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Whirlpool WOC54EC7AS 27" Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WOC54EC7AS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WOC54EC7AS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WOC54EC7AS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOC54EC7AS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WOC54EC7AS Cooking

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Whirlpool 27" Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven
Regular Price: $2,849.00
27% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,514.10
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Whirlpool WOC54EC7AS

is a BIG microwave/oven combo. The oven is the largest capacity wall oven available at 5 cu. ft. combined capacity. A huge oven window makes it look lustrous and super simple to check in on your food without wasting a bunch of heat. The 27" width makes this combo oven a monster in the kitchen. Whirlpool knew what it was doing when it created this cool beauty. Read on to decide if this wall oven is right for you!

In the Oven

  • Whirlpool's impressive
    Accubake temperature management system
    works like convection, only with regular heat. Built-in sensors keep the oven temperature in check so your items are cooked in perfect time, even when cooking multiple dishes.
  • A
    hidden bake element
    is an underrated part of the oven. With hidden elements, all your fears of dishes boiling over and burning one out are gone. Let the food drizzle over because it will land right onto the oven floor.
  • When your food does boil over the sides, do not fret! The
    self-clean and steam-clean cycles
    are ready to aid you! Just pour 1 and 1/4 cups of water into the oven and let the steamer do its magic. You can wipe those burnt crispies right out! Scrubbing is optional.
  • That's not all though! Whirlpool has created the
    Precise Clean cleaning system
    which tracks times between your cleaning cycles. That way it makes sure that it never runs for longer than necessary.
  • Did you know that you can choose the temperature you want your food to broil at with
    custom broil
  • Some of the other features that might benefit your family are the
    "Keep Warm" function, delay bake option, and Sabbath mode

In the Microwave

  • The microwave has a
    blue digital display with audible signals
    when you touch the buttons. To open, the door swings down, which is very convenient!
  • The
    microwave window
    is also extra-large, like the oven, so you can easily check on food without the hassle of stopping the timer and restarting again.
  • Steam clean
    is also available in the microwave as well, which is truly a blessing, as we all know how hard it is to clean up a disgusting microwave!
  • The microwave should be able to handle your needs at
    1.4 cu. ft.
  • Like most microwaves, this one also includes the
    "Add a Minute" button and several pre-set cooking times
    for things like frozen dinners, popcorn, beverage, and baked potatoes!
  • You can also
    steam cook
    in it!

Other Features

  • The
    control oven lockout
    is perfect for when you have lots of people in the kitchen and you don't want your settings to accidentally be changed by shuffling bodies.
  • Digital controls
    always look modern and are easy to work with when choosing modes in a hurry!

One thing to remember with this microwave/wall oven combo is that you can cook and microwave items at the same time! You don't have to wait for one to finish. With all these different options, this stainless steel, electric combination wall oven will be a helpful addition in your home!


Fuel Type: Electric
Total Oven Capacity: 4.3 Cu. Ft.
Total Microwave Oven Capacity: 1.4 Cu. Ft.
Upper Oven Features
Popcorn: Yes
Add A Minute: Yes
Lower Oven Features
Cooking System: Standard Thermal
Hidden Bake Element: Yes
Bake: Yes
Broil: Standard
Cleaning System: Time Based Self Clean
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Control Lockout: Yes
Upper Oven Steam Container: Yes
Lower Oven Rack Quantity: 2
Upper Oven Microwave Wattage: 900
Lower Oven Bake Element Wattage @ 240V: 2800
Lower Oven Bake Element Wattage @ 208V: 2427
Lower Oven Broil Element Wattage @ 240V: 3600
Lower Oven Broil Element Wattage @ 208V: 3120
Height: 42 9/16"
Width: 27"
Depth: 26 7/16"
Weight: 212 lbs.

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Review Title: I like the layout and location of controls | Review by

The first oven we got from the factory did not work from the start. After three repairmen the store replaced the oven and now we are happy with the oven

Review Title: Great performance and look but buttons are "tough touch" | Review by

Ovens work well. I like the looks of the ovens and control panel is easy to figure out. However, the touch pad buttons take a very strong touch. Hoping it gets easier with more use.

