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Whirlpool WMC30516AS 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WMC30516AS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WMC30516AS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMC30516AS Cooking

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Whirlpool 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $239.00
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  • Sensor Cooking
  • Take the guesswork out of microwave meals. You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you, adjusting time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power
  • Our countertop microwaves provide from 700 to 1,200 watts of power, so there's one that's right for your kitchen no matter what your cooking requirements.
  • Recessed Glass Turntable
  • Non-Sensor Reheat, Cook, Defrost Cycles
  • Add 30 Seconds
  • Quickly set the microwave to cook for 30 or 60 seconds at 100% power by pressing this button. Or, press it to add 30 or 60 seconds to a manual setting that is already in progress.
  • Quick Touch Popcorn Button
  • Control Lock
  • Disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.


Capacity: 1.6 Cu. Ft.
Cooking Power: 1200 Watts
Power Levels: 10
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 21 1/4"
Product Depth: 17 1/4"
Product Height: 13"
Gross Weight: 36 lbs.

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Review Title: Works for us | Review by

This microwave works great and looks nice. My only complaint is that you have to really push the button hard and it's not a quiet closing door, nor a quiet running microwave. Works fine and good product. Nothing fancy though.

Review Title: Great color | Review by

I am very please with my new microwave.....I have several whirlpool appliances. My microwave is the right color and I love the number of features.

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

This is a pretty decent microwave. It's quieter than my last one. It cooks well. I like the sensor cook settings. It looks good. The button to open the door is somewhat hard to push though. I did have a problem with the first one, with the sensor cook setting overcooking food, but the replacement works well.

Review Title: Whirlpool countertop microwave with 1,200 watts cooking power | Review by

Works great however is difficult to open and door makes loud sound when closing.

Review Title: Powerful with Minimum Cook Time | Review by

Our microwave is actually used as an under the counter built-in microwave with trim kit. Installation was super easy. As always, Whirlpool quality is excellent. The product meets all expectations and is stylish and dependable. Cost was reasonable and in-line with competitors.

Review Title: You have to slam the door | Review by

I ordered this microwave on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday same week. I was very happy with the delivery speed. The microwave looks very elegant and matches the whirlpool fridge in the kitchen. The only small quibble I have with it is that you pretty much have to slam the door closed for the cooking to start. Even if the door looks closed it might not be.

Review Title: I love how quiet it is. | Review by

I really like the design and how quiet it is while it is cooking your food. It does have these loud beeps when it is done. The food cooks great. I love it.

Review Title: Best Microwave Ever! | Review by

This microwave has any option you could think of - or ever need! It is by far one of my favorite things in my new kitchen! Eventhough it is not a built in - I have it sitting inside a cabinet - and leve the ability to tuck it away when it is not in use! Love Love Love It!!!! You could not go wrong with this purchase.

Review Title: good one | Review by

good kitchen friend enjoying the product. as always found good product from whirlpool.

Review Title: Excellent appliance | Review by

Purchased several months ago to replace a countertop model. Easy to use. Bright blue digital display. Great features allow one touch reheating or cooking. Power level is easy to use. Sturdy metal construction. Removable glass plate makes for easy cleaning. Brushed stainless exterior matches my other stainless appliances. A good value.

Review Title: Good replacement for wall unit | Review by

No issues. Great replacement. Easy to install! We love the trim kit

Review Title: This product is very efficient | Review by

I haven't taken the time to learn all the features of my microwave, but what I have figured out works very well. I haven't figured out how to reheat something with one setting yet. I am pleased with the efficiency of the microwave oven.

Review Title: Clean design, easy to use, easy to clean. | Review by

Enough features to make this a very useful microwave. Easy clean-up and good design.

Review Title: Lots of power | Review by

It matches my other whirlpool appliances. Love the power.

Review Title: great product! | Review by

This microwave was what our builder installed in our new home and to say that it is better than our old one is a huge understatement. It heats things up really quickly and defrosts without actually cooking the food. We love it.

Review Title: Sleek and very quiet. | Review by

It looks great. It reheats fast. It's buttons are easy to read and simple to understand. If you want to melt it melts perfectly.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Completely satisfied with overall product. Simple and easy to use. Sturdy and sleek. The size is a bit a small but they have larder models. Cooks well and has all the options you need for defrosting or cooking specific foods like popcorn etc.

Review Title: Whirlpool� 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with 1,200 Watts Cooking Power | Review by

We received this microwave as a gift last winter and it has been great. We haven't had any problems with it and I can't think of a single time while I was using that I wished something was different. There are a lot of functions, some of which I've never used, and the ones I've used work wonderfully. The LED light for the time is so bright that we can see it all the way from our bedroom....I guess that's a plus for us.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very happy with it. Looks great and it's easy to use. Bought the trim kit with it and it was easy to install.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Love this ! Came standard in our home and so far so good

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

I bought this a month ago as a replacement for our current microwave that suddenly stopped working after 10 years. Everything is working as expected. The only thing that bugs me is the bright display color.

Review Title: Solid Product | Review by

The microwave is efficient and easy to use. I really enjoy the quick and ease that is needed to use it.

Review Title: Poor display | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago as a matching appliance to my new oven and refrigerator. Apparently Whirlpool has updated their display technology for the oven but not the microwave. The two were supposed to match! And they do not. The microwave numbers are so thin and in a dark royal blue that you can not read them unless you are standing two feet from the microwave. The oven has a newer thicker and brighter light blue color that you can read all the way across the room. Complaints to Whirlpool were ignored. The store that sold to me came out and looked and confirmed what I am saying. They said it is supposed to be a matching set. The store contact to Whirlpool gave a response of that is the way it is.

Review Title: Disappointed. | Review by

While I have always been pleased with Whirlpool appliances in the past, I have to admit that the microwave oven I purchased a few months ago is disappointing. The oven handle is very hard to open and the time ending signal is not audible at times. I would have taken it back, but, this oven had to be mounted in the wall and I cannot get it out by myself.

Review Title: Too powerful | Review by

1200 watts to much power. Dries food out around the perimeter. However very good at heating liquids.

Review Title: Poor quality | Review by

Only reason I bought this was because I had a $100 store from HH Gregg. Got home and discovered no lighted key pad. Also, the door release button only works half the time. The rest of the time you have to physically pull the door open while holding the release button.

Review Title: I like the features; they are easy to understand and use. | Review by

I mostly use the microwave to heat vegtables and/ or water. The 30sec start button is great for quick warm-ups. I also like the timer option. It is easy to set the timer and still start the microwave.

Review Title: Very nice features | Review by

We've had the microwave for a few months and we have enjoyed all it's different features that help you to easy read how to set temperatures for different foods.My husband loves the popcorn setting,he doesn't have to worry about it burning.

Review Title: Needs BIGGER WRITING on the feature buttons... | Review by

Ample size,adequate power. Nice bright clock. Turntable is nice - everything heats evenly.

Review Title: very powerful microwave | Review by

This microwave cooks so fast and evenly. It also looks nice too. We are very pleased with this microwave!

Review Title: Cooks fast! | Review by

I have had my microwave for about 2 months now. It cooks and heats so fast I've had to adjust my cooking times! It so quiet when running you don't even know it is on. And it looks so nice in the stainless steel. I just love it!

Review Title: Quiet, reliable and nice features | Review by

I went microwave shopping after out old one quit working. I tried two other brands, neither of which was acceptable. They were either noisy, poorly made, did not cook evenly, unreliable or slower than the old one I was replacing. They both went back and the third time was the charm. This model is very quiet, powerful, reliable and looks good in our kitchen.Food comes out evenly heated in less time than the similarly powered one we replaced. I also like the sensor selections. Leftovers come out very nicely done without the "rubbery" or mushy taste that other models did. I also like the feature that allows me to enter several steps at one time (defrost for 90 seconds and then go full power for another 30).

Review Title: Best Microwave I have owned. | Review by

I went to many stores searching for the right microwave. I even bought a different one and returned it so I could buy this Whirlpool because it was perfect for me.

Review Title: All the features you need in a basic microwave. | Review by

My Whirlpool microwave has all the features I was looking for such as, reheat, defrost, beverage and pizza selections. Everything I microwave seems to heat through fairly evenly and I rarely have foods overflow. I like the stainless steel element, which makes it look modern. The only feature that could be improved is the plastic covering the numbers and food selection buttons. On the selections I use most frequently the plastic has bubbled making it hard to see the button. All-in-all I like my new Whirlpool microwave.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

Completely unhappy!!! This microwave does NOT cook food very fast. HATE IT!!! When trying to cook bacon (on a bacon rack) it use to take 3-1/2 to 4:00 minutes - now it takes at least 5-1/2 to 6 minutes - sometimes longer. It also takes longer to reheat food on a dinner plate and much longer if you're heating a bowl of something. I would like to have ANOTHER microwave but not this model - this one replaces the microwave (same model #) that quit - wasn't close to a year old!!!! Can't keep your food warm either!!!!

Review Title: Nice looking and powerful microwave | Review by

I think that this is a great looking microwave and I feel like it warms everything up faster than the last microwave that I used. The only complaint that I have is the fact that the plastic over the start button is somehow snagged already but that is a minor issue and you can't tell unless you are looking closely. This microwave is much quieter than the last one that I had too, which I love! No rattling either. I would buy this product again. It is definitely the better looking microwave out there especially for the price I paid for it.

Review Title: Solid good product | Review by

This is a great product overall. My only complaint is that we wanted a stainless steel microwave with stainless interior which is nearly impossible to find. The only stainless on this appliance is the front door.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

This microwave has great features, is easy to use, the settings are very accurate for whatever you are cooking. Excellent choice for a microwave for two people to a large family.

Review Title: Perfect microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave about 2 months ago to match a Whirlpool refrigerator and dishwasher. The finish matches perfect and there are just the right amount of options on the unit. Also, the cooking time is very accurate- no guessing!

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

We have had this microwave for six months and have had no problems with it. The 1200 watts makes cooking much faster than my previous microwave. The interior is easy to clean. We installed it in a cabinet with the trim kit and it looks great.

Review Title: Very good Microwave Oven | Review by

The Microwave preforms exactly as described on the Home Depot Web site. The unit size is excellent for daily activities like heating and defrosting. It holds all dish sizes I routinely use. The 1,200 Watts provides substantial power for quick, efficient processing. The buttons could be larger. Also, the door release button travels too far before the door opens.

Review Title: Microwave works great! | Review by

The digital read out is bright as a night light for my kitchen, which is a added feature that I like.

Review Title: Cooking time for various foods should be listed | Review by

No complaints about the microwave. A chart should be included showing cooking times for canned vegetables, hot dogs, etc.

Review Title: It is average and that is OK. | Review by

It helps that we were able to buy the kit to build it in. The kit is not of the absolute highest quality but is acceptable. It is quite and performs fine. Our last Whirlpool microwave was 12 years old and still worked fine. This one has some history to live up to.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

So far, I am very pleased with the purchase of my Whirlpool microwave. It is easy to use and cooks evenly. No complaints.

Review Title: Great Purchase! | Review by

Purchased this microwave after our Kitchen Aid died. Loved our Kitchen Aid so much that I didn't think anything else would even come close to meeting our expectations, but boy was I wrong! We couldn't be happier!!

Review Title: Nice replacement for our old Whirlpool Model | Review by

We recently replaced our old Whirlpool microwave with this new stainless steel model. So far, it works great and is easy to use. The size is perfect for the space required for a built-in model. My only complaint, the trim kit no longer comes in a 24-inch model, so I'm having a custom made 24" trim kit made. The old one is not stainless steel and is slightly too small to fit. Other than that, a great buy!

Review Title: Very Good! | Review by

The power is great! The timer could be a little louder. It cleans up easily and the blue numbers are a perfect night light for our kitchen! The only thing I do not like is the push button to open the door. It causes the entire unit to slide on the counter because it takes some force to push it in.

Review Title: Got to love it! | Review by

My husband and I wanted a smaller microwave and were very impressed with this Whirlpool one. It works great and matches the other appliances in our kitchen.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

So far it has been a great microwave, plenty of power.

Review Title: Very Satisfied with this product! | Review by

I purchased this in November and have been quite pleased with how quickly it heats up. It has nice clean lines and looks beautiful in my new kitchen. It makes clean up so easy!

Review Title: i would really like a separate timer. Good over all. | Review by

I would really like a separate timer to use for any number of things other than the microwave. It is a little small on the inside. The power is great and the operation is very easy.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

The Whirlpool microwave is the best microwave we have owned. What used to take 2 or 3 minutes to heat certain items can be done in 1-minute or less. The features on the product are concise and easy to use. The quality of this product is excellent. The only thing I don't like about it is the sound levels. When the timer shuts off it beeps very loudly five times. The reason that's so important is that I am up before my family and it sometimes wakes my family. Other than that - great product.

Review Title: Easy on the hands. | Review by

I was give this Whirlpool White Microwave as a Christmas Present. So, I have had it for less than a month now, but I can tell you that it has so many options that I had to read the owner's manual to see all the options. Well, let me tell you, since I am 86 years old it is hard at times to see the button names, but not for this microwave. The printing is large enough for me to easily see and read the buttons.

