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Whirlpool WGD8500BW Cabrio 7.6 Cu. Ft. White With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WGD8500BW Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WGD8500BW Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGD8500BW Laundry

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  • 7.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Featuring the industry's largest available capacity, these dryer models offer a 7.6 cu. ft. capacity drum that adapts to both large and small loads.
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing System
  • Three built-in sensors read incoming air temperature and outgoing air temperature while monitoring moisture levels inside the dryer. This helps the drying cycle end when everything is perfectly dry, saving time and energy.
  • EcoBoost Option with Eco Monitor
  • Saves energy by using a portion of the dryer's dual heating elements and extending cycle time. You'll get great drying performance while saving in energy costs.
  • Enhanced Touch-Up Steam Cycle
  • Steam refreshes clothes in the dryer, helping to reduce wrinkles and odors. Clothes go from lying there to ready to wear without rewashing.
  • Sanitize Cycle
  • Provides excellent care for your clothes while eliminating 99.9% of three common household bacteria without washing.
  • Quiet Dry Ultra Noise Reduction System
  • Keep operational sounds inside dryer and out of living areas with sound-absorbing materials around the dryer drum.
  • Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal
  • Avoid leaving items in the dryer with the adjustable end-of-cycle signal. Thanks to a helpful tone, you'll know when your dry cycle is finished. You can even adjust the volume if you'd like, or completely turn it off.
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are built with American pride and designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.


Total Capacity: 7.6 cu. ft.
Number of Temperatures: 5
Electrical Requirements: 120V; 60Hz; 26A
Drum Light: Interior
Drying System: AMS
Auto Wake-Up: Yes
Lint Screen Location: Front-Mounted Lint Screen
Drum Light: Interior
Steam Touch Up: Enhanced Touch Up
Auto Wake-Up: Yes
Wrinkle Guard: Wrinkle Shield
Number of Moisture Settings: 4
Vent Length: 64
End of Cycle Signal: Off; Soft; Loud
Wrinkle Control Time: 150 Minutes
Controls: Electronic Control
Control Lock: Yes
Steam Touch Up: Enhanced Touch Up
Wrinkle Guard: Wrinkle Shield
Number of Moisture Settings: 4
End of Cycle Signal: Off; Soft; Loud
Door Window: Dryer Door Window
Top Finish: Painted
Reversible Door: Reversible Side Swing Door
Drum Material: Powder Coat
Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Labor Warranty: 1 Year
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 29"
Product Depth: 29 1/4"
Product Height: 45 1/8"
Gross Weight: 172 Lbs.

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Review Title: This dryer runs forever! | Review by

The automatic drying feature is practically useless because it keeps sensing the wet clothes even if majority of the clothes are already dry and re-sets the drying cycle. I would not recommend this product to anybody. Not worth your money.

Review Title: Does not work as advertised | Review by

The steam cycle is not accurate. It is a mist cycle. Does not perform as advertised.

Review Title: Great peformance! | Review by

I've used my new Whirlpool washer for the past 6 weeks and it has cleaned my clothes, linens, and heavy duty rugs very well! It's quiet and washes with a minimum or water. It offers a good variey of cycle choices.

Review Title: Dryer is very loud. I had it service and the service repair man states, everyone complain about the | Review by

The dryer is very loud. The serviceman came out and said, this is the number one complaint. The back of the dryer has a thin metal sheet and it just vibrate and rattle the whole time the dryer is on. I rate the dryer very poor.

Review Title: Avoid | Review by

Bought less than 1 month ago, has had two service calls already, does NOT dry clothes.

Review Title: Miss my old cabrios | Review by

So my control panel went out on my old cabrio washing machine so I decided to upgrade with a new pair. Wish I hadn't. I've had this dryer for about three months now. It makes a very loud rattle intermittently. In the begining it was tolerable, now I can't even watch tv while its going. The lint screen design is a nightmare. It doesn't catch all the lint and you can't get anything in there to vacuum it out. The check vent light constantly comes on and it gets cleaned after every use. I'm very disappointed.

Review Title: Clothes not getting dried | Review by

I have followed recommendations and find that clothes don't dry in the allotted time period. Also, things come out wrinkled and need to be ironed, which I did not have with my previous dryer.

Review Title: Dryer lint - awful | Review by

So I've had this dryer for only 4 months and it's constantly telling me to check the lint bin. The lint keeps falling in deeper in and not being caught. It's annoying and then doesn't dry the clothes.

Review Title: Disappointing Dryer | Review by

I purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio dryer with the washing machine approximately six months ago. The only setting that works perfectly is when the dial is on Normal all other items are always damp. I washed my king size blanket and I changed the setting to Bulk Item and I had to put the blanket in twice because it was still wet. It is quite annoying when you are ready to put in the next load and the first load is still dry. Also with this dryer you absolutely have to clean the vent after each wash or again your clothes will be damp.

Review Title: Not the best dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer in January and all of the settings are way too low. The only one I use is the timed dry which I can set myself.. There is no dry sensing to where the machine shuts off when the clothes are dry (like my 10 yr old machine) The directions tell you how to change the automatic settings for dryer times but I have not be able to get that to work. Also, it is difficult to clean the lint trap.

Review Title: Makes loud buzzing sound | Review by

Month and a half old, now needs just under 500.00 in parts and labor. Warranty is covering this, however, not impressed.

Review Title: Disappointing! | Review by

I am disappointed in this product. Unlike what I was told by the salesperson, it seems to take just as long, if not longer, than my much older machine.

Review Title: have thoughts | Review by

OK.....dryer has great the Enhanced touch up steam cycle but one big concern....the LINT TRAP! its loose doesn't fit well doesnt catch everything.... I look inside n see lint stuck down inside .....can't vacuum it out opening too room underneath to vacuum......frustrating!

