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Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS 30" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOD93EC0AS Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $2,649.00
25% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,334.10
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  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • Uses built-in sensors to monitor oven temperature and surrounds your food with consistent temperatures
  • Turns on the correct cooking elements for optimal heat on multiple racks
  • TimeSavor Ultra True Convection Cooking System
  • Delivers exceptional cooking results and faster baking on every rack
  • Uses a rear fan and a third 2,500-watt heating element to circulate air more efficiently to fill the oven with heat and seal in flavors
  • FIT System
  • Guarantees the wall oven can fit into your current cabinetry
  • With four adjustable legs and two trim options, you can easily replace almost any wall oven without needing to make any modifications
  • SteamClean Option
  • Clean up everyday spills with only 1-1/4 cups of water
  • No harsh chemicals or cleaners necessary
  • Periodically cleans light spills on the bottom of the oven, reducing the need for frequent self-clean cycles
  • Largest Capacity Available
  • Cook multiple dishes at one time
  • Models with the largest capacity available offer enough room for even your most daunting cooking tasks
  • Convection Conversion
  • Takes away the guesswork when preparing your favorite dishes
  • Automatically converts standard times and temperatures to the convection equivalent
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window
  • The industry's largest window allows you to track cooking progress without opening the door
  • The extra-large design brings a hint of style to your kitchen, saves energy, and keeps oven temperatures steady
  • Precise Clean Cleaning System
  • Determines the time between self-clean cycles for the ideal cycle length, maximizing your energy savings and making cleaning a breeze
  • No harsh chemicals or cleansers are required
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Bake element is concealed beneath the oven floor, leaving a smooth interior surface for painless cleanup


Fuel Type: Electric
Total Lower Oven Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Total Upper Oven Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Upper Oven Features
Cooking System: Convection
Convection Conversion: Yes
Convection Bake: Yes
Convection Broil: Yes
Convection Roast: Yes
Hidden Bake Element: Yes
Bake: Yes
Broil: Standard
Cleaning System: Time Based Self Clean
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Lower Oven Features
Cooking System: Standard Thermal
Convection Conversion: No
Convection Bake: No
Convection Broil: No
Convection Roast: No
Hidden Bake Element: Yes
Bake: Yes
Broil: Standard
Cleaning System: Time Based Self Clean
Delayed Cooking Option: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Oven Door: Flat Door Liner
Control Lockout: Yes
Oven Cavity Finish: Grey
Upper Oven Rack Quantity: 3
Lower Oven Rack Quantity: 2
Lower Oven Rack Type: Standard
Bake Element Wattage @ 240V: 2800
Bake Element Wattage @ 208V: 2427
Broil Element Wattage @ 240V: 3600
Broil Element Wattage @ 208V: 3120
Convection Element Wattage @ 240V: 2500
Convection Element Wattage @ 208V: 2167
Height: 51 1/2"
Width: 30"
Depth: 26 7/16"
Height: 51 1/2"
Weight: 266 lbs.

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Review Title: LOUD, LOUD, LOUD | Review by

The oven is LOUD, no other description. It doesn't quiet down for at least 20 minutes after done using it either. If you like the sound of a giant vibrating fan in your home, this is for you! There has to be better quality than this out there somewhere. It really should not be offered until the problem is fixed.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I'm so happy I purchased this oven for my new home. does everything I want and then some. great product and does so much.

Review Title: This Product is Absolutely Wonderful For the Cook OR the Non-cook! | Review by

We just retired a 43 year old whirlpool double oven!! So needless to say, we stuck with Whirlpool. The features of our new Whirlpool Gold are exactly what I need as a busy home cook of 4 plus whomever darkens our door on a daily basis. I love the convection feature and the warming feature. The oven space is much larger than I had and plenty of racks!! I can fit 2 rectangle baking stones side by side in the same oven and bake pizzas!! The racks roll out with ease, cutting down burning myself pulling hot dishes out of the oven. The temperatures are spot on all the way up to High and heats in just minutes. The Broiling coils are wider and deeper providing even cooking, browning or caramelizing. I make our families bread and placing dough in the warming oven for rising is wonderful. My kids find this oven VERY easy and fun to use. Installing our ovens was not difficult at all and the ovens came with the materials needed to fit the space of our old oven. We are looking forward to replacing our washer and dryer with brand new Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum top load washer and front load dryer both large capacity this week and Im certain I will be just as happy with those as I am with my ovens. Thank Whirlpool for making wonderful products at affordable prices.

