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Whirlpool WGD72HEDW Duet 7.4 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Gas Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WGD72HEDW Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WGD72HEDW Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGD72HEDW Laundry

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  • 7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • The 7.4 cu. ft. capacity dryer offers enough space to care for loads from the Duet washer with ease. You'll even be able to dry bulky items like comforters and sleeping bags.
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing System
  • Three built-in sensors read incoming air temperature and outgoing air temperature while monitoring moisture levels inside the dryer. This helps the drying cycle end when everything is perfectly dry, saving time and energy and helping to prevent overdrying
  • Quad Baffles
  • Four shorter, staggered baffles increase the effectiveness of the dryer for small loads and promote better, more balanced tumbling.
  • EcoBoost Option
  • The EcoBoost option saves energy by using less heat and extending cycle time. You'll enjoy great drying performance while using less energy.
  • Wrinkle Shield Plus
  • Help keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes for up to 140 minutes with the Wrinkle Shield Plus Option. This dryer comes fully-loaded with settings like the Quick Dry Cycle which can dry a small load in just 15 minutes.


Key Features
Advanced Moisture Sensing System: Yes
Quad Baffles: Yes
Tap Touch Controls With Memory: Yes
EcoBoost Option: Yes
Wrinkle Shield Plus Option: Yes
Estimated Time Remaining LED Display: Yes
Configuration and Overview
ADA Compliant: ADA Height and Side and Front Reach Compliant
Maximum Vent Length: 64
Venting Direction: Left, Right, Bottom, Rear
Control Location: Front Panel
Power Requirements: 30 Amps/ 120/240V
Cycle and Options
Number of Dryer Cycles: 6
Bulky Items: Yes
Heavy Dry: Yes
Timed Dry: Yes
Quick Dry: Yes
Delicates: Yes
Normal: Yes
Cycle Time Remaining: Yes
Eco Monitor: No
Lint Filter Indicator: Yes
Dryer Option Selections: Eco Boost, Wrinkle Shield, Control Lock
End of Cycle Signal: Yes
Temperature Selections: Air Only, High, Low, Medium
Automatic Temperature Controls: Yes
Drum Material: Powder Coat
Drying Rack: No
Heating Burner BTU: 20,000
Interior Light: No
Pedestal Options: Yes
Stackable: Yes
Steam Hose Y Connector: No
Feedback-Status Indicators: Estimated Time Remaining, Wet, Cool Down, Done (Clothes Dry), Wrinkle Shield
Dryness Levels Selections: Less, More, Normal
Number of Dryness Levels: 3
Door Style: Side Swing
Reversible Door: Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Width: 27"
Overall Depth: 31"
Overall Height: 38 3/4"
Depth with Door Open: 51"
Weight: 155 Lbs.
Capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.

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Review Title: Regret my decision | Review by

There is no volume control or button to turn off end of cycle signal. This may sound trivial, but trust me, the signal is unbearable. 4 Sounds at end of cycle-disruptive and totally unnecessary. Can't do laundry if someone is sleeping. Wish I could return.

Review Title: mixed emotions | Review by

I purchased my dryer about 6 weeks ago. The dryer is efficient and I have finally figured out how to run it. The only problem I have is that I did not know it would take this long for someone to come and change the dryer door. It is a stackable and it opens the opposite of the washer. I have called sears 3 times and each time I am told someone will call me back and never happens. It is a good product but sears is giving your product a bad name because I cannot get it serviced.

Review Title: Dial setting confusing | Review by

When machine is dialed to certain settings it does not let you control the temp level, IE low, medium , high. Also unless you have key pad locked, buttons are easily bumped and machine beeps.

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

Our gas dryer is a major upgrade compared to the dryer we replaced. Several drying options are available. And the new dryer holds alot! I gave a 4 because bulky items bunch up and take a while to dry.

Review Title: Lots of options | Review by

One month in and I am very happy with this dryer. The dry time is very consistant and i like being able to choose the drying level.

Review Title: awesome dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer because it is made in USA. and I it has been a served me well.

Review Title: I'm enjoying the dryer! | Review by

I'm enjoying the features and available settings very much. The available settings have taken care of every possible type of drying I've needed. The one issue I have relates to the sensitivity of the control panel. When I brush against the front of the machine I occasionally activate or change a setting. Other than that small annoyance, I'm glad I purchased the machine.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

The settings are great! Will tumble every so often for a period of time once dry to prevent wrinkles! This is great for me as I'm not one to pull the clothes out right away! Love it!

