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Whirlpool WGE555S0BB 30" Black Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WGE555S0BB Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WGE555S0BB Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGE555S0BB Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Black Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range
Regular Price: $1,299.00
25% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $1,119.10
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Whirlpool Gold 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Whirlpool 27" Black Electric Double Wall Oven
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Whirlpool Gold 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" Black Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.0 Cu. Ft. Black Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
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  • 6.7 Total Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare hors d'oeuvres for a dinner party with our largest capacity double oven electric freestanding range.
  • Precise Clean Self-Cleaning System
  • The Precise Clean™ self-cleaning system tracks the time between self-clean cycles to determine the right cycle time. This makes sure the self-cleaning cycle only lasts as long as necessary for exceptional cleaning and optimal energy use.
  • Oven Preheat (Upper Oven)
  • Bring dinner from the oven to the table faster with 5-minute preheating. The upper oven preheats in just 4-1/2 minutes-faster than a full-size oven.
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Rapid Preheat uses all of the elements to heat the oven quickly and efficiently. Ideal for single rack baking, this option saves cooking time and energy.
  • Eco-Friendly Ceramic Glass Cooktop
  • The eco-friendly ceramic glass cooktop withstands intense heat while resisting cracking or chipping, preserving the sleek look of your cooktop for years to come.
  • SpillGuard Cooktop
  • Enjoy easier cleanup with the upswept SpillGuard cooktop design. Its raised edges help contain spills and help these models deliver the complete cleaning package.


Total Capacity: 4.2 cu. ft.
Fuel Type: Electric
Cooking System: Accubake
Clock and Timer: Yes
Adjustable Racks: Yes
Bake: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Bake Element: 2,000W
Preheat: Rapid
Automatic Oven Light: Yes
SpillGuard Cooktop: Yes
Electrical Requirements: 220V; 40A
Cooktop Burners
10" Radiant Element: 1
9"/6" Dual Radiant Element: 1
6" Radiant Elements: 2
6.7" Warm Zone Element: 1
Extra-Large Oven Window: Yes
Cooktop Material: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Knobs
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: Yes
Oven Lights: 1
Oven Racks: Standard
Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Labor Warranty: 1 Year
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 29 15/16"
Product Depth: 27 1/4"
Product Height: 47 1/8"
Gross Weight: 225 Lbs.

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Review Title: Looks great. preheats very fast | Review by

Love everything about the double oven. Very happy we went with it over a single oven. able to cook multiple items at different temps at the same time.

Review Title: Good, but curious... | Review by

We have had our oven for about a month, and we enjoy it just like we thought we would. My wife is super excited to use it for cooking Christmas cookies and meals. My only possible disappointment is the sensitivity of the glass top to burning drips to the point ghat you cannot get them off with just your normal cleaning. We have never owened a glass top before so this could very well be normal, but I would be curious to know what options would be out there to protect the top from being so sensitive to scratches and burns as it is. Good oven overall and nice features at a good price point.

Review Title: Great Cakes! | Review by

Installed this a month ago. Have used the top oven several times to bake cakes. It is just the right size, consuming less energy than the regular size oven. Got rid of the old toaster oven on the counter. Convenient arrangement of burners on the the range top. Love that one front burner can be used as a large or a small burner.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

I like the way that this oven has a small and big space. Love, love love the toaster feature. Haven't used all features yet. It's very easy to burn yourself if you're not careful but only did that twice.

Review Title: Even cook top heating. | Review by

I am enjoying my new range. The double ovens are very convenient and I am looking forward to using the small oven in the summer and not heating the whole kitchen. The cooktop heats even, not happy to have to clean it so often.

Review Title: Great Space! | Review by

Bought this about a month ago and love it! Small upper oven heats quick and is easily accommodating on most meals. Lower oven will definitely get used for the holidays!!

Review Title: Beautiful and works amazing! | Review by

Love every feature of this oven. Both top and bottom ovens work great. Haven't had any problems. My sisters and mom love it too and went and bought it.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I was forced to buy a new range when my previous one died during dinner making the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily I wasn't hosting that holiday but I was hosting for Christmas. So I mainly looked at double ovens knowing that last time, and my first time, it became difficult shuffling the different dishes. We bought from the Home Depot and were between brands. The employee was well spoken of Whirlpool and that's what we ended up getting. Apart from no longer having space under my oven for my pans to be stored I don't really have complaints. I've been able to cook several things on my stovetop while coming in the oven. I've also made 3 batches of cookies at once, one in the top oven, two on the bottom. Everything cooked evenly and had no need for longer cook times. The one issue I would say is that on the top oven in order to have a normal size item in the oven the track needs to be on the lower shelf. This makes it really parallel to the oven door and difficult to put things in and pull out of the oven.

Review Title: I LOVE my new double oven! | Review by

I purchased a Whirlpool Double Oven Electric Range a few months ago. My husband and I moved into a condo the year prior so that my daughter and her family could afford a home! They rent our house and we pay the bills for the house and they pay our condo mortgage, everyone wins! This oven was such a great help in making our little condo feel more like our home! I have my kids and families over every Wednesday evening for family dinner and this oven has come in so handy as I whip up a quick meal in the top oven for the adults and throw in another dinner for my grandchildren in the bottom oven!

Review Title: wow o wow | Review by

what a awesome product . Keep on producing top of the line appliances for my family and the world!!! thanks.

Review Title: Double the efficiency! | Review by

This is hands down my favorite appliance of recent purchases made for my new house. I still can't believe how quick this preheats when utilizing only the top oven for smaller meals. Awesome!

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Purchased this month very pleased with stove money well spent

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I bought this right before Thanksgiving. I love being able to cook various side dishes at different temperatures, so they are all ready at the same time. The smaller over was nice to cook smaller items for one, while my husband was out of town. Having the ceramic top where food can't go down under burners is a plus.

Review Title: Wonderful upgrade! | Review by

This is a very nice looking unit and we would never go back to a single oven design again. Glass cook top is easy to clean. Only negatives are that the control buttons need to be pressed a little too firmly to work and the upper oven can overheat your food because the food has to sit very close to the heating element.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

The double oven is so nice. The top portion heats up so fast. Nice for cooking stuff that require two different temps. Highly recommend

Review Title: Product has features that we didn't realize it had. | Review by

Fantastic combo oven. We didn't need the convection oven and the Whirlpool rep happened to be at Lowes when we were ready to buy. He was very helpful and made sure we got the correct range my wife wanted. Great job Whirlpool!

Review Title: Love this product! | Review by

We already have a Whirlpool gold refrigerator an dishwasher which we love. The range just makes things perfect. If I had a complaint it would be a small difficulty in wiping out the bottom oven between uses. You literally have to climb in. But after all it does have two ovens and the cooktop would be too high otherwise. Love having the 5th burner for warming . It is truly a magnificent appliance. Thank you Whirlpool. I will never buy any other brand!

Review Title: beautiful. double oven is great | Review by

This replaced a oven we have had for over 25 years .saves time . With just the two of us the smaller oven is perfect. Love the warmer burner.

Review Title: Dual Oven | Review by

I like the small oven because it preheats so fast, it saves a lot of time

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I bought this last month and I couldn't be happier with it.

Review Title: Loving my new double oven. | Review by

I have had this oven for a few weeks now and really am learning to love it. I use the upper oven most of the time as it heats quickly. I was afraid I wouldn't like the smooth top, but it's proving to be nice and easy to clean. My only complaint is that the bottom corner edges of the stove are sharp and I've scraped my foot a few times. My husband will try to remedy this. Overall, I like the stove.

Review Title: Love the double oven feature | Review by

Love the double oven features! I find the warming spot in the stove a must! Plus the face of the oven is so easy to clean!

Review Title: Good stove but top scratches easily | Review by

I bought this stove to replace an older stove. I have had a glass top stove before and they can be difficult to keep clean, however, for some reason this one seems to scratch very easily. The stove itself functions well and having the double oven works out extremely well when making multiple dishes.

Review Title: One Word"Amazing" | Review by

Last month we bought our Whirlpool eletric double oven .I have been useing electric stoves for over 15 years. I enjoy cooking and baking. When I started useing this one ..I had not known what I had been missing all those years! No more guess work where the most even temp was, cutting baking in half with the use of two ovens. That is just the begining. When its just dinner for two to four the smaller top oven is perfect preheats up in moments. The top range is perfect again precise heat that I want and fast.. the middle warmer is great letting your pan rest. I could go on and on , but then it would become a book .. if you have not guessed "I love my new Whirlpool double electric Range!

Review Title: Whirlpool Range Double Oven | Review by

We love the new range. The glass surface is hard to clean. We use a cleaner and have the sponge and razor blade.

Review Title: Whirlpool double oven electric range | Review by

I bought my oven before Christmas and just love it. It has all the features in a stove that I want. I was able to get rid of my toaster oven, which was an eyesore. My top oven serves all the purpose it did. Just love it.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

Love having a double oven. Preheats quickly, looks classy. Only minor issue is that the beeper for the timer only beeps once and isn't very loud. Would be nice if you could program it to beep repeatedly until you hit cancel - that way you wouldn't risk burning something if you're in another room when it goes off.

Review Title: Absolutely love this range. | Review by

I have had the range for about a month now and absolutely love it. The double ovens are wonderful and I've found I use the smaller top oven for just about everything,unless I need to cook at two temperatures. The smooth range top works beautifully and is not hard to keep clean. Well worth the price.

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

Really like it, heats up quick. Double oven makes it nice.

Review Title: EXCELLENT PRODUCT | Review by


Review Title: its not bad | Review by

I am extremely pleased. Easy to use also. Just run it at 450 for about 40 minuted when its new to get the smell out

Review Title: Awesome to have two ovens! | Review by

I bought my oven a few months ago. I really enjoy being able to cook two things on different temperatures. I am still trying to get use to all of the things it can do and how to work all of the electronics on it.

Review Title: A woman must have designed this!! | Review by

I love this stove! The convenience of two ovens is such a time saver. The warming burner helps at dinner time, so that all the food is hot and ready at the same time. The toasting feature on the top rack makes toast for the whole family at once. No more running to the toaster to pop four more slices of bread in.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I love my double oven range. Especially great for holidays when you need to bake so much at different temps. For everyday baking the smaller oven is all you need. You can put your toaster ovens away. Bakes well. I have also enjoyed having the two larger top cooking areas, and it is great that one is a duo (having the ability to use for a large pan or smaller). Wish this had been available years ago.

Review Title: Whirlpool Double Oven | Review by

Works great. Love the two ovens. Like the extra features on the stove top. The keep warm eye is real nice to have.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

This is the best and most efficient stove I have ever owned. All of the burners on the glass top have a special function, and, the double oven is the best.

Review Title: Love Ease - Great Cooking | Review by

Bought this for my new home. First double oven and I love it!

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I have had this appliance 11/2 months and it's great. The top burners really cook good and the color is awesome. It's simple to use. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the ovens cook unevenly. I have to keep rotating the pan to make sure the food is evenly baked. Otherwise great appliance.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

Have had my new stove about two months and I love it...I love the double oven I need the stainless steel refrigerator to go with it

Review Title: Nice looking and perfect cooking | Review by

We bought this one month ago and are very happy with the range!

Review Title: Just a GREAT Product | Review by

We bought the whirlpool double oven because of it's features. It replaced a Fridgidare stove that we were not very happy with.The Whirlpool Range is an all around better Range than the Frigidare we had.

Review Title: Love the double oven and it's functions | Review by

This range has been perfect. I shopped around and got a steal at an outlet store. Very please but didn't realize it was a version with exposed coils instead of hidden. But that was a lack of paying attention on my part! The only thing I am fearful of is the quality of the digital pad. I have read other reviews before buying and people had commented that the digital pad seems flimsy and I agree. I haven't experienced any trouble so I am not saying there is a problem. Looks great and I really do love it!!

Review Title: Love the double range! | Review by

I use both the top and bottom all the time to cook two separate dishes. Great design and very convenient!

Review Title: great product | Review by

This oven replaces my wall mount oven, which was small. I cannot believe how much space is inside the oven, plus two ovens in one unit makes it so convenient. Can do multiple things at once. Heats up quickly. I use the top oven the most because it is perfect for small, or one item. Stove top itself has five burners, one burner is for just keeping your food warm .Which is nice, because you don't have to worry about leaving something on there to "keep warm" and then have it burn. Keeps food at perfect temp. Overall a great product, lower oven you do have to stoop down to get in and out of, but not a big deal for me.

Review Title: A great purchase | Review by

So far, really well pleased with this double oven. It works great and it looks great. Remodeled our kitchen and went with all new Whirlpool appliances. We've been pleased with the quality of the oven and the other appliances, and the prices were reasonable. What a great value!

Review Title: Great Double Oven Electric Range! | Review by

We are very satisfied with our new Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Double Over! We replaced a much larger double oven with this model and are very impressed with the new and advanced features and quick heating elements and oven. We would recommend this product to a friend. Very impressive range.

Review Title: Heats so fast | Review by

It was bought for me as a Christmas Gift. It is very beautiful. All function work perfect

Review Title: simple to use | Review by

looks great, works great , double oven very helpful during big meals with family, and price was right,

Review Title: I like the split ovens especially the toasting feature on the top one | Review by

The temperature settings are prefer I have a family of five and having this oven helps get multiple dishes ready for dinner and is great when everyone in my family likes a different pizza topping.

Review Title: Great looking and great features!! | Review by

I bought this product a couple of months ago and am extremely happy with it. It is only myself and my husband so the mini oven on top is perfect to heat up for a casserole or anything for just the two of us, rather than heating up the whole oven. I love the control knobs, easy to clean. The self start and stop oven is a dream when you cant be home to get things started. I'd buy this product over and over again. I love the Whirlpool name.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this over a month ago and so far I've been impressed with its performance. The controls are well laid out and it's quite easy to quickly get what button or what know does what. The Cook Time functions well and works as expected.

Review Title: double oven | Review by

had for a few months. works great. touch pad takes quite alot of force to put in numbers. love the double ovens. small top oven preheats real fast.

Review Title: Nice oven, helped free up counter space. | Review by

Have had this oven for about six weeks now. I had been contemplating this purchase for a couple of years and when it was on sale, adding a rebate,figured it was time to purchase. We have a small kitchen with about 6 feet total countertop :/ . Microwave on one side a toaster oven on the other, barely any left. I like the fact I could use the top oven in place of my toaster oven, which I used daily, haven't used the bottom oven yet. The top oven has a toast feature which I like . I can also use my canner on the stove. Never have been a big fan of smooth top stoves, but fhe double oven feature wasn't available on an electric element stove. Learning to like it. It does make a loud pop when heating up, need to call and see what that is all about, but overall it fits our needs and was a good price. Am happy with the purchase.

Review Title: Quality Range | Review by

The only issue I have is that the timer buzzer is useless. The sound can not be heard more than 20 feet away and it only beeps once.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

Love the double oven. Great to just have to heat up the smaller top oven for casseroles or small pizzas.

Review Title: Double Oven Great Choice | Review by

This our second double oven and we love it! Very rooming and heats up very quickly. The only item that I liked in my other one was that the baking racks themselves where of much better quality. The grills on these are spaced father apart so that toasting something small falls through the racks. When you turn the oven light on it turns the light on for both ovens.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

Smooth top is very difficult to maintain/clean. This oven sporadically will not preheat. We have video footage of a couple times when we've waited over half and hour and even 1 1/2 hours, just to prove what it's doing. It happens sporadically when you least expect it, so you feel you have to monitor it every time you turn it on to make sure it preheats. Front left burner is quite hotter than the others (back right seems to be hotter as well). We have children with allergies and cook with coconut and olive oils - they are not supposed to be heated past medium (same goes for non-stick cookware). So, we need to know that medium is truly medium. My son was gagging the other day as the coconut oil was cooking, it was so hot & pretty much smoking on that front left at closer to low than medium. If I need to simmer, I turn it to the lowest possible setting; on the back left & front right it needs to be closer to medium for simmer. Popcorn cooks way fast on front left on close to low setting, yet on front right at Medium it sat for so long only about 1/2 of the kernels even popped. If we put a griddle pan over right burners on medium the front food doesn't get cooked & the back food starts to burn. We paid for this product. We paid for it to preheat. I want to warn others so that they do not have to deal with what we're dealing with.

