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Whirlpool WRF560SMYM 19.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WRF560SMYM Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-WRF560SMYM RefrigerationAppliances Whirlpool-WRF560SMYM Refrigeration
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRF560SMYM Refrigeration
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WRF560SMYM Refrigeration

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Whirlpool 19.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $1,599.00
19% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,344.10
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  • French Door Styling with a Smaller Footprint
  • Ramp-up white LED lights illuminate your refrigerator and reduce shadows.
  • The Most Usable Capacity Available In Its Class
  • Based on shelf and door bin surface space, for 30" wide or less French door bottom freezer models.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • This ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator is CEE Tier 2 rated and uses less energy each year than a 50-watt light bulb.
  • Adaptive Defrost Adjusts to Your Usage to Save More Energy
  • Adaptive Defrost senses and adapts to save 12% more energy and provides improved food preservation by running the defrost cycle only when necessary.
  • Store Long Items with the Humidity Controlled Crispers
  • Help preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables with the crispers' selectable humidity levels. The unique size helps store long items like fresh carrots and celery.
  • Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker
  • FreshFlow Produce Preserver
  • Extend the freshness of produce up to 4 days longer with the FreshFlow produce preserver.
  • A filter absorbs excess ethylene gas that causes fruit and vegetables, like lettuce and cantaloupe, to spoil.
  • Replace the filter every 6 months for optimal performance.
  • FreshFlow Air Filter
  • Leave air freshness to your refrigerator, not a box of baking soda.
  • This model's FreshFlow air filter is 15 times more effective than baking soda at reducing common food odors by actively circulating air through our new carbon based filter.
  • Replace the filter every 6 months for optimal performance.
  • Full-Width Pantry with Temperature Controls
  • Store wide items like party platters and sheet cakes, and manage the temperature with manual controls.
  • Partial-Width Adjustable Fold-Away Shelf
  • Adjustable shelf temporarily creates more space for tall items.
  • Contemporary Design
  • Bring a modern look to the kitchen with a French door refrigerator that feature smooth, contoured doors, hidden hinges and a flush base grille. Select models also feature flush exterior water dispensers for a sleek look.
  • Condiment Caddy
  • Transfer condiments or other items easily from the refrigerator to the table or grill.
  • Clear Adjustable Gallon Door Bins
  • Easily customize door storage when and where you need it with clear adjustable gallon door bins.
  • SpillSaver Glass Shelves
  • Helps you contain leaks and spills for easier cleanup. Shelves are both adjustable and opaque.
  • Ramp-Up White LED Lights
  • Ramp-up white LED lights illuminate your refrigerator and reduce shadows.


Total Volume: 19.5 cu. ft.
Refrigerator Volume: 13.3 cu. ft.
Freezer Volume: 6.2 cu. ft.
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
CEE Rated: Tier II
Shelf Quantity: 2 Full-Width. 1 Partial-Width Fold-Away.
Shelf Type: Glass. SpillSaver
Clear Crispers: 2. Humidity-Controlled
Door Bins: 5 Total. 1 Condiment Caddy.
Adjustable Door Bins: 4
Pantry Drawer: Yes. Temperature-Controlled
Gallon Door Storage: Yes
LED Lighting: 8 LED's
Up-Front Temperature Controls: Internal Electronic
Fast Cool: Yes
Automatic Ice Maker: Factory-Installed
Filtered Ice: Yes
Wire Basket: Solid Upper Bin
Light: 1-25 Watt Blue Bulb
General Information
Contoured Doors: Yes. Smooth
Hidden Hinges: Yes
Door Handles: Whirlpool Global VBL
Accu-Chill System: Yes
Textured Steel Cabinet: Apollo Grey
Auto Exterior Moisture Control: Yes
Adjustable Rubber Rollers/Levelers: Yes
Open Door Alarm: Yes
Approx. Shipping Weight: 325 lbs.
Width: 29 1/2"
Depth: 34 5/8"
Height: 68 1/2"
Depth with Doors Open: 43 5/8"
Depth without Doors and Handles: 28 1/2"

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Review Title: Great value | Review by

I was NOT in the market for a new refrigerator; however with no warning my refrigerator that was purchased 20 plus years ago decided to die a painless death overnight. I had no chose to purchase a new one so I immediately went to Lowe's and found this refrigerator to be a great value. I wanted French doors with the bottom freezer because I have a dog who knew how to open my old refrigerator and would proceed to eat everything in sight and share with the other dogs as well. The price was right and I love my new whirlpool refrigerator!

Review Title: Has everything we were looking for in a refrigerator... | Review by

My wife and I are very happy with the Whirlpool Refrigerator we bought. For us, the freezer on the bottom is a plus. Everything is easy to get to. And the top has everything right in front of you. You can see where everything is at at a glance

Review Title: Good refrigerator | Review by

Bought this 2 weeks ago and was delivered as promised. Disappointed that after hooking up the water line for the ice maker, came home after work only to find the entire freezer bottom covered in a sheet of ice. Had to have a technician to my house on my 3rd day of ownership. Tubing on the interior portion of the freezer was not connected properly from the factory. Other than that, it's working properly.

Review Title: Works Great...Still Learning How to Place Items | Review by

We purchased this refrigerator to replace one that went out after only two years...not to mention a competitor but we did not buy the same brand. The Whirlpool fit our limited dimensions with the most cubic feet. It keeps the food cold and is working great in the amount of time we have had it...about 8 weeks. I am still learning how to best place food in a French Door frig. Also I wish this model was one of Whirlpools quiet running models...not too loud but it would be nice if it was slightly more quiet. I am also getting used to the drawer freezer...stores a lot of food but I need to arrange things so that I don't lose stuff.

