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Whirlpool WMC50522AS 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WMC50522AS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WMC50522AS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMC50522AS Cooking

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Whirlpool 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $299.00
19% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $241.11
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Whirlpool 25.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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Whirlpool 36" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,749.00
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Regular Price: $1,294.10
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  • 2.2 cu. ft. Capacity
  • The most capacity available in Whirlpool countertop microwaves, 2.2 cu. ft. gives you the flexibility to easily microwave food in containers of almost any size.
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Take the guesswork out of microwave meals. You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you, adjusting time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.
  • 1,200 Watts Cooking Power
  • Whirlpools countertop microwaves provide from 700 to 1,200 watts of power, so there's one that's right for your kitchen no matter what your cooking requirements.
  • Add 30 Seconds
  • Quickly set the microwave to cook for 30 or 60 seconds at 100% power by pressing this button. Or, press it to add 30 to 60 seconds to a manual setting that is already in progress.
  • Control Lock
  • Disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.
  • Optional Trim Kit
  • For a 27" opening - trim kit model is MK2227A or for a 30" opening - trim kit model is MK2220A.


Total Capacity: 2.2 cu. ft.
Cooking Power Wattage: 1,200
Power Levels: 10
Sensor Cooking: Yes
Recessed Glass Turntable: Yes
Control Lock: Yes
Parts Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1 Year Entire Appliance
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 24"
Product Depth: 19 5/8"
Product Height: 12 9/16"
Gross Weight: 47 Lbs.

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Review Title: This product works well. | Review by

It is a little big for our use, but it is an excellent product.

Review Title: This microwave is intuitive and innovative. | Review by

No need to consult the instruction booklet. The control panel is easy to understand and use. My favorite feature is that the oven signals when selected time has expired and then it gives several reminder tones until the door is opened. This reminder signal is much appreciated by a person who has found dinner's vegetable in the microwave the following morning more than once.

Review Title: Easy to install | Review by

within only a few minutes I was able to remove the old microwave, install the new stainless surround frame, plug in the new microbe and start cooking.

Review Title: Whirlpool 2.2 Cu Ft Countrtop Micowave | Review by

I bought this wave to replace my existing Kitchen Aid, which we selected when we built the house 6 years ago. The Whirlpool was almost identical in appearance as my old Kitchen Aid, however much less expensive.

Review Title: I appreciate this microrave having pre settings for different foods. | Review by

A great microrave that warms food in know time. I bought it a month ago and I am still enjoying it.

Review Title: Where are the one touch buttons? | Review by

I am used to touching the 1 for one minute the 2 for 2 min the 3 for 3 min and so on. This microwave is a little different. But you can program favorites. And you just press it once and mash start for 1 minute or press it twice and mash start. But I'm sure I'll get used to it. Heats great!

Review Title: Just what we wanted. | Review by

Picked it for features AND because it matched our new oven. We have been very happy with it.

Review Title: Whirlpool Countertop Microwave | Review by

Since purchasing our whirlpool appliance we have been happy with it's reliability and efficiency.

Review Title: Maybe the best basic micro wave I have ever used. | Review by

Not a microwave expert but have owned more then a few and this unit is by far the best we have owned.

Review Title: Would be surprised if you went wrong with this microwave.... | Review by

We love our new microwave. We've only had it for a couple of months but so far so good! It's attractive on the outside, spacious on the inside and quiet. The controls are a bit different than what we were accustomed to but once you read the booklet it's a piece a cake and actually better than the standard controls of other microwaves. It heats and cooks very evenly. Did not think we could find one that would rival our previous one--but we did! We hope it has a long and good life in our household.

Review Title: Very quite. Have to look and see if it is lit to see if it is on. Very big and roomy. | Review by

I bought is about a month ago and am glad that I did.

Review Title: So fast! | Review by

Let's face it , we want things fast! Our cooking and certainly reheating is no different! But this new microwave is absolutely the fastest and even heating I have ever used! I love it!!!

Review Title: lots of room, easy to use. | Review by

I purchased this product a month ago. I have not had any issues. Very dependable. Very easy to use. I installed it as a built in. It looks fantastic. It really looks nice in the kitchen. I am really enjoying using my new microwave. More than enough room to cook anything.

Review Title: Excellent choice, sleek and super easy to use | Review by

Had owned a Whirlpool microwave for 17 years and when I needed to replace that hard-working model, I returned to Whirlpool for my new purchase. My Whirlpool 2.2 is quiet, easy to use, energy efficient and does not burn my popcorn! That said, it is also a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: Countertop Microwave (Built-in) | Review by

This microwave was purchased one month age and we thoroughly enjoy it performance.