Review Title: average microwave | Review by

average whirpool microwave nothing excited to say about

Review Title: Far more quiet than my previous microwave. | Review by

I do like that this microwave doesn't have that tin can sound that some have. Most of the features are like my previous but a couple I still prefer the older version. This one does seem to have some hot spots which concerns me. I don't know if it is in the controls or the microwave itself but we have burnt a couple items should not have burnt on setting that have been used before without problems....

Review Title: A microwave conversion solution. | Review by

We had a JennAir built in microwave/oven combination wall oven. The microwave stopped working after almost 15 years. We tried unsuccessfully to get it fixed with no luck because of the lack of parts available. (Keypad circuit board).

Review Title: very pleased and great price | Review by

This countertop microwave is beautiful, works extremely well and priced fantastically- recommend Whirlpool to all....

Review Title: Would buy again. | Review by

This microwave is attractive and user friendly. We are enjoying our purchase. The "beep" is very loud, have to read owners manual to see if I can turn it down .

Review Title: Heats Extremely Well | Review by

This heats items faster than any other microwave I've ever used.

Review Title: Why cook when you can microwave | Review by

I have always had a low watt micro, but this one is great as it cooks, defrosts, and reheats in no time at all. Also, it is large enough to place a small platter of food to be cook, saving time, energy and the amount of dishes needed.

Review Title: works well but turn table noisy | Review by

good unit but noisy. dinner plate function is what I like. baked potato is ok

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

Not the best, but I would definitely recommend for daily use. Easy to use, wish for a bigger capacity.

Review Title: Quiet and powerful | Review by

We had a 3 year old microwave that simply blew up. It was the second one of that brand that did the same thing. We replaced it with the Whirlpool.The power level and quietness of the Whirlpool are outstanding compared to our previous microwave. The only feature we don't like is the blue digital display. It is very difficult to see and read compared to the orange display on our old unit.

Review Title: I love this product! | Review by

This product was installed in my house when I became a first-time homeowner last spring. It is absolutely easy to use and better yet, even easier to clean.

Review Title: Cooks lickety split! | Review by

Whirlpool has done it again! This microwave does everything but sing me a song. I love it!

Review Title: Great Simplified Performance | Review by

I purchased this microwave a couple of months ago and have been very pleased with the service. Multiple people use this microwave and I have had no complaints as far as the performance. Does what it says it will do in a simplified manner. Love this microwave. Kathy Kidd

Review Title: Great microwave, looks and performance | Review by

Works great, cooks and heats faster than our old one and I thought it heated fast. God buy.

Review Title: This product is great for what you need | Review by

Microwave does great for cooking eggs or reheating dinner rolls thanks to sensor cooking. The sound level is a tad loud . I like produts that save on energy.

Review Title: Good, Solid Microwave | Review by

This microwave is used in an office situation so it gets a lot of use. It's tough and nice looking. It also looks very nice.

Review Title: Great countertop microwave! | Review by

Powerful, easy to use. Good capacity and doesn't take up a lot of counter space.

Review Title: If you use your microwave to cook... | Review by

This microwave has the power needed to cook using the kitchen microwave cookers such as the Range Mage. It's also very quiet. The touchpads are a little smaller than what I was used to. The design fits in well with my kitchen d�cor.

Review Title: Upgrade is terrific! | Review by

We had a previous model, and had a problem with the door latch. That model is no longer available because of the problem. This model seems to be a lot sturdier. I hope it will last longer than 6 months!

Review Title: Solid and powerful | Review by

Bought this to replace my 19 year old Whirlpool microwave (that was still working) as part of my kitchen upgrade. Also bought the install kit (built-in) to match my other stainless steel appliances. Happy with the microwave - it's powerful, more quiet and faster.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Overall this is a sound product with great features, I have only run into 1 operational problem, and a little dissapointed in the faceplate for cabinet mounting. The operational problem is that the door sometimes will not open and I will have to stick something under the door so the clips on the door will clear the catch. After i adjust the door occasional (seems to sag) it will work fine until it sags again. All that is happening is when the door sags the door open button can not release the little arms on the door from the slots. (little adjustment and the door works correctly) The other thing that kind of dissapointed me was the fact that the frame for cabint mounting (stainless version) was plastic and it sticks out a good bit from the cabinet. I would have preferred flush mount and metal like my previous microwave had. Other than that the unit functions great.

Review Title: Perfect Choice | Review by

Bought this microwave to use in my motor home and it is twice the appliance of the Samsung that was originally installed. Love the features and the look. Used a cabinet mounting plate and it looks great.

Review Title: WHIRLPOOL MICROWAVE | Review by

I PURCHASED THE MICROWAVE ABOUT A MONTH AGO. It has met my needs. It is roomy but not real big. I looked at several before making a decision to buy this one. You can't buy one any better than this one. It looks more expensive than it is. It doesn't take as long to warm or cook. I don't think anyone would be disappointed making a purchase of one of them.

Review Title: Good Microwave for Price | Review by

I bought this product about a month ago. It was 1/3 the price of the Kitchenaid which it replaced. The door on the Kitchenaid was rusting away and arcing when cooking. This unit uses the same type of door so I do expect the same issue but for the price I paid I can live with that. The keyboard is clearly not as nice but works perfectly.

Review Title: works like a charm! | Review by

we bought two of these for the office breakroom and they are great!

Review Title: Pleased | Review by

I had to order my microwave, but it was worth it. It cooks quickly and evenly and defrosts meat without cooking it in spots like my old microwave. I am very pleased and it was worth the wait.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

It cooks quickly and does a great job. Although we have only had it a short time we use it almost daily.

Review Title: Good microwave | Review by

Have had this for a few months. It has a lot of features and some good automatic settings; cooks well. Occasionally when the door was opened, food removed, and door re-closed, the microwave would go back on again.Did not happen often, and haven't seen that now in a couple of weeks, so may have gotten over that.

Review Title: Not as Good as I Expected | Review by

I was replacing a GE microwave which was 22 years old. It still worked but had slowed down. I have the feeling this new one will not last very long at all. It is tinny and cheap sounding. When you open the door, it works so stiff, I feel I could chip a nail. Unfortunately, this was the only microwave we could find that would fit into the built-in spot for it.

Review Title: Very sensitive microwave and takes opening and closing the door a few times.... | Review by

If I could do it over again I would not have purchased this microwave as it is very sensitive and most of the time after putting something inside and shutting the door it will just turn itself on and start rotating the object inside and won't let you select the time, etc. I literally have to open and close the door a few times before it clicks in and will start working again and I've not had this item for very long.

Review Title: Perfect little microwave! | Review by

Works great, very sleek appearance and a nice size.

Review Title: badly scratched door handle | Review by

Into my new kitchen , for which I had ordered all kitchen aid and Whirlpool appliances came a refrigerator with a badly scratched door handle! It appears to be very difficult to find a replacement! I did not attempt to go cheap at a scratch and dent depot; yet, this is what was delivered. I would appreciate immediate attention to this matter. Rosalie Brownstein

Review Title: Works well | Review by

A microwave is one of the "basics" in the modern world... it just sort of does what it's supposed to. That said, it looks good (doesn't take up more space than I have available), heats well and was well worth what I paid for it.

Review Title: Powerful perfection! | Review by

I love it! No problems and works great! Simple to use too!

Review Title: great features at a fair price | Review by

A great microwave at an affordable price. It has all the common use features (popcorn, reheat, defrost, etc.).

Review Title: 1200 watt 1.6 cu ft microwave | Review by

had unit for a month -- - all functions/features work well - push button for door open is difficult for wife with arthritis in hands - door closes with load sound - - we are pleased and would recommend unit to others - consider it a value purchase

Review Title: Good cooking but some quality issues | Review by

It cooks great, has lots of power, and nice features.

Review Title: Product works great. | Review by

Product performs to the standards pesented by Whirlpol in their documentation.

Review Title: we bought this 2 months ago and works great | Review by

Your appliances last and it's easy b to find parts or repair I'd needed

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Excellent love the design sound level quality and performance

Review Title: love it | Review by

I cook in this one or two times a day full meals not just to heat thing it is the best

Review Title: Works well | Review by

Very fast high powered microwave. The sensor cook "reheat leftovers" button seems to cook a long time until everything is exploding; I had hoped this would work a little better. I wasn't sure about black but it looks good in the kitchen. Loud beeper, but very quiet during operation.

Review Title: Expect more | Review by

I bought this to replace a Gold series that the magnetron died on after only 3 years. The ONLY reason I bought another whirlpool was to fit the existing trim kit (which I still had to modify the base to fit). The door latch is terrible, needs way to much force to open and close and I'm sure it'll break. The beep doesn't stop when you open the door, five beeps and excessively loud.

Review Title: This product is "awesome". | Review by

My recent Whirlpool purchase is awesome, and I have also had "2" Whirlpool sets of washers & dryers. They are the absolute best - beautiful looks and excellent performance & durability. Whirlpool is definately my future purchase of any product needed. Thanks, Whirlpool !

Review Title: Good for basic microwaving. | Review by

Let me start by saying I was looking for a basic microwave to warm things up. Nothing fancy, just fix my oatmeal in the morning and heat up leftovers for dinner. At 1200 watts, this unit does a good job of getting things hot quickly.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

We just built a new house and this microwave was purchased for our new home. It has a very, sleek, modern, and compact design.

Review Title: Great design. Looks fantastic in our kitchen | Review by

We have been using our microwave everyday since we bought it and we are very happy with it.

Review Title: Larger then expected | Review by

Of course, GE and others you can find at Walmart or Target, but if you want quality then just buy Whirlpool from Goedeker's. I like the height of inside. Usually if you buy a 1.6 or larger, there is no telling if you can place a coffee mug such as a Texas Mug. I did and it fits nicely. 4 months now and works great. At times, it's a little more powerful, but that's what I paid for.

Review Title: Warms up FAST | Review by

Nothing to complain about with this product ... Warms food up fast ...

Review Title: powerful and efficient | Review by

Good product, powerful. good range of settings. Would adjust the opening mechanism so it requires a lighter touch to open the door.

Review Title: Best purchase..... | Review by

Couldn't be happier with this purchase, very efficient!

Review Title: Quiet and Accurately Cooks | Review by

Makes all things I make automatically with the sensor cook feature. One disappointing item: I called for service because the door clouded and greased up and was unable to be cleaned. My previous Whirlpool never did that. I cannot see into the microwave when I am cooking, so I am unable to tell if anything is going over or malfunctioning.

Review Title: mircowave | Review by

Thought I would replace my smaller microwave with this one, I don't really care for this unit. Even though it has things programed into unit you still have to start unit yourself something I didn't have to do with my older unit. Then there are things programed in and you can't change serving sizes, I guess I was spoil I really don't care for this unit.

Review Title: Worst Microwave Ever | Review by

We bought a new house, and this was part of the appliance package. 13 months in, the microwave kicks on and off while the timer is still counting down. The open door button typically requires several pushes before it opens. Even when the microwave was "working" it took much longer to cook items than a normal microwave, for example, melting a stick of butter, requires at least a minute with this microwave, where any other could do the job in seconds.

Review Title: Cooks fast! | Review by

This microwave replaced an older Whirlpool. It has so much more power than my old one, it took me a few weeks to get used to putting less time in so I would not overcook my food items. And its very easy to use the features. I'm really enjoying it!

Review Title: Average | Review by

Average product design, performance, appearance - but not price - too high.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Would recommend this Microwave. Does as described. Performance good.

Review Title: It fits. It works. It has all the features I need. It's great! | Review by

I really shopped all brands. Bought Whirlpool because of the great reviews. I'm glad I did.

Review Title: This product heats food and beverages very fast and very quietly. | Review by

Very satisfied for the month we have had/used it! The speed that the food is warmed up or cooked is time-saving - almost half the time of the replaced microwave. The simplicity of the functions is great for multi-users of different ages.

Review Title: good value for price | Review by

Like the features, which the pad lighted up not just the time. nice sizw

Review Title: This product satisfies our needs for a microwave | Review by

The microwave has the basic functions required however the finish on the buttons seems to wear off very easily even when it is wiped down very gently.

Review Title: Bigger than it looks | Review by

We bought this microwave to fit a specific size cabinet in our new house. It doesn't look big, but all my plates fit into it. The only thing that did not fit is my 9x13 pan. The power is good and cooks things fast. My family says they don't notice hot spots. Overall, nice product.

Review Title: Hope this product lives up to its counterpart dishwasher and refrigerator! | Review by

This purchase is third in a line of Whirlpool appliances. I currently own a Whirlpool dishwasher and refrigerator. We are very pleased with both! This 1200 watt countertop microwave looks pleasing as well as being very roomy. It heats well and is fairly quite.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

Works great looks good cooks much faster than oven it replaced

Review Title: Overall pleased with product | Review by

Works great, only thing I would change is the door button feels cheap and shows fingerprints. Also a little expensive.

Review Title: Works like a charm! | Review by

We have this as a built in which was installed by our builder. I love it! Easy to use and food cooks or warms evenly.

Review Title: Powerful and roomy | Review by

We like this microwave. Our only gripe is that it saves time when the handle comes out from the door, rather than like on this where you have to push a button on the side. Other than that, it's great!

