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Whirlpool WFG540H0AE 30" Black Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WFG540H0AE Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WFG540H0AE CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WFG540H0AE Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFG540H0AE Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFG540H0AE Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Black Gas Sealed Burner Range - Convection
Regular Price: $1,049.00
19% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $884.71
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 2.1 Cu. Ft. Black Ice Over-the-Range Microwave
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Whirlpool 26.1 Cu. Ft. Black French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 24" Black Ice Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool 30" Black Electric Coil Cooktop
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 30" Black Ice Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
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Whirlpool Duet 4.5 Cu. Ft. Black Diamond Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - Energy Star
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Whirlpool 1.7 Cu. Ft. Black Over-the-Range Microwave
Regular Price: $229.00
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Whirlpool Ice Collection 28.1 Cu. Ft. Black Ice French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,099.00
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Whirlpool Gold 24" Black Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $549.00
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Regular Price: $444.10
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Whirlpool Gold 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $1,349.00
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Regular Price: $1,164.60
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  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • Achieve uniform baking results every time with the AccuBake temperature management system.
  • A built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and controls the cooking elements to deliver consistent, delicious results every time.
  • TimeSavor Convection Cooking System
  • Uses a fan in the back of the oven to distribute hot air more efficiently over, under and around food to seal in flavor and juices.
  • Industry's Largest Capacity Range Available
  • Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare treats for a bake sale with Whirlpool brand's 5.8 cu. ft. capacity gas ranges.
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window is the Industry's Largest Window
  • Keep the heat inside your oven while checking on dishes through the industry's largest window.
  • Now you can keep a close eye on cooking progress without opening the door or disturbing oven temperature with the EasyView extra-large oven window.
  • Power Burner
  • Generate the high heat needed for rapid boiling, searing and frying with burners that offer 15,000 or 17,000 BTUs.
  • 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer Burner
  • Delivers precise temperature control that is perfect for melting chocolate or simmering sauces.
  • Max Capacity Rack
  • The adjustable Max Capacity rack not only makes room for large items, but also secures items that might slide around.
  • This specialized recessed rack sits low in the oven to also crisp the bottom of pie crusts, pizzas and more.


Oven Features
Total Capacity: 5.8 Cu. Ft.
Convection Bake: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Drawer Type: Storage Drawer
Oven Controls: Electronic
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Oven Lights: 1
Oven Racks: Max Capacity Rack
Height: 46 7/8"
Depth: 27 3/4"
Width: 29 7/8"
Shipping Weight: 187 lbs.

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Review Title: This is the best range I've ever used! | Review by

My new whirlpool range is beautiful, easy to use, sleek, modern and practical. The flat stove top grate makes it simple to move dishes from the oven to the rangetop and not need to have a trivet on the counter. This saves me space as well. I love the easy-to-use timer and temperature buttons. My food cooks evenly, especially when I use the convection feature. Cleaning is a breeze and it is just the best purchase I've made in a long time--along with the matching refrigerator and dishwasher!!! I recommend this product highly. My only regret is waiting so long to make the purchase.

Review Title: LOVE MY STOVE AND THE FEATURES | Review by


Review Title: Love, Love, Love It | Review by

We recently purchased this new range. The size of the oven absolutely sold me! Yesterday, I was able to put two roasters, side by side in the oven with room to spare. I love the convection option, my Christmas cookies baked in half the time! The stove top burners are accurate and well placed. Having the 5th burner is just an added treat! I would purchase this range again in a second.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

We bought this stove about a month ago and it has been great so far. The oven temperature is a little off but we are also at 7,000 feet altitude, so I find it I bake at 15-25 degrees higher than I normally do, it works out perfect. The oven heats up quickly and I live the rapid boil burners

Review Title: Whirpool Gas range 5.8 | Review by

I love the new stove top burners , they heat the pots and pan evenly .The food is cooked faster an evenly. It also saves on my gas bill. The self-cleaning oven is great , on thanksgiving I cooked a 30 pound turkey . I double panned the bird because it was so heavy.The pan buckled a little an the juice spiled in the oven.It cleaned up so easyly the next day. It was great not to use thoses chemicals on the oven. This oven is fantastic,an its made in America. Thank You Joe N

Review Title: Great design | Review by

I love my new whirlpool stove and oven. When I saw the flat grates on the stove top I immediately loved it. It helps keep pots and pans from tipping. Love the large window in the oven. Has all the features I wanted, from the confection oven to self cleaning.

Review Title: WOW just WOW | Review by

I bake alot and this convection if amazing, I dont know how I got along with the old non whirlpool range i had before

Review Title: Average | Review by

It a nice appliance, only wish it had smaller burner for simmering, can't walk away from it when using everything seems to boil even on low settings

Review Title: Features | Review by

I purchased this stove a month ago, and overall I am very pleased with the design and performance. The 5th burner on top comes in handy. The cast grill protects the entire top surface of the range no more paint chips to deal with. The large stove glass makes it easier to view whats cooking. The burners light very easily and consistently. The only thing I would like to see adjusted is that we find the burners are very hot compared to our old stove. We have burned some things recently. I order to not burn the food we are turning the hear way down, usually cooking on low.

Review Title: Easy to use, easy to clean. Looks great! | Review by

Huge capacity oven, five great burners...this range has it all. It is fun to use and has lots of options.

Review Title: so far it has performed good | Review by

the only item i would coment on is the top of the stove is black and has a high gloss finish which is very hard to keep clean, when cleaning it shows all the streaks which are hard to remove

Review Title: stylish range | Review by

It is a very stylish range. I love the large oven window. My only major con is the aqua-lift feature. I, after owning both types of ovens, would prefer the self-cleaning using heat rather than aqua-lift. I've used back-to-back aqua-lift cycles without much luck; works just fine cleaning the bottom surface but not helpful when trying to clean the oven walls. I've owned this product for three months and love it otherwise.

Review Title: Large oven | Review by

The large oven is a delight! The storage drawer underneath is a great hideaway for cookie sheets. However, the top of the range frequently has me close to tears. The grill over the burners cover the entire top area. If something drop, it burns until the grill which gets very hot is cool. I also hate the range of the large front burners. The lowest flame is more like medium. It is near impossible to simmer or cook on low in a skillet on the larger burners.

Review Title: Great for Coohing | Review by

First time with a gas range and the coohing feature out do electric. Can cook steats and other foods quicker and with more consistency.

Review Title: Best Ever | Review by

Should have had this range 40 years ago. Super fantastic.

Review Title: love the way it looks | Review by

I read other reviews and some people commented the top and the grates are hard to clean. I have cleaned for a living in the past and thought how hard can it be to clean a stove top? Well it is. One spill on the grates and the gas covers and it's a real struggle to keep this beautiful stove looking that way. It is taking me some time to get used to the top which is covered by the grates. I used to set candles and or spoon rests on the top which isn't a good idea for this style. No complaints about how it cooks. I'm a little overwhelmed by the features as I was replacing very basic oven.

Review Title: A well designed range! | Review by

This range is a perfect balance of features for the right price. From burner power choices, roomy convection oven that self-cleans to ease of cleaning the top. Controls are in the front AWAY from most splattering. The convection feature speeds cooking at potentially lower temperatures. The oven rack placement possibilities cover every possible need. The storage drawer is adequate, albeit a little shallow for my best preference, but the super oven size explains this. Controls are all very intuitive and well thought out. Finally, it is a very attractive addition to the kitchen. I highly recommend this range.

Review Title: Looks great, works great! | Review by

Ive had this oven for almost 6 months and its been great! My favorite feature is the convection oven. I havnt used all the burners at one time yet, the center 5th burner is my go to for 1 pan cooking.

Review Title: Stove is great | Review by

I love this stove. It is very easy to use even though it has great features. I love how easy it is to clean.

Review Title: Aqua cleaning oven | Review by

This is the most wonderful feature. 1 3/4 cups of water and wait, no smell no heating the entire house. it just steams. I had angel food cake spill and it came up without any issue. You need this appliance.

Review Title: Great item | Review by

I've bought it several months ago and the oven and cooktop are fabulous

Review Title: This product adds looks my kitchen and easy to use | Review by

I love my new stove the two large burners are used most of the time. I save time because the two large burners cook fast. I like the burner in the center I use it when I am frying something so the oil splashes won't make my counter top dirty. If I spill something like eggs it comes right off it does not stick to the stove surface. I like the timer feature because I can put food in huge oven and set the timer and the oven goes off when the time is up.

Review Title: The ideas are good, but the design is not | Review by

The full grates are a good idea, but the sections are too far apart, it is difficult to get pans to sit level, they are also very heavy & difficult to handle. I have only tried the aqua oven cleaning method once, not impressed. I will try it again.

Review Title: Excellent oven section | Review by

Overall an very good design the only thing we don't like is that the burner grates are very rough and almost everything we've have used to wipe them off ( dish rag, sponge, etc) pieces of that item get torn off and cling to the grates. The aqua clean for the oven works great

Review Title: I love cooking on my new stove. Th oven cooks evenly and I love the five burners. | Review by

I really enjoy my new stove. I love that the top is black. My old stove had a white top and it was impossible to keep clean. I love the five burners and how efficient they cook. I love the oven, my cookies and brownies are much better now. I sent a batch of brownies to my grandson at college and he said they were better than the last batch from my old oven. He wants more.

Review Title: Nice range | Review by

This was my first gas range, but I loved it and would definitely buy this range again.

Review Title: Love my new gas range | Review by

This gas range looks fabulous in my kitchen and I love the five burners and the self clean technology!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I love the functions on the range. The oven controls the amount of heat.

Review Title: this product exceeded my expectation, I was very impressed | Review by

I love the stove it exceeded my expectations. I love the look very modern, I was surprised at how simple it is to use. It cooks food evenly and quickly. The big glass door allows you to view your food as it bakes. Its easy to clean, Its a terrific stove and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Review Title: My wife loves the features on this stove | Review by

I purchased this stove for my wife she really enjoys cooking on this stove! Especially the extra burner in the middle,

Review Title: Looks nice but the oven seems to cook very slow | Review by

The oven seems to cook very slow. It seems to take a long time to heat up.

Review Title: Love This Range | Review by

Love this stove from the start! The large squared of top grilles give me more room and a secure feeling when cooking. The convection feature cuts down on my waiting time for baking and gives more even heat. Now, no more waiting for the electric elements to heat up. Just instant on flame. Great!

Review Title: Looks great and cooks evern better! | Review by

We bought this unit over a month ago and we love it. Several people have commented how wonderful it looks.

Review Title: whirlpool stove | Review by

I bought the new stove a month ago. It is one of the best stoves I've owned. It is easy to clean and bakes every thing to perfection.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

I bought this oven in October of 2014. I have had the service people come out twice to look at it.The gas burners are great but when it comes to the oven, forget it.It takes twice the time to bake or roast anything in this oven. The convection fan goes on but there is no difference between regular cooking time or the convection time.I thought it was the thermostat but was told by the two different company service technicians, that there was nothing wrong with it.I am so disgusted with it. In this day and age food should take less time to cook.I would definitely not recommend this range.I am calling and telling Whirlpool to come and get it.

Review Title: I cook even more now! | Review by

I love to cook, now I love to cook even more! I work in commercial kitchen and know convection ovens are wonderful, but for home use, this is fantastic! I have made more cakes since I have purchased this oven than I have in the last year. The heating is flawless, and there is so much room! I know it is the same size as my last oven, but it seems so much larger. The top to clean is a breeze also. Just pick up one grate, wipe and done! The middle burner is perfect for my larger pots. I couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Range | Review by

This range amazes me each and every day. I absolutely love everything about it, in the store upon viewing it, it looked very small - but once it was delivered and set up, it's way bigger! The cooking speeds blow me away, I can boil water within two minutes, I love the dings when the oven is ready and fully preheated, it's loud and ding is sort of adorable, weird I know? Also, the preheating of the oven, once you set the temperature you desire, it actually shows the temperature rising on the screen, it preheats very fast and even self cleans, what else can you possibly ask for?! It is also energy star rated and has saved me a TON on my gas bill from my old rickety stove top. The clock settings are easy and the turn off and cool down of the oven and the top grates are so quick, I could not believe my eyes, within 5-10 minutes, it's completely cooled, that's marvelous for an oven. Last but not least, the overall look of the oven is beautiful, it's stainless on the outside, but no fingerprints show (thank goodness), which to me is a win in and of itself. It also has black grates / burners, which I think looks sophisticated and the knobs on the front to turn on the burners are just too cute, they are this white incandescent looking knob, which really packs a punch on the design side of things. Overall, I wouldn't say there is a thing wrong with it, absolutely love it and all of it's features that I've found so far, technology today is almost beyond me, even with a stove, crazy! I'd definitely recommend this stove to anyone. I mean think about it, why would I pay a lot of money, but this in my own house and even take the time out to review the product if it wasn't worth it! Great deal!

Review Title: This free standing stove is one of the best stoves I have ever used. | Review by

The stove works and operates excellently. The style and design is outstanding. The convection oven works very well and all baked goods and roasted items come out perfectly cooked. The top design of the top gas jets is outstanding. The entire cook surface is covered by two large grills that make moving pots around a non chore. The burners work very efficiently. As a matter of fact I had to turn the main burners down to low since they work so well when cooking recipes I am use to cooking on medium range.

