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Whirlpool WFG710H0AH Ice Collection 30" White Ice Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WFG710H0AH Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WFG710H0AH CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WFG710H0AH Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFG710H0AH Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFG710H0AH Cooking

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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,149.00
21% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $984.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 28.1 Cu. Ft. White Ice French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,099.00
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.1 Cu. Ft. White Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $449.00
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" White Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $749.00
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Regular Price: $624.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $1,699.00
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $799.00
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Regular Price: $669.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 25.2 Cu. Ft. White Ice Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $1,199.00
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.0 Cu. Ft. White Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $399.00
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Regular Price: $354.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" White Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $649.00
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Regular Price: $534.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" White Ice Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection
Regular Price: $2,549.00
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Regular Price: $2,244.10
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 28.6 Cu. Ft. White Ice French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $2,699.00
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Regular Price: $2,334.60
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Whirlpool Stove Power Burners

Whirlpool Oven TimeSavor Plus True Convection Cooking System

Whirlpool Oven AccuBake Temperature Management System

  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • Achieve uniform baking results every time with the AccuBake temperature management system.
  • A built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and controls the cooking elements to deliver consistent, delicious results every time.
  • TimeSavor Convection Cooking System
  • Uses a fan in the back of the oven to distribute hot air more efficiently over, under and around food to seal in flavor and juices.
  • AquaLift Self-Clean Technology
  • Our most energy-efficient cleaning cycle uses water and low-heat to release baked-on foods from the bottom of the oven.
  • When the cleaning cycle is complete, soils and excess water can be easily removed with a dry towel.
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Rapid Preheat uses all of the elements and a rear fan to heat the oven quickly and efficiently. Now you can save time when single-rack baking with 25% faster preheating.
  • Industry's Largest Capacity Range Available
  • Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare treats for a bake sale with Whirlpool brand's 5.8 cu. ft. capacity gas ranges.
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window is the Industry's Largest Window
  • Keep the heat inside your oven while checking on dishes through the industry's largest window.
  • Now you can keep a close eye on cooking progress without opening the door or disturbing oven temperature with the EasyView extra-large oven window.
  • Power Burner
  • Generate the high heat needed for rapid boiling, searing and frying with burners that offer 15,000 or 17,000 BTUs.
  • 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer Burner
  • Delivers precise temperature control that is perfect for melting chocolate or simmering sauces.
  • Split Rack
  • Take advantage of this oven's flexible cooking capacity with the split rack.
  • This rack can be removed to make room for large or tall items like a turkey and reattached to make a full rack.
  • Convection Conversion
  • Use faster convection cooking with all of your favorite recipes.
  • The convection conversion feature automatically adjusts the oven temperature, taking the guesswork out of programming your oven.
  • Griddle
  • This large griddle offers you more cooking area and flexibility than ever before.
  • Now you can cook pancakes, burgers and other favorite foods quickly and easily.
  • The flexible griddle can be placed on multiple cooktop locations for even greater cooking options.
  • Max Capacity Rack
  • Exposed bake elements have an irregular surface with hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to keep clean.
  • Whirlpool brand places the bake element beneath the oven floor, creating a smooth, even surface that is easy to wipe clean.
  • Lower Storage Drawer
  • Provides extra space for your pots and pans.


Oven Features
Total Capacity: 5.8 Cu. Ft.
Convection Bake: Yes
Convection Broil: Yes
Convection Roast: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Drawer Type: Storage Drawer
Oven Controls: Electronic
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Oven Lights: 1
Oven Racks: Max Capacity Rack
Height: 46 7/8"
Depth: 27 3/4"
Width: 29 7/8"
Shipping Weight: 193 lbs.

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Review Title: Love this sleek looking stove! | Review by

This easy to use stove gave my kitchen a really upgraded look. Very stylish with great features, five burners. I love it!

Review Title: Another Whirlpool | Review by

My previous Whirlpool stove was over 30 years old and I couldn't find replacement parts for it anymore. Since it had served me well, I bought another Whirlpool. This stove is a beautiful update to my kitchen. Have only had it for a few weeks, but so far I am very pleased.

Review Title: Stove | Review by

Great oven convection love the warming function makes the whole oven like a warming draw

Review Title: Not stainless... | Review by

We all love new appliances. This stove is black and stainless. When cleaning the black, steaks are left. The stainless does in fact stain. The grates over the burners are hard to clean.

Review Title: very happy | Review by

Love having the 5 burners and the convection oven all in one!

Review Title: I love this gas range!! | Review by

Works perfectly and everything seems to cook faster and more evenly than my last one. This is my first gas stove and range top cooking is so much better. Plus I get so many compliments on this stove and it's unique design. I got the white one and the matching refrigerator from the whirlpool ice line and live the white and stainless together.

Review Title: Perfect range | Review by

I worked in the natural gas industry for many years.The Gas Convection Oven was always considered sub-standard to the Electric version.After reading the manual and Consumer Report article I decided to purchase this unit.I find it equal if not superior to the electric range.Quicker heat -up,maintains temperature,and much better self cleaning.Very satisfied with this product.

Review Title: Amazing Range, Steam Assist is a bit iffy | Review by

I bought this range in October so I could have it for the Holiday's. It really is a workhorse and the features are right on. The range top is easy to clean, especially with the tools provided.

Review Title: This product looks good! | Review by

This range looks and cooks good. However, after using it for a few months, I found that the performance wasn't as good as the look. First, I had to reorder the cooking grates two times, then a service man had to come and fix the uneven grates. Secondly, I had to clean the oven . I tried to clean for the first time only a little spill. After the so called clean it became worse. I do believe a self cleaning oven only has to be wiped after cleaning not scrubbed, I am not satisfied with this range. Do not buy for this feature.

Review Title: Great gas stove! | Review by

Love the stove! Looks and works great. Doesn't show fingerprints on stainless as bad as other brands.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

Still trying to figure everything out, but, so far I am very pleased

Review Title: Beautiful to look at; makes my new kitchen look sharp | Review by

Everything seems to be working OK with the exception of the stove-top grates. The day the stove was installed the plumber, contractor and I all immediately noticed that one of the grates appeared "concave" above the left front burner. Pans that sit firmly on flat surfaces wobbled over two of the burners. The grates were replaced under warranty but this time they didn't line up in the center so that a pan/skillet sitting on the center burner wobbles. I received yet a 3rd set and they're the same way. I believe this is a flaw at the manufacturer of the grates. They need to be recalled and replaced. This stove was expensive and it's disturbing when pans and skillets wobble on the burners.