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

This is a really good micro and easy to install in an older kitchen.

Review Title: So easy to install | Review by

We bought this just before Christmas. It was quick and easy to install. It's so much bigger than the one we had and works GREAT! It really dressed our kitchen up.

Review Title: Whirlpool is the brand I choose | Review by

At my age I have purchase quite a few appliances and the one brand I always seem to choose is Whirlpool. Ranges, refrigerators of many sizes, washers, dryers and microwaves. They are the most dependable with the longest life. I can only remember one instance when I needed to use my warranty on a microwave and the company was considerate and efficient with their customer service. When I shop for appliances, Whirlpool always catches my eye with their style and variety. I am currently working on a retirement home and plan to add more Whirlpool appliances to this beautiful microwave.

Review Title: Great Design and Function | Review by

I had an older version of this microwave at my previous house and this one is hands down better. Quieter and easier to use.

Review Title: oversized microwave | Review by

I have had this for about 6 months now and have no complaints, which is saying something for products these days! I really like the extra large capacity and sleek design. I built mine into a wall cabinet. The trim kit works well with the unit. Due to its extra large capacity, though, be prepared to make alterations to your cabinet if you are building it in.....if you are putting in new cabinets, buy deeper than than standard wall cabinet if possible, it'll be worth your while unless you have a handy carpenter as a partner like I do!! Another plus would be its super quiet operation! My only suggestion to the manufacturer would be adding a sleek handle for opening instead of the existing push button. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!!!

Review Title: PURRS LIKE A KITTEN | Review by

My new Whirlpool Microwave is very quiet and functions well in heating my food to the right consistency..

Review Title: This product completely serves my purpose. | Review by

This Microwave is replacing another Whirlpool and is a built-in appliance. I replaced it myself with no problems at all. I have only been using it for about a month but it completely serves my purpose and looks great in our cabinet.

Review Title: Very good product overall | Review by

Love the microwave, it works great. My criticisms are few but important: I find that the "dinner plate", while a great idea, cooks the food too long and so overkills it, so I'll just be doing it manually. Most other features are good, like popcorn and defrost. And why can't countertop ovens have handles like the over the range ones? My last Whirlpool worked perfectly when the latch to open the door broke, causing me to purchase a whole new microwave (replacing the latch, a risky pain in and of itself, wasn't an option since I had to jimmy the door open to get food out). Otherwise, my marks are high and I think Whirlpool can be depended on to put out a good product.

Review Title: This product has all the great features I need. | Review by

Great power. Keeps evenly. Lots of room for those of you who like to make casseroles. Easy to use and clean up. Love my new microwave.

Review Title: My new microwave | Review by

We purchased our counter microwave, but built it into a cabinet for looks. Our only problem with it has been that it is so quiet that we can't tell when our food is doen. I guess that's a good problem to have though...

Review Title: Dependably and quality | Review by

Got a off brand and lasted only a year and a half... That teaches me to stay with the brands I know and grown to love!

Review Title: As Expected | Review by

I purchased this microwave and trim kit to replace an old microwave and trim kit. The instructions were easy to follow and the unit and trim fit perfectly.

Review Title: One great oven with one small drawback | Review by

Purchased this microwave to replace a 30 year old one that was fried by a power surge at our house. That was a blessing in disguise because this oven is so much better.

Review Title: Why buy anything else? | Review by

When I needed to replace my microwave, it never entered my mind to buy anything other than a Whirlpool. All my kitchen and laundry appliances are Whirlpool. They are long-lasting, easy to operate and look good, too!

Review Title: Amazing | Review by

I thought this microwave was going to be to small but the depth of it works great. Nothing too big yet!!! The defrosting seems to take a little longer than usual but still works great.

Review Title: Great Microwave with one small irritant | Review by

We bought this a couple of months ago and are very happy with the capacity and power. We haven't tried some of the settings yet, but will get around to it. The one irritant is the continuing 5 beeps about every minute if you don't open the door or hit cancel right away.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

this is an excellent product, great size and cooking quality. at 1200 watts it cooks and warms items to perfection....highly recommend this microwave

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought my new Whirlpool microwave in June. It replaced a Whirlpool microwave that had worked for 17 years. I am so pleased with all the features and the size of my new microwave.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

It's a great size and cooks very well, lots of features

Review Title: Nice microwave | Review by

Cooks food faster than previous microwave. Easy to install. Bulletproof! Hard to open door, but overall am very happy with purchase.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Very easy to use and cooks evenly. It is a nice size so will take about anything you would want to put into it.

