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Whirlpool WMH53520CE Ice Collection 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Ice Over-the-Range Microwave (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMH53520CE Cooking

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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $399.00
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Regular Price: $354.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 28.1 Cu. Ft. Black Ice French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" Black Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" Black Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" Black Ice Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range - Convection
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" Black Ice Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $2,549.00
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Regular Price: $2,244.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 19.6 Cu. Ft. Black Ice French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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19% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,344.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" Black Ice Electric Smoothtop Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,049.00
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Regular Price: $894.10
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  • CleanRelease Non-Stick Interior
  • The industry's first non-stick interior allows for chemical-free cleaning.
  • A damp cloth or sponge is all that's needed to remove cooked-on spills and splashes from the silver metallic surface.
  • Now you can clean up all types of splatters quickly and easily.
  • 4-Speed Fan / 400 CFM
  • 4 variable fan-speed settings let you match the right amount of ventilation to the dish being prepared.
  • Auto Adapt Fan
  • Automatically adjusts fan speed by sensing the temperature of the cooktop.
  • Variable fan-speed settings let you match the right amount of ventilation to the heat being generated from the cooktop.
  • 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Enjoy the flexibility to easily microwave food in containers of almost any size with 2.0 cu. ft. of capacity.
  • Make meal time simple by using the ample space for multiple dishes.
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power
  • With up to 1,000 watts of cooking power, Whirlpool microwaves offer the flexibility you need to heat all types of food.
  • From macaroni and cheese to corn on the cob, quickly and easily.
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Take the guesswork out of microwave meals.
  • You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you.
  • Adjusts time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.
  • Steam Cooking
  • Create more space on the cooktop.
  • Now you can steam conveniently in the microwave for delicious, healthy meals with their dishwasher safe microwave steamer.
  • Enjoy flaky fish, tender vegetables and fluffy rice quickly and easily without the hassle or bulk of cooktop steamers.
  • Recessed, Stoppable Glass Turntable
  • The recessed turntable handles larger items like cooking bowls so you can prepare caramel corn, party mix or soups in the microwave.
  • The turntable can be safely stopped with the touch of a button.
  • Hidden Vent
  • Streamline the appearance of the microwave exterior with a hidden vent that also simplifies cleaning.
  • 90° Hinge
  • The 90° hinge allows for flexible installation of your Whirlpool microwave hood combination.
  • You can even place the microwave next to a wall and still open the door easily.
  • Cooking Rack
  • This removable cooking rack lets you microwave several items at once for added flexibility.


Microwave Type: Over-the-Range
Capacity: 2.0 Cu. Ft.
Voltage: 120 Volts
Exterior Features
Door Swing: Left Hand (Hinge Side)
Handle/Latch: Pull To Open
Display Type: VFD
Styling: 2-Piece
Control Location: Side
Blower Type: Twin Squirrel Cage Blower
Ventilation Type: Exterior or Recirculating
Clock Set/Off: Yes (24 Hour)
Dynamic Fan Sensing: Yes
Hinge: 90°
CFM: 400 CFM
Fan Speeds: 4-Speed
Cooktop Light: Yes
Interior Features
Finish: Clean Release with Anti-Microbial Properties
Cooking Power Wattage: 1,000 Watts
Turntable Material: Glass
Turntable Diameter: 12"
Rack: Yes
Sensor Cooking: Yes
Cleaning: CleanRelease Non-Stick Interior
Grease Filter: Yes
Quick Touch Settings
Cook: Yes
Reheat: Yes
Soften/Melt: No
Add 30 Seconds: Yes
Popcorn: Yes
Baked Potato: Yes
Pizza: Yes
Vegetable: Yes
Dinner Plate: Yes
Warm/Hold: No
Beverage: Yes
Defrost: Yes
Convection: No
Steam Cooking: Yes
Steam Clean: No
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 29 7/8"
Overall Depth: 18"
Overall Depth without Handle: 16 5/16"
Overall Height: 17 1/8"
Gross Weight: 65.0 Lbs.

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Review Title: Upgrade | Review by

Was buying a new range and figured that we could also use this microwave to make better use of our counter-top space. Love all the different cook settings, it is very quite and works great. The only thing that needs improvement, is the beeper for the timer, is not hardly hearable.

Review Title: Great Microwave and hood | Review by

Bought in December and it is great. Very attractive, good features, fan is strong but a little loud.

Review Title: New Microwave | Review by

Our old whirlpool microwave died and we needed a replacement soon. We loved our old one and this one is very simular but we miss a couple features from our old one. Bake Potato and 1,2,3,4,5 minute feature when you touch those buttons is truly missed.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Never had a microwave that works as efficiently as this one. Love the one touch buttons and the non-stick walls. Very easy to clean.

Review Title: whirlpool microwave | Review by

Vent fan does not work properly and microwave makes noises while heating food

Review Title: Easy to use!! | Review by

We bought this about a month ago and it works like a dream. The soften/melt butter button is awesome specially when baking.

Review Title: Wonderful Microwave | Review by

This is a fantastic microwave! It is powerful, quiet, and looks great. It is very well designed. The clock is bright and can be seen across the room. The buttons are easy to push and it is easy to navigate/use overall. I highly recommend this unit.

Review Title: Awesome microwave! | Review by

We just love this new microwave....the non-stick surface is the best!! Hubby never remembers to cover his food and we get a LOT of much easier and quicker to clean...thanks, Whirlpool!!

Review Title: microwave | Review by

Two problems with this model. It burns small bags of popcorn and the defrost wants a weight instead of a time setting.

Review Title: Super quiet | Review by

Good features and very quiet operation. Lacks a temperature probe but I never used one anyway. Looks great.

Review Title: New house, all new appliances! | Review by

Works great, love the chime. Builder chose model but it's good

Review Title: Great Micro Wave for the price! | Review by

We have had our Micro Wave for 3 months and are very pleased with it. My wife did a LOT of research on Micro Waves before we settled on the Whirlpool.

Review Title: great options love the light and fam | Review by

I wanted a microwave that vented to the outside and had great exhaust options. The extra features and multiple light options confirm I have pick the right microwave. It's the best on the market in my opinion.

Review Title: Great Look and Style | Review by

Love the look, works great, and it fits right in with what we have going on in our newly renovated kitchen. I mostly like the personal feature, pressing one button for preset items, popcorn, potato, drinks, etc. Thank you for a great product!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

The sensors work well and it cleans easily. We have not owned it long but we hope it lasts much longer than the microwave from another brand we are replacing which only lasted 2 years.

Review Title: Easy to clean. | Review by

Large capacity is just great. But we have a problem with the color of the control panel. Someone here, with poor sight, has trouble seeing the controls. But I wanted a white microwave and at the time this was the only one that met my needs. Didn't notice the color of the panel until it was installed.

Review Title: Love the vegetable steaming setting. | Review by

I bought this to replace a Samsung that kept shutting down whenever I had something on the stove boiling. The exhaust fan works much better than the previous microwave. The non-stick inside is a great idea, much easier to clean. The best feature is the vegetable steaming option. Steams vegetables to perfection.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

So far it is wonderful. Only had it a few weeks. Senser feature is wonderful. The light for stove needs to be placed more front to shine on stove top. It shines in stove panel and wall. Other then that it is great so far. It is very quite. The alarms need a way to turn up. They are not that loud is a little hard to hear going off in another room.

Review Title: whirlpool - 2.0 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave | Review by

We bought this to replace a prior model Whirlpool microwave that lasted only 3 years. Whirlpool gave us an extra 10% rebate if we bought another Whirlpool. Hopefully this one lasts longer than 36 months. Apparently prior model had magnetron issue. This one is similar, but may have some enhancements .

Review Title: Lots of pre set buttons! | Review by

I wanted a Whirlpool microwave & received one for Christmas. It looks sharp, has a lot of pre set buttons, nice large turntable, removable cooking rack, nonstick interior, runs very quiet & has a nice tune when food is ready! It's very nice with great quality!

Review Title: Replacemen microwave | Review by

Have had microwave for 3 weeks now.The price is very competitive.All the bells and whistles you could want are there.Easy to use.So far we are happy.

Review Title: Nice looking | Review by

Nice large microwave. It looks nice and matches my White Ice refrigerator and stove. Would like it better if task light was brighter and the exhause fan was quieter. Sensors work well. White Ice is a nice compromise between white and stainless appliances.

Review Title: A great OTR Microwave... | Review by

I was happy with my last microwave till it malfunctioned. Looking for a new one I liked the features of the Whirlpool OTR Microwave, it's now installed and extremely happy with my choice, it's very quiet, works well, easy to use, looks great in the kitchen. Have to learn more of the feature it has in time. I have no problems or complaints with my new Whirlpool microwave.....

Review Title: Love the many features | Review by

We needed to replace an older unit. Had to cut down upper cabinet so it would fit. Then refinished all cabinets in kitchen.

Review Title: Non stick microwave makes it so easy to keep clean | Review by

I have had this microwave about a month. I did have trouble with one of the ceiling screw, which the holding nut seem to disappear inside of working parts, I did use right angle metal piece to hold up the right side up in the over range installation. I like the controls. I also took off the glass on the bottom of the light to get more illumination on the range. It would be better if the microwave would use a longer light mounted the same way space for the bulb instead of perpendicular to the space.

Review Title: I am a fan! | Review by

I bought this hoping for a much quieter fan and am very pleased with the sound level of the lower settings. I no longer feel like a jet engine is taking off in my kitchen.

Review Title: High Class Microwave | Review by

Was upgraded to this microwave in our appliance package and gotta say its top of the line. Great microwave.

Review Title: Over the stove microwave | Review by

I installed about one month ago. So far, very happy with it. Microwave very quiet and nice looking unit. Seems to be well made and has all the features anybody would need.

Review Title: What a difference 20+ years make | Review by

This Whirlpool product replaced our twenty year plus microwave and we are very pleased with it's performance. The new features are fantastic. It's so quiet you can hardly hear it when it's being used and clean-up is a breeze.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

We've been using it about 3 weeks. Love the easy to use single button features. The defrost is wonderful and has worked perfectly every time. Would highly recommend this to everyone. Our second Whirlpool microwave (the first one lasted 15 years). Tough and easy to use. A real winner.

Review Title: Lots of features, variable hood fan, variable lighting | Review by

My mother was looking for a new microwave oven to replace the one that she had for twenty years (of course, the company is out of business now). I researched many under-the-counter microwave ovens. A national store had this one for a great discounted price and it has so many useful features. It looks great in her kitchen and the LED screen can be set to scroll directions for each function. She's had it for about three months and there have been no problems thus far.