Review Title: I love this microwave | Review by

It cooks bacon prefect as well a warning food within two minutes

Review Title: My microwave is an excellent product. | Review by

The microwave performs all the tasks I need it to with great ease. The LCD display is easy to read and the preprogramed cycles are convenient. The glass tray removes for easy cleaning.

Review Title: First microwave was defective | Review by

The first Whirlpool microwave we were shipped was defective. The "turntable" of the unit would keep rotating long after the microwave was done heating up our food or beverage. The folks at Whirlpool were particularly concerned about this problem (which was very nice since it is just a minor appliance) and shipped us a new one which works fine. It is amazing how quiet the unit is compared to our old one -- and items heat up faster.

Review Title: Cooks food evenly & quickly; easy to use | Review by

This microwave has a number of excellent features, yet is easy to use. Food cooks quickly and evenly. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the protective film that covers the touch pad. We have only owned this microwave for a little over 1.5 months and we are seeing "bubbles" appear on the "start" and "cancel" pads, as well as around the top edge of the pad. This makes me wonder how long the protective film is going to actually last. I'm also a bit hesitant about the push-button release for the door and it's durability. I guess time will tell. I've only used a microfiber cloth to clean the pads, so no harsh chemical cleaners and no water so I don't believe the "bubbles" are caused by anything the consumer has done.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Love the settings. Cooks quickly and evenly. Perfect size and color.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

We got this microwave and installed it as a built in with an installation kit and it matches all our other Whirlpool appliances we have throughout. Does a great job with everything we prepare.

Review Title: Product is quiet and does the job quickly | Review by

Microwave is very quiet and energy efficient. Looks neat and has clean lines

Review Title: replaced a Whirlpool with a Whirlpool I like the product. All of my home appliances are Whirlpoo. | Review by

Though this unit is a little smaller than the one I replaced, I am completely satisfied with the Whirlpool brand.

Review Title: Has everything I need in a microwave | Review by

This microwave replaces my first Whirlpool microwave oven which was working great. I needed one in stainless steel rather than black. The only complaint I have is that the support was broken. I am using the support from my other microwave until I get a new one which I think the company should replace.

Review Title: Good microwave | Review by

Works well in heating up food. Only drawback is that after microwave stops and you want to run it for another minute, it states: Close Door". This happens every time you try to extend the cooking time.

Review Title: Very disappointed in this microwave | Review by

In use the microwave rattles Inside light is very dim, impossible to see what is going on inside while something is cooking.

Review Title: I can not think of anything to say bad about this product. | Review by

I usually cannot find a microwave that makes popcorn very good. This one even does that. There is not anything that I can find that I do not like.

Review Title: Does what a microwave is designed to do | Review by

We've used this for 2 months and find it to be very good. During a kitchen re-model, we wanted a unit which had an available trim kit so it could be wall mounted above a wall oven. Our choices were somewhat limited, but that didn't mean we settled for this model. Test evaluations and previous reviews played an important part in our selection. We use a microwave primarily to reheat left overs and, for the short time we've used it (and we've used it frequently), it's been fine. Our only complaint is with the sensor cooking, in that it seems to cook longer than necessary. I've yet to let it cook until it may shut off automatically.

Review Title: Nice Large Size | Review by

I did lots of research before deciding on this particular Model. It is so quiet and so far working out nicely. My only complaint is the lack of ease to open the door. The latch is to hard and you pretty much have to poke it with two fingers hard to open the door. Other than that its a great purchase.

Review Title: great features. | Review by

i bought this in September when we built our new house and I love it. I put all new whirlpool appliances in my new home.

Review Title: Good features and easy to use | Review by

Not used enough to grade on scale of 1-10, but have not had problems with any Whirlpool product. We use this as a spare.

Review Title: Beautiful and Functional | Review by

I purchased this microwave to complete to renovation of my kitchen. It is a great match to my refrigerator and range. However, this microwave seems a little, off'? It works well, has 2 defrost features, vegetable, beverage, reheat and popcorn settings and more. The plate that sits on the turn table/carousel wobbles, yet its secure. The button latch to open the door doesn't seem sturdy enough. (I keep expecting it to get stuck. I guess I am used to my old microwave (loved it). I am sure once I am used to it I will love this one too

Review Title: Amazing features! | Review by

We bought this about a month ago, & have been happy that we did ever since. We already have an over the range "brain" Whirlpool microwave but had a need for a countertop as well. Since we love our other whirlpool micro & our side by side Whirlpool refrigerator we decided it was a no brainer to buy another Whirlpool when we bought the countertop one. We are very glad that we did & we call it JR for brain junior!

Review Title: Replaced a 17 year old Whirlpool | Review by

This unit replaces a 17 year old Whirlpool 2.2 cu ft, 900 watt microwave. I purchased another Whirlpool unit because the old unit worked so well over the years and I also didn't want to learn a totally new set of controls. The new microwave arrived with a broken tray support ring and it took over 3 months to get a replacement ring. The broken ring worked okay during that time period. The door button is very hard to operate as other reviews mentioned but I have gotten use to it. The main thing that I am disappointed in is defrosting. My 17 year old Whirlpool microwave had a defrost cycle that would stop periodically to let you turn over the meat you were defrosting. The new one doesn't do that and I thought since the feature was gone, maybe it wasn't needed anymore because of better technology. Boy was I wrong. This new oven defrosts very unevenly with more partly cooked areas and more still frozen areas than the old one. I also have to microwave potatoes at 70% power or they are overcooked and dried out. It took some experimentation to figure out what percentage of power would cook the potato without over "nuking" it. I'm still in the learning curve for this oven but it is probably as good as any other manufacturer's units.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave Oven | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace one that we had for over 30 years. We like it but there is one thing missing. There is no Auto Reheat setting for general foods.

Review Title: Product is easy to use and the right amount of power for office use. | Review by

We previously had a very old radar range. The new microwave is powerful enough to heat up lunches, make a "hot" cup of tea/coffee and is so easy to use. I recently changed the time setting because of switching off of daylight savings time and couldn't believe how simple that was to do. Features are easy to read and understand and everyone in our office loves our new microwave. Thanks!

Review Title: This product is perfect for my kitchen. | Review by

My kitchen and laundry are totally equipped with Whirlpool products and I have been pleased with all of them over almost three decades. I chose this Whirlpool Micro-wave based on this excellent performance and ease of use. The physical size is perfect for my alloted countertop space and this new unit is very easy to use. I particularly like the various pre-selected cycles available at the touch of a button.

Review Title: EASY to USE | Review by

I've owned this microwave for two months now, and absolutely love all its features. Have always preferred Whirlpool products and have never been disappointed. We will need to replace our refrigerator in the next couple months and of course, it will be Whirlpool.

Review Title: works great no problems | Review by

Plug n play, its a great product to use in everyday household cooking,

Review Title: GREAT MICROWAVE!! | Review by

We had an old large microwave and we purchased this one -- fits perfectly in our small kitchen. Does a great job -- cooks quicker and is beautifully designed. Love Whirlpool products -- they are the best in quality and design -- end of story.

Review Title: Excellent purchase! | Review by

I purchased three of these microwaves for our new office kitchen and they are perfect and go very well with the two Whirlpool refrigerators I purchased at the same time.. We're impressed with the sound level, the intuitive features and the quickness of heating up food. I always recommend Whirlpool products for both residential and commercial use.

Review Title: good microwave, reliability inconsistent | Review by

This is my 4th whirlpool microwave of similar design in 13 years. One lasted a month. The second lasted 9 years. The 3rd one lasted 2 years. I'm hoping this one will be like my second one. I did have another brand that had better features but lasted 13 months. There are very few of this power range that will fit the space that I have for it.

Review Title: Powerful, Great Style | Review by

I have owned this for a month now and I am very pleased! I didn't realize how little power my old unit had! Cooks up frozen veggies, oatmeal in a snap! I have used the auto sensor feature and it works well too! I love the blue (clock) display. Perfect size for me, I couldn't install an over the range unit due to space constraints and didnt want to use up all my counter space either! Compliments all my new stainless steel appliances beautifully!

Review Title: Quality microwave, with all the features you'll need. | Review by

Bought to replace an aging (25+ year old) Amana RadarRange. Definite improvement in every way, with the quality you expect from a Whirlpool product.

Review Title: This product is not acceptable to me | Review by

This product's door is very difficult to open. You have to put a lot of pressure to open the door and some people may not have the strength in their fingers to do this. After the time is entered, you need to slam the door or you will get a message saying the door is not closed. When you enter the time a second time it adds the times together so instead of 2 minutes you now have 4 minutes.

Review Title: Wonderful Appliance!! | Review by

Even better than my 20 year-old Whirlpool microwave, and I didn't think they could make it any better!!

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

This Microwave has performed well , the "Built-In" look is very attractive.

Review Title: I love the power of this microwave and the different features it has. | Review by

I like that I can use the timer at the same time it is cooking something. Also that I can set it for different levels for different cooking times. Luv, luv, luv the popcorn feature!

Review Title: great feature. | Review by

my builder built in microw wave, easy to use, quiet,cleas easy, design are modernized,it is excellent.

Review Title: Everything works just fine. | Review by

I went from a 19 year old unit with 800 Watts of cooking power to 1200 Watts!!!!. What a difference!!! Everything works just as advertised.

Review Title: Cooking performance is superior | Review by

I love my microwave, which has excellent performance in cooking everything I put in it. It never under cooks or over cooks, which is a refreshing change from other ovens I've owned.

Review Title: Why I like my Whirlpool microwave. | Review by

It is very easy to use. I use it every day to heat up food and the defrost cycle is very dependable in defrosting food.

Review Title: Great Microwave!! | Review by

This microwave suits all my needs. I couldn't ask for a better performing piece that also matches the sleek style of my other kitchen appliances. I haven't found any "cons" yet.

Review Title: Very Satisfied with Performance | Review by

Easy to use but best feature is its ability to acquire the best temperature for the food choice placed in it.

Review Title: very good. much better than its father | Review by

very good. much better than its father. Very easy.

Review Title: Plenty of power | Review by

This microwave demonstrates plenty of power and is easy to use. The inside surfaces clean easily and the sound level is not excessive. Very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Just Ok | Review by

We prefer our old GE microwave over this one - we were disappointed that this one has no auto shut off sensor. Heats well but you have to check to make sure your food doesnt overheat.

Review Title: Love this microwave | Review by

Had one that was 10 years old--needed to replaced--went back to this as I loved the other

Review Title: Great Microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave to replace a Sharp. I was looking for one that had at least 1100 watts with certain features, would fit into a cabinet cutout, and came in black. This one fit all my requirements. It heats foods and liquids really fast, and I am extremely glad I purchased it.

Review Title: Good Size | Review by

This microwave fit very well into our kitchen cabinet space. The depth is a little too much, but not noticable. The cavity is big enough for what we use. It doesn't have an annoying timer alarm that keeps going every few seconds. It does have cool blue numerals on the outside.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Have been using microwave for 3 mos. and so far it works great. Easy to use and heats food quickly.

Review Title: I love the look of my new microwave! | Review by

It has a clean sleek look! I love the thirty second button, it's so convenient! The rotating glass turntable can be removed for easy cleaning! It's so quiet, you hardly know it's running! The defrost thaws so evenly and thoroughly, perfect for frozen meat!

Review Title: Great value for the price. | Review by

This unit replaced a much more expensive unit (another brand) that failed after only 5 years. It has a higher wattage as well. We chose this model because of the size of the oven space as we like to cook large casserole dishes. The only feature we would like added would be a quick, one-push 30 second capability.

Review Title: Great microwave and a great value! | Review by

We moved into our house and found there was no microwave. We wanted just a cheap microwave to use until we could remodel the kitchen and install one over the stove. But, to our surprise we love the microwave we got and will probably leave it right where it is!

Review Title: Love my microwave | Review by

This appliance was included as part of new home purchase and I love it!! Love how it has feature options to heat up various foods

Review Title: Our Best Washer and Dryer | Review by

This washer and dryer does an excellent job and easy to use. Our clothes are much cleaner, they dry better and we are saving on my water and electric bill

Review Title: Really good microwave | Review by

I love the way this microwave cooks fresh and frozen vegetables. It's powerful and pretty quite, the only thing I find that could improve this would be a better lighting on the inside. I would recommend this microwave.

Review Title: Easy programming | Review by

I had my old microwave for almost 25 years, I hope this one last as long at that one. So it is doing a great job at my house.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

My old microwave went out is why I went looking for a new one. I liked the looks of my new whirlpool and it blend in with my other new appliances.

Review Title: Efficient microwave | Review by

This microwave has enough power to reheat a meal in an a short amount of time. It is almost as deep as the countertop though. It fits well underneath the upper cabinets with a couple of inches to spare. Overall great performance.

Review Title: Excellent product, but a few things are missing | Review by

This is an excellent product. Very quiet and heat food very good.

