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Whirlpool WGI925C0BS 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Double Oven Range - Convection (View all from Whirlpool)

Regular Price: $2,349.00
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Regular Price: $2,064.10
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Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGI925C0BS Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Double Oven Range - Convection
Regular Price: $2,349.00
28% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,064.10
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Whirlpool Stove Induction Cooking Technology


Whirlpool WGI925C0BS range

is the industry's first induction double oven freestanding range. This luxurious appliance offers greater cooking power and precision that dedicated chefs will love. Learn what all the hype is about when you see the features!

On the Cooktop

  • Whirlpool's
    AccuHeat™ induction technology
    will only transfer energy into your magnetic cookware, delivering heat right where you want it. Set and maintain temperatures with perfect control.
  • The cooktop heats up more quickly than standard electric ones, and it's just as good as gas without the hassle of the hook up. Avid cooks will adore it!
  • There are four induction heating elements on the cooking surface, including one
    11" Boost element
    that's able to boil water 50% faster than your average cooktop.
  • But simmering is just as simple! All of the burners offer low temperatures that are ideal for tasks like melting chocolate.
  • You already know that induction heating means spills won't get burnt onto the cooktop, but the
    simplifies cleanup even more with raised edges that keeps messes from dripping everywhere.
  • This cooktop is incredibly safe to use. All that gets hot is the cooking surface directly under the pot or pan, which reduces the risk of burned fingers. It also has a safety feature that will beep if items are left on the cooktop.

Inside the Oven

  • The upper oven is 2.5 cu. ft. and the lower main oven is 4.2 cu. ft. for a
    total capacity of 6.7 cu. ft.
  • The
    AccuBake® temperature management system
    detects oven heat levels and monitors baking elements through built-in sensors to deliver improved cooking results.
  • The small upper oven is great for pizza, sandwiches, and other everyday meals. With the
    Rapid Preheat
    , the oven will be ready to cook in minutes, or you can use that space for prep tasks like dough proofing while the lower oven takes on the tough jobs.
  • The
    TimeSavor™ convection cooking system
    in the lower oven efficiently circulates hot air using a fan in the back, so you won't have to periodically turn baked treats to get everything heated evenly, and an
    EasyView extra-large window
    in the door helps you keep an eye on how things are progressing.
  • Other features that will make your life easier are the
    hidden bake element
    that leaves a smooth surface to clean in the oven cavity and the
    keep warm mode
    which prevent meals from cooling off while you're waiting to serve everyone.

Other Features

  • There is a total of
    three standard oven racks
    , one in the upper oven and two in the lower oven, and they are all adjustable.
  • You don't have to keep track of your oven's self-clean cycles - the
    Precise Clean system
    will do it for you! Then the length and frequency of cycles will be altered accordingly, saving energy and money.
  • For small spills, select the
    SteamClean option
    . Then a few minutes and 1 1/4 cups of water later, your oven will be clean again!
  • An automatic oven light comes on whenever the door is opened, but the lights can also be switched on or off manually.
  • The control panels are logically arranged and easy to use, and the visual sliding scale for the cooktop is a particularly neat feature. Not to mention, the lack of knobs gives this range sleek, clean lines.

The Whirlpool WGI925C0BS range packs the convenience of a double oven and the energy efficiency of an induction cooktop into one beautiful package. Whether you're a culinary master or part of a busy family that loves home-cooked meals, this range from Goedeker's is an unbelievable value.


Range Configuration: Double Oven
Cooking System: Accubake
Total Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cu. Ft.
Lower Oven Capacity: 2.5 Cu. Ft.
Upper Oven Capacity: 2.5 Cu. Ft.
Convection Bake: Yes (Lower Oven Only)
Convection Broil: Yes(Lower Oven Only)
Convection Roast: Yes(Lower Oven Only)
Bake: Yes
Hidden Bake Element: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Keep Warm: Yes
Rapid Preheat: Yes
Oven Racks: 3 Adjustable
Bake Element Wattage: 2000
Self Clean: Precise Clean Self-Cleaning System
SteamClean Option: Yes
Oven Light: Automatic
Heating Elements: Induction
Cooktop Design: Upswept SpillGuard
Electrical Requirements: 40 Amps/220 Volts
Width: 29 15/16"
Depth: 28 1/2"
Height: 47 1/8"

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Review Title: best range and convection oven here is why | Review by

purchased this range a little over a month ago. It boils water in 30 seconds instead of 12 minutes like my old range The convection oven speeds up baking by 15 to 45 minutes. And the second oven is perfect for dinners for one when the family is elsewhere.

