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Whirlpool WOS51EC0AB 30" Black Electric Single Wall Oven (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOS51EC0AB Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Black Electric Single Wall Oven
Regular Price: $1,149.00
21% Off - Today Only!
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Give your kitchen a face lift with this sleek Whirlpool WOS51EC0AB electric wall oven. Its lustrous black exterior frame an attractive, over-sized window updating the appeal of your cooking space.

Using the AccuBake Temperature Management System, this substantial 5.0 cubic foot capacity wall oven offers two sturdy racks on which to bake dozens of gooey peanut butter cookies or a batch of baklava. A family-sized dish of lasagna will cook just fine at the same time the sweet potato pie heats up to perfection.

The hidden bake element makes bubble over mishaps easier to clean. Employing the steam-clean function gives the oven a quick freshen up while a deep clean is also effortless since the unit does the big job on its own.

This Whirlpool electric wall oven adds value and style to your comfortable home. Goedeker's ensures value with available special financing and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • With the AccuBake temperature management system, you can now achieve delicious, consistent results every time.
  • This system surrounds food with even temperatures and uses built-in sensors to monitor oven temperature.
  • It even turns on the correct cooking elements to ensure optimal heat and deliver consistent baking, even on multiple racks.
  • SteamClean option
  • Clean up after every day spills using only 1-1/4 cups of water.
  • No harsh chemicals or cleaners needed.
  • Used periodically to clean light spills on the bottom of the oven, it keeps the oven clean and reduces the need for frequent self-clean cycles.
  • Largest capacity available
  • Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare treats for a bake sale with Whirlpool wall ovens.
  • Models with the largest capacity available offer enough room to handle even your largest cooking tasks.
  • FIT System
  • The FIT system ensures the wall oven can fit your current cabinet cutout.
  • Using four adjustable feet and two trim options, you can easily replace almost any wall oven without moving cabinets or modifying your old cutout.
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window is the Industry's Largest Window
  • Monitor cooking progress without opening the door with the industry's largest window.
  • The extra-large design adds a sleek, modern accent to the kitchen, saves energy and keeps oven temperatures steady and undisturbed.
  • Precise Clean Cleaning System
  • The Precise Clean cleaning system tracks the time between self-clean cycles to determine the right cycle time.
  • This makes sure the self-cleaning cycle only lasts as long as necessary for optimal cleaning and energy savings.
  • No harsh chemicals or cleansers are required.
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Simplifies cleanup with the bake element hidden beneath the oven floor, leaving a smooth interior surface that is easy to wipe clean.


Fuel Type: Electric
Oven Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Oven Features
Cooking System: Standard Thermal
Hidden Bake Element: Yes
Bake: Yes
Broil: Custom Broil
Cleaning System: Self-Cleaning
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Oven Rack Quantity: 2
Oven Lights: 2
Bake Element Wattage @ 240V: 2800
Bake Element Wattage @ 208V: 2427
Broil Element Wattage @ 240V: 3600
Broil Element Wattage @ 208V: 3120
Width: 30"
Depth: 26 7/16"
Height: 28 3/4"
Weight: 149 lbs.

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Review Title: 5 star all the way | Review by

I have always had the best service out of any Whirlpool products I have used in past and present. I would recommend Whirlpool over any other brand, hands dowm!!!!

Review Title: good product for the money | Review by

nice product, cooks evenly for a non-convection. i would recommend it for a moderately priced oven. looks nice.

Review Title: We use it all the time | Review by

We have really enjoyed the Whirlpool appliances we purchased when we did our kitchen remodel. We like the extra large window on the 5.0 cu. ft. wall oven as we can easily see how things are baking/broiling in the oven. The controls are easy to use and we are very pleased with the quality of the product. I only have one comment otherwise. The fan on cool down runs for a long time...could be a little quieter. Other than that we are pleased wit the product.

Review Title: Oven | Review by

I bought it a month ago and the fan makes more noise than I anticipated. It works well

Review Title: Love the Digital Aspects | Review by

I like the digital aspects of this oven. The one thing that is good, but a bit annoying, is that the fan stays on for quite awhile after the oven has turned off. I guess it's a good feature to have, but it's annoying to hear for so long after I'm done cooking/baking.

Review Title: hellicopter!!!!!!!! | Review by

First time I used it I thought Oh Boy I,m stuck with this thing.It's so loud,compared to my old oven.Really is this what we can expect . I read up on all the different ovens opting out of a convection this time because so my reviews said the fan or double fans where a nuisance,plus my old Decor was annoying.So Sad and Disappointing

Review Title: noisy fan and takes forever to preheat | Review by

I purchased the built in wall oven to replace my old whirlpool oven. I went with another Whirlpool because I wanted to make sure it was the same size and fit the space correctly. I have used the oven for approximately 3-4 months.

Review Title: Not happy with this oven! | Review by

Just replaced old whirlpool appliances for new ones and made a huge mistake with this oven. It is so loud - much louder than my dishwasher - close to as loud as my dryer - and doesn't heat evenly. I have baked biscuits twice and both times they were almost too brown on top and still almost gooey on bottom. It looks great, but that is all I can say for it! I wish I had read all these comments before buying it but never thought about a new and improved version of the oven I've had and that worked great being such a fiasco! Probably switching to something else unless my dealer can figure something out. I thought maybe I just had a lemon but now I'm not sure after reading other comments.

Review Title: Great product! Great price! | Review by

This is very easy to use and looks great in my new kitchen. Very happy!

Review Title: Pleased so far. | Review by

Our oven was installed last week and so far we're pleased. We like the looks and cooking seems to be true to temperatures and time. Our only complaint is how long the fan stays on after cooking. The installer warned me about this and it was surprising how long this consistently occurs. I keep checking to make sure it was actually turned off. I've heard this is common with newer ovens to prevent the digital controls from overheating.

Review Title: Bakes Great! | Review by

I wanted a simple oven, no convection and this oven does the job! Only complaint is the fan is a little loud.

Review Title: I LOVE MY OVEN. | Review by

When the oven was 1st installed, the exhaust fan was very loud, I'd never had a new oven, so I thought I'd have to live with it, but Lowes recommended that I get a second opinion from Geniune Appliance and the repair managreed that it was unusually loud and ordered and installed another fan and now it's perfect. I purchased 4 Whirlpool appliances within a months time and I'm very happy with everything I purchased.

Review Title: Like my Whirlpool oven | Review by

I received my Whirlpool oven for Christmas and I love it. I have always liked the built in wall ovens. I enjoy the oven being wider than I am used to. Overall, the oven does everything that I want it to do especially cooking the food without burning. I would highly recommend this oven.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

We enjoy our new Whirpool single wall oven. It is a great upgrade from our previous oven. It is a little noisy when cooling but it doesn't bother us I only gave 4's just because others who may purchase might think differently. Easy to install and Whirpool is a great product!

Review Title: this prodct burns food | Review by

Would not buy again. Only has 2 mounting holes on the sides.