Review Title: Great . | Review by

Our new dryer works very well since we damp dry most of our clothing.. our sheets come out so nice-

Review Title: dries poorly. lint grid clogs | Review by

Clothes don't dry well lint clogs the dryer raises gas bii by not drying clothes

Review Title: Mr. | Review by

It work it dry the clothes most of the time. Some times they are still wet

Review Title: product is great! | Review by

This dryer is s great product. However I have to set it to the more dry setting to completely dry sweatshirts and blankets.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

I bought it a month ago, everything is good except that it leaves powder stains on the washed clothes every time. I had to change to a liquid soap instead. So far it's been washing better

Review Title: Gets the job done! | Review by

Bought about three weeks ago and am happy with dryer except for the two times it sensed it was done drying and the clothes were still damp - otherwise, good.

Review Title: Works fine, but ..... | Review by

We purchased new Whirlpool Cabrio W/D this year. They are not cheap. The dryer works fine but has an annoying tinny, rattling sound when in operation.

Review Title: Iffy | Review by

Having some difficulty trying to get clothes completely dry. Automatic settings don't always work, and no, I'm not overloading . I thought dryer would perform better..... I spent a lot of money on the unit because I didn't want issues... Not real happy so far

Review Title: Takes a long time | Review by

Using this dryer on its default Normal setting with clothes that were washed using the Normal setting takes a significant amount of time--more than an hour in many cases. And even after completing the cycle, frequently items come out more damp than we'd like. It is possible for two washer loads to be complete before one dryer load has finished in our house, so wet clothes must wait to be dried. We've played around with modifying the settings, but sometimes you can't increase the dryness level depending on the cycle setting. We will probably start to choose manual settings until we find a setting that works more quickly and consistently. On several occasions, the Check Vent light has come on. I'm not quite sure why, as we empty the lint screen after each load and the vent hose is practically new. Most often, the light does not come on again once the next load has started and I haven't done anything except clean the lint screen. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf... Overall, it's a nice looking machine but we're a bit disappointed with the performance using the preset options.

Review Title: Almost dry-er | Review by

We purchased this dryer to match the Cabrio washer since our washing machine had died. The original Maytag dryer always left the clothes damp, and was noisy. This Whirlpool dryer doesn't perform any better, unfortunately. We usually end up setting on Timed Dry because the presets leave the clothes damp. Additionally, there's some piece of sheet metal within the cabinet that vibrates while the dryer is running. It's pretty darn loud! Shifting the cabinet will quiet it down sometimes.

Review Title: A little disappointed with the generated heat | Review by

Bought dryer about month ago. Just seems to take a long time drying the clothes. My old dryer was much hotter on the inside. Not sure if this is new technology and uses more efficient drying techniques?

Review Title: Does the job, more or less | Review by

I expected more from this dryer. I was replacing a 20-yr old Sears dryer, and the Cabrio was a good price with good features. Nothing fancy. After installation, though, the heat only worked at times. I had to get a service call to replace the thermal coupler (??) that triggered the heat to come on in each cycle. Very annoying for a new dryer. Also, it doesn't seem to completely dry everything in the load in auto cycles. I'll make do.

Review Title: Takes too long to dry. | Review by

I have not figured out what settings to use to make things come out of this "dryer" dry. I had a Whirlpool before, and this one is no better than the old one was, but it had dried better when it was newer.

Review Title: very easy to use! | Review by

I bought my Cabrio washer and dryer by Whirlpool about 1 month ago, installation was extremely easy ,staff was very friendly and helpful. This machine is extremely easy to use very efficient and holds quite a bit of laundry at a time, I find myself doing less laundry then I used to And not tied up as long doing laundry.

Review Title: Great washer | Review by

Overall very good washer, cleans well and holds large loads

Review Title: large capasity | Review by

I can put large loads in and they come out clean, if machine is off balance it fixes it's self

Review Title: Good | Review by

I bought 2 months ago. It is running well. But when you make a heavy wash it is make a little sounds.

Review Title: Like it so far | Review by

Overall very satified. All of my owner manuals shows some drying options that my dryer does not have but would like on my dryer. I don't knowl why my model does not have them. Have somel minor issues with clothes not completly dry on occasion. I have adjusted the heat and that seemed to help.

Review Title: Awesome Dryer | Review by

This dryer handles any load i put in it and my clothes comes out dry and fresh.

Review Title: Easiest dryer to get cloths in and out of | Review by

I purchased this dryer about two months ago. I must say the design makes it very easy to get cloths in and out. It sits a little higher then most dryers so you don't feel like you are standing on your head trying when pulling cloths out to fold. The steam cycle is awesome, have used it many times already saving me from ironing before work.

Review Title: It,s easy! | Review by

Great washing and drying features, and the instruction to operate are simple!

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

I purchased the dyer in the beginning of June and did not receive it until end of July due to back orders. It works very well and looks great. My only reason not to give a rating of 5 stars is that the door closes when you try to take the clothes out. You have to hold the door with one hand and take the clothes out with the other. It is an annoyance.

Review Title: Only had it for a few months but I'm happy so far. | Review by

Haven't had it very long but it's really quite, looks nice, and even gets the clothes clean.

Review Title: Love the look and drying options | Review by

We bought this a few weeks ago and so far we like it, I love the sanitize feature. We havnt seen if the Eco boost has helped w our energy bill as of yet.

Review Title: HUGE!!! | Review by

So big, so quiet. Was concerned that much longer wash time would be annoying, but since it holds twice as much I babysit it half as much. Dryer is awesome, big, quiet, not hard to open like a few reviews I read. Haven't found the steam touch up to work like a miracle like I hoped, but still learning.

Review Title: looks solidly built | Review by

The dryer works great in all complaints thus far. Pairs well with its washer counterpart

Review Title: Big, and easy to use | Review by

Bought the dryer only. Standard washer (non-HE) leaves clothes a little too wet and the load is small so it misses the moisture sensor and stops too early. It works great with larger loads like what would come out of an HE washer

Review Title: Good Dryer | Review by

The dry sensor works a little too well, and they took to much control away from me. I should be able to pick dry time settings myself, after doing laundry for about 30 years I am not a novice.

Review Title: Great drying capabilities | Review by

This dryer does what it is suppose to do. It will not overheat your clothes and will not leave them wrinkled. Make sure you clean out your dryer vent. No air-flow = no drying. It looks sturdy. I'm looking forward to having this dryer for years to come. The only suggestion I would make to Maytag is that they cover up the nut that sticks out in the middle of the dryer because threads can and do get tangled around it.

