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Whirlpool WMH32519CS 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WMH32519CS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WMH32519CS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMH32519CS Cooking

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Whirlpool 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $339.00
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  • 3-Speed Fan / 300 CFM
  • 3 variable fan-speed settings let you match the right amount of ventilation to the dish being prepared.
  • 1.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Easily prepare your favorite dishes thanks to 1.9 cu. ft. of capacity.
  • Provides enough space for frozen entrees and microwave-safe mixing bowls.
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power
  • With up to 1,000 watts of cooking power, Whirlpool microwaves offer the flexibility you need to heat all types of food.
  • From macaroni and cheese to corn on the cob, quickly and easily.
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Take the guesswork out of microwave meals.
  • You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you.
  • Adjusts time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.
  • Steam Cooking
  • Create more space on the cooktop.
  • Now you can steam conveniently in the microwave for delicious, healthy meals with their dishwasher safe microwave steamer.
  • Enjoy flaky fish, tender vegetables and fluffy rice quickly and easily without the hassle or bulk of cooktop steamers.
  • Recessed, Stoppable Glass Turntable
  • The recessed turntable handles larger items like cooking bowls so you can prepare caramel corn, party mix or soups in the microwave.
  • The turntable can be safely stopped with the touch of a button.
  • Hidden Vent
  • Streamline the appearance of the microwave exterior with a hidden vent that also simplifies cleaning.
  • Cooking Rack
  • This removable cooking rack lets you microwave several items at once for added flexibility.


Microwave Type: Over-the-Range
Capacity: 1.9 Cu. Ft.
Voltage: 120 Volts
Exterior Features
Door Swing: Left Hand (Hinge Side)
Handle/Latch: Pull To Open
Display Type: VFD
Styling: 3-Piece
Control Location: Side
Blower Type: Twin Squirrel Cage Blower
Ventilation Type: Exterior or Recirculating
Clock Set/Off: Yes
Dynamic Fan Sensing: No
CFM: 300 CFM
Fan Speeds: 3-Speed
Cooktop Light: Yes
Interior Features
Finish: Powder-White
Cooking Power Wattage: 1,000 Watts
Turntable Material: Glass
Turntable Diameter: 12"
Rack: Yes
Sensor Cooking: Yes
Grease Filter: Yes
Quick Touch Settings
Cook: Yes
Reheat: Yes
Soften/Melt: No
Add 30 Seconds: Yes
Popcorn: Yes
Baked Potato: Yes
Vegetable: Yes
Frozen Entree: Yes
Warm/Hold: Yes
Cook Time: Yes
Defrost: Yes
Convection: No
Steam Cooking: Yes
Steam Clean: No
Cook Power: Yes
Timer: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 29 7/8"
Overall Depth: 17 5/16"
Overall Depth without Handle: 15 1/2"
Overall Height: 17 5/16"
Gross Weight: 74.0 Lbs.

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Review Title: Latesed features are great | Review by

We believed that it was time to keep up to date with the latest technology improvements.

Review Title: Surprised at how easy it is to use and install. | Review by

Bought this to replace an older microwave that had failed. It was easy to install (I am a contractor). The operation is easy and is very quiet. More than happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Happy customer | Review by

It has bigger capacity, like the color and brightness of display. It runs quieter.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This was a replacement and we.are enjoying the new features and ease of use.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

perfect for the space and love the ease of cleaning

Review Title: Smart! | Review by

This microwave is full of features that are really handy! It has preset buttons for your most common uses. It's quiet and gets the job done quickly.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I do like this microwave, with the exception of the light placement. It is in the very back of the unit on the bottom. When you place a large pot (stock type pot) on the front burner of the stove, the contents in the pot are shadowed. I love the stream feature, no more over cooked veggies. It is easy to use and to clean.

Review Title: Great Machine! | Review by

We built a new house with KB and this microwave came with the house. It's an udgrade from the Whirlpool microwave we had with our last KB house (only 4 years ago). They've udpated quite a bit. This works well, easy to use and clean, the tones are fantastic!!! No more annoying microwave beeps!

Review Title: We have loved our microwave! We were disturbed when we opened it though because it was dented. | Review by

Love it; but it was dented upon opening. Outside packing showed NO damage.

Review Title: Easy to install | Review by

Works great and was very easy to install. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Review Title: very easy to operate and a beautiful addition to my kitchen | Review by

Very happy with this product, I have had it approximately three months and it is excellent.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

The signal for timer ending could be louder. Sometimes we do not even hear it.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought this microwave because I Love Whirlpool appliances. I have a side by side refridge 11 years and only 1 service call. So far the microwave is opearating like I thought it wood. It's a Whirlpool its just great quality.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this microwave in October 2014 and I really like it and its features. You can two tier cooking, has vegetable setting, reheat that automatically scans food and adjust time & power setting for reheating food, potato setting so you don't have to guess what power and how long. it has a frozen food setting, melt butter setting, popcorn setting, warm setting etc.. I recommend this microwave oven.

Review Title: WHIRLPOOL MICROWAVE | Review by


Review Title: Powerful Microwave | Review by

I have been pleased with the microwave I purchased. I haven't used the rack in because I can't fit cups and pots underneath it when using the microwave. I have been very pleased with this appliance and hoping it lasts longer than the last under the range microwave.

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

This microwave is a great improvement from my old Whirlpool one that was almost 20 years old. I'm especially enjoying the turntable which was not on the old one and also all the settings being on the control panel. My granddaughter loves the tune when timing ends! My only problem was the unit was slightly damaged on the right front - cabinet panel is bent & bottom right corner. Because of timing, we had to go ahead and install it.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

This is my second Whirlpool microwave. The first one was constantly used but this second one I like better. I prefer the solid face making it easier to wipe clean. Am enjoying the many buttons and find they work so much better than my "guessing" method. All in All am pleased with this product. Have no way to take pictures. Sorry, as it is a nice addition to my lovely home.