Review Title: Good performance but noisy | Review by

Great performance but the oven is way too loud in the preheating & cooling down would be perfect if it was quieter

Review Title: Love my oven! | Review by

I love to cook and bake quite a bit. More often than not, I have multiple cookie sheets/baking dishes needing to be baked at the same time. This is the first oven I've owned that can handle multiple racks of baking and it bakes EVENLY! I am very pleased with this oven and it's super easy to clean too!

Review Title: Our oven is the perfect balance of style and function | Review by

This oven is perfect for those who use an oven everyday and want a simple to use and beautiful product. Our old oven was also a Whirlpool and whwn something works we stick with it.

Review Title: Whirlpool wall oven | Review by

I love my oven, and cooks excellent, hope it last as long as my last whirlpool oven. It lasted us 32 years, the only thing wrong then was the bottom element burned out. I love whirlpool products.

Review Title: NOISY, Slow Preheat (uses broiler), Can't read displays, Burns top while center left uncooked. | Review by

Just replaced all of our appliances with Whirlpool. We were most excited about the oven, but after only a few days, it has quickly become a huge disappointment. FIRST: The Fan is horribly loud. I have never had an oven of any type that made more noise than every other appliance in my home (including my clothes dryer). SECOND: The oven seems to burn everything on top while leaving the bottom and center of the food well undercooked. We have tried varying the rack positions and cooking on a lower temperature than what is recommended, but no luck. THIRD: The LED display on the front cannot be read unless you lean down and face it directly on or you are standing back far enough that you cannot touch the control buttons. This is a very nice looking oven, but I am better off cooking over an open fire pit.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

I am very pleased with this oven. Overall the oven has a sleek and modern design. I enjoy the large window and display.

Review Title: Easy to install, slow preheat & loud fan | Review by

I have had this oven one month. It was very easy to install and looks nice. It bakes well and temperture is correct. Downside us it takes 2x as long to preheat as any other oven I have owned and the fan Is very loud.

Review Title: BEST OVEN OUT THERE | Review by

I am not even sure where to start with the list of pros for this oven. Great working product that gets up to temprature very quick and holds it very efficiently. Great energy saver compared to other models, incredibly easy to use and a very good looking unit in any stainless kitchen.

Review Title: I LOVE MY NEW OVEN | Review by

I am very pleased with my new OVEN. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. The special steam clean option is very convenient. I also love the large window.

Review Title: The oven is Loud. | Review by

Have been using the oven for about 3 weeks, and it looks nice.... but we replaced an older Whirlpool electric oven, which is why we got another one, but this one is very LOUD. There is a fan? that pushed air out of the bottom of the oven. We bought a very quite new dishwasher when we did the kitchen makeover and now the oven is the loudest appliance in the kitchen. It also pops and crack as it heats up. Not up to expectations.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

This is our 1st electric oven...we've always had gas. This oven works great and cooks items very evenly.

Review Title: Too cool!! | Review by

This is a great oven - I love all the features it has and cooks wonderful

Review Title: Just what I wanted. | Review by

I bought this oven as a replacement, and am very happy with the purchase.

Review Title: Excellent product and looks good also | Review by

Easy to use. Controls are intuitive . Attractive in our kitchen

Review Title: Good Looking and High Quality | Review by

We swapped this unit to upgrade the whole kitchen. It is very attractive and has nice easy to use controls. It seems evenly heated throughout, and has a nice non-visible heating element. That feature, plus the self-cleaning makes it much easier to stay nice on the inside. Warms up quickly. I guess the only thing we have not gotten used to is the fan that comes on automatically almost in seconds after starting and continues to run throughout cooking time and while cooling. It is not loud, but is a new sound that is noticeable. We have discovered that once the oven is off, if we open the door a little, it cools of quickly and the fan stops. Overall we are very pleased.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

I enjoy the styling. Heats up well, even cooking. The cool down fan stays on a fairly long time. It's quiet, but noticeable.

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

Unlike previous reviews, I did not find it noisy to operate. In fact it is quieter than my last one. I love the large see through window. Also an improvement over the older model. The only thing I did and do not like about either oven , is that you cannot broil unless the door is completely closed. It is hard to quick broil an item that you cannot see with the door closed. I understand that this is supposed to be a "safety feature" ( according to the salesman)but I would like to be able to brown an item without having to open the door at 10 or 20 second intervals to see if it is burning, which keeps turning the broiler on and off! If I missed a way to do this, Please let me know. I make a lot of garlic toast and find this feature to be very inconvenient. Overall, I am very pleased with my new oven. My last one was over 20 years old and had been repaired.

Review Title: Basics are good, features of operations are questionable. | Review by

This product is very straight forward and easy to use. It heats quickly and cooks efficiently, even though it is not a convection oven. However, it has its problems: 1. Touch pad does not easily respond to my touch (not sure if it's my dry hands or the way I press the controls). I would prefer knobs. 2. The fan turns on immediately and does not turn off until the oven cools, mildly noisy. And, it blows hot air into the kitchen which makes the kitchen quite warm-not so good in summer, great in winter. 3. It blew two of its fuses on the first clean cycle. And it has taken three weeks + to get those fuses in order to fix my oven (my oven is only 2 months old).

Review Title: Very nice oven! | Review by

I have had this oven since right before holds so much at one time....great for the big dinner. It is noisy...I was not used to the fan noise. I am still smelling that is slowly going away. I use this oven 5 out of 7 days most weeks. The light inside is great. I love the large window. Overall...a great oven!

Review Title: Excellent oven! | Review by

I like everything except the large vent holes in the door at the top between the two pieces of glass. You have to be so careful not to let food or water or anything fall in there. There is no way to clean between the glass. I am really struggling with this. If you know of a way to clean between the glass, please e mail me.

Review Title: This product has a great design and is east to use. | Review by

We recently chose this oven as an upgrade for our new home. The design is beautiful and love how you can easily see what your baking through the large glass. The preheating time is fast and the keypad is easy to use. My only complaint is that it is relatively loud even after you turn it off because the fan is trying to cool down the oven. I found that leaving the door open after turning it off, turns off the fan faster. Besides the loud noise, I'm really happy with the product.

Review Title: All around great product | Review by

So far my husband and I are extremely happy without purchase. The only thing that is cumbersome is that once the timer is set and reaches zero, the whole oven turned off. So when we are baking cookies we can't use the oven timer we have to use the timer on the microwave. But we do love everything else about this oven.

Review Title: Great Oven for the price | Review by

The oven has performed well, though I've read a number of comments about fuses blowing during the cleaning cycle. This makes me reluctant to use the clean feature!

Review Title: !st dealer was unsatisfactory. | Review by

Ordered oven from a local dealer, waited two weeks for delivery. After installation, Had to have dealers repairman out two times before I told dealer to take the oven back and give me a full refund. They were unable to resolve the problem claiming there was nothing wrong. Bought from another local dealer, waited another three weeks before delivery and installation. Experience mix-up about delivery and delivery and installer. Finally got unit installed and it is working but not as good as the 10 year old oven we had to replace. It takes too long to heat to the desired temp and the fan to cool the electronics is noisy. We were told that all ovens made today have the same noise level.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

This oven was purchased in july 2013 and it works great!! We love it!! Looks very classy and works great!