Review Title: Product dries well and is very quiet. | Review by

We've only had the dryer a short time. but so far it works great. It's very quiet and efficient and easy to use. We thought the dryer was not working properly when we first installed it, but it's very important to make sure to replace your exhaust vent, as the new dryer would not function properly until we did so. It is very sensitive to the vent getting clogged, which is a great safety feature. This dryer also filters the lint much better than the previous dryer.

Review Title: Great, basic washer | Review by

We bought this as an replacement for an old washer. It works great. Uses much less water and our clothes seem cleaner than before!

Review Title: Does a great job and easy | Review by

With the purchase of our new home we need new machines did some research on the items and they fit our needs.

Review Title: loud | Review by

Great product. Seems to be a little loud though. Still very nice

Review Title: Excellent Fridge | Review by

We got this when we move to a new home. It is working well. the best part is that quick open door which helps to take milk. Good choice

Review Title: Overall great product | Review by

Very quiet, drying times a little longer than expected.

Review Title: Nice!!! | Review by

Bought it 5 months ago and good quality and reliable.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I have had the dryer for only a month but I really enjoy all the various features

Review Title: very good | Review by

I like steam option energy efficient sound level design easy to use

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Have so many different settings, good looks and runs quietly.

Review Title: great dryer, hard to hook up if you are LP gas | Review by

This dryer is working fabulous! It was very difficult to hook up to our LP, but worth it for how well it is working

Review Title: Whirlpool� Cabrio� Platinum 7.6 cu. ft. HE Dryer with Enhanced Touch Up Steam Cycle | Review by

Everything seem working ok. I have it for three months. It is more noisier then GE.

Review Title: Love the look | Review by

Purchased to replace an aging Whirlpool dryer. I like the large capacity and easy to use control panel. At start up it has a terrible vibration noise that diminishes the longer it runs, approximately ten to twenty minutes. After that, it is extremely quiet. Need to call for service for the noise.

Review Title: Great new features | Review by

I have been using this product for over a month now and am still finding there are features which I do not need. I believe it is a great product but prefer simplicity. There are many features which I am still not comfortable with.

Review Title: I LOVE IT! | Review by

In the month that I have had this dryer (and it's matching counterpart!), I have been excited to do my laundry! The end of cycle "beeping' is loud enough that I can hear it in any part of my home. The variety of cycles offered is exactly what I need, there isn't one I haven't used. The only thing that I am not crazy about, (and this could be operator error!) is that sometimes when I put a load in, directly from the washing machine, it starts "sensing", and then it goes about it's drying cycle. But when it tells me it's done, everything is still wet. This honestly could be a bad sensor in the unit, OR it could also be that I have missed something in the manual. EITHER WAY, I still LOVE my Cabrio Platinum!!

Review Title: Gas dryer | Review by

This unit works great, some people told me gas dryer take long to dry, but not true with this dryer and I like the eco function. I have always had great service with Whirlpool products. Great Dryer

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and it is very easy to use and use so much less water to wash your clothes. Much quieter than my old machine.

Review Title: wonderfully surprising | Review by

purchased to replace 5 year old Kenmore which, after numerous attempts at repair required 2-3 cycles to dry even relatively small loads. The new dryer works great, and the steam cycle is a great bonus to remove wrinkles when we "forget" to get the load out relatively quickly upon completion.

Review Title: What took me so long? | Review by

I recently had a flood in my laundry room and had to replace my washer and dryer. We are a family of 5. I have never ending laundry! This dryer and matching washer are the best investment I have made in a long time. I went from, at least 9 loads a week to 3 or four depending on the season. Due to the size I can more done at once. I love that even if the time is 45 minutes it stops when the clothes are dry. Absolutely recommend if you have a purpose for large capacity.

Review Title: Love the Digital Features | Review by

I love the digital features of this dryer. It works well and I have no complaints!

Review Title: No more timers | Review by

It's nice to have a dryer that's got a sensor that actually works! Holds everything I need it to! Love it!

Review Title: Best Dryer Ever Owned! | Review by

Works like a charm. Takes a very load of clothes and dries efficiently. I like the control panel with all the info. Only yesterday, I saw a warning light lit air exhaust being blocked. I checked the back...voila. the exhaust hose was crinked blocking air path. I replaced it!

Review Title: money well spent | Review by

I had a elite series washer and dryer for many years with no problems whatsoever. our washer finally gave up after 15 years, went online and started doing research, found that this whirlpool kept coming up with top ratings, bought the 4.8 top load washer and 7.6 dryer combo. should have done this a long time ago, the clothes dry in half the time, the steam feature is like having a built in iron, it removes wrinkles from dress shirts, and the nice thing is that the water line connects direct to the dryer, most other models have a holding tray on the top of the machine that you have to fill with water every time you use the steam option. even better I can do double the load size then I did before which cuts time, energy, and money. buy a warranty because you will have this machine for many years, and the warranty will pay for itself just in the free maintenance calls you can have done every year. like I said " money well spent "

Review Title: excellent features | Review by

The best thing I've bought in a long time, it was worth the money

Review Title: Nice height and easy controls | Review by

The height of this machine is great. No more bending to put clothes in and try to get clothes out. I love the new structure. The controls are very diversified and cater to all my needs.

Review Title: TOP OF THE LINE DRYER | Review by


Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this dryer about a month ago. It is capable of drying a full load in short order and is so quiet when doing so. The extra steam features and how easy it is to change settings make this a very simple and effective dryer. I would definitely recommend it!

Review Title: Great Dryer! | Review by

Purchased this gas dryer along with the matching Whirpool washing machine and have been very pleased. It has so many different cycles which helps it stand out from other dryers on the market. Plus, it's huge! And it has a sleek white finish which is greats or decor. There are many energy efficient options like EcoBoost which was very important to me. The dyer is quiet as well. Take the time to follow the instruction manual to determine which drying cycle is best for the amount of clothes you are drying and the fabric/material of what you are drying. I would definitely recommend this Whirlpool dryer!

