Whirlpool WFE540H0AH 30" White Electric Smoothtop Range - Convection (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WFE540H0AH Cooking

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  • TimeSavor Plus True Convection Cooking System
  • Seal in flavor and juices with the TimeSavor Plus true convection cooking system.
  • A rear fan and a third heating element in the back of the oven circulate hot air over, under and around food to bake quicker than an oven without true convection.
  • TimeSavor Plus true convection cooking roasts 30% faster.
  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • Achieve uniform baking results every time with the AccuBake temperature management system.
  • A built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and controls the cooking elements to deliver consistent, delicious results every time.
  • 9"/6" Dual Radiant Elements
  • Provides the space-saving advantage of having two elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware.
  • The 6" inner ring is perfect for simmering or quickly boiling water in small pans.
  • The larger outer ring evenly distributes heat to larger pots and pans for better results.
  • 12"/9" Dual Radiant Elements
  • Provides the space-saving advantage of having two elements in one to handle various sizes of cookware.
  • The 9" inner ring is perfect for simmering or quickly boiling water in medium-sized pans.
  • The larger outer ring evenly distributes heat to larger pots and pans for better results.
  • 6" Warm Zone Element
  • Prevents food from cooling while the rest of the meal is being prepared.
  • This low-powered fifth element provides added flexibility and convenience.
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Rapid Preheat uses all of the elements and a rear fan to heat the oven quickly and efficiently.
  • Now you can save time when single-rack baking with 25% faster preheating.
  • AquaLift Self-Cleaning System
  • Whirlpool's most energy-efficient cleaning cycle uses water and low-heat to release baked-on foods from the bottom of the oven.
  • When the cleaning cycle is complete, soils and excess water can be easily removed with a dry towel.
  • Industry's Largest Capacity Range Available
  • Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare treats for a bake sale with Whirlpool brand's 6.2 cu. ft. capacity electric ranges.
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window is the Industry's Largest Window
  • Keep the heat inside your oven while checking on dishes through the industry's largest window.
  • Max Capacity Rack
  • Convection Conversion
  • Use faster convection cooking with all of your favorite recipes.
  • The convection conversion feature automatically adjusts the oven temperature, taking the guesswork out of programming your oven.
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Exposed bake elements have an irregular surface with hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to keep clean.
  • Whirlpool brand places the bake element beneath the oven floor, creating a smooth, even surface that is easy to wipe clean.
  • Lower Storage Drawer
  • Provides extra space for your pots and pans.


Fuel Type: Electric
Oven Features
Total Capacity: 6.2 Cu. Ft.
Sabbath Mode: Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode
Delayed Cooking: Yes
Drawer Type: Storage Drawer
Oven Controls: Electronic
Oven Lights: 1
Oven Racks: Max Capacity Rack
Height: 46 7/8"
Depth: 27 3/4"
Width: 29 7/8"
Shipping Weight: 168 lbs.

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Review Title: Great product. | Review by

I was hoping for a great new stove. I cook a lot. This has more than exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful to look at. It cooks small portions, and does great with a canner, full of 7 quarts. The oven is bright, and large. The convection oven is quiet and efficient. My cookies are light and breads have great crusts. I also like that I can use a regular bake setting, if I don't want the convection oven. The energy efficient power off is a help with electric bills as well. I would recommend this stove to anyone for any type of cooking.

Review Title: Love the technology! | Review by

This is the first new stove I have bought in 35 years. Love the technology! Easy to use.

Review Title: innovative design | Review by

I bought this electric smooth top in November of 2013 & we love the features & efficiency.

Review Title: Warming zone, large oven with even cooking, beautiful features. | Review by

I got this 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. The only negative is the drawer is a lot smaller than the old one. I cannot fit all I had before. Other than that I love it.

Review Title: LOVE WHIRLPOOL | Review by

I just purchased this for my remodeled kitchen. It is so much more modern than my old range. It is new but have not had any issues.

Review Title: A Great Product | Review by

I love the fact that it has the ability to cook with convection as well as standard. The burners heat very quickly. It has plenty of room inside for multiple cookie sheets or a very large turkey.

Review Title: This prouduct is very nice and easy to use. | Review by

Whirlpool products are very dependable and durable. This item is more than excepted it reaches temp setting very quickly cutting cooking time way down. Heats evenly for best cooking results. Not only is this a great range it is also very stylish and energy saving to. with the most recent flat surface handles and knobs. this product looks great in any kitchen and saves money on my power bill..

Review Title: great sixe | Review by

Had it a few weeks, stove and burners heat up quickly. Be careful when using the stove, convection ovens cook fast. Great stove so far.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

I purchased this stove about a month ago and it looks nice. Has nice features including a huge convection oven with a lot of burner variations. Heats quickly.

Review Title: I like this product with one exception | Review by

Well, it might be two exceptions, as I have not had a chance to use the oven cleaning feature. Since I did not use it yet, I did not rate the oven on this feature.

Review Title: Nice fit in my kitchen! | Review by

Sound construction - love the convection oven - great appearances. The glass cook top is a little difficult to keep spotless.

Review Title: Love the stove | Review by

I love the fact the oven is so large, I have plenty of room to bake in. It is so easy to clean the range top. I wopld have liked getting a third rack in the oven since it is big eough to fit it. I like having the convection oven, I just wish the stove would have given a booklet with helpful hints on cooking times for the convection oven. Like having the warming element.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

The oven cooks quickly and evenly. Love the fact I can use whatever size burner I need on the front . Very easy to clean.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

Love the extra room in this stove and the cook-top heats very evenly.

Review Title: Worth every penny | Review by

Perfection for a decent price. oven capacity is awesome. super easy to clean. only downside is that the timer and pre-heat function beep loudly....not conducive to later night cooking with small children sleeping down the hall. will rave about every other thing!

Review Title: athena | Review by

love this item couldnt wait to get a convection oven they are the bet

Review Title: Love it | Review by

We really like our new Range, cooks things evenly and quickly.

Review Title: Our New Range | Review by

So far we are very pleased with our new cooking range.

Review Title: Sleek and easy to use! | Review by

Our new stove is simple to use and does a great job! The Convection oven feature has shorten the baking time. Top burners heat up quickly and heat evenly. Nice easy clen up.

Review Title: Double the love! | Review by

I wanted dual burners on the stove top and got the convection oven also in this model. Best of both worlds for me. Absolutely love it!

Review Title: whirlpool electric range | Review by

I have had this stove for 6 weeks. and satisfied with the way it heats food and bakes food. but I am not happy with controls

Review Title: Great stove, horrible drawer | Review by

The stove and oven work great. I love all the features and can't imagine wanting more out of an oven. However, the drawer at the bottom where I store my cookie sheets is about unbearable. The silly thing won't stay on its track and it's so thin and flimsy that it's actually sharp. I don't understand what is so complicated about a drawer that opens and closes, but evidently this somehow got missed in the engineering process.

Review Title: It looks nice in my kitchen. | Review by

I like the quickness in which the heating surfaces on the stove top respond to the turn of the knob however they take too long to heat up for cooking purposes. I do, however, like the temperature regulator on each surface as I am cooking. I do not like the configuration of the stovetop cooking surfaces, but I do like the large surface with an inset of smaller cooking surfaces. In regards to the oven I have concerns. The oven light comes on when I open the door and cannot be turned off unless I close the door. The oven does not bake evenly -- ie: when I bake cookies the cookies on the perimeter of the cookie sheet get very dark in relationship to the cookies on the inside. I have tried using the convection oven which results in much longer baking time than the regular oven with the same uneven baking. I have not used my oven enough for it to become dirty so I have not used the cleaning feature. The surface of the glass top stove top is VERY susceptible to scratches. My last glass top stove which was 35 years old when replaced by this new model had no scratches on its surface. I have the very finest stainless steel flat-bottomed cookware so I know that isn't the problem. The surface is incorrectly made in my opinion! The dials and operating buttons are easily manipulated and understandable. I really like the large glass viewing area to the oven.

Review Title: This product has aquick heating oven | Review by

Our last stove/oven took 30 minutes to heat up to 350. This oven gets there in less than 8 minutes. The four burner stove top has 4 burners, two of which have dual sizes to fit any combination of pots. The stove top warmer is also a plus. The configuration of the stove top elements is designed to allow for many different size of pots without any size interference. This stove/oven unit is an enhancement to any kitchen since it works well and looks excellent. It also is huge inside the oven and fits better in the depth of the counter.

Review Title: Love my new oven! | Review by

Love the convection feature for even backing! I do not think I realized what I was missing. This is great for baked items. No more burnt bottoms. Love the big burners out front for fitting big pots. The warming feature is great when we're busy and not all eating at the same time. People love the big glass door. The black top does show smears when cleaning. Really have to dry well to keep it all shinny.



Review Title: Great looks & fantastic performance! | Review by

This range by far meets all my expectations in performance & I absolutely love the convection feature! The range is easy to use & easy to clean. If there were one thing I'd like to have but don't, it would be a larger drawer on the bottom. However, given the fact that I chose the larger oven door over the larger drawer, I can't complain.

Review Title: Great investment! | Review by

I bought this at Lowe's last month and couldn't be happier. Great price and looks great.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I am very pleased with this purchase. It is easy to clean and heats up quickly!

Review Title: Nice range | Review by

Bought this a couple months ago. So far it is a really nice range. Love the smooth cooktop and warming area. Easy to clean the cooktop, but using the special cleaner is a must. Baked goods cook evenly, no hot spots. Haven't tried the self-clean feature yet.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

We love our new Whirlpool range and could not have asked for a better product. Our old electric range was outdated and worn but this new one has all the features we need including warming area.

Review Title: Loads of room | Review by

I love my refrigerator. It has room for everything I purchase to store in it. I buy lots of vegetables and fruit so the vegetable and fruit drawer is wonderful.The ice features are great.It has more space than my old refrigerator. Thanks Whirlpool for making life easier.

Review Title: The stove is excellent | Review by

I had almost stoped cooking in my oven. I had too many failures with part undercooked and part overcooked at the same time.

Review Title: Love the extra features of this stove! | Review by

Great stove!!! Love the convection option on the oven. The extra "keep warm" burner on the stove is a wonderful addition. Stovetop is easier to keep clean than I expected.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

I bought this electric range in April. I have used it and all the features since then. I am totally satisfied. I especially like the aqualift cleaning for the oven. No hassle and no scrubbing!

Review Title: Things have changed! | Review by

Being in the Chicago area it was tough to find an electric range and white. We were used to the old coil tops and we were concerned about the smooth top and breakage. Takes a little getting used to but it really preforms better than the old one, and the oven...just is enormous. Have not had a chance to use the convection oven.

Review Title: Awesome Oven with Tons of space and extra warming burner... | Review by

We just bought this a month ago and its such a huge improvement from our last range. First of all, the oven is quite large and can accommodate very large items. It also has a convection option which is very nice. As for the range, it has 4 adjustable size burners and a warming burner to keep sauces warm. it works great and we also really love the large window on the oven door so that you can see everything inside the oven without opening the door.

Review Title: everything i needed | Review by

I bought this because i started my last oven on fire. One of the features that really sold me on this item was the hidden coil. It is easy to use the self cleaning function and i never have to worry about starting anything on fire again! I would recommend this oven to anyone and everyone.

Review Title: Really impressed by range | Review by

I am pleased at how well the range cleans up. I have never been a fan of electric ranges, this one has won me over. the convection oven feature is awesome. I must state again how easy it is to clean and I only use cast iron pans. I cannot wait to make a mess in the oven to see how great the aqua clean works.

Review Title: nice features | Review by

We moved to a new house and needed a new stove. I am happy with the stove however it is hard to keep the top clean around the edges with the small channel around the top.

Review Title: Very good overall | Review by

Oven works wonderfully, I live the convect back feature- Always even baking! Stovetop works great too, just hard to keep clean and although we haven't had it too long, there are a few minor scratches although I am very careful with my pots and pans. Overall I would difinetly recommend this range.

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

The only thing that I don't care for on this range is the black surface. Shows dust and smudges.

Review Title: This product is excellent! | Review by

I love the stovetop and especially the large oven. So much easier to fit different sized pans into this space. The warming unit on the stovetop is a bonus feature! The larger plate size fits well for stock pots too. And, I like the feature to use small or larger cooking unit on the stovetop.

Review Title: very happy with looks and price | Review by

whirlpool appiances were the brand i kept coming back to for looks and price

Review Title: Looks great! | Review by

We have had it for about a month and love the features. The wide window on the oven door gives a substantial view of food inside. The burners are instant on and allows for quicker cooking.All in all we are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: beautiful stove. | Review by

This stove looks really nice in my kitchen. I especially like the warming spot on the cooktop. It cooks fast and keeps the temperature where I want it.

Review Title: overall good value for money | Review by

Overall a good product. Convection oven works great and the cooktops heat well. 2 major problems- the cooktop is diffiult to clean and develops stains which dont come off with standard market cleaning products. the oven heats on the outside and hence the cabinets and outer surroundings get hot when oven is in use.

Review Title: This product is above average. | Review by

I feel this oven is made cheaply compared to my previous oven. I thought food and water would come to a boil quicker than they do. Also, it takes a long time for the red "hot" button to go off so I have to wait long to clean the stove top.I like the big oven window though. It takes a while to get use to the burners also.

Review Title: A very good product | Review by

I have had this electric range about three and a half months. This range came as a package of Whirlpool kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave) in the new home I purchased. I have used the oven to bake pizza, cookies and a cheese cake and they turned out perfectly. It was nice to be able to watch the baking process through the glass door with the interior lit up without having to open the door periodically. I gave this an overall rating of 4/5 because I have not tried the self-cleaning feature (hasn't been needed yet). I have cooked numerous things on the stove top with excellent results. And the top cleans up like new, even with boil-overs, when the appropriate cook-top cleaner is used. The one negative that I have is that the oven does not come with a broiler pan. It must be purchased separately. IMHO, that should be an integral part of any range, not an add-on. Other than that, I am very happy with the range thus far.

Review Title: M/GySgt E-9 Retired | Review by

The Aqualift self cleaning feature is poor. I only used the oven twice since I purchased it and it does not clean. I believed that I purchased an oven with a full self cleaning feature and unfortunately I did not. Never will I purchase another appliance from a large store such as Lowe's as the sales person did not explain the limitation of the self cleaning Aqualift feature.

Review Title: Great product!! | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool stove. I bake a lot of cookies and the large convection oven makes it much faster. Also love the smooth top with the warm zone and the dual size elements.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Simple to use & looks great with all whirpool appliances

Review Title: stove | Review by

What a great buy we needed to upgrade and we did with whirlpool what a gret stove.

Review Title: This range is an overall great oven. | Review by

The oven is a great appliance. I absolutely love the warming feature, convection option, & dual burner options. The style is excellent & the oven has more than sufficient space. The only down side I have found so far is that it takes longer than expected to boil water on the range top. The ease of clean up for the oven is also a great feature. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Review Title: This product is easy to use and clean | Review by

the product is very easy to use and clean love the large glass door the stain-steel is easy to wipe off.

Review Title: It was time to upgrade | Review by

Our 9 year old stove oven had erratic temps. This new version has 2 front burners with dual sizes, a big plus. A convection oven and a warming burner. The downside to the large oven is a small lower drawer that won't hold the pots and pans that our old unit did.

Review Title: Great Oven | Review by

I am very happy about this oven. Works great!! Wonderful cooking speed.

Review Title: just OK | Review by

The range is just OK. It takes forever to heat up, does not come with a broiler pan, and the storage drawer is much smaller than the 10 year old oven it replaced. Controls take some getting used to, e.g. for some reason, if you choose "convection" after setting the bake temp, the warm up time starts all over, or to turn the oven off, you must hit a button labelled "cancel" rather than "off." Also, unlike my old oven, the burner "hot" indicator is just one light on the control panel vs. one for each burner on the cook top itself. Wish I'd stuck with my old model.

Review Title: dont buy this stove | Review by


Review Title: terrible self cleaning feature. | Review by

The clean cycle is a joke. It does a horrible job of cleaning. This aguallift feature does nothing. I thought I was getting a self=clean oven. It has definitely caused me more work.

Review Title: review of new whirlpool frig | Review by

We bought a french door frig about 3 weeks ago. Floor model on sale, has a couple of small scratches on the front but buffed out pretty good. There is so much more room than the old side by side had, items are easy to see. So far, very impressed.

Review Title: Great performance! | Review by

I wanted some updated appliances for my kitchen and this stove was just the ticket. It is an attractive appliance and cooks evenly and cleans easily.

Review Title: Why I was so stupid | Review by

When we moved into our new home nine years ago I was more concerned with saving money than I was having a stove with a fancy glass top. After nine years of cleaning burner pans (and, yes, sometimes burners themselves) I made the investment to the Whirlpool 6.2 with easily-cleaned glass top and a convection oven. Happy? Yes! Smart? Yes!

Review Title: Buy American! | Review by

My wife and I reviewed and considered all of the big name imports when we recently remodeled our kitchen and needed new appliances. Upon seeing, and now ultimately using, the new Whirlpool Gold Ice (we chose the White Ice models) Collection I am firmly convinced no other manufacturer produces any higher quality product. We love our new appliances; their modern design, their functionality, and their price points. Whirlpool has done an excellent job giving consumers a reason to "Buy American"!

Review Title: This product is Great! | Review by

Even though we have had is for a short time, this product has surpassed our expectations.

Review Title: Nice Range | Review by

I have this range for only 2 months but I love it. Quick heating of elements and oven. Very nice.

Review Title: very nice! | Review by

I like the stove overall, I do not like the aqua tech cleaning. It did not clean at all.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

We have been very happy with our range - the features are great - love the convention oven and the fast boil stove top -

Review Title: all the features | Review by

the stove has all the features we were looking for and the best price

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We have had this oven for about a month now and I'm impressed on how quickly the range top and oven come up to temperature. The interior of the oven is very spacious, but I wish it had come with two flat racks and one lowered rack, instead of one of each. When I am baking cookies and have four sheets to put in, the lowered rack does not quite fit two of my sheets. Overall so far it is a great oven that we chose for the timed bake, convection, flat cooktop, self-cleaning, price, and brand reliability.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

I like the glass top. It is very easy to clean and the temperature is consistent so the food is cooked evenly.

Review Title: Love large glass door ...great feature! | Review by

Love the large glass door for viewing! Convection oven bakes evenly. No over browning on bottom like my older oven did. Like the easy to clean cooktop. Have not yet used the aqua clean feature. Chose Whirpool brand because it had the best record in Consumer Reports for the least repairs. Have always used this guide and over 40 Years have found it reliable.

Review Title: Simple to Use | Review by

I love this range. As my husband and I get older, this is an appliance that is simple to use. Not a lot of buttons and electronic items. I love the look and it is absolutely meeting my needs.

Review Title: Awesome Features! | Review by

I bought this about 2 weeks ago and over all I'm pretty satisfied!

Review Title: Great! | Review by

I'm used to a gas range, but this is the best alternative.

Review Title: The oven size is wonderful. | Review by

We enjoy the size of the oven. You can cook multiple items at the same time and there is room. Also we he enjoy the large glass window on the front door.

Review Title: WONDERFUL stove | Review by

I am thrilled with my new stove! Bakes well and love the flat surface cooktop!

Review Title: Perfect Cooking! | Review by

I bought this model range three months ago and could not be happier. It was a great value and is very attractive in my kitchen. And best of all - it cooks and bakes perfectly! I am especially proud of the way all baked goods turn out - done to perfection. And with the convection bake feature - the tops of everything get nicely done with a beautiful browning. The top of the range is so efficient that I can turn off the burner as much as half-way through the cooking time and it continues to cook to desired doneness. I highly recommend this range.

Review Title: Best range I have ever owned | Review by

I had debated on which brand to choose when redoing my kitchen and I am so happy I chose Whirlpool!

Review Title: great fitures | Review by

very happy with my new stove first one for me love the convection oven

Review Title: I really like the easy to use features. | Review by

I think the convection part is very good and cooks evenly.

Review Title: Love it!!! | Review by

People always want to look at the negative reviews for products but I honestly can't say anything bad about this one.

Review Title: the extra large oven is great. | Review by

I'm glad I picked this range, I'm very pleased with the features and is easy to clean.

Review Title: Whirlpool Range | Review by

This is THE best electric range I've ever owned. I would recommend it to all my family and friends. I love the large capacity oven! I can get several dishes in there at one time saving me time. The overall look and design are wonderful, the smooth glass top rage is great and having that extra "warmer" pot space in the middle is excellent! This is by far the best kitchen appliance I've ever bought. So far I do not see anything that i could call a "con"....its all "pros". Kudos!

Review Title: We like it so far, needs a couple of minor design improvements | Review by

We've had our oven for about 1.5 months. The exterior look is nice, but we would have loved to have a bit more stainless instead of black up top. Also, we wished the blue LEDs for the oven clock match the lighter blue of the Whirlpool microwave we just purchased. Instead, the oven's LEDs are extremely bright blue, which is harder to read, and doesn't match the microwave. We like the ceramic top since it's easy to clean. We only wish we had two of the faster heating 10" elements up front, instead of the larger 12", which seems to heat slower than our old oven. I do think the elements heat saute pans more evenly than our old oven. We like the stainless steel design, but it does scratch easily so you must be careful when wiping it down. The oven interior is very spacious, and it fine for baking and convecting so far. I do wish the chemical "burn in" smell could have been minimized - it took us several sessions of heating around 450 degrees for several hours to finally be rid of the smell.

Review Title: The smooth top isn't as easy to keep clean as I expected. | Review by

It's a good product but the top isn't easy to keep the smooth top look. I cook a lot and some things just don't seem to want to come off even with a cook top cleaner.

Review Title: So Close to Perfection | Review by

SO wanted to give this a five - love the extra roomy interior, wonderful "keep it clean" oven floor design to make cleaning a breeze, good configuration of top burner sizes. Can't live without a convection oven for baking - got hooked on it 15 years ago. There are only two flaws - the black top of so much harder to keep clean than a white top - it's a constant chore. And I was very disappointed that it only can with two racks. A convection oven should come with at least three. The whole point is baking and three racks lets you back an entire batch of cookies in the time it takes to bake one the conventional way. I bought my own third rack.

Review Title: white ice 6.2 capacity electric range | Review by

beautiful look and roomy, easy to clean oven. some screws missing/not secured in rear of stove

Review Title: great features but not a great stove | Review by

I can't give this stove a good review. I had to have it service within a week of service and then it was still mess up. He put a new board on it and it works fair now, but it still take longer to bake anything.

Review Title: The convection oven and the stovetop warmer are the best. | Review by

We bought this range to match our Whirlpool microwave oven. It looks sleek and modern in our kitchen. I love the convection oven with the large window so that you can clearly see the food cooking inside. The stovetop warmer is another feature that I like because it keeps one dish warm while another is being cooked in the oven. Also with the turn of a button, the stovetop can accommodate a range of different pot sizes. There is no "wasted" space on the stovetop.

Review Title: Convection | Review by

Love the convection feature. Heat is even and consistent.

Review Title: I would only have glass top, it's easy to clean. I always turn burners on first to heat-up. The timer is helpful and warming area too. Looks great! | Review by

I like the appearance of color combination and find it easy to shine up. I can always find a burner to fit the pot I want to use. I've placed a liner in oven to catch spills, but expect it to be easy to clean. The convection helps make my rolls etc. slightly crisp on top while still moist in the middle.

Review Title: Best range we've ever had! | Review by

We're completely happy with our new Whirlpool range. It's easy to use and clean. It has a good variety of smooth top heating areas. We also like the warning lights telling you the range is still hot. Everything we've cooked has come out properly.

Review Title: A long awaited good friend | Review by

My stove is my best friend. A love the variety of the burners and how I can use them with different size of pots and pants. This stove is also good as a slow cooker. I use the oven and the convection oven. I bake lots of trays of vegetables and I can control the crispness. It was a good choice. I'd love a new refrigerator, but I can't afford it now. I'll let you know when I get one.

Review Title: Love the sleek looks, we bought all new Whirlpool appliances with all the handles that match. | Review by

Easy to set up, It even let me know that the electrician had the wires backwards. When I plugged it in the code read that the wires were wrong.

Review Title: beautiful and easy to clean | Review by

Thanksgiving fit! This oven is beautiful & cooks great

Review Title: Great looking & great cooking! | Review by

I just couldn't wait to start cooking on this and I've never had a self-cleaning oven everything cook so much faster as saves so much time and it's energy-efficient. I recommend this product and the price was right !

Review Title: I love the look, the combination of white and silver makes it great looking! | Review by

I am not one to use an oven but since purchasing this product, I have used the oven almost every day. I was afraid to use the stove top at first but I am getting used to it and getting more comfortable every time use it. Love my new stove. Thank you. Can't wait to get the matching dishwasher and fridge.

Review Title: Smart cook top | Review by

I love the fact that the cook top elements turn off once you have set the temperature nob to a desired temperature. Also love the feature cook top inner and outer range for your desired pot sizes. I have not use the oven yet, as I just purchased it and it has only been 2 weeks.

Review Title: Great range . I enjoy the convection oven. | Review by

We got this as a gift. It has been a great range. It is hard to keep the black glass top clean. The white tops are easier to keep looking nice. I would prefer the knobs to say " front" and "back" instead of having pictures.

Review Title: Great for the price | Review by

This is a great oven, heats well and uniformly, great value for the quality.

Review Title: I like the dual size burners | Review by

Most of my cooking is done on the front burners so it is nice to have a variety of sizes to fit the pans I am using. Some spills are a little difficult to clean up. I like the large window to view what is in the oven & the 7 positions for the racks.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

Great temperature control on the range top. Easy cleaning.

Review Title: Burner controls | Review by

I wish that the diagram for the burner controls were in color so it would be easier to see which control is for which burner.