Review Title: Features are good | Review by

Bought this two months ago. The only complaint is that the blower whistles or makes a whining sound when cooking.

Review Title: Large Ovens | Review by

We bought these double ovens a month ago to replace 15-year old double ovens. Thse have larger interiors even though they fit in the same slot. I do a lot of baking and so far I am most pleased with the results. They are easy to program and I anticipate many years of enjoyment. This is my first convection oven and I am learning to use it.

Review Title: This oven is amazing! | Review by

It has everything one could want in a double oven plus the ease of use, and the convection aspect make it indispensable. My husband loves to bake Christmas cookies. This oven has 5 racks and I said that he might not be able to use all five because some may be overdone and other trays underdone. Well, I was totally wrong. He used all five racks and made over 100 dozen cookies which he makes up cookie trays for friends and relatives. He finished sooner, the cookies were uniformly baked and he raves about the oven.. I would recommend this set to anyone who is considering getting new ovens or switching to a double oven. You won't be sorry.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

This is a great oven, temp is accurate. The black ice look really stands up in our kitchen. Instillation was a snap, no surprises. Cleaning cycles does a nice job, just wipe down after and you ready to go. I didn't realize how much I would use the double ovens, not sure I could get by on a single again. Being able to cook two dishes at different temps has really expanded our menu and shortened the cooking times. I highly recommend this oven. The only knock I have is the fans are a little loud, you get use to them but at first it is a little annoying.

Review Title: We've only encountered one problem | Review by

After about one month of limited use, 3 of the 4 oven lights blew. The owners manual states that they are standard 25W appliance bulbs. However, we have been unable to locate them locally and to order them, they cost between $20 and $30 apiece. That is not what I call standard. Still haven't been able to replace them.

Review Title: Very nice oven | Review by

The installation was seamless. It is a great looking oven, lots of complements from guests. The Black Ice really adds to the kitchen. It does everything advertised. The temperatures are accurate and baking is very even. The fans take a little getting use to, I won't say they are loud just louder than I had expected. It doesn't matter if I am using convection or standard cooking the sound levels are the same. Our kitchen is the family hang-out and is always a loud room. I am sure after awhile we won't even notice them anymore.

Review Title: Looks Terrific | Review by

On the whole I like this product. The stainless looks great, the oven windows are very large which makes it much easier to see how things are doing inside. I like the racks because they have pullouts making it much easier to move them when necessary.

Review Title: Love this Oven | Review by

I searched everywhere before i finally setled on this product. Love it and love to cook with it

Review Title: Does what it was designed to do | Review by

I hate the cooling off time when finished. It takes forever to go off. Annoying.

Review Title: Absolutely love the design of the oven. | Review by

Wow, oven doors that are not hot on the outside when the oven is running; a great feature when young children are around. The oven is sleek and modern looking. Love the convection cooking.

Review Title: This product I cleaning cycles is not good | Review by

When using the cleaning cycles, the oven does not come clean. Even on the 5 hour cycle the oven did not come clean. Also glass on oven door does not come clean. The old whirlpool oven I had cleaned a lot better than this one. Also the oven seal is not attached correctly.

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

This oven is great. Simple to use and very stylish. The only thing I would say is that it takes awhile to preheat. It seems longer than my last oven but one thing I can be sure of is that it is accurate. If the temp says 350 that suckers on 350! I have not burnt anything in this thing. I used to adjust the temp in the oven lower than the recipe in my old oven to prevent over cooking, but this oven is accurate in temp. We took out our old analog thermometer that we used to keep in the oven to check temperature because of the ovens accuracy. Great product overall. I'll take the long wait to know that the temperature is where it is supposed to be.

Review Title: looks great BUT | Review by

loud fan even when not using convection cooking 600 dollars worth of repairs done within warranty thank goodness - blew fuse and fan during self clean

Review Title: I love the look and ease of use. | Review by

I love my double ovens. I can cook a roast in one oven and make desert in the other. We put these ovens in a new construction and it looks beautiful in my new house.

Review Title: sound level is not applicable | Review by

The top door steams up when the bottom unit is cooking and can't be cleaned because the condensation is between the two glass plates. So, the top door is becoming stained.