Review Title: The large capacity of both appliances are great. I also love how clean my clothes come. | Review by

I are absolutely very satisfied with both my washer and dryer. Thank you whirlpool.

Review Title: Dryer pampers my clothes! | Review by

I'm very satisfied with this dryer. It is easy to use and has many many features.

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

I have had my dryer for about two months. So far I love all the features. It has a large capacity and I love that it has the steam option.

Review Title: Whirlpool is the RIGHT choice! | Review by

I initially purchased a Frigidaire Refrigerator which failed and they replaced it with another similar unit. Again, the second one failed and I finally made the RIGHT choice and purchased the Whirlpool Refrigerator which is great! Then I purchased a new Washer & Dryer as well. Really love them!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I Never realized how inefficient my old one was! The wash is so much dryer before it goes into the dryer

Review Title: Excellent Dryer | Review by

I love my dryer, I am so glad i choose this one, it's very great.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and am so glad. It is a wonderful machine.

Review Title: Love this Washer and Dryer!! | Review by

I was worried about how this washing machine might work well, not have the agitator in the middle, but it works amazingly well!! Our clothes come out so much cleaner and better smelling with this new machine. We also bought the matching dryer set with the extra capacity. It is huge and I can now do double the laundry in the same amount of time. This was definitely a great investment and time saver for me. I would have to say that my one complaint is that on the dryer, though it appears to have a window on the front, you cannot see the clothes while they are drying. It is more for show so that it matches the style of the washing machine. However, you can visibly see through the washing machine and watch as your clothes are being washed, something my kids have loved to do. Overall, excellent product.

Review Title: Huge | Review by

It's simple, quiet, and more importantly its huge.

Review Title: More than I expected!! | Review by

I moved into a new house and realized we had to upgrade our dryer because we had an electric dryer and our house took a gas dryer. We looked at a lot of models and ended up with the Whirlpook Cabrio Platinum, with matching washer. The dryer is amazing and offers so many more features than I had even expected when I purchased the item. That dryer offers a lot of presets such as bulky item, sheets, etc. The presets are a very accurate and I have not had to restart my clothes which is a large change from my prior Frigidaire dryer. It has a steam cycle that allows me to fluff my clothes to remove wrinkles which I think is amazing and I've already found myself using it a number of times. I am really impressed with the energy-saving features that can detect if there is no more moisture in my clothes and stop my dryer even if that there still time left. The barrel size is also great and very large. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and have not had a regret. I have even recommended it to a number of my friends and family.

Review Title: amazing! | Review by

Literally the best dryer I have ever purchased! Convinced my entire family to buy one!

Review Title: love the touch up feature | Review by

we purchased the washer and dryer about 6 weeks ago. although I very rarely use them myself, I have had the need to try the touch up feature, and it works great. this dryer doesn't leave many wrinkles in the first place, but I removed a shirt from my drawer, and it had wrinkled. rather than using the iron, I tried the dryer. great results.

Review Title: Great design and features | Review by

After many months of research, I chose this machine for style and function. We have a lot of laundry and this dries clothes more than twice as fast as my old machine. I love the wrinkle guard and the steam dry function for when you can't get in there to fold in a timely manner, or just want to freshen up some items. I also love the door height, since I am tall and now have to bend less. Thanks for a great product.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Bought the washer and dryer together and my laundry time has been cu in half! Love the steam cycle!

Review Title: Efficient and Sleek | Review by

Dryer has many different settings that can be tailored to what you need. Eco-boost button is a definite plus. I have already noticed a difference in energy and time savings!

Review Title: greatest | Review by

Those are the best machines that l have me and my family .we love it.

Review Title: Best Applicane Purchase Ever!!! | Review by

I could not be happier about this purchase and the purchase of it's matching washer!!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This dryer works just fine. I have only had it about a month, but so far so good. Have not had a chance to use the steam touch up yet, but glad to have it available. We do experience a vibration noise at the beginning of the cycle for which a technician is going to address.

Review Title: good pric3 great value | Review by

EXELLENT dryer, I like the fact that when the clothes is dry it stops by it self . The only thing I didn't like that you need to buy some extra accessories separately.

Review Title: Love it ! | Review by

I love it. It is super quite and has so many great features. A month earlier I purchased the matching wash machine.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I'm so happy I purchased this dryer, it takes all the guest work out.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought washer and dryer 3 weeks ago excellent appliances saves time and money

Review Title: Best dryer ever | Review by

I have owned many dryers. This is by far the BEST ever. My clothes come out dry in 1/2 the time as before and NOT wrinkled. I always ironed All my clothes but now I have time for fun things instead of ironing.It is cost efficient and very quiet. Would buy again.

Review Title: Excellent Dryer | Review by

Best dryer ever owned so far,but will see durability down the road?!!

Review Title: must buy | Review by

The sound quality is very quite would not even know it was running until the timers sounds when it's done will highly recommend to others

Review Title: Very quiet and large | Review by

This is a great appliance it is quiet and energy efficient. Able to dry a large load.

Review Title: CAPACITY and STEAM! | Review by

Huge Capacity! Love the Steam option to get clothes fresh in the morning before work...pop them in, take a shower, clothes are de-wrinkled! Quiet, strong, and easy! Love the automatic modes and ECO energy save options!

Review Title: Love my steam setting | Review by

I love the steam dryer ! Bought new towels,shower curtains etc. Put them on steam to take out package wrinkles and they look great.

Review Title: Love this set | Review by

I recently purchased this duo. I have used it now for 2 months and absolutely love it from all the features to the way it cleans my clothes. All of the cycles get my clothes noticeably cleaner than before. They look better and smell better. Love these!!!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Easy to use. Lots of different settings for our needs. I LOVE the steam cycle for pillows! They come out fluffy and smell great! I told all my friends and they asked what type of pillows I have, were they safe to put into the dryer, how does it work... Don't know!! All I know is that the pillows I have turned out great! I'm sure I did not pay over $15 for them but now I feel that I get more use out of them. Sorry Oprah!

Review Title: Good Dryer | Review by

It�s a fashion design dryer and easy to use. It�s also a giant capacity for clothes. It�s fit our family need. Highly recommended.