Review Title: great stove -love the double oven | Review by

A few days before Thanksgiving our stove stopped working so we had to find another quickly, We were lucky to find this stove at a local store. We love it. The controls are going to take awhile to get used to but the double oven is wonderful, seems to heat evenly and looks great.

Review Title: Great double oven | Review by

We bought this right before Thanksgiving and have really enjoyed it. When we first bought it, it seemed to bake unevenly, but after the first few times it doesn't have any problems. Love having a double oven.

Review Title: Loving our Whirlpool double oven! | Review by

We've had our new range for a few months and love it. I highly recommend purchasing Weiman's glass cook top heavy duty cleaner and polish. I use this about every other day and it is keeping our cook top looking like new. Also, you may want to think about purchasing a few new pots and pans as you won't want to scratch up your new cook top with old pans. The smaller oven is great. It heat up in just a few minutes. I highly recommend this product.

Review Title: best range I have ever owned! | Review by

I just love it. Temperature spot on! Clean up is a breeze.

Review Title: Love the Accubake Feature | Review by

This oven is amazing. So many wonderful features. I am a better cook because of my oven!

Review Title: Greaat Stove | Review by

Great Stove/oven. Don't like that I have to bend down so far to get to the things in the lower oven, but I can get over that.

Review Title: everything on the stove is very nice | Review by

My wife love her new stove. We got 3mo.ago you can cook 3 or 4 think at one time

Review Title: Wonderful Product! Great Features | Review by

We are so pleased with the double oven electric range. The ability to cook simultaneously is truly wonderful. Very user friendly and saves time and money when ever we need to entertain and or cook for a large group.

Review Title: This is the best Range I have ever used!! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool Electric Range! The small upper oven is the best thing. It only takes a minute for the oven to preheat. The range is easy to clean. I love the energy savings that I have with the 2 ovens. I have retired my toaster oven since I bought my new range. I have rental property and I will replace my current ranges with this range! The oven is very quiet, you don't realize you have it on.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We are truly satisfied with our purchase. It has proved to be a great asset to our kitchen and our organization.

Review Title: Whirlpool Range | Review by

I only trust Whirlpool appliances in my kitchen. I've never used any other product and I never will!!

Review Title: Excellent Oven | Review by

I love the oven. Easy to use. Only concern is lower oven may be hard to take heavy items out of.

Review Title: Looks and works great! | Review by

Everything I wanted. Only issue is the glass top is fragile and scratches easy. Do not pull any sharp or heavy objects across it.

Review Title: Wonderful addition to our kitchen!! | Review by

We bought this stove a few weeks back and absolutely love it. It is easy to use and has so many options. Love the double oven and have used it several times already. The flat surface is great. So easy to clean and love having the two large cooking areas up front along with the additional warming ring in the center back. We will enjoy this appliance so much over the years to come.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love the functionality and being able to have a full oven and a half. Very easy to use.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I got this range/oven when we built our new house 3 months ago. The two ovens are my favorite feature, as I can cook multiple dishes at different temperatures. I also love the "warming" area on the range - it is perfect to keep a dish warm enough while other things are cooking!

Review Title: Cooktop is great. Bottom oven is too low | Review by

I purchased this double range, hoping that it would replace the double wall oven that died. I do like having two ovens. However, the bottom oven is too low and you really have to bend over to put items in. I think the top oven could be slightly taller. Everything works well. I love the burners and how fast they heat up water. It does bake things evenly and pre-heats quickly.

Review Title: New Whirlpool double over | Review by

It is a great stove and I am happy I bought it. It is nice having the two ovens.

Review Title: Awesome stove | Review by

Love my new purchase! The double ovens make it great to prepare different dishes at the same time, and clean up on cooktop is easy!

Review Title: Can't beat the price | Review by

This is my second double oven. My first was a Myatag Gemini. You cannot beat the price of this one. I paid $899 at Costco delivered. Good performance.

Review Title: love the double oven | Review by

I purchased it 3 months ago and love the double oven. I don't have to use the big oven and waste energy when I can use the smaller one on top and save energy. My old oven was very big and I had no choice but to use it even I was baking something small and the bottom drawer where the trays were, was just a wast of space. I really recommend double ovens for convenience and saving energy. The surface is also very easy to clean.

Review Title: Just a few weeks old now | Review by

Although we a the oven a few weeks so far so good . Only issue is the double oven doesn't allow a space to accomodate the electrical plug so the oven sits about 3" always from the wall. The small oven is used a lot. We cooked a turkey in the large oven and pies in the small oven , really nice ..Should have bought this years ago..

Review Title: Double ovens | Review by

This is the best stove. Shuts of when cooking time is done. Easy to clean. Cooks a whole meal at once. Love it!

Review Title: NUISANCES ONE HAS TO GET USE TO | Review by


Review Title: Heats up fast. | Review by

Had this stove for two weeks & love it in that short of a time. The small oven is great! Don't have to heat up the bottom oven for a small dish.

Review Title: resiliant | Review by

I recently wrote something not so good, believing my double oven range was defect. Honestly, this equipment is quit resilient. After having burnt a pot-holder between the burner and a pot, I thought that the range was done. We simply washed it off and it is operating just like new.

Review Title: This product is a disappointment! | Review by

Although it is nice to have two separate ovens, it has not worked right since I received it. I am on my third controller and am waiting on temp. sensors. Timer doesn't always work right. Should have 2 timers - one for each oven. Self-clean mode still has not worked right. Top gets terribly hot when the upper oven is on. There are no numbers on stovetop controls so it is hard to know what level of medium it is. Stovetop inconsistent (4 burners VERY different from one another temperature -wise). Only pictures to show which burner is which - what happened to words? Bottom oven "blows" muffin tops so they meld together as they cook. Both top and bottom oven temperatures inconsistent inside (back left very hot, front right much cooler). Stovetop doesn't clean well.

Review Title: awesome stove! | Review by

Bought this stove after the first one didn't work. So glad the first one didn't. Love everything about this stove. Very happy!!

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I am really impressed with the double oven feature. It works great. Cook top is easy to clean also.

Review Title: American Made Sold Me | Review by

The best part of this item is that it is American Made. Because of that, I would've expected more, not less.

Review Title: Functional | Review by

If you are an empty nester this product is ideal. The split oven is ideal if there are only a few of you and then the crowd comes in at spring break or the holidays. It is very versatile and I love the warming burner. This is my first glass cooktop and I love it.

Review Title: We love it! | Review by

This range has great features, from the double oven to the warmer, we enjoy cooking with it.

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

I am so happy that I purchased this unit. I have wanted a double oven for a long time and I haven't been disappointed! The best part is that for most meals I only need to use the top oven which saves energy because I am heating a smaller space. The controls are easy to use, the hardest part is keeping the surface clean.

Review Title: This product has great performance and features | Review by

My grand daughter loves to prepare meals and we had this old stove and only three burners on top was working and if you baked in the oven it baked uneven. One evening we were watching a sears commercial and it showed the same double oven stove I purchased for us to cook on. She said "Granny that's the stove we need, I am going to pray that we get it". Well, I went online and ordered the stove back in October along with the oven the range microwave there was some shipping problems along the way and she was angry, we visited the local Sears in Clanton and they ordered the stove and over the range microwave we received it two days before Thanksgiving! My grand daughter loves this oven so much that I could not cook with the old pots and pans she made me go out and by us some Paula Dean cookware.

Review Title: GREAT DOUBLE OVEN | Review by


Review Title: Double bake oven easy! | Review by

I purchased this oven right before the holidays it was a breeze fixing my holiday dinner having two ovens was just wonderful!

Review Title: Love having two ovens, just wished they work evenly! | Review by

We bought this whirlpool stove because it had two ovens. Our kitchen is small and there is no room for a wall unit and we thought this would do the trick. I bake a lot and was looking forward to cranking out lots of cookies at one time. Not happening!!! The cookies or anything else, for that matter, that is in the back of the oven burns and items in the front are not even cooked all the way. Both ovens do this. We have worked with the stove and the chain store we purchased from and the repair man, no luck. The repair man spent over an hour here and said he could find nothing wrong except it said 350 on the top of the stove but was only 340 in the oven. The repair man said there was no way he could check the temp in the front vs the back of the oven only the overall and that there was no way he could fix it. We tried lots of things, like letting it prewarm for two or three cycles, didn't help. I tried taking out items half way through the cooking time and turning them but that is a pain the in behind and things still cook too much in the back. So we are not please at all. Our local vendor is going to take the oven back and replace it with another brand. We are very disappointed with this oven's heating performance. Tried to attach an image but it looks like this comment photo-uploader works about as well as our oven.

Review Title: Whirlpool 6.7 Double Oven | Review by

We purchased oven about 4 months ago, works great.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

Bought this when we moved. Love the small oven, heats up really fast. Stove top is easy to clean.

Review Title: A Fabulous Product at a Great Price!! Enjoy Double a Ovens Affordably! | Review by

I bought this appliance right before the holidays and could not be more satisfied! Are you wishing for the convenience of double ovens without a costly wall remodel? This is for you! Upper oven cooks beautifully-with the added bonus of preheating rapidly. The bottom full size oven handled a large turkey perfectly and is a convection oven as well. I love the design of the cooktop. Great price-great function!

Review Title: I love my new range! | Review by

I've had my new range for about a month now and I love, love, love it. The only thing I question is the temp difference between the top oven and the bottom. The top one doesn't seem to get quite as hot as the bottom. So, I just turn up the temp on the top oven a tad and go for it. I love that my range is MADE IN THE USA! That was a HUGE selling point for me.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

It heats up quick, is very good for baking and love the double ovens.

Review Title: There is a drawback. | Review by

Because of the flat backside of the appliance, you'll need to recess the 220 outlet into the wall, in order to push the appliance flush to the wall. Now I have to pay an electrician to come and recess the outlet.

Review Title: Great Range! | Review by

Overall a great range. The cooktop is easy to keep clean and does an excellent job. The oven system is easy to use and the baking settings and timer are intuitive to use.

Review Title: Great purchase! | Review by

This stove is great! I bought about a month ago to replace two separate appliances, a stand alone flat top range and a historic double oven!! Its easy to use, and easy to keep clean. I also love only heating up a small space for a majority of things!!

Review Title: Double oven is wonderful! | Review by

Love this oven. Heats quickly, cooks evenly, can do several things at the same time. This is probably the most useful appliance I have ever owned :)

Review Title: Love the small oven | Review by

Sometimes it is cooking for one and a great convenience to have the smaller oven.

Review Title: Double Oven Range | Review by

I bought this range just before Thanksgiving. I had always wanted a range with two ovens. While it is convenient to have the two ovens, it took a bit of getting used to where to place the racks when baking. I love the quick pre-heat feature also.

Review Title: Double oven | Review by

Really like the oven!..very attractive. I Thot the small/upper oven would be perfect for the things like pie, quiche, bread and cookies I often make. I find ! however, the upper oven burns food if I use the recommended time for baking..this, in my opinion, is due to the top rack is so close to the top coils, and lower rack too low to the lower coil. I keep trying to adjust placement and time and temp..often I end up using the lower oven. Perhaps if this smaller oven was a bit larger so another rack could be added, and the lowere oven a bit smaller....course, it could just be the user, The stove top I adjusted very well to, from a gas...!

Review Title: LOVE this stove!! | Review by

I love this stove. The upper oven heats quickly and is so convenient for our two-person household. I can put our entree in a small pan, veggies in another, and wrap two rolls in tin foil and cook the entire dinner in the top oven, saving preheat time and oven electricity. The bottom oven is spacious for larger gatherings. The great thing is being able to cook a big dinner, using both ovens at different temperatures. Takes so much less space than two wall ovens. Cook top is easy to clean, heats quickly and evenly, and controls are easy to use.

Review Title: This product exlemt features | Review by

We all enjoy this product as whole family, and easy to clean

Review Title: The product is well designed with good features. | Review by

The Whirlpool double oven electric range is well designed. The size of the top oven is excellent for many day to day cooking needs. It heats very quickly and holds casserole baking dishes. The bottom oven is large to handle a full size turkey. The cooking top is well designed with a variety of sizes to handle different sizes of pans. The warming area is handy during parties to keep items warm.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Had it for about a month now and I love it. The dual ovens are great! And it looks amazing in my kitchen

Review Title: Double oven is fantastic but range is just okay... | Review by

We are very pleased with our purchase of this Whirlpool double oven. As a family with two full-time working parents and two boys under 5 years old, we are constantly on the go and rarely have time to make big meals. For our immediate needs, we use the top oven constantly and it does preheat very quickly (which is great when we need chicken nuggets and fries fast!). On the few occasions that I have needed to use both ovens, I really appreciated being able to cook at different temperatures, times, etc. The design makes it very easy to use. My only complaint is that the cooktop range is on the smaller side, so when we are using 4 burners at once it feels cramped.

Review Title: Great appearance and features. | Review by

Purchased due to double oven feature, stainless steel construction, and ease of use. has worked great with no problems; easy to clean.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I had to purchase a new oven and decided to go with the double. So glad I did as I use the top oven all the time. Saves heating up the big one and it is so handy being on top! Love all the features and the easy touch pad.

Review Title: Double the Pleasure! | Review by

I researched stoves on line and at stores, decided I wanted one with the small oven on top and am so glad I bought this one. It met my expectations at first, then exceeded them as I got to learn all it had to offer! I love having a small oven that cooks evenly, unlike most toaster ovens, so I got rid of my toaster oven and have more counter space! I thought the warming zone was somewhat unnecessary, but find I am using it quite a lot.

Review Title: Quality and super convenient DOUBLE Cooking! | Review by

The upper small oven is an awesome quick heat and very consistent cooking and baking. Big dinners are no problem with the two ovens. Two temps to cook? not a problem. Large batch need extra space? not a problem! I would suggest this oven for anyone from single person meals to a huge family.

Review Title: a great oven | Review by

I have been using my new oven for a month and I love the dual features. Awesome!

Review Title: Changed my life | Review by

I have had my new oven for 3 months now and it is beyond amazing! The top oven is the one I use the most. It preheats in half the time and cuts down on cooking times as well. And the luxury of having the bottom oven as well means I can cook a big meal in half the time!

Review Title: What a Gift! | Review by

I had a picture of this range which I had cut out of a magazine on the front of my refrigerator for months. It was on my wish list. To my amazement I came home fromwork one day in early November, started to fix dinner and what a suprise My husband had fulfilled my wish. Love the double oven, use them both quite often for famly meals. Smooth cook top is so easy to clean and it looks awesome in my kitchen.

Review Title: Great Stove for the money! | Review by

I bought this stove a month ago and am very glad I did. I can use the double oven at the same time and cook on two different temperatures. It is a very good stove.

Review Title: Can't live without it. | Review by

After waiting quite a while to purchase can't belive we waited so long. The upper oven is the perfect size for day to day baking while the lower can handle the big stuff. Burners are great also, heat quickly and evenly. Features are easy to use and very user frendly. This has made our kitchen tying everything together. Now there is no need for a wall double oven.

Review Title: Awesome range!! | Review by

Bought this from Lowes during their black Friday sale, so got a screaming deal! This range has been great and having the double ovens is fantastic especially during the holidays.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This Double oven stove is every cooks dream. My old stove finale played out after 35 years yes 35 years. It also was purchased from Sears Just in time for the holidays. Now I can Bake a Cake and home made bread at the same time

Review Title: New Toy | Review by

Purchased this appliance after seeing in the store...I'd never seen a double oven of this type - just the old fashioned insert eye-level models. So far, I'm very pleased. The appliance preheats so fast compared to other ovens that I've had, allows me to cook several things with different temp settings at the same time, and is great for just my husband and I or when the whole family descends on us! My only regret is the black cooktop shows every speck of salt and every streak of anything. I had a white model previously and thought surely the black would be deal! I can live with that fault though. Overall, I love it - it is attractive (when clean) and cooks nicely.