Review Title: good for the serious cook | Review by

I've had this excellent range for about 2 weeks and have put it through most functions. I now live in a condo which does not allow a BBQ, nor a gas stove but I wanted a high performing stove as I'm an avid home cook. Also, being in an older building I needed a stove which was optionally 208V and this one is. It also works with regular 240V and switches automatically.

Review Title: This is a great oven | Review by

I love the speed of the induction cooktop and the compactness of the double ovens. Great design!

Review Title: Worst range ever! | Review by

From day one had problems. Whirlpool won't post negative reviews, so don't trust there reviews. After mutable problems, and over 3 weeks to get repair person, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get money back from Whirlpool. Don't buy this stove unless you get longest repair warranty available! Goedeker's did have the best price.

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

Purchased this stove about 6 months ago and this is my first experience with an induction cooktop. We were replacing a propane gas range and have found this to be a perfect solution between gas and electric. Plus, I love having the double ovens with the smaller of the two on top. We looked at another brand that was similar except the small oven was at the bottom and did not have a pull out rack making it seem more like a glorified warming drawer.

Review Title: FINALLY GOT IT ALL!!! | Review by

We've had our Whirlpool Dbl. Oven Induction Range for a month and I love it! I cook all the time and it still looks like new. The induction works just like it should, boiling rapidly and simmering when I want it. I've only needed to use the small oven thus far. The control panels are very easy to use (logical). Nice with no knobs. We did have an electrician come in to change the back cord so that it would sit closer to the wall. Apparently it fits better with a 4 prong. Would have been good to know when ordered at the store. Depending on the use of both ovens at the same time, I could give this stove/range a five star.

Review Title: The induction stove top is awesome! | Review by

Could use another large burner but overall love my new whirlpool range. The induction is the closest to gas for heating up, so if your a cook like I am you will love this range.

Review Title: I love the double ovens and the induction top. | Review by

Overall I am happy with the stove, however the oven fans drive me insane. They run for over an hour some nights after the oven is off and they are LOUD! Much louder than my dishwasher. This needs to be addressed.

Review Title: Love, love, love induction!! | Review by

The gas company sent a man out who said that just running a gasline up to our loft would be $3000, so I decided on induction because I have never used an electric stove top that didn't have hot spots, etc.

Review Title: Innovative Appliance | Review by

Stove worked fine for five weeks. Popping sound and the oven and two burners didn't work. Service company responded the next day but all required spare parts were not available.

Review Title: The only way to cook! | Review by

Induction cook top, dual ovens, convection cooking in main oven. Efficient, quiet, pretty. Worth its weight in Gold!

Review Title: good range | Review by

I bought this range 3 mounts ago. I have truely loved it and would recommend it to my friends. Cooks great on the cook top induction is fantastic. Small oven takes some getting used to how it cooks. Large convection oven is wonderful. BUT cook top and ovens are temperamental if the get to hot (you are using 3 or 4 burners very hot and trying to use the ovens) they all shut down. You have to shut off the power then restart every thing- ovens still wouldn't come on until after the top cooled down. That has happened only one time so far. The pluses far exceed the minuses and I am very pleased overall with this range.

Review Title: Frustrated | Review by

First, I want to say we love the concept and design. Combining an induction cooktop with a double oven is exactly what we wanted, and we love the way it looks in our kitchen. My only nit to pick here is that we would have preferred to have the largest burner up front instead of in the back. We do a lot of canning, and our microwave is mounted above the range, so it gets soaked to the point of dripping from all the steam. Overall we love the way it works, when it works. The 'when it works' part, unfortunately, is the catch. We ordered this unit at Lowes in September, and didn't receive delivery until November. Not a huge deal, but it made us concerned about Whirlpool production, and how long it might take to get parts if and when repairs would be needed. Upon delivery, after first plugging it in, it just sat there and beeped at us, and didn't respond to any controls. After trying several things, we finally decided to unplug it and plug it back in. This time it was quiet, and the controls were working. We were on our way to having our dream range! We used it for a few weeks, and were getting used to the induction cooktop, which is fantastic! The double oven was wonderful for Thanksgiving as well. However, once or twice before Thanksgiving, and then almost daily after, while (or soon after) wiping the cooktop off after meal preparations it would just shut down and beep once every 10 seconds, non-stop. There is nothing to do other than throw the breaker. It's been doing this to us at least once or twice per day ever since, and we can almost reliably re-create the problem just by cleaning the cooktop with a damp kitchen rag. It has shut off several times right in the middle of cooking dinner several times as well. We called Whirlpool for support, and after waiting on hold for over 20 minutes, were told by the representative that their fire alarm was going off, so they had to end the call, but would call back. They never did. We called Lowes, and they scheduled a repair tech, but that was about 2 weeks out. Our local Lowes has been as helpful as possible, and said they were prepared for us to return it if we can't get it repaired. That's where we stand now, waiting for a repair technician to take a look. We have our fingers crossed, as we really do want to keep the range. So that's where we stand. I plan to update this post after I know more.