Review Title: Nice to cook with | Review by

I like the product very well ,I would get another whirlpool.

Review Title: Love my new range! | Review by

We recently purchased an older house, that had a "remodeled" kitchen, circa the late 80's, haha, and the appliances were still at least that old. The range might have been even older. When it stopped working properly, I naturally went online to find a replacement that would match our eventual entire kitchen remodel. I kept coming back to this one because I wanted the gas cook top and convention option for baking. I read every review over and over, and watched all my local appliance stores until the right price appeared at Sears. I ordered it sight unseen except for the internet, which was scary. They delivered it promptly and I went to work cooking and baking. Love the way it operates. I'm still getting used to the power in the front power burners - the first batch of bacon was burned to a crisp! The convention oven does exactly as I expected and my cakes and meatloaves etc are perfect. Haven't used the aqua clean yet. yes, the black stove top takes a little effort to get shiny and pretty when cleaning but I'm willing to live with that!

Review Title: My wife is very happy and pleases with our purchase | Review by

Bought this about three weeks ago and have used it for all sorts of cooking and baking since, we and love this stove and all it offers.

Review Title: Very well made | Review by

Excellent product. Love the flat grates and the regular sized fifth burner

Review Title: large oven capacity | Review by

Like the large oven capacity. Wish there were more instructions for the convection baking.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Range | Review by

Not at all pleased with this oven. The grates on top catch the lint from the cleaning rags and it never look clean. The oven doesn't light half of the time and we are having to call and report it tomorrow. Very frustrating and annoying to buy all new appliances and then not be pleased with them.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Good product, easy to use looks good, will be a good fit in our house

Review Title: miscellanious problems. | Review by

The cast iron grates are warped and pans do not sit level. The oven is almost useless to me. I push bake, I set the oven temp and push start. if me recipe say to bake for 30 minutes, at the end of 30 minutes it's not anywhere near done. I have to turn the oven up to a higher heat and guess at how long to finish baking. If I am baking a casserole, at the end of the time there is no bubbling and cheese on top is not melted. So that's a guessing game too. The use of the oven timer is confusing to me and I have to use my old portable timer. I have a lot of baking to do in February for a large bake sale and am very concerned about the reliability of this oven. We have tried to clean the oven twice according to your book and it did not clean at all!, What could we be doing wrong?

Review Title: WORKS GREAT | Review by

Bought as a replacement works great better than last product

Review Title: Outstanding gas range! | Review by

We bought this range about 2 weeks ago and it has been an excellent purchase. What an upgrade from an electric range! The large, flat 5-burner surface is well laid out and we love the convection oven. We have not had a chance to use the AquaLift cleaning system yet. Overall, a great range at a great price!

Review Title: Great look and functionality | Review by

This is very easy to use oven. With convect on, the fan runs quietly and evenly bakes. All the knobs are sturdy and fashion looking. Overall very happy with the product and functionality.

Review Title: fabulous features | Review by

I really love this range! I need to have a gas stove due to the fact that I lose power a lot where I live but always hated the single grates. All of the electric ranges have a very nice smooth top. With this gas range, the all over grates give me exactly what I wanted and it makes me feel as if I'm cooking on my grill. They make moving the pots around so convenient and the appearance of them is beautiful. The selection of burners for specific pro boiling and simmering are phenomenal. The only con I have is that I wish the burners were staggered a little more so that the high intensity burners weren't both located in the front. I'd prefer to have one high burner and one simmer burner up front. I've also tried the AquaLift cleaning and it works like a charm. There was absolutely no foul smell, it was so easy to use and it really did a fabulous job.

Review Title: large oven! | Review by

Love my new gas range. It is so easy to move pots on the continuous grates. Love the large oven. Can easily cook on both racks at the same time.

Review Title: easy clean | Review by

i like it because the products have quality and new styles

Review Title: Impressive Range | Review by

We re-did our entire kitchen and we went with all whirlpool appliances. I like the way the stove looks and cooks. It is taking a while to get used to the timer feature when we're baking; I still cancel it thinking I am turning off the timer while I am turning off the oven. When cooking in the over, I notice that the knobs for the burners get rather warm from the oven heat, which I do not like. The clean up of the stove top is easy and the oven cooks true to time. I have not cooked with the convection yet; I hope to do so soon. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Review Title: Excellent unit | Review by

Wife love's it. Her only complaint is a worry about rubbing off the black coating on the grills. Nothing so far (1 year ago we purchased it).

Review Title: Great oven for the price and made in the USA! | Review by

We bought a combo of oven, dishwasher and microwave. The microwave did not fit and had to go to another brand. The height of the old one was 16 1/2 inches and the backsplash is granite.

Review Title: great | Review by

I love it, other than I dont think the self cleaning works

Review Title: Fantastic piece | Review by

From my research this turned out to be the best out there. Quite happy with this unit. Have been using it for the last few weeks. One concern was that the broil was not working and then we got the piece replaced. I would definitely recommend this one over others in this price range.

Review Title: Great range with good features. | Review by

Stove top burners output ample amount of heat. Five burners a great feature. Many options are on control panel with simple up/down buttons. Will need to get use to setting oven temperature through control panel.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

The burners on the front of the stove are fantastic - they boil water in no time at all. And then there are simmering burners in the back that come in very useful as well. It is counterintuitive to me where the knobs are in the front. I would switch where the controls for the front and back burners are. The oven works great as well. I have not tried the cleaning feature yet.

Review Title: Nice range with a fatal flaw. | Review by

I've had this for 6 months and should have done more research before buying it. It performs really well, especially convection baking. The burners work great but the grates and burner cover disks stain easily. My biggest complaint is the Aqua Lift system. It doesn't work. The idea is to pour water in the bottom of the oven and then run the cleaning cycle and its supposed to sort of steam clean the interior. I tried it after cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Some grime came off the bottom pan but the rest of the oven stayed dirty. I ran the cycle 2 more times and wore out the cleaning pad that came with the oven and it still looks awful. The manual says using any cleaner will damage the special coating in the oven. I did a Google search for Aqua Lift and came across an Consumer Reports article where they tested one of these ranges and had the same result I had and I found a lot of other consumer reviews with the same complaint. Some said they called customer service and were sent a special cleaner. I'll have to try that.

Review Title: Great features, attractive | Review by

I've had this stove about 3 weeks and i'm very happy that i bought it. I'm impressed with it thus far.

Review Title: Product looks and works great | Review by

We have been very happy with our new stove and would recommend it to anyone looking for a gas stove..... The only downside of our purchase is that when we received the stove one of the grates was warped and we purchased this on Nov 3 2013 and it is now Jan 6 2014 and we still do not have a replacement grate and I call H H Gregg every month to see if it has come in...this has been an annoying situation that has taken some of the pleasure away from our new stove.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

Great range. The only downside is that it's a little cumbersome to clean the stove top because you have remove the entire grate to clean. Also, when I use a cotton cloth or sponge to clean the grate, I always end up with cotton debris on the grate that I can't clean off. Also, there isn't really enough room to use the third "eye".

Review Title: We Love our new Whirlpoolcity Gas Range! | Review by

We love our new gas range by Whirlpool! First of all it looks classy, the 5 burners are awesome to have when you have a lot of cooking you are doing and the gas burners heat up fast and cook evenly. The oven heats up pretty fast and cooks to temperature which is something I have never do not have to check the food before the cooking time because your oven is cooking too hot. BIG PLUS! I have not used the self cleaning option yet but look forward to the AquaLift! I highly recommend this Gas Range

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

This product has great features, I love the large front window.

Review Title: It seems to be a very good product. | Review by

The only thing I had a problem with was the "Sabbath Mode." That was very confusing and I had to do some research on Google to find out just what it meant. 'Not sure if the average person knows what this means or even uses it. This was very strange to me. How come your company deams it necessary?

Review Title: Great product. | Review by

It serves all my needs but I'm very happy about the precise and correct oven temperature.

Review Title: Like the top. Oven doesn't brown evenly and the oven cleaner doesn't clean. | Review by

I like the 5 burner top and the ability to slide pans smoothly from burner to burner. It has a nice control panel. Has a nice large oven with nice large window in the door. The oven doesn't brown evenly. I'm just learning to use the convection feature. The oven cleaner does nothing that I can tell. I've only had it a month so maybe I need to have someone to look at it.

Review Title: Product needs louder timer. | Review by

Disappointed in range. Front of range looks like finish was never completed. Brown color in front. Sounds are too quiet. Cannot hear when timer goes off. Wish there was a clock feature when using oven. Grates are too heavy for a small woman. Have not tried to clean inside yet so cannot comment on that.

Review Title: Great product overall | Review by

One issue has been that the front left burner is sometimes slow to ignite. This does not happen all the time, but when it does it seems to be persistent. Also, would have been nice to have some best practices for cleaning the cook top. Our fault was not cleaning up the spills immediately now I am in the position of trying to get the burnt on food matter off of the top without scratching the surface. The guide mostly just says don't use harsh cleaning products, but I can't find anything about what would work best for cleaning off burnt on material. It would be nice if there was an indicator light for the stove being on. I am never quite sure if it is on or off when I hit the cancel button. Possibly a brief text read out in the temperature/time display that says "stove off". Love the middle burner works great for keeping refried beans warm without burning them. I won't ever buy another range without this feature.

Review Title: best appliance purchase i have made | Review by

best appliance purchase i have made and priced perfectly it performs 10000 times better than the appliance i replaced did when it was new

Review Title: Well-rounded | Review by

Overall very well performing stove/oven combo. Has been a great experience going from electric to gas to improve time efficiency with cooking.

Review Title: Like it a lot | Review by

I bought this range a couple of months ago to replace a "higher end" range that died within six years. I like this range better even with a few less features. I like the big oven window and light, as well as the steam-based self-clean. oven. The combination of burners is good and the oven does a nice job. I really like the sturdy, dark wrought iron burner grates (my other stove had gray and they looked messy right away.) I wish the storage drawer was a little sturdier (they had to replace mine as one of the clips on the drawer bent). I prefer a slide in but have had too much trouble with the front electronics getting too hot and failing. My brother bought the same model based on my recommendation.

Review Title: Just Ok Range | Review by

I've usually purchased higher end ranges. This is my first Whirlpool range and it is OK meaning I'm not totally impressed. The oven door leaks a lot of heat making the burner knobs very hot. The cast iron grate is solid but pans rock because the grate is not flat. Have yet to try the self clean function for the oven.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I bought it this month and happy that I did it ..i would recommend it

Review Title: Hard to Clean! | Review by

I am extremely disappointed with this oven. The Aqualift cleaning technology is a joke! Unfortunately you can't use oven cleaners or I would. The cook top looks great, but is also very difficult to clean! I wipe up after each use, but if anything gets on the cook top it takes a lot of scrubbing to get it off. I even use the recommended Affresh product. This is my 2nd oven, as the first oven's convection fan did not go on at all. With the new oven the fan works, but their is no noticeable difference in cooking times between standard oven and convection oven. In fact, everything in this oven takes longer to bake or roast than the cooking times given in recipes. If you set the timer, at the end of the timer time the entire oven shuts off so if your item is not done, you have to turn the whole oven temperature back on. When setting the time there is no separate button for hours and minutes. You have to go through all the minutes for each hour until you get to the time of day you need (This applies to when it first needs to be set, daylight savings time changes or power outages) Additionally, it doesn't move rapidly if you hold the button in. You have to push it individually for each change of minutes. Whomever designed this product and tested it, must not be a COOK. This is the worst appliance I have ever owned and the most expensive. Do not be fooled by the great looks!

Review Title: Great Range, love it | Review by

The unit looks great, good quality, works perfectly.

Review Title: Love the convection feature | Review by

Easy to clean, love the over sized window to see what is cooking

Review Title: Good looking, great working range | Review by

I bought the black range with the stainless trim-very sharp looking. I bought this without seeing it in person, just reviewing it on the Whirlpool website and then ordered it through our local appliance dealer. I wasn't sure how I would like the grates, but they give a very clean appearance. They are fairly heavy, so this is not for someone who has trouble lifting. A smoother finish on them would be nice-they tend to pick up lint fairly easily. The black stove top does show streaks etc, but you have to clean it anyway, so it's not a big matter to me. The oven is supersized! You could fit a 3rd oven rack in there. I wish it came with a third rack, especially when baking cookies. The convection feature doesn't seem to speed up the baking, but it does bake very evenly. Because of the large oven, the storage drawer is fairly small, but I store cookie sheets, etc in there. I'm used to electric stoves, but our house came with an older gas stove so I took a chance and stayed with gas-love the fact that the newer stoves have the broiler in the oven now, and not in the drawer. I haven't used the Aqua Lift steam cleaning feature yet, but it was the main reason bought this stove-using traditional high heat cleaning with a gas stove means using lots of gas! I saw one review in which someone said they were not getting enough flame-that's adjustable, and set by your installer when they deliver it. If it's not right, ask them to come and adjust it again. I have no problems with the amount of flame or BTU on any of my burners . I don't use the Sabbath mode. The clock and timers are all easy to use. If it had smoother grates and a third baking rack, I would give it all 5 stars. All in all, I am very pleased with the stove and would recomment it.