Review Title: working great | Review by

Have had nothing but great experiences with this oven. Would recommend to anyone

Review Title: awesome oven | Review by

We bought this a month ago and I love it. It's the first time I've had a double oven aND it's amazing

Review Title: Great stove for people who love to cook. | Review by

This is a great product. Easy to learn to use. Double ovens really help with fixing multiple dishes at one time. The keep warm features on the stovetop and upper oven are great when you are needing more time before serving. By the time we finish eating and are cleaning dishes, the stovetop has cooled off so I'm able to clean it without having to wait a long time. I would definitely recommend this product.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

In my previous home I had a built in double oven which I loved. When purchasing our existing home it had a single oven. I experienced many times where I needed an extra oven therefore, prior to this purchase I knew I needed my double oven back. The small oven is great for rewarming leftovers, baking biscuits, cookies, etc. I would highly recommend this product!

Review Title: Waiting for you all my life! | Review by

I had been waiting for a double oven for over thirty years. I love to bake for my large family, and they love to eat! This oven has it all...two (yes two) ovens to bake your cookies in half the time, two ovens to bake four pies at a time and when Thanksgiving for a large turkey and another oven to bake all the goodies that go with it! I love the non convection feature and the self cleaning. Never thought I would use the warming feature on the stove top, use it all the time! Can't say enough good things about this except of course its what you would expect from Whirlpool!

Review Title: Two Ovens are a huge improvement !!! | Review by

I am so happy I purchased the stove with two ovens. I use small top oven almost exclusively. It heats so quickly and saves electricity. Best stove I have ever had!!!

Review Title: Love my new double oven! | Review by

I bought the double oven about a month ago and I am absolutely in love with it! I can boil water in 60 seconds! I could go on and on - I have told all my friends about my new oven!

Review Title: WORTH EVERY PENNY! | Review by

My new Whirlpool oven is a dream come true. Everyone should have a double oven. I will be replacing remaining appliances with Whirlpool in the near future.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

Works great, heats evenly. I am cooking for 6 multiple times a day and am glad I purchased this stove.

Review Title: Nice features with a great display | Review by

Replacing another manufactures stove that was a constant problem. I love my new Whirlpool!

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

This was purchased just before Thanksgiving and made cooking for 25 people a breeze! PLUS, I was able to free up a ton of counter space because I no longer need my toaster oven!

Review Title: Great Stove! | Review by

I am loving the stove, especially since I read the instructions. It is nowhere near as simple to use as stove that I replaced with this unit! That being said, now that I have a stove with five burners I consider it a must. I have not fully utilized the two ovens at once, but it will come in handy this Thanksgiving. Overall the stove seems to be very well-built, and I love the fact that his is made in the United States. This feature is very important to me! Probably the only thing I would change on the stove would be to use his slightly thicker stainless steel material around the controls. Other than that, I really like this stove.

Review Title: Sleek and Fast | Review by

The oven is sleek in style and design. I love the fact that the top oven heats up very fast in about 5 minutes. I can start cooking and cut down on preheating times to get all items done in a timely manner.

Review Title: So efficient you CAN watch a pot boil! | Review by

They say "a watched pot never boils." Well, that's no longer true! With this new whirlpool range, pots boil in no time. And don't get me started on how fast the ovens preheat! I get more done in less time. The only drawback is how quiet the timer is. Unless I'm close, I miss it. Thanksgiving will be a breeze this year, no more jockeying casseroles for space (I have 3 oven shelves now), and I won't have to supplement with the microwave and the toaster-oven. Can't wait! Love it!

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

I purchased this during a holiday sale and got a really good deal. This is my 1st double oven and it has come in very useful. Overall I think the quality is good, the glass top does quickly get dirty/scratched...makes me question long-term durability. I think this is common though with glass-top ranges.

Review Title: So easy to use | Review by

Love my new whirlpool stove with double oven. Its great to just use half when reheating something or making a small meal. Even better when cooking for a group to have the two ovens with different temperature settings. Just love this oven.

Review Title: Double ovens are nice | Review by

The lower oven is a bit lower than I realized when I bought the stove. Like having the two, just very low putting stuff in bottom oven.

Review Title: Awesome features! | Review by

I chose this as the upgrade to the house I purchased. I love that during busy times I have 2 ovens to use. Also living in the heat of Phoenix, using only the smaller oven does not heat the house up as quickly as using a large oven.

Review Title: disappointing | Review by

Bought ours in November. This week (January), the entire electronic board has gone crazy...we can't set temperatures, the start buttons turns it off, and I'm SO frustrated. Well be calling our dealer this week and trying to trade it in. It's only two months old!!!!

Review Title: A Great Product | Review by

I bought this product as a return item and was very wary because of that. But, it has been a pleasant surprise. The small upper oven is used for most baking, saving both time and money. And, the lower oven can hold most any large item. Everything heats up quickly, including the burners and there is a warming burner which is very useful. All in all, I'd say we have thoroughly enjoyed this oven and have no complaints.

Review Title: Awesome Look! Awesome Cook! | Review by

I purchased my Whirlpool range about a month ago. I have dreamed of having double ovens and I have really put them to the test! I love the extra warming area on the smooth top surface and I love the sleek look! I am one happy cook!

Review Title: A really good purchase | Review by

We got our double oven a week before Christmas and have been enjoying cooking and baking with it. I was able to get my baking done in no time with the 2 ovens. We like the the quick heat up of the top oven. Plenty of burners on the stove and it wipes up nicely.

Review Title: met our expectations | Review by

meat seems to be more tender than our old stove and I cant find any fault, after a few mon ths use

Review Title: Too soon | Review by

Have not installed the range yet, but good looking

Review Title: has everything I want in a stove | Review by

I love my double oven range, it's everything I want in a stove

Review Title: amazing double oven stove | Review by

We have had our stove now for a month and we love it! We love the convenience of the two ovens. Living in Georgia makes it a pain to heat up the house with a full oven when not necessary. We've used the upper smaller oven multiple times now. It heats up in less than five minutes and cooks significantly faster than old oven. Cleanup is a breeze too. The stove top is also great. Cooks evenly and quickly. Cuts cooking time quite a bit. We love it. Very easy to keep clean with baking soda.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

This is our 1st electric range and love it! The warming zone is perfect and still learning everything this range has to offer :)

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Looks great, works great, excellent product. Upgrades a kitchens look nicely.

Review Title: Not pretty, but functional. | Review by

We bought this about 6 weeks ago to replace our 10 year old range that blew a main circuit board. It's very plain looking, and could use more style. Also the burner knobs are labeled low and hot with nothing in between like simmer of medium low etc.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

This is a really nice oven. Heats up super fast. Ours is dented on the top which we didn't notice until a few weeks later. Also the oven can't sit flush against the wall because of the plug. Sticks out about 3", not sure I would have chosen it had I know that ahead of time.

Review Title: beautiful stove | Review by

I bought this about a month ago. Decided I liked it at the store but now that I have it in my kitchen, I worry about the second oven being so low and the top oven is really cramped. Would I purchase it again? No But not because of its operations just because I don't like the size and height of the ovens now. But I do think it is a beautiful stove.

Review Title: Love my double ovens | Review by

I am thrilled with my new whirlpool range especially with the 2 ovens

Review Title: I never thought I could love an electric range, but I do love this one. | Review by

The double oven is my favorite feature. The small top oven is perfect for 90% of my needs, and it heats up very quickly. I like the fact that the temperature is displayed at it preheats. The larger bottom oven is great for turkey or multiple trays of cookies. The flat top stove heats quickly and, surprisingly, cools more quickly than other electric cooktops I have used. I'm still trying to get the timer to sound a little more loudly; I think it can be adjusted but I haven't figured that out yet.

Review Title: Now I love to cook | Review by

I have wanted a double oven range for years and when I saw this model I didn't hesitate. Double oven with a cooktop....and in white. Perfect and it cooks and bakes like a dream.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

I have really enjoyed cooking with my new double oven. It cooks evenly and efficiently. The burners take time to boil water, but food is always cooks well and not a problem with over cooking. Using the smaller oven to toast and bake is wonderful! I enjoy cooking again!

Review Title: EASY CLEAN | Review by


Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love having dual ovens and not sacrificing wall space. We use the smaller oven for 90% of our baking, and it heats up quickly and uses less energy than the larger one. Temperature seems very accurate and the controls are intuitive. The smooth top is easy to clean if you clean it immediately after a spill (once it cools). My only minor complaints would be that the buttons take quite a bit of pressure to depress (maybe I was expecting closer to a touch screen), and that it needs a second timer. I have had the oven 2 months and have not used the self clean function, so I can't comment on its effectiveness.

Review Title: Can't get enough! | Review by

I love my stove, I don't usually cook because it's boring but when I saw this stove I could not leave the store without it and I've used it every day since!! It's every bit as wonderful as it looks!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We have enjoyed our new stove a lot! The burners power up fast and are easy to clean. The dual oven allows for cooking 2 things at once with different temps or use one as a warmer while the other is cooking!

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Luv my new double oven. Easy to use, very stylish! Matches my new dishwasher!

Review Title: fast heat up | Review by

Ovens heat very fast saving time and money. It is wonderful to be able to use two different temperatures to cook with. Very satisfied.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Im happy so far, the only problem I have is with the timer on the oven, when im baking cookies and I take a batch out and put another one in and reset the timer the oven shuts off, and then I have to reset the oven. Not sure if this is user error or if there is a problem with the oven. time will tell

Review Title: Double Oven - Very Conveneient | Review by

We love our double oven. Upper oven is large enough for most common dishes and pizza. We use the bottom oven for turkeys, etc. Temperature control is great.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

I think this would be a great stove for people who didn't cook. When you use the burner area you can't clean it no matter what you use. I love the look, I bought a frig at the same time and the outside finish is great. The bottom oven doesn't have very even temperatures and I cook and bake regularly. It was top of the line and it should be much better. Not happy. Love the smaller top oven for toast.

Review Title: Works nice, looks nice. | Review by

Notification tones are too low. Function buttons are scattered and could easily confuse an outsider. Design and features are nice.

Review Title: Great Oven Great Price | Review by

Only been using the appliance for 3 months, but it does everything we purchased it to do. Love the small top oven, it allowed us to remove the toaster overn from the counter.

Review Title: I love the 2 ovens | Review by

I replaced my almond double oven with a stainless steel one. I like that style of range.

Review Title: love the double oven | Review by

should have bought this years and features are exceptional.

Review Title: Love this stove! | Review by

We love this stove and couldn't be more pleased! We have really enjoyed it. My only change would be to have individual lights in both ovens.

Review Title: Happy happy happy | Review by

The hubs purchased this for himself, he does most of the cooking and he is an excellent cook. He wanted a five burner and a double oven so he could do two pizza at the same time. I love the way the stove looks with our new dark grey cabinets. Fits right in. Now I want a new stove vent and a microwave and a refrigerator. Very pleased.

Review Title: LOVE THE DOUBLE OVEN! | Review by

I purchased this during the Black Friday sales and I really love it! The one thing I wish they would improve upon is the center of the burner does not have heating elements. The center is not as hot as the outer edges and pancakes for example; is cooked in a small skillet, does not cook evenly. The center is raw dough.

Review Title: Meet My Range, this is "Ced" | Review by

"Ced" stands for Chritmas Every Day. Thats what cooking on this range feels like.

Review Title: Great everything! | Review by

I bought this about 2 or 3 months ago and I love it. I'm not a type of person that bakes but I've been baking up a storm! I absolutely would recommend this product!

Review Title: Overheats | Review by

I love the idea of double ovens, however the larger oven overheats, burned my rolls on Thanksgiving, haven't had time to try to call for service but need to do it ASAP, very unhappy at this point.

Review Title: I Love it! | Review by

I had almost quit cooking until I bought my new stove. I bought it because of its big and small oven. Since there are only 2 of us now, we mostly use the small oven. The stove is easy to use, easy to clean, and is exactly what I have been looking for.

Review Title: great product, save time, energy, love it, love it, love it! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and love every feature! Most of the time I only ever have to use the top oven for quick baking. I have a small family so there is no need to heat an entire oven for a "few chicken nuggets and french fries". I also love the convection for quick baking! The flat range heats up so quickly and cooks so evenly one would think I was cooking with gas (and no worries, with this new technology, no longer do you need special cookware :-) Part of me is still old fashioned and I like an oven with knobs and this one has it (also, I'm paranoid and just feel that with all those crazy "Jetson-like" push buttons, there is just more room for breakdown; I know, paranoid). This oven has it all and a FANTASTIC price. I would recommend this product to every one I know, and those I do not know!

Review Title: Easiest Range to operate | Review by

Love this range. Best purchase I've made. Easy to operate love the double ovens

Review Title: Double oven | Review by

We could not survive with out two Ovens. We have a large family that comes to Grama's and Grampa's house on most holidays. This is our second Whirlpool double oven electric range. If we live long enough we wil no dought have are third. Bob Kaplan

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Our last Whirlpool double oven lasted 36 years, and was still very functionable, wife hated to change ovens but I wanted a state of the art appliance. The Whirlpool smoothtop double oven fit the bill exactly.

Review Title: Whirlpool double oven electric | Review by

It's been several months now since I bought this double oven. I looked at several brands and decided on whirlpool mainly because of the size of the upper oven. It is larger than others with two rack heights instead of one and the width allows for large pans. I do a lot of cooking and so far it has met all of my needs.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I got this the day after Thanksgiving and love it. My family loves the toast feature and how quickly the oven heats up. I also love the warming feature.

Review Title: Great oven Overall. Timer is frustrating. | Review by

The only thing that I hate about the oven is the timer. It doesn't re-set without a huge commotion and is not easy to use. Other than that, I love the oven and would recommend it. The buzzer that goes off when time is up, is not very loud and dings only once. Those are the minor frustrations. The cooking is great, and the product is mostly easy to use.

Review Title: Close to 5 stars, but.. | Review by

We bought this stove from the Sears clearance center. There was a small dent in the top above the control panel and some distress on the sheet metal of the back side of the unit. The extra few hundred off the best price elsewhere seemed very fair. After using the stove for over a month, we are very pleased with the design and performance. For Thanks Giving, we had a medium bird and six other dishes cooking at two different temperatures in the ovens, and four pots and sauce pans simmering on top. We really love the double oven!

Review Title: Great product had a Maytag double electric previously, this is a good match. | Review by

Two glaring issues for us as senior citizens, 1. rectangular window with read outs and clock are way too small. Older Maytag had a clock read out that could be seen from a distance, 2. wife's vision has a hard time discerning small very light colored graphics located on the back face of stove indicating burner position on stove top. I also have to get very close to see the graphic. our product is white with white face grey graphics even lighter grey graphic for burner location. The oven on display was stainless, with dark face. Very disappointed with these two glaring issues.

Review Title: Love everything about it | Review by

I wasn't sure I needed a double oven but it is so handy and saves time

Review Title: Needs repaired already! | Review by

I loved this oven as soon as I bought but tomorrow a repair man is coming already. I bought this on July 31st 2012 and it is January 29th 2014. A stove/oven should not need fixed in only a year and a half. When I turned off the burner after cooking the area around the control knob sparked and popped apparently frying the control panel. Now the stove and oven will not even turn on.

Review Title: Love my new stove | Review by

I love that there are two ovens, I can now cook more items that have different temptures instead of having to wait till one item is done.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I have had this stove for 1 month. I absolutely love the double oven feature. It preheats fairly quickly. I love the warming burner on the cooktop. The stainless looks great, and I am thrilled with it so far.

