by

I am so happy with the size and the layout of the refrigerator. I can fit everything and see what I have without moving everything. I like the bottom freezer with the drawer. The section for pizza boxes is great for other items also.

Review Title: stylish | Review by

Purchased the refrigerator and about 6 months later the freezer was not keeping things frozen. Luckily, Whirlpool replaced the refrigerator, as it was still under warranty. Otherwise, very happy with purchase.

Review Title: ice maker leaks | Review by

Ice maker leaks water inside refrigerator @ is noisy

Review Title: Amazingly Large | Review by

I got this refrigerator when I moved into my new house. It is absolutely amazing. It is so large that ended up getting rid of the fridge in the garage because I didn't need it anymore. The quick ice isn't very quick, if you are having a party, but there is enough room in the freezer to hold an extra bag of ice.

Review Title: I love this refrigerator. | Review by

I love the freezer on the bottom and ice and water on the outside. I especially love the crushed ice feature and pull out drawers. Excellent design.

Review Title: Really big! | Review by

There's no loss of storage space. Food is easy to access. Ice and water dispenser is easy to use.

Review Title: Too many problems. | Review by

I had this refrigerator installed about 5 weeks ago. Since then the technician has been out to service it at least 6 times. Like many others we have the condensation issue with the ice maker. We had the "upgrade" installed during one of the technician's visits but it made no difference. Still a great deal of condensation around the ice maker and on top of the freezer door. We're supposed to have version 2 of the upgrade installed next month. We'll see if that makes a difference. I had always respected the Whirlpool name growing up but my experiences with this refrigerator has certainly done a lot to tarnish it.

Review Title: Love the French doors. | Review by

This holds much more than our old side by side. The only minus is that it is Bit noisy.

Review Title: Beautiful design, so much extra space than my last refrigerator. | Review by

We've owned 3 refrigerators since we purchased our home in 1986. This one by far has the nicest features, including compartments to organize the produce. Love the freezer. The drawer pulls out so easily and everything is so much more organized. Everyone that has walked into my home has commented how nice looking this refrigerator is. I am loving this refrigerator!

Review Title: Satisfied Customer | Review by

We purchased this 29 cu. ft. model for a new home we built in 2013. Given that this was a new model, we were a little worried about the lack of reviews but decided to take a chance because it best met our needs in terms of design and space.

Review Title: Too Loud! | Review by

If this Refrigerator was not so loud I would give it all fives, but do to what the serviceman calls normal operating noise, I give a three. I've had 2 serviceman out and replaced 2 different fan motors, but it seems that the loudness of this unit is "Normal Operating Noise". With that in mind, I cannot recommend this unit to anyone. We sit on the couch trying to watch TV, but hear this loud "Normal Operating Noise" coming from the frig, its very annorying.

Review Title: This product has a lot of room and great lighting> | Review by

I love the room and lighting in this unit. Plenty of space for platters, large containers and deli products, I 'm pleased with how much room the freezer has. We did have problems with the ice maker from the start, a new part has been ordered, but has been on back-order for a month, hoping to have that problem resolved in the near future. Still trying to get used to hearing this unit run, our last one was very quiet.

Review Title: leaky lines hot frig | Review by

I bought a 29 cu. 2o months ago . WAS out of town working and come home to find my frig HOT and stinking . repair company man said all the refrigerant has LEAKED OUT. can,t be fixed in my home will need to go to shop maybe as much as a week before i can get it back and could cost as much as 400 dollars. did not purchase extended warranty . But you would think buying top of the line frig should last at least two years and the warranty BUT no it don.t .....

Review Title: The function and features are far better than what we replaced. | Review by

All features are excellent. My only change, if I could suggest, is the one drawer has to have both doors open to access.

Review Title: this product is very attractive and we like it | Review by

after comparing all the refrigerators on the market we settled on this one because it is very attractive (we do not like stainless steel because we saw too many with dents that looked awful) :but after we got the refrigerator installed we have found it to be noisier than expected and the shelves and drawer arrangement could be better.also the biggest reason we went with this unit was because we were told it was MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!

Review Title: noisy is unbearable; sound carries to the upper level and into 3 rooms | Review by

horrible, horrible sound level; too much and too loud humming if i didn't have a terminally ill husband i wd call for service, but the charge is as astronmical considering the cost of the product. no, i wd not re purchase this refrig. my d/w is also a whirlpool. i am not an eneny of your products , just a prisoner.

Review Title: Tons of space | Review by

Love my new Whirlpool Refrigerator. Tons of space. Designed perfectly.

Review Title: Lots of space and drawers | Review by

Love all the space inside of the frig and freezer and all draws it has through out the whole thing, for storage. Ice machine works good and it keeps up with the ice making. We have five of us using it all the time. The temperature controls seem to work good too. Our vegetables and fruit seem to last longer and stay fresher. Love everything about it. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that it's a little loud.

Review Title: Excellent refigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is a brand new model and we got the first one. I was a little leary of new untested model, but after a month it's been an excellent buy. Lots of storage, we were able to eliminate our chest freezer.

Review Title: Beautiful!!! love the white with the stainless handles | Review by

I've had this for a month now & still getting use to the French door & storage. I use to have a side by side. I do wish I would have gone with a bigger ice maker though. Still love it though!

Review Title: Piece of junk | Review by

I bought this appliance in dec. 2013. It started to build ice inside the upper left rear about 2 weeks after it arrived. I have had the repair people out 2 and then they refused to come a third time. I have another company coming on Monday. I am also having a problem with little rust spots on the doors. I have other stainless appliances and have no problems. Of course, no magnets stick to my other appliances and they do to this refrigerator. Strange since stainless is not magnetic!

Review Title: This product looks good and works good. | Review by

The fridge has been great. The freezer is very noisy. Our son likes to eat late at night and his opening and closing the freezer drawer will wake us up. The fridge is quite noisy when it runs.

Review Title: lots of room and looks good | Review by

Both this to go with the other appliances in the new house. It has plenty of room in the top and bottom compartments. The led lights are a nice touch. Everything stays cold as expected.

Review Title: very spacious size for storing food | Review by

The shelving inside the refrigerator is very creative and has plenty of room both in the refrigerator and freezer section.

Review Title: Loud! | Review by

Beautiful design. A bit loud when running. Took me a month to realize I could open either door without opening the other side.

Review Title: I love my new refrigerator | Review by

The storage area are roomie and easy to get to. I have a place for everything. My grandson lunch box needs and easy to reach place for him. the vegetable drawer is always keeping my fresh vegetables crisp. We eat lots of cheese and have a big drawer to put it in. There is plenty of room. I recommend this refrigerator everyday. LOVE it best appliance I ever bought.

Review Title: Looks great, stores alot. | Review by

keeps foods fresh longer. Really like ice despenser and the larger box to fill up taller pitchers. Freezer larger without ice maker and the upper drawer is a nice touch.Does make a few strange sounds but only when it is going through a cycle. Both top doors close wiht either closing first. Alarm if you don't shut it all the way is nice. Only negative is it's hard to find the particular filter it uses. I'v only found it available on line. Nice feature is if you have a good water source it opperates without the filter in place.

Review Title: The Best Part of our Kitchen Remodel | Review by

We recently did a total kitchen remodel, new cabinets, counter tops, backsplash and all new Whirlpool appliances. Our favorite feature of the whole remodel is the refrigerator. My wife smiles every time she opens the doors.

