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Whirlpool WGD5800BC Cabrio 7.4 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Gas Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WGD5800BC Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WGD5800BC Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGD5800BC Laundry

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  • 7.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • Toss an entire load into the dryer without leaving anything out due to lack of space. With a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity dryer drum, there's plenty of room to easily handle any load you wash in the matching top load washer.
  • AccuDry Sensor Drying System
  • Measures moisture and temperature levels with two built-in sensors to reduce overdrying and automatically stop the cycle when the load is dry. Dryers with the AccuDry system use less energy than Whirlpool top load dryers.
  • EcoBoost Option with Eco Monitor
  • Saves energy by using a portion of the dryer's dual heating elements and extending cycle time. You'll get great drying performance while saving in energy costs.
  • Wrinkle Shield Option
  • Help keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. The process lasts for up to 150 minutes or until you open the dryer door.
  • Quiet Dry Noise Reduction System
  • Keep operational sounds inside dryer and out of living areas with sound-absorbing materials around the dryer drum.
  • Reversible Door
  • The reversible door gives you the flexibility to set the dryer door to open to the right or to the left, depending on what best suits your laundry space.
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are built with American pride and designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.


Total Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft.
Number of Cycles: 10
Number of Temperatures: 5
EcoBoost Option: Yes with Eco Monitor
Drum Light: Yes; LED
Lint Screen Location: Front-Mounted Lint Screen
Wrinkle Control Time: 150 Minutes
Wrinkle Guard: Wrinkle Shield Plus Feature
End of Cycle Signal: Off/Soft/Loud
Quiet Dry Noise Reduction System: Yes
Estimated Time Remaining Display: Yes
Timed Dry: Yes
Top Finish: E-Coat
Hamper Door: Yes
Drum Material: Powder Coat
Door Window: Yes
Reversible Door: Yes
Door Swing: Side Swing
Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Labor Warranty: 1 Year
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 27"
Product Depth: 27 3/4"
Product Height: 43 1/2"
Gross Weight: 132 Lbs.

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Review Title: This product is great | Review by

I love my new whirlpool appliance I recommend it you going to love it Style,sound,energy saving,cleanability love it

Review Title: Poorly Designed Products... | Review by

Who designed an angular top so you can't put anything on top of the dryer or else it slides off? Really??? Has anybody done an ergonomic study? People (women & men) often use the top of the dryer to fold clothes or place items such as boxes of dryer sheets. If you place anything on top of this dryer, it slides right off!!! Internally the dryer is functional for now... But I'm not holding my breath. My Cabrio washing machine routinely rips my king size bedsheets if they're not "perfectly" aligned like a donut around the interior. I am not a fan of Whirlpool products right now, especially the Cabrio series...

Review Title: Love this dryer | Review by

I love the window in the front. I love the settings it offers. I love everything about this dryer.

Review Title: NONE | Review by


Review Title: never had a problem with a new dryer until i bought this | Review by

i bought this Whirpool dryer with high hopes that this would take care of drying clothes better than the last whirpool i had for 12 years- haha to me

Review Title: Did not perform correctly | Review by

The dryer has not completely dried clothes. In some cases my wife ran them through the dryer a second time (e.g. towels) and they were still damp. An appliance repair person told us that the problem could be a partially blocked vent line. Everything however worked correctly before replacing our old dryer (also a Whirlpool) but I checked the vent hose and the vent and there were no clogs. Just to be sure, I also moved the dryer further out from the wall. The problem persisted. Instead of having the dryer repaired under warranty (it was just delivered) we are returning the dryer (and matching Cabrio washer that has also not always washed clothes thoroughly) and replacing them with your older agitator style washer and matching dryer. Incidentally, my wife did read all the reviews on the washer and was placing the clothes around the tub and not in the center. She even resorted to using the "full" cycle even when not necessary and still had problems with some items not being washed correctly.

Review Title: Needs to have all manual settings | Review by

I bought this dryer about 3 weeks ago after doing significant reading of the various Whirlpool units. The first thing I noticed was the signal tone. My dryer is in the basement. It sounds more like a cell phone tone. If you put your clothes in the dryer and go about doing another things around the house you will definitely not hear this tone. My previous dryer had a buzzer which you could hear almost anywhere in the house. Second, the "wrinkle shield". They should have called this the "wrinkle maker". This unit stops for too long and then tumbles for less then 30 seconds. My last Whirlpool stopped for a couple minutes and tumbled again. Each time buzzing. Third, drying is inconsistent. If the items are not dry, you have to turn off the unit. Then, turn it back on and re-set settings in order to get the load dry the second time. I had one load which I had to put through three times before it was dried satisfactory. Some setting options only work with "automatic" settings and other only work with "manual" settings. One thing others have mentioned is the slanted top. Where did that come from? It does not effect me since I have a table to put clothes on. But, why? Has Whirlpool out smarted it self this time? Did they test this unit in a real world environment after designing it? I don't think so. I'm seriously considering returning this unit.

Review Title: OK | Review by

Lots of nice features, but the drying sensor isn't very accurate. Usually have to run cloths through a second time to get completely dry.

Review Title: Good value at Best Buy! | Review by

The price was right at best Buy, $600 including tax. The dryer is HUGE but doesn't always dry fully and doesn't offer as much control as we'd like during certain dry settings.

Review Title: SLOPED TOP - Bad design | Review by

Have used this dryer for a few days. Does what a dryer is expected to do - dries clothes. Do not underestimate have very irritating the significantly sloped top is! Nothing can be placed on top of the dryer without falling off. While shopping for a dryer, this seemed like a minor annoyance. I now know it should have been a deal-breaker. Avoid this particular dryer if you can.

Review Title: Good gas dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer as a replacement of my old Whirlpool dryer that gave in after many years of faithful service. I like this dryer but not much more than my old one despite it having a lot more automatic cycles and features. I have simple laundry needs, mostly light everyday loads. I think its capacity is better than my old one and it is a little quieter than that. Other than that, it appears to be a good dryer and I hope it lasts for as long as my old one.

Review Title: Energy efficient | Review by

This dryer seems to be much more energy efficient than my last one and has some great features, but I have had to turn it back on a number of times after clothes didn't get completely dry. The sensor that tells the dryer when the clothes are dry sometimes only senses the item nearest to it, and some other items are still damp. It's not the be all, end all dryer, but it's still better than my old one!

Review Title: Pretty Good, but often have to run again... | Review by

We bought this a month ago and it works pretty good. I love the look of it and love that I can look through the window to see if there are clothes in it or not as my husband and I both do the laundry. Do not like that about one out of three times the our laundry is not completely dry when the cycle ends and I have to dry them for about 15 minutes longer. This is quite inconvenient.

Review Title: great features, sleek style | Review by

I bought this a month ago. With the matching washer. We ended up returning the dryer because it took two cycles to dry clothes

Review Title: Average features | Review by

Have had the dryer for 2 months and find that it takes much longer to dry my clothes than my old Whirlpool did. The other feature I do not like is the sloped top...I fold clothes on top of the dryer and if I leave them on top while the dryer is running everything slides to the floor. Why the sloped top?

Review Title: Heating | Review by

I bought this dryer a few months back, there must be something wrong because for a HE dryer it takes 5 cycles to dry towels, clothes take a few cycles. Does any one else have this problem

Review Title: Not very happy | Review by

I was very impressed with the features at the store however when I have it home and I'm using it the drying time is very long

Review Title: Awesome dryer | Review by

Since purchasing my Whirpool Cabrio dryer I have been nothing less than happy with it. ll of my drying needs are complete!

Review Title: works fine for its purpose | Review by

energy efficient and works fine for the intended purpose.

Review Title: pretty good | Review by

The washer is a little loud and sometimes it should have more water in it

Review Title: stylish, good features but noiser than i expected | Review by

very stylish pair at a good price point. the extended warranty was a good and I purchased it. it uses so little water I thought something was wrong with the washer. I called the service man and they responded asap! he demoed the units and explained how the washer was designed and how my clothes will get just as clean as with the old full tub of water washers. this machine uses very little water. I'm happy with my new purchase.