Review Title: Super quiet and love the tune instead of a buzz when cycle is over | Review by

Cooks quickly and quietly. Haven't found anything bad about it.

Review Title: nice | Review by

Has everything you need in a microwave and is easy to use

Review Title: Very Quiet! | Review by

So far, this microwave is impressive! I love how quiet it is and do like the sensor feature. Cooks food well and evenly. The clean up is super easy as well!

Review Title: NOT AS NICE AS MY OLD WHIRLPOOL | Review by


Review Title: The only one that worked for us. | Review by

We had a problem because our stove is directly under our microwave and the prior two models we had both had to be ttasjed because the door cracked from the heat generated. This model has a door that is metal all the way around including the underside above the stove. We are hoping this will solve that problem and so far it looks like it will. We also love the automatic cooking feature that works really well. The price and features were perfect for us.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave ! :-) | Review by

Recently purchased and we love this new addition to our kitchen. Works great, it's simple, and very quite. Cooks our meals great and just as we like them.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this microwave about 2 months ago and I'm so glad I did. The features are just what I was looking for--sensor cooking, a wide variety of features, easy to clean, and good looking.

Review Title: Our appliances have some newer and great features on them | Review by

We bought them about two months ago and so far are very pleased with them

Review Title: Microwave Hood Combination | Review by

We have been enjoying this microwave oven and like the special features.

Review Title: Very nice upgrade | Review by

After replacing our Double Oven with a new Whirlpool Gold model there was no choice, but to update our microwave also. It's bigger, non-stick and looks great!

Review Title: Love the Steam and Sensor function but can't hear it finish | Review by

The sensor function is right on every time. I really enjoy using this microwave. The steam function is great, but I'm still figuring out how not to get mushy vegetables. You cannot hear the microwave finish at all. This is very frustrating when it is sensing and you don't know how long the microwave will cook. I like the pretty tune it plays, but I can't hear it if there is any other noise in the same room.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

Pretty new haven't used it a lot but so far so good

Review Title: Super easy to use | Review by

We purchased this microwave with the matching stove and we are so glad we did. I love the "add 30 seconds" button and the adjustable heat.

Review Title: the best appliance i ever purchased | Review by

I am emotional about this microwave. I am in love with this appliance. I must be truthful...I had a Whirlpool microwave for many years, and found it to be great. Unfortunately I was talked into buying a different brand. I had it for a week and couldn't stand it. It went back and I purchased my favorite microwave brand...Whirlpool. My new microwave is even better than my ,love,love its easy clean interior. Love, love, love the precise sensors that cook everything to perfection. Whenever I need another kitchen appliance I will head directly to Whirlpool. I wont make another mistake by choosing a different brand.

Review Title: Enjoy my purchase | Review by

This is the best purchase I have made. It has been very easy to clean because of the non- stick. The first time I used it, I had got sidetracked it and the the time had finished. I could hear noise but I could not figure out where it was coming from it was the beeper. It was so smooth and quiet it was enjoyable.

Review Title: whirlpool microwave | Review by

Bought this microwave three weeks ago, operates great.

Review Title: Great replacement at a fair cost | Review by

I replaced an older microwave with this model to spruce up my kitchen and am happy for the added elegance provided.

Review Title: love it | Review by

My wife absolutely loves this microwave. It has great features and a great price

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Very happy with my whirlpool microwave. Couldn't beat the price!

Review Title: Love the easy clean interior!! | Review by

This is my first ever appliance purchase!! I love my microwave. The microwave heats everything in a short period of time and it is so easy to clean and maintain. I also love the different levels of the vent fan. It allows me to adjust it to what I need instead of just blasting at high speed. It is definitely a product that I would buy again!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

This is so quiet, LOVE it, lots of heating options

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

The microwave has been a great purchase! The previous microwave died! This one is so easy to operate and clean!

Review Title: Best microwave ever! | Review by

Bought this when I remodeled my kitchen. Love it! It thinks for you. Many more features than i even realized. Didn't know how out of date with the times my old microwave was until I bought this one.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Needed to replace a microwave which was requiring third service cal.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Bought this microwave about a month ago. It is quiet and works great. It way surpasses the GE profile microwave it replaced

Review Title: Very quiet compared to the old on, which was also a Whirlpool, 13 years old. | Review by

Our 13 year old Whirlpool microwave was great, but had finally given up! We researched, several days before deciding on another Whirlpool. This one is great. Very quiet and so glad we bought it.

Review Title: Good microwave..! | Review by

Fast cook times...turntable nice feature....looks good...

Review Title: Better than expected | Review by

Bought as part of Kitchen remodel and it is a great appliance

Review Title: My new Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

I purchased this a month ago. My 15 year old Whirlpool had seen its days. This new microwave with non stick interior is so much easier to clean. Whirlpool heavenly it making jobs easier. My husband now is learning too with all its settings he can heat more than just a cup of coffee without me, Now that is an accomplishment thanks to the great panel control instructions. No need to get a manual out.? Whirlpool is my choice of alppliances for or 43 years married. You cannot go wrong with a great manufacturer and customer service when needed

Review Title: User Friendly | Review by

This microwave is surprisingly easy to interact with. And I do mean interact. It seems to "think" like it's human. I love it.

Review Title: Excellent Quality for the $ | Review by

When I recently purchased the Whirlpool double oven, I also purchased this microwave to match my new double oven. Even though I did not need a new over the range microwave, the price was right so it came home with me too. The microwave is sharp looking, quiet, easy to clean, has an excellent exhaust fan, lights,and lots of other numerous features that my more expensive microwave did not even have .I am so glad I purchased this microwave even though I had no intention on replacing my old one. With my new Whirlpool double oven and new microwave oven, my kitchen looks sharp, clean, new and modern.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Bought this appliance like a month ago it works great I don't have any problems with the appliances

Review Title: great features | Review by

replaced all appliances with whirlpool American made products

Review Title: Easy to use Microwave | Review by

We bought our Whirlpool over the range microwave about a month ago and we are very happy with the product. A lot of great features and the no stick inside makes it easy to clean. My only mild complaint would be the end of event beeper is not very loud and there is no way to adjust the volume. If you're not close to the microwave you can't hear the beeper.

Review Title: Love my new MHC!!!! | Review by

I have been wanting this MHC for a long time & it took getting a new Whirlpool range to accomplish it! We had a Whirlpool MHC from 2000 that was working just fine & it was an automatic model... I really wanted a sensor unit that also had the melt function... The easy clean interior is wonderful!!!!

Review Title: The best Micro-ever! | Review by

The best micro- ever! Solid and simple old fashion construction. So quiet I have to look to see if it's still on. Easy install, I did it with the help of my wife.

Review Title: Good features and works fine. | Review by

Installed one week ago and used every day since. Very good size oven with rotating plate. Easy to use programming.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Love my new Whirlpool microwave. It was so easy for my husband to install. Really like that it has a turntable and a shelf. Has great cooking features and I like the Sensor cooking feature.

Review Title: Very easy to operate, great looking and is more efficient than other models we have owned. | Review by

We purchased 3 months ago and are very pleased with all facets of it. We had one minor issue with the fan and it was resolved promptly and efficiently.

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

I love this microwave! It has great features and the specialty buttons are the ones I need!

Review Title: Gold series | Review by

We purchased a new home and has all Whirlpool Gold series appliances. Love this unit vents outside and east to operate.

Review Title: HIGH QUALITY | Review by

This microwave was such a surprise at how sleek and stylish an appliance shows and it went so well with my other appliances. I love the new inner coating that makes cleaning a breeze.

Review Title: Great features but missing one | Review by

Easy to use, great features, but would be even better with a one-touch button for 1 min, 2 min, etc cooking. Also, doesn't always warm things evenly.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Great microwave....easy to clean,nice big area inside. What I like best is the touchpad is easy to understand and best of all....the door is easy to open and close unlike many I tried.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Bought this microwave along with the matching stove. Overall, works great. Large capacity and heats evenly. The "finished" sound/tone is a little annoying, but that is the only issue I have which is awesome

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I got it thy trade thu AHS and it is great to use it

Review Title: Great features and quiet | Review by

Love the look, larger than my last one, but it works great and is so so quiet

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this for one of my rehabs and the product is loved by all.

Review Title: Popcorn sensing is terrific! | Review by

I love everything about this microwave! It's easy to clean, cooks evenly and the popcorn feature is absolutely the best ! You just place your pkg in and the microwave takes care of everything else and all you do is wait for perfect popcorn!

Review Title: Would buy again | Review by

Always liked whirlpool and with this new microwave I was not disappointed. Great new features and sleek design. Vent fan works well for me too

Review Title: Our favorite new thing! | Review by

We bought this in June when we renovated our kitchen. We bought it in White Ice. We are amazed at its features and my husband giggled, yes he literally giggled for 10 days every single time he used it. Which was every time he could come up with an excuse to use it. He still uses it like it's his job every day. I use it as well every day and I thoroughly love it. It is quite honestly one of the best purchases we have ever made.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I purchased this about 2 months ago and it is working well. No complaints

Review Title: The innovative microwave | Review by

Fancy, quiet and quite a state of the art piece of equipment

Review Title: Excellent!!! | Review by

I love my new microwave!! It's topped off my new kitchen!!!

Review Title: Great, reliable appliance | Review by

We bought this microwave last month and as expected it's performing like a Whirlpool appliance should. We've owned mostly Whirlpool Gold appliances and each has lasted 15 or more years. I'd call that great quality!!!

Review Title: Simplicity | Review by

Does everything I need it to and a lot that I don't. I don't use a microwave much but its nice to have when I need it. It came with my new home.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this a few months ago, everything great. The only thing I dislike is that the beepers audio can not be adjusted as far as I can figure out. In other words, cycle end can not be heard.

Review Title: over stove micro wave oven | Review by

we bought our new microwave a couple of weeks ago, the fellows that installed it were very professional, and to top it all off, the microwave is everything it says it is! We love it! thank you for having quality appliances!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Bought this to match my new range. Love it! the features are great and it's easy to use.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Matches the other appliances in my kitchen. The pre-programmed features are very helpful, very rarely need to program any cooking times.

Review Title: Beautiful alternative to stainless steel | Review by

I have the whirlpool white ice range and recently purchased the white ice microwave. The white ice collection is a beautiful alternative to stainless steel and so much richer looking than plain white. The sleek, mirror finish with the stainless accents brings a unique look to my kitchen. Besides looking good, I'm very happy with the quality of both appliances I have purchased. Now to finish my kitchen I need to get the white ice refrigerator!