Review Title: Happy with new Range | Review by

Excellent product and Excellent salesman at Grand Appliance. Noticed that the small burner is far better than my prior range. Made chile and recipe said slow simmer for 2 hours. It did exactly that. Prior stove would slow boil, not simmer. Very happy with my new range.

Review Title: Top features, easy to use | Review by

Love the convection feature, design of the surface grates, and the added top grill plate. Very easy to keep stovetop clean as well.

Review Title: Great product for baking | Review by

All the ovens I ever used in my passed is nothing like this. I love the room in the oven . With this oven I was able to bake 5 pies all at the same time...that I haven never been able to do in my previous stoves. The extra 5 burner on top came in handy making dinner finish a lil faster.

Review Title: great gas stove | Review by

love this store easy to used and features are great

Review Title: Nice looking | Review by

I think for the mid range price it is a great product. I use the convection often with good results. Pizza, cakes etc. seems to cook evenly. The griddle that comes with it, is cheaply made, but very functional. I have not tried to clean it yet, but the directions make it look very easy. We bought the artic white & it does match our other basic white appliances. It has a sleek modern look to it. Overall I am very happy with this oven and would recommend it

Review Title: One of the better stoves | Review by

I love my stove! I use it most every day, for baking and broiling. The features I like most are the 5 top burners and the convection part of the oven. Everything seems to come out evenly cooked. Very easy to set timers and temperature control. Looks good!

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I am very satisfied with my new gas range . The most is the look every one comes in our house the first word where did you bye this range is so beautiful and so easy to clean.

Review Title: Product features are what we were looking for | Review by

We opted with this model for the extra features not offered in other models (removable half rack, griddle, 5th burner, convection). Not to mention the aesthetics of the piece match our new kitchen perfectly. We have been very happy with our new stove!

Review Title: This product has great convenient features that make being a new mom and wife an easier task. | Review by

I am a new mom that works a full time job. The self cleaning feature is great, I can run it over night while we are sleeping which gives me more free time to do other important things. Free time is limited for me. Cooking is even, the light allows me to check progress often. Flat button panel makes for easy cleanup of splatters. Racks can be easily moved around inside to accomodate different sized dishes or projects. I have not used the convection oven function but am excited to, when I have time to read the instructions. Everything else has been very user friendly. I love that you can key in the cooking temp and do not have to use up and down arrows that take forever. I would recommend this range to anyone interested.

Review Title: Very efficient gas range | Review by

Ease of use, handles all cooking chores easily. Oven is large and can cook more than one item if needed. Convection system saves time and energy. Have had the unit two months and hopefully it will be reliable going forward. Overall very satisfied up to this point.

Review Title: Love it so far! | Review by

I've only had this stove for a few months and so far love it! It matches the microwave and looks great! Very happy with both of them!

Review Title: Love gas! | Review by

I bought the "Ice" collection and couldn't be happier. Not too much white with the stainless accents. Beautiful design and performance!

Review Title: Great Features! !! | Review by

I've had this range for about a month and have thoroughly enjoyed all the great features. I have been wanting to switch to a gas range for quite a while and am so glad I finally did. Power burners are great for the wok. Convection oven works great and the AuqaLift cleaning is wonderful, no harmful chemicals for cleaning.

Review Title: Gas stove finally! | Review by

3years with an electric stove and I am so excited to have a gas stove again. Easy to set up and clean this stove is awesome. The extra cook space oven and range top is amazing. The more open range grates requires moving the grates and wiping up more often but over shadowed by the continuous even surface height. The stainless on the front looks great but requires a different cleaning approach than regular appliance surfaces, but nearly a learning curve. Convection was a feature we wanted and happy we got it, cooks quicker and more evenly.

Review Title: This is a great range. | Review by

I enjoy cooking so the features on this range allow me to be more creative. The convection oven is a great advantage. It speeds up the cooking time when we forgot to start the meal on time.It's also nice to give the meal a crisp finish after a slow cooking. The heavy grates on the stove top eavenly distribute the heat and hold it a long time. I also like the storage drawer on the bottom; it's a handy place to keep the pot lids.

Review Title: love the look of the new stove | Review by

Had the stove and the oven stopped igniting within the first month. Evidently this is a known defect by Whirlpool. Unfortunately, it took over 2 weeks to have it fixed under the warranty. The other thing is the control panel is a bit tricky to use - the buttons for the timer are not easily set. Otherwise, the stove and oven are very nice.

Review Title: The Whirlpool Stove is excellence in it's automatic pilot , oven light and it's on and off switch. | Review by

My whirlpool stove is excellent appliance to used in the preparation of food for my family.

Review Title: good range | Review by

I have had this range for a month it has been real good so far.

Review Title: Love the large oven capacity | Review by

The innovative design has brightened up my kitchen. The product is easy to use and I was able to bake 3 side dished at the same time as our Thanksgiving turkey due to the large capacity and half shelf. My brother was so impressed he bought one for their house. My only complaint is that it is hard to clean the burners. Maybe I just need to find the right cleansing agent.

Review Title: Excellent choice for the money | Review by

To begin with this stove looks great. Years ago we used a gas stove but switched to electric mainly because of the lit pilot and small children. I didn't realize how much we missed gas until we purchased this unit. Everything has worked flawlessly. The gas cooks twice as fast as our electric did and all the features you could possibly want are on this unit. I would have happily given this review 5 stars if it were not for the cook top being difficult to keep clean. We have also used the AquaLift self clean feature and to my surprise it worked well.

Review Title: Aqua lift | Review by

Not sure I really like the aqua lift cleaning. The last stove I had was self cleaning- high heat.....literally just wiped it clean....this one you have to use more elbow grease to clean

Review Title: Beautiful Range | Review by

I bought this range a few months ago and cooked my first big dinner for Thanksgiving - the Turkey cooked evenly and was wonderful.. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone looking...