Review Title: A lot of great features | Review by

We bought this after researching many washing machines. This product has a lot of great features for the price and we are very happy with this washing machine.

Review Title: dryer | Review by

it seems to work just fine, but noise level is too high

Review Title: Happy with my purchase! | Review by

So far, so good. I like the features on this dryer. I'm slowly learning how to work all the functions. The price was good as well.

Review Title: Good, basic dryer | Review by

This is a good, basic dryer. I like that it has a 'sensor' to cut drying time if not needed, but sometimes it's not accurate; the items inside are still damp and I need to run it longer. Also, don't like how the top of the dryer is curved and not flat---I like to keep my empty laundry basket on top while doing laundry, but can't because it's sloped and falls down. Not a deal breaker, though, and eventually I want to get the matching Cabrio washer.

Review Title: good features | Review by

I had to replace a commercial dryer I bought about 16 years ago with this one. At first it would dry but that was the fault of my venting. I had a new one installed and it had an extra filter that clogged frequently. The dryer is great but only time will tell if it can hold up to my standards.

Review Title: works great love machine | Review by

no problems at all with machine it is doing all the drying I cab give it

Review Title: Works as expected..... | Review by

It's a fine dryer. Good size. Seems to help me avoid wrinkles even if I leave the clothes in there dry overnight (without using the wrinkle cycle). I like the drum light abd see through door (however neither are necessary) It performs as expected.....BUT the top is sloped! I an in the habit of doing gentle items last. I put them on my dryer until all the wash is done to get it all at once. Not possible. It all falls on the floor. Who would design it like that? And it doesn't ' match ' my new cabrio washer. I would have thought they'd match? It's lower, more rounded abtd did I mention SLOPED! I'd return it off I could just because that is so annoying!

Review Title: Dryer shut-off | Review by

So far I really like dryer. Only negative comment is that the dryer power has to be shut off by hand. All other previous dryers after completing cycle shut power off. Do not like to leave power switch on when leaving residence!

Review Title: Happy! | Review by

Lots of room, looks good and ,so far, happy I bought it.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought a gas dryer 2 months ago and my wife really like all the features

Review Title: i use hardly any water! | Review by

this washer really cleans the clothes. it uses such a small amount of water. it is however a little noisy

Review Title: Very good cleaning with less water | Review by

I had this machine for 6 weeks now and am very satisfied with the cleaning. I was skeptical first whether it will be able to clean my clother without an agitator but I am impressed with the technology. I especially like their clean boost feature.

Review Title: good dryer | Review by

4* because it's only a few months old. Ask me again in 15 years.

Review Title: Whirlpool Washer and Dryer | Review by

I bought my washer and dryer about 5 weeks ago and really enjoy them and the features. The washer clears much better then my old Kenmore and I really like not have the center agitator.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I like the wrinkle feature and that you can continue to dry once it has stopped by just pushing a button.

Review Title: Love the dryer | Review by

Works great in every way. The only thing I would change is there isn't a way to cancel the current cycle without turning the power off and on. For example, say I stop the load 3 minutes prior to the cycle ending, I can't reset and start a new load without shutting down and turning back on.

Review Title: Excellent quality, great performance | Review by

I've had this dryer for four months with no problems at all. It has enough cycles and options to get any drying job done. I bought it sight unseen based on a Consumer Reports review and my only disappointment is that the top is sloped - large folded laundry piles will slide right off! I've had many Whirlpool appliances and have always been very pleased. Even though the top of this dryer annoys me, its a minor vexation. The rest of the dryer is great!. It performs very well and is a good size for my family. I always look for the dryer door that opens down rather than to the side. (I'm not a laundry basket person) and I like the lint trap inside the door, not on the top! Its a good value for the price and looks nice, so I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Review Title: Such an improvement | Review by

We love our new dryer! It takes far less time to dry our clothing then our previous dryer. Has great drying options like eco mode, and lets us know approximately how long we have to wait to have dry clothing.

Review Title: Great find and price | Review by

My 12 year old Kemore died and I needed a replacement quickly. The Whirlpool was on sale and I was able to take it home right away.

Review Title: fast and quiet | Review by

Love this dryer! Auto setting are so accurate! Saves time and money! So glad I stayed with Cabrio line!

Review Title: It Works! | Review by

So nice to have a dryer that works! It dry's really well, evenly, with enough timing choices. Light is helpful. Door design pulls down which makes it easy to remove clothes and not drop on the floor.

Review Title: Assembled in USA! | Review by

I don't think that I can give a fair review of this product because I purchased this dryer to replace a 20+ year old machine! This machine dries my cloths with one cycle, unlike my old dryer which took 2. I like the amount of features including the glass door, its neat watching the cloths spin and flop around. I also like the winkle shield, which spins the cloths every once in a while, because I don't make it to the basement as soon as the load is done.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago and it is wonderful. It dries my clothes faster than any dryer I've had before. It is also fairly quiet.

Review Title: Easy install and works great. | Review by

We have owned this drier about 3 weeks. Works well and is very quite. The install was easy and we will see in 10 years if we still like it.

Review Title: Great purchase!! | Review by

Nice to have a larger load drying capacity with a variety of drying cycles for an affordable price. Easy to load with the drop down door to open.

Review Title: Works as I expected it | Review by

This dryer has full filled all the basic needs I had for drying with a few extra's. I like the wrinkle guard, and the various options like eco dry and buzzers on and off. I have had this dryer for two months now.

Review Title: This dryer makes laundry day a breeze! | Review by

We moved to our new home and needed a gas dryer. Our whirlpool gas dryer not only looks great but works even better than I had hoped. Very happy!

Review Title: Very quiet! | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago after my old one broke! I do a lot of laundry each week and this dryer works great at drying all types of clothes! It is very quiet!

Review Title: fast drying | Review by

big capacity, relatively silent and produce less lint than my old dryer

Review Title: Other than this machine being too loud, I do love everything else about it | Review by

Product is very nice but very loud during different cycles

Review Title: Good features and great design. | Review by

My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer in 2008. We think it is a great machine and we have never had a problem with it. When our dryer had to be replaced we decided that we would buy the Cabrio dryer to go with the washer. It didn't take a whole lot of thought. to make the decision. I am sold on your Cabrio line of products.

Review Title: Everything is automatic | Review by

No issues with installation and performance of the equipment

Review Title: Durable and Dependable | Review by

I purchased my dryer about five months ago and I absolutely love it. The quality is high and the price was reasonable. I have no complaints.

Review Title: whirlpool cabrio dryer | Review by

I bought the cabrio dryer in October and at first we had issues with hook up but after exchanging it several times it works great! I have the whirlpool cabrio washer that has great features. Whitest white cycle works great! Really can get heavy duty stains out.

Review Title: Good Performance | Review by

After 6 months the dryer is working well. I am very happy with the product

Review Title: whirl pool washer | Review by

The washing machine does a good job but it's loud.

Review Title: Not happy about slanted top | Review by

I am very satisfied with everything about this gas dryer, except the slanted top. Women are very limited in their laundry facility areas and a flat top comes in handy for setting laundry baskets, folded clothes, Washer soap, fabric softener, and a slanted top makes this impossible. It is not useful, and every little bit of convenience helps.

Review Title: super quiet. | Review by

I've had this dryer for about6 months now. It's so quiet! Drys well on the eco seeing unless you have a lot of heavy clothes.

Review Title: Love mine | Review by

It's pretty quite compared to my old one and really efficient. It used to take 1.5 hours to dry a load and now about 40-50 mins, it's amazing.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Great product. Relatively quiet and lots of options for drying. Only complaint is that the top of the dryer is sloped, making it a difficult surface for folding clothing. Unsure why they would design it that way.

