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Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WMC20005YB Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WMC20005YB Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WMC20005YB Cooking

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Whirlpool 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave
Regular Price: $249.00
29% Off - Today Only!
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  • Fits Easily Into Corners To Maximize Counter Space
  • This sleek microwave's unique rounded back allows it to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces like small kitchens and dorm rooms.
  • Fits A Full Dinner Plate
  • This microwave can fit a full 11" dinner plate thanks to a glass turntable that is larger than those in standard comparable microwaves.
  • Tap Touch Controls
  • Easy-to-clean Tap Touch controls give this model a sense of modern style.
  • Add 30 Seconds
  • Quickly set the microwave to cook for 30 or 60 seconds at 100% power by pressing this button.
  • Or, press it to add 30 or 60 seconds to a manual setting that is already in progress.
  • Quick Touch Popcorn Button
  • 10-Level Variable Cooking Power Control
  • With 10 variable power levels this microwave lets you quickly and easily tailor your cooking to the task at hand.
  • Pocket Handle Door
  • 750 Watt Cooking Power
  • 0.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Control Lock
  • Disables the control panel to avoid unintended use or other changes to your cooking settings.
  • 1 Year Full warranty


Capacity: 0.5 Cu. Ft.
Sensor Cooking: No
Power: 750 Watts
Power Levels: 10 Variable
Staged Cooking: No
Programmed Cycles / Sensor Functions
Soups / Sauces: No
Dinner Plate: No
Pizza Reheat: No
Beverage: No
Frozen Entree: No
Popcorn: Programmed
Frozen Vegetables: No
Fresh Vegetables: No
Baked Potato: No
Casserole: No
Rice: No
Fish: No
Instant Cook: No
Cook: Manual
Defrost: Auto
Reheat: Manual
Warm Hold: No
Convenience Features
Controls: Tap Touch
Time Cook: Yes
Add-a-Minute Option: No
Add 30 Seconds Option: Yes
Control Lock: Yes
Rounded-Back Design: Yes
Turntable: Glass
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 15 3/8"
Depth: 13 3/4"
Height: 14 1/8"
Gross Weight: 33 Lbs.

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Review Title: Outstanding Product Exceeded all expectations! | Review by

We have been using the unit for a few months & it is outstanding. We read all the reviews both Pro & Con and since we have been using it, we found the Cons to be totally WRONG or misleading. Love the 30 sec timer. I should note that this is the opinion of both husband & wife.

Review Title: So happy with my chic new microwave!!! | Review by

I'd been looking for a quality microwave that didn't take up a lot of counter-space, but I wanted a name brand and a good-looking design, preferably in stainless steel (or close to it). Nothing I'd seen got me enthusiastic until I spied this Whirlpool model online - and with it's unique design, I snapped it up! A smaller, rectangular microwave would not have made much difference with my space issue (see photos), but the curved back of this one is just what I needed! Plus, the bottom part is elevated somewhat, so no more stooping over to peek in or place/remove plates from it. I was initially a little worried about changing from a 1100-watt microwave to a 700-watt, but I only use it for heating frozen meals and reheating leftovers, and actually like the wattage better as now I don't ever overcook anything :-) The space I have now on that counter is dreamy and I'm super-happy all around with this purchase! When I posted the photo on FaceBook, I got a ton of "likes" and questions about it from my friends :-)

Review Title: 5 Stars | Review by

I would give this product more stars if possible. We only need a microwave to heat frozen dinners and reheat leftovers. This microwave is perfect for those tasks. It's cute, saves space, is easy to operate and really easy to clean. We love this microwave. So much so we intend to purchase one for my niece when she goes away to school in the fall. Don't think about it just buy won't regret the purchase.

Review Title: Sooo Square, but sooo good looking! | Review by

This is a very nice microwave. Though I have only use it for reheating coffee and defrosting items, its been a very good replacement for my old unattractive microwave. I purchased a 'white' and yet its really a two-tone because the front of unit is black. So, if I had put more thought into it I would have purchased all black. We have placed it on a shelf over that sits over the counter. Though its a stable unit, we are very careful opening the door because its higher and if there is something hot it could be jolted out.

Review Title: Stopped Working After Only A Year | Review by

We loved this microwave until it stopped working yesterday. "door"signal comes up on the display when pushing start button even though the door is closed properly, and won't start no matter what we've tried. Unplugged it, tried on different settings, etc. I am extremely disappointed that it's lasted only a year. Liked everything about it, power, small footprint, etc. but it's not right that it should malfunction after such a short time of light use.

Review Title: Large on features in a small package. | Review by

Whirlpool� 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option is a great product for counter top use where you need a small unit. This microwave might be small in size but it's big on features and ease of use. Would highly recommend for need of smaller counter top foot print or just want a great small unit with ability to take care of your microwave cooking needs.

Review Title: This is a really nice space saving microwave oven | Review by

This is really a nice microwave oven. It fits perfectly in the corner of the countertop so it isn't in the way and I am able to wipe it out without moving it. For reheating, defrosting or making a frozen entree or baked potatoes it works great. It is nicely made and doesn't look cheap. For the two of us we really don't need a large capacity microwave oven. The keypad may take some time to get used to. I would highly recommend it.

Review Title: Good Design, Easy to Use | Review by

I recently moved into an older apartment that just did not have the counter space for a regular size micro. I liked this Whirlpool micro because it tucked away into a corner, yet was easily accessible. In fact, I actually did not find any negatives from stepping away from a full-size micro at 1100 watts to this Whirlpool micro. I love this micro, as I have other products I have owned made by Whirlpool. In fact, it is the brand name that I look to first, and I was not disappointed in this purchase.

