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Whirlpool WGD4800BQ 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Gas Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued.

Replacement model:

Appliances Whirlpool-WGD4800BQ Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WGD4800BQ Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WGD4800BQ Laundry

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  • 7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Dry any load with ease. Even items like comforters and sleeping bags won't be a problem for this large-capacity dryer.
  • Wrinkle Shield Option
  • Help keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. The process lasts for up to 150 minutes or until you open the dryer door.
  • Timed Dry
  • Allows you to run the dryer for a set period of time to help synchronize your washing and drying process.
  • On/Off End of Cycle Signal
  • Avoid leaving items in the dryer with the end-of-cycle signal. Thanks to a helpful tone, you'll know when your dry cycle is finished.
  • Reversible Door
  • The reversible door gives you the flexibility to set the dryer door to open to the right or to the left, depending on what best suits your laundry space.
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are built with American pride and designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.


Total Capacity: 7.0 cu. ft.
Number of Temperatures: 4
Controls: Electro Mechanical
Motor Horsepower: 1/3 HP
Drying System: Automatic Dry
Lint Screen Location: Top
Vent Length: 64
Wrinkle Control Time: 40 Minutes
Wrinkle Guard: Wrinkle Shield
End of Cycle Signal: On/Off
Top Finish: E-Coat
Drum Material: Powder Coat
Door Window: Solid Door
Reversible Door: Yes
Door Swing: Side Swing
Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Labor Warranty: 1 Year
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty for Full Details
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 29"
Product Depth: 29 1/2"
Product Height: 43"
Gross Weight: 124 Lbs.

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Review Title: Same good old appliance | Review by

Replaced a whirlpool dryer that I had for over 16 years with basically the same one, same features just basic. Never had one probl with old one so hoping newer version just the same.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Great Dryer highly recommend . Easy to run and great performance it's also very quite and an alarm goes off when it:s done, which is a great feature

Review Title: Economical with all the needed featues | Review by

Very happy with the purchase. Had all the features of more expensive models without the price.

Review Title: So Stylish | Review by

I bought this dryer two months ago and just love it. It is so efficient.

Review Title: Works like a champ! | Review by

my wife and I purchased our dryer 2 months ago and can't be happier with it.

Review Title: Simple and easy to operate | Review by

We specifically picked this on because it had all the features we wanted, and with the simplest controls. Not being "tech savvy", we were a bit intimidated by some of the models whose control panels looked like the cockpit of an airplane. It does exactly what it's supposed to do with a minimum of "programming" involved. Plus, it has a shut-off switch you can use to turn off that annoyingly loud buzzer that lifts you out of your seat to let you know it's done!

Review Title: Especially like the oversized door, makes loading and removing clothes easier. | Review by

I can truthfully say Whirlpool makes a top of the line appliance. I have owned Whirlpool appliances for most of my 43 married years and can say I am satisfied with their products.

Review Title: If it's a Whirlpool i buy with confidence | Review by

Bought both Washer and Dryer... A perfect pair, seamless operation and so easy to use.

Review Title: Everthing I needed! So happy I went with Whirlpool! | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago and it is exactly what I needed. Capacity is great, all the right feautures and a great price.

Review Title: Gas dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer a few months ago and so far I really like it. It has a huge drum so I can put 2 washer loads at a time in to dry. My drying time has been cut in half. I hope it lasts as long as long as the last one, I had it over 30 years.

Review Title: Press Your Luck | Review by

My family and I are pleased with the product and its performance

Review Title: Great Machine! | Review by

Great simple machine, easy to operate. Meets all of our needs.

Review Title: One of the greatest inventions - the dryer! | Review by

My Whirlpool washer/dryer bought 17+ years ago served me well. When the dryer needed to be replaced I went with, of course, Whirlpool. I am very happy that I did!! I do, however, miss the light inside the dryer.

Review Title: Geat Dryer | Review by

I did a lot of shopping & comparing before I bought this dryer. I have a Whirlpool washer that is great, but I am not particularly a "brand" shopper -- more a "features" shopper and I read a lot of comments and ratings. I wanted analog and not digital and a very large capacity because I wash a lot of blankets and large items. This dryer drew a lot of 5 star reviews on competitive store websites, so I went to a local store to see it. I loved it, particularly the topside filter. It is so unique and easy to use. Of course, I bought it from the store that offered the best price. After using it for a month now, I simply can't believe how quiet it is and easy to use. The dryer it replaced used to "rock the house" when in operation. I forget this one is on -- until it finishes and buzzes. Love it.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

Its been two month and it has done a great job. Happy with my dryer.

Review Title: Awesome Dryer!! | Review by

My new dryer was delivered about a month ago and I love the wrinkle free option. My clothes come out looking fresh and brand new!

Review Title: good features | Review by

really the automatic dry. put it on that and do not have to check if clothes are dry. come out dry but does not run extra time.

Review Title: Dryer | Review by

Haven't had my dryer very long, but love it. It is very easy to use and works great!

Review Title: Solid Dryer | Review by

Works fine, a straight forward dryer. Not lots of extra features that you will never use, like some more expensive dryers.

Review Title: washes clothes alot better then my old Kenmore,so far i like it very much | Review by

My old Kenmore was still working but didn't seem to wash my clothes that well, so decided to replace it, Plus the energy efficiency of the water control and all specials really was a good selling point My clothes are a lot cleaner and brighter then with the old machine. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a good top loading machine. My son did not recommend front loaders as he had one and has had a lot of problems with the seals in the door. so far i'm very happy with the pair of washer and dryers we purchased at a reasonable price I believe. We even got a veterans discount plus the sale price so was a very good value and free delivery in one day thanks to Lowes.

Review Title: Reliable Appliance, Great features | Review by

This is my 2nd Whirlpool dryer. I'm sorry that I didn't buy one when I moved in to my new home however, now I'm making up for it

Review Title: Dryer works great, very dirty lint trap cleaning | Review by

I would give this dryer 5 stars except for the lint trap-- when you pull it out to clean it, lint goes everywhere over the top of the dryer. You have to have a cloth ready to wipe up all the dust every time or you will have a very dirty dryer top. Other than this, the dryer does a great job on the clothes. Quick, efficient, and great capacity. Would be a perfect dryer with an easier to clean lint trap.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer about 2 months ago and the wife is very happy with it. She says it dries clothes much faster than he old dryer and has a larger capacity.

Review Title: Awesome dryer! | Review by

I'm very pleased with this dryer. Performance and affordability are amazing!

Review Title: Does exactly what it should do | Review by

This is an excellent mid-range dryer. We've had ours for several months and have no problems whatsoever.

Review Title: Very happy | Review by

I have been very happy with my dryer. I dry everything on low heat and it's perfect.

Review Title: whirlpool gas drywe | Review by

Love my new dryer. It is quiet, takes a large liad, and seems to dry faster than my last gas dryer. Will buy another whirlpool appliance.

Review Title: Does the job, controls difficult | Review by

The one knob is confusing at best...also directions are no clear in book.

Review Title: This product is efficient and very easy to use. | Review by

After buying the matching washer/dryer combo for ourselves, we bought an identical set for our 93-year-old mother in her home. She has come from washing clothes in the old Italian village fountain, to coming to America and having a wringer washer and clothes line, to her first dryer (Whirlpool) in 1964 (which, by the way, still worked today). Much to her dismay at first, we changed her over to this matching washer/dryer set and she LOVES IT! She said she loves to wash everyday now as it is so easy to wash and dry everything. She had a few problems understanding the lock button feature at first, but now she's a 93-year-old wiz!

Review Title: Gas dryer | Review by

I purchased this model a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the setting options, especially the energy saving and wrinkle free which I used today . Am looking foward to a long and pleasant experience. I also like the position of the filter.

Review Title: drying my clothes works Great. | Review by

No problems so far was easy to setup ! AND IS Working GREAT!

Review Title: All you need | Review by

This dryer does exactly what you need a dryer to do. I have no idea why anyone would spend more for unnecessary features.

Review Title: Simpler but great | Review by

Just what a dryer should be...dries the clothes quickly, quiet and no frills! Best buy for the $$

Review Title: Whirlpool dryer | Review by

This dryer dries clothes much faster than the 31-year-old electric one it replaced. It has a large capacity and 3 heat levels. I wish I had looked for a drop-down door instead of a side opening, otherwise we are very pleased.

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

Have never had a whirlpool product. so far I am satisfied . Time will tell I am happy with it as i have not had it that long.

Review Title: Quiet running. | Review by

My previous Whirlpool dryer lasted 27 yrs. This one is very quiet. I like the side opening door and the smooth lines/knobs that don't collect as much dust. Very efficient and I like the wrinkle shield feature.

Review Title: Fit the Bill Perfect! | Review by

This replaced a 20+ year old machine. We had it for like 2 weeks now, and it is everything we expected! Quality built and finished. All the features we need. Glad we selected this model!

Review Title: Gets the job done well! | Review by

Our old dryer broke so we needed a new one and not top of the line. This dryer is just fine. I do very large loads (5 people in family) so I need to dry each load for 70 minutes - 50 minutes did not work. The only thing I do not like and why I gave 4 stars is the door - it is hard to open - you need to open it straight on. Maybe a good feature though for some because I don't think a child could open this door!

Review Title: Great value! | Review by

I have had this one month. So far, it works perfectly. It's a dryer, and it dries clothes. Not much else to add. The true test is longevity. I will post updates to this review if possible

Review Title: Good Dryer!!! | Review by

This dryer is a good dryer. It is quite, the Wrinkle Shield Option works great, dries good. The only thing that I don't like is the lint trap is on the top and when you pull it out all the loose lint comes out all over the top of the dryer. That is why I gave it a 4 star, otherwise I would have given this dryer a 5 star.

Review Title: larger capacity than expected and great features | Review by

I bought this to replace my old dryer that was quite old and was very surprised at the capacity and features it has. This replaced our down stairs dry and definitely handles all the big stuff our smaller stackable can't fit up stairs. Great product so far

Review Title: Time and work saving | Review by

I bought this equipment with more capacity and it save me time and work because bigger loads are done. Now i have more time to spend in other activities.

Review Title: Tremendous new dryer | Review by

I bought this two months ago because the features were great and and the price was right. It is even better than I expected! It has a super-low setting for my delicate clothes, and they come out beautifully! It also has anti-wrinkle setting at the end that amazes me. I had to go out for a time, and it worked while I was gone. I came home to wrinkle-free, soft, beautiful clothing. There is a large capacity drum. I am simply delight with this dryer. It is the best I have ever owned.

Review Title: Nice washer rreal quiet washes good | Review by

I bought this a few months ago this is such an nice washer I bought the dryer to match too.

Review Title: Wonderful appliances. | Review by

Our previous Whirlpool Dryer stayed with us for around 30 years and still working. That was great. We have been buying Whirlpool appliances since 1975. Our daughters are buying whirlpool too.

Review Title: new dryer | Review by

good dryer for the price, previous Whirlpool dryer was more sturdy and preferred the door that opened top to bottom

Review Title: Works fine | Review by

Purchased about 2 months ago. It works fine. The only thing is we would prefer a door that opens down rather than to the side. The door was also very hard to open at first. Used a little DW 40 and it is better.

Review Title: Good middle of road dryer | Review by

Large drying capacity but it is more efficient at drying when only 1/2 full. My main complaint is this dryer sits out 12" from the wall. The vent outlet sticks out much further than older dryers. My dryer is now 6" further into my room than the matching new washer. This dryer is not for small laundry spaces as it sticks out from wall so far.

Review Title: It dries my clothes | Review by

This dryer makes my clothes dry. Pretty sure that was what it was designed to do. I mean, the clothes go in wet, and then 40-50 minutes later.... BAM! They are dry!

Review Title: Why I love my whirlpool !! | Review by

We brought this dryer in early February. we really love this dryer. It runs very quiet.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

I have had great performance from this appliance! Was a good purchase!

Review Title: Did what I expected it to do. | Review by

It got the job done. Nothing fancy with the controls. Didn't have to be a genius to figure out all the dials.

Review Title: Terrific dryer! | Review by

I just love my new gas dryer! It is huge but still very energy efficient. It was very reasonably priced and is easy to use. I'm so happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone needing a gas dryer!

Review Title: Huge capacity and full non-digital features | Review by

I buy dryers for the long haul. Last one was a Whirlpool which lasted 18 years. Replaced it with this model which has a wrinkle guard feature that actually works, helped by the huge 7.0 CF capacity of the drum which spreads the load making drying time quicker and leaving clothes loosely packed when it stops. I bought the gas model which is what I had previously. I don't see the need for digital controls when this model works so well.

Review Title: nice features and size | Review by

I bought this machine 2 wks ago. Much quieter than my old one. Love that I still has the agitator. I also like all the features such as 2 rinses with or with or without softener.

Review Title: Whirlpool is the Best!!!! | Review by

I have always loved Whirlpool appliances, so we finally replaced the Frigidaire washer and dryer that was here when we moved here with a Whirlpool washer and dryer. What a difference! Frigidaire should have stuck with making refrigerators ONLY!

Review Title: What's not to like? | Review by

I am so glad I bought this Whirlpool washer and dryer. It is so nice to have a well-made product that I know will last for many years.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Bought this gas dryer from Lowe's & it's wonderful.