Review Title: Quiet and efficient | Review by

It is easy to install. Looks great but best of all, it heats all the food on a plate and not just around the edges. It is also very quiet.

Review Title: the micro wave does everything my wife and i need | Review by

purchased about a month ago and were very happy with this appliance, easy to install and operate, I need to replace a thirty year old micro wave and the new one installed perfectly.

Review Title: Good and simple to work | Review by

Our children updated us on a microwave and happy to have it! Very easy to understand and does well for what we need

Review Title: nice | Review by

we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Easy to Use! | Review by

So far this has been a great purchase. It was easy to set up and use. I like the size of it and the price was very reasonable.

Review Title: nice value | Review by

although this is a countertop version we had our contractor build it in above our wall oven and it's working out just fine

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and love it. It heats up quick and it's quite.

Review Title: Without a doubt the best microwave I have ever owned | Review by

I love the space inside. I can put in an entire platter of food with room to spare. The controls are simple and a great time saver. Best of all, it is so quiet.

Review Title: Love the larger interior! | Review by

Love the bigger interior. Also LOVE being able to use tin foil to cover things!

Review Title: This product has great capacity and easy to use features | Review by

My new whirlpool microwave has so much room.i can prepare larger meals,especially comes in handy when we have company.i love all of the features that it offers,such as the favorite function...and many more. We have a large family and this microwave is used daily.i would definitely recommend this product...for the capacity and function. Thanks whirlpool Mary

Review Title: I like the way this oven cooks | Review by

The key pad could be a little bit more sensitive. You have to push pretty hard on the numbers to set cooking time. Overall this product is a great addition to my kitchen. I'm glad I bought it.

Review Title: Outstanding | Review by

This product does everything needed for everyday microwave functions.

Review Title: Very good heating | Review by

Does a great job with speciality heating and timing

Review Title: As advertised this is a great microwave! | Review by

We purchased this microwave about 4 months ago, a replacement for another that had a turntable stop working. The installation was easier than assembling a bike at Christmas. The kit I purchased for installing into a wall had all the parts I needed and the directions proved to be well written. So far no issues, very pleased with the unit so far.

Review Title: What a great appliance. All features work perfectly and make life rasier and much more enjoyable. | Review by

We purchased our appliance a month ago and thought how nice it would have been to have had it a year ago. We are extremely happy with our purchase and would recommend it to friends and family .

Review Title: Modern appearance | Review by

I bought a microwave like this 13 years ago, and I'm just now needing to replace it. It's a great appliance.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

This microwave is very large and cooks great. It holds a full chicken without any problems. It also cleans up very quickly.

Review Title: Excellent value | Review by

I'm certain there are better microwaves (with more bells and whistles), but I just needed the basics (no convection), as I have double ovens with a convection. The value and look and function of this microwave is fantastic!

Review Title: Ample Room for large dishes | Review by

No complains from me about this appliance. It offers plenty of room for a counter top microwave and it cooks fast with it's 1200 watts of power. Probably wouldn't need all the beeps when the cooking is done.

Review Title: Intuitive | Review by

It's difficult to really describe the good attributes of microwaves since most of them are pretty standard with respect to capabilities & options. But what I have noticed about this particular model is that everyone who has visited never has to ask how to use it. It sounds silly, but there are some microwaves that you either set the time or have to use the "quick option" (pressing 5 starts it for 5 minutes vs. putting 5s on the cook time), or they can't figure out how to use the timer option without resetting the clock, or vice versa, etc... My 3 year old nephew could figure out how to use this unit if only he were two feet taller and could reach it.

Review Title: Heats food fast | Review by

We purchased this microwave and it has met and exceeded our expectations.

Review Title: New Toy Works Great | Review by

Replaced a 33 year old microwave with this Whirlpool. We really enjoy the popcorn and pizza reheat functions. The microwave works great and also looks good.

Review Title: am enjoying my new microwave and all its features. | Review by

I am very pleased with my new microwave. have also purchased whirlpool dryer and oven which have given us no problems. love whirlpool products

Review Title: Nice features and very attractive style | Review by

Replacing all our kitchen appliances was expensive but this microwave was less costly than I thought. It is very good at getting door to the right temps in the least amount of time.

Review Title: Microwave Save! | Review by

I bought this to replace my old microwave. I actually bought this model because I could use my old Whirlpool trim kit for it's built in space. It works well and looks good.

Review Title: I love that it has alot more power than my old one and alot of room inside. | Review by

I really love Whirlpools, it is a good brand and it lasts longer than other brands!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Very happy with my new Microwave by Whirlpool. The features are very easy and great.