Review Title: Simply Super | Review by

Impressed with all of it's operation: variety of burner sizes and the 'nice size' oven!

Review Title: gas range | Review by

Never used gas before but am very pleased with my stove.

Review Title: Meets basic cooking needs, good value for the price | Review by

I like the 5 burner design, the convection oven and the overall look/styling of the stove. I like how the burners sit up off the stove top level. And the top level is flush with my counter. However, the 5th burner is not that spacious to use if you are using the other 4 - then only a small pan can be used here. The front burners flame is too high in my opinion. Would have like to have seen a flat griddle assessory. The shiny black surfaces are hard to clean without leaving streaks. And the burners can not be easily wiped down without leaving fuz from your dishcloth. I have not figured out how to start the timer for cooking, but still be able to go back to the clock or oven temperature without having to cancel the timer.

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

I bought this oven last month and wow does it work great. I love how big the oven window is, you can see what is cooking. Having the option of using convection or bake is really nice too.

Review Title: More Stylish than others | Review by

I did a lot of searching for a Gas Range that was good looking and easy on my budget. This range has round knobs with a full cast iron cooking top. What that means to you... You get a more stylish look without breaking into the $1k cost threshold. This range has done all that I have asked it to do and looks great at the same time. I would definitely recommend this item and would buy it again myself

Review Title: I love my new gas range/oven; the features are great. | Review by

I have all Whirlpool products in my kitchen and I love all of them. I love the fact that the heat is even and I find that water boils faster and cooking with this unit is a pleasure. The only thing that would make this better is if the Aqua Lift cleaning system worked better. I find that I have to use it twice most of the time and then I still have to scrub if something has boiled over in the oven.

Review Title: Best Purchase Ever!!! | Review by

We bought our Whirlpool 5.8 cu ft Range a couple months ago and are so pleased with its performance. It is like a new piece of art in our kitchen, so pretty. The aqualift self-cleaning technology feature works great and is so easy to use. The range top is very functional and handsome and has a special simmer burner that we use for our special bean recipe that cooks them perfectly. The oven cooks perfectly and the entire unit is easy to keep clean. Like I said, we couldn't have chosen a better product for our needs. Thanks Whirlpool! P.S. All of our appliances are Whirlpool...

Review Title: exceeded expectations! | Review by

I've been wanting a gas range for 40 years and love the appearance and quality of this product. Easy to cook on, food turns out so much better than my old electric. Convection option nice.

Review Title: Horrible experience | Review by

Brand new in my new home oven never worked properly. Found out when oven malfunctioned causing me to ruin a pork roast when the oven did not heat properly. Temperature display still read the temperature it was set at so you wouldn't know anything was wrong until you opened the door. Repairman had to replace first the control board and then the wiring harness. What a pain and waist of time waiting for repairmen. Praying that it is now fixed. Would never buy another Whirlpool again.

Review Title: Whirlpool is the best! This oven is the best I have ever used! | Review by

I love this range. The oven is huge! Love all the feature - convection oven, self cleaning oven, cooks food fast and even. We only buy whirlpool appliances! I love the look of my range in my kitchen.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

We have had this for a couple weeks and it has performed flawlessly! Like the various size burners. The only negative is the storage drawer - small, light and feels a little cheap.

Review Title: The ease of use is great! | Review by

I have found pans on my stove heat so much quicker. I really like this feature. I like the style and the features have been easy to learn. I love my large oven and would reccommend this stove to my friends.

Review Title: So happy with this range | Review by

We've had this for about a month, and truly love it. The cooktop is perfectly laid out, and the "flat" surface accommodates anything you would want to put up there. The oven is HUGE and heats up reasonably fast. Really happy with our purchase.

Review Title: Overall very good | Review by

This oven and stove heat up fast, has user friendly controls. I like that it offers the convection feature. The drawer below the oven is small and there are only two racks inside the oven.

Review Title: Long term warranty machine | Review by

Bought this 3 months ago. Repaired 3 times already. Bought the extended warranty, use it sparingly. Not impressed.

Review Title: This stove is attractive and very easy to operate. | Review by

The black cook top is a highlight of this stove, making it a breeze to clean, while the stainless steel control panel and oven door are a modern look for a classic style .

Review Title: it's super cool looking and works just as good soild purchase | Review by

we are very pleased with our purchase and hope to have many years of use..........we are now in the market for a dish washer and washer and gas dryer..........super nice product oh ya we also purchased the matching above hood micowave unit looks good as a combo........

Review Title: Full usage of cook top grills | Review by

First we were impressed with the size of the oven and how large the window was in the oven door, and how will it lit up when the light was on. Then the full grill on top. This allows you to position a fry pan so as the heat can be focused on one area of the pan, if you need to. Do wish one of the larger BTU burners would have been in the back of the cook top. So Far So Good

Review Title: Great Gas range | Review by

We brought this gas range during the promotion time. But I like the style and it's easy to use.

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

The look of this oven is sleek. Really like the evenness of cooking on the top units and also the oven. Cleans easily. The broiler grill is not included with the oven purchase. I suggest that Whirlpool include the broiler grill.

Review Title: great deal | Review by

the stove is very pretty and easy to use. It was priced right .

Review Title: love the oven size | Review by

Great size oven for holiday dinners, and the fifth burner comes in handy too.

Review Title: Functional beauty | Review by

This is a beautiful and very functional range .the aqua lift technology works as advertised .we wish the burner surface had the same aqua lift as the oven .would highly recomend the range and would purchase again !!!!!

Review Title: Clean Lines Easy to use | Review by

J like the power burners. I am glad to see a manufacturer realize that not all burner needs are the same. The oven is a great size for a standard size stove. The controls for the oven are all electronic and out of the way.

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

I really like this range. The only reason I did not give it an excellant rating is because of the timer. It begins at 1 and you have to manually set the time in single increments, I would have preferred to be able to input the time I needed. On the positive side, I have lost electricity several times in the few months I have had the range and it reprogrammed itself for shourt electricity stoppages, which i really liked. I haven't used all the features yet, but what i have used, i ilked.

Review Title: Great Oven - Good Purchase! | Review by

We have had our new oven for 5 months now and it has exceeded all of our expectations. We replaced a builder's model oven in our 5 year old home as the repair cost exceeded the value of that oven. We selected Whirlpool because it was Made in America, looks great and most of all functions great! No issues to this point.

Review Title: This product has good features. | Review by

I like the 5 burners. Food cooks quickly and done before you know it. Easy to keep clean.

Review Title: WORKS WONDERFUL | Review by


Review Title: I Love My Whirlpool!!! | Review by

I have loved Whirlpool since I got married and bought a house. Well in our 4th year of marriage, we bought another house and my husband tried to surprise me with a new kitchen suite. Although the products looked good, I really wanted my Whirlpool brand back. Well after 8 years, his kitchen suite started faltering and one by one my appliances had to be replaced. I took over and replaced each one with my beloved Whirlpool brand and now I am a happy!!!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Have had this stove about 2 weeks ago and so far it's great. Like the convection feature and the fan is super quiet compared to the kitchen aid stove we had in our last house. I like having the center burner for simmering and large pots. It was a great price for having self clean, heavy duty grates and convection.

Review Title: good for the price | Review by

I bought this 6 months ago. So far it has been good. The flames are hot in the front.

Review Title: Overall Great Range | Review by

We researched ranges and liked the features and price. We have enjoyed this range, cooking for a family of six everyday we have not been let down. Like the oven controls layout and ease of use of the burners.

Review Title: Love my stove! | Review by

I upgraded to this stove from the one the builder was providing as I wanted a gas stove versus electric. The size of the oven is awesome and the convection fan in the back really helps with even heating without the extra cost of a totally convection option added on.

Review Title: Cooking surface is large. | Review by

After owning a flat top electric range this gas range is a blessing. Lots of flame and heat. The convection feature makes baking a snap.

Review Title: Looks great ,very nice to cook with | Review by

This stove is my favorite appliance in the kitchen. It just looks better than most stoves out there. Love the fifth burner and the large front window. Aqua lift works decent as long as you're not afraid do some scrubbing. It's a lot better than heating your stove up 900 degrees and melting wires and distorting the finish on the inside, like your conventional self clean mode . The best way to clean the top of this stove is to just not get it dirty. Being that is black you really have to wipe it down repeatedly to get the streaks out. The main complaint is that both of the large burners are upfront. Would like to have a medium one and a large up front.. Other than that I think this is a great gas range and is very stylish.

Review Title: Modern appliance with great features | Review by

I love the gas range with aqua lift self clean technology . Looks great and the self clean oven works like magic. But it's difficult to clean the cook top. It doesn't clean well and I'm worried it wouldn't look as good very soon.

Review Title: whirlpool 5.8 self clean stove | Review by

i never wrote a review before because i never thought it really it try.this is my first house me and husband bought when it came to changing up are kitchen we thought we need to put more thought in it rather then just going to store and picking this is what we want . after looking at so many differnt brands and types enough to make u crazy we decided to get whirpool becauses i believe in there quailty . that out shines all the others.

Review Title: Overall, Love this stove! | Review by

I went from a smooth top electric to a gas (propane stove). LOVE it! The only complaint I have, and it is minor, is that the griils are a bit heavy to move when cleaning the top. Otherwise, there is nothing I would change on the unit!

Review Title: Glad About the Purchase | Review by

Decided to replace old range that came with my house. Originally did not want convection but ended up with it. What a fabulous surprise! The range cooks efficiently and the oven as well. Self-clean is really pretty fantastic.

Review Title: Great Features and looks good too. | Review by

I've been enjoying using my new range. I had been using electric for many years and it's great to get back to gas. The power burners get things hot quickly. I love the control over electric. I like the large burner covers, no shifting when you move heavy pots.

Review Title: Great Stove! | Review by

In short time I have had this range, I have cooked, canned, baked. I love the fifth element for melting chocolate. I love the large spacious oven. I can actually put in three to four pies at once. Have done so. No regrets on buying this range.

Review Title: Good Product | Review by

I've had this range for several months now and I've been very happy overall. The only problem I've had was the temperature calibration. It was running 50 degrees lower than the temperature that was set. Lowes (where I purchased the range) sent out repairmen to recalibrate the range and since that time it has worked fine. I can't really say whether the calibration problem was a factory issue or whether something got out of whack in transit. All that being said, the over compartment is really large and the stove top supports a lot of pans at one time. Made cooking Christmas dinner a pleasure!

Review Title: Excellent buy. One small connection came loose during shipping but was fixed | Review by

Good buy. Solid product. Good performance. Like the product

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

Very happy with our purchase. We plan on buying a refrigerator soon and a dishwasher as well and will use Whirlpool

Review Title: not as good as what I hoped | Review by

Although performs great it is very hard to keep clean.

Review Title: Nice oven | Review by

This is a very nice stove/oven. The only con I can think of is the drawer at the bottom keeps coming off track. But I think that is with all ovens I have had.

Review Title: I love my new stove. | Review by

This stove is the best stove that I have ever owned. I wasn't sure I would like having five burners, but find them very convenient. The oven works well and I like the convection option. My favorite feature is the tone that tells when the oven has reached the set temperature when preheating. I am still learning how to use all of the features, and keep the use and care book beside the stove and refer to it often. I would recommend it to anyone who cooks and bakes frequently.

Review Title: Cooks evenly | Review by

We have been using this stove for about 5 months, this was a drastic change for us since we had an electric stove before. It has some great options but sporadically we have had issues with the pilots on the stove top and oven not igniting the first time around.

Review Title: New gas stove | Review by

Hi The Jury is still out on this one. Gas oven seems to cook to low. Your manual states don't use thermometer to test. Wife baking more than one dish and watched time. At least two dishes were not done in required time. What gives? spence

Review Title: outstanding in it's class | Review by

I chose this brand because of the effert of the people that produced it. I know it is the best choice, and deserving of the name. "OUTSTANDING".

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

We searched for 6 months trying to find the perfect gas range for us. This range stood out with all features I like the cook top which has 5 burners and husband likes the oven. The large burner will boil water real fast. Bakes even and has Convect with self cleaning that is a bonus.

Review Title: not a bad stove for the money, but there are probably better quality ones for a simliar price | Review by

This is not a bad stove. Definitely not excellent. The front door glass appears somewhat flimsy - as compared to other stoves I've see, such as the Kenmore. The sides also seem somewhat flimsy - not exactly heavy duty (quality# metal. Something I had not noticed when I purchased the range. Anyone shopping for ranges should look at these features and make a comparison. Other aspects of the range are very nice. I like the self cleaning aqua feature a lot. The blue neon lighting takes a little while to get used to, but you begin to like it #and its energy efficient#. The operator manual is somewhat lacking in the topic of convection. It does not give much specifics as to when it is beneficial to use the convection feature #vs non convection). I guess they assume everyone is a seasoned cook and should know this. Overall not a bad range.

Review Title: I am very pleased with my Whirlpool gas stove. I would make the same choice again. Preformance is excellent. | Review by

I have been very impressed with the five burners. Great help in preparing a big meal.. The surface is a breeze to clean. I also like the black grids. I just lift them, wipe the surface clean and replace them. So convenient. This is my first experience with the convection oven. It helps the food that you are baking to cook more evenly. Baked a banana bread loaf today for a friend and it was beautiful. The tiop was browned evenly, needless to say, I was excited. The self-cleaning oven is a big plus. We bought our stove in December and the oven looks new.