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Oven | Review by

After dealing with a poor oven for years and finally saving money for a new one, we decided on the Whirlpool after much research. The look of the oven is very modern and looks great with our other appliances. The steam clean was a big factor in buying this product. Works Great!! We can't believe how fast the rapid preheat is. This product is A1 and would highly recommend it to anyone. Cooks evenly throughout the entire oven. Five burners on top is awesome and the griddle to go with. My wife uses the griddle for everything!! Two power burners comes in handy when needing to boil two items at once. Buy this item you will not regret

Review Title: Love the design | Review by

The range looks so great in my modest kitchen. It's really easy to keep clean and I love the 5 burners. The oven is huge and works good. The only thing I don't like is that you have to raise the oven temperature by 5 min increments at a time. Would rather just punch in the temp I want when I want. Even though it is preset for 350 degrees, I often cook at a higher temp. Other than that, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Cooking Like a Chef | Review by

My new Whirlpool Convection Gas Range is absolutely perfect. I have wanted a gas range as long as I have been cooking (43 yrs) and my dreams finally came true in April 2014. Cook, convection, aqua mist self clean. Looks so classy in my kitchen and truly cooks like a dream. I consider myself a gourmet home cook and this Range has all the features that are above normal standards. The split oven racks and the large viewing window are some of the features that my friends and family oooooh and awww over.

Review Title: Looks great & functions well | Review by

It's fun to cook again! The power burners are great. The oven does a superior job. Th dishwasher is super quiet.

Review Title: Over all price with the features is fantastic buy. | Review by

The design of the grates covering 100% of the burners makes it a wonderful standing range to cook on. The over all room inside the oven along with the convection oven, this is priced fantastic!

Review Title: Poorly Desgined | Review by

We bought this stove in January 2013. The vent that releases heat from the stove is directly above the back simmer burner. Using the oven and the simmer burner at the same time caused the plastic of the control panel to melt and bubble up. Thankfully the stove is still under manufacturer warranty, so we were able to have to have the control panel replaced with no out of pocket expenses. This time. I was informed that this melting will occur again, due to poor design of product. Now I feel stuck with a stove that will have to have a part replaced every year. And this family loves to cook!

Review Title: Control Pad Super user friendly | Review by

Greatly satisfied with this range, the control pad is extremely easy to follow and set, the outer surface of the unit wipes and cleans easily with minimum effort.

Review Title: great look and performace | Review by

we got this stove 2 months ago and we could not be this happy. But then it's a whirlpool.

Review Title: BRAINS AND BEAUTY | Review by


Review Title: best oven and stove ever!!!! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool Gold range, especially the rapid preheat option. When I put in a chicken to roast I do not need to wait 20 minutes for the oven to pre-heat. It is quite hot shortly after I push start. This cuts down on cooking time and energy. Great job.

Review Title: Oven Doesn"t Cook Anything Through | Review by

Worst gas range ever. I've only had it for a month and it hasn't cooked anything properly. My Christmas 2014 turkey was raw on the bottom (should have taken 2 1/2 hrs) I cooked it for 4 hours and the bottom of the turkey was RAW. Same for a roast I cooked last week. The top was cooked and the bottom was RAW. Lucky that nobody got food poisoning. I won't use this oven again.

Review Title: Perfect Features | Review by

We bought the oven and over the hood microwave last month. We found these to be the perfect mix of features at the right price point. Easy to use and clean, even for younger children in the family. Look very elegant and will fit in very well with our existing kitchen decor. The oven is not overloaded with unnecessary options, but at the same time has all that you want as a family cooking wholesome and delicious meals.

Review Title: Great features love love love this appliance | Review by

So many features it was worth the price we paid. Does everything I imagined and more. I just can't rave enough .. I don't know what I did before I bought my new gas range. I love love love it.

Review Title: Love the 5 burners | Review by

I have had the range for a few months now and so far so good. I like the convection oven for baking cookies, pies and meats. The larger oven is great. I especially like the 5 burners and the griddle. The simmering burners work well for sauces and the large burners are great for faster cooking. The ease of cleaning the top is another great feature. I would recommend this to all my friends and family.

Review Title: The best! | Review by

Wouldn't use any other brand, we have enjoyed its stylish look and it doesn't cost us a lot of money because its energy efficient .

Review Title: Love the oven | Review by

I'm not really liking cleaning the stove-top as when there is a boil-over the burners seem to not clean that easy and they are already starting to look old and worn. Is there something I should be using to clean the stove-top and burners other than soap and water?

Review Title: Need to improve self cleaning oven it does not work | Review by

It easy to clean top but the self cleaning oven does not work very good you all need to Improve on that area.

Review Title: Everything I need and more! | Review by

I bought this over for thanksgiving since our previous oven was broken. This oven is great for cooking and baking. I love the 5 gas tops and easy cleanup. The oven window makes it easy to see how your food is baking while not letting cold air in. The fire from the burners get very hot and can boil water quickly. Overall a great purchase and an easy purchase!

Review Title: Visibility plus in this combo | Review by

Nothing gets lost because it's all at the right height. I love the huge door because you have MORE storage options. It opens fully and all items are revealed.

Review Title: Every time I cook, I"m left with a burt, stuck on mess that is very very difficult to clean! | Review by

Great in the looks department, but everything about the range is lost because of the difficulty in keeping it clean.

Review Title: Not so Great Range | Review by

I bought this range 3 weeks ago and the so called porcelain top is already chipping. The burners get too hot and you can not simmer very well even on the lowest burner. It is a good looking stove and the oven cooks really good. My pots do not sit on the burner grates very well. They move because the grates are not situated so your pots can sit evenly.

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Love my new range. It's everything & more than I expected.

Review Title: Very well made. Thanks Whirlpool. | Review by

Love every feature on this fantastic range. It is very updated and easy to use.. I use it everyday because it cooks so well and bakes evenly.that it's a pleasure to be in the kitchen. I have tried several new recipes and am making a cookbook of my best recipes. Thanks for an awesome product Whirlpool ! I purchased the White Ice Range from the Gold Series line and would totallty recommend this product.


This product is innovative and fun to use. It needs practise to learn all the diiferent features, but the moment I have a good feel of what I am doing, I find it easy to use . It is easy to use and the performance is just great.

Review Title: Easy to use stove | Review by

This recent purchase has proved itself to be a solid choice. The large grates over the burners has made cooking with large pots and pans easer than with the individual burner grates we had on our previous stove top. Having the broiler in the same space as the oven is much nicer then the drawer under the oven we had before. The digital temperature read out on the screen is nice to see how hot the oven is at any time versus the old oven. The more modern features have been a pleasure.