Review Title: Kitchen workhorse. | Review by

OK, is there anyone out there who doesn't use the microwave on a consistent basis. This is a champ of a microwave with neat features and it's very powerful.

Review Title: Awesome appliance | Review by

Bought a new house and had to replace the existing microwave. The new unit looks awesome, looks elegant and works great!!! Thanks!!!

Review Title: Sharp looking | Review by

Love the ease of using it. Also it's heats up real fast.

Review Title: large capacity sleek design | Review by

bought about a month ago. beautiful sleek model. Ease of use

Review Title: Additional 30 second button | Review by

I bought this a couple months ago for a partial remodel of my kitchen , ideally to have more counter space. It is great !!!

Review Title: Awesome Microwave | Review by

Easy to use, the only thing that is somewhat annoying is when it asks you to open the door (IE when I select to cook something, but put the plate in there over 5 minutes ago, it asks me to open and close the door before I can cook the item).

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

It was easy to install over the oven with the help of my neighbor and it does all we want in a microwave.

Review Title: Awesome Microwave | Review by

This microwave replaced the original (1999 model) one in my house. The difference in efficiency & capability is almost indescribable. Whirlpool is a brand I trust for all of my home appliances.

Review Title: Whirlpool microwave | Review by

Exceeds my expectations! Love the modern look and convenience.

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

This was part of our new home package, nice package indeed! Works great, no complaints. Just keep in mind that if you've never owned stainless steel appliances before, they do require some special care in clean up!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Love the above range mounting. Very easy to use. Like the rack included to the design

Review Title: A new experience | Review by

I bought this microwave as a replacement for a GE (the third one I had) aand found that the same is so much better and easier to use than all three previous GE's.

Review Title: Steam cooking | Review by

This is the first time I have had a microwave with steam cooking and I especially enjoy this feature.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

This was a great find! Great product for a really good price! Easy to use and does a wonderful job.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Love the feature buttons and auto detection function.

Review Title: Not impressed at all | Review by

Sensor cooking does not work as a cooking method..

Review Title: Love, love, love this microwave!!! | Review by

I bought this microwave for my new kitchen and I absolutely love it. It is just big enough for everything I need to heat and it is quiet. The light on it is great and so is the fan. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for great quality and a great appliance.

Review Title: great features | Review by

This microwave was in the new home we bought I really like everything about it.

Review Title: Love this microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave at a local neighborhood appliance store and had originally not intended to buy a Whirlpool. I decided to purchase this one to most closely match the other Whirlpool appliances in the house I bought recently. I am very happy with the features and it is very easy and intuitive to use. And quiet.

Review Title: really like my new microwave | Review by

I hope this microwave last longer than the other one. I'm a little disappointed in Maytag microwave not lasting longer.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Works Great! Easy to use. Definately reccoemnd this product.

Review Title: Great microwave from Whirlpool | Review by

When our original Whirlpool Gold microwave died after 13 years of great service we decided to get another one. So far we are loving its features and it looks great in our kitchen. Matches our stainless whirlpool fridge.. We were a little hesitant about the light being in the back that it wouldn't be bright enough to light up the stove below, but it's not a problem. Only thing we see that might have issues is the way the newer microwaves have hidden vents(for ventless) now that vent upward instead of out like the old style. Since our cabinet is above we are hoping it doesn't damage it. Otherwise great product so far!

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

I enjoy the ease of using the microwave. I also like the smooth key pad. It makes cleaning a breeze. I have only used the microwave for just two weeks.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

A good choice that is neat and classy to look. Works Great, and easy to use.

Review Title: Whirlpool 1.9 cu. microwave | Review by

This microwave is the elite of microwaves from simple reheat to steam it is all there!

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought this for my new home, and I love how it works!

Review Title: Mostly very good. | Review by

Like most features. Looks great. Handle is nice size and much better than the push button on our old micro. Matches nicely with the range. Nice, consistent heating. Like the range, the writing on the pad is hard to read.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

I bought this microwave in June and I couldn't be more pleased. Everything that I have cooked, thawed, steamed or heated up has come out perfect. I bought it on line which was a first for me not checking it out in the store first. It looks great and cooks great.

Review Title: Boy! Do I love the microwave. | Review by

I decided to purchase product since I have owne Whirlpool products in the past.

Review Title: nice microwave | Review by

We use this daily to reheat food. The features are nice and food is heated good.

Review Title: Excellent Microwave | Review by

I purchased this product a month ago and I can't be more pleased. I like the steam feature and the sensor cooking feature. These features make cooking fool proof. The display is bright and easy to read.

Review Title: Works for my family! | Review by

I bought the microwave hood combination over a month ago and have found no faults with it. Seems to be a good and sturdy products. My family and I are heavy users!

Review Title: works well | Review by

works great for me and does what it's supposed to do

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Had several service visit with original unit, but so far replacement works fine.

Review Title: Beautiful! It looks fantastic. | Review by

This unit has a lot of feature which I am not familiar with but am learning, It really cooks food very fast and does not dry it out.Would recommend to my friends and family. Customer Service was superb.

Review Title: Perfect in all respects! | Review by

My kitchen is in the process of being re-modeled and I wanted a hood microwave. Whirlpool is the only appliance I buy, so it was a no brainer when it came time to replace my 27 year old Whirlpool microwave. This model is so fast, has a tremendous amount of options, and is even easy enough for my husband to use. I love it!