Review Title: I love the way it looks and a gas stove cooks so well. | Review by

We love the look and ease of cooking with our new gas stove. Food fries better, tastes better and cooks faster. The top looks like a piece of art.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

we have it for 8 months and love it. great to cook and bake with

Review Title: Looks good, not super impressed | Review by

This oven takes longer to cook than our other one. Stovetop being all black makes it impossible to clean and not look streaked!

Review Title: Gas Stove | Review by

Five burners is a change and a plus. Very nice oven.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Very good looking and fantastic performance. Elegant style.

Review Title: Nice looking | Review by

Everyone that see's my new range has to go to it and touch the large grates on the top and they all say NICE RANGE. That was my selling point for it the nice heavy grates that fill the whole top. I also love the huge oven window. My 10 year old granddaughter even said WOW you can see inside while we were baking Christmas cookies.

Review Title: awesome | Review by

Love love love the stove. Wish the top was easier to clean but I still would highly recommend this stove

Review Title: Work of art | Review by

The quality of meals is altered by the excellence of this range. Cooking is consistent and responsive.

Review Title: Delighted | Review by

The grill top and fifth burner makes this stove more functional and efficient. Great layout. Thought I would miss the middle section for a spoon holder, absolutely not. Thought the grill might mean getting burnt, also not a problem. Convection oven is new to us, and love it. I was looking for a bare bones range, but investigating this one and comparing sold me. It's been perfect, puts the fun in cooking. Oven heats up quickly.

Review Title: very nice stove | Review by

This is relatively new purchase but I am very happy. It is sturdy, controls are excellent, style is great and the oven is large!!! I had a very old stove before this so I am no expert on new stoves, but the top is a little hard to clean around the burners. The white surface doesn't hide any spots with is a mixed blessing. All and all I am very happy with my new stove.

Review Title: Our new stove | Review by

Great stove! Love the gas version. Nice looking too.

Review Title: Gas range | Review by

It is a great gas range and we like it very much. For those of us who are off the grid, (NO ELECTRICAL SERVICE) the electronic ignition for the oven was the biggest selling point for us. Glow bars take constant battery power and are not condusive to off grid usage. Thank you very much for your foresight and inovation.

Review Title: Everything is GREAT with this, but still learning. | Review by

I am new to gas cooking and I like the the 5th burner. The only drawback is the grates are heavy to remove and clean the burner area.

Review Title: This range has great features. | Review by

We recently replaced a very old gas range with a Whirlpool. We absolutely love it! 5 burners is a wonderful feature! The oven is extremely roomy. I haven't tried the self cleaning feature yet but everything else gets an A gradew by me.

Review Title: Best gas oven I have ever had | Review by

The oven cooks great. The 5 burner top is very useful. The black ice series looks top notch on my newly remodeled kitchen.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Have really enjoyed cooking on gas again. Love the convection oven. Highly recommend this range

Review Title: Whirlpool gas range with Aqualiftself clean | Review by

We have bought two of these stoves in last year. one for each of our homes. They are a good stove for the price. I do wish the burners were not so hot. Even the smallest on low is high. Would consider this next time. We did have an issue with one of them, oven lighter went bad but covered under warranty, and the service was great. Have not tried the aqua lift clean yet. Have used both stoves for cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas and they worked great. I love Whirlpool appliances. Have used them for years.

Review Title: The stove top design makes it easier to complete a meal, in a shorter time. | Review by

Every major appliance we own is now a Whirlpool. They are very dependable and easy to use. All have lasted us several years. I will never purchase anything else and waste my money.

Review Title: Cooking with gas! | Review by

After having a flat top range for 11 years, it is great to have the gas back again. This range is easy to use, and is a great value for the money. I do wish it was a little easier to clean the top, there's a lot of grooves and edges, but then I was used to the flat top which is about as easy to clean as it gets. Hoping for many years of enjoyment out of this range.

Review Title: Worst Range Ever | Review by

This is the worst range I have ever owned. Besides the Aqualift being terrible, the range is actually melting the doors on my cabinets on each side of the oven door.

Review Title: Great Features, Nice Look | Review by

The stove has great features like the fifth burner and the two full size burner covers. The stainless is nice and modern. I like the convection option as well. The only thing I dislike, and almost swayed me to buy a different range was the drawer at the bottom is extremely flimsy and difficult to open and close.

Review Title: Perfect | Review by

Great features, easy to clean!! Display is bright and can be easily read.

Review Title: Whirlpool Gas Range | Review by

This is my first gas range. I'm very happy with its overall performance. The simmer burner and convection fan work just fine, but not quite what I had expected. I am glad I went with the convection feature, as it is WAY better than a regular oven and it does cook more evenly. I am used to an electric range that wasn't convection, and this gas range is incredible in comparison. Another bonus is that the fan is so quiet that I can't hear it run. I cook on it every day and it has been put through its paces since late summer of this year (2013.) With this level of use, I'm surprised at how little fuel I've used. We did the propane conversion and everything works as expected. The only negative I can say about the oven is that the Aqualift self-cleaning feature does not do an adequate job. I have tried running it multiple times, but that wastes fuel and still doesn't get the oven as clean as a regular self-cleaning system. It works fine if the soil is light and mostly in the bottom of the oven, but it doesn't put much of a dent on anything more. It doesn't stink up the house, which is a benefit. Nonetheless, I have resorted to a can of oven cleaner instead of using Aqualift. I love the two piece burner grate system. They lift off the range top in two parts, making it relatively easy to clean. I also love the way a griddle or large pan will fit on the grate without a problem. The grates go all the way across the range surface, so you can slide a pan from one side to the other. The number of burners is great, and the two power burners are the most frequently used. The simmer burner is a nice touch. I rarely use the center burner - it would be very difficult to use anything larger than a small saucepan on many of the other burners at the same time because there isn't space. Overall, I would recommend this range for the price. The only feature I lament is true self-cleaning.

Review Title: Over priced | Review by

This stove works just as well as the one I replaced which was 15 years old and from a trailer. Also I am having trouble cleaning the cooking surface.

Review Title: The Whole Package | Review by

So far, I love this range. It has a beautiful appearance and is packed with everything I need to cook. 5 burners covered by a continuous grate are fantastic. I can easily move my heavy skillets from one side of the stove to the other, across the grate, without lifting. I love the large oven-door window . I can see my food in the oven from across the room. The oven light comes on automatically when the door is opened and the oven has a large capacity. The convection oven is fabulous when baking. Have not used the cleaning process yet, so cannot comment on it. Everyone that sees my new range comments on how much they like it. I feel proud to own it.

Review Title: Looks good, cooks good! | Review by

Although this range looks very expensive, it is reasonably priced. Unlike some other ranges, the top surface is easy to keep clean. Lovely features, especially the Accu-Simmer eye for long, slow cooking. I am extremely happy with this handsome range.

Review Title: Good value for the money | Review by

I did a lot of research before buying this range and this one had all the features I was looking for at a great price.

Review Title: Good product | Review by

Good product. A little hard to clean, but works great.

Review Title: Great Unit | Review by

Prior to this unit we had a Kitchen Aide which we thought was the best. The computer module went for the second time- this time out of warranty. We looked at another Kitchen Aide but checked other units as well. We decided on the Maytag unit and are very happy we did. It is FAR superior to the Kitchen Aide. The five (5) burners are hotter the the Kitchen Aide and the oven is superior as well. Thanks

Review Title: I like it | Review by

I have been using the range for a few weeks and really like it. I like the full oven door window with lighted oven. It makes it so easy to see the progress of the baking. I like the quick lighting of the burners. I really like the full sized top surface especially when things come out of the oven, I can put them on the top of the range with no tipping over. I am still getting use to the noises the oven makes as it maintains temperature

Review Title: Easy to clean | Review by

I bought a home two months ago and decided to up grade my appliance packet, and I am so glad I did.

Review Title: For the price it's hard to beat | Review by

All our friends said "Wow" nice looking stove,where did get it,what brand is it. We realy like our new stove

Review Title: Great features | Review by

After using the self cleaning feature the board was burned out.

Review Title: Excellent range with a couple of design flaws | Review by

We really like this new range. It pre-heats and cooks perfectly. The visual design is very nice and the exterior is easy to clean.

Review Title: I have enjoyed using this rang | Review by

I have enjoyed the large window on the oven. I do wish the timer and temp were on separate read out screens. Not overlapping each other. Everything else is great.. I like the five burners...

Review Title: easy to clean | Review by

This product is so easy to keep clean - I LOVE it!

Review Title: My wife, just loves the power burner to get water boiling fast. | Review by

Was my first purchase of a stove in 10 years and the features are just awesome and easy to use!

Review Title: Overall a really nice range. | Review by

This range was easy to install. It is easy to use and very intuitive. The only CON I have noticed is cleaning the stove top. The black metal stove top really seems to want to smear rather than clean up. It can be cleaned, but just takes a lot of time.

Review Title: Awesome upgrade. | Review by

We bought this stove after the last one was on its last leg. We really like the oven capacity, and five burners. The grates cover the entire surface allowing for ample space for large skillets and pots. With that said the only drawback is I no longer have a resting place for cooking utensils. Love, love, love it otherwise.

Review Title: The features are great. | Review by

We love the large oven for roasting large turkeys, etc. We also love the convection fan for baking cookies and cakes. It cooks the cookies completely through without the "crunchy" top. We also love the large grate to cook on and the power burners. One thing that we have learned, that wasn't in the literature and instruction book, is that in order to do slow roasting (like overnight) you must set the timer or else the safety feature shuts off the oven after about 3 hours.

Review Title: Pick Another | Review by

Top burners work well but oven has had ignition problems since we got it. Four service calls and it still doesnt work properly. Pick another model or manufacturer.

Review Title: I love having the 5th burner | Review by

This is a great over, and the burners are very powerful. This is a lot better than my old stove top.

Review Title: LOVE LOVE LOVE!! | Review by

I bought this range about a month ago and it am so in love with it! All of the features are great and it looks almost like a professional commercial stove ( minus the size).

Review Title: aqualift self clean | Review by

I generally like the features of my new stove. The only disappointment is the convection bake takes just as much time to cook as the regular bake, but I do like the results a lot better when it's on convection. The food cooks more evenly. It seems to take a long time to boil unless you have a large pot on the largest burners. I love having gas again after having to use an electric range for the last eight years. The price was a big factor for me and I got my money's worth with a little more.

Review Title: All I need is a butler! | Review by

We just love our new stove, we use it daily. The features are easy to use and cleaning was a breeze, yes I already had to clean it..that's where I wish I had the butler! We have baked, broiled, cooked and cleaned it and we would recommend this stove to anyone who loves to cook! I made 2 cakes and I used the convention feature, my cakes were done quicker then normal, which also save me gas! BONUS, I have only had this stove for about a month and a half and we still love it! The only down fall, but we don't have little ones, is the grates on top get very hot and you will have to teach your little ones not to touch.

Review Title: Great product for the money | Review by

This product does its job well. It can handle a full oven in the convection mode. The stovetop is a little tight - wish they were spread out more.

Review Title: Cooking variety! | Review by

I bought this stove two weeks ago, and like that it has the option between regular baking and convection. The self cleaning mode (aqua clean) doesn't give off the horrible smell that most self cleaning oven do. The only downside so far has been that the drawer at the bottom of the stove doesn't hold as much as my old stove did. But I would rather compromise that storage space in order to have a larger oven.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

Easy to use, great design. Great value for the price. Convection oven and aqualift clean system great features to have on a stove at this price point

Review Title: I really like the features of my new range. | Review by

I have liked the feature of five burners. I like the middle burner for simmering soups, while front burners are a high heat which I like for things like stir-fry. I also like the storage feature drawer. Also new to me is the feature of "convection" cooking which is great for baking.

Review Title: best stove ever. | Review by

i bought this stove about a month ago,i just love it. my wife of 76 years of age can"t stop cooking and that makes me happy.a happym wife is a good thing.thanks for this product.

Review Title: Whirlpool Kitchen Range | Review by

The range has a very nice appearance externally. The stove top portion lacks elegance that matches with rest of exterior. The grate is very cheap looking and the underlying pan area just basic. The center burner is inefficient and too small - should have been the elongated style - useless for a flat pancake plate. The grill of the appliance scratches easily and makes it look shoddy. In the house we left, we had a whirlpool stove top that had a grill that was elegant and rugged (baked enamel that didn't chip and took years before the very top scratched under a wok pan). Cost of the two appliances were similar - hence, the quality should have been similar as well. Oven on this model and previous, about same. Works well - excellent score.

Review Title: Great features on this stove | Review by

this stove has 5 burners which makes it so convenient when cooking for a crowd. The burners are right sized for pans I actally use. I am happy with this purchase & would recommend it to everyone.

Review Title: works great! | Review by

I had never owned or cooked with gas before. This over range is easy to use, easy to clean, and cooks evenly.