Review Title: This product works great | Review by

Nice features and works great. Needs more clarity on the controls

Review Title: what a great apperance.easy to use. | Review by

really goes well with the rest of my whirpool appliances. hass all the latest features plus good looks. the stove top stays nice and new looking with minimal care. that was a big worry of mine. oven/broiler is a joy to use and work with.

Review Title: Nice range | Review by

Bought this oven during black Friday sale great price for a great appliance no issues

Review Title: This range is very sleek and attractive. | Review by

This range cooks wonderfully and accents any kitchen.

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

We LOVE this range! The oven is huge, the convection oven makes cooking faster, the warming space on the top is convenient, cleaning is EASY. The only thing we've found to be a small problem (just once) is when we accidently activated the lock feature. BUT, we called the Whirlpool customer service hot line and everything was taken care of quickly. Quality is great, price very reasonable. Whirlpool makes quality appliances - we also have a Whirlpool refrigerator and microwave - so we knew we would be purchasing an excellent range. Thanks!

Review Title: luxury look | Review by

We recently remodeled our kitchen down to the bare walls. My contractor recommended Whirlpool products to me and I followed his advice. He knows his stuff! Beautiful appearance, even better performance. Still experimenting with oven features. Plan on lots of baking.

Review Title: love my range | Review by

Great oven. love how quickly it heats leftovers. roomy.

Review Title: We are enjoying this range very much. | Review by

We have had this range in our house now for several weeks and have throughouly enjoyed it so far. It is easy to use & clean & we like the full-view stove door that allows you to monitor the contents without opening the door.

Review Title: this product has good feature s | Review by

Great performance, excellent choice, great features, no sound

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

We had this stove for a month now and I am completly satisfied with the product. It has all the features promised and the temperature is very accurate. It also fits well in my new kitchen. Good job Whirlpool!

Review Title: Thrilled with our Whirlpool kitchen! | Review by

Large oven permitted us to cook four dishes for holiday dinners at the same time. Have used the convection oven setting just a few times and am impressed at how quickly the food is thoroughly cooked. The stove top is easily cleanable and continues to look brand new. Each burner regulates quickly when heat adjustments are made. No more burnt food or overflowing liquid!

Review Title: Good Oven! | Review by

This is a very nice oven. The only suggestion I have is that the aqua clean method doesn't work too well for major accidents in the stove. Wish there were more chemical options.

Review Title: gets the job done | Review by

The oven and stovetop work very well. We haven't had to clean it yet, so we can't verify how good that feature works. We don't like the stovetop glass. It scratches easy, and it is hard to get it to shine. It is cloudy even after we use the product provided with the unit.

Review Title: Great job so far. | Review by

I've only owned the range since December but it's doing a great job. My old range was 20 years old so the features on this, including convection oven, are wonderful.

Review Title: Nice Performance | Review by

We like our new range and the performance is excellent in terms of the coils heating and the ease of use of the oven and broiler. The only thing that was a surprise and a bit of a disappointment is how easily the top cooking surface gets marred and needs to be "polished" . A small bottle of a cleaner and special pad was included, but it will not last long with the need to clean after nearly every use.

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

Glass top is very hard to keep clean. I use the product provided, but very hard to make it not smudge. Never had one of these glass tops before. Would not buy again.

Review Title: What a disappointment! | Review by

Two months ago we replaced a 10 year old Whirlpool stove that used coil elements with this range. It looks great, the controls are easy to use and the cook top cleans easily but you must do it every day. The convection oven fan is very quiet. BUT: - it heats much slower than our old stove especially the oven - AquaLift Self Clean is a great concept (Steam clean your oven in 40 minutes!) but at the end of the day you will not get a clean oven. Elbow grease must be added. That's a big disappointment and a major step back!

Review Title: the good feature is the large oven. | Review by

I did not like to clean the water up from cleaning the oven. 2 cups of water every time i clean the oven. I would not buy this oven again with aqua lift or any appliance with that feature. I like whirlpool appliances but not the aqua lift.

Review Title: Product has performed flawlessly. | Review by

Purchased the stove with the extra burner to keep items warm. Nice feature. Good looking stove.

Review Title: Finally a new oven | Review by

As a baker it was hard living without a oven. Now I can bake to my hearts content...and I do - nice even temperature. Easy cleaning top is a pleasure.

Review Title: Great Stove at a Great price! | Review by

My wife and I upgraded our appliances to stainless step, and wanted a stove with glass cooktop. This one was a great price at HH Gregg right after Christmas, so we bought it on a whim. Works great and looks great! Only complaint is the black plastic on the top around the knobs and clock, I wish that was silver for aesthetic reasons, but that's just a personal preference.

Review Title: Best oven I've ever owned! | Review by

This oven meets and exceeds our expectations for cooking and baking. The range top with the capability of having two adjustable size burners and a warmer burner comes in handy on a daily basis! I can cook conveniently and easily in any size pot I own. The oven, with its convection option is perfect for baking, roasting and broiling small or large meals and desserts. Easy to cook for 5 people or 25 people!! Simplified range controls and oven controls are quick and easy to set as well.. No issues with keeping it clean and it is an attractive addition to our set of kitchen appliances. Extremely satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it for any cook in any kitchen. Excellent price for the service and results you receive.

Review Title: this stove has everything | Review by

I love everything about this stove. The burners heat up quickly and the burner size choices are perfect.. the oven is fantastic. I didn't know if the extra size would be necessary but it's great. Don't get me started about Aqua Lift - OMG - it works!! I've used it twice - after. Turkey and prime rib. You have to do a little work , but it is far superior to other self celaning.. This is a great stove.

Review Title: Best stove | Review by

Recently purchased this stove and absolutely love it. I unfortunately had an overflow on a cake I was making. The aqua lift cleaning was awesome. Spill came right up in a short amount of time. I also love the flat top cooking surface.

Review Title: easy to use, saves energy, Simple | Review by

Great to look at, ease of use. great design, cleans easily

Review Title: This product is easy to use and has nice features. | Review by

This product is working well for us. The features make it very easy to use and I believe the quality to be excellent. It looks great in our brand new kitchen.

Review Title: Happy customer | Review by

Brought this appliance with my new home and love it.

Review Title: Great features for the price | Review by

This stove has everything we need, including the wonderful convection feature. Other stoves with these features were much more expensive and didn't seem to offer any more for the price. Also, the stainless accents add a great deal to the look.

Review Title: It's ok | Review by

It does what it was purchased to do. bottom storage is to small.

Review Title: This product is quite new to me. | Review by

This is the first time I have had a smooth top stove. It took some getting used to.. So far, I like it. The oven seems bigger and I really like the larger window in the door. I also like the opption of using either smaller or largerpans.

Review Title: Good purchase so far | Review by

Have only had this oven for a short time but am pleased so far. I love the spacious oven size, the concealed lower heating element, more oven rack positions and the very large oven door window. I thought the window size was a minor feature until I used my oven for the first time. I find that I open the door less during operation because I can see the progress of the food so well and that is a definite plus to not disrupt the cooking/baking process unnecessarily. The convection option is a definite plus! I would have preferred some sort of flat/touch panel for the controls, however, the control area is still simple, well-designed, easy to use and easy to clean. I like the glass cook top so far though I have had to learn a thing or two about how best to use it after having electric coils in the past and that is fine with me to learn new things!! If this range lasts, then I will happily add durability to the list of it's positive qualities!

Review Title: I'm in awe! | Review by

I've only had this stove a couple of weeks and every time I use it I am more impressed. So easy to use. The stove top is neat with the small/large eyes and the oven is awesome especially the convection baking. The larger oven is a nice bonus too.

Review Title: Excellent stove. WeI love it! | Review by

Our new Whirlpool stove is the best electric stove we have ever owned. The burners heat quickly and the choice of burner sizes is remarkable. The oven enabled us to cook an enormous turkey that we could not have done before. The convection feature is outstanding for baked goods and roasts. We also like the warmer burner and us it almost daily.

Review Title: The product is simple to use. | Review by

Love my stove. It is simple to program and set temperature.

Review Title: this product is easy to use | Review by

Love the big oven, and you can see really well through the glass. Easy to clean , and works well.

Review Title: Good all over. | Review by

I love the operation of the frig. And the ice maker is very good. It looks very good in our kitchen. The water filter is easy to get to.

Review Title: Great Product for Technologically Savvy Individuals | Review by

This is an excellent product, with great features; however, I am from the old school and I prefer a stove with eye burners. It was very hard for me to adapt the way the smooth top, cooktop stove cooks. It cooks a little bit faster than I would like. Otherwise, a great investment.

Review Title: Love this stove | Review by

So far I have only had this stove for a couple of weeks and haven't gotten a chance to use it as much as I would like, but what I have used I have loved. It heats up fast and cooks quickly. I love the cleaning feature as I have already had to use it and it was quick and simple. The only downfall I can find is that the bottom drawer is not very deep and not very sturdy. Not able to hold much and not made very sturdy.

Review Title: This is a great product. | Review by

This product is awesome. It is very easy to use and is just so nice. I would recommend this product to friends an family.

Review Title: bought it because of the aqua clean | Review by

I bought this because of the Aqua Clean feature . I like the glass top because it is easy to clean . Plus I have had Whirlpool appliances for 41 years and they are very dependable

Review Title: Excellent cooking quality. Sleek Design. | Review by

This is the best stove we have ever purchased. I have never cooked in a convection oven before, but this saves both time and energy and food is cooked more evenly. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

Review Title: This product looks and cooks very well. | Review by

Very happy with this oven. It's easy to use, cooks well and looks nice.

Review Title: I have been greatly pleased. | Review by

I have had my range for 6 months. I like the convection feature-- cookies and rolls bake evenly on two seperate racks. The stovetop feature with the variable element dependent on pan size is a plus. All of the control are simple and easy to use. My only suggestion would be to improve the design of the bottom drawer to look more stylish.

Review Title: LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! | Review by

I have had my electri range now for about 4 months and I am still thrilled with the performance. I love the even cooking and everything comes out of the oven perfectly cooked. I didn't realize how bad my old stove was till I started cooking on this one. Great product. Thank You

Review Title: This is a totally AWESOME stove. | Review by

Cooks great. Cleans very easily (cooktop and aqua clean). Would definitely purchase one again. If you have an electric stove you need to purchase one of these. It is the best purchase I have ever made.

Review Title: Excellent value and features. | Review by

I bought my range over a month ago and use it every day. I find the oven temperature to be very accurate and the oven heats evenly. I use the bake feature daily and have yet to use the Aqua-lift cleaning feature. I clean the stove top after each use and it looks brand new. I love the wide open oven window and large capacity oven. I loaded up the oven for holiday meals with room to spare. The burners with dual heating elements make it easy to match pan bottom size to the element, so that the pan heats evenly and quickly.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Great range at a great price. However, my interior light burned out in less than a week :(

Review Title: Great looking and even cooking | Review by

My only complaint is the length of the pre-heat time. We got all new kitchen appliances, all Whirlpool and we couldn't be happier. All appliances work great and look great. It's hard to find appliances that cover both looks and function but these definitely fit the ticket!!

Review Title: Good product | Review by

The stove top is a bit hard to keep clean, but otherwise an good product

Review Title: Looks nice, works well | Review by

Have had this unit about 5 months. The only negative is that it is hard to keep to cooktop completely clean, even using the cleaner. It gets close, but there seems to be a slight buildup along the outside of the cooktop burner.

Review Title: COOKS GOOD | Review by


Review Title: Nice features | Review by

Bought this item to replace an older Whirlpool stove. Great features and easy to operate. However, the bottom drawer is weak compared to other units.

Review Title: Really like the options on this range. Easy to manuever | Review by

Very nice range! Love the features. We were able to purchase all Whirlpool appliances for our kitchen!

Review Title: Very Easy to use. | Review by

I'm a bachelor, don't have a lot of time to cook; however, when I do need to use the Range - it's easy, and I don't have to take a lot of time figuring out "how to work it":)!

Review Title: so far so good | Review by

Purchased 5 weeks ago, still learning how to use the convection oven. Love the different burner options! Easy to clean with the Whirlpool products.

Review Title: My new Kitchen Range | Review by

I bought this three months ago and it was everything I expected and more. It cleans up so well, and the ease in understanding the controls to reach the oven temperatures made it worth every cent. I would buy this oven AGAIN!!!!

Review Title: This product is easy to use and the functionality is superb. | Review by

We love to cook and this particular Whirlpool electric range more then meets our expections.

Review Title: nice | Review by

I brought this about a month ago and so far I really like it.

Review Title: whirlpool electric range | Review by

i bought this a month ago , and i am very glad i did , it out preforms my old one

Review Title: LOVE LOVE my new range!!! | Review by

I do a LOT of cooking (family dinners, personal chef & catering) so when my old range began giving me trouble, I had to replace it ASAP!!! I've always loved and trusted the Whirlpool brand but went shopping with an open mind. My subdivision does not have gas service, so I had 2 criteria: I had to have a smooth-top stove service and the largest oven capacity out there! No other brand had even close to the oven capacity as this Whirlpool, so it zoomed to the top of my list quickly!! It had a beautiful black smooth stovetop, easy-to-use digital touch controls and just an overall beautiful, sleek, professional look. I love the "Keep Warm" burner, great for anything but for me, especially useful for sauces & gravies. The final feather in this range's cap is the Aqua-Clean feature!!! Finally a range utilized the power of steam to clean away those nasty but unavoidable oven spills!!! It cleans MUCH better than a traditional self-cleaning oven as well as much faster!! And speaking of ovens, the HUGE oven capacity is wonderful beyond words!!! Whether cooking for your family, baking yummy things for yourself or others, the enormous oven capacity is amazing!!!! There is not a single thing I would change about this Whirlpool range, and I've already recommended it to friends who were range shopping and I don't recommend something unless I TRULY love it and believe in it!!!! Great job as usual Whirlpool!!!!!

Review Title: Beautiful and functional | Review by

I am very pleased with my new range and the only complaint I have is that the cooktop scratches easily and is hard to clean. Even with the use of the product that came with it, it is still difficult to clean burned grease on the burner areas.

Review Title: The AquaLift Self-Clean is great! | Review by

I really like my new range. I love the dual zone burners, warming area, and the convection oven. I didn't really know if I would like the new self-cleaning method but it is great. It allows you to quickly clean the oven on a more regular basis and not overheating your home with 500 degree temperatures. I would recommend this range to anyone.

Review Title: we love the instant heat for the burners and the aqua lift cleaning feature | Review by

I had my stove for almost a month now and we love it very simple to use.

Review Title: Purchased with Refrigerator, Microwave/hood, Diswasher | Review by

I purchased four appliances so that they would match after I replaced my 19 y.o. Kitchen Aid side by side refrigerator. The range has good features that I really like such as selectable convection. I cannot comment on the AquaLift cleaning feature as I have yet to use it. There is one thing that really does bug me, albeit it has nothing to do with the range. The clock on the microwave/range hood is of a different color than the clock on the range. The clock/display on the range matches the display on the refrigerator. So the odd ball here is the Microwave/range hood. When you buy all appliances within the same line from the same manufacturer, you expect that the colors of the display match. In this case, they did not. Bad form Whirlpool.

Review Title: Decent Stove | Review by

I have had the stove/oven for about two months. In all, my favorite thing about the stove/oven is the look of it. The oven seems to work fine - no better or worse than my old one. The worst thing about it is the drawer underneath. It is very small - doesn't even hold the smallest of my pots so I had to put baking sheets in it and find a new place for my pots. It is also pretty "cheap". The metal is very thin and it falls off the tracks every time I open it so I try not to. It also seems to take a long time for the burners to heat up - although I have nothing but a coil stove to compare it to. In general, I would probably buy it again to match the White Ice style, but I might look for a stove that heats quicker if there is such a thing.

Review Title: New to smoothe tops | Review by

Installed about a month ago, no problems so for, the oven is insulated much better than my last.

Review Title: this product has great features. | Review by

I love my new range; the only thing not so good is the stove top is hard to keep clean and smudge proof. The cleaning system of the oven is very innovative, but didn't really work all that great. Overall the look and the function of my new range is very good.

Review Title: Kind of disappointed | Review by

I was raised with a gas stove, but our new house had all electric. I was so excited to get this new stove to replace a 22 year old model, thinking it would be more efficient. It's not. It takes longer to heat up and just as long to cool as the old one. Also, I find the picture to designate the burner knobs confusing. What ever happened to words. Front and back would make more sense. Also, we've only had it a couple of months and the oven appears to not be keeping an accurate temp. I've always kept a separate thermometer in my oven and recently this oven is 25 degrees off. (I even threw out my old thermometer thinking it must have been it and not the new oven, but the new thermometer shows the 25 degrees off also.) Apparently, I need to contact Whirlpool.

Review Title: nice looking and easy to use | Review by

Really like the stove. Have tried nearly all functions and it works well. Don't really like the small storage drawer, but understand it's due to the oven arrangement.

Review Title: great range | Review by

I purchased this range and we do a lot of cooking in the house, and range tops work really good, they clean easy and it's really nice to have that 5th element. Also we use the oven a lot and it works perfectly!

Review Title: Got a great deal...worth the $$ !! | Review by

I am so happy with my purchase! I love the dual burners..finally ones that fit my frying pans.The oven is huge and I like that I have a convect option to cut down on the amount of time it takes to bake. The ceramic top looks great and takes no more time to clean then the coil one.Like the stainless look even though my refrigator is white. The black top and oven door blends nicely.I bought this even though I am a single women...a family of one!! lol You won't be disappointed with this range!!

Review Title: this range is very appealing to the eye | Review by

This range design is very eye catching. The large window for the oven is very revealing, allowing easy monotoring of progress of items being baked. The glass top is exceptionally easy to keep clean, and heats quickly.

Review Title: We are very plesed with this oven! | Review by

We are very pleased with our choice of this oven. We have been completely satisfied with the "easy to use" and convection option. We were leery at first to purchase the partial convection. We have no regrets and have encouraged friends and family to consider in their next purchase.

Review Title: very happy! | Review by

Our range was installed recently and we love it! The oven cooks the food evenly and according to the time required. The cooktop is great. I am very happy with the two burners in front that can accommodate large or small pans.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

my wife & I purchased this 07/21/2014 & have been very pleased with it

Review Title: Great oven space | Review by

Love the size of the oven. Also love the size and location of the stove top burners.

Review Title: Looks great, but takes a long time to reach cooking temperature and has poor oven insulation. | Review by

This appliance looks better in my kitchen, but I preferred the performance of my 15 year old cooktop and oven. The smooth top burners and oven take a very long time to come up to cooking temperature, and the oven seems poorly insulated. If I had known about the performance I would have chosen a different product.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

I purchased my new whirlpool convection oven glass top stove a month ago and absolutely love it. It looks sleek and stylish. The convection cooks great and it took very littl time adjusting to it. I highly recommend this model to all.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Good product, easy to use, looks nice. Like the easy view from big glass

Review Title: Whirlpool Range | Review by

We own several rent houses and always buy Whirlpool appliances for the rentals. I have probably purchased 9 Whirlpool appliances over the past five years. They are easy to use and hold up very well. We also purchased Whirlpool for the home in which we are currently living. The range's oven works well, bakes evenly, and the temperature is true to the digital display. The top of the range is easy to clean and I like the adjustable burners. I love the big oven window.

Review Title: works extremely well and safe. | Review by

We put this in our newly built house and couldn't be happier with both look and function. The burners heat extremely fast and you have several options to control heat levels. The oven is large and also heats very fast and holds the temperature for even and timely results. Best stove we've ever owned!

Review Title: A welcome change from concern to dependability. | Review by

My experience with Whirlpool began three years ago following the refrigerator failure of a fairly new "other" brand (while we were on vacation). My replacement was a Whirlpool french door refrigerator. Immediately we were taken in by the convenience and interior space. Soon after we experience another failure; again a popular national brand, top of the line range. Again we replaced it with a Whirlpool range exactly like the one you show on this page. A month ago I replaced another older range at a summer home (proactively) with the exact some unit. Three appliances in three years. We love the huge window in the range door. I am sold on Whirlpool...period.

Review Title: Great value for the price | Review by

Range top cooks evenly as does the oven. Large oven window makes it easy to see what's going on. No need to open the door.

Review Title: Modern design and good features | Review by

This is our second electric range and first Whirlpool. Our previous one was from GE.

Review Title: Overall a good product. | Review by

This was my 2nd ceramic top range. I love the versatility of the combined lg and small burners but the control knobs are on a different scale depending whether they are single or double burners-easy to figure out but it makes you think everytime they are used. Also the texture of the cook stove makes it harder to keep clean than my old smooth one because you can't scrape with a razor blade. I liked the idea of the lower temp steam cleaning oven but it doesn't clean up as completely as the high heat self cleaning ovens.

Review Title: Basic Reliable Stove & Oven | Review by

Quality components, sleek simple design. A good deal if you want a basic stove and oven. Great big oven capacity and very quiet convection fan. The stove elements are sized perfectly for any combination of pans I use. I'm happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Great Value for the price range | Review by

I am pleased with the performance of this product. Nice features for the price.

Review Title: This product is an exceptional product. | Review by

I love my new stove. All the features make it a joy to use. It's easy to clean. Even my extra large pots fit the units and have even heating. The large capacity holds all the pans for a large holiday meal. An exceptional product that I would recommend to everyone.

Review Title: good and bad features | Review by

I bought my oven and am very happy w it. All except for the lack of storage in the bottom drawer. The lip that cones does not allow for me to put my iron skillets in the bottom as i have done with all my other ovens. Otherwise , i am very happy with the performance.

Review Title: use...easy to clean | Review by

Great product..will continue to buy this product line..

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

After reading the other reviews , let know what to expect. It did not disappoint me. Just as I expected. Would recommend it. Would prefer a self cleaning oven. Just be careful with it.

Review Title: Easy to like | Review by

This is our second Whirlpool range. There are a few less features than the last one, but the oven is much quicker heating up to baking tempartures.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Bought a couple of weeks ago. Oven is big which is nice. Stovetop is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. Still trying to figure out what works best to keep it looking good. Controls are easy to use. Have not tried self cleaning feature yet. Fancier than I was going to get but on sale so price was right.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

Bottom drawer could be a little more sturdy but that isn't a show stopper. Range is ready to use way faster than my last product. Convection oven cooks everything quickly and evenly.

Review Title: Great oven, Simple but does the Job!!!!! | Review by

It looks nice and does a great job cooking. The little extra room is very nice. We love it!!!!!

Review Title: This electric range operates beautifully according to expectations & has great features. | Review by

The oven is easy to clean....& the glass top just need wiping down with tiny bit of glasstop cleaner. I have it for 2 months now & still looks like brand new even though I used it daily.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Best we've ever owned. Easy to clean, accurate baking temps. Love it!

Review Title: Better Than Best! | Review by

We love this range. Every meal turns out perfectly....our homemade pizza is now world class!

Review Title: Great range for lots of cooking | Review by

We splurged on the range and love it so far:

Review Title: great stove | Review by

I bought this 3 weeks ago and cooks well and is so quiet when cooking.

Review Title: Every easy to use, easy to clean! | Review by

Bought for our new construction house. Very sleek, clean design. With the glass top, it is very easy to clean the stove. Aqua lift technology makes cleaning the oven a breeze. Love the warming zone on th stove for when my husband comes home late. Would recommend this product to anyone!

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

This is my first glass top range and it is definitely different, but I love the look and it cooks everything just right. The Big oven window is wonderful, being able to see what is baking without opening the door or even turning on the light is just the thing! The digital oven controls are wonderful too! I am very happy with this new range.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

After returning a competitor's comparable range because it never worked properly, we purchased our Whirlpool. It was a little more expensive (5%) but it has worked like a charm since it was plugged in. It is a great design with all the features we want.

Review Title: AWESOME!! | Review by

Easy to clean. Excellent oven space. Very Happy!..

Review Title: love my new stove | Review by

just purchased my new stove and love it already. it cooks things fast and easily. Cannot wait for my Christmas baking am sure I will have an easy time with it Tank you for making such a reliable product

Review Title: Amazing | Review by

Looks great and works better than expected. Would but another if I had too.

Review Title: Range features | Review by

I have had Whirlpool/Kenmore appliances "forever". The new range is imposible to keep the cooktop looking clean. My previous Whirlpool range was also a smooth cooktop with a different finish around the burners and always looked nice. Also, the drawer at the bottom is sooooo small only a couple of things will fit into it. I used to keep my pans, skillets and lids in the drawer, along with some larger utensils. My new refrigerator is fine except there should be another shelf.

Review Title: Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range with AquaLift� Self-Clean Technology | Review by

Look great but you need to spend much care on this.

Review Title: Solid performer | Review by

I got the range as part of an upgrade package when I bought a new house. After a few months of use this oven/range has been a solid performer. I use it almost every day and haven't had to think about it. It just works.

Review Title: Love IT | Review by

Love the convection feature as well as all of the others. It is Los great having NO exposed elements anywhere even in the oven!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: This product works great | Review by

This product so far has been working very well. It doesn't take very long to preheat and cooks very fast especially on the convection setting. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in purchasing a quality product.

Review Title: My Whirlpool | Review by

My second Whirlpool oven and I love it, I haven't used all the features yet but having a good time learning and cooking with my new toy.(that's what I call it). The oven is huge and I love the way it cooks. The dual feature is awesome and I appreciate the fact that I didn't have to purchase another set of pots to accommodate the flat surface. Cleaning of the flat surface is great. I just love my stove.

Review Title: Nice big oven! | Review by

I like the features on this range. The design is great.

Review Title: This product is an overall good product. | Review by

This range has a warming zone and two dual elements which are very convenient. It also has a convection, aqua lift self cleaning oven that I like. So far I have been very pleased with the procuct. The only negative things about the range are that the drawer on the bottom is smaller and the metal on the sides seems to be thinner than on previous ranges that I have owned.

Review Title: Great value for the price! | Review by

The stovetop iis excellent for everything from normal cooking to large pot canning. It easily handles even the largest pots. The oven is large and everything inside can clearly be viewed the the oven door. That alone is a huge improvement over any range that I have ever used. My only negative comment is that it is a little hard to clean but even that gets easy once you have done it several times. I consider this range to be a bargain for its price!