Review Title: Slickness & Size | Review by

The biggest reason we bought this, is the slick design. The front of the double oven has a frosted green glass that looks better then any others I've seen to date. The 5.0 size fits 2 double pans that helps me fit almost any cooking such has 2 briskets in one oven. Since the top is conventional and bottom is regular, this makes cooking of new recipes while the bottom can have old school cooking (Paula Dean style). The only thing I see or like to have on the oven is the features of sound. This is only a personal preference. For the price, this beats the Kenmore , Kitchen Aid, or LG elite group because lines of the handle are crisp geometry lines that have the right curve so pull or grab the door. The doors are heavy and if you want, they come off. Heavy construction with quality in design makes this great for stainless steal that means there is just enough steal showing but great big glass door window viewing. This oven doesn't have the slide out shelving, but has 3 shelves that I like better due to change of height (another personal preference). For the price, this is the cheapest I've seen and research for the stainless steal group double ovens.

Review Title: This product gets to temperature quickly! | Review by

I really like this oven, the large viewing window is excellent. It is a bit loud, it also seems to take a while to cool down. So that whole time the fan is running. With that it is still a great product. It was a great upgrade from my last built in oven.

Review Title: Good for the price | Review by

We bought it 3 months we are happy with it. The price was right

Review Title: Wow! | Review by

that's all I can say, wow! Two electric ovens! Thanksgiving will never be the same! It is great to be able to cook a roast in one and do bread or potatoes or whatever in the other. They both work well, hold temp great and the self-clean works fine.

Review Title: My wife loves the way it cooks | Review by

Good choice for a double oven. Cooks well and that is the point of the product. Nice big windows are nice. The only issue is the cool down period can be a little noisy as the fan continues to run.

Review Title: This product looks beautiful in our kitchen | Review by

We like the stylish look of this double oven. The price was affordable and installation was easy.

Review Title: a bit noisy for my way of thinking | Review by

This was part of my new home purchase. I haven't used many of the features, but look forward to having a double oven for the Holidays. What a dream come true! I have found it to be awfully noisy though. I know that I need to read the manual in order to learn more about the features of this oven.

Review Title: Go for the wall oven! | Review by

If you've been thinking of getting a wall oven, do it. This is a good choice. The convection speeds up baking times while reducing energy usage.

Review Title: Worst oven EVER! | Review by

My husband and I bought our 5th new house recently and, as with our other houses, we upgraded the appliances... unfortunately, we should have upgraded to more than just Whirlpool Gold, because we HATE our oven. Unlike the fan in our last convection oven (GE Profile) that ran only when using convection, this one runs off and on the whole time. Although it's EXTREMELY noisy and we hate it for that reason, what I hate most is how it bakes... none of my old tried and true recipes turn out, e.g. banana bread browned too fast and although it looked overdone, it fell and was doughy... it was horrible. My cakes do the same thing... they're not even edible! Our turkey at Thanksgiving browned way too fast and was done an HOUR before it should have been and needless to say, by the time everything else was done (all according to plan) the turkey was WAY overdone and dried out. Cookies seem to do okay, but do better in the lower oven. From now on, I'm only going to use the upper oven when I need to use both ovens. FYI, we're not happy with our dishwasher either... paid for the uber-quiet model and it's anything but. The microwave had to be 'fixed' 3 times before it was finally replaced with a newer model... although it works, I hate the look and the huge door! Word to the wise... spend a little more $ and buy ANYTHING but Whirlpool!

Review Title: Double oven purchase | Review by

Love new double ovens......very easy to operate. I made whole batch of cookies using all racks from both - so slick to be done in 15 minutes using the convection. Convection is new for me but I sure like this option.

Review Title: not what expectes | Review by

too loud, touchpad works lousy convection fan stay on when using bake option

Review Title: Loud (all the time it is Used); Otherwise lovely and works well | Review by

I had no idea that no a fan is built into the wall oven, and said fan runs continuously and loudly throughout operation, including during the warm up and cool down phases of baking. That definitely takes some getting used to.

Review Title: Nice double oven. | Review by

I have not had any problem cooking. It cooks at the right temperatures. It took some time to get used to typing in what I wanted. After I have cooked something the oven fan stays on to cool it down, and the noise can be a little loud, it seems to stay on the fan for a while. Overall I am happy with the oven.

Review Title: cooks well and efficiently. | Review by

Fan is the only bad thing: noisy and takes a long time to turn off

Review Title: Ok oven... | Review by

This oven works great as long as you don't use the self cleaning options. I decided to use the self clean after 3 months of owning it and it blew both fuses. It took a week to repair. The repair man said not to use the self clean option because they over heat and ruin the fuses. So now Im back to cleaning everything with oven cleaner just to avoid blowing fuses again and being out of and oven for a week.