Review Title: Excellent double oven | Review by

My previous oven was a whirlpool, which I had for 17 years, so I didn't hesitate to buy another whirlpool. This oven does exactly what it claims. I love being able to cook a casserole or rolls in the upper oven while my main dish cooks in the lower oven. Love the rapid boil feature and the cook top is easy to clean.

Review Title: Coook times | Review by

Everything gets dried out, even if cooked 25% less time

Review Title: sleak design | Review by

Looks so nice in the kitchen. We bought this because we liked the double ovens and this one had the smaller one at the top. Will save extra bending over.

Review Title: Two ovens are handy | Review by

We've had this stove for three months. I like having two ovens, and the large/small burner option is useful. The lower oven is pretty much on the floor, so it's a little awkward but I use the top one most of the time.

Review Title: Double ovens are a great feature. | Review by

This is our second range oven in the past year. So far we like the double oven feature on this stove. The fact that it heats up quickly is fantastic and ease of cooking is great!

Review Title: Could not have bought a better range | Review by

I just love my new range--with only two people in my house, we only use the top oven portion when we cook. It preheats so fast and I know it is saving me money on my electric bill. I cannot believe I have not purchased this before!! My husband sells appliances and since we purchased this range, he has sold sooo many to people by telling them how much we enjoy it.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Love the oven.Only exception being the bottom rack is so low to the ground.If I could purchase pedestals like I have for the washer and dryer...I would gladly do so for the stove also.

Review Title: Love this stove | Review by

I have had this for almost a month and can't believe how much I love it. heats up so fast the double oven helps with dinner faster prep time Thanks so much

Review Title: extremely usable. | Review by

I bought this appliance three months ago and can't tell you how pleased we are with this range. Clean up is very easy. The double ovens are wonderful and so practical and easy to use. You really couldn't get more use in an appliance. It is truly a joy to use.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I bought this stove at the end of June. I have never had a double oven before, and I absolutely love it!! We have done garlic bread 2 times in the upper oven on the toast feature and it does a fabulous job. We are now able to get rid of our toaster oven because of this feature. Also, having burners is a nice addition for when we make a larger meal.

Review Title: Great Range at a good price | Review by

We have wanted a double oven for years. Since our old range died over the holidays we went looking. This unit fit the bill perfectly and wasn't obscenely expensive. The stovetop works great. Haven't used the warming burner yet but will probably sometime soon. Controls make more sense than our previous range. The ovens preheat quickly and are bang on temp. The only complaint was that it took a week of use for the smell to finally go away. And even now, two months later, we still get the smell occasionally during oven preheat. We made and excellent choice and are very happy.

Review Title: Double oven is great! | Review by

I am very happy that I bought this oven. I love it!

Review Title: Double is good! | Review by

So far I am really pleased. I have had to get used to the smaller oven and adjusting the rack as I burned the bottom of everything at first. It is easy to use and I am excited for Thanksgiving dinner as I am expecting less stress.

Review Title: Replacement for Maytag Gemini | Review by

I previously had a Maytag Gemini for 14 years. I had a part fail that was no longer available so unfortunately I had to replace it. I LOVED the Gemini, my first double oven. This Whirlpool model was the closest thing I could find to what I had before. One of the few out there that have the "TOAST" feature, which I used for things like Bagels and English muffins. So far I like the Whirlpool model but I'm not sure that I would say that I LOVE it quite like my old one. The upper oven had two notches for placement of the rack. I kind of wish it just had one in the middle as the upper and lower spots seem just a bit too high or too low. One thing I do love is how quickly it heats up. It is much faster than my old one. As for cooking, I'm still getting used to everything since it does cook just a little bit differently. I did notice that banana bread that I cook frequently was done more quickly than in the old oven. I used to have to add time or increase the temp to get it done right. I do miss the rolling racks of the Gemini but I noticed that none of the new models seem to have these anymore, even the high end ones. There is only one timer on this unit which seems odd having two ovens. It is also a little hard to tell which oven is on when looking at the display. All of these things are fairly minor and overall I'm fairly pleased with the purchase.

Review Title: Double oven is amazing with great cooking options | Review by

Overall this is a great addition to our kicthen. The double oven aids to cooking multiple items and the temperature is perfect from cooking roast potatoes to delicate fish. The stove top heats everything up 10 times faster then our previous stove. The only downside is keeping the ceramic Top clean. We didn't know Whirlpool offer a cleaning kit and cook top protection solution to help. I think this should of come with stove and a definite must buy for anyone buying this.

Review Title: great investment | Review by

Great stove-a replacemnt to one that was 40 years old!! I love the technology, dependable temperatures, the smooth range surface and 5 available burners. This has been the stove of my dreams!

Review Title: Nice stove. | Review by

This is a very nice stove. It looks great and works as expected. We did have to put a different plug it so that it didn't stick out about 3 inches from the wall. We love the double oven feature. We use the small oven all the time. Pre-heats in less than 5 minutes!

Review Title: Whirlpool stainless steel double oven | Review by

I love this oven. My guests ask me how we'll does it work? They Lovet it too. It transformed the whole look of my kitchen. I would definitely recommend this bRand and style, .

Review Title: Great idea | Review by

I love my new range. The small oven is so convenient and with the holidays I can now bake at 2 different temperatures.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I love the double oven. There is so much room to bake. I like the look of black and stainless steel and I love the five different burners. The only thing that would make this oven the best is if the cook top was easier to clean. I had to buy the most expensive, heavy duty cook top cleaner I could find in order to keep it clean. Overall, it is a great appliance!

Review Title: Extra oven space rocks! | Review by

I bought this range when we upgraded our kitchen. I love the easy to clean glass surface. But it was the extra oven space that was the reason I chose this range. I look forward to having this extra space during the holidays and any time I need two different oven temperatures.

Review Title: Love everything about it! | Review by

We have had this range for 3 months now & so far we love everything about it. I absolutely love having the double oven. I can bake something so quickly & easily in the top oven. So far the cooktop seems relatively easy to clean.

Review Title: Why did we wait so long? | Review by

Twenty years ago, we moved into our current home, which we love, but which had a built in oven meaning we were no longer using a full sized oven. For years, preparing meals for a family gathering were a balancing act of crockpots and even using the oven of neighbors. This fall we worked with a local carpenter to eliminate a countertop range and the cupboard below so that we could once again have a full sized PLUS the second smaller oven. I am thrilled! Cooking and baking are once again enjoyable with two ovens equipped with the ability start at specified times and/or turn off at the end of a baking or cooking cycle. I'm already planning my holiday menus--sans crockpots!

Review Title: buy this oven | Review by

love this oven !!! the double ovens are so handy !!!

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

I did not think I would like the glass top but I love it, coming from electric coil. Love the smaller oven for smaller items. This is all around a great stove with great features.

Review Title: Like the Double oven. | Review by

Don't like the coils in the oven being exposed and the top cooking surface requires HIGH maintenance to keep it clean and looking good. Even with all that additional care being taken on the cooking surface, we still have scratches and places where it will not come clean again.

Review Title: I love this double oven ! | Review by

We bought this oven 4 weeks ago after doing research and checking ratings on brands and double ovens . This oven had a five star rating. I couldn't wait to use both ovens and it worked beautifully ! The oven pre heats fast and the burners heat up fast as well . We made the right choice for sure. Love the whirlpool double oven !

Review Title: Easy to use and convenience | Review by

I love my double oven, I use the top one more it seems like. When I first bought it I was going to bake brownies and a cassarole and thought I would bake the brownies first then the cassarole, then it dawned on me I have two ovens and I used them. The one down fall I have noticed is the tope burners take to long to boil water. I don't understand why it takes so long, also I need an electrian move the plug that is mounted to the floor because I can't back it up to the wall due to the back plate is solid and is not recessed to allow the plug to fit in the area so the stove sits 3 inches from the wall.

Review Title: Excellent buy! | Review by

We bought our whirlpool double oven about a month ago and LOVE it! It made cooking our yearly Thanksgivig day feast for friends and family a breeze! No more stress about timein gthe turkey to come out and stay warm so that casserols have time to bake.!! Worth every penny!

Review Title: LOVE this Range! | Review by

My first use was Thanksgiving dinner! It was perfect! I baked casseroles and pies in the top while the turkey was in the bottom. It preheats quick! Lots of fun features! Worth the money!

Review Title: Great product with lots of cooking surface and oven space | Review by

With double oven space, I can cook/warm three food trays at a time. Also the small oven heats faster saving time.

Review Title: Purchase of double oven/range unit. | Review by

I bought this after I dropped something on the stove top of my old one and broke it. It is almost identical except for two points. One is that the upper oven is deeper which is good. The other is that the labels on the stove controls are smaller than our old unit and hard to read. For instance, it is difficult to determine which control is for the front element and which is for the rear. Not a problem if you are using it frequently, but I do not. So each time, I have to turn one on to see what lights up. Not critical, but inconvenient.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love the double oven. The top oven preheats in 3 minutes or less!

Review Title: so far so good! | Review by

Seems to work perfectly!! I really the double ovens!!

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I bought this product 3 weeks ago and I am loving every feature. I love the smooth surface and the cool control buttons. This oven has a Kosher feature for those who value this feature. It shows that Whirlpool cares about peoples needs. Great product.

Review Title: I love my new stove! | Review by

I bought my stove a few weeks ago and I love using it. I like the double oven and especially the warming area on the top.

Review Title: Great look! | Review by

We bought this so we could do holiday dinners at our home. I love it so that I can do my major meats in the bottom part and my sides, dessert, breads, etc. in the top oven. I can only say that I do not recommend this for anyone with back injuries as you need to bend low to get the meals out of the bottom oven.

Review Title: Two Ovens are Great | Review by

I bought this because I wanted a double oven range and had previously had good luck with the dependability of Whirlpool and bought a refrigerator and dishwasher recently. Unfortunately, since then my 19-month old dishwasher started leaking and has shaken my trust in these appliances. As to the stove itself it was a switch from gas to electric and that has taken some adjustment. I do especially like the double ovens and use the top oven for baking as well as the bottom even though the instructions do not recommend baking in the top. I have made pizza and bread from scratch and I like the even results from electric. I bought the white finish and am happy with it. The ceramic cooktop has taken some getting used to. I bought the cleaner and polish and have to work to avoid streaking. Most of the time soap, rinse and dry seem to work best. Overall, though, I think I am still getting used to it, but I like it.

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

I LOVE this oven! In Texas summer heat, it is wonderful to only have the top oven on to reduce the amount of heat into the kitchen. It's great for toasting & eliminates another appliance on the countertop.

Review Title: Great Double Oven | Review by

Just love this new whirlpool double oven because I can cook dinner at different temperatures and times and have dinner ready for my family quick with our busy lives.

Review Title: Love having two ovens. | Review by

I bought this after having the the Maytag Gemini twice and loving it. This one is great, and the only thing that I am unhappy with is that the racks are cheaply made. My others were more substantial and the metal bars were closer together. When I put my large pan with brisket in the lower oven the rack actually sagged. Other than that, I love it. When I put small biscuits in the upper oven to toast, they tend to fall through. It is beautiful, but could not recommend because of rack.

Review Title: Smooth Top Range with Double Oven | Review by

I have always had a coil range so the smooth top is different for me. I am very careful not to put any pots or pans that scratch. It it black on top and catches alot of dust and I feel I am constantly wiping it down. I looked into the stove covers(wooden type) but very that they are a little pricey. I use two placemats when not in use. I would recommend Whirlpool have a retractable cover that pulls out just between the area at the back of the stove below the knobs that can be pulled across the stove when not in use to keep it clean and also use as additional serving space. This is my idea that would make this a perfect stove for me and I'll bet others.

Review Title: The front control panel appealed to me as well as many other features. | Review by

Whirlpool had the only refrigerator with the correct dimensions which we were locked into getting without renovating our kitchen. Very happy you made the size and I expect many satisfied years with this model.

Review Title: Looks and cooks great. | Review by

I love the sleek look of the oven. And it was a perfect time to try it out. Made cooking Christmas dinner so much easier. Two ovens and a warming plate, WOW ! The only thing I did notice that was not perfect was that the upper oven seems to take more time when baking 2 identical things in both ovens at the same temperture. The only reason I can come up with for this is the possiblity that the upper oven has less air flow. But over all I am very pleased.

Review Title: Awesome Range | Review by

I purchased this range approximately two months ago. I love the many features it has. The burners and oven heat very fast. The top oven is very convienient for cooking bacon and meals that only require one rack. I prefer baking baked goods in the lower oven. Overall the best range I have ever owned!

Review Title: Love this stove!! | Review by

I purchased this stove as a stainless upgrade for another Whirlpool stove (still in great condition and never had a problem in 10 years). I love this stove - the double oven feature is great. Love the warming option, as well as the warm plate on the stovestop. Would highly recommend this stove and the price was very reasonable for the features and in stainless.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I wanted this range for so long...I finally got it. I am so glad I waited until I had the money to buy this stove instead of settling for something less expensive. I use the upper oven 98% of the time. It is so well insulated, it does not heat up the kitchen while using it. It bakes evenly and accurately. I basically use 2 burners and the warmer burner as I keep an electric griddle over the other two burners. It is so easy to clean the smooth surface...but have to use ceramic top cleaner to get off spills.

Review Title: Works well | Review by

Preheats quick. Double oven nice cook 2 separate entrees at different temps. Big enough to fit big roaster on bottom

Review Title: Fairly good product | Review by

Dark top smooth is very hard to keep the streaks off Looks it price add a nice touch to dressing up the kitchen. Bottom oven very hard to get food from. The top oven. I call my easy bake is perfect for us two older couple

Review Title: So far, so good! | Review by

We are pretty pleased with this little beauty. I've always dreamed of a double oven and now I have it! The smaller top oven preheats quickly and I use it 9/10 times when I am baking something. The first one we had delivered though, had to be sent back the day they installed it. The bottom oven door wouldn't shut properly. Lowes ordered us a replacement immediately and we have had no such problems with the new one. Overall it's a wonderful oven that has served my family of 5 vey well!

Review Title: Whirlpool Double oven range | Review by

I am very unhappy with this appliance. It seems to take a very long time to cook anything on the stove top. The dual ovens are very unreliable. On sheet of cookies bake fine on one temperature but the very next sheet of the same cookies in the same oven at the same temperature burn quickly.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

We have had the stove for awhile now it works great but the stove top is hard to get cleaned if somthing spills over into a hot burner. We have bought three different cleaners and none will remove it.

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

Very happy with the performance of the double oven through the holidays!

Review Title: Love the double oven for a small family | Review by

My previous oven went out and I now have more counter top since I no longer need the toaster oven, It is great

Review Title: Great features and easy to operate. | Review by

I bought my store about a month ago and have never been happier. It is so easy to operate and has spoiled me. My neighbor also are enjoying it because I can't stop making treats with it.

Review Title: Great stove, I replaced my old one with one just like it! | Review by

I replaced my stove with one like I had that I purchased only 3 years ago. I had a repairman out to check and the cost to repair was approximately $500.00. I was very disappointed the stove did not last any longer, but the repairman said he would recommend Whirlpool over other brands and I am taking another chance on this one. I am very satisfied with it so far. I have had it about 1 month.

Review Title: Great concept | Review by

We replaced a double oven from the 1940's with this one. What a great concept putting the ovens over top of each other. The space saving this feature adds is beyond measure.

Review Title: My kitchen | Review by

Love everything about it! Great addition to my kitchen!

Review Title: fast heating | Review by

This range with duel ovens has been the best investment we could have made. simply amazed at how fast the top oven preheats and the top burners are also very fast less cooking time lower energy bill.

Review Title: Versatile, efficient stove! | Review by

We have had this unit for a few months and it's been nothing short of impressive compared to our previous, overpriced Samsung range. The hook up was simple and the control panel is stylish yet functional. The versatility of dual ovens far outweighs most ranges with their storage drawers. The smaller oven heats up very quickly and the larger oven gives you that ability to cook several items at one time. We've cooked several roasted meats to perfection inside.