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Has been a great addition to our new kitchen, has performed to expectations

Review Title: Nice stove for price | Review by

Have had this range for approx 2 months and so far so good. The large capacity oven is great, although it does cut down on the storage space in the drawer below. Forced me to weed out some rarely used pans and reorganize some kitchen cupboards, but that's probably not a bad thing. I haven't used the self-clean feature yet, so can't comment on that. Like other reviewers, the knobs seem a little flimsy. I suppose if it was an issue I could replace them with something I liked better, but for now it's not an issue for me. I like the dual sized units, although I did discover I don't have many pans that require the largest size. For those with cast iron, I have a cast iron skillet (not enameled) that I was warned to not use lest it scratch the glass surface. I have used it, careful to not slide it across the surface and haven't had an issue w/ scratching. Overall, a great little range/oven for the price.

Review Title: look good, problem with display. | Review by

Looks good, display goes in and out, hard to clean oven and glass top.

Review Title: Overall, nice product. | Review by

Great stove for the price. The only negative is the need to clean the top with a special cleaner.

Review Title: Love the large oven | Review by

Oven heats even, no hot spots, convection works great. No more burnt pizza crusts and cookies

Review Title: Cook well | Review by

It preheats quick and cooks well. The window on the front is large so you can see inside. This has a great look and is practical. This is a convection oven which makes it better.

Review Title: Thrilled | Review by

We have been thrilled with out new Whirlpool Electric Range. The smooth top is much easier to clean than our old range was. Oven preheats quickly and convection oven makes cooking quick meals for a busy family on the run a pleasure.

Review Title: Huge Capacity | Review by

Bought it a month ago and it has been awesome, cooking time it so much faster with the convection feature, oven is huge.

Review Title: A very nice surprise | Review by

I had a stove that needed replacing after 2 years because it was literally falling apart everytime I used it. I was told by several people that Whirlpool was not the product it once was and to save my money and get something else. Am I glad I didnt listen! I paid a very fair price and got something that not only looks good in my kitchen, but didnt take me a month to figure out what all the buttons do. There are higher quality stoves out there and they are fancy. With my family, I need dependibility, service and ease of cleaning and guess what? I found it and it didnt break the budget! This stove is my all time favorite!

Review Title: Really BIG! | Review by

Wow! This must be some product if even my husband raves about it! The window is great for looking in without opening the door. Insulated well, so the heat stays in the oven. It took a couple of tries to get used to the heat dials, but it is not a problem. The glass top is a little tricky to clean and keep shiny. Big interior space! Love the blue LED lights at night.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this stove a couple months ago and have enjoyed it since. Both baking and stove top cooking provide even temperature dispersement and efficient food preparation. The only small thing I'd change is that for many pans, the smaller burners are too little, while the enlarged burners may be too large.

Review Title: Ease to use | Review by

This product is very ease to use not need to waste hours with manual to learn how to operate it. The oven works great and the temperature inside very even no matter if you use the top or bottom tray. Other great thing in this unit is that you can use the bottom or I would like to call the floor, this unit doesn't have the heat element on the bottom like others do. Also the top is very ease to clean with the product recommended "Afresh" to clean the glass. I'm happy. And the last great stuff all done in AMERICA by Americans.

Review Title: whirlpool stove | Review by

I bought my stove about a month ago it was a great investment stove works great . Oven works wonderful cooks evenly through what ever you are cooking .

Review Title: Wonderful! | Review by

I love my new range! It heats quickly and is easy to clean!

Review Title: Clean look, great features, Whirlpool Quality! | Review by

My wife and I just added an all Whirlpool appliance lineup to our new home in Florida, kitchen and laundry! The Whirlpool Electric range is good looking and has all of the features we wanted. We have had great experience over the years with Whirlpool appliances in other homes and we expect to receive the same quality and service from these in our new home.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

This is a great stove for the money and what you get is well worth it . Love the aqua lift cleaning system very easy to clean wit out the bad smell and heating up the house for hours. Love the technology for the cook top wish it was on the burners as well as it is very easy to clean. My only down fall on the stove is the black shows dust fast. A big plus is having the oven that is huge and the rack that is bent lower for more room could easliy use 3 racks too cook in although it only comes with 2. The best bang for the buck money well spent.

Review Title: Great range!! | Review by

Verry happy with the range, works great and looks beautiful. Great price.

Review Title: Love my Range!! | Review by

When we built our house last year, we upgraded from the builder range to this model. We are so happy we did!! This range is not only attractive on the outside, but works so well. There are multiple burner sizes to meet your needs no matter what size pan you are using (including a warmer burner) and the oven cooks so well! We haven't yet used the convection portion, so I can't speak to that, but I love that you can choose from regular bake to convection easily and the interior of the oven is huge! One thing that is so nice about this range is that it shows you the oven temperature as it's heating up. It may sound like a little feature, but it has been something that I appreciate so much after having ovens that didn't do this...I like to know approximately how close I am to being able to start my food baking. I highly recommend this well built, functional range!!

Review Title: This product does the job. | Review by

I really like my new oven. There is tons of space to bake in the oven. It does take a long time to warm up. I also really like all the space on the cooktop. It also has a really flimsy bottom drawer that only fits a few cookie sheets but I guess you have to give up something to have the extra space in the oven.

Review Title: This product performs great, cooks, bakes evenly. | Review by

I love the look and features of this range. However, the cooktop seems to have scratches on it, even though I purchased brand new cookware! If it needs to be babied that much, this is going to be very disappointing!

Review Title: Loaded | Review by

Took me a while to learn the burners. I burnt a few items. Love it now.

Review Title: Still new, time will tell | Review by

I have used this range top only three times so I have not tested it. I wish the bottom drawer were more substantial, rather flimsy. I thought I wanted SS for the look, and it does look nice. I have it at my home and love it. However, for this second home I did not buy the very best (like at home) and almost wish I had done black or white, I think the care would have been easier and the quality might have been better for the same price, or less. Live and learn. So far so good. I do like the oven clean feature as I choose not to use self cleaning ovens, too hot. I am new to electric, so there is that too.

Review Title: The appearance is great | Review by

i'm having problems learning what burner to use for the size of pan to use it efficiently. I guess I need more time and practice. It's quite an adjustment from my old range

Review Title: I love this stove. I can bake cakes, bread, etc., and they are always a golden brown. | Review by

I have thoroughly enjoyed my new stove. It bakes so evenly that I don't have to worry about over baking or not done in the middle. Everything cooks faster than it did on my old stove.

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

So happy with our electric range. Love the 5th burner that keeps things warm while other food is cooking. Broiler works great too!

Review Title: capacity is overwhelming | Review by

I purchased this range three weeks ago, I have enjoyed cooking / baking all my favorite fine dishes

Review Title: This is a great oven | Review by

We absolutely love the oven. It has everything we need and want and works great.

Review Title: Love this stove | Review by

First electric stove I have ever used that had such gentle, fast and responsive heat. Everything I have cooked has turned out great. Never thought I would like an electric stove much less one with a glass top. But the top is super easy to clean. I have even had a boil over and it cleaned right up. Really like that the burners in front each have the two sized elements to fit what ever pot you are using. And the warming burner is wonderful to keep things warm while the rest of the food is cooking. The convection fan is terrific, have used oven both ways, great results both ways. I am a 25 year pastry chef and all my baked goods for the Holidays came out perfectly baked on the outside and moist on the inside. Can't believe I love my electric stove. Thought I only liked gas. Haven't needed to clean the oven yet, so can't say how that works. The bottom drawer is a little light weight so I use it to store pan lids. Works good for that. Purchased the Stainless Steal model, with the huge glass in the door and the top glass both black it will match black or stainless appliances. I can't believe how huge the oven is for a home model and the huge window in front makes keeping an eye on the food as it bakes so much easier. What else can I say but I love, love, love my new stove.

Review Title: Easy to use and nice looking range | Review by

I bought this when we moved into our home in July. It has been easy to use and does a great job with everything I have cooked in it or on it. We choose black to match the appliances that were already in the home. My only complaint is the fingerprints that show on the front of the range, but I can deal with that. It is a great oven.

Review Title: GREAT oven! | Review by

I am very pleased with this purchase. The oven bakes beautifully and evenly even when filled with muffin pans, cookie sheets, or whatever I am baking! The large capacity is great for cooking for a large gathering or just for your large family. The even cooking is great since you have room to cook a turkey and a side dish underneath. The steam cleaning is very nice, especially because it is done in 40 minutes and the oven doesn't have to get so very hot. You do sometimes need to scrub a little spotting off, but it is a fine price to pay for only having your oven out of commission for 40 minutes! The stove top is also great, easy to clean up spills and overflows. I enjoy using the different options for pan sizes.

Review Title: I like the cooking top on the range and the convection heating. | Review by

This range is great except the self cleaning oven does not clean as well as I would had like it. I had to remove some of the oven stains by hand.

Review Title: I love my new stove! | Review by

It's been years since I've had a new stove. It seems as if I've always had a hand me down appliance and although I am grateful for the kindness of others, it's "working with what you have" and not always the best results can be expected!

Review Title: This product has great features and style | Review by

Extremely happy with the our purchase of the range. Well worth the money. Would recommend to family and friends,

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

I love all of the features on my new stove. It is my first smooth top and I wouldn't go back to a traditional stove top

Review Title: Sleek and modern! | Review by

I love our new range. Beautiful and modern looking, sleek and easy to use. Would love to see different settings for warmer ring, not just a button with one temperature. The look is great, but didn't have much luck with self cleaning. Still have to scrub a lot, but I kind of new I would have to do that anyway, regardless of what the advertising says. Would buy again.

Review Title: Overall Average Quality and Function | Review by

If I could do it over I would not have chosen the aqua lift... the technology needs to definitely advance further! I also would upgrade to a gas or induction top.

Review Title: Very pleased overall | Review by

Easy to clean, esp like that the bottom burner in the oven is not exposed. Oven pre-heats quickly and cooks evenly. Have not used all of the features yet. The dual burners are a plus - can't wait to use it for Thanksgiving dinner! Only thing I am not thrilled with is the drawer, not very deep and difficult to remove and replace.

Review Title: really like | Review by

I purchased my Whirlpool range about a month ago. I really like the large oven. It made it so nice cooking the foods needed for the holiday. Also really like that there are two larger burners in the front that can be used as a smaller burner when the larger ones aren't needed.

Review Title: Love My New Stove! | Review by

It is now just over a month since we got the new stove and I LOVE IT!!! The glass top works perfectly and is easier to clean than I expected! However, I don't love the smudges... But, getting a good cleaning cloth helped a lot with reducing smudges...

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

I am usually a gas girl but find that this is very easy to clean

Review Title: This oven is super easy to use! | Review by

I absolutely love this range. As newlyweds, we love to experiment with new recipes and I adore baking but it is a pain to sit around and wait for an oven to preheat. This oven takes no time at all to preheat and food seems to be done in almost half the time. It's also super easy to keep clean and the design is so clean and streamline that you can get the sleekness that stainless offers but keeping with the classicness of a white appliance.

Review Title: Works great and its made in USA | Review by

I have fought with a competitor range in Florida home for 3 years - hoping it would break down but not such luck. However, luck did come my way when purchased Whirlpool Range for small condo in Pennsylvania! Every feature about this range works perfectly. Very pleased and will definitely purchase more Whirlpool products!

Review Title: Beauty is as beauty does | Review by

We purchased this range a month ago and have enjoyed the features, temperature accuracy, and overall look. I would recommed this range to anyone.

Review Title: This is a sleek look for a modern kitchen, and works great!! | Review by

I love everything about my new oven. I actually like to cook now, lol. It looks so cool that at my sons recent birthday party, my guests actually mentioned they liked my oven. That was awesome to hear.

Review Title: love the steam cleaning | Review by

I needed new appliances for the house I just bought. A store near my home was running a special on the group together. I must say so far I am very pleased with all the appliances I got. I had read some other reviews on the different ones and I have had no problems with any. the range is very nice an love the steam self cleaning it is great. cleans up very well. the only thing I have seen that is a problem with the range is the smooth top i'm not sure but it has gotten some marks on it where things have over flowed from pans on the stove while cooking. It looks like the spills took off some of the coating on the top of the range. that is the only flaw I see in the range not sure why that happened. But good product other wise

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

I purchased this stove to replace a white stove I already had, I loved my other stove as it was also Whirlpool and I never had any issues with that stove and it was 8 years old so I wanted to stick with a Whirlpool product. I love the features on the stove and have been very please with it, the only thing I do not like is that the top is completely black and it seems that it is harder to keep clean but all in all, I do like the stove and it is functioning as expected with no issues so far. Nice product and would definitely suggest it if you are looking for a new stove. Looks very nice against my new granite counters!

Review Title: The aqua lift feature is terrible | Review by

I am extremely disappointed in this appliance. It is extremely difficult to clean. I had to work harder to clean it than in the days when there was no self clean feature (made even more difficult because you can't use an abrasive cleanser to clean up the bad spills.) I definitely would not recommend this appliance.

Review Title: Best Decision My Wife And I Have Made! | Review by

I'm not noted as much of a cook but since purchasing our new Whirlpool range I've suddenly had a strong desire to study my wife's recipe books and try my luck at cooking. So far she's only given me a grade of "C" but I'm having fun and plan on improving. We've been married 58 years and she's an excellent cook. I'll never get as good as her.

Review Title: oven is spacious burner heat very quickly | Review by

excellent product burners heat quickly oven cooks evenly

Review Title: great product | Review by

Great product! Our unit was damaged when we received it. Thank you Whirlpool for your great warranty and repair service. Everything was restored to new condition. The unit works absolutely wonderful and we enjoy all the great features, especially the Aqualift technology for oven cleaning.

Review Title: Love the convection feature! | Review by

I love the smooth top surface and the convection feature of the oven. It's an attractive product and well functioning...a great value.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

Overall good oven at a decent price. Easy to clean and maintain in addition to quick heating/cooking. This is a best value product. My Kenmore oven burned out in December. After performing market research online among a variety of models and brands the Whirlpool had all the features I was looking for, and, more importantly, it didn't break the bank.

Review Title: Love the Aqua clean | Review by

I've had my new range for about 2 weeks. Decided to clean the oven because it smelled like NEW burning when I would bake. I put the water in the bottom of the oven. Turned on the clean option. 40 minutes later it was done. Wow, compared to the self clean cycle on my old oven that took 3 &1/2 hours. I love it!

Review Title: Good cooking | Review by

The stove/oven are both good quality. The drawer underneath could use a better design to help it open and close easier. Very poor quality of design.

Review Title: a sturdy and powerful stove and oven | Review by

great stove and oven - the convection cooks a chicken breast in 18 min!

Review Title: This Stove is excellent | Review by

I am totally satisfied with my new range. It is easy to cook with and the new features make it a pleasure to cook. It cools quickly, cleans easily and looks awesome. I feel this range was well worth the money and the aqua clean is a dream.

Review Title: great features | Review by

I got it a few months ago and I love it . It cook great the only thing I don't like is it has no storage space.

Review Title: looks good and great features | Review by

Over all very happy with my stove, performs well and easy to clean. Would recommend this style of stove .

Review Title: Great addition to any kitchen | Review by

My wife and I bought a house that had 20 year old appliances...needless to say we needed to do some updates. With the aqualift technology and energy efficiency, this range was an easy choice. We love it and will buy new Whirlpool appliances again ...hopefully after another 20 years...haha!

Review Title: Best oven ever! | Review by

In our recent appliance search, my only goal for our oven when something better than what we had. This product as far exceeded any hopes I may have had. It boils water in no time, the oven heats very evenly. Clean up is a cinch. The Aqualift is simply amazing! I've never seen burned-on pizza ick come off so easily.

Review Title: Great electric range | Review by

It took some getting used to cooking on a flat top stove, but I have found it works great. It has better heat control than the conventional coil type heating elements, and the convection oven is great.

Review Title: Product - electric range - has all features the family cook needs or wants. ds or wants. | Review by

When comparing with other top brands the electric range has all of the features one could wish for. And it all works - such as accuracy of settings such as cooking times for oven temperature. The product rates with the top three in style, ease of use and functions. Yet, it is the most reasonable by price and therefore the best of the lot.

Review Title: Fabulous! | Review by

Amazing convection feature makes everything faster and tastier! Love this oven! The huge size allows you to make large meals with no problem!

Review Title: Oven Temperature Great Feature | Review by

I was able to cook 2 racks of prime rib roast (that's approximately 33-35 lbs in weight) at one time by placing them side by side perfectly. When we cut into the cooked racks, they were perfectly cooked to where my son and I were able to have blood-rare pieces From the middle section. To say the least, my entire family enjoyed the roast and actually said this was the best way that prime rib should babe cooked and served.

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

Love the oven. Enjoy baking and roasting with it. Cookies and cakes turn out very nice. No burn spots, even baking. Cook top is something else. Like the warmer spot. Different sizes on the burners for different pots. Easy to use the oven controls. Very happy that I bought it, wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Review Title: Love the smooth top and convection... | Review by

I purchased this oven a month ago and so far so good. This is the first time I have used a smooth top range so it is taking some time to get used to how the burners heat up and cycle on and off. I love the convection baking. I have noticed how much more evenly things bake when I use the convection setting and it is nice to be able to have items on the top and bottom rack baking at the same time. So far so good. The quality seems very good and I am pleased so far.

Review Title: so far, so good! | Review by

We have had this oven for two months and love the larger size of it. Also, it was great to use the self-cleaning option and not have it take as long as our previous oven.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

My old Whirlpool stove broke so since I like the Whirpool I decided to replace it with another Whirlpool I like to new feature with Aqua self cleaning oven.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

I love my new stove! I especially enjoy the convection feature. My only complaint is that the storage drawer is shallow.

Review Title: I couldn't believe the difference. | Review by

I just couldn't believe the deal I got on this stove. I was afraid I would regret my choice before too long. But when I got it home and have been using it for a while now I don't regret my savings. It is so advanced to what I had before this purchase. But I have saved so much time and energy with the advanced settings and procedures. I have actually cooked 2 pies and 1 cobbler with the new stove because I enjoy using it that much more. I used to never cook like this.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

We bought it in July and it has been good so far..

Review Title: whirlpool products are still the on the market. | Review by

Range is easily to clean, heats up faster,saving time and money.

Review Title: Only 1 Problem | Review by

I feel that the oven takes a very long time to preheat~Otherwise, I love it

Review Title: Great product at a great price! | Review by

We really like the flat cook top and the concealed heating element in the oven. The large window lets us check on the food without opening the door. Very pleased!

Review Title: Excellent Range | Review by

Love my range, perfect for over-sized pots and large oven to bake multiple items. Must clean up as soon as range top starts to cool down, found that barkeepers friend works best.

Review Title: Sleek, elegant and affordable... | Review by

I really enjoy the convection feature on the range. I do lots of cooking..

Review Title: Great New Features | Review by

Bought this new electric range after the All-in-One I had for 25 years had to be replaced. I really liked my old range but it just couldn't be serviced anymore. Looked around and decided on this Whirlpool. Had to have it replaced between Thanksgiving and Christmas - so a bad time for someone who usually had around 20 for Christmas Eve Dinner. Got it installed the week after Thanksgiving and had to leave town for a week for a wedding. By the time I got back there was not much time to "learn" because I had to jump in and start cooking! Had no problems learning all the "new" features and used them all during the holidays. I also had to replace the microwave since my All-in-One had the microwave in it! Got a Whirlpool to match my range! I got the Corning glass top and have been very pleased with it so far! So glad to have a new state of the art range at my disposal!

Review Title: It is easy to use | Review by

I find it very easy to use without having to read the manual that came with it. I haven't had a chance to use the oven cleaning feature yet but looking forward to trying it out.

Review Title: Great oven for the money | Review by

On.y drawback is it takes a little effort to clean crumbs and droppings in between cooktop and oven cabinet

Review Title: Good, but takes time to get used to... | Review by

Black stovetop almost impossible to get free of 'smears'. Fan oven does not seem to perform at equivalent temperatures and cooking times as claimed. Stove top very fast to heat up but very slow to cool down.

Review Title: I "Love" this range!! | Review by

Everything about this range is outstanding. Smooth top easy to clean and the warming burner is so handy to warm plates, melt chocolate as well as holding that extra pot. The oven is extra large for the size of the range, hidden bottom heat source really makes a difference and the large viewing window is a feature I really like. Control panel is very easy to use and prompts you to next step. The convection oven has really enhanced the taste of the dishes I serve. The fan for the convection is so quiet that I didn't believe it was actually working at first. This may all sound too good to be true but I am an experienced cook and I am so impressed with the quality of this product.

Review Title: Electric Range | Review by

I love the warmer burner, the cooking top is easy to clean, the oven cooks very well this is the best stove I have had. Love all the option on it.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

My old stove picked a bad time to die on me. Couple weeks before Christmas my oven died! Really? How was I to do Holiday Baking without my Oven??? I love my new Whirlpool convection Oven. I was hesitant spending the extra $$$ on the convection, especially at Christmas time. But now, I am so happy that I did. Simply Lovin it!

Review Title: great product | Review by

very easy to clean with new fature Aqua, would like temp probe in oven

Review Title: The oven is a bit slow heating up and the cooktop doesn't clean up as easily as expected. | Review by

The oven is a bit slow to heat up and the cooktop isn't as easy to clean as anticipated.

Review Title: The oven capacity makes this a joy to use. | Review by

Love all the features this range has to offer. Controls are simple to use and the select a size range top makes it easy to fit any pot/pan size. The ovens large size with drop down rack will accommodate very large roasting pans with ease.

Review Title: I love my new range!! | Review by

This range is very easy to use and stylish in my kitchen. The burners are adjustable so that energy is not wasted when using the larger eyes. It is very easy to clean - "just add water", so to speak. The stove reaches preheat temperatures very quickly so that energy is conserved. I am not a "great" cook, but I haven't burned anything using this range! I love it!!

Review Title: Great performance, long lasting, easy to operate .Love Whirlpool products. | Review by

Wouldn't buy anything but Whirlpool. Great performance, easy to care for. Needs little or no repair. Just replaced Whirlpool stove, frig, micro, as well as washer and dryer. Kitchen appliances were 26 years old. Micro and range were still in very good condition. Frig. needed replacing.

Review Title: Simple but advanced | Review by

Love this stove so far, no issues. Cleans up fast and the kids love the large viewing window. I also like the timer feature that will shut the oven down after a time

Review Title: Glad I Changed My Mind | Review by

I do home cooking as a hobby, and my wife readily agrees to allow me. I had long wanted to acquire a gas range for home, after studying all the advantages. Recently, our Grange Hall got a new Whirlpool ceramic top range, and I was involved in cooking for a community event. I fell in love with the features, the instant heating, and infinite control of element heat for long term simmering, and when done, cleanup was a breeze. The following week, I went into the dealership and bought the same model for home. I am so glad I did! Friends with gas ranges often complain about not being able to turn the flame down low enough for long simmering. This will never trouble me with my new range. I love making a large pot of soup, and then just putting it on the Keep Warm element all day until dinner time. There is nothing about this range that I could suggest improving upon. It exceeds all my wishes for every meal I have prepared on it. I am so glad I didn't opt for a gas range.

Review Title: LOVE. IT. | Review by

My oven died the weekend before Thanksgiving. I had this one delivered Monday of Thanksgiving week. Cooked a full holiday spread on Thursday with this new oven and it was FABULOUS! Huge oven has enough room for large turkey AND side dishes. The convection feature is amazing. I had never used convection but was so thrilled with the ease of use and the reduced time for everything! LOVE this oven!

Review Title: Thrilled | Review by

We had looked and investigated brands. We decided on the Whirlpool and are very pleased. Would recommend purchasing this stove. Both baked goods and roasts have come out phenomenal!

Review Title: a conventional oven | Review by

we our still getting use to our stove really love the conventional oven.easy clean up with the glass top we had glass top before will never go back to the other top with burners . the cost was great. love the look.

Review Title: This oven is great because it's very easy to clean | Review by

The oven makes cooking things very easy. I like the quick boil feature on the oven. This makes boiling water for spaghetti or other food very quick, and you don't have to wait for 10 mins or so for water to boil.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

Purchased this product and I am satisfied with the overall performance.

Review Title: nice oven | Review by

We got whirlpool brand because a repairman told us he dies less repairs on that brand. I am pleased with the look and function. I wish the drawer for my kids was larger but I can fit more food in the oven.

Review Title: AquaLift Cleaning System | Review by

I purchased this oven around Christmas time and really liked the stove, large oven however was not impressed with the AquaLift cleaning system. I tried to clean the oven 2 times following the direction and I still had to scrub the oven like years past before "self cleaning" ovens. After 1 hr of work and still not finished cleaning it I decided to go back to where I purchased the range and return it. Thankfully they were willing to take it back. The price was great and if you are ok with spending the time to clean the oven with some hard work then it will be ok. I was not told this when I was sold the oven so I wanted to make sure others were aware. I even had a service call to make sure the oven was working properly.

Review Title: stove top scratches easily | Review by

Sadly, I'm not as happy with this range as I had hoped to be. The stove top scratches easily even after I bought new pans with smooth bottoms. Would have hoped that you wouldn't have to worry about scratching your stove every time you cook.

Review Title: Looks nice but poor performance | Review by

I have had the stove 6 months and am very disappointed. Specifically: - the self-cleaning Aqualift is completely useless!!! I spilled something in the stove and immediately followed all the directions for self clean. It did absolutely nothing and I had to clean it manually. So frustrating! - there is a small grove around the entire cooktop. Whenever you wipe up any crumbs, they all fall into the grove...rather annoying - when the oven is on, a lot of heat comes out under the knobs onto the cooktop.

Review Title: 6.2 Electric Range | Review by

This range is great, and makes cooking enjoyable. We bought two more Whirlpool products after this one.