Review Title: Soooooo quiet! | Review by

I've had my new microwave about 3 weeks and couldn't be happier with it. We are using it on counter top right now with plans to build it in to the new cabinetry. The touchpad is simple and easy to understand.

Review Title: Huge Microwave | Review by

We have been using it for a month and like all the features.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

Is the quietest of several we have had and price was much lower than some noisier ones.

Review Title: Very Happy | Review by

I'm very happy with my new Whilpool microwave, it heats evenly and has plenty of options to make things quick and easy.

Review Title: This product is very user friendly. The operation features simplfy the cooking of everyday items (potatoes, soups etc.) with the press of a button. | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool Microwave. What else is there to say. Works great, easy to clean, extra large capacity, excellant cooking features, and very quiet operation.

Review Title: SUPERB NEW MICROWAVE!!! | Review by

Our new microwave is superb - I love it. It's much more powerful than our previous oven. The design fits beautifully with either black or chrome appliances.

Review Title: I like it. | Review by

My new microwave has so many features that were not on my old one, or at least the features are easier to use. I love the turn table. I use the defrost option often. I just really like it.

Review Title: Features that I wanted. | Review by

I am happy with our choice for our new home and looks great in the cabinet.

Review Title: great price | Review by

Good value, easy to install, priced right, local store

Review Title: It is very easy to use | Review by

I have had it for three months and like it more everyday

Review Title: Just what we needed | Review by

Our old microwave was a built in counter top version which was on it's last legs. So the problem was finding one that fit within the old surround. The Whirlpool fit almost perfectly so we keep the "built in" look and have a neat new microwave which works so much better than the old!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Great microwave. Had to adjust to the cooking time as this one was much more powerful than our old one. Now, the food is ready quicker!!!

Review Title: Love This Microwave!! | Review by

I have had this microwave for about a month now and absolutely love it! It looks neat, clean and it is the perfect size to fit my countertop. I love the features and all the shortcut buttons that include potato, popcorn, dinner plate and my favorite...timed defrost.

Review Title: Very quiet and performs like a champ! | Review by

Purchased the cabinet trim kit with this 2.2 cu. ft. Whirlpool microwave and installed it in the kitchen cabinet opening. Very easy to install and it looks great. Very quiet and it performs like a champ!

Review Title: What a Wonderful Whirl | Review by

I really like this Whirlpool microwave. It makes warming up food and defrosting, cooking rtc. very easy. I highly recommend this product to others.

Review Title: Science cooks my food! | Review by

Great micro wave oven. The sensor features are very handy. This appliance is very useful as it not only heats beverages and food but has a clock too! its very nice to have warm food and know what time it is. Cosmetically it matches all our other Whirlpool appliances perfectly. Who need a real oven... science cooks my food!

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

Makes short-work of any reheating - works great! has a great turntable - big enough to accommodate all day to day cooking items, maybe even a full turkey perhaps ;-)

Review Title: Great microwave! | Review by

We bought it to replace an old cabinet-mounted microwave. The interior of the microwave is huge, and it heats everything much faster and more evenly. Awesome value!

Review Title: lots of room | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago and have been very happy with it. The inside is so much bigger than most microwaves.

Review Title: Great features, looks good and easy to install as a built in | Review by

I bought this to replace a 10 year old Kitchen Aid. It has all the features of the old micro and more. I installed it with the built in kit and it looks great. Button to open door is a little hard to press.

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

Good purchase, fair price, looks good, matches other appliances

Review Title: all I will ever ourchase | Review by

I have bought Whirlpool for ever. Been married 47 years. Will only purchase Whirlpool. Have always gotten good and dependable appliances. Good company, and good service. Way to go Whirlpool!

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I am very pleased with my new Microwave oven that I recently purchased.

Review Title: Runs very quite | Review by

I can not believe how quite it runs. I kept thinking it was running it was.

Review Title: 30 second add button, easy to operate | Review by

Bought microwave and in-cabinet installation kit through a dealer and was very easy to install

Review Title: Love having a double oven! | Review by

My husband and I love to cook and bake. We were always battling over finding enough room to share our old oven. Now with our new double oven, we are looking for even more reasons to bake. Unlike our old oven, this one heats evenly, heats to temperature quickly, the vent is nice and quiet and it has good lighting so you can see what's what. If you're looking for a good double oven, you can't go wrong with this selection!

Review Title: Great microwave. | Review by

This microwave has a ton of interior space, with a rotating glass base. It is very easy to use and warms food up perfectly.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

This microwave gets used in an office. Constant use, by multiple people. The unit is extremely quiet and efficient.