Review Title: Great Product! | Review by

I am in love with my new combination wall oven. It fits perfectly with our newly remodeled kitchen. This is the 3rd appliance we have purchased through Whirlpool and we have not been disappointed yet!

Review Title: Lousy product | Review by

Just moved into a new home that has this oven. If you buy this oven --better also buy industrial strength earplugs or just leave your home when the oven is in use. Fan is extremely loud! Guess we will be dining out more often to save our hearing. Lousy product!

Review Title: Great look, Works fantastic! | Review by

We've had this unit about two months. It works very well and the controls are easy to understand.

Review Title: Love, love it! | Review by

We bought the Whirlpool combo oven/microwave about a month ago. It has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen. Both appliances have amazing features that make cooking so much easier.

Review Title: exceptional functionality and design | Review by

Wow! We replaced our old wall oven unit with the new whirlpool combination microwave wall oven with steam clean option. With it's exceptional functionality and sleek designer look, we decided to upgrade our entire kitchen just to do our new whirlpool oven justice. Thanks for the new kitchen Whirlpool!

Review Title: Simple to use | Review by

The microwave/oven is a terrific addition to our existing kitchen. it is easy to use and runs quietly. The microwave is a great improvement over my previous one. My husband loves the extra 30 second feature.

Review Title: Nice unit | Review by

With not too man choices for a unit of this type...I am very happy with the look and functionality of this piece.

Review Title: I am very happy with my purchase | Review by

The oven has all the features I need and more, there are some baking features I haven't explored but I'm new to cooking so. The microwave is easy to use. The overall design is clean and fits well with my kitchen. I installed the oven and had no trouble.

Review Title: Loving it! | Review by

I bought this as an update to my kitchen 3 weeks ago. It replaced a GE microwave/oven wall unit that was 20 years old. I love not only the sleek appearance of the Whirlpool unit, but it's functionality. The only thing I would change is to add a timer feature that would allow me to use seconds. It has an hours/minutes feature, but that's all. I used the timer feature all the time in my former appliance, ESP for managing multiple cooking times.

Review Title: mic and oven duo | Review by

I have been using this duo for about 6 weeks and I am happy with the oven and the microwave. Oven heats with predictable degrees and the microwave is nice and big.

Review Title: Love this Design! | Review by

Sleek design, just what I was looking for. Love the pull down door on the microwave, as do my guests. Microwave is much more powerful than my previous unit.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This oven combo is not only beautiful, but cooks great. The temperature of the oven is true although it says preheat is done, if you wait another min or two it hits the true temp which is important for baking. The microwave is wonderful as well. It's preset options work great, and it defrosts chicken amazingly without cooking it. I've read reviews about this oven having a loud fan, but honestly it's not loud, it's just a light humming noise....all ovens make this sound. We love it!

Review Title: Nice Unit | Review by

I got this two in one micro and oven. It looks very nice. The oven seems to be pretty evenly heated. The microwave is annoying because the fan continues to run after it's done heating. Sometimes I will put my coffee in there to reheat but go to do other things. I don't want it "running" the whole time. It's also not very easy to select times and such since it's one control for the two units.

Review Title: We love this oven! | Review by

We have had this oven about 3 months and are so happy with it. Most of the reviews we read we focused on the fan that is running for quite awhile while the oven cools off so I was pretty worried about this. It's definitely noticeable but not at all a nuisance. The oven cooks great, especially in comparison to what we had. It definitely cooks on the hotter side, so always err on the shorter time of the range.

Review Title: Expensive but average. | Review by

The heating element is on top so things tend to brown too much or burn. The fan seems like it won't ever shut off. I'm dreading cooking my turkey on Thanksgiving. The fan will run forever and is very noisy. Also I am short and it's very hard to get into the microwave because of the way the door opens. I also can't get out all the plastic packing material from the seams and it looks messy.