Review Title: Cooks Great | Review by

I bought this oven 1 month ago used the clean feature after thanksgiving worked great. Bakes nicely. Also love the big window able to see everything without opening door.

Review Title: Wunderful Simply Wunderful! | Review by

Large oven easy to use and excellent finish. Works great and the significant other is extremity happy which is very important.

Review Title: This product has mostly good features. | Review by

Convection oven feature is a plus. Food cooked this way is moist and juicy. Overall appearance of stove is very clean and neat. Performance of self-cleaning oven is only feature that is lacking. Aqua-lift does not work as well as old self-cleaning ovens that use heat alone.

Review Title: Very pleased with this purchase. | Review by

I've really given my new range a workout. I am always baking or cooking something. I couldn't be more pleased with this range. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I've found the oven temperature to be accurate and consistent. I love the convection feature. I am an avid cookie baker and have found the convection feature has greatly improved the final result. I also love the large oven with the large glass window. I always have a great view of the food as it bakes. No more opening and closing the door to check the progress.

Review Title: Love it m. Clean easy heating | Review by

Bought it for my new home. The top doesn't come as clean as I I would like.

Review Title: Such an improvement over what we had before | Review by

The old range stopped working. Doing my product research on line and using Consumer Report, we went to Lowe's to see the product. The large window into the oven, the convection feature and the easy cleaning are wonderful. Very happy with our selection.

Review Title: This Stove is good for me | Review by

This product works well, easy to use and fairly priced. I only wish it was easier to maintain it clean.

Review Title: Love the features! | Review by

I have had my new stove for a little over a month and I love it! It cooks a lot faster than the burners did. I had to put it on clean the other night and it doesn't smell at all! My other oven smelled like something burning. I love the convectional oven, I make a lot of cakes and I can tell a difference with that feature. The only thing I'm real happy with is somethings do not clean off the glass top, especially when I fry something.

Review Title: Pretty good BUT | Review by

Bought the stove a month or so ago.It takes a bit of getting used to as this is our 1st flat top stove.We may never use the oven as we cook on top just about 100% of the time.Here's the kicker - - - the drawer @ the bottom feels and sounds very cheap - - the rollers squeak when opened and does not have a quality feel to it. Im going to mark the next question YES but it's not a 100% yes because of the drawer.

Review Title: This a great product | Review by

Sleek, easy to use, great operational qualities. We Love It!

Review Title: love my new stove | Review by

I love everything about my new stove. Looks, color, convenince and performance. I am not use to electric stoves as I have always had gas but i am sure in time I will love it. It seems to cool down pretty fast. And I like all the features.

Review Title: New for the Kitchen. | Review by

Love everything about it......except keeping the top clean is quite a challenge. Shows everything. Other than that my wife loves it.

Review Title: Very nice oven! | Review by

Replaced a 15 yr old GE Profile. No problems yet. Looks like a very nice oven.

Review Title: Terrible stove | Review by

Purchased this stove after much research and other reviews, I can only believe these reviews are written by Whirlpool employees! this is a terrible stove, from the burner settings or lack of settings to how long it takes to boil water,plus the manufacturer states this stove is stainless steel, it's stainless steel looking!! The stove is cheaply made the storage drawer feels like it's made out of aluminum foil.Check it out before you buy, purchased a package and the dishwasher is really cheaply made.

Review Title: An average range for the price | Review by

Performance is OK. Easy to use. Like 2 dual-sized elements and warming zone. Design: taller than other ranges and our countertops; very small storage drawer beneath; cheap materials (flimsy plastic) in control knobs and panel.

Review Title: Our first ceramic cook top. | Review by

This is our first ceramic cook top and it is quite different from the cal rod style. It is taking a little getting used to it but we like the 2 dual elements and especially the warmer element. The oven window is big and we like the invisible oven element. It will be a breeze to clean this oven with the Aqua lift feature.

Review Title: This product has great features. | Review by

Great features and design. Especially like the warming burner.

Review Title: Elegant to look at | Review by

Bought my new oven one month ago have enjoyed it very much

Review Title: Sleek look. | Review by

Even while using the convection feature it's very quiet. Great even heat.

Review Title: Love the easy access inside with the french doors. | Review by

We are so happy we bought the refrig with the bottom roll out freezer. Couldn't be happier with it.

Review Title: Love the big window on the oven door and the extra warming section! | Review by

I rated overall good because the only negative I have found so far is that the timer alert is much too soft. Unless you are alone, it is almost inaudible. Otherwise love it!

Review Title: Whirlpool 6.2 cu. ft. electric range | Review by

The water cleaning feature does not work well, but overall I like the other features of the oven.

Review Title: wrong Item | Review by

The new system aqualift is very bad. I search a new system or innovation and i buy this product for it, but im not happy with my deal.

Review Title: Black cook top is a design flaw | Review by

I've had this range for 6 months now and would love to send it back. The stovetop, being as black as it is, shows every little spill and mark. It's difficult to clean and scratches easily.

Review Title: awesome features | Review by

I love my whirlpool electric stove its safe and easy to use and clean. It looks great in my kitchen and cooks great family meals :)

Review Title: very attractive in my kitchen and i love the smooth top | Review by

I got this stove a month ago and so far I really find that it is easy to clean and good to cook with. I have always had stoves with the dip pans and I don't miss it one bit. Very good product

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

The features on this stove are easy to use and the design is great. I love the large burners in the front.

Review Title: Beautiful!!!!! | Review by

Very attractive with innovative design and fixtures that are very pleasing to the eye and to the user. Design quality is very pleasing to everyone that has seen our unit and uses our unit. The performance has been outstanding and surprising as well to us. This has been our first Range with the glass top and the heating unit is different in getting used to for us. The oven is superb in how it bakes things much quicker thoroughly than our other unit. We love it very much.

Review Title: Great stove at a fair price | Review by

Great stove at a fair price. We like this stove because of the new features that it has compared to our 20 year old Whirlpool that this one replaced. Such as the 5th element known as the "warming element." Also we never had a convection oven before and found it bakes cookies, roasts; etc more evenly. Haven't cleaned the oven yet, but do believe the Auqa Lift cleaning feature will work better than the old burn and stink the house high temp oven cleaner.

Review Title: this is a great range | Review by

we have nothing in our house.but whirlpool.and would have nothing else.thire service is great.and they stand behind all thire products. i'm very happy with all my whirlpool products.

Review Title: This stove has it all. | Review by

This stove is very easy to use and has several features that I was not expecting. I love the large glass door and the special food warmer burner on top. Having a choice of two burners within one burner is also great. I have used both the oven as regular and convection and they both cook very good. I am very happy with this stove and would recommend it to anyone that loves to cook.

Review Title: Cooking is FUN! | Review by

This range is amazing. Best one I have had in my life. The extra burner that is a warmer is the best idea ever. I use it daily. The convection oven cooks so evenly and it has made baking fun again! Whirlpool....great job!

Review Title: love this range | Review by

I had a 23 year old Whirlpool stove . So when I decided it was time for a new one of course it had to be a Whirlpool. Absolutely love this stove. Cooks like a dream

Review Title: Good for the price | Review by

This product is good for the price, it has a lot of features. Has some fit and function issues. Drawer is not very sturdy. Overall seems like a decent product.

Review Title: Takes too long to pre-heat | Review by

The induction heating on the stove takes forever to boil water. The oven takes forever to preheat.

Review Title: Range review | Review by

Great range but they shouldn't have utilized a black top - gray would have been better - hard to keeping shiny and clean

Review Title: Too high a price for a product that is not built well. | Review by

a. Preheat takes a long time

Review Title: Stove | Review by

I love my stove it does great job I love whirlpool products

Review Title: Awesome all around | Review by

The oven we purchased is stainless. The big oven window is nice -- it reduces the amount of stainless I need to polish and allows my family to help me bake because we can ALL see the food inside! The warming burner is nice too. The only thing I'd modify is the burner knobs. Rather than make them flat, I'd personally make them with a bump through the center so that I don't necessarily need my fingers to turn the knob. For example, if there was a bump through the knob, I could use my knuckles to turn a burner on if my fingers were dirty. I am also glad to have the Aqua Clean feature. Overall this is a very nice oven and cooktop. I am glad we bought it and it makes my daily chores very enjoyable. Thank you.

Review Title: Great Stove for an excellent price | Review by

I am very please with my purchase. This stove has all the features I wanted, convection bake and Aqualift technology. I used the Aqualift cleaning 2 times since I have the oven and what an easy way to clean your oven, I really enjoy this feature, keeps the oven looking brand new. The only issue I have with my stove is the fact that although I purchased all my kitchen appliances all at once, the side of the stove and fridge are different colors. Stove is black and refrigerator is grey.... Interesting right? I did not noticed in the store, but noticed it at home. It is a great purchase and definitively recommend it.

Review Title: Love My New Range | Review by

I purchased an AquaLift Self Cleaning Range (Stainless Steel). I have already tried the AquaLift self cleaning technology which is very different from the high temperature cleaning technologies. It essentially steam cleans the oven vs. incineration, which is much easier on the range components, etc. that should help it to last for years to come!

Review Title: This product has great features and is easy to use | Review by

We have really enjoyed our Whirlpool oven. It cooks everything evenly. We enjoy the convection feature. It also looks very nice in our kitchen.

Review Title: Great range a! | Review by

I'be had it for 3 months and really love it! Like the dual burners and warming feature. Never had a convection oven so enjoying that, plus the keep warm oven feature.

Review Title: Happy Stove | Review by

I was attracted to my new stove by it's cheerful demeanor! After using for a month, I am satisfied it was a good purchase. I am new to the smooth cooktop and I love it! So easy to keep clean. I especially like the center warming eye. Oven cooks my cornbread and biscuits perfectly!

Review Title: Not a bad stove | Review by

Bought this stove in August 2013. We love it the only problem is getting the top clean

Review Title: Love the design, the features, not so much | Review by

I bought this stove a few days before Christmas after my old stove caught fire. I chose this model because of speed of delivery. I have no regrets but some of the features of this stove leave much to be desired. The oven takes a long time to preheat, and the aqua lift self cleaning feature takes several times to lift off even the most minor of oven spills. The stovetop is easy to clean with the included sample of Affresh but simple soap and water leaves the stove top streaked.

Review Title: Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft | Review by

I have had this stove for a month now and I truly love the way it cooks. The top burners cook evenly and the oven is very large and bakes evenly.There are two things I would like to see differently.One is the drawer it is small. The other is I would like the burner nobs to all say the same thing going from Hot to low.

Review Title: All the features work really well. | Review by

The convection part saves some time and money. Plus the food looks better and is cooked more evenly. Its seems like it is easier to use then our old oven!. We have own only two weeks.

Review Title: large oven window | Review by

I wanted stainless (replaced a white stove), also had trouble with old stove heating elements

Review Title: love the smooth cooktop | Review by

The new stove is great and the convection oven is really cool

Review Title: ok stove | Review by

wish I would have spent some more money! stove top is ok but the oven does not maintain the temp setting takes forever to cook something!

Review Title: We love our new range | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool range. The extra oven capacity is great and the warming burner has been more helpful than expected. This is a great product.

Review Title: glass top | Review by

Very easy to care and clean cooks fast very nice looking

Review Title: This product is very easy to keep clean | Review by

I really like that the heating elements in the oven are not exposed; this seems to make it much easier to clean. I love that I don't need to use strong cleaners in the oven.

Review Title: Works great! Looks great! Easy to use. | Review by

Would recommend to anyone looking for a new flat top stove.

Review Title: Love the look and ease of using this range. | Review by

I really love how this range cooks. The tempreature settings seem very accurate and everything cook evenly.

Review Title: Great design | Review by

I would recommend this product it just makes cooking a breeze . Easy to use and clean .

Review Title: All-around great range! | Review by

I am very pleased with my purchase of this range. The oversized oven window is what sealed the deal for us but I also enjoy the aqua lift technology for cleaning. It works great with just water which means no terrible smell in your house from cleaning the oven with harsh chemicals. I'm new to the glass top range so sometimes it can be difficult to clean once burned food gets on the surface, but this is true of all glass tops. The cleaning kit that came with the oven for this purpose has been quite helpful. I've also noticed that both the burners and oven heat up quite fast, which helps save time cooking in the kitchen. It has a sleek, modern look but with all the features of a traditional range and then some. One of these days, I will get around to trying out the convection feature. Highly recommended!

Review Title: easy clean! | Review by

I'll admit I was skeptical about the Aqualift ability to clean something like burnt on apple pie spills. Surely, it couldn't be as simple as the instructions stated. However, the first time I used it, I was amazed at the results. Also like the variable sized burners that are adaptable to cooking meal sizes.

Review Title: pleased | Review by

I have had 3 different electric stoves and I can honestly finially say getting my whiirlpool I hit the jackpot thank you whirlpool

Review Title: It's Ok .. but doesn't seem to be the quality of our last Whirlpool Stove | Review by

The stove is a good value, replacing a previous whirlppol electric range that was about 15 years old. The quality doesn't seem as good as the previous stove though. Sheet metal seems thinner, knobs don't give a solid feel. Our previous stove showed which burner was hot with separate LEDs. This one only has a single indicator that states the stove top is hot. Can't tell which burner it's referring to.

Review Title: new aqua lift stove | Review by

I bought this a month ago and really like it. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Review Title: Very nice appliance. | Review by

Owned this appliance for 4 months and am very pleased with the performance. It takes a little elbow grease to cleane the cooktop.

Review Title: Do not buy this range. | Review by

The warmer burner is a farce and is of no use. I DO like the larger oven and door. If I were buying another stove, I'd choose a different model. I thought the price was high for what we actually received.

Review Title: Efficient and aesthetic | Review by

I'm enjoying baking in a reliable, efficient oven; my husband likes the stove top "keep warm" element and the versatility in the different size elements.

Review Title: I will replace future items with this manufactturer | Review by

Excellent craftsmanship very satisfied with the overall performance

Review Title: I love my Whirlpool appliances | Review by

I am very pleased with my Whirlpool purchases. I bought a stove, refrigerator & microwave.

Review Title: Very easy to use! | Review by

This is very easy to use and does everything it is designed to very well. The convection works great on it and so does the new cleaning feature where you just put a cup of water in the bottom. The only down-side is the drawer underneath where you store things is a little tough to put back in and isn't designed that well. Not a huge problem or a deal-breaker on this product.

Review Title: Easy to use! | Review by

We purchased this stove for our new home, it looks very nice and is easy to use.

Review Title: Excellen | Review by

Happy with this model and the warming burner and the oven size

Review Title: Easy to Keep Clean | Review by

I reallly like my new stove. It's easy to clean and to use. I love the warming unit on the cooktop. My only slightly negative comment is that the cooktop units are a little slow to heat, but I understand that this is common with the ceramic cooktops. Overall, I'm very pleased.

Review Title: Nice size and looks, wish Aqualift worked better | Review by

This is a very nice looking oven with a lot of room inside. It cooks food evenly but it takes a long time to heat up. The stovetop burners are very strong and boil water quickly. Aqualift doesn't do much though so the oven still needs to be cleaned out every now and then and the lack of a traditional "clean" function makes it a little difficult.

Review Title: Performs well. | Review by

This stove performs all functions well. The only minor drawback is getting use to the stove top units cycling on and off. Not sure heat maintains a constant level on these units.

Review Title: Nice look | Review by

Having trouble with the convection, will schedule appointment Otherwise,no other problems at present

Review Title: Looks nice!! | Review by

After 15 years, we replaced all our Whirlpool appliances. I love the look of the stainless steel, but have to say I miss my old unit. The drawer on the lower part is decieving. The actual drawer is only 2 1/2 inches deep even though the front of the drawer is 9 inches. I stored my pan lids in my old drawer and only about 3 small ones fit now. I believe they did this to make the oven bigger and that is nice, but I would not choose a bigger oven ocer basically no drawer space. Also, it takes about 25 minutes to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. I think that is VERY slow. It is frustrating that the "newer technology" seems like they sacrificed quality !

Review Title: great quality at a great price | Review by

i purchased this oven about 2 months ago and I am very glad that I did. I have always wanted a smooth top oven and this one is the cake. It also has a convection oven which cooks the food more even and faster than regular ovens. I would recommend this oven for anyone needing a new oven.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

Easy to use features & heats up quickly. Cleans easily.

Review Title: oven bakes great | Review by

first convection oven, works great after learning how to use. nice and big, holds a lot, stove top burners maintain good even heat. black cooktop can be difficult to keep clean

Review Title: Great American Range | Review by

We bought the range in mid November of last year and enjoyed it trouble free ever since.

Review Title: Whirlpool Electric Smooth Top Range with Aqualift Self Clean Technology | Review by

I have had my new smooth top range for several months now. Why did I wait so long to buy this? I absolutely adore it. The aqua lift technology makes it easy peasy to clean my oven. The smooth top is a dream come true. No more disgusting drip pans to scrub. Oven bakes evenly, heats up quickly and let's me know by a beep that it is up to the temp I have selected. And I use the "keep warm" fifth element on top a lot. Best range I have ever owned. Good job Whirlpool!

Review Title: Features and Performance are great! I | Review by

The features are easy to use. Love self cleaning option it works way better than my last range.The warmer is great for keeping gravys warm and ready at any moment. The oven is very large and has no problem holding and cooking a 20lb turkey. I would recomend this product.

Review Title: Amazing features! | Review by

We have had this stove for over a month now, and LOVE it! Its BAKE and CONVECTION features are great! I love being able to choose between the two! Cake, cookies, pizza, etc turn out amazing when using CONVECTION and I will never switch back!

Review Title: Quality Product | Review by

We purchased Kenmore appliances in 2007. Refrigerator started developing an ice cake in the bottom in early 2013. Cleared the ice cake several times and attempted to clear the drain but to no avail. Consulting with our local appliance repair dealer he stated "It's a throw away, uneconomical to fix." The Kenmore stove was rusting at the bottom trim of the door and two of the burners quit. Once again we were advised to not repair it. Purchased a new Whirlpool refrig and stove summer of 2013 and my wife couldn't be happier.

Review Title: Looks & works fantastic! | Review by

We bought our new Whirlpool Convection oven about a month ago and have loved every minute of it!!!

Review Title: This product is easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. | Review by

We love this stove. It is easy to use and the the cleaning is so nice. It does conventional or convection and very easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting an easy to clean oven.

Review Title: Great Oven.....But... | Review by

I purchased this range from Lowe's on 08/30/14. I have been using it almost everyday since, The oven is fantastic! It has more than enough room and the oversized glass door allows you to see everything clearly. I also love how much the oven lights up as well. My only complaint with this range is the glass cooktop. I realize with a glass cooktop you have to be extra careful,but this is ridiculous! This cooktop is way to easy to scratch or damage, and I am always very careful with everything I do. Just from everyday use of pots and pans the cooktop has become scratched and ugly looking. The recommended stovetop cleaner that was provided works really well cleaning up messes, but the scratches can't be removed. I would have rated this a 5 star, but I can't due to the horribly designed cooktop.

Review Title: Lots of space | Review by

I really love this range. The inside is huge and bonus, it has a convection bake feature. I didn't realize that when I bought it and I've never cooked with it before, but I'm having fun experimenting. I love the 2 dual size burners, it takes a little getting used to making sure you turn the dial the right direction, but it's handy having larger burners for larger pans. Today I am going to use the aqua-lift cleaning feature, so I can't rate that yet.

Review Title: Beautiful and functional, especially for the price! | Review by

We are in the process of updating our entire kitchen, and this range has been the latest addition. We have had it here for a bit over a month and so far are very pleased with this product! The top is easily cleaned with just a damp cloth before it fully cools. The oven heats quickly and evenly. The clock is a very pleasing color (coming from someone whose last stove did not have a digital display). Many options for the burner sizes which make heating pots and pans easy.. Love it!

Review Title: Big Oven lots of burners | Review by

Love the different size burners and the large capacity of the oven

Review Title: Lots if burner options and easy to clean | Review by

I ordered this through Costco and love it! Lots of burner size options plus a larger oven size

Review Title: best stove I've ever had | Review by

this stove heats up very fast. it has great options/ features. you have the option to bake or convect depending on what you are cooking. Google the differences if you don't know. there is almost no storage space at the bottom but this was not a problem for me especially with such a large oven. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Review Title: This product has features that I would expect to pay much more for | Review by

Before I bought this product, my wife had become reluctant to prepare meals anymore. She loves to prepare meals, but became so unhappy with the condition of the 20-yr old range/oven she had to use. Since I bought this product from Whirlpool, neither of us can keep away from preparing meals with it. And we both like the chemical-free way that the oven can be cleaned. And the warming eye on the cooktop. And how easy the cooktop cleans up when using the prescribed cleaning gel/paste.

Review Title: The quality is | Review by

The door is so big you have to stand to one side to get food in and out. The bottom drawer is to shallow.

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

I love it.. really. Of course my old stove was about 25 years old so... Very spacious oven and heats up quickly. Feature are intuitive and minimalistic. The glass is kinda hard to clean, but then it is glass top. I LOVE the hidden element in oven... soooo much easier to clean. Getting used to cooking on glass top... burners glow red and then don't so I am always wondering if getting hot. (that's just me not reflection of stove) I also worry about scratching or breaking glass. What I wish I knew before purchase is what type of pans best for cooking on it, Stainless Steel is best. Anything else could scratch or discolor it. DO NOT use Aluminum on it or anything with a colored bottom. It is hard and expensive to find good nonstick Stainless Steel pans.

Review Title: Like it but not happy with self cleaning feature | Review by

I bought this item without fully researching Aqua lift self cleaning feature. I have been spoiled by the self cleaning ovens for many years so when I discovered this was a different type, was not real pleased. I am older so it is not as easy as it once was to get on my knees to scrub. i have since purchased a oven rack liner to cut down on spills. That being said, I do like my 5 burners and the other features such as the convection and "keep warm" oven options.

Review Title: Good Quality | Review by

My wife and I bought this stove about a month ago. She loves to bake with it as the cooking times are accurate and the temperature stays even through the entire stove.

Review Title: Great look in the kitchen | Review by

We purchased this oven last month as part of our renovation plan for the kitchen. It looks sleek and high end (even though the price was very reasonable) It cooks and bakes like a dream. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Very disappointed | Review by

My oven is now about 2 months old and I am very disappointed in the self cleaning technology, it does not do a good job. There are too many spots left that have to be scrubbed to get clean and it does not clean the rim of the basel

Review Title: Great features | Review by

It was a gift from daughter and son-in-law and I have been usually continuously for baking and cooking.

Review Title: GREAT PRODUCT! | Review by

We love our new range, it cooks so fast compared to our old range we could not beleive it and the convection feature is great also, we could not be more pleased.

Review Title: Good range | Review by

I am very happy with my new Whirlpool range. It is very easy to use and cook with. It also looks nice in my kitchen.

Review Title: Huge Oven! | Review by

I really like the large capacity oven on this range as well as the Aqua Lift cleaning. All the features of this range are great and useful...not just "bells and whistles" The only drawback is the drawer space below the oven - its shallow and doesn't open and close smoothly. But that's the trade off for a large oven I guess. I'm also having a hard time keeping the flat top clean and streak free, even with the specialized cleaners.

Review Title: Nice range with excellent features | Review by

I purchased this range about 2 months ago. I really like the convection oven feature. Although I haven't used the oven cleaning process, I'm not sure I going to like it as well as just locking the door and pushing a button....this process seems to be more complicated. As a whole, I am pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: This range is a great buy with many attractive features | Review by

After researching many ranges we decided on the Whirpool electric range because of the cost and its features.Whirpool designed an outstanding smooth top electric range. We bought this range just before Thanksgiving and the 6 cubic foot oven handled a 14 lb turkey, stuffing and muffins all at once. We were won over by the convection oven with the use of a fan that cooked the turkey faster and more efficiently. The 5 elements on the top included a dual burner and warming element. This plus when your cooking a variety of things for a party of 12 at Thanksgiving and have a number of elements to work withr. The keep warm feature in the oven was a plus while serving dinner. This electric range has many great features, is well designed and a great buy for the money. Looking forward to Christmas dinner.

Review Title: This product is exactly what I was looking for. | Review by

This oven/stove is a great product I love the dual zone feature on the stove top, its great for smaller pots and pans without having to reach to the back of the stove top. My old oven didn't have the convection oven feature and that's great for making casseroles in less time. It was a little on the pricey side but I am happy with this product.

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This range is very simple and easy to use! This is my first time using a glass top and I have been pretty happy with it. The sizes and placement of the burners makes cooking a little tricky when I'm trying to use all four. But the oven has worked awesome! When you set the timer it makes a jingle when it's finished rather than an annoying beeping sound.

Review Title: love my stove | Review by

Bought just before the holidays, a bit apprehensive. Best holiday meals ever Convection oven is great , love the oven cleaning features

Review Title: excellent features | Review by

I bought this appliance few months ago and can't ask more than it. It works just fine with oven which has really good space.

Review Title: Love the oven capacity! | Review by

Bought a little over a month ago and am well pleased. Love the cooking capacity of the oven. Really came in handy when cooking turkey and two casseroles at same time at Thanksgiving. The AquaLift self clean technology made cleanup the next day very easy. Oven looked like new again! Also love the cook time feature. I use it a lot for those Sunday dinners after church.

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

I bought this several weeks ago and love it! I made my first batch of cookies today and they came out great!

Review Title: Easy to Clean! | Review by

I love the simple knobs and clean lines. So easy to be cleaned. I love the big window to check on what's cooking.

Review Title: I'm getting use to the ceramic cooking feature | Review by problem. Cook top takes some getting use to cooking with. I have had to try multiple cleaning products to keep the top clean. I have adjusted my cooking procedures....not spraying Pam near the cook top.

Review Title: convection oven | Review by

I love the new stove. The cooktop heats up quick and I love the feature of the extra burner for warming. I've used the convection oven for cookies and cake. It heats evenly and in less time.