Review Title: Absolutely love it | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago, I absolutely love it!! Everyone that walks into my kitchen thinks i Have a TV not a microwave. The best part is that it's a spacesaver, It fits perfectly into a corner.

Review Title: Love this microwave | Review by

This microwave is perfect in my kitchen because it fits in the corner perfectly. It is amazing how much space is saved because it is configured to fit in the corner!

Review Title: The size is great for small areas. | Review by

It fits nicely in the corner with added room for your counter space.

Review Title: Does great job! Very compact and stylish. | Review by

We bought this to replace a Sharp compact microwave that died after 10-15 years. I didn't expect much but am surprised by how much more robust this unit is than the one it replaced, which was slightly larger.

Review Title: The size is a great improvement over others | Review by

I was looking online for small microwaves and found this. The tall, square shape looks better and the rounded back allows it to sit in a corner nicely. It's exactly what I wanted, a smaller footprint but it actually heats faster than my rectangular box type, maybe because it doesn't waste space with corners. The revolving plate is larger than my previous one so it can accommodate full size plate. I love the size, appearance, features, heating ability...everything!! I am saving energy because it's only 750 watts and my previous one was 1200 watts.

Review Title: Excellent microwave with a small profile! | Review by

Everyone has different needs and for those that want a microwave with a small profile this is a great option. I am a light user that needs to warm a plate and this works well for me. I thought my plates would not fit but it is exactly the right size.

Review Title: Perfect! | Review by

I have had this little microwave in my home office for several weeks now. I have to admit, I hate lukewarm coffee, so I have this little fellow in there to reheat whenever I need's awsome. Very quiet and works super great. Couldn't be more pleased.

Review Title: Product met my expectations and then some! | Review by

It's sleek design looks great on my counter top corner and takes up little room , yet delivers like a regular size micro. Door does not make noise as others do, the beep is not annoying and it is so easy to operate. I highly recommend this microwave even if you loads of counter space. You will love it.

Review Title: A great little appliance | Review by

We have a small kitchen and this is the perfect microwave. We had to replace the over the range unit with a fan and found this appliance suited exactly our needs.

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

love the simple 30 second option. I now have counter space to prepare what is going into the microwave. I goes with all my other whirlpool appliances. People think I have a small TV in the kitchen.

Review Title: The best of its kind | Review by

Compact microwaves are generally under-featured and underpowered. This is just something you have to expect of a smaller unit. That being said, they have done some very clever things with this microwave. Having the "Start" button double as a "30 seconds" button is the most significant - I really like this feature since there is no full number pad. And this unit does really take a full-size dinner plate, which is great considering its size.

Review Title: perfect if you don't want to use a lot of counter space | Review by

I would recommend this product if you don't want to use a lot of counter space or if you hate the thought of a huge microwave.50 nicely in the corner its very efficientwe were initially concerned that it wouldn't have enough power but it certainly does

Review Title: Why are these so hard to find? | Review by

This is a GREAT space saver in my already small kitchen. It fits back in the corner of my counter top takes up less space that some coffee makers. Since I don't do any heavy duty cooking via microwave, this size it perfect; it holds a dinner plate -- nothing larger. The wattage is lower than my previous microwave but I can't tell much difference in heating times; if anything, I do not *overcook/heat* things, which is nice. The only drawback, if there is one, is that it is difficult to get used to programming times when you don't have that number pad -- something that is easily overcome after a few days. Everyone that comes to my house loves it and doesn't even realize it is a microwave (added bonus, for sure -- it kind of looks like a little TV). I wasn't able to find this at local stores and had to order online; the chance paid off big time. I've already given away my 1200 watt counter beast.

Review Title: perfect fit | Review by

we love this microwave (me especially). it fits perfectly in our little corner nook of our kitchen. the power is not super high, but it suits our needs, as we use the oven only for warm ups, not for cooking. the only qualm we would have about it is the 'on' button seems to be deteriorating already, and we've only owned it for not even two months. we don't use the oven daily, so we're surprised that the plastic 'coating' that seems to be across the control panels seems to be disintegrating. other than this visual faux pas, the unit is great!

Review Title: Compact, cute & just what we needed! | Review by

While literally hand selecting every piece that has gone into our new construction home, we looked at what felt like a million microwaves. They were all huge with a ridiculous amount of buttons & tons of features I knew we'd never use. I'm no gourmet chef and I don't cook giant turkeys in the microwave, nor am I a technological whiz. Our family just needed something small & unobtrusive that would be simple to use for reheating leftovers & warming canned foods, etc. I couldn't be happier with this microwave, it's absolutely perfect for our needs! And don't let the little size fool you - there's plenty of room in there for last nights dinner on a full size plate or even a small pizza!!

Review Title: Unique and EXACTLY what I was looking for | Review by

It is so hard to find a compact microwave. I have had this for 4 months and love it. It fits an entire dinner plate and is tall enough for my large coffee mug. I don't need to microwave a turkey, but I do need counter space. LOVE IT.

Review Title: This microwave is perfect in size and function | Review by

The size is perfect for a corner that might otherwise be wasted space, and its avant guarde style is a handsome addition to any decor. At eye level, it is always accessible for easy quick or longer time cooking. Smooth open and close with no nonsense temperature controls. A quick two beeps announces finish and then a non annoying reminder sounds. The power is perfect for all foods whether warming or cooking is required. I love this microwave--it's triple A in microwaves!

Review Title: Whirlpool got it right | Review by

Putting the controls on the bottom of the door instead of right, was brilliant. It keeps the overall size of the machine smaller and square. The smaller footprint takes up way less counter space and tucks into a corner. Love it.