Review Title: Stove | Review by

I like this stove because of the Nice double oven feature

Review Title: My Wife's so Happy | Review by

My wife has wanted one of these double ovens for so long. She and I love our new unit. I especially like the fast preheat feature. I also love the dual mode front burner.

Review Title: A good stove for a good price | Review by

A good stove for a good price,america made,which help me make my decision.

Review Title: The double oven is great! | Review by

I've had this for a little over a month now and i'm loving the dual oven. For the most part i only use the top oven and it heats up really quickly. I love that the digital temp reader tells you what temp it is AS it preheats .. so you know when its getting close. My only negative is that i wish it was more stainless than black to match the rest of my appliances better.

Review Title: Great Dual Oven Range | Review by

I love the warming burning in the back. The ovens both keep the set tempature when they are both on. The stovetop does not heat up when the top oven is on.

Review Title: My stove! | Review by

Love this stove! Easy to use and the extra oven is great to have!

Review Title: Awesome so far! | Review by

All I know is my wife can bake twice as many loaves of bread at the same time! I love the versatility of the stovetop as well. Fast boil, slow melt, warmer. This item can do so much!!

Review Title: Double Oven in Less Space | Review by

I had my kitchen redone right before Christmas, so this stove went right to work. I'm so pleased with how easy it is to use and how well it works. The perfect addition to my kitchen!

Review Title: great set up on design | Review by

We used this stove several times and the products have come out great

Review Title: Cool appearance/great features | Review by

Love my new electric range. The baking is even and my goodies come out better than ever! Love having 2 ovens. Plus looking sharp, it does the job I need and want! Thank you Whirlpool!

Review Title: No oven door seals | Review by

Worst appliance I ever purchased. No oven door seals so gunk just flows in between the glass where it is impossible to clean. Very disappointing!!

Review Title: Just what I wanted! | Review by

Bought this model for the smaller oven. It totally replaces my toaster oven. Not only does it serve as a smaller oven, it actually serves as a toaster as well. I still have my toaster but when I need to toast several slices or items at once, it's perfect. Love the burner configuration too and the cooktop is so easy to clean. Only downfall,,,no place to store my pot lids. Not a big deal breaker.

Review Title: Best Purchase Ever; Oven from the Gods | Review by

Believe it or not I can cook TWO different meals at TWO different temperatures, and that works great with my children. The meal fighting has come to its glorious conclusion. The glass cooktop works like a dream and cleans up beautifully. Whirlpool never disappoints.

Review Title: Love the double oven | Review by

My wife loves to bake cookies in the three weeks we have had the stove she has baked cookies about every other day. Not only due the double ovens speed things up but they do a fantastic job of maintaining the set temps. Would not trade it for any other stove.

Review Title: Great double oven feature!! | Review by

Have been disappointed with Whirlpool in the past. Due to the Black Friday, GREAT pricing & need for a new range, we gave it another try. So far, so good. Absolutely LOVE the double oven with the toaster feature. Was able to toss the old toaster oven, which opened counter space. Highly recommend it to everyone. My only complaints are: cleaning the stainless steel & getting it installed. The sounding is perfect, the look is GREAT, & as I mentioned before the double oven is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!! Hope it lasts along time.

Review Title: Love the double ovens | Review by

I have never been more pleased with a range. It has everything that I need and want.

Review Title: Great Buy | Review by

Easy to use and lots of fancy features! Works great in both ovens!

Review Title: Love the two ovens! | Review by

We bought from a floor model sale. Absolutely love having two ovens to cook with. The smooth cooktop is an added bonus and cleans nicely. We did purchase the stovetop cleaner and it really help clean the top if you are a messy cook like me!

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

Love having 2 ovens. Very easy to figure out controls. Love the rapid preheat when only using 1 oven. Also love the warming stove eye. Very stylish looking.

Review Title: LOVE!! | Review by

We've had this range for two months now and we can't say enough about it. It warms up very quickly and is a great oven overall! No complaints here. Love having the double oven. The top one is perfect for simple dinners and is less bending than a regular range. So glad we spent a little more and went with this one!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I am having a hard time keeping the stove top burners clean. I have bought 2 different cleaners for electric stove tops and I still have a few spots.

Review Title: Really enjoy this product | Review by

We are really happy thus far with our new range. The stove top heats water quickly and has good temperature control. The push button display makes it easy to move back and forth between controling the upper and lower oven. The only negative is that it can be somewhat combersome/awkward removing larger dishes from either oven.

Review Title: Double oven review | Review by

Came with my new home; I am disappointed that the upper oven heats inconsistently, and the chrome on the racks in the bottom oven peeled off!!

Review Title: A MUST-HAVE! | Review by

I've been looking for an oven that had both a large and small separate oven, and this is just what I wanted!

Review Title: Nice Range but.... | Review by

This is my second double oven range and I really love having both ovens to work with. However, I am finding this range's ovens to heat unevenly and I'm not sure what to do about it. It has taken me a few months to get the hang of where to set the dials on the range top to get the temperature that I want. Overall I like it but wish I knew what to do about the uneven heating in the ovens.

Review Title: wonderful features | Review by

I can cook two things at one time at different temperatures and have them finish at the same time, loving it!

Review Title: So far it's great | Review by

Replaced a range that was older than I was and I am 29. I've only had it for a month, but no complaints so far.

Review Title: Pre-heating issues | Review by

It does not like to preheat to another temp. if you already have it preheated at a lower temp. Sometimes I turn on the broiler for a minute and then set the temp. and that seems to work. Other than that, it's awesome!

Review Title: Ok but miss my gas range | Review by

This unit is just ok in my opinion. We didn't realize that the outlet must be recessed to push the unit against the wall - so it is still 4 inches from the wall. Also, it takes about twenty minutes to boil water and the cooktop is really hard to clean. It does look nice and the two ovens were great for the holiday meal preparation. Just really miss my gas range.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

We bought our range about 2 to 3 months ago. It took us about a week to get used to a high tech range. We burnt a few pizzas but we absolutely live our new range!!

Review Title: This product has a great look & features. | Review by

This is a great product if you are needing a stove with two ovens. I LOVE the top oven being a toaster also.

Review Title: great oven easy to use | Review by

This oven is awesome easy to use and clean cooks everything evenly Just an all around great oven and the double oven worked out great over the holidays

Review Title: Great Range! Fast preheat | Review by

We love the new double-oven range. The top oven heats up in minutes as opposed to 15 minutes with our previous oven.

Review Title: Good entry level double oven | Review by

My wife wanted a double over desperately so when our old oven broke this fit our budget. Looks nice, everything is pretty easy to use. The elements aren't as powerful as out old single oven and I guess that makes sense. If I were to broil something in the old oven it would be very toasted close to the heating element whereas with this oven it just doesn't put that char on it as much.

Review Title: Easy to clean. Double oven is fantastic for large family, entertaining and holidays. | Review by

Love this double oven. I have wanted one for a long time and it was well worth the wait.

Review Title: love the cooktop | Review by

Love the double oven. Looks sharp, easy to clean. I am still getting used to the difference in temp from my old one but am getting there.

Review Title: super unit! | Review by

I bought this a couple weeks ago and could not be happier with our purchase

Review Title: not what i expected | Review by

little oven can't increase temp unless you turn off then set new temp. glass top scratch after second use . had a maytag for 8 years never scratch top .

Review Title: Loving it! | Review by

This is turning out to be a great stove! There are so many great features. First, I love the dual size burner, so I can use various pans in that convenient location. I also really like warmer burner. I didn't think I'd use it, but it's great for keeping things warm while the rest of dinner gets done. The burners heat quickly and evenly, and th stovetop is easy to clean. The controls are easy to use, and settings/changes are easy to figure out. The best part ... I love the double oven. The top (smaller) one is what I use most. It heats up very quickly and bakes evenly! I have used both ovens a few times, and I love having that availability! Overall, I'm super pleased with this product!!

Review Title: BIG MEALS NEVER EASIER! | Review by

We have had this oven for a couple months now and I LOVE IT! Large burners and 2 ovens makes getting large meals done fast! And the little oven is great for when it's just the 2 of us! Delicious pizza - will bake 2 side by side!

Review Title: Nice oven, innovative design, good for small spaces | Review by

I have really enjoyed my double oven from Whirlpool. We have a small kitchen where traditional double ovens would not fit. I love this compact design and have not missed the bottom oven drawer at all. I love the toasting option on the top oven,you can toast lots of pieces at the same time and not burn them. I think the design is very attractive and the stainless matches my other appliance of various brands very well. The cooktop is great as well. I love the warming zone. Nice for keeping things warm or simmering for long periods.

Review Title: New Double Oven | Review by

I am so Pleased with My New Whirlpool Double Oven.. I am the Husband and Do all the cooking for my Wife because she can't stand for long time with her numb feet. This oven Cooks as the product box recommends.. The other brand stove I have with a hidden Bake Burner always took Longer recommend.. I Am Very PLEASE!

Review Title: My double Oven | Review by

I love everything about this double oven/stove! Only one problem is when it has a stain on the glass stove top it is VERY hard to get clean I have been using different products to see which one works the best! Love the large capicity

Review Title: Absolutely love the double oven! | Review by

I absolutely love the double oven. The top oven is perfect for casseroles, heating breads, and anything not too 'tall'. It heats up quickly. The bottom oven is great for foods that you need to cook at the same time but at a different temperature. You get 2 very good ovens in the same space that one used to occupy. The cooktop looks great, is very durable and is a breeze to keep clean. By some Whirlpool magic, my pasta never boils over even at full heat! I can even cook with my favorite Cast Iron pans because the cooktop is that durable. Thank you Whirlpool for making such a great product!

Review Title: Nice Oven overall with some small issues | Review by

I grew up with a full double oven, so I know how convenient they are for baking, holidays, events, etc. I have always wanted a glasstop surface and this seems to combine the best of both worlds. The only drawback that I have on this right now is when baking cookies, using two racks in the lower oven did cause the top rack to burn. I've been baking for 30+ years and I've never burned cookies before in my life. There is also a popping noise that sounds like metal is expanding when the oven is cooking - assuming that it really is the back of the oven that is warming up and expanding.

Review Title: I love the two ovens! The upper one is used a lot. I love the fact that I'm using less energy here | Review by

The range looks great in the kitchen. Great features!

Review Title: Life saver | Review by

I have 4 children, their spouses and 16 grandkids that I prepare holiday meals for. The double-oven lets me roast a turkey at one temperature and bake a pie at another.

Review Title: Double Oven WOW! | Review by

This is the coolest thing we bought our oven right before Thanksgiving Turkey in one oven and pie in the other makes holiday dinner so much eaiser take and bake pizza 2 ovens no waiting heat them up together my wife loves to bake make double the amount of cupcakes in half the time only need to cook a regular sized meal no promblem top oven preheats supper fast and dosn't heat up the whole house in the summer love the smooth top stove very easy to keep clean most of all my wife loves it can't ask for more if the cooks happy so am I.

Review Title: super fast preheat | Review by

We decided on the double oven and we are so glad we did. My wife bakes often and I use the top oven to make pizzas and chicken nuggets quickly for 2 of our 3 children.

Review Title: Just can not get over it. | Review by

Well this stove came in very very handy for the Thanksgiving meal that is the tradition at our house, Several different pans of items in the double oven and all to come out about the same time. So great feature, keep them coming. Looking for the refridgerater may be for next item to purchase

Review Title: Superb! | Review by

After our stove broke, my wife and I was impressed with all the features this oven has. Especially the double oven. The one on the top is especially accommodating because my wifey doesn't have to bend as much. Like they say "a happy wife is a happy life".

Review Title: Replaced old Whirlpool electric stove | Review by

We upgraded a 1999 whirlpool glass top electric single oven to this new double oven electric glass top stainless steel. We absolutely love it. Easy to operate. Cooks evenly. The double oven is amazing for larger meals! The old oven was still working great. Looking forward to many years with this oven! Next on our upgrade list will be the Whirlpool French door refrigerator with extra drawer.

Review Title: Attractive, Easy to Use. | Review by

This oven came with our new home. I love the look. I love the dual oven. Make cooking/baking several different items at once at different temperatures. I like the burners that can change size of their heat circumference according to pot size. I like the warmer burner.

Review Title: So far, so good! | Review by

We have had this oven for about 2 months now and so far it has been great. One of the best features it has would be the rapid preheat. Though it did take me awhile to figure out why everything was burning quickly when I put the food in before the preheat was done! The rapid preheat uses the broiler and the regular coils to preheat the oven quickly, so you must wait until it finishes the preheat to put the food in, otherwise the broiler will burn the food. Once I figured that out, it has been great! I think the cooktop heats really fast as well. Bringing a pot of water to boil seems to take no time at all!

Review Title: My oven | Review by

I love it. The upper oven is great. Saves money, time,and is easy to use.

Review Title: Double oven=cooking twice as fast | Review by

Not only does this oven looks better than any oven I looked at on the market, but the quality of the food that comes out of it is awesome! I work two jobs and am a single dad so, when my kids want different meals I say no problem. Oh and the stove top keep warm feature is something that I honestly didn't think I would use, but I was totally wrong. Not really sure how I ever did without it. Thanks whirlpool for cranking out great home appliances that make life just a little easier for a family like mine!

Review Title: Nice! Double oven is the way to go! | Review by

Love it! The glass top isn't as nice as the last one I had (different brand), but I love the double oven!

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

Great to use stove at two different temperatures. Only complaint is the amount of effort needed to clean the cooktop and stainless steal. I had to purchase a polish and stainless steal cleaner.

Review Title: Love My New Stove | Review by

Perfect stove!!! The top oven is exactly what I needed being by myself a lot. Easily cook small portions without heating a large oven. When I do need to cook a lot I have that option too. Trying to get use to the glass top, but really beginning to like it.

Review Title: wow!! | Review by

I am so happy I choose this stove has everything I wanted and has met my expectations.

Review Title: This range is very nice.... | Review by

So far loving it. A bit getting used to after years with another brand and model. Seems to heat up alot faster also. Love the double oven for when we have get togethers. DOUBLE DUTY! Makes my life simpler!

Review Title: double oven range | Review by

I wanted a double oven range, and I love it! I am happy that I bought it.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Bought this stove a month ago and everything works great just need to move power outlet inset to the wall instead of floor so it will go back all the way to wall.

Review Title: love the double ovens | Review by

I bought this stove a few months ago and love it! I especially like the smaller top oven. It is perfect for pizzas or brownies. It heats up fast and saves energy.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

We bought this appliance approximately 2 months ago and love it so far. The small top oven is so handy. I love the fact that it acts as a toaster as well. I use that feature frequently! So far, great product for a good price!

Review Title: Great Unit | Review by

I really love this unit. It's features are easy to use and the oven heats up very quickly. The dual burner is helpful and the toast setting is Perfect!

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

I am really impressed with my new stove! Works excellent! This would be a great buy if you want the high end look at an affordable price.

Review Title: Great features, | Review by

Great product for price...modern appliance that I won't have to replace

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and I love it! The double oven came in handy while cooking for Thanksgiving.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

WE always bought whirlpool appliances and have had gret service

Review Title: double oven | Review by

Purchased for the double oven. I use the small one most of the time. Nice to be able to cook two things at two different temps. Like the large heat fast burner select size. Only complaint is the kitchen timer is only rings once and not very loud.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

I love this stove. The temperatures in both ovens are spot on. I love the warming spot on top of the stove.

Review Title: My dream oven! | Review by

I have wanted a double oven for years. When my old stove died I did a lot of research. I also talked to my appliance repairman who recommended Whirlpool, hands down. I LOVE this oven! The range top is amazing, it heats so quickly. Love the warming burner too. So handy. Thanksgiving was a breeze with 2 ovens. The smaller one is just the right size for cooking for two while the larger one held a huge turkey! It heats so precisely and quickly. And it is absolutely beautiful. A dream to cook on. Only con is that it has only one timer so if you use both ovens you need another timer. No big deal. Otherwise it's amazing.