Review Title: Very loud | Review by

This double oven was extremely loud! It was louder than the dishwasher when it was used. After 3 weeks of the annoying noise, I had lowes remove it and replace it with a GE that I love!

Review Title: Nice oven. We love it. | Review by

A lot of space. Only downside is that it's a tad on the noisy side.

Review Title: We paid for a gourmet kitchen option and this product certainly fits the bill. | Review by

Just moved in with gourmet kitchen option. This product so far is great in all areas. Very happy with it and highly recommended.

Review Title: Looks Great | Review by

Will not last a year before heating element goes out.

Review Title: Love my oven!! | Review by

I've had my oven for about a month now´┐Ż And I love it! The only complaint I would have is that the fan is a little noisy, but overall it's a great product! I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering a whirlpool oven.

Review Title: Not good, but warranty claim were worst | Review by

The oven came out of the box defective. I had a hard time having it repaired until it was replaced after several repairmen visits and burnt boards. The interface menu are not user-friendly; this is valid for all Whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: cooks quite a bit faster than my old one. love that!! | Review by

i just love it-its quicker-easierto keep clean and having fun using two different temps when i cook.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I like whirlpool appliances. Happy to have it as a choice for our new build.

Review Title: Looks good - works good | Review by

We picked this oven for its great looks and outstanding features. We are satisfied with both. The only downside is the oven whistles when it is on and the vents blow between the door glass and deposit grease between the inner and outer glass. Difficult to clean

Review Title: Love the features on the Whirlpool Double Wall Oven | Review by

I have used my new oven for a little more than a month and love the confection feature, the quiet and quick cool down. It is beautiful to look at and really updates my 14 year old kitchen.

Review Title: So easy to use and is so convenient when cooking a large meal. | Review by

These double ovens make dinner parties a much easier task and cook evenly and with ease of selecting proper settings. The cooling off hum they make is something I got used to and can overlook simply because they perform so well. I have yet to use the self-cleaning option, things just do not bubble over or splatter as they did in the old oven. They seem to sense and control the length of time needed to cook perfectly. The convection oven cooks evenly and quickly .

Review Title: Good Purchase | Review by

Excellent, controllable and predictable cooking performance.

Review Title: Good product, fan levels could be less. | Review by

The product has a good profile and is easy to use. The product does have excessive fan run after shut-off and louder than others during cook cycles.

Review Title: I like the convection features. | Review by

I like the size of this product. I also love the performance. The sound of the fan drives me crazy though. It is loud and annoying to my family because my house is an open concept living room and kitchen. The fan stays on a long time after I have used it.

Review Title: "Standard Parts" | Review by

We purchased this oven less than four months ago and it performs alright. It does cook items faster than our previous oven and even what is listed on the boxes. Overall I guess it is a decent oven, but Whirlpool's interpretation of "standard" is very loose.

Review Title: Noisy | Review by

Loud whistle when baking. No meat probe. No probe, noisy.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

We just finished remodeling our 1997 kitchen and replaced a 27-inch double oven with the Whirlpool 30-inch double oven. We are really pleased with the appearance and functionality of the new oven. The convection oven reduces cooking times vs. a conventional oven, and the controls are very intuitive.

Review Title: Not a happy consumer. | Review by

We moved into our brand new house in Oct. of 2014. Since Day One my ovens have made such a loud noise when running that I have to leave the room. And, when cooling, the noise seems louder and lasts forever. I even had both fans replaced and the loud noise continues. Seems to be an engineering problem. I would not recommend this product-Whirlpool Gold Series Double Ovens.

Review Title: loud | Review by

cooks much more evenly than the Frigidaire we had. but the fan is loud. and occasionally it kicks off when preheating, then right back on.

Review Title: Beautiful Oven!! | Review by

This is an absolutely beautiful oven. I am completely satisfied!

Review Title: The oven has been a good purchase | Review by

I am enjoying using my new double oven. Easy to use, bakes evenly and looks good in my rennovation.

Review Title: great value | Review by

our first electric oven, don't know if increased preheating time over gas stove is normal. fan seems a bit loud. oven cooks quickly and thoroughly, usually 5-10% faster than the instructions on food packaging. Programming buttons can be a little hard to engage. greatly improved the look of our kitchen, very satisfied with this unit.