Review Title: Runs quietly, not sure yet how happy I will be in the long run. | Review by

I have not read "all" of the instructions yet but am not happy with how well it is drying clothing. Too often it leaves clothing slightly damp. Not sure if it is the machine or me not understanding how to use it. I do not want to spend a lot of time figuring it out. I want the machine to dry a normal load e.g. towels, sheets, jeans, t-shirts, sox, underwear; in a reasonable amount of time so that it can be folded and put away. It has not done that.

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

I bought this for my new townhome and after a few sales/install errors were corrected, the dryer works like a gem. Efficiently drying, never over drying or leaving contents damp. It's a little noisey with vibrations that are felt in the room next door. Love that I can see what's drying inside!

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought this product a month ago and I am so glad I did.

Review Title: Dries Fast | Review by

We bought this about a month and are amazed at how well it dries clothes.

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

Seems to do the job. What else is there to say?? It works fine

Review Title: Good solid dryer | Review by

The dryer works pretty well, the only hint an issue is when you but different types of material like sweaters with silks, as an example. The silks get dry, the sweater stays damp. Take the silks (light weight clothing) our and restart and it works great.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Dryer is great, it dryers our clothes so fast. Best dryer ever.

Review Title: Has great features! | Review by

This dryer is efficient and has a wrinkle release feature that I have never had before. It makes a big difference in the end result. It is a little difficult to adjust the setting to reflect a load of wash that needs more heat due to items that take longer to dry. It seems as though the only way to get to hot on dryer is if you put it on "very bulky" setting which takes an hour to dry. Some times it is not very bulky, but items that take more heat to dry. Other than that it works fine.

Review Title: A real workhorse! | Review by

This dryer works great! My previous dryer was 20 years old so I welcomed this new dryer. Get everything very dry and fluffy, and is very energy efficient. Only downside (and this is a big one) is the top of the dryer is slanted so I can't put anything on top of it -- it slides off. I had to velcro my boxes of dryer sheets to it or they fall off. Definitely something to consider before you buy a washer/dryer!

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

The dryer dries clothes perfectly in an appropriate amount of time. The wrinkle-free setting is great when you can't immediately remove the clothes from the dryer. I was a bit worried about the depth of the dryer, trying to grab those socks caught in the back but it has yet to be a issue.

Review Title: very nice dryer | Review by

This dryer meets all my need...Has many cycles and options and quiet also.

Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

Got this as a floor model from a local big box home improvement store. Works well, dries the clothes without problem, has a cute musical sound when the clothes are done. Does have a sloped top that prevents the top from being good for storage.

Review Title: good buy | Review by

I recently bought a whirlpool gas dryer. I did the install myself which was surprisingly easy. the dryer is solidly built, has easy dials to understand, and most importantly dries clothes well. I would purchase another if given the opportunity

Review Title: Excellent features and drying time! | Review by

Product is a slimline easy to use and very efficient.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

I initially bought a Kenmore dryer and it was Very Loud. Called Sears and they let me exchange the original one for the Whirlpool. This dryer is much better! Sometimes takes more than one cycle if you use the manufacturers settings, but you can also set your own timer.

Review Title: So far, so good (low temperature is low), but slanted top is annoying | Review by

We got this relatively basic gas model (that is, no steam, etc.) about two weeks ago as a replacement for another brand that had served faithfully for 15 years until its gas valve started to malfunction. To this point, the Whirlpool Cabrio has worked as expected and the controls were easy to understand. The highlight has been the low temperature setting, which is actually low enough that we use it, which significantly cuts down on how much we have to line dry. The lowlight has been the slanted top. Items placed on it roll or slide off very easily, which is much more annoying than we would have anticipated had we realized that the dryer had this "feature,"

Review Title: Great Performance | Review by

I bought this dryer about a month ago. It dry faster than I expected. It actually perform better than another whirlpool dryer that I had before. Last week I washed my twin size bed sheet, 2 blankets (1 very thick) and 2 pillow cases. All dried in 40 minutes.

Review Title: Good value, does the job | Review by

We wanted a dryer that worked well, was energy efficient, and didn't cost a fortune. This one fit the bill.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this a month ago and am glad I did. Quiet and efficient!

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

I love the timer display and the drum light. The door is taking a little getting use to but it's great for small loads that you can fold as you take it out of the dryer

Review Title: Cabrio Review | Review by

I like the many control options this dryer has to offer. The control panel is well laid out and easy to operate. The gas dryer I purchased dries very quick and efficient.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I purchased the dryer about a month ago. Love it. Saving money because it shuts off when the clothes are dry.

Review Title: great price for the features | Review by

It's works great and uses less water and still I have clean clothes.

Review Title: pretty awesome dryer | Review by

i love this dryer and i wouldn't trade it for any other. but, it does have a minor draw back, my husbands jeans are quite thick and heavy and many times the sensor in the dryer says they are dry before they are and if i just re start it, it doesn't stay on long because it thinks they are dry. this is despite me setting it to driest dry setting.

Review Title: effecient HE Dryer | Review by

I have always loved Whirlpool products and this dryer is a great appliance

Review Title: Was Leary but Impressed! | Review by

We purchased a washer and dryer when our electric dryer died! I did alot of research during the purchase process and Cabrio was one I was really on the fence to purchase. However we are really glad we went with them. They do a great job and very impressed with all the features they come with. I guess the only issue we have is its bulk load capability but its pros outweigh its only negative! For the price and the brand name its well worth the purchase.

Review Title: Sensor drying questionable | Review by

The dryer works fine. Unfortunately the dryer stops drying before the clothes are completely dry. The "sensor" drying feature could e tweaked.

Review Title: Whirlpool� Cabrio� 7.4 cu. ft. HE Dryer | Review by

I chose Whirlpool because their products are generally very reliable. They are also the only brand that makes a dryer with the door that opens downward. Until someone invents a dryer with a door on the top of the machine, I�ll need the open door to catch any clothes I might drop as I transfer them from the washer. I have a bad back and can�t bend to place each handful of clothes into the dryer drum, so I need that open door to drop the handfuls of clothes on until it builds up and then I can just push the clothes into the dryer. It's very attractive with the glass center and you can make sure everything's moving nicely.

Review Title: THE BEST DRYER EVER | Review by


Review Title: Nice dryer | Review by

Have used this for a few weeks now and love it. no complaints.

Review Title: Love the features this dryer has. Very Happy with it. | Review by

Had this dryer for about a month now and it works great. Hope it gives me years of usage.

Review Title: Whirlpool cabrio. | Review by

Purchased this dryer 2 months ago and am very very happy with my purchase! Is efficient and love all the settings which I did not have before in my kenmore dryer!

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We love this dryer! The sanitize feature is great and our clothes are dry and ready fast !

Review Title: couldn't be happier | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago. It has been wonderful. Easy to use. Dries the clothes quickly. Even heavy work clothes dry thoroughly and fast, in 1 cycle. The machine was light enough for my husband and son to carry down to the basement and hook up. It has exceeded my expectations. The best part of this dryer is that it is American made!!!!

Review Title: it has great features | Review by

I'm so pleased with my purchase,it's a great brand and will recommend it to others

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio Great features | Review by

I am glad we bought a Whirlpool. The quality is Excellent.

Review Title: Nice and quiet | Review by

The Whirlpool dryer we had lasted over 20 years, so it only made sense to get another Whirlpool. Many nice features, and can barely hear it running.

Review Title: Very Good Dryer | Review by

Purchased this dryer to match the Cabrio washer. Dryer handles a full load from the washer and dries all of the clothes efficiently with the auto sensor.

Review Title: Great price! | Review by

Great dryer for the price! Glad I went with Whirlpool!