Review Title: Exceptional oven design | Review by

After struggling for years with an oven that had limited interior oven width, the Whirlpool's extra inches in a 27" cabinet have been very welcome. The large and clear window coupled with excellent interior lighting are also great design features.

Review Title: Great Appliance!!! | Review by

Really enjoy our new Whirpool appliance. Easy to use...nice clean lines...looks really classy in or kitchen. Would highly recommend this item to anyone needing a new microwave/oven combo unit.

Review Title: Innovative | Review by

We installed this unit a couple of weeks ago and my wife loves it. Quiet, quick and intuitive controls...Watch it though, it cooks faster than the others... Must be the great thermal control. Steam cleaning...who knew!!!

Review Title: Whirlpool 4.3 cu. ft. Combination Microwave/ Wall Oven | Review by

I was very pleased with the oven's features. I chose the black model that compliments the appliances in my kitchen. The oven and microwave capacity are terrific. One side note, I would suggest using a oven thermometer to determine the oven's true temperature. My oven was running twenty degrees above the chosen temperature. Not surprised because it is an electric oven. I would highly recommend this product.

Review Title: Only one thing I would like to see changed | Review by

The microwave only has 900 watts whereas the table top we owned previously had 1100 watts which cooks and warms a lot quicker. Otherwise the oven/micro combo is very nice.



Review Title: Clean attractive appearance. | Review by

We are very pleased with our new stainless Whirlpool built-in microwave and oven. Our previous unit was 25 years old and while still functioning the quality of our food preparation was lacking in so many ways. Everything cooks faster and tastes better. The unit is easy to keep clean and shinny.

Review Title: noisy but nice looking ...... | Review by

nice looking appliance.......the only thing I don't like it the fan noise when I pre heat the oven............and after I use the microwave...........its too loud..........just like my 20 year old jenn air single oven which I replaced with this i'm disappointed on the noise level........should be much quieter considering it cost over 3000 to have it installed in my kitchen........but perform very well......nice finish......has a nice upgraded look to it.......

Review Title: great wall oven combo | Review by

I had a Frigidaire before - no comparison This wall oven unit is 10 times better. Way better built unit. Highly recommend

Review Title: Great | Review by

This is and great unit. Very easy to use.A must have for older family members

Review Title: I like the larger oven space and it is easy to use. Looks good too. | Review by

Being an artist, the design and appearance was important to me. This was the most attractive unit that fit the dimensions I needed. I like the large interior of this model...much larger than I had before. Even though it is a different brand, it is very easy to use.

Review Title: Very sleek design...performs excellent...easily cleaned | Review by

We enjoy the touch pad and the clean looks along with the way the micowave door opens down instead of side to side since it is installed next to a wall. The oven cooks evenly and easy to clean. The fan motor does take some getting use to, but its not too loud.I installed the unit myself with little to no problems. We have already recommended this unit to our family and friends.

Review Title: This is a great product | Review by

I am so grateful that we found one the size we needed to replace our old one. I love the pull down door for the microwave. Setting the timed bake feature on the oven is a little challenging but other than that I love this unit.

Review Title: looks and preforms sharp | Review by

I was limited by size for my built in but my carpenter did a great install and I am very pleased with the look and more importantly the performance. Easy to use and easy to clean. Hope I can pay it iff soon so I can get a Whirlpool refrig. to match!

Review Title: Good bang for your buck | Review by

Cooks evenly, preheats quickly, looks good, easy to clean, easy to use.

Review Title: 50-50 | Review by

We bought the combination microwave and wall oven a month ago and was somewhat disappointed in the micro-wave's function and power. Regular oven size was large and functioned well.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Easy to use. You can use microwave and oven at same time and set timer for both. Love,Love,love

Review Title: oven microwave combo. | Review by

This unit replaced a separate GE oven and microwave . Original microwave would run all day and get hot even when shut off and door was open. Read reviews of house fires due to this problem so I removed it from the cabinet. Went several years with just oven but it eventually quit. New unit takes up less space than separate units which allowed space for another drawer under the oven. The controls take getting use to and are not as simple as older ovens and microwaves. The fans are loud but when you get use to them it doesn't bother you. So far we are happy with the unit and hope it lasts longer than the previous ones.