Review Title: Great space saver but takes 3x as long to heat anything | Review by

The design, size and looks of this microwave are outstanding. However, things that used to take us 30 seconds to warm up are now taking 1:30 or even 2:00 minutes before same temperature. We thought it was related to wattage but even at 100% it's not warming as fast. Our old microwave was 1100W and this one is 759W. So, we knew it would take slightly longer but are surprised by how much longer.

Review Title: Fits A Lot in a Small Space | Review by

Besides being a good looking microwave, the curved back makes it easy to put in a corner.

Review Title: Just right | Review by

I moved into a small apartment with limited counter space. I tried to live without a microwave, it can be done. But I wasn't happy. I saw this microwave, the wattage was a bit lower than the big ones and it didn't have a number pad but the size was just right. So I gave it a try. The lower wattage is no problem, I don't even notice it, and the lack of a number pad was very easy to get used to. This microwave is solid, the raised inner floor makes putting things in and taking them out easier than the standard microwave. It's compact size allows it to snug under the kitchen cupboard in a corner where it looks beautiful. I love the blue readout. No you won't be able to roast a turkey in It but you will be able to reheat leftover turkey on a standard size dinner plate. It is pricier than microwaves from discount stores but when you find something that is just right, cost is less of a concern.

Review Title: Great for Small Spaces | Review by

I bought this microwave because I have a small kitchen and am short, so I don't like the over the oven microwaves. This Whirlpool microwave is cute! People often ask us if it is a TV. My 11" plates fit in it. It doesn't have a lot of fancy features which is okay with me. I generally just use the microwave to heat things up. I don't live in NYC but think it would be a great addition to a NYC closet kitchen. I've had it for about 4 months, and, so far, no problems.

Review Title: Perfect size! | Review by

Love it! Perfect size, I have a small Kitchen picked up valuable counter space.

Review Title: Super microwave for a small space | Review by

This microwave is small in foot print, does not have a lot of unused features, but gets the job done. We were creating a "tower" for small appliances in our kitchen when I lucked up on this microwave. It fit right in. The wattage is a little low but you learn to deal with it.

Review Title: Perfect size | Review by

When we remodeled our kitchen our old microwave was too big for the space we had in mind. The Whirlpool was PERFECT--it fit right into a small corner of the countertop so it doesn't hide much of the lovely backsplash we chose for our walls. Besides that, because it is round in the back, it can fit a full dinner plate with no problem. It's very easy to use and looks great.

Review Title: Perfect for limited counter space. | Review by

I purchased this for my private office and it perfectly serves my needs.

Review Title: does everything a larger microwave does | Review by

With a small footprint and rounded back, it sits out of the way in the corner of the countertop, and uses space that would otherwise be wasted. The interior is small, but has a glass turntable that is the same size as the large over the range microwave that I used to have. A full size dinner plate fits perfectly. It has all the features I need; power levels are in 25% increments, and that works fine for everything that I thaw, cook or reheat.

Review Title: great product if looking for a small corner microwave! | Review by

I love this product and it works great. If you are looking to put anything big or tall this product is not for you. It pops a small bag of popcorn great but not the regular size bag. Saves a lot of counterspace by sliding right into the corner. Love it!

Review Title: Gets lot of use | Review by

83 year old widower. Had a small old timer that I seldom used. My daughter gave this to me as a gift and it is used daily. Great the way it fits in the corner of my counter, taking up very little space. Found many good frozen dinners so do very little cooking and saving money by not eating out.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I've had this microwave for a little over a month and love it. The space saving aspect is its best feature--I have so much more counter space. Can't believe someone didn't think of that before. At just 700 watts, it's not as powerful as the big boxes, but for what I use it for--mostly reheating--that's a minor issue. Fits a dinner plate and answers all my needs. A most welcome purchase, highly recommended for those who need space and make minor demands on a microwave.

Review Title: Great choice! | Review by

I bought this microwave to save space on my countertop without compromising functionality and I am pleased with the results.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

Fits in the corner like we thought it would and save us some counter space

Review Title: A Real Space Saver | Review by

Fits nicely in a corner freeing up valuable counter space. Easy to use intuitive controls. Quick start add 30 second feature for speedy instant heating. Power percentages of 25% 50% 75% or 100% gives basic flexibility for defrosting and reheating. Nice large clock.

Review Title: It fits my needs! | Review by

I live in a small condo and I needed a microwave that would not take up a lot of horizontal counter space. This model is a perfect fit. I need to use a stool to remove a bowl of soup, etc. from the microwave above my range. I'm short and it's too high. I've been fighting this for years and decided I need convenience at my age. Also, the other 700W microwaves had small turntables. This one accommodates an 11-inch plate. It took a bit of practice to learn how to use the various buttons, but now I'm an expert! If only the buttons were across the top rather than the bottom -- they would be easier for me to use. It did cost twice of what another 700W would have, but I deserve the convenience.

Review Title: Great Microwave | Review by

This microwave is a good size, and I am pleasantly surprised at how powerful it is, compared to my old microwave (which was not a Whirlpool). I'm glad we made the change!

Review Title: good | Review by

i like the whirlpool microwave it fits on my counter lot better then the others. and cooks food faster.

Review Title: Great concept | Review by

Turntable doesn't work after 16 months.Poor workmanship

Review Title: microwave for truck | Review by

I bought this for my husband for Christmas for his truck, he had an inverter put in his truck so he could save money while on the road. He now takes food from home and makes them in the microwave, along with saving money on truck stop food, he also saves time being on the road also. He loves the microwave..

Review Title: Power, compact microwave | Review by

This product is the perfect size for a smaller kitchen. It is may be compact, but it gets the job done. It has nice basic features. It is easy to use. Great styling.