Review Title: Nice but noisy | Review by

I had an older refrigerator which was getting long in the tooth and had an extremely noisy freezer evaporator fan. I finally had enough of it and started shopping for a replacement and settled with the Whirlpool. I do not care for the refrigerator section as it is poorly laid out in it's design. I had to remove one of the drawers just to suit my needs. And about two weeks after purchase the freezer section evaporator fan started making a loud buzzing noise every time it starts up. Ironic that the same problem exists on my new fridge as my old one.

Review Title: This is without a doubt the best overall refrigerator we have ever owned. | Review by

I am 77 years old & my wife is almost 75. We have lived in a lot of places and have had a lot of refrigerators and without a doubt the very best one that we have ever owned. Our major complaint has always been to be able to see what we are looking for and hands down none of the others can compare. The fold away shelf is ingenious allowing us to put some of the taller things in easily. We could use one more on a rare occasion. Thank you for designing this and making it available at a reasonable price!

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

Nice features and fits easily into my space. Shelving adjustable,which is helpful and it runs quietly.

Review Title: We love our new refrigerator | Review by

We love our new refrigerator - it's just what we were looking for. The only suggestion I would make is to re-design the drawers so they opened to each side of the exterior doors, that way you wouldn't have to open both doors to access the slide drawers for lunch meat, fruit, etc.

Review Title: Nice Product from Whirlpool | Review by

We bought the whole line of SS Appliances for the Kitchen. What an upgrade. Fills a lot of products and we like the flexibility of the shelving options. Keeps the food cool with moisture controls in the humid months. I would definitely recommend this appliance to any prospective buyer.

Review Title: small double door | Review by

Have had this over a month . Not sure its worth the extra money

Review Title: Loving It | Review by

It is working as expected. Even though it was a minor issue on the computer. It was replace asap.

Review Title: The perfect size for the cottage. | Review by

The French door refrigerator is perfect for the (small space) kitchen in the cottage. The dual doors in the refrig. allow clear access to the entire space and there is no big door to deal with. The freezer drawer also allows easy access to the entire space without needing a lot of floor space. The interior volumes of both the freezer and fresh foods compartments are as big as we could find - in a small footprint box for a small space kitchen. It is the perfect choice. In the month since we bought the machine we've learned how to best load it to take full advantage of the interior space. So far it has been a great choice.

Review Title: OVERALL PRODUCT IS JUST GREAT . | Review by


Review Title: We really like the refrigerator | Review by

So far we have been very happy with it. We just wish you had one with a center pull out drawer that was around 33" wide. The lay out of the interior takes some getting use to since there is not a lot of space to stand drinks bottles up. But we have worked around that.

Review Title: New and unlike previous configurations | Review by

Very good so far very organized stainless steel is great

Review Title: WHIRLPOOL 30 IN | Review by

This unit is very pleasing to the eye and fits wonderfully in our home's allotted space. I find it be noisier than our last refrigerator. Also the veggie bins do not stay in their tracks. Also milk can only go in the door, unless you use the only slide away shelf, and I find the space in the door a tight fit. The freezer compartment it wonderful. Plenty of room for our needs.

Review Title: Love the french doors for a 30" Fridge! | Review by

Needed a fridge for a small space, and wanted a bottom freezer. The French doors are a big plus. This runs very quietly, and the clear bins work well and allow full viewing of contents without having to open them. The vegetable bins are designed with a feature that keeps contents crisp longer. Easy to clean the surfaces, inside and out. Have had many compliments. I spoke to numerous sales people at a variety of stores, and researched this brand before selecting it- am pleased with the choice.

Review Title: A wonderful appliance! | Review by

I fell in love with it immediately and 40 days later I still feel the same way. I would not mind having a built in egg holder and butter storage but in no way is that a deal breaker for all it's great qualities. I also enjoy its built in smile -- )

Review Title: Shelving is difficult to adjust. Not a lot of room in the refrigerator section. | Review by

Very nice looking unit, but not as functional as I would have hoped. Very difficult to adjust the shelves. Not a lot of room in the refrigerator section. Difficult to store taller cartons and bottles.

Review Title: great new fridge! | Review by

The old fridge died.......I needed a new fridge by the next day. Suddenly found myself studying refridge's at 2am, learning about features, cost, etc. I saw this model online and figured it wouldn't be available in my area, since there aren't many choices for appliances where I live. I have a very narrow space, and there were very few models that would fit.......I was amazed to find it at Lowe's! It was well-packed (we brought it home and installed it ourselves). Relatively easy to install, clear instructions. Works GREAT! Is very quiet........when its off, there is no humming sound. I like the freezer on the bottom, and the double door feature is nice. The quality of the plastic drawers is somewhat flimsy, but they don't bear any weight, so I think they'll last a long time. Everything else feels sturdy, well-lit, efficient. I recommend it! I have another Whirlpool appliance too that works well.

Review Title: The freezer needs to be redesigned. | Review by

The arm of the icemaker can easily get broken when you open the freezer door. It is hard to reach when you want to raise or lower the lever for ice. The compartment for storage also is not easy to get to as well. You have to slide the top drawer back (thereby the risk of breaking the icemaker arm and it is too deep to get to in the back.

Review Title: Perfect size without compromise | Review by

I live in a house built in 1956, the kitchen is small and the space made for a refrigerator is totally surrounded by cabinets. Not wanting to reconstruct and lose cabinet space, but still get what I wanted, I looked and found the perfect refrigerator. My beautiful Whirlpool, stainless steel, french door, bottom freezer refrigerator with all the features I could ask for. It has the space I need and the looks I wanted without having to compromise quality. I love my new frig.

