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Whirlpool WED9151YW Duet 6.7 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Electric Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

Product Discontinued

We're sorry, but this product is discontinued. Please call us at 888-768-1710 for suggestions on a replacement model for this product.

9:30am-5:30pm CST

Appliances Whirlpool-WED9151YW Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-WED9151YW Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WED9151YW Laundry

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  • 6.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • High Efficiency Sensor Drying
  • AccelerCare Drying System
  • Dry Time = Wash Time.
  • Senses how fast the load is drying, how hot the air should be and when clothes are dry.
  • Automatically stops the cycle to save time and energy and also to prevent fabric damage and shrinking.
  • 9 Automatic Cycles
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Eco Normal Cycle - Duet
  • Uses up to 35% less dryer energy when paired with a Duet washer compared to a conventional top load pair.
  • Wrinkle Shield Plus Option (Up To 90 Minutes)
  • Tumbles the dryer every 5 minutes after the cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics.
  • The intermittent tumbling continues for the designated time or until the door is opened.
  • Heavy Duty Cycle
  • Normal Cycle
  • Casual Cycle
  • Delicate Cycle
  • Touch Up Cycle
  • Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal
  • Timed Drying
  • Interior Drum Light
  • Illuminates the interior of the dryer to make loading and unloading easier.
  • Estimated Time Remaining Display
  • 4-Way Venting
  • Increases the number of installation options in the home.


Capacity: 6.7 Cu. Ft.
Drying System: AccelerCare
High-Efficiency Dryer: Yes
Dryer Drum: Painted Steel
Display Type: LED
Number Of Cycles: 9
Number Of Temperatures: 5
Damp Dry Cycle: Yes
Delicate Cycle: Yes
Casual Cycle: Yes
Eco Normal Cycle: Yes
Heavy Duty Cycle: Yes
Quick Refresh Steam Cycle: No
Enhanced Touch Up Steam Cycle: No
Wrinkle Shield Option: Up To 90 Minutes
Quiet Dry System: No
Estimated Time Remaining Display: Yes
Timed Dry: Yes
Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal: On/Off
Venting: 4-Way
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 27"
Depth: 29"
Depth with Door Open: 48 1/8"
Height: 36" Max.
Gross Weight: 137 Lbs.

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Review Title: Stackabe, front-loading easy-to-use. | Review by

Dryness indicators don't work at all! I must set it to timed dry, verify dryness and then reset in order to complete drying the items. Towels never dry completely, and then often smell after taken from dryer (like they're musty). Wouldn't buy again.

Review Title: Does Not Work | Review by

This unit was purchased from one of the major home improvement retailers, along with a matching washer. Neither unit worked when delivered. Upon delivery, the gentlemen did not even unload this dryer from the truck due to a "defect from the factory" that they noticed that would prevent installation and use. A call to Whirlpool customer service was extremely unsettling at best. The representative we spoke to was cold, un-engaged, un-empathetic, and hostile at even the slightest attempt to express our feelings of dissatisfaction. "This only happens in 2%" was the rebuff we were given, with not even the slightest acknowledgement of the trouble, time, and inconvience that was caused. I am regretful of purchasing anything from Whirlpool at this time.

Review Title: Good Dryer for the Price | Review by

Good dryer for the price. We purchased without much research because our other dryer died suddenly. It doesn't appear that the sensor and/or automatic cycles work very well. Have found that the clothes are still damp on several occasions. Dryer sits very low to the ground so a stand is a big plus....but comes with a hefty price.

Review Title: Duet Dryer | Review by

Does not always dry cloths completely dry! Sometimes I need to run it again. I feel the timing should be longer dry time. I do like the wrinkle shield feature.

Review Title: Cycles difficult to understand. | Review by

The dryer does not seem to have a good permanent press cycle. Perhaps I will have to learn how to create a good cycle for permanent press clothes with all the many manual controls. Dryer does not seem to get very hot when drying towels. If the dryer is left to use the intermittent tumble feature after the drying cycle is complete, it works better for permanent press but why have to wait an extra 20 or 30 minutes for the clothes to be ready to remove.