Review Title: awesome | Review by

it's awesome... looks fantastic... the only thing to be weary of is the noise level as it runs is a bit louder than I would expect for a new product in 2013. but our house is set such that you only really hear it when in thekitchen.... other than that it's great.

Review Title: Love This Fridge! | Review by

We purchased this fridge a month ago and simply love it. We love opening the French doors and having the entire inside light up! This makes it so much easier to see what is in the fridge even those items clear in the back on the shelves. We also love the adjustable door shelves to fit all those dressing bottles and jelly jars in. Just the perfect size. The large pull out casserole drawer is never empty and makes storing those larger food dishes so much easier than rearranging containers on the shelves above to fit a larger dish. We are enjoying the pull out freezer, again, with all those lights, and the two large slider drawers for storing all of our freezer food. We were delighted to find there was even a compartment for storing pizzas! We give this fridge a FIVE STAR!

Review Title: This refrigerator has so much room inside. | Review by

I love this refrigerator. It has plenty of room in both the refrigerator and freezer sections. The adjustable shelves let me configure it to suit my needs. Now I don't run out of room when storing leftovers or preparing dishes for parties or family get-togethers. I wish I had this refrigerator years ago. The only drawback, and it is minor, is that it makes different noises compared to our old one and we are still getting used to that. I would most definitely recommend this refrigerator.

Review Title: Noise Level Unacceptable | Review by

I would give this refrigerator a 5 star rating IF it did not have the loud pitched buzzing hum. The sound is emitted often throughout the day, including in the morning when the refrigerator has not even been opened yet. It can be heard throughout the house and is just plain irritating.

Review Title: Terrific product, great performance and sharp looking! | Review by

I comparison shopped several other major brands before deciding to choose a Whirlpool. I was impressed with the interior design which gave us a great amount of space and storage options. The ice maker also has a much greater capacity than competing brands. We are very pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

Review Title: Very well made product | Review by

Thank you Whirlpool for a great refrigerator. You never disappoint with your products! I have been a Whirlpool consumer for many years and the quality is outstanding. Rarely do I have a repair issue with your products. The performance of the products are superb as well as appearance.

Review Title: An excellent product! Lots of space. | Review by

I especially like being able to automatically set the ounces needed for filling my coffee pot and the idea there is room for the pot to sit in the cubby space without holding it. It's also very easy to find just what I'm looking for in the freezer because it's so roomy.

Review Title: LOVE It, BUT Noisy & occ. water/ ice leaking issues. | Review by

I am used to a side-by-side refrigerator so when I moved into our new home & our Whirlpool french door refrigerator was installed I couldn't have been happier. It is super spacious! There is so much sensible space that I am able to keep everything at my fingertips & organized (no more "adjusting" the contents after going food shopping to make things fit). I have also had several compliments about how nice it looks in my kitchen (& I agree). Those are the Pros and they weigh very heavy in my liking this refrigerator.

Review Title: Love this refrigerator | Review by

The large pull out bottom freezer makes it so easy to find what you're looking for and so do the large double doors. It does make strange sounds throughout the day but we've gotten used to them. Easy to adjust temperatures or choose ice options. We really love this refrigerator.

Review Title: ILove my refrigerator. | Review by

Whirlpool stood behind their product. I really apopreciate that part above all. The original was faulty in design, and it was replaced withour a hassle. Thank you,.

Review Title: amazing space in both fridge and freezer! | Review by

purchased this fridge for our new house, now that we are expecting another child (making a family of 6) we knew we would need an adequate sized fridge. I was worried about freezer space, but it has exceeded my expectations! there is a pull out drawer that adds to the space, and even a section to place frozen pizzas! The fridge has more than enough room for the multiple gallons of milk that we need, along with great storage bins for fruit/veggies/meat/sodas/ect! Easy to change the location of the shelving-which is important when there is a lot of left overs to store. Great fridge, never regreted this purchase.

Review Title: We love our new frig/freezer!!!!!!!!!!! | Review by

We really love our new French door Refrigerator/ freezer, it's so easy to get in & out of and it's so spacious we have room for everything, it holds so much more than our old side by side frig/freezer. I also love the fact that it has a replaceable filter system for the icemaker our old one didn't have the filter system. Everything about it is wonderful!

Review Title: I choose this refrigerator for the features . Within 4 months I was haveing moisture problem and the icemaker was over filling. T | Review by

I choose this refrigerator for the features. Within 4 months I had a moisture problem. The Ice maker was also overfilling. The repairman had to order parts. The kit to fix the moisture problem took over a month to come. The part to fix the over filling took over two months to come. The kit fixed the moisture problem. By the time the second part came the refrigerator was not cooling and the freezer was not freezing. This refrigerator is a lemon. I think Whirlpool should replace my refrigerator. It is obvious that they rushed this model to fast without checking it out.

Review Title: One Year and Still Going Strong | Review by

We purchased our Ice Collection refrigerator almost a year ago from Lowes. We did a lot of research on refrigerators and chose this one because of its design and features. Its a nice looking product, and we get compliments on its unique appearance (our preference was a modern looking white fridge). We are a family of four, so we were apprehensive about the size of this refrigerator. We though it would be more space than necessary, but we've managed to keep it constantly full with milk, juice, lots of fresh produce and more. The freezer is a good size for us, but since we also own a storage freezer, space has never been an issue. I have noticed that our foods stay fresh much longer than our previous refrigerator, which we used for over nineteen years. The indoor lighting is wonderful. It's easy to keep track of foods that may be at the back of a shelf or drawer. If I had one complaint, it would be the water/ice dispenser chute. The water dispenser works fine. I like being able to adjust how much water I need for my cup or mug. However, the ice chute allows ice to shoot onto the floor as it fills a cup. Another consideration is the cost of filters. You do have to replace the water filter every six months, and they are not cheap. Also, to maintain fresh produce and meats, you should replace the fresh pack filters every so often. Sometimes the interior drawer of the freezer gets stuck as you're sliding open the freezer door. The handles on the fridge get a lot of use in my kitchen with opening and closing, so I'm hoping they won't wear out. Only time will tell. Overall, my family is pleased with this product and its features. It works for us and we look forward to purchasing other appliances from the Ice Collection as we improve our kitchen.

Review Title: Love this refrigerator! | Review by

We love this refrigerator - so easy to organize & find items in the freezer. The double dorrs open easily making storage &!access to refrigerated items a snap. We also like the fact that it was made in the USA!

Review Title: Great kitchen appliance | Review by

This is a replacemnet unit. Our first unit broke the third day we had it, we decided on this brand from the reviews and the sleek look of it. We are extremely satisfied with this refridgerator. We have not had any problems or concerns with it and we love the larger ice maker. The unit is easy to clean, the drawers open easily, and the control panel is very simple and easy to use. This unit is a little noisy, however, after a few days we no konger noticed it. One note, when cleaning the exterior be sure to use a 100% cotton towel. The exteriors are different from the older models and require a little bit of care.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator - Very Please | Review by

I puchased a Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator last year (2013). In the meantime I had problems with the above refrigerator that I purchased on last year. But I am very pleased to say that Whirlpool stood behind its warrant within the 1 year period. They replace my old appliance that I purchased in 2013 with a new products after going thru the proper channels, etc. I am very please with the new refrigerator and with Whirlpool Corp. from the manner in which they handle the situation, etc. They took care of every aspects it was in order to make it right for custom satisfactory and etc. VERY PLEASE, WOULD RECOMMEND WHIRLPOOL CORP. AND THE WHIRLPOOL - 29 Cu. ft French Door Refrigerator to anyone.