Review Title: Love it so far | Review by

Looks good, quick preheat, 5 flames and a griddle included. happy with the purchase so far

Review Title: The stove and features of this appliance is absolutely stunning. | Review by

The style is so sleek and modern, which is what originally attracted me to it. The hardest decision was to get the black ice or white ice style. Having 5 burners is great when cooking meals, and when not using all burners I use the removable griddle as my prepping area for smaller meals.Having removable full and half racks in the oven allows me to bake multiple trays of desserts. This is my first convection oven, and I found it easy to use and beneficial for baking and cooking pizzas, with less time and even cooking..I have had my stove for 9 months and with the ease of it's cleaning it looks like I just purchased it today.

Review Title: Oven igniter required replacement after 1 month of use | Review by

The 5-burner is easy to use. I do wish the center burner was a small burner. Instead it's a medium/simmer burner. There are two large front burners & two small burners behind the large burners. I wish there was one small burner in front or the medium burner used for simmering in front. I've had 2 large pots during the holidays in front and have to reach around to access the smaller pans. It's a bit aggravating but I can live with the small hassle. But Whirlpool asked for my reviews. The convection works great. The digital readout is a nice blue, The large full-top wrought iron & coated two grill tops are fantastic. The whole top is easy to clean. I haven't tried to clean the oven yet but I will assume it's not as easy as the one-touch I've read about from the instructions or the sales dude. Have fun with your oven. It's great to use. We also purchased the matching "white ice" 2.0 matching microwave. They look great together.

Review Title: Great but has some design flaws that can be fix. | Review by

Everything is great about the stove, however there is a flaw about the design. The oven let's steam out of the vent and melts the plastic screen making the screen bubble up. I called and had it replaced. Now it's good but the repair man said it will continue to happen because it's plastic n not all metal... He suggest I got insurance because this will continue to happen when I baked something in the oven in the near future. We will see what happens next. The oven is still awesome and that is the only flaw of them oven .

Review Title: So far so good with one exception | Review by

We bought this appliance for both the design and reviews. Everything works good except but once in a while the oven does not light. It will attempt to light (smell gas and hear the starter clicking) but will not light. After a few attempts we will shut it off and start the oven again. Sometimes it takes about 5 - 10 minutes of doing this before it fires up. It is still under warranty (less then a year old) so we called service and of course the oven had no trouble lighting up but based on my concerns they are ordering a new starter and installing it in a few days. Of course it happened again but we got it on video this time.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Bought this stove about a month ago. I'm very happy with my purchase. The front burner didn't ingnite but whirlpool service was very helpful and prompt at resolving the issue. The convection feature is great.

Review Title: Fantastic Looks and Performance | Review by

Great burner control, the griddle option is very convenient, and the oven is huge. Easy controls make cooking simple and the huge oven window not only looks great but makes checking on food very convenient. The black takes a little extra work to keep streak free but overall you can't beat the looks. The range cover is sleek and the stainless handles give it a classy look. I don't think you can find a better looking freestanding range with such good performance.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

Bought this range about a month ago and so far so good. It has numerous features I haven't tried yet but what I have used thus far has been great. The only complaint I have is what many other purchasers of this product have said and that is the 2 large power burners should be in the back, not the front.

Review Title: Looks great, so far works fine-they cheaped out on the bottom drawer | Review by

I've had this range for a couple of months and so far it works great. It preheats very fast, less than 10 minutes. I love the way it looks. The power cord is really short, it barely spans the width of the range. My outlet is less than a foot from the range and I had to use a power cord. Also, the bottom drawer is not on rollers, it uses a cheapo track system, so it is impossible to pull out or push in with one hand as it requires slow, even pressure to remain straight on the track. This is a real pain, and almost caused me to return the stove. It is very annoying when a product that is otherwise nicely designed cuts corners on a component that practically ruins the whole thing.

Review Title: Loved my Viking range, love this one MORE | Review by

I purchased this item in the White Ice finish. I can't say enough about how nice it looks and how easy it is to clean! The range works great and fits in perfectly with my modern cottage theme. I can't wait to replace all of my appliances with the Whirlpool White Ice series.

Review Title: Satisfied and annoyed at the same time. | Review by

At first the features on the door, mainly the ice and water selection seemed OK, but after a while it became annoying to constantly switch between the different choices in order to get a simple glass of ice water. Also, the bins inside popped out and after trying several times, I gave up trying to get it to slide in correctly. I guess I am not patient (or mechanically inclined) to dealing with this inconvenience. It is also very difficult fitting tall bottles in the space available. Small annoyances.

Review Title: Fantastic Stove | Review by

I have had this stove for about a month now and i love it!! Easy to use and i love the large oven. The split oven rack is great for making room for everything. It all fits!! No more juggling food around. I love the huge glass oven door. I would definately recommend this stove to anyone!!

Review Title: stove top grill | Review by

It's great to have 5 burners on top of the range. The convection feature is an excellent feature.

Review Title: Not great upon arrival. | Review by

Upon receipt of this range the oven didn't work. It took 2 more trips from a repair person to fix the range. At the same time the gas knobs starting to make a steel grating sound. All of this was finally fixed 2 months after we bought the unit. It should have arrived in excellent condition for what we paid for it. I rated the performance and quality low because of these issues. Now that everything is fixed, I can say I absolutely love the unit, but I really question your oven igniter system. Also the water cleaning system is not all it's cracked up to be.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

I love the look and performance of this stove. I have a "vintage" looking kitchen and still wanted white appliances to use with it, but I wanted a different look. These products fit the bill. I bought the range and the dishwasher and microwave. The stove works great! I love the five burners on the gas range. The only thing I would change is to make burner "bowls" available. They would make clean up so much easier!

Review Title: Great looks and performance | Review by

The overall performance of this product is great but the rapid preheat option is a lifesaver in our busy family life.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Bought this a few weeks ago, couldn't be more pleased I love everything about my new fridge & stove.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

Bought this range in August of this year. Love it so far, good looking, powerful burner, and quick pre-heat. The only improvement I think should be the bottom storage drawer. It is too flimsy and does not fit too well into range body, leaving an unsightly big gap.

Review Title: This product is very easy and convenient to use. | Review by

Easy to clean. Looks very expensive and classy. Burners are way stronger than my old burners. Brings out better and outstanding cooking results.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very nice appliance with great features,very good buy and price.

Review Title: The best I've used, above and beyond my expectations! | Review by

The convection feature is amazing. Even cooking, quick preheating and large capacity. 3 half sheet pans are no problem. Pizzas to cookies, delicate cakes to broiling off meats, we love this oven and stove. The power burners sear anything and boil water in no time. The little burner is great for the little things, or long slow simmers. All around stove. Can't recommend this enough!