Review Title: Modern and Easy to Use! | Review by

I purchased this to replace my old stove. So far, I have enjoyed how easy it is to use. I was a bit nervous because I have never had a glass top stove, but the fact that spills and messes can be cleaned so easily makes me wish I had this stove a long time ago!

Review Title: I give an overall excellent because I haven't used the the cleaning cycle yet. | Review by

I purchased this range because the clock on my Whirlpool range from 1985 couldn't be replaced since it wasn't digital. I replaced with Whirlpool because of the excellent service my previous range provided!

Review Title: Nice Features, but.... | Review by

The convection oven works great. The top burners are well situated and work well. This unit has nice features and functions. The convection oven is extremely quiet. The only issue is the drawer size is extremely small. The large oven eats into the drawer space. You can clean with an eraser pad and then Windex. Cleans up pretty easily. A great purchase from a price and performance perspective. I would recommend this unit to a friend or family member.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought my stove about a month ago and I am so glad I did. The oven is big so it can hold my larger dishes as well as multiple at once.

Review Title: A good working cooktop range | Review by

This range has stylish features and seemingly sturdy cooktop range.

Review Title: Functional Range | Review by

The range is functional but as others have commented about the bottom drawer it is poorly put together. Other than that the ranges seems pretty solid, but that utility drawer really needs to be redone to make it feel more solid.

Review Title: More Cooking Space | Review by

I bought my appliance package two months ago which included the refrigerator, stove and oven, over the counter microwave and dishwasher. I have always been been pleased with Whirlpool appliances in the past. The stove has an extra huge glass oven door and a large amount of oven space to cook inside. The French style refrigerator has plenty of space for different types of food and plenty of shelves and door containers that are adjustable and versatile.

Review Title: great looking and many features | Review by

I like the big burners and extra capacity in the oven. Preheats quickly and easy to clean.

Review Title: Lots of room for turkey and fixings! | Review by

I like the larger interior of this oven. Have not had to clean it yet, so can't comment on how easy/hard that is to do. I wish it came with additional racks.

Review Title: Awesome product!! | Review by

The oven is HUGE and the convection or bake option is great! The cook top surface is easy to keep clean and I love the variety of sizes of heated surfaces. It's simple to operate and we use the timer setting often.

Review Title: Easy, advanced features, and great looking. | Review by

This product has advanced equipment but yet easy to use. Clean looking and easy to maintain. It will fit into any d�cor with the black and stainless steel combination. Burners are functional for small or large pans. Extra small burner for keeping something hot while making the rest of the meal so total of five burners on one stove. This is the best stove I have had and I have been married for thirty years.

Review Title: Makes cooking fun | Review by

I have had this product for about a month and am extremely satisfied with it. I bake bread so temperature control and size are important to me. The convection feature bakes the bread at a lower temperature plus I do not have to shift it around to ensure even baking. We are pleased every time we use it.

Review Title: Good stove/range | Review by

The flat glass top is a little hard to clean but this is normal for flat top ranges. Still easier to clean than coil range. It does take a little longer to get my pans up to the temperature I want. The oven works great. Overall a great product!

Review Title: Love the design of it - especially the big oven. | Review by

I love the big oven. I have had trouble getting water to boil on the big eyes, but maybe that's not what they are for. Everything else has been great. And I love the look of it!

Review Title: works reasonably well | Review by

Bought the range few months ago. Everything works as expected but the glass is harder clean than the previous stove

Review Title: Needed Replacement Oven | Review by

After many hours of research, we selected the Whirlpool convection oven. We love the new convection feature and the size of the oven allows us to bake many things at once. The storage tray is very small and we have to place our bakeware elsewhere, but that minor annoyance is outweighed by the new options this oven offers including a warming zone to keep food warm while we are cooking other things.

Review Title: whirlpool - Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range with AquaLift� Self-Clean Technology | Review by

It is large enough and works great. The oven temperatures are accurate.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

This is a great stove. It heats and cools very quickly as does the oven. I have not yet used the aqua lift cleaning but it seems practical and simple. I thought it was a bit expensive when I bought it but it does everything it says so it was worth the money.

Review Title: These products have great features | Review by

We bought the Whirlpool refrigerator, stove and microwave all at the same time. All three have met our expectations and we are happy with our choice.

Review Title: really great features | Review by

Even though I haven't figured out all of the features - this range has everything I could possibly want and I am anxious to try the new cleaning system. Also love that the heating coiling are hidden.

Review Title: Wish we hadnt waited so long to purchase this product. | Review by

Not only does it perform well but its attractive and VERY easy to clean.

Review Title: overall good range and features | Review by

LOVE the convection oven feature. I bake alot of cookies for family and friends and this feature saves me alot of time, I can bake two cookies sheets at one time. Also like the full view oven door.

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

I love this new range. The warming burner is a great feature. Have not had to clean the oven yet but can't wait to try the AquaLift self-cleaning feature.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

Bought this smooth top stove. Love the way the burners heat evenly and keep a constant temperature. Only downfall is the smooth top is harder to keep clean. The cleaner that comes with the stove does work, and you need to use it often.

Review Title: Heats evenly | Review by

Bought this stove a month ago and it's working great-- a lot better than our previous coil electric stove. Heats evenly, we like the oven's convention feature and large window. Only negative so far is that the bottom drawer is a little flimsy.

Review Title: The heating element to determine the temperature for the oven is misplaced | Review by

The heating element in the oven to determine the oven temperature is placed on the back side of the oven where the heat is directly distributed by the side vents. The oven alarm indicates that the oven is ready for use based on the desired temperature that was set and you have to wait another 15 minutes for the oven to actually reach the desired temperature.

Review Title: Cooks great cleaning system is worthless. | Review by

I was excited about a new cleaning system because I have asthma. This cleaning system is worthless.

Review Title: ok features | Review by

The oven takes 15 minutes to pre heat. No matter what temperature you want. That's way too long. The stove top glass scratches easily and is difficult to clean. It seems to look smeared all the time. I was told by the salesman that I would be able to bake in less time and more evenly with the convection fan. I have not noticed a difference in time or evenness. In fact the muffins I bake often, take more time in this oven and if I use the convection fan very uneven. I believe the money I spent extra for this feature was a waste. I wish I had not bought this appliance.

Review Title: love my range! | Review by

I bought the range about a month ago and is working awesome, I'm a cook and I have to use it a lot due to my business and so far is great, the oven is big and the cooktop is very easy to clean.

Review Title: Easy to use features | Review by

I am extremely pleased with how efficient the oven cooks. I was very pleased with the space in the oven. I was able to cook a spiral ham and two casserole dishes at one time. I also like the smooth cook top.

Review Title: Good solid product | Review by

We loved our new range! It was delivered a few days before Christmas and got a real work out on Christmas day. We always host-Christmas dinner for our family and we had 12 people to cook for. Our range was turned into a work horse for the occasion. No more worries about spill overs on the drip pans!

Review Title: Whirlpool Electric Range | Review by

love love this oven. So glad I walked around and saw this sitting on the sideline. My gain.....

Review Title: Lots of glass | Review by

First thing everyone says is" wow, look how much glass there is" its a great oven , looks great and works great

Review Title: love the large window | Review by

beautiful sove with great look, easy to keep clean with the flat cooking surfaces, efficient & love the large glass window in fronet! I can see everything!

Review Title: It Cooks Great!!!! | Review by

I can cook a whole meal in under an hour! I can fit a whole Costco pizza in the oven, it is big. Have not tried the Aquaclean feature yet.

Review Title: product has a large oven | Review by

I rated the stove good overall.

Review Title: This product has great features and a sleek and attractive design | Review by

I recently purchased a home, and needed to upgrade the appliances. The stove was the first and most important of them. I find the controls easy and well labeled. The stove itself is beautiful. I recently baked 48 cupcakes at one time in the oven. Amazing!!

Review Title: This stove has easy clean surfaces and no nooks, crannies for collecting dirt and grease | Review by

Really like the smooth top range. Easy to clean smooth surfaces. I appreciate that there are next to none of the historical grease- and- dirt catchers. Oven is easy clean too.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Easy to use. Great cooking control. Quiet convection operation. Glass top gets dirty easy, but is also VERY easy to clean. Oven self cleaning function works great. Really like the warm zone on the stove top.

Review Title: exactly what i expected | Review by

LOVE my whirlpool range!! easy to clean---easy to use---would definitely buy from whirlpool again

Review Title: product has great features | Review by

Very pleased with the design and functionality of product.

Review Title: great stove | Review by

this stove looks great and works efficiently. The only complaint i have is that the bake temperature shuts off when the timer goes off. Maybe it is something I am doing wrong though!

Review Title: Love my stove! | Review by

Great value! Love the ease of use and the features!

Review Title: cooks evenly great oven | Review by

Very pleased we chose this oven, very even cooking, great stovetop performance aswell!

Review Title: amazing | Review by

I am impressed with the dual burner features and the option of regular bake or convection ,though would have to look up recipes for the convection feature. The large window allows for viewing the entire oven . Thank you for a great product...even baking, true temperature controls...easy cleaning too.

Review Title: Very good but take care with the stove top surface | Review by

The stove works very well however take particular care in cleaning the surface. Within one day, I permanently damaged the cooktop by applying too much pressure in my attempt to rid the debris. ( I did use the provided materials). I do love the Self cleaning feature, it is quick and easy.

Review Title: I like this range. | Review by

This is the first glass top range I have had. I like the speed that the elements heat and their variable heat control. The black porcelain top edge does show fine scratch marks if something not really smooth is set on it (like a cooking stone).

Review Title: Has some great featujres | Review by

Love the extra large glass oven door and the large capacity oven. Cook top is well designed and elements heat fast. Over all - recommended.

Review Title: huge oven! | Review by

I bought WFE540H0AS Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft. Electric Range a little over a month ago. I saw in store. To be honest, I didn't care for the exterior look. Don't like the round knobs, they look like they should be on the washer/dryer. I found a different brand and model that I liked the look of better, but...I couldn't get over the oven size. I checked the reviews on both models and although they both had great reviews the whirlpool 6.2 had a 4.5 out of 5 with over 500 reviews. That's impressive! So, I went with the larger oven size over the "prettier" model with great reviews. I am so happy that I did!! I can place 2 extra-large cookie sheets side by side on the same rack, can fit a 20+ lb. turkey in with no trouble! Cooks very evenly!! holds temp. great! I am over-joyed with this oven!

Review Title: Great looking and good Value!e | Review by

I wanted this look for my kitchen and it looks great! The oven is both regular but also convection one. The oven door lights up when opened. It is stylish and yet practical for the whole family. Easy to operate, the whole family uses it.

Review Title: Nice Stove | Review by

I bought this stove a month ago..It was a good price..The only thing im disappointed is the bottom where you put your pans is not high.So you can only store small pans

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love my new range. It is easier to clean the cook top than my last range. I love the design and the large window viewing area on the door. I am pleased with my burner size choices and the convection is great too.

Review Title: I love the features | Review by

I love the design and that it has the option to Bake or do convection. I also like the big window and the material on the inside that allows nothing to stick. The only downside is having to purchase special cleaner to clean the stove top that is only sold in 1-2 stores.

Review Title: great features!!!! | Review by

this is one of the best stoves we have owned in the past few years, i love it.

Review Title: The overall use/ease is very good | Review by

Cooktop is very fast in heating up and controlling. The large oven/convetion is outstanding

Review Title: Good oven | Review by

This stove was selected as part of a Whirlpool suite for our remodel. I like the 5 burners on the glass top, especially that the front 2 are versatble to small or larger pans. The glass top heats up much quicker than my 17 year old glass top stove. Learning to use the stove is easy. This is my first convection, and I am not sure I will be using it much. I read that convection is supposed to reduce the cooking time some, as well as the cooking temp. From my first attempts I am not seeing any reduction in cooking time, which is a disappointment. Maybe I misunderstood what I read? I plan on using the steam cleaning cycle this weekend, and excited to see how successful we are with the cleaning.

Review Title: Okay | Review by

Purchased this model, in the white ice color, in September of this year. It has some really nice features, and I do enjoy the way things come out. My one problem, here it is December not even 3 months down the road and the oven light bulb went out, when taking the cap off the light bulb broke at the base inside the cap. so now I'm replacing it. Whom ever screwed it in screwed it in way to tight. Buyer be-where of oven light bulbs.

Review Title: Great Purchase | Review by

I bought this range to replace an older one that came with the house we purchased. The oven itself works perfectly in fact so much better then my other I had to adjust almost all my cooking times! It holds temperature very well and cooks evenly. The burners on top are hard to keep clean (for a mom of three boys, who cooks all day long) but once I get the cleaner out and spend the time to do it properly everything comes right off. I just think its a pain to do. I thought I would use the 5th burner a lot more then I have, but it is handy when I have needed it. Overall I am very happy with my purchase, it functions very well and I like the way it looks in my space.

Review Title: Enjoy using this range very much. | Review by

Although I've only had the range for a few months and haven't used all the features (i.e. self-cleaning), my favorite features are the variety of element size options for pots and pans. It also heats up pretty fast. My only complaint or disappointment is that the stove surface is a little more fragile than I'd like. You have to be very careful when moving pots around on the surface and clean up any spills immediately. I already have two to three nicks in the surface. Style and color match the refrigerator and dishwasher I bought over a year ago so all of my kitchen appliances have a nice cohesive look.

Review Title: Slow to Preheat | Review by

I like the range except it takes forever to preheat! But then, it bakes quickly. The burners heat up quickly. Overall, good range.

Review Title: Great choice | Review by

Very pleased with the choice we made. The water vapor cleaning is wonderful. So much better than the old self cleaning oven. A very attractive look to the stove and goes well with our other 2 whirlpool appliances that we are also very pleased with.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

I'm so pleased with my purchase. Love the larger oven due to heating coil being below the oven floor. My only problem is the control panel is very difficult to read. There needs to be more contrast between the buttons and the background.

Review Title: Nice looking. | Review by

Seems to work very well at this time. Still have not used all features of machine..

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

Love my new oven! The window size is amazing.You can see exactly what you're cooking and when it's ready. Especially great when using the broil mode.You can see right in the window so you don't burn your food. The bottom drawer should have a handle. The stovetop is completely black,which is great looking, but extremely hard to keep clean.Everything cooks evenly and fast whether it's in the oven or stovetop.

Review Title: Great looking, fast heating range | Review by

Everything is good except for the fact that the info on the panel is hard to read without really good light. You should have used a more contrasting color to print;

Review Title: stove | Review by

Wasn't sure about all the glass, but it cleans up well.

Review Title: Convection Oven is a Plus | Review by

This range looks great in our newly remodeled kitchen. We like the large window to the oven and the convection oven feature allows baking on both shelves at the same time. We like the dial controls and the simplicity of use. This was a good buy.

Review Title: Great electric range | Review by

This electric range is very sharp looking. It heats up fast and has a variety of features.

Review Title: Sufficient but a bit slow | Review by

The stove looks great but is really slow. Boiling water in a teakettle or preheating the oven takes much longer than it did with our old fashioned coil element unit. Even being really careful with the glass top the first few months we've had it have not kept a scratch off the glass. I can't imagine why the same technology that would allow glass to withstand such high temperatures cannot also be designed to withstand some scratching. Convection seems to burn items before evenly cooking them, but we haven't loaded up the oven too much yet.

Review Title: Wonderful Oven! | Review by

We bought a new place and had an old nasty oven. We bought this and it fits beautifully and has very nice features. Nice n big on the inside and you can choose your burner size. Cooks great, cleans easy.

Review Title: High Performing and Stylish Range | Review by

Quality materials, good product design, ease of operation.

Review Title: Very Good | Review by

This is an excellent stove, I like all the features on it. I would buy it again.

Review Title: Awesome stove | Review by

Bought a new stove as the oven went out on the old one! Love the ceramic top stove. Awesome that there is the regular oven and a convection oven! Stove top burners have two sizes plus the addition of a warmer.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Bought this stove when we moved into our house last month. I love the color and the warming plate.

Review Title: Love the design features and functionality of this range! | Review by

I have a larger-than-average family, so the larger oven capacity and super size viewing window are good features for us. The convection operation is silent! Also appreciate the versatility of the stove top, with a warming burner and varied sizing on the remaining four burners. The black appliance fits our budget and the stainless accent offer a splash of trendiness to the range. Easy to operate as well. Overall, we are pleased with the purchase and feel it is a good value for the money we spent. The model included the features that I most cared about, with a mid-range price.

Review Title: Overall, a great product and sleek design!!! | Review by

The only negative aspect of this product is that when cleaning or wiping down the stove top, crumbs often get stuck in the adhesive around the edges. It's a very small detail, but I have a tough time getting crumbs out of this small crevice which makes it tough to get completely clean. Other than that everything is great!!!

Review Title: Love this range | Review by

I bought this range in January for a second property and did not have the opportunity to cook on it until this weekend. I have never used a convention oven and was surprised at how fast and easy it cooks. The cook top was easy to clean and the food cooked evenly.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

This product is user friendly and easy to view inside oven while baking.

Review Title: Just ok | Review by

The best thing about this range is the cook top. Compared with my previous range that had the old spriral heating elements, I love the flat surface and the ease of cleaning. Other than that, the control panel seems a bit "cheap" looking for a range like this. Reminds me of a child's toy.

Review Title: It works | Review by

The oven is great and cooks great. The range however is a bit slower and doesn't cook as fast as our old range. We are still getting use to it and still figuring it out.

Review Title: Does NOT self clean | Review by

The so-called "aqua" cleaning technology does NOT clean, no matter how many times you repeat the process. If I'd known it did not clean like the older models that clean at super high temperatures, I would have never bought it.

Review Title: Great features!I | Review by

I bought three months ago and am so happy because is simple, easy and beautiful

Review Title: Bought as gift from friend! | Review by

The refrigerator fits in my kitchen nicely and is the perfect size for a single person such as my self. I was certainly happy to see that it was a whirlpool, since all of your appliances I have owned in the past have always been of outstanding quality!

Review Title: No problems at all. Very pleased. | Review by

Very good appliance, especially for the price. I would appreciate an easy use guide in simple terms.

Review Title: White-Ice range has stylish great looks and features | Review by

I like the looks of the white-ice whirlpool range. The larger burners are also a great feature for using large size frying pans. It also has a nice roomy oven which will accommodate two large pans or casserole dishes at once. I am happy with the ranges performance and style. I also purchased the white-ice dishwasher to match and am happy with it's performance as well.

Review Title: Perfect Oven and Range | Review by

I bought this a month ago and love all the features. It has a very large capacity oven , heats evenly on the stove, and is a very attractive feature in my newly remodeled kitchen. I would recommend it to anyone!

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

This oven/range is everything I was expecting. It is easy to use, beautiful, nice huge oven space and the quality I have learned to expect from Whirlpool. couldn't be happier!

Review Title: Fantastic Range | Review by

This is a very nice range. It looks beautiful in my kitchen and is always a great cooking experience. I have only good things to say about it.

Review Title: I love the features | Review by

We had this less than a week when my husband spilled something all over inside. I used the AquaLift self-clean and it cleaned so easily! Keeping the top clean is a bit of a challenge as it is black, but a bit of buffing keeps it looking new! The storage drawer seems just a bit flimsy, but usable anyway.

Review Title: Good quality! | Review by

Should of purchased two years earlier. Great job cooks evenly! Very easy to clean!

Review Title: Very nice upgrade | Review by

The stove and oven are well designed, controls are intuitive, and overall it 'feels' like a quality machine. The oven is larger than any I've used before and the convection fan is quite and unobtrusive. It should have been obvious to me but for some reason I din't focus on it before purchase is that the bottom drawer is small due to the large oven and hidden lower element. Something to consider if you have a small kitchen and depend on the drawer for storage.

Review Title: Range does everything you'd expect | Review by

The range performs very well, surprisingly fast cooking in the oven probably due to convection. The top is typical, the cooking ring choices are a nice feature but the interface is confusing and takes time getting used to. The top also, despite babying it, gets dirty fast and stays blemished, even after cleaning with the special stove-top cleaner. Design is sleek and the stylish so it at least looks like the 21st century.

Review Title: Large oven with one miss | Review by

What we Love Love this oven. With the convection feature we are cooking things quicker than before. With the extra space we are able to cook multiple things at once. I was worried about the cook top scratching but all is good so far.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

Broiler works great, just like the oven and burners. Only had the unit 2 weeks, no problem yet. There is NOT a lot of Stainless on this oven...mostly glass (huge oven door window).

Review Title: Stove Top and Oven Cleaning | Review by

I purchased this appliance recently and I have already called for repair service. I applied 3 coats of Affresh Cooktop Cleaner before using, per a recommendation from the salesperson at Good Deals Appliance in Fort Myers. I was making eggs and a small part of the egg white ended up on the burner. I tried unsuccessfully to remove the stain using the Affresh Cooktop Cleaner. We went to Good Deals Appliances to ask if they could send a representative out to look at the stove,as I had purchased a Repair Service Contract from them. We encountered a VERY disconcerting attitude of NOT our problem call Whirpool! The service representative from Whirpool ended up having to replace the glass cook top, as he could not remove the stain either. The black cook top is very difficult to keep clean, shows every finger print! I might add that the stove we were replacing was a Whirpool and we were VERY satisfied with it, so we decided to buy another one. The stove I was replacing had a high heat self cleaning oven, which I dearly loved...left the oven really clean. The new one with the steam low heat cleaning feature does NOT do a good job and I would never buy another one with this type of cleaning feature.


Go inspect this range before you buy. Local dealer did have on display and we bought online. Only had it for 2 months but considering returning.

Review Title: I am so enjoying my new Whirlpool oven. It is faster to cook with and the oven is easier to clean | Review by

I like the added element of the convection oven and the self cleaning feature. It is sleek and good looking.

Review Title: Works and Looks great | Review by

We replaced an older stove that had outlived its usefulness so we elected the Whirlpool. The optional convection oven is a nice feature and the smooth surface elements provides even and quick heat up. The electronics are easy to operate and straightforward. The unit stands out in the kitchen and provides a beautiful environment to the area.

Review Title: We love the wonderful and convient features of th | Review by

This stove has innovative design and features. It is not only energy efficient and affordable, but easy to use. It is very easy to clean and its enhanced the look in our kitchen.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This product came in the purchase of my new home. I haven't had any functional issues with this product. There is a huge window, compared to many others, that allows you to see everything in the oven, very aesthetic. I have not yet tried out the cleaning option with water yet but seems like a great option to clean the inside of the oven. Not sure if it's because it's still so new but I've used the oven option about 10 times now and it still gives off a burning plastic smell like it's new. Would definitely recommended this product.

Review Title: I am enjoying the stove. | Review by

Definitely needed to replace my old oven, love this one.

Review Title: its so beautiful | Review by

I wanted it just as soon as I seen it and new I had to have it

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I have only used this for a couple of weeks, but am well satisfied with it. It has performed as I had expected it to.

Review Title: Great Buy! | Review by

I bought the electric range over a month ago and it's just great. No problem with the installation or after. My wife and I love it!

Review Title: Whirlpool 6.2 Electric Range | Review by

I have been using my new Whirlpool just about 1 month. I have already used the AquaLift cleaning process and I loved it. It took just over 30 minutes and a little bit of scrubbing to be sparkly clean again. The oven is very large and the door has a large glass panel. The convection fan is so quiet that at first I wasn't sure it was working.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

So far this has been a great stove. Glad that we bought it.

Review Title: Great oven! | Review by

This is a great oven. We replaced a regular electric smooth cook top that was shot and was taking 2-3 times normal time to cook. We bought this at a great price. If you are looking at ovens, the convection feature is awesome and the water self cleaning system sure beats using oven cleaners, etc.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

I bought this the week of Thanksgiving when my old oven broke. What a time for an oven to break! I actually really liked my old oven. But I love this oven! Fantastic features! Now I'm glad that my old oven broke. I can't say enough about it. You will love it too!

Review Title: Love It! | Review by

Looked at several models and kept going back to the whirlpool mainly because of its attractive design. Very happy we chose the whirlpool with it's 6.2 cu ft capacity and convection features. The stainless/black combination looks great in our kitchen. Love It!

Review Title: Best range i have ever purchased | Review by

The range looks great . The burners are easy to use. The glass top is easy to care for. The oven bakes the best I have ever had.

Review Title: I love my new Whirlpool Stove! | Review by

We needed a new stove for a while and we were overwhelmed about the choices out there. We came across Whirlpool and we're so glad we chose it! It's so easy to use and so efficient! We love it!

Review Title: simple @ it works....d | Review by

Nice works great looks good very happy with it also have microwave love it best one so far.

Review Title: Nicely designed, Easy to Use | Review by

Never having purchased a range before, we looked at all types, including converting to gas (our old range was ~36 years old.) The vast majority of ranges we looked at all were the same in terms of design, which is to say clunky, small window - inefficient use of cooktop space. This Whirlpool was the only one that had a large window with a simpler, cleaner design. The large oven, convection functionality and aqualift features were a big draw as well. We've had this unit for a couple of months now and have no complaints - it's easy to operate and clean, and looks great.

Review Title: I love my new stove / oven! | Review by

This electric range is fantastic! The cooktop is very big, and has a warming station. I love that the large burners can be used to full capacity, or you can select to use a smaller setting on those burners if you are using a smaller sized pan. The window on the oven door is HUGE and allows you a great view of everything cooking in your oven. This is my first convection oven, so I'm still getting the hang of it, but I do like the end result.

Review Title: whirlpool range | Review by

I bought this a month ago and I can truly say whirlpool is awsome with their appliance s

Review Title: Great look! | Review by

Looks wonderful in the kitchen. Great window on front for easy viewing of what you have in oven. Over all very pleased with this purchase!

Review Title: Excellent! | Review by

I've had my stove for 2 months now and it's great!

Review Title: All Around Good Product | Review by

Very attractive look and is easy to use. I like that you can pick the size of the area that gets hot on the big burner.