Review Title: Love the two ovens | Review by

My husband and I purchased this stove about two months ago and we love it! Its so much easier to cook dinner with two ovens. I can cook chicken at 375 while also baking rolls at 400. The ovens and the stove top units heat up so fast! No more waiting for the oven to preheat. Really enjoying this purchase I our new home.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

I like this stove because it is easy to learn and has great features such as double burner and lots of oven space. I mainly use the small oven but nice to have all the capacity when I entertain

Review Title: I love my new range | Review by

My new electric range is very easy to use, it looks good. I like that the top oven has a toaster option. When I have my family over for breakfast it is easy to have toast and bagels at the same time. I baked pies and found that both ovens keep better temperature and an even heat. I cook most of my meals at home and love my new range.

Review Title: the double ovens a + | Review by

if the wife is happy and she is everybody is happy. double ovens great at Christmas cookies

Review Title: I really like this product | Review by

Having a bit of problem with the lower oven. Need to find out where to call for service. Door doesn't always close tight and temps seem to fluctuate.

Review Title: It's a lil tricky to operate but the two ovens is nice | Review by

I think the price is on the high side For the product in my opinion

Review Title: Great features | Review by

The controls are taking a bit of getting used to, but I'm getting there.

Review Title: Awesome product! | Review by

We love our new Whirlpool Double Oven. It gives us a lot more room than we had before with our single bake oven. We find we use the top, smaller oven quite frequently for smaller sized dishes. It heats up 100 times faster than our previous oven. It looks great and is easy to keep clean. I would highly recommend this product.

Review Title: Perfect for smaller meals and large ones, too. | Review by

We purchased a single oven range 3 years ago and soon realized that we had made a mistake. While it worked perfectly it wasn't long before we had a big family dinner and needed a second oven. So we donated the single oven range to charity and bought this double oven Whirlpool. Boy, is it wonderful! The upper oven has it's own controls and is perfect for smaller when we are cooking just for the two of us. The larger oven is plenty big for a turkey or anything else that you need to cook at a different temperature. The control panel for the burners and the two ovens is well planned and easy to use. This appliance is well made and easy to use. We love it.

Review Title: So Far I Love it! | Review by

Let me start by saying I'm a bachelor so I don't cook very often but for the few gatherings I've had its worked out beautifully. And I couldn't beat the price, I got it black friday weekend for $899 which was only $100 more then the single oven and the double oven looked awesome compared to the single oven that in my opinion looked cheep. My only negative comment would be that the stainless steel is cheap, a magnet is not supposed to stick to quality stainless steel!

Review Title: Great design and love the waing zone | Review by

My husband picked this out and wasn't so sure about it. We entertain a lot and it has been wonderful to have this oven. Works great and love the warming zone.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I bought this range last month to replace my old GE. The old range was working fine and was happy with it but I really wanted a dual range and a smooth top both of which I get with this new range. This range heats very quickly in both the oven and the stove top. I have found that it is easy to clean as well. I really like the digital display and how the burners are configured using the two in one with one control. That's pretty cool. It's a very attractive oven and fit it well with all of my all black appliances. I don't especially love appliances that are stainless because of the fingerprints but this one has been good. I haven't used the lower oven much but that's the beauty of this range, I hardly will ever use that lower part. The only thing I really have an issue is the buzzer for the timer... It's not as loud as I would like and it only beeps once, but it does beep like every minute. My old one beeped incessantly until I turned it off. I prefer that. Because I can't hear the new one, I didn't hear it and had a mess to cleanup. I will just use the timer on my phone.

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

So far it is one of the best stoves I have ever owned. I love it!

Review Title: Quick Preheat | Review by

Love the double oven. It has a very quick preheat feature in the upper smaller over. I use the upper oven for most baking needs and it is very efficient.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

Great oven! Heats up really fast. Didn't know that we would use the double oven, turns out we use it all the time. Didn't have to buy new pans to use it.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

Bought this with my new house about two months ago and we love it. It works great, easy to use, very easy to clean.

Review Title: Double the fun | Review by

I bought this stove after another brand quit working after five years. It was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. What a life saver. Pies in the upper oven; turkey in the lower. Love it!!

Review Title: AccuBake System | Review by

Not only is my new electric Whirlpool Stove beautiful & the perfect addition to my kitchen, but never knew how it would help simplify daily cooking. I will never stop being amazed how fast the oven heats to the exact temp, and range top heats instantly. Baking time is almost cut in half. Very happy with all the Whirlpool features. Best decision I ever made for my kitchen.

Review Title: My AWESOME new kitchen range | Review by

My 20 year old Whirlpool kitchen range was getting very tired, I do a LOT of baking ie. Like every other day, my neighbors can attest to my handy work! The oven was finally getting tired and would re-adjust the temp while baking, then the top burners would turn at will, it was time for a change. One day while I was out, my husband took it upon himself to go to the appliance store and purchase me a new range, all I had to do was go and o.k. it. I did and am soooo in love with my new range that has two. Ovens of which I have used so many times since. I have the most wonderful husband in the world for just buying me a new range. By the way my 20 year old range was also a Whirlpool! I' m so in love with my stove, tomorrow I will be making bread pudding in the oven.

Review Title: great oven | Review by

excellent use of space...the top oven is great, heats fast and cooks even. The bottom oven is extremely spacious. We love how fast we can boil a 5 quart pot of water!!! We are very happy.

Review Title: Good Quality Range | Review by

I purchased this oven two months ago to go into our new kitchen. It is a beautiful addition to our other stainless steel appliances with its sleek, contemporary style. The stove top has excellent temperature range and responsiveness with its large knobs. The burners distribute the heat evenly and make stove top cooking a breeze. The oven takes longer to preheat than I would like, but it makes up for it with its precision temperature settings. Although the double oven feature is nice to have when baking multiple foods, I am disappointed in the amount of heat transfer between the two ovens. You simply cannot leave something in one oven without recognizing that the use of the other oven will heat up the oven that is off. It would be nice if they had a volume control on the timer because unless you are in the kitchen, you will not hear it go off. Overall I have been pleased with this oven and would recommend it to a friend.

Review Title: My Magic Ovens | Review by

This is an absolute marvel in my kitchen. The two-ovens in one appliance is a great design as heretofore I always had to have two built- in separate ovens. The two oven concept, one large and one small, has helped me with my meal planning as I no longer have to figure the temperature compatible for two dishes where the recommemded recipe temperatures do not agree. I actually find that I utilize the smaller oven more frequently as we are a two person family. So kudos to Whirlpool for manufacturing this kitchen gem.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this stove a month ago and I can't believe how awesome a double oven is. It takes about a minute for the top oven to preheat and the baking is so fast and easy, I baked holiday cookies in just minutes because you can do 3 trays at a time. Awesome stove !!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Love the double ovens! | Review by

I was sad when I had to buy a new range but I couldn't have made a better choice.

Review Title: New | Review by

We purchased this to replace our Whirlpool appliances and found that the double oven rande is greate!

Review Title: THE BEST OVEN/RANGE EVER | Review by

This is my first double oven/range. I am in love with it. It is perfect for me.

Review Title: I love my oven! | Review by

I love my new over. It preheats quickly which is great! The top burners heat even faster. I absolutely love it! It makes cooking so much more enjoyable. And I love the "warm" feature and the "melt" feature.

Review Title: I love everything about this range! | Review by

I received this as a Christmas gift and I have used it everyday since and I am so happy with how it cooks and the ease of keeping it clean!

Review Title: very quick cook | Review by

Very nice beauty and good price ergonimic eady to clean

Review Title: Wonderful design, great product for a large family or someone who does a lot of cooking and baking. | Review by

The upper oven can fit two large pans (9x13) or muffin pans side by side, so I often only need the upper oven - plus it heats up so quickly!. The lower oven can also fit two dishes or pans side by side, and has two shelves/racks. I've found that the lower oven needs to preheat all the way before I place something in to bake or else the top burns a little. The upper oven gets a little warm when using the lower oven, so it's almost like a warming drawer or good place for bread dough to rise. On the top, the adjustable size burner doesn't seem to heat up as quickly or evenly, but still works fine. The large and small burner on the right side do heat up quickly and evenly, and there's enough space between the burners to have room for pots to be on both at the same time. We are so pleased with this double oven!!!

Review Title: Stove | Review by

Bought this double oven about 3 months ago. Still getting used to it but so far I have to give it a Thumbs up

Review Title: Fantastic stove with great features. | Review by

I absolutely love my stove! The cookbook heats up so quick that it's as fast as a gas stove without the irritating smell. Thanksgiving was a breeze with the dual ovens. I couldn't be happier!

Review Title: love the double oven | Review by

great small oven on top to do potatoes, veggies, it! don't have to heat up the whole oven for a tray of muffins. my muffins cooked faster, so i need to learn time on bakery items

Review Title: Love the double ovens! | Review by

Love all the features of this stove. Small oven is perfect for most baking/broiling needs and heats to temperature very fast. So convenient to be able to bake separate items at different temps or bake and broil simultaneously! The cooktop is equally as good but does show EVERY streak, dust, etc.

Review Title: LOVE this oven! | Review by

This oven is amazing! It looks gorgeous in my new kitchen. I've never had a double oven before, and I will never go back to a single. The smaller top oven heats up sooooo fast and is perfect for pizzas and casseroles. Everything cooks perfectly and evenly. The flat top stove is so easy to clean. I can't say a single bad thing about it.

Review Title: The perfect range! | Review by

We bought this range a couple months ago, and we already don't know how we survived without it. Broil in both ovens is a lifesaver, the toast feature is so cool, and everything heats up quickly and stays evenly at temperature. No complaints at all.

Review Title: Easy to use and convenient. | Review by

I do A LOT of baking and have wanted a double oven for years. I immediately loved the way the control panel was laid out and decided, on the spot, that this would be the stove I bought. Cooking with this stove is a breeze. The burners heat up very fast, and there's hardly a wait time to get water up to boiling. The oven seems to be well insulated because my kitchen doesn't get warm when I do a lot of baking. Most of my baking can actually be done in the top oven, so it has to be saving at least a little on energy because it isn't heating such a large space. But during the few times when I have cooked large meals, I loved that I had two ovens at my disposal so I could cook multiple dishes at two different temperatures.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Great product, great price. Love all the features, very easy to use. Love the double oven, makes cooking for a crowd very nice.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

I like the ovens except for the surface. It is extremely hard to keep clean.

Review Title: Beautiful Look to this stove | Review by

I bought this stove two months ago and love the look of it. Having the double oven is so convenient for cooking. Very expensive looking. The stove top is a challenge to keep clean and you have to take special care so it does not scratch. Make sure you use the recommended cleaning solution.

Review Title: very efficient | Review by

Because there are only two of us most of the time, we use the smaller oven 90% of the time. It heats up to 400 very quickly, and you can bake or heat two dishes at different temps. if you have a crowd,

Review Title: Best Oven Ever!! | Review by

I purchased this double oven because it was different and something new that not many people have. I don't do much cooking but the holidays came around and I was able to cook EVERYTHING at once and not worry about taking casseroles in and out! I just used both ovens at once and the stovetop with the extra warmer and everything came out at the same time, hot and ready to eat! Buy one of these if you don't have one already!

Review Title: Attractive and Functional | Review by

I always dreamed of having a double-oven stove and everything I had hoped it would be has come true in my new Whirlpool appliance. From the first day it was hooked up I started using both ovens. What a convenience! And when I only need one oven, the upper oven saves energy and bakes beautifully. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Review Title: Good Looks with Great Features | Review by

I like all the great features of this double oven stove

Review Title: Love the top oven | Review by

I bought this right before the Holidays and it was in constant use. The stove has been great - water boils in no time. I was a little afraid of the glass top - but it is so easy to keep clean. I wipe it with 409 every day and it shines. The top oven is such a help - we use it all the time. The bottom oven is a little harder to get used to - not as deep as my old oven but I was able to cook a turkey and rib roast and they were perfect - we did have trouble with cookies. We finally decided we needed to switch racks half way through and they were better. Also, don't put food in until the oven is finished preheating - the broiler is on during the preheat cycle. I am so glad we bought this stove and would recommend it

Review Title: great features | Review by

I boughtbit a few month ago and ove the double oven feature and when the door opens the light goes on automatically....

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

I bought the Whirlpool double oven range a few months ago. I love it! Very pretty and the double range is awesome. I can bake my rolls in the top oven while baking my dinner in the lower oven. Very convenient. The food bakes very well.

Review Title: nice unit | Review by

we bought in nov 2014 and very pleased love the double oven

Review Title: All I expected | Review by

Very Nice! Quite happy ! Works well and looks nice too

Review Title: Perfect for a family! | Review by

This oven is perfect for the family that spends lots of time in the kitchen! Easy to use, loads of features, can't say enough about how great this oven is!

Review Title: Double you pleasure | Review by

I purchased this product because the of the double over. I wanted to save time and money. The upper over is what I use the most and it only take 3.5 minutes to preheat to 350. That is about three times faster then the ovens I have used before

Review Title: A Holiday lifesaver - Fantastic oven! | Review by

This was so needed for the holidays! I bought this right before Thanksgiving in 2013, it arrived just in time the Sunday before. It was a lifesaver! I finally had room to cook and bake everything and then keep it warm through out the day! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Review Title: love this stove! | Review by

I cracked my last stove and had to buy one in a hurry. I went with this one. Best decision ever! Love this stove.

Review Title: Looks Good! | Review by

Functions very good and looks great in the kitchen. Easy to use and works just like any one would want int he kitchen

Review Title: very nice stove but | Review by

this is a very nice stove but the only thing is that I have to get used to it heating up so fast. My other stove took forever to pre heat but this has a rapid preheat. I am finding out that the double oven is a lot like thanksgiving when everyone brings food and tries to reheat it all in one oven but now is actually possible with the double oven. I would give it a better rating but I did not like how it toasted my garlic bead I like it a little toasty on the edges.... I put them in the second toast round and that is too much burnt edges. but in part my fault should of read that section of the manual.

Review Title: Nice stove / oven | Review by

Very pleased with the product. Only suggestion I have is concerning a slight safety issue when opening the upper oven and trying to remove the rack. The clearance between the door and rack is such that there is not adequate room for your hand and a pot holder.

Review Title: We love the double oven features! | Review by

We love how quickly the top oven preheats! We are excited to entertain now that we have the double oven.

Review Title: Just what I was looking for! | Review by

My wife had been asking for a free-standing stove with a double oven for a while. Together we selected the one from Whirlpool. She has been totally satisfied, and I have enjoyed the great dishes she has prepared. I wished I had bought one sooner.

Review Title: Noise | Review by

The range is very good overall but I didn't realize the cooking top would be hard to clean. Also when the upper oven is in use and as it continues to heat off and on there is a buckling bang sound that is probably from the metal changing shape. My old oven never made any sounds as it worked.

Review Title: Totally awesome!! | Review by

This product takes out all the guesswork out of operation. Simply put, operation of the product is a "no brainer".

Review Title: sorriest oven I ever owned | Review by

What do I like best? Could it be that it takes 20 minutes to preheat to 350 degrees? Or that the oven lights come on when I remove food from the oven - and then won't turn off till I unplug the range? How about that sometimes- it randomly chooses when- it runs 75 degrees too hot and burns the food. Oh, I can't forget when my buns were burned on top and doughy on the bottom. You know, I like the look of the oven. The customer service people are friendly and professional - believe me; I've spoken with a lot of them. By the way, this 2nd one they sent me to replace the 1st is just as bad.

Review Title: cook space | Review by

I bought this a month ago and so glad I did. I needed it for more cook space at Thanksgiving dinner. It worked perfectly.

Review Title: Pleased with this purchase! | Review by

Love the double ovens. We replaced a 25 year old range; so happy with all the features.