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I love the mocrowave! Beautiful Design and microwaves evenly.

Review Title: Not recommended | Review by

This microwave is incredibly loud. It doesn't heat well. My old Whirlpool microwave would defrost 1 pound of hamburger in 1 cycle, boil a cup of water in 1 minute and melt wax for candles almost immediately. This one takes three defrost cycles for hamburger, 5 minutes to boil a cup of water, and takes so long to melt wax that I gave up and now use my stove. Wish I could have my old one back.

Review Title: Great operation and features | Review by

Unit was replaced by Homeowners warranty and is great

Review Title: Microwave brings me out of the twilight zone! | Review by

I made my Whirlpool microwave purchase right before Thanksgiving last year and it definitely is the right decision for me. Besides the wonderful features it offers such as my favorites: turntable turn off option, softening and defrosting foods, and the timer option (which I use ALL the time), it actually brought me out of the twilight zone of microwaves! For 20 years, I had been using an antique microwave (with actual push buttons and knobs) and range unit that came with the house when we bought it. As long as that old microwave worked, I made myself use it. When it finally died, I was absolutely delighted to find my Whirlpool microwave and couldn't wait to install it and start using it! I ooohed and ahhhed for days over every feature and the ease of using it. The "reminder" to remove your food is a great option for me as I'm always trying to multitask in the kitchen. Love the digital screen and touchpad too! You have to understand: I have gone from a "Model T" to a "Ferrari." When I say it has changed my life, I mean it! It has truly made my cooking experience so much easier and fun and has indeed, bought me into the 21st century of microwaves. Thank you Whirlpool!

Review Title: So easy to use! | Review by

We bought our new microwave two months ago. It has all the features we need and is so easy to use.

Review Title: Just about worthless | Review by

The microwave is decent but the venthood is actually worthless. It does not help with the cooking odors at all.

Review Title: It has very good features built in. I am happy that I bought it. | Review by

It is easy to use and not a lot of "touch this, then touch that". Very simple. I like the musical "end" tone, too.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We moved into our new house and the microwave oven needed to be replace. After we did online search we decided on this 1.9 cu Whirlpool microwave for its reasonable price and nice features, and that was last Summer, we have been very happy with it.

Review Title: It is a microwave, period. | Review by

Does not come with user manual. Fancy features mean nothing if do not know how to use them. Microwave does cook as expected.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

I have had it two weeks , so far it's worked great, love it

Review Title: Love the thing | Review by

bought it a month ago to replace my expired unit it fit where range hood was.Darn quiet, mighty powerful , love the revolving center my old unit did not have . this is a super micro wave..i would buy again

Review Title: Terrific microwave! | Review by

We bought this through our home warranty company, and we are so happy with it as the old microwave was 24 years old!

Review Title: microwave | Review by

I bought this to replace an over stove microwave. I am very pleased with the new microwave and its features.

Review Title: Best Microwave we ever had | Review by

We bought a new home and it came standard. We really like it!

Review Title: the machine is awesome. | Review by

Lightning blew out my old micro, now I'm glad, this machine is like an adventure every time I use it. At age 86 it was easy for me to learn things a new way.Fine machine, glad I chose it.

Review Title: Old man | Review by

From the first time we used unit the interior covering on the door window began to bulge and come loose. You can smooth it out, but it will again bulge and come loose again. Machine operates fine, but bugs me that after paying more for this unit than some other I was considering it is not 100%.

Review Title: So much better!! | Review by

This microwave is so much better than the 24 year old one which it replaced!! I love all the new features available such as the timer and the 30 second more button. We are very pleased with its function and appearance.

Review Title: Large with great features | Review by

I bought this microwave to replace a different brand that was leaking microwaves. I am very happy with this purchase. It has all the features I like.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I am very pleased with the new Whirlpool Microwave.

Review Title: Excellant Overall Performance! | Review by

I purchased this just before Christmas, when we have our family's largest gathering of the year in our home. My husband installed it and it was easier than previous microwaves he has installed. The face is easy to read. It is more quiet than our old microwave. Door isn't flimsy at all & works nicer as it feels firm when you open & close it. The cook, reheat and defrost cycles are all amazing. Things heat in half the time it took in our old microwave AND they stay hot longer without the "overnuked" appearance or taste. The inside and outside surfaces are easy to clean, unlike some microwaves where the surfaces seem to grab and hold on to food splashes, etc. We are so pleased with this purchase that we plan to buy another one soon for our rental home.

Review Title: Best microwave we have ever used ! | Review by

We decided to upgrade to this microwave due to the features...really like the sensor, steamer & melt features. Very easy to use & no bad results on anything.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

So happy that we changed to Whirlpool from GE Profile!!

Review Title: Very pleased. | Review by

This is a replacement for our first Whirlpool microwave which lasted for twelve and a half years, It's easy to use, and the features we've tried so far have worked well.

Review Title: Good purchase | Review by

Heats evenly, easy to figure out how to program. My favorite thing is the very discreet ding at the end of the cycle, pleasant to listen to! Light and fan work well too.

Review Title: Great features, OK sensor | Review by

This microwave is probably the coolest microwave I have ever owned. The only qualm I have is that when heating two plates in the microwave at once the sensor only reads one plate, so it isn't quite as cool as it could be. Awesome effort, whirlpool!

Review Title: Works as advertised | Review by

Had to replace the old built in microwave that was a different brand. The Whirlpool fit just fine and works just fine.

Review Title: Love | Review by

I love my new microwave. I has brightened up the whole kitchen and is very easy to use. And now I have a night light too. I like the under counter light on a timer feature.