Review Title: Almost perfect but door closing lowers overall quality | Review by

It is a very nice small capacity fridge. Love the drawers, the capacity, and the freezer design. It is almost perfect except for one flaw that I consider significant. The right door pops open when you close the left door and it does not reseal.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

I have been very pleased so far with the refrigerator. I shopped extensively and this is a great value compared to the few white refrigerators in this size range. The curved front has an upscale appearance. The interior lighting is soft and the open shelving allows for wide items not possible to fit in a side by side model. One of the few negatives is a plastic flap door seal that sometimes is awkward if the door is not closed with care. It is a nice refrigerator for the price. This model is replacing my 10 year old Whirlpool 30 inch refrigerator that was still running but was looking dated compared to the new French door style. Very happy with the brand and value.

Review Title: Love the French Door's! | Review by

Even though this refrigerator is slightly larger in cubic feet than it's replacement, there is amazingly more room. We cannot express how much nicer it is living with the ease and accessibility of the French Door style!! The only negative is that the size limits where you can put tall items....milk, large containers of flavored creamer or liter bottles of soda.

Review Title: My refrigerator does not reliably keep food at safe temperature | Review by

This refrigerator was purchased for our vacation home summer 2013. It arrived with doors which did not seal closed (initially unrecognized) and we lost food in the refrigerator while away with temperature of 52 degrees in the interior on our return. By raising one door with stainless steel washers on the hinge side, the door issue was solved, though the interior temperature remained 42 degrees on maximal cooling setting. We then realized that some of the vents in the refrigerator portion arrived blocked by plastic coated styrofoam which we cut out to allow cold air to flow from the freezer to refrigerator which has allowed food-safe temperatures in the main refrigerator compartment though not consistently in the door storage area. The most irksome thing was to find that Whirlpool sells its 12 month warranty to a warranty company which does not offer service in the remote area of Michigan in which I reside. And Whirlpool is a Michigan based company. I have purchased Whirlpool appliances for decades, though now have lost loyalty to this company. The two stars are for the nice look and small footprint of this refrigerator.

Review Title: just the size I needed | Review by

I bought this particular refrigerator for the size, the bottom freezer, and price and very happy with the product

Review Title: Keeps food cold. | Review by

This was the only french door refrigerator that was not too tall and fit in a standard refrigerator space that we could find. Overall we like the french door design because visibility is improved in the refrigerator portion. I wish the freezer drawer divider was adjustable. It is a fixed configuration that will not accommodate wide items in the freezer. The other thing I really hate is the shelves are full width and very difficult to remove to clean. The shelves are so tight they hardly fit through the fully open doors and only with a great deal of effort. The drop shelf is virtually useless as it is the only interior space for tall items (ie gallon of milk/beverage pitcher). The drop is basically is a waste of space for the items trying to fit underneath the partial shelf. I really wish the shelving was more adjustable for tall items.

Review Title: Replaced a Subzeor | Review by

This refrigerator replaced a 22 yr old Subzero refrigerator I had. Fit right in the spot and appears to have more room inside.

Review Title: Ease to obtain food items | Review by

I bought this refridgerator Labor Day weekend because my whirlpool of 17 years decided to quit working. I actually ended up with is due to a mixup at store. I like the ease of getting things out of fridge. There is one thing that I feel needs provent is the space to handle taller items like milk iced tea and Brittta pitcher. The freezer works with ease It is not hard to open or close freezer drawer. It lows me to be more organized. I wish I had gone with a larger fridge for volume. But I love whirlpool products. I have had all mine for 17 years.

Review Title: This refrigerator is well designed. | Review by

This refrigerator is very convenient with its double doors and it fits nicely into an area where a full door would intefere with traffic.. The freezer slides out and that feature is great in an area where a full door cannot be accommodated. It is easy to store food in various ways. The folding shelf adds space for tall items in the front while smaller, less often used items can be stored behind. Containers lke cream cheese, sour cream, etc. easily fit into this area and are easy to get to. Door storage provides instant access for jarred or bottled items. Items are easily spotted when you open either door, and the fact that one has to open only one door at a time has to save energy. It is designed for easy cleaing inside and out, and it is a very attractive feature in my kitchen. So far, i have not found any cons with this refrigerator.

Review Title: Fits perfect | Review by

I'm very pleased with my new fridge. If only there was more shelf space.

Review Title: Great refrigerator/freezer for smaller space. | Review by

When remodeling our kitchen, we looked for a refrigerator with a bottom freezer that would fit in the space of the old refrigerator. This model fit the bill perfectly!

Review Title: Great refrigerator with a small footprint | Review by

Needed a smaller refrigerator for a cut-out space in our vacation home, so it needed to have a really efficient use of space. This one fit the bill and holds twice as much as the prior unit we had which was only slightly smaller. Wife and kids like the bottom freezer and I like that the unit alerts you if the door is left ajar. It is really quiet and I would recommend this to anyone who needs a smaller refrigerator.

Review Title: Love the sleek look of this refrigerator | Review by

This refrigererator looks great. We needed this specific height as we have cabinets above the frig. I wish this model was wider though. The noise it makes occassionally (ice maker, cooling coils maybe) is louder than I wish. The freezer is great and the adjustable shelving in the frig is good. Overall we are very pleased and the outside of the frig is easy to keep polished and does not get marked with fingerprints.

Review Title: Our vegetables are very happy. | Review by

The fridge we inherited with our house was a 1997 model on its last legs. We never realized, until we got the new Whirlpool, that bagged salad could last for more than one night!

Review Title: PERFECT FIT! | Review by

Excellent fridge, LED lighting, as narrow as I needed it, deep enough, tall enough--excellent drawer layout.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We bought this at Lowes and love the bottom freezer with French doors on top gives us a lot more room than our side by side this replaced Temperatures are -5 freezer and 40 F at midpoint settings

Review Title: Results are still out | Review by

I don't like the flimsy plastic drawers or the fact that you can't put tall containers on the shelves. I also find the led lights to be inadequate. I like the compact size, the quietness of it, the double doors and freezer on the bottom too. Overall it seems to be a good refrigerator but I haven't had it long enough to say definitively whether I really like it or not. I need to use it longer to say for sure. But so far I give it a good rating and would recommend it for anyone wanting a refrigerator of this configuration.