Review Title: Perfect Fit | Review by

My Whirlpool Countertop Microwave works great for my needs. The power and size allows me to have the use of a fully functional microwave in the limited counterspace I have in my kitchen. No complaints to date.

Review Title: Fits my needs | Review by

I bought this microwave because of its size and shape. It works well, but lacks some useful features. Time can only be set in 30 second increments. There is a popcorn setting (don't use) but no baked potato setting ( would use frequently) for me these are minor lacks, but would be helpful. Overall I have no complaints, it does the job and fits unobtrusively in the corner of my counter.

Review Title: Love the room it gives me | Review by

This is a great little microwave if your counter space is limited like mine is. It fits in the corner and even though it is a space saver it has plenty of power. I would definitely buy this again.

Review Title: Great product for a corner spot on kichen counter | Review by

I love the size and shape of this microwave, for I have limited space on my kitchen counter. It is easy to use, and so far it has lived up to my expectations.

Review Title: Great Little Microwave | Review by

Fits in corner nicely and takes up little space. Will hold a full size plate and plate cover with no problem.

Review Title: The very best. | Review by

Whirlpool has done it again! This is the greatest little microwave oven that anyone could ever hope for - I just love it! My use is mostly reheat or defrost - I do not actually cook in it. It is perfect for me and the quality is long remembered after the price is forgotten. I thought it was a little pricy when I first saw it, but that all faded after I bought mine. It is just perfect for this little 'ol 89 year old lady, who doesn't cook anymore. All my younger friends keep me well fed and always send me home with a doggie bag for the next day. So I hoard in the freezer and magically, with just a push of a button my Whirlpool turns into this magical reheat marvel and I have another meal ready to eat! It doesn't get much better than that!

Review Title: CUTE space-saving countertop microwave | Review by

Turntable glass tray is bigger than our old countertop microwave, and now we have more counter space for other kitchen gadgets because it takes up less space when we put it in a corner location. Touch pad is REALLY easy to use, quick touch response.... Plus it looks like the face of a cute japanese robot. :) At first I was afraid of the wattage amount but it's perfect for the heating area. For 750 watts, typical cook times are better than expected.

Review Title: not as good as I thought | Review by

pros: Modern looking and compact.

Review Title: Perfect Size | Review by

This little microwave is the perfect size for a small kitchen with limited counter space. Not only is the size appealing, but the features it includes far surpassed my expectations. Plus, the lower wattage has not been an issue for what I use the oven for, i.e., reheating left-overs, re-warming my morning coffee, etc. The timer and power settings were issues that were easily overcome. I am extremely pleased with the quality, performance and style of this microwave oven.

Review Title: perfect fit | Review by

Snazzy looks, perfect size and great functionality. Love this microwave!

Review Title: perfect solution | Review by

Just bought this for my Mothers tiny apartment. Fits perfectly on counter, no more need to use oven for everything. Best part is it is very simple to operate. For what she does, just two buttons is all that's needed. Way to go!!

Review Title: Perfect under-cupboard corner space saver! | Review by

Excellent capacity. Excellent power. Smart and Safe. Easy to clean. Great interior light (wonder why "Specs" don't say so?). Great looking when "on" and when "off". Saves so much counter space! 30-Second button is so useful. Door opens so easily.

Review Title: 7 months old and the plastic on the controls is worn. | Review by

I love this microwave. It does everything that I need it to do. I only use this occasionally to warm coffee, etc. Not used much at all and the plastic is worn on the control panel where the start button is already.

Review Title: Great for Small Kitchens | Review by

This microwave is great if you: *have a small kitchen *want to save counter space *only use the microwave to reheat small items

Review Title: This is the best microwave oven I have every owned. | Review by

Thanks for asking, I have had microwave oven before, although not like this one, this is a perfect size oven, best of all fits in corner, no wasted has a 8 inch size plate turntable, all you have to do is barely touch the screen I think it works with the heat of your skin, seems like it to me. because of the shape of it you have more space on the counter top. I am so pleased with this microwave that I have mentioned it to my friends. You do not need to have a small kitchen to get this, it can be useful in a larger kitchen, I got the black one and just love it.

Review Title: Simplicity micro | Review by

We love the small but powerful size. After all who actually cooks meals in a microwave anyway.Large microwaves are a thing of the past. We absolutely love this microwave.

Review Title: easy to operate and fits well into a small kitchen | Review by

Bought this three months ago works great, looks small inside but will fit a full size plate or cup easly. Not complicated to operate easy to use. Excellent product

Review Title: Good looking and compact, not super intuitive | Review by

I wanted good looking and compact, so I am happy with that. I had trouble figuring out how to work it, and no one else at my house would even consider reading the manual. Also, the front had a thin plastic film on it, to protect it until it is sold, but it was so thin and clung so well when it started to get stretched out it looked like the microwave was getting messed up. We actually tried to return it, but it was too late. It would be good if it said something like "remove plastic film before use." Maybe it did, but I don't think so.

Review Title: great for small counter space | Review by

While I thought this was a little pricey I felt it was worth it to have a unit that was compact enough to fit on a narrow section of counter space. I used to have an old Sharp Carousel dorm size microwave and it died after years of use and until spotting this item I had been unable to find a similar compact microwave. This Whirlpool microwave has more power than a lot of the bulkier models I had to use in the interim before finding this brand and model. I also like that it only does a few brief beeps when done cooking. Some other brands I've had in the past seemed to never stop beeping and beeped so loudly it sounded like a Mack truck going in reverse. This is much quieter and the beeps just a few times which is all you need.