Review Title: Elegant and great performance--like a luxury sports car | Review by

FIrst off, the unit looks great in the kitchen with its stainless steel bezel. The microwave is very intuitive to use, and I was able to set the clock and input the time without the aid of the manual. I also love the one touch 30 second and one touch cancel buttons. The 1200 watts provide PLENTY of power. I have to dial back the duration when cooking because most instructions are for 1000-1100 watt microwaves. Finally, it's very quiet, and even the 5 timer completion beeps are within a reasonable volume, perfect for a sleeping toddler nearby

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

Overall Whirlpool Customer Service is Awesome! After about 6 moths this microwave developed a switch on/off issue. Whirlpool replaced under warranty. We have the new replacement, although only couple months of service it does everything you require. Good value for the $$$

Review Title: Best microwave we have ever bought. | Review by

This microwave is a great value. It does a good job in microwave cooking. It is easy to use and actually is very efficient at popping popcorn (can't say that about all microwaves).

Review Title: great featues | Review by

the oven works well, but the defrost is diffcult to time.

Review Title: Good Item all the way around. | Review by

I brought this a month ago and it is living up to what I expected from it. I like the fact that once you turn it on you can barely hear it running. My old microwave, you could hear it through out the house. Now all of my appliances match.

Review Title: EXCELLENT MICROWAVE | Review by

After researching many microwaves I finally decided to buy this one. My Sharp after 14 yrs bit the dust. I needed a special size unit that would fit where my other microwave was. I also needed a 1.6 cu ft with 1200 watts of power. This whirlpool fit perfect and has all the features I needed. Its easy to use, has a great bright blue display light which you don't need your glasses to read. Also the interior light comes on when you open the door which makes it easy to see how your food is and to clean the inside. Its also a very quiet unit when its on. I am so glad Whirlpool had this microwave and the size is perfect, my 3 qt casserole dishes fit with no problem with room to spare. The unit style is very nice to and I was able to get it in the color white which is hard to find these days. I would recommend this unit. I use it everyday several times a day. Thank you Whirlpool for making such a great product., keep up the good work.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

This replaces a microwave I've had for 25 years. There are many new features, some I haven't had a chance to use yet, but I am pleased with everything so far. I've tried the moisture sensitive setting and reheating dinner plates has been flawless--no guessing how long to reheat them!

Review Title: Very happy | Review by

We bought our microwave a while ago, and are very happy with it. We have had no problems. My favorite thing is the 30sec feature. Great for warming up my cup of coffee :)

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

This microwave is exactly what I wanted in terms of size, color, power, and features. It is large enough to defrost, reheat or cook larger dishes (such as a whole chicken) and is easy to use. The auto settings (dinner plate, beverage, popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetable, etc.) are more extensive than my previous microwave. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: It works extremely well | Review by

The microwave is that fastest I have ever seen in heating.

Review Title: Sleek appearance. | Review by

The cooking features are simple to use and helpful. I love the appearance: the framing of the stainless steel against the black base and specter blue digital display makes it a very attractive addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: Simplicity is better | Review by

I purchased my whirlpool microwave a month ago and am really pleased with it. I had a microwave/convection oven for several years and rarely used the convection feature. This microwave is straight forward and operates with simple and easy touchpad controls. I love it!

Review Title: Great product, easy and fast to use | Review by

This product has performed very well so far. It is easy to use and the features are great.

Review Title: Best microwave I've ever owned | Review by

Love the microwave. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and it is very quiet when it is running.

Review Title: Good basic microwave | Review by

I don't have any complaints about this microwave other than I wish I had purchased something with more features and a little bigger. Still a great microwave though!

Review Title: Works good...annoying feature | Review by

Microwave works good. It's annoying to have to open the door after cooking something to add more time. I have recipes I cook in stages on different power levels, and I have to open and close the door each time between settings.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

We bought this microwave to complete our new kitchen. It was installed as a build in for our cabinets on the lower side for our kids to be able to use. It is so quiet you don't even hear it running when it is on. Easy to use - this kids have it mastered!

Review Title: great eash to used | Review by

Love my microwave I also have a stove by whirlpool both are great.both get 5stars or more.we have a Frigidaire.and a washer and dryer by kenmore.when we need a new one we want to buy whirlpool.great product. Thank you Susan

Review Title: Meets Whirlpool superior expectations | Review by

Great looking sleek built-in microwave. Cooks food evenly.

Review Title: very practical | Review by

Operates at a high level and makes microwaving a breeze

Review Title: This microwave quit working within 1 week! | Review by

Within 1 week this microwave would no longer turn off. Upon closing the door the oven would turn on and the cancel button would not turn the oven off. The only way I could turn the oven off was to unplug the microwave.

Review Title: Luxury microwave | Review by

This microwave works wonders. It is fairly quiet and cooks fast. Definitely would recommend it to others.

Review Title: Works very well | Review by

I replaced my 28 year old Tappan microwave with this and I am very happy with the way it works and the selection buttons. The dinner selection really heats a plate full of cold left-overs thoroughly and evenly. My only complaint is that it makes too much noise opening and closing the door. Though after 28 years with a solid door on the Tappan, I wish they still made everything with more solid construction and not the hollow metallic sound.

Review Title: Easy to use features | Review by

This microwave meets my families expectations for our everyday use. Works great and easy enough for my children to operate. Love the add 30 seconds feature.

Review Title: Love our new Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

Highly recommend this microwave to anyone looking for a new one. It's quiet, easy to use and has great features. Price was right too! This was the perfect microwave for our kitchen.

Review Title: appears to be a very good product | Review by

We purchased to replace a built in microwave that failed after 15 years of hard use. Our primary aim was to buy a quality unit with good features that would easily install in the same space. This microwave so far seems to meet that criteria.

Review Title: Heats food quickly | Review by

Good microwave. Heats much more quickly than our old one. Nice selection of heating modes. Love the 30 second button. Display is blue color.

Review Title: Can't turn off audible signal | Review by

It does what I expect it to do but I don't always want the beeper to signal when cooking is complete. The signal can't be turned off. The light bulb is too small not enough light when the door is opened.

Review Title: Good microwave | Review by

Great having a new microwave. Very slick. Like the 30 second feature, and if push twice goes easily to a minute. The popcorn doesn't go long enough though.

Review Title: Easy to use, heats fine. | Review by

This microwave oven has all you need. Heats fine, has all the quick buttons, large interior and turntable. I got the stainless model so it looks nice. We built it in to a cabinet and installed little wood stops on the back legs so it doesn't move at all when you push the open door button. The only con I can think of is the open door button is a little hard to push.

Review Title: Very powerful! Could use more features | Review by

I bought this when I moved into my new apartment a month ago. It is very powerful and not too bulky. I wish it had the standard 1-6 presets where it would automatically start for either 1-6 minutes. The closest I could get was to program 2 favorites but it's not as easy as just pressing one button. Ther then that it's great. It's perfect size. Very very powerful. It looks good with any color appliance. Awesome product

Review Title: Perfect Fit | Review by

I purchased this microwave about a month ago and it is a perfect fit for my microwave cabinet. I use it more than most, because I don't like to cook. It heats up just right according to the food package instructions. Easy to clean and I have no complaints at all.

Review Title: Great Value with good features | Review by

This microwave replaces the Whirlpool I bought 27 years ago in 1987. It has the same dimensions as the old one. I like the built in turntable. I'm not a fan of the individual buttons for the different types of good but I'm sure I will learn to use them. For the short time I have had this unit it has operated admirably.

Review Title: I didn't realize how bad my old one was! | Review by

When my old unit went out it was an oven/micro combo. I decided to replace the oven and microwave as separate units. I love the microwave! It is so quiet! The efficiency of the unit is wonderful. I have had to reivise all of my previous microwaving habits. Popcorn doesn't burn, the soup button is awesome, the beverage button has eliminated my boiling over my drink and I could go on and on. But the defrost features are such time savers and make me look so prepared! It defrosts with out me cooking it! the turntable insures even defrosting. If the working of the microwave wasn't enough, the look of the unit is wonderful. It looks beautiful. I live in the desert so heating up my kitchen with an oven isn't always a smart idea. With my new microwave, I cook wonderful meals without breaking a sweat!

Review Title: good product | Review by

This microwave is so much quieter than previous brand we owned. i only wish the very bright blue light on the clock could be dimmed. setting the clock was difficult but I didn't read any directions.

Review Title: OK. Does what it is supposed to. | Review by

Pros: high power. easy to clean. Cons: excessively bright blue LED clock display is annoying. hard to see Start and Cancel buttons in dim light. beeps five times when done, excessively loud. beeps continue even after you open the door.

Review Title: Great mirowave | Review by

We installed a hood over our range top. We installed the new Whirlpool microwave in a cabinet below our counter top. Due to space we did not get the kit for cabinet installation. We also need black to match our other appliances. Very nice unit

Review Title: I love the many features. | Review by

Not only do I love the feature of having a turntable but also the ease of use.

Review Title: Excellent choice | Review by

This is a replacement microwave. I'm very happy with it. The microwave is easy to operate, it's not noisy and accommodates my dishes. Definitely worth considering.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

This microwave oven was sent after another failed after less then one year. It has nice features and works great.

Review Title: Whirlpool at its best | Review by

We purchased a new microwave and also a whirlpool gas dryer. Both appliances are working very well and the microwave adds to my kitchen. The microwave is so much better than our old model it has more features and seems to cook at a faster pace. We love our new appliances and appreciate the care that both pieces are built. Eileen Davis

Review Title: I Like the Micowave features | Review by

Wish I could see the interior clearly through the door window.

Review Title: Good Microwave | Review by

I like Whirlpool appliances since they last a long time. Just bought this microwave. I like the quick start feature where you push the start button and get 30 seconds on high setting each time you click it. I have trouble accidently pushing the clock button instead of the start. Then I need to reset the clock again. I wish the start and stop buttons were more separated from the other buttons and easily visible (maybe a different color). It is also tough to figure out to set the power settings. You need to press the cook time button first, set the time, then press the power button to set the level. It seams to me it would be easier to have the option of just entering the time, then press the power level button to set the level, then press start.

Review Title: Whirlpool microwave also Whirlpool refrigerator | Review by

they work great the "wave" replaced a Goldstar microwave my wife bought A Kmart about 20 yrs ago hope this one lasts as long

Review Title: Amazingly quiet! | Review by

I bought and installed this built in microwave last month. Installed easily. Nice, solid feel to the machine. It is very quiet when operating. I'd recommend this product without hesitation.

Review Title: Except for the door issue, it's a good product. | Review by

The microwave has good power, and it is easy to use. Intermittently, the microwave will say 'door,' and you have to open and close the door again to get it to work, which is annoying, given the price. If it happens more often, I'll contact the company for a replacement.

Review Title: Great Built-in Microwave | Review by

We bought this microwave to go with our kitchen-aid double oven. It has a nice design and looks great with the built-in trim kit. Very easy to operate. Very happy so far!

Review Title: Great value for the Price! | Review by

This is a very fine microwave, good value, easy to operate! I'm glad we bought it!

Review Title: Love the inside - it is very roomy | Review by

I love this microwave. It cooks faster and is stronger than the microwave I had to replace.

Review Title: great | Review by

nice and affordable. bought stainless surround and it looks like epensive built in,

Review Title: Has enough features to be very handy in a busy kitchen. Easy to use. | Review by

We got our microwave about a month ago and it has performed well.

Review Title: love whirlpool!! | Review by

I was not sure if I would like this microwave because it did not have easy buttons for minutes...but I love it for ease of use!

Review Title: Great Addition to the kitchen | Review by

The best one chosen for our new home. It fits my style and increases the kitchen look

Review Title: Lasted 2 weeks before it died. | Review by

Purchased the Whirlpool microwave oven which lasted 2 weeks. The repairman said that the circuitboard was faulty and could not be repaired. Returned the oven to Costco with no problem. Did not purchase another Whirlpool oven because I needed a microwave now and Whirlpool had to be purchsed online thru Costco.

Review Title: I love the features on my new micrwave because of the simplicity of features. | Review by

My wife and I went looking for a Whirlpool Microwave because of it's reliability and were pleasantly surprised with it's ease of use. We use it for defrosting a lot and found it very easy to use without burning the food!! It fits our microwave shelf perfectly and it looks great. I would recommend it to anyone, in fact my daughter went out and bought one also.

Review Title: Great Feature Set Executed Quietly | Review by

The appliance has clean modern design lines that look appropriate in most kitchen styles.

Review Title: GREAT PURCHASE! | Review by

We bought this awhile ago in need of replacing our old microwave. We've always had good luck with Whirlpool so we knew we wanted that brand in our new microwave. Has been Great so far and really quiet too! We plan on replacing our old ge fridge and oven with a Whirlpool too! Thanks for Great products!

Review Title: Excellent Microwave Oven | Review by

I bought this microwave oven about a month ago, and I am very happy with it. It has excellent features, works well, and is easy to clean. I highly recommend the Whirlpool microwave.

Review Title: Change the area/button you push to open the door. | Review by

The only thing I would change would be the ease of opening the door. The one we had prior had a large area on bottom to push. With this one (because of nails, which most homemakers have) I have to use my knuckle or turn my hand to use my thumb horizontally. Otherwise, everything else about this microwave is great. I will always buy Whirlpool for price and long-lasting performance; have some that are 20+ years!

Review Title: Clean lines and good service | Review by

I had to do an extensive search to find a brand that makes a full powered microwave in white. Whirlpool was the only one I found in my locality. I like everything about it, but wish there was a volume control on the beeper. It seems very loud and like all microwave closing the door is noisy.