Review Title: Needed a gas dryer | Review by

After reviewing many brands I wanted to buy USA made

Review Title: save on power,water,detergent,and gas | Review by

bought washer about 1 month agoand the dryer to match 2 wks ago(gas ) it is saving on gas & time

Review Title: Very satisfied | Review by

Have been quite happy with the Whirpool Cabrio washer. Features are easy to use. We moved the laundry to our main floor from basement and the noise level and vibration is hardly negligible. We are also more than satisfied with the performance of the washer also. It has been challenged a few times with some quite soiled jeans and they came out quite clean. Right now we would rate the Cabrio a big thumbs up.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago and I am happy with it. Took a little while to get used to which setting to use because there are so many.

Review Title: So far, so good. | Review by

E dryer is doing a great job so far. Because I had trouble with a fairly new dryer form a different make, I am afraid to speak too soon.

Review Title: SO EFFICIENT | Review by


Review Title: Love the dryer | Review by

great features and so easy to use!! Glad we picked this dryer!

Review Title: Great features! Excellent results! | Review by

After a great deal of investigation and comparison of other brands of washers and dryers, I bought the Whirlpool Cabrio set. This new set had a lot to live up to. My old washer lasted 22 years and the dryer was 32 years old and still running. Both were manufactured by the same company so I really leaned towards Whirlpool, but was objective in my current decision.

Review Title: Cabrio is the BEST | Review by

My new Cabrio gas dryer is fantastic! I have been using it for about 2 months and have tested it with both large loads and small loads. I love the way it senses the dampness of the clothes and dries accordingly. It is very quiet, too. It is a great product!

Review Title: Quick drying | Review by

Love this dryer. It is so quiet and dries my clothes in half the time of my old dryer

Review Title: Awesome Dryer | Review by

This is my second dryer ever. Thus far this gas dryer beats my old Kenmore gas dryer hands down. I'd buy it again.

Review Title: Ideal features & fit | Review by

When a replacement became necessary, I wanted something with some precise features which this one offered. It works well. The brand has been reliable for me in the past. It saves energy yet effectively dries. Its controls are fully featured yet relatively intuitive. The audio chimes are loud enough to hear but not bothersome in volume or pitch. I wanted top quality without spending too much. This fits the bill. The delivering technician referred to it as a "high end" model. But I think what I paid was reasonable.


I bought my dryer two months ago, and we love it! after not having a drier for some time. This is a great dryer, I had purchase Kenmore before, but I like Whirlpool better. We like all the features and how quiet it is.

Review Title: Love it!!! | Review by

Do glad I got this dryer. I had done a bunch of research on different makes and models. I love all the awesome features this one has. So happy that we bought it!!!!#

Review Title: Great Machine! | Review by

We lost everything in the flood from Aug 11th, 2014. This dryer has been very good to our family. It dries the clothes fast!

Review Title: HUSBAND FRIENDLY | Review by

Love the "eco monitor". We have it set on the most energy efficient and the best light is lit on the monitor. This is the first dryer, in 50 years, that my husband likes to use. He says he likes to light the light and watch it work! [He says it's better than watching some of these TV programs]

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

I love my dryer, less time to dry. I would recommend this item to family and friends.

Review Title: Great features. I replaced my old Whirlpool dryer. | Review by

Love this new dryer. Replaced my old Whirlpool dryer which lasted 41 years. Any doubts about Whirlpool quality?

Review Title: Great dryer! | Review by

It's easy to use and definitely its saves some time drying clothes

Review Title: Review of Whirlpool washer and dryer | Review by

My machine broke down and due to its age, they were unable to obtain parts. Since I had such good luck with a Whirlpool, I decided to purchase another one and am pleased that I did.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Had for over month... Very happy with functionality and ease of use

Review Title: Good features, large capacity drum. | Review by

I have had this for a month and it has been great. It holds large loads like blankets and pillows.

Review Title: Excellent Dryer | Review by

We recently purchased this dryer and are extremely happy with our decision. It is quite and has multiple options for your drying needs. We have propane and with this dryer it turns off when it senses the clothes are dry saving us time and money.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Gas dryers are the way to go. Whirlpool makes the best dryer.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I bought this about 2 months ago & could not be happier. It takes less than an hour to dry clothes. OMG - so happy.

Review Title: very nice unit! | Review by

Really liken the large drum which dries the clothes quickly and evenly, had no bally up of sheets and any clothes. It also is fairly quiet which is a plus since we moved laundry upstairs. so far we love it

Review Title: Took some time to adjust | Review by

Seemed weird that this washer would slowly spin and then stop and slowly spin and then stop when first started----I had to re-train myself to not avoiding the agitator and had to remember to use the dispenser! Lots of new stuff for an old woman----but this old woman loves her new washer!

Review Title: Great replacement. | Review by

Bought this a few months ago and very happy with it. Love the Sanitize feature.

Review Title: It does everything I had hoped it would do, and easy to work for me. | Review by

I am glad I purchased this dryer, but wish a year ago I had bought the matching washing machine when my other one broke down. But too late now. I like the one I did buy, but would like the matching one 2 my new dryer, but can't afford 2 change it. My friends bought the set, & they love it 2.

Review Title: It dries but doesn't fold. | Review by

We needed a larger dryer after replacing our washer with a HE model (of a different brand). We chose this model based on the price (sale at the time) and the fact that our 20-year-old dryer was a Whirlpool, too. The twenty-year-old dryer was still working but just smaller. The thing we like the most about this dryer is the door opens up in such a way that it makes dropping clothes in easier, since it acts as a temporary "shelf" before scooping clothes into the dryer. We have to remind our young kids (5,7, and 7) to not sit on the door like a chair, but they enjoy being able to watch the clothes spin and to clean out the lint trap that is located near the door.

Review Title: Awesome!!! | Review by

I recently purchased the dryer and I'm glad I did, its a great machine!!!!!!!! And it makes noise too!!!!!!

Review Title: Super Quiet and Quick! Great buy. Glad I made this purchase. | Review by

This dryer is amazing, I can barely hear it at all. It dries full loads in half and hour. It's a safe bet!

Review Title: Very modern | Review by

I was amazed that the dryer had a sanitize cycle plus easy to use

Review Title: Designed taller that other dryers without losing capacity. | Review by

I was happy that this dryer fit through our small basement door. The design is great . Taller... but I can still fit a lot of clothes in it. The energy efficiency settings are great as well as the performance of this dryer. I was appy to find this dryer very reasonably priced. Great deal !

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I bought this 6 months ago and absolutely love it. So many Cycles to choose from and very energy efficient. It is so quiet and love the different detergent dispensers. I had my previous Whirlpool for 17 years with no problems. I also Love that it is made in the U.S.A

Review Title: Designer Look plus Designer Features | Review by

I bought this dryer to replace a cheaper as well as another model and brand.

Review Title: Love the light inside | Review by

I love my new dryer. I would recommend this to a friend.. Yesterday my daughter said "when I buy a new washer and dryer, I am going to get one just like yours"

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio dryer | Review by

This is a terrific solidly made dryer. It has such a large cavity for clothes that I can dry a large load at one time. I love having the clear glass front and am very pleased that it's not noisy as was my previous dryer. An added feature is the bell going off to let you know the cycle is done. I would happily recommend this dryer.

Review Title: Terrific Dryer | Review by

Just love the many features and the less drying time it takes

Review Title: Everything you need and more | Review by

I bought this about 3 weeks ago and have already used it a bunch. The dryer has a ton of settings (many of which I haven't even used yet), but I have found it to be an efficient and quiet dryer.

Review Title: Well engineered | Review by

My previous washer and dryer was a kenmore made by whirlpool, and we we were very pleased with it's performance

Review Title: We love it. | Review by

Our old Whirlpool dryer was moved to the garage as a "backup". We had to have a matched set when our old Whirlpool Washer was worn out. We have had Whirlpool appliances for the last 40 years and will continue as long as we are able. A new refrigerator sure would be nice. PS: We also like our Whirlpool cooktop and dishwasher. PPS: Sure glad they are made in the USA.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Besides being stylish, it has great functionality and easy to use!