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

Purchased about a month ago and couldn't be more pleased. It was easy to hookup and is simple to operate. "It's just what I needed" and with my experience with the Whirlpool brand... it'll be around to meet my needs for a very long time!

Review Title: Great value! | Review by

This product is very simple to use and quiet. It dries great and haven't had any problems with it.

Review Title: Love it's selection of settings | Review by

Bought it approximately a month ago and love all of its features. Seems to dry clothes faster and not wrinkle them. Do glad we bought it.

Review Title: perfect | Review by

perfect for my needs, does what I need. good quality

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

The new Whirlpool dryer was purchased about a month ago. We love it. Our last one was a Whirlpool and it lasted almost 12 years. We still have the washer. Thanks Whirlpool.

Review Title: love the dryer | Review by

glad to have a working dryer again love it love it

Review Title: Does a Great Job! | Review by

The unit works very efficiently. Gets my clothes dry without having to be confused with complicated controls but at the same time offers a variety of usable options. Easily accessible tub to reach in for clothes. Has a great look and I love the musical notes when the cycle is finished. Great dryer for the money!

Review Title: Finally a dryer that handles the loads | Review by

Prior to buying this Whirpool gas dryer we were using an older electric model (of a different manufacturer) for our clothes. It took forever and ever to dry the clothes. We recently switched from propane to natural gas. Lowe's had this Whirlpool on sale. Happy to say that we took advantage of the sale.

Review Title: Unbelieveable Experience | Review by

I have purchased serveral dryers in the past, however, until now this appliance take a backseat to none. Unbelieveable selective heat and the storage capacity to handle the any heavy load.

Review Title: great product | Review by

Im very pleased with this purchase. The price was right and it has exceeded my expectations.

Review Title: Whirlpool 7.0 cu. ft. dryer with Wrinkle Shield Option | Review by

This Whirlpool dryer is plenty big for large loads, dries items quickly. Controls are easy to use. The timer feature is helpful. It also has an energy saver section you can use. The Wrinkle Shield Option is an added bonus. We are very happy with our choice.

Review Title: Dryer | Review by

I wanted to buy a dryer I could trust not to break down.

Review Title: Simple to use and dries fast! | Review by

I purchased the dryer when my front loader, expensive, dryer broke, at only 6 years old. I remember having an old Whirlpool dryer a few years back and wished I never traded it in for the new stuff. I am happy that I went back to purchasing a basic Whirlpool dryer. The Energy Preferred selection is my favorite drying method. I will continue to be a Whirlpool customer. Thank you.

Review Title: great valueGreat value for the price | Review by

large capacity and more than plenty of features with a variety of setting

Review Title: Love the wrinkle shield option | Review by

Recently purchased this dryer after our 20 year old dryer died. Love the quietness and the wrinkle shield option. Never need to iron at all. No wrinkles even after clothes have been sitting in the dryer for 2 days. Also, like the green option of the dryer letting you know when your clothes are dry.

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

We bought our dryer from Home Depot and we are thrilled with it. It is very easy to operate and has many options of how we want our clothes dried. I highly recommend it.

Review Title: Simple and Easy | Review by

My Maytag lasted almost 30 years. I wanted something that would be just the basics. I didn't want all the fancy settings etc. This one met my needs and my pocket book. Awesome

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I love my new dryer. The 7.0 cubic feet is big enough for any job. Couldn't be happier so far

Review Title: Greatest Dryer | Review by

The best purchase I made all year! It gets used plenty

Review Title: whirlpool dryer WED4800Q1 | Review by

Love it [and its mate the washer!] I researched and searched [getting far better service at a local appliance store than in Home Depot or Lowe's where no one ever offered to "help" as I perused the items there] and found this and the washer as well. Love them both; use them often and have had only great experiences. I love the automatic sensors and clothing comes out nicely dried.

Review Title: I love the different settings | Review by

The clothes come out wrinkle free and dry in a shorter time. I love it.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

Simple to operate- HUGE capacity! WORK HORSE! Another GREAT Whirlpool appliance!

Review Title: I am very happy | Review by

I have been very pleased with my washer and dryer it is easy to use and gets my cloths very clean

Review Title: Spacious and Powerful | Review by

I love this dryer with handy lint remover on top. It is by far a work horse that never quits. I do four or five loads back to back. Dyrer is great!

Review Title: When you want the best, buy Whirlpool. | Review by

I am 85 years old and I just bought a new Whirlpool washer, dryer and dishwasher. Each does a thorough job and that pleases me! I mistakenly bought some other brands and if they wear out before me, I'll replace with Whirpool.

Review Title: very satisfied with the Dryer | Review by

Relatively quite, easy to use, dries fast and has the wrinkle shield option

Review Title: GREAT DRYER | Review by


Review Title: Fantastic Purchase | Review by

I'm glad I decided to go with this dryer. There are so many options to choose from when drying your clothes. It helps to keep them wrinkle free, and also helps to keep your clothes safe from harsh drying in ' laundry mats ' You really have control to preserve your clothes for longer use, with a fluff dry, less dry and a damp dry cycle.

Review Title: Great, simple features.....less to break! | Review by

Like that it's simple and does the job! The only thing I miss is having a light inside the dryer.

Review Title: Works well | Review by

Dryer does the job; however, I do not like the side open door. This causes they clothes to fall on the floor. Would have preferred a bottom hinged door.

Review Title: good service | Review by

I bought this dryer about a month ago, the first one I received made a loud thumping noise when it turned. I called and had it replaced and this one works properly and it works well. Very quiet. Only small complaint is the cycle takes longer than my previous dryer. I will say I absolutely love the high efficiency washer I got with it. Makes some noises you have to get used to but very efficient and can fit more clothes. Would highly recommend going high efficiency for your washer!

Review Title: Good basic machine | Review by

I bought this about a month ago, and it was a good choice. I just wanted a basic machine that would dry my clothes in a reasonable length of time. This one does the job.

Review Title: Good basic machine. | Review by

Good machine, seems to do what it should. The true test will be seeing how long it last! Just don't let Sear's deliver it!

Review Title: We like the dryer options for stop or reminder timer. | Review by

We have had the dryer for about 2 months and are very pleased so far with it especially the size of the drum.

Review Title: Excellent dryer | Review by

This is very efficient and spacious I've saved on pge great product

Review Title: Very pleased with this dryer | Review by

The dryer we replaced was a Whirlpool, so when a new one was needed I went to Whirlpool; as good as the last one was this one is better - the door opening is larger so it is easier to load and unload; the heat ranges are improved and the way this dryer fluffs the cloths is amazing. Quiet and efficient, I am very glad I got another Whirlpool. I would recommend this to anyone.

Review Title: Price and unit are fantastic | Review by

I have had this dryer for about 11 loads now and I have been super pleased since its first load. The Auto dry is a nice feature, and I love how simple it looks.

Review Title: excellent | Review by

It is very fast, silent, saves energy and easy handling

Review Title: THE BEST | Review by

Purchased this gas dryer about a month ago and so far have been very, very satisfied with the operation. It meets all my needs as far as drying needs. We are a faithful Whirlpool band purchaser since 1959.

Review Title: Great features and slick design | Review by

I am very happy with my new dryer! It looks great and all the settings I need are wonderfull

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

We can't believe how fast clothes are ready with this dryer! Quiet operation, good capacity and as stated very quick in drying the load.

Review Title: Simple to operate and great functions | Review by

Bought last month and have been very happy with purchase. Easy large display to operate machine. Great placement of lent catcher for easy disposal. Drys large load in 15 minutes,where my last unit took over 30 minute. Only thing I can point out that I do not like is the obnoxious buzzer at end of cycle. But this is a very minor drawback to what seems to be a great machine

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

I like when I buy something I can hook it up easily and then use it right away

Review Title: Retraction of a previous review | Review by

After further investigation I found that the dryer was not defective but the exhaust extension was clogged up...

Review Title: New Compared With Old | Review by

This is the third Whirlpool dryer I have owned. The first one lasted 22 years with only one service call to repair a thermocouple(sp?). The second one lasted 22 years with no service calls. The belt finally broke but that was all that was wrong with it. I thought that since it was 22 years old, maybe I should not spend the money to repair but purchase a new one. Now compared to the two I had in the past, this one does not have the features and does not appear to be as solid in construction. The first one had a germicide light, the second one did not have any light; however, both had a panel underneath the door that could be removed for cleaning. The new one does not and I do not like that. It means that I will have to have a service person to come out to clean any lint that accumulates. I did this cleaning myself about once a year. Now I cannot and it will mean an extra expense. The dryer works fine and I do like the wrinkle prevent feature; however, I do not think this dryer will last 22 years. That does not really matter because I probably will be gone before that happens as I am 72 years old.l Thank you for giving me an opportunity to put in my two cents worth.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

drys fast and easy to clean handles large loads fast

Review Title: Very happy | Review by

I bought about two months ago and very happy with the service it is giving me........

Review Title: Silent Operation | Review by

I purchased my new Whirlpool a few months back and I'm glad I did. It has a higher-capacity cylinder which I'm glad to have, but it's best feature is the silent operation of the agitation and spin cycles. I hardly know it is in operation unless I go in the laundry room to check on the clothes.

Review Title: excellent dryer | Review by

We bought this dryer when we moved to our new house about two months ago. So far it's been great, dries our clothes & stuff much faster than our old electric dryer.

Review Title: Clear and simple to use. | Review by

Wanted unit similar to my previous one. I prefered simple dial control knobs that are easy to read and control different temperature requirements. This unit meets my needs perfectly. Simple to use. Very efficient.

Review Title: good buy | Review by

Wife does laundry at least once a day and really likes the performance no problems

Review Title: Just a wonderful, working machine! | Review by

I bought both the washer and dryer and am very pleased with both!

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

Great dryer, works well and buzzes when done. Dries the clothes and other stuff really well.

Review Title: Great Base model dryer | Review by

I wasn't looking for a dryer that cost an arm and a leg. All I need was a dryer to dry my clothes. This does that and well. Being a Firefighter, it was important to me to have a great lint trap collection, which this has.

Review Title: Gas dryer | Review by

Size and easy to use with a wide range of heat selec tigons. Only drawback, we didn't know that it did not have a light inside.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I bought the dryer about 2 months ago and it's has proven to be a great purchase. I am definitely getting my money's worth.

Review Title: Good product at a good price. | Review by

I have had this unit in service for about two months now. No problems with hookup and unit does a good job of drying big loads. So far, very pleased but time will tell. It would be nice to get follow up review requests after a year or two .

Review Title: easy to operate | Review by

This is a great reasonably priced dryer that works well under pressure ! Meaning I use it a lot. Glad I purchased it.

Review Title: Fast drying | Review by

My wife and I purchased this dryer to replace our last whirlpool which was 20 years old. We like its large capacity and fast drying times. We are pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Perfect for Us | Review by

The best purchase we have made in a long time. A lot better than any washer we've had in the past.

Review Title: great performance | Review by

I'm very happy with this dryer. It dries clothes much faster than my old one

Review Title: A Husband's Point-of-View | Review by

Hey, folks! I'm a husband who does his own laundry, including dress shirts. I really like this dryer ... quiet ... and accurate, as far as the auto-dry feature goes. I'm on computers a lot and I find the dryer controls "intuitively" simple to use. And from a cost standpoint, this is a good buy, as well.

Review Title: Workds Woderfully | Review by

I bought this dryer a few months ago, and it works great. Definitely a good buy.

Review Title: Great Dryer Great Value | Review by

Bought about two weeks ago, does the job and love the wrinkle shield feature my previous dryer didn't have. Will definitely purchase whirlpool products in the future

Review Title: Very quiet great drying qualities | Review by

I bought it at the Black Friday sale Very pleased with product

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

Works like a it. Design, workability.

Review Title: Best for your money | Review by

I've owned several houses and always buy whirlpool, this is your work horse dryer. Buy it. Best buy for your money.

Review Title: whirlpool is the best!!! | Review by

so happy with my purchase's's great!!!

Review Title: Good quality & nice looks | Review by

Second set of Whirlpool. As good as first except for one compliant. The obnoxious grinding sound made in wash cycle, which they tell me is a design feature, detracts from machines overall value.

Review Title: Basic but GOOD! | Review by

Was looking for a basic dryer and this was it! Works great!

Review Title: drys clothes quickly | Review by

very good dryer....clothes seem to dry very quickly and wrinkle free

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

We bought the washer and dryer 3 months ago and so far we love it!

Review Title: Happy With Dryer... | Review by

Since I purchased the new dryer I have been very pleased with it. It's huge as far as capacity. No problem drying a king size comforter.

Review Title: For the money excellent buy. | Review by

This product has done extremely well for the needs of my family of four. I researched many products and was astounded at the cost of appliances ! You won't get a better deal than you will at Best Buy. The people are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous.

Review Title: Easy to read dials and large capacity tumbler. | Review by

I have nothing bad to say about this I guess everything is nice !