Review Title: Average oven | Review by

My old oven had a handle on the door. This one does not, and it might be what I miss most. The push button opener for the door is not ideal for us. The potato setting is too long. I bake my potatoes in a potato bag. The first time I used this setting, I smelled smoke, opened the microwave oven door to smoke .,, yes, my potato bag was smoking, and had to throw it away. The oven works fine, but next time I will look for a handle on the door. Also, my old oven had a smooth top, very nice for cleaning. This new oven is not a smooth top, has ridges ... I was spoiled with my old oven. Wish I could have bought another one of it.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Bought this to replace old Whirlpool microwave that had finally died.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

I find it quite hard to open the door !!!!! Really have to push on it to make it open.

Review Title: Happy Microwave | Review by

I use my microwaves a lot for cooking and reheating. I recently purchased a Whirlpool Model No. WMC30516AW. This microwave is easy to use. I especially like the Quick Touch Menu buttons. I use them quite often. The Use and Care Guide is easily understood. I have had several microwaves, but I really like this Whirlpool microwave a lot.

Review Title: Great Power And The Capacity That I Need | Review by

I replaced an older unit, with less power. My new Whirlpool lets me cook big items I less time. In addition, the Whirlpool makes it easy to select cooking powe4r, when a recipe calls for less than 100% power.

Review Title: The best value around ! | Review by

This microwave has been the best one ive ever owned ! For the money- this microwave has had the best reviews after researching them for months! Hands down you'll never find a better value !

Review Title: Unit performance average. | Review by

Noise level is good, but right side panel vibrates when first started. Door release button is awkward.

Review Title: Very satisfied | Review by

Almost 3 months that we are in our new house and we are very satisfied about all the appliances we bought. 100% Whirlpool we don't regret to trust a famous brand.

Review Title: So far, so good | Review by

have owned the microwave for just about six months now. the microwave has been a good value for the money. we have not had any problems and it functions as advertised.

Review Title: Small with punch! | Review by

Small size with full size power!! Love the look too!

Review Title: QUIET | Review by

This microwave is amazingly quiet. We like the large capacity and would recommend it to our friends. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Review Title: Simple to use | Review by

Having had a 15 year old Whirlpool microwave that finally quit, I wanted something similar...very easy to use. This microwave has good power and I can actually reduce my cooking time compared to the old one. I don't have to be an engineer to use this product. The weight defrost cooked my first product so I now use the timed defrost and am doing quite well, remembering how long I had to defrost with the old one. The light is a bit dim but overall, I'd buy this product again and would highly recommend it for ease of use.

Review Title: Great microwave!!! | Review by

Fastest working microwave I've ever owned! We love it.

Review Title: good for the price | Review by

Very happy with this microwave. Replaced a much more expensive one and this one is just as good.

Review Title: It works fine, but the size was a problem. | Review by

I bought this to replace a whirlpool microwave that I bought just two years earlier. I accidentally broke the first one. The dimensions were different enough that it was a nightmare trying to put it in the same space. No one made one with the old dimensions.

Review Title: Solid Microwave - Heats food well | Review by

Bought this Whirlpool Microwave to replace an older GE Microwave. The Whirlpool feels solid and heats the food well. It is higher wattage than the one it replaced and so food is heated faster. In addition, it looks great in our kitchen remodel, since the Black and Silver color theme matches our kitchen perfectly.

Review Title: Great mircowave!! | Review by

Very happy with our recent purchase! I thought for sure that the inside of the unit would be small based on the exterior look of the microwave, not so! We have limited counter space in our small office kitchen, so the counter size was our main concern. It has plenty of room for common everyday things, and its super easy to use. I would highly recommend this product for your home or office, it wont let you down...

Review Title: Good durable microwave | Review by

This was a replacment microwave and the trim kit availability really helped in making it fit in the space above the oven. It's a good sized microwave, very powerful, heats up things really fast. It's a little noisy but I can live with that. All in all, a good product at a reasonable price point.

Review Title: Excellent value, but could be more attractive. | Review by

From a practical standpoint, this microwave seems like an excellent purchase in every way.

Review Title: Product is has great features | Review by

It is great it is fast er than the one I had and all the features on it is great I would tell anyone to get it just lo get it Love it .

Review Title: Great addition to my kitchen | Review by

I purchased this microwave after extensive research into what is available today. I could not be more satisfied with the purchase and it was a good value for my dollars. I like that it has more than the normal special settings.

Review Title: Typical microwave | Review by

This microwave does a good job. I like the turntable but it seems to be loud when turning while cooking. It has a nice look from the outside. The only problem is that the front of the microwave and the stainless seem to always show fingerprints!

Review Title: microwave is easy to use and I like the cooking features. | Review by

My only disappointment with this product is that I could not turn off the turntable to use my large bacon pan and a 9 x 12 glass pan.

Review Title: My new microwave and oven. | Review by

I recently purchased a new whirlpool microwave and in cabinet electric oven about a week before Thanksgiving. I did the removal of the old units and the installation myself, and I was so pleased at the concise instructions and quality of the new appliances! I had no problems and the appliances worked great! My wife was a little apprehensive that I would get them installed and working by Thanksgiving, but I did and the turkey and fixings came out incredible! Thank you Whirlpool, my father swore by your appliances and I see why he did! I do now too. Happy Holidays. Dave

Review Title: Average | Review by

Trim package that came with whirlpool is inferior plastic frame that did not allow the microwave to vent properly. I had to purchase a customized trim kit that was made of metal NOT plastic. Would not recommend trim package by whirlpool .

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

The Microwave is easy to use and also has many features that make life much simpler.

Review Title: Perfect size | Review by

I needed to replace the over the range one that burnt out. I never cared for it over the range plus it was too small. This purchase was the right size and fit perfectly where I needed it. Good features on it and easy to use.

Review Title: Staying power! | Review by

Our very old microwave just quit working and we replaced it with the same brand.

Review Title: Excellent product overall | Review by

My old microwave just stopped working on me. I had not gotten two years use out of it and it would have cost more to repair it than the amount we paid for it. I did enjoy the quiet features of my old microwave and the express buttons were very convenient. When asked, the repairman told me that Whirlpool was the better quality appliance so I started my search and ended with a Whirlpool. I was used to the quietness of my old microwave as the door and "waves" of my new Whirlpool were a little louder but overall, I am enjoying my new microwave. A washer dryer pair would complete my appliance pairing!

Review Title: this product is very good | Review by

I love the way this microwave works and ease of use. I have had a lot of microwaves and this is top of the line .

Review Title: Countertop Microwave | Review by

The Whirlpool Countertop Microwave Performs as expected. The Microwave LED readout is not the same color as Whirlpool�s Single Wall Oven LED readout. Not sure how they missed that detail. When opening and closing the door it produces a low-quality sound.

Review Title: works great, but | Review by

this is an excellent choice. my only complaint is that the plastic covering the touch pad is wearing off and it is only a month old

Review Title: it is a wonderful microwave | Review by

I love this microwave its a great product and I would recommend whirlpool

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

We use the microwave oven for heating and reheating more than for cooking. This model works just fine and it's easy to use. And it has good automatic defrosting, frozen dinner, and other settings just in case. It was just the right price, too.

Review Title: Hot item | Review by

What you would expect in a quality product, except the door is noisy on being closed.

Review Title: looks good, works great | Review by

This microwave is exactly what was expected. Well-designed and good-looking. The matching additional trim kit allowed me to install the unit as a built-in above my oven, even with modest handyman skills. Directions were clear and easy to follow.

Review Title: Review Summary | Review by

Fit my needs perfectly, fit the space, the style and the color which is why I bought it. I like white

Review Title: My Whirlpool micro wave oven works well. | Review by

The microwave oven works well, but did take some getting used to controls that differed from my previous microwave which had a one-minute button that I liked. The lever to open the door is a little hard to push. I do like the size and turntable.

Review Title: excellent | Review by

great microwave!! love the blue led display!! so happy

Review Title: Very good microwave! | Review by

Our last Whirlpool microwave lasted 20 years so y This one is a huge advance. The power is far greater so took a little adjustment to not over cook. The only down side is the keypad could be larger for easier visibility.

Review Title: Great microwave for the cost | Review by

I love the looks and ease of using this. The only thing that I am still trying to get used to is how much longer it takes to heat our food compared to our last microwave

Review Title: Had the features I was looking for. | Review by

Bought this and so glad i did. I hadn't had new microwave in ovet 10 years. So happy I got tjis one.

Review Title: The Whirlpool Microwave is perfect. | Review by

The Whirlpool Microwave is perfect, has all the features that I needed. I replaced a built in Jenn-air and after much research I found this Whirlpool. and is a perfect fit. I just wished it came with a handle to pull open, like the over the stove/oven type. other than that we love our Whirlpool Microwave oven.

Review Title: like the turn table | Review by

Very good size unit.Would like an easier quick start feature. Example would be just hit 2 and start, rather than 2:00 and start.

Review Title: Great performance! | Review by

I bought this microwave for my new home and I'm happy that I went with this one. To test it out I put a cup of water in and I've never been able to heat water up so fast!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Best microwave I've ever owned! Easy to use! Easy to clean!

Review Title: Excellent! | Review by

Well worth the cost! It's efficient, little noise and heats food well!

Review Title: Love the microwave. Easy to use and the clean lines make it a wonderful addition to any kitchen. | Review by

Very sleek in appearance and easy to use.Easy to clean and maintain. Has a lot of features that I haven't even used yet. Perfect size for a busy family. A welcomed addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: We have been happy with our new microwave | Review by

We have has the microwave for a bout a month. The design and look is really cool and looks nice in our kitchen. It seems to cook well as well. I've been very impressed on how quiet it is. I can barely hear it running. It is so nice to have such a quiet microwave.

Review Title: a microwave is not always a breeze | Review by

This microwave has many features that I have come to expect in an oven and more. The popcorn feature really works well, totally poped the first time. The weight defrost works well, not just almost defrosted as I have come to expect in other microwaves.

Review Title: Like the features | Review by

brought this to replace a 15 year old smaller the reheat feature for different items

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I bought this 6 months ago and couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Nice microwave! | Review by

I got this a month ago when my old one died. Very happy with it - need to adjust my timing as it is more powerful than my previous model. Door release button seems a bit chintzy or it would get a 5 star rating.

Review Title: Powerful | Review by

Nice and big. More powerful than the last one. Bought the trim kit. Sticks out from the cabinet a bit. There's an opening on the sides that seems unfinished. Otherwise very happy with purchase.

Review Title: Love the large interior. | Review by

Very pleased with the product and use it a lot in the course of a day.

Review Title: The good, the bad and the asked | Review by

The good - the microwave works great. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I love the way it works because it is intuitive and I don"t have to read the instruction manual. The bad - the opener is the weak link. It feels like cheap plastic. If it is made like the Whirlpool microwave we had 18 years ago, we will have to have this piece replaced several times. The suggestion - some old people are hard of hearing. For future innovations, could you add different ring tones so we can select the best sound and volume for us?

Review Title: works great | Review by

Just remodeled my kitchen and got the microwave cabinet in the island. This microwave was the only one I could find that was the perfect size to fit in the cabinet. It works much better than my old one. Cooks quickly, has all the standard features. Very quiet.

Review Title: Solidly built, work well | Review by

The microwave oven is a good size for us - not so big that it over powers the counter but big enough to cook whatever we want. It's built solidly and the controls are laid out well.

Review Title: It is to loud | Review by

Our previous Whirlpool model broke under warranty and they replaced it with this because they weren't selling the old one anymore. First of all it looks cheap, the time display is neon blue and it is so bright you can't read the time- its useless. It opens and closes so loudly, very annoying- no handle to easy it close, so it does'nt have to be clicked shut. When something is done the volume of the dinger is so loud and continues to beep even when you have opened the door and retrieved what you heated/reheated/defrosted.

Review Title: Just the right size | Review by

Quieter than expected and a great deal. Features are very good and the size is perfect.Keep up the good work.

Review Title: Quiet & Powerful | Review by

We had bought a few of a different brand that failed within a year of purchase, so we decided to try Whirlpool this time. Compared to the others, it is very quiet. The buttons are intuitive and easy to use. The defrost feature is excellent--the meat is actually defrosted and no parts get cooked. The exterior of the microwave oven does however get hot if you use the microwave to cook (versus merely heat up).

Review Title: Very good features | Review by

My old Microwave broke down & after reading online reviews chose this Whilpool microwave. I love the variety of settings. Even baked potatoes turn out well. The various defrost settings work quite nicely, too.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Not a single problem with this microwave except that the LCD display doesn't match the one on my stove. It is blue, but a different style.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

We've used this now for 1 month and loving it. Great product!

Review Title: It's OK | Review by

My old microwave broke and we needed a new one. This was the only model they had in black so we bought it. Not as nice as the previous unit.

Review Title: Nice Microwave | Review by

So far really like this microwave , it's a perfect size for our needs.

Review Title: Overall this microwave is great. | Review by

This microwave had to fit the built -in spot of my old one. The trim kit worked beautifully and the oven slid right in. The cooking power seems faster than my old one, which is good. I would have liked for the interior to be bigger as my old one, although I have not had anything not fit inside. The door is louder on closing than I think it should be.