Review Title: Nice and quiet! | Review by

So far we have been pleased with our new microwave. After searching for one that did not have loud beeps and fans, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the nice musical tone! My son mocks it all the time! I really like the easy-open and shut door latch. Looks nice in our kitchen.

Review Title: Doesn't work!! | Review by

I purchased this unit new along with the complete line of Whirlpool appliances, all the others work great, but this is a useless paper weight!! its works well 25% of the time. Other times it does not heat the items at all!! I have put in frozen dinners where the suggested cook time is 2 minutes....after 5 in this it is still cold!!! This microwave has yet to fully pop a bag of popcorn, usually they are less than 1/2 popped!! and forget about a bag of frozen veggies your better off eating them straight out of the freezer than using this microwave!! I am completely disappointed with this unit and wish i could return it!!

Review Title: Smart cooking | Review by

I didn't think microwaving could get any better. I bought this microwave about a month in a half ago and Whirlpool sure brought me into the 21st century. This product has everything including a sensor that automatically does your cooking and takes the guessing out of, "how long should I cook this for?" Very spacious with a shelf for extra cooking needs and a turntable that is flush with the bottom so there is more room.I was amazed at how my meals were so evenly cooked. The 3 speed fan and light are just bonuses along with and easy to following keypad that tells you everything you need to know to set your microwave up for exactly your needs. Couldn't be happier! Thank you Whirlpool

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Easy to use. Works great. Lots of room inside. Love the center rack feature

Review Title: Great look | Review by

The functionality and look of the microwave and vent are great. Adds sleekness to my kitchen.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

we bought this for kitchen remodel and love it. The sensor cooking is especially helpful. It looks great does a good job and the menu driven display makes it idiot proof. A great microwave that I would recommend to anyone.

Review Title: good quality, features | Review by

big whirlpool fan, dependable always...don't believe salespeople when they say all appliance makers are all the same, whirlpool stands at the top of list

Review Title: Great Review | Review by

I have had my whirlpool microwave for 3 months now and I am really happy with it. I have been very happy with all of my whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: Great Features!!! | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and so far so good....Have several other Whirlpool applicances and never had why not s microwave.

Review Title: Disappointed... | Review by

I bought this microwave oven almost a year ago. The turn-table is noisy. I've tried using the different selections for warming, defrosting, steaming, etc, and the only one that I like is "beverage". It will heat coffee. Other than that, I have to add time to any other "feature" on this microwave. Liked my old one much better.

Review Title: Awesome features, super easy for the kids too | Review by

This thing works like a champ! We used over a dozen times a day, and its so easy to clean. Give it some wipes and its back to shine status!

Review Title: Fantastic | Review by

I bought this about a month ago, and I think it is the greatest Microwave ever. It does EVERYTHING! Cooks meals, steams veggies, makes snaks, and heat up anything perfectly!

Review Title: Modern and quiet | Review by

Happy with this over the oven microwave. The exhaust fan is very efficient.

Review Title: Good value for the price | Review by

I bought this to replace one that was 7 years old. I then sold my house so really don't know how it will function in the long term.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Since November 2014. Performance acceptable for this innovative design. Ease of use. Nice features

Review Title: Great replacement | Review by

Got this unit in replacement of my original unit. I enjoy all the nice to have settings and the heating power is better than others of same rating. The style and looks place a highlight in the kitchen.

Review Title: Better than penny pinching! | Review by

This microwave was part of my new home and I am glad. I usually go for the cheaper appliances and am enjoying one that is higher quality for certain! A good lesson that a little extra gives you a lot extra!

Review Title: Great buy!!! | Review by

This is a great microwave at a great price! Easy to use and keep clean!

Review Title: Good Features | Review by

Got this microwave about 1 month ago Easy to use Does a good job functions are great. Was also able to still get the bisque color

Review Title: the sensor is great and the clock keeps its time after a short lost of power | Review by

I have had my microwave for about a month now, I am still very happy with it. I noticed when my power went out, the clock on the microwave kept its time. I was very impressed with that. One time it did make a loud vibrating sound, but never did it again, I feel if I do have a problem I can call whirlpool to take care of it.

Review Title: Nice Microwave | Review by

This microwave came with our new home. It's nice and does a good job cooking. I didn't give it 5 stars only because I miss having a "quick minute" button and I miss Turbo Defrost. While this Whirlpool Microwave has a defrost, it isn't a Turbo Defrost, which doesn't brown the edges. Other than that, it does a very good job so far.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

Replacement microwave it's very sleek and functional.

Review Title: Sensing... I love it! | Review by

This has been really great! It has presets that actually work. No more partially popped bags of popcorn, when thawing frozen meat - it doesn't cook the outside and I don't have to guess a time when reheating soup, burritos or pizza. If you like to cook and use this as an assistant, or if the kids need some help reheating a meal when you're out of time, THIS MACHINE IS GREAT!!!

Review Title: Really like my new whirlpool microwave second one in seven yrs!!! | Review by

I bought this a month or so ago to replace the last whirlpool microwave... Liked old one so wanted the same only this one sets out kinda farther than the old one....but I like how it works!

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

I am very happy with my Whirlpool microwave. It is extremely user friendly. I really like the fact that you can set as many seconds as you like to cook (not only 15 sec. increments). I also like that they have made the notice your food is done with little tweets, not annoying beeps!

Review Title: Outstanding, we really are happy with this microwave. | Review by

The microwave was within the new home purchase and we this it's a great unit.

Review Title: Very happy. | Review by

I love all the new features. I just knows how many potatoes to cook.