Review Title: HArd to open. | Review by

The button to push to open the door is very hard to push to open the door. My elderly mother can hardly do it. Called the store and they said they could not do anything about it. Last time we shop there.

Review Title: keypad panel | Review by

I had my microwave three weeks and then discovered they hadn't removed the protective plastic covering the keypad when they installed it. Is there a chance that this is the problem with your bubbling keypad. Hope your not offended by this question but it was impossible to tell it was on mine till a corner peeled up.

Review Title: Builder selected a great model | Review by

The builder for our new house picked this and we have been very happy with it. My only wish is that it had "express start" where you can press 1 for 1 minute, 2 for 2 minutes, etc. like our old one did.

Review Title: Good choice for our replacement MW | Review by

I replaced a GE microwave that came with the house. This is a much better quality MW than what we had before and has a greater capacity. Its difficult to tell by the photos but the LED lights are blue in color which don't match the green from our other GE appliances but its not a show stopper and we figure we'll probably replace those sometime with blue LED's as well. One thing my 87 year old dad noticed which isn't a big deal to me but that GE had apparently timed the revolution of their turntable to perform one full revolution in 10 seconds so that if you place a cup of coffee close to the front on the turntable to heat it up, in 30 or 60 seconds when you open the door, the cup would be where you first placed it. I didn't pay that much attention to it but noticed this with the new Microwave. Particularly when it sits above a double oven (fairly high up) plus more capacity, you have to really reach to the back to get your cup and it can be a bit of a challenge for shorter people.

Review Title: Works great. | Review by

I had to replace an old microwave and I am glad that I did. This microwave not only has enough space, it heats everything thoroughly and I no longer have to keep re-heating.

Review Title: Good Power and Quality | Review by

I have had my new microwave for a few months now. It works great has plenty of power. Cooks faster than my old one so I needed to dial down the time to keep from over cooking. I just wish it had the one button operation for selecting the time to operate as my old microwave had.

Review Title: Great power and style | Review by

we purchased this microwave for our brand new kitchen. The style, size and functionality are perfect. We have kids and family members meaning someone is up at all hours of the day. The best thing about this microwave is how quiet it is.

Review Title: great settings to use for reheating . I like the dinner plate reheat feature . | Review by

this product has ample power and is vey quiet . It is very simple to use .

Review Title: nice microwave....but no built-in kit available | Review by

we had to return the microwave to Sears for exchange to a model that had a built-in kit available

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I bought this a month ago when our two year old microwave went out. Trim kit changed and model changed so I had to buy both. The opener is very sticky. Very huge inside. Can not dish wash the glass rotator because of size. Ask me again if it breaks again in two years. LED color has changed so no longer matches the color of all my other appliances.

Review Title: Replaced old 20 year old Whirlpool microwave | Review by

I purchase to replace an old Whirlpool Microwave. Had one problem that the height of the unit was 1/4 in., taller than in the spec sheet. This cause me to have to cut the cabinet to make it fit.

Review Title: Title is correct | Review by

This unit works great. The controls are hard to push for someone with My wife's and I have some arthritis.

Review Title: I have only used it a few times setting time and power. | Review by

This came with my new house. I was concerned as new homes generally come with small microwaves. I am pleased to have this size as that is what I had in my other house, but that was a GE Profile. I have not had Whirlpool appliances before.

Review Title: As advertised | Review by

Overall a great buy. The trim kit didn't quite fit the space but we made it work.

Review Title: Likey - Likey | Review by

Its big and matches my other appliances. I like the built in kit...makes a real nice finish.

Review Title: Exactly what I was looking for! | Review by

Needed something large enough and simple enough for a large family with 4 teens/tweens, who love to reheat leftovers and eat microwave popcorn. I am VERY happy with this purchase and hope to have it for many years!

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

A microwave is a microwave, is a microwave .... Does the job nicely, although a bit difficult to open. Nice contemporary design, large capacity, pretty quiet. A bit pricey, though.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

The microwave is good - with deep inside space to put in big utensils. The open button is bit hard though, but from my past experience, it serves long, as it is one part that fails very easy in microwaves

Review Title: Roomy Interior | Review by

I bought my new microwave about 6 weeks ago. It is nice and roomy inside and will hold large dishes. It works very well and heats faster than my old one. There are a few things I do not like about it. When the cooking time ends, the beeper goes off five times even if you open the door and take your food out. If you do not get to it, the beeper reminds you 5 beeps again later. And the door opener is hard to push. We had to put something behind the microwave to hold it in place when I mashed the button. Of course, there are differences that I have to get used to from my old one.