Review Title: It's just a good microwave. | Review by

Food is harder to heat up and takes longer. Can not see through the front glass and the glass steams up when cooking items for long time.

Review Title: Heats food fantastic | Review by

I was using a 500 watt microwave for about a year. Decided I needed something better but didn't want to spend a lot of money as we don't use it very often. This was a great purchase. Less expensive than most 1200 watt ovens but works great. Has a lot of nice features for the price. Of course I have all whirlpool appliances (except for my refrigerator that I don't care so much for) and love them

Review Title: The product will preform as intended. | Review by

We purchased our unit on 11/1/13 and the and the unit quit heating at the evening meal of 12/1/13. This was exactly 30 days after purchase. Not a good thing! We returned the unit to the dealer and it was replaced free of charge. I am not sure that this unit will last any longer but only time will tell. The unit is only used to heat meals, some light cooking and heating water for tea and coffee. We purchased the Whirlpool product for reliability and quality but I do not know if we received a quality product.

Review Title: Eats items up fast. | Review by

This model microwave was in the house when we purchased it. Enjoy it, heats items up fast, but have one problem with it. When using it to heat items like vegetables and it cooks for 5-7 minutes there is a build up of moisture between the inside and outside glass. Will put in a call to Whirlpool for an explanation or is this a defect in product.

Review Title: This is a good microwave. | Review by

This is our first Whirlpool microwave, we are pleased with our purchase. It took some time to adjust to the higher wattage, we have learned to adjust the power and time setting for better results. We are very pleased with whirlpool. We owned a whirlpool dishwasher also own a refrigerator and are very satisfied with it. In future purchases we ill be looking at your appliances.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Our new Microwave makes less noise than our old GE, it also does not interfere with our over the air digital tv signal like our old one either, very happy with new microwave.

Review Title: This product has good features. | Review by

As stated in other reviews, when cooking, the microwave is quiet and cooks evenly. The temperature is set well. IT matches the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. The sounds are very loud without a volume control. The clock is extremely bright. We had a problem with the first microwave we purchased after 6 months. The customer service was very helpful with getting a replacement.

Review Title: NIce size | Review by

We love speed of heating on this model. Works great

Review Title: Exceptional! | Review by

I love my new microwave! We bought the kit and installed it above my built in oven. Looks beautiful, as well as performing beautifully! Lots of muscle in the power-cooks everything perfectly , and quickly . Extremely happy!

Review Title: It has great features. Heats up perfect | Review by

I enjoy my microwave it is very perfect in every way , the size the selections on it are the best. It is very quiet and I enjoy that especially in our break room. Easy to clean!

Review Title: Awesome Appliance | Review by

We made a space to accommodate this microwave in our new home after selling our 25 year old gigantic microwave that still worked but didn't go with anything we had. We have been using it for 2 days and I love that my dishes fit. The mostly stainless front and black face matches with the new Frigidaire, Bosch, and GE appliances we have. Whirlpool has been an appliance we have always had and this includes the Whirlpool Estates washer and dryer I have had for 6 years and still working and this now microwave. All from Trouts Appliances in Gun Barrel City TX. It is bigger than the cheap microwave we are going to throw out after just a years because the turntable broke. I love the loud beeper. It gets my attention! The pre programed features are great and it looks good. A little boxy but overall, this Whirlpool Countertop Microwave is great for me since I'm only 5 feet tall and cannot reach a built in!

Review Title: Excellent Replacement Microwave for over oven | Review by

We needed to replace an over-the-oven Whirlpool microwave that had similar dimensions as this one. After reviewing dimensions and performance of a variety of microwaves, we selected this one and are glad we did since it has more features than our original one. Our only minor complaint is that the clock light is in blue and our other appliances have green lights. It was difficult finding other appliances with green clocks.

Review Title: Great buy! | Review by

Lots of power. Much less time to heat food up than our last microwave. Would definitely recommend.

Review Title: Only problem is with the exterior | Review by

We really like the performance of this product, but the number pad is bubbling and peeling after only a couple of months

Review Title: Product is great | Review by

I love my new appliances I purchased a microwave trim kit built in oven counter top cooktop and ref. However the trim kit came all scratched and the ref. canme with a dent in the door. They came to replace the trim kit however the next trim kit was worst than the first. I still have not heard anything from Jessup's where I purchased it about fixing it. As for the ref. door I have not received a replacement yet they are telling me it takes about 6 weeks to get one but I have been waiting since 12/31/13

Review Title: GREAT microwave!!! | Review by

I have no negative things to say about this amazing microwave! So much better than my old one!

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

Works well, good power. Not real quiet. Gets very warm on the outside top, but works fine.

Review Title: Nice microwave for the price | Review by

I like the look of the microwave and the even temperature when cooking. I do miss the bread/roll setting I had on my previous microwave and also wish the controls were backlit because if the kitchen is a little bit dark, it is difficult to see the control pad.

Review Title: Gets the job done | Review by

My old microwave began malfunctioning and I needed a replacement. I noticed that we had a whirlpool microwave at work that we have had for many years and it gets a ton of use and abuse and "keeps on ticking". So, I researched many different brands and decided that the whirlpool seemed to be the best bet for the money. We have had it several months now and I am very pleased with it. It seems more powerful than the last microwave as it takes a little less time to cook or warm up various items. It is simple enough to use and yet, it has all the bells and whistles if you want them. The door latch is a little stiff, but not a major issue and the sound level is about average for microwaves. I would certainly recommend this oven.

Review Title: Design flaw | Review by

The fact that this is a built in has a bad design feature that the vent is on the bottom and if you cook anything such a baked potatoes, it get a lot of moisture on the cabinet edge that it sits on. I would not recommend this one

Review Title: Great value | Review by

This is a great microwave, quiet, powerful, and easy to use. The preprogrammed options actually work.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Great product. Easy to use. We also purchased the trim kit and made it into a wall built-in.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

Does what I want a microwave to do and looks great!

Review Title: Easy to read and understand the display. | Review by

This microwave is very user friendly. No learning curve to figure out the functions and the inner workings to get your food cooked the way you want it.

Review Title: ease of use | Review by

Very simple, easy to use features on this micro. Popped popcorn PERFECT using the popcorn feature button. Very powerful and quick heating. Great microwave!!!!! Hard to keep clean though.

Review Title: Overall alright | Review by

Overall this microwave is alright. Nothing special about it's deisgn, appearance or performance

Review Title: This product has great touch features, ample compartment size and a great price | Review by

This product is not only for countertop use, but can be installed as a built-in wall unit. It has sleek lines, easy and quiet press to open features, with popular food/beverage cook and heating features. The add second feature is very convenient along with easy clock setting, defrost, hold and cancel features. The neon blue digital display feature adds a modern/contemporary look to your kitchen.

Review Title: Solid peformer | Review by

This unit replaced a Sharp that had given us a big fireball! Overall, the unit is a steady, quiet performer with little vibration, an improvement over the old Sharp unit. Heats easily and thoroughly, even on full power. Excellent at defrosting. Have not used all the features yet, but this appears to be a good find. One very disappointing feature is the metal carousel that the glass plate sits on. Be very careful handling this. This has got to be the flimsiest device I have ever seen in a microwave. Once this bends, it is useless from that point forward.

Review Title: awesome microwave | Review by

This microwave looks sleek and stylish, very appropriate for out new modern kitchen. There is a few seconds delay every after push of a button, however, it is very easy to use.

Review Title: Good microwave for the price | Review by

Replaced an expensive Electrolux microwave that was nothing but trouble. So far, I have loved it.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

The microwave is fine except - Once the 5 beeps start, there is no way to turn them off. I'd like the 5 beeps to stop when I open the door or when I hit Cancel. - I'd like the button you push to open the door to be more visible.

Review Title: Hard to clean | Review by

Every time I heat up my food and see some fragments of the food sticking inside. I try to clean it but sometimes it's hard.

Review Title: Nice microwave | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and I am very happy with it. I needed a microwave that would fit into a confined" built-in" space and this was the nicest one I found. It has great features and plenty of room inside.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This product has all the functions that we wanted and have been happy with the decision.

Review Title: It's impossible to see time due to the blue color of numbers | Review by

The door doesn't open fully wide when used with the trim kit. You can't tell what the time is when using the oven, the oven temp shows on the display and the timer shows in the micro oven window.

Review Title: Disappointed with touchpad material | Review by

This is the second microwave and it has the same defect as the first one. The touch pad membrane tears. Our last Whirlpool microwave lasted 10 years. Clearly, this condition will only get worse with time. Otherwise, it is a good microwave.

Review Title: Durable and Easy to Use Product | Review by

This product has sustained use in a break room with daily multiple uses. It is easy to use for all and is still working like a charm after much use. We are very please!

Review Title: Whirlpool Quality | Review by

What a fine product this Whirlpool Countertop Microwave oven is. The Consumer reports indicated a high rate of customer satisfaction with this product and I can see why. It is quiet and powerful. The automatic cycles are easy to understand and use. It is a very user friendly product.

Review Title: Good value for the price | Review by

I bought this to replace an 8 year old Kitchenaid microwave that died. This was less than half the price to replace. While it may not have all the bells and whistles, it does the job well & I am happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Hard Workers | Review by

Two of these microwaves were purchased in Dec. 2013 for use in a high school canteen. Both are used pretty much non-stop for 3 hours during lunch shifts every day. They have held up beautifully to the constant use. We are very pleased with the quality and performance of these microwaves.

Review Title: Great Choice | Review by

I bought this a month ago and could not be happier.

Review Title: happy with the choice we made. very good looking and dependable. | Review by

product meets all our needs. i wish there was a way to dim the clock light at night.

Review Title: Second One-good as the first | Review by

This is our second Whirlpool microwave oven and it works as great as the first one did. Whirlpool has good, quality products and this microwave is proof of that.

Review Title: Did not last long | Review by

This microwave gave out on us after 40 days. The start button has already started to fade. Will not purchase this model again.

Review Title: One Hot Zapper! | Review by

We bought this to replace one purchased over 15 years before. We used it literally everyday, except of course when we were away. The new one is a few watts hotter and works like a "Charm". We are pleased!

Review Title: Perfect Design | Review by

I am glad that I purchased a new microwave during January, 2015. The new microwave is quiet and easy to operate. The graphic displays are large and easily visible. Food prepared in this microwave comes out tasty and very hot. My old microwave was 15 years old and had endured a great deal of usage. I am very glad about the purchase which I made. Thanks

Review Title: Whirlpool microwave - does what it's supposed to do | Review by

I purchased this to match a new Whirlpool stove and fridge and it needed to fit in a built-in microwave cabinet. My previous microwave was almost 20 years old, worked fine but was large and too heavy for an upper cabinet install - so my only requirements were a white microwave that works. This new one has a cool blue display that matches my stove - and it works great - has a few upgrades from my old one. The only negative would be that I really wanted a handle like my old one, but unless you get an over the range, that's almost impossible in a mid-size microwave.

Review Title: great microwave | Review by

Easy to use, heats evenly, looks great! Love the stainless steel!

Review Title: Everything we need! | Review by

We are very happy with our Whirlpool countertop microwave. We like the multiple choices for cook times, defrosting, reheating. We use it daily and have not encountered any difficulties whatsoever. We purchased it approx. 1 yr ago and are very happy with it's performance. It is also very easy to maintain- we always use a splatter cover, but cleans easily if food spills occur. Highly recommend!

Review Title: Cream of the crop! | Review by

This is a FABULOUS microwave!!! Our last microwave was over 20 old years and couldn't afford to buy a new one and received this one as a gift. I had no idea what we were missing out on. You name it this microwave does it all! All of our appliances in our home are whirlpool and we finally have a microwave to match. Thank you whirlpool for another successful product!!

Review Title: Perfect for me | Review by

I picked the Whirlpool brand microwave because the price was right and I've had their products before with no problems.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This is a nice microwave oven. Overall it is easy to use, has nice features, runs quietly, and seems well made. The two issues I have with it are at the price premium for stainless steel only the front is covered, the sides are painted black. The other issue is this thing beeps loudly every time it shuts off, with no way of stopping the beeping. This is a problem for early morning or late night use, it wakes the whole house.

Review Title: Meets our needs | Review by

Works pretty well, wish it had a bit more power. The same items take longer to hear up vs our previous model. Popcorn button seems to over cook.

Review Title: black microwave w/ blue lighting. very nice. | Review by

Friends like the looks and I like the features.goes well w/ my other black appliances.

Review Title: Simple, functional and attractive | Review by

We bought this microwave oven about a month ago, a replacement for a similar size GE model, which broke after four years of use. There are so many different available, but after considering the size, features and tasteful design combined with Whirpool's name, the decision was easy. I also wanted to mention that we bought it from Costco, the store that normally carries only reliable brand products..

Review Title: cargjrl | Review by

Great product. Great features. The clock display is so bright, we don't need a night light in the kitchen!

Review Title: Pretty great product | Review by

We had to replace our old whirlpool microwave, that we loved because it died. This one isn't quite as big. While the blue lighting is "modern," it's kind of hard to read in a well lit room. But overall, pretty equivalent.