Review Title: Simple and easy to operate...great features | Review by

I bought this about a couple of months ago and expected no less...performance, easy access, excellent features especially '30sec add' for warming food. I have been using Whirlpool brand for a good 30yrs and never encounter a major problem..Microwave, Refrigerator, Range/oven, and Upright Freezer.

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

The functions are very easy to figure out making it easy to use.

Review Title: Love everything about it! | Review by

Love the styling and all the features! Easy to use also.

Review Title: Very nice | Review by

Very nice looking, lots of features, plenty of room for large objects

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I replaced my old over the range with this Whirlpool Microwave a month ago = Love it. It works well, looks sleek and am anxious to continue to enjoy it. Love the fun sounds, too.

Review Title: Great digital features | Review by

This microwave came with the brand new house I bought. First off the look of it is sleek and minimal, which I like. It matches very well with my dark cabinets.

Review Title: Terrific up-to-date microwave | Review by

I had my old LG microwave replaced with this new Whirlpool microwave. I must say, it's quite a bit faster, and really enjoy the new steam feature!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I like this microwave. Big space, enough to reheat a food for my family. Happy to have it.

Review Title: Great Sensors to get it right! | Review by

This came with the new house we purchased and I was not aware that Whirlpool made such a great product. We use a competitors for years at our old house and must say: "Wish we had a Whirlpool back then!"

Review Title: Great features and easy to use. | Review by

Has all the features you need and really nothing you can't use. Looks great works great, enough said!

Review Title: Pleasant sounds when cooking is finished. | Review by

This was installed in my new house. It has a large interior capacity, is quiet, and has nice chimes to alert when cooking is finished. As of yet, (2 months later), I still can't find a pause button feature, making me cancel cooking time, rather than just pausing it. It heats well.

Review Title: Excellant Choice | Review by

Have used this microwave for about a month now and I am very happy with it. My brother helped me install it, which was very simple to accomplish. Very pleased with this selection. This unit was much lighter than the one that was replaced.

Review Title: Sleek and Beautiful | Review by

This microwave is very sleek and looks so awesome in the kitchen! I am happy with it and like the little jingle sound it makes when it's done cooking rather than the high pitched beeping most microwaves make.

Review Title: "Finished" | Review by

The chimes signaling that that the cook, timer, etc program is finished has no capability to make the time chime louder or different sound. Although the chime is pleasing to the ear, it needs to be made louder and sound level controlled by the user.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace a unit that broke. The unit is terrific. The amount of space it provides is exactly what we needed and the many additional features are great. Being able to have the sensor option reduces over cooking and the microwave exceeded our expectations. We only wish that the notification sound could be a little louder, but we are getting use to that. Perfect.

Review Title: Happy Improvement | Review by

We've been enjoying the new microwave for almost a month. Its features offer many options for heating and reheating that our other one did not. I especially like the defrost feature. Looking forward to a long happy relationship with this one.

Review Title: Looks Beautiful in New Home! | Review by

This microwave and other Whirlpool appliances came standard in our newly purchased home! I was worried when the builder said we would have to pay for upgrades and elected to go with the "standard" appliances- but they are all well above standard!

Review Title: Wonderful | Review by

Bought this microwave about a month ago, had it installed quickly after purchase. And it has been treaty me wonderful. Special features like soften butter is wonderful.

Review Title: nice function | Review by

I purchased our new Whirlpool microwave as a replacement forone that was over ten years old. I liked the features of the old microwave but it was time to get a new one so I looked for one that would be close but with new features and looks. My new oven holds more, has the features I liked on the older unit plus newer features that make using the microwave easy. I also love the styling.

Review Title: Great power | Review by

I am very disappointed that my microwave did not have a vent cover at the top of appliance. If not for the fact I had to wash it fine after the install I would not hsir seen the gaping hole at the top. If I had nit paid girl installation I would have returned it. Very deceiving . I think cleaning the vent is going to be impossible.

Review Title: Great Microwave! | Review by

We bought this for a new condo in Florida. Looks great and works great!

Review Title: excellent microwave | Review by

Cooks from frozen to perfection, reheats to just right temp, plenty of room for large plates, looks great.

Review Title: Microwave review | Review by

We bought the microwave to replace a ten year old unit. The new unit was quieter and has more power, plus it's more attractive. We like the LED lights and the 3-speed fan. Other than that, not much else to report being how we've only had it a few weeks.

Review Title: very good | Review by

very good and easy to use. My son got it for us for Christmas.

Review Title: Very Satisfied | Review by

We installed this unit as part of a kitchen remodel to replace a Sanyo counter top model which, coincidentally, died two days before our remodeling project began. We wanted an over-the range model, and one of the reasons we picked this one was because it was available in the color we wanted - bisque. We have been using it for about two months.

Review Title: replacement microwave | Review by

Love my new microwave. Sure do need a new refrigerator.

Review Title: Really amazing | Review by

So happy with this product. Nice with a lot of space. Very quiet and the sounds arenew but great. No complaints!

Review Title: Love this Microwave!! | Review by

This a great purchase. I love the quick preset functions but noticed that the dinner plate option heats up quicker than the preset time setting so I have to stop it before the timer goes off. The popcorn setting worked perfectly.

Review Title: Simple installation | Review by

Installation was very simple and straight forward. This is a great microwave and I love the features.

Review Title: Performs well. | Review by

I'm happy that it doesn't have too many buttons to choose from. My grandchildren LOVE the Popcorn button.

Review Title: Very functional microwave | Review by

We bought this microwave primarily for its clean, functional design and the extra rack for cooking two things at the same time. The microwave works great although we have yet to use the extra rack. There's only about 4" of clearance below the rack and 5" above the rack, so whatever you put in there can't be too high. The control panel is hard to read in low light. It would be very helpful to back light the display panel or otherwise make the the words and numbers easier to read.