Review Title: Disappointed No Light Inside Dryer Like My Old Duet | Review by

I Bought This Dryer With Matching Washer 2 Weeks Ago To Replace Duets I Had For 9 yrs Couldn't Be Happy Only Disappointment Is My Old Duet Dryer Had A Light Inside And This Model Does Not

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

this dryer works great. the only thing I wish it had was a light, I thought all dryers came with one.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Super quite and a great deal for the price. Much better than our last dryer

Review Title: washer and dryer review | Review by

this is a good set of washer and dryer but would be better with a light inside to see better

Review Title: Dries without wrinkles | Review by

Had for several months. It tends to under dry which is appropriate. Dries super fast and is very quiet. Lint tray is great! Chimes are good and auto fluff works great

Review Title: So far I love it! | Review by

So far my whirlpool dryer has been wonderful! After having a horrible experience with my last dryer (GE brand), I refuse to buy another product from them. My old one lasted only a couple of years before the drum started to fall apart and drying my clothes became a fire hazard! I have only had this dryer for about a month but so far it has run better, quieter and more efficiently then my other one ever did! I guess the true test will come with time! Fingers crossed this one lasts longer than a couple of years!

Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and it's a great dryer. It's quiet and can handle large loads. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it sometimes stops a few minutes after starting, thinking it went through the whole cycle, and the drying cycles take a long time (over an hour most of the time).

Review Title: Great look | Review by

I bought this a month ago for my wife...and she loves it. This is our first front loader pair.

Review Title: Great appliance. | Review by

We are very happy with the purchase. Works great. Easy to use and quiet compared to our other dryer.

Review Title: Nice | Review by

Very efficient. Clothes dry faster than my old machine and seem less wrinkled too.

Review Title: Nice dryer | Review by

After having a disaster with the Calypso washer destroying our towels and clothes we bought a new Duet washer and kept the Calypso dryer until it failed recently and we bought this new Duet dryer and are very happy so far, Have always been a Whirlpool customer including our Dishwaher, trash compactor and refrigerator.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

This dryer is perfect - easy to use and a perfect size. My clothes seem to get dry quickly and don't get too hot. I can take clothes out if the dryer right away.

Review Title: New Machine | Review by

Washer ck\leans well. Controls are manageable, once one finds out what each button and setting does.

Review Title: Super | Review by

We are very pleased with the whirlpool gas dryer. It is efficient to run. It also very quiet. The only disappointment was that we were in able to get the pedestal for the dryer and a whirlpool washer we had.

Review Title: Easy operate and excellent heating power | Review by

I replaced a Samsung dryer which was only 4 years old due to a simple part that was not replaceable without replacing the entire drum. In the Whirlpool dryer it was a simple seal replacement.

Review Title: Happy Customer | Review by

This dryer is very easy to use. The buttons and settings are pretty self explanatory. It looks nice with a front loading washer. I plan on having this dryer for a long time.

Review Title: love the looks | Review by

we purchased both washer and dryer and love them we put them on the first floor of our home as we are in our eighties and going in the basement was getting harder to do

Review Title: I enjoy doing laundry now. | Review by

I had no problem with my old dryer, but my washer died and so I had to get a new set. I am pleased that all my research paid off. This dryer has just the right number of settings, not too many, and is easy to operate. I have it stacked on the Duet washer, and it's all pretty quiet while operating. Much quieter than I was used to.

Review Title: Great Dryer! | Review by

Love all the settings, so easy to use. We stacked the washer and dryer, and have so much more space. So happy with it!

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer about a month ago and I am very pleased. Works great !!!! Has all the features you will need. It is not one of those with all the bells and whistles but that is what I like. It does what a dryer is suppose to do, for the price it is an excellent dryer.

Review Title: We Like It!!!! | Review by

I bought this dryer when our old one died. We live out in the country and use propane for our dryer (and for cooking, heating and hot water). It would be nice if one could order the dryer already set up for propane, but I had to order the conversion kit and install it. There HAS to be enough folks living in the country that use propane to make this a viable option. As it turned out taking the dryer apart was no biggie, but for someone not mechanically inclined it would be quite daunting. Doing the actual conversion (replacing the jets) only took a couple of minutes; taking the dryer apart and putting it back together probably took me an hour. If the dryer had a lower panel (under the door) it would of been a simple process to install the conversion, but there's not so I had to take the dryer apart to the point that I had to remove the drum. I have to say the instructions for the conversion kit were probably the best set of instructions I've ever used and the conversion went very well.