Review Title: Quick Dry | Review by

We recently bought a Whirlpool Washer/Dryer set to replace the old ones in the house we just purchased. We needed something with a higher capacity, but would fit in our laundry area in our kitchen. This dryer was perfect. It is very large and can hold a lot of clothes, but dries super fast. I like all of the eco-friendly options.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

So far so good, only had a week. Nice and HUGE for anything you can throw at it. Eco friendly is a plus

Review Title: The sensor knows when your cloths are dry and never over drys your cloths. | Review by

I purchased this two months ago and it has been an excellent choice. It is very spacious and you can load king size comforters to dry. Its great for someone with a large family and even for a household of one. I highly recommend.

Review Title: Love the way this door opens up | Review by

This unit does not load from the top or the front. It a blend of in between. It's brilliant. Love the way this door opens

Review Title: Awesome Dryer! | Review by

Got the new dryer just after Christmas. With a family of 5, having the large drum capacity is essential. I think my favorite feature is the steam dry, as I do not iron unless I have to. I absolutely love this dryer!

Review Title: Awesome dryer | Review by

I am so glad that I purchased this appliance. I absolutely love it. The settings are awesome.

Review Title: Love this set. Awesome. | Review by

I moved from my house, left this set there and bought it again in my new home. Awesome capacity and speed. I have always thought front loading sets were overrated and over priced. This set is the best for the money for sure.

Review Title: top loading washing machine | Review by

I love my wasjing machine! Cleaning for 3 active boys..this machine handles large loads and speeds up the time I spend on laundry so I can spend more time with them!

Review Title: Quiet and Quick | Review by

I put this set in laundry room adjoining my kitchen. Not only do they work quickly and thoroughly, they are so quiet I barely hear them in the kitchen. I love the easy adjustments for the settings. My longtime appliance repairman recommended this model.

Review Title: Great machine! | Review by

I bought this machine 2 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it!! It is very easy to use. Clothes are cleaner than when I had a regular agitator washer machine. I bought the washer to replace one I had been using for 22 years that had finally broken down and I was worried about some of the reviews I had read, but this machine is fantastic. Very happy with it.

Review Title: Does a great job! | Review by

I have had the machines for about 6 weeks and I love them. Does a great job cleaning and is very quiet. Large load capacity also.

Review Title: Just Love How Big It Is | Review by

I bought this dryer to replace my Maytag Neptune Drying Center! Maytag does not make any parts for this dryer! I just wish that Whirlpool would n\make something like that, I love all the cycles that this dryer has but, I have to lay my sweaters on a table now! But all in all I love how big the tumble is I can dry a King Sized comforter with no problem! Keep up the Good Work with your products.

Review Title: So many features & So Quiet! | Review by

One word: AMAZING! I was concerned at first when I upgraded to a dryer with several electronic features. I am Very glad I did. A few of my favorite features are: One of the quietest dryers I have owned, It has a steam cycle that can get my wrinkles out in the morning, the gas dryer saves on my energy bill and my favorite feature is the EcoBoost! I always like to be Eco friendly and most importantly Save energy! I forgot to mention the dryer's moisture sensing abilities! It adjusts the drying time based on the moisture sensed and reduces the time if it does not require the programmed amount to dry completely! Did I mention how much I like saving $$! I also purchased the matching washing machine and it is Very Quiet! Using the features on both machines allows me to program specific needs for each load. I would definitely recommend this set to my friends and family!

Review Title: Great features-and. Beauty | Review by

The best machine you can buy - you will love it - I've had more expensive machines and had lots of feedback from friends on their expensive machines but it's not about the price it's the machine !

Review Title: Love it..... | Review by

This is my third whirlpool dryer. Love it and all of the new features. It would take a lot for me to switch brands. Whirlpool has served us well for over forty years.

Review Title: Good looking and efficient | Review by

We have had are new Cabrio washer and dryer just over a month now and we are very pleased with our purchase. The design compliments our renovated home and the pair are much more efficient then the appliances we replaced

Review Title: I love doing laundry! | Review by

This dryer is great. We've had it for about a month, and so far it's been working great. Everything gets dried thoroughly and quickly, with plenty of specialized cycles to meet all of our needs. The steam cycle is great for refreshing my work shirts.

Review Title: The best dryer I have ever had in my life. | Review by

I bought this about 2 months ago, my family and I used it many time and it does a great job and no noise. I will buy the model in the future as well.

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum 7.6 cu ft dryer | Review by

Excellent product, quiet, easy to set the settings. Lots of room for the big loads, easy to access and clean the lint filter and easy to take clothes out--you don't have to bend a lot.

Review Title: Truely energy efficient. | Review by

I parted with my old Whirlpool Washer and dryer after 19 years of problem free service. The Cabrio pair I purchased through Lowes is wonderful. The tub of the washer is huge and fits large and bulky bedding. The dryer drys quickly , lint filter is easy to reach and it even has an interior light.

Review Title: we purchase our whirlpool washer and dryer from lows on July 13-14 and my wife is very happy with it | Review by

bought our whirlpool washer and dryer there month ago and we are very happy with it. Thank you whirlpool.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

I replaced a front load dryer that I never liked with the Whirlpool dryer & it's wonderful!! Love the steam option, no need to iron!

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

I am very pleased so far, I love the steam and sanitize cycles. It seems extremely fast and efficient. Large enough capacity to dry anything. I have a pool home and we can have 20 towels to wash, this dryer can handle it in one load and one cycle. I have already noticed my first utility bills are lower.

Review Title: Great design | Review by

I purchased the unit one month ago and so far wery happy with the feature dedign ang performance

Review Title: Great performance! | Review by

The Drier is quiet and gets the job done, easy to use, and clothes come out dry, even thick comforters.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Love my new washer dryer lets u save on water and let's u choose exactly what type of load u would want to wash dryer takes less time drying cloths senses when they r dry and shuts off we r more than pleased with them both

Review Title: Excellent drying power | Review by

We bought this dryer because of its high reviews online. We agree. This dryer dries our clothes so fast it is saving us money on our utility bills.