Review Title: This is a first class appliance | Review by

This Whirlpool Combo oven replaces a fifteen year old Whirlpool unit and has incorporated in its design all of the improvements that we had felt would be very useful. We have no criticisms of this combo oven, and only accolades for the designers and production folks who produced this fine unit.

Review Title: Excessive fan noise... | Review by

I agree completely with first review. It looks and works great. The one fatal flaw is how much noise the fan makes, which is exacerbated by the fact is keeps running ones turned off until unit cools down. When putting together a quality look for your kitchen you don't want something like this to ruin your efforts.

Review Title: Sleek, modern design! | Review by

Extremely happy with my purchase! Big space saver being microwave/oven combination. Large capacity, bakes well. Love the sleek, modern design Very attractive! Whirlpool is the bomb!

Review Title: Baking is a pleasure with this product! | Review by

This 27" wall oven fits perfectly in our small kitchen. We replaced our old 24" double wall ovens with this microwave and oven combo wall unit and couldn't be happier. I now can fit a regular sized cookie sheet in the oven, In fact, there's enough vertical room in the oven to use 2 cookie sheets simultaneously with enough space between the racks to give good airflow around the cookie sheets. Cookies and breads come out beautiful, though I do use a pizza stone at the bottom of the oven to guarantee even baking. The oven takes a while to heat up and the fan is a bit noisy, similar to a standard-size wall oven. The microwave works great and the stainless interior gives a professional look. I have had a bit of trouble with the touch pad controls not working, causing me to re-enter my desired program before it would start. Electronic pads seem to be a weak point with modern appliances. All-in-all I'm very happy with the new purchase.

Review Title: Really enhanced my kitchen's appearance. | Review by

My new microwave/oven combo is really beautiful and adds a really wow factor to my kitchen upgrade. I have only had an opportunity to use it for about two weeks. So far, I love it, but I expected that. This one replaces a Whirlpool microwave and oven that I have been using for twenty years.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought my oven microwave combo several months ago and I am very pleased with it. It is easy to operate and looks great. It looks like a double oven but with microwave. I now. Have all whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: Love the oven/microwave combo! | Review by

Before purchasing this beautiful model I had a double oven and separate microwave. The microwave was suspended from an upper cabinet in order to keep counter space available, however even though it didn't set on the counter surface it minimized placing any taller items on the counter. This combo appliance is soooo sleek looking (I love the curved handle), and actually takes up less space than my old double oven. The oven is HUGE and allows me to place even the largest pan or turkey and still have room for more! The microwave is also much larger than my former one. All this and the combo takes up less space giving me an entire new area of counter to use and I added a new large drawer under the oven for pots & pans. I couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Excessive fan noise | Review by

Overall, the oven/ microwave combo works well. The one overriding failure is the oven fan. If it was only blowing air, it wouldn't be bad -even in our open area kitchen/great room layout. But it whistles and whines and is piercing to the point of distraction. I feel as though I just spent a couple of grand on a loser.. A brand new kitchen and a noisemaker. It would be great but it just too noisy.

Review Title: Nice features, great look | Review by

Great look and easily cleaans up, even after broiling. Sound levels are too high, even on low. Microwave could/should be more powerful.

Review Title: We are completely satisfied. | Review by

We have found this product to be excellent in all respects. We were pleasantly surprised at its power, both microwave and oven, which has resulted in much faster cooking time than our old appliances. We would recommend this product without hesitation.

Review Title: Looks Fab! | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago. I havent had an oven in over 5 yrs. This is a beautiful piece. i just wish it heated more quickly and the microwave was quieter.