Review Title: Excellent Choice | Review by

We looked at a lot of different brands and after almost purchasing another manufacturer's brand we decided to buy the Gold Series Whirlpool. The new black with the stainless handles is a great combination. The Whirlpool was rated by Consumer's Report very high and with the fewest repair calls. We love the pull out freezer drawer over our old refrigerator's bottom freezer door. The drawers can hold a lot more frozen foods than having the freezer shelves and reaching into the drawer is much easier than kneading to get something out. The in-door water/ice dispenser is great to have to eliminate going into the refrigerator. The interior lighting is plentiful and the handle night light from the water dispenser is great for getting around the kitchen at night without turning on the overhead light.

Review Title: I love this fridge | Review by

This refrigerator has so much space and is easy to see everything. Would highly recommend this product.

Review Title: So far finding this refrigerator a pleasure to use | Review by

This product has attractive styling. Provides a lot of storage room, with a great use of that space. I especially like the in the door ice machine and the third storage drawer with separate temperature control. Having the ability to adjust the humidity for the other two drawers is really nice as well

Review Title: Yeah,mute feature to cancel annoying ice machine beeps! | Review by

I am remodelling my condo. I wanted a 29 cubic foot fridge. I was originally going to buy the Samsung,but the annoying jingle every time you changed the ice to cubed to crushed to water was not mutable. There was no way I was going to buy this Samsung fridge. I don't want a fridge that talks more than I do! I also wanted a white fridge.Most 29 cubic feet only come in stainless steel.When the salesman looked in the manual for this Whirlpool fridge,he found that this annoying beep was mutable.Yeah!As soon as my renovation is finished, I AM BUYING THIS FRIDGE.I'll be able to get a quiet glass of iced water.

Review Title: This is wonderfully functioning and sexy appliance, I love it! | Review by

I am in love with this refrigerator. It is very functional, great shelving units that adjust easily. I really like the 3 drawers on the inside, each has its own temperature setting-how awesome!!! And you can set the amount of humidity you want. The freezer is so large and easy to get to. Now I don't have to make as many trips to the freezers in the garage. We just bring in food to be put in our Whirlpool freezer compartment for the week and that saves me from going out so often, now my husband brings in what he wants to eat for the next wee!! And the outside appearance is wonderful. It's easy to cleaner with the stainless steel Cleaner sheets, let it dry and it looks new. Believe me we looked at many refrigerators before we chose the Whirlpool. And I am so glad we did. We were getting our 1954 kitchen remolded and as we are both nearly 65 we wanted the best, on we felt we could depend on and that they would be around longer than us, this was going to be our last buy. You can't go wrong buying this refrigerator. There were a couple bugs when we first got it, but Whirlpool sent the replacement parts to our home with a service man who fixed it, so we got good service.Thank you Whirlpool. Richard & Pamela Rhoads

Review Title: Love it - it is so big, holds so much | Review by

Love the doors and the bottom freezer drawer. Intererior is very sleek and well laid out.

Review Title: Very Pleased with this Fridge!! | Review by

I love everything about this fridge. The no-fingerprint finish, the ice maker really keeps up nicely, all the filters really work, you can put a cut onion on the shelf and it wont flavor your ice or affect anything else. The way all the doors seal is really nice and noticeable. The freezer compartments are genius and effortlessly maintain a -10-20 degrees. And OMG the LED lighting is so refreshing . It does make some odd noises though as some have said it's noisy, but it's no worse than any other fridge, just a little different. And, BTW, the manual does mention that the new tech in this fridge will make some new noises. You get used to it. Really not a big deal for me. I'm very happy with this one.

Review Title: Whirlpool does it better than anyone. | Review by

The white ice collection is hands down the best design for those that don't want the stainless steel look. I'm not sure what is used for the outside material of my refrigerator, but everything in a home should use this stuff. I never have to clean my white ice collection because it always looks clean. I love the deep freezer space, and that I can move the bins to accommodate whatever I place inside. I can't say one bad thing about this refrigerator. You won't have anything to complain about because it's's a Whirlpool.

Review Title: great design | Review by

I bought this fridge a month ago and its working great. Has big space and looks modern

Review Title: Overall I would recomend this product. | Review by

overall great product, the only two issues with this unit is, it would be nice to split the cold storage drawer for meat / cheese so you wouldn't have to open both doors to access. The second issue is this units cooling unit is louder than average.

Review Title: VERY VERY NOISY | Review by

I was so excited to see a White High end large fridge with the ice / water on the outside of the door. I immediately wanted this fridge - the first white one I found after a year of looking. My BIGGEST COMPLAINT was noticed immediately on plugging in the fridge. It is VERY VERY noisy. The volume of noise on this fridge towers over my dishwasher. I have to turn the TV up in the kitchen or living room when the fridge kicks in. I can always hear when the fridge goes from it's nice quiet cruising level to where the compressor kicks in - the noise level in my quiet home can be heard throughout the house. It seems to cycle through at least 3 different noise levels. I have always had an ice maker, so I can accept a little noise from the water filling & the ice dumping into the holding bin, but the noise from the compressor is unacceptable. I mentioned it to Sears and was brushed off. I have a few other more minor complaints. The water dispenser is not quite tall enough and it does not have much of a catch tray for drips. I seem to be constantly wiping up water. I would prefer a separate switch for ice and for water. Instead you have to scroll through ice / crushed / water. The ice also seems a little soft - I will have to try to adjust the fridge so the ice is not quite so watery. I am not liking the 2 doors on the top - but that may just be the same issue with any French Door fridge. You have to open both doors to get good access, otherwise it is awkward to reach anything. You have to be consistent with putting the same thing back on the same side every time. In the showroom, they had 2 - 4 litre milk jugs empty and they both seemed to easily fit onto one door shelf. When they are full jugs of milk it is quite a squash to get them onto one door shelf. Not happy with that. I bought this fridge due to the fact it was white. I should have read these reviews first. Not like me to have not done so. I got rid of an 8 year old working perfectly fridge that had the water dispenser on the inside (dumb), just to buy this fridge that was slightly larger & had the water / ice on the outside. Looks like I am stuck with this noisy fridge until I sell my house in about 10 years & it can go with the house. I would NOT recommend this fridge to anyone - solely due to the noise level. :(

Review Title: Surprisingly Very Nice | Review by

I generally don't care for French Door Refrigerators, but my son talked me into this one and I really love it now.

Review Title: Want to Love It | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for about 2 months. We are waiting for our parts to arrive for our third repair. The problem is it leaks inside the refrigerator from the ice maker that is located in the top of the unit. It renders the left side shelves in the door useless at this point as water drips from the ice maker bin and the opening where the ice is dropped into the bin. We had read reviews posted prior to our purchase that had the same problem but we know that sometimes negative reviews are more common than positive. It was a chance we were willing to take. Unfortunately we ended up with the same problem. Each repair has yet to fix the problem. It seems it's a process of elimination. Hopefully this time it will do the trick. I do love the refrigerator. Once the offending defect is found and dealt with, it will be the best refrigerator we have had. I am impressed with how long lettuce and fruit stays fresh in the special drawers specifically designed for them. The lighting is wonderful and the door bins hold an impressive amount of items. The bottom freezer, even though 1cubic foot less than our last refer, actually holds more because it doesn't house the ice maker that the old double wide did. The drawers in the freezer are not made of metal which over time have a tendency to get rough with age and not slide as well. The freezer takes advantage of all the usable space in a very convenient way. I hope to update this review with good news about our next repair. We will keep you posted.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

The ridge has lots of room and the ottos drawer opens easily. I love the lights, it's nice and bright. The only thing I would change is that when you are getting a drink you can not open any drawers including the freezer. That is not a deal breaker.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

Really like the look of white with stainless. Lots of room for storage. Measured water dispenser very convenient.