Review Title: LOVE THE APPEAENCE | Review by


Review Title: This oven has much more inside baking space than my old single oven Whirlpool. | Review by

I am very impressed that the top oven is so big but more impressed that the lower oven has so much interior space. Much larger than other double ovens I've looked at over the years. The cooling fan is just a little too noisy for me.

Review Title: Extraordinary value | Review by

These ovens offer the best in design: stylish in appearance and optimal cooking experience.

Review Title: Huge baking space. | Review by

Slim packaging leave maximum baking space. And the convection oven does wonders on baked chicken!! um, um!

Review Title: This oven provides excellent performance and is user friendly. | Review by

Beautiful to look at! Easy to use! I love my Whirlpool Gold Double Oven! It's quiet too.

Review Title: Love my ovens! | Review by

I had the privilege to build a home with Whirlpool double ovens and I am beyond excited with their performance! I love the convection oven features and the size of both ovens. They both cook well and everything turns out perfect. I recommend these ovens to anyone looking to buy double ovens. The exterior is also very stylish and appealing to any decor!

Review Title: Great cooking, but a bit noisy | Review by

Great double oven, three racks provide flexibility, and food cooks evenly. Downside is that it does take a bit to heat up, and the fan stays on for 15-20 minutes after we turn it off. That is the only negative on this unit.

Review Title: I love my new products! | Review by

I am so pleased with my Whirlpool purchase. I should have switched brands a long time ago!!

Review Title: Beautiful oven but noisy | Review by

This is a very nice looking oven and cooks evenly but we had a problem with the amount of noise that the fans made from the minute we pushed start on both the bake cycle and/or the convection cycle on either oven, until it cooled down 45 minutes later. We started opening the oven after use which did help cool it down faster so the noise would stop. With this noise, or what we consider a whistling sound kind of like a hair dryer, didn't bother everyone that heard it so it all depends on the person. We had a service tech come out to check on the noise and he said that there the fans may be a little off on our oven and he could change them out but he advised us to just return it, which we did and it was sent back. This oven has many good reviews and we did like this oven but the noise was just to much for us.

Review Title: love! | Review by

We researched ovens like crazy when doing our remodel & found this to be the best. We were concerned about the fan noise that so many buyers complained about, but we have found the fan noise to be comparable to that of most connection ovens. I don't even notice it's running to be honest. Great purchase!

Review Title: Attractive design, easy to use | Review by

Double oven was an upgrade in new construction. Overall a very attractive design in our new kitchen. Easy to figure out controls and a lot of useful options. So far easy to keep clean and has been cooking food accurately and as expected. The fan is a bit noisy though.

Review Title: Noisy Fan | Review by

Installed this a month ago. Works good, but the fan is louder than expected.

Review Title: Best oven ever | Review by

We have struggled with a 12 year old GE until we purchased the Whirlpool gold Series double oven with a convection top unit.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

We bought this Double Oven a few months ago and are very happy with it. Controls are very clear and easy to use. It does a great job with all foods and looks terrific in our kitchen.

Review Title: It's The Perfect replacement.. | Review by

We purchased this oven to replace our 13 Year old Whirpool Oven, which was, overall, the same arrangement. as in: Upper Convection, Lower not, self cleaning on both. The only real difference is the hidden elements (which is nice) In our limited world of cooking , There is no reason to spend more for features you will never employ. This model has an ugraded and upscale look, and hopefully will work for years to come. I do not believe that most customers buy an oven like this...until they have to. That said, this model is a fine choice.

Review Title: Nice oven | Review by

This oven is great. Only issue we have had is that it is pretty noisy when heating up and cooling down. It looks and bakes perfectly.

Review Title: Noisy | Review by

The fan is noisy and continues well after you are done cooking. Otherwise it has been great.

Review Title: Very very very pleased!!! | Review by

I bought these ovens to replace another brand and so glad I did! They are the same size as my previous ovens, but they look so much larger! The design is wonderful...the doors have large glass panels which are so handy for keeping an eye on whatever is cooking.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

This is our first double wall oven, and first convection oven so we've spent a lot of time playing with it and getting to know it. We still generally use the basic features and it is great having two things going at once. Easy to clean inside. The only complaint is how loud the fan is, it runs with all settings and runs for about 30 min after turning off, but this being our first one this may just be how they are and we've gotten used to it...