Review Title: Whirlpool Double over | Review by

unfortunately I have been a bit disappointed the top oven does not seem to cook evenly it burns the bottom and does not cook the top enought

Review Title: Having a double oven is worth it! | Review by

I think this was a great idea to use the space to add another oven. I also love the extra warming burner on the top. I am very pleased with this oven. It's awesome!

Review Title: Options and great look!! | Review by

I purchased the Whirlpool double oven 2 weeks ago. I had another stove (Maytag, 12 years old) and it had a toast button, which I used several times a week. Company do longer offers that option. The double oven is fantastic as I use the small oven for all our small meals, but still have a large oven for my family and guests .The color is black to go with my black refrigerator. A very striking look !

Review Title: great appliance | Review by

We have enjoy using the dual ovens. make great grill chesse sandwich. best part when the baking is done it turn it self off we dont tel the kids to watch for the oven sound.

Review Title: love double oven | Review by

Bought few months ago love double oven not crazy about touch screen oven control sometimes hard to push also not big fan of ceramic top

Review Title: Great oven, once we got it calibrated | Review by

I bought this oven based on availability and price. I was initially very disappointed with the baking results, but with the aid of some oven thermometers and the calibration function built into the oven - I am now pleased with the results. I like how quickly the upper oven preheats. It seems to serve most of our baking needs. I wish the pictures on the nobs that tell you which burner they control were darker. The time display is small, only useable when you are close to the oven. I have not played with the sound options, but the default timer is a single beep! This stove should meet our needs, although some improvements in the displays/marking would give it 5 stars.

Review Title: Awesome Unit | Review by

Love the double ovens and easy clean cook top. Preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners was so much easier. I was able to bake the ham, cook the vegetables and potatoes, and make two pies all at the same time. Awesome!

Review Title: Love the double ovens! | Review by

This Thanksgiving, I was able to sleep in as I had two ovens! Was thrilled with the extra rest and the double ovens make large family meals much easier. Love it, Love it You won't ever be sorry if you purchase this stove. It also makes everyday cooking quicker as the top oven heats much faster than my old oven.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this oven a couple of months ago and it's Great addition to the Kitchen! The The double oven being different sizes is a Great idea. While allowing to bake smaller items such as, cookies, breads and pizza in the smaller oven helps in reducing the electric bill and keeps the house a little cooler. Of course it also allows the use of both ovens if we have a large dinner such as Thanksgiving. My wife is in Love with it and that makes me a Happy Man, in many ways. Thanks Whirlpool for a Great product at a Great price too!

Review Title: Awesome design | Review by

I bought this around Christmas time.I am very happy with it.

Review Title: great lookin | Review by

It's been over a month sense I purchased the microwave and range...started with a bad taste in my mouth with the store I purchased them from. Very bad headache :/... anyway that headache slowing went away after input in the appliances and finally used them. Great looking in my kitchen and easy to clean! ?... love the double door for the range...faster cooking and just makes me wanna try new things at the same time. ( I love options)..I give it ?????!!!!

Review Title: Love this oven range! | Review by

The smaller upper oven is a perfect toaster and baker for smaller dishes. And easy to clean. The 5 range elements work perfectly. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to set the timer but since I refused to read the directions I consider that my fault. Living at a higher altitude I am having no problem making my normal dishes.

Review Title: Love my new Whirlpool stove | Review by

Our old stove finally gave up. It was time to buy a new one. We looked at several brands with many options. This stove met all of my requirements. I love the two ovens! I use the small one most, and I feel like I'm not heating extra space. The versatility of the stovetop is wonderful, and the five burners will be a blessing come holiday season.

Review Title: Awesome oven | Review by

I love having two ovens. This range is so nice . I have to get use to the flat top, had a coil top before. Would recommend this range.

Review Title: awesome features | Review by

I bought it a month ago and my wife loved it since the first day;she loves the fact that it can bake 2 different meals at 2 different temperatures at the same time and also color and design are great!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Overall great oven but the lower multirack oven works different and needs better understanding

Review Title: better than expected, great easy to use range. heats quick!!! | Review by

I was skeptical at first, but I am more than glad I made this purchase. heats almost as quick as gas. ovens heat very fast. top is easily cleaned and looks great!!. a lot of features too!! Great products, quality and prices. The 1 year warranty makes me hesitant to give over a 4 star review. warranty should be 5 years minimum!!

Review Title: just love being able to keep food at diffrent tempurature's or not use as much power f | Review by

whirlpool had been my only choice since 1971 when new colors or new features are added I pass mine to my family

Review Title: I didn't think it possible, but I love this stove! | Review by

I replaced an 8 year old stove from a foreign manufacturer. Nothing but problems with it including shutting off several times on its own when baking (i.e. Thanksgiving Turkey). I wanted and needed something that works right. I like this stove. And having the double ovens is great. The top oven is great for pizzas, garlic bread, etc without having to warm up a large oven. The top oven is incredible especially with how quickly it heats up. It also allowed us to get rid of our toaster oven that was using precious counter top space.

Review Title: Love the double oven!! Cooks, bakes, broils perfectly!!! I LOVE IT!!! | Review by

My new oven is wonderful! I love the double oven because I can bake multiple items at one with different temps. Bakes evenly and beautifully. I also want to say, it looks great! My kitchen is my new favorite room in the house! Can't wait to get the matching fridge :)

Review Title: Energy saving without compromise! | Review by

This double oven range is perfect when cooking for two. The smaller top oven heats quickly and shortens cook time. The lower oven is big enough for a turkey or large roaster. Two ovens make it possible to bake different dishes at the same time at different temps. Controls are easy to understand. Cooktop is easy to clean and the "keep warm" burner is very helpful. Great appliance at a reasonable price.

Review Title: glass top stove | Review by

The model we had before was much easier to use. The digital buttons are very difficult to push. Self cleaning oven didn't work as well as old model.

Review Title: its amazing | Review by

Love whirlpool its dependable and beautiful and I only want whirlpool in my kitchen from now on

Review Title: Best stoveI have had. | Review by

Bought it because of the double ovens, but the top also cooks perfectly. Highly recommend

Review Title: Good features, bad positioning | Review by

I received this Whirlpool oven 2 days before Thanksgiving. My oven broke and I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I ordered this oven from COSTCO because I trust their products. Since I ordered it online, I had no idea it was so low to the floor. It's very difficult putting large pans into the lower oven. Other than that, all the features are very nice such as the warming panel and the warming features inside the oven, the timers and the dual surface burners. If the oven were on a stand or had more space on the bottom, I would have given it 5 stars.

Review Title: alsom oven | Review by

Oven is the best we ever had top oven preheat in under four minutes range top heats fast and cools fast ..only thing is when it preheat it makes a bang sound I guess it's the metal heating up ...but over all worth the money.

Review Title: Luv | Review by

My little oven is hot! I have wanted a double oven forever.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I have had my stove for a few weeks. I just love it. The rapid preheat is amazing! Cooks food evenly too.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We bought it a couple of months ago. I really like having 2 ovens.

Review Title: Good stove, lower oven too low | Review by

Love the look of the appliance. Stove top heats up quickly and has various sizes of burners. The top oven is used the most - it's smaller so we use it for casseroles, pizza, garlic bread etc. Heats up fast as well. The lower oven is more difficult due to the low position. You really need to bend over to open/close. We'll use it for turkey and larger dishes. Overall we like the appliance. Matches everything else we have.

Review Title: Love our new stove | Review by

We bought this stove about a month ago and live being able to bake two different things at two different is easy to clean inside and out.the different stove top features work fantastically; the melt burner, dual zone is one of, if not the best investments we have ever made.

Review Title: Best Range Ever!!! | Review by

I bought this range about 3 months ago, I am very satisfied with it!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

We bought this stove about a month ago, I love everything about it. The dual ovens the warmer, and the melt setting. It has been so much easier to get everything done at the same time.

Review Title: love the double oven | Review by

I bought my oven about 3 months ago and had continues problems with the glass top and had to exchange more than five times now and no one will give me any answers to why it is doing it

Review Title: Top Preheats really fast with pizza stone in it. | Review by

Great purchase. It's usually just the 3 of us, so we only need the small top oven...but it'll be great to have the extra oven when the holidays arrive.

Review Title: Love the double oven | Review by

We bought this range the first of January while doing a kitchen upgrade. The small oven on top heats up within a minute and if timer is set, turns itself off when time is up. No more leaving the oven on and heating up the house unnecessarily. Lower oven cooks evenly and is easily accessible for checking on food. Love the warming unit on top to keep food warm once it is prepared.

Review Title: What Took So Long? | Review by

We love the double oven in a range concept. The top oven is perfect for small dishes, acting as a toaster oven, and reheating pizza. The bottom oven still has decent capacity so that Thanksgiving turkey will still fit. Both ovens have broiler elements, too. Good looking. One issue is that access to the lower oven is a bit awkward since its bottom is mere inches off the floor.

Review Title: great range | Review by

I bought the electric double oven range just before Thanksgiving and both ovens work great. The smaller oven is a good size for the two of us.

Review Title: more than expected | Review by

Love it!! It came with more features than I expected. I haven't used a toast button before. So Great!

Review Title: Beautiful | Review by

Bought this last month...I've been looking for a double oven since they came out, and I've found a keeper. The only downfall is that there's no drawer underneath, but I'll survive!

Review Title: Whirlpool double oven | Review by

I wanted 2 ovens and I got 2 ovens perfect for me very nice two

Review Title: New era cooking! | Review by

This is the most amazing stove I've ever seen, heard of, or imagined. Both stove top and ovens reach selected temperatures with amazing speed. Baked goods are more delectable than ever, piecrusts are golden and crisp, cakes are moist and tender. The convenience of two ovens is better than imagined, I can't wait for the holidays, no more holding dinner while waiting for the dinner rolls to cook! I love everything about this amazing appliance.

Review Title: I'll never go back to a single oven | Review by

I love the two ovens. I will never go back to just one.

Review Title: Double oven range. | Review by

Great buy for someone who like to cook and bake!! I have slow cooked on this stove overnight resulting in a tasty tender meal. Baking is a breeze when doing large batches where more room and varying temperatures come into play. Love my new stove!!

Review Title: Able to do a lot with all the features | Review by

We can do a lot more with this oven. the two ovens are a big help as far as baking more more items at a time.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Love the double oven and that one is small enough for just the two of us. The cook top is easy to clean. I enjoy the configuration of the burners.

Review Title: Regretted this purchase | Review by

I purchased this unit from Lowes and when this range was delivered it was damaged. We noticed damage after 2-3 days, tried to work with store and store was not very cooperative. Store didn't do a replacement and suggested that they will have damaged portion replaced. It's over 2 months or so nothing has happened and I have given up on this situation.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I have always wanted a double oven and been thrilled with my new Whirlpool! Cooking family meals where the entire meal finishes at the same time has been fabulous! Great product!

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

Replaced our 15 year old chipped top range/oven with this. Just love it! The ceramic stove top is easy to clean and there are no spots for the mice to hide under the the burners!

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

I've had this range for 3 weeks and love it so far. I use the smaller oven almost daily. The cooktop is also very nice. It heats quickly and evenly. Having the 5 elements is very convenient as well. I definitely recommend buying this range!

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this Range 7 months ago and I do use it a lot. We do have a lot of family getting together and the double oven has been a life saver. The bottom oven is a little slow in preheat when both ovens are on but other then that, so far it has been a great product. Everyone loves it and it has replaced two appliances I used before. It replaced the range and also the over the counter toaster oven.

Review Title: Love the double oven | Review by

I love the fact that I have double ovens. I can bake a dessert at the same time in the bottom oven baking dinner

Review Title: My Experience�! | Review by

Replaced a major brand much older, but has more metal, the range slides around floor like it has rollers, the glass cook top hard to keep clean, easy to scratch and maintain....with today�s technology looks like a back up battery or better electronics could be provided when we get an power glitch and have to set clocks and can't remember if any programming is lost....doesn�t seem any color is maintained on the WP products, some sides are gray and some are black, possibly we got old stock sold to us, no way to tell...!!

Review Title: Love The Double oven! | Review by

We bought this whole line in order to match the fridge that fit in our house. I am so happy that we got this oven because it is amazing. I love that it preheats in 5 min. I rarely use the bottom (bigger) oven because the top one is perfect size for pizzas or casseroles and everything else i cook.. its really is so convenient.. it cooks evenly and i find that things don't ever boil over on the cook top.. Rerally happy with this product.

Review Title: electric range | Review by

Some difficulty in adjusting to cooking temperatures and time. Much different from my prior range.

Review Title: Only Whirlpool | Review by

I have owned Whirlpool appliances for 35 years and now our children are putting Whirlpool in there own homes. We did not go into the store to purchace a new stove that day, but with one look at the new double oven I fell in love. The stainless steal and clean lines updated the look of our kitchen. It is great having the smaller oven for a quick meal for my husband in I , and I can't wait till the whole family comes for a visit because with two ovens to use, I will have everything ready and on the table at the same time.

Review Title: Two Awesome Ovens! | Review by

I'm a baker. Two ovens is the best in the world. No more waiting and staging food. Pure heaven.

Review Title: Great purchase!! | Review by

My husband encouraged this purchase---He said you wont regret having the double oven--and he is so right!!! Loving this range so much. Everything heats up so quickly on the stovetop!!! Highly recommend this range!!!

Review Title: Hate the cook top dbl oven is great! | Review by

This stove has been in my house one month! The cook top is so incredibly hard to clean and is already stained! I don't even want to use it!!! Last stove I had for seventeen years same type of stove top and never had this problem! Very disappointed! Dbl oven is wonderful but I can't boil water in my stove!

Review Title: great features | Review by

Bought two months ago and are satisfied with the range

Review Title: Such a time saver | Review by

I love the design and beauty of my new stove/oven but I enjoy the duel ovens the most. I bake a lot and have a large family so cooking in two ovens saves me a lot of time. My other family members are quite jealous. I also like the layout of the knobs and controls and like that they're on the top rather than front. Great job! This was the most economical units as well and I feel like I have an excellent addition to my kitchen. Well done!

Review Title: Love double oven | Review by

Since there are only 2 older people in household, we don't cook big meals. The small oven is perfect and we don't have to bend way down to get food out or into oven. Heats up fast and uses a lot less power being a smaller oven.

Review Title: Like that it's a double oven | Review by

Wish I could use it. This is the second stove and there seems to be a problem with the temperature in the lower oven. It runs 75 - 100 degrees than it is set and you can't calibrate it down more than 25 degrees still leaving a lot to be desired and impossible to bake with.

Review Title: A Lot of Flexibility | Review by

We've had the new baby for two months, and are happy with the upgrade we made over our previous model. Also VERY impressed with the factory warrantee service. Needed a new sensor, and they got to us quickly and took care of the problem perfectly.

Review Title: Can't believe I waited this long to buy this double oven! | Review by

I purchased this in November 2013 and have used both ovens at the same time for holidays and a few other special occasions. I love the upper oven for side dishes and breakfast, and the lower oven cooks the larger items, such as hams and turkeys at the same time.

Review Title: The best double oven around! | Review by

OMG! This double oven has exceeded my expectations. It's so convenient to cook two things at two different temperatures. It preheats clickly and cooks quicker than most ovens. Same for the stovetop! I love the warming zone on the stovetop too! It's easy to clean and just a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.

Review Title: Gas range | Review by

I have the double oven gas range. It has met all my expectations and has worked flawlessly. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to bake items at the same time but needs different temperatures. I previously had convection and I do love that as well but this gives more versatility with baking multiple items

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Love this range! Love the double oven option and also the options for the cook top. The smaller oven took some adjusting of cook times but once we figured it out, it is SO convenient! It preheats faster, cooks our food faster, and is much more energy efficient. The price point was also excellent!

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Really nice range. Feet could be more sturdy left back 1 got bent on install.