Review Title: Not bad | Review by

Really nice oven, I especially love the simmer feature and how easy the top was to clean. I wish these manufacturers would design a way to clean the bottom when grease falls in there because at the moment any grease falls throw those side holes at the bottom it's a real nightmare to take out all those parts to clean there.

Review Title: Perfect for me | Review by

Our first convection oven. Very cool... I mean hot! I love having three oven racks (on adjustable for tall pans). Spacious oven, plenty of space for many dishes at once! Stove top with 5 burners. Very useful. easy to clean, too. This is so much better than what I had before.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought this stove during a remodel & I'm very pleased with it. The grills are a little heavy & the black surface is hard to keep from streaking after cleaning but over all I love it. The oven cleaning process seems very easy to use & no smelly chemicals.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We really like this range. It works well and has many features, many of which we haven't tried yet.

Review Title: Knobs Cracking, Aqua Lift Useless. | Review by

Having owned this range for some time now. We loved the look and finish of it, quality seemed high and weve never not been happy with whirlpool. Problems showed up first when we tried to clean the oven. Not one bit of the spill from the nights cooking came out. Back to the old oven cleaner and scrubbing..... Then the knobs started to crack, first one, two and now they all look to be cracking....

Review Title: good value | Review by

I love to bake with a gas oven. This model heats up fast - but as the food cooks, I hear the flame /heat ignitor click on and off throughout the baking process. The food always comes out ok - it is just strange to hear the oven seemingly turn itself on and off during the cooking process. If I were to purchase again - I would buy the whirlpool oven with two ovens rather than 5 burners on top. Thought I would use the 5 burners, but in hindsight should have only gotten 4 burners and two oven option.

Review Title: Fantastic Oven! | Review by

We wanted an American manufacturer product that had great quality. This oven has been a great upgrade over our former one! Heats quickly, cooks evenly, and the larger burners make bringing water to a boil quick. Has tons of options and the stainless look is awesome! Couldn't be more impressed after a month. We'll check back after a year.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Range | Review by

The stove we purchased was junk. We eventually were able to get Whirlpool to admit the stove was a lemon. We replaced it with a Maytag. Not much of an improvement. We can't understand how a trusted brand can become such a producer of such inferior products.

Review Title: Great features and stylish appearance | Review by

I purchased this range ~3 weeks ago and am very pleased. It has worked wonders for every meal I've cooked. Love the large capacity oven. I only wish the center burner was elongated. Overall, great purchase!!!

Review Title: Really like our new stove | Review by

This is a really nice stove. It is easy to use and has a larger oven with three racks; one rack that is expandable so it allows you to cook larger items without removing the rack. I really liked the face that it had 5 burners. The only thing is it is hard to use the middle burner when there are other things on the stove. The grates are difficult to clean bcause they are so large and heavy. Overall a good product.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

I love my new stove! It is exactly what I wanted. The oven seems larger than my previous one and the varied types of gas burners gives me the control I need in cooking various types of food. You can go high heat to stir fry or a very low simmer for more delicate foods.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

This stove has a lot of great new features that I have not had before. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use them all yet! I love the rapid preheat function and the various burner sizes. Stovetop cooking is a breeze! It comes with a stovetop griddle that I have used over and over. The few things that I have baked have come out perfectly done. I am very happy with this stove.

Review Title: Okay, but could be much better | Review by

We got this range as part of a set that included the dishwasher, microwave and fridge. The stove was the weakest element in the group. It looks great, but has some issues in the performance department. First, the convection setting takes forever to pre heat and to cook. We find we need to increase cooking time by about 50% to use convection, so we just leave it off. Second, the grate and burners have a coarse surface finish that grabs onto grease and debris, which burns and turns them black. They are not easy to keep clean. Third, the biggest burners are positioned in the front of the stove which is a pain as we have to reach over out biggest pots to get to the smaller ones in the back when we cook. Fourth, pre-heating takes at least 10 minutes, and can take 15 even with the "rapid pre-heat" option- our old Whirlpool electric took no more than 6 minutes to get to 450. Finally, the oven can't keep a low temperature, which makes it very difficult to use it to allow bread to rise.

Review Title: Great Stove & Oven! | Review by

I not only love how this looks but it is very efficient and easy to use. I can't stop cooking with it!

Review Title: Super Fast Pre-Heat | Review by

Great range and oven. Our old unit was electric so the switch to gas was eye-opening. Cooking is so much faster and clean up is easier.

Review Title: Love the look. Love the results | Review by

I cook every day and couldn't wait to test this range out. Used the convection feature to bake cookies and brownies. Came out perfect. No hard edges on the brownies, cookies were perfect. Broiled porterhouse steaks. They came out med rare just like we love them. No standing outside in the snow grilling. Roasting a chicken later.Conventional or convection!!! This is fun.

Review Title: Has EVERYTHING | Review by

I purchased this two months ago after my Maytag's oven acted up for the 5th time.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I bought this range a month ago and so far think it is great. I love that that the oven is quite large. This is tenge first time using a gas stove and I don't think I will ever go back to electric. The only thing I don't like is the broiler isn't great. If you wan to brown something it must be in the centre if the oven rack otherwise it won't brown.

Review Title: Love this | Review by

I bought this as part of a kitchen remodel. I wasn't planning on purchasing this level, but at a sale price it fit into my spending plan. I love it. I'm replacing a range that was already here when I bought the house. It was fine, but certainly not as nice as this. Five burners are great, the oven is huge, with three racks. I have not tried the self-cleaning yet, so can't review, that. I did not see this range in person before purchasing, there was not one on display. But I studied the description on line so felt comfortable. It is even nicer looking than I expected. One negative: the electronic controls are a little difficult; you have to really push them, compared to other appliances, like the microwave, which you really have to just press them.

Review Title: love this stove | Review by

the burners,the racks in the oven, the style are all great and its looks greaat,

Review Title: I really LOVE my stove! | Review by

It's beautiful, top of the line, and so easy to use. It heats fast but it also has a rapid pre-heat setting. You know those commercials where the people look adoringly at their appliance? Well that is what I do and I clean it immediately after coking something. It's BEAUTIFUL and it works wonderfully! The c ontrol panel has an Energy Saving setting, along with easy to use Timer, oh and the top grill is great. It even comes with a stove top flat pan for pancakes. Did I say that it is gorgeous? Its expensive for me, BUT you get what you pay for. My family think I am just sooo smart.