Review Title: Does a great job! | Review by

The only reason I got a new dryer was because I had to get a new washer. So We decided to get the set. After having it homes I was really glad we had purchased the set. The dryer does a great job drying the clothes. It never requires more time that the first setting.

Review Title: The tub is big enough to dry comforters and big things like that. | Review by

We love the new dryer . It is so easy to get the clothes out and they are almost wrinkle free.Our last whirlpool dryer lasted us 35 years.

Review Title: Very Easy to use | Review by

Love how easy the machine is to use, very self explanatory! My favorite features are the front loader the wrinkle remover option.

Review Title: Bought based on review in Consumers Reports. | Review by

So far it has worked great and dries fast. Easy to use with simple instructions.

Review Title: This product is easy to use. | Review by

My wife and I had no problem in learning how to use this technically advanced product. It dries the clothes quickly and is energy efficient.

Review Title: Efficient dryer | Review by

We had to replace an old Whirpool dryer that finally kicked the bucket after 15 years of use. So, it was a no-brainer to replace it with another Whirpool. It's been a couple of months and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This baby is smooth, quiet and efficient. It's nice to know you can still trust the Whirpool name!

Review Title: Great Control | Review by

Love the different settings, especially "Sanitize!" You have control of temps and length and I just love this dryer!

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Works awesome!! Very quiet, dries clothes fast!!!!

Review Title: I just love my new whirlpool washer and dryer. | Review by

I recently purchased my new whirlpool cabrio washer and dryer, And i am amazed at the difference in my laundry, Everything comes out smelling so clean, My whites are whiter than they have ever been, My colors are much brighter than ever, and my clothes come out practically dry and wrinkle free. I have always liked whirlpool appliances mainly because of their quality, but also they are made in the U.S.A. My next purchase will definitely be a whirlpool product, In the market for a new refrigerator and stove, And i can't wait. Thanks, Whirlpool for making my life easier.

Review Title: dryer | Review by

Bought one month ago and so far so good. Love the Eco function to reduce energy consumption

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

Great Dryer, love the Drum light, dries very thorough, quite

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

So MANY features and everything come out great! Love the sanitize feature as I work in a hospital setting.

Review Title: my wife cant stop using this | Review by

my wife and i purchased this unit 2 months ago to replace a unit that had been damaged by a flood. My wife has never been happier to do laundry since, i have even used it a few times great product very energy efficient, easy to use and i really like the timer, this unit is extremely quite so as long as you turn the timer on loudly you can hear when it stops also very nice feature that it doesn't sound like an old buzzer.

Review Title: New dryer | Review by

Works perfectly! Dryer dries items in record time....this dryer fits a lot of items and dries efficiently

Review Title: State of the Art | Review by

This clothes dryer is gentle on my clothing and very efficient. I am impressed.

Review Title: ?? It! | Review by

I love my new dryer! It's quiet, energy efficient and has tons of drying options! ?? It!

Review Title: Terrific Energy Conservation | Review by

We have been using our new natural gas dryer for about a month now and love it more each time we use it!! It is terrifically economical to operate and drying time has been measurably reduced. Love the musical chimes!!

Review Title: Love My new HE Dryer | Review by

Easy to use. I was a little nervous to buy a high tech type dryer,but it is so easy to use just pick a cycle and press the button. So simple!!! Whirlpool you got it right... Also I like that your products are made in the USA.

Review Title: great value for the money | Review by

I bought this dryer over a month ago and the wife and I are more than pleased. I installed the unit myself with very little difficulty. Only issue we had is a clogged vent to the roof (nothing to do with the dryer). Once the vent was cleaned out, everything was perfect. We LOVE all the settings so clothes are dried to exactly the way we want.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Have had my dryer for almost a month now and love it. Especially like the Eco and sanitize features.

Review Title: PLENTY OF OPTIONS | Review by

I bought this along with the matching washer about 6 weeks ago. I love it! It has plenty of drying options. It also tells you how long it'll take to dry the clothes once its set. It also adjusts the time if more dry time is needed (it has a dampness sensor). Clothes are never hot to the touch, because the dryer automatically does a cool down with each cycle.

Review Title: features | Review by

It dries clothes very quickly and does not get unbalanced on the spin cycle.

Review Title: Very pleased with this product | Review by

I recently replaced a washer and dryer that was over 15 years old with Whilrlpool Cabrio products. I am extremely happy with the performance of both.

Review Title: Overall Perfect so Far | Review by

Replaced my circa 1989 Whirlpool dryer with this one... the original was still working fine but replaced both the washer and dryer with a new matched set about a month ago now. So far, the new dryer is performing flawlessly; very happy with it

Review Title: dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer 3 months ago and love it. It drys everything in one cycle everytime. It has many functions for different cycles that you can choose from that are very useful. I would purchase it again

Review Title: Perfect! | Review by

I replaced my front loader washer and dryer about a month ago for the Whirlpool Cabrio Set. I couldn't be happier. My clothes dry quicker and I'm energy efficient. Very happy

Review Title: fabulous | Review by

absolutely great dryer. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Does a great job drying

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

purchased about 2 months ago. it is quiet, efficient, and has a lot of useful features.

Review Title: Easy to use and works great! | Review by

Love all of the different settings this dryer has, and that I can customize based on the load I'm drying.

Review Title: love all the options! | Review by

Buying this dryer was a spur of the moment decision and it ended up being one of the best purchases ive made! I love all the options it gives you which will help keep clothes looking newer longer!

Review Title: I would love to have one of those refrigerators | Review by

I bought one of yours ours and I love it I think it's one of the best ever made

Review Title: Dryer Whirlpool Cabrio | Review by

Very happy --- especially like the sanitize cycle.

Review Title: Works well! | Review by

Everything seems to be working well and I am happy with the product. Very easy to use.

Review Title: quiet dryer | Review by

i love the time cycle on this dryer, very quiet, clothes come out great,wrinkle free,what more can i say ,great product.

Review Title: I like that it's not a lot of trouble to stop it and start it again if need be. | Review by

The only thing that surprised me is that it is a lot louder than I thought it would be.

Review Title: Love all the features on it. | Review by

I bought this two months ago and love it. I love all the settings , the timer is great for when load ends I can have it go on for over hour off and on so clothes don't wrinkle. The sanitizer feature is great to have as I had to use it for over a month it gets really hot. Great. Glad I bought it.

Review Title: Great Working and stylish | Review by

Great more that I expected, it a modern take on a established product

Review Title: Dryer of the future. | Review by

My wife and I have had the washer and dryer two months. The efficiency and energy savings are amazing.

Review Title: Very Satisfied | Review by

I bought this appliance 2 months ago and its a pleasure. I especially like that I can see the the glass door.

Review Title: Very roomy | Review by

Very roomy, fits a very large load. Love the various settings. Like the look of the unit itself.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

My husband and I bought this dryer about three months ago and we love it! It does a great job drying our clothes and fits perfectly in our laundry room.

Review Title: best dryer | Review by

very easy to use and it looks great, could not be happier with the choice i made.

Review Title: Love The Feature Choices! | Review by

I recently purchased this dryer and am very happy I did. For one thing, it's 'made in America'. The dial choices allow for any type of fabric or item to dry without having to worry or stop the cycle in between. I also love the huge capacity it affords a family of 5 with 3 grown young adults! Very durable!!

Review Title: Great Product! | Review by

I purchased my dryer four months ago and am pleased with this purchase. The dryer is quiet and has many features.

Review Title: Great choice - love all the "options" | Review by

I had a standard "run of the mill" dryer which ran out of it's own life. I did a lot of research, pricing and "bang for the buck." I picked the Cabrio 7.4 HE Dryer with Sanitize Cycle because I am able to literally, personalize, the drying cycle based upon what I need. Heavy duty towels? No problem. Gentle for my dress clothes? No problem. I pick the cycle, the heat, the length of time I want it done and POOF - it's done. I also like the fact that I can see through the door and, having had a side open door in the past, love the top down door where I'm able to separate my clothes as I fold them. All in all- great value for all of the options!