Review Title: Making My Life Easier | Review by

I am so glad we made the choise of purchasing a Whirlpool Refridgerator. I do alot of baking around the holidays. This Whirlpoo refridgerator I LOVE.It has so much rooml for holiday meals and baked goods. I LOVE the lighting and all the extra features,such as open door alarm, multipal drawers and so much more. We could not have made a better choice. Thank you so much WHIRLPOOL

Review Title: Good features and styling but does not run quietly. | Review by

good but not very quiet. I like the features and styling.

Review Title: Great overall fridge | Review by

It is great in all aspects. The only minor complaint is there is a delay in ice dispensing. And I may have not figured out how to do it but I would like to increase the default water dispense volume from 8 oz to 12. I don't think it can do that.

Review Title: Great kfeatures | Review by

Easy to use.This product has great features. people who designed and manufactured this product must be smart

Review Title: Simply the best... | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool refrigerator. The best part is how flexible the inside is, from the inside door storage in the freezer to the adjustable shelves.. Great for our big holiday gatherings. The digital entertainment drawer is a big plus! If you�re going to spend the money I highly recommend the Whirlpool Gold series.

Review Title: Very happy with our amazing refrigerator. | Review by

We are extremely happy with our fridge. We just wish we had a bigger ice maker.

Review Title: Great fridge, with a major design flaw. | Review by

I love the fridge - except for the fact that ice builds up in the freezer. They came out to "fix" it and put in two new parts, but we still have ice. There is also ice in the refrigerator portion. We paid too much for this refrigerator for it to have this design problem.

Review Title: Refrigerator and Freezer quit working after 13 months | Review by

Today is 10/23/2014. I had this delivered on 9/5/2013.

Review Title: Great refrigerator! | Review by

We bought this a few months ago - very pleased with how roomy it is even with the ice/water dispenser which is in the door and doesn't take up space in the main part of the refrigerator.

Review Title: Frost builds up inside fridge | Review by

If I could give this product a zero I would. We purchased this refrigerator a year ago and for the last 6 months have been dealing with frost buildup in the fridge upper left in back. We have had over 4 service calls and 2 companies come to try to fix it. Whirlpools recommended fixes now causes the door to not want to seal all the way and still frost builds up. It is very frustrating and our fridge still doesn't function properly. Save your money and don't buy this model.

Review Title: This product satisfies all your needs! | Review by

My wife and I have been using our whirlpool refrigerator now for 3 months. We love it! First off, it is very stylish with it's stainless steel handles on white exterior, which really helps to brighten up our kitchen. It's spacious size gives us the opportunity to store more than enough groceries for our growing family. It's built-in touch screen makes life simpler with the ability to pour an exact amount of water with just one touch. This product is certainly the beginning of a long line of whirlpool refrigerators that will continue to grow in their sophistication and style, without loosing their simplicity of use.

Review Title: Love the Fridge | Review by

I have had this fridge for approx 4 months and have a recommendation. You shouold also split the the large bottom drawer on the fridge bottom so you don't always have to open both french doors to open this. It is a drawer that is used often and we find it cumbersome to have to open them both to access. Otherwise it is a great fridge.

Review Title: This refrigerator went beyond my expectations | Review by

I was skeptical about the french door style refrigerator at first because I thought the freezer would not have enough space and the ice storage looked small. But my Whirlpool French door refrigerator has met and exceeded my expectations. I have more room in the refrigerator than I ever imagined. After my first grocery trip with my new refrigerator my family commented "where is all the food you bought?'. There was so much space it looked as though I'd barely filled the fridge. The freezer has proven to have ample space and we have not run out of ice yet! My kids love the ice and water dispenser,especially the measured fill feature. I love my new Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator!

Review Title: Noisy | Review by

We have had noise problems, first unit was replaced, thanks, second unit started out quiter but noises have gotten progressively louder.

Review Title: Great fridge -- feature rich | Review by

After comparing over 20 makes/models of refrigerators, I settled on this one and am glad I did. It has all the features I want and is very spacious. The door bins can hold 4-6 half gallon containers in one shelf. I like the filters and fresheners too. It is a bit louder than I had anticipated, however, I didn't even have an ice maker before so it's not a fair comparison. I love the French doors. It's a bit awkward having to open both doors to get to the deli or snack tray, but I don't have children so it's not like I have a flood of traffic at the doors all day. Favorite feature? Absolutely the ice maker. It's located in the left door at the top - which frees up a LOT of space in the fridge itself. It is also removable! I can fill a cooler without having to scoop ice. Love it!

Review Title: Great Purchase | Review by

Since I entertain frequently I was somewhat skeptical about this refrigerator due to the reviews about the small ice maker. However the ice maker is more than adequate for our family, extended family, and friends. I've owned the appliance 3 months and have yet to run out of ice. The refrigerator and freezer is roomy, and with the adjustable shelves it is able to easily accommodate a wide range of sizes and shapes. The doors are sturdy and seem to be holding up well under the use of multiple grandchildren. Overall the appliance is beautiful and the price was lower than most of the others I researched. Definitely a great value.

Review Title: Attraqctive but noisy | Review by

We've had one service call so far to try to make the freezer drawer work smoothly and quietly. The repair man could not help it. We now have a call in to have someone hopefully fix a very loud hum in the cooling system; can't tell if it is refrigerator or freezer, but it is very annoying. The unit keeps everything cold, is easy to use and looks nice. Now, if we can just get it to work quietly like our old GE did.

Review Title: excellent fridge | Review by

Bought this fridge to complement the upgrading of all our kitchen appliances. So far I love everything about it. Excellent lighting, storage, capacity, controls and ease of use. Could'nt be happier.

Review Title: Gr8 refrigirator | Review by

I like LED lights and organized space, features are just as I wish.

Review Title: I replaced a Samsung refrigerator with a Whirlpool. | Review by

The Whirlpool is 10 times better than the Samsung in every way. It actually makes more ice than I can use, the Samsung made only about 6 cubes on a good day!

Review Title: The product is very sleek and well designed inside | Review by

The only thing that I might change is the noise level. It makes a humming noise when the motor comes on. Other than that I love the fridge!

Review Title: sad | Review by

Makes loud noise when motor starts. Seems to be a bit loud when running. Crisper drawers full width of doors, both doors have to be open to open the drawers.

Review Title: Freezer Drawer Makes a Terrible Noise | Review by

This is a great looking fridge, and I like a lot of the features. However, the grating sound that the bottom freezer drawer makes upon opening and closing is beyond horrible. Think fingernails on a chalkboard, amplified by 100. I have to brace myself each time I open or shut the drawer. The noise is that metal-on-metal scraping sound. I have looked to see if I can figure out what is making the noise, without success. Also, I have noticed the condensation at the icebox and am keeping an eye out for the black ice problem. Finally, the configuration of shelves n the doors seems peculiar -- the lowest door shelves are less shallow and shorter than those above it, and therefore cannot accommodate things like a half-gallon of milk, or even a quart. Seems to me it would make more sense to have the smaller storage units at the top, and the larger, deeper bins at the bottom. Still, this fridge has many good features and looks really great. (After I had ordered White Ice appliances, I was second-guessing whether I should have switched from stainless steel. As soon as they were delivered, all concerns melted away.) I will be calling customer service about the freezer drawer noise. I have been trying to find the fridge on display in a store so that I could see if it, too, makes this noise. (By the way, I have not noticed any noises from the fridge running, as some other reviewers have described.)