Review Title: Nice and quite works well. | Review by

I bought one month ago and I am very happy with its performance.

Review Title: Finally got a new dryer, and what a difference it makes! | Review by

My last Whirpool dryer finally gave up the ghost, after 26 years of use without a single service call! I loved it. I almost named it. Ok, I did name it, but I don't want to include any personally identifiable information in this review. When it was pronounced DOA by my most dependable appliance repairman, I was devastated... but I decided to buy the Duet to keep my Duet washer company (I have the first generation Duet washer and it is fabulous). The new dryer is so quiet! (except for the kicky little tune it plays when it starts and the lullaby it plays when it's done)... the lint trap is fantastically easy to empty (I was a lint trap criminal before, according to my kids) and the "intelligent" machine knows exactly how long to run in order to dry the clothes properly. Thank you for the perfect replacement for my perfect old dryer. I haven't yet named it, but I am thinking about it.

Review Title: Dries Ever So Fast! | Review by

I bought this Duet dryer 6 weeks ago. Love It! This dryer is very efficient and dries quickly. Has an auto shutoff. When the technology determines the clothing is dry enough, it shuts off for you. A number of easy to use settings. I would definitely recommend.

Review Title: Super fast drying time! | Review by

We've owned this about a month & couldn't be more pleased. Our clothes dry in less than half the time as out previous dryer and the auntie air tumble feature is fantastic for a busy person who doesn't always get to it as soon as it's done.

Review Title: Perfect!! | Review by

Bought this product upon buying a new house. Simple Install, very quiet, high capacity and very efficient.

Review Title: awesome | Review by

I bought this about one month ago. I just love the new ecoboost. Uses the hot air more effiently saving my gas.

Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

I have had this set for about a month and just love it. The dryer cut my dry time in half and saves energy at the same time. The multiple setting selections and touch sensitive buttons are a plus. Highly recommended!

Review Title: Tuffy47 | Review by

This unit performs very well. It is quiet and does not vibrate. Good value and quality. I would definitely recommend

Review Title: The digital panel is easy to use | Review by

Well styled, easy panel display, great options for all types of drying.

Review Title: fast and quiet, love it | Review by

Bought this at Costco as a washer dryer pair and simply love it. I can't emphasize how quiet this is and fast too. I've tried multiple dry setting go and each one leaves the clothes nice and dry. I've had others where if you chose delicate or a lower heat setting the clothes wouldn't be dry. Not this one.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

I bought this dryer along with the washer and I could not be happier! I can get so much more laundry done as this cuts my drying time in half. It senses the weight of the load and picks the corresponding drying time and there are plenty of different settings to choose from. I hope to get a lot of use out of this. It is so easy to use and very quiet.

Review Title: Dries clothing to perfection. It senses the weight and doesn't overdry | Review by

Very happy with machines performance. It senses the weight of the wash and sets it automatically.

Review Title: Capacity and efficiency | Review by

Bought this last fall and love it. The dryers hold very large loads and yet, drys them perfectly. Our units are stacked so I have difficulty reading the control panel but with time have learned my most often used settings.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer last month and I've been so satisfied with it. The capacity is very large and has plenty of dying features. I would recommend this dryer . 100% satisfied with it.

Review Title: Whirlpool-7.3 cu. ft. Duet | Review by

I grew up with Whirlpool it's like family wouldn't have any other.

Review Title: Love my front Load Gas Dryer! | Review by

I just love my new front load gas dryer. It is so efficient especially with the timed dry feature. No more over drying my clothes and no more wrinkles with the wrinkle-free feature! I have truly simplified my laundry tasks with this purchase.

Review Title: Fabulous dryer!!! | Review by

We purchased this dryer and matching washer about a month ago and it's wonderful!!! This is the first front loader I have ever used that actually dries our clothes!!! It's quiet and we have had no issues, overall great purchase!!!

Review Title: Dryer dries in record time | Review by

Don't have to wait forever for things to dry. The ability to set the drying cycle to suit my needs is exceptional

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

This is an awesome dryer. Drys twice as fast as my old dryer

Review Title: Love it too! | Review by

I bought this with it's partner washer a couple of months ago and love how quickly I can dry a load of anything.