Review Title: refrigerator | Review by

It really isn't as well made as I would have hoped. All the shelves in the door and the crispers are very flimsy. Had a size issue in kitchen and it does fit nicely for that. The exterior doors are very easy to clean. Wish it made more ice.

Review Title: French doors not good for a small refrigerator | Review by

It's a nice looking refrigerator, but we have found it awkward to use. There is not enough room for taller items and not enough open shelving in the refrigerator area. The freezer is bigger than we need and takes away usable space in the refrigerator.

Review Title: Good features, performance and very quiet. | Review by

I like this refrigerator very much, it is quiet, efficient, well designed and fits our needs perfectly. We needed a more narrow design to fit in a set area so were limited in options yet this is up to date, modern and looks great. Love the french doors but was surprised to learn that it is usually necessary to open both doors anyway in order to get at most things. One problem that happened right away is that the vegetable drawer does not stay in its tracks but rests on the shelf below it - which works just fine anyway. After resetting a few times I just left it on the shelf and it doesn't bother us. I would definitely recommend it.

Review Title: Fantastic | Review by

I normally don't get excited about appliances but this fridge is the ultimate! The French door is incredible. The door can be opened from either side. After opening,you can see everything! Food stays fresh longer. Bottom freezer holds a lot. This has loads of room but takes up smaller space.

Review Title: Great size! | Review by

Bought this in May, am so happy with it. I always wanted a bottom freezer and two doors on top. They were always to big for my small kitchen, so when I saw this model I was so happy. Fits perfect and we love it.

Review Title: Expected better for the price | Review by

Like the French door style and the internal icemaker. I love that Whirlpool has a heart and makes this size for users who only have the 30" wide footprint. However it is rather noisy when running, and the internal fridge space was surprisingly small especially when folding the shelf back to store gallon containers where they should be. The recommended 3 snowflake is not cold enough pushing my bought extra thermometer above 37. Big difference in temp at door storage and back of fridge also. This fridge was also not recommended by a leading consumer publication.

Review Title: A perfect refrigerator for our needs- and stylish, too!! | Review by

Our new Whirlpool French Door refrigerator has exceeded our expectations AND it is made in the USA!. We often find ourselves looking at only a handful of models that meet the size requirements for our space and feeling like we need to "settle" for one of them. Not so with this Whirlpool- it is so stylish... and not only does it offer the exterior dimensions that we require, but it also provides more usable and convenient space INSIDE. We love the split shelf that is retractable to accommodate taller items. The long storage drawer is fantastic for storing a variety of items, and the other storage bins provide excellent storage for vegetables and fruits. AND they are at eye-level and clear so we can actually see everything in the bin. Having the freezer on the bottom is so convenient (and also spacious), and the ice-maker is more conveniently located and quieter than our old refrigerator. Being sure to set the "legs" at the front will ensure no movement of the refrigerator when opening and closing the freezer. We are also very pleased with the stainless steel finish, and it is Energy Star rated and is saving us a bundle compared to our old refrigerator. We like the quality of this Whirlpool appliance so much that we decided to purchase the Whirlpool SS Range as well.

Review Title: Perfect for Existing Older Homes. | Review by

I have had my Refrigerator for 3 months now, LOVE the freezer on the bottom, Also the side by side doors are amazing. Wish it was a little bigger for shelved items, but it's the size frig. that fit in my existing space, so it works. Also like that it sings when the door has been left open. Perfect, if you have children that don't always get it shut.

Review Title: This refrigerator works well | Review by

I love the size and the adaptability. We remodeled a very small kitchen and this refrigerator replaced a much larger one. We love the way the french doors save space when open.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

This was the best 30" French Door fridge for the price. Plenty of room in both compartments, love the ice maker.

Review Title: Nice looking refrigerator with good features. | Review by

Very happy with our purchase. We do wish it had more room for tall items.

Review Title: PERFECT! | Review by

We have always wanted a French Door fridge but did not have the space. This one fits perfectly, looks beautiful and has plenty of room inside. We absolutely love it!

Review Title: Better than side by side | Review by

I wish the drawer had the white borders rather than just the pull out plastic grip. It seems to be not as sturdy. Never did get the "produce fresh indicator that goes in the produce drawer (:. Other than that I like my french door refrigerator!

Review Title: Completely unacceptable-WRF560SFYW00 | Review by

It was during our first party that it became apparent that the way the doors close was poor engineering at best. The left door must fit into the plastic groove or the doors do not close at all. A few days after the warranty expired (one year for durable goods over $1000!) the device began making noise- a very annoying rattle. After numerous re-leveling attempts, we finally had to put cloth between the ratting bottom cover and the floor. The design that drives me crazy is the freezer. The cheap plastic gears consistently go out of alignment. The top drawer will not stay on track. I literally CANNOT close the freezer door anymore by myself. My husband has to be home if I am to use it and then he has to pull on the left size drawer, re-align the drawer with the bottom section and then hope he can get it closed. Wait, one more. I have to buy HUGELY expensive filters for the vegetable drawers from Amazon. They are the only vendor that carries these ridiculously expensive and useless things that are supposed to keep things fresh. If we don't replace them, we have a constant alarm. This is the most poorly designed appliance I have ever encountered in my life. I wanted simplicity so as to not deal with multiple things that could go wrong. This turned out to be just the opposite. Additionally, finding the pickles frozen in the back of the fridge on several times, it turns out that I cannot use the space near the center back of the device, or things freeze in the refrigerator section of this device. To summarize: 1-Doors that do not function smoothly or intuitively. 2-A freezer so poorly designed and constructed out of cheap material that I CANNOT use it. 3-The "gotcha" that requires we must purchase ridiculously expensive filters that provide nothing more than a nuisance if we do not change them. 4-The noisiest appliance I have every owned. 5-Frozen food in the refrigerator section You are free to come to pick up this expensive piece of mentally moribund,metallic monstrosity any time your wish.