Review Title: Well built! | Review by

I have owned my gas range for a month now and it is truly amazing! The 2 piece heavy duty grates are a dream for canning and using large stock pots, no more balancing a big pot on a tiny burner grate! I'm sure this is in my head but I actually think the meat I put in the oven comes out juicier compared to my old electric stove. I had read reviews on other ranges with convection ovens having very loud fans. The convection fan is so quiet on this Whirlpool you can't even hear it, I actually called the place I bought it from to have them send out a repair man to check to see if the convection fan worked! I am extremely pleased and look forward to cooking and baking again.

Review Title: Great feather | Review by

I bought this 3 weeks ago and very happy with wife can do a lot baking now.

Review Title: 5 burners & big oven | Review by

I do a lot of Chinese cooking and by removing the cover from the "power burner" and moving the grate forward I can get a super flame right to the bottom of the wok. I've used the oven several times, always with good results.

Review Title: This stove is terrific! | Review by

This stove does everything and more. My only problem is the simmer/low settings are a bit too much. The aquaclean function is interesting but the oven is much harder to clean and requires alot of elbow grease. I love everything else about this range.

Review Title: Love this stove ! | Review by

I bought this stove after much research, I wanted to replace a convection counter top oven and I was so happy to see I could get an all in one stove and convection oven! I am happy to say that I haven't been disappointed yet and would happily recommended this product.

Review Title: this is wonderful product | Review by

My favorite feature of this product is the full grate stovetop and the fifth burner

Review Title: Replaced an older Whirlpool | Review by

I'm a big fan of Whirlpool appliances, so I knew that's what I'd be replacing my older model with. I like the larger burners (although I feel like the heating is a little slower when I choose the smaller burner). It's been easy to clean the cooktop, but I do miss the old, higher temperature manner of oven cleaning. Overall, I'm pleased with this range.

Review Title: Stove | Review by

i am enjoying the ease of using this stove. the plus is that it has a fifth burner and the burners are all different sizes.

Review Title: food cooks more evenly | Review by

My food cooks in half the time and I love the space on the stovetop more room to cook more foods at the same time.

Review Title: great purchase | Review by

After our old oven stopped working I did some research that showed this was the best convection oven and so far this has been true. We have been very pleased by both the looks and quality of this product. We are certainly pleased with our choice.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I bought this stove as a replacement for an older competitor's model. I am amazed at how quickly the top burners ignite and the huge size of the oven. I am completely thrilled with the convection oven and it's even baking. The cooktop is huge and has more than enough burners to fit all my needs even when cooking for the occasional family gathering of 13! I am recommending this stove to others and will be strongly considering Whirlpool for the next appliance replacement.

Review Title: 100% Satisfied | Review by

We love our new gas range. It is top quality and is easy to use. The front "power burners" bring water to a boil in record time and the center burner has made making pancakes a breeze. The large removable grates make it easy to clean.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I brought this Whirlpool Gas Range over a month ago and I love it.

Review Title: Easy rang top and even heat oven | Review by

I bought this range because my old 1980's one had stopped functioning. The continuous grate aloows for easy sliding from burner to burner. the low BTU burner allows for sause to cook but not burn. The oven bakes consistently. The nicest feature is the clean feature wher only distilled water is needed. Good choice for a home cook on a budget.

Review Title: gas range | Review by

i do like my rage as far that I have used it... and price was in our budget

Review Title: Lots of room | Review by

Oven is huge and the the cook to has lot ls of room to cook a huge meal

Review Title: I use my washer & dryer daily | Review by

This washer & dryer set are used in my household daily. It has been a great investment for my family.

Review Title: Very good mid-range oven | Review by

The top grate makes it look a little austere, but overall it's an attractive and functional oven. The oven space is HUGE and the stovetop burners are more than adequate. One criticism is that it's difficult to see the size of the flame underneath the cookware to make sure it's correct.

Review Title: Stylish and easy to use | Review by

We love the look, and ease of use of this range. Plenty of space for cooking big turkeys. Nice large window to what is happening on the inside.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Easy to use and clean. Love the automatic fan feature when the broiler has been on for awhile.

Review Title: Fancy stove! | Review by

I bought this stove a little over a month ago and the stove light inside the oven is out. It happened out of the blue. Weird.

Review Title: easy to maintain | Review by

Our range was part of our new home package and it has been used so many times I love it.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

All in all its a good stove, the stove top surface is kinda a pain to keep clean being that its a shiny black finish. The oven heats up very fast but seems to take longer to cook foods than most directions indicate. Example a pizza says cook at 400 degrees for 14-16 minutes it seems to take closer to 18-20. Havent quite perfected using the convection cooking just yet.

Review Title: Great Gas Range! | Review by

For being my 1st gas range, I am very impressed. The size of the oven area is huge. The top has 5 burners and two wrought iron grates that are easy to take off and clean underneath. I love cooking with gas.

Review Title: A nice clean-it-yourself oven. | Review by

I applaud Whirlpool's attempt at creating a self cleaning oven that uses much less heat. Only problem is.....It simply DOES NOT WORK!!!! I purchased this range (model WFG540H0AS) on 11/23/2013 and am very happy with the way it looks. On Christmas eve, my wife baked an apple pie and it bubbled over. With our old oven, we would always put a piece of foil on the bottom,but the instruction manual specifically states not to do this as it may damage the finish.On Christmas morning, my wife used the self-cleaning feature (following the directions to a tee). What a huge dissapointment. It did nothing at all. After running the cleaning cycle two more times with an oven thermometer inside to verify that it was reaching the proper 200 degrees, I called customer service. Their solution was to send me a cleaning kit that included a little 2.5 ounce bottle of Affresh (Whirlpool's own oven cleaner), which is the only cleaner that is approved for manually cleaning your Aqualift Technology self-cleaning oven. I strongly recommend that you research "Aqualift Technology".....I wish I had.

Review Title: Works great except..... | Review by

The stove works great. It has extra large front burners that are handy for big pots and maintaining high temps for searing. That said the oven needed the temperature adjusted and its still not quite right. It is terrible not having the confidence in the oven that the baked dishes will come out properly cooked.

Review Title: Great features from top to bottom! | Review by

Burners are arranged for easy use and cooks extremely well.Easy too clean. Oven browns evenly and cooks great! easy too clean! overall its a great oven. Thanks

Review Title: All in all great stove!!! Cooks fast!! | Review by

Very good stove. Need another regular stove grate so cookie sheets can be put on them. Lower grate not useful, only fit on bottom. Made cookies for Christmas and had to use smaller cookies sheets to fit, took lots longer!!!

Review Title: whirlpool 5.8cu. gas range | Review by

Wanted to switch from electric to gas as it took to long to bring food to simmer with electric range. Boy, was I surprised when I found only one burner on the new gas range could simmer. Now I am burning or overcooking so much. Should have done better homework but with my old gas range all burners would turn down to a simmer.

Review Title: I love the easy cleaning of the oven | Review by

This is a fantastic stove. I am a break maker and love the fact that I can put a pan of water in the bottom of the oven, bake with the convection element and enjoy the best ever bread...... I have a blue quaker parrot and don't have to worry about using the clean oven featur it is Fantastic. I want to tell everybody

Review Title: Good product i am happy with it. | Review by

It is a good product i have no complains . The power burners are great, as well as the accusimmer for low heat when cooking. I think it is a good stove for a person who cooks alot.

Review Title: Stylish and functional | Review by

It has everything you need in an oven range. Very simple to use, however has many features. Easy to clean with a lot of room.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

If you are looking for the top of the line in gas ranges and ovens...this is the one for you. Every feature of this appliance helps you achieve perfection in the kitchen. I love the "Positioning Racks and Bakeware" info that tells you how and where to specifically place bakeware for best results. For example, there are 7 positions for racks and each is designed for certain types of food (Broiling/searing meats) use rack position 7, (Broiled meats, poultry, fish) use rack position 6, (Most baked goods, casseroles) use rack position 3 or 4, (Roasted Meats) use rack position 2 and (Large roasts or poultry) use rack position 1. This is just one example of the many features this oven offers the novice to professional cook. Choose this appliance and enjoy cooking with the best results...I know I made the right choice and I am so glad I did!

Review Title: The technology is high quality. | Review by

The product is very easy to use and looks great in our kitchen. It has worked great for everything we have tried so far.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

I absolutely love this stove! Wouldn't have chosen a different one!

Review Title: Good | Review by

Needs a bigger burner in the middle. And a full griddle for the top.

Review Title: Amazing ! Cooks with ease | Review by

Love the new stove. The convection feature is awesome! Love the 5 burner option for those complicated meals.

Review Title: We have enjoyed the new gas range | Review by

This is our first whirlpool gas range and we have enjoy the faster cook time the new way to clean the oven. All around looks of the range.

Review Title: My new stove | Review by

We have used Whirlpool appliances for the last 20 years and we have never been disappointed. They perform well and live up to their reputation. Sometime we have to trade in old models for new energy efficient ones, but it's like saying goodbye to a good friend. Thanks for the great products Whirlpool!!!

Review Title: The best oven | Review by

We bought this about two months ago and absolutely love it. The 5th burner is a great feature, and the convection oven works wonders!

Review Title: BEST STOVE EVER! | Review by

I just love it. The preheat feature for the oven is great.It beeps when oven is ready and keeps the temp. until you cancel. so far everything I have made is done. Love the extra large burners in front and the 5th one in the middle. So far its great!

Review Title: Not as advertised | Review by

The oven keeps shutting itself down in the middle of baking anything. Have had the theremostat changed, and still the same.

Review Title: great gas range | Review by

I love my new stove! It is fun to cook on, and I love baking in the convection oven

Review Title: This product is very efficient, great cook top and large oven | Review by

We recently renovated our entire home. The kitchen now has all new Whirpool appliances. Our range is the center to cooking great meals. We love the convection option and size of stove. This product is energy efficient.

Review Title: Looks Great! Functions Great! | Review by

We recent purchased this range along with a Whirlpool microwave and dishwasher for our kitchen remodel. This range looks great and very highend for a mid-range appliance, I love the large even grill accross the top, makes it easy to move pans around while cooking. The one thing I would change is to put one of the larger burners in the rear so I can boil water, soups, etc. without fear of my kids somehow knocking the pot over on themselves. Overall I highly recommend this range the value exceeds the cost. Also I recommend the Whirlpool dishwasher and microwave.

Review Title: great overall | Review by

My husband and i love this stove,i am the baker and it does a great job keeping even heat.My husband is a cook by trade and makes everything from scratch and the power burners are great when cooking noodles they are done before you know it.The simmer burners are nice for keeping things cooking with the low heat and they won't scald.

Review Title: This gas range makes cooking enjoyable! | Review by

We have enjoyed creating a meal every day we use our new stove.

Review Title: It cooks evenly and I love the 5 burners | Review by

The oven looks great in my kitchen. It has added a look of quality that the kitchen did not have before.

Review Title: Love the looks! | Review by

I purchased it two weeks ago. Love all the features!

Review Title: sleek gas range | Review by

I like the option of 5 burners, large oven and oven window, and continuous grate. Convection oven is great! I am having problems with the middle burner igniting.

Review Title: You can not burn anything in this oven with a timer and warmer. | Review by

I love this product I can cook items and they cook way better than my old stove that burned everything you put in it if you cooked it to long. In this stove you can over cook and still not burn anything and all the food taste better and having 5 burners on the top are the best when you have to cook a big meal for a big event. love love this item. would suggest this product to everyone to get if needing a new one. So glad I got this item.

Review Title: Fabulous!! | Review by

I upgraded my appliances that came in my new home. The stove is my favorite. The flame is perfect and I love the cast iron stove top and five burners. Plenty of room to cook and easy to transition from burner to burner. The oven is easy to operate also.

Review Title: High heat, large oven, | Review by

Ours is propane, excellent cooking and baking, clean up is okay

Review Title: Worth it | Review by

Nice features, easy to use and clean. Love the design

Review Title: Great features | Review by

This oven has all the features that one would need. The convection feature works great and cuts down on baking times. Will buy another one in the future for a new home we are buying.

Review Title: Awesome range! | Review by

Great looking range. The burners are very powerful!

Review Title: It's the simple things I like | Review by

The little things on the range is what I like the best. The enclosed burners make it easier to clean. And the light. Never have to turn it on...just open the range and I see everything. Also, the 2 separate timers are great.

Review Title: Overall great product | Review by

The unit works very well, very pleased with performance and functionality. The only major issue is with the burner grating. They are not even and by design causes pots and pans to rock. We had one of the fingers break on one side after about 3 months.

Review Title: great stove top, bad oven cleaning | Review by

I bought this range a couple months ago. love the look of it and the general use of the range. However, the aqua cleaning of the oven is very inept. It didn't clean the bottom of the stove, after several attempts.

Review Title: Bought it for looks, but performs great as well | Review by

So far we're very pleased with this range. The oven cooks very evenly and preheats quickly. The burners are positioned very well and work great. We bought the matching hood microwave as well and as a tandem it looks great and works well so far.

Review Title: I love the size | Review by

It has been years since I could use a cookie sheet. I love the fact that I can see what is baking. I have gone nuts using it

Review Title: Poor Features | Review by

Product is very hard to clean on the stove top. Some of the burners are just to small and take forever to cook. Should have to big burners but only has one. Once the top gets dirty it changes color and is hard to clean after this.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

I bought it 2 1/2 months ago and love it, takes a but to get use to, it cooks a little hotter than I'm use to.