Review Title: Just what I was looking for. | Review by

The induction top and double oven whirlpool was exactly what I was looking for. The induction top and its capabilities continues to pleasantly surprise me. The smaller top oven has saved time - and the quality of baking results has increased substantially. Still learning some of the quirks - for example, if you leave a hot pot or place any objects on the induction top, it "beeps" at you.

Review Title: Some Likes and Some Dislikes | Review by

Have owned the unit since Dec 2012 and cook 3 meals, 3x a day so it gets used. My first comment is that was obviously designed by someone who does not cook much!

Review Title: First time dud | Review by

Got our range and used it the first time, something popped and everything stopped. Had service out and have no idea what happened but, the main controls are fried. No thanksgiving as it will be another week or more to try the new control. After waiting 6 weeks and now no thanksgiving dinner it is time to send it back to Lowe's.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Induction cooking is faster, easier, and safer than gas or electric cooking. Water boils faster, temperature control is very exact and instantaneous. The double oven is great for meals with different components at different temperatures. The smaller oven is still large enough for 95% of all of our cooking needs. Looks great and performs great.

Review Title: Outstanding range and oven for the avid home cook. | Review by

I am a Certified Culinarian (American Culinary Federation). Soups are my passion and artisanal bread is my obsession. My wife is the Chocolatier, Confectioner and does some custom cakes for personal friends. We have exceedingly high standards for our professional and personal equipment. As part of a long awaited gut and re-do of our home kitchen I did months of research and this is the only residential product that had all the features we required in a free-standing oven/range combination. And it will fit in our very small (120 Sq.Ft. ) residential kitchen. OK, so I'm spoiled by having daily access to steam injected deck ovens and the like. But as far as I could find, this is the only freestanding induction range with dual ovens. And "money was no object" on the stove choice, I would have paid more to get all these features in one unit.

Review Title: Thrilled | Review by

My Whirlpool range is a replacement for a 1.5 year old Japanese make induction range that never did work property. I've had my new Whirlpool induction range for about three weeks now and I'm absolutely in love with it. The speed with which it boils is amazing. The quality seems remarkable. I'm still learning all of the features (like "simmer"), etc. and am learning something new each and every day as I do my day-to-day cooking. I'm so happy that we selected a "made in the USA" product knowing that if needed, we will be able to get parts. Hopefully we will not have to test that!

Review Title: OMG | Review by

Let me start by saying "WOW", I have been cooking for many many years and for the last year+ I have been cooking on induction hot plates (a major brand) and was really impressed with the reduced cooking time. Just recently my oven went out so I decided to try a induction stove, the double oven was a real bonus so I purchased the Whirlpool 6.7 Double oven w/ induction cooktop and let me repeat myself "WOW". This is the ultimate in cooking, bacon cooks in half the time and never burns, water boils in less than 2 min, and the ovens preheat in 4 to 7 min depending on which oven (top/bottom) and how high the temp. The entire stove has really put the joy back in cooking. Oh and least I forget all the stove top elements have a "simmer" function that really works I can put my stew meat on and after browning just touch simmer put the cover on and it cooks at exactly the right temp. As for the ovens, I live at just over 3000 ft and always had to adjust baking time and temp on my old oven to get the best bread and pastries, well no more, the first time I used the new oven I had adjusted the temp to compensate for altitude and promptly burnt my first pie. The second time I used the recommended temp and got absolute perfection. The "Accubake" is truly that. This is truly and excellent stove and very well made it looks great but even more it works fantastic, worth every penny.