Review Title: This dryer has a lot of opions | Review by

I has a lot of options. It is very quiet but some cycles have to be restarted because the clothes are not all the way dry. Towels have to have much more time added. Have not had it long but seems to be a good product.

Review Title: Spec Quality | Review by

The Washing Machie is really loud. The pull out to put the detergents and bleach does not slide easily

Review Title: Should include pedestals | Review by

The washer and dryer are too low to the floor without buying the pedestals. This cost for the pedestals was over $600 additional to what was paid for the W&D. Total cost, too expensive.

Review Title: It works | Review by

I've had the dryer for awhile now. Pretty quickly a piece of the lint trap broke but other than that, it's been a good dryer

Review Title: This product is good but I wish it stood further off the ground, rather then having to reach so low. | Review by

The only problem I really have with this product is the fact that it sits so low to the ground. I know you can buy the lift things for them to sit on but but they are too exspensive.

Review Title: Good buy and saves time | Review by

This is a good dryer. The door opening is not very wide but I've gotten used to it. Drives much faster than the one we replace. The look is pretty and we are happy with it overall.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

This dryer is easy to use and dries the clothes on the first attempt about 95% of the time. There have only been a few times that the load was not completely dry and that occurred with very large loads.

Review Title: Easy to set up, Easy to use | Review by

We bought ours as part of a washer dryer combo deal and I love it. I would probably buy it again individually. It is super easy to set up and while it has a ton of features it is very intuitive to use. No getting bogged down with a million buttons.

Review Title: It is a nice product. | Review by

Ive enjoyed the dryer very much. It is quiet and does a nice job drying my clothes.

Review Title: I really need a SPIN ONLY setting!! Love the dryer | Review by

This is the first front loading washing machine my family has owned. We were skeptical. It works great. We love the eco modes. I would really love to have a spin only mode. Sometimes it help with drying time on things like coast and blankets. The dryer is amazing. Takes half the time as others.

Review Title: Great product but often leaves clothes damp on auto cycle | Review by

I like that it's quite and much faster than my last dryer. I like that it has an eco cycle but often the clothes are still damp when I take them out. If I have to put them back in for another 15-20 minutes, is that still saving money?

Review Title: awesome dryer | Review by

it was a great investment at a great price and above what i expected.

Review Title: Easy and Effective | Review by

I have been pleased with the ease of use/flexibility

Review Title: Very efficient machine. | Review by

Dries very fast and is very quiet. We end up with less than half of the lint from our previous machine.

Review Title: This product is a great buy with plenty of features | Review by

So far we have been doing about 5-8 loads a week it working really well

Review Title: I like that the inside lights up! | Review by

It has the kind of settings I like. Different settings at different heat levels.

Review Title: overall very good dryer | Review by

Very well designed dryer. Clothes dry quickly and with ease

Review Title: Good dryer overall | Review by

Dries things very quickly and efficiently. Sometimes things like towels are still a bit damp at the end of an automatic cycle so the "touch up" cycle is needed afterwards. Other than that, it works great.

Review Title: Has nice design | Review by

Have had many washers and dryers. My last before this one was a Bosch. Quality was to be good. For what I paid not so much for the Bosch. Had motor replaced and other repairs. To fix one of these takes a bit out of your checkbook. GOT back to the Whirlpool name and just love the style and ease of use. Sometimes I have small loads and this one does them very nicely. Just needs a little sound help, so it don't sound so tinnie. Other than that it's a very nice frontloading machine. FRONT LOADERS CLEAN GREAT.

Review Title: Good for small space | Review by

This is a good option for a small space and the best stacking option available.

Review Title: Very Good Dryer | Review by

As far as Dryers go, this is a very good one. I have only had to run a cycle twice on one occasion. The features and ease of use are as well good. I will not rate this as an overall Excellent for it has some quirky things about it.

Review Title: Well worth the price... | Review by

I have had this unit for the last few months and works great..

Review Title: Dryer rocks! but wasn't intuitive at first | Review by

I love this dryer however I was hoping the controls would have been a little more intuitive. I had to read the manual to figure out why I couldn't put it on certain settings or change settings or add time without turning the dryer off and just staring it over. Otherwise if I would push any buttons it would just beep at me. I went