Review Title: Good appliance, could use a few small tweaks | Review by

My wife and I like the large glass opening, and the efficent use of the cook top. Two small suggestions would be a stronger indicator that the oven is on. (Sometime we have finished dinner and forgot it was on). And greater tips on the convection part of the stove.

Review Title: This is a great appliance for cooking! | Review by

Whether it is cooking or baking both are done equally as well when it comes to this product. Lots of room for the pots and pans you are using!

Review Title: Very large oven! | Review by

Oven size and easy to use buttons are the best features. The Aqua lift clean for the oven simply does not work! It says not to use chemicals to clean it, so its hard scrubbing for me for the life of the oven.

Review Title: Love Whirlpool products | Review by

Bought all 3.........Frig, stove, micro........2 months ago. Love all the features!

Review Title: Great Innovations | Review by

Especially like various burner size choices and convection oven. Have been baking bread every 2 or 3 weeks for over 10 years. Just baked the best loaves ever in this new oven. Also, have had a 12" skillet I couldn't use properly until the 12" burner on this oven.

Review Title: Love my new range | Review by

I am very pleased with my new Whirlpool range w/ the aqua clean cycle. It cooks great and clean up is easier than w/ my previous GE range.

Review Title: Good for the baker | Review by

This range is wonderful. I love to bake and the convection ability is everything I was expecting and more then I thought. My cookies I noticed took almost a whole minute faster and better then before in reference to the timing. I love this range and for the price also. I would say if you are looking for a range for your baker buy this one. There is one thing I do not care for is the cleanability of the top range. You have to scrub all the time. The range looks dirty until the light indicates you can clean the top. I do not like waiting around to clean the top off. Other then that the range is a good buy.

Review Title: Love my new oven ! | Review by

Best oven I ever owned ! Much easier to use than any other oven I've had. Love the big window and that it's easy to clean.

Review Title: Love it...most of the time. | Review by

Love everything about it. However; the cook top does take a while to heat up.

Review Title: cooks great | Review by

Just purchased and so far so good. It took some time to get the burning smell out

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

Bought stove 1 month ago so glad I did. The first time used it fell in love with it

Review Title: energy efficient with easy operating functions | Review by

We recently replaced all three of our kitchen appliances with whirlpool products and are very pleased with the products ease of use and efficiency. The reason we chose this brand was because we had purchased a washer and dryer a few years ago and have been extremely pleased with them. So far the new products are proving to be equally satisfying. Great products and affordably priced.

Review Title: It has the best features that I have ever had. Easy to clean and cooks great!!!! | Review by

This stove cooks so evenly, and I love the convection oven, it is great for slow cooking,

Review Title: I love the extra large burner on the top! | Review by

I like the large capacity, the large window, and the large burner on the top. I love that I can cook two pans of cookies at the same time with the convection. The only thing I am not impressed by is the cook top is hard to get completely clean, even with the cleaners made for that purpose.

Review Title: Quality product American made. | Review by

I bought this range about a month ago and have been slowly getting used to cooking with the ceramic cook top. I find that once the pan gets hot that the cooking goes quickly I don't like the fact that the stove burners are not marked on the stovetop and I have to turn on the burner to see where to put the pot or pan I'm using...Have noticed since then that other ceramic ranges have the burners clearly marked The oven is very efficient and bakes my pies, cakes etc. quickly and evenly, And overall I am very satisfied. All my appliances are Whirlpool and I have found that it is a very reliable and long lasting product and will only choose that brand in the future. I particularly like the fact that Whirlpool products are made in America.

Review Title: Great oven and cooktop | Review by

Really happy that we chose this oven and cooktop. It looks great! preforms well and cleans easily!

Review Title: Happy with my purchase | Review by

Happy with my new range, love the large window into the oven and the warming burner on the stove. Many great features and the fact that it is a convection oven was a big plus! Only thing I am a little disdsapointed in is trying to keep the range top clean...typicall for this type of range and the steamn clean feature did not work the way I had hoped it would. Otherwise great range for the price you will pay!

Review Title: I love everything except the easy streaking & spotting of the gorgous stovetop surface. | Review by

I can hardly wait to try the self-cleaning aqua technology, but refuse to dirty the oven specifically for this purpose. I didn't think I could be so happy with an electric stove. It's been just over two months, but so far, so good. The large, lighted oven is wonderful!

Review Title: Whirpool Glass Top Electric Range with Aqua Lift Technology | Review by

I love this range. I have only used it for a couple of months, but so far, so good. The only issue so far is that the glass cook top requires a little bit of effort to clean it, but it does come very clean and looks great. I have not had to use the Aqua Lift Technology which is used when cleaning the oven, but because of it, the oven compartment is very roomy with no coils on the bottom of the oven to have to clean around.

Review Title: This product has great features and is easy to use. | Review by

I love the big window to look in and see the food. I also love that it gives me the option of is also a much larger capacity oven, so I know items will fit inside. And with convection, I feel better about cooking more than I thing at a time. It is really easy to use. Great product!

Review Title: Great features, excellent design! | Review by

I am very satisfied with this product, it has great features, big oven, and it gave to my kitchen very stylish look.

Review Title: Very Impressed | Review by

Bought this model for the great reviews and feedback from many websites. We've owned the stove for a little over a month now and it lives up to its name. The stove top itself heats up really quick so you're not waiting for a pot to boil. The oven/convection works miracles. Either feature cooks the dishes evenly throughout. The only recommendation I have is to go about 10 degrees less then what a recipe calls for and a little less time. This oven is very powerful and cooks really well, fast.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

My wife didn't think she would like the new glass top but after using it she just found it much easier to clean. She also likes the convection feature which makes everything turn out great in half the time.

Review Title: Best range I ever had | Review by

I always had a gas stove until recently. I purchased a smooth top electric range and I love this stove more than any gas stove. So easy to operate and keep clean.

Review Title: Very Happy | Review by

Got this right before Christmas and my cookies tasted and looked great.

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

We have owned this range for about a month and so far it has performed very well. We chose this model over several others because of the convection oven, warming spot, and the large viewing area in the door. The oven space was also bigger than many other ovens so we could fit multiple larger items in at once. I am very happy with the range and would choose it again if I had it to do all over again.

Review Title: LOVE!!! | Review by

This stove is great. I cook in it every single day. simple to clean simple to use and i love the big window it has to the oven

Review Title: Love this oven and glass top | Review by

It is so easy to use, and love the cleaning features on the oven, so easy to do with water...of all things

Review Title: Wonderful appliance! | Review by

I love this new stove! It is great looking, cooks and bakes wonderful! It is easy to use, nothing too technical that takes a lot of figuring out. My old stove quit working, and saw this one. Looks great in my kitchen and is just the most awesome stove I have ever had! The delivery men were very courteous and helpful, delivery was as scheduled with no problems or issues. Overall the best purchase I have made! My next appliance will be a whirlpool! Thank you!

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

I bought this because we didn't have a stove in our new house. It has been great so far. The stovetop is flexible with the dual burner sizes, and it works great. The oven is huge, and the convection is super quiet. Overall this has been a great purchase.

Review Title: Once I got use to the functions, I have enjoyed cooking again! | Review by

Considering that we have our previous oven for 25 years, we were a little intimidated by all the "bells and whistles". But once I got things under control, it is amazing how much pleasure we find again in cooking and baking.

Review Title: happy with the oven | Review by

We've had this oven for about a month and have been very happy with it so far. It's an attractive appliance at a reasonable price point. Recommend!

Review Title: Front glass door is fantastic | Review by

I love everything about this range except the glass cook top. It is difficult to keep clean and remove stains

Review Title: Still early but promising | Review by

There are several feature that I like about this stove. it is our first convection oven so that is a plus but the non exposed heating elements in the stove is another good one. The "warming" space is not vary useful so far, it is just as easy to keep it on low.

Review Title: Great product - some feature improvement suggestions | Review by

We were faced with replacing several kitchen appliances at once, so we shopped around and decided on the Whirlpool products for all or our kitchen appliance needs at once. The stove is very convenient to use, but, there are some things that could be improved. First, the menu for setting time bake is not intuitively obvious. We have a lot of trouble setting the bake temperature and the time. The menu should prompt the user to insure that information is properly set. Second, the oven doesn't heat up as fast as our previous oven. It seems to me that there should be a "quick start" feature to pre-heat the oven very quickly and then control the bake process to save energy. Third, we were given no option regarding the type of shelf rack. We would prefer two, flat racks to fit our baking style. Instead, we were forced to accept a rack that has an offset drop in the center. This limits the usage of this rack to only a single cookie sheet instead of the normal two cookie sheets per rack as in our previous oven. Hopefully, by providing some of these options, the user experience after the purchase will be much more satisfying.

Review Title: Nice product | Review by

Very large oven, convection work well. The cook top is kind of hard to keep pristine but works fine.

Review Title: AquaLift� Self-Clean Technology | Review by

AquaLift Self-Clean Technology is not very good at all! Not a good range if you have a big family and cook alot. Stove dose not clean well at all. A lot of scrubbing and hard to clean if spill is not cleaned right away.

Review Title: The options on this product are excellent | Review by

I am enjoying using this stove and oven. I like that it is easy to use and clean and looks amazing in my house.

Review Title: A Wonderful Addition to Our Household Appliances | Review by

There is a very long story about how we got this range but suffice it to say it is a fantastic appliance that has given us much enjoyment.

Review Title: I love my new range. Easy to clean and very sleek. | Review by

My Dad worked for Whirlpool all my life. I wouldn't own anything else. There have been times when I wished something would wear out just so I could get a new one but that has happened rarely.

Review Title: Like it!! | Review by

Easy and Simple to use! Very nice looking! Easy to Clean up!

Review Title: Beautiful and Functional! | Review by

I get many compliments on the gorgeous front door. Love the different burner sizes. Great stove!

Review Title: Great Stove | Review by

Upgraded all out appliances after re-doing the kitchen. This oven is great. Some say it is hard to clean top and all it really takes is some effort. It works wonderfully and couldn't be happier with it. Heats up fast and cooks evenly. Features are great and construction appears to be very good. Thanks

Review Title: Whirlpool is fantastic with the Self Clean Technology | Review by

I bought my range a month ago and I love it. The oven is larger , so I can put more in the same time. Easy to clean to. My wife and I are Very happy and talk about it to all our friends.

Review Title: Works well , looks good | Review by

Happy so far with the performance and looks . Cleans ok

Review Title: This is our first flat top range. | Review by

Didn't know what to expect. We love the quick heat and recovery. The convection oven works as advertised and is great. Haven't tried the self cleaning oven. The flat top is a lot harder to maintain than anticipated. All in all, a very good product.

Review Title: I LOVE the smooth top and the convection features! | Review by

I have had my new Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range for over 6 months, and have had no issues with it. My husband bet me that I would scratch the cook surface before Thanksgiving, but I made it through the holidays and now up to May with no incidents! I have cared for it as per the instructions! The functionality of the cook top is great for additional counter space. I use the warmer burner to scent the room with candles that have lived out their lives and no longer have wicks! At first I wasn't too sure about the self clean AquaLift, but it seems to work well for even scorched sugar. It may take a couple cycles, but much easier than the old fashioned self cleaning ovens, that you had to wait for a cold day, so as to not heat up your whole house. (I live in SouthTexas, and Lord knows we don't have too many cool days!) I also love the large window for the oven!

Review Title: Great purchase! | Review by

We are enjoying baking so much more with this new oven and range. So easy to clean!

Review Title: Good | Review by

This is the best cooking stove we have ever had. The features are awesome! We both enjoy cooking on it. The only draw back is the cook top surface. It scratches easy and is hard to keep clean. The product performance and features out weigh the cleaning.

Review Title: The stove has a nice appearance in our kitchen and has enhanced our baking experience. | Review by

We do a lot of baking and we have had the best baking ever with the convection oven. The large oven is a plus. The burners seem to heat quickly and I think we are saving energy with this stove.

Review Title: Whirlpool Electric Range | Review by

The front door on the oven has issues. Someone needs to contact me.

Review Title: Looks great, cooks stuff OK | Review by

Mostly happy with it. We use it every day for cooking. Tried to use it as a refrigerator, but was not happy with the result. :)

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

This is a great, basic stove with an extra feature of a warmer on stovetop.

Review Title: Great product at a reasonable price. | Review by

Overall I'm very pleased with my range. I've had it for about 2 months and put every feature to the test and they work great, including the convection & self-cleaning options. The variable size options on the cook top are wonderful and the keep warm burner really does "keep warm" without scorching. There are only two drawbacks that I found, both of which are just a personal thing, but I think they should be noted. 1. The electrical plug in the back of the range is offset and doesn't allow for a full slide in as did our previous range. Yes, I should have measured first to make sure the wall outlet placement would allow flush slide in for the range. Its an easy fix with the help of a qualified electrician. 2. The range and oven are a little slow to reach temp, but it's electric and that's just the nature of the beast.

Review Title: This product exceeded my expectations. | Review by

The oven and burners heat faster than the previous brand that I owned and the top burners are positioned where multiple pans of different sizes can be used at the same time. The controls and clock/timer/temp screen are self-explanatory and easy to use. Great product.

Review Title: Great value and very stylish! | Review by

We replaced a builders grade electric stove with this model after quite a bit of research and couldn't be happier. It is our first experience with a flat surface cook top, but couldn't be happier with the ease of use and performance. The VERY large window in the door lets us see clearly how our food is looking without opening the oven door, which is a really nice feature. We are still getting used to the convection feature, so can't add much for that yet. Overall, we are extremely happy with our purchase and recommend it highly.

Review Title: Love Love Love the warming burner!! | Review by

Love the fact this product was made in the USA. Easy to keep clean and love the fact there is a warming burner. It is so convenient when making dinner for our large family !! Love the big glass door as well. Makes it easy to watch whatever is in the oven without having to open the door !

Review Title: Like the steam cleaning versus temperature setting cleaning. | Review by

Not having used convection before; there is learning curve on how long to heat foods. I did like the cleaning by steam; versus the high temperature. I did not like that one oven rack is tapered and will not hold a full sized cookie sheet.

Review Title: I love the smooth top! | Review by

I love cooking on my smooth top Whirlpool Stove. It makes clan up so easy. I has taken a little time to get used to the burners working on a thermostat. The convection oven was a little tricky at first, but I really like that feature. I do not like the oven cleaning. I splashed meatloaf grease and the oven and the cleaning option would not take it off. I had to scrub.

Review Title: Great large capacity range. | Review by

Very pleased with this new Whirlpool range. The oven has an extra-large capacity and the convection feature does a nice job for uniform baking of cakes and pies. The temperature setting is adjustable in 5 degree increments and the large glass window in the door makes it easy to check on items without opening the door. Haven�t had to use the AquaLift cleaning feature yet. The bottom of the oven has a solid panel which covers the lower heating element, making it easier to wipe-up minor spills. The smooth cook top works well and has been easy to clean. The fifth �keep warm� heating element comes in handy for keeping items warm. The one area that could use improvement is the bottom storage drawer. The drawer feels flimsy and doesn�t slide in and out easily. Overall this Whirlpool range is a great value for the money.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

We have been using it since june. No problems and it is easy to clean

Review Title: This oven is not self cleaning | Review by

My title says it all. It does not self clean! They want you to pour water in the basin and cook the stains out but it doesn't work....Also the convection oven option is not much faster than a regular oven.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

We love our new oven! Great size and ease of use...!

Review Title: Dinner Done | Review by

I like my range it is easy to clean and cooks evenly. The Aqualift is my favorite feature. I am a clean freak and the fact I can have my stove cleaned in one hour as to the 6 hours of previous self cleaning stoves I have used is wonderful. It cooks quickly and evenly the burns are well spaced so that I can use them all at the same time. Mealtime is a joy and clean up takes less time so it gives back to my family time. I highly recommend this stove to those that who want it all.

Review Title: Good and bad points | Review by

The top burners are excellent, Sizes are good, extra, (fifth) burner is great, electronics are fine. The problem is the "Self Clean Technology". It does not work anywhere near as well as advertised. The manual says to never let anything sit, or bake on to the lower pan, which means the oven has to be cleaned often. The water/steam just doesn't work. You end up spending a LOT of time bent over and manually scrubbing the bottom tray. Not fun and certainly not as easy as advertised.

Review Title: Disappointment. | Review by

This product has disappointed me. First of all, the drawer underneath is very small as you cannot put too many items below, but I did know that before purchasing oven. But now the drawer is sagging to the ground and there is not much in there so there is a big gap from the oven door to the drawer below. Second, the oven top is black and shows every little thing. (scratch, food, etc.) Our old oven had a gray smooth top and I loved it. Thought I would try black and am very disappointed. Constantly cleaning it to make it look better.

Review Title: This range does it all | Review by

Got this range as a replacement for an old kenmore and I have been very pleased with it's performance. I especially like the different eye sizes, and this range has a large one for bigger pots. So far the cleaning has been great, it still looks new.

Review Title: WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! | Review by

Suprise from my Hubby! Wonderful stove.....Looks great and cooks so good! Refrigerator purchase is next!!!!!!!

Review Title: Love this range | Review by

Giving everything an Excellent as to date, my wife is "in love." We have not used every feature, yet but those we have are wonderful. The oven is dead on for accuracy. We are very pleased.

Review Title: Easy to use features, very readable | Review by

Bought this with a matching overhead microwave a couple months ago and have really enjoyed using them. Love the blue lighting on the unit, as well as the interior oven light. Great features, easy to figure out and use.

Review Title: This range is pretty sleek looking! | Review by

All the features are great including the sleek look, the large elements, and the over-sized oven. The only improvement I'd suggest is having a better "hot surface" indicator. The current indicator doesn't display which element is still hot.

Review Title: cooks good, but no lite to tell which burner is on the whole cook top gets extremely hot. | Review by

I bought this two months ago, I like the oven capacity, I am not used to it taking so long to get to the temp I choose. Stays cleaner than my old whirlpool. I hate the tinny drawer on bottom does not glide in and out good and I can only keep 2 frying pans in it. Your old stoves were cheaper and better make I guess that's life today.

Review Title: My best liked stove and oven that I ever owned. | Review by

The cooktops work wonderful! Excellent heating and even cooking. What I love most is the large oven with the very large glass window on the door. Convection baking is time saving and works wonderfully. The oven drawer on the bottom could slide a bit easier and be a bit bigger, but that is not as important to me than the rest of the appliance. It is wonderful. I've had it now for a couple of months, so I had a chance to try it out well as I do quite a bit of cooking. I'd buy it all over again. Love it, love it, love it.

Review Title: Happy Wife | Review by

My wife is the primary cook and she is very happy with her range

Review Title: Recommend | Review by

I love the convection feature, although it does seem to take a little longer to heat to the required temperature. It cooks very evenly which I love. I didn't think I would use the dual burners (where you can choose the pan size), but I do, and like that feature also. The way it steam cleans the oven is probably the biggest change from what I was used to. It works great, quickly, and doesn't create much heat as it works.

Review Title: it's a great range | Review by

We bought this to replace a 35-year-old range with a dead oven in a house we'd just bought, and to match the microwave we'd just put above it. It looks great and works very well. No trouble at all cooking just about anything. Convection is nice, too. We haven't tried the cleaning function yet, though.

Review Title: Has been a great addition to my kitchen | Review by

Works great, easy to use and more than meets my needs

Review Title: love the smooth top | Review by

love the extra large burners,the warming burner and the convection oven. all and all very pleased with the oven...

Review Title: Greaet Stove | Review by

This stove has greata features, including the extra burner as well as the self cleaning oven. My only complaint is on the top of the stove, there is a gap between the glass surface and the stove itself. Crumbs and food keep getting caught in this gap and it is very difficult to get it out.

Review Title: Love everyhing | Review by

This oven is absolutely the best!! Love all the extras it has and all function well. Best oven ever so easy to clean.

Review Title: All i can say is..OMG!! I'm in LOVE!! | Review by

its wonderful to use the oven has lots of room, the way it cook is a dream. and it very easy to clean. I know I'm in And it looks real good in my kitchen!

Review Title: Great features, I really like everything about my new stove. I would recommend this stove! | Review by

I really love my new stove, very easy to use, and has all the features I was looking for. With my old electric stove, it would sometimes burn the food, I had the cast iron plates over the burners and was hard to adjust the heat. The oven works great, and love the stainless steel. I actually bought all new stainless appliances for my kitchen. I had a lot of compliments!

Review Title: easy tounderstannd use | Review by

Seems to be well designed. Functions well. pleasing appearance

Review Title: like the style | Review by

my first glass top so far it has been a great oven i do seem to find it gets hotter than the set temp maybe that is just the way this one is overall love the oven

Review Title: Nice features | Review by

I am learning with this range. It is not of the quality that I expect from Whirlpool!

Review Title: Just what I wanted! | Review by

I bought this two weeks ago and used it the first time in preparing a holiday meal for a family gathering. The stove performed perfectly. It is to easy to use and understand. I love the hidden elements in the oven and the wide oven window.

Review Title: Excellent unit | Review by

Really like the variable size cooktop heating elements and large oven window

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this three months ago, it works great and the Aqualift technology is way too cool.

Review Title: New stove! | Review by

This is the second one, same model . First one wouldn't hold the temp. Thank you Lowes for being great to work with. Got the same one and it is working wonderful. Skeptical about the Aqua-lift cleaning,but it worked great

Review Title: great everything | Review by

Love this oven cooks just how I want it. One thing is remember to trun it on when you first start cooking so it heat ups. Takes awhile for it to heat up but thats the only thing I see . Really thats not a problem in my book. Love this oven

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

The oven is a bit larger than the others and the extra large window is fantastic. The cooking is evenly distributed. It is nice to be able to cook by convection or normal oven, although I always choose convection. Cookies come out much better and bread cooks more evenly!

Review Title: Mediocre | Review by

I don't have much to compare this range to as far as convection goes...but I have not noticed any difference in baking with the convection fan on. It's supposed to cook faster and more evenly but it doesn't seem to do much. The stove seems to take a while to heat up my stainless steel cookware, but maybe that's just how electric stoves are. My last range was about 20 years old and the stove seemed no different. It's good enough for me and I got it at a good price so I can't complain too much...I just thought the convection would have made a big difference. I LOVE the large "window" on the oven though!

Review Title: A cook's nightmare! | Review by

The cleaning technique is absolutely ridiculous! No cleaning occurs at all! The black top surface is a joke! It shows every drop of water, every piece of dust! You could spend all day trying to keep it clean and shiny. The oven cooks very unevenly also. You can't bake 2 cookie sheets at a time because one side will be undercooked and the other will be burned. I'm very unhappy with this stove.

Review Title: I love Whirlpool products! | Review by

It is easy to wipe clean inside of the oven since the heating elements are not exposed. I love the convection oven. It is a little hard to keep it looking nice on the stove top. You need to use a special cloth to dry it. I love the warmer until for kids to eat supper after swim practice.

Review Title: whirlpool electric range | Review by

love the cooking area- the light in the oven and warming burner

Review Title: Looks great | Review by

Cleans easily Looks neat and clean dials are easy to use

Review Title: great oven | Review by

we went in with no particular model or make in mind but this oven sold itself

Review Title: Love the features this product offers | Review by

I have had by new range for 3 months now. I love the convection oven feature and how it cuts down on cook time. The space and features of this range make it a great purchase for a busy family like ours.

Review Title: Great Investment | Review by

I love this stove. The Aqualift Technology is a great feature. The warming burner is also nice but I would give that up for a 90 second boil burner. The oven is a wonderful size and the Convection Oven also comes in handy. Overall, I am more than pleased with this Stove!

Review Title: Sleek, simple, and a greaty buy! | Review by

We just purchased this for our kitchen and we love it!

Review Title: great stove love the convection oven | Review by

I bought recently have been well pleased looks good cooks good

Review Title: Exellent Product | Review by

This product is easy to use, looks good, and is competitively priced. And, it matches my other applicances

Review Title: OVERALL SERVES IT'S PURPOSE | Review by


Review Title: dans stove | Review by

Works well. Lower tray is flimsy, only complaint. Cooks well, like the burner in burner feature and warmer

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

I was so excited to get this new range, our old one was very out dated and starting to die. I love everything about this oven but the only thing is I feel like it takes awhile to heat up to temperature, otherwise it's great!

Review Title: Stove performs well | Review by

Overall the stove performs well. My issue is with the bottom drawer. The drawer is very small and does not hold many pans. It is not sturdy. I can't seem to get the drawer to stay on track. It goes from one side to the other and it is rarely even. Each time you pull the drawer out you have to make a manual adjustment. I find this to be very frustrating.

Review Title: So far, okay | Review by

The design looks somewhat cheap, especially the knob area. I have only used it a couple times, have followed instructions, and there are already marks on the smooth top that won't come off. The bottom drawer is shallow and flimsy. Takes longer to cook everything than coil, but looks better.

Review Title: Very well constructed and easy to keep clean. | Review by

I bought this whirlpool stove before Thanksgiving and it was put to good use as I had twenty-one for dinner.

Review Title: Has great features and a large oven. | Review by

I like the larger oven that lets me put two 12" pizza pans on the same shelf. I also like the variety of burner sizes. I have already used the feature that allows me to set the oven to come on at a later time. I can put food in the oven and have it come on after I leave home; it also allows you to set the shut off time. I haven't found anything that I don't like about the range.

Review Title: I love everything about this oven!!!!!! | Review by

There are so many reasons that I truly love my new oven. The burners are great. There are so many of them, I have room to cook the whole meal at one time. You can cook something on the stove and then keep it warm without it getting burnt. The oven does not take very long to heat up. The heat is very even. My Christmas Turkey was great! The last oven took about 4 hours to clean. This oven only takes 1 hour to clean. The fan is very quiet. I have had to use the fan several times. Overall, the oven is very easy to use and I love the wide window on the oven. Clearly I am very happy.

Review Title: awesome stove | Review by

I bought this stove a few weeks before Thanksgiving and LOVE it. I saw a huge improvement in all areas but especially baking. My mom bought a different brand about a year ago and is not as happy.