Review Title: huge fridge, but noisy. | Review by

Love the size, but it is very noisy. When we first bought it, I thought the neighbor was running their weedeater. Turned out to be the fridge.

Review Title: Love this refrigerator! | Review by

Love the heavy duty shelving, the features of the ice/water dispenser, and the energy efficient features of this refrigerator. Keeps my veggies fresher longer.

Review Title: Small ice maker | Review by

For a large capacity fridge, the ice maker is too small for a family of four in Hawaii. Other than that, great fridge!

Review Title: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY | Review by

Same issues - ice maker doesn't work, sounds like we have an airplane running in our kitchen, compressor went out- lost all of our food - one month without a fridge while being repaired at the shop- ice maker again - repair shop says they won't work on it anymore -ice maker still not working. Whirlpool needs to step up and replace this LEMON model of fridge to its customers- all they wan't to do is sell you an extended warranty or give you 50% off parts because its out of warranty, they have certainly lost all of my business on any of there products or any of the other brand names they build. BAD NEWS TRAVELS A LOT FASTER THAN GOOD NEWS.

Review Title: I totally love my new whirlpool french doors refrigerator!!! Very nice looking. So easy to see everything on all shelves. | Review by

We wasn't wanting to buy a new refrigerator right now but had to because the one we had prior quit working. When we first seen the whirlpool french door design, we really liked the design. The price was right so we bought it. It had a rebate too. The store was going to deliver the next day. When we returned home that night thought we would go online and read reviews and to our surprise there were a few claiming the noise level was extremely high. One even went on to say it was like a jet engine taking off! Needless to say we lost some sleep that night worrying if we had made a bad choice. But let me tell you. WE DID NOT!!!! This refrigerator is awesome. Getting past the nice looks of the exterior and looking inside it's just as nice. It is so easy to see everything inside without having to move things around. In my old refrigerator left overs always got shoved to the back and lost and we ended up throwing so much food away because of that. Not any more! So I guess we are even saving money with this refrigerator. My son and his wife came into town for the holiday and commented on how well they liked our new refrigerator, and decided to save money to buy one of their own. Oh yeah about the jet engine noise, what an extreme exaggeration! Yes I can hear the motor running if I make a point to listen but in no way is it loud at all. Thank you whirlpool. I do love my refrigerator!

Review Title: I purchased the 29 cu ft. model | Review by

I chose Whirlpool because my appliance repair person said he never has calls to repair Whirlpool. However, the first refrigerator was defective and had to be replaced. I like the clear drawers, to be able to see what is in them, it encourages eating healthy. I expected a new refrigerator to run quieter than my old one but it is louder. My main disappointment is that the temperature setting isn't calibrated correctly and has to be set on the coldest setting to be at the recommended temperature. Ovderall it is a good refrigerator.

Review Title: Love my new fridge | Review by

I previously had a Sears refrigerator which was very large so knew I wanted a large refrigerator to replace it. I shopped trying to find a mostly Made in the USA label, keeping in mind quality and price. This model fit the bill. Having a fairly new dishwasher in white, I wanted to incorporate some brushed nickel but didn't want a totally stainless product. The white with stainless handles is beautiful and looks very clean and sleek. Love my HUGE fridge. It has a ton of shelves and while I wasn't sure I would like the freezer I actually find that it has a ton of room, and center shelves can be moved or removed.

Review Title: SOrry but no comparison to other models I have owned | Review by

Basically, fridge is loud when motor starts up compared to other units I have owned. Have owned this fridge for 2 months and already had a service call for the heating element for freezer area. (it was covered under waranty but still) The Bottom one solid piece freezer drawer feels flimsy when you pull it open. The handle feels like it is going to come off. The lighting element in the fridge is a very cool feature that comes on and dims when door is opened and closed. Overall, sorry, I would of choosen another unit if I had the choice to do so when purchasing my new house. This model was the most expensive to purchase with my new home.

Review Title: great refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator has every feature I was looking for. Only thing that I do not like is the ice and water dispenser. You have to hold the glass right under the dispenser and cannot always put it down to fill.

Review Title: The product has performed as advertized and exceeds the expectations | Review by

After reviewing all of the products that would fulfill our requirements we selacted this model. It fulfilled several areas, such as, price; space in kitchen;freezer & refridg interior space; and design. To date after about 6 months we are vert satified and would buy this product again if required.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I've had this refrigerator 2 months now and love it. The freezer is larger than my last one and it has a place to store frozen pizza too! The ice maker is a bit slow but has a crusher and that works well. The automatic water filler is a neat feature. Just program in how many oz water you need and do other things while it fills. We have also used the vacation mode which is nice. One of the bad things is that the fridge itself isn't stable and rocks a little. When I called customer service they did send someone out but apparently a shim needed to be put on the back legs to make it stable. Our floor isn't even uneven so I wander why it needs a shim. The door also squeaked when opening and closing which was fixed by the service man who came out. Overall, we have been pleased.

Review Title: This product is huge inside! | Review by

I am in love with this refrigerator. I like having all my day to day foods on the top and frozen in the bottom drawer. I shop for a full week at a time, and I have room for it all. Plus, I can see everything. So glad this French door model has water in the door too. I researched thoroughly before I purchased, and I am happy with my selection.

Review Title: Love the design and the touch of stainless steal...I have the white ice. | Review by

Love the new design and the white ice. Whirlpool means quality to me. I will not buy anything but Whirlpool products.

Review Title: The verdict is out yet but not off to a good start. | Review by

My new refrigerator lasted 3 months and then the compressor failed. Lost food, and am now waiting for parts. Three months and fail, REALLY?????I find it to be very loud. So let us see what the future brings when the new compressor arrives.

Review Title: We would recommend purchasing this refrigerator | Review by

We had a leak and some frost inside refrigerator and had to have a repair within two months of purchase but they repaired it immediately.

Review Title: Very spacious and quiet | Review by

I love my Whirlpool french door refrigerator in WHITE ICE. I did not wish to purchase a stainless steel appliance as all I saw were finger prints...the white ice is gorgeous...with a modern twist on a white refrigerator.. There's plenty of space for all of our needs...and I love being able to store large trays of food when I entertain (my side by side could never accomplish this)

Review Title: This product is great quality. | Review by

Love the ease of the drawer and how much it holds. The convenience of the shelves and the door shelves is great. LOVE LOVE LOVE this fridge!

Review Title: Love this fridge! | Review by

I searched for months to find the perfect refrigerator. This is it! I read all the reviews on this site and took the chance that I could deal with any negatives and so glad I did. I have owned the black ice french door refrigerator for a month. I previously owned a side by side which did not hold enough food for a family of 6. I can now purchase a weeks worth of food with just one visit to the grocery. I just threw a party for 16 people and was able to fit ALL the food including a vegetable and fruit tray the day before. Saved me so much time the day of the party to not have to prepare those items last minute. The only complaint I could have is that a random piece of ice occasionally just falls out onto the floor. This happens once every few days and it's only one piece of ice. Easy solution...just pick it up and toss it. The look of this fridge is sleek and stylish. Wipes clean easily and is so shiny. The interior lights are great and plenty of drawer and door storage. I love the pizza slot in the freezer. What a great idea! I received so many compliments on this fridge. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new refrigerator.