Review Title: Instant Cooking! | Review by

Bought this in July. My wife loves the instant temperature response of gas and the features and styling of this unit. She especially likes the the 5th burner!

Review Title: Nice Range | Review by

I was looking for a range with a convection oven with five burners. I stumbled across this one at a scratch and dent sale. The price I paid was to good to pass up. The range itself is nice; the metal used on the sides in my opinion is a thin material. As I noted this was scratch & dent, the silliest pressure on the metal damage it. The stove has a nice professional look. The grates cover the entire cook top, making it easy to transfer cookware to different burners. I converted the range to propane. The necessary hardware was included. This completed this process myself. It took me a little over 45 min to compile. It was a bit challenging but not to overly complicate. Once in use I adjusted the flame of the burners to even the flames. Just follow the direction on page 11 of your installation instructions. I found that the power burners heated water about the same as my last range. I was a bit disappointed. I do like the different size burners offered, giving a range of options for different cookware sizes. Cleaning the cook top and grates is challenging. I have to use a mild dish detergent or degreaser; afterward I have to wipe away the streaks with napkins. Cleaning the cast iron grates was a trial and error process for me. First I tried with just a simple dishtowel big mistake, fibers from the towel adhered to the grates. I found that if you use a toothbrush with dish detergent and water on the grates is very effective. After cleaning wipe the soap away with a lint free towel. This leaves very little fibers, and whatever fibers are left brush away with a clean damp toothbrush. You will get great results. The oven light doesn't illuminate the entire oven. My last oven gave great coverage. I've only used the oven twice and from a braking standpoint, it produced a gorgeous pound cake. I haven't had the chance to use the convection oven or the aqua lift option at the present time. Overall it's a pretty nice range.

Review Title: LOVE THIS RANGE! Cool look with black and stainless combo along with the huge glass oven door! | Review by

We love wok cooking and this range is awesome for it! We haven't used the self cleaning feature but we love the new technology for it!

Review Title: Good so far | Review by

The high btu burners are both on the front.even on their lowest setting they are too high when trying to keep something warm or simmering. Either move one to the back and replace with lower btu burner or re-engineer the high burners to allow for a lower setting. Also the oven was off by about 20 degrees. We adjusted it.

Review Title: This product looks good in my kitchen and has all the great features I want. | Review by

I love this range. It works just the way I want. It is easy to use. I like all the features. There are just enough. I didn't want useless features that I'd never use, but this range is perfect. Very easy to keep clean.

Review Title: This range has everything | Review by

Although I have not had a chance to use all of the features of this range, what I have used I'm very happy with.

Review Title: Excelent design and performance | Review by

I am extremely pleased I bought this gas range. The burners are fast and efficient, and I am surprised how much I am using the center burner to keep things warm. The oven is great - I just used the convection feature to make some perfect Sunday night pizza.

Review Title: Love | Review by

Love my new gas stove I use it and love it more than I thought I would. Need to read more about the confection oven

Review Title: Overall, the range has performed very well. | Review by

I love this range! I haven't figured out how to use a couple of the features, and I haven't had the chance to use the cleaning mode, but I think these features should be great.

Review Title: Best Range Ever | Review by

It's smarter than I am. Easy clean-up. Looks great. I want the griddle option.

Review Title: Excellant heat control and easy clean | Review by

This stove lights easy with excellent balanced heat through the burner. Easily cleaned with the removable grids. Large oven.

Review Title: Nothing special except for the looks. | Review by

Biggest disappointment is that pots and pans do not sit solidly on the grills- the rock back and forth when they are evidently centered and we have to hunt for the most stable position,

Review Title: beautiful and stylish. Cooks great | Review by

We purchased our new Aqualift Whirlpool stove about a month ago. I really love it, beautiful, state of the art in stoves :) So big an oven, hosting family dinners will be much easier now. Has taken me a little bit to get used to the broiler being in the top of the oven rather than the bottom, but it works great and probably saved gas that way. I look forward to canning my Salsa this summer with my big canning pot and those 3 burners that cover the area, will make the boil time much shorter. I am also happy that is was made in the US and that was a big selling point for me also. And the extended warranty that is offered is much more cost effective than others we were quoted when we shopped around.

Review Title: Poor self cleaning feature | Review by

The self clean cycle don't clean and I ran it twice. If you need to scrape the dirt and stains with a scrapper and spongy then it's not self cleaning!

Review Title: Fantastic | Review by

Love this stove. It works great and is so easy to clean.. The oven seems huge!

Review Title: Love this Appliance | Review by

I bought this when our last range went caput. It was SO worth every penny. The self-cleaning aspect was a huge bonus, but I love that the heat cooks/bakes everything evenly. I'm big into cupcake making and have never had a batch of cupcakes go wrong yet.

Review Title: THIS PRODUCT IS FABULOUS | Review by


Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Decided to go with a gas range. Love it. Easy to clean. Great features.

Review Title: Works well, bakes quickly, no problems | Review by

I did a fair bit of research before buying this unit. The varied sizes of burners make it easy to do everything from keep warm to blast a pot full of water to boil quickly. The huge window in the oven window gives you a great view of the food cooking inside. The broiler browns perfectly, and the temperature is very accurate. The convection feature of the oven cooks VERY fast!

Review Title: Great fit for our contemporary kitchen | Review by

We bought this a month ago and love it. Not only does it look attractive in our new kitchen, we love the convection oven and stovetop. The bottom drawer is a bit lightweight but overall its a terrific product. Very happy with our choice.

Review Title: Never again | Review by

I purchased this product in July of this year. By mid August the oven did not work. It would heat up then half way thru the baking process it would just stop working. It is now November and the oven is still not working. We have had the repair technician out three times to repair it and still is not working properly. The few times it did work, I used the not so self cleaning feature. It did not even heat properly to use this feature. I even followed the instruction guide still no luck. At the time of this review the company I purchased the range from is replacing it with a new range and I can assure you it will not be another whirlpool range. With that said, the range itself works great love cooking on it, can't say much about baking since I haven't been able to use it.

Review Title: A Super-Sized Oven | Review by

I just love my new stove; I've had it for two months and no complaints. The 5 burners make it so much easier to get my entire meal finished faster. The oven is amazing...It's roomy, bakes well and bakes evenly. The only down side is that if I want a very low temperature on the stove top I have to use one of the smaller burners. This is an excellent buy (I was able to get it on sale but I would've purchase it even without a sale)..well worth every cent. This stove does what it's supposed to do...Performs Well!!!

Review Title: Wonderful stove | Review by

I love this stove. It bakes food so perfectly. This stove looks so good in my kitchen and so many of my friends loved it and they went out and bought the same stove. I also bought a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.

Review Title: Amazing quality and performance! | Review by

This oven cooks food very evenly, has great features and the extra burner is a plus. Lower pan storage drawer is great as well!

Review Title: exellent | Review by

We just move to a new home & we have this new stove, I love it!!!!

Review Title: This is a very nice range, not sure a bout the grates on the stovetop. | Review by

This is a very nice range. The performance is great and the look is nice. The only thing that I am not sure of is the grates on the stove top. I did like the look but after using it I think that I would rather have the regular top.

Review Title: nice features | Review by

This stove is easy to use and looks very nice. Great value for the price we paid

Review Title: Second time around | Review by

We had just remodeled our kitchen in Florida and then had an opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream of moving to the north Georgia mountains. I so much liked all the Whirlpool appliances I had just put in our re-model that I chose all the same again. I don't think you can a better review on any product, than to be able to say I did it all over again.

Review Title: This product has been working very well. | Review by

This range is very easy to clean, we love the aqualift clean system and the stovetop cleans easily. The oversized door makes for a large opening for bigger pots and pans. The abundant stainless steel finish on the front helps makes the range look very good.

Review Title: After 2weeks it arrived,we ordered the color we wanted I am happy that we waited. | Review by

So far so good,cookies turn great, looking forward to cook prime rib for new year.

Review Title: This is a great product, just what we wanted | Review by

Have wanted a gas range for a long time. Had a gas line installed so we would be able to buy a gas range. Like the grates and 5 burner feature. Have some minor concerns with the aqua clean feature, did not clean as well as we excepted. Over all love the range and features.

Review Title: Great to Clean... | Review by

I love my oven. It is so easy to keep clean. The features are easy to figure out and is easy to use.

Review Title: Whirlpool 5.8 cu ft gas range oven | Review by

We have had this for a month and we love it! We love the gas range. The oven works great. This is the first time I've had a convection oven. It cooks food evenly. The temperature seems to be only slightly warmer. In the owner's manual, it says that it decreases the cooking time by almost 30%. For the things I have baked, the cooking time has remained the same as with an electric oven. The time bake is great!

Review Title: Love this stove | Review by

This is the best stove we have ever owned. Really easy to keep clean and love cooking with gas.

Review Title: Love this stove! | Review by

This stove's features are high end. I like the large oven window. The 5 stove burners are convenient and the grid is easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

I love my gas range. I love the design and ease of use.

Review Title: I love my new whirlpool stove. It is a 5 burner, self cleaning, convection, OMG | Review by

I have never had a stove of this caliber. I am still learning everyday, the possibilities it affords me.

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

Love this range. Extra large window on door so you can really see what's cookin! Easy to clean top. And the 5 burners really come in handy for our large family meals. So glad I invested in this range, and you will be too!

Review Title: Great Appliance | Review by

I recently purchased my Whirlpool Gas Stove. I absolutely love it.

Review Title: Great Overall Look & Burners | Review by

Just recently bought this stove and am very content that I choose this one. Very sleek and nice not to mention the features it comes with.

Review Title: 5 burner heaven | Review by

Love this oven! Cleaning it is a breeze. The different burner sizes are so useful for a variety of cooking styles and tools.

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

I love this range! It's easy to work with, and cook time is so much faster. And it's really pretty too!

Review Title: Great propane range | Review by

We really like this range, the wide grates on the cook top makes it easy to move things around. The fifth warming burner is also a huge help. Oven cooks a little slow but we are adjusting to it.

Review Title: Great Quality | Review by

Works well and looks good. Prior to this brand we had purchase two competiors brands and were unhappy with them. Rather than fix them I threw them away and replaced with this Whirlpool. I am pleased I did.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

Works as advertised. Would highly recommend to others.

Review Title: The range is less than a year old and the oven stopped working... | Review by

I was so happy to get a new range after YEARS of replacing the igniter in our old oven (4 times over 10 years @ $65.00 a pop) once we decided to buy a new one and after many hours of research and consumer reports, we decided on the Whirlpool 5.8 cu. ft. Capacity Gas Range Model: WFG540HOAB with AquaLift Self-Clean Technology. Low and behold after less than a year of having the range, the oven stopped or igniting. Or when it did ignite, it would reach 350 degrees and shut off... Often ruining a few meals that you put in the oven to cook for 2 1/2 hours. Finally had the money to spend on what I thought was a "higher end range" turned out to be just as cheaply made and costly as my very first cheap and poorly made range... Not impressed with this range at all!!!

Review Title: This product is easy to use | Review by

I like my new range. The design and the LCD pad make it easy to use. The extra middle broiler is a plus. I also like the different sizes of the broilers with the largest one in front.

Review Title: All I can say just one word " EXCELLENT " | Review by

I made the best choice ever, my ex-wife used to make the decision, and I am proud of myself this time.

Review Title: this product has all the features i was looking for,,but has deficiencies | Review by

i would like to say my new range is all i would have hoped for but it is not. the controls are hard to read, the temp.scroll takes forever. the grill slides all over and the cooktop is difficult to clean. i do like the aqua clean oven feature and the heat is even in the oven the burners need to be switched so that a simmer burner is in the front. well, you asked!

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

The range is excellent in all aspects; just what we wanted.

Review Title: Overall a great product | Review by

I really love many things about this oven. It has a large cooking surface, 5 burners, convection and bake options, and is very easy to use. However the burners pretty much will only go on high. If I try to lower the heat, it may lower the flame a little, but not much. And sometimes it takes several tries for the lighter to catch, making my kitchen smell like gas. But that's only two issues compared to so many great things.

Review Title: Good styling and functionality | Review by

Bought it for our second home and very pleased with it.

Review Title: Its a knockout! | Review by

This stove has 5 burners two of which offer different features for different results. The oven is huge and showcases a sunken lower rack to give an additional inch of cooking space. Self-cleaning function is easy breezy. So far so good!

Review Title: whirlpool 5.8cu.ft. range with aqua lift self cleaning system. | Review by

We bought this one after hand me downs from family and friends. The nicest range ever. Great deal on the price. My family and friends are jealous. LOVE IT!!!!

Review Title: This product is sleek & easy to use! | Review by

I love my oven, it's easy to use, easy to clean & it looks great in my kitchen.

Review Title: THIS OVEN IS THE BEST! | Review by

We bought this oven about 1 month ago (February 2014) and we have NO complaints at all! works great the convection on this oven works awesome! very easy to work very simple oven. and the great thing is it works like a charm! we cook pizza in it and the box of the pizza says cook for 15 minutes. with the convection oven set on we cook the pizza in 10 minutes! we love this oven the best we ever owned! I Would recommend this oven to anyone! GREAT PRODUCT! And we also got the matching Microwave which is the best working microwave we ever owned! Whirlpool did a GREAT job on Both Products!!