Review Title: Big, practical & reasonably priced dryer!! | Review by

I bought this dryer about a month ago. I was looking for a practical & reasonably priced dryer. I had a Whirlpool dryer years ago and when I saw this one, I had no hesitation about getting another Whirlpool dryer -- that could handle big loads and reasonably priced. I have used this dryer for about 3 weeks now. It handles big loads very well -- I used it on a queen size comfortor recently -- dried it very well and no wrinkles!! This was on the timed dry cycle. I have not tried the wrinkle guard feature yet -- I'm the type of person that folds or hangs up clothes as soon as the dryer finishes. But I will try the wrinkle guard feature soon - on my husband's white t-shirts. I have noticed that the dryer on the timed dry cycle actually takes longer to dry than my old dryer -- maybe 10 mins longer. But the clothes are less wrinkled than my old dryer. So far, I am happy with this new dryer. And will be trying all the featues that it has in the next few days.

Review Title: Exellent dryer | Review by

Bought on sale and love the ease of use. Works great, only complaint would be buzzer is either to loud or off.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and I like the lint screen on top.

Review Title: New appliances | Review by

Works great and easy to use very happy would buy again

Review Title: dryer is good but noisy | Review by

makes more noise than our old dryer. Ever though it's in the laundry room, you can hear it even with the laundry room door closed.

Review Title: Whirlpool hurricane | Review by

The washing machine does the job but better have your earplugs handy. I am happy that when I am washing the machine is in the other room. Also, don't keep the lid open when filling with water otherwise it will drain all your water and you will have to start all over again. This could cost a fortune In water. Lastly, it does clean but don't go putting stained, really dirty clothes in it without pre-washing with a solution. It doesn't do the job without the help of "shout it out" or another solution. I rate it a 3. I would recommend for the price.

Review Title: Great style & features | Review by

When this dryer was delivered a month ago I had laundry backed up for more than two weeks and after a houseful of company. So the dryer was put to work! I love the heat selection choices, timed drying and wrinkle free setting. The dryer is efficient and dries so much faster than my last dryer. Maybe one feature I didn't expect but love is the 190 degree fold flat door, makes loading & unloading so easy! Very satisfied with this appliance.

Review Title: Nice price for an efficient machine | Review by

After owning a Whirlpool that lasted for 13 years, I knew I wanted another Whirlpool.

Review Title: Easy to use features | Review by

I bought this dryer after my basement flooded and I'm very happy with it.

Review Title: Great product for the price! | Review by

I have had it for a month and glad I chose this product.

Review Title: Replaced old roper dryer that died. | Review by

Overall easy to install and no problems after starting. Not bad for medium grade dryer...It will run constantly with family of 4.

Review Title: good dryer | Review by

Dryer gets the job done. The buttons were hard to learn how to use though. Learned how to start it by accident but lots of options and doesn't take long.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I got this dryer 2mo ago and I'm thrilled with it. It spacious and efficient enough to do laundry for 5. The multitude of settings allow me to adjust for different fabrics getting virtually wrinkle free clothes. It's also large enough to dry my comforters with ease. I purchased the washer as well to replace ones from 80's that came with my house that I had used for years, and this set has literally changed my life as a SAHM . These hold more clothes, get them cleaner, less tangled, less shrinkage and wrinkles.

Review Title: lots of options | Review by

I really am happy with my new dryer. Not only does it have a lot of drying options to choose, its quiet and with the lint catcher on the top of the machine I have a lot more room inside for big loads.

Review Title: Replaced 35 year old Kenmore Dryer | Review by

After 35 years we needed to purchase a new dryer. This Whirlpool has all the features Consumer Reports recommended and at a great price. Dries most loads easily on Medium and the Energy Saving setting; including jeans. Our only complaint is that the door opens to the side rather than down; making it more difficult to load and unload without items falling on the floor. Otherwise, an excellent dryer.

Review Title: beyond expression | Review by

This new dryer is very good with the capacity of handling large comforters which we could never do with our old dryer. Also all the great functions you save the cost drying.

Review Title: Great Price, Great Dryer! | Review by

I have had my Whirlpool gas dryer for about 4 months now, and I have been completely satisfied. It is quite, very easy to operate, and dries clothes much faster than my old one.

Review Title: VERY NICE DRYER | Review by

Am happy with this purchase, no complaints at all about the dryer! Works great!

Review Title: Super Dry!!!!! | Review by

I like that is has a large DRUM....and it dries my jeans pretty fast and complete. The large drum is very comparable with what I put in my washer. Highly recommend this applianance.

Review Title: Very good product! | Review by

I only buy Whirlpool products. They are dependable and works great!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I've only had this for a month but love it! I love that you can control the signal when the dryer is done & that it's has so many heat settings. So far very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Very tinny | Review by

The dryer seems to work well, although the door latch is the cheapest I've ever seen. It just seems like it's going to break when you pull to open it. The whole dryer slides forward when opening the door. Other than that it works well.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Dryer with Wrinkle Shield | Review by

I Bought this dryer a few weeks ago. Dryer works great, quiet works fast and best of all the wife loves it.

Review Title: so far so good! | Review by

I decided to go with a lower end model after reading about all of the issues with the newer designs. Price was right on this model and so far its worr great, does just what I needed

Review Title: Simple design, gets the job done | Review by

Replacing a more advanced dryer that died. This dryer works well, has a large capacity and I like the top lint filter. Nothing I miss from the other model.

Review Title: works great | Review by

does a excellent job dry every time on the first try

Review Title: great features | Review by

love my dryer... dries my clothes quicker .same a lot time I get done with my laundry in a timely manner

Review Title: great | Review by

I am so very happy with my new dryer. Easy to installed with no problems

Review Title: very quite | Review by

Purchased a whirlpool set last month, just love how quite they are, I did not know they are running, i have double checked myself to make sure I had turn on the machine.

Review Title: I love every feature on this the size of the drum | Review by

My clothes dry twice as fast in my new dryer....Love the size of the drying favorite dryer every

Review Title: 7.0 cubic foot gas dryer | Review by

I bought this 3 months ago and it's been very reliable. Dries much faster than my old electric dryer did. And of course gas now is so much cheaper that I'm thrilled mith my lower electric bills.

Review Title: simple,effective | Review by

bought product to replace failed unit...Happy Happy Happy

Review Title: Very Good Value | Review by

Works great. And Price was very reasonable. Thought the fact the door does not open up and down, but sideways was a big deal before purchasing(our last dryer opened up and down), but really no problem.

Review Title: Good performance! | Review by

I bought this dryer for my rental property and my tenants are very happy with it.

Review Title: Great sturdy dryer | Review by

It has the feel of the older, sturdy dryers of yesteryear. I like the energy preferred feature.

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

I wasn't planning on buying a new dryer... But when I started looking around at reviews, this one stood out. It's been great with quiet cycles and easy features to figure out. I live in a multi-unit building with 3 families sharing 1 washer/dryer and this thing seems to be a great work horse.

Review Title: This Dryer just works | Review by

I bought this dryer two months ago and could not be happier. It is simple and does what it is supposed to do. The wrinkle shield is nice for this time when you can't get to take the closes out right away, it tumbles them now and then so the wrinkles to not set. I like the lint filter, it has a big area so it does not have to be changes as often as my old one.

Review Title: Whirlpool 7.0 cu. ft. Dryer with Wrinkle Shield� Option | Review by

This machine is tough! It is capable of handling large loads with ease and efficiently. Very happy and does the job right.

Review Title: EASY TO USE DRYER | Review by


Review Title: Great Basic Unit | Review by

This isn't your top of the line machine that mixes drinks for you while you wait, but what it is is a very solid reliable dryer. It has all the features that you truly need. It has a solid feel about it. It's quiet and has been doing a great job so far.

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

After my 40 year old dryer started having problems, we decided it's time for a new one. Once again a few months ago we bought a Whirlpool Dryer. Absolutely love the new features and how my cloths look. I will always be a Whirlpool owner. Thank you!

Review Title: simple to use | Review by

I've had the dryer for approximately a month and it dries things perfectly. It is simple to use and very well priced. also it was very easy to reinstall where the old dryer was. Thanks Whirlpool

Review Title: Variety of features. | Review by

Very happy with my new dryer. The first in over 20 years. Like all choices for drying different fabrics. No way do clothes come out wrinkled due to the frequent signals that clothes are ready!

Review Title: very nice for the price | Review by

We have had this dryer for 3 months and it works great. It's quiet and dries large loss quick.the door is a bit hard to get open and the interior light burnt out after only a few weeks(but it may be my fault if the door was left slightly open I'm not sure).overall happy with it!

Review Title: Basic But Wonderful | Review by

My husband and I purchased this dryer about two months ago and so far it's been working beautifully. It's quiet and has a large capacity drum that can handle big loads like a charm. It is easy to operate without all the frills of digital/touch screen models out there.

Review Title: Im so happy. | Review by

I'm so happy I chose this whirlpool dryer. Love my whirlpool dryer. Dries perfectly. Clothes are not extremely wrinkled after they dry.

Review Title: Good dryer with easy to use features | Review by

Recently bought Whirlpool gas dryer. It has good and easy to use features. It's been about 2 months and it dries very well. I am happy with this product.

Review Title: Excellent dryer | Review by

Great dryer and love that you can fit large loads in this dryer. Also got this dryer at a great price! Would have given it 5 stars but only gave it 4 because of the control panel is not digital. Still love this dryer and would buy it again!

Review Title: All the features | Review by

We bought the dryer a while ago. It is wonderful. It dries the clothes quickly, is very energy efficient, does everything that I want it to do. It doesn't matter if it is a large load or small one, the clothes are dry and nice when they come out. Thank you for a very nice product.

Review Title: Works Like a Charm! | Review by

The dryer works perfectly. It is quiet and dries the clothes so they are nearly wrinkle-free. I am very happy with the unit.

Review Title: Works Well | Review by

I like the pre-set drying selections - takes the guesswork out of trying to time the cycle.

Review Title: Nice | Review by

All that I can say is that this is one efficient dryer.

Review Title: efficient | Review by

I bought this two months ago and it does the job. Only negative is that it is noisy.

Review Title: great value | Review by

The dryer has a large tub and a nice big lint screen. Very easy to use and to clean. If your looking to buy a reasonably priced good running dryer, this is the one you want.

Review Title: Inexpensive and efficient | Review by

I bought this dryer a few months ago and we love it! It dries clothes a lot quicker than the Bosch we had for a few years and it was inexpensive. It's pretty quiet too.

Review Title: Basic, adequate for our use | Review by

I'm happy with Whirlpool 7.0cu Washing Machine. Pleased that it has the Energy Saver feature.

Review Title: Great Washer | Review by

I was very reluctant to buy this washer, the new fad is the front loaders, and that's what I wanted, but my husband talked me into buying this one. Well, I am NOT sorry I did! This washing machine Washes great and is easy to use.

Review Title: Excellent drying time | Review by

Bought this dryer 2 months ago and have had difficulty with the Automatic Dry Cycle right from the beginning. Have looked over the owners manual and it says to either balance it or see if the clothes are touching the sensor(?) Not sure what the latter means but we will give balancing it a try. Otherwise, I love the dryer and have no difficulty with any of the other cycles.

Review Title: Not happy | Review by

We had this refrigerator 3 weeks and the doors started to rust.

Review Title: Great economy features | Review by

Very efficient quiet and super value for the money

Review Title: large drum | Review by

Clothes dry in a timely fashion...only downside there is no light inside

Review Title: Simple but gets the job done! | Review by

Wanted a dryer that will dry the clothes and this is what is does. Glad to have an option of not having all the bells and whistles that some dryers have. Love the simplicity, efficiency and the large capacity.

Review Title: Great features and does great job for a moderately priced model! | Review by

Great Product - great price - love the features and it does a great job super quick! Large bin for clothes - great capacity!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

As mentioned above, a great attraction for me was the ease with which I could use it without actually referring to the Owner's manual. It takes less time than my previous dryer to dry the same amount and type of clothes. I do hope it lasts a long time and, it appears from its performance so far, that it will.

Review Title: My new dryer | Review by

We are very happy with our dryer purchase. It runs so quietly an efficiently. It also dries the cloths quicker than our other dryer. It also has great capacity.

Review Title: Works great and meets basic needs | Review by

We have been using this dryer now for about a month and love it! It is a basic dryer and gets hot unlike the newer models. Highly recommended.

Review Title: Perfect for the price! | Review by

We purchased this Whirlpool washer and dryer set because we wanted well-built, lasting appliances. We still like the top-loading washer and prefer appliances that are not filled with features that we won't utilize. Overall, we are pleased with our purchases.

Review Title: Thrilled with performance of Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

Loving the quick dry time and energy saving with my new dryer, would recommend to others in market

Review Title: whirlpool dry 7.o cu.ft. | Review by

Great product for the price. If you're on a budget.

Review Title: Large-sized drum/quiet operation | Review by

We have had this dryer for a couple of months now, and so far have had very good results. We wanted to get a quality named brand, but are also on a budget. This dryer had both the features and the price we were looking for. The drum size is a lot larger than our old dryer and it operates very quietly. Like being able to remove the lint from the top of the dryer too.

Review Title: Works great but a poor design. | Review by

Bought the washer a month ago and it works great, holds a lot of clothes and runs quietly. Here's the problem, the machine was designed without a fabric softener compartment and the lid locks so you can't add it once the cycle starts. The manual actually tells you to use a Downey Ball but they don't give you one with the purchase. My wife looked at 5 different stores (including where we bought it) and couldn't find one. Now she has to order one of the Internet and pay shipping and handling. I would have happily given this washer 5 stars if they would have included a $2 Downey Ball.

Review Title: Nice size, good functionality | Review by

I bought this a month ago and live it. It's been used every day since.