Review Title: Excellent product! Only one criticism. | Review by

The microwave works great. I like the simplicity. It is in a second home and gets a lot of sporadic use. Have not had a problem with it. It works better than our old one. HOWEVER, the electronic beeps/song it plays to alert us that the food is ready is very irritating...after about 10 times. Even guests have commented. I tried changing the sound following the directions in the booklet, but apparently the only other choice it to have all sound turned off. Otherwise, we like it a lot. Thanks!

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Was easy to install and works and looks great. Good price too.

Review Title: Cool sounds when food is done | Review by

We bought this microwave to match the other appliances.east to install

Review Title: Easy and sleek | Review by

This microwave is a dream! It is so easy to use, and really looks nice in my kitchen. I am very pleased with this product.

Review Title: Beat my expectations! | Review by

I was looking for a basic microwave - didn't expect to use many special features. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the ease of using this appliance and have begun using many more of the options than I anticipated. It takes away the guess work calculating power and time settings. For example, I do a lot of spur of the moment baking, and have always had to microwave butter to melt or soften it, frequently with the result being butter sputtering and splattering all over the place. With the melt/soften feature, I'm prompted with step by step directions that are a no brainer to follow, and the result is butter prepared as needed, with no clean up required! The sensor feature is also wonderful - again because it takes away the power and time settings guesswork, and the prompts are easy to follow. It's really wonderful to have leftovers heated through that aren't rubbery or tough. I LOVE my new microwave! Highly recommend!

Review Title: Better than imagined! | Review by

We bought this as a replacement for the same unit that was over ten years old. It is much lighter than the older one which made the install very easy. It is not as loud as the older unit and the end of cooking buzzer is much nicer, not as loud, but you can still hear it. Works GREAT!

Review Title: Performance/installation | Review by

Microwave works great. Easy touchpad configuration. Installation was a breeze.

Review Title: Good looking and great features | Review by

Purchased this microwave to replace our old one. The one touch features are great, we get a lot of compliments on its looks. Very happy!

Review Title: Whirlpool Products | Review by

I would reccomend whirlpool products to everyone. They are a great product.

Review Title: Lots of features!! | Review by

So glad I got this one!! Lots of features still learning all of them!! Light is also nice and bright under microwave!

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I have only had my new microwave for about a month, but I love it. It is a perfect size and has all the features I need or can imagine. Great purchase.

Review Title: Easy to Operate | Review by

We have had the microwave for a month. I like the automatic, easy to use settings. I like the look of the exterior but wish the sides were also stainless steel. Also the stainless shows fingerprints, it would have been better with a more updated stainless finish that doesn't show fingerprints.

Review Title: MyMicro | Review by

It's a microwave. What else can I say? It has all the features I wanted.

Review Title: Easy to Use | Review by

We purchased our new microwave 2 months ago and it is so easy to use. The settings are great and allow so many options. I particularly like the steam option.

Review Title: Excennent appliance | Review by

We bought this microwave to match a new range, and we were surprised at the added convenience and efficiency. The controls are relatively friendly andcan be figured out with minimal trouble.

Review Title: The brand you can trust! | Review by

I chose Whirlpool because of appliance longevity, quality and style! I replaced an "over the stove" Whirlpool microwave, that lasted over fourteen years!

Review Title: Great features and very easy to setup and use. | Review by

I bought this a little over a month ago and love it.

Review Title: Steam cooking. Who cares? | Review by

Don't get me wrong, as a microwave this unit does a good job. The sensor works pretty well and the controls are intuitive. I haven't used the steam cooking feature because I don't care about it. I'd much prefer that it have convection capability. The fan/vent is noisy and does an OK job. The lights under the hood are about worthless as far as the amount of light they put out.

Review Title: Great look and great product | Review by

Great product. The price, features and fit of the product works well.

Review Title: simply the best | Review by

this microwave is perfect and it has so many features I'm still after a month trying to master it

Review Title: Great product. | Review by

It works great and the noise it makes to tell you the food is done is great. Not a regular beep.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I installed this about 45 days ago and it works great. The install was easy. The only issue I have is the same as everyone else, the chime is too quiet. Works great until my kids are being kids, then you can't hear it. Other than that, I would recommend this.

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

This appliance came with a purchase of a home, it looks, works and sounds great!

Review Title: Easy to use features. Consistent | Review by

Very satisfied with purchase. Consistent cooking temperatures. Easy to follow keypad instructions.

Review Title: NOT a great start! | Review by

Bought 4 mnths ago. Yesterday they finally came to replace the door on my New micro. After the 2nd use noticed inside gass liner was rippling and only got worse in all this time. Door #2 and only time will tell. Time out of my busy life to accommodate their lack of quality.

Review Title: excellent microwave | Review by

we have had our microwave installed now for almost a month and so far it is an excellent microwave! The only thing we don't like so far is that the rack on the interior sits too low, so we have to remove it when microwaving most items and also it is hard to see the time from more than 10 feet away because of blue numbers. But it was fairly easy to install for a beginner! But I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good over the range microwave.

Review Title: My new microwave | Review by

I bought my microwave over a month ago and was without one for about a month. The minute it was put in I was so excited to try it out. It works just great and it even talks to me when my items are done. My hubby thinks it is pretty cool too. Thanks so much we love it.

Review Title: Excellent Microwave! | Review by

I needed to replace my old over-the-range microwave. I purchased a new Whirlpool microwave from my local Sear's Appliance Store. My husband had always done such things in the past, but now being a widow, I had to take care of this task. Two friends easily installed it for me using the detailed instructions provided. I love this appliance and find that it has all the options that I need. I have learned over the years that I can trust Whirlpool when an appliances e is needed.