Review Title: Cabrio - Better than I expected | Review by

After reading so many bad reviews of both the front and top load washers, I must say that I've been pretty happy overall with my purchase. While I have some complaints, it's with the style of washer and not the brand. My clothes come out clean and other than the once a month running of the "Affresh" cycle, it's been maintenance free. The Whirlpool Cabrio has met my expectations.

Review Title: Excellent features | Review by

I purchased this dryer over a month ago and am very pleased with the performance of the dryer.

Review Title: Excellent dryer | Review by

I purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio gas dryer in February, 2014. I use all of the features depending on the type of items being dried, and the size of the drum shortens my work time. This machine replaced my old Kenmore which lasted 23 years and four kids -- hopefully this one will last just as long. It is an awesome dryer.

Review Title: Wonderful appliance | Review by

I love this dryer. I'm able to dry whatever garments I have.

Review Title: Outstanding Dryer | Review by

We have had this dryer for one month after a 13-year Whirlpool gave in. So far the dryer is excellent, very good drying every time for a myriad of load types. I am looking forward to use the advanced features like the steam one. I have to agree with other reviewers that why have a glass door if you cannot the ligt while the dryer is running.

Review Title: Great Features and Options | Review by

I purchased my first Whirlpool Cabrio dryer (gas) on 10/23/13 in CA. When I moved to FL in April 2014, I found out I couldn't use a gas dryer in my new home so I had to purchase another Whirlpool Cabrio dryer (electric) so I'm now stuck with a gas dryer which I can't use. However, I love my Whirlpool dryer. It's efficient, quiet, has many features, easy to clean lint tray, and with the numerous settings to choose from, I'm a happy camper. If I can sell my gas dryer that's sitting in the garage, that'll be the icing on the cake.

Review Title: Large capacity | Review by

Had this dryer for about a month now. Love the large capacity. Amazing how much I can put in it. Love the steam feature too. Perfect if you need to 'unwrinkle' something.

Review Title: Love this machine! | Review by

I just got this machine and I LOVE IT!!! The capacity is huge! I was able to wash one set of queen and two sets of twin Microfleece sheets in one load!!! The machine is so quiet and I love that it loads from the top instead of the front! The front loading machine that I replaced would always smell because of that rubber seal on the door! This one doesn't have a rubber seal! My clothes come out so clean! Best investment EVER!!!

Review Title: Great features... | Review by

I bought this a month ago, love doing laundry now. Very efficient! It is nice looking too.

Review Title: Great Dryer! | Review by

Purchased this at Christmas. One of the best gifts ever!!

Review Title: Excellent Performance | Review by

I was a first-time buyer of Whirlpool appliances. Glad I made that decision. My new Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum Dryer is great. The large load capacity and eco-friendly features save me money. The Touch-up Steam Cycle is perfect for tumbling out wrinkles.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We bought our Cabrio Platinum set within the past week and I have yet to find anything I don't like about it. Everything works amazingly well, but you HAVE to read the manuals, or you're bound to not know what you're doing.

Review Title: what an amazing dryer | Review by

This thing dries super fast, very quiet and efficient! The style is great, sleek and clean looking. 7.6 cu.ft of space!!! This is by far the best dryer on the market. A must have!

Review Title: A great pair | Review by

I love my new cabrio washer and dryer.They have great functions, easy to use, quiet and do a great job getting my clothes clean.

Review Title: Nice unit | Review by

Bought a few weeks ago. They delivered and did not work. Turned out a wire came loose in shipping and shorted out wires. They came out next day and fixed and no problem since. Love the steam feature to know out wrinkles very quickly

Review Title: Love this dryer! | Review by

I am so glad we bought this dryer. I never have to run it a second time like my other dryer and the steam touch up works great sine I don't like to iron. It is so simple to use and I like the many different settings like bulky, perm press, etc.

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer worth every penny | Review by

We bought this dryer a month ago and absolutely love it so far. The steam feature is great and I have used it a few times. Very nice product and it was on sale so it was definitely worth the money!

Review Title: user friendly | Review by

I just bought this dryer along with the same model washer and I am very pleased with both. I have yet to try the steam feature of the dryer as I have not run a water line over to the dryer as yet. plan to do this in the near future. All the instructions are clear and precise. Easy hook-up and use instructions. Glad my wife and I made this purchase.

Review Title: Awesome Product | Review by

My wife and I purchased this product on the Thanksgiving weekend. We were in the market to upgrade our laundry appliances and we are so glad of our choice. We wish we could rate it higher.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I love the enhanced touch up cycle as I do leave clothes in the dryer at times. The sensor works well to cut back the time it takes to dry your clothes. The exterior is extremely nice looking!

Review Title: Touch up Steam Cycle is the best! | Review by

It had been over 10 years since my last washer/dryer purchase - oh, how technology has changed everything! The Cabrio models were perfect for me as a single user. I have not regretted my choice for a moment - and, I love the touch up steam cycle for my dry clean only items that need to be refreshed!

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

Happy with my purchase- really like the steam feature!

Review Title: I love this dryer! | Review by

The best dryer I ever brought. Being able to use steam is absolutely the best advantage of having a Whirlpool dryer. I can't live without it. I love the door, how it opens and closes. Cleaning the lint screen is so easy, large capacity is great for linens, throws, and large items. There is nothing I don't like.

Review Title: i love my new washing machine | Review by

I'm so happy with my new washing machine:-) Gets all the laundry cleaner and removes stains Smells fresher and is my best purchase of 2014:-)

Review Title: Great new features. | Review by

We purchased the new washer and dryer about a month ago. The water saver feature on the washer is great. The washer is quiet and I can do several different levels of clothes. The dryer has the sanitizer feature which I love.

Review Title: beautiful | Review by

I have been using the dryer for about 4 months. I especially like the high temp steam sanitizing cycle. I have used this for a few items that can not be laundered easily, like some sporting equipment or wool sweaters, towels or sheets that can not be bleached, but needs to be sanitized. It works well. Dries quickly, especially because the matched washer spins the clothes so well.

Review Title: Clean clothes | Review by

I got this washer about a month ago to replace a Kenmore Oasys Elite. It is so much better than my old one. I noticed the clothes smell so clean now out of the washer. I like all the options.