Review Title: Love this microwave.. | Review by

The size and features of this microwave are a great fit in our newly remodeled kitchen. Did not want an over the range microwave and this countertop unit saves space and performs well.

Review Title: Compact and Cute | Review by

Perfect small and simple microwave to tuck into a corner.

Review Title: Perfect for a small corner space | Review by

This little microwave works perfect for our counter--we wanted something that would fit into a corner and not take up too much space. it is a little tall, so make sure you have enough clearance. we mostly use it to reheat food--not for cooking and it's perfect for us. it can be a little loud, but doesn't bother us.

Review Title: Great space savings design and innovation. | Review by

Perfect for our limited countertops, great design.

Review Title: Small but fits full sized dinner. Works great! | Review by

Small adorable cute. Doesnt take up too much space. Works GREAT with heating. Fits full sized dinner plate. I am glad I made this purchase, its just what i wanted. I dont use a microwave very often.

Review Title: Nice tidy little microwave saves so much counter space! | Review by

Love that this little machine fits nicely into the corner of my kitchen! I have 3 corners and a standard microwave was a waste of space. This fits far back into the corner, heats things up great and I'm so happy to have found It. Definitely worth the price. I won't heat things up as quickly as a bigger more powerful unit, and you can't put huge items in it (really long or really tall) but for the space saving it is amazing. Friends have thought it was so great they went out and bought one for themselves!

Review Title: This product takes very little space and does everything it designed to do. | Review by

I was looking for a microwave that does not dominate the whole counter and in this model I found even more - due to great design it fits in the corner.

Review Title: great space saver | Review by

I really like that it fits so well on my counter top without taking up too much room. The 30 second feature is a bonus!

Review Title: Only o.k. | Review by

We needed a small microwave for a small space, and this fits perfectly ... but: very low power (takes a long time); not tall enough for many things (have to transfer contents to shorter vessels); extremely loud beeping that can't be turned off. It's so loud we try to be there in time to click "cancel" before it beeps ... three times ... very, very loudly.

Review Title: Great for my smaller kitchen | Review by

I replaced a full size microwave with this product. I quickly realized that this corner microwave delivers more than enough cooking power while freeing valuable counter top space. The design is attractive and the microwave offers a button lock feature that makes me more comfortable having my young niece in the kitchen cooking with me. I'm so happy that I purchased this product.

Review Title: Excellent Compact Microwave | Review by

We purchased this microwave to replace our Sharp full-size microwave. Our apartment has limited counter space and this microwave was a great choice. It takes up far less room than a standard microwave without losing the power.

Review Title: This product has the best features if you will be using in a small area | Review by

The product was purchased to be used in a semi tractor but used more power than inverter would allow

Review Title: CUTEST LITTLE MICROWAVE EVER!! | Review by

This little microwave looks like a little TV. It fits perfectly into a corner to give one more space.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I've been using this for a couple months and love it! I needed something compact yet able to handle anything I might need it for. So far it's been great. Boils water, reheats food, melts things, cooks, all just as well as my former large unit. Highly recommend.

Review Title: Great little machine | Review by

I wanted a small microwave that would fit in my apartment easily. This microwave does the trick by making use of vertical space and nestling into a little area on my counter. I especially like that the door is high enough that I can have a bowl in front of the machine when I open the door, and I can see into the machine very easily while it is running. Best of all, it is a really cute little guy!

Review Title: Great product for the money. | Review by

This microwave is such a great product! I don't know why someone didn't think of this compact design before. My husband and I drive an 18 wheeler and purchased this appliance to take on the road with us. It's a perfect fit for the space. Our previous microwave hung out an inch or so over the counter and had to be strapped in.This microwave has so much more space in it. It doesn't have alot of buttons, so it's very easy to use. It would be perfect for a dorm, apartment, or anywhere there's not much counter space. We are extremely happy with it and would definitely recommend.

Review Title: absolutely perfect | Review by

microwave is absolutely perfect for the application I required. The application is going into a semi tractor trailer Cascadia Freightliner. No other microwave will fit but this one. Works excellent!

Review Title: Good Basic Microwave | Review by

This is a good little microwave for basic use. I find it a bit short in height. Fits nicely in a corner and takes up very little counter space. Seems strong enough in power.

Review Title: perfect size for countertop! | Review by

this unit works very nicely. power levels are quite satisfactory and comparable to larger units. convenient features include a beep to alert when food is left in unit after heating.the only drawback i see hear is intermittent vibration when unit is running, though overall performance exceptional. space-saving design is its strong point since it can now fit on countertop eliminating the need for separate shelf, etc.

Review Title: unique design and saves space. | Review by

I chose it because of the great corner design. Frees up a lot of space on my counter and works as well as the huge ones. Previously, I had one that hogged the entire space. I chose the white as I like how it contrasts with the black door, and it looks like my MAC computer. Also matches my Whirlpool fridge. People are amazed that it's a microwave because it is unique. It serves well in heating foods and dinner plates fit fine. I also like how the base is higher, making it easier to put items in and remove.

Review Title: QUALITY MICROWAVE | Review by

I bought this microwave because the price was right and I have been familiar with Whirlpool products since the 1960's. It has great looks, is very compact and heats very fast. I love the digital clock and display, it's bright and easy to read. You can see what is cooking through the glass door. I use it in my bedroom for fast and convenient meals or drinks. Would definitely recommend this microwave to anyone !

Review Title: Great size! | Review by

I love this little microwave. I don't have much counter space at all, and it fits nicely in the corner. It fits a plate, and a tall mug. I don't use microwaves very much, and this is perfect.