Review Title: very easy to use, interior makes it look clean | Review by

the microwave has been a great asset to our kitchen/dining area. it fits into the decor of the other whirlpool items in our kitchen area. we enjoy using it and it the power seems to be more stronger than our older microwave..

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Love it! So easy to use even my husband can use it! Easy to clean. I love all the features!

Review Title: so good so far | Review by

Installation wasn't that bad, fan is really LOUD. Takes a long time on reheat, but overall, as of right now, works sufficiently.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

We just bought this as a replacement for a builder installed hunk of junk! We were looking for a good deal. When I saw this one I expected to to be much more expensive. The interior is a matte finish and I love that for cleaning. So far we are thrilled with it. The only thing it's missing are one touch time buttons (press the 1 for one minute, etc).

Review Title: Overall a great Microwave | Review by

I really like the Whirlpool microwave with all the new features except the key board and numbers are so small. I had a Whirlpool microwave previous and liked it very much. That is why I bought this new one. Hope it last as long as my previous one. Please try and improve on the keyboard and numbers.

Review Title: like features and appearance | Review by

please with product. Easy to use and excellent options

Review Title: great features and easy to use | Review by

bought this about three weeks age and am very pleased with the ease of operation and the outcome of the products.

Review Title: We are pleased with the appliance. | Review by

We really like how quiet it is. It was easy to install. We also like the interior look. It's a nice size with a larger turn table.

Review Title: Better than others | Review by

it is getting difficult to buy a microwave that is just a microwave. This one is just that - a microwave. My wife liked the way the door felt and shut. However, the unit we purchased had a misaligned door (it angled down about 1/4" from the frame. The manufacturer immediately dispatched an appliance repair person whom was able to correct the issue. no problems, works as it should

Review Title: Nic and quiet | Review by

Looks nice. Plenty of inside room. It is very quiet when it runs and I can stop the chime at the end. Only thing I don't find useful is the programmed buttons. They don't fit anything I use the microwave for. I actually cook with my microwave and I didn't find much for cooking but raather mostly reheating, melting, or defrosting.

Review Title: shopped all the local stores, bought Whirlpool Gold, 2.0 cu. ft microwave | Review by

our previous microwave died, needed to replace it. did a lot of research, both online and in stores, looking for a 'reasonable' replacement, wanted to keep cost down. we found this microwave, on sale, was a floor demo - passed on buying it at first, but went back the next day, and bought it! GLAD WE DID! it has a LOT of great features!!!!!

Review Title: Sensored cooking? Not the best | Review by

This is actually my second Whirlpool microwave in a month. The first one was overcooking any and every frozen meal I tried to put into it when using the "sensing" mode. I would essentially cause the meal to explode. My replacement one out of the box had a buzzing noise every time I would use it. After servicing my new microwave, it is fixed. I have not tried all sensing modes yet, but think they need to work on their accuracy.I understand technology is not perfect, but if it is on your product it should be good, not unreliable. For the good: the microwave is very powerful, it heats things very fast. The timed sensor for popcorn works amazing.

Review Title: Love the features i.e. pizza, casserole, warm, etc | Review by

This was a housewarming gift, and I couldn't be more appreciative! We were asked to choose the microwave and chose this particular model for its great price. Great quality and very easy to use. Glad we went with Whirlpool.

Review Title: Awesome features | Review by

Love the auto sensor feature. I steamed rice and broccoli in 4 min. Love the heavy handle for durability. The extra large turntable is awesome. You can heat 3-4 dinner plates with it. Only thing I've had problems with is the popcorn button. It leaves a lot of excess kernels .

Review Title: the sounds. | Review by

So happy that this model came with our new home....

Review Title: Great When It Works | Review by

We bought the microwave, and it worked great...for about a month. After about 3 weeks, it stopped working. We have to exchange it for a new one. I'm really glad that it was within the 30-day return period. I can't recommend this product. It is great when it works, but it breaking so soon is unacceptable.

Review Title: It is a dependable product but lacks features that I thought were surely included | Review by

Light under microwave: Poor and focused on the back of the stove. A central or front focus would be a major improvement. One stroke keys for frequently used times is missing but available on most microwaves. It is a nuisance to always have to punch "time cook" then the time required and then start. It has been many years since I have had to follow this procedure for times from 1 minute through 6 minutes. Not at all current.

Review Title: Wow, What a nice microwave. Quiet, lots of nice features and roomy | Review by

We purchased this to replace an old one that failed, and we are glad we did !

Review Title: Beautiful and quiet | Review by

I love the white ice color with stainless steel handle, the size and easy to clean

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Purchased recently for home we bought. Has a nice appearance And is easy to use. Very quiet.

Review Title: microwave | Review by

been very good. finish alarm could be louder, over all great microwave

Review Title: Whirlpool never fails to impress me! | Review by

I would like to give this Microwave an Excellent rating, but I can't just yet. It does everything well. Cooks better than expected in that I have had several different units over the years and each one seems to have a variation in the amount of time that it takes to cook stuff; so each new unit is a learning experience in the cooking time and in learning to use the newer features. Thus far I have no complaints

Review Title: Almost too quiet... | Review by

We bought this microwave to put in our new to us house. The appearance is as promised and looks sleek next to our cabinets. The biggest thing we have noticed is that the microwave is so quiet that we forget it is on. It has taken a while to get used to it but now I couldn't have anything that operates louder.

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

Awesome microwave. Love the timer, and the turntable.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I love my over the oven microwave. It is quiet and I love the interior surface... so easy to keep clean. It looks so nice and was easy to install. I also like the option for the chimes instead of buzz when food is ready. My grandson calls it singing!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

This was my 2nd one, first one the main board stop working on and off.

Review Title: Wrong parts in box? | Review by

Received yesterday from Lowe's, installed today. The turntable is not only not recessed it sits about 0.5" above the floor of the microwave. It is so big, it hangs over the front of the floor of the oven. The door does close on it, but is pushing against it. I don't think this could be right, so I've emailed whirlpool to see if the wrong parts were in the box. It was sealed in the original box with all the packing, so I don't think anything was removed/changed after it left the factory. I will revise this review if I hear from them.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

i purchased this about 2 months ago and it is so easy to use ,i highly recommend this Microwave.

Review Title: Above Our Expectations | Review by

We've had it over a month now and it's far above our expectations. Faster cooking time, more options in one touch, and easy to keep clean. Of all the microwaves we compared this one had everything we would use on a daily bases, along with entertaining a large dinner group. The first comment that people give after saying how great it looks is, but "it's so quiet I don't even know it's on". Best choice we've made

Review Title: great upgrade | Review by

Replaced older whirlpool microwave. This is the best yet at the price. f replacing old unit, you will need to install new mounting bracket. The old bracket does not work. We would use the same unit in our other home if we need to replace in the future.

Review Title: Non-stick interior | Review by

Love our new microwave and all it's great features. The non-stick interior is so easy to keep clean. We especially like the large glass tray. You can put two dishes on it at once.

Review Title: great features | Review by

bought it two months ago and works great this is a 10 star

Review Title: great product | Review by

Our microwave broke, we bought this as a replacement and couldnt be happier. Fits in great with our kitchen and works great!

Review Title: Great | Review by

I like the look and design. It's a little larger than my other one.

Review Title: Light and Fan button built in . Automatic buttons like to cook or reheat ..Great | Review by

I'm very please with my new microwave . So easy to clean and works great.

Review Title: Premium Microwave Oven | Review by

We are very happy with our decision to replace our aging microwave with this Whirlpool. It fits in well with our other stainless appliances. The color matched interior gives a premium feel not found in other brands in this price range. It is fairly quiet and cooks as expected.

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

I purchased my microwave three months ago and I love it. My favorite parts are the self clean interior, and the sensor for cooking and thawing. I would definitely recommend this model.

Review Title: Really nice microwave. | Review by

Bought three weeks ago. Very quiet and east to use.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I love my microwave and how quite it is. I was very easy to install with the directions included. I would love to get all the other appliances needed for my kitchen.

Review Title: Dependable Brand | Review by

I'm pleased with this purchase, it gets a lot of use.. I especially like the clean lines and interior. It is easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Excellent features | Review by

I purchased this about a month ago and I am so delighted. Whirlpool continues to make me happy! Excellent microwave.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Purchased in October 2014. It's easy to clean and really like the reheat options.

Review Title: Extremely good looking | Review by

We bought this microwave about a month ago after our Samsund gave out. The price of this unit was better than expected and it was very easy to install. ONe of the grade features about this microwave is the non-stick surface. Very easy to clean up an spills.

Review Title: So far so good; wrong installation instructions. | Review by

I bought it from Best Buy who matched Sears price. Just installed the microwave a couple days ago. Seems to work alright. About as loud as any other microwave. Wish it had one button time cooking(1 minute, 2 minutes, etc). Can work around that. One aggravation is that the wall bracket shipped with it DID NOT match the bracket in the instruction so measurements in the instructions are off. Basically you just need 17 1/4 in clearance(if I remember correctly) between the bottom of the bracket and the bottom of the cabinet if your opening is standard. I'd also recommend you use the two provided wing bolts along with the two lag screws that go into studs. If only one stud use three wing bolts placed equally along the bracket. This bracket doesn't seem as good as the U shaped bracket for my older microwave. The cabinet diagram was a confusing pain too. You could just measure(and re- measure) the top of the microwave to know where your screw holes should be. Be sure to account for the small space which the bracket allows for between the back of the microwave and the wall. Also, most should use another person to lift and place the microwave.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I really like the easy clean interior. The soften feature is really great when baking. It's nice not to cut up cold butter and wait for it to soften before you can make a cake batter. And it's QUIET!

Review Title: Microwave with sensors | Review by

So happy with this microwave! Everthing cooks so evenly! With the sensors all food cook so much faster. Thanks got such a great product.

Review Title: nice unit | Review by

It was pretty easy to install. The defrost and reheat features are really nice. It is much quieter than our old microwave

Review Title: Quiet, easy to clean, easy to use etc..... | Review by

We have had our new microwave for three months and we absolutly love it! it is extremely easy to clean due to the non-stick surface coating. The door hinge design was one of the very few that allowed for installation in the tight space against the wall where it was mounted. Thank God for Whirlpool!

Review Title: Dissappointed | Review by

We bought this microwave 2 months ago and will not work. Lacks express cook which was on previous Whirlpool model we had. Key pad is too small to operate in low light. Not happy with failure in two months. This lack of quality control will affect our decision to buy Whirlpool products in the future.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We got this over a month ago best ever great features

Review Title: Good unit | Review by

This was a replacement for our 8 year old Whirlpool Gold unit. It is not as attractive, however, works very well. Had a slight learning curve on the difference of controls. Excellent interior space and easy to clean.