Review Title: AWESOME! !! | Review by

My first do it all yourself oven. I love setting the timer I used it for Easter, the ham started cooking a half hour after we left. Priceless! Food always looks and tastes perfect. So much room on the stove top too. Burners work extra well. Clean up is a cinch. No chemicals! Thanks Aqualift.

Review Title: This product is very attractive. | Review by

This product was chosen after much research and agony due to so many ranges to choose from. I have not been happy with my choice because oven temperatures are not true making it difficult to follow recipe directions.

Review Title: A must have home kitchen Range | Review by

An easy to use 5 gas burner range with a good sized self cleaning gas convection oven that is ideal for just any home owner from the novice to the creative home chef.

Review Title: nice and big | Review by

I bought it about 3 months ago and love it but had problems with the starters so I had to replace that.

Review Title: Elegant, charming, spacious and easy to clean. | Review by

We were searching for a new stove for months and finally we found the best for our family . It was affordable and the same time beautiful. We wanted something with quality and style. We have been happy with it. We also, had grind ds over and everyone like it .

Review Title: Great looking range with 5 burners | Review by

I've been using my new 5-burner gas range for about a month. The multi-BTU burner options are fantastic with simmer up to very fast boil. The oven size and rack configuration options are excellent. The oven temperatures stay even, but it took some experimentation and careful review of the user manual to adjust the oven temperature to be accurate. The oven does take quite a long while (15 min.) to pre-heat. I haven't yet tried out the aqua-lift cleaning technology.

Review Title: Gas range | Review by

I am very pleased with this appliance, it is very functional and very attractive

Review Title: Quality Product | Review by

Replaced a nicely functional gas range with a more superior product when I purchased my Whirpool suite of appliances recently.

Review Title: No worries just Cook ! | Review by

We have had this for about 3 months and it is everything we wanted. It cleans easily and the temp on the oven is really good for a gas range.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

This range is beautiful, very high-end looking. The top grills are great, easy to place pots and pans when cooking. Easy to keep stove top clean. I love the convection option, I debated about that, I'm so glad I got it. My only complaint is the aqua clean feature for the oven. I can not get my oven clean with it.

Review Title: The best quality brand for appliances | Review by

I bought this range to replace another Whirlpool gas range that lasted me more than fifteen years. I only purchase Whirlpool appliances for my house. My washing machine and refrigerator are also Whirlpool because of their performance and durability.

Review Title: Very good value | Review by

We're very happy with this range. We replaced an older Whirlpool and really like the 5 burners and the fact that some of them can be turned down very low for simmering.

Review Title: Good product for price | Review by

The stove area has plenty of area for our cooking needs and the large oven area is perfect for multitasking our baking wants.

Review Title: I love this range | Review by

I am very happy with this beautiful range. It's easy to use, easy to clean and easier to cook

Review Title: Nice and Easy | Review by

This Range works beautifully and is esthetically pleasing as well. Looks great in my kitchen. I like the large window feature to view what is baking, and the contour shelving. I also enjoy the range top style and middle burner feature for grilling.

Review Title: Classes up my kitchen | Review by

Love this range. It looks so nice in my kitchen. The large window is great for viewing the progress of my food. Love the convection oven. Pizza crusts are nice and crisp, chicken turns out moist and juicy. The top burners heat food quickly and it is easy to wipe down the surfaces.

Review Title: It needs Help | Review by

I only have one complaint about this appliance. The stove top is really poorly or cheaply coated. I have bumps anf clumps, of which I don't know what it is, but without a scouring pad I will not be able to remove. I clean this stove top immediatly after I have finished using it, so that is not the problem. I have only had it 2 months, but seriously disappointed on the finish of the stove top

Review Title: My first time with a gas stove and ease of use was impressive. | Review by

I was concerned about having a gas stove but after having one I would never go back to an electric stove again. This gas range has converted to a gas stove lover and now I see what I have been missing for years. The food seems to cook evenly and for some reason even taste better. The overall ease of use makes the overall experience of having a gas stove an experience that makes a housewife feel like a chef. Thanks Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I purchased this stove a couple of months ago and I'm thrilled with it. The front burners bring things to a boil very quickly and the back burners let your food simmer for as long as you need. Love having the 5th burner, I use it for the griddle.

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

I love this range. The oven heats up quickly and is huge. I can fit many different dishes in the oven at once and can cook them all evenly at the same time. My old oven could not do this. The stove top is excellent. The front power burners are very hot! I can boil a pot of water so much faster. I am totally impressed with my new range.

Review Title: Love all the features | Review by

Bought this stove in November and did all my holiday cooking with it. It did great.

Review Title: Truly Economical | Review by

The efficiency of the whirlpool range is fantastic. The ease of installation is truly remarkable. WE have used electric ranges for the past 30 years. There is nothing like using our gas range. It takes the guess work out of temperature adjustment, which saves on operational cost.

Review Title: Really easy to use | Review by

We have been using this for the past month or so and it has been very easy so far. The performance is also very good.

Review Title: Great price/quality....Ease of use | Review by

This range is the best unit we have ever owned...Easy to use and great results every time. The clean up of spills in the oven are so easy to do.

Review Title: this range is awesome | Review by

I love our new range. It's everything I was looking for. Love the self cleaning oven and the cast iron grates. The fifth burner is a real plus. It comes in very handy when cooking for a crowd. The convection oven is the greatest.

Review Title: This product is a good product for the money. | Review by

Overall value is great. Just wish that the top surface was stainless steel instead of black. Also, the rack is not smooth surfaced so it captures and collects dust more than other products.

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

I purchased this range amonth ago and haven't found one thing I don't love.

Review Title: Great stove!! | Review by

I have been using my new stove for a couple weeks now and I love it! I am learning to cook all over again because the stove cooks hotterms than my previous stove and I now have a convection oven. I have owned whirlpool laundry appliances in the past, but never kitchen. I'm glad I choose whirlpool, great products!

Review Title: Gas stove | Review by

The stove has been a good replacement for our old one. Simple and Easy to use and works very well

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Purchased over a month ago. Pleased with all features except the Porcelain-enamel surface. Three or four dime size raised areas appeared immediately after using the stove & can't remove. Will try afresh cleaner to see if that removes..

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I have had this range for about 6 months. Love the design but the oven takes too long to heat up. The middle burner on top is useless unless I'm not using the other burners because there's no room to put a pot while using the other burners. Other than that I'm pleased with my new range.

Review Title: Love all of the features | Review by

We have used the Accu-Simmer burner for sauces and have cooked rice many times on it with very good results. The oven bakes and broiles excellent.

Review Title: Awesome! | Review by

I love this range! The convection feature is great and works wonderfully and the power burners are fast and accurate. I don't think I have a single negative thing to say about this.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This is an awesome stove, easy to read settings, easy to clean. I would recommend this stove to everyone I know. The center burner is great for long cooking items like soups or sauces.

Review Title: Wonderful gas range! | Review by

The Whirlpool Gas Range is fantastic! The convection oven is great! It makes cooking very easy and I love to cook! I would recommend this range to my friends!

Review Title: Great buy so far | Review by

Bought this stove to complement the upgrading of all our kitchen appliances. Whirlpool has always been world class and this is no exception, love the new grated cook top and convection oven it cooks food more evenly and in less time.

Review Title: What's Not To Love - It's Whirlpool! | Review by

We are a Whirlpool family. Every appliance we have is Whirlpool. So when we bought our new stove another Whirlpool came to our home. We love the convection oven. The two piece grate for the five burners with different heating degrees is everything you could want and then Whirlpool throws in a beautiful look for their appliance to really make your kitchen shine. Thank you Whirlpool. From a member of your family.

Review Title: My new Whirlpool Gas Range: WFG540H0AS | Review by

So far, so good. Looks amazing. Well built. Large oven box. Convection fan for oven. Recessed oven rack, large view window, different size burners, lots of features. Haven't owned it that long but I love it. If I had to nit-pick, the distance between the range gas-heads (?) and the cast iron top could be a little less. But that should be our biggest problem.

Review Title: Love the way it cooks | Review by

Their are three areas I would change: !. Ordered free standing stainless, do not like black on sides, would be fine if built-in. 2. Grills move around on top when cooking, need to be inset more. 3. Covers on bruners need to lock in place, they are constantly off center due to cleaning.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

I bought this gas range a few weeks ago, and I love it. It has an excellent, professional look and performance. I find myself wanting to cook and bake more simply because of this. Although I haven't tried all of its features, I'm sure when I do, they will work perfectly.

Review Title: Great oven | Review by

I purchased this oven just before the holidays to replace an old Amana model. I was able to cook a 7 lb. prime rib in half the time with the excellent convection feature. Overall my wife and i just love it especially the super burner. Boils water faster than ever. Great product!!

Review Title: Perfect | Review by

Bought 12/26/14 and I love my stove and it work great

Review Title: POOR, POOR, CRAFTSMANSHIP | Review by


Review Title: Easy to cook, as well as clean up! Energy Savings is a big plus as well!! | Review by

I would definitely recommend this oven to others. Whirlpool, in my opinion, delivers the BEST appliances, for so many years!

Review Title: Excellent upgrade for kitchen remodel | Review by

We recently did a kitchen remodel, and bought all new appliances as part of the upgrade. We replaced a very old Caloric over-under gas range with vent fan with the Whirlpool 5.8 cu ft gas range, with matching Microwave-vent hood. We wondered whether the "loss" of the second oven would limit us, but we had a big family Christmas dinner with 3 people cooking, and the high-capacity oven + microwave served quite well. The new, efficient technology is great, keeping the kitchen cooler - - we are very pleased.

Review Title: Great! | Review by

I just bought the range about 3wks ago and we love it. It has great features

Review Title: I love the design | Review by

The top does get dusty and dirty easy, so I clean alot.

Review Title: I love this stove! | Review by

This is the first new stove I have had in 15 years, they have definitely come along way is features and designs. This stove has all the latest features, from the 5th burner in the center to the full grate on top to the convection oven. I am actually excited to fix dinner to use my new stove.

Review Title: Very Responsive | Review by

We purchased this for our park model trailer one year ago. As it was hooked up to propane, it passed on inspections and worked like a charm. Easy to work with as one can light it up quickly and adjust as required. So far so good!

Review Title: great product with one bad side | Review by

The stove top the paint bubbles up and it does not clean very easy. Does not look as nice as I would like, didn't expect it to bubble and appear like the pain was going to come off.

Review Title: LOVE THIS STOVE! | Review by

I do not cook often but love to when I can and I LOVE this stove. First off, it has an alarm to let you know when the oven is preheated, which I have never had before. I love that I know my oven is up to temperature. Second, on the second attempt with the new stove I accidentally spilled a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese on the door, immediately melting it. It came off so easy after the oven was cooled, I couldn't believe it. The 5 burners is also great. For everyday cooking I usually use the middle burner because it is far enough back that my kids can't reach it but close enough to the front that I can keep a close eye on it easily. So glad I made this purchase. Another little perk--the light for the oven automatically comes on when you open the oven door, no wasting the light being on when nothing is cooking (my 2 year old very quickly discovered the button for that light on my old stove) and no worrying about being able to see the food when you open the door to check.

Review Title: AWESOME!!!!!! | Review by

I purchased this oven in December, It is awesome!!!!. Bakes everything evenly. This was my first experience with a Convection oven and it is the only way to go. I do think that the 5th burner is a little overated but its all in what you want. I haven't used it yet.

Review Title: What a great oven | Review by

Bought this new when I moved into my new house. It's been great. EASY to clean the top. The five burners and all-over grill top make using a griddle a breeze. I couldn't be happier

Review Title: What I expected. | Review by

The only thing that I would have preferred knowing in advance is the fact that the cast iron grates are so "scratchy" that they are taking the finish off of the bottom of my new T-Fal pots/pans. Definitely requires cast iron, aluminum, or other cookware that does not have a coating on the bottom.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Love this gas stove. Cooks quickly on the stove and in the oven especially with the convection. So far no problems.

Review Title: Solid range, good value for money | Review by

Everything works well. One piece of rubber molding came off around the under-oven storage drawer the first day we had it. Couldn't install anti-tip in slab-on-grade floor. Burners are nice and hot. Oven maintains temps nicely. Controls are easy to use.

Review Title: Like the big burners and the convection oven. | Review by

Whirlpool Cabrio washer and whirlpool dishwasher. Like the fact that these products are made here in the USA!

Review Title: Average Oven | Review by

I've had this oven since 6.2014. I bought it quickly and was looking for medium price. I love the fact that it's black. Very easy to clean. The door 'leaks' steam and heat and it clouds up. My older oven had fabulous slide-out shelves which I miss very much.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

I love cooking on this range. This was my first gas range. It's so easy to use and cooks so evenly.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

Easy cleanup and looks great! Love the way it looks in my kitchen!

Review Title: Great Range Good price | Review by

after considering the many options when shopping we decided on the whirlpool, six months later we are still very satisfied with the decision. many features reasonable price.

Review Title: Very Nice Range | Review by

An astounding range with an easy to use and simple oven control. Love the fact that you can turn on the oven light without having to open the door. Have yet to try the Aqualift tech, but here's to hoping it can get the job done.