Review Title: Very efficient oven | Review by

I love the sleek design and fast pre-heat for the oven. This oven has more interior room than most. However, the microwave door presents a problem for me because it is installed alittle to high for me to reach in to clean because the door pulls down and does not oppen side to side. I have fixed this problem by using a step stool. Oven all I love the new oven micro combo.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Bought a month ago and we are very pleased with the ease of operation and easy cleanability.

Review Title: I trust whirlpool | Review by

I am a wirlpool fan! I bought my whirlpool washer, dryer, friger 16 years ago, Now they are still work great! 2 month ago, I bought my combination of oven and microwave. no suprise, whirpool agan. It works good and looks great.

Review Title: I now look forward to cooking meals for the entire family | Review by

I now look forward to cooking meals for the entire family in this easy to use appliance. All of the push button functions are easy to use and the status displays are just as easy to read. I am able to microwave, bake, and broil foods at the same location within my kitchen at the same time. Cleanup couldn't be any easier also.

Review Title: overall | Review by

So far all features work well and I am very pleased with its appearance. Two suggestions: 1). Microwave fan stays on after completing cooking and must be turned off. 2). Why must all appliances be different sizes? When replacing an older model, extensive cabinetry work many times needs done.

Review Title: this product looks good | Review by

I am however amazed at how loud it is. Also can not believe that on the microwave you have to touch start after the 30 second button. Also that the clock can only be seen when standing in front of it. I do like that the timer keeps going off.

Review Title: This product works very well. | Review by

The noise during the cooling down of the oven is quite loud and is on for a long time.


I love my new Whirlpool s S/S Oven n microwave combo. It has so much room inside both the oven and the microwave,I love the easy to understand and use features.I just love how easy it is to clean and it looks great it makes my kitchen look like a million dollars. I would highly recommend Whirlpool to all my family and friends.

Review Title: I | Review by

I like the look of this product, but the microwave door makes it hard to remove items (large bowl) without the turn table coming off too. I'm short so can't reach. It is also difficult to clean for this same reason. I was worried that the fans would be to loud, but they aren't. I used the steam clean, but I may have done wrong. I really like the look, & I haven't had to worry too much about prints on the outside.

Review Title: Weird microover door but good overall | Review by

Note that the microwave oven door opens like the oven!!!! hinge is on the bottom. That will take some getting used to. the oven eventhough it's electric works great. the first dish we cooked was one of the best meals we had - no kidding.

Review Title: disappointing and stressful | Review by

i will never buy another Whirlpool appliance, just returned it to store. The oven was not calibrated correctly, burned my Cornish hen.(2 times). It was almost impossible to clean the oven afterwards. Then removed a bowl of soup from the microwave and spilled it. The broth ran between the door and oven, now I have 3 streaks running down between the glass and oven door. Had someone come out to re-calibrate the oven but the damage is done. I do not want to deal with it any longer. Returned it to Lowe's today. Its a joke for them to say "it was calibrated at the factory".

Review Title: Perfect!! Better than I'd hoped. | Review by

Needing to replace my original oven unit from 1978, I had some dimensional constraints, plus I had clad the edges of my cabinet door in brushed aluminum. Your unit fit with a very minimal tweak to the opening. The installer knew exactly what to do and did it quickly and correctly. The finished appearance is perfect. I'm not overly taken by all things digital, but I was able to master both the oven and microwave without undo frustration. Both units get use most every day. Could not be more delighted.

Review Title: Surprized at noise. | Review by

We replaced our old Whirpool oven with this new one. It looks great and I love the 27"oven. It takes forever to preheat!! For the standard 350 degrees, it takes 14 minutes!! When I go up to 425 degrees it can take up to 20+ minutes!! To my surprize there is a loud fan noise that blasts out hot air the whole time of preheating and cooking. I am afraid to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving! The heat may be unbearable! :(

Review Title: Double oven combo. | Review by

Had in service for 5 months and all working well. Would buy more Whirlpool appliances. Wish the push pad was easier to push and less sensitive to exact active location. Also that the completion alarm would auto shut off after a couple of cycles.