Review Title: Whirlpool cabrio install | Review by

I bought this machine for several reasons. We replaced a older Whirlpool machine. The fact that this one had a higher than usual door access for my wife clinched the deal.

Review Title: Simple, smooth, and quiet operation | Review by

Purchased this dryer because my older dryer quit on me. I am really impressed with the control panel operation and how quite the unit is during the operation.

Review Title: great! | Review by

exceeded expectations. Does what it was said to do. as a bonus it has exceptional added features.

Review Title: Great Investment!!! | Review by

I first bought the washer and loved it. A few months later purchased the dryer and loved it as much as the washer.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Energy efficient, it has lowered my monthly bill by at least 40-50%!!!! I love the look in my home and yet its so practical. It's hardly noticable when its even on, it's nice and quiet. I even have the option to trun off all noises so it doesn't wake up my newborn twins while they are sleeping.

Review Title: Love my machine! | Review by

I'm just sorry we waited this long to buy our Whirlpool washer and dryer! Easy to use, love all of the settings. Wish I had had this when the kids were small!

Review Title: Loving my dryer in NC. | Review by

I bought this dryer in December 2013. I love the look and the performance is outstanding. Everything dries ten times faster than my outdated ten year old dryer. NO comparison.

Review Title: Great Quality | Review by

I bought this dryer about three months ago and so far so good. I love the way the dryer can tell how long to run just by how wet the close are! Great quality! Seems very well put together and made in the USA!

Review Title: Best Dryer. | Review by

Of the many Whirlpool dryers I have had over the years, this one is the best. It is very efficient and quiet, drys my clothes faster than others I have owned.

Review Title: Quiet and large | Review by

Nice to finally have a dryer that is quiet and nice size to do large items.

Review Title: great features | Review by

wanted Whirlpool HD dryer to replace an older whirlpool dryer

Review Title: Great Look Great Quality | Review by

Purchased this a couple months ago and am very happy with it. Close come out dry in less time and with less wrinkles.

Review Title: Love this dryer!!!!# | Review by

**Very Happy Customer** I brought this dryer 5 months ago and I can honestly say it was a great investment. It is very convenient for drying large loads and is also energy efficient. I also love the many cycles it has.

Review Title: Read the manual | Review by

Great dryer. May of the negative comments are purely due to operator error. Read the owners manual especially if your clothes are still a bit damp at the end of a cycle. This dryer rocks!

Review Title: Outstanding! | Review by

I was skeptical to purchase this dryer because it's a much updated model & technology than I'm used too, but it has lived up to what claims to provide....quicker and wrinkle free dry. Awesome!



Review Title: Love the Steam!!! | Review by

I bought my dryer about a month ago and couldn't be happier. The steam feature is amazing! Super large dryer and does a great job.

Review Title: Absolutely love it - 3 young sons/contractor husband | Review by

This thing gets the job done. My husband wears two white teeshirts each day and painter's white pants. We bought both the washer and dryer, and have been very pleased with their performance, from their high capacity to their ability to clean whites as well as delicates.

Review Title: Cabrio Dryer | Review by

I bought this for my recently purchased home. I loved the price and quality I was receiving. I must say, it is a great dryer with the Steam capability. It removes wrinkles, like an iron. Capacity is huge.

Review Title: I LOVE my Whirlpool� Cabrio� Platinum 7.6 cu. ft. HE Dryer with Enhanced Touch Up Steam Cycle | Review by

I purchased this dryer (WGD8500BW) along with the matching washer (WTW8500BW) and I absolutely LOVE both of them! I use all the settings on this dryer and I really enjoy the way the door is wide open with the top opening set back in it. I don't have to bend over to get the clothes into the dryer from the washer, I just drop them in....EASY! At first my clothes were "not quite" getting dry enough for my liking at the end of the cycles and I was having to add time, which I didn't like. BUT, I read the owners manual and EASILY fixed this issue. I just followed the directions to make a global setting change that changed the cycles to automatically dry my clothes 15% more. Now at the end of any cycle, my clothes are perfectly dry and ready to fold!!! LOVED THAT!! I would definitely recommend this product!

Review Title: Very Happy | Review by

I am extremely happy with all the Whirlpool products. I'm sure our water and electric bills will decrease.

Review Title: Wow!!! | Review by

What an amazing dryer, This machine has improved our drying experience like no other. From the ease of use to the improved drying time over our old maytag. Great purchase! Thanks forbthevthe grat product.

Review Title: I love my dryer! | Review by

This dryer works great. It is pretty quiet for a dryer. The steam cycle is terrific and it has a damp dry timer you can set to let you know if you like to pull out some items before they dry all the way. Two things I would change are this model doesn't have a light to turn on while its running so I'm not sure why they put a window in it. The other is the door won't stay open on its own cause of its thick design, I have a wedge that I use, but a built in "kickstand" in the door would be nice. Neither of these things affect the products effectiveness.

Review Title: Great machine! | Review by

Love the dryer! Especially like the steam setting.

Review Title: Only have had it for one month - love it thus far. | Review by

Very easy to use, features exceed expretations, suggested settings are very helpful. Especially like the freshen up with steam feature. Have to see how it goes as far as reliablilty is concerned. Very pleased at this point.

Review Title: so far so good. | Review by

very pleased so far. easy to use and seem to do fine job of washing and drying. hoping for good long term durability

Review Title: quiet, large, effective! | Review by

love it. huge capacity, quiet, very effective, energy efficient.

Review Title: Awesome dryer! | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago and so far it is the best dryer I have ever owned.



Review Title: highly efficient | Review by

We are on month2with our washer and couldn't be happier. Efficient, quite, large capacity and looks good too. So far very impressed!

Review Title: Smart Purchase | Review by

Very happy with this dryer!! We really love the steam dry option for when there is no time to iron!!

Review Title: Love the new set! | Review by

We replaced 11 year old Washer and Dryer from Kenmore. After a ton of research online and via friends, we chose the Top Loader Cabrio Washer and Gas Dryer by Whirlpool~ They work incredible, very very quiet and efficient! Thanks for making such a great set

Review Title: great product!!! | Review by

Bought both the washer and dryer for my wife and she absolutely loves them. Going from older units, these units really make a world of difference with very little noise they are extremely efficient warranting less oversight as the dryer automatically adjusts time according to the dryness of the load.