Review Title: Dries beautifully! | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago and I'm glad I did! I like the options of heat settings and notification when finished. This dryer gets the job done. The door is a little tricky to pull open though, because of the handle, which does not allow for anything except fingertips to get behind the door handle to get a proper grip to pull open.

Review Title: I am exited | Review by

I have no word to say any way all my family is very happy

Review Title: Large Capacity - great value | Review by

I am happy with the features and the large capacity.

Review Title: Wonderful dryer with many dryer options to choose from! | Review by

I have had this dryer now for 6 weeks and absolutely love it! It has many different drying cycles to choose from and my loads are dry in a lot less time than my previous dryer and that's a huge plus!

Review Title: loud | Review by

when this dyer is running on the first floor, it can be heard upstairs. It is very noisy. Another strong disappointment is the wrinkle shield option cannot be used on timed dry or turned off if using auto dry.

Review Title: great appliance | Review by

I did some research before buying and the dryer is performing excellent. It has a bigger drum than my old one and it dries much faster. control panel is simple to use.

Review Title: Reasonable price | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and am very happy with it. I really like the large door to load the dryer. My last whirlpool dryer lasted 29 years.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Purchased the washer and dryer set for my Dad, He's very pleased with them.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I love my new dryer. It has energy settings that really take care of my clothes and my electric bill. Thanks Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great gas dryer! | Review by

So happy with this gas dryer it really dries everything so nicely it doesn't leave some things still wet no matter if it is a larger load or not I just love it

Review Title: Awesome Dryer | Review by

This dryer replaced a very old one that sounded like a jet plane and left black marks on all of our clothes. I love it!

Review Title: I always trust Whirlpool. | Review by

I always look for Whirlpool for our appliances and have used them for the past 40 years. The only thing I wish was different on this dryer, was that the door opened from the top and not the side. The clothes tend to fall out from the side opening models. But, I couldn't find a model I liked with the top opening. I'm sure this dryer will serve us well for many years just as our last one did.

Review Title: Wanted a basic dryer | Review by

My old dryer died after 15 years. Wanted a gas dryer (better efficiency) so went with wife to buy a dryer. After looking at all the models. Settled on this one. Since I live in the country, had to order the propane conversion kit. The kit arrived two days before the dryer did and when I opened it, found they had include two butane jets instead of 1 propane and one butane jet. Called Home Depot and they said they would get another kit right out to me. The dryer arrived on Thursday and the kit the following Saturday. Meanwhile laundry was piling up! Had to make a trip to the local Laundromat while my new dryer sat useless. The kit arrived Saturday, with the proper jets. Had it up and running in about an hour. Really like the way it drys, especially the auto dry feature. The filter with its grooved edge is a bit difficult to clean, but not a major hassle. I don't see the filter location as a problem either. Could use an inside light though. Overall a good dryer for the money.

Review Title: Uncomplicated cleanliness. | Review by

We wanted an efficient washer and dryer, low on bells and whistles but high on durability. This Whirlpool model fit the bill.

Review Title: Great unit, plenty of features. | Review by

We got this unit several months ago.. It's easy to use and straightforward, great unit. It actually has more features than we use.. We really like it.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Dryer with Wrinkle Shield | Review by

We bought this dryer 6 weeks ago. I love the setting options. The dryer works very well.

Review Title: Super dryer at good price. | Review by

Replaced a whirlpool dryer that lasted 19 years. This works fine and I am hoping it lasts just as long as the one it replaced.

Review Title: Best dryer of my 58 years on this planet. | Review by

After being extremely disappointed in my recent non-Whirpool washer purchase, I must say my expectations for a new dryer were quiet low. Sadly,I thought energy efficiency must also equate to poor performance. Pleasantly surprised. Finally, being green, rewarded.

Review Title: solid performing dryer | Review by

bought the dryer for my new house as was looking to get away from the stand up models, which don't work great. this is a basic old school dryer, but does a great job

Review Title: Cleans great | Review by

I bought this a month ago and my clothes come out so clean.

Review Title: big loads | Review by

works like a charm, very happy with it. best of all my wife is happier than i

Review Title: Dryer | Review by

Does a great job drying. Replaces an electric dryer and am quite happy with how quickly the clothes dry.

Review Title: This is my third Whirpool and I really like the brand. | Review by

Only drawback is that this particular model did not come with a lighted drum. Did not want to spend the extra cash for the next model. I think all models should have inner lights. Also don't like the side door; prefer top opening instead.

Review Title: Good and attractive | Review by

Good performance but miss no light when door open but looks nice

Review Title: Great dryer. Large and all basic features are all I need. | Review by

It does a great job for us. Simple and easy to use. Noise is ok, doesnt bother us at al

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

our whirlpool dryer is great. It dries our clothes so quick. We paid less then what we were thinking and how quick it dries, it is saving us money on energy. And it holds so many clothes. Love it

Review Title: Excellent for the price! | Review by

Has all the main features I needed for a dryer. The design is smooth and clean. The control panel is straightforward. User friendly. Energy efficient. Quiet.

Review Title: Love my dryer | Review by

I just love my new dryer. best ever for the price. My old dry took forever to dry but not my whirlpool, she gets the job done quick lol

Review Title: Love Whirlpol products | Review by

I usually buy Whirlpool. Great quality appliances. This model was in my budget which was high priority. The only thing I don't like is the door. Side opening isn't what I'm used too and the handle isn't easy to grip - especially with long nails HA!

Review Title: It is a great addition to our new home | Review by

I bought this to replace the one in the home we bought. Liked the price, style and options it had.

Review Title: Fast drying, clothes are fresh | Review by

Very happy with this budget dryer. It dries well and quickly (reasonable, medium to heavy loads). The wrinkle shield option is nice, this way the clothing comes out less wrinkly if you forget it in the dryer for a while. It spins it occasionally so that clothing doesn't lay in one spot and get wrinkly. Setup was easy, I did it on my own with a new hose kit (purchased that separately). It's not super quiet, but just fine since it's in a dedicated washer room. Very happy so far.

Review Title: Great product and quiet operation | Review by

I purchased about a month ago and am very pleased with the product

Review Title: Great dryer for the price. | Review by

I bought my dryer about a month ago. So far, I have had no problems and don't anticipate any. The dryer is easy to use, has just the right amount of functions and can easily accommodate a comforter. It was also reasonably priced. ...all the things I wanted in a dryer.

Review Title: Has all the features I need | Review by

I bought this Whirlpool to replace a Whirlpool dryer I had for many years, possibly as long as 20 years. For the price, it had everything I needed. My dryer is in my basement, so digital displays were not necessary. I think my towels come out even softer with this dryer.

Review Title: It works very well and is easy to use. | Review by

The high quality and reasonable cost made this Gas Dryer an ideal purchase.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

wp is nothing but reliable and would recommend to anyone

Review Title: Large door opening! | Review by

I am really please with my new dryer. They door is very large and makes it easy to get clothes in and out. Also like that I can turn on and off the signal when done and that the signal will repeat itself if on.

Review Title: Best dryer I have ever owned | Review by

Heat and dry times can be custom set for any fabric

Review Title: Dry's cloths verry well, Quiet | Review by

Drum is larger than my 25 year old whirlpool that i replaced and larger access door

Review Title: Very easy to use and very efficient. | Review by

We love our new dryer. It is very easy to use and very efficient. It dries the clothes very quickly and is very quiet. The wrinkle free feature is great too! We would highly recommend this dryer to others!

Review Title: Ease of use | Review by

Does exactly as expected & am very pleased with it.

Review Title: Great Dryer Large loads no problem. | Review by

I replaced my Maytag with this dryer and was impressed on its size and quick drying. Performs very well I only wish they put a light inside.

Review Title: Very Quiet! Great Gas Dryer | Review by

I switched from an electric dryer to this whirlpool gas dryer. Im very happy with how quiet this dryer is since we have a laundry closet in our condo. Were happy with the drying time for all types of loads of laundry whether it be delicate or a full load of towels.

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

I bought this dryer two months ago, and so far, I am satisfied.

Review Title: Simple design and quiet operation | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago, as a replacement to more than 20 years old dryer, and I am very satisfied. My aging in-laws stay with us several months a year, and I needed an easy to use dryer which won't be too confusing to operate by elders. The switches are easy to set, and the opening is so big that it is very easy to put in and take out the laundry. Moreover, the operating noise is very low.

Review Title: fast drying | Review by

when I got my dryer,i was impressed with how easy it was to laundry takes about 1/2 the time to dry!

Review Title: Wrinkle control | Review by

I bought this for my daughters new home. The capacity is huge for one person but turns out it was well worth it because dry cleaning to "press" clothes is not as necessary. The wrinkle control makes a small touch up for ready to wear. Installation of gas dryer was a challenge but when complete there was a huge energy savings.

Review Title: diamond in the rough | Review by

I love my new dryer - I do not need all those fancy buttons. The dryer serves its purpose. Just wish it had a light inside.

Review Title: My first dryer as a homeowner! | Review by

Well, I am more than excited to be writing a review, as not only is the dryer wonderful- but this is my first dryer as a homeowner! I've had the washer and dryer both for about a month, and they work wonderfully. I've had a few things shrink on high temperatures, but that was only because I wasn't used to having my own units.

Review Title: Excellent. Nothing fancy but does just what I want it to. | Review by

I was looking for a clothes dryer that I knew would be dependable and do what I wanted. This is not a high end dryer but I would not exchange it for one. Perfect for what I wanted.

Review Title: Good dryer | Review by

good machine easy to use features no learning curve.

Review Title: Dryer | Review by

I am very pleased with my purchase. and would recommend it to others.

Review Title: It's just ok | Review by

For the most part it's been a good dryer. However, it seems to take more time to dry than our old unit, and it also makes a loud noise at certain points during the dry cycle. It gets the job done, but it's not what I expected from a new dryer.

Review Title: Great buy and very easy not complicated | Review by

I bought this simple and easy to use dryer , and it's very affordable and practical, unlike the previous dryer we have that's i always need to call a service guy.

Review Title: Just what you Need in a dryer | Review by

We bought this a month ago and have given it a good try and it works great. More than enough heat levels and drying time to choose from for any type or size of load. But nothing too confusing for my elderly mother. The large size is great also.

Review Title: The dryer has great features, especially the big drum. | Review by

My old dryer died on me and I needed a new one. I've always liked the Whirlpool brand so I shopped around and found one I liked. I ordered it on line and I'm really pleased with how well everything went. I love my new Whirlpool dryer. It's easy to operate and it does a great job drying my clothes no matter what setting I use.

Review Title: Great freatures | Review by

I bought it a couple of months ago. Runs quietly and does a great job

Review Title: Good reliable product. | Review by

It has everything I need and then some. I would do it again!

Review Title: Made The Right Choice ! | Review by

Have had my new Whirlpool washer & dryer for about a month now and couldn't be happier. It was a piece of cake to figure out how to use it and that's what I was looking for ! ! !

Review Title: This product does the job that is expected. | Review by

Although the dryer does an excellent job, there are a couple things I would now change if I had to buy another dryer. First, the door pulls open to the side instead of pulling down to open. This causes a problem when you are pulling a large load of dry clothes out. There are always a few items that fall on the floor because there is no surface to catch them. Secondly, I really miss having a light inside.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I bought this unit and it does exactly what I need it to do!

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer | Review by

Compared to my old dryer this one dries in triple the time giving me more time to enjoy the day! Overall very satisfied with the purchase I made!

Review Title: Whirlpool Dryer with Wrinle shield | Review by

I love this dryer. Not a lot of controls, but has everything you need. The drum is large enough to dry my Queen size comforter without effort. This product does not have a light, however, I do not like that option in a dryer. The wrinkle guard option is a bonus. I recommend this appliance to anyone.

Review Title: Does the job well! | Review by

We have 7 children and having a dryer running is the hum of a happy home running efficiently. Knowing that when the dryer signals the load is done without running it again for additional drying time makes a world of difference in keeping the home pulse at a healthy rate. Love it!

Review Title: Overall opinion | Review by

Lives up to everything it advertises to be. Understandable functions, large tub, and a beeper when clothes are dry. Love my Whirlpool.

Review Title: Give me the Basics! | Review by

We purchased this dryer recently and are very happy with its performance. After looking at numerous models that were at outrageous prices, we found this model and brand that does exactly what we want. Unless the others were drying, folding, ironing and putting away my clothes, we found no need to spend that much money. With this model we have several features that are useful and it works great.

Review Title: Good Gas Dryer | Review by

Owning the gas dryer for a little over a month, I have the appliance to be built well, easy to operate, well balanced when running and reasonably priced. All in all, a good appliance for a good price.

Review Title: Love the time and energy savings | Review by

7 cubic feet gives plenty of room for air to cIrculate around the clothes. This also cuts the drying time in half compared with my older model dryer.. The Wrinkle Shield feature is handy when I cannot get to the dryer right away to fold clothes.

Review Title: Great quality! | Review by

I love this product so far. It's very quiet, and thoroughly cleans.

Review Title: gas dryer | Review by

great product, great price, very easy to connect, does a great job fast and efficiently we love it

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

We bought when we moved into our new condo. We are very satisfied!