Review Title: Great addition to your kitchen | Review by

This microwave oven rocks,low noise level,even heating,cleans up nicely and it looks very stylish in our kitchen. It has all the features we need,with touch controls,quite a nice addition to any kitchen.

Review Title: Love It! Love It! Love It! | Review by

I purchased my new Whirlpool overhead microwave about a month ago. It replaced one that I had installed in 1986 when I built my home and it has not worked except as a vent fan and timer for over 20 years. I had been using an old, huge microwave sitting on my counter taking up half the counter space. My new Whirlpool microwave is a dream come true. I can add 30 seconds without having to key it has all kinds of new features, it heats up leftovers very quickly, is very quiet, has a fan that has four settings, and a light that has two settings. I am remodeling my kitchen and the new Whirlpool stainless steel microwave is just beautiful, and it does not show fingerprints due to the brushed stainless steel. It was easy to install and my only regret is that I have had to wait all of these years to purchase it. I would refer the purchase of one just like it to all my friends. I absolutely love it, love it and love it. Sorry about my face reflecting in the picture, it detracts from the beauty of the Whirlpool Microwave.

Review Title: Great features and styling for our kitchen | Review by

We had a whirlpool over the range microwave that lasted nearly 20 years! So, I found another one, a little bigger, but with extra features and in the style and color to accommodate our kitchen d�cor, And its so quiet....

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I bought this microwave after my other one stopped working. It is larger than my other one and has the nicest features. It is easy to clean and lets me know when things are done cooking.

Review Title: Love the Black Ice look | Review by

Great product that combines a regular microwave and a convection oven. Only drawback I have noticed is the fan does not work as efficiently as my old hood fan.

Review Title: Great microwave! Cleans easily! | Review by

I bought this a month ago. And it works great. It was bigger than the standard size in height so I had to trim my backsplash but worth it!

Review Title: Amazing features and so quiet! | Review by

We have been loving our new microwave for about three months now and continue to enjoy how incredibly quiet, efficient and effective this. The fan functions beautifully, the wattage on this microwave mean s it truly reheats food quickly or melts things like butter in a flash. It is the easiest to clean micro we have ever used and has so many convenience buttons that are intuitive which we end up using quite often. You will be impressed by the consistent performance and how very quiet it is as we certainly are!

Review Title: I like it! | Review by

It looks great, works well and has lots of space, so I'm happy with it. The only problem I'm having is that the timer is hard to hear--wish it rang louder! But that's a small complaint in the scheme of things.

Review Title: Love the interior, so easy yo clean. | Review by

Very easy to use, cleans beautifully inside and out. Light us bright and fan is strong. My only recommendation would be the volume of the timers , they should be adjustable. Definitely needs to be louder.

Review Title: great overall | Review by

love this microwave, especially what the display shows. no guessing.

Review Title: A little disapointed with the need to enter cook time when you are using the timer | Review by

A good appliance however there are features too many. Did not want to go to a less model due to the operation of the equipment

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought this microwave a couple of month ago--very pleased with it.

Review Title: It looks so classy. | Review by

I bought this to match the other appliances the stove and dishwasher, black with ice white. All are excellent appliances. The microwave is quiet, efficient and perfect for every day use. I would recommend it highly to anyone.

Review Title: Perfect and quiet | Review by

We just installed this whirlpool microwave over our cooktop and could not beore happy with it. Are last one was noisy and this you can barely hear. Have not had a chance to try all the sensor options but so far we love it. Light and fan work very well

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

It came with the new house that we bought. It is the best microwave that I have ever owned.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

So easy to clean, nice features makes it easy to use

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

A great buy. Extremely quiet. Very powerful. Only improvement would be backlit buttons for operation when the kitchen is dark (nuking coffee in the early morning?).

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Brought this a couple of months ago and I just love it!

Review Title: express options | Review by

This unit seems to work well so far ,we hope it gives us many good years of service

Review Title: Great microwave with a reputation to match | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace one of another brand that broke after only two weeks of service and could not be repaired. This Whirlpool microwave has performed flawlessly since the day I installed it. The controls are simple and straightforward and it has rapidly become the number one cooking appliance in our home. The versatility of the appliance is demonstrated by my using it to make my snacks (popcorn, hot chocolate, soup, thaw ice cream, etc.) and my daughter using it to cook full meals. Don't know what we would do without it now.

Review Title: lots of great features and non-stick | Review by

I bought this over-the-stove microwave on Black Friday 2014! It is my 3rd over-the-stove microwave since 2005 (all 3 Whirlpool) the1st I bought (black in color) stayed in a home I sold :( the 2nd I bought was also black and recently I decided to change over to stainless steel and choose this series...I could not be happier!!! This microwave has so many options like my 1st one did and works very well!!! it is a pretty appliance and I am so very pleased with my choice!!! AND it is truly non-stick!!! very easy to clean up after each use!!!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love everything about this microwave. I love all the different settings and especially the timer!

Review Title: awesome microwave | Review by

I biught this microwave to replace my 1 year old samsung microwave. Has great features and very quiet

Review Title: Nice look | Review by

Bought a few months ago with kitchen remodel. The automatic buttons such as "re-heat" do not provide enough choices or allow you to edit the time; I tend to use the "cook" button instead. All in all works good and looks nice w/ the matching stove.

Review Title: Microwave range | Review by

We received this for Christmas. It replaced a whirlpool gold from 2001. Love the easy wipe clean interior. The light is located in the back, which makes it darker in the front. Having the light more toward the center would work better for me. The other thing we have noticed is microwave popcorn does not completely pop.

Review Title: Love This Microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave 3 months ago after my old microwave quit and I love it. I think that it cooks food more evenly than my old microwave which was also a whirlpool. I love the sensor option, which at first I thought I did not need. The sensor option ensures that no food is overcooked. The reason I wanted another whirlpool microwave was that the old one lasted 10 years and I really liked the way it operated. The controls are centrally located and easy to use. I would recommend this microwave to others.

Review Title: Visually beautiful | Review by

This was an emergency replacement of my previous Whirlpool MicroWave, which died after 9 years, with this one. It's the most visually attractive oven I've ever seen. It has the best exhaust fan I've ever had. It's "sensor" system seems to work very well. The "negatives", it's not as powerful wattage wise as our previous one. It's cooking is not as even. The black control pad is harder to see, and you can't start it with 1,2,or 3 minutes by simply touching that number.

Review Title: Sleek Design | Review by

I bought this microwave about a month ago and have been very pleased with it. Great design, a lot of features and very quiet operation. Only down side is, it only has 1000 watts. Was very satisfied with Lowes installation. The contractor was very efficient, neat and courteous.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this a month ago and have been very pleased with the performance.

Review Title: Quite | Review by

Bought it at Lowe's. Great service and installation. Very quite, have to look at it to make sure I hit the start button.

Review Title: Perfect microwave! | Review by

I got this microwave in place of one that was to be vented to the outside. It is just what the doctor ordered. Absolutely marvelous.

Review Title: Only one with a zero clearance door | Review by

We had to put it in against a wall on the left side. This is the only microwave with a zero clearance door hinge. It performs well and we have no complaints. I do wish you could get it without the shelf which would reduce the cost a bit.

Review Title: Best of the best for half the price. Top rated by Consummer reports. | Review by

Cooks foods excellently. Veggies are perfect with the auto sensor. Defroster is the best. The cleaning is easy with the non-stick walls in the interior. The 3 speed fan does the job!

Review Title: An added plus to life and convenience. | Review by

Bought this to enhance the other Whirlpool appliances I have bought and make my life easier. This microwave has so many features that previous one never did.

Review Title: Nicely Appointed and Good Looking | Review by

A great looking unit with competitive features with some minor room for improvement. I installed this under a frameless cabinet. A protrusion on the hinge side of the door rises to the level of scraping the bottom of the cabinet door. I had to uninstall, then reinstall this unit using washers to create a little space between the oven and the cabinet door. Providing this information with the instructions along with a set of spacers would save an installer time and aggravation. The automatically timed light is a nicety but only works on the bright setting. If this worked automatically on the dim setting, it would make a perfect night light, but as-is, it's too bright for this purpose. In all, it's stylish and functional, and we are happy with this purchase.

Review Title: excellent microwave | Review by

Does great at heating. Love the tones and display.

Review Title: Like the features but questionable life expectancy | Review by

We bought this model two years ago and really liked it, especially the interior non-stick finish which made it very easy to keep clean. Unfortunately after two years it stopped heating, though all the other functions continued to work. It was cheaper to replace the microwave than to have it repaired. We bought the same model again figuring that our old unit's failure was an anomaly but added a 5-year maintenance warranty this time. If our old unit hadn't failed I would have definitely given it 5 stars.

Review Title: performing as anticipated | Review by

Microwave is performing as anticipated. This was a replacement for a previous Whirlpool microwave.

Review Title: Looks and performs great | Review by

I remodeled my kitchen and installed this Whirlpool over the range microwave. It looks fantastic and does a great job. Whirlpool appliances are a great value and a great product.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

I love the way the black finish looks in with all my other black appliances. The clean release is the best feature along with ho quiet it is when running. I hope this lasts longer than the first one. It didn't even make it 3 years.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace the one we had. We reviewed several types and chose Whirlpool. Installation was easy, with the help of a friend, and when we first started using it we couldn't believe how quiet it was. My wife and I both looked at each other and had to check to make sure it was working. This is a great microwave. The only negative we could find was the vent fan is just a little noisy, but that is something we are happy to live with.

Review Title: Whirlpool quality should be the standard | Review by

I bought this one to replace a fifteen year old Whirlpool Gold, because of the exceptional price with the same features and more. I had a minor problem with the door switch that Whirlpool quickly repaired. Always Whirlpool

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Bought this unit and had to return it for another because the fan was making a loud wining noise. Upper cabinet mounting holes are different than they were for my old Whirlpool. One bolt is centered under a vertical divider making installation hard. This is my third whirlpool. The previous two used the same mounting holes.

Review Title: works very good | Review by

ilike the microwave except for the fast 1 min. cook

Review Title: I love how this microwave cleans up, it is wonderful! | Review by

I've had my new microwave for 3 months and am very happy with it!

Review Title: Great features & Looks Great! | Review by

This microwave replaces a GE Profile microwave. Great features & good looks for a great price! Bought at my local Lowe's store.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

I bought this microwave to replace a sears oven.i love the size, non stich interior and added features over old model .I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a replacement or just buying a microwave to strat out.