Review Title: Magical | Review by

I love my washer and dryer. Energy efficient. Beautiful paint job. Big size allows me to wash a lot of clothes. Has a cool steam option. Clothes come fresh and fluffy.

Review Title: love everything about this HE dryer | Review by

I must say I love everything about this dryer. I love the features, I love the styling and design, I love the settings, I really love the steam and the Eco friendly setting, and most of all it's made and manufacturered in the USA. whirlpool I love the product, keep up the good work!

Review Title: Great size and options | Review by

I love this dryer. There is enough room inside to dry a large comforter and it doesn't take up too much space in my small laundry room. It is much quieter then my old dryer. It has a steam dry option which is bonus as I haven't had a need for it yet. The clothes come out clean and fresh and best off all it doesn't make my energy bill skyrocket. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding dryer.

Review Title: Quick and efficent! | Review by

Lots of choices in terms of drying options. Gas is so efficient and quick drying! Love the reminder tone my clothes are ready.

Review Title: love this dryer | Review by

The fact that the top is cut back a couple inches makes it so much easier to to reach in and remove the clothes versus having to bend over and reaching in to remove the clothes. The different setting to dry on is also a big plus. Was able to dry a king size comforter on the bulky setting. Took total of three times to dry the comforter which was OK. Also the wrinkle touch up is a great feature and works well.

Review Title: Clothes dry fast and Less wrinkles | Review by

I don't like to iron if I can help it, so this dryer has been wonderful! Clothes dry quickly, and the various settings help prevent wrinkles. Used the steam feature once so far and am very pleased!

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

I bought this dryer two months ago and am very happy with the purchase. It fits a lot of clothes and drys very quickly and evenly. I have cut down the amount of time clothes are in the dryer and just a few loads dries all of my laundry! Also the steam wrinkle function is useful. Very easy to clean out the filter as well. I would definitely recommend.

Review Title: Excellent dryer | Review by

purchased about 6 weeks ago and absolutely love it

Review Title: Wonderful Washing! | Review by

I bought my new W hirlpool washer & driver on the Costco website based on my confidence in Costco's selection of products that are reliable, dependable, and a good value. I up-sized the capacity based on the diminishing capacity of my old agitator-style washer 20 years ago. I wouldn't have had to, since the new machine senses the load size and adjusts water accordingly. And the tub never actually fills with water, so it uses far less. Love all the new bells & whistles, as well as the great job it does in cleaning my clothes!

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I bought this dryer a couple weeks ago and I love it! It's really big and the clothes come out wrinkle free! I would recommend this dryer to anyone! You just can't go wrong!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I love my new Dryer, I also bought the washer to match. I like how I can put more clothes in my dryer then my old dryer. I have bought many Whirpool products and have been very happy.

Review Title: Working great | Review by

This dryer is great. Only about two months old but has been well used. I was a little worried about figuring out all the features but it wasn't that hard once my wife and I were able to do a few loads. The touch up feature is the best and comes in handy for smoothing out light wrinkles. The Eco system is really neat and it also has a nice safety feature that will alert you to check/clean your vent system should it need attention.

Review Title: Whirlpool Washer | Review by

I am enjoying using this washer.I like that it is energy and water efficient.It only uses what is needed.

Review Title: The best dryer we have ever owned! | Review by

This dryer has so many features and they all do what they say! We are so pleased with our purchase!!! Our clothes no longer shrink while being dried they come out like brand new!! I wish we had purchased this long ago!!

Review Title: Lots of great features | Review by

I purchased this after my dryer of 7 years old needed a repair and I was told it would be $300 or more to fix it. I did some research and many people recommended the Whirlpool. I like the size and the ease of use.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I am truly enjoying my dryer. It works like a well oiled engine. So glad we choose both the washer and dryer!!!

Review Title: Great Looking! Great Features! | Review by

Love, love, love this Whirlpool quiet!

Review Title: Promises Kept | Review by

Per it's advertising it is extremely energy efficient Love how quiet it is Even the kids want to laundry now!

Review Title: Super quiet! | Review by

It can hold large loads and it is super quiet. Love it!

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

I bought this about 2 months ago and I love it. There are so many options for types and weight of fabrics that my amount of ironing has decreased by half!!

Review Title: love doing laundry | Review by

This is a wonderful dryer. Remember those days when you wanted to wear something that was in the washer but couldn't because it would take too long to dry? Those days are over.

Review Title: Quick Drying | Review by

I have had this dryer for three months now and love it. It dries quickly, and the Steam Enhanced cycle keeps ironing to a minimum.

Review Title: LOVE MY DRYER! | Review by

I purchased this dryer in the beginning of April as a set with the Cabrio washing machine. We have 4 kids in our family so I am ALWAYS doing laundry! I absolutely, 100 %, LOVE this dryer! I researched the front loading machines and I find this machine to be of equal quality but without the price tag! This dryer is huge! I use the quick dry cycle or steam cycle if the clothes have been in there too long :{ they come out perfect! I love how the door swings to the right instead of folding down...saves my back because I can get closer to it and reach in to get all the clothes. Love this dryer and highly recommend it!

Review Title: Great capacity and quite | Review by

I purchased this machine a month ago and we love it ! The high capacity and features were just what we were looking for. Whirlpool nailed this one!

Review Title: This product is an excellent choice. | Review by

I love this product especially the wrinkle free cycle., a big plus.

Review Title: I love that it is a large capacity!!! | Review by

I am loving this dryer! It is so big, I only have to do laundry a couple times a week, versus everyday with our old machine. I also love all the features/settings that it has! User friendly too!

Review Title: Exceeds Expectations | Review by

This Whirlpool dryer replaced another Whirlpool after 28 years of service. The old one was service free with no problems. This dryer has some really great features and it is so easy to use. Clothes are loaded and unloaded with ease with the extra large opening and the noise level is minimal. I truly hope to have this dryer as long as my last.

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