Review Title: good | Review by

Since we had a Whirlpool microwave before which I loved, I have found some features not quite up to par as the previous one. The door seems to be difficult to close tightly, which keeps the machine from activating. The door needs a rather hard slam. All else seems to be okay.

Review Title: This product works great and makes low noise | Review by

Excellent product...................that's all. ..,

Review Title: Works very well with two exceptions. | Review by

I cook a lot in the microwave and it does a great job. I have noticed however that the popcorn setting does not pop all the kernels as well as my old microwave. I have also notices what appeared to be moisture inside the door. The instructions indicate a "wavy" appearance is normal but I don't know if that is what it is referring to.

Review Title: clean lines, excellent heating capability, great size | Review by

this microwave has a nice clean look. It cooks very fast and is large enough for a 13x9 pan. My only negative comment is that the buttons are a little hard to press, the door button is a bit small and the closing of the door could be a bit smoother. Overall tho it is a great microwave. I love whirlpool products

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

Overall I have been very happy with this microwave. It doesn't have quite as many features as the one I replaced but it does a very nice job. It seems like it has a lot of power, cooks things very quickly!

Review Title: Cook friendly | Review by

It has been in use for about 9 weeks. So far all the features are doing what they are supposed to do. We cover food while using it so we have not had to clean the interior. The outside cleans up great, finger prints. The only thing I find annoying is that when closing and opening the door it is load. I guess over time it I will ignore it. Time will tell if all the features keep working.

Review Title: Love the size and ease of use | Review by

This is a recent purchase and, so far, we've been quite pleased with it. I love the large size because it will hold a decent size dish and it is super easy to clean. I have to do some more experimenting with the special features, for instance, the defrost doesn't seem very effective but will try again. We had this built in and the trim could definitely stand some improving (the holes were too large), but the contractor got it to work and it looks very nice. So far so good.

Review Title: Microwave and trim kit | Review by

very large capacity and good power. Fits well in trim kit.

Review Title: Overall good great buy | Review by

Purchased this microwave after my Kitchenaid of 5 years was making some funny noises that made it annoyingly loud. So I found this model and as pleased. Same features, super quite and sleek. Only issue I had as that the dark blue digital display can be hard to read. Other than that we are happy with our purchase. Great value.

Review Title: A Special Need | Review by

Our five year microwave broke down and could not be fixed without a great deal of expense. We needed to purchase a new microwave. We needed one that was not exactly a built-in range hood but must fit an exact enclosure above our built-in range. We looked at numerous brands and shopped at numerous stores and still could not find one that would fit. Finally, we found one....just one.....that fit! Only one......this microwave. After many weeks of looking we are finally satisfied.

Review Title: Overall is a good microwave. | Review by

We purchased this model because it had the matching trim kit that we needed to build in our microwave. It works very well and is much quieter than our old one. One feature I miss (and didn't realize I wasn't getting) is the ability to touch a number on the keypad and have it instantly start cooking for that amount of time. I thought that was a standard feature. We have only had the microwave for two months and there are only two of us but the start button is already starting to look bad and cracking. I had read another older review that this could be a problem but thought maybe they would've changed that by now. It makes me concerned about the overall quality of the microwave.

Review Title: Overall rating is banking heavily on reliability long-term | Review by

I needed a built-in microwave (countertop with custom built-in kit) for a 30-inch wide cabinet space. I also wanted a brand name that was known for reliability such as Whirlpool. Generally, I have a complaint that there is very little selection to chose from for built-ins. I would have paid a litttle more for a microwave with more features such as one-touch 1-min, 2-min, etc. time cooks. I was also a little disappointed with the fit and finish of this special order microwave through Lowes. There was a slightly bent side panel that you can see from the front and the door's top lines are not even/smooth with the panel area. Both of these were obviously factory defects that were not caught with quality checks. Additionally, even following the installation instructions to a tee, still left a noticeble gap (into the cabinet cavity) that is unsightly while the door is open. A better designed kit would have avoided this in my opinion.

Review Title: Great for steaming vegetables | Review by

Easy to use and great for steaming fresh vegetables.