Review Title: Nice machine! | Review by

Bought new washer/dryer about a month ago - noticed cleaner clothes and less dry time since clothes were wrung out well. Quite while running. Can fit queen size comforter easily. Will have lower utility bills now!

Review Title: I love this dryer | Review by

This is not the most expensive dryer on the market. Its just perfect for what I need. It dries quickly and has a Energy Preferred mode. It is simple to use. Dosent come with all the bells and whistles but it dries just the same. The more gizmos a dryer has the more things that can go wrong and more expensive to fix. Simple is best.

Review Title: Not complicated to use. | Review by

I'm in the senior group and I love the simply use of this machine.

Review Title: Less drying time | Review by

I bough this dryer one moth ago, less drying time and the wrinkle out works great.

Review Title: The BEST Dryer I have ever Had! | Review by

We have had this dryer for a few months now and I have nothing but positive words to say about it! First, it dries everything completely, the first time......I know that may seem to call for a "duh", but with my dryer history that is more than worth mentioning first. Second, it takes much less time than any ever before to dry things dry. Third, the wrinkle guard is a wonderful thing!! It really helps a lot with not needing to do more than shake things out, fold and put away. I hope this dryer lasts for many years!

Review Title: Great performer | Review by

Great performer,shorter drying times than our older machine. No. Wrinkle- extra tumble- a very big help. Ability ti turn on or off the reminder buzzer is great.

Review Title: great machine | Review by

Works great. Only thing I don't like is the wrinkle guard feature I wish I could turn it off.

Review Title: Great price! | Review by

It is really quiet. I think it's a goods size. Great dryer. Great price

Review Title: Whirlpool dryer | Review by

Happy with the dryer, isn't too loud, and it was a good price

Review Title: Noise | Review by

A little noisier than my last whirlpool gold. Just think it is due to the difference in drums. Could be larger capacity.

Review Title: The title fits the machine. | Review by

I love the simplicity along with the quietness, yet it has the features that covers all one needs to get the job done ! I also want to say I thought the price was very reasonable . I feel good buying this product and Iknow i'll get alot of years of use.

Review Title: Love This Dryer | Review by

Not only is this dryer affordable, it has quite a few options, it's quiet & it gets the job done. I'm so happy we went with this set!

Review Title: Does the job....but | Review by

The dryer was a much appreciated gift. While it drys the laundry nicely,it is much louder than what I am used to with whirlpool products.

Review Title: I love whirlpool appliances | Review by

I went back to the side by side because it is much easier to use and the style is nice.

Review Title: This is a Great Dryer | Review by

I bought this thinking maybe I made a mistake not going to the store to buy, but this is the best dryer with great features that dries the clothes perfectly.

Review Title: Dries quickly and efficiently | Review by

We bought this dryer because natural gas in the area is cheaper than electric and boy are we happy we did. It is efficient and fast drying. I have never been happier with it. I also love that there are only a few settings allowing you to just set it and run it.

Review Title: nice product | Review by

I searched a lot b4 I come to conclusion. This is a nice product with all advance feature in affordable price.

Review Title: Time Saving! | Review by

I have been using my new dryer for about a month and I am really impressed with the way it saves me time doing the laundry. I love the way I can put my entire load into the dryer and finish in half of the time it used to take me. Less loads to do and more efficient at the same time! This dryer is perfect for my large family!!

Review Title: Great Value for the Price | Review by

I really like this dryer but it's a bit loud. It's works great and being able to select the time for drying is great but one thing I'm not to happy about is the sound. I can actually hear the dryer when I'm upstairs in my dining room. :-( That's the only negative thing I can say about this dryer.

Review Title: Does the Job | Review by

It's nice to go downstairs and find my clothes DRY when the dryer buzzes. Unfortunately, the buzzer is just one very short 'buzz' and I often miss it. The up side is that the dryer intermittently will retumble the clothes for a short period and buzz again. This prevents set in wrinkles

Review Title: Great part of my Whirlpool dryer is My clothes are "Dry" | Review by

Omg I Love my dryer my clothes are getting done half the time of old dryer. I can't complain my old dryer was a Gas Whirlpool but the problem it was drying anymore was because it was 18 yrs. old. This why we buy Whirlpool because it was very dedicated to my families laundry. We love our new Dryer and excited when the timer goes off because I'm not paying National Grid as much and my clothes are dry, the Dryer has already paid for itself. All our appliances have been Whirlpool sine we bought our home and married 30 yrs and again we are dedicated. Thank you:-)

Review Title: ol'faithfull | Review by

i love it. the last wh.gas dryer lasted 21 yrs .i just wish i knew she wanted the hamper door.

Review Title: This is a replacement, of much lower quality, for the same model, bought years earlier. | Review by

Although I like the change for the dryer door to swing to the side instead of down, there is nothing else that is an improvement from the earlier. The drying sensor still don't produce the clothes with the dryness expected most of the time. The noise factor has deteriorated--it is as if all sound insulation has been left out. Visitors to our house comment on the high noise level. The dryer signal is also too loud.

Review Title: Easy to use w/great features | Review by

My wife & I are happy we purchased this whirlpool dryer.

Review Title: broken | Review by

The on/off switch is already broken, the drying is lousy

Review Title: Whirlpool Clothes Dryer | Review by

My older Whirlpool dryer was thirteen years old. I am so afraid of appliances igniting a fire. So when it started to not dry properly I decided it was time for a new dryer. I have been using Whirlpool for the past forty years......with hardly any problems. Since I live alone and do not have loads and loads of wash to do I bought a very simple dryer. I like it very much, it does the job it is intended to do.The only thing negative is the door handle.....The handle on the old dryer was simple, you pulled down. On the new dryers the door opens from the side, this makes the handle hard to open. Also it is made of a different type of material. I actually use a little jar opener plastic thingy or two hands when opening the door. Except for this design....which I am thinking was designed by someone who does no laundry, I am happy with my new dryer.

Review Title: fits right in | Review by

Loving it !!! Just great for my new cloths that are gentle wash and dry. Old dryer was a challenge.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I bought this a month ago. It does the job efficiently

Review Title: whirlpool gas dryer | Review by

This is my first gas dryer and I love it. Dryer cuts drying time in half, but that is because of the great whirlpool washer I bought with the dryer. So far this has been a great buy.

Review Title: good dryer not good start | Review by

When I purchased the dryer and hooked it up and it did not work. Whirlpool came out and discovered a bad sensor and some other items. Now the dryer works great!

Review Title: whirlpool 7.0 cu. ft. dryer | Review by

I have had the dryer for two months, I'm very pleased with it.

Review Title: Love all the great future | Review by

I bought my dryer about 2 months ago and enjoying.

Review Title: An absolutely great dryer. | Review by

I just love my new gas Whirlpool dryer. I have always had Kenmore's but decided to change brands this time around. I love all the features and the thing I like the most is it is so quiet. It is in my kitchen and I hardly know it is on. My clothes come out perfect and it is the best!

Review Title: Priz | Review by

The dryer is doing what it is supposed to do, dry clothes. Works Well. For the Money it was well worth the purchase.

Review Title: simple to use | Review by

I bought my dryer 2 months ago and it's so much better than my old one

Review Title: Great features at a reasonable price | Review by

We are very pleased with the features and performance of this dryer.

Review Title: Good Machine | Review by

I've had my new dryer for about 2 months. Very happy with it. Quiet. Energy efficient.

Review Title: Great Basic Dryer | Review by

This is a great example of a basic dryer. Works great, semi quiet and doesn't blow you away with a ton of features that you're not sure what they do.

Review Title: sorry i purchased the whirlpool dryer | Review by


Review Title: Very Nice Dryer for the money | Review by

This dryer has the largest capacity of any I have owned before. I haven't had a single problem with since I got it. I had a Maytag before this one. The only problem I have is the lack of a light inside the drum area, but I can get by without it. All in all I am very satisfied so far

Review Title: Great Product. | Review by

Not fancy but, gets the job done. And also it is made in the USA.

Review Title: Dries well but has a rattle throughout the drying process and is also very loud. | Review by

Disapointed with the loudness and rattle. My previous 20 year old dryer did not have these problems.

Review Title: love my whirlpool | Review by

I bought a simple dryer that works great and was very reasonable in price

Review Title: new dryer | Review by

I have always preferred Whirlpool products, however, I can't seem to get a handle on the time it takes for an average load to dry. Seems to be an excessive amount of time and the cooling cycle is definitely too long.

Review Title: Good value for me | Review by

It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but that's okay, it does a good job of drying stuff, and that is what it's for. It's not whisper quiet, I think it's about normal and my laundry room has a door I can shut if I want to, so that's no big deal. For my needs, this dryer is perfect and I didn't spend a fortune on features I won't use.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

Our previous washer had lots bells and whistles, but was not washing the cloths well. We had change from whirl pool to this 'other brand'- big mistake. So we went back to whirlpool and the clothes are now as clean as ever. Lesson 'stick to whirlpool, its the best!

Review Title: Dries Great and at a Great Value | Review by

When we moved,we only had gas in the laundry room for our dryer so we had to replace our dryer to our set. Since we didn't want to spend a lot on it as we will probably replace the whole set again in 2 or 3 years, we decided to give this one a try. We love Whirlpool products and this one didn't dissapoint! It dries quickly and efficiently and is even quieter than we anticipated. We love the Wrinkle Shield Option but you cannot use the sensor dry and turn the option off so everything you dry keeps going on and off. This is not really a good option if you are not right there to pull things out or turn the dryer off. That along with the fact that the top loading lint trap gets lint all over the top of the dryer every time you clean it are the only reasons we didn't give it 5 stars. Otherwise, happy with the purchase!

Review Title: Fast drying works great | Review by

We bought this to replace our electric dryer. So much nicer to dry clothes in. More space and faster drying times.

Review Title: Easy to operate | Review by

Simple and easy to operate, no complications. Dries clothes within 45 minutes. Worth for the price spent. Very happy with the drier.

Review Title: Great Value! | Review by

Just enough bells & whistles for the money, for a retired couple! We have always purchased Whirlpool and have never been disapointed.

Review Title: Lots of room for big loads | Review by

Overall extremely happy with this purchase. The barrel is very large, allowing me to dry large loads. It also helps reduce wrinkles in dried loads.

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

Love it, drys very fast no wrinkles, looks great! Easy to use!

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

Got mine two weeks ago and I m completely satisfied.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

We bought this to replace a 19 year old dryer.Did not need a bunch of settings,wanted something basic.This dryer has enough settings for me.It dries the clothes very fast ,it can handle fairly large loads.Happy with purchase price also.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

This is a great simple dryer. Neets my needs and was affordable.

Review Title: Drys clothes however there are dissapointing features. | Review by

The dryer disappoints because of the continued run on after the buzzer sounds and continues to tumble the clothes. I can't turn it off the tumble cycle!

Review Title: Great appliance! | Review by

Very quiet, efficient and pretty! Yes, this design is very attractive!

Review Title: Awesome Dryer! | Review by

I bought the dryer a little over a month ago. It dries clothes faster than any other dryer I've never used a gas dryer & was quite skeptical at first but I am now extremely happy with this purchase!

Review Title: So quiet | Review by

I bought my dryer in January 2014 and so far am totally pleased with it. It is very quiet and may clothes dry much faster than with my old GE.

Review Title: Wirlpool Gas dryer | Review by

Bough this 2 months ago and love it. dries clothes - even large loads so much quicker than my last dryer.

Review Title: drys fast | Review by

I received it delivered great and works great.It drys really fast

Review Title: Good features | Review by

I bought the dryer last week. It has 4 different heat levels, has a large capacity, and meets all of my needs.

Review Title: No more wrinkles! | Review by

I love my new dryer as I do not have to iron any more! The wrinkle feature is great!

Review Title: Holds an Unbelievable Amount of Clothes! | Review by

The inside is huge! It does in one load what I used to do in two or three. It's a little loud, but I still love it!

Review Title: Dries clothes quick and efficient | Review by

Replaced a 17yr old GE dryer. was still working but wanted to buy in a set. needed a washer so got the dryer to match. Very nice dryer. Dries clothes faster so uses less energy! I have noticed my gas bill is lower since I have been using this dryer. Large and has the basic settings. Mine didn't come with the wrinkle shield option. Wish it did. This dryer does have somewhat of a wrinkle shield. an automatic cool down period - buzzer goes off few times and keeps running - to let you know it's done.

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer a month ago and it works great! Its quiet, and only makes a buzz noise at the end of a cycle only if I want it to. No issues, dries clothes quickly and efficiently. Only thing is the door swings open so clothes may fall onto floor if not careful.

Review Title: Dependable with great features. | Review by

This is my second Whirlpool gas dryer. The first one lasted 14 years. Talk about dependability. The features cover all types of clothing drying needs. I also have the Whirlpool washing machine( also about 14 years). Thank you Whirlpool.

Review Title: Huge | Review by

I like this dryer. It is plenty big and has a lot of different options. One thing I do not like is that the dryer has a cool down cycle. There is just something great about taking warm clothes out of the dryer, I don't get that here unless I stop the dryer before the cool down. Super quiet which out weighs the cool down. Overall great purchase and would buy it again!

Review Title: good dryer | Review by

works well, large size, easy to move around , good quality, a snap to hook up. lint screen cleans easy, simple to run

Review Title: Awesome dryer | Review by

We bought this a month ago and it turned out to be a great dryer. Dries fast and efficiently

Review Title: WOW! Whirlpool ! | Review by

This is one powerful dryer! Just enough setting choices and everything comes out soft and pretty much wrinkle free. So much better than the extremely expensive top load dryer I had!