Review Title: Good reliable cooking | Review by

Everything is predictable when cooking or hot or cold suprises with the oven or the stovetop. the power burners are great, and heat fast for boiling water, etc. Would be nice if it had a lift out pan or top for under the cooktop. The black finish is tough to clean without risking scratches from cleaners. If I anticipate a mess, I just line it with aluminum foil...Works good so far.

Review Title: Nice oven | Review by

One week in and the oven has been great. The Griddle is my favorite new cooking item. For a lot of things I don't even use pans I just throw it on the griddle. Especially works great for cooking breakfast.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

This stove works awesome - I am glad I went with the Whirlpool. Been using for about 2 months so far and have not had a single problem.

Review Title: Love the large oven | Review by

I cook and bake a lot and I especially like the high BTU burners. They quickly get large pots of water boiling for pasta or canning. The large three-rack oven with the flip up rack allows me to bake several items at once. And the Accubake technology ensures even cooking--something I haven't had with gas ovens of the past.

Review Title: Gas Range for those who have time to wait! | Review by

I was a little disappointed with this product, after buying the matching Fridge and dishwasher. This one is a little sub-par. The first week the Electronic Key pad stopped working, had to be replaced. CS was however great! 2 thumbs up there! The preheating of oven takes an extremely long time to get there. The Rapid Preheat only speeds it up by about 5 mins. Some times the burners fail to light. I liked the overall design and look but very disappointed in the functionality of Range. The cook top surface is very had to clean and have it clean looking. It always looks streaky no matter what method I use. Not sure I would recommend this one to friends.

Review Title: Very nice design | Review by

Totally love it Very good design , easy to maintain

Review Title: Very nice Gas Range | Review by

Just got a couple of weeks ago but loving the heat it produces. The front burners can get a pan hot in seconds. The convection fan you can not even here.

Review Title: So much room. | Review by

We shopped around for a stove to meet our needs. We thought this stove was the best value for the money.

Review Title: Beautiful gas stove | Review by

I love this stove. It is such a pleasure to cook on it. I haven't figured out if the bottom drawer is a warming oven or if I can store pans in it yet...but love the design and the look. I wanted a Wolf Brand stove, but I have a track home kitchen and did not have the space for one. However, this model makes me think I am on a Wolf stove...Love it.

Review Title: Beautiful lot of space | Review by

This is an awesome range, love it. love the convection cooking and 5 burners

Review Title: love the griddle | Review by

Have had for a few months and like almost everything about my stove

Review Title: Like it, but not cleaning it. | Review by

We have the white version with silver handles. The continuous grates, included griddle, and five burners really sold us on this gas range. It is not for those who dislike cleaning ranges. It is not difficult to clean, but it is time consuming. None of the surface can be cleaned without removing a grate. The oven space is adequate. We are still trying I figure out the oven controls. The sequence is different from our previous Whirlpool, so we have to try a few times. The oven light seems to have a mind of its own. Ours blew two in the first two weeks, but the third is still working after two months. The oven seems to take longer than our electric oven to cook the same dishes, but we haven't used the convection option much. We do LIKE the system very much, but we do not yet love it. We are still in the learning curve from electric to gas.

Review Title: Dependability | Review by

The appliance I purchased replaced a 25 year old Whirlpool appliance. It was still functioning! Looking forward to another Whirlpool appliance with a long life.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Replaced axis ting stove in house we purchased. This one is very energy efficient and easy to use.

Review Title: Great value! | Review by

Paid much less than competing brands and feel the quality is as good or better. We love cooking with this range and the convection feature has made some great roasts.

Review Title: 5 stars | Review by

Great product very happy with purchase. Very efficient range

Review Title: Quite an experience | Review by

I'll get right to the point. Five days after purchasing this range I wanted to return it. The oven would take forever to bake or reheat anything, and after about the 4th day would not finish the pre-heating cycle. I called my dealer and requested a service tech. When he arrived he couldn't believe the way it was reacting. At this point he was advising a new circuit board for the range. Just before leaving he took out the storage drawer and discovered 1 of the 2 electronic connectors on the right side of range was only partially connected. After pressing this connector in firmly the range oven has worked like a charm. Love it, especially the convection mode. I would definitely recommend this gas range. Would have given 5 stars, but couldn't because of the aggravation. Make sure these connectors are seated properly before installers leave your home.

Review Title: great oven | Review by

Move into new home the whirlpool oven is the best.

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

I'm not a great cook but I may become one! I love this stove! It is so easy to use and consistent heat. The split rack is great for a roaster on one side and baking dish on the other.

Review Title: Definitely a great Appliance!!! | Review by

We have used several other appliances in my family of 5. We search for a month to find a replacement for our range. Finally after reviewing others (wouldn't mention names), we settled for this awesome range. Very glad we did. Had all the features we needed and more. I can easily fill a page describing how pleased we are with this unit. It is simply an awesome range.

Review Title: great features for this stove | Review by

the oven is the best part of the range. It is very versatile and create great dishes

Review Title: I would recommend this product. | Review by

This stowe is great, easy to use and work quietly. The range is a great addition. With the recommended cleaning solution for the ceramic top and the stainless steel parts of the stowe -the stowe always looks great.

Review Title: Poor back Panel configuration on Whirlpool range #WFG710HOAS | Review by

Bought in Nov. 2014. Middle of Dec.2014 had broiler on and med sized pot on back burner with no contact between pot and panel. Plastic control panel blistered and melted temperature gauge area. In over 45 years of cooking and at least 8-10 stoves bought, this has never happened to me. I believe the curve of the panel extends too close to the back burner, and with heat of broiler added to heat of burner, a plastic panel covering is not durable enough to withstand intensity.

Review Title: So far�.so good | Review by

We have been using this gas range for 5 months and have really liked it. It is easy to use and we have not had any problems.

Review Title: Excellent! | Review by

It's nice that it has 5 burners. The front left & right burners have high BTUs that it can cook food for a short time. The oven is excellent, specially with the convection option on. Most of all, this range looks cool!!!

Review Title: Love the looks and the features on this product! | Review by

Really love the style---with the grates over the burners--easy to clean and remove when needed. Also love the adjustable racks and the way you clean the oven!

Review Title: Very happy so far | Review by

Pros: A large cooking surface with 5 burners, Large oven that cooks evenly, multiple racks, easy to use interface, sophisticated look

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

Five burner range is a great feature and makes entertaining easy.