Review Title: love it | Review by

i bought this item in November in time to use for thanksgiving. it is great. large size lets me fit all my dishes in with ease. when it is on it is very quiet and the timer is pleasant sounding, not an annoying beeping. the no stick finish is wonderful. food wipes out very easily. i use a wet paper towel. the new finish does not stain!!!

Review Title: Great price and outstanding microwave | Review by

It is easy to use, works well, and looks good. Easy to install.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Great product.....only drawback is sound when done it is not loud enough.

Review Title: Excellent features | Review by

We can use our large plates and can control the heating features so as not to damage dishes or ruining the food.

Review Title: Powerful! | Review by

I like the two shelves and the ability to turn off the turntable. It is more powerful than my last microwave. I like the feature that turns on the exhaust fan automatically.

Review Title: I really like all the features. | Review by

I purchased this several months ago, and love all the features.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

Have loved the super quiet operation of this microwave! Almost silent. Sensing feature is great!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Love this microwave and love the little tune it plays!

Review Title: works great | Review by

bought it couple months ago so match my stove and everything works awesome

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

Our Amana microwave went out and be bought a whirlpool microwave to match our refrigerator. It was a great investment! It's almost silent when it's running and heats food perfectly. Would definitely recommend!

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

Very happy with this purchase. A lot of features for the money!

Review Title: easy cleaner | Review by

Weve had this bad boy about 2 weeks. Enjoy all the features. Love the steam cook and easy clean surface. If something blows just wipe it out. No fuss. Easy to install.

Review Title: Whirlpool 2.0 Microwave | Review by

Have had microwave for 3 weeks now. Easy installation, my wife & I love easy clean feature inside oven as well simplicity in use. First thought before purcahse light was too far in rear to be effective compared to are old unit that had light in front underneath. This is not the case, effective lighting and very comfortable. Also like heat sensor if oven gets to hot from stove. Have recommended to several freinds of which 2 have purchased simular model. Great value & performance for price.

Review Title: Excellent value | Review by

Wish I had replaced my old microwave long ago. This one has so many new features and it runs so much more quietly. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: Very nice upgrade | Review by

I love this microwave. I replaced my 12 year old whirlpool with this new model. It is a high quality product and I expect it will last as long as my last!

Review Title: Well Built | Review by

Features are well designed and useful. Product description is very accurate

Review Title: Very nice | Review by

I had this installed a month ago and it works great.

Review Title: Quiet, efficient, and smooth, though "they aren't what they used to be" | Review by

Had this for a few months now, and really appreciate this microwave. The most notable difference from our previous unit is how much quieter it runs. Seems to have plenty of power, and it's well balanced--even when not using the turntable, it seems to cook fairly evenly.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave!!! | Review by

This microwaves sensor feature is amazing! It cooks your left overs or any food perfectly and evenly! The temperature of the food is just right and reheated to perfection! Love it!!!

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

This is such a cool microwave. The features are just fantastic.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Bought this recently to match my stove and love it. Very easy to use and it's quiet. Love all the features it has.

Review Title: Spacious and smart appearance | Review by

Have been using Whirlpool appliances for 30 years,washer,dryer,dishwasher, stove and microwave and have had nothing but good experiences with all. Will continue to use and recommend your products going forward

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Great over the range microwave. Very quiet and great performance.

Review Title: Great purchase great features | Review by

We purchased the new microwave while at the store ordering a new Whirlpool stove. It matched the stove perfectly and after installing it we are glad we did. Lots of nice features and works great. We have all Whirlpool appliances in our kitchen and are verythromycin happy with all of them.

Review Title: Great replacement | Review by

Really love my new microwave, the clean coating feature is awesome, so easy to keep clean & looks nice! I had a Whirlpool, it was 10 years old, it broke, so I replaced with another Whirlpool because we liked the old one, trusted the brand & great quality! Installation was a bit hard but my son & husband got it done, the template was not great when it came to drilling holes in the upper cabinet!

Review Title: Very quiet, easy to install and use. | Review by

Just purchased my 4th Whirlpool Microwave Hood Fan. Always get top of the line or close to it. Each new one has more easy to use feature than the last one and this one is no exception. Intuitive control panel...we didn't even look at the manual. First thing my wife said after using it - it's really quiet. We love our new Microwave!

Review Title: Love the look! | Review by

I bought this microwave over a month ago and so far, we love it. It's pretty easy to keep clean and I like that the light underneath can be dimmed when we're not using it. My only dislike is the "beep" that makes when your food is ready...sounds more like a song, than a regular microwave beep which makes it harder to hear if you're not in the kitchen when it's finished. Overall, pretty nice!

Review Title: great features & easy instalation ! | Review by

I like whirlpool products to start with they are always nice , clean lines , simple to use ! well built appliances !

Review Title: Great features and quit exhaust. I love it | Review by

I bought about month ago. I love it easy to use it more features than before in great price

Review Title: Absolutely love this microwave! | Review by

Love the chime, the power, the easy cleaning, the powerful fan! Very happy with our purchase. Easy enough for beginners to install in the place where the broken microwave was.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

Our new microwave is great. It has very quite operation and cooks everything just fine so far. The only complaint we have is the end of cycle signal seems to be a bit soft so we have trouble hearing it.

Review Title: great, does everything | Review by

We've owned and used this microwave for a couple of months now and we love it. It's quiet and is great looking .may be the best one we've ever. Owned

Review Title: Whirlpool 2 CF Microwave | Review by

Everything works great. Only complaint is that the autosensor features for defrosting, softening butter, etc. doesn't really work. But I never really expected them to.

Review Title: Easy to use....easy to clean! | Review by

I love the simple lines of the exterior. No more vent exposed on the front to collect grease and dirt. It's so easy to clean both on the outside and the inside. The keypad gives prompts making it so easy to use. The microwave itself is extremely quiet, but the fan is a little loud, but with all the other pluses, I can live with that.

Review Title: Whirlpool range microwave | Review by

I bought this three months ago and really enjoy it. It's quiet and cooks food evenly. I haven't noticed any hotspots and have had a good experience so far.

Review Title: Great Microwave! | Review by

Have had it for 3 weeks and does everything you would want a microwave oven to do

Review Title: impressions | Review by

This is a nice microwave for the money. Would like to see the control panel lit

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

I purchased this microwave over a a month ago and am very happy with it. This is a great value and has all the features of units costing a great deal more than this one.

Review Title: Stuning look! | Review by

This is a smart-looking, well balanced product. Cooks a little faster than my old microwave--but that is a plus. We use it many times a day. I do like the new finish on the inside that makes it easier to clean. I do miss the "instant minutes" from my older Whirlpool, but will adjust.

Review Title: Heats real fast. | Review by

Replaced a GE microwave. It heats real fast and has more settings than the old one. Defrost is more like cooking than defrosting though.

Review Title: Great replacement appliance. | Review by

I bought this appliance as a replacement for another brand that I had been very happy with. With the easy clean interior and the sensor cooking programs this oven is a much better value and is a superior product with superior features.

Review Title: LOVE the options in the pre-set buttons! | Review by

WE are thrilled with our new over the range microwave! Just like the other Whirlpool gold-line appliances we have in our home, the microwave and fan are quiet. There are soooo many options in the pre-set buttons and all work as they are supposed to. We couldn't be more pleased.

Review Title: love it | Review by

Love this microwave. Great features. I wish it had the option to just touch a number such as 2 and it will start automatically with 2 minutes on the timer.

Review Title: Disappointing | Review by

We got the over range microwave about two months ago and are quite disappointed with it. One would think that testing, research, and quality control would have caught and eliminated the fairly obvious problems. We certainly expected better from an old reputable appliance company like Whirlpool. The following are some of the more salient problems:

Review Title: Has the Settings You Want | Review by

Love our new microwave! I have not used all the settings yet but the ones I have are great. Baked goods do not get soggy. I love the ability to soften and melt butter, chocolate and ice cream. Reheat and defrost are spot on. The popcorn feature is a little too long, but I think that is due to the variety we pop. Easy to clean. The light is good. Great that the turntable can be turned off so I can put in my large dishes. Nice and quiet!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Works like a microwave should. Love the 30 second button.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I like the sensing feature but it gets too hot. It does what it's supposed to do it heats up the food

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

The microwave is durable and has all the features we need. The design is simple and easy to use. It's also easy to maintain with its non-stick interior.

Review Title: Easy to install. Great features. | Review by

Great product. Easy to install and easy to use. Nice looking and goes with the rest of our whirlpool products.

Review Title: Whirlpool - 2.0 cf Over the Range Microwave | Review by

Features & Issues: The 1-piece handle with No Moveable plastic parts was a driving feature in this purchase. The Negative/Problem Issues are: Timer/Alarm is Barely Audible. No Lighted Faceplate.

Review Title: Whirlpool appliances | Review by

My microwave is so much better than the Samsung brand ... N my whirlpool refrig from 8 years ago has not let me down or my dishwasher is good too n my new washer n dryer ( Maytag) part of the Whirlpool family is awesome .. I am a total whirlpool customer n fan ... Had this brand for many many years over my life time ... I have even bought used whirlpool n they worked like new ... Thanks Whirlpool for great products n USA made as well !!!!

Review Title: Control Board Failed | Review by

After one use the control board failed! The Whirlpool Service group has been helpful so far but the final fix is still pending parts.

Review Title: Great | Review by

I bought this Microwave oven 2 months ago working good.

Review Title: It's quiet with chime tones that are so pleasant...and it looks soooo good in my kitchen! | Review by

I'm enjoying my micro so much! I chose this one because it's large inside, quiet running, the chime/tones are pleasant to hear...mine is stainless and goes w/other appliances in my kitchen...the door closure is sooo quiet...that's what I wanted. Whirlpool was an excellent choice!

Review Title: It's awesome | Review by

I recently purchased this new microwave and so far I'm very impressed. I love the auto fan when the oven gets to warm...yes its little noisy but a little hard not to be with a 400cfm included. I had a Kenmore but I'm going back to Whirlpool. I actually just purchased a new stove as well this past month. I love Whirlpool products you can't ever go wrong. I have a refrigerator that is close to 25 yrs old and still going strong.

Review Title: Stainless steel microwave oven | Review by

I love my new microwave. The nonstick interior makes it real easy to clean. The technology is easy to use and the overall design.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Works great. Popcorn comes out completely popped. Food is hot according to the times given on the microwave.

Review Title: Great price for great features | Review by

I recently acquired a new 2.0 cu ft over-the-range microwave made by Whirlpool. It is so much better than the one that I had before (which I liked) that I wish I had replaced it sooner! It has better features and is MUCH easier to clean. I'm a happy camper!