Review Title: Thanks Whirlpool!! | Review by

For most of my adult life I have dreamed of owning a washer and dryer of my own. This year that dream came true, my husband I purchased a house and new appliances! Of the new appliance purchases the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer are my favorite! The Control Lock feature is awesome, and the Wrinkle Shield keeps our clothes wrinkle free when we are not able to get right to it. The cute little noises that the machines make when the laundry is ready are delightful when they chime and not excessive. I am so grateful for these two machines and would not trade them for anything! Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: Great feature | Review by

I bought the dryer a month ago to replace my old one. Love the quietness and the drying sensor

Review Title: Dependable | Review by

Our newly married daughter needed a washer/dryer for future baby clothes...we offered our current Whirlpool Duets which were 6 years old...and purchased similar Duet models for ourselves. We both got a good deal!

Review Title: Second purchase | Review by

I bought the first set 17 years ago... Thru 3 kids, 2 adults & 2 dog they finally need to be replaced... Luck would have it the same "duet" set were available . We didn't even look at other brands/style. Looking forward to 17 more years with the new set!

Review Title: Great Gas Dryer | Review by

Purchased this gas dryer several weeks back and have run a couple dozen loads through it of all sorts. Fall cleaning with draperies, bed spreads blankets along with our regular everyday washing & drying. Have tried most of the different settings, and "wow", this is one great gas dryer. Like, the many different settings that can be used and the simplicity of using them. Great dryer, would recommend it to anyone looking for the best front load gas dryer.

Review Title: Terrific machine | Review by

It is new. I just completed 2 loads but everything came out excellent. Even the no-iron shirts came out ready to wear.

Review Title: Like my new dryer | Review by

I can get my washing do so fast now with my new dryer

Review Title: Bought it as part of the washer and dryer set, happy I did. | Review by

Excellent value, the dryer is the best we could ever hope for.

Review Title: Awesome Dryer | Review by

I love this dryer not only does it save energy but it does not over dry your clothes the Eco feature is an added benefit because who does not like to save money and energy thank whirlpool for making an awesome product

Review Title: Doesn't snag my clothes. Dries quickly and has a nice anti wrinkle feature | Review by

Have had it for two months. Dries quietly and quickly . Multiple temperature selections with an econo-boost button to save you energy and money

Review Title: Works well | Review by

Bought this a month ago to replace 10 year old gas dryer that had stopped working. The old dryer was also a Whirlpool duet. Bought it to match a whirlpool washer I also bought 5 months ago to replace 10 year old washer. I hope these two replacements last as long.

Review Title: Best washer dryer I ever bought! | Review by

When I moved to my new house, I did research by calling various appliance stores and wholesalers. Additionally, my wife and I spoke to everyone we knew, to find the best machine. My parents had recently purchased three(!) sets for their new home, and strongly recommended the whirlpool. We took their advice and have enjoyed effortless laundry ever since! Thank you, Whirlpool!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Beautiful, quiet and has made laundry easier and more efficient.

Review Title: Great so fare | Review by

Bought 6 weeks ago with the washer. Works great. Like the feature of not continuing to waste gas when cloths are already dry.

Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

I bought this a month ago and love it! Works great! Nice features!

Review Title: LOVE THIS PRODUCT | Review by


Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

Love this dryer! It works super fast and is large and quiet.

Review Title: Really great | Review by

Drys fast and hv dryness sensor. Goes with the Whirlpool duet washer. Easy setting on different cycles that fit different drying needs.

Review Title: Solid door,filter and drying. | Review by

This was a replacement for an eleven year old similar model and we found it to be quite, with excellent drying and the door,filter and machine in general of solid construction.

Review Title: cleaner clothes | Review by

All I can say is I love both the washer and dryer, glad I got them.

Review Title: Great Machine!!! | Review by

Originally my wife wanted side by side, so I installed all of the utilities for that application. Then she said that she'd rather have them stacked, no problem I said, and moved the utilities and venting. Had to reverse door opening for the dryer, easy to do with the instructions. Personally, besides drying her towel in the morning, I don't use the machine. All of the clothes in my drawer are not wet, so I'd say the machine is doing a great job.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Perfect for a small place. Works great and is very quiet.

Review Title: Whirlpool washer & dryer | Review by

I recently purchased a whirlpool Duet washer & dryer... I couldn't be more pleased!!! I actually think it washes and dries my clothes in half the time!

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