Review Title: This is a great looking stove | Review by

This stove cooks about at the temperature it says. I always had to turn my old one hotter to get it to cook. I has a nice clean look to it. It is nice and big on the inside so I can fit two pizzas on one shelf!

Review Title: Beautiful Addition | Review by

I love my new stainless steel oven. Not only is it pretty, but it cooks beautifully. It is very easy to operate and a wonderful addition to my newly, renovated kitchen.

Review Title: Great product. | Review by

bakes evenly all dishes. I like the way the oven preheats quickly.

Review Title: poor design | Review by

lcd panel melts and warps when you boil and crack the door open

Review Title: Beautiful oven and so easy to use | Review by

I love my new oven! It is so easy to use and looks so nice in my kitchen. We decided to replace all of our appliances with Whirlpool ones and couldn't be happier.

Review Title: Great product. | Review by

This oven is wonderful. Roomy and cooks great. Very happy with our choice of all our whirlpool products

Review Title: Great price for a great product!! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool oven, ease of operation, great style, and especially the large window for viewing. I would recommend this oven some of the more expensive competitors models. The sound level is a bit noisey, however when your busy you 'll not notice it that much!

Review Title: Easy to install | Review by

We have used this oven daily for over a month. It is very user friendly. The fan comes on immediately and runs through the entire cooking time. Very pleased with the purchase.

Review Title: worst oven ever | Review by

This is a POOR excuse for an oven. Fan very noisy and runs all the time oven is baking and cooling down after oven is shut off. Cool down time seems to last forever and is very annoying to listen to fan for all this time. Temperature is very uneven for baking, either burns or doesn't get done. Now my large window is all discolored after only using oven 3-4 times. It is purple and bluish orange colored. So disappointed with this Whirlpool purchase.

Review Title: It's streamlined and technoperfect! | Review by

I've had some trouble getting used to the touch-type dials, but I really like them! My old oven was 25 years old and I'm sort of ancient myself, so I finally called the store for some help. I thought the oven wasn't working properly, but the receptionist assured me that all the new ovens take longer to heat up. This is when I discovered that the heating coils are not visible! It's quite an innovation and I really like that too, doesn't get covered with things that bubble over, but I hadn't even noticed till she told me. I'm not crazy with what happens if you want to reset the temp, it seems to go down again and you have to wait for it to get back to the new temp. I love the big window! We do need to close the door firmly or the light stays on. I love the way it cooks at the proper temperature and everything comes out evenly cooked. My old oven's Broiler never worked properly so I tried this oven's broiler the other day and it did a perfect job on pork chops. They'll never go on the grill again! It really gives off a lot of heat while cooking and cooling down, more of an advantage in cooler climes, but I live in the desert. It'll be nice for Thanksgiving though, and it's spacious enough for the biggest turkey ever.

Review Title: This oven is beautiful, modern and easy to use. | Review by

From day one my oven has performed well. It blends perfectly with the decor of my modern kitchen and is very easy to use. The digital reads are large and easy to see. I love my new oven.

Review Title: Happy with my purchase | Review by

Very nice, works great. Only complaint is that it takes a long time to preheat.

Review Title: Great Features and energy effiecent. | Review by

i bought this in September when we built our new house. love it. everything about it is great.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Have had this for about two months and I will not trade it for anything else. Heats up wonderfully. Can see things that are baking and the racks are so easy to pull in and out. I also like that it prep's the oven for cooking heat wise and it lets you know when it is ready / actually cooking and beeps to let you know it has hit the correct temperature

Review Title: Love it great for baking! | Review by

I love it , everything comes out moist. It cooks in less time.

Review Title: Even cooking | Review by

Oven is very easy to use. If you place your dishes where recommended in manual, you will get even baking. Great product. The only flaw I could find so far is with the fan. It is a little noisy.

Review Title: Love it. Easy to use, made well and seems to cool quickly. | Review by

Love it. Easy to use, made well and seems to cool quickly. Love it. Easy to use, made well and seems to cool quickly.

Review Title: Very loud fan | Review by

I have a service man coming out for the 5th time today to see what can be done about the fan noise. You can hear the fan throughout the house during the preheat, cooking and cooling down of the oven. I would not recommend this oven to anyone. It looks like I'll be replacing this unit and Whirlpool isn't accepting any responsibility for the poor quality of this oven.

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

I have always liked Whirlpool products and bought many over a period of fifty years so I expected this oven to be just as good as any other product that we've bought and it is. It's simple, easy to use and has all of the features on it that I wanted and will use. I think the design is sleek and very good looking. Overall, I am very pleased with the oven.

Review Title: Excellent and really like stainless steel | Review by

We bought this is Feb. I think and it is great. I love that I can put in the numbers for temperature instead clicking until I get the right temp. It looks so much better than my old oven. We now have 2 stainless steel appliances so a new fridge in ss would be great.

Review Title: I love the ease of useing this oven upon set up. | Review by

The oven is very stylish easy to use I love the bigger capacity. Also it is easy to clean and the temprature is spot on.

Review Title: It's a great oven | Review by

It's a wonderful oven, the broiler and the oven feature heat up quickly. It's totally accurate on the temperatures.

Review Title: Beautiful and great feature | Review by

I'm glad that I bought the dish washer , stove and oven. They look fabulous and does the job well

Review Title: Works well. | Review by

We had a ceramic electric cooktop before switching to this one and the gas works so much better. This stove is great!

Review Title: needs calibration | Review by

Easy to use, well-priced, nice looking, not terribly noisy. But never gets as hot as it's supposed to, and doesn't calibrate consistently so baking is a bit of a guessing game--annoying.

Review Title: this is a good product | Review by

This is a good quality built product the only thing that I have seen so far that I dont like is it takes a while to heat up and cool down and the fan is very loud when it is cooling off and the fan stays on the whole time its cooling off but thats the only complaint I have

Review Title: Love my Oven | Review by

At first I had a little problem understanding how to operate, but now that I know how to operate the oven, I love it!! It is spacious that it fits two trays at one time. In addition it heats food up quickly

Review Title: Pleased with purchase | Review by

Purchased new oven a month ago and so far so good.

Review Title: Too noisy! | Review by

Like many others who reviewed this oven have stated; it is very noisy. I loved the look of the oven but from the moment it was turned on until well after it was turned off the fan is very noisy. I could understand if this was a convection oven but it was not. We returned it for something else.

Review Title: this is a wonderful oven, that cooks perfectly. | Review by

Love love love this oven.So quiet and efficient. Just wish i had bought it sooner.

Review Title: Great Product, we love Whirlpool, Made in the USA! | Review by

Came with the purchase of a new home (DOUBLE OVENS), We love the features and ease of operation. One LED light seems dim on the temperature compared to the other oven, however we are waiting to see if anything changes. Still love these.