Review Title: double ovens | Review by

I bought this oven a couple of month ago. They look very nice and stylish and cook well. The main problem I have with them is that they are very loud, if I was able to listen to it when I bought them I never would have. The one it replaced hardly made a sound this model has a high noise level compared to the last one but my wife and kids think I'm over reacting but I would suggest you listen before purchasing.

Review Title: Loud & Poor Quality | Review by

Preheat time is well above average for the price one pays for this model. Fan is extremely loud and runs for at least 20 minutes after turning the ovens off. Will turn itself off randomly for about 60 seconds then reboots and comes back on. One 3 hour cleaning cycle blew the thermal fuse, leaving us without an oven for 2 weeks while the part comes in to repair it...

Review Title: Electronics Issues | Review by

It is a large, elegant oven. Best rated by Consumer Reports. Before we bought, we read many reviews for many brands. ALL brands seem to have numerous complaints, usually centering around the electronics. I had to have my electronic panel replaced in the first 3 months because it would not bring the oven back to temperature after the oven door was opened. The technician also recommended using the self clean cycle once to help set the gaskets to give a better door seal. The door can also look closed but not be completely sealed, so I give it a light push after closing the door. The oven tends to brown things on top more than my previous one, so I have to set the oven rack lower. In order to brown a pie crust on the bottom, I not only use the bottom rack but also have to place it on a baking stone.

Review Title: Loud | Review by

The builders of our new house installed this double oven. It is extremely loud. The fan runs the whole time even when not in convection and takes about 20 min to cool off. We had someone come check it and they said it's just the way it is. Unfortunately since it's a new house we have no return options.

Review Title: this product has a beutiful design and great performance! | Review by

the large capacity and baking results of the double ovens are outstanding! The beautiful design is a great compliment to our open kitchen. This product should make Thanksgiving a real joy this year, and for many more years to come!

Review Title: Good oven, annoying sound | Review by

The fan runs continuously while the oven is on. It's loud and kind of annoying in an open-concept kitchen, living room. What's the reasoning behind this design, I wonder.

Review Title: Great Features and Size | Review by

I purchased this a little over a month ago and I am so glad I did.... It is awesome and saved me a lot of time during the holidays being able to cook 2 different things at the same time

Review Title: So Far So Good | Review by

Only had this oven a couple months but so far it's very nice. My wife bakes so the double oven is handy. All is well so far.

Review Title: as expected | Review by

we selected this unit when we were choosing upgrades for our new build. it has performed as expected.

Review Title: Malfunctioning | Review by

Brought 1 year and a half ago. Installation and start-up was done by approved installers, but after about 6 months the oven would turn on and off and then because of this the oven would take too long to bake and ruin my food. Over time this issue has only increased. I believe I have received a bad oven and I would this major issue resolved because I believe in the product and want to experience baking with it without it causing turmoil to my food. So until this issue is resolved in some way I will quality and performance poor as this is whats most important to me as of now.

Review Title: Fabulous Ovens | Review by

I'm not a big fan of cooking/baking but this oven makes everything so simple. It pre-heats quickly to the right temperature. My dishes come out cooked as directed and are delicious. With this oven, I'll be a full-time baker in no time. I love the double ovens to save time with meals.

Review Title: Love This Oven | Review by

Husband surprised me with this to go with our new cabinets. It was on sale at Home Depot for a substantial savings off usual retail, and no other double ovens came close to the features and appeal this one has for the price. It has the convection feature in the upper oven only which has proven to be excellent. There is a fan that runs most of the time that this oven is on and and it remains on while oven is off and cooling down. I read some complaints about this, but seriously it's not annoying to me at all, just different. All in all, I couldn't be happier with the surprise and the oven itself. It's beautiful and very modern in its design and operation.

Review Title: Beautiful and functional. | Review by

Great features and functionality. I had this same double oven in an older model and loved it as well. My only issue is that it seems a bit loud.

Review Title: Nice looking unit that has great features. | Review by

Overall, this unit is a great addition to our kitchen. The fan is rather noisy, but the unit has lots of ways to cook a meal, or multiple items at a time. A very good unit in looks and quality.