Review Title: the contol who craves. you? not me. | Review by

This stove has a mind of its own and believes thatvanyvinput frombthe user can and will be ignorred? Lucky for me, my breaker box is right here in the kitchen. With a flicknof the switch, i gainbcontrol untile the next time. Insure hope you learn from this implementstion. Now let's move on. I expected so much more than you delivered and atvsuch abhigh price. Yes it has already been discounted to $1700. Still i Never paid paidso much more for what i didn't get but was alluded to. Nuwave users will know exactly what i mean by whoses control? Why am i limited to a sauce pan's diameter. Why can't i contol cooking the temperature digitally, at least in multiples of 10? What? I can not set multiple cook processes using a digital timer for each cooking element (6)? 9 subjective temperature settings is not digital. And the change you Do allow in settings is a non solution. Here is some nonsense manual talk. I have a frying pan 9" it will work on only 1 element while the manual says 3. Two front elements are too close to controls and often the sauce pan will shutdown entire range because it is too close to power. It will not cook on largest element even though it it larger than required minimun and less than its max. Smaller pans will cook on largest element as will larger but not this pot and all the pots are magnetic from same brand, and all work on the one nuwave cooktop. The ovens are awesome though they also have lots of software bugs that require me to turn to mu circuit breaker. What do you mean there is no software update? I have to get a new one? 2100.00?

Review Title: great stove at a great price | Review by

The fit and finish of this range is excellent. The induction cook top, our first, made us true believers in this technology, especially when cooking for large groups and when canning...too quick, but in a good way! Both ovens function flawlessly, so far. Our only complaint is the control for the cook top is on the cook top and is very sensitive to water and heat, it will shut down the top if hot water spill over it or if you set a pan or other hot item on it, but we are learning how to deal with that...

Review Title: Double oven/induction | Review by

The perfect combination. Double oven / with induction cooktop. Love it

Review Title: WOW OF A WEDDING GIFT! LUCKY ME! | Review by

My husband asked and this is what I wanted for a wedding gift. I'd been so happy and sold on convection/conduction cooking for a few years and this was the next step. What a difference to have such perfect control -- nothing is ever so-so -- nothing has to be watched and worried over any more. I bought a few pieces of new cookware, and while I'm not a great cook, my Whirlpool is!

Review Title: Awesome Range! | Review by

This is our first induction stove top. It's really nice! We had to buy some new pots and pans, but knew we would. Just take a magnet with you when you go shopping and find magnetic pans. Instant on and instant off cooking. Works awesome! The double oven is really nice too. Works well.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

We bought the double oven and stove in February. We really love the "boost" feature to heat water quickly! The only thing is, the stovetop will get scratches here and there. You will also need cookware that contains iron for use with the magnetic technology. We were not told that up front, so be aware of that. Overall, we are happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Mixed reviews but would still recommend | Review by

I love the induction cooktop and convection oven features of this range and those features have performed perfectly! My only complaints have to do mostly with design. With an induction cooktop, placement of pots on the "burners" is important and both the cooktop itself and the areas for the "burners" are black, so they are hard to see. Also, I would much prefer to have the large "burner" in front as it seems I use this one the most. The "touchpad" controls are not very responsive and I frequently have to make several attempts at turning things on, off, adjusting settings, etc. Conversely, I do not at all care for the hyper-sensitive "feature" of the cooktop that buzzes endlessly if anything but the proper induction cookware (ferromagnetic) is set on it. I think most people set their cookie sheets on the cooktop when they come out of the oven; you can't do that with this range and there is not a setting to shut that feature off. Finally, one thing I expected after reading up on this model was an exceptionally easy-to-clean range; however, I have found it to be exactly the same as my former, 15-year-old range in that aspect. Overall, though, I would still purchase this range for the features and price range I was looking for. The induction and convection features have made it worth the trade-off for me.

Review Title: Fast machine | Review by

Really wanted an induction cooktop. With the boost feature you can boil water in 90 seconds! Also I love that you can set a timer on a burner and it will automatically go off and unlike electric, when it goes off all heat stops. Also the speed of the convection cooking in the oven is really nice!

Review Title: Awesome cooking and baking experience! | Review by

I bought this Whirlpool Double Oven Electric Range with Induction Cooktop a few months ago when we moved into our new house. Even though I wasn't sure I'd need a double oven, I absolutely wanted an induction cooktop. Turns out I LOVE the convenience and versatility of the double oven, and the energy efficiency of the induction cooktop is unbeatable! The programmable timer/cook-time and other features like the child lock make it the best purchase for busy families who love a home-cooked meal. I couldn�t be any happier with my range and recommend it to anyone who loves to cook with convenient features while enjoying energy savings in the long run.

Review Title: Excellent features!! | Review by

My husband bought it, to update our old old stove and we fall in love with it after using it the first time.