Review Title: Stylish Quality | Review by

This oven provides stylish design with a quality product. I have used it numerous times and am pleased with how quickly it preheats to desired cooking temp. It also cooks evenly. Only drawback is that the cooling fan is quite noisy.

Review Title: This product does have great features | Review by

It is a little noisy, but nothing bad. It makes popping noises while heating up which in the beginning made me think something was wrong with it. However, it cooks like a dream. I love it!

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

I bought this oven a few months ago, I must say it works perfectly. Bought it on sale and I got a great deal!

Review Title: New Oven | Review by

For the time period that I have had this oven, it has functioned well for me. The last oven that I had was a whirlpool also and lasted me 16 years. Hope this oven lasts as long. The features on this oven are similiar to the last oven - made for easy transition. I love the big window in the front.

Review Title: It's good..but I would have preferred a 30 in gas wall oven. We have free gas. | Review by

This oven is very easy to use. It doesn't have too many features that make it difficult. I like the stainless steel and the large glass door.

Review Title: Review of Oven with extra-large window | Review by

I had a Kitchenaid oven before, and it was a perfect cooking oven. Everything nice and evenly browned and cooked thoroughly. I really hesitated in getting a new oven, because I didn't want to loose those qualities. But it was really old and didn't go with the new design for the newly remodeled kitchen. I am totally pleased with the Whirlpool oven. Cooks just as good as the old one, looks terrific in the new kitchen, and I can see stuff in the oven while it cooks. Not just a peek at the top, but the whole inside. Only drawback is the preheat time. It takes quite a while to come up to baking temps.

Review Title: Wall oven | Review by

I love my oven! It's very easy to use. I haven't had to use the self cleaning feature yet, but I'm sure it's fine.

Review Title: good purchase | Review by

Have had this about two months and haven't used it much because of the summer heat, so far I'm happy

Review Title: Really nice oven | Review by

We bought this oven along with all other Whirlpool appliances. This oven is so much bigger than the range we used to have. It feels solid and looks great. Installation was a snap. It is just a quality piece for our new kitchen and it is made in America.

Review Title: Looks nice | Review by

Looks nice, works easily. Don't like the way it blows hot air from underneath. Noise doesn't bother me like many people commented on.

Review Title: great oven | Review by

We re-faced our cabinets and bought this stainless oven to upgrade our appliances. It was easy to install and looks and works great

Review Title: I love this product! | Review by

This product was installed in my house when I became a first-time homeowner last spring. It is absolutely easy to use and better yet, even easier to clean.

Review Title: very happy with this oven | Review by

I have only had this oven for a few months, but so far it is working perfectly. Heats up quickly and cooks evenly. I love the idea that the bottom coil is NOT inside the oven. It is underneath the bottom of the oven. The oven is also much bigger than most other ovens and so I was able to get a turkey in there easily.

Review Title: Nice oven, no major complaints | Review by

Oven looks very nice and functioned well but I havent used it very often, as I'm not much of a baker. It may be annoying for some that it takes a while to preheat and there is a fairly soft fan going during and after use. The sound did not bother, but if I baked a lot the preheat time was notably long.

Review Title: Two ovens | Review by

Remodeled my kitchen and went with two separate ovens instead of a double oven. So glad I did. Have loved my ovens. You have to be sure to close the oven tightly or the light stays on but no other complaints

Review Title: Inconstant temperature; noisy fan | Review by

So far, I've been very disappointed. After problems baking Christmas cookies, I purchased an oven thermometer and experimented. After a 15-minute preheat, the temperature varied by +40/-20 over the next half hour. (No wonder the cookies didn't turn out right!) After the oven is turned off, the fan runs for 40 minutes. Also, the fan is quite noisy. Lowe's is sending a service tech to take a look at it next week. I hope they find a problem that can be repaired. I do like the oven's appearance, the large window, and the bright interior lighting. But I'm not at all satisfied with its performance.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

I love the clean outside look of this oven. Features are easy to use, and there is great space inside to fit in variety of sizes and shapes of cooking ware.

Review Title: Not happy | Review by

This oven came with our new house build by Pulte Homes. We were told it is a convection oven, but it is not. I am not happy with the oven at all. It takes sometimes forever to bake cookies and sometimes it bakes way to fast with the same temperature set. It seems to just bake in the middle and not on the sides. I will actually call your customer service to complain and have it checked as it is a brand new oven. I also have the feeling it decreases the temperature on its own without me canceling or changing the settings.

Review Title: easy to use, looks great and love the big window | Review by

We bought this oven in December while doing a kitchen make over. We looked at all built-in ovens and settled on the Whirlpool because of past experience. Our kitchen appliances were all whirlpool and gave us 28 years of faithful service. Case closed.

Review Title: Sleek; easy to use and keep clean | Review by

I have not checked to see if the temperature is accurate, but there is a way to make adjustments if it is not. So far, after cooking a Thanksgiving dinner in it, we are pleased.

Review Title: Awesome stove | Review by

Came with new house always owned kenmore I love my new whirlpool

Review Title: Very Good Value Oven | Review by

After much research we purchased this model. It is 35% larger on the inside than our old oven but has the same outside dimensions. It is compatible with a cooktop mounted above as well. The large viewing window is also a plus. It cooks uniformly and is an overall good value we recommend to others. The only aspect we do not like is the hum of the cooling fan when the oven is on and shortly after the oven is turned off. It is not a loud hum but a consistent mild hum. With today's technology this should have been eliminated in an otherwise well designed oven.

Review Title: Love my Whirlpool oven. | Review by

I purchased my Whirlpool oven a few months ago. It has a very large oven area. Lots of levels for the racks. Seems to cook very evenly. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This product is easy to use and produces good baking results. I have no problem with it so far.

Review Title: Simple & Sleek | Review by

Moved in Jan. 2014, the only two things that gave me the slightest bit of thought was having to vent the fumes (Before initial use) and the timer runs like this (12:00) is 12 hours, (00:12) is 12 minutes. Other than that, this oven has been great! For easy clean up, heat the oven and use a scrub brush over spills. They come off in a jiff.

Review Title: Some features are great and some are difficult to use. | Review by

The oven seems to have spots that are hotter than others for an uneven baking result. The oven delay feature is hard to use. It would be easier if you could just put in the stop time and the time to bake instead of having to figure the exact time on the clock remaining until you want it to start.Whoever designed it had never had to use it. I like the cleaning features a lot.

Review Title: Gorgeous | Review by

I purchased with beautiful oven alonmg with a microwave.oven combination beacuse i love to spend time in my kitchen. It is the best choice I have ever made when purchasing an oven appliance. It is absolutely beautiful, extremely easy to use and its functionality is perfect. I am so happy I chose a Whirlpool product over the other brands I viewed. This product has given my kitchen the completed look I wanted to achieve and makes me look like I'm the best baker and cook to my family. I love this Whirlpool procuct!.