Review Title: works great | Review by

door opens hard-could be easier. number buttons small- could be bigger.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave replacment | Review by

I have a Jennair Oven Micro combo. Microwave goes out and Whirlpool has one that fits all my specks. Ordered and it was here in just a few days. Had to be retrofitted to the space and was not the complicated. The new Whirlpool microwave huge inside and so very quiet you have to check it to see if its on. Just two things keep me from giving it 5 stars. First the display on the front is a glaring bright blue. The oven setting right below is a soft green. Second the door is really hard to push open. No problem if you don't have a touch of arthritis but for me it's difficult. You can order a trim kit with this Micro but it would not fit my existing space so we went to TAP Plastics and had a piece of black plastic cut to trim it out. Looks like it has always been there. I would recommend this unit

Review Title: Nice size, works good. | Review by

I like the large size, and it is well built for the money. Has really crisp feel to buttons. Cooks foods very well. Very quiet. Only downside is that it doesn't seem to have quite the power of my last microwave.

Review Title: great features | Review by

We needed a new microwave. This was a good purchase.

Review Title: Good value for price paid | Review by

Due to kitchen size we were limited to a smaller microwave. Would like to have had a handle on the door for easier accessibility . Large interior allows bigger dishes. Wish at times turntable could be turned off. Overall ,I'm happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

Really like the auto 30 second start button. Unit was easy to install over a built in oven. Idler's was great in providing information and options on our purchase

Review Title: PLASTIC BEZEL KIT | Review by

I have owned two built in ovens, one GE and one Kenmore and both had metal bezel kit. This one is plastic and feels a lot cheaper than others.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought these last month and been using eveyday and so far everything is working fine

Review Title: I love the space & power | Review by

I loved my old Whirlpool so I wanted to replace it with this one. The only thing I don't like is that you cannot disable the beeps like I could on the old one. Change this and it is perfect!

Review Title: Quick tasty cooking! | Review by

I bought this countertop microwave about a month ago. I also bought a trim kit to install the microwave in the wall above my whirlpool wall oven. This microwave is modern and sleek. The keypad is easy to select and my food comes out moist. I even cook eggs in it.

Review Title: Most microwaves are the same | Review by

microwaves all do the same thing. This one works with good power and so far have noticed no hot/cold spots. they all have basically the same features. my previous microwave had 'instant' buttons (e.g. press 1 for instant on for 1 minute, worked similarly for all number buttons) - this was a feature I used often and miss having on this product. The start button doubles as an 'add 30 seconds' button, but requires pressing it multiple times. Certainly not a huge problem, but i liked that function better on the previous microwave. Also, on previous microwave, the open door button was stainless steel against the black faceplate background. on this product, the button is black and disappears into the faceplate. Again, not a huge problem, but a bit of an annoyance. The time LED is very bright at night - wish it had dimmable capability.

Review Title: Great size | Review by

While we are very limited on counter space, we really do appreciate the interior size. Most all of our microwave cookware fits very nicely.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

I purchased this microwave to replace an GE Profile microwave of the same size. This microwave is very easy to use and has a huge capacity. The only downside is that the digital display is blue, which can be difficult to read. Beyond that, this microwave is excellent!

Review Title: Just the size we needed. | Review by

This microwave oven was purchased to replace one (not a Whirlpool ) that had served us well for 15 years. The primary reason we chose this one was because it is the EXACT size of our old one. That was necessary because it is built in to a wall cabinet above our built-in oven. One feature we are not pleased with is the very light printing on the touch panel. It is rather hard to see. In the store, we had seen the Stainless Steel model which has a dark black touch panel with white print that is very easy to see. I would suggest making the print on the White Model's touch panel much darker so that it could be easier to see !

Review Title: Great features and size | Review by

We bought this a month ago and have been loving it! It's HUGE, so any size dish that needs to be warmed up fits inside. I really like the quick cook feature with the press of one button too.

Review Title: NOT SO GREAT | Review by


Review Title: Replaced a built in - simple to operate | Review by

We bought this along with a trim kit to install after our built-in microwave finally gave out. It is simple to operate and stays in place with the kit. One feature we miss is the one button push for 1, 2, 3 or 4 minutes. This model only allows you a 30 second .button so you have to push it several times to get the time you want.

Review Title: Great features but design could be better | Review by

Did not inspect this model before purchasing it online. It looks great and has good features, but the door closing is so loud that it is distracting. The push-to-open door latch is much less convenient than the lever handle design, and is rather hard to push in to open the door. Plus the edges of the faceplate around the latch are rather sharp, thereby requiring one to avoid pushing the latch near the edge. Also the control buttons are rather small for people with larger fingers.

Review Title: This product is easy to use | Review by

Easy to use and clean. The push button door opener, however, is cheaply done and the door shakes when it opens.