Review Title: Very impressed with the ease of installation. So far we are quite pleased with our new microwave... | Review by

We bought the unit this year after our other brand name one failed. We should have went with the Whirlpool brand a long time ago...

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

The microwave matched my other appliances nicely but did seam to experience an electrical arc when I put frozen raspberries in a plastic dish in it on high for a couple of seconds. Although my old microwave did the same thing.

Review Title: User Friendly | Review by

This unit is very user friendly. Even my kids know how to use it. Of course their favorite popcorn button. :) I like the reheat button gives you 7 choices.

Review Title: We got more than we bargained for. | Review by

It has been a pleasant surprise to see how much thought and features have been built in to this microwave. We primarily bought an over-the-range unit to free up counter space, having used countertop microwaves up until now. There are so many handy features built into this one, that it is a bit to take it all in. Thankfully, the laminated Quick Reference Guide is hanging on our fridge right now, and the learning curve is happening fairly fast.

Review Title: All the features I desired | Review by

This appliance is a dream come true, I have always wanted a stainless steel microwave

Review Title: Easy to Use | Review by

Our new Whirlpool microwave is easy to use and very quiet. Food cooked in the microwave tastes great and retains moisture.

Review Title: Features are AWSOME | Review by

I was waiting for a used one to save money. but went ahead a bought a new stove and microwave .. Great dissition !

Review Title: Whirlpool | Review by

I am glad I chose Whirlpool again. My previous Whirlpool microwave lasted over twelve years. It has excellent features, performance and design. I would highly recommend it.

Review Title: All good | Review by

Perfect microwave for us. The right features. Reliable performance. And a fair price. We're very pleased. It's a great value.

Review Title: excellent features | Review by

After looking at other brands, I am glad that I chose whirlpool. The microwave has lots of great features.

Review Title: Like having a microwave, again. | Review by

I know this sounds crazy but I had not had a microwave for over 6 years. I got this one as part of a new kitchen remodel that I am still in the process of doing. So far, so good! They have come a long way since I last had one. Right now, it is standing on a table until I get it into the wall. I am hoping the noise goes down but other than that, so far so good.

Review Title: Great features and design | Review by

Bought it to replace my old Whirpool microwave that lasted 13 years and I am very happy with it.It was very easy for me to install it my self , it looks and works great. I bought it at Lowes, they had the best price and free delivery.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Bought this microwave to replace a 12 year old Kenmore. Like the sensor options, pops popcorn really well. Easy to use and understand the keypad

Review Title: Very nice! | Review by

I really like my new whirlpool microwave, it frees up my counter space.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Really like this microwave. Works great and is fairly quiet. Plenty of room for larger dishes.

Review Title: Meets all the :needs" for microwaving items | Review by

Wish there was a lighted background to the selection is hard to find the appropriate buttons once selections have been made.

Review Title: Great Features, Look and Style | Review by

we bought the 4 piece set and are in love with them ~ they are what we wanted and waited until we found them on sale ~ which happen to be during the Christmas season ~ thank you Whirlpool ~ The Microwave works perfect, still learning the bells and whistles ~

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I would recommend this product to everyone. It is a lot smaller and uses less electricity.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

We are very happy with all the features aviable on the new Microwave.

Review Title: Microwave Hood Combination | Review by

My husband and I together picked this model. However, after it was installed in our home we discovered features that we hadn't noticed. Setting them was quick to understand and promptly done. Signal sound is soft to the ear but easy to hear. We are so proud that we made this choice!

Review Title: A great modern machine | Review by

This is a great microwave to use when you are in a hurry.

Review Title: Whirlpool microwave with steam cooking | Review by

I bought this and love it! The sensor is awesome and very accurate! It also looks very trendy!

Review Title: microwave | Review by

Love the product! It was easy to install on our own and cooks things nicely.

Review Title: Love the looks! | Review by

This is a great microwave and it looks perfect in my kitchen. The only thing I would change is a big taller area below the rack that is included for steaming. Just so that I could put a bigger dish on the bottom

Review Title: Great features and beautidul | Review by

Just bout this microwave. It's not only beautiful but functions awesome. Has great features

Review Title: User friendly; llike the 30 second feature | Review by

New house; microwave & fan/light mounted over stove.

Review Title: great features!!!!! | Review by

I bought it couple months ago, I am so happy I did it.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This microwave works great. Scrolling through the menu items is a little tedious but it does reheat pizza faster than my previous Whirlpool.

Review Title: Cooking is a pleasure when taste and speed are combined! | Review by

I bought it a month or so a go and I am so glad I did it because it made my life so much easier and quicker, to get from frozen dinner, to all done deal food on the table on a push of a button! It is beautiful, elegant and scientific designed to help us to get whatever choice we picked to eat, on the easy to locate panel, done fast! I love it

Review Title: Great features and the price was reasonable | Review by

This replaced another under-counter microwave, it installed easily and is working great

Review Title: Wonderful! | Review by

Not a single complaint! I would recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: I have all whirlpool in my kitchen stove,refrigerator,and microwave | Review by

stove and refrig are 10yrs old. Microwave is new this year.I wouldn't buy anything but a Whirlpool.

Review Title: Looks beautiful | Review by

I bought this when my old one ceased to work. I have been very pleased and works great. No complaints.

Review Title: Product fits our needs at reasonable price | Review by

After a few problems with microwave which was about 7 months old whirpool decided to replave it with a bit of a newer model. The rep who handled the situation was a joy to work with. I wish I could remember her name. The new model has been problem free so far. I have been using whirpool products for quite some time and have always been dependible. I expect this from our new microwave also. Thanks whirlpool !