Review Title: Is there any thing less than a single star | Review by

Bought this lemon for my new home. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I have been proven wrong. From day one this unit started having issues, turning on and off on its own and then not turning on at all. It took several months and several try's to get it fixed. Over the next 12 months it seemed to be working ok, but than we decided to clean it with the self cleaning feature. This mistake took about one hour to make its self known. The oven got so hot it burned up several parts and locked the unit up. The service man told us that there should be a sticker on these units that says "the self cleaning feature on this unit means you have to clean it your self". He also said that using this feature is the most common mistake people make.

Review Title: The Joy of Cooking: Whirlpool Gold Double Oven with True Convection | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen and I wanted a double oven that not only performed well but also looked good. After shopping around and doing extensive research, we choose Whirpool. I couldn't be happier with this great product. I create decorated cakes for friends and family including wedding cakes. This oven has proven that it is indeed Gold. Artisan breads also are baked to perfection with the AccuBake system. The rapid preheat saves prep time. I also love the convection conversion. I definitely would recommend this oven. It's a baker's dream come true.

Review Title: Excellent product and EASY to use!!! | Review by

We can't be more happy with our Whirlpool convection ovens, that's why we have TWO!!!


The fan seems very loud. But I could almost accept that that EXCEPT it is so variable that it sounds like a 747 in distress. Three seperate dinner parties have commented on how annoying it is

Review Title: Hey Thanksgiving...Whose your daddy now? | Review by

Last year my family moved into our new home and my extended family decided that we should play host to 19 people for Thanksgiving. We enthusiastically agreed before we thought about the tiny, ancient, avocado green, single wall oven that came with our new (1959) home. We couldn't fit a turkey in the oven, we scrambled, bought an electric roaster and juggled to get food on the table... I swore never again. After hours of online research, Consumer Reports,visiting showrooms, asking friends and family, etc. I decided on this wonderful double oven. Installation was a breeze (I rebuilt our cabinets specifically to the specs provided and the oven slipped right in). Once in place my wife commented on just how great it looks, really makes our kitchen look so much more up to date. So yes, very pretty, but how well does it work? I have been wonderfully impressed with these ovens,we cook almost every night and bake nearly every weekend and this double oven makes it a pleasure. The convection upper is outstanding - roasting is fantastic, everything juicy and perfectly browned. Baking is wonderful - three trays of perfect scones at once! And having the second oven is an absolute luxury - so nice to have multiple options to make sure everything hits the table at the same time. Some people have mentioned the noise - yes, there is a fan - does it make noise? Sure, but it is nothing I find annoying, we don't eat next to our oven so it never interferes. This year we hosted 24 people for Thanksgiving and I roasted a 27 LB turkey in the convection oven and it was quite simply a perfect bird - Juicy and flavorful with, perfectly browned crispy skin. and I still had room to spare for all of the sides. This oven makes gatherings a breeze.

Review Title: Nice baking | Review by

Easy installation. Heats quickly and evenly. Temperature was spot on according to several oven thermometers. Only downside is the cooling fan is a bit loud. On the plus side of that is the shelves above our oven used to get very warm with prolonged baking and no longer do.

Review Title: broke down once already | Review by

Broke down once already. Only had it for 2 months. Very loud.

Review Title: This product has great features, however the fan is very noisy. | Review by

Other than the fan being noisy, the unit has performed superbly. At the time of installation, the builder who sold me the unit advised that Whirlpool no longer provides a broiling plate with new any new unit. I was a bit surprised and dismayed when I learned that the unit did not come equipped with a broiling pan.

Review Title: Love the Convection Oven | Review by

I was uncertain about spending additional money for convection wall oven but I am very please at how well it cooks to perfection!

Review Title: Looked over the competition and again chose Whirlpool | Review by

This is our second purchase of this model, left the 1st one with sale of home. It was an easy choice to duplicate our first purchase after enjoying it's many features and ease of use.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

i bought this about a month ago based on Consumer Reports rating. So far very happy. But last oven only lasted 5 years. I hear that electric self cleaning types are not recommended overall. But........

Review Title: Great except for the noise. | Review by

We love it. It cooks food super fast! The only con is that it makes a lot of noise when cooking.

Review Title: A "want to be" gourmet chef's delight | Review by

Our new double oven is exceptional in every respect. It is the first oven we've had with a steam feature and we were impressed with how this makes cleaning so much easier. The big windows and interior light makes it convenient to observe without opening the doors and letting the heat out. We're very pleased.

Review Title: Very impressed | Review by

We love our new Whirlpool double wall oven! The convection is a great feature to have and we love using it, the steam feature is also a huge plus because it takes the hassle out of having to clean it ourselves! Highly recommended!