Review Title: I love this microwave. Cool design. It allows plates to be set in front of it on the counter with the door open. How convenient! | Review by

I would buy it again in a second. It takes up so little space on the counter and looks great. Mine is white. And don't be concerned about power, it has plenty. If anything, I now cook foods for a shorter amount of time. If you are looking for a modern microwave, this is it. It's the one to have!

Review Title: Terrfic Space Saver | Review by

When we renovated our kitchen we removed our over the range microwave / hood combo and replaced it with a stainless commercial style hood. That left us with no microwave. While looking for compact countertop models I stumbled on this one. It's the only one of it's type that we found. It is true to form, simple, quick, and fits a large dinner plate. It's PERFECT for our needs. Quick reheats, and warming things up for the baby. No frills, just space saving performance. What a great machine.

Review Title: Perfect microwave for a small kitchen! | Review by

I was a little unsure about this microwave since it's a bit different. I haven't had a microwave in over 8 years. It's time. I did research. I read reviews. I'm really happy with this one. It fits a dinner plate without issue. I've used it to defrost. I've used it to reheat. Works perfectly and has such a small footprint. I don't feel like I'm compromising counter space. Controls are easy. Who uses all those extra functions. This microwave looks good, it works - what more do you need?

Review Title: Chic, small & easy! | Review by

Sometimes when all of us in our family prepare a meal together, a second countertop microwave always comes in handy. I wanted a small microwave since our kitchen is not that large, but the microwave needs to complement our gorgeous, newly remodeled kitchen. Whirlpool 0.5 cu.ft. countertop microwave does the job perfectly. It is square in shape with a rounded back, and it tugs in perfectly out of the way in the corner. I picked the white model with black glass in the front. It hardly takes up any space but looks sleek and chic. (Most countertop microwaves are rectangular in shape and are wide and take up lots of counter space. This microwave is square in shape and takes up less countertop space, and is a little taller than the rectangular shaped microwaves. So it is using up the vertical space between the countertop and the bottom of the top kitchen cabinet, which is a smart use of wasted space.) It also feels solid and substantially built. I have no patience to study complicated kitchen appliances and this microwave is so simple and easy to use! Plug it in, press the cook button, and there it cooks. One press is 30 second, 2 presses is 60 seconds, and so on. How much more convenient can life get! Despite the microwave's seemingly small size, a standard dinner plate fits in perfectly, and the microwave cooks away turning my plate around and around. I also want to be able to carry this microwave on family road trips, and this small microwave is light, small, and portable. I am just SO happy with this microwave!

Review Title: The best microwave! | Review by

Excellent size, shape and blends without a problem on my countertop. Regular size plate will fit. I enjoy the digital panel. Very happy!

Review Title: whirlpool - Whirlpool� 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option | Review by

I bought this microwave a few months back and am very happy with this pictures. What a great compact Microwave.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I am very happy with this microwave; all of my baking utensils fit, including a bacon tray. I am short so really like the countertop height; I can see what is cooking! It is perfect.

Review Title: Works great. | Review by

Easy-to-understand instructions. However, it says to set the power level at "2' [20%] to soften butter but it doesn't say for how long to run it [10 seconds? 20 seconds?].

Review Title: This product serves conservation of counter space in our new kitchen | Review by

We were looking for a microwave to place on the counter without taking up too much space after we were unable to place our existing microwave in the cabinets. This product met our exact needs. Since we only use it to warmup, it serves perfectly!

Review Title: Perfect size microwave for small spaces! | Review by

I purchased this microwave after living without one for 5 months. I had moved to a smaller home with a tiny kitchen, so I decided that I could live without a microwave in order to have more cabinet space. Well, I finally realized how miserable life is without a microwave and I went in search of a compact one. I have been delighted with this purchase and the minimal counter space it uses, along with the rounded back that nicely fits into a corner. It is just the right size for a dnner plate, but not anything bigger. I highly recommend it!

Review Title: Space saver, amazing results! | Review by

I just purchased this microwave for my condo, that has limited counterspace and let me tell you i am impressed! This Microwave has surpassed all my expectations and it doesnt take up that much space on my counter, so i can leave it out and also everyone wants to play with it! It cooks very evenly, has a clock, and will go with any decor. And you can't beat the price, plus its a Whirlpool, whats not to love? Now you and i can have our counterspace back! I was tired of the over sized microwaves, sure they're nice, but its just me and my daughter, we don't really need all that space. This is great for apartments, condos, colleges! The list is truly endless! Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: Good user reviews | Review by

I ran across this product when shopping on line for a new micro. I just needed a small one as we just use it to heat things up, not for cooking. The last micro we had lasted but three years and we wanted one that would last longer. I like to read user reviews of products to help with my buying decisions. This micro had overall real good and consistent reviews and that is the main reason I bought it. It is more expensive but Whirlpool has always meant quality to me. I also like the design and simplicity of the product. Regular, thaw, and popcorn cycles are enough for me. Most small micros have lousy user reviews, but this product had good ones. It also carries a full one year warranty. Hopefully the unit will last for a good long time.

Review Title: Great microwave | Review by

I needed a microwave to fit a new smaller countertop. This microwave works perfect in the space, really like the look and easy to operate.

Review Title: Whirlpool Countertop Microwave | Review by

I purchased this microwave late last year after my microwave of 25 years finally died. Since I have a small kitchen, it fits perfectly and does everything a larger microwave can do. The style, fact that it fits in a corner, and efficiency are spectacular. I have a 31 year old Whirlpool refrigerator (although not as energy efficient as newer ones) that keeps on ticking :-) I will purchase another one when it dies....may it RIP. Your products have always served me well.