Review Title: Love the design, but hate the noise level. I also worry about the heat that is thrown off by the oven onto the bottom of the floor. | Review by

Just recently had the Whirlpool Single Self-Cleaning Oven with the extra large window installed in our new kitchen. I love the design of the oven and the extra large window on the oven door. However, I am very disappointed with the noise level that the oven makes from the time you turn the oven on until the time that the oven has completely cooled down and shuts off. If the oven fan cannot be adjusted to lower the noise level, I am considering returning and reinstalling my old oven. I also worry about the heat that is generated from the oven and out onto the bottom of the floor. Instead of Whirlpool improving on oven features, they have gotten worse. I would recommend this product only if the noise level can be imporved upon.

Review Title: Love all of it' | Review by

Our old oven died after less than 10 years. It just up and died. We dreaded looking and purchasing a new one. I love it! It cooks even. I even love the window! It is so big and clear. There is nothing I do not like about our new oven.

Review Title: NOISY! | Review by

This model (and its convection twin) has a fan that runs constantly when the oven is on, even tho it's not convection. And continues to run after you turn it off. I was not aware of this when I purchased the oven. My home has an open floor plan and this is not acceptable. If I can't disable this feature, I will definitely get rid of this oven!!

Review Title: Awesome oven. | Review by

The oven has large capacity and large viewing window. Easy to use and ahs a pleasing look.

Review Title: great look | Review by

So far it works great but noise level is terrible. The look is great and I would recommend to a friend but would warn of the fan noise.

Review Title: noisy and hot | Review by

this stove has a very noisy fan and emits alot of heat at the bottom. we had a rolling blackout and now the stove has no power. flipped the breaker switches and called the electrician who installed it.

Review Title: Great oven so far. No complaints!! Only gave it 4 stars bc have only used it for a few months | Review by

Great oven. Clean lines, efficient, easy to use, accurate temps

Review Title: very easy to use - no instrucrions needed | Review by

easy to clean - very sleek and attractive - love it !!

Review Title: Good features | Review by

I bought this a month ago and am still well pleased.

Review Title: I love this oven! | Review by

I bought this Whirlpool brand oven and I'm so glad I went with this brand! The oven works exactly like I'd expect this brand to, it cooks so much better than my old oven. My previous oven broke and I have a Whirlpool dishwasher that is amazing so I wanted to buy their oven too. I bought this and not only is it a higher quality oven but it cooks faster also! I love the large window to look at the food but the inside seems to be larger too due to efficiency of space. I would recommend to anyone to purchase this oven.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Love my oven it cooks evenly nice to use overall. Not one that takes a long time to learn how to use. Makes a nice beeping sound when preheated.. Whirlpool is doing great on there appliances keep up the good work.

Review Title: I like the new technology of the product. | Review by

it compliment our kitchen cabinet countertop floors and it's new.

Review Title: This product is mediocre. | Review by

My wife hates this oven for two reasons. The first is that the broiler element is automatically turned on during oven preheat. She thoroughly burnt a couple items until we found out that the broiler element comes on. Our previous oven did not do that., nor did any of the other ovens she has cooked with for the past forty years turned the broiler element on during preheating of the oven. This item just adds fifteen minutes to some of her kitchen time waiting for the oven to finish preheating. She just wants to put something in the oven and turn it on. She says that she is smart enough to add some extra cook time by doing it that way. The second item is the Electronic Display. The Display Text Area at the top of the Electronic Display cannot be seen by anyone standing near the oven. A person needs to bend over to read the Display Text Area.

Review Title: Love my New Oven | Review by

It bakes evenly and fast. Clean up is a breeze. Is looks great too.

Review Title: Excellent quality and appearance | Review by

We have received raves from friends and family since installing our Whirlpool oven. We particularly enjoy the Easy View door. The oven operates flawlessly and looks great in our kitchen. We strongly recommend this product.

Review Title: Easy to use features | Review by

I feel my particular oven is way to low for ease of reaching in and out.

Review Title: Looks and Features beyond expectations | Review by

We re-did the kitchen and replaced our old Whirpool electric oven. This is everything we need and more. The looks are great and love the huge window and good lights to see what's going on. I also like the venting out the bottom. Frankly, we haven't used it that much yet, so I can't report on all the features, but it seems to have everything we could need.

Review Title: In wall oven | Review by

Our new oven works great. Heats evenly. Easy to use. Vents quietly.

Review Title: It's an oven. | Review by

Looks good. Two things I don't like are the noise the fan makes, and it seems to take a long time to preheat. Also blows hot air into the room. Otherwise everything else works fine.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

We love our oven. It not only looks good and is big enough for our needs, but the wife loves it.

Review Title: This oven is well designed and stylish | Review by

So far, this oven performs great! I love the way the racks slide our easily and have an innovative built in handle for using potholders. The viewing window is large and there are two oven lights for checking on the food while it cooks.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

This oven for me is perfect. My requirements were that it had to fit in the space my old oven came out of with minimal modification; it did. It had to be sleek and stylish and easy to use; it is. It had to match exactly to other appliances in the Whirlpool family of products; it does. Everything about the over and the microwave its pictured with couldn't be any better. Great job Whirlpool!

Review Title: Exact temps, double oven lights wonderful, easy installation, love it! | Review by

The ability to see what is cooking and how much through the oven window is an excellent feature in my large kitchen. I tested the temps with my oven thermometer and it was "right on". It is such a plus to rely on the cookies not getting too done! The cleaning feature is a real plus with the ability to steam clean and easily wipe out the bottom without the heating element being in the way.

Review Title: efficient | Review by

Fabulous appliance. Looks beautiful, easy to operate, cooks fast and quite.

Review Title: The oven is very nice to look at and very easy to use | Review by

The extra large window is a plus. My old oven was large and heavy. This one fit right into its place and enhances the design of the kitchen without being too over bearing.

Review Title: Love this oven, spacious and functional. | Review by

Love this oven, the style, functionality, easy to clean and large, so my turkey has no problem fitting into it. Cooks evenly which is a plus.

Review Title: Love the oven. | Review by

Love the oven. I don't like the way the fan runs continuously .

Review Title: We r enjoying it, it been month since i started using it! so, far i like the features! | Review by

Its performing well, so far ! have not tried the cleaning program on it! It does a good job on baking items.First time user on built in oven, so far i like it!

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Easy to operate, large capacity oven, looks great and fits in the available space well.

Review Title: Love this oven! | Review by

Never excited about standard appliances but I love this oven. Looks great and works wonderful! Easy to clean !

Review Title: Awesome oven | Review by

I LOVE this wall oven. It is very roomy inside, accurate cooking on everything. It has a sleek,attractive style. It was extremely easy to install with no issues. Everyone has complimented me on it. This is a great purchase. I would recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Only used it once thus far. It cooks a little hotter than I expected so I slightly over baked my banana bread. I was surprised as well as pleased about that as it is not convection and I had previously been using a convection oven.

Review Title: Excellent except thermostat not perfect | Review by

I have to relearn cooking times, because the thermostat is off. It overtakes if I follow recipe instructions. Need to adjust temp or time down.