Review Title: This is a new product | Review by

We like the new frig alot. It fit into our existing space. We have purchased several whirlpool products in the past and are pleased with their performance. The only poor thing about the frig is the motor gurgles betwwen cooling phases.

Review Title: Whirlpool French Door | Review by

I love the door bins and the adjustable sliding shelf. It makes it so much easier to categorize different sized items.

Review Title: Great for tight spots | Review by

I have a galley style kitchen & the French doors with the bottom freezer is perfect for the area. I was very happy to be able to get one without an outside water/ice attachment & the ice maker inside is a generous size. The ease of access & clean lines of the styling along with the Whirlpool name was a no-brainer.

Review Title: This is just what we have been looking for. | Review by

We the the new refridgerator with the french doors and lower freezer. My wife has been waiting for this for years and years. We would recommend this to anybody.!

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

I love my new refrigerator, it is so sleek and I expecially love the freezer it is so spacious!

Review Title: Nice design: funtional and aesthetic.However plastic drawres slide unevenly. | Review by

This refrigerator/freezer is an aesthetic and functional design which meets all our refrigerator and freezer needs. However, the plastic drawers in the refrigerator do not slide easily nor evenly. The product seems expensive to me yet most things seem expensive these days. I would recommed Whirlpool products. We have had a Whilrpool dishwasher for several years that works well, never having given us any problems.

Review Title: Refrig | Review by

Love the size of the refrig and it looks great in our new RV. The one thing I don't like about it is that you must strap the doors shut while traveling in the RV. We are about to make a long trip to Arizona and back and will put it to the test. It should have some sort of lock on the two doors and the freezer.

Review Title: This French Door refrigerator does have great features. | Review by

I just love this refrigerator! The adjustable shelves are wonderful, as well as the humidity controlled vegetable and fruit bins. I would highly recommend this product. This is my first refrigerator with the French doors and freezer on the it!

Review Title: Hey Good Lookin ! | Review by

Great looking, cold and quiet. Plenty of shelf space keeps our food well organized. Plenty of ice cubes.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I love this refrigerator...nicest I ever is so spacious...well lit..great storage on both doors..and great storage in the freezer section...

Review Title: Bottom freezer is awesome!!! | Review by

Love that freezer! So much bigger than it looks. Same with the refrigerator. It is so deep that I can put so much more in it! The ice maker is PERFECT!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Really like the fridge took some getting use to works great.

Review Title: Completely Satisfied! | Review by

Dealer talked us into purchasing the French door refrigerator. Completely satisfied with the purchase. Can't believe the space available in the top and freezer.

Review Title: wobderful fridge! | Review by

We have had our fridge for about a month now and it was by far the best choice we have made In a while...we love it!!!

Review Title: Awesome Fridge!! | Review by

I have an older house with limited space in the kitchen area,when I ran across this Whirlpool one I was happy to find out it was only 30" wide,had French doors and the freezer on the bottom,it was just what I was looking for. It fits my space perfectly and makes my kitchen look modern. It is spacious and has great features and is quiet. I will be updating the rest of my kitchen with updated and matching appliances from Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I'm so happy with my purchase of refrigerator. My wife loves it...

Review Title: Compact and stylish | Review by

This is a great buy for someone who wants the French door fridge without taking up an enormous amount of space.

Review Title: Convenient and working perfectly | Review by

Provides good storage space for its overall size. Having frequently used items where there are easily seen and reached is great. The smooth exterior and handles are easy to clean. I am very satisfied with this refrigerator.

Review Title: This product has an excellent desigin. | Review by

It has a very sleek silhouette. Either door can be opened. The outside is black and easily cleaned. The freezer compartment is absolutely an improvement over any other refrigerator style. Everything is easy to see and to reach. We had to make no adjustments to fit it in the space already in our kitchen. The adjustable shelves worked perfectly. Overall, we are thrilled with this product.

Review Title: Beautiful Style | Review by

When I went shopping for a new fridge, which had to fit in a small space and coordinate with my other white appliances, I thought I would only be able to buy the ordinary two door, rather old fashioned style. Then I spotted the amazing Whirlpool French Door refrigerator. I checked the measurements and knew it would fit. What makes this great fridge exceptional is the fact that it has stainless steel handles, which give it a sleek, modern look. I also love the door and drawer styling. The interior is nicely appointed with added features, such as a tilt out shelf and spacious drawers. We are so delighted with our "find", so much so, that we also bought the matching stove!

Review Title: Whirlpool French Door Fridge | Review by

I just received this fridge 4 wks ago and so happy with it thus far. Also looks reat in my kitchen.

Review Title: Like it lots, like the freezer on the bottom. Lots of useable room and is quiet running | Review by

Needed a fridge that I did not have to get on my hands and knees to see what is in it and banging my head on the freezer door getting back up!

Review Title: Love this product! | Review by

This refrigerator came in our new 5th wheel RV and we love it. Fridge and freezer are spacious and everything is easily accessible.

Review Title: Love the bottom freezer. | Review by

We bought this refrigerator particularly because we live in a Condo and we needed the width, depth and height that this model carries. We were so happy that we could get a bottom freezer! We've shopped a while trying to find the right fit. I

Review Title: I love this fridge! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool refrigerator. There is room for everything my family enjoys to eat. It is so easy to reach in, especially the freezer, and everything fits!