Review Title: This product is very deceaving | Review by

I purchased this double oven gas range last year. I thought it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, but NOT..The gas eyes are not very powerful for a quick cook, the only one worth anything is the front left, which I use all the time. You CANNOT cook with many pots or pans on the top because it is not enough room to position them. Especially if you purchase the one with the middle burner which was told to me that it was a griddle and not a warmer. It will will not cook anything, but it will warm something, if you can get the pot in there while still cooking. Also, the ovens are not very good at baking, they don't brown on top. It cooks slow. Overall I give this a big fat 0

Review Title: Can't beat induction, but.... | Review by

Great stove. Induction is the way to go. The stove controls are simple and responsive, and the small oven is big enough to cook a chicken.

Review Title: almost like cooking with gas | Review by

I bought this range because I moved to an electric only house. I had cooked on gas my whole life and read horror stories about how hard it is to control the temp on the coil type ranges like my house came with. So I sprang for this induction range because I read that's as close as I could get. So far true. I haven't burnt anything and it's easy to adjust the cook top element settings using the visual sliding scale. I also like the double oven. So far I've only used the smaller top one because its summer and its hot, but I'm looking forward to trying the lower convection oven when its a little cooler weather.

Review Title: 2 Ovens!! | Review by

The top oven works well, but is best used for casseroles and other similar sized items. Have cooked a 20 pound turkey in the bottom oven. The only challenge is the fact that it is a little low. Wish the largest burner were in the front not the back of the cooktop. The greatest challenge for using the cooktop (it is a conduction cooktop) is getting used to the various settings.

Review Title: Amazing edition to the kitchen! | Review by

I purchased the oven about 3 months ago. I can't begin to say how happy I am with this product. The temp control is almost instant and I love the boost feature when you want to bring something to a boil very quickly. The double oven is also a very nice touch adding much needed space to a busy kitchen. I simply love this oven!

Review Title: Induction range | Review by

I bought this range a month ago. In my previous home I had a gas range and liked the evenness of heat and the ease of adjusting the amount of heat delivered to the cookware. My new home had all electric appliances and would require turning on the gas service only for the stove. After researching alternatives, I learned about induction ranges. I am extremely pleased with this stove. It can deliver energy quickly when needed to bring water to a boil or stir fry. It is also very easy to set and maintain a desired temperature. Another benefit is that since the stove surface does not get very hot, spilled material does not get burned onto the surface. Having a double oven is also a great benefit. Thanksgiving dinner was much easier to time all the food to be ready at the same time.

Review Title: One of its kind | Review by

I have only had this range for a couple weeks, but so far it's wonderful. I gave up a 5-burner propane range to go electric since we have solar panels. I am much happier with the ability to simmer! The propane was too hot for most of my low-heat needs (soups, etc). Having two ovens in a 30" space is great. I'm hoping that this is the last range I ever need to get.

Review Title: Induction awesome! | Review by

We bought this specifically for the induction cooktop. It is amazing! Water boils in less than a minute. The temperature control is perfect when you want to start with a boil and then down to a gentle simmer. The big bonus is no longer having burnt on spill over messes on the glass after cooking. The clean up is so easy! Great job!!!! The only Con that we have found was that the cooling fan when using the oven is a bit noisy.

Review Title: Fabulous appliance | Review by

I got this appliance for the Christmas holidays and has been loving it ever since. This is my first whirlpool appliance ever. Nothing was wrong with my electric single oven range, but I was frustrated waiting to bake for the holidays. I cook fast but this induction double oven is the best since sliced bread. As soon as I put the pot on its cooking, this is so wonderful. In comparison to other brands since I did a lot of research before I bought this product it is by far the best choice on the market, with regards to price, features, looks and usability. And Hoorah my husband is cooking now, Hot dinners with the warming feature after I work a long hard day, pssst. he's retired. I have already started to promote the product, all our friends and family knows, my coworkers knew even before it was delivered how excited I was to get my new range. Was expecting it for Christmas which disappointed me, but got it New Year's Eve.I am so happy I chose this product.

Review Title: We absolutely love this range! | Review by

I've been a huge fan of induction cooking for a long time now. Induction cooking heats faster than gas but still offers the great and quick temperature control that one gets from gas range tops. It heats a lot quicker than standard electric range tops and offers far more precise control of temperature. Induction cooking requires ferrous pans (any pan that a magnet will stick to will work, but as in all other types of cooking good-quality pans will yield the best results ). With Inductive cooktops it is the pan that actually heats, there is no standard heating element. (The stovetop under the pan will heat up from the residual heat from the pan itself but the surrounding area remains quite a bit cooler, I have also noticed that my kitchen doesn't get as hot as with standard rangetop's). Another advantage to induction cooktop's is they are some 30 to 40% more efficient in energy usage than standard electric cooktop's.

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