Review Title: My first wall oven | Review by

I have always had a traditional stove/cook top unit in my house. this is our first built in unit that we have purchased. We looked at a lot of built ins and priced both on-line and at a number of local retailers. This unit had the features we wanted and the price was very comparable to the others we looked at...add in the quality of the Made in USA unit and it was a no brainer to buy this regrets

Review Title: longer preheat | Review by

It takes long to preheat because the fan blows all the time.

Review Title: Does the job, but nothing exciting | Review by

The oven takes awhile to pre-heat, and unfortunately Bake and Broil are the only options. Convection bake is NOT an option. There is also not an under unit drawer where you can put your bakeware. This oven also did not come with a baking tray as most does.

Review Title: What an improvement over GE! | Review by

When my old oven died, I was happy I could replace it. My old GE Monogram took forever to preheat, never was very even in cooking unless I used the convection setting, and couldn't hold my round pizza stone. This Whirlpool oven is bigger, deeper, and makes it fun to bake again. I love the huge window and the grab bars on the racks.

Review Title: Bakes beautifully! | Review by

It is perfect for my newly remodeled kitchen. It cooks everything perfectly!

Review Title: Awesome Oven | Review by

Cooks and bakes flawlessly. I love the digital controls and the cool-down fan.

Review Title: Bakes Amazingly | Review by

When my wife and I built our home we had to "upgrade" the appliances to get this oven, but I'm extremely happy that we did!! it works wonderfully and look great too!.

Review Title: looks great in my newly remodeled kitchen | Review by

looks great. good styling. large window. ease of installation.

Review Title: This is a good product. | Review by

I really like the big window. It cooks faster than my previous oven. I like wall ovens and I like that this one is normal size so I can bake big things in it.

Review Title: Whirlpool wall oven | Review by

I really like this new oven and all recipes baked in this oven have turned out well. It has done a very good job on cookies, brownies, cake and cornbread, which I have made several times. The oven has very even heating. I like the fan on it. I have not had to move dishes in the oven. All the tops of baked goods are perfect and no overbrowning.

Review Title: Better than my previous expensive oven | Review by

I love the extra large window in the oven and the aesthetics complement the kitchen. The handle cutouts on the racks ensures that I never burn my hand again when retrieving items out of the oven. There is simplicity in setting the temperature and timer. Overall a great oven.

Review Title: Great cooking oven, but the fan is loud! | Review by

Great size! Cooks well! For an open concept living space, the fan on the oven is loud! I find it to be very disruptive during a dinner party where the dining room and kitchen are connected.

Review Title: Whirlpool Meets Expectations | Review by

This Whirlpool oven had a high rating in a consumer magazine, so we decided to go with it. It is everything that the magazine said it would be, & more. It is easy to use, heats better than we have experienced in other ovens, & the features are simple to use & convenient. Take the chance & buy this unit if you are in the market for a new oven.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

The only thing my wife and I have an issue with is the over does not heat up fast or cooks food all the time way through.

Review Title: Builder installed this unit | Review by

This is my first electric oven in 20+ years. I have mostly had gas ovens and it has taken some getting used to in terms of making the switch from gas to electric. The biggest change is how quickly the unit heats up and cools down - gas is much quicker (5 to 10 min), whereas the electric takes about 30-45 mins to reach the cooking temp and it takes almost that long to cool down. The other item that took some getting used to was the timer and temp settings - the timer must be turned off manually at the controls and it is easy to hit the cancel button rather than the timer off button, which means you've cut off the temp instead of the timer. Aside from these minor flaws, it cooks really evenly and is nice looking and appears to be very high quality.

Review Title: ease of use | Review by

We moved into a new house that had the all oven and I really like the easy access without having to bend all the way down to see inside.

Review Title: Great oven, so far. | Review by

I have only had this oven for 2 months, so take that into consideration as I do not know how it will perform over an extended period of time. I am very pleased with the performance so far and think this is a great oven. The reason I did not give it all "excellent" reviews on all categories is that it is a bit loud (sounds like an exhaust vent on high) when in operation and cool down, but nothing that is unbearable or even really bothersome. It also heats the kitchen and surrounding areas up several degrees when in use. I have and extra floor fan in my kitchen that I turn on when I am using to oven to cool things down.

Review Title: This product looks great and has really nice controls. | Review by

We really like this oven and are pleased with how it bakes. The controls/control panel are easy to use and very convenient. The overall appearance of this oven is excellent. Design wise, we were not prepared for the way that this oven vents hot air and cooking odors, at the oven bottom, downward right out into our kitchen area. We were, also, not ready for the length of time that it took for the oven's "burn-off" odors to finally end. This took longer than we thought that it would. These "burn-off" odors were pretty bad. Also, we were surprised that the manual states that a protective teflon type oven liner sheet could not be used on the oven floor to catch spills. We have used them on all of our other Whirlpool ovens. With all of that said, overall, we really like this oven and would recommend it.

Review Title: Improved, but could be better | Review by

The styling of this wall oven is an improvement over the old one. And, the absence of an exposed lower element is a step up. On the down-side, the buzzer's noise is the most annoying ever, and the blue LED lights do not match the blue LED lights on our Whirlpool microwave. Consistency would be a good thing.

Review Title: Does the thinking for you! | Review by

First a wall oven is perfect to save space. The old stove top/stove combos leave room to drop crumbs between counter tops and the floor. I love my wall unit because I do not have to bend way over to open it up. I have a built in microwave above it. The oven heats up quickly and efficiently. After use it has a fan that continues to operate to cool the stove down. This is an amazing appliance that does the thinking for you!

Review Title: Very satisfied with this wall oven unit. Good features, accurate temperatures. | Review by

This wall oven was a relacement for an old wall unit oven This product fit our existing cabinet opening perfectly with only minor adjustment. The oven was easy to learn how to use and cooks accurately. Very pleased with it's performance.

Review Title: LOVE THIS OVEN | Review by


Review Title: Beautiful! | Review by

I have had lots of compliments on how this oven looks! Love the large window and the size and ease of use.

Review Title: very large and works great!! | Review by

This oven has tons of room for even my largest roasting pan. The temperature is always accurate and everything cooks perfectly. The bottom element is hidden so it is incredibly easy to clean.

Review Title: Noisy Fan | Review by

I bought this wall oven about a month ago. Although it cooks nicely, there is a fan that runs at the end of the cooking cycle that is very noisy and runs for quite a few minutes. I was not expecting this as my last Whirlpool oven did not have such a feature. Overall, though, I am happy with my oven so far.

Review Title: Love the streamlined appearance | Review by

This oven is serving me well. It bakes a little on the hot side but I can adjust that(just have to do it) but I can also compensate by adjusting baking time.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This product has great and innovative features a great buy .

Review Title: average whirlpool oven | Review by

average whirlpool oven that comes with a new house

Review Title: This product lives up to the Whirlpool name. | Review by

looks great, doesn't heat up the kitchen like my last oven, athough the fan that cools the oven is kinda loud at times. It keeps great temps and bakes cakes evenly.