Review Title: Great features and efficient! | Review by

Bought this about 4 months ago and lovin it! Very efficient and works great!

Review Title: Our Cabrio Dryer is great! | Review by

I purchased our dryer about a year ago. We've enjoyed all of its features. The large capacity drum. This was not our first purchase of a Whirlpool Cabrio 7.4 cu. ft. HE dryer. It's our second.

Review Title: workhorse | Review by

With three daughters to raise, reliability in the washer and dryer is required. This dryer is a workhorse. Love it

Review Title: Really gets clothes clean! | Review by

We recently replaced both our washer and dryer with Whirlpool brand and we love both of them! I am a senior and it was a little challenging learning how to get the best use out of all the nice features but I have overcome! There were good instructions included on which cycles to use based on the type of clothing and the machine works great and uses much less energy than my previous machines. We really do love the new dryer!

Review Title: great buy | Review by

We bought this a couple months ago when our last one finally quit on us. I couldn't be happier! The cost was great and it dries faster than my old machine. Love all the settings. Very happy!

Review Title: Great Machine! | Review by

Love this Dryer! So happy with it! Dries quickly and gets the job done! Love all of the features and very easy to use...

Review Title: Whirlpool washer and dryer | Review by

I bought these washer and dryer 1 month ago. Great buy.

Review Title: Very satisfied!! | Review by

I bought the machine a month ago and am very pleased. It has a lot of options that I like and it is very easy to use!!

Review Title: very easy to use | Review by

I bought this a month ago and I am very pleased with the dryer. Controls are laid out nice and the dryer is very quiet when its running.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this several months ago and am so glad I did - easy to use, great features, and clothes come out great!

Review Title: This product is energy efficient | Review by

Good brand and easy to use. The sound level is great.

Review Title: It's great | Review by

We have had our new dryer for a month now. So far working great. Only thing I would like to see change is for the top to be level instead of a small tilt. Its hard to keep a laundry basket on it.

Review Title: Great product - My only concern is the slanted top. You can't store detergent or softener on the top because of the slant | Review by

Great product - Does what is supposed to do without any hassles. Very effect lint capture screen. Sleek attractive design, however, the top should be flat to accommodate storing detergent or softener for the washer.

Review Title: FANTASTIC CLOTHES DRYER | Review by

We purchased this two weeks ago and absolutely love it. It is a great dryer, I love that it senses when clothes are done. Clothes dry quickly and come out fresh and soft. WHIRLPOOL IS MY NO. 1 MANUFACTUER, would recommend to everyone.

Review Title: great washer and dryer | Review by

We have had our washer and dryer about a month now and it cleans and dries super. Also love the sensor in the washer which stops over use o water Had to get used to no agitator.

Review Title: Economy | Review by

Love all of the economy features it dries so much faster and quieter than the old one

Review Title: excellent equipment | Review by

Thanks for providing awesome products at affordable prices. I purchased this as replacements for my daughter. She is extremely happy.

Review Title: Whirlpool gas dryer | Review by

Love my new dryer. It's drys super efficient and very quiet. Ty

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought the set when I moved & I am so happy with them. I used to hang up my shirts, but I don't with this dryer.

Review Title: best dryer ever!!!!!! | Review by

I have had my new dryer now for about a month or so. I love the fact that it drys so evenly. Never overdrys.

Review Title: Like the light, so you don't forget anything, while emptying. | Review by

I bought this about a month ago, I'm very happy with this dryer. I put a load in the washer, one in the dryer. The dryer is done first.

Review Title: Workhorse | Review by

I bought another Whirlpool dryer because my previous Whirlpool dryer broke down after 40 years of faithful service. I believe in sticking with products that are dependable.

Review Title: TERRIFIC | Review by


Review Title: great machine. | Review by

I picked up this dryer a month ago and it works great

Review Title: Functional and Efficient | Review by

Albeit only a month old, this Whirlpool is notably superior to the 15 year old clunker we replaced. This one is quiet, efficient and dries our clothes. I'm not sure what else one requires of a dryer. I only hope it lasts a decade. A+

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this two months ago and I am pleased with it

Review Title: Love my new washer and dryer. The sensor for water level and dryness amazes me. | Review by

Have only had the washer and dryer a month but love using it. We were worried about the size since we have a door restriction. It fits perfectly and looks beatiful in my laundry room.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I love my new gas dryer, it has all the features to meet my needs.

Review Title: My new dryer | Review by

I am so happy to have a drop down door again. I had it in the past, then my husband bought me one that opened to the right, and made it harder to load the clothes from the washing machine. When I needed a new washer, I went to Lowe's (without husband) and bought the one I wanted, Matching pair with drop down dryer door. Yayyy!!

Review Title: Good Buy | Review by

I bought the dryer two months ago and so far I am happy with it. The controls are easy to use and there is a variety of settings which I like. It has a large capacity so you can dry blankets. The lint trap is sturdy and easy to clean.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

Dries clothes beautifully, everything comes out soft and with absolutely no wrinkles!

Review Title: great features | Review by

I bought about a month ago and so far I am happy with it

Review Title: Exactly as I expected | Review by

I've had this dryer for several months now and am very happy with it. It is both quiet & efficient. It is hard to find a dryer with a door that opens down (as opposed to opening to the side). I find it useful as clothes never fall to the floor when being moved in or out of the dryer.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

Have a small cleaning company and love the fact, that I can now sanitize all the cleaning towels. Great dryer

Review Title: great design | Review by

love the dryer easy to use quiet, instructions not complicated in manuel

Review Title: Great Buy | Review by

Great price and performance on my recent gas dryer. No problems so far.

Review Title: Great buy Rob | Review by

My wife loves her new whirlpool dryer. The energy feature dry the clothes so fast about 15 minutes faster than her old dryer. The clothes come out with no wrinkles when using the wrinkle cycle . It is so nice to use a product that lives up to it reputation finally. Our towels came out so fluffy and soft she took all the towels out of the closet and re-washed them and dried. We live in a solar home for efficiency and she is delighted that we now have a dryer that is saving energy. She giggles when she hears the little tune at the beginning and end of the cycles

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love my new washer and dryer. Can't find a thing wrong with it. So glad I didn't gow ith a front loader washer.

Review Title: Whirlpool Cabrio gas dryer | Review by

I bought this gas dryer about two months ago. I love it! I know some reviews were negative about the tilting top but I don't have any issues with it. I am able to stack clothes on top with no problem. The features are great! I love that there are so many drying options with a lot of room for large loads.

Review Title: guiet, , good looks, very efficient | Review by

My wife loves this dryer. She spends a lot of time weekly drying smaller loads. It works great

Review Title: Laundry Days | Review by

I was putting off buying new appliance, my old washer and dryer was a Whirpool and love them so decided to buy the same manufacture.

Review Title: Dryer works and uses less natural gas then our previous dryer. | Review by

We purchase the dryer as matching pair to the washer. Both appliances work well together. The operating controls are easy to learn and almost intuitive. The dryer uses less natural gas then our previous dryer. We are very pleased.

Review Title: i love my new whirlpool cabreo washer and drier | Review by

they went in place with no problems .they wash my close much better than the older stile and use a lot less soap. very happy with my set. way to go whirlpool !!!!!!

Review Title: Great investment | Review by

I purchased the washer and dyer about 2 months ago and my wife loves them. Quicker dryer time and lots of options which she loves. Highly recommend whirlpool brand.

Review Title: What a Difference!! | Review by

Have been using this new dryer for a month and a half. What a difference from our old dryer. Many more options, quieter operation, faster drying - sorry to have waited so long before replacing a still operating but very old Whirlpool!!

Review Title: State of the art features!! | Review by

Sad to say, I had to replace my 19 yr. old Whirlpool dryer. I chose to consider only a Whirlpool product! My old dryer was problem and repair free for all of those years. I love my new one with all of the newer options!! The only recommendation that I have would be that the end of the drying cycle signal be louder and more annoying...I constantly miss the sound and my hearing is perfect, can hear a pin drop!!