Review Title: Perfect countertop microwave...... | Review by

This microwave is perfect for my limited space kitchen. It fits perfectly in the corner of my countertop. Perfect size for my family. Everyone who comes into my house remarks at how beautiful it looks.

Review Title: Love the other one like it on the market, nice to know Whirlpool is coming up with some great ideas. | Review by

What caught our eye was the design aspects of the microwave, the ease of use is incomparable to other brands, its overall fit and finish just screams quality, I would recommend this Whirlpool microwave to anyone.

Review Title: Nice for office | Review by

Works well, is a nice design, but it would be better to be able to program in the time instead of having to hit the 30 second button multiple times to get to a larger time amount.

Review Title: Pretty Neat little unit | Review by

I love this little microwave. It does the basic functions that I use 95% of the time. It does not have lots of bells and whistles, which I never really used on my older bigger unit, and I don't miss them. I gave it 4 stars because you cannot program it for exact minutes and seconds, just 30 sec increments, and same with variable levels which are 25%, 50% and 75% only. But the convenience of pushing the 30 sec button for the amt of time I estimate I want is all I need. The smaller footprint is great on my limited countertop space. If I don't want the full 30 secs for melting butter, I just stand there and stop the action at 20 or 25 secs. A minor inconvenience, in my estimation. I have owned this unit since Feb 2013 and I have no complaints. It took me a few minutes to learn the controls and then I have been happy ever since. Resetting the clock was my only confusion when power was off, so I downloaded the instruction page from the internet for that action and it worked.

Review Title: Great size but not that easy to use | Review by

Seems to make quite a bit of noise (may be broken and I just don't know it). Setting it is a pain, however, I do like the shape of it.

Review Title: Great little microwave for my little kitchen, with just one caveat | Review by

I love this little guy. He fits back in a corner and doesn't take up too much room. He heats up my food. He's easy to clean. He looks cool.

Review Title: Fantastic little microwave! | Review by

We've had this now for several weeks and I just LOVE IT! It replaced a huge 1300 watt that sat above my stove on a shelf. I now how my little microwave on the counter where it should be. I have a very small kitchen and limited counter space and the size is just perfect. I was a little concerned that it might be too small but that hasn't been the case at all. Who needs a huge microwave anyway? Even the wattage difference is better. Our old microwave would explode everything unless you powered it down. And speaking of... this has a wonderful reheat feature. You hit the reheat button (automatically changes to 75% power) and then the start/30 second button as many times as you need. It's just so easy to use. We have done standard size popcorn in it (the bag doesn't start to turn right away on the turntable until it starts to pop and expand) and it came out beautifully. Does baked potatoes much better than our old one! Just 3 little beeps when it's done. Everyone who sees this microwave, loves the look of it. They sometimes think it's a TV set. Fantastic design! Thank you, Whirlpool!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

We love these three features: the shape, which fills wasted corner space; the appearance, which resembles a small TV; and the feature of adding multiple 30 seconds by retouching the start button, which permits seniors with failing eyes like us to set the desired cook time by listening to the clicks instead of searching for numbers.

Review Title: Interior just a little to small. | Review by

Love the look and the ease of the microwave. Only con is that I wish that the interior was a little bit bigger. Went to warm up my microvablae bottle of syrup for pancakes and it didn't fit and my popcorn doesn't spin. :(

Review Title: Excellent performance for a small space. | Review by

Surprisingly good performance for a small unit -- much better than the Cube we had previously. Does everything well, and the side entry of the microwaves seems to cook more uniformly than the top entry on the old Cube. Rounded shape is useful for cormer placement. Elevated door means you don't have to remove everything on the counterin front of it to access the food inside -- very convenient. Will buy another for our summer house!

Review Title: Great product if you are space limited. | Review by

We bought this product because we needed a compact microwave due to lack of counter space. The features are outstanding and the unit is easy to use. Being able to hold a dinner plate is perfect for our use. We have made popcorn and queso in addition to regular items. Comes out great every time. Would definitely recommend this product.

Review Title: Perfect size | Review by

Fits my truck. No perfect for truck drivers. Nice job!

Review Title: This microwave is definitely a winner! | Review by

I love that this microwave doesn't use up a ton of counterspace. It fits so nicely into the corner. We have a TV in the opposite corner of our newly remodeled kitchen and friends have commented that it looks like we have 2 TV's! It's so cute! The only feature it doesn't have that I wish it did is to turn the sound off.

Review Title: Best microwave for small spaces | Review by

This microwave is easy to use and fits into counter corner allowing for more prep space.

Review Title: perfect size for corner | Review by

Love the design, looks like a tv! Very powerful for size

Review Title: Excellent Customer Service | Review by

2 days ago I wrote a review saying how disappointed we were that this microwave had stopped working after less than a year. Afterwards, we called customer service and they made the decision to replace the product for us. Thank you Whirlpool, we will buy your products in the future because you stand behind them. We really did like this microwave because it takes up so little counter space but can fit everything we want to put in it.

Review Title: Awesome little microwave | Review by

We had a large microwave before and when we redid our kitchen I wanted something that was small and usable. We purchased this microwave because it fits in a corner on our counter. Most people think it's a TV and some people don't even realize it's a microwave. It fits everything I would have cooked in my regular sized microwave. Perfect purchase in my eyes! Highly recommend

Review Title: Great Microwave for space saving. | Review by

It can heat the milk and coffee in just 30 seconds.

Review Title: Surprise! | Review by

I was so impressed with my whirlpool countertop microwave! I bought a little townhouse for myself, a one bedroom, one bikeroom place with 1070 sq ft. The kitchen was small and I needed something small and reliable. This thing was perfect! It's small, but my dinner plate fifits perfectly inside. It cooks reliably and thoroughly. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with it if I tried.