Review Title: Loud | Review by

This oven has a fan that is very loud and runs all the time. It blows hot air out the bottom and heats up the kitchen. It takes a long time to preheat. I would not recommend this oven if you want to carry on a conversation.

Review Title: Nice Oven | Review by

This oven came with the new home we purchased, so far it was been good. Nothing very special about it.

Review Title: Great Style makes my house look very Stylish! | Review by

Cool Modern looking stove the digital display makes it stand out even more. Easy to use super easy to set the time. Not like the dinosaur VCR flashing 12:00 all day!

Review Title: things the salesman does not tell you | Review by

this oven is very noisy when running because of the fan ,the clock is insane to try and set it keeps going back to the 24hr time ,who uses that?outside is easy to clean,light goes on automatically when you open the door ,nice feature ,would i buy this oven again No because its too noisy and takes a long while to cool down

Review Title: This product is very attractive. | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool oven. I replaced my worn and outdated Whirlpool oven which still worked after 29 years of use! This is why I purchased another Whirlpool product. I love everything about the oven except the fan is a bit loud. The wall kit that came with the oven was fantastic enabling my installer to almost double the size of the oven I had previously had in my built in space!

Review Title: This oven is not so great | Review by

This oven is good quality but the racks are flimsy and bow down when something heavy are placed on them. The buttons are hard to register when you push them. It doesn't seem to keep a accurate temperature while cooking. I am disappointed in this product . For the money I paid I would not recommend this to friends or family

Review Title: This a beautiful under counter oven! | Review by

It is good looking. It is fantastic that it fits so well under the counter of my new kitchen island.. And best of all it works really well.

Review Title: Great oven, good value with awesome functions! | Review by

I love the overall style and functionality of the oven. It's user-friendly, and the temperature is very spot-on as far as baking time goes. I love the options it gives and ease it gives to me, the "non-baker". The only downside would be how loud the vent is. I guess this helps regulate the temperature better, but the noise is a little annoying. Other than that, two thumbs up!!

Review Title: Mr. Hubert | Review by

It performs as advertised. Controls are intuitive and it is attractive. It is a basic, solid appliance.

Review Title: GREAT CHOICE! | Review by

We just had our refrigerator delivered this a.m. So far, so good. I'll write an update review after we've had it a while. Chose this model for the value, features, brand name & reviews. I will recommend that these days ALWAYS buy the extra protection plan with any appliance you buy. After much research, I've come to the conclusion that no company makes them like they use to. Hopefully this one will give us many years of good service.

Review Title: Wonderful oven! | Review by

Very utilitarian and handy for all baking requirements!

Review Title: Oven lives up to previous reviews - Good Oven | Review by

I did a lot of research before purchasing this oven. As stated in previous reviews, the fan is loud but not to a point of causing a problem. It's just a feature now in all newer models and so when you replace you're older model, it's just something you have to get use to. Secondly, first couple of times I've used the oven it puts off a terrible smell. But, again this was talked about in a previous review and it just takes several uses before you get rid of the new oven smell. One feature that I DO NOT like thus far is the timer is NOT user friendly. If you enter the incorrect time, you can't just backspace or start over. You have to hit the "Cancel" button which shuts oven off completely. I need to get manual out and see if there is a way and I'm just not doing it right. It was easy to install, which was a blessing after having to deal with replacing our built in microwave. That was a HUGE pain and there just isn't a lot of built in MW options out there. You have to select a unit with built in specs and the trim kit adds another $200 to the purchase!!! Be glad it's an oven you're replacing and not a MW.

Review Title: Best investment | Review by

We purchased this oven with our new home and I love it! It cooks my food evenly and to perfection... I almost believe I could be a professional chef with this oven! ... Almost

Review Title: Jim | Review by

Looks good, cooks good, and (most importantly) my wife loves it.

Review Title: Not like my old one | Review by

This oven does nothing for me. I don't know if it's the appliance or the builder but it is not vented outside and blows hot air on my wood floors. I was shocked to learn that it isn't even a convection oven, we paid for upgraded appliances and this is not an upgrade. Again, that may be due to the builder.

Review Title: This wall oven is magnificent - great large capacity and window | Review by

I just love my new Wall oven, it is so easy to use and the large window (almost the size of the oven itself) is wonderful. I have baked some great deserts, and broiled some great fish dinners. The options of cleaning (either light cleaning or full self clean) are just too simple. I would recommend this oven to anyone remodelling their kitchen or replacing a former appliance.

Review Title: Spacious | Review by

This oven is good. I don't think its anything compared to my old Whirlpool oven, which is 15 years old and works like a champ. The reason I say this is because it takes double the time to heat up to desired temperature. I was really disappointed that this oven did not come with the up and down arrows to decrease or increase your desired temperature. Had I known this, I would not have purchased this product. The other thing is the little fan, its not a rocket engine or anything, but its very noticeable when it is on. If I could, I would go back to my old oven.

Review Title: 64 years of baking and this oven is doing a great job of keeping me happy! | Review by

My old oven died a slow trying death and I had to find one that would fit my budget, space without causing a kitchen redo and keep pace with my daily cooking and weekly bread making needs.

Review Title: Great space | Review by

I love not having the heating element on the bottom. It's so easy to clean! It heats up quickly and cooks wonderfully. I wasn't expecting the vent to be in the bottom, but it turns out it's a nice surprise. Overall, it's the best purchase I've made.

Review Title: Performs well | Review by

I purchased this oven a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier with it! It is stylish, easy to use, and bakes beautifully. Love the racks and the coiled bottom!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Really happy with purchased Would recommend to friends am family

Review Title: Great choice | Review by

We are VERY pleased with our choice of wall oven. We were required to replace our wall oven and this was the best deal we could get, i.e. size, affordability, color, service contract and delivery.

Review Title: Single Wall Oven - continues to be the best! | Review by

I did an extensive research on the internet as to what would suit my requirements best based on price, value, functionality and service. At this point in time, Whirlpool suited my needs best at the national store I shop at very frequently. With a market recognized name like Whirlpool, how can you go wrong?

Review Title: Too Noisy | Review by

This oven is way too noisy. The fan generates a loud variable blowing sound accompanied by a whine. it's simply not possible to cook and entertain at the same time as the noise starts the second you turn the oven on and continues for 10-20 minutes after you finish cooking. Whirlpool claim it's designed to be that loud as they need powerful fans to stop the electronics from overheating. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT WITHOUT HEARING IT IN ACTION.

Review Title: Easy to use and large window is helpful | Review by

The wall oven is very simple with basic features, but is user friendly with screen prompts for everything you the large window. The only thing that is a bit annoying is the loud noise the fan makes when you turn the oven off. It takes a long time to cool down, so the noise lasts a long time. Otherwise no complaints so far.

Review Title: Not Half Baked | Review by

My wife and I really like this oven. We researched the choices for this type of oven in our price range. Abt had our top choices. We picked this oven because of the large window, ease of programming, and that it has two easily adjustable racks. One of our concerns did not materialize. Some who bought this oven said in reviews that the motor was too loud. Yes, our hearing is aging, but we can hardly hear it running, perhaps a mild "whir." We are totally satisfied.