Review Title: I like my Whirlpool glass top stove. | Review by

I love the look of the back panel. The glass top gives it a sleek look. The burners heat up quickly and glass top is easy to clean.

Review Title: Great product love the convection! | Review by

Great product love that it is convection oven worth the upgrade! Looks good also!

Review Title: My tennant likes this product | Review by

My tennant has said she likes the quality and ease of use of this range.

Review Title: Very happy with this oven with a couple caveats. | Review by

The oven looks great, and is far and away better than the one it replaced. However, I wish the control knobs were not plastic. They feel a bit cheap and fragile. It also takes a long time to boil a large pot of water for pasta. Everything else has worked great. Haven't tried the self clean yet, but the last one didn't have that at all, so i'm sure it will be great.

Review Title: This product is relatively easy to use. | Review by

I love the large glass in the oven door - makes opening oven door quite unnecessary most of the time. Black color goes good with our decor.

Review Title: Nice product. | Review by

I'm not much of a cook so I don't know how seriously my review should be taken. This stove works the way it should. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and cleans up pretty well.

Review Title: Good value | Review by

I purchased this about 3 weeks ago for a total remodel. My budget was getting low and this model had a good price. I was quite surprised when it was delivered. It was easy to install and well made. I love the overall features. I would definitely recommend this model.

Review Title: This product is easy to use | Review by

I am very pleased with this product. The oven heats up quickly - which is a nice attribute. I have used the convection oven only once - but look forward to using it again since it cooked the item nicely. The warm zone element on the range top is nice but cumbersome when cooking more than one pan. I am pleased with my purchase and intend to keep using it for many years. The oven's size is large enough to bake using an 11 X 15 size pan.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

Have only had the range for 3 weeks or so but so far it's been great. Love the keep warm area

Review Title: This range is the best! | Review by

I have owned this range for a few months now. I love how fast the oven pre-heats, and everything comes out perfect from the oven,. weather you use the convection, or not! I love the dual elements for very large pots or frying pans. The oven is so big, and with the bottom rack the way it sits, I will be cooking a 32 lb turkey with no problems this year! I am very happy that I chose this whirlpool!

Review Title: So far so good! | Review by

I have only had the range for about a week, but so far I am very happy with it. The stove heats up very quickly, and I love the size option for two of the elements. The oven is huge. It does take a little longer than expected to warm up, but it preheats in a reasonable amount of time.

Review Title: Fantastic! | Review by

I received this for a Christmas gift and it is one of the best Christmas presents ever. The size of the oven is perfect. In my experience you can't have an oven too large. And the window allows for easy viewing of your baking items without opening the door. It's great! I also like that it has 5 burners - two of which are dual burners to fit any size pan/skillet.

Review Title: This stove/range has all the bells and whistles! | Review by

I have owned Whirlpool products for over 20 years. This stove has many nice features. There are a lot of pan/pot size options, digital display and timer, convection bake, large interior to the oven, hidden bake element in the oven. The quality of this stove is terrific. This one has it all. No regrets on this purchase.

Review Title: Wonderful oven! | Review by

This oven is so easy to clean! Love the aqua-lift technology!

Review Title: gave us exactly what we wanted and more | Review by

Great value. We had a blemish on one burner we reported and it was replaced without question. Would recommend without question. Will utilize Whirlpool and recommend.

Review Title: Great range cooks wonderful | Review by

This range is great the oven preheats so fast and it is made very well I love cooking with it.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I like that you have options on the range top for different pan sizes. Easy to clean and looks really great.

Review Title: Good range for the price | Review by

This is my first electric range. I like the sleek lines of the range. It's definitely easier to clean because there's no where for food to spill on or through because of the glass top. I thought I would incur more expense because of the electric feature but my electric bill has shown no change in cost.

Review Title: Great range and quiet oven. | Review by

I have owned this for about 6 months and love it. The convection oven is so quiet I thought the fan must be broken. My only complaint is that it seems to take longer than my old element stove to boil water. I confess it is my first flat top so I don't have much to compare it to. Even with this I would still recommend this to anyone.

Review Title: looks great easy to maintain | Review by

this stove looks fantastic, quite modern, the oven control unit is easy to use. The only thing I don't like is the small to large burner control, and the burner control mafrkings.

Review Title: Nice stove for a lower price range. | Review by

Had to replace all the appliances in the older home we just purchased so budget was an issue. We looked to get the most for our money and this stove fit the bill. So far we are very pleased with the performance. Only drawback, and it is not a big issue, is that the storage drawer at the bottom is a bit flimsy.

Review Title: Works Great! | Review by

My wife and I love our new oven! It cooks so much faster than our old one and it bakes evenly! It was a little different getting use to the convection oven. But after some time and practice, we're getting it down. Sometime the glass top is a little difficult to clean up. It makes me nervous taking a flat edged razor to it but that will usually do the trick if the cloth won't clean it up. Great product!

Review Title: Super Range! | Review by

I love my new range, it looks really high end without the price tag. Love the brand, in our family for 15 years. Top of range a little tricky to clean, but other than that oven and convection oven work great!

Review Title: There are a few things I would change on this unit. | Review by

Having the oven vent out the heat at the top of the door and upward, is not conducive to comfort for the cook.

Review Title: very pleased with this purchase | Review by

I love my new range! I'm new to a ceramic top design and I love the ease of cleaning. I also really like the convection feature. It speeds up baking times and bakes very evenly. I am extremely pleased with this purchase!

Review Title: Great machine and great value !! | Review by

I really like this dryer. It is quiet and does a very efficient job. I would personally recommend this product to all.

Review Title: awesome range | Review by

Best investment I made on an appliance in years!!!

Review Title: Quality Product | Review by

Overall great addition to the kitchen. Only improvement need is in the self cleaning area. The Aqua clean takes some elbow grease.

Review Title: Great looking product | Review by

This is a great range, however the illustrations above the knobs can be a bit confusing.

Review Title: Great Features Great Looks | Review by

I Bought this several months ago and love it. I like the smooth cook top and large oven.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

We are very please with our range. It is easy to use, I would recommend this to my friends

Review Title: A New Oven | Review by

We replaced our Whirlpool oven (which came with our brand new house in 1993) after more than 20 years of daily use. The obvious choice for a new oven was another Whirlpool. I anticipate just as many good years from the new oven. The large capacity oven and convection oven option at the press of a button are great features.

Review Title: This range has some good features. | Review by

I am enjoying my new Whirlpool Range. I especially like the dual zone burners and the extra warming zone. I also like the fact that the bottom heating element in the oven is hidden - it is a lot easier to wipe up spills. My only complaint is that the glass top seems to be harder to clean than my old Whirlpool glass top range. Other than that, I am very happy with it.

Review Title: i LIKE THE DUAL BURNERS | Review by

good unit at a nice price lower drawer doesnt slide very smoothly needs roller redesign

Review Title: I like the variety of burner options. | Review by

I enjoy baking with the convection oven. I like the choices of burners. I appreciate the ease in cleaning the oven also.

Review Title: love the oven, heats up quickly | Review by

Never had a whirlpool appliance, glad I got this one.

Review Title: Roomy! | Review by

I had no idea how small my former oven was until I opened this one. I can get two large cookie sheets on the same rack, side by side! I could roast a huge turkey AND still have room for the side dishes.....

Review Title: Stylish Cooking | Review by

easy to use, convection feature a great plus, easy to clean

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

My husband got it for me for Christmas, that's what I wanted. It is great the best stove yet I ever own, I love to cook and bake and this stove is perfect in every way.

Review Title: Good looking easy to clean | Review by

great product easy to clean works great we like all the features

Review Title: I love this range! | Review by

This range is everything it's advertised to be. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly, and is easy to use, AND it cleans up like new!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a well priced electric range.

Review Title: Excellent product! | Review by

This is by far the best range I have ever purchased. Everything works great. My only suggestion would be to purchase the model with a 4 burner top. It is exactly the same as this model only 4 burners. The 5th burner on this model is only a warming burner and honestly it is not useful.

Review Title: Attractive design and very functional. | Review by

We really like the dual zone elements. Fit and finish are good but bottom drawer feels a little flimsy. Warmer element is also a very useful feature. We also really like the oven controls.

Review Title: WHIRLPOOL RANGE | Review by


Review Title: Couldn't be more pleased with any other range. | Review by

I was replacing my 14 year old range when I purchased this one. My old range was a smoothe top so I was somewhat familiar but this one had added features and was more computerized, This concerned me at first but I was pleasantly surprised when I only had to spend a few minutes with the instructions manual before I was back to cooking like a pro...of course I didn't let my husband know that..After all, that got me a few days of dining out. Thank you, Whirlpool for living up to my expectations.

Review Title: Excellent Oven for the Value | Review by

The best thing is the ease of operation of the appliance and how everything is evenly cooked no matter what shelf the item is on. Only draw back is that I have had to replace the oven light twice already other than that the oven is GREAT!!!.

Review Title: Lots of oven space | Review by

I love that it has so much oven space! It was a little confusing at first to use the oven and timer. I love that it senses that there isn't a pan and turns itself off. I don't like that it scratches so easily and that the pot slides while stirring (not used to the glass top)

Review Title: Very good range | Review by

Very good range for the price. Easy to use and great features. Would recommend this Whirlpool.

Review Title: Great performance | Review by

I love my new stove/oven. At the time I purchased this I didn't know it also was a convection oven - I love this feature! I use it more than the regular oven. The burners are great and heat up very quickly and especially the warming burner, very handy. The only thing I don't especially like is the black glass stove top. It shows everything. My old stove had a grayish glass top and easily to clean and did not show any smears.

Review Title: Huge oven. | Review by

I am so pleased with this oven size. It will more than handle anything I can even dream of cooking.

Review Title: Great stove. | Review by

Purchased three weeks ago. Works great so far. Really nice.

Review Title: love the look! | Review by

I bought this just before Christmas because my old one burned everything. This oven did a great job. I gave it a 4 star because the oven does take a while to heat up.

Review Title: good except for self clean, does not work well | Review by

okay. I think it is a little confusing which knob is for which burner. Then cleaning it, we still do not know how.

Review Title: The look and performance are what you expect from whirlpool | Review by

I had been looking at this range for awhile. I love the large viewing window and the fact that a convection oven can be so affordable. My next door neighbor actually prefers coming here to cook on the weekends.! She has always had gas but this range has her changing her mind. Thanks whirlpool. A wonderful well rounded appliance as always. Oh and don't forget that awesome cleaning feature, how easy can it get!?

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

Great product! Fearing the move from gas to electric this range made the transition easy. Simple easy to use controls, dual elements and warm zone are great innovations, and the glass cook top makes clean up so easy.

Review Title: Very nice. | Review by

Haven't used the aqua clean feature yet but looking forward to seeing how that works. So far have enjoyed all other features.

Review Title: Easy to clean and looks beautiful! | Review by

I choose the stove because I was updating my kitchen and it really looks sharp.

Review Title: Great value, great design | Review by

We are very happy with this product. It has a great look and works perfectly.

Review Title: Looks great. | Review by

I like this range/oven a lot, top is easier to clean than my last one and doesn't look dirty so fast.

Review Title: Great oven and stovetop | Review by

We've only had this oven for a couple of months, but we've been very pleased with it. It is very roomy and cooks nice and evenly. I love the flat cooktop and how easy it is to clean. I also love the dual-sized burners. The large burner is the perfect size for my biggest pots.

Review Title: Happy With The Purchase | Review by

Bought this and have been extremely happy with this. It is very large on the inside. The surface elements heat up very quickly, almost as quickly as gas. Underneath tray is a little small but that was the cost of the larger oven.

Review Title: Good oven | Review by

Good quiet ove with nice capacity. I personally like a stronger convection fan for faster cooking . Cleaning cycle is ok, but keeping black top clean with no streaks dives me crazy. Would have preferred another option. Good value.

Review Title: GReat features! | Review by

It is a very good range. The only down fall of the range is that you have to scape and clean the spills on the top each time you cook to keep it nice and clean.

Review Title: Really nice stove! | Review by

The stove is a really nice appliance. Bakes well, cooks evenly.

Review Title: Solid stove | Review by

This is my first ceramic-top stove. The features are easy to use, the oven size is great, and it looks good. There are a couple of little quirks, like the difference between 90% and High heat on the burners is pretty dramatic, but it has been a very good range.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

It would be better if some of them work as advertised. The self-cleaning oven cleans the bottom and door well, the sides and grates not-so-well. Also, the drawer under the oven broke after only a few uses.

Review Title: great features | Review by

love the convection oven and extra large eyes and large oven space

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

My, wife really like this stove, well all we buy is whirlpool. Well the only reason we bought this stove was we went on vacation and why we was gone our refregator went out so we had to buy a new one and she wanted the stainless one, so with a white stove she said this don't look right, so you gussed it we had to buy another stove in stainless but the white one was a whirlpool and still working great.

Review Title: Features | Review by

Enjoy all the features especially the warming burner

Review Title: Electric Range quality built in USA! | Review by

First time home buyer and I'm glad I purchased this unit back in July of 2013. After a year of use I can honestly say this Whirlpool Electric Range is one of the best on the market. I use this stove everyday an my electric bills are still below the national average. The cooktop heats quickly, the convection feature works like a charm, and the stove stays clean. I really appreciate the 6.2 cu. ft. of room for making turkeys. The knobs and controls have a really quality feel to them. The convection blower fan cooks food more evenly and gives a delicious "flavor crust" on meats. I would buy another Whirlpool range in the future but that will be the distant future because this unit is built to last!

Review Title: range | Review by

like it a lot especially the steam clean ..........

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Great for price and style, no problems found using this appliance and like the smooth cooktop.

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I absolutely LOVE this Whirlpool induction stove! It is easy to use and makes cooking and baking ten times easier than a regular stove. The sensor technology of the cook top is amazing. It is very sensitive and cuts cooking times into fractions compared to a regular stove. This helps save on energy too, which is a big plus for us. The induction setting of the oven makes baking a breeze. I cook a lot of cakes/desserts and the time to bake them is much shorter than a regular baking function. I would highly recommend everyone switch to an induction stove!

Review Title: LOVE FEATURES ON MY NEW STOVE | Review by


Review Title: Easy to use and nice! | Review by

Received about a month ago and really like everything about it! I do wish the preheat was quicker, but it's not any slower than others I have owned.

Review Title: Love my new Whirpool Range! | Review by

I bought this range a month ago. I chose the Whirlpool brand because of the reliability of previous Whirlpool appliances I have owned. I've been very pleased with the stove and the oven. I particularly like the flexible size of the burners on the stove top. Stainless steel finish looks really great and doesn't show hand prints or smudges as I was afraid it might.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this stove about a month ago and it's awesome.

Review Title: Nice looking and works great! | Review by

I bought this electric range about six months ago. It has been a joy to use it. It's easy to clean and I love the cooktop features, especially the warming area!

Review Title: Nice Range | Review by

I've only had this range for a couple months and overall I'm happy with it. The oven works great and the convection feature isa real plus. I've never had a smooth top range before, and thought it would be easier to clean than the old coil top that I had before. However, I must admit that the black glass top is difficult to clean. The oven Aqua lift doesn't work all that well. My old self cleaning oven worked much better. Overall, I am happy with my new range.

Review Title: Works as advertised and expected | Review by

The unit works exactly as advertised and expected. We can not ask for more than that!

Review Title: convection fan rules | Review by

My wife loves this new range. Convection feature is amazing. Drop down racks allow for more room great for the Holiday meals.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

We really like this product. It functions well and looks amazing. The flat top is so much easier to clean than the older style and the self clean feature is great!

Review Title: Great product and Customer Service! | Review by

Beside the fact that our Range came with a defect in one of the top burners, customer service it's great! We scheduled an appointmet and they came and fixed the issue in a very fast and professional response. We recently remodeled our kitchen and bought the entire Whirpool Gold line. They make our kitchen look great! Very good design, Quality and Service!

Review Title: Love the Stove | Review by

I bought the stove 7 months ago. The bottom heating element is hidden under the floor of the oven. The oven bakes with even heat and so does the glass cook top which is easy to clean. I love the way this stove cooks and looks !

Review Title: State of art range! | Review by

This range has many nice features, yet is simple to use. It looks awesome and the large oven window is really a nice feature when baking cookies.

Review Title: Fantastic range! | Review by

I have really enjoyed my Whirlpool stove. Easy to use, reliable, and pretty.

Review Title: Whirlpool range, great quality | Review by

Our old range went out and we were shopping for a new range. We reviewed consumer reports which rated Whirpool ranges well. We also wanted a band for fewest repairs. Came across this model on sale and have had it for over a month. Extremely happy, lucked into a great range.

Review Title: Product is tastefully designed and has features I was looking for | Review by

It is a beautiful range, still getting use to some of its unique features, especially the convection oven. I would highly recommend any whirl pool product have never been disappointed in performance of any of my appliances and like that it is American and parts are readily accessible if needed.

Review Title: Exceptional features | Review by

I love the large capacity oven that is also a convection oven when needed.I love that 2 of the glass top burners are expandable to accommodate larger pots and pans; it also has a warmer burner that I love. If you love to cook, this one is for you.

Review Title: Great looks and performance but surface hard to keep clean | Review by

Works great but needs better surface cook top ,hard to keep cook top clean

Review Title: So glad we got this! | Review by

Monitored the price on this model for about 4 months and when it went on sale we jumped. Replaced "old coil" type range, and clean up is great. Convection oven and warmer burner features are great. No downside so far.

Review Title: Too darn hard to keep cooking top clean!! | Review by

The range itself is ok but the cooking top is just too hard to keep spot free and clean. I followed the instructions for applying the preconditioner and use the sponge and plastic blade provided by Whirlpool but it is a constant chore to keep the unit clean. Our previous, older range was much easier to keep clean. And, adjusting the range clock is tiresome. It requires one to cylce thru a 24 hour clock to get the correct time. Minor inconvenience compared to the cooktop cleaning issue. In fact, we are really thinking about returning this to our dealer for replacement with either another model or brand. Even if it costs us $$$.

Review Title: Ridiculous | Review by

I bought this model 22 months ago. It worked well, until it didn't. The control board suddenly fried and cost of repair is 2/3 of the total cost of the appliance. I could not be more disappointed in the purchase.

Review Title: Easy to clean and cook! | Review by

It's a slick looking stop top. Easy to maintain (I spill a lot.) I just love the easy to use settings. I just love it!

Review Title: This is a beautiful range. | Review by

I love this range. It is very beautiful, looks so good, I don't want to use it. Just kidding, I use it often, it cleans up beautifully and with ease.

Review Title: Good looking range | Review by

So easy to use. Looks great and works great. What more can you ask for in a range?

Review Title: Easy to clean top and oven | Review by

The built in oven cleaner works great and makes clean up simple. The cook top is also easy to clean and looks great. Very user friendly and comes with a lot of great features to make cooking easier and more enjoyable!

Review Title: This whirlpool range is AMAZING!! | Review by

We purchased this whirlpool range to update our appliances. When we saw the features & options on this we were instantly sold!! Even the look & design of it, we liked. As a stay at home mom, I find myself cooking & baking more than ever with this oven. Having the option of regular baking or covection(I've used both) & I have to say....I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! The aqua clean is the best feature for those of us who don't like the smell of self cleaning ovens....there is no smell with the aqua clean, it's amazing! There are so many great things about this range, I could go on & on. The range is also very easy to clean! We also purchased a whirlpool disheasher, French door refrigerator & over the range microwave....all of which are GREAT!! We are big on buying products that are Made in America & there's a lot to say about the whirlpool products. We will never buy anything else other than whirlpool. Thank you for such great products, whirlpool!!

Review Title: Awesome Range | Review by

We just recently got this range. I love its features and it bakes perfect so far, haven't done a whole lot of cake baking yet. The convection feature is awesome. I have lots of toddler finger and hand prints on the stainless steel part, but I knew that would happen, so it does not bother me. What I would change is the timer alarm, it is not very loud (our last one was very loud) and just beeps every 30 seconds or so. I usually do not have time to watch my food/cake bake, so if I am in a different part of the house, I do not always hear the alarm and have to keep an eye on the watch.

Review Title: Great stove | Review by

I've had this stove for a few months now and I love it! The large window makes it easy to see the things baking inside!

Review Title: Awesome Stove!!!! | Review by

This stove actually came with my new house, & I love it. There are so many features that are truly awesome about it, love the big oven window, love that it has a burner in the middle towards the back that is a warmer. And its also a convection oven, although I haven't used that feature yet, I think my husband is more excited on trying that feature out.

Review Title: Clean ability wonderful | Review by

Love the ease of cleaning the cooktop,have another at 2nd home & its horrible to clean!

Review Title: Great quality, looks, and price | Review by

This is a great product. I'm very happy that I bought it. It's a good price, has useful features, and is a good value.

Review Title: Some Issues | Review by

Top easily scratches storage drawer not on rails, very easy to pull out or push in crooked. Feels very weak

Review Title: Disappointing | Review by

The range was delivered and was smashed in on the side so a new one had to be delivered. The guy that brought it says the construction is so flimsy it happens all the time. Compared to the Whirlpool range it was replacing it was in deed much more flimsy. The second appliance came dented also but was in an unnoticeable location, so we kept it. Operation of the oven is taking so adjustment. It takes a VERY long time to get up to heat. I would say easily more than double what it took on the old appliance. Using the cook top is a similar story. It takes longer for a burner to heat up, and they are always shutting down and then heating back up again. The instructions say that's normal... but this newer technology is not very impressive. The best thing I can say is that the appearance of the range is nice. Looks good... just doesn�t work all that great.

Review Title: Mom loves this Range! | Review by

Replaced my Moms 15 yr old gas range with this electric model. I felt electric would be safer for her. She says cooking with electric will take some getting used to, but she love its. The dials and display are easy for her to see/use and the smooth cook top is so much easier to keep clean.

Review Title: Great stove!! | Review by

Love it! Very happy with the purchase! Stylish design, great features.

Review Title: Excellent American Made Whirlpool Convection Oven | Review by

We purchased our new Whirlpool electric range about a month ago and just love it. In fact, I'm amazed it has so many features and such a high quality for the price. I compared this stove to models from GE, LG as well as reading reviews from Consumer Reports and owners and everything pointing me to this Whirlpool model. I also love that they still make them here in America so I know I'm getting a stove that is safe and of high quality.

Review Title: Good features, easy to use, Heats quicker than most | Review by

Made in the USA major feature. Range has performed better than expected.

Review Title: Nice Range | Review by

I bought this range about a month ago and the style looks amazing and sleek in my kitchen. The huge glass door is really nice to view the items in the oven. The cook top heats up immediately and is super easy to clean The choice of multiple size burners is really nice for the different pots and pans and the warming element is handy. This is my first range with the convection option and it is a nice addition to cooking and baking.

Review Title: PERFECTLY PLEASED | Review by

I love my new oven/range! It's is sleek, great looking and easy to use! I'm in love with the bigger oven glass which makes my baking goods easier to see.

Review Title: Very good looking | Review by

I have needed a new stove for a while since the legs had broken on my old one and it wobbled. When I saw this Whirlpool I really wanted it but thought that I could not afford it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it on sale. The oven is huge and can accommodate cooking a meat dish and a vegetable dish at the same time. It has a delay start feature that I used last Sunday and was thrilled with the outcome. I was a little fearful that it had too many features and that I would not be able to figure out how to use them all but so far it has been easy. I love the stainless steel and black look and would recommend this oven to anyone.

Review Title: Excellent range! | Review by

This is the second range I have purchased from Whirlpool and each time it has been the same model. I love the features. I consider it to be chock full of options yet so simple to use.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

Cooktop works excellent and other than cleaning take some time, with the right cleaner it shines up new every time. Oven works great conventional and convection. Clean feature is awesome. No more scrubbing and messy chemicals, just 2 cups of water in the bottom, set it and forget it. Would highly recommend this stove for anyone in the market for an electric range.

Review Title: This range does everything we asked | Review by

However the surface has developed small bubbles around the left large burner element.

Review Title: Aqua Lift cleaning feature stinks | Review by

I am returning this appliance. It is not performing the feature for cleaning and the window fogged up and stained within a month of light use.

Review Title: fits and functions great. | Review by

always stick with whirlpool products. we keep one matching brand in our home and it's whirlpool. great name-great product.

Review Title: Great look, works like a champ! | Review by

I bought this a month ago as part of refurninshing our new house, the stainless steel looks great in our new kitchen! The top heating elements are really easy to clean and boil water faster than I've ever seen before. The huge glass door is also nice, helps to be able to see how everything in the oven is cooking.

Review Title: Great that you can use the regular oven or convection oven | Review by

I love that all my appliances match. The stove is easy to clean

Review Title: Highest rating in our budget | Review by

We were looking to update our range with a stainless steel model. As we usually do, we set our budget and look for the best reviews and ratings in that price range. We have been very happy with this Whirlpool product, it looks and works great and is easy to keep looking good.

Review Title: This product has good features | Review by

Very easy to operate and has a very appealing appearance

Review Title: Great features!!! | Review by

Got the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and cooked a 26 lb turkey in 3 1/2 hrs. Just needs to improve on the storage drawer.

Review Title: Cooks great Looks great | Review by

we have owned it for a few weeks best range I have owned the large window is great I can see what I'm baking and not have to keep opening the door wasting power heating back to temp its five burners heat up fast almost instant and the warmer burner works great for melting chocolate and keeping it melted with out a double boiler over all Its a great addition to the kitchen my family loves ours

Review Title: Love my new range | Review by

I love my new range! It has all the features I wanted especially the dual burners and extra large oven window. The only things I would change are minor. I would like the clock to be separate from timer, as is only timer is shown while it's in use and also would like one of the large burners to be toward the back of range. Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: Love this stove | Review by

I had been waiting for a long time to get the stove that I wanted! !I am so glad that I chose this one! I absolutely love the aqualift feature of this. I have had stoves in the past with the "self cleaning" feature on them, but was always afraid to use it because of the smoke and stench it left behind. So glad I bought this!