Review Title: Quality | Review by

I bought this product because we had a Whirlpool microwave for 17yrs. Before it tore up and we bought this new one to replace it.

Review Title: Very pleased! | Review by

Lots of options that are new since our previous microwave. Pizza reheat is great--and it works well! There are a few more buttons to be pushed to make some things happen, but we'll get used to it. So far, so good!

Review Title: Countertop Microwave | Review by

Disappointing that the control panel went out before 6 months had gone by on this microwave. I also understand that there is always that one chance of something not coming off the manufacturing line like all the rest. It is however easy to use. Always seemed to cook evenly. It looks good with the stainless and black outer case. It fit in the space I needed it for. I am glad you replaced it so quickly and thank you for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Review Title: Great except the "add 30 sec" button doesn't work right | Review by

overall happy except the "add 30 sec" button only works sporadically. The appliance dealer is replacing no questions asked. Evidently this model has a history of problems with this button. Also beeps 5 times when things are ready, which wakes people up in the morning!

Review Title: good product | Review by

This product fits all my needs I desired in a microwave. I would definitely purchase this product again. I am very satisfied

Review Title: Replacing a dud. | Review by

This mwo is a replacement of the exact same model that lasted exactly two months past the warranty period. Thankfully, the dealer where I purchased it was willing to replace it.

Review Title: very disappointed | Review by

Nice size nice features but quit working less than 2 years after purchase. Of course only came with 1 year warranty

Review Title: Not 1.6 cu.ft. as advertised | Review by

This unit was purchased as part of my kitchen upgrade to new Whirlpool products in stainless-steel. The microwave is installed in-cabinet (using the matching Whirlpool trim-kit). Looks very nice.

Review Title: Great unit Gordon the price | Review by

This unit offers enough in features and reliability to do the job for most anyone. We installed it as a built-in that was easy to do. Plenty of even cooking power and an intuitive dashboard make this an ideal microwave if you're looking for a solid performer at a friendly price.

Review Title: good simple microwave | Review by

No much choice from whirlpool for built in microwave ovens, however this one works well, and is easy to install. Looks great overall as a built in. It would be nice to have a few more features.

Review Title: Performs fine. | Review by

Needed microwave to fit into cabinet space. Microwave was one of few that would fit and included stand and framing for the space plus a good rating performance. It has features that I will probably not use. Popcorn does well. Better than others that burn the corn rather than pop it. Feature for frozen vegs in bags works reasonably for heating but rather select the actual time to have hotter vegs. Purchased in December 2012. Serving us well in March 2013. I rather have a handle to open the door rather than pushing a button. Button gives it a sleak look.

Review Title: A quality, dependable product | Review by

I really love my new Whirlpool microwave. It is so easy to use and cooks everything exactly the way I like it. I like the push button suggestions on the right side that takes the guess work out of deciding what time and power level to use. Clean up is a breeze. It is fast, quiet, and perfect for our needs.

Review Title: Sleek Design | Review by

Sleek model ,easy to use, and very quiet. This is my first Whirpool product and I absolutely love the brand and its products.

Review Title: A good mid-range microwave. | Review by

This microwave provides all the features you can ask for in a mid-range microwave. The "favorites" button is a big help when doing repetitive heating tasks. Programming is intuitive and straight forward. My only improvement would be an inverter power management system instead of on-off sequencing.

Review Title: Simple, Functional, Modern | Review by

I purchased this just over a month ago and my family loves it!

Review Title: Thumbs up by the 60+ employees who use this microwave! | Review by

This microwave gets heavy use and replaced a very old model. Many of the employees have commented on it's size, ease of use, and the speed at which food is warmed compared to the old one. No complaints so far!

Review Title: I bought the microwave and the trim kit. Wow! I didn't know how inneficient my old micro was! | Review by

I really love the circling plate and the rapid cooking/warming time. Mamma mia, it'd GREAT!

Review Title: 1.6 cu. Countertop microwave | Review by

Love it! Has much more power than my previous microwave. So quiet, you don't even know it is on!

Review Title: Nice, simple straight forward microwave | Review by

I just wanted a simple and easy to use microwave, and this one fills the bill just fine.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I've had this microwave for about a month now and Love everything about it so far!

Review Title: power level/size | Review by

bought a month ago. It is just the right size for my kitchen. I love the power settings. The unit works well & cooks faster than my old microwave.

Review Title: GREAT MICROWAVE! | Review by

After having a whirlpool microwave that lasted for 12 years, I was definitely going to purchase another one.

Review Title: Nice microwave | Review by

It is a nice microwave, fast and efficient. Very easy to clean!

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

I bought this microwave when me and my finance moved into our new house and we love this microwave!! I love that is stainless steel and black and I love the blue numbers on the display. It's an all around great product and it makes my kitchen look great :)

Review Title: Love the looks | Review by

This goes great with my other appliances. I'm glad I bought this and I got a great deal on it.

Review Title: Truly everything, particularly in power, that was promised | Review by

I haven't used this product as much as I will in the future; however, I have owned microwaves in the past that boasted the same power and they did not seem to produce the noted effect. I admit I was buying this for my basement apartment for my tenant, but when I bought it I moved my present Panasonic microwave down there and kept this one in my kitchen. He joked with me about the turnaround. I'm glad I have the Whirlpool because of its reputation, its clear design, and, most importantly, its promised ease and efficiency.

Review Title: smart saving minutes | Review by

Drop in guest stayed for dinner ready in 14 minutes for four. I made a quick salad and set the table and dinner was ready to eat. This microwave lives up to it's advertising and I love it more every time I use it.

Review Title: Why did I buy a new Microwave | Review by

To open this microwave I have to yank at the door after pushing the knob that is or I have to pull at the top of the door to open it. It is only 3 months old and I am ready to donate it and buy another one. Burns popcorn easily.

Review Title: This product is affordable with great features. | Review by

This microwave is user friendly, affordable, and very dependable.

Review Title: Typical Microwave | Review by

Works well, a little noisier than i would expect, but most part does its job

Review Title: Perfect Size and Watts | Review by

I bought this to replace my 15 yr. old Whirlpool that actually still worked. I had painted the interior a few times in the past couple of years when some rust started and it was still going strong. I am limited in my space and this one was almost the exact dimensions as my old one. Love it!

Review Title: whirlpool microwave | Review by

I bought this microwave from whirlpool because of its style and dependability. I have had good run times on all of their products except for one washing machine! After one call they took care of the problem and I can see no reason to buy anything but whirlpool.

Review Title: Very powerful and cooks fast | Review by

We have enjoyed the easy instructions and the ease of use. We would certainly recommend this model. We purchased the kit so that it would be installed in the cabinet. It was easy to install also. The overall look of the microwave with the trim kit is exactly the look I wanted. The instructions are simple and what I am looking for in the booklet has been easy to find.

Review Title: Whirlpool Countertop Microwave | Review by

I recently bought this new Whirlpool for my cottage that I recently acquired to spend more time with my son and his family. It fit perfectly in my small kitchen, but has the power of the larger Microwave that I have in my primary residence.

Review Title: Meat/poultry/fish defrost by weight is excellent. | Review by

Meat/poultry/fish defrost by weight is excellent. Defrost times are automatic and right on target based upon item's weight.

Review Title: microwave | Review by

For what I use a microwave for it is fine. I object to having to get to a certain amount of words

Review Title: Great buy!!! | Review by

Easy to use. Heats up very fast. Great microwave. Bought 6 of these for the cafeteria at work and have worked up to and beyond our expectations.

Review Title: Beautiful Fit & Finish | Review by

I didn't realize how worn out my last microwave was. I can't complain it lasted 24 years. This microwave just runs circles around it, this is just so nice, very attractive cabinet and great addition to our kitchen. The clock display works well as a night light,very bright and easy to read across the room. The control panel is a little on the small side, that maybe due to my eyesight which is going south with the years. But I think this was a very good buy and so far I am very happy with this product as I have been with all the whirlpool products I have owned.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I purchased my counter top microwave a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. It's quiet and gets the job done everytime. I love the toughness and versatility of Whirlpool products and always know I'm getting the very best!

Review Title: This produce is easy to use. | Review by

This is a good product, only problem is the door stopped working after 10 months.

Review Title: this product is veeasy to operate | Review by

the style is excellent and it has all the features we need and more.

Review Title: Looks nice | Review by

I bought this and have only used it for about 2 weeks. Has a lot of power. Would be nice to have more functionality for the price. So far decent microwave.

Review Title: Not bad | Review by

No real issues, besides it's been impossible to get popcorn right in this unit. The popcorn always comes out a little burnt, even when I stop the microwave when kernels are still actively popping one right after another. Whether that's an issue with the popcorn or the microwave though...who knows.

Review Title: Nice Li'l Oven | Review by

Clock seems to not work properly. We bought it at Costco, along with another over-the-range one, and have had it about two months and it has already gained over two minutes and runs too fast. Otherwise seems to work pretty good and heats up dishes fast, although it is a bit loud when the magnetron kicks on. It boils a cup of water in about two minutes, so we are pleased with that and the fact that it has a decent chunk of room inside.

Review Title: This product has features that are easily understood. | Review by

The interior size of this microwave allows for a convenient fit for casserole dishes and round frozen pizzas. The features are readily and easily understood without having to look in the manual to find out what the settings mean. This is a big improvement over my previous microwave. It is very easy to clean. Of course, my grandchildren love it for how quickly it makes the microwave popcorn!

Review Title: Does a good job at heating food | Review by

We have only had this microwave for a few months and are having a noise problem. Not sure if we just happened to get a bad one or if this is a common problem.

Review Title: This product is simple to use. | Review by

I have enjoyed using my new microwave. I especially appreciate the fact that you may use the timer for some other reason and cook simultaneously. I also like the fact that there is an auto defrost and a timed defrost. The only dislike I have is that the material the interior outlet cover is made from gets stained easily. Although we wrap or cover most of the things we warm or cook in the microwave there are still stains that will not wipe off of the cover.

Review Title: Nice! | Review by

Came with my new house, I love it, easy to use and it's quiet

Review Title: Door Latch | Review by

I believe the door latch should last more than 14 months. Had to purchase a new microwave because latch only under warranty was only good for 12 months

Review Title: Right size microwave | Review by

I needed a more compact microwave, but didn't want to sacrifice the power - this micro delivered the size and 1200 watt power I wanted. Also control input is easy and very straightforward unlike the GE Profile microwave I replaced.

Review Title: Easy On The Eyes, Easy to Use | Review by

We just moved into a brand new home and the appliances were chosen by our vendor. We have no complaints about this beauty of a microwave. Not too big, not too small. It's pretty easy to understand and use, except that we couldn't find the power level easily when needing to cook food lower than high. Wish we could turn off the beeping as well. We did end up replacing the first one we had because the turntable didn't turn. Not a big deal, but a bit of a hassle.

Review Title: Quiet and powerful | Review by

This microwave is really powerful with 1200 watts, cooks or warms food at no time. 1.6 cu ft is perfect size, I can easily fit casserole dishes in this oven. It makes no noise at all, I often have to make sure that microwave is running. It fits perfect in 27" cabinet with stainless steel trim kit. It would be nicer if there is a button to stop turntable.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

We bought this three months ago and it is our best microwave and we use it dail

Review Title: Whirlpool Quality | Review by

This is just what you'd expect from a quality Whirlpool product. The microwave replaced another brand, and we've been very happy with the quality, features and intuitive design.

Review Title: Works great, with good features also. | Review by

My other microwave quit working, & I was lost without one. This one has been a real cooking helper. So nice of a unit.

Review Title: Good Size, Great power | Review by

wanted a countertop microwave with a high power rating, and we found it. this whirlpool has delivered every thing expected and more.

Review Title: Very good microwave | Review by

I really like the ease of use on this microwave, especially the 30 second start button, which takes care of almost everything I use the microwave for, warm up coffee or a plate of leftovers. The only thing I don't wholeheartedly endorse is the five beeps announcing the end of the cycle, One beep would be sufficient, five is obnoxious.

Review Title: This microwave works very well. | Review by

I like this microwave. It works well and looks good in the space. Just the right size. I am pleased!

Review Title: Best buy and great product | Review by

Purchased 5 months ago. Works very well. Good power.

Review Title: I like the selection buttons | Review by

this microwave has selection buttons like - fresh vegetables, frozen vegetable and reheat pizza. It's also attractive and matches my other stainless steel look appliances.

Review Title: nice | Review by

I bought this 2 or 3 months ago work's really well like the features and lot's of room we have 3 big boy's and they love is being used constantly day and night.our daughter also like's it.only one thing that i am disappointed in is the push button's are wearing out prematurely.

Review Title: The microwave is really a great product. | Review by

Without a doubt this is the best microwave that I have ever used. I have had a couple of good microwavesbut the Whirlpool is by far the best. I would recommend this microwave to anyone. I intend to pruchase one for a relative(when the times comes). The Whirlpool microwaves works great and it is also quiet. Great microwave for the quality conscience consumer. I purchased the Wirlpool at Slyman Brothers Appliance Store in St. Louis. Great service!

Review Title: Wonderful features and style | Review by

I had this put into my new home as an upgraded feature and I really love it. It compliments my kitchen well.