Review Title: I especially like the middle shelf that I can fold in to put my large iced tea in the summer time. | Review by

I bought this just in time for summer. It's so nice to have the ice maker.

Review Title: This product was perfect for the space available | Review by

Everything is accessible. The shelves, however, sag in the middle!

Review Title: Great Refrigerator! | Review by

The refrigerator was delivered Jan. 31, 2015. It is a great fit for the space alloted in my double wide mobile home. Another reason we purchased this particular style is due to medical reasons (no more bending over to get in the produce/ vegetable drawers!). My produce is now lasting longer, thus saving me money. It also runs more efficiently and saving me even more money. This is truly a great refrigerator!!

Review Title: limited shelf space | Review by

I bought this fridge as a second fridge to put in the mudroom for beverages and food for parties. It would be a much better fridge to be used for a primary kitchen fridge due to the shelf configuration. I had to take a shelf out to fit 12 oz.bottles in the fridge. The freezer is great though and there is a lot of storage in the doors.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

Purchased over Labor Day weekend. Terrific unit. Looks great and is so very quiet.

Review Title: Would like to get this problem resolved. | Review by

We bought this refrig about 1 1/2 months ago. We like the refrig except it has an odor inside that we can't get rid of. We have other whirlpool products and so far have been satisfied except with this refrig.

Review Title: Solid Overall | Review by

I was looking for a fridge with a bottom freezer drawer in a specific size. The whirlpool fit the bill. The fridge is small but the interior is well organized with flexibility to easily adjust shelves to accommodate larger sized items. It is quiet and easy to clean. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.

Review Title: Almost perfect | Review by

I love this refrigerator for the most part. The only drawback is the lack of space for tall items. It gets very difficult to fit pitchers, 2 liter bottles and tall condiment bottles in if you have more than 3 of them. Other than that, it is a great refrigerator and looks beautiful in our recently renovated kitchen!

Review Title: Stylish | Review by

This refrigerator is very stylish with the French doors and freezer on the bottom. The freezer keeps the food frozen solid. The shelves in the refrigerator can be a challenge.. arranging them so everything fits. But it is possible, we just had to think outside the box. It is deep enough that a 13 x 9 pan(think lasagna) can fit straight in.

Review Title: Pprim | Review by

Love this fridge. My old one was 30 yrs old !great with the freezer on the bottom. I can now get at everything !!

Review Title: Great features - like the filters | Review by

Wish there were room to stand bottles up on the shelf -- refrigerator could be 2 - 3 inches higher.

Review Title: Awkward!! | Review by

Bought this in November and 2 months later, ready to sell it. Not enough space, in fridge or freezer. Shelves in fridge are awkward and don't hold much. Shelves on fridge door aren't big enough.

Review Title: Great features on this product. | Review by

I have really enjoy my new refrigerator. Having the large capacity freezer drawer on the bottom is a feature I have really enjoyed. The shelf level is perfect for me as I can see everything without having to bent over to see what is on the bottom shelf.

Review Title: form and function in one fridge | Review by

My back thanks me every time I open this fridge! The French door layout affords easy access to all storage areas. The front has an elegantly clean design and the inside compartments are smart in layout and sizing. I love the fold down interior shelf, which accommodates taller items (chilling wine), if needed.

Review Title: So happy I got this! | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago. Since it was a special order, I didn't get it until this past Sunday. My family was downsizing the refrigerator due to children moving out. Now there are only 3 of us. This is the PERFECT size for us! Our refrigerator actually looks full! Any of you who think stainless steel is "the" color to get, the answer is no. It's so hard to keep clean! The black ice is perfect. I had all stainless in my kitchen with accents of black. This refrigerator fits in perfectly as it's black with stainless handles. Much easier to keep clean. The fold-in shelf is awesome! I show EVERYONE who comes over how convenient it is! This isn't a refrigerator for a large family. But it is perfect for 2-3 people with room to spare!

Review Title: Outstanding | Review by

Whirlpool purchased because the model and style and size was abailable same day

Review Title: Like the low freezer drawer | Review by

Really happy we purchased this, would like to recomment to anyone

Review Title: Just Right | Review by

I updated the appliances in the older mobile home I bought. This was a perfect fit for the space AND for my refrigeration needs.

Review Title: Great arrangement | Review by

Love the freezer on the bottom and the fridge at the top--so easy to get to everything.

Review Title: Great for small kitchens | Review by

Had remodeled kitchen at the time we had a small refrigerator. So finding a French Door style to fit seemed impossible. It fits perfectly! All items are easy to reach. No longer having to bend over to find things hidden out of sight. Bottom freeze has lots of space for storing frozen items.

Review Title: Great having the freezer on the bottom, easy to scoop ice out | Review by

I've had this refrigerator almost two months. The refrigerator has lots of space, however I usually open both doors to get stuff out of the plastic bins. Also took a little bit of time to get used to having to close the left door (due to hinge) then the right. For some reason since this is suppose to be energy efficient but I have to keep the moisture control button on. A lot quieter than my last Whirlpool, bought 4 yrs ago. The freezer is easy access, comes with several bins to store frozen food. Have had a frozen item fall behind upon opening, semi difficult to reach.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

My only regret is that I wish I would have gone to the bigger size.

Review Title: The overall presentation and quality are excellent! | Review by

My wife loves her new fridge. I researched quite a few fridges prior to choosing this one. The size and standard features played a major role in my choice. This 30" French door with bottom freezer far exceeded my own expectations. The storage area and flexible shelving were just what I was looking for. My only concern is the sound level of the open door alarm (and that is far from a major concern). I would like for it to be slightly louder.

Review Title: fridge | Review by

I love the freezer on the bottom! Not crazy about the space in fridge. Not enough space for large liquid containers (water, juices, milk containers)

Review Title: What a great refrigerator! | Review by

Some weeks ago we purchased a new Whirlpool refrigerator. Why Whirlpool? Because we wanted a brand we could trust, a high-quality American-made product. I expected Whirlpool would be a good bet but my Whirlpool has exceeded my expectations.