Review Title: ~~~ We're HAPPY ~~~ | Review by

Fell in love with Whirlpool because they make crushed ice like you'd find in a fountain soda. I did considerable research before deciding on this refrigerator... The only negative comments that I found were referring to its noise level. For the first week, the only noise I noticed was when it dumped ice cubes into the bin. After listening carefully for a few more weeks, I did notice a faint whirring sound that stops whenever a door is opened. My guess is that it's the air circulating through the cabin filter inside. The whirring sound is not a bother though. And I am particular when it comes to appliance noise levels. I want to be able to carry on a normal conversation in the kitchen without even noticing any background noise.

Review Title: supports our needs | Review by

roomy and easy to use. It has plenty of room inside.

Review Title: Wonderful product. I looked long and hard for a frig (and other appliances) assembled in the USA. | Review by

Love the smudge proof surface. Large enough to accommodate everything!

Review Title: This product is great | Review by

I love the freezer at the bottom. has lots of room and you can see most of what you have in your freezer.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

The only downs I could say about this product is the noise level. It is a bit more noisy than other models due to the compressors and such that keep the cool moist air in the freezer and cool dry air in the Refrigerator. I love the fridge it has lights everywhere and stores lots of food and the food keeps longer as well. the Ice maker or water dispenser is a bit stiff at first but over time it has lessened up. great product

Review Title: Love the French door design with bottom freezer! . | Review by

We've had our Whirlpool refrigerator about 3 months and we like it much more than our old side by side model. The refrigerator being on top (at eye level) makes so much sense. The bottom freezer drawer holds more food than our old side by side model. It has a space to store two full size pizzas...very easy and convenient! We also love the LED lighting inside the fridge. The only negative I could give about the refrigerator is that it's slightly noisier than our old one. Great product Whirlpool!

Review Title: excellent choice | Review by

My wife and I are very happy with our new whirlpool refrigerator. It has plenty of space for everything we need to store, the led light feature is awesome and the hidden ice tray really helps to not use up storage space. We would highly recommended the product.

Review Title: Meets our needs | Review by

Running well after one year. Some melting in the ice bin. Dispenses well. More noise than expected although more quiet than previous unit.

Review Title: Pretty Darn Good Fridge | Review by

We've had this fridge nearly 9 months now and really like it.

Review Title: Very good product | Review by

The only thing I would change would be on the shelves--there needs to be something so things won't fall off the inside of the shelves.

Review Title: Best refrigerator ever | Review by

We bought our new Whirlpool refrigerator a fee months ago. This is the best refrigerator we have ever owned.

Review Title: Great frig but bad sound levels | Review by

Like the frig alot but it is loud and rattley. Need better final inspections before it leaves the factory.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I really like the available refrigerator space and the design of the shelves and drawers. The water/ice dispenser is also very nice.

Review Title: the only problem is the noise from the fan(s) when they come on | Review by

as noted. very happy with the appliance in general the only issue the noise level of the fans when they come on it has now been a few weeks and we are getting use to the noise, but that does not mean it should be that loud.

Review Title: Very modern looking. | Review by

I like the design of my new refrigerator. I have had the technician out once regarding the ice that forms on the freezer drawer. He says it is just new and needs to get settled. I hope he is correct.

Review Title: not good too loud hkerd in three rooms | Review by

look up previous review from me makes me want to leave the kitchen its so noisy

Review Title: This refrigerator is great! | Review by

Great product for the price. Plenty of room to organize my items. Theice maker is wonderful. We are a two person household, so no complaints on the ice production. One con: while not loud, we do notice the noise it makes while in the living room (my home has an open concept design). It's not bad, just a small drawback. I have had this product since March 1,2013.

Review Title: Easy to reach shelves and drawers, bright lighting | Review by

Good value, sleek design that fits all decors and is efficient.

Review Title: I love this fridge BUT..... | Review by

Was so happy with the fridge, the space the features..EVERYTHING! And then a year and a half later, Ive got a leaking ice maker, a failing fridge and an extended warranty that was a MAJOR EPIC FAIL!! After a month they gave up and just let me buy a new one....problem is I want my current one but just make it work. Who knew that regular wear and tear was more than this fridge could handle. Imagine if I was rough on it! Come on Whirlpool I expect more from you

Review Title: Excellent product, well designed great quality | Review by

Interior lighting and orqanization is excellent, both freezer and refridgerator compartments. Love the styling (White Ice)

Review Title: Great fridge for the money | Review by

We have only had this fridge for a month or so, but have had no issues with it. Read some reviews and was worried that maybe we made a mistake. So glad that we chose this one. We bought it for a great price also. Was in the market and we did look a others. Great fridge for the $.

Review Title: Big frig lots to like | Review by

This frig is big and can hold good amount of stuff. Got the satin finish which is much easier to keep clean compared to other SS products currently in my kitchen. Also very even temp throughout the frig, unlike my 10 yr one it replaced.

Review Title: This product is awesome! | Review by

I replaced my side by side with this refrigerator. It is awesome. So roomy and has some really great features. Very happy with my purchase! Would recommend it to all my friends and family!

Review Title: Great Fridge | Review by

So pleased with our new fridge, the water is cold and ice quickly made, seems to be completely silent and for some reason won't pick up a finger print if with greasy hands. We love our new fridge

Review Title: Looks are not everything | Review by

I purchased this fridge 12 months ago. It replaced another Whirlpool fridge we had for over 15 years. This fridge looks really nice and complements our kitchen quite well but that's where compliments ends. the Fridge does not make and hold enough ice. It does not dispense enough chilled water. The ice maker leaked after 8 months but service came out and replaced the gasket. Today's fridges are not build the same as they were 15 years age.

Review Title: This refrigerator has great features. | Review by

Refrigerators holds alot of foods. The LED lighting is great. The slide-back shelf comes in handy for large koolaid pitchers. The humidy control helps greatly keeping fruits and vegetables crisp.

Review Title: Very convenient to use , energy efficient and quiet | Review by

This refrigerator freezer is a pleasure to use. It allows for easy access to the food and maintains the food evenly throughout. It keeps the temperatures stable. We began using bottom freezer models about 5 years ago and would never revert to top freezers. the ability to keep foods on either the left or right side of the refrigerator allows you to conserve energy as you "reached for the milk or butter". There are more than enough compartments for storage and they are flexible enough to meet most needs and tastes. The outside casing is beautiful and it is what attracted us to the model to begin with. The fact that it works so well has been an added bonus to be sure. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others with the reservation that we haven't owned it long enough to ascertain if there are any repair problems that need to be dealt with.

Review Title: The best refrigerator I have ever owned | Review by

I love the amount of space since the ice maker is in the door. The one thing I love most is the amount of light when you open the doors. I can always find what I am looking for. I like being able to put large serving trays inside without having to worry about space.

Review Title: Should have got Samsung | Review by

I purchased the Black Ice Version of this unit in November of 2013. I also have the ice at the back of the Ice Maker. A couple weeks ago the unit began to chime all the time with the panel lights going off and on. The warranty was expired and I have a contract with an outside company. Good Thing, Saturday the unit quit completely. I am now awaiting parts to fix it. The tech smelled burning in the control unit at the back: I fear the water condensation at the back may be causing other issues and I may have the same problem in the future. My opinion of Whirlpool has taken a permanent hit with this unit.

Review Title: Noisy | Review by

I am very dissatisfied with this refrigerator. The fans motors are very loud and run erratically. Moisture/ condensate dripping from the seal to the freezer and Ice maker. The fans runs, shut off, then start running again after a few seconds even though it had not been open for hours. Not what I expected.