Review Title: Large Drum | Review by

I am very pleased with this dryer it is quiet and the wrinkle shield option is great if you are not able to get right in to get out the clothes at the time it is done.

Review Title: Great price for a great product | Review by

We bought the Whirlpool gas dryer about a month ago and it has functioned wonderful. Drys closes just as good as our old, much more expensive dryer other brand dryer. This simplicity of design and function should make any repairs necessary much more affordable then what we were facing with our old machine.

Review Title: Awesome features! | Review by

I bought the dryer because of the capacity it holds but I love the features!!! Such as the different temperature controls. Im glad I made the decision to buy it!!!! The dryer is awesome!!!!

Review Title: We love the ease of "dialing in our needs" which are varied. | Review by

We've had the dryer for several months and it's been perfect. It is very similar to our previous dryer which was also a WHIRLPOOL model.

Review Title: Very good value | Review by

We didn't want a dryer with all the options like steam, light etc. This dryer does all we need. Quietly drys our clothes at a very reasonable price.

Review Title: Loved it at first..... | Review by

I have been happy with this dryer until recently when I put something in before bed and the dryer was still running when I woke up! I am really disappointed that I will have to call a repair man for something that is brand new.

Review Title: more bang for the buck! | Review by

From the first time I used this dryer I knew I was going to be HAPPY! With a limited budget I never expected to be able to buy a dryer like this one! Not only is it quiet, I can fit an entire washer load inside! The different drying settings give me more than enough options and the buzzer sound is loud and long enough for me to hear when the load is finished. Whirlpool, you gave me more than I could have hoped for the money!

Review Title: Does The Job | Review by

I have always had whirlpool washers and dryers. My dryer finally went after 14 years. I bought a Whirlpool again and so far am satisfied. I don't need all the bells and whistles, and this one does the job.

Review Title: Great Results | Review by

Compared to my old dryer, this one's a Mercedes Benz.

Review Title: Great Value and functions | Review by

Bought both dryer and matching washer combo for new home and we are every happy with purchase. It was the best priced and most features for dryers we had researched.

Review Title: Easy to use with great success | Review by

I love this washer and dryer. I have always liked Whirlpool and wouldn't buy any other brand.

Review Title: Love | Review by

I bought this dryer never use a gas dryer before. We love it , works great,looks good and love the wrinkle free cycle. Great buy for the cost.

Review Title: Looks Nice | Review by

I've had it for over a month... a little louder than I had hoped since it's brand new.

Review Title: Good | Review by

Very happy with dryer, but should have requested to have the door open to the left when facing it.

Review Title: Gets the job done! | Review by

Received it as an early Christmas gift when I moved into my new home and I have dried sheets, comforters, rugs, large loads, you name it. I use the energy preferred setting for my clothes but I set it to "more dry" for the comforters and sheets and it keeps them from still being wet after the cycle. Definitely recommend!

Review Title: Great for the price | Review by

This was the cheapest dryer I could find, and it has worked excellent so far. No issues with it at all.

Review Title: great so far | Review by

I just replaced my whirlpool electric dryer that was 19 yrs old. My local gas company was offering $400 in rebate, so going gas was an easy option. Returning to whirlpool was the correct choice. No problems with noise or use. Gets the clothes dry and wrinkle guard is nice. I had that on the 1995 model too.

Review Title: Excellent value for your money | Review by

We love our Whirlpool Washer and Dryer. They were an excellent value for our money! We love the large capacity, the simplicity of the control settings and how quietly it runs.

Review Title: Love it!!! | Review by

I bought his when my old dyer, of 25 years, died. It was a Whirlpool as well. Works like a charm!

Review Title: Whirlpool dryer | Review by

Bought this dryer in May 2014. We had such good luck with our previous one. Unfortunately the dryer went on the fritz after 2 months. Went through a hassle getting it fixed and now we have a big electric bill because it wasn't drying the clothes. Also we are getting inundated with requests to buy an extended warrantee. I guess purches of major appliances aren't made to last even a year. Not a happy camper

Review Title: works very well | Review by

We just moved in to this house we looked around for washer and dryer and this brand and style were just right for us.

Review Title: Great Product! | Review by

I absolutely love my Whirlpool 7.0 cu. ft. dryer. It works so well and dries our clothes correctly every time. The 4 different heat settings ranging from extra low to high makes drying all types of clothes an easy task!

Review Title: Clean Clothes but Noisy | Review by

I've had the washer for only two weeks. The washer clean the clothes better and certainly better rinsed than my GE Profile front loader, which always left soap in the clothes even when I used a second rinse. However, the machine is so noisy you almost have to leave the house.

Review Title: Wish I still had my old dryer | Review by

It's a dryer. No great features to go with the price tag. My old dryer fluffed the clothes when the cycle was over to keep them from wrinkling. This one is supposed to, but the clothes come out wrinkly. I don't like the door that swings out. Clothes (especially socks and undies) stick to each other as I'm pulling them out, then drop on the floor. A better design would be a door that opens down, which would catch the clothes.

Review Title: great dryer for the price | Review by

We have owned whirlpool products for many years, always been very happy. the Gas dryer is living up its reputation.

Review Title: Great features for the price. | Review by

We have had our dryer for 6 months and have enjoyed using it. it has a large capacity that I enjoy.

Review Title: Easy features | Review by

So easy too use my twelve year old grandson can do launder with no problems.

Review Title: Good basic dryer | Review by

So far we are pleased with the dryer. It seems to work well and has some nice features for a basic dryer. It does not get at hot as our previous dryer through. We previously had a Maytag for about 15 years that was similar in operation but that dryer got much hotter. Other than that the dryer works fine.

Review Title: whirlpool 7 cu dryer | Review by

great dryer & easy to use, and drys the best each time used.

Review Title: Nice dryer | Review by

I bought this for my rental property. Working great so far.

Review Title: Fair Dryer | Review by

I don't like that this dryer doen't keep running when I have permanent press item in there. I liked my old one better. It would keep turning until I got everything out of the dryer and hung up

Review Title: Worth the price | Review by

Great Value, Simple to use. I was not looking for anything too complicated.

Review Title: Handles Everything | Review by

Our Whirlpool dryer handles everything thrown its way, from daily clothes and towels, to sheets, blankets and small comforters.

Review Title: quiet and quick | Review by

The door latch is too hard to open and close. the end

Review Title: Works perfectly | Review by

Love my new dryer that matches my Whirlpool HE washer. Bring on my new fridge!! :)

Review Title: OK... so far. | Review by

Just bought it and started using today. Instruction manual lacking clear instructions.

Review Title: Just the right size! | Review by

Bought this and am impressed by how much it holds and how quickly it drys.

Review Title: seems great so far | Review by

Only had a month and works well. Dries my clothes. Wasn't looking for a fancy dryer, just something that dries well.

Review Title: Never fully dry in one run-through | Review by

I bought what I thought was a steady and dependable dryer. What I got was a dryer which never seems to dry a load without multiple run-throughs.

Review Title: Pleasantly surprised | Review by

I was a little leary when I bought this dryer as it was different from the one I was replacing. I have grown to appreciate all the features, especially the very large opening when you open the door. It is so easy to put clothes in and out, especially now that I am older and have a difficult time bending down to do the laundry.

Review Title: It's easy and simple to use. | Review by

Replacement for a dryer that stopped working due to a bad circuit boards.

Review Title: Great features and performance at a great price! | Review by

We bought this about a month ago, and my wife loves it!

Review Title: Very dependable, quality machine | Review by

I needed to replace my old washer and dryer and asked for the same model currently on the market. This is my fourth set in 45 years. They have always been extremely dependable and efficient. Why change now. I must say that through the years, the machines have only gotten better and better. I am extremely satisfied.

Review Title: Satisfied Customer | Review by

I am very happy with my purchase. It performs well and I am satisfied. The only thing I wish that dryer had was a light when the door is open.

Review Title: Great buy | Review by

No complaints, it does it's job. Quiet and easy to use.

Review Title: Good | Review by

I have had the dryer for almost a month and so far it is pretty good. It does seem to dry well and it dries pretty quickly.

Review Title: Best value. | Review by

I have owned various Whirlpool appliances over the years.I have always liked them mainly because of their durability.So when required to replace a gas dryer I looked at what was available and saw not only that Whirlpool made one but that it constituted the best value.I didn't hesitate.

Review Title: every self visiable | Review by

we need a ref. fast, it was the right decision. look good a fits with my other appl.

Review Title: Easy to use & Efficient | Review by

I had it delivered & installed it myself. Easy hookup.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

My whirlpool dryer guit working after 20 years. I hope this one is as good. I have had it about a month and it has a lot of the features my old one had. So far I am very happy with it.

Review Title: Loving my dryer | Review by

I have been enjoying my new dryer. I love that it is so easy to use and the settings are clear and easy to figure out. The machine really works. I was not interested in a dryer that had steam or all the bells and whistles. I just wanted a reliable machine at an affordable price.

Review Title: Great dryer !!! it drys very well !!! | Review by

We had to replace our dryer because it stopped working and we went to look at dryers and were surprised by how much more expensive they were. So we shopped around and found this dryer at a great price and it looks nice and it drys very well. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Excellent quality! | Review by

Recently purchased a new Whirlpool gas dryer and we are very happy with it. Simple to understand and use, quiet, efficient and does a great job, plus it has noticeably reduced our gas bill by using the energy saving cycle. Would highly recommend Whirlpool to everyone!

Review Title: Works good but it is noisey. I wish the door would open downwars so it could used to fold clothes. | Review by

It looks well made and has lots of features. We have been using this brand for 50 years.

Review Title: Love the big knobs | Review by

I am very happy I chose this whirlpool dryer. It is great for the price! The dryer has all the settings I was looking for without being to complicated.

Review Title: Great to feel hot drying air again | Review by

We love our new whirlpool dryer and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg.

Review Title: I just LOVE my whirlpool | Review by

This product speaks for itself, it's features are easy to use, and washes my clothes clean. I Love it!!

Review Title: Simple to Use / Whirlpool Quality | Review by

We purchase this matched pair Washer/Dryer for our new Condo. Both worked as we expected, very user friendly and simple to use.

Review Title: Just meets my needs | Review by

Our 23 year old gas dryer was beginning to take longer to completely dry the clothes, so it was time to buy another. I asked for a basic dryer--cottons, permanent press and fluff- which is what I got. Easy to use. Holds a large load. Economical to operate. Dries our clothes in short time.

Review Title: Great Price! | Review by

I bought this Whirlpool about a month a go , my only complaint will be a little more quieter . I always purchase a Whirlpool dryer and a washer because I always get a very Good Product by a very Good Manufacture, please keep on making good products , do not fall for the Lean Manufacturing and cut on Quality....

Review Title: Dries Well, But Far Too Noisy!! | Review by

Having had a gas leak, the old dryer had to be replaced. Our leasing company sent out a dryer that we returned. We decided to buy our own and as we had been really happy with our other Whirlpool appliances, we chose a Whirlpool dryer. The drying tub is huge! We're able to adjust the drying time and temperature as needed. Unfortunately, the dryer which is located in our kitchen is so noisy I can't hear anything outside of the kitchen. This is very disappointing.

Review Title: Very quite, great performance! | Review by

Works perfect and fits into the right spaces. Great performance fort the price you pay for it.

Review Title: Dries quickly! | Review by

I am very happy with my new dryer. It holds a lot of clothes and dries very quickly. I am now able to dry a load of towels in less than half the time that it took with my old dryer. Love my new dryer!

Review Title: Gets the job done! | Review by

We bought our dyer about two months ago because our other one clonked out. This dryer seems to be more powerful than our older model because it has more dryer settings. My only complaint would be that when removing the lint trap the lint doesn't always stick to the screen so some of it falls on top of the dryer. It can be a bit of a mess to clean up.

Review Title: Great Dryer! | Review by

We purchased this dryer approximately 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it! It dries in record time, and the cool-down feature virtually leaves clothes with no wrinkles.

Review Title: Perfect Basic | Review by

Perfect no frills basic dryer. Has a cycle end buzzer. Just what I was looking for.

Review Title: Slow dryer | Review by

My quick drying towels are still wet after 70 minutes of drying time. There isn't even a light bulb in this dryer.

Review Title: Simple and easy | Review by

Very happy with my purchase. Very easy to use and does a great job each time. Simple knobs and easy to read on the various types of dry levels.

Review Title: Overall great dryer | Review by

Works great, dries quickly, noise level is normal. I have had this dryer for just over a month now and so far, no issues at all.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

Replaced a 24 year old dryer. Did not realize what I was missing!

Review Title: Great value | Review by

We are extremely happy with our new dryer. It is easy to use and was a breeze to install. A great value at this price point, and is quieter than our previous dryer.

Review Title: Good Dryer for the price!!! | Review by

Does the job and holds a lot of laundry. Not loud.

Review Title: Works fine | Review by

our old dryer was slow to dry and this one is remarkably fast

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

I bought this on the recommendation of my appliance repair guy. Works great, but doesn't have some of the features that a pricier model would, and I actually miss those. Probably would opt for a higher end model next time. Live and learn.