Review Title: Beautiful! | Review by

I love the look of my new double oven- I bought the Whirlpool because of the reputation of the company, and the oven did not disappoint us. One is convection, and I haven't really learned all it can do but I intend to find out at Thanksgiving. My old appliances were a competitors brand- supposed to be high end, and yet broke in two years. I will stay with Whirlpool!

Review Title: This product performs well | Review by

The convection baking is the best that I have experienced

Review Title: The best | Review by

I love my double ovens. I am a huge cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. These ovens are great and cook so evenly and perfect.

Review Title: BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. | Review by


Review Title: double oven | Review by

Some features, like broiler were more steps than we'd expect but it works fine. Sound level is higher than expected and our previous unit that we replaced. Overall very nice appliance and we'll recommend this to friends. We'll also look to Whirlpool appliance when we replace our other units.

Review Title: Everything it should be! | Review by

I'm very happy we bought this oven. It's a great value and works perfectly. Surprisingly, the interior is noticeably larger than the KitchenAid it replaced, even though the exterior has the same dimensions.

Review Title: Great oven!! | Review by

Bought this oven last fall and I am very happy with it.

Review Title: Love my new Convection Ovens, especially the warming feature | Review by

This is our first convection oven and I didn't realize how loud it is; however, I love the way it cooks everything so fast and crispy. I especially love the lower oven warming feature. We purchased it right before the Thanksgiving holidays and we were able to cook & warm so many food items at once, it was great. It does get messy quickly and I have not tried cleaning it yet.

Review Title: Awesome oven! | Review by

Love how thorough this oven cooks. the options on the settings make it fun to use!

Review Title: Sleek and user-friendly | Review by

We purchased this unit to replace a failing double oven. We researched the models to purchase first and this one had the best ratings among all of the websites we reviewed. Overall, the profile is slimmer, the glass windows are larger which allow you to see more of the inside of the oven, and the control panel is easily read from across the room. So far we've cooked a range of foods in it, from cookies and cake, to pot roasts and pizzas. Temperatures for cooking are constant and reliable. We haven't had a single issue with any meals yet. Two issues I had with the unit are: a very distinct smell when it was first installed and turned on. I assumed it was leftover residue or maybe some off-gassing, so I turned the unit off and cleaned it out with vinegar and baking soda. The second issue is that it takes a while for this oven to preheat, something I'm still getting used to in that I'm usually done prep work but the oven isn't ready for me yet!

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

Very top quality product and looks great. Excellent performance.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I have the oven over a month and love it. It is easy to use and does a fantastic job! It heats up and cools down quickly.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Really enjoy baking in this oven. Is easy to use, just the right size, and bakes amazingly. Couldn't ask for better performance in a double oven.

Review Title: Love the convection option | Review by

Never had a double stove option before and loving this stove. The pad to program your temp gets a lot of fingerprints. I would like an easier use of a timer- do not quite have the grasp of that function yet. Sometimes turns the stove off automatically when the timer is done.- must be my error.

Review Title: Looks great. Works great. | Review by

Based on Consumer Reports very high ratting and great tax free day discount, we bought this wall oven.

Review Title: great features | Review by

Upgraded from one small oven to having the double and am so excited for the holidays this year! I love convection baking/roasting, it really browns the food and seals in the juices on meat. Plus it cuts down on cooking time. I have not used the steam clean function yet but will most likely need it when I do apple pies next month.

Review Title: Awesomeness | Review by

Bought the oven wanted all whirlpool products have had them in the past and loved them I am a chef and the double oven is great for every occasion especially at the holidays perfect prime rib every time

Review Title: Sleek design, beautiful | Review by

The ovens work great, look great and perform great. If I had to be nailed down to something I didn't like about them, the only thing would be the noise and how long it takes the convection oven to cool enough to shut off.

Review Title: Very nice design and appearance. | Review by

I really like the operation of this unit. By hiding the heating elements, it is much easier to clean spills. It is very sleek in appearance. The controls are very easy to use. My only complaint is that it is a little loud on cool down. Not enough of an issue to change my rating.

Review Title: It's an oven | Review by

We bought this a couple months ago and have no regrets. Looks nice and works well too. Fan is a little loud, but is not an issue for our busy family. We're happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Amazing oven | Review by

I bought it over the summer and use it daily. I rather use my new oven than my new grill.

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