Review Title: An OK product at an acceptable price | Review by

The fan stays on too long after using the oven. Seems wasteful of electricity and quite noisy.

Review Title: Talk about an easy to bake oven! | Review by

Heats quickly and with the extra large window makes baking easy!

Review Title: love it!!!! | Review by

Great oven. It has made all my baking look and taste amazing.

Review Title: Very Nice Oven | Review by

The oven heats well and it's performance works perfectly for us.

Review Title: This product looks wonderful in my kitchen. | Review by

Although I've only had it a few weeks, I'm very satisfied with everything so far. It looks so clean and sleek. Everyone has commented on how nice it looks.

Review Title: Good oven at a reasonable price! | Review by

I bought this oven about 6 months ago. I am please with the stainless steal finish. I love the roomy inside and that it has no exposed element on the bottom of the oven. Foods cook evenly. The only issue we had was that both interior lights went out immediately. We were sure it was the wiring, but it ended up just being the bulbs (bulbs are rather expensive - $20ish each). The write-up says standard bulbs, but those didn't fit our oven. Whirlpool should remedy this issue and make oven so standard bulbs fit.

Review Title: Easy install | Review by

Great product right out of the box, old one out,new right in less than hour. Great features and a fair price.

Review Title: Excellent, Easy to Use Oven | Review by

I'm extremely pleased with this oven. It looks great and is user friendly. I love the large window and the fact that I could get the oven white. Only one surprise - while it is a white oven, it's black on the top and sides that stick out from the base when installed (one inch in my case), which affected the all-white impact I was aiming for - but a small matter that I adjusted to quickly. Another note - trying to figure out the automatic start and how to handle pre-heating - instructions don't have much detail on that aspect.

Review Title: I really like this oven! | Review by

This oven has great design; it's sleek, modern and clean. The inside of the oven door is smooth surfaced and easy to clean. Heating is even and accurate. The only thing I had to get used to was the sound of the fan. it had been many years since I had a new oven, and I did not know the new ones had fans. I like the touch pad controls, and the easy-to-read lighted display. I have no way of knowing about energy savings as i haven't had it that long, but everyting electrical is so efficient these days, I expect it's good. I would definitely recommend this brand and this oven to friends.

Review Title: I love everything about this produce | Review by

My sons gave me this oven for a Mother's Day present and I couldn't have been more excited. It is everything that I want in an oven and more. Thank you for producing such a reliable product.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

I love my new oven. It is so easy to use and it cooks in less time than my old oven. I have been buying all of my appliances from whirlpool for over 40 years and have never required any service maintenance. My refrigerator is currently over 23 years old and still running. My oven was over 23 years old. I would say I got my money's worth. Thank you Whirlpool for continuing to provide top of the line appliances in a hard economy.

Review Title: Great oven. | Review by

This oven looks great. It has plenty of space inside. It's vey easy to use and heats excellent.

Review Title: nice | Review by

like this produce ,it looks nice and is easy to use

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

We weren't in the market for an oven when our old oven failed. We purchased our new Whirlpool and cooking has gone from a chore to a pleasure. The control panel keypad ease of use is a welcome change from what we previously owned.The built in handles on the cooking racks make taking food out much safer. The hidden heating element makes cleaning so much easier. Last but not least it looks great. It's isn't easy to get excited about an appliance but we are extremely pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: We loved the looks and operation of our new whirlpool | Review by

We just finished building our first new home and insisted on Whirlpool Stainless appliances. The looks of the wall oven is perfect for our open kitchen. The operation and ease of use is great. We love to show off what's cooking in our new oven.

Review Title: This product fits flush into the opening. | Review by

The easy of using this oven is great. Like that it is an energy savings oven,

Review Title: Performance | Review by

This was a replacement stove. Prior unit was whirlpool. Failure was to expensive to repair.

Review Title: Good looking and powerful | Review by

Compact on the outside, very spacious inside, good looking, warms up so quickly. I love it! We are very happy with our choice

Review Title: Love my new stove. | Review by

Works wonderfully. Cooks great and is very quiet. Wish I had purchased one sooner.

Review Title: whirlpool oven | Review by

My old oven broke down 2 weeks before thanksgiving. Cooked for 25 people in a new oven. I was nervous but it preformed beautifully. Love the extra large window and sleek look. Couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Love my Whirlpool In the Wall Oven! | Review by

After years of putting up with a small in-the-wall oven, we bought a Whirlpool oven and love it!!! It is so awesome to have a full size oven mounted in the wall.,

Review Title: Doesn't Work | Review by

I purchased this oven in 11/2013 but was not installed till 07/2014 due to construction delays. In August I went to turn my oven on and it was not working not even the clock. Called the electrician upon which he checked everything on his end and it was correct. Called for repairs which was in 08/2014 upon which I was informed it would take about 2 weeks due to part needing to be ordered. I went to us my oven on 09/2014 and same thing --nothing works. I am having repairs AGAIN on 10/06/2014 . This has been more than frustrating and if it is not fixed this time I am hoping that Whirlpool will provide a NEW OVEN. As you can check your records all my appliances are Whirlpool.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

I have always loved my Whirlpool dishwasher and was thrilled when I saw our new home would have all Whirlpool appliances. But now I am very disappointed, after less than a month the bottom of the oven has warped and the porcelain in the warped area has cracking. This is not something that is covered by the Whirlpool warranty, as it is considered to be only cosmetic. I have also noticed the oven's temperature is much higher than what it is set at by about 25-50 degrees. I have to adjust the temperature of the recipe to avoid burning the food. And after the oven is turned off the fan runs for a very long time and is noisy.

Review Title: Love our whirlpool oven | Review by

We recently remodeled the kitchen and replaced our old GE white appliances with stainless Whirlpool. We are loving this oven. It cooks faster than our old one and cooks evenly. It's simple to use, as well...and looks fantastic

Review Title: Love the steam clean | Review by

I am very happy with my oven. (I was not happy with Lowe's customer service where I bought the oven.)

Review Title: Love the look | Review by

Decided to replace all appliances in our remodel and I love this oven. It is simple to use and doesn't require a manual to figure out the features. The fan is a little noisy, but quieter than my previous oven.

Review Title: great appearance!! | Review by

I bought my new oven to replace my TINY 1966 wall is the crowning jewel in my redone kitchen. I get so many compliments! you can't imagine how exciting it is every time I use it!!

Review Title: Warning: DO NOT LINE with ALUMINUM FOIL! | Review by

I've had my oven for only a couple of weeks and have already ruined the inside finish! Trying to protect the bottom, I lined it with an aluminum catch pan- only to have it melt to the the bottom. I can only get some of it off, and when I do manage to pull it up, the porcelain finish is ruined below. Unlike some other types of ovens, the bottom plate alone cannot be removed/replaced as the inside is one whole piece; So now, I have a new oven that will forever be scarred! Not to mention.... who knows how healthy it is to have aluminum baking in my oven...

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