Review Title: Why we wanted to purchase a Whirlpool microwave. | Review by

Before I purchased the Whirlpool microwave I done some research and found the Whirlpool had everything we wanted in a microwave. Thank you for making such a full featured product.

Review Title: Nice features - too much for our needs. | Review by

I bought this Microwave Hood Combination with steam cooking about a month ago. To date it works well and, in general, we are pleased with our purchase. However, it is quite large and I did not ask enough questions or come in prepared with exact measurements. While it fits the allotted space above our (also new) range, it extends low, very close to the cooking surface of the range, making the range controls very difficult to see. I do not need the additional shelf insert, particularly as it needs to be removed from the microwave between uses, nor do we need many of the available options.. We should have purchased a smaller, simple microwave.

Review Title: The microwave/hood is what I would have bought on my own I'm pleased with the performance. | Review by

This unit was already installed in our new home when we purchased it.

Review Title: Good Microwave for the money | Review by

I bought this one replacing a GE profile microwave that had a touch screen display. While the profile had a few more features and was more intuitive to use the touch screen failed. I'm hoping this non touch screen whirl pool will last much longer.

Review Title: happy with my choices | Review by

When I bought this item I asked what it would cost to have it installed. it was to much , so I installed it myself, and was pleasently surprised to find that it was not hard at all . This was a replacement so most of the hardware was in place.

Review Title: Microwave Hood | Review by

I love my microwave. I purchased it a month ago and it has proven to be quiet, efficient and beautiful. It fits perfectly over my stove. It came with just enough bells and whistles... simple enough for me to operate. It was easy to install. My husband and I made an excellent choice on Whirlpool Microwave Hood!

Review Title: Black microwave | Review by

The microwave meets my expectations and provides the elegance I need to complete my kitchen.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this a month ago and love it and all its features!

Review Title: Was Surprised | Review by

We needed a new microwave oven and did not know what to choose. I am so glad we chose Whirlpool. It was easy to install and warms so quickly.

Review Title: Not a happy cooker | Review by

I am having difficulty adjusting to my new microwave. I use steamfresh vegetables in a bag that normally take 3-4 minutes to cook. In the new microwave it takes 8-10 minutes because of the sensor cooking. I wish there was a way to turn off the sensing element and just go by the timer. Any suggestions?

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this two months ago and installed it myself. Very quick and easy install. The features are great including the Sensor Technology.

Review Title: so easy to use | Review by

I have never owned a whirlpool appliance, It is self explanatory, am enjoyed learning all the different features

Review Title: Love my new microwave! | Review by

My old above the range microwave was only two years old but I never liked it. It was not powerful enough and it did not seem put together well, so I switched to a new stainless Whirlpool microwave. I am very happy with the way it heats things quickly and thoroughly, the control pad is easy to use and it looks beautiful!

Review Title: Favorite feature | Review by

I love the Soften/Melt button. I can easily soften frozen butter for baking. No splattering!

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

I love the look of this microwave. It works great...and we love the music it plays when food is done!

Review Title: Steam Cooking is awsome | Review by

This unit is very easy to install with the help from a friend. The features are wonderful and the sensor cooking is amazing. Just follow directions, push the button and the Whirlpool Microwave does the rest. It makes cooking time more exciting.

Review Title: Very excellent microwave! | Review by

My wife is very happy with this microwave, and so am I as it was easy to install. No problems or difficulties with it. The instructions are excellent. And it operates as advertized!

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Our previous Whirlpool microwave was almost 20 years old--no turntable, so what i love the most on the new one is the turntable, but it also has so many great features. You can set a timer for the light and fan; special button to soften or melt butter; reheat button has several options. I love it! Price was right!

Review Title: Love this microwave! | Review by

This microwave takes a little bit to get used to, but it functions well and has some neat features.

Review Title: Great Microwave! Love all the features! | Review by

I bought this microwave a month ago and I am so glad that we went with this one. I love all of the features and how quite it is. I even love the distinctive ding at the end of the cycle! I could not be happier.

Review Title: Love this microwave and hood. | Review by

I did not think that I was going to like the microwave/hood combo, after moving from a house that had a built in microwave with oven. However, I do like the combo. The light is great for seeing what I am cooking, the fan is relatively quiet and the microwave is fantastic. Good job Whirlpool.

Review Title: Awful | Review by

Awful at best...nothing positive to say. Awful awful awful

Review Title: MicroRave | Review by

Microwave works great. I have not used the browning feature but love the 30 sec button.

Review Title: eh.. | Review by

Microwave works well, but I don't know what the metal tray is for. If I put something on there, it normally burns. I just keep it out, which seems like a lot of wasted space. Also, the door has an air bubble under the protective backing that keeps popping up. Very strange. Maybe we got a dud?

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I love this microwave. I bought it to replace another Whirlpool microwave that was 13 years old. My favorite feature is the programmable end of cycle beep. It is a pleasant sound as opposed to the blaring on the old one.

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

This is a great microwave and even better than the original Whirlpool microwave.

Review Title: great choice | Review by

Easy to use and clean. I like that it has more then one level of fans. The 30 sec. increments is very useful.

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

Good microwave, easy to use, but the beeper on it is very strange and quiet. If you're not in the same room you wont hear it.

Review Title: Great upgrade | Review by

I replaced my old GE microwave and it cooks faster, temperatures are more consistent, the fan is quieter and more effective, and it looks nicer.

Review Title: smarte then I am | Review by

Bought this about 2 months ago very satisfied. Does everything and more that I Need.

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