Review Title: Extremely happy with purchase! | Review by

I love everything about this combo......the oven cooks food evenly & well, & the microwave heats well also. The only complaint I have, is how loud the oven is. Of note, I cook often, & love to cook, but don't need/want the most high tech equipment available. Overall, very happy with purchase & would highly recommend.

Review Title: Looks like double oven | Review by

I love how the microwave door swings down like a regular oven. Unit looks like a double oven, very sleek and modern. Replaced an old microwave/oven with this 27" model. The installer had to make a few adjustments to our existing cabinet in order to accommodate this new larger one. Love everything except for the fan blowing for quite a while after oven shuts off, something my old unit didn't do. You feel like the oven is still running. Not that big of a deal.

Review Title: Great look, easy to use | Review by

Microwave-oven combo meets my needs. It really looks like a double oven. I use them both extensively and so far had no issues. The only cons are; it takes a little bit to warm up the oven and the fan is too loud.

Review Title: Ultra Sleek Look, Quiet with Innovative Options | Review by

After reviewing various Microwave & Oven Combo, we decided with Whirlpool again. We had an earlier model in white that worked extremely well for 12 years! So in Nov. of 2014 we decided to go with Stainless Steel. First let me say that I actually installed it myself (with a little help of my wife). I am NOT a handyman person, but after examining it and looking at the EZ directions, (an calling around for install prices) I realized I could do this. It's actually simple.After clicking the breaker off we pulled out the old one, removing some simple trim and unscrewing the wiring box open we disconnected the 3 or 4 wires, then slide it out. We set it on furniture pads to slide it out of the way. Setting the new one in resting on the cabinet, we rewired the new one color to color and used existing wiring screw nut caps it was really simple. Then we just slide it all the way in and that was it...(Naturally I was VERY proud.:) Clicking the breaker back on, the lights came on and worked like a champ. The OPTIONS that come with this appliance are REALLY GREAT!. I would also like to say the the OVEN FAN is very QUIET. My wife really loves it. So do I recommend this Whirlpool Microwave Oven combo, you bet I do.

Review Title: Great Microwave & Wall Oven | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and love it. The nice large window on the Oven is great.

Review Title: Very nice looking unit | Review by

This is a new unit that replaced a 28 yr old Hotpoint wall oven/microwave that actually still worked and had caused no repairs in the last 18 years. It was part of an update to stainless for the kitchen. So far it is working fine, but cannot comment on the quality due to the short time that it has been used. The only negative is that the oven fan is quite loud pre-heating, cooking, and during the cool-down period after turning the oven off.

Review Title: Great combo oven | Review by

Been really happy with this unit for over 2 months now. Pros: way more cooking space than my older 27" unit, consistent cooking on both racks, stylish, easy to use, press one button to start to start or add 30 seconds on a microwave cycle Cons: the fan will blow for awhile after done cooking and while cooking (however its not as loud as some people have made it out to be, but you will definitely hear it - one tip is to leave the door cracked after cooking to release the heat faster), takes quite a long time to preheat Overall, I'm really happy we bought this combo oven. In my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Review Title: Missing some features others are not right | Review by

This oven needs convection - the back is hot the front is cold - have to rotate food for some consistency, first time with a non convection oven and wont do it again. Also Popcorn setting needs to be labeled "Burn Popcorn" which is the worst smell ever. Retry it every few months but never have had a unburned bag yet and we have tried 5 different makes and sizes.

Review Title: "Sweet new oven & microwave combo" | Review by

We had burned up the old oven and picked the Whirlpool oven & microwave combo. Glad we did. It is fast and simple to use, it is different having a cooling fan run wail you cook but it works sweet just some fan noise. I love the easy to use digital inputs for temp & time! Very easy to clean with all flat sensor buttons. Enjoy I would pick this one again looking at all the others in the 27-30" class of products.

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