Review Title: Sleek and quiet | Review by

So far, So good. It microwaves and seems to heat food evenly. It has a nice little chime when your food is complete.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

The unit was bought by the developer and it was an excellent selection!!!

Review Title: Appearance was appealing and features and specifications we desired. | Review by

We are satisfied with this product and how well it operates.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Very happy with this purchase. not only is it a stylish appliance but heats wonderfully. much quieter than my old one!

Review Title: best yet | Review by

I was very worried about the exhausting part of the Microwave but I am very happy with its operation

Review Title: Great | Review by

Love this microwave! Only thing I would change is make the beeper a little louder.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love this product. it is everything I hoped it would be!

Review Title: High quality | Review by

We bought this microwave to replace a 20 year old unit. First of all, I couldn't believe how quiet this new unit was. I thought it wasn't working at first. It cooks evenly and the sensor does a great job in determining when food is done. I'm really glad that I chose this model.

Review Title: not load enough | Review by

This was a replacement, We had the same brand before so this was an up grade every thing is the same as the old one except the alarms instead of one tone its a tune type but not load engough and no way to turn it up you realy have to listen for the tones

Review Title: Very pleased with this microwave. | Review by

I like all of the features. It is so easy to clean with the coating inside. It is a good size for larger dishes. We love the 30 second button and all of the other selection choices. Great product.

Review Title: Looks Good and user friendly. | Review by

Very much enjoy the options for cooking. Easy to operate. Plenty of power.

Review Title: High Tech Features! | Review by

Extremely HAPPY with this Microwave! IT has sensor technology and it works really well. Its a one button reheat, cook, steam or warm/ hold features. The non -stick coating inside makes it very easy to clean. I just swipe it and DONE! The clock is a cool blue color and the fan eliminates odors efficently....

Review Title: Great Mic Butt! | Review by

I love this product but it cooked my food when i wanted to defrost food that was really hard frozen the food began to cook on the edges, and the music that it makes at the end needs to be a louder once the food is finished, and last but not lest is that the panel on the out side need to to have some type of light on it so you do have to turn the big light on in the room to see.

Review Title: Love My New Microwave! | Review by

It is now just over a month since we got the new microwave and I LOVE IT!!! The newer pre-populated buttons are great and I love the new buzzing tone! However, I don't love the smudges... But, getting a good cleaning cloth helped a lot with reducing smudges...

Review Title: Fantastic Features | Review by

My new microwave is outstanding. Easy to use, to program and particularly to clean. One feature that particularly like is the ability to program the fan to automatically go on when the area between my stove and the microwave gets too hot!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I iam so glad we got this new microwave. I love the quietness and the new ring tone it makes when it has completed the time.

Review Title: Fabulous microwave | Review by

We purchased this microwave when we had our kitchen cupboards refaced. A new pantry was built next to the existing microwave, and when all was finished, our microwave would not open because the pantry was built too close. We needed a microwave with a zero clearance door, and this one fit the bill! It is wonderful! It opens easily, works great, and the cleanRelease is fabulous!

Review Title: Excellent quality and great styling | Review by

A real nice OTR micro hood and added to our kitchen. Easy clean interior is a step above others we looked at.

Review Title: Grate style | Review by

I bought all of the gold series appliances and this is the last piece I have mounted. The style is grate but the function is even better. The controls are easy to use and it cooks or reheats perfectly.

Review Title: Looks good | Review by

Just had it installed a week ago, so far so good. It has less power than the one I replaced. I would have given it a 5 star if it had more power. My old one had 1150 watts, this one only has 1000. It makes a big difference.

Review Title: Cooking has never been easier | Review by

First above range microwave and I love lit. Looks great! I really like all the preprogrammed features, especially the sensing feature. Put the potato in and it takes cares of the time. Turntable is a nice feature too. Would buy again!

Review Title: Just right | Review by

Had this microwave a little over a month and am very pleased with the purchase. The 1000 watts are strong enough to deliver fast cooking and the many features make this a very convenient microwave. It also is one of the top rated from Consumer Reports.

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

I absolutely LOVE this microwave. It is now my favorite new appliance!

Review Title: Very nice microwave | Review by

My previous microwave was a Whirlpool. It provided good service for about 5 years. The new one has an easy-to-clean interior. The mounting bracket and screw holes lined up with the previous setup, so installation was easy. My only complaint is that the buzzer is so quiet that neither my wife (who has no hearing problems) nor I can hear it when a cycle is complete. That wasn't a problem with the previous unit.

Review Title: Microwave 2.0 | Review by

Bought this as a replacement for the Whirlpool Convection Microwave Gold Series. Unit is doing good so far.

Review Title: Fast and easy to use | Review by

Love the quiet and quick microwave. Also fan (exhaust) works great.

Review Title: Amazing Product! I couldn't have asked for more!! | Review by

We bought this a short while ago to replace our previous microwave that stopped....well...microwaving. What a wonderful product. Installation was a cinch with the provided parts and instructions, and I'm not exactly known for my prowess for such things. Food warms more quickly now so i can put it in for less time. I love having the rack so I can put two things in to heat at once. Also, the CleanRelease function is REVOLUTIONARY! We had a small incident involving a tomato sauce geyser (our own fault) that did a decent job painting the inside walls, but that feature made is SOOO EASY to clean up quickly. I couldn't give this product enough stars. I wish there were 10!

Review Title: Quiet and user friendly featured | Review by

We have owned the microwave for approximately 5 months ago and We are glad that we do :). It was easy to install and looks great in our large kitchen. It is extremely quiet while in operation compared to other brands and that is a plus. Even the finish chime is subtle but not obnoxious.

Review Title: Nice design and very quiet! | Review by

When I came into the kitchen, at the beginning I thought that sound came from the fridge because it was really low but it was the microwave. It's really quite! The design it very modern and clean and the food is heated evenly.

Review Title: A great microwave | Review by

I had a microwave that could not be opened fully because of wall. This model WMH53520CW fits the space and opens fully. Also the many new features like the easy clean surface is great and it fantastic in my kitchen.

Review Title: So glad we bought this!! | Review by

Needed to replace our microwave due to kitchen remodel...glad we saw this as it is so quiet ...which was essential as the kitchen has become an open others have mentioned, the timer notification is very quiet...wouldn't mind being able to turn that feature up a bit. Like the clean look. Great value for the money!!!

Review Title: so quiet! | Review by

Great product. Needs better packaging, mine was damaged. Please inspect before taking home or when picking up product.

Review Title: Perfect food everytime | Review by

I bought this in November and have been happy with it. The add 30 sec and sensor features with the options are great -food comes out perfect.

Review Title: Sleek Looking, Solid Performance. | Review by

The microwave looks great and the chimes are more pleasant to hear than the generic beep-beep-beep. Does a solid job venting and is feature-packed with many cooking modes. Only grip I have is that the auto-reheat function tends to go longer and overhead food, so keep an eye on your meal.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave. | Review by

This microwave is awesome. It has a huge interior with every quick button I would want to use. The fan on the bottom turns on automatically when it is needed while I am cooking. And it makes the cutest beep when my food is done.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

My friends are very impressed with the look and features of this item

Review Title: GREAT MICROWAVE | Review by

I got this microwave a few months ago and was not looking for anything special while shopping just knew I needed a new one, I got it at Lowes and I am so glad this is the one I picked for our busy family, cleaning it is actually fun as you just wipe it out and go on, nothing sticks to the inside at all, it has wonderful features such as fast defrost and heat plate, popcorn and list goes on. I would buy this again if I had to have another one,

Review Title: Very happy with Microwave | Review by

Our previous microwave failed after only 18 months. This new one fit our budget, was easy to install, and had all the features we wanted. We are very pleased with it.

Review Title: excellent microwave | Review by

I loved the microwave. It totally satisfied my needs and was exactly what i was looking for. It makes absolutley no noise. I love it.

Review Title: Amazing | Review by

I purchased this to replace an older whirlpool microwave and haven't been happier. Was amazed how good it heated and cooled items and even after my kids made a mess in it it was easy wipe off I would recommend this to anyone amazing product

Review Title: Beautiful looking microwave | Review by

Sears just delivered and installed this unit. Installed not at all knowledgeable about this appliance - neither here not there. Door not hanging correctly, installed opened unit, pushed door up manually, now closes correctly, but seems to need a lift/close motion so it does not look obviously off. Assuming there are no further issues I guess I can live with this. Sensor works great. Signal - I am hearing impaired - barely audible, unless one is standing directly next to it. Can it be turned up? will have to check with Whirlpool on this. The most puzzling feature to me was/is the advertising by the company about how wonderfully this unit steams with the 'Universal Steamer, which is dishwasher safe'? Is this a part that Whirlpool supplies with the unit? if so, it is not included with my Microwave. I have looked through the reviews and none of them mention steam cooking, so I will have to call Whirlpool on this. Since I replaced all my kitchen appliances with Whirlpool units, it finishes very nicely the 'Whirlpool' look of my kitchen.

Review Title: Whirlpool - 2.0 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave | Review by

I am happy with the microwave. It works better than any I have had before. The delivery people were extremely polite and helpful.

Review Title: The features are great and the time to heat things is less than the previous microwave. | Review by

The microwave is roomy enough for larger casserole dishes.

Review Title: so easy to clean! | Review by

I was forced to buy a new microwave when my thirteen year old whirlpool one died suddenly. After doing exhaustive research I decided on this model. It works beautifully. It is much quieter than the old o me and oh so easy to clean! My one complaint.... getting the glass plate back on properly is a real pain. Wish the color coded it for dummies :)

Review Title: Great addition to our home | Review by

Replaced the builder model with this microwave a month ago. Looks sleek, runs quietly, pleasant beep when complete. Also like the shelf inside, allowing for 2 items to heat at once.

Review Title: Great Microwave Very Quiet | Review by

Love this Microwave that bought 2+ months ago, It is very quiet, looks good, only complaint would be the buzzer is too low when it is done, almost need to be standing next to it to hear. Looks great installed it myself.

Review Title: excellent oven | Review by

Great size for home use. This oven is very quiet, even the alarms are subtle. Plenty of room for even large items. Very pleased with this oven!

Review Title: Works Like a Charm! | Review by

I recently purchased the Whirlpool 2.0 cubic ft microwave as a replacement for a broken one. It matches my Whirlpool range perfectly, and works like a charm. It's easy to use, and just as easy to install. You can't go wrong with this unit.

Review Title: Awesome Features! | Review by

Love the features - easy to use! Love the non-stick interior - super easy to clean. Timer for the light is great so it comes on automatically in the evening.