Review Title: This is a great product. | Review by

I have been very happy with this stove. It has wonderful features and the gas cooks so even. The sleek look and its very easy to clean. I really enjoy cooking on this fabulous oven and stove. I am a firm beleiver in whirlpool and all my appliances at home are whirlpool. Thank you.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

I love the look and all the features on the stove. In our new house I couldn't wait to get a gas stove. This one has everything I wanted. Five burners of various sizes are my favorite. The only reason I didn't give it a five is because Cleaning the top is a chore. The black part was prone to showing streaks until I found that glass cleaner with vinegar works well.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Product works great- A lot of features. Cost effective. The only drawback on the unit is washing the stove grates, they are rough and grab the towels creating a lot of link on the grates. I'm hoping that's because they are new and need to get worked down. Otherwise the unit has been a great addition to our kitchen.

Review Title: Glad to be cooking with gas again. | Review by

I was desperate to convert the smooth top electric stove in the house I purchased to gas. I spent several weeks looking with some dissappointment as to availability of gas stoves in the area stores. Finally before Thanksgiving I saw the Whirlpool model that I purchased and am very pleased with looks and performance. I particularly like the 2 grates as opposed to 3 on most models. As a chef, I'm very grateful to be cooking on a gas range again.

Review Title: A Very good oven | Review by

I love the oven. The ability to boil water faster and cook you meals in the oven evenly have been very nice. The only thing we do not like is the burner covers. They are very heavy and clumsy

Review Title: Extremely functional with great features. | Review by

Love the oven and the fifth burner in the center. We have just started our canning season and am extremely pleased with the time saving feature of the oversize and extra burner.

Review Title: Dollar for dollar it is excellent. | Review by

Balanced heat in the more cooking resulting in l/2 of the meat is cooked and the other half not so cooked. This alone is worth the new investment. The metal covers on top are like coasters to transfer pots from one burner to another.

Review Title: High quality range | Review by

Love this range. Had it for a few months now, the cooking efficiency is great compared to our older over/range combo. Stylish stainless steel looks great with our other whirlpool appliances. Great value for the price. Would recommend this to anyone.

Review Title: wonderful purchase | Review by

We bought this to replace a very old range...and couldn't be more happy. Beautiful looking and totally functional for everyday use!

Review Title: What a treat to cook! | Review by

I have a 30 year old Kensington stove that i treasure. i hated to move and leave it behind. We shopped carefully, because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The Whirlpool was our best choice. We have not been disappointed. Talk about ease of use and cooking! I love the very low heat burner in the back for when i put bacon on in the morning and keep it low. It does not burn!!!!! Even if i leave it a while, it does not burn. Fantastic. It's about time to try that special new aquatic feature where you put a cup of water in and it steam cleans the oven. Who would have guessed! I would highly recommend this to any one who loves to cook and bake, both beginner and pro alike. thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: Excellent Product! | Review by

Enjoy cooking more with this stove. Cakes come out perfect and level.. Everything cooks, bakes evenly. Makes me feel like a Pro..Love it! Wonderful product.

Review Title: My New Range | Review by

I love it! I love the look of it especially the oven door with it's "picture" window and capacity. Programming is a snap for baking and broiling, and a pot of water boils fast when wanting to make a hard boiled egg, pasta, etc. Also, waiting to heat the oil or butter in a frying pan is fast, as well as saut�ing and other methods of cooking. The other burners are just as great when heating up soup, simmering, etc.

Review Title: whirlpool range w self clean technology | Review by

got this gas range, easily changed to propane fittings by qualified person. couldn't do this myself. works great. have never had a convection oven, love it. didn't take long to accustom myself to the digital oven control, always know what temperature your oven is at. tried the self-clean takes about a half hour no more oven cleaner and scrubbing

Review Title: Love my Whirlpool Gas Range | Review by

"What a wonderful stove! I love the grated top and 5 burners. Easy to transfer pots. The 5th burner is a great feature when having parties. The 5.8 capacity oven is great for turkey dinners. Lots of room. and don't worry about clean up, just add some distilled water and when you are done...wipe it clean.

Review Title: Cleaning option is not very effective | Review by

I am very disappointed with the cleaning option. I have followed the directions very closely and the tougher stains do not come out even after running the cycle multiple times and wiping it down with a sponge as suggested.

Review Title: Love this range. | Review by

I like to cook and love to cook on gas. It has a convection oven and it cooks very evenly. I would recommend this oven to anyone who loves to cook. The cook top part is also gas and I have five burners.. Haven't used all at once but, it is great. have not burned anything since switching to gas.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

We bought this about a month ago. The effortless way the oven cuts on an cook everything is awesome. The five burners are great to have. I just wish that they were alternating with a small one in the front on one side and a large on the other side. I think it would help maximize using all burners at the same time when you are using big pots/skillets. The white writing on the knobs, which tell you low med high, are coming off an that's been since day one. They should have been ingraved with the directions. Dont know if company will send me new ones but I will find out. Overall I am happy with this product!

Review Title: So easy to use and a beautiful addition to our kitchen! | Review by

I have used an electric range for the past six years. It recently broke and we decided to have gas run to the house. It was the best decision we have ever made. I love the look of my new stove, how easily it starts and the oven, with convection is absolutely a bonus for me, as I love to bake all the time.

Review Title: Great range!! | Review by

I love this range! Maybe I am just excited to move from electric to gas, but I am SO SO happy with this purchase!

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

I bought this with an appliance package and I couldn't be more pleased, it is just so easy to use and was easy to convert to Propane. and cleanup is a breeze

Review Title: IT is a great Gas Range and works very well and we are happy with it. | Review by

We just bought this gas range couple of months and we love it.

Review Title: LOVE IT! | Review by

We purchased this oven before Thanksgiving because our old one was just too small and needed to be replaced 10 years ago. We are so happy we did! This oven is great! Large interior for cooking multiple dishes. Love the convection option! I like have burners with different flame output (I'm sure there's a technical word for that lol). I can boil water in a snap and let other dishes simmer nicely in the meantime. I also like the middle burner option, however, I do wish that it was a long oval burner instead of a small round one. But it still does the job. All in all we really love our new oven and are so happy with our purchase. The price was also perfect for our budget.

Review Title: modern look,with needed features for our family | Review by

Using our new whirlpool range has been a dream. Our cook times have been reduced greatly for both the range top and oven compared to our old unit. With the modern looks of our new Whirlpool range and refrigerator our remodeled kitchen is the talk of our family and friends.

Review Title: Great overall | Review by

Had to replace our existing oven and this one is much better - easy to clean and looks sleek. Convection feature is also nice, works very well.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

This stove is great. I would however prefer the burners be arranged differently. However it is leaps and bounds better then my last stove

Review Title: Pleased customer | Review by

I have had my new gas range for about two months now and absolutely love it. It is so much better than the one I had before. It has twice the cooking area, has more power, and is more efficient. It has more options that have enhanced my cooking. I am so pleased with my choice.

Review Title: very ergonomic | Review by

good stove easy to operate very intuitive the thing you may want to ghange is the finish on the stainlees steel to affect no finger prints

Review Title: The range has great features. I did have problems with the igniter but I was able to get it replaced. | Review by

The range is great for baking. It is a large capacity and cooks evenly throughout. Over all I am enjoying the new range and its features.

Review Title: modern | Review by

My wife and kids are happy and i like the new features

Review Title: Great Gas Range! | Review by

I got this range a little over a month ago, and so far love it! Cooking time has been greatly reduced! Love using gas again for cooking. Cookies and brownies cooked nicely and in good time. Has a great big oven window and good light inside to chech cooking without opening the door.Controls are easy to use. Clean up is easy, just have to wait for the grate to cool off. Haven't had to clean it yet, but the process sounds simple enough. Very happy so far.

Review Title: Excellent Oven | Review by

Love this's easy to use, it performs well, it's easy to clean. Love the extra center burner. It's also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Review Title: Very nice addition to any kitchen | Review by

So far the stove has been excellent, no issues or concerns.

Review Title: Now we're cooking | Review by

Love the convection. My last range was not calibrated.

Review Title: I love this stove | Review by

I have used the extra burner in the middle more than I could have imagined. The big oven with the big window is a delight to use. I can get so much in nice to have when having company. The design with the stainless steel handle really spiffs up my kitchen. I have white cabinets so the handles on the microwave (Whirlpool) and dishwasher (Whirlpool) add a nice touch.

Review Title: Love my stove | Review by

I truly love this stove...the continuous stove top is great for canning, and the power burner is a great time saver.

Review Title: Excellent range! | Review by

I LOVE my new gas range. It's sturdy & very well built. It's easy to clean . Five burners is awesome. I love to cook & this range is a pleasure to use.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Got it a couple of months ago after moving in and love it!!!

Review Title: Like! | Review by

I bought this a few months ago. It works well, bakes beautifully..

Review Title: Impressed with the constuction | Review by

Love the grill type cooking surface, we can slide pans anywhere on it without worrying about spilling what we are cooking. The handle is sturdy and functions as a towel holder too. So far so good, we are happy with the way it bakes and cleans up.

Review Title: Love the five burner cook top. Oven has its quirks that I am still getting used to. Digital read is wonderful. | Review by

The five burner option on the cook top is very convenient and accomodates a large paella pan quite well. The burners burn very clean and efficiently. The blue digital read out is very easy to see. I am legally blind and my old red readout was such a strain to see. The shape of the lower rack in the oven does not take a cookie sheet as well as I'd like. So far, the convection feature has done a mraculous job of baking, but I have found that I do not need to lower the oven temp at all as is sometimes suggested for convection. I have had a bit of trouble with high temp roasting, but haven't spent much time reading the :how to" booklet, so I can't blame it on the oven. That, the lower rack and the very small storage drawer on the bottom are why I haven't given this appliance an "excellent" rating.

Review Title: Awesome product | Review by

Awesome product. Definitely glad I purchased this range.

Review Title: This product breaks easily | Review by

We bought this product 4 months ago and it has already broken. The oven shuts off after reaching the set temp. A BIG headache when you are trying to cook for your family and the meal is not cooked because the oven shut off an hour ago.

Review Title: Great Range! Looks great, cooks fast and cleans easy! | Review by

We have had this range for about 3 months and couldn't be happier. It is gorgeous and looks great in the kitchen. It cooks quickly. We are so happy to have gas cook tops. It is also a breese to clean. Take of the top grates, spray and wipe down!

Review Title: Wonderful Overall | Review by

We bought this about a month and a half ago and absolutely love it. The power burners heat fast and the precise simmer burner is just that. The oven heats faster than advertised. It is very easy to keep clean. We love all the features that it has.

Review Title: Efficient range | Review by

Bought this range and thought the griddle would come as part of the pkg. Unfortunately found out have to purchase that separately for an addtl cost. When looking at this range in the store it was shown with the griddle which I assumed was part of the design

Review Title: This a preformed above and beyond my expectations. | Review by

Within the last three years I have purchased Whirlpool microwave, dishwasher, French door refrigerator/ freezer all products have exceeded my expectations. This is the first gas grill/oven I have ever owned, and I doubt I'll ever go back to electric. I've had such a wonderful experience with the Whirlpool line I'm now looking to buy a Whirlpool water heater, and washer and dryer

Review Title: Cuts cooking time dramatically! | Review by

Getting a gas range meant the expense of extending the gas line but was well worth it. Controlling the heat source is so convenient, and cook times are much shorter. Love the ease of keeping the surfaces clean. Love everything about it!

Review Title: Excellent value for the money. | Review by

This gas range replaced an older unit and works great. Simple, easy to use and great value for the money.

Review Title: great features | Review by

We bought this a few months ago and it is woring great

Review Title: Love my convection oven | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago and love how fast I can bake in the convection oven. Had to bake a few different things in a day to try out. Love it!

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

I really like this stove. It has all the features that I needed, plus.

Review Title: Love this oven | Review by

Did a lot of research in looking for a new oven and kept coming back to this model of oven. Big item for me was the large window door, I bake a lot and this is a great feature.

Review Title: I spent a lot of time researching stoves before deciding on this one. | Review by

I was very interested in the Aqua Lift cleaning system. After using it the first time, I was a little disappointed in that while the bottom was clean, the dirty spots on the sides of the oven were not steamed away. Besides that, I really do love the stove. The top is easy to clean; it's nice to have the fifth burner; and the convection feature makes my breads and roasts turn out better than ever.

Review Title: great product | Review by

works great and love it,i bought it about a month ago and it works fine and dandy

Review Title: Beautiful look, and features | Review by

A very good looking stove. Compliments our new kitchen. Love the full gril on top. Having a little problem with the oven ignition system, have to check to insure that it lights. Have a call in to get it repaired. I would buy this product again.

Review Title: Delivers | Review by

Bought a new house and purchased this range to replace the one left. We like the stainless steel/black combination. Could go with either color refrigerator. Power burners heat water like a charm and the accusimmer feature of the 2 back burns allows me to really simmer rice, etc. without burning the bottom of the pan. When cleaning the top of the range, the black is more "smeary" than I would like. But using a stainless steel wipe does the trick. The aqualift technology is nothing special.

Review Title: Well above average for a range and a very good value for the money | Review by

We bought this Whirlpool range for our condo and we were impressed by the features and styling when we saw it in the store.

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