Review Title: Couple of easy improvements | Review by

Have had this microwave for about 2 months now. Operates fine except: the Cancel and Start buttons could be either illuminated or made to stand out some how. I have to search for the buttons when lighting is low in the kitchen. Can't tell by feel, and they don't stand out in any other way on the flush control panel. Also - the sound when the job is done is so loud and long - that I hate to have anything finish on its own -- instead I'm searching for that Cancel button! Sometimes don't want to wake the whole house just heating up a cup of coffee. The door also swings shut pretty fast - little learning curve so as not to slam it.

Review Title: Nice but has some quirkiness | Review by

Nice product but looks better than it actually is. As others have mentioned in reviews, there seems to be an issue with the door sensor. Warning messages appear indicating door is open when it is closed. So you have to open and close again to get it to work. This replaced a much higher end product and it sounds like it by the echo from opening and closing. However, it cost much less so I can't fault it for that. Still it runs fine and hopefully will last long enough as the higher end it replaced. THEN it will be worth it.

Review Title: Disappointing | Review by

We bought this microwave as a replacement for our old Whirlpool microwave. The old microwave had same capacity. It lasted us for 19 years. The new microwave looks okay, and is more powerful. However, the knob/button which you push to open the door is very hard. Its feel is very bad. The knob of the old microwave was far smoother to operate. Similarly, the feel of the touch control panel of the new microwave is also very bad, i.e. when you press a key it takes a while to register, and sometimes you have to push the keys hard. Lastly, the clock on the new microwave was losing about 4 to 5 minutes per day; so we had to replace it under the warranty. Overall the quality of the new microwave is far worse than the old 19 year old microwave by the same manufacturer.

Review Title: Could be better | Review by

Not a lot to review about a microwave; power, keypad and mechanical. I think this product fails 2 of the 3. The power is good and it cooks/warms food evenly. The keypad is unresponsive, often taking multiple pushes to enter cook time. The button to open the door doesn't always release the latch. If I don't push the button in the correct spot, the door latch will partially release but lock again after I release the button. In hindsight, I prefer a door with a non-mechanical resistance latch. Lastly, this is a built-in microwave. The bezel assembly requires very close cabinet dimensions, within 1/4". So if you are replacing an existing unit, be prepared to rework your cabinet dimensions.

Review Title: Would not recommend this microwave | Review by

This is our 3rd "new" Whirlpool microwave in 2 weeks. The first one had a black speck between the glass windows, which could not be removed. The 2nd had a button to press to open the door, which took all our strength to press. The repairman came, agreed it was sticking, called Whirlpool and found there are no parts for this model--it can't be taken apart. So we got a 3rd. The door button is still very hard to press--takes all of our finger strength. We needed the trim set, because it didn't fit with our old trim set. The trim set was of very poor, cheap quality, definitely not worth $119 (plastic---our other GE grill was metal) and didn't fit exactly, so there was an ugly gap between the trim and microwave. We had to have our old metal grill machined to fit, for a more attractive appearance. Would not recommend. We had our GE microwave for 16 years before it died.

Review Title: Doubt I will win anything with that review. But compared t my old Whirlpool Gold microwave, this is a step back! | Review by

the microwave is very difficult to open and is loud when closing the door. It is quiet when running, but the beeper at the end is annoying. Mine arrived with a defect on the inner surface of the door....Know my review will reach no one, but I feel better letting you know the disappointment I have with it.

Review Title: Not as friednly as my last Whirlpool | Review by

I just bought this unit to replace an earlier generation of the same microwave. I would have rated the previous unit 5 stars. The new unit isn't as user friendly as the one I previously had..It has more buttons but they don't provide me any additional value and make me work harder to do the same tasks. In addition, the buttons don't respond as well as the previous version's (especially the door opening button). The previous unit failed because I didn't take care of it. I bought this unit because of the satisfaction I had with the previous unit, If I knew then, what I know now, I would have taken better care of the previous unit. I'm actually on this WEB site to see if they still make the old unit.

Review Title: Failed to meet basic standards | Review by

Bought this microwave and within a week the door latch had broken. Unable to be repaired according to Whirlpool, we waited almost a month for a replacement. Whirlpool's warranty service time and reporting wait time is unacceptable.

Review Title: Door sticks | Review by

The microwave works well and is pretty quiet but the door sticks. We have to push up slightly on the bottom of the door to get it to open. Doesn't feel as sturdy as I'd like.

Review Title: Low end microwave in high end clothing | Review by

It cooks well and runs quietly. However, the plastic on the keypad is "bubbling" after 3 weeks (store is giving me a new microwave), and the button you push to open the door is really hard. If I had the option, I'd pay a little bit more for a nicer product.

Review Title: Super | Review by

Overall Rating
Love the large capacity and sensor cooking, it makes it so much easier.

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