Review Title: Mrs | Review by

I bought washer and dryer 9months ago everything is working ok

Review Title: My new Whirlpool dryer | Review by

Love love love my new dryer...Cannot say enough, very simple and easy to use. It has just the right amount of cycles and the clothes come out perfect. I can now put in my just washed clothes instead of 1/2 loads. Very pleased and satisfied with my purchase.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

We were in need a new dryer last month and found this whirlpool HE dryer for a great price. Not only did it have all the bells and whistles, it was very reasonable compared to other models we looked at.

Review Title: Really love it. It does a great job and is really easy to use. | Review by

Works well and is easy to use. Clothes look great.

Review Title: Everything you need! | Review by

This model dryer has everything you need all wrapped up in a beautiful, sleek design. Large capacity with plenty of heating options all for a reasonable price.

Review Title: Excellent Features | Review by

I bought this washer about a month ago and am happy with it's function. It took a few loads to get used it, but just love it now!

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Great value and features, especially like wrinkle prevention feature.

Review Title: SUPER QUIET! | Review by

I bought this last month, I love it! its simple and super spacious!

Review Title: Love the options! | Review by

I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase. I'm so glad I decided to get it. Couldn't have come at a better time.

Review Title: Runds quiet. Easy to use. | Review by

Have been very pleased with this dryer. It was easy to install. Understanding the settings and instructions were easy. It dries well and runs quiet.

Review Title: I love my new Dryer | Review by

I first bought another brand, and after one week I had to return this. I bought this one base on the Lowe's recommendation and I am so happy with this. Lowe's has the BEST customer service. They are so friendly and helpful.

Review Title: LOVE LOVE LOVE!! | Review by

I've had this dryer about 2 months now and it works great! I love the different features. One of my favorite things is the drum light on the sounds silly but it's great!! The only thing I would change is to have a louder buzzer.

Review Title: This is so eazy to use. | Review by

I love my new washer and dryer! I think the design of them are nice, like the see through doors. I got them in white, wish I would of got them in stainless.......but they would of worked the same regardless. The dryer takes less time then what I expected. I always knew that Whirlpool was a good product, I will always by Whirlpool from now on.

Review Title: Laundry isn't as much of a chore now | Review by

I absolutely love this dryer...the capacity is great...still getting used to which cycle is best for each load but overall it's wonderful...I love the wrinkle sheild feature, with three kids, three dogs & several little critters it's hard to get right back to dogs are finally used to the see through door...they were a little unnerved at first :-)

Review Title: Dries clothes quickly and effectively. Controls are intuitive | Review by

Like the dryer and all of its features. Intuitive controls and efficient operation are all a plus. Have owned dryer for two months so durability is still an unknown. Old dryer lasted 14 years with no problems. Hopefully, this dryer will perform as well.

Review Title: Our 1st gas dryer | Review by

We had talked about this for years and when the time came to change dryers I was curious about how the gas dryer would compare to electric. We have a lot of trust in whirlpool as a brand so we chose this model and right away here is what we noticed. The dryer is quieter and dries the clothing much faster than we have seen with our other dryers. Another beneficial thing I've noticed is that the laundry room itself doesn't heat up when the dryer is running. This last thing may not seem like a big deal but our air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool the house next summer.

Review Title: Reliable and does what Whirlpool says it will do | Review by

My wife and I got what we could out of our old washer and dryer and needed to replace them. I am the type to do exhaustive research which I did when looking at a new laundry set. I read reviews and spoke with store sales people and friends with newer laundry machines. The key drivers that I used to make the decision were manufacturer's reputation for quality/reliability, feature set to provide the results we needed and how much product we were getting for the price. The "Made In The USA" part was an added bonus of course. We have now had the dryer (and related HE Cabrio washing machine) for about 2 months and we are both very satisfied. It has enough newer technology to make this a very efficient machine without requiring a PhD to operate it. And the operation is certainly quiet enough - much better than what we replaced and on par with others we considered. And the lint trap is very easy to access and clean. So far, so good and I don't expect this experience to change. We are very satisfied customers and would repeat the decision to purchase this dryer again (along with the washing machine we purchased.)

Review Title: Straight Forward and Reliable | Review by

I purchased this dryer to replace an aging GE model. I was looking for something inexpensive from a reliable company. I've purchased Whirlpool products before and have had great experiences. This dryer is very straightforward in its operation and does the job well! Will continue to purchase Whirlpool products in the future!

Review Title: Awesome Dryer | Review by

I bought this whirlpool dryer to match my washer and I am so happy with all of the features especially it will stop drying once it sense the clothes are no longer damp.

Review Title: Does great job drying | Review by

When I first started to use this dryer, I had a bit of a problem figuring out which settings to use for effective drying for different loads, but now that I have, I am very pleased. I especially like the fluffing feature which keeps wrinkles to a minimum when clothes are not removed right away. I alsi really like the front drop-down door. One thing I don't like is the design of the top of the dryer. It slopes just enough that items set there slide off. Why in the world was the top of the dryer not made flat???

Review Title: Great buy. | Review by

Have been so pleased with this purchase. It seems no matter what item it is given to dry it comes out with no wrinkles. Well worth the money.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I do like my new dryer. It takes some getting used to with the different alerts from it, but it gets my clothes nicely dry in a short amount of time and takes the lint off well too plus it's made in the USA.!

Review Title: I love the windows | Review by

sorry I do not have any photos to post but, I could tell you I'm happy with my machine really life saver.

Review Title: Sanitize cycle very good | Review by

My old machine was 15 yrs old,it's nice to have new. Things have changed a lot.

Review Title: Quick dryer | Review by

This gas dryer has cut my drying time by 15 minutes. Like all the different settings.

Review Title: Love our new dryer | Review by

Our old gas dryer started smelling of gas, and we bought this to replace it. I love how quickly it dries, the arrays of settings, even the chime when it is done. The only drawback is that the top surface is not flat! It is gently curved so if you should pile up clothes or put detergent down, it can slide right off. Is this to discourage putting things down on it? Seems like poor design on an otherwise excellent dryer.

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

A beautiful machine. It is my first dryer in twenty years. So easy to run.

Review Title: Love our new Whirlpool | Review by

We went from having the whirlpool front loaders when our kids were growing up to our new whirlpool cabrio, only the two of us now and they are beautiful and work great.......

Review Title: I love our new washer | Review by

We bought this washer about a month ago and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly this new machine dries a large load. The pull down door is extremely handy and I don't see us ever wanting a side door again. The lint screen is in front, easy to access. When the load is done, the dryer sings a little tune and automatically turns off.

Review Title: Awesome Features | Review by

I choose to purchase a Whirlpool because it is made in USA this drier is replacing one that was 23 years old I can only hope that this will last as long . I Love my new drier.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought about a month ago , love it, saves energy, the buzzer isn't to loud, door folds down, its quite. Like I said, I love it.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

Bought this month ago and very pleased. Dries everything well without wrinkling items.

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

Bought it about a month ago for my mom and daughter they both rave about it. Easy to use fast,quiet and very energy-efficient.

Review Title: Love | Review by

I love love love this dryer. Perfect drys clothing perfectly.

Review Title: FANTASTIC DRYER! | Review by


Review Title: Great futures | Review by

I bought it two months ago. Excellent mashine. We had a defective circuit bord which was rwplaced promptly. No other issues.

Review Title: MY NEW LOVE | Review by


Review Title: Ease and convenience to usage. | Review by

The reliability of the products is what helped me continued support for whirlpool.

Review Title: Excellence continues! | Review by

Wife insists on Whirlpool products and the dryer's performance proved her right again, but don't tell her I said that.

Review Title: Could not be happier with this dryer! | Review by

The best dryer I've ever used, hands down. Just keep it set on Normal, clean out the lint trap, throw in the clothes and push start. Clothes come out dry. Not sure what else you can ask for.