Review Title: Great addition to my new kitchen | Review by

Did a home remodel on my kitchen recently and wanted to save counter space. My microwave took up lots of space so opted to go the route of a combo vent a hood and micro. Wow am I ever pleased with my purchase of this Whirlpool appliance. It is as spacious as my old counter model and I really love the non-stick interior. Also find the control panel easy to use and provides excellent features not on my old model.

Review Title: Best microwave we have had! | Review by

This was a replacement for another Whirlpool microwave that we had that lasted 10+ years. This new microwave has all the bells and whistles that we could have asked for, plus more! Definitely glad we got it!

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Our microwave works well and has plenty of features. The sound was a nice surprise too. Most microwave timer sounds are annoying but this one is more of a pleasant jingle.

Review Title: New Over the Range Microwave | Review by

Installs easily, nice modern features and works extremely well. The only problem I've encountered is that it's not as quiet as I'd prefer while it's operating, and the end of cycle signal is not loud enough to hear from the next room.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Bought this to replace an older, broken, over-the-range microwave that served me well for over 8 years. I stuck with the Whirlpool brand as all my appliances are the black colored Gold series and I like the aesthetics and features. Not disappointed. Only improvement I would have liked to see is a volume adjustment as the timer tone is too low for me to hear if I am not in the kitchen.

Review Title: Great features, very quiet, easy to keep clean | Review by

I purchased this microwave about a month ago. I had been looking for a microwave for about a month. I looked at different features and different looks by different companies. I am extremely pleased with my choice. The unit is very quiet including the sound at the end of the cycle. The interior is really easy to keep clean. I especially like to steam feature and the reheat feature. I keeps things moist and does not dry them out. The preset items are perfect and easy to use. We installed the unit ourselves and it was very easy to do. I am so pleased with my choice.

Review Title: Wonderful microwave | Review by

The over the range microwave is so convenient. I can cook on the stove and my microwave at the same time. The steam/simmer, and reheat options are great. Lots of room to cook two items at once. The stainless steel matches my range and fridge.

Review Title: Raves for Microwave | Review by

We have had our new microwave for over a month and I am very pleased with it. The interior and exterior are very easy to clean. It is much quieter than our previous microwave and seems to be larger in the interior. The vent system is much quieter, too. We are very pleased with our new microwave!

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

This has to be one of the best choices I've made and I love it

Review Title: Sleek Looking | Review by

So far we like the unit. Running the microwave is quiet and offers multiple settings. We are clean and have not needed to use the "easy clean". Areas that need improvement from our perspective: 1. The fan is not very effective for controlling steam unless you only use the burners at the back of the stove. 2. It would be great to have a few of the touch keys backlit so when you want to put the nightlight on you can actually see what you are doing without having to put on the kitchen overhead light.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Bought in June, my micro is great. Love the updated features and tones to let you know that time has expired.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I purchased this microwave along with four other kitchen appliances two weeks ago and they all have been excellent.

Review Title: Range Micrwave with CleanRelease Non-stick Interior | Review by

Had a short time but so for love it ,works excellent great features

Review Title: This is what I have been waiting for ! | Review by

I have been wanting an over the range microwave to free up my counter space for a few years and I am so glad that I decided on this particular model. I purchased it in December 2014 and have been thrilled so far with its performance and features. The microwave I had before was pretty old, so I am learning more about the innovations on this unit every day. I really like the auto fan feature which turns on automatically when it detects too much heat from the stove below. I have included a photo of the unit.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I bought this last month and am very happy with it. It looks nice & matches my other Whirlpool appliances which are very modern. I love the shelf, that works wonderfully for oblong dishes. This feature is hard to find.

Review Title: like the large inside and turntable | Review by

bought two weeks ago and have used it at least 5 times a day

Review Title: Does it all! | Review by

This microwave is loaded with features. Takes the guess work out of how much time or what power level to use. With the press of a couple of buttons you can easily cook or reheat just about anything. It is very smart looking and very easy to keep clean. You cannot go wrong installing one of these units.

Review Title: Phenominal | Review by

Love everything about it. Very innovative. Temperature is very accurate.

Review Title: Very nice and easy to use | Review by

My wife and I have used Whirlpool products all of our 40 plus years of marriage and this Mircrowave is another example of....... You can't beat em!!! That is why we continue to stick with Whirlpool. Dependable, nice looking,easy to use,value for your dollar!! Thanks !!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love everything about this microwave. It's so quiet. The interior is awesome with the easy to clean finish. Never had a model with a sensor and that's pretty special. Great value for the money.

Review Title: it is just a microwave | Review by

we bought two about two months ago to replace another whirlpool hit by a lightening strike

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I bought this in May love it. Quiet with all the features I love

Review Title: Good usable features Easy to use | Review by

No complaints except most of the time it runs very quietly but occasionally it runs at a much louder noise volume

Review Title: Practical Features | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool microwave, from its stylish looks to its well thought out features. Especially useful is the sensor cooking; with features like multiple stage defrost, reheat, soften/melt, and of course, the popcorn cooker. Both the exterior and the interior have high tech surfaces that are much easier to clean than my last microwave oven. It was also easy to install.

Review Title: Ease of Operation | Review by

This microwave determines what you want to cook and selects the proper time and signal strength. I was somewhat disappointed in that the package had no indication of damage; however, when our adult sons picked it up for installation it was noted two dents that were not immediately visible. Our hope is it will not, over time, fail.

Review Title: Super microwave | Review by

I purchased my microwave from Lowes and it was delivered on time and installed perfectly. I was so amazed to see and hear the auto fan come on when cleaning my oven, great feature. Had to replace my old one, (as in only 3 years). so I did my reseach on Whirpool microwaves and found it was rated the best by most reviews. If I had a con to this microwave it would be: There is on small piece on the top left door which is part of the vent, in order for the door to close properly the cabinet door needed to be raised up. It was not a big deal, just worth mentioning. Thank you Whirpool.

Review Title: Love the size and features | Review by

The Whirlpool 2.0 over the range microwave I purchased has been terrific. I have used many of the functions though not all of them yet. The different fan speeds are great, the light is plenty bright. It is bigger than my previous microwave but still fits great. The inside is very easy to keep clean. The steam feature is really nice and thinks for itself. The microwave is large enough to cook a medium turkey in it. It cooks very fast. You can 'add 30 seconds" at the touch of a button. The soften/melt feature works great. I love the sensor cooking, heating- it really does sense when the food is warmed enough, melted..etc

Review Title: Excellent appliance | Review by

I bought this a few months ago and it has been excellent

Review Title: need the done beeper to be louder | Review by

I am 94 years old cant hear the done alarm nananannaana

Review Title: excellent appliance | Review by

This came with my house purchase and I could not be happier. This appliance works so good and has lots of usuable features. I would definitely Buy this one again if need be.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

I love that is quiet while cooking! I hate that I cannot hear when the kitchen timer beeps! (which was important to me when purchasing) They need to have volume adjustments on the unit!

Review Title: Replacement Microwave | Review by

Replaced our 8 yr old Whirlpool Microwave with a upgraded model. The new one has sensor technology. There are several features (control buttons) which we did not have. As always, we are very pleased with our Whirlpool appliances. All of the kitchen and laundry appliances are Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We are happy with this microwave!! One exception is placement of the light. A better way would be to place lights on both sides.

Review Title: Great features, and quiet! | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace another brand that stopped working after less than 2 years. The features are intuitive, easy to use, and a step up from other brands in the same price range. Defrost works great without cooking the meat or requiring you to turn the package over. Lots of options to melt, soften, and reheat. Vent works very well compared to previous brands purchased. Best feature - the microwave runs quietly!!

Review Title: great feature | Review by

Bought this for our new house. Remodeled the kitchen. This is very nice looking. Adds a beautiful finishing touch to the kitchen. Two types of cooking with it. Have had no problem with it. Really does great when cooking a potatoes. Doesn't dry out like some microwave s do. Would recommend it to friends. Only problem I have with it is, when the timer goes off sometime I can't hear it in the other room. It sound like a music tune.

Review Title: So many features | Review by

My kids got me the Whirlpool 2.0 cu. ft. over the range microwave and the Whirlpool range for Christmas. And, I love them, I use the microwave much more than I use the range because of all it's features. You can do anything with the microwave and the non stick interior makes it almost clean itself. And they dress up my kitchen so much. Beautiful!

Review Title: Replaced my old one | Review by

This microwave replaced my old Whirlpool microwave and installed without any problem or effort.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

We purchased this microwave for our new condo and we really like the features and the sleek look. It is much quieter than our old one.

Review Title: Great Replacement | Review by

I purchased this microwave to replace a failed one. The Whirlpool is so quiet and gets the job done. Used the "Soften/Melt" feature for 2 sticks of frozen butter. DO NOT repeat this!

Review Title: Looks nice, good space | Review by

I like the looks of this microwave. There are a lot of features but I usually just use the time feature or the add 30 second feature.

Review Title: Freakin awesome for potatoes | Review by

It's great for cooking potatoes, no hard or cold spots, it figures out somehow how many, no matter what size and cooks them to perfect levels. They even do not have to be the same size. I have cooked sweet potatoes and regular ones and I don't have to cook them separately. Awesome purchase, will get another in my next place!!!!!

Review Title: The Microwave for Today | Review by

It's been a very long time since purchasing a new microwave. whirlpool did a great job with this one. Looks great a works better. Easy to use. Quick clean up. And cooks awesome. You won't be disappointed with this microwave.

Review Title: great appliance, very quiet | Review by

Bought this microwave 2 month ago, it works great. It is so quiet and we like the fan feature.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

This microwave came with the house but man does it pull together the look of the kitchen with it being stainless and all. No issues so far 3 months in.

Review Title: Love my Whirlpool Microwave! | Review by

I love the new microwave. It's electronic, runs quietly and efficiently, and does a great job with the food.

Review Title: Looks good, works good, minor problem | Review by

Overall happy but have a door sensor problem, sometimes the microwave does not know if the door is open or closes. Usually have to open and close a few times to get it to function. Having is serviced under warranty, waiting for a new control board.

Review Title: Features and looks | Review by

A good look with great features that should meet any males needs.

Review Title: Cavernous | Review by

There is a lot of room in this unit. Took a little modification to the cabinet.

Review Title: Nearly perfect | Review by

We bought our microwave this summer and have been very pleased with its looks and performance. It is easy to keep clean and nice looking. We dont use all of the cooking choices, mostly just regular and some defrosting modes. I like the beep and also reminder beeps if you missed the first one - helpful but not obnoxious. Heats quickly and evenly. My only conceern is that on occasion the edge of the front window fogs up a bit while cooking; I think the covering is peeling away a bit but it isn't a cooking issue now.