Review Title: my first gas range and I love it. | Review by

I converted my electric range to a gas range. I've always wanted to have a natural gas range and it is such a great change. Natural gas is the way to go. I also love the large oven on this model....have lots of room for large and small baking pans.

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

Purchased for our new home this summer. Turned out to be a great choice! The gas range is heavenly to cook on and the stove heats evenly and quickly. Highly recommend!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love this stove! It's really easy to figure out. The only thing I wish was the power burners were more like a rapid boil, which I thought it was.

Review Title: Good looking range | Review by

I bought this for its looks. I love the griddle that comes with it and the 5th burner. The only draw back is that it's hard to simmer because it's so hot even on low except on the small burner.

Review Title: Loving it! | Review by

Best oven range I ever had. Cooks and bakes evenly, easy to use. Don't hesitate on getting because it is worth every penny. Just get it! Love the 5 burner and cast iron grill!

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Needed a stove/oven quick as my other one had died and this was a great upgrade. Love the range area and the oven is wonderful. The bottom drawer (underneath) is a bit flimsy and does not pull out easily.

Review Title: Beautiful stove that works great | Review by

We bought this oven to match our other Whirlpool appliances and we love it. The oven is huge and the different variety of burners on top are great.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I purchased this product about one month ago. It has great features that I found easy to use. The cook top is very easy to use with specialized burners. The oven fills all my needs to bake,or broil. I founf it perfect for a city apartment.

Review Title: patricia 99 | Review by

Love everything about this stove. It heats up fast

Review Title: Super Stove | Review by

We exchanged our stove we bought(different make) for this Whirpool Model. Recommended by the Home Depot Sales person. So, far could not be happier! Oven heats up great, burners boil water in an instant and just having the two grates makes clean-up so EZ! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Review Title: Sturdy! | Review by

I have only had the stove for a short time, but I like how sturdy it is and the ease of cleaning. The over is very large and will easily accommodate a large turkey and all the trimmings. It has 5 burners and the stove top is easy to keep clean due to the removable grates. I am very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Gas Stove easy to use and clean | Review by

I have always cooked on an electric stove and this is the first gas stove. The stove ignites very easity and the best part is when you turn down the flame you get an instant result.

Review Title: Works Beautifully | Review by

We love our new range. Heats up to 350 in about 5 minutes. Can't complain with that. Power burner is great for fast boiling. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Review Title: I like the flat surface | Review by

Electronic controls hard to understand -not very intuitive

Review Title: Beautiful range, good performance | Review by

I really love this range. The top grates are nice because you can set large pans on them and they look modern. The range lights with ease and the knobs are very sleek. The oven is nice, I've only used it once, but it baked cookies wonderfully.

Review Title: Love the look and the functionality | Review by

I bought this oven a couple of months ago. I loved the way it looked from the beginning - a bit tired of the stainless steel look and I have a light kitchen so white went well. Oven cleaning is really fast and the house does not get hot. The griddle works very well, I love having five burners, it helps get the cooking done quickly. I can't wait until I buy the matching fridge.

Review Title: Amazing stove | Review by

I bought this stove a month ago and I love it. It has a lot of nice features and it heats up really fast. I would definitely recommend this stove to everyone.

Review Title: So far, so good. | Review by

We bought this stove for the kitchen in our fellowship hall at church. It has seen minimal use so far, but seems like it will be a great purchase. We love the features, and the look is very clean and current.

Review Title: Not what I would have chosen | Review by

This range was chosen by the builder. I would have gone with something else. It has convection capability, but I'd prefer to have that in a microwave rather than the range so that I have extra baking capability when doing a big dinner. I really like the rack that splits which makes it much more capacity. I don't like the cook top because it's not level, but it is easy to clean. The controls are pretty intuitive which is nice. Keep in mind I previously had a Wolf range so this is quite a downgrade for me.

Review Title: CHEF saty WOW! | Review by


Review Title: Whirlpool Gas range | Review by

I brought this three months ago and I love it! The convection stove cooks great. I just wish the bottom storage drawer had more depth to it.

Review Title: Gas range | Review by

I have had my new gas range for only 1 1/2 weeks I love it!

Review Title: Innovative range but significant problems | Review by

We bought this range to match our other Whirlpool appliances. The range has 2 significant problems. First, the gas burners are difficult to control and only one burner can be used to simmer -- all the others are too hot and can't be turned down far enough. Second, the "Aqua-Lift" method of oven cleaning is mostly useless. Otherwise the range does a good job of cooking and baking -- and it looks great.

Review Title: do not buy | Review by

range is less then 6 months old, had to replace burner caps twice because the finish wears off. takes forever to heat oven and self cleaning oven doies not work

Review Title: Whirpool Range | Review by

We've had the range installed for 2 months now and so far so good. With anything new we have to make adjustments to get used to the operating features, but we continue to learn the features.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

When I received my first stove I was disappointed in that the metal was bent and seemed not to be the quality I was used to. I do love this oven! I purchased Whirlpool because it is an American made product and the fact that the oven size is huge! I also purchased the refrigerator and the microwave of the Whirlpool Gold line. When I first used my oven to make cookies I tried the convection oven and it was such a huge difference to cookies I typically make. They were evenly cooked and perfectly done. I did use the oven cleaning method and thought at first that it didn't work well but almost everything that was spilled over came off. It didn't destroy my home with smell and heat, but was easy and incredibly efficient. Overall I love this product. I wish the top of the drawer was closer to the bottom of the oven door but all new stoves have that look. I got this in white ice and it's beautiful and contemporary looking along with my new fridge and microwave.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

I love the five burners, and convection oven. Much easier to cook. The design of the range is modern with sleek lines.

Review Title: Powerful | Review by

The power burners are incredibly powerful! Actually, almost too powerful for some things - like if you make rice, and need to set to a simmer, be careful. The grates are a little bit too far spaced apart as depending what pots and pans you put on the cooktop, they may easily tip if they aren't centered over the grates. However, those are minor things and I overally really love our stove/range!

Review Title: Great design and features | Review by

The design is beautiful and I love that it has the convection and rapid-reheat features. These are very helpful for someone who likes to bake!

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

This gas range has a very spacious oven. I love the coventional cooking option. This gas stove looks so good in our kitchen we are thinking about getting a new fridge and microwave just because. I love how easy it is to clean. I would recommend this product to everyone. we are so happy with our new Whirlpool gas range.