Review Title: Meets my needs | Review by

I have had this microwave for a few months now and it meets all my needs. Nice size, power level is great and it is quiet. Has a good number of preset buttons that save time

Review Title: easy use | Review by

easy fuction appeal very clean and design, the price is right.

Review Title: some features do not work | Review by

I bought this on line as I am not able to shop for large items. Too heave for me. I can only use the full power and am not able to set it lower. Now I am stuck with it because I can not lug it to the nearest Cosco store to return it.

Review Title: Just what I was looking for | Review by

Perfect microwave for my needs. Great sleek look & powerful.

Review Title: Very good counter top microwave | Review by

Previously had two GE countertops and decided to change after the last GE died. So far I like the Whirlpool better. It has a little more power, but is very similar to the GE. One change I wish these counter tops had was better visibility of the controls. My microwave is under the counter and it's hard to see the buttons to press. Would be nice if they were lighted or at least have the Start and Cancel buttons larger letters and/or colors. i.e. Green for Start and Red for Cancel. That would help a lot . However, I prefer the Whirlpool overall so far.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave | Review by

I bought my microwave from hhgreg about a month ago. It works great too. My old microwave took 2:30 minutes to cook popcorn and the new one does it in 1:30.

Review Title: Does its job but has some flaws | Review by

Heats food just fine but lacks various features. However, at the price point, a decent buy. Light display is way too bright. Would like a dimmer on it.

Review Title: Clean lines classy looking.. | Review by

Easy to use, stylish blends in with my other black appliances.

Review Title: Microwave meets all my requirements | Review by

I am very glad we purchased this microwave. It heats much hotter than my old one and when I pop Jolly Time popcorn in it, it is very easy to wipe clean due to the nice surface its made of inside.

Review Title: Has stopped heating food, but heats up the sides of the micro pretty well! | Review by

Really expected more. I have had a Whirlpool Microwave in the previous house for 14 years and only had to have the turn table motor replaced once. That is what I expected out of this product.

Review Title: Whirlpool Countertop Microwave | Review by

Works great, easy to use, looks great on the counter....What more could you ask for, from a microwave.

Review Title: This product is no more than average | Review by

For the price, I expected a little more. The functions work, but it lacks some defrosting features. For example, the ability to weigh defrost an item like frozen vegetables or lasagna. The popcorn feature burned the popcorn the first time we used it. The door opens with difficulty. All in all, I would put this in a class of $50 microwaves.

Review Title: Small, but powerful !!! | Review by

I've just got a new home with all Whirlpool appliances and I'm so glad we chose this brand! The features are awesome, they look very modern as we like and the use is very simple as well. Just my refrigerator is not Whirlpool and I hope get one when mine is done!

Review Title: This product is easy to use . | Review by

Love my new microwave. It is easy to use and lots of features that are easy to use.

Review Title: Perfect fit | Review by

I purchased this to add as a built in above my oven. Looks great and functions well

Review Title: I'm a little disappointed | Review by

My old, cheaper microwave had express settings for 1-5 mins., which I miss on the Whirlpool. Also, it seems smaller inside and is not well lit as my old one was.

Review Title: The product does the trick | Review by

Looked for a nice microwave with a good set of features and this performed nicely. I have other whirlpool products and I wanted this to match in my kitchen. A tad on the high side in terms of price and a little noisy. The plastic looks a little cheap. So far, so good.

Review Title: Excellent microwave! | Review by

Microwave is easy to use and the style is appealing.

Review Title: Cooks fast! | Review by

This mic cooks fast and thorough. Easy to use and clean. It is a little small, but I really don't need anything bigger.

Review Title: Cooks like it's supposed to. | Review by

This micro has way more features than my very old one did, and it's taken me a while to use them, but I have found that they are pretty handy. I especially like the programmable "favorite" setting, as I can push just one button for my oatmeal! One concern is that if I push on the side of the micro to move it over a bit, it starts up. That seems wrong, but I haven't had time to look into returning it for that. Not sure whether it's a problem.

Review Title: Very quiet operating system and good "written" instruction booklet. | Review by

The 30 second reheat feature of the start button is helpful for my cup of tea, etc. when I have to take a phone call or other interruptions occur. It also allows you to add additional time (30 seconds per each touch of the start button) after your initial time is running. The only problem I have is the deep depression of the start button to initiate the system, instead of just a softer contact switch.

Review Title: Many useful features for the price | Review by

This microwave has many useful features found in more expensive models. We've found this product to be a great value, and are well satisfied with it's performance.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Fit perfectly into custom cabinet space, looks sharp, heats quickly and evenly.

Review Title: It's okay | Review by

We bought this microwave because our other one stopped working. This microwave is okay. The light for the clock is too bright, I don't like that there isn't a handle on the door. I pinched my palm in it already. Also, don't like that if you put frozen veggies in there and don't start it right away, when you do put the timer on, it says "door" and makes you open it up! Annoying! I know what's in there. And the beep to let you know your food is done is too loud! Sounds like an alarm clock! And there is no "sensor" button. Instead of trying to figure out how long something should cook for if not on the package, it would be nice to have a button that could "sense" how long something should be microwaved for. I think that's all!

Review Title: Dependable, but too small. Too much built-in kit around it, beeps too much, hard to see food cooking, small control panel, and no door handle. | Review by

We haven't had this microwave long, but so far it has been dependable. This will be our 4th microwave from Sears in eleven years...not a very good record. Since the built-in microwave dimensions keep changing, not only do we have to buy a new microwave, we have to buy a new kit to go around it too. That is disgusting and very frustrating!!! This microwave is small inside and the kit takes up a lot of space...too little microwave and too much kit!!! It is quite, but when the food is ready it beeps too many times. One time is enough for me. Since the glass on the door is dark, it is really hard to see food cooking inside this microwave. The control panel is hard to see (letters too small) and we don't need the 30 second extra feature on the control panel. I would much rather have a door handle to open the door. So far it works O.K., but I really don't like it. Too much money for what I got!!!

Review Title: I thought I was buying a good brand. | Review by

Very disappointed in this microwave. First one I purchased was defective right out of the box. Brought it back to HH Gregg and this one has problems too. I have purchased this brand in the past and was pleased. I will think twice before buying another Whirlpool product.

Review Title: Whirlpool Countertop Microwave | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool Countertop Microwave

Review Title: matches all our other whirlpool appliances | Review by

I bought this last month to match our other appliances. We recently had our kitchen redone. So far the microwave has preformed well.

Review Title: Nice size! | Review by

This microwave oven came included in our new modular home. I like all the features and it seems to heat very efficiently.

Review Title: Can't keep food warm anymore | Review by

I like the Whirlpool Microwave some but I miss not being able to keep our food warm anymore and I don't care for all the beeping it does after you open the door!!! Plus it just seems to be harder to do different things on this model compaired to the model we had before this one. I LOVED that model!!! I could keep our food warm - it was easy to program different things too. I'm sure that you won't publish this review but I'm disappointed with this model.

Review Title: I love the 1200 wattage and the quality. | Review by

I bought a highly recommanded Panasonic and it stared having problems within the first few montns. I got my money back and immediatlly went back to Whirlpool, which I had before. So glad I did.

Review Title: Whirlpool Microwave 1,200 Watts - 1.6 cu. ft. | Review by

I've had this microwave for about 2 months. So far this product has been great except for 2 minor things. First, the default power output could be more powerful because it still takes at least 1 1/2 minutes to reheat a plate of food. Second, the button that opens the door could be looser because right now it is a little too tight for children and the elderly.

Review Title: Microwave warranty replacement | Review by

This new microwave is not as good as the one it replaced. It does not heat as well or as fast. None of the parts on it can be replaced, the whole unit has to be replaced if it breaks.

Review Title: Microwave | Review by

I will always stay with the whirlpool name they last a long time.

Review Title: Average features, average design, great performance | Review by

The Whirlpool� 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with 1,200 Watts Cooking Power is an average appliance in a world of other average microwave ovens. When our 1300 watt Panasonic MW oven failed after only two years, and I wanted another 1300 watt oven, my choice were Panasonic and only Panasonic. I had to have a countertop model too, further limiting our choices. We went for the Whirlpool based on the brand and the price. There is nothing special, or unique about this MW oven. But it does the job, does it well, without frills.

Review Title: So spacious. . .holds so much! | Review by

I saw this in the store and knew it was the appliance I wanted for my new home. It has not disappointed me. . .the middle drawer is so handy for items I use everyday like cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegggies and tortillas. . .it keeps my milk sweet long after the expiration date and I find I have much less food being tossed as items stay fresh much longer.

Review Title: the product is what I wanted | Review by

The Whirlpool micro wave is what I wanted with the power, turntable,color and size for my apartment

Review Title: Great features | Review by

My old microwave breathed it's last & I started looking for a new one. This microwave has the features that I was looking for plus features that my old one did not have. I am very happy with it. My only complaint is that I haven't found a quiet way to shut the door.

Review Title: Stopped working | Review by

I bought this microwave about 2 years ago. Its had light use - 1 person Suddenly stopped working - its out of warranty and Im out of luck.

Review Title: Micro Wave Oven is a great value purcahse | Review by

A great value and quality. nice clean design. My only negative comment is about the latch system. High push effort to release and closing sound quality sound very hallow. Otherwise a great value product.

Review Title: So Happy with my Microwave | Review by

I purchase my new Whirlpool Microwave and I am so Happy with its performance

Review Title: Looks Great and works even better! | Review by

This unit looks amazing, easy to read buttons and large capacity make the microwave a must have in any kitchen!

Review Title: Excellent microwave | Review by

We bought this microwave to replace our 2 year old Panasonic that broke. This is the perfect size for our counter. The popcorn setting is amazing- full bag every time and no burned corn! My husband and I love it.

Review Title: Microwave countertop review | Review by

Excellent product so far. Easy to use and setup with lots of adjustments and easy to follow directions. Wouldnt hesitate to re-purchase.

Review Title: Easy to use microwave | Review by

This microwave has everything you need. It is large inside. The 30 second button is very convenient.

Review Title: Whirlpool Oven | Review by

Excellent microwave oven Does what I need it to do

Review Title: Microwave with trim kit | Review by

Regular microwave with trim kit that is plastic, I was expecting metal. The film over the control panel is easily damaged!

Review Title: Bubba | Review by

I bought this microwave about 3 months ago and it is an excellent microwave. It runs very quiet and it does not take longer to reheat or do whatever is need.

Review Title: Works Great, Looks Great! | Review by

Updating kitchen with stainless appliances. We purchased this to replace our 10 year old white Whirlpool countertop microwave that still works great. The new one is a little larger and more powerful. But quiet. We are very happy with how it cooks and reheats. With a trim kit it looks built-in. The only concern we have is that the push button to open the door has more play than the one on our old microwave. Time will tell!

Review Title: Just a really nice oven | Review by

We wanted a medium sized microwave and picked this one for size and appearance. We were delighted to discover its ease of use and dependability.

Review Title: Guess I expected more..... | Review by

I have had this microwave for less than 1 month. It is so light I had to put something under it so that it wouldn't slide all over. One leg (?) is shorter than the rest - shimmed. Door opening button stiff and must be pushed in completely to open door. Other than that it works fine. Don't know if I will take it back - still deciding as it took a while to get here in the first place. It is a shame as it is just the right size.

Review Title: Love this microwave! | Review by

We replaced an older model with this unit, and couldn't believe how easy the installation was! Looking at the online picture, I was worried about the venting. However it is vented on all sides between the microwave and the wall. Cooking features are very user friendly. Everything about this microwave is designed well. I would definitely recommend it.

Review Title: Constant Use by Many People | Review by

This microwave is used in our office kitchen. Staff says it is very user-friendly, cooks/heats evenly, and is easy to clean. We all like it so well, we plan to purchase another one for our second floor kitchen when needed.

Review Title: Not a quality product | Review by

We installed this several months ago and I will not buy this brand again. Poor quality, although it works well.

Review Title: Cooking! | Review by

Great microwave for the money. Also bought the stainless look installation kit. A great addition to our kitchen remodel. Looks great with the wall oven. Cooks great too. Like the design and features.

Review Title: good product | Review by

My old microwave quit. This is a simple microwave, yet does have many custom features which I still need to explore. It serves my needs perfectly.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

Easy to use and works great Has a lot of convenient features, energy saver.. Great design

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

I bought this product for an office kitchen with 50+ employee and they love it. It is easy to operate, read the buttons, heats items to ideal temperature. This one is 1000 times better than previous produce. Thank for your excellent product.

Review Title: Nice, but smaller than I expected. | Review by

Bought this microwave to fit an appliance garage in my new kitchen. It looks great, and the overall footprint is smaller than I expected. Works well, and is full featured.

Review Title: the microwave is perfect for my needs. | Review by

it has sufficient user selections. it heats thoroughly and quickly. it matches my other kitchen appliances.

Review Title: Product looks and works great | Review by

I put to get used to this microwave because the heat it puts out very great it cooks popcorn amazing being that I like a lot of movies I love that

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This replacement product has sofar exceeded our expectations. The defrost mode is the best we have ever had and the controls are easy to understand and use. I would buy this product again.

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