Review Title: LOVE it! | Review by

I LOVE my new Whirlpool Range/Oven. It is so easy to clean, I thought it would scratch easy but it doesn't. Love that the top oven heats up very quick and is perfect for smaller dinners. The controls are very easy to operate. My only complaint was the racks in the oven have some bend to them with something heavy cooking,(i.e. huge pan of lasagna). I wish the racks was made heavier. I am extremely happy with my purchase and it looks great in my kitchen too.

Review Title: Love Everything | Review by

I love all the features of my new range. I use the top smaller oven for so much saving on electric bill by not heating up a bigger oven just to bake a pan of biscuits. It is so easy to clean. Just a wipe and your done. So very glad i own this bsby.

Review Title: Nice Design | Review by

The range is very nice looking, and easy to use. The double ovens are convenient.

Review Title: this product has fast heat up. | Review by

Like the stove but the glass cook top is difficult to keep clean for someone whom uses it everyday.

Review Title: double oven!!! | Review by

I adore the double oven, and flat cook top is a dream. The warmer eye is nice too.

Review Title: Black Beauty matches kitchen appliances | Review by

Still rattling through the options and capabilities of this unit but we like it and actually wanted the gas version but did not want to pend the $$ for the refit...Like the double :Varied" oven option and the clockwise one burner counter clockwise a different burner... nifty!

Review Title: no complaints | Review by

the new range works great... no complaints! I like the double oven.

Review Title: wonderful addition to my kitchen | Review by

We bought this stove with double oven to replace an older appliance that failed. I love having a double oven as we entertain often and the extra oven saves me time that I can spend with my guests.

Review Title: Finally! A double oven!! | Review by

I love the small oven as I bake a lot and it preheats in a flash. The controls are easy to read and easy to clean. Love the fact that you can watch the temperature rise. I have used both ovens and it is great to have so much space for baking.

Review Title: Dual oven design is best of both worlds | Review by

The smaller (pizza) oven saves time and extra preheating time. Dual oven design cuts down on time when needing to cook different meal combinations when you have different cooking times/temperature setting. Also really like extra warming stovetop eyelet.

Review Title: Double Oven | Review by

The side of the double oven overheated the first time I used the larger bottom oven. I was told the oven door was warped and the insulation had fallen down. The repairman adjusted the insulation, but said there was a 30 day time limit on cosmetic issues. I had talked to the store where the oven was purchased before the thirty day deadline, but they said I needed to contact Whirlpool directly. The store said that the warranty would cover the repairs, but they did not mention the 30 day limit for cosmetic repairs. I now have a new stove with a warped door.

Review Title: Experience Excellent Quality Product made in America. | Review by

The Stainless Steel Double Oven Electric Range made by Whirlpool is the best engineered product currently in the market. It meets the energy savings required by law. My family loved this product and happy to recommend it for whoever needs quality range.

Review Title: Love love love | Review by

I got this a couple months ago and I love it! The tiny oven on top is the best. It seriously heats up in like 3 minutes! I use it for almost everything. Then there's the dual baking! Fantastic for dinners. The only complaints I have is that the lower oven feels low, because it obviously is low, and the timer alarm is quiet. I wish there was more than one setting for the timer! On the lower oven, I have to bend over far to reach it so it's a little awkward. But there's no avoiding it since it's 2 ovens in the space of one! And as I said, I really use the top oven for mostly everything, so it's hardly ever a concern. Overall, SO PLEASED!!

Review Title: plenty of space and easy to operate | Review by

we use the ovens all the time and just love the toaster oven

Review Title: I love the double oven! Another great Whirlpool product! | Review by

I am so happy that I bought this range. I never realized how nice it is to have a double oven. I can broil fish and bake potatoes. Also, the burners on the stove heat up a large pot of water really quickly! I thought I would miss the griddle feature on my old range, but no! This range comes highly recommended.

Review Title: Beautiful, High Quality, Precise Bake Temperatures | Review by

Purchased this replacement range week before Thanksgiving - performed flawlessly for the big event, recieved lots of appearance compliments. Both ovens worked hard over the holiday - held temperatures precisely. Easy to understand digital controls. Disappointed the oven racks do not "roll" out like our previous range. Lighting illuminates both ovens when activated. We love it!

Review Title: Lots of Options | Review by

Lots of options for both cooking & baking! Both ovens heat up rapidly & bake things evenly. Love having the dual ovens to be able to bake more than one thing at a time at different temperatures!!

Review Title: One of the best perchases I have ever made! | Review by

I only have Whirlpool appliances in my home. Love the double oven! it will be so helpful this Christmas. My fridge is probably the oldest piece we own, it's still going and is at least 20 years old. Great products at a great price..

Review Title: The Double oven warming burner = AWESOME | Review by

My wife and I made the right choice Whirlpool its AWESOME.

Review Title: The features will spoil you | Review by

The double oven is definitely nice - especially over the holidays! One of the features I really like is the warming burner. To be able to move a dish that's prepared to free-up other burners is nice.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Simple and easy to use. Cooks food evenly and boils water quick.

Review Title: great purchase | Review by

Love the 2 ovens. Was able to fix entire c Christmas dinner and could keep some of the food warm in smaller oven while ham was still baking in larger oven. What a great feature.

Review Title: Great Double Oven!! | Review by

I bought this for a total kitchen renovation, and its the best item! I love baking 2 items at different temps at the same time!

Review Title: Best stove ever | Review by

Absolutely love my double oven and stovetop. Works great easy to clean too

Review Title: In love! | Review by

I purchased my double oven a couple months ago and am absolutely thrilled with it.

Review Title: I like the small oven | Review by

The range / oven seems to be well made. the smaller oven has worked out great for making pizzas and small baking instead of using a large oven and using extra electricity

Review Title: Can't beat the value! | Review by

This oven offers a wide range of features for any person to be productive and save time. The value is high which over shadows the fact that there is no storage. Easy to use and relatively quiet operation make this an easy decision.

Review Title: Quick preheat! | Review by

I've only had this oven a few weeks now but love how quick the preheat is on the top oven!

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

Does what it is supposed to. Easy to clean. Controls take a little getting use to.

Review Title: Great Stove. | Review by

I purchased the stove for the double oven feature. Mostly cooking for just two people the small oven works just as well as a large without using as much energy. I have had occasions to use both ovens and all the burners on top. The keep warm features on the stove top and the oven when making a meal for a large group are fantastic. This is a great stove.

Review Title: Love the double oven! | Review by

We purchased this range a few months ago when moving to a new house. I bought the double oven so I could get rid of our toaster oven. I love how quickly the upper oven heats. I also love the warming feature on the range. Good product!

Review Title: love the design | Review by

I love my new range. I don't cook much but I loved the look of this range.The small oven on top is fantastic. I use it every day when I make dinner. What a great invention! Thank you Whirlpool.

Review Title: makes kitchen look finished performs to perfection love it | Review by

purchased this several weeks ago and have not regretted the purchase. makes the kitchen look up to date especially like the small upper oven [we are a family of two] as we do not use a large oven often.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

Purchased refrigerator a few months ago and so far it works really well.

Review Title: LIKE DESIGN AND STYLE | Review by


Review Title: Love the Little Oven | Review by

I purchased this in white and was delivered before Christmas 2014. I fell in love with the little over right away. There are two shelves to choose from so if you are baking cookies you can move to the top shelf and get your cookie off the heat to they do not burn. (Which was a complaint of a friend of mine with her small gas oven). How quick it gets to temp is also amazing. The cook top is also quick to heat up and clean. I'm a very happy customer!!

Review Title: love the double ovens! | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago and I am very happy with the purchase. I didn't realize how bad my old range was until I started using this one. We are a small family, and the top oven is the one we use most. The stovetop heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

Review Title: excellent priduct | Review by

Couldn't be happier with our product. Well worth every dollar spent. Great design and style. Would definitely buy Whirlpool brand again.

Review Title: The option of using just the upper oven is convenient. | Review by

I enjoy the many features of the stove. My favorite is the room provided by the two separate ovens. Sometimes I use the warming feature on the lower oven to keep foods warm until serving while I am baking in the upper oven or preparing foods on the cooktop.

Review Title: Great oven, convenient and easy to use. | Review by

My wife and I really enjoy our new double oven. We've had it for over 3 months now and overall it seems to be a very good oven. We've only used the bottom oven a few times but have used the top oven several times a week. The top smaller oven is great as it preheats very quickly, at least 3-4 times faster than our old standard size oven did. And it seems to maintain its temperature well. Nothing burned and everything cooks well. Pizza, cookies, roasts, broiled chicken, etc. The top burners are quite effective too, they run hotter than my old glasstop did so that takes a little getting used to. Only things I would change are cosmetic, such as when you open an oven door, inside lights for both ovens come on. Thats not necessary as in winter we leave the oven door open awhile after baking something. Also would be nice if they put a better indicator lights of which burner is on/hot.

Review Title: Love having two ovens | Review by

Having two ovens is a lifesaver at my house with busy schedules and no time to juggle side dishes desserts or bread

Review Title: Great | Review by

I bought this range 4 months ago. I especially love the top oven. It can be used as a toaster oven which has saved space on my counter. I can't wait for the holidays to be able to use both ovens for my holiday meal.

Review Title: I am really enjoying this stove. | Review by

This stove had the features I was looking for and I am very pleased with it. I was concerned about the temperature levels and I called Whirlpool and they sent out a service person who checked them out. They were accruate. Haven't had any other problems with it.

Review Title: Accu Bake | Review by

Pre Heat is quick. I've been wanting a Double Oven for a long time.

Review Title: You can never go wrong with whirlpool | Review by

Every appliance in my home is a whirlpool and for very good reason - dependability, durability and overall appearance. There are so many options too. I've got white laundry and starting a stainless kitchen with my brand new double oven! I hope to get a dishwasher one day (I've never had one) and a refrigerator to match. I've truly enjoyed this oven - for once everything is done at the same time! Thanks whirlpool !!!

Review Title: Just as described | Review by

We have had this about a month, and it is working fine so far. It is not top of the line, but is a good, basic stove. I love having the top oven, and use it often. It is kind of a pain to reach to the bottom oven, but I knew that when I purchased this. It is worth the trade-off to me to have the top oven. The bottom oven holds 2 large cookie sheets side by side, which my old oven did not, so that is nice. Like a fool, I baked something that spilled over in the top oven and made a really big mess. I found out that the cleaning cycle doesn't work very well, at least compared to my old Whirlpool. Two things I would like to see: a small indicator for each burner that is hot, rather than just one, and a different finish on the top. My old electric stove had a black top with a slightly gray texture on it, which was wonderful for keeping clean. I miss that! If you are searching for a basic double oven, though, this one works just fine.

Review Title: My Favorite Range Ever! | Review by

This range is strikingly beautiful and it heats so quickly I'm amazed. I use the top oven for almost everything. I can't wait to use both at the same time for family gatherings. So convenient. The warming section is something I can't live without now.



Review Title: amazing appliance | Review by

I love to entertain friends with weekly cookouts.the double oven is the perfect match for my feasts.i can keep my food warm while baking a side dish all at the same time! fantastic idea for an appliance!

Review Title: Excellent Range | Review by

We are very pleased with our purchase. The range has great functionality and even cooking. The top oven is perfect for those small meals that don't require much space. I'd buy this again in a minute.

Review Title: Luv my range | Review by

I love my range, easy clean up, and I don't need to heat big oven. I have nothing bad to say about this range, you will love it.

Review Title: Lovely stove | Review by

We've had it for about a month and love the double ovens. It's the best thing since sliced bread. We hosted Christmas dinner for 15 and all the dishes easily fit.

Review Title: In Love with this Oven! | Review by

I absolutely love the double oven! The top oven has the neatest toast feature and heats perfectly. This is the best purchase we have ever made for our kitchen. The smooth surface range is so easy to clean. I just cannot say enough good things about it! Extremely pleased!

Review Title: This range is awesome | Review by

I bought this range because the price was too good to pass up and I had been looking for a double oven range. I have a very small kitchen in a 1940's house and really needed 2 ovens as I do a lot of cooking for families our church helps and needed the smaller one when I'm just cooking for myself. One feature I really enjoy is the toaster as it toasts the bread perfectly and tells you when it is finished and it is just the way it says it is going to be..

Review Title: Best purchase ever!!! | Review by

I purchased my new Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. double oven electrick range about a month ago and WOW! Don't know how I ever cooked without it. I am able to bake my desserts at the same time as my meal, cook biscuits at same time too!. I can cook tonights meal and tomorrow's meal at the same time. The only think I would do with this stove is make the back right burner and left back burner cook a little faster. These two burners (which are the small burners on the stove) take 5 Xs longer to boil water. But obviously, I can live with that. If you are considering purchasing this stove, you will not be disappointed!

Review Title: Double Oven Range | Review by

Very happy with range. Especially the double oven. Smaller oven on top is ideal for small baking dishes and we also like the 2 stage burners.

Review Title: What She's Always Wanted | Review by

After 20 years with our old oven, We finally decided to replace it. My wife has always wanted a double oven stove. She bakes quite a bit and always hosts the family at all the holidays. With the double oven she can quickly do twice the amount of work and manage her time to get things right. After searching for the right oven, we decided the Whirlpool double oven was the best one for us. We are absolutely satisfied with all the features this oven has. We would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a double oven. One of the main reasons we chose this model was the name Whirlpool and it's high standards for excellence.

Review Title: Excellent oven | Review by

Bought this at our local Lowes store, what a fantastic oven/stove. The dual ovens are the only way to go and we have used them both often with no problems. My wife's homemade pizzas turn out perfect every time and no need to wait for the first one to get done to put the second one in. We could not be happier or more satisfied.

Review Title: Double Oven is great | Review by

We wanted a double oven again. The ability to bake 2 items at the same time that require different temperatures is a must have for us. Ability to preset time for ovens to start is great feature we use every Sunday.

Review Title: I love the double oven! | Review by

I've wanted a double oven for a long time and got one when we recently moved. It's done everything I want and I've reclaimed some counter space by no longer needing a toaster oven. I love the warmer ring. I've used that often during dinner prep. The stove top cleans up easily.

Review Title: Sleek | Review by

This is our second Double Oven unit. The first on was a GE. I prefer this one as the decals came off of the front of my GE. This stove is very nice. Oven heats fast and cooktop is great for all sizes of pans. I wish I had spent a little more to get the bridge burner for a griddle but that is my fault.

Review Title: Super Double Ovens! | Review by

We purchased this stove and double oven combo mostly for it's double oven feature and it has worked out great!! The stainless look is always sharp, crisp looking. I love using the smaller, top oven for daily use. The holidays will soon be here and I can't wait to have both ovens going to simplify preparing for large family and friends get togethers! Touch features are so simple to use--there was NO learning curve on this unit!! LOVE IT!

Review Title: Love the double oven | Review by

I do love the double oven. I think it cooks a little hot. The top doesn't clean off as well as I would like, but overall I do like it

Review Title: I love it! | Review by

Fantastic! It's just what I have been looking for, especially the upper oven, small size but has full function. I love it!

Review Title: Multiple options | Review by

Nice oven with lots of features love the 5th burner that functions as a kerp warm burner

Review Title: Love the double oven | Review by

Only had this oven a few months but love the double oven. With the top oven being so compact, it takes almost no time to preheat. Very rarely use the big oven but good to know it's there. Smaller top oven cooks faster and more evenly than our old oven.

Review Title: Love the two ovens | Review by

Very happy with electric oven but more than that I was super impressed with Lowes. Excellent service, delivered at the time scheduled and the service men were polite, thoughtful and cleaned up everything. I will always but any future appliances from Lowes.

Review Title: love it | Review by

had same stove for 20years and decided to upgrade!!! so glad i chose this whirlpool double oven! can use small oven when its just hubby and me and use both when the 4 kids are home! wish i would have purchased this years ago!

Review Title: Love this oven! | Review by

Love the double oven! The quick boil feature is great too.

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