Review Title: Love the rapid preheat! | Review by

This product works very well so far. Ovens, in general, tend to take forever to preheat these days, so the rapid preheat option is wonderful!! It cuts down on the preheat time significantly, which helps me out considering I have 3 little ones tugging on my leg at every moment of the day. The convection is also great for baking (and again cuts down on the time I have to spend in the kitchen). My only real complaint is that the bottom drawer gets extremely hot when the oven is turned on. I keep cookie sheets in there and if I didn't get one out prior to preheating, I definitely need to use a pot holder to remove it. The top is easily cleaned, and have yet to use the cleaning feature for the oven.

Review Title: This is an excellent product! I love mine! | Review by

So easy to use and looks great too! A very high quality product that I expect to use for years!

Review Title: aqua clean | Review by

aqua clean does not clean like the old fashion self cleaning ovens

Review Title: Whirlpool Stainless Steel Stove | Review by

I purchased this stove back in August, 2014. I love everything about the stove. The features are great. The only thing I am not trilled about is the black top of stove. It shows EVERYTHING (spills, dust, particles, etc.) and not very easy to clean. When you clean it, it leaves a film where you need to go over with a cloth for it to shine and not show streaks.

Review Title: So far, so good | Review by

Works great after a month or so of use. The included griddle is a nice feature, as are the high-powered burners. Haven't used the oven too much yet.

Review Title: Saved for future holidays. | Review by

My old oven died on Easter Sunday. Luckily a electric roaster handled the ham. Anyway, I recently bought this new range and it is awesome. Cook top is great with the 5th burner and grill pan that can be used on either side. Oven is generously sized with a third rack that splits and a warming tray. These will be awesome features during future family meals and the holidays.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

I purchased the range month ago. Product works without any problems. The oven bakes very good and I will recommend Whirlpool product to everybody. This is not my first product from Whirlpool and I'm very pleased with all of them.

Review Title: sleek design,grates are awesome | Review by

I purchased 2 months ago and I am very pleased with my purchase. I love the look and the ease of cleaning the grates and surface of the stove top. The stove has a lot of features and great overall look for the price.I also love the large window in the oven door and the cooking options.The convection roast for meat turns out an awesome moist roast.I wanted the look of a slide in but found them to be very pricey and also have very small oven capacity.This oven is very large and stove is very sleek looking. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: This product is easy to use and clean. | Review by

My new range has many nice features; grills that cover the entire cooking service, a full glass front that allows for easy clean up. It cooks and bakes perfectly.

Review Title: Product has great features | Review by

I like my new stove. I wish that control panel had back light. it is hard. to see. sound level could be louder also Performs well. I love the rapid heating feature

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

Wanted to update my appliances w stainless steel so I picked Whirlpool Because they r made in USA!! The grill that came w it is great to use. I love the keep warm feature, 5 burners, the fast boil burner, the convection oven is awesomemm

Review Title: Great product. I would buy again, but will not need too. | Review by

Very user friendly. Love the range and the wife is very happy.

Review Title: Fantastic design and efficiency... | Review by

I can't wait to cook Thanksgiving dinner, this will make my life so much easier. The griddle makes perfect pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches, I never had that with my electric stove.

Review Title: Killer Griller | Review by

Adding the black ice gas range to our kitchen made the most difference in our meals. We started experimenting with the removable griddle became instantly hooked. Following the directions to keep the small burner on medium and power burner on low equalized the temperature perfectly for grilled cheese sandwiches and french toast. Last weekend I tested out bacon and eggs. The bacon cooked well with minimal splattering but the reservoir needed to be spooned out before the fat dripped onto the range. A turkey baster is my next investment to suck out the fat as only a small spoon can be used in the oil reservoir. We were poaching eggs at the time but cracked a couple onto the griddle while the bacon was getting removed. They came out perfect, over easy and the kids chose them over the poached eggs. The griddle stores easily in the range bottom drawer but I think it's more permanent home is going to be where it is used. I like the clock and the cooking timer, I've used it for timing steaks on the bbq outside while making salad. Can't wait to cook our first turkey.

Review Title: Self Clean does not work. Period. | Review by

If you think heating water to 200 degrees will clean your oven, you would be wrong. That's all the self clean feature does, and it doesn't work. I took the advice in the user guide and use a Magic Eraser to clean the oven. The only thing that works but not exactly self-cleaning. Also, the burners do NOT adjust smoothly or evenly.

Review Title: Excellent Stand alone range | Review by

The Whirlpool Gold series is the way to go if you can afford the extra cost. Features and workmanship are better and it just is a better product.

Review Title: Love this stove! | Review by

Stove has great features including third oven rack, continuous grill top and griddle. Love to cook and this unit totally fulfills all my needs.

Review Title: Beautiful in appearance, good quality | Review by

I love my new stove.Only thing that was a little hard was to get the oven timer to work.

Review Title: love my gas range | Review by

glad I bought my new gas range and look forward to visitin your store in the future. The layaway plan wa so very helpful. Thank you

Review Title: Plenty of space | Review by

Whirlpools refrigerator has plenty of room for all our needs. Love the two levels in the freezer. Is very quiet and attractive.

Review Title: well made, enchanting product. | Review by

I was looking for something that would be easy to operate and clean. This product was my choice. Once in home, it gave my kitchen a very 'elite' look. Stove top is easy to keep clean, and I really love the cast iron chipping, easy to clean. I go over the grates lightly with olive oil, and warm in the oven...and it stays like new. The burner elements on the stove are spaced perfectly. I do wish that the product came with a booklet rather than a CD. The CD wouldn't load on my computer. Would I buy another Whirlpool product?? You becha I would!

Review Title: Great overall product | Review by

I have not had any difficulty with this range. Easy to use, very aesthetically pleasing.

Review Title: Great product with special features | Review by

I haven't had a gas stove since I left my mother's house some 40+ years ago and have been surprised by the speed at which food comes to a boil. The simmer feature allows me to make pulled pork on the stove top. The removable half-shelf in the oven was especially helpful when I put a pork roast (tall), scalloped potatoes, baked apples, and a corn/oyster casserole in for a dinner party . . . didn't have to do any of the items in the microwave or in shifts. An important selling feature for my choosing this product was its Aqua Clean technology (low temperatures, steam clean, and avoidance of the typical self-clean smell) . . . haven't used it yet but hope it works as promised.

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