Review Title: Very Quite | Review by

Bought this about a month ago after a very disappointing Gold line whirlpool microwave that had endless problems. This microwave had good reviews so we purchased. So far, easy to use, works well but what we love most is how quite it is. Our home has an open floor plan so having this be as quite as it is, is wonderful. Looks nice as well and matches our other whirlpool stainless steel appliances. So far so good.

Review Title: Excellent style | Review by

I purchase this microwave about a month ago . Not crazy about the cook time seems everything take longer to cook than my old one. It also does not seem as secured to cabinets as my previous one

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

I bought this microwave a couple months ago and am very pleased with it.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

The most hated thing while warming food is the edges are hot and the center is cold, with this microwave the food is heated evenly!!! The microwave is also very quite

Review Title: Sleek, well made and easy to use! | Review by

Picked this up at best buy and I am very pleased with my purchase. Easy to use and very quiet when it's running. Works perfect!

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

We purchased this microwave a month ago and so far it has been great. Works wonderfully and is very quiet when on.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

This microwave mounted over the oven looks great with my range, plus it blends in perfectly with my already existing black appliances. It is so much simpler to use than my previous microwave.

Review Title: like the seethrough door | Review by

I like the large glass door I can see what I am cooking

Review Title: quiet and so cleanable. Spill inside and just wipe out. | Review by

Got this about a month ago and have really liked it. Makes life easier because of the time it takes to clean. I like the color--had bisque before but this is a cleaner looking produce.

Review Title: Easy to operate!!! | Review by

We purchased this microwave about one month ago and are delighted with all of the functions -and the ease of operation. Enjoying the steam cycles and the ease of cleaning! A great purchase for our family.

Review Title: We love it! | Review by

We have had this for a few weeks, and think its the best microwave we ever had!

Review Title: Satisified | Review by

Mirco- wave installed on Feb.20, 2015..Every thing went well, and we are very satisified with the service and the product.....Ernie Johnson..

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Bought this microwave about a month ago. Been awhile since I had a new model about seven years. Wow..... how they have changed. This model is great cleans up so easy. The defrost cycle works perfectly. Can't say enough very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Replacement microwave | Review by

We bought this to replace an older Whirlpool that died and I wish I could say that I love it, but I'd trade this for my old one (if it still worked). This one doesn't seem to heat evenly and the timer is so quiet that sometimes we don't hear it going off in our busy home.

Review Title: door swing | Review by

I bought this microwave because of the way the door hinge works, but really love the features and menu set up

Review Title: Nice looking and works well | Review by

Just as described. Looks great and works well. Quiet when running.

Review Title: Great decision on this Choice! | Review by

Extremely user friendly. Love the interior for easy clean. Outside is eye appealing. My sister recommend it, as she has one also.

Review Title: Looks nice / Dependable??? | Review by

We bought the Whirlpool microwave 15 months ago. Wouldn't you know it, at 13 months we start having problems with the sensor technology. It's all great until it stops working or works sporadically. The microwave becomes unusable when it thinks you have something in the microwave but you don't and it won't reset or start. Always catches you in a pinch, I mean the point of the microwave is generally you need to cook/heat something quickly. Don't count on it if the sensor starts behaving sporadically. I'm just saying.... Sensor technology sounds great but you really need it to be reliable.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I bought a microwave of another brand...and before it was a year old, it caught on fire! Although the company finally honored the warranty, I was afraid to get the same I got this whirlpool, and I LOVE's so quiet when it runs, also when you choose soften it actually does it..It had a timer, which the other one did not...also a turn the turntable off really sucks the steam out...over all, I a.m. very satisfied with this new microwave...You won't be sorry if you choose it!

Review Title: Beautiful and Functional | Review by

Bought a little more than a month ago, and it is roomier than our former microwave, plus has an attractive and useful gray finish inside that appears to be easy clean-up. The controls are easy to use and have quite a few express functions. The add 30 second button is very nice to complete a short warm-up. I am sure we will have this for many years and get better acquainted with all its excellent functions.

Review Title: Solidly built | Review by

Very happy with this microwave. Very good looking with my kitchen.

Review Title: Quiet running | Review by

Nice microwave and the fan is very quiet. I love it

Review Title: Easy to use with great features | Review by

We needed to replace our old microwave and selected Whirlpool because of all its features and its ease of use.

Review Title: A smart purchase | Review by

We bought this a month ago and are very happy we did.

Review Title: Great Value and Easy To Use! | Review by

Bought to replace my 4 year old LG Microwave. I purchase a Whirlpool double door stove 2 years ago and love it! So I decided to buy the Whirlpool and its amazing how much better it is over the LG that cost a lot more!

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I bought this microwave about six weeks ago. It's one of the best appliance purchases I ever made. The fan is so quiet that I can use the microwave in the kitchen without disturbing others watching TV in the adjoined family room. The beeps that alert you when the cooking cycle/timer is finished are pleasant. The sensor feature cooks potatoes perfectly, although it could use some improvement when it comes to reheating a dinner plate. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: Very happy with this microwave. | Review by

I purchased this microwave over a month ago and therefore have had ample time to use it now. First of all installation was fairly easy. And I selected this model because the door seemed to feel like a more solid, better fit than other models. To me kind of like buying a new car... The automatic cooking and sensing features do a great job. Love the cleanrelease non-stick interior, and the modern looks. Plus this microwave is much quieter while cooking and venting than my old one. Microwaves have come a long way since the last one I purchased. The microwave looks great in my new kitchen. I would recommend it.

Review Title: easy to use. | Review by

Bought this microwave after my other one would shut off while using it. That one was only a year or so old. My new one is awesome. Love the features and its many uses for cooking!

Review Title: Great mircowave | Review by

Great buy A good looking mircoven Works great cooks fast and great features

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This unit is so much nicer and efficient than the LG unit we had previously.

Review Title: Very Sleek! | Review by

I bought my microwave 3 months ago and love it! We use it daily!

Review Title: It looks nice and it is roomy | Review by

I bought it about a month ago. It seems to be doing fine till now. If you are thinking of recirculating the cooking smells back to your kitchen, the filters are not very useful.

Review Title: Yet another outstanding Whirlpool product | Review by

Awesome buy, great microwave for the price. Very easy to use, runs quietly, much more precise cooking than my old unit at a great price.

Review Title: Pleanty of Usable Features. | Review by

Bought this Microwave about a month ago and I really like it, it cleans up easy and the sensor feature makes baking a potato or 2 seamless and easy.

Review Title: Sleek look | Review by

I bought this microwave a couple of months ago, and love it. The sleek look compliments the other stainless appliances we purchased to redo our kitchen. The defrost setting works great - no more partially cooked hamburger. The popcorn setting needs some work, though - way to many kernels left unpopped.

Review Title: best microwave | Review by

bought this microwave less than a month ago, Best thing we did. It does about everything and very happy with it

Review Title: Smart looking. | Review by

We bought this one to replace our previous Whirlpool microwave which had a bad circuit board due to moisture from cooking on the stove. So far the new one is working perfectly. My only comment is that this one does not have a quick minute setting. I get around this by hitting the "add 30 second" button several times. Otherwise, great machine. We are very careful about cooking on the stove and hopefully the circuit board will stay dry.

Review Title: Happy with purchase | Review by

Gigantic and good looking machine. It is a little quiet which can lead to missing the beeping sometimes. Wish we could increase the volume. But really, that is the only complaint.

Review Title: eans easier then any other | Review by

cleanse easier then any other I had,is spill resistent,love the over all performance

Review Title: Looks and works great! | Review by

Performs as advertised. Super easy to operate and love the flush open 90 degree door. Runs quietly and has plenty of heating options. Very satisfied with this recent purchase.

Review Title: Great features and size | Review by

Purchased with a new range. Love the design and size of this microwave. The non stick surface is awesome.

Review Title: Two weeks of use / no complaints | Review by

Just moved into a new build. I installed appliances. Easy installation for this microwave. No issues with it over the past two weeks. Previously we had a 10 year old countertop microwave; we are still exploring all its features. So far our household is pleased with it.

Review Title: Quiet with great features and easy to clean, too. | Review by

We bought this Whirlpool microwave in November 2014 when our six years old microwave went kaput. This new and quiet 2.0 cu.ft. Microwave's special features actually work and in less time than our previous microwaves. Home Depot delivered, set up and hauled the old microwave away within three days.

Review Title: Looks great. Good microwave and hood | Review by

Looks great, microwave has nice features and heats food quickly and evenly. The hood fan works pretty well, it does have some trouble with excessive steam coming from front burners of the stove. A lot ends up condensing on the face of the microwave.

Review Title: Silence is Golden | Review by

Our new Whirlpool Microwave is so quiet we're not always certain it is running. The price was right, the installation was without a hitch and the result is above our expectations.

Review Title: Highly recommend | Review by

This microwave was purchased to replace a failed 'M-wave" unit. It has a lot of features that our older unit did not have and it is definitely a lot quieter - even with more power. Since I did the replacement myself I would recommend to others who are doing the same to pay close attention to the installation instructions - especially the position of the holes to be drilled in the overhead cabinet that will be supporting the unit. DO NOT discard the cardboard packing material since it has a template printed on it to aid in the installation procedure. Once installed you will appreciate the many features included in this microwave. One of the first things we noticed was when we use the unit to pop popcorn it 'senses' when the popping has finished and apparently cuts off the magnatron (this is what actually creates the microwaves) to avoid burning the popcorn. Our old unit didn't do this and there were many times that the popcorn had to be discarded from being scorched or burned. There are too many other good features to mention here, but if you buy one of these you will wonder why you waited so long to do so.

Review Title: Average | Review by

Controls are difficult to see,door squeaks,popcorn setting is ineffective .its a good cheap unit .

Review Title: Great looks | Review by

I use the microwave more than any other appliance iny kitchen, and this is the best one I've ever had. It looks great, works great and has more features!

Review Title: Great Over-the-Range Microwave | Review by

I bought this microwave to replace a GE Cafe series and I am so glad I did. It fit perfect and was easy to install. Works great and is quite as a mouse while running. For the price it cant be beat and looks great to boot!

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Have had the microwave for a few weeks and works great. Easy to install took about 20 min. Sense cook works very well. Seems to cook fast and even. Easy clean up with no stick finish inside. Great Price too.

Review Title: One Great Microwave | Review by

I purchased this a couple of months ago and think it is absolutely wonderful I really like the sensor technology, works great with everything we have cooked in it

Review Title: Quiet, Quick and Easy | Review by

I have had this microwave a month and it works very nicely. It was easy to install and is very quiet. All the sensory settings work great and cook evenly. We love how it looks.

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