Review Title: Powerful and more efficient that our old dryer | Review by

We purchased a few weeks ago, but had to wait for someone to install the propane conversion kit. I wish these appliances came standard for propane. There must be enough homes that do not have natural gas.

Review Title: Excellent Value! | Review by

Bought this dryer to replace our last Whirlpool, which lasted what seemed a lifetime. Good value for the money. Would highly recommend this dryer - great for any size family.

Review Title: Okay for the Money | Review by

Bought it a couple months ago as a budget yet quality enough model to serve our family for 12 plus years.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

Love the dryer, it's very large inside, very quiet. It has and does everything I need. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review Title: Drys fast | Review by

I am very happy with the purchase. Clothes are dry in no time

Review Title: satisfied with my new dryer | Review by

I recently bought a new whirlpool dryer and I am completely satisfied with its performance. It's quiet, efficient and came with a five year warranty.

Review Title: Solid dryer | Review by

We purchased this dryer 2 months ago and are very pleased with it. Everything works great! It's easy to use. Door is slightly difficult to open.

Review Title: Great Dryer!!! | Review by

I got this a month ago and I'm so very Happy that I picked out this one! It has everything you would need for Dry anything that you would need to!

Review Title: Works great!!! | Review by

Bought 3 months ago and has performed flawlessly! Wonderful machine!!

Review Title: love the lint screen on the top. | Review by

Good size and features are easy to understand and use

Review Title: Awesome Gas Dryer | Review by

This dryer does an excellent job in getting the clothes dry. It doesn't over bake them like other dryers have. Natural Gas bills have been fairly low with this dryer. A great investment

Review Title: A great dryer so far. | Review by

Purchased this unit about 1 1/2 months ago. Works great. The only thing I noticed after I got it home that there was no light inside the drum. I was so interested in the features I could see on the panel, that I never bothered to look for the light. Otherwise a great unit for the price.

Review Title: Works like a charm | Review by

As a single woman, I didn't need a dryer with all the bells and whistles. This dryer fits the bill for me perfectly. Has all the settings that I need from very low to high. The buzzer is loud enough to hear. American made is a plus!

Review Title: Very Satisfied | Review by

I bought this about a month ago. It works great. Hold a large load. I use the auto-dry setting and set it on "more dry" and clothes come out nice and dry. I don't like the raucous warning buzz it gives at the end, though.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

This dryer is great but simple machine. It decries your clothes in no time with out wrinkling them.

Review Title: My drywe | Review by

Easy to operate, heats up quickly and dries completely. It was easy to install as well.

Review Title: Durability | Review by

Durable, have great features and most of all easy to operate

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

We've used this dryer for over a month now, and it's been wonderful. Even the low dryer setting works perfectly for our delicate or shrink-prone items. It's powerful, yet gentle enough to handle any load we dry. The wrinkle release is a great feature. We're so happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

I've had my new dryer for two months now and am very pleased with my selection. My dryer is very large and works great.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Always been very satisfied with Whirlpool appliances.

Review Title: Dries very well | Review by

Doing a great job for the 5 months time I have had it

Review Title: Wonderful machine for great price | Review by

I have only used this for about 1 month and I LOVE it!!! It runs quiet, quick cycles and is very functional! I have not had ANY problems so far.

Review Title: Excellent Basic Gas Dryer | Review by

This is an excellent basic gas dryer. It does it all � and does it well. The controls are easy to use. All a dryer needs to do is to dry wet laundry, and sometimes fluff it up. This does that. The lint tray is easy to clean. For a basic gas dryer, this one is tough to beat.

Review Title: This product is a great value for the purchase price. | Review by

This dryer has a large capacity, and we reversed the door for ease of loading clothing. The cool down cycle keeps my clothes from wrinkling. It is a bit noisier than our previous dryer and takes a little longer to dry.

Review Title: this product is a nice machine | Review by

nice machine runs great easy to use looks good runs good enough features for us

Review Title: I have always bought Whirlpool products because of their quality. | Review by

My Whirlpool products in the past have always been reliable and have lasted an incredibly long time with no problems so I continue to use and recommend WHIRLPOOL products to others. My clothes look great after taking a swim in my Whirlpool washer and dryer! I wouldn't even consider another brand.

Review Title: what a deal! | Review by

Bought this dryer about a month ago after my old dryer took a dive ,love it. I enjoy all the features this model has but miss the door light. The dryer is cutting the drying time substantial,should have bought this a long time ago. Thanks Eduardo Rodriguez

Review Title: Great efficiency and quiet machine | Review by

I enjoy the solid feel of the dryer when opening and closing the door. It takes less time to dry towels than my previous dryer. The control panel is sleek and stylish.

Review Title: GOOD DEAL! | Review by


Review Title: Great Dryer! | Review by

I bought this dryer and really like the large capacity of laundry that it handles.

Review Title: works great | Review by

Bought is dryer and it runs great. My first whirlpool. Only dry cloths for one.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

Purchased about one month ago. Very pleased with the value.

Review Title: Great Product, Whirlpool! | Review by

I bought my new Whirlpool dryer on the recommendation of the repairman when the rollers on my previous dryer broke. He said Whirlpool parts are stronger and better quality than other brands. I love the dryer! It is quiet, efficient and has more drying options than I've ever had. I especially like the Wrinkle Shield feature. I try to take the clothes our promptly to save energy, but it's great to know that I have 90 minutes of heat-free fluffing if I can't get there immediately. Great product, Whirlpool!

Review Title: whirlpool dryer | Review by

I absolutely love my new dryer It has all the features a person would ever need

Review Title: wrinkle gaurd | Review by

My first gas dryer and i am very happy with it i love the big drum the wrinkle sheild,and the timed cycle

Review Title: Whirlpool dryer | Review by

I am very happy with the really takes good care of all of my different types of clothing.

Review Title: Great feasures. | Review by

I'm very pleased with my products. I like the way my clothes clean and look when the wash is over.

Review Title: Large Capacity | Review by

I bought this dryer just a month ago and I am already loving the size of the machine. It allows for those oversize comforters that my old one didn't and it holds a great amount of clothes. I also enjoy the quiet that this machine offers. It also dries the clothes on just medium heat level in a much shorter amount of time than my old one.

Review Title: Exceptional Value | Review by

I purchased my gas dryer about two months ago. I was immediately impressed with the way my clothes smelled and felt. This is my first gas dryer and the difference between it and my past electric dryers is immense. the clothes come out smelling clean and dry instead of baked. I haven't fully calculated my savings yet but I feel it will pay for it self rapidly in electric savings and clothes wear an tear.

Review Title: The nice wrinkle shield option, and all the other features. | Review by

This Whirlpool Dryer is great! It has all the features I could want in a dryer. My husband and myself do the laundry, and the Whirlpool Dryer is go easy to use, even my husband can do it! And the Whirlpool Dryer is fast! Laundry day doesn't take all day. Especially with the Wrinkle Shield Option, no more wrinkles.

Review Title: Excellent Efficiency | Review by

I bought this dryer as a set with the matching washer. I am very happy with my purchase. It is very efficient and doing laundry is so much faster now. My favorite features are the wrinkle out setting and also that there is so many different temperature settings. No more having to hang my delicate clothes to dry!

Review Title: Simple buy goog | Review by

Great machine for a great price. They want too much information here

Review Title: outstanding very easy to operate and is very impressive | Review by

We bought this brand because we were replacing our 25 year old 'g e" machines

Review Title: Nice Dryer | Review by

I glad I bought it. Its quiet and it does a great job at drying clothes. Also, its easy to use.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Attractive, Easey to Use and best of all does an excellent job of drying and was reasonably priced for a gas dryer.

Review Title: What a tumbler! | Review by

When i purchased my whirlpool dryer i never thought it would perform so well. The dryer is efficient and quiet and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I am so pleased with the product and with the service. I am a very happy customer.

Review Title: SO FAR IT WORKS VERRY GOOD | Review by

The dryer does a good job in a relatively short time. I feel it will save me money over the long run.

Review Title: A Great Buy | Review by

Our Dryer stopped working on a Saturday morning. My wife and I went to Lowes on Saturday afternoon bought a new dryer and it was drying closes in our laundry room at 11:00 am on Monday morning. The dryer has many choices which took me a while to understand compared to our other dryer. There are four choices of temperature. Great for my wife's delicate clothes. An energy saving choice and a fluff choice. I have enjoyed experimenting with all of them. Yes I am the man of the house who does all the laundry except for the folding. That the job of the lady of the house

Review Title: terrific appliances last for years | Review by

I have always used world pool products they are knot only have good features they are very reliable sturdy my last set of washer and dryer lasted over 14 years. So i recommend world pool brand to everyone who is looking for new appliances. World pool products dont let you down.

Review Title: Love the wrinkle guard | Review by

I love my new dryer and love the wrinkle guard feature a lot. I also love the different settings. The heat settings and high efficiency are also great.

Review Title: Easy | Review by

This is just what I wanted in a dryer. It does the job. No problems so far.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

So happy with it very happy that I purchased it luv it

Review Title: Fast dryer | Review by

I've had this dryer about 2 months now and find it to be very efficient. It heats well and dries fast. I'm very happy with this purchase. I have a Whirlpool washer, too. A very good brand.

Review Title: Works fabulus; I enjoy the different settings. | Review by

When I our dryer finally died, we wanted something very reliable and cost effective. Whirlpool was the best deal.

Review Title: Fast drying! | Review by

Very fast drying time even on medium heat. Only had trouble with some of our soft blankets. I think they got too hot because the overall texture changed after they were dried in this dryer.

Review Title: I love this dryer | Review by

one of the best products I've ever boughtand I'm very satisfied

Review Title: whirlpool dryer | Review by

My last dryer which was a whirlpool lasted for nine years,excellent in drying and goes with my whirlpool washer. So when I had to buy a new one, I just wanted a new whirpool.

Review Title: Good Dryer | Review by

I have had this dryer for approx one month. I am still getting use to the settings. The temps are a little different and I find the medium heat doesn't do much. I use the low or high heat. It does hold a lot of clothes and that was one requirement when I was looking for a new dryer.

Review Title: great value | Review by

purchased within the last year and the unit continues operate to very efficiently without issues.

Review Title: so far it is great. does a great job | Review by

we have had it for a little while and so far enjoying it.

Review Title: washer machine & gas dryer | Review by

I like this products maybe next time I keeping buying this marks whilpool

Review Title: works great! | Review by

The dryer does everything I need it to- dries well, lets me know when its done, even keeps the wrinkles out if I can't get the clothes right away.

Review Title: Dries adequately without all the "bells and whistles". | Review by

Quite happy with the whirlpool dryer. Takes a few minutes longer to dry than the Kenmore that it replaced, but maybe it's because of the larger capacity. Wish it had an interior light.

Review Title: Roomy inside | Review by

I bought this dryer a few months ago. It does not have all the features I enjoyed in my last dryer; i.e., the vent in the front of the opening of the dryer door and a light inside. The vent and screen you remove to clean each time is on the top this time and no light. I didn't even think to look at these features to be honest. I have a well lit spot for my dryer so the light isn't critical. The location of the vent and screen on the top is not my preference. Overall so far the dryer is doing a great job. This dryer make and model were recommended by the salesman at Home Depot. I also have a limited space limitations due to the age of my home and this is a major issue with all my appliances.

Review Title: Large Capacity | Review by

Purchased this February 2015. Happy with the large size. Installation was easy. Switched the door opening which took the most time. Seems to be working fine so far. Hope it lasts!

Review Title: Great Dryer for the $$$$ | Review by

I bought this over a month ago and I love it!!! It's quite and fast... the clothes come out perfect with the no wrinkles option. Definitely a winner

Review Title: Large and quiet | Review by

Fits a lot of clothing! The low heat option is slow to dry, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Review Title: Saving money! | Review by

We purchases our Whirlpool HE washer several weeks ago and have used it 4 times. The beauty with this washer is the size of the tub. This will allow us to wash far fewer loads and save money! We're not using as much water or detergent and getting the same results! We are pleased thus far.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I purchased this 3 months ago and am extremely happy with it. It dries clothes much faster than the old electric that it replaced. My laundry area is exposed and it even looks nice - does not need to be hidden. Very satisfied with it overall and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I had read that the door was difficult to open and have not found that to be the case. It does require a little more effort to open but it is not a problem at all.

Review Title: Good Features and good price | Review by

I wanted a large capacity machine, and the 7 cubic foot drum is just right. Is very quite running, and has many features, and temperature settings plus if we are not around to remove my shirts it spins slowly . go's off and on for a while to reduce wrinkles . I iron my shirts my self so it is less work time for me.

Review Title: Works Quietly But Carries a Big Load | Review by

Our other dryer quit after 15 years. Going through all the online reviews, said OK let's give this one a shot. Hit the mark dead center. Really works quietly, has a huge drum, is simple and easy to operate, no extraneous bells and whistles. Great deal at Sears, install and setup took 20 minutes. All good, no bad

Review Title: great performance and easy to determine what temperature you need to use. | Review by

our old dryer caught on fire and had to be replaced. while researching and looking for a new dryer, we choose Whirlpool because the features we were looking for was available. The features we were looking for had to have multiple options for drying and different levels of temperatures. Whirlpool gave us what we wanted. Our previous dryer was limited in capacity, which was an issue when trying to dry comforters/blankets. The whirlpool dryer has a large holding capacity which is great for drying comforters and blankets.