Review Title: Great size | Review by

I needed to replace on my schedule not the old refrigerator's

Review Title: Great features, economical | Review by

Product has great features, movable shelves to fit one's personal needs, good energy savings, easy to organize food. The bottom freezer is great and has ample space.

Review Title: Great for our Camper | Review by

This is what came with our new camper - it is great!

Review Title: Door shelves are great. | Review by

Love all the room inside. Door shelves are great. It looks great in my kitchen too.

Review Title: Lots of space! | Review by

I bought this fridge about a month ago and love it! Lots of shelf space and configurations!

Review Title: Very stylist. | Review by

This fridgerator is a good fit for my limited space. Would not be suitable for a large family.Very well lighted in fridge and freezer. Control panel is located where it is easy to use. Can hardly hear motor/compresser run.

Review Title: french door design that will fit in a standard size space | Review by

This was the only french door refrigerator that was not too tall and fit in a standard refrigerator space that we could find. Overall we like the french door design because visibility is improved in the refrigerator portion. I wish the freezer drawer divider was adjustable. It is a fixed configuration that will not accommodate wide items in the freezer. The other thing I really hate is the shelves are full width and very difficult to remove to clean. The shelves are so tight they hardly fit through the fully open doors and only with a great deal of effort. The drop shelf is virtually useless as it is the only interior space for tall items (ie gallon of milk/beverage pitcher). The drop is basically is a waste of space for the items trying to fit underneath the partial shelf. I really wish the shelving was more adjustable for tall items. It is really hard to fit everything in that I easily used to fit in my old standard top freezer model that had less cubit square space than this new one.

Review Title: I love my new refrigerator. | Review by

I was looking for a side-by-side initially but space was an issue, as well as the fact that my husband wanted a bottom freezer with one door. So we compromised! We had to downsize to smaller cubic foot fridge. I was concerned about the freezer space initially but it fits everything I need in there plus more! And I really like the retracting shelf! Great feature.

Review Title: So Excited! | Review by

We are so excited that we found this 30 inch wide Whirlpool, French Door, refrigerator. That is all the space we have...30 inches...and it fits perfectly. Even though it's small in size, it's designed to hold so much and it's right at eye level. We didn't think we'd find anything that works so perfectly for us.

Review Title: Great looking! | Review by

This refrigerator works perfect for us. We love the french doors and the freezer on the bottom. It looks beautiful in my kitchen. Has some features my old one didn't, like if it's left open it dings! For having to buy one quickly, we are very happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Once we got a good one | Review by

The first one we got from Lowes needed a new evaporater and freon. The secound one we got is great we really like it the top has plenty of room as dose the frezer. We really like it. It fit very nicely in our moble home.

Review Title: Whirlpool makes the best REFRIGERATORS | Review by

Very quiet. Does not have height adjustable shelves, but part of one shelf slides in and under one of the shelves to make room for more tall items like wine bottles. First bottom freezer refrigerator I've owned and the draw is great. Very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Fits very well in our kitchen | Review by

We really love the refrigerator. Only issue we have had is with the larger crisper. It does not always stay on the track correctly.

Review Title: Yea! I got a new refrigerator! | Review by

We purchased whirlpool - 30-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator - 19.7 cu. ft. and like it very much. Especially like the bottom freezer drawer. Just the right size for a household of 2.

Review Title: Very Sleek | Review by

When refrigerator arrived it was very sleek and slylist looking. It takes upp less room than my old frig but perofrms better.

Review Title: The best small french door, freezer underneath fridge | Review by

I have very narrow door frames and a tiny kitchen but really wanted this style of fridge. The whirlpool was the best choice out there and I'm happy with it (but I've only had it a 1.5 months so far). It is pretty quiet, the controls are easy to use, and the space in the fridge in particular is quite good. With the ice maker in the freezer, it's tough to get something the size of a pizza box in, but otherwise, I like the dividers and tray for keeping food sorted and visible in the freezer. The doors are a bit tough for my 5 year old to open and close on the fridge, but haven't stopped her.

Review Title: Defective | Review by

Had it a little over 3 months. Never could get down to safe temp. Coldest it got was 42. Awkward storage as not enough for tall items. Had to return.

Review Title: I love that I can open the doors on top and it's all refrigerator! | Review by

I have only had my refrigerator a few weeks and I love it!

Review Title: needed a fridge in a hurry and this one was on sale | Review by

serves a purpose but very small interior with weird placement of shelving, especially on the door interior, not able to store a gallon of milk either on door or on shelving. Probably best for a small apartment.

Review Title: Small Size Refrigerator | Review by

I bought this just before Thanksgiving because my old Kenmore was making so much noise I did not think it would last through the holidays. This was the only French Door refrigerator that would fit into our opening. I was happy to find something to fit, however, it is only 19 cu. ft with a much larger freezer than my old refrigerator which was 21 cu. ft. Therefore, the refrigerator space is a lot smaller than I would like. There is not room for tall bottles on the doors or on the shelves. No separate storage for eggs. It is a very nice refrigerator but I need more room!

Review Title: Great look | Review by

Refrigerator easily fit into existing space, cools rapidly, easy set up. LED lighting is very good, and more drawer space than you would imagine for the smaller model. Overall, this is a great refrigerator for the price. Love the ice maker NOT in the door. Ice makers in the door are just a germ trap. For me, the ice is more sanitary getting it directly out of the freezer,

Review Title: Beauty is only skin deep | Review by

Bought this to replace a 19 year old Whirlpool Refrigerator that finally gave up. I had to go with a smaller model because of space limitations, but there is almost NO space in this fridge. Very little room for taller items, and if you fold back the shelf to allow for more tall items, then you really only have 1 1/2 shelves for everything else. I am also disappointed with the temperature inside. There are 5 settings, I have mine set at 4 and may bump it up to the max cold setting because my fridge thermometer says it is just barely safe! The freezer is difficult to use... you simply can not organize well and the ice maker is cheaply designed. Whirlpool quality has dropped precipitously in the last decade. Not the quality product that they used to put out. Sadly, I wish I had bought a different refrigerator.