Review Title: Its easy to use! | Review by

My clothes come out great. Before I practically had to iron everything because the dryer wrinkled the clothes so bad. Now I don't have to iron anything they come out so good.

Review Title: Nice dryer | Review by

It works very well. I'm happy with it. I made my own connections after the dryer was delivered.

Review Title: Love it!!! | Review by

We got the Whirlpool Caprio machines and I won't change them for anything else. I love my new machines, work perfect and easy to use

Review Title: looks great | Review by

I bought this a little over a month ago, with the sensor it cuts down the drying time, it looks great and we are very happy with it.

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

I am very pleased with my new dryer, love the see thru door. Love the sensing aspect, love that it changes drying time to match the load. I am very happy that I purchased the washer/dryer set.

Review Title: excellant features | Review by

I have always purchased whirlpool products and have been very happy. This dryer is one of the best dryers that I purchased, the amount of features is excellant. It does everything except load itself.

Review Title: Good dryer. Appearance is especially nice. | Review by

I need an easy to use and dependable dryer and that is what this is.

Review Title: My Favorite Washer/Dryer Combination! | Review by

I purchased The Whirlpool Cabrio Washer/Dryer combination about a month ago and recommend them highly! I can wash twice the load as my previous brand. The clothes are cleaner and dryer. Energy Star appliance.

Review Title: Love my new dryer! | Review by

This dryer is amazing. My clothes come out fluffy and minimal wrinkles even the next day. The refresh button for a 15 min. tumble is great.

Review Title: Love our new dryer! | Review by

After 20 years, we finally bought the new washer and dryer. My wife was like a kid in a candy store. She would watch as the clothes were washing and drying. The new technology is terrific, and saves us money on electricity, and uses less water!

Review Title: Works wonderfully! | Review by

MWe had a electrie Cabrio W"hirlpool dryer before this one and we loved it. The only reason we had to get a new one was because we moved and our new house was fit with a gas dryer. We love the large size, excellent performance, and price for this dryer. Overall, it is a wonderful purchase, especially for a big family like ours.

Review Title: great pair | Review by

have bought the cabrio series pair washer / dryer about 2 months ago. with a family of 6, you can imagine the amount of clothes washed on a weekly basis. our other set where the old styles at least 10 yrs. old. we are amazed at how clean & so much fresher the end result s are with the amount of water it uses. i still watch it in amazement

Review Title: High end features-affordable and dependable! | Review by

Buying a new large appliance can be a stressful experience. We all want the fancy features of a high end product, without paying high end prices. Enter the Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer! You are given the luxury of all the high end features, such as sanitizing and touch up, at a price that anyone will find fair and attainable! The dryer itself is a compact, modern, sleek design. Don't be fooled! Open the dryer door to reveal an extremely spacious interior, capable of handling the largest load of towels, or the most delicate blouse! Dryer operates at the lowest possible sound level. Add to this the dependability of a Whirlpool product, and the deal is closed! And if you are wondering how I know Whirlpool is so Whirlpool refrigerator is 25 years old and still going strong! This product is a winner!

Review Title: Great features and easy to use | Review by

We bought this Cabrio gas dryer to replace a 26 year old dryer, and look forward to a similarly long life with this one. The controls are a nice mix of electronic and mechanical. They are easy to use and understand, and the display clearly indicates which features you have chosen. The clothes are accurately dried. I like the little display window which estimates the time remaining. This was one of the few models which had a hamper style door, which works very well in our space. I also like the light in the drum when the door is opened. This model is a good value for the price. While other models seemed to have fancier (and more complicated) controls, I can't imagine that they do a better job than this one does at producing dry, unwrinkled clothes. I also like the styling.

Review Title: Nice dryer | Review by

Have only owned this for a month, but so far all is good. I didn't expect anything less though because all we have ever owned is Whirlpool and they have never disappointed us yet. We especially like the way the dryer opens downward which then acts as a shelf for us to lay the clothes on as we fold/hang the laundry.

Review Title: HE Dryer is perfect for my needs | Review by

I bought this unit a few months back and I continue to be pleased with it. One thing I love is the large capacity. Also the doorway is large and allows for bunching up clothes and loading them all at once. I'm glad it is has plenty of options for heat control and timing. I'm a fan of Eco Boost.

Review Title: easy to use. great features | Review by

This dryer has a lot of great features. I love it!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I recently purchase the Cabrio Washer and Dryer, replacing my 20+ year old Whirlpool washer and dryer. Chose the same brand since I had such good luck with the old model. I love it!!!! The feature I love best, well maybe a couple of features . . . washer uses less water and less detergent . . . big saving. The dryer has it's own internal clock and moisture detector, it's just right. Also I really like the timer on both the washer and dryer. I can tell when the cycle is over.

Review Title: Very Pleased | Review by

We purchased this gas dryer about a month ago. So far, it works beautifully. The variety of settings and sensors is perfect, and I am sure will save energy over time. The only downside is the rounded top. I imagine that was intended to create a sleek appearance, but it isn't a very practical surface on which to place dryer sheets, folded laundry, etc.. Not a real problem, but a little inconvenient. Overall, we are very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Excellent technology and features | Review by

We have used it for a month and a half and love it

Review Title: Love this dryer! | Review by

I've had this set for about 4 months now. I still love it today as much as the day I got it. I'm not going to lie, it took me a couple of days to figure out all of the buttons and settings. I did upgrade from a 90's dryer, so that's to be expected. I love that if the clothes dries before it's set time, it shuts itself off. So efficient! I still get kinda excited to do a chore I once hated. Now, if only it would fold and put away.

Review Title: Best Dryer I have EVERY had! | Review by

Best Dryer I have ever had. Fast and efficient! Plus the kids love to look through the glass and watch the clothes dry.

Review Title: Energy Efficient! | Review by

My former dryer of 25+ years was very dependable and served me well. However, my new Whirlpool dryer has many more settings to offer and its capacity allows for the convenience of easily drying my king size down comforters!

Review Title: great product ata fair price | Review by

The best dryer I have ever owned, and I would recommend it to everyone

Review Title: Best of the rest | Review by

My wife passed in October and wouldn't you know that our old clothes dryier would up and stop. (don't know was only 32 years old) it was also a whirlpool. I shopped all the dryiers online, and read the reviews for all of them. I felt that if I had received such good service from my old dryier there was no way I was going to change. The new one has a bigger tub, much more bells and whistles, and is so quiet I have to go down in the basement to the laundry room to see if its still going. I think my wife would be proud of me for buying such a great mechine. M. R. Phelan

Review Title: Dries quickly and quietly! | Review by

Love the sensor that does not allow this machine to "over dry" your clothes. It stops when they are dry. Saving time and money. Easy to use and all within easy reach.

Review Title: Dries in Less Time | Review by

We bought the Cabrio gas dryer and washer a few weeks ago and love them! It has several but not too many drying options. I find that clothes dry in about 10 to 15 minutes less than other dryers.

Review Title: very efficient | Review by

very happy with my cabrio dryer. Love the automatic shut off sensor

Review Title: Close to perfect! | Review by

Purchased this dryer 5 months ago. It dries clothes perfectly. Multiple settings for everything in our house. It dries much faster than my old dryer and the sanitize cycle is wonderful to have. The larger drum makes for better drying.

Review Title: Clever Design, Good Quality | Review by

Everything works well and the unit is an efficient product.

Review Title: A little more technical than we were used to but good dryer | Review by

This dryer has many cycles available and more bells and whistles than we were used to but overall it is a good product and does the job very well.

Review Title: It is so easy to use | Review by

I just love my new dryer. It takes my hole loaded of wash and dry's it in no time at all. I love the buzzer sound that lets me know when the load if done. I have gotten big quilts in the dryer with no problem and they have come out like new. I would tell anyone to buy a Whirlpool product for they could not go wrong with it.

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