Review Title: Second whirlpool dryer | Review by

After years of great service from my previous whirlpool dryer I decided to replace my well warn out dryer with a new one. Could not be happier with the new one.

Review Title: Wonderful quality! | Review by

We bought this washer and liked it so much I took my father to the store to get a matching unit for mom.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We bought this about a month and have had no problems using it. The dryer has a large 7.0 capacity and everything works well.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

Had the dryer for a month and haven't had any issues. Gets clothes dry fairly quietly.

Review Title: dryer | Review by

happy with dryer because its simple to operate. I don't need all that high tech stuff.

Review Title: Nice and simple | Review by

Real basic, the way I like it. Does a great job.!!

Review Title: I've high five-ed my dryer twice now! | Review by

I am impressed at the ability to dry things to perfection. Blankets and bedding are the hardest to dry, one cycle and DONE. Wow.

Review Title: Efficient and feature rich | Review by

Great dryer, wish I purchased a year ago. Dries faster and is much more quiet.

Review Title: My Whirpool Dryer | Review by

I bought this to replace my 10 year old whirlpool dryer and it works great. I have 5 children, 2 adults in the house and do ALOT of Laundry. It works great and dry fast and efficiently!

Review Title: great | Review by

We bought this a month or so ago and I am really impressed with this dryer. So glad we decided to go with this one. Quick dry time, great features

Review Title: great simple dryer | Review by

I bout it a month ago and it days cloths fast,and leaves them light and fluffy

Review Title: A step up! | Review by

This dryer was bought a few months ago. I delayed writing a review because I did not know how to use the dryer more effectively EVEN THOUGH I read the manual. The dryer is effective, quiet, and I like it's tumbling a few minutes allowing me time to remove the load.

Review Title: over all just a great dryer. Clothes seem to not take as long to dry. | Review by

Bought the dryer about a month ago. My wife is very happy.

Review Title: Dryer works well. | Review by

Dryer works well. Heavy items like towels and jeans take about 90 minutes to dry. Much better than the sensor dryers. Very pleased with this dryer

Review Title: Good dryer | Review by

Dries clothes really fast and has a buzzer that can be turned off or on which is a great feature.

Review Title: Whirlpool dependability | Review by

Bought this to replace previous Whirlpool dryer that lasted 15 years with three teenagers.

Review Title: Great Dryer for the Price | Review by

I am very Happy with my New Whirlpool Gas Dryer. This is my 2nd Whirlpool dryer I didn't want a dryer with all the extras. This is a great basic dryer that gets the job done.

Review Title: Does what I want it to do without an engineering degree | Review by

Previous whirlpool dryer was fully operational but 23 years old. I have the utmost confidence in Whirlpool products and this unit is consistent with that trust

Review Title: This dryer has all the features I could ever want or need. | Review by

My old dryer became unrepairable (after 30 years), and I needed a new one rather quickly. I went to an appliance store and had numerous choices. I found this one and it is everything I wanted and more. It was also a wonderful value and I am looking forward to many, many years of use.

Review Title: Perfect Dryer! | Review by

I recently purchased this dryer and love it! It has simple features with just enough drying options. I also like that the lint trap is on top of the machine, which seems to collect more lint than my old one that was below the door. The Whirlpool brand was suggested to me and I will continue to purchase Whirlpool appliances. They have a great reputation for reliability!

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

I bought this unit approx. four month ago. It's worked great and met all of my expectations.

Review Title: Performance and simplicity | Review by

I purchased this new Whirlpool Dryer a few days before Christmas and couldn't be happier with it's performance in this New Year!

Review Title: Dependable and Efficient | Review by

This was not the most expensive dryer, but it does everything I need. It's big to accommodate my comforters, blankets, and pillows yet capable of gently drying my delicates. I highly recommend this dryer.

Review Title: love my new dryer | Review by

My new Whirlpool dryer is awesome! fast dry time, Large capacity to hold lots of stuff.

Review Title: great | Review by

I really am enjoying my new dryer, if you enjoy doing laundry. It replaced a 28 year old dryer. My clothes come out perfect and I know I'm saving energy

Review Title: great features | Review by

I Like All OF The Drying Options. Clothes Dry fast.

Review Title: Great Price, Great Product. | Review by

This dryer is everything that I expected! I really like the many different cycles and the amount of time it takes to dry clothes! I use to only do a 15 minute fluff time for things that I do not like to dry completely but with this dryer I recommend five minutes at the most! My grandmother is extremely picky of her laundry, her dryer broke within a few day of purchasing mine, and she has also went to purchase this exact dryer!

Review Title: whirlpool dryer | Review by

I recently purchased a whirlpool dryer. It's perfect for my wrinkle free clothes

Review Title: Works well. Quiet | Review by

Great dryer, runs quietly. Lots of drying options.

Review Title: Excellent product and price | Review by

I got exactly what I was looking for. My favorite feature is when the dryer cycle is over the dryer will kick back on to fluff laundry so it doesn't wrinkle. Genius.

Review Title: best products ever | Review by

whirlpool makes the best products, i have always bought whirlpool, i recommend thi product to everyone

Review Title: another good product | Review by

the dryer runs great, the only thing is it seems to take longer to dry than our old Whirlpool work horse, maybe it is because it's running on LP instead of natural gas which brings up another subject. How come you don't furnish the conversion parts with dryers like you door with gas ranges?

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

Bought nearly 2 months ago, love that I can turn it on and not have to worry about checking to see if the load is dry yet. Also like that the door opens all the way, makes it so much easier to get wet clothes into it. It runs quietly as well. Very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Great Value for an Outstanding Brand | Review by

Bought this dryer about a month ago. Very user friendly and efficient. Clothes are dry quickly.

Review Title: I am very pleased with my new dryer | Review by

I am very pleased with my new dryer it does a very good job of drying my clothes.

Review Title: One of the Best for the dollar. | Review by

As a former appliance technician for another factory and with 43 years of experience and now retired. Our gas dryer became very noisy, I attempted to order parts for the dryer, only to discover the cost of the parts were almost the cost of a new dryer. I bought our new Whirlpool knowing the reliability, easy to work on if needed and fairly priced product that I'm familiar with was the easy choice to make.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Dryer | Review by

I bought this dryer on a Sunday when my old one went out. It was very easy to install. After hooking up the utilities it performed very well and I completed my 4 loads of laundry. We really like the different heat settings and the premenat press cycle.

Review Title: Purchased about 2 months ago and very happy with. | Review by

very dependable, dries quickly when clothing needed in one hour!

Review Title: New laundry heaven | Review by

Not only did I get the dryer ..I also got the washer...and I am loving it...the washer is quiet does a super job and the dryer is fabulous....happy in laundry heaven.

Review Title: Shirts are wrinkle-free. | Review by

I love the wrinkle-free setting on my new dryer. Cuts way back on the ironing.

Review Title: perfect dryer | Review by

We wanted a American made dryer and found this one at Lowes.It was on sale but that didn't affect my decision on buyer it.We also bought the matching washer.It is super quiet and is very efficient.It has taken everything we have thrown at it .Very happy

Review Title: Wow | Review by

This dryer drys my clothes and doesn't even create any static. I no longer have to use dryer sheets. The wrinkle guard feature is great too.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Before I bought my new Whirlpool Washer and Dryer I owned an older Whirlpool set that I have had for almost 20 years. I trust the Whirlpool name. They are built to last. They hold up forever. I love the looks and quality Whirlpool offers in their product. I love my new Washer and Dryer!

Review Title: Really enjoy this dryer | Review by

I bought this about two months ago to replace my old dryer which stopped working suddenly. Very large bin holds a lot of clothes, dries well and in a shorter amount of time than before.

Review Title: Quiet and Efficient | Review by

This was a Christmas gift to both my husband and I and we are extremely happy with it. Quiet and took about one minute to read the instructions and figure out how to use. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

Review Title: my new dryer | Review by

I recently bought a whirlpool dryer that I just love. It's so efficient. I love all the settings it had. My favorite is the cool down at the end of the cycle. No more burning the clothes. It's great!

Review Title: Whirlpool 7.0cu ft Dryer with Wrinkle Shield | Review by

Efficient, quiet, and even low heat is pretty warm. Wrinkle shield is GREAT!

Review Title: Dynamic Dryer! | Review by

I purchased this dryer after my repairman recommended the Whirlpool brand. I really appreciate the energy saving cycle. There are also other cycles, depending on what is being dried. The interior of the dryer seems larger than others, and therefore I can dry more clothes at a time. The side hinged door opening makes it easier to remove clothes from the dryer. The lint trap on the top, exterior of the dryer also makes it convenient to check for and remove lint. The price of this dryer was very reasonable when all of the great features are taken into consideration. I will definitely purchase Whirlpool again.

Review Title: Fantastic appliance!! | Review by

Was very surprised no real bells and whistles but it works great nice and easy

Review Title: I love it | Review by

The dryer I had was about 20 years old. It still worked and I thought it did a good job. But now that I have this new one, I am amazed at the softness and wrinkle free drying. My queen size quilt which I used to take to the laundromat now comes out with no wrinkles and looks brand new. Best purchase I have made in forever.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I love the Wrinkle Shield option and the fact that it has a buzzer when the load is through drying. This dryer does a great job. The large door opening is great making it easy to load and unload the dryer. Most importantly it is MADE IN AMERICA.

Review Title: simple is better! | Review by

A great basic dryer, no bells and whistles! Who really needs all those dials when the main function is to dry clothes! The dryer is quiet, efficient and the tub is huge. Icam thrilled with it and it dries clothes quickly. Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: Glad I found it! | Review by

Absolutely love the dryer-I replaced an 18 year old brand that is no longer made that took almost an hour to dry a load. Even towels and heavy loads can be dry in 30 minutes in this one. It is quiet and efficient.

Review Title: usage | Review by

This is a very smooth & quiet operating dryer that we have EVER owned!!

Review Title: Whirlpool | Review by

Bought a new Whirlpool washer and dryer after having my last ones for 16 years. Happy I did! I love how quiet they are and do a great job!

Review Title: Perfectly Basic | Review by

This dryer is perfect for my family. It has all the settings that we need without the extras that we don't need. The inside is large enough to do big comforters and sleeping bags. No more going to the laundry mat to do the items that were to big.

Review Title: Superb | Review by

The first week was bad until we discovered the installer forgot to turn on the gas. Since then we have been extremely pleased with the product.

Review Title: large capasity | Review by

holds a lot and dries quickly. very pleased with product

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

We like the variety of drying modes. It is also a quiet machine, nice since the laundry room is next to the den.

Review Title: dependability - whirlpool | Review by

Ten years ago we purchased a washer & dryer from Sears and they were made by whirlpool and we never had a service call on them till last month. The drum wouldn't spin and I told the service man the belt was probably and he got kind of a chuckle as there are no belts any more. We went to lowe's and the W & D were on sale and they were Whirlpools. No brainer, we bought them. Whirlpool products are dependable and reasonable. We are happy. Fred & Irene Kydd

Review Title: Great overall dryer | Review by

I bought this on a sale. This was by far the dryer. I wanted a good basic dryer, no steam, no fluff, no frills to spend wasted dollars.

Review Title: Quiet and efficient | Review by

My 12 year old dryer didn't make the move. My new dryer is now behind a pantry door in the kitchen, so, having it run quietly and efficiently is mandatory. It does - no problems, no issues, and complaints. I'm glad I choose Whirlpool !

Review Title: Efficient | Review by

Works great, saves energy and is much quieter than my old dryer

Review Title: Very pleased | Review by

Old dryer finally bit the dust after 34 yrs. After looking at various makes and models, with all the bells and whistles, we found the dryer we purchased on sale at Lowes for what we considered a very good price. We decided that a basic machine fit our requirements best and are very pleased with the purchase. The dryer performs great, is quiet and the dry time is amazingly fast.

Review Title: Good dryer | Review by

Gas model works excellent. Haven't had to use high heat yet, as everything dries fine on medium. Low energy consumption, quiet, overall very satisfied.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I purchased the dryer because I needed a new one immediately. This is the best machine I have ever owned. I love the many different features and the big drum. I can put my Cal King bedspread in it and it comes out perfect.

Review Title: Love, love | Review by

I was rehabbing my home and needed a washer & dryer. The dryer is easy to use and does only what you want, not a bunch of wasted features. The clothes are almost wrinkle free even when I don't get to them right away. Reasonable too.

Review Title: Matched My washer! Need a Gas dryer for new house. | Review by

the price was good and I wanted the dry to match the washer I purchased in March.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Very good quality would recommend to many households

Review Title: Whirlpool 7 cu. ft dryer | Review by

We purchased the dryer due to the size and features. Plus it is assembled in the USA. The dryer does an excellent job in drying clothing and minimizing wrinkles with the periodic tumble after the cycle is completed. Due to the size larger items dry better than the previous dryer we had.

Review Title: No Complaints! | Review by

Got a great price for this gas appliance and have had no complaints.

Review Title: Basic dryer that works great! | Review by

We bought this dryer after we had a fire in our last dryer--scary!! I'm really surprised at how quickly the clothes dry. There are no bells and whistles, but really, who needs them. I just need my clothes dried, and this dryer does it quite well! Love it.

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