Review Title: I like the french doors that work with the location of the refrigerator in our kitchen | Review by

I am happy with the bottom pull out freezer drawer. It is easy to see what we need in the upper part of the refrigerator. The only problem I have is placing food on the center shelf near the back of the refrigerator. The food seems to freeze if left there very long.

Review Title: Perfect size for a mobile home | Review by

This is the perfect size for mobile homes. Love the ice maker & extra drawer in the freezer. Do wish the door shelves for "milk" were a little larger.

Review Title: New fridge | Review by

Had it a week or so and we love it. There are many drawers and the freezer is awesome. I also have a Westinghouse TV

Review Title: Love the style! | Review by

We bought this a month ago and have been very happy with it. We did have a problem with one of the plastic pieces (spacer) to level the doors, it broke the 2nd day, we replaced it and haven't had any problems. We love the side by side feature with freezer on the bottom. We have a small space for a fridge, so we were pleasantly surprised to find one with French doors that would fit the space.

Review Title: Great function! | Review by

I love the space available in the freezer, although, with the ice maker, it is hard to fit a cookie sheet in it to freeze fruits, so I've had to pull the ice tray out to do so, which can be annoying. There seems to be an extra shelf in the refrigerator because I cannot figure out a way to utilize all of the shelves and still make the use of the space in the fridge. The split shelf is awesome, just need to get used to the function available. The moisture control setting is supposed to be used only when the environment is hot and/or humid, but I've had to turn it on almost every day.

Review Title: Nice slim fit for a tight space | Review by

I bought this6 weeks ago and so far really like it. I gave it a four star only because shelves inside are a little difficult to fit tall items. Keeps food fresh longer than my old fridge

Review Title: Perfect Fit in my 106 year old home | Review by

I bought this refrigerator and waited a month for it. I guess the weather conditions in the East and Mid-west hampered production and/or delivery of this item. I received calls keeping me in the loop for delivery. I wanted a WHITE exterior, my home is 109 years old; kitchen is a hub, I want fixtures to blend/fade into their spaces; it was hard to find as every other refriderator is stainless. I wanted a smooth exterior surface----got it; I wanted good interior light in freezer and refrigerator-----got it; I wanted clear bins and shelves--------got them; I was pleasantly surprised at the storage space in the doors; And the purification filters for air and water, very nice feature

Review Title: fixed it | Review by

was making a very loud noise; checked fan, it was not loose but also not turning. After more research, found out about possible ice build up on the back part of freezer. Took all food out and there was build up on the back wall. Defrosted it in minutes with a hair dryer; plugged it back in, works like new again; fan in the bottem back is running again too!!!

Review Title: Great Freezer! | Review by

I love the freezer in my new frig! Plenty of space with deep sections. The frig is not as convenient as I would like. The controls get in the way to put large items on top shelf, too many fresh produce drawers for me. Milk and tall items are hard to position without taking up more space than I would like. Also the doors do not always completely close when opening the left hand side without pushing on both handles

Review Title: Good to have this | Review by

I am looking for the refrigerator with energy star and steel body. And I am happy to have this. I bought this a month ago, and I am fully satisfied this product so far.

Review Title: This refrigerator fit our space | Review by

Our refrigertator location in the kitchen was limited in height. This was the only french door that would work in the space. With the movable shelves we can keep large pitchers inside and the door shelves provide plenty of space for condiments. The only down side is it costs as much as the larger models.

Review Title: Initial problems. | Review by

Left door spacers were missing, causing door hinge seal to miss guide and not close. Icing problems interfered with fan, turns out the defrosting unit was not connected. Really concerned over this purchase.

Review Title: Works, looks great but cramped storage space | Review by

The refrigerator cosmetically is very attractive. It cools and freezes very well, however we find that the various storage features limit the amount of usable space. Little room for large items like milk jugs.Frozen pizzas do not fit well in freezer. We changed from a standard frig design and seem to have less storage space. We do have small non-standard space for the frig so this was one of the few French door models that fit

Review Title: Very convenient! | Review by

We have been using our new fridge for 2 1/2 months and I still think about its "newness" and how happy I am with our purchase each time I open the doors!

Review Title: nice looking | Review by

our old one quit working and we bought this one to fiit the space we have

Review Title: awesome storage | Review by

i purchased this item in august and i love the space and ability to rearrange the shelves to accomidate different sizes of storage containers

Review Title: Love the look! | Review by

I am thrilled with my new frig. Looks great and love the features.

Review Title: great fridge | Review by

Purchase a month ago and all is well at this point. Great little unit and it fits just right in the space available. Love the French doors

Review Title: nice, but.... | Review by

I've only had this refrigerator a week, and it is working as expected. My review is only about the interior layout of the refrigerator. I replaced a French door fridge that I really liked, and knew this one wouldn't be as practical, but I was between a rock and a hard place, needing a fridge immediately, that fit in my limited space. This was my only choice! My biggest complaint is that the shelves are the full width of the fridge. Every other refrigerator I have owned has had half shelves. These waste so much space. To allow for tall items, you have to have that all across the fridge. I now have 2 shelves that are only 2" apart. Dumb! The drawers are odd sizes, and in order to open either of 2 drawers, you have to open both doors. Might as well have just one door! Someone who doesn't use a fridge must have designed this one!!

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