Review Title: This product is a real space saver | Review by

We can not believe how nice it is to have a microwave that does not take up all of the kitchen couner. this space saver appliance gave us so much more of our kitchen counter back for other uses

Review Title: Stylish and Practical Little Microwave Unit | Review by

Great find. We needed a new microwave as our old 25 year old one needed replacing. We live in a small apt and my wife insisted that I don't go buy a large unit. So, when I came across this unit, I stopped searching as this had everything I needed. It is very simple, although there is a learning curve in getting used to it for cooking and warming up different food items.For the design, it is very practical to use in small spaces. The quality is MUCH better than anything else I saw with the competition. It's great! Glad I got it!

Review Title: excellent | Review by

Very impressed by the the style and ease of use. I would highly recommend this microwave!

Review Title: Whirlpool corner countertop microwave. | Review by

Lasted about a year. Liked it until then. My GE lasted over 20 years. Very unhappy with this product.

Review Title: Sublime microwave! | Review by

Extremely happy with this purchase and giving a try. The only downfall, the timer cuts off at 30 minutes.

Review Title: This product is a great space saver | Review by

I live in a condo with a galley kitchen and limited counter space. I love this microwave because it fits into a corner and gives me more counter space to cook. I like the design where the electronics are under the microwave instead of on the side making it more compact. I've had it for almost a year and have no complaints.

Review Title: Cute and compact! | Review by

I love this microwave. I have a tiny kitchen with limited counter space. The Whirlpool 0.5 cu. ft. countertop hardly takes any space at all! It looks great AND works great, much better than a bigger microwave that I had previously owned.

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

When my over the range microwave broke down I didn't have money saved up to go and buy another one. But I saw this wonderful microwave compact And perfect. I thought I just have to try it. We have had it for about 4 months and it's wonderful everything I need my 8 year old knows how to hear up his cold pizza:) I love it.. And defently get another one if I needed it..:) thank you whirlpool!!!

Review Title: Great footprint for minimal counter space! | Review by

This truly fits into a corner and takes minimal space. I would not change the exterior at all - sleek, attractive and cleans easily. We are getting used to the smaller space inside, which has not detracted at all. If I could change one item it would be to increase the wattage by at least a bit. Nice addition to our kitchen!

Review Title: Cute little Microwave that satisfy my simple needs | Review by

I just downsize to on room condominium of 720 sq. ft and wanted a small microwave just for simple needs like heating up a drink or steaming a cup full of veggie and my daughter found this cute little corner microwave. It satisfy my simple needs, and fit neatly into my countertop corner. I am giving it three instead of five stars as one of the plastic overlay of the icon "cook power" just bubble up. I am not taking it back as it would be too much trouble and I can live with it, but I wish this has not happened - there is now a blemish on this little microwave - when every visitor who came over raved "how cute this microwave is and where did I get it?".

Review Title: Nice microwave | Review by

Nice; compact and efficient. Fits full size dinner plates. Heats evenly

Review Title: Hard to see the control panel | Review by

I like everything about the microwave except I can't see the control panel very well. Over time, I've gotten accustomed to it, but the buttons are hard to see.

Review Title: Great counter space saver | Review by

Bought because we bought one for my parents' kitchen that has limited counter space. Fits well in the corner and can still fit a dinner plate in it or any container that size. Only complaint is it is much slower than my previous countertop microwave (750w versus 1100w) and tedious cook time setting. You can hold down the button to speed up but then you end up going too far and have to repeatedly press the + or - button to finally hit the desired time setting.

Review Title: Perfect! | Review by

This microwave is perfect for my kitchen. I have a small kitchen with very little counter space and this is just what I was looking for. It's very unique looking and suits my 1950's style kitchen to a T.

Review Title: Best micro I've had. | Review by

Takes up half the space and cooks faster than my previous unit. Most everyone who has seen it thinks it;s a small TV on the counter top. We have recomended it to others.

Review Title: Tremendous little Microwave! | Review by

I bought this microwave for several reasons, the most important being that, because of its round back, it would fit in the corner of my countertop. Yes, I paid more for it than others this size, but I regained a couple of square feet of counter space, space that is pretty nice to have on holidays when the entire clan is here! No other company makes a microwave in this configuration. It cooks as well as the 1,500 watt unit it replaced and the controls are intuitive. A large dinner plate fits the turntable. This was an important issue as well. Of course, "brand" is important. I trust two appliance manufacturers, and Whirlpool is one of them. I could not be happier with this little microwave.

Review Title: Excellent for small apt. living | Review by

Shape and size make it excellent for small spaces and apt. living but some key features missing such as a full keypad and the timer maxes out at 30 min. Overall a good microwave for someone that uses it for simple things - reheating mostly.

Review Title: Small but mighty | Review by

This is the cutest microwave I've ever had. Never thought I'd say that in a review... It's perfect for one person, fits in a small space and what i actually like the most (so far) is the ease of cleaning. It's rounded so there's no corners for food to get lodged in! I love it. My one con is the popcorn preset button... It presets for maybe 2 minutes and the popcorn hasn't even started to pop yet. Easy fix add more time.... Anyway, if you are single and don't cook whole turkeys or casseroles in the microwave on a daily basis... This guy is right for you!

Review Title: Excellent! | Review by

This fits in the corner on my counter just perfectly! The door has no handle to break but is built into the side--so easy to use! It looks great and, being on the countertop, is at a great level to see what's cooking and push the buttons.

Easy to use, holds an 11" plate and compact! I LOVE it!

AND Goedeker's has the best price for it too!

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