Review Title: Good product no problems | Review by

My freezer is working just how I need it to its not bulky and makes no sound. I recommend this item or any world pool idem at that iv never had a problem with this brand.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Only had it few days ,but we are loving it ! Was afraid I would have trouble learning to use ,but was easy,made first batch of cookies and didnt burn them !

Review Title: highly functional | Review by

this appliance meets all of my expectations with ease.

Review Title: Great range! | Review by

This oven is extra large and I love the AquaLift Technology for cleaning. No harsh chemicals needed-just water!

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

Just bought a month ago glad I did wife loves it everyone should have one

Review Title: Love my stove | Review by

Easy to clean, nice big oven. Has options for burner size needed. Lots of features but presented simply. Buy it.

Review Title: Great cooks need this | Review by

I bought this oven two months ago and I have been very pleased with the entire service this provides. I have not cleaned it yet but I am looking forward to using the "steam clean" feature.

Review Title: Very nice stove! | Review by

I read a lot of reviews before I chose this range we purchased 3 months ago. Some said the top scratches easily so I just keep it wiped off before each meal when the cooktop is cold. I use the cooktop cleaner that came with it and it does a great job giving it back that glossy shine. Also, I try to avoid dragging my pots and pans across it and. I haven't had any scratches appear yet. We use our range daily. I also read some reviews where people were not impressed with the aqualift technology so I purchased oven liners for the bottom which is burnerless and one of the reasons I chose this range. They are doing a great job! Haven't had to use the cleaning cycle yet. The knobs are big, sturdy and easy to use. My only complaint is that they get fairly hot to the touch when using the burners nearest to them. Bakes evenly and the large window is a huge plus I never anticipated. The glass is so clear and large that with the oven light on, I can see whatever is baking from across the room! No need to crack the door to see the color on top of those cookies! I am definitely happy we made this upgrade!

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

This is our first glass top convection range and so far we love it. I love the instant heat on the cooktop, no waiting for the coils to heat up. Cleanup is pretty easy as long as you do it every time you cook. I made some cookies in the oven , and it was fun watching them cook. The convection speeds the cook time immensely. I am still experimenting with times, but a 1/4 reduction seems to be about right. The only thing Whirlpool could have done better is the storage drawer is a little flimsy and much smaller than our last range. I haven't tried the self cleaning feature yet. time will tell how well that works.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I got this for my "new" (to me) home because the one that I had was 23 years old. So far, I love it. It's easy to use, looks nice with my other appliances and cooks well.

Review Title: First combination convection oven is a hit! | Review by

This is a capacity rich range for both the oven and stove top. It has a great look, the top is easily cleaned and the eyes have tremendous heat! If you do a lot of simmering, you may have some difficulty finding the right eye to use. If you french fry foods you will love it.

Review Title: Wonderful oven | Review by

I absolutely love this oven! I've never had convection or self cleaning, so it's been a learning process but a simple one. The flat glass top is easy to clean and handy if I need to extend my counter area. I also really appreciate the hot surface light!

Review Title: Absolutely LOVE my appliance! | Review by

I brought my appliance back in July. From that day I've been in love with the hold set wouldn't trade for anything! If you are thinking of whirlpool appliance I say GO FOR IT YOU WOULDN'T REGRET IT! :) :)

Review Title: Wonderful Electric Range | Review by

We updated our kitchen with new counter tops and I wanted a new stove. We already had purchased Whirlpool appliances and this range was perfect!. It's easy to clean with the glass top and the oven is bigger than I ever expected. I love that it's a convection oven because food cooks faster and more evenly. I just love it!

Review Title: Amazing | Review by

I absolutely love this stove!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new stove!!!

Review Title: Pleased with this oven | Review by

We are very pleased with this oven and stove top. The oven is very spacious and the rack design provides many options for levels. The ceramic cook top design has dual burners that can be selected to fit the pan size. The warmer is a nice feature as well. Controls are intuitive for both cook top and oven. The convection oven provides even heat so food cooks more evenly.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

I have had this for about 6 months now. I am very happy with the features and especially like the AquaLift cleaning feature.

Review Title: Has the features I wanted in a stove | Review by

I am very happy with my new stove. I especially like the Aqua lift feature. It does the job with no fumes. I also like the keep warm feature. Everything I have cooked so far has been great. I don't think the glass top is as easy to clean as my old stove.

Review Title: Value for the money | Review by

Purchased June 2014. Good burner performance, seems to boil water within reasonable time when using double burners. Have not really used the convection feature but am looking forward to learning more about it and reducing bake times. The preheat seems a little slow, but baking results are more even than prior whirlpool stove.

Review Title: my new stove | Review by

Love the oven size. Glass top always needs cleaning. Still getting use to features. I thought Aqua Clean would clean better than it did.

Review Title: This product has wonderful features | Review by

My range is an excellent product. It has great features. I love my new range

Review Title: range | Review by

We really love our new range. Setting the oven's temperature and time is so easy. We like the faster cooking time with the convection oven. The cleaning both the top and oven is so much easier than any range that we had before.

Review Title: Pleased with the purchase | Review by

We upgraded to this unit and we love it. The large window in the oven makes food easier to view. Also the front two burners have two separate eyes each which are controlled by either turning the knob to the left or right respectively. I would recommend. Also was budget friendly.

Review Title: wifes' new range | Review by

Purchased the range (in stainless) for my wife; she absolutely loves the looks and ease of cleaning for this particular model. The self cleaning inside was a huge selling point, plus the "warming eye" makes preparing some meals less stressful.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this for a ministry house to people in crisis. I needed to have something reliable so that is why I chose Whirlpool. It is being used a lot. I especially like the warming unit and the convection oven features as it allows for bread doe to rise and for quicker cooking time saving electricity costs.

Review Title: Nice range for the price. | Review by

I really like the range but it did take some adjusting to cooking on it compared to my previous range. The temp is much lower so cooking time in the oven is a bit longer. The cook top temp as well, but that is a good thing! I have cooked on electric stoves all my life. This is a very nice stove and do recommend!

Review Title: This is a very good range | Review by

This range is very easy to use. It is also very easy to clean

Review Title: great stove | Review by

nice self cleaning feature and convection..big glass front

Review Title: This product is very easy to use. | Review by

We really love this product. The look, the features, and the price is what we really liked. We did recommend this product to a few friends.

Review Title: Self Cleaning Feature | Review by

I love the self clean feature in which it does not heat up or stink up the house. The sleek look of this model completes my kitchen. I love the energy efficiency of the model!

Review Title: Finally - Great Cooking! | Review by

Bakes "Beautifully" in the Large easy clean oven!!

Review Title: LOVE IT! HOME ON THE RANGE! | Review by

The cooktop is not quite as easy to clean or keep looking good as our old one which was ten+ years old.Other than that everything is fine-we love it.This is our first black range-we also purchased a whiirlpool black rangehood because the old one was white.That works beautifully as well!Now we need a whirlpool black refrigerator to replace our old whirlpool white one which we will donate to habitat for humanity.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

We have been very happy with this purchase. I just used the Aqualift feature for the first time today and was happy with the results

Review Title: Good product overall, however the drawer at the bottom is very flimsy and does not stay in the track. | Review by

Good overall, but need to strengthen the bottom drawer and improve the track system.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I really like the added capacity of my new range's oven. And the Aqua cleaning feature is a real plus. It makes cleaning the oven a breeze!

Review Title: Nice step up from my previous range. | Review by

Quite satisfied with the features, however still getting familiar with the convection feature. My only negative is the range top. It marks too easily and is a bear to clean. I had a similar range top on my previous range, and it cleaned up much easier.

Review Title: Great Range! | Review by

This range is only 3 weeks old and we are still getting used to the glass top and the features. We have not used all the features yet, but so far we are very pleased!

Review Title: Just in time for my holiday baking! | Review by

My old oven quit just before the holidays... But never fear! Whirlpool came to my rescue! My Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixin's were cooked perfectly and were so easy to monitor with the full view glass door. The oven heats uniformly so I didn't have to worry about burnt edges or if using both racks would make my dinner rolls burnt on the bottom and not golden on top.

Review Title: Convection Oven | Review by

We just recently bought the stove. We have never had a convection oven before and we are glad we got that added feature this time.

Review Title: like the way the burner,s can go from small to big.easy to clean the glasws top burner,sw. | Review by

had to buy a new one because of a power surge put the oven out.this one has a little bit bigger oven

Review Title: Love the great view from the expanded window! | Review by

We have had our new range for less than a month and it is a great improvement over the GE model we had before.

Review Title: great product | Review by

I love cooking in my new kitchen. The range is perfect for our needs, and super easy to clean

Review Title: I like my new range | Review by

I purchased this range just after Thanksgiving time. This is the first glass top range I have owned and so far have been very pleased with it. I like the duel burners in the front. The controls seem easy to use and figure out. I like the oven timer because after it rings initially it will go off every 30 seconds until I turn it off which is a feature that I like. Reading through the directions it seems like you can turn that feature off if you don't want it but I am not interested in doing that because I need the reminder. I haven't started my holiday baking yet. So haven't used the oven very much or have had an opportunity to use the Aqua Lift cleaning feature. So far I am pleased with my electric range.

Review Title: Great range | Review by

I really like this range, it heats up quickly and makes cooking very enjoyable. The larger than average oven window is great for when I am baking. My only issue is the glass cook top and porcelain around the cook top scratches easily and to clean it can be difficult. Otherwise I really like the stove and would buy it again.

Review Title: Tyrone Holmes whirlpool range | Review by

I like the range. The only problemi I have so far is the oven light stopped working after 2 months. How can I get this fixed?

Review Title: An OK Stove | Review by

First I had to buy a new stove because the one I had for 20 years finally went. I looked all over and I wanted a black stove with some chrome on it. Not a all balck stove that looked like a lump of coal in my kitchen. This was the only one that had chrome accents. First the stove looks really nice in my kitchen. It takes longer to heat up than my old stove to the temperture I want. The signal noise when it is ready it too soft in sounf. Alot a times you can't hear it and of course there is no adjustment. I love the energy effecient light off. It was not as easy to start to use as I thought because the instructions booklet is very vague. But as a played with it, I learned more than what the booklet states. I have not been albe to clean it yet as it has not gotten dirty. Also there is no light on the stovetop. To clean the stovetop was easy for me because my old stove had the same glass top. But the cooktop clean Affresh they send with the oven does not clean the top well. So I went back to Weinman Glass Cook Top Cleaner which does a much better job. I got this stove on sale, which was really good. If I would had paid full price, I really would not have been happy. I if there had been another similiar color choice I probably would have chosen it. Overall I guess it will have to do, but I would not recomend this oven. It needs many improvements.

Review Title: definite upgrade | Review by

The light in the oven went out the first week and can't seem to get it fixed, but other than that it is nice

Review Title: the looks are very good | Review by

I got this a few months ago and am very disappointed in it. The Glass top of the stove is extremely hard to keep clean. It takes about five minutes to pre-heat to desired temperature and the drawer on the bottom is very shallow. My last whirlpool stove was much better.

Review Title: Love, Love, Love this Range!!! | Review by

I can't say enough about how great this range is! The final selling point for this particular range was the extra large capacity oven and extra large oven window. The convection oven was an added bonus. The "Aqua-lift" cleaning system for minor oven cleaning is great. The dual elements to fit my cookware is an added plus as well. We purchased this range in mid January 2013, after reading reviews, looking at numerous ranges; this range had even more features than I expected and was still at an affordable price. Features that I didn't see on any other brands. Each time I use my range I fall more in love with it.

Review Title: Whirlpool Electric Range | Review by

It looks so nice in my kitchen. The oven is large. Love the glass cook top except it shows the dust because of it being black.

Review Title: Love our whirlpool stainless convection range | Review by

Bought this for our summer condo 4 months ago. We have been pleased with the performance of the range. Love the convection oven and smooth cooktop makes cleanup so easy. Love the new easy way to clean the oven with water and low heat....

Review Title: Oven is huge | Review by

The oven is very large. I do alot of cooking and baking and love that I can put more than one roaster or pan in it. the one thing that was a bummer was that the Aqua lift wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought it would do a better job cleaning. But this wouldn't deter me from purchasing this range again.

Review Title: surface on | Review by

It would be nice if the surface on light showed with burner was hot.

Review Title: Electric Range w/ Aqualift. Great item | Review by

This range offers alot. I love the convection/conventional oven option. The workings parts of the range are great. The graphics for showing which burner being used could be better. Especially for aging folks. The lines showing if you are using the smaller burner or larger burner should be more defined, or different colors. Also, I like the light, on the left, that shows when some part of the stove is still on. However, I noticed that when using the Keep Warm option this light does not stay on if the only thing running is the Keep warm. Luckily that is backed up by a timer or it could be left on.

Review Title: Whirlpool range | Review by

Have not learned all the bells and whistles yet, however, so far everything is working as it should. There was a bent oven rack which hasn't been replaced yet.

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

Nice Stove. We like the adjustable burners and the self cleaning oven feature.

Review Title: Sleek.... | Review by

Love the sleek design. Still learning how to adjust temperature on stove top. Did have to get new pans with flat bottoms. Also getting use to cleaning it after it cools. Love the large oven. Miss the drawer space on bottom. Overall very happy with purchase.

Review Title: Not too pleased | Review by

We spilled something in the oven the first time it was used but the stain could not be removed. The cooktop scratched right away too.

Review Title: This stove is easy to use | Review by

I enjoy the large stove window and the size of the stove. It was perfect for our holiday meals. I also like the multiple burner sizes. The top is easy to clean.

Review Title: Love the color. | Review by

So far I am loving my new stove. I have not yet used the AquaLift self-clean feature, but steam makes a lot of sense. I really like the big window that lets you see what is going on inside.

Review Title: Love the aqua clean and the dual burners on the front | Review by

We bought this two months ago. Love, love, love the convection part and also the regular oven in cooking so evenly. The cook top cleans up so easily and looks like new after each cleaning. Love the dual burners that make it so easy to use different size pans, without wasting a lot of heat.

Review Title: So far, so good! | Review by

I bought this range a little over a month ago. I have not done any major cooking with it, but I use the stove top daily, and I have used the oven on several occasions. The stove cleans very easily, and I like being able to adjust the size of the elements. I also like the warming element. The size of both the stove top and oven is great! I have not had a lot of experience yet with the convection oven, but I am looking forward to doing some baking with it.

Review Title: Great improvement over the old stove. | Review by

The only drawback is the temperature of the oven & the time can't be displayed at the same time. The warmer eye is a great feature that is used often. Controls are simple & easy to use. However the oven light comes on only when door is opened - you have to open the door to see your food.

Review Title: This product is well made with great features | Review by

Very nice, well built oven. Easy to use. Love the window in the oven door--so easy to see inside now while cooking. Overall, great product!

Review Title: great product | Review by

This range is great. Have had it for 7 months worth no problems or complaints.

Review Title: Love our new range | Review by

We love the new range we just purchased. It looks great in our kitchen. My husband does the majority of the cooking and really likes the way this range performs especially the convection oven feature. We have always had gas ranges but since moving to FL we have had to use electric. Really love how the burners operate and how you can use just part of the burner or the entire burner for more even cooking.

Review Title: Love it!! | Review by

I love this stove! The convection cooking takes a bit to get used to but once you get it's AWESOME! Everything about this appliance is great! Highly recommend to anyone replacing their oven or buying their 1st

Review Title: amazing item | Review by

sleek looking. easy clean up . cooks evenly. love this stove/oven.

Review Title: Not too pleased | Review by

Top of Oven Door gets extremely hot to the touch on the outside

Review Title: I like my new stove! | Review by

Nice big oven window. Needs a Progammable Louder Beeper

Review Title: great product, easy to use | Review by

easy to clean and maintain its new appearance. I also like the convection option for baked goods

Review Title: I love the whole set up | Review by

Easy to work and to clean, has made cooking so much easier.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

Really like the stove-convection oven, easy to use and when using the convection oven cooks-bakes faster. Only thing is the aqua lift for cleaning, really does not work that well. For something not that bad, works well, but if somthing is baked on well, does not do the job. Other than that like the stove/oven alot

Review Title: Love it | Review by

I absolutely love this stove!!! The convection part of it is my favorite, the food comes out perfectly cooked and moist. It's also beautiful!! Looks so good in my kitchen!! Easy to clean!

Review Title: Excellent oven | Review by

I purchased this oven in late December and I absolutely love it. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. I Really enjoy the 5th burner for keeping food warm. I am so glad I made the purchase.

Review Title: Its huge! I swear it can fit 2 turkeys! | Review by

I love the look of this oven. The ceramic top seems to clean up nicely. The aqua lift system is an innovation I love. No chemicals are needed to clean the inside of the oven. This model features a large window making it very easy to see inside. I would recommend this oven to anybody.

Review Title: The product is great to use! | Review by

I love everything about my Whirlpool stove! The way it looks, cooks, bakes, cleans, sounds!! I especially like all of the features! I highly recommend this to anyone!

Review Title: great features... effortless cleaning! | Review by

i have had this range for several months now and absolutely love it... heats up fast... easy clean-up... love the large sight glass also... i am more than satisfied with this range and would highly recommend it!!

Review Title: Wonderful Product | Review by

We have used Whirlpool appliances for several years and they have been very reliable. The only reason we purchased a new oven is our other Whirlpool oven was struck by lightning. So we definitely wanted to remain with the Whirlpool brand. Thanks for a great and reliable product!

Review Title: Our New Flat Top Stove | Review by

I am enjoying my brand new flat top stove. The convection/oven is wonderful for baking. The oven is so large that you can bake multiple items all at once. The 5 burners are very helpful when you are entertaining. It is very easy to keep clean. i am very happy that we have purchased this stove and plan on having it for a very long time.

Review Title: Great Range at a good price | Review by

We were able to upgrade to a much better range and stay in our budget. Great features, bigger oven and easier to keep clean. Glad we made this purchase.

Review Title: Simple to use! Easy to clean | Review by

I like the ease of operating the oven and stove tops at reliable and consistent temperatures

Review Title: This product is a great quality value in its class. | Review by

Purchased product in August along with the dishwasher and refrigerator. Range is attractive in appearance. It should be noted that all surfaces touched will leave a print. Also to keep the surface looking new, you need to use the cleaner that is provided. The oven takes takes a little longer to preheat than usual. My only complaint is the controls symbols to tell you which burner you selected.

Review Title: Love the convection oven | Review by

My first convection oven and I love it. I also love being able to adjust the burner sizes

Review Title: Very Nice Range. Sleek and Sturdy. Love the large Oven Window! | Review by

Purchased this Whirlpool� 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range with AquaLift� Self-Clean Technology to replace an older GE smooth top. Hands down, this is a definite upgrade! The convection feature really bakes evenly. The smooth glass top is easy to clean and the dual range burners in the front really help with odd sized pans. Love it!

Review Title: Speedy heat and easy cleaning. | Review by

Everything heats quickly and evenly. I especially enjoy the warming element. I use it often.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

Bought this about a month ago and am very pleased with the performance of the stovetop and oven. We are still learning about the convection baking but will get the hang of it in time, hopefully by cookie baking for the holidays.

Review Title: Good Value for price | Review by

Difficult to clean ceramic surface, my wife is unhappy. Slow heating surface coils compared to my old stove. Takes 50% longer to boil water.

Review Title: Good Features | Review by

I purchased the oven to replace an older Whirlpool. I like the brand. This particular one has a number of features that are wonderful. The adjustable burners, Aqua lift cleaning and oven temp controls are state of the art. They are controls I need to get used to as my other oven was over 20 years old.

Review Title: beautiful stove....but | Review by

I absolutely love this stove. It's sleek and modern and offers all the features I was looking for: 5 burners, convection with stainless. I have one gripe but I'll lead with the fact it's not that big of a deal. It takes forever to boil water, and the oven takes forever to pre-heat. Once temp is reached it's very even both in the oven and on the cooktop. Maybe there's a sort of breaking in phase with both...not sure but it's not a deal breaker. Overall I'd recommended this to anyone who enjoys cooking!

Review Title: A move up | Review by

I was cooking on a stove from the seventies. It's like going from a bag phone to a smart phone. Luv my new stove/oven.

Review Title: Works great, but hard to clean. | Review by

The glass top seems to need lots of care. It heats quickly, but cools down slowly. I am used to taking pans out of the oven and resting them on the stove top, but that can't be done with this. Pan bottoms have to be pristine or top will get dirty. Dirty top hard to shine. Have very thin. n't cleaned the oven with the water. Don't know how that will go-no spills so far. Drawer short and

Review Title: This product has great features | Review by

I have really enjoyed this stove, heats up quick, has a large oven, really like the looks, the cleaning feature.

Review Title: IT IF FINEEEEE | Review by

when my range caught fire unexpectedly, I had to buy a new on ASAP. Fortunately I decided to buy one a Whirlpool cook top. It was the best decision I had made a while. It works beautifully. If I or anyone I know is in the market for a new range, the cooktop will certainly be my recommendation.

Review Title: Great stove love it | Review by

I bought this stove I've May love it. Still have to learn how to use some of the great features just have not taken the time to read the book and play with it. But winter is coming and I use my oven a lot then.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this over 4 months ago and love it !! Like the convection options!

Review Title: Great Product, Huge Oven | Review by

I bought this for the size of the oven and am very happy with the whole item. Love the warmer and dual size burners. The oven heats and holds temp right.

Review Title: Love this range! | Review by

Our builder uses Whirlpool products and we love ours! This glass top stove offers fast heating and quick cooling of the top.

Review Title: User Friendly and Simplicity in performance | Review by

What's not to like about this range-oven and burners heat fast, controls are simple and easy to understand and it even looks good. I particularly like the large oven window that can an eye on what is baking, saving alot of unnecessary oven opens. Lower drawer could be a bit higher to accommodate more pots and pans.I have had it a little over a month and despite alot of cooking it looks brand new. With all of the choices out there I am glad I purchased this particular range.

Review Title: Nice Oven | Review by

This oven looks great and functions well. I am happy I chose this oven

Review Title: Easy to use features | Review by

I recently replaced my Whirlpool range with another Whirlpool range. I couldn't be happier with my choice. It has been a brand that I have totally enjoyed for years. The controls are clearly marked and large enough for ease of use. I love the large window on the oven door. It lets me see everything I have in there without opening the door. Thank you for a great product

Review Title: Still young with our new stove and oven and still in the learning curve and enjoying using it. | Review by

Having to learn to cook all over again and being far more careful with pots and pans. Was something I needed to do anyway. A great oven and stove to bring me into the new age of cooking.

Review Title: Great stove! | Review by

So far I have been very pleased with this stove. The only thing I don't like is the drawer at the bottom. It is very light weight and I'm not sure how it will hold up.

Review Title: nice appliance | Review by

I bought this a month ago. I've been happy. It does not have any drawbacks that I did not already anticipate. The cooktop heats up quickly. It actually seems hotter than my other one so I am getting used to that. I have turned the oven off by mistake when I was trying to turn the timer off but I've figured that out now. I love the large window. The drawer underneath is ok--it does not glide in and out very well. Overall, I am pleased.

Review Title: Good features for cooks | Review by

Overall I am very happy with this range. I cook and bake A LOT. I love the convection oven, it is wonderful for baking bread, my bread has never been better. The large oven window is nice too. And the aqua clean feature is awesome. I always dreaded cleaning my old oven, even with its self cleaning feature. The aqua clean is fast, easy, and you don't have those high temps that honestly can be kind of scary. I also like the various size options for the stove top burners and having the warming burner is a plus. The burners seem to heat well and evenly. The extra large burner is ideal for those big pots of soup or large skillet dinners. This is my second glass top stove and I do like the ease of keeping it clean. My complaints with this range have to do with design more than performance. I wish the top surface was lighter in color, more gray like the stainless steel front rather than black. The black shows every speck of dust and crumb and you notice that it's black more than a stainless steel appliance. The timer setting is confusing as well. I don't like that the oven turns off by default when the timer is up. The key pad controls just don't seem to be as intuitive as they could be and I wish the oven temperature control was a dial instead of the key pad. It would be much easier to tell if it was on or off that way. However these design issues don't affect the performance of the range and for me, that's the bottom line. I need a solid, dependable range in my kitchen and this one fits my needs.

Review Title: Great Purchase! | Review by

I love our new range! Directions were easy, great features, oven heats evenly. Convection option is wonderful. Very pleased with my purchase!

Review Title: Excellent All the Way Around | Review by

Just before Christmas our range stopped working so I immediately went online and purchased my new Whirlpool. I absolutely LOVE it! The oven is very large and it enables me to cook multiple things at once. I love the convection feature; it helps this busy mom cook dinners quickly and evenly. The glass top heats evenly and quickly and is super easy to clean. I give my purchase 5 stars! Whirlpool is the only brand I trust and once again I have been very satisfied!

Review Title: I just love the way it bakes items | Review by

Could not ask for a better stove. What really sold me is the way it cleans up.

Review Title: Great features. We love the warming element | Review by

Bought it 2 months ago. Best stove we have ever owned

Review Title: Whirlpool 6.2 cu ft range w/aqualift | Review by

Great product, looks great, operates with ease, cleaning is simple.

Review Title: Love my new Whirlpool Range | Review by

I'm delighted with my new Whirlpool Range. We bought it, along with a new microwave, to increase the sales appeal of our condo when we put it on the market. Now I wish I could take it with me after the sale. One of the best features is the warming unit which is such a help keeping things warm without sticking or overcooking. I haven't had the opportunity yet to use the water cleaning oven. When the Range was installed it wasn't level so the water isn't evenly distributed. I'm waiting for the tech to come to come out and take care of that probem. Would heartily recommend the range and matching over the stove microwave.

Review Title: Nothing But Whirlpool | Review by

We have purchased nothing but Whirlpool during our 30 years of marriage. A testimonial within itself. Our recent purchase of this range was no different.While many families dine out or Mic their meals in today's society, our stove/oven receives a daily workout. From a daily pot of coffee brewed using th