Review Title: Enjoy the ease of using | Review by

The temp control in the meat and cheese section keeps things really fresh. Veg compartments are also fantastic.

Review Title: This fridge exceeds our I spectating every day. | Review by

The fridge was chosen off of a recommendation. I am happy to say that I am glad to have listened! This fridge not only looks great but outperforms any other fridge that we have ever had.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gold Series French Door | Review by

We purchased the 29.0 cubic foot French door model after owning a top freezer. We love the freezer on the bottom with the pizza storage compartment! Everything is so organized with the options of storage space. We have it separated into meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads in the freezer. The top half is just so well lit with the LED lights and has so many option to organize. We can open the door and know immediately where anything is. The ice maker is easily removable and can be turned off or on with just a flick of a switch. The outer look of the Stainless Steel French Doors is just perfect...and the patented curvy door handles are second to none. It is quiet and the air flow is just right so the refrigerator items do not freeze We absolutely love our new Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator!

Review Title: There are many good features in this refrigerator. | Review by

I love the refrigerator in general. The features are great. So much room and I love the ability to control the freshness of vegetables. Once the issue with the panel in the door that controls the water flow to the ice maker is resolved I am sure I will love my refrigerator even more!

Review Title: Worst refigerator ever.... Looks nice but..... | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator in the black ice color and had the first one delivered in June 2014, it can in all dented up. 2nd one was delivered and it was dented also, ice was building up in the freezer, 3rd one was delivered..... it had ice building up in the freezer and the deli drawer wouldn't stay closed, it would be open every time you opened the doors. We have had several attempts at bringing out the same refrigerator, to no avail and all with the same issues as previously mentioned. We didn't realize we would have these issues with Whirlpool, as in our last home that was all we had. Needless to say, we have contacted our retailer and have selected a different manufacturer in refrigerators, as the luck we were having, we didn't feel it was worth even trying a different model.

Review Title: Large and full of features! | Review by

We have had this refrigerator for three months and we love it. It is very large and it has a lot of features that we like. We use the measured dispenser feature the most. The stainless steel finish means you have to worry about fingerprints, but just a bit. Overall, great!

Review Title: Amazing product | Review by

I have never been so sarisfied with a fridge! Get one and be done with it...great auto fill features

Review Title: Overall a good product | Review by

Much noisier than I expected. Doors are very nice. Plenty of storage space

Review Title: Love the room it has and ice and water dispencer dogital display. | Review by

Love that the ice maker is in the door has more shelf space that way, well lit up with LED lighting. Like the digital display for the ice and water dispencer to be able to enter the amount of water you want. Love the space in the freezer.

Review Title: Nothing but trouble | Review by

Have had the fridge for just over a year. & service calls for ice in the back of the upper left corner. Now the ice maker has stopped working and when opening the freezer drawer the noise is awful. Waiting on repair number 8 that they said would take 3 hours to perform.

Review Title: The food storage space and easy access are excellent. | Review by

The French door style makes it very easy to access food. It is easy to store and access larger items and it is great for parties. The ice maker in the left door rather than taking up space on the inside is a plus.

Review Title: great product | Review by

Love the design, convenience, lighting, space. Everything.

Review Title: Wonderful | Review by

Well Love our new fridge. Its got lots of space and great features :) I especially love the fact that if the fridge isnt closed it beeps so you know :)

Review Title: NOT RELIABLE. | Review by

I bought a Whirlpool Model WRF989SDAM00 in November 2012. The appliance quit working in August 2013 (not cooling or freezing properly) and it took a month for repairs to be made under manufacturer's warranty. Based on this experience I purchased an extended warranty. The appliance quit cooling or freezing properly again in July 2014. A repair was attempted (fan motor replaced) without success in early August. In addition the icemaker now has quit working altogether. One repairman said the refrigerant probably needed to be recharged. Another repairman ran a diagnostics check and determined the appliance needed a new evaporator, which should be installed tomorrow.

Review Title: spacious | Review by

love the bottom freezer and slide out shelf very spacious

Review Title: Looks and functions great. | Review by

It has been a great fridge. The water/ice feature is my favorite part. I also like the crisp drawers that can be set for the type of produce. Over all it is awesome. Plus it is made in the USA...more jobs for our economy!!!

Review Title: A great purchase | Review by

We love our new refrigerator! The measure feature is very cool and comes in handy. We do need to remember to be careful when filling glasses with water if the glasses are smaller, otherwise we end up spilling. As others have mentioned, the noise is a bit noticeable but I believe all new refrigerator's are like that. It has ample space and looks nice also.

Review Title: The bright lights allow you to see all corners in the refrigerator | Review by

I am very happy with this product, the refrigerator is large and has great storage capacity. The freezer door makes a grinding noise when opening but I like that it has sections to organize everything for easy access. The motor is a little louder than my previous refrigerator but not so much that I would not recommend it. Well worth the money I would recommend it to others.

Review Title: This product has exactly the features I wanted | Review by

The 29 cf french door refrigerator has every feature I wanted in a new refrigerator! It has lots of storage, bins, storage on the door, and love the icemaker in the door as it frees up refrigerator space. The freezer glides out very easy and the bins and trays offer lots of storage.

Review Title: This is a must have! | Review by

The features of this refrigerator are fabulous! The shelve space is perfect for everyday and entertaining! The door alarm is also a great feature! We have had numerous refrigerators over the years but this one has been the best so far!

Review Title: Horrible! | Review by

We've had this fridge for over a year and a half and had questioned the condensation on the ice maker from the beginning - we were told it was normal. Now, there is a lot of ice built up where the ice maker is, ice maker leaks, noisy, freezer frost is awful and having issues getting it fixed with extended warranty because no one knows what to do. Do not buy this model!

Review Title: Great Fridge! | Review by

Love this fridge! The lighting is absolutely perfect. Temperature controls are very accurate and our food stays perfectly fresh! The measured fill feature is awesome and also accurate. Tons of space as well. We have only had the fridge for close to a month so we are keeping an eye on things for now. I don't know how expensive the filters are but there are three total to replace. We'll see in 5 months. The only improvement we would like to see is how loud the unit is. When topping of ice and water supply the motors and such are quite noisy. The location is away from any bedrooms and far away enough from living area that it's not too big of a deal. Still could be quieter though.

Review Title: Terrible purchase | Review by

This refrigerator broke 18 months after purchase. Very disappointing!

Review Title: Very efficient and good design | Review by

Very good, no problems, great interior design, I hope last many tears.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Haven't had any problems with the refrigerator. Design is great and practical. Well worth the cost.

Review Title: Poor quality | Review by

Several problems right from the start. Loud, freezer drawer is noisy. Had it replaced 2 weeks after I bought it. Replacement has the same problems. Stay away from this one.

Review Title: Finish is not good, scratches to easy. | Review by

The overall design of the fridge is good; however the poor quality of the door finish makes this a poor choice. We have had this for less than a month and there a scratches all over the doors! We also dislike that you cannot get water or ice if one of the french doors are open.

Review Title: Great storage space | Review by

I love everything about the fridge except the noise level. Fridge is quite loud when it is cooling down.

Review Title: I love the large space in the refrigerator and the double doors | Review by

I am very happy with the French doors being able to operate separately. I have seen models which are not this user friendly. The ice maker can be turned off when we are on vacation....another plus. The freezer space is more than adequate for our needs. I'm looking forward to the holidays to really cash in on all the space and the double doors.

Review Title: Loving this fridge | Review by

This fridge is a huge blessing to me! Not only fits everything and then some but the produce drawers keep my fruits and veggies super fresh (strawberries for 3 whole weeks). It is stylish, modern and I pray it continues to be a perfect addition to our updated kitchen!

Review Title: my new refrigerator | Review by

This brand I purchased has a ice problem and it makes ice within the inside of upper part of frig and the freezer part makes ice within the walls of freezer I will not recommend this product to anyone and I hope your company finds a new way to fix this problem because the service man has done all you have told him to fix this and it is still a issue.

Review Title: Love the versatility of storage, lots of storage on the doors and the fast ice feature is great! | Review by

Love my new refrigerator, had a bit of problem with ice in refrigerator but repairman replaced computer and that took care of the icing. It was due to high humidity ...other than that we love the refrigerator.. the freezer is very roomy and easily accessible. Love the fast ice feature, we use a lot of ice during the hot TX summers. Great lighting inside makes it easy to find what you are looking for in both refrigerator and freezer sections. Lots of storage on both doors for condiments and even a gallon of milk! Highly recommend this product.

Review Title: This item has great features. | Review by

I love my Whirlpool fridge. The bright lighting makes it cheerful and inviting. Everything in it so bright!!!

Review Title: Nice fridge but it has some issues | Review by

I am on my second one of these due to an issue with the freezer. The second one is making the same noises and I have to call the warranty dept again to have it checked.....the fridge is nice other than that.

Review Title: This product has such a huge inside capacity ! | Review by

Whether you're a beginning cook or seasoned chef, this refrigerator has the means and innovation to keep all your produce exceptionally fresh and the inside capacity to handle odd shaped containers of foods. All the drawers and bins keep your produce, meats and cheeses in an orderly place for easy access and location. This was a brilliant way to keep foods organized and cooled to the best temperature that you set yourself.

Review Title: Excellent design!!! | Review by

I love this refrigerator - its design is perfect. I am very short, yet can reach all levels - something that I had trouble with in our previous side by side. The only drawback I can see thus far is the water dispenser needs some work. It is not a steady stream, rather more like dribbling out at differing rates. Perhaps it is a function of the water running through the filter??? Love the beverage can cooler. Love the bottom freezer section - much better than a side by side. Even more amazing is the fact that ice cream no longer crystalizes in this freezer. No more hauling the ice cream back out to the chest freezer in the garage. Yay! Great value for the price. Happened to walk into an unadvertised special and nabbed it. Note to self: ALWAYS have it delivered and set up. Transporting was not a problem, but removing the doors was a little painful. Getting it up the steps from the garage to the kitchen took 3 men working with an appliance dolly. Lesson learned - she CAN be taught...

Review Title: We love our new Whirlpool Refrigerator, but there are some things I would change. | Review by

Our Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator was purchased to replace a refrigerator. We love our Whirlpool, but there are a few things I would change. The ice maker is located over the refrigerator section, which creates a condensation issue sometimes. Also, it really doesn't make enough ice to handle a heavy load. We have six kids, so we require a large amount of ice. Sometimes the ice doesn't want to come out of the door like it's supposed to. The reason we replaced our previous refrigerator was because it wasn't making enough ice. The second thing is that I would find a way to quieten the blower motors. This model is really loud. I thought something was wrong with it at one time, but after observing for awhile, I think it's just part of the mechanics. Even with those two exceptions, we really do like our Whirlpool Refrigerator. It has more space and is easily reconfigured to handle large or bulky items. The individual drawers with selective humidity are excellent and allow for storage of multiple foodstuffs. Finally, the french doors allow for easy access to all parts of the refrigerator for our younger children who can't always reach or find things in a normal side by side configuration. You did good Whirlpool.

Review Title: The product is very nice | Review by

I love the convenience of refrigerator. Do not like fact that both doors have to open to access bottom drawer of refrigerator. Ice bin very small, had to convert a space in bottom freezer to store additional ice cubes.

Review Title: we like it, except for 1 thing | Review by

water from the water dispenser smells funny after it's been in a reusable water container for a couple of days or longer.

Review Title: Continues to break | Review by

I have had nothing but issues with this refrigerator. The ice maker has stopped working on at least 5 different times. Now the compressor is not working and my freezer does not freeze. I am loosing food as we speak. I am trying to get it replaced as I spent too much money to have it repaired again and again and again.

Review Title: We are very happy with our Whirpool Freach Door Refrigerator | Review by

Our Refrigerator does just what was promised. It is commodious and easy to use. It is easy to find things. We are happy that we purchased it.

Review Title: product is very spacious, | Review by

Fruits and veg seem to last longer due to the humidity controls

Review Title: Unbelievable amount of space! | Review by

I bought this two months ago and I haven't had any regrets. There is so much space!

Review Title: Great room and ease of use | Review by

This fridge is heads above our old french door variety. Love the room and design.

Review Title: Lighting Great! | Review by

I bought the refrig a month ago and was very happy with the outside look and interior feataures. Negative is the water dispenser. I use a normal size glass and the spout for water is in front of the spout of ice. It is not easy to get water with a normal size glass without spilling down the front of the refrig. It is easy getting ice, but I use the water dispenser more!

Review Title: Very loud and undependable | Review by

We have had this refer. For six months. The ice maker has been completely rebuilt. Three trips by the repairman. Every once in a while it sounds like it's coming apart when it cycles. When the repairman comes it is quiet. How do you fix what you can not find. Last night it started something new. For about an hour it would turn off the back on. We got to hear the start up music each time. Then it stopped doing it now it seem fine again. What do I tell the repair guy? What does he fix? I am sure this refer. will last until the warranty is up before it dies for good and has to be replaced. I have never been so disappointed is a product from whirlpool.

Review Title: Ease of use-Great purchae | Review by

Freezer compartment so easy to find what I am looking for. Lighting inside is great. Ice compartment on the door frees up space in refrigerator and the freeaer. Great capacity for tall items as well. Very pleased with the purchase

Review Title: Has everything you need in a fridge plus extra fun features | Review by

I hAve the white ice collection and I get complements from everyone. The fridge fits perfectly. I love the measure fill feature on the water don't need measuring cups. Love this product!!

Review Title: Has never worked | Review by

This is a piece of junk as far as I am concerned I can't possibly give it anything but a failing grade as it 1.5 months old been serviced 6 times and still does not work

Review Title: Very spacious refrigerator | Review by

This refrigerator is quite spacious and the freezer portion is adequate for our weekly needs. The french doors seal fine which I was initially skeptical of. The ice maker volume is adequate for beverage use. Slight issue with water condensing around ice maker, but that has cleared itself. The bottom drawer in the refrigerator requires both front doors to be open in order to access it which took some time to get used to, but is ok. Shelves on the doors are large and deep which we like. Overall we are very pleased with the product.

Review Title: Lots of Room and Love the H2O and Ice Dispenser | Review by

This is a very nice refrigerator. Very roomy with consistent temperature. The freezer holds a lot more that I expected. The roll out drawer holds plenty of items and with 3 compartments, it's easy to arrange things so you know where they're at.

Review Title: This refrigerator has lots of versatile space. | Review by

We really like this refrigerator. It has lots of space and versatility. We like the "split shelf" that slides back to make the space usable for taller items. Lots more room than our old side-by-side. Another feature we really like are the large shelves in the doors. These shelves are very deep and hold lots of items. We were unsure if we would like the lower freezer, but it is great. It has lots more room than our old side-by-side.

Review Title: Great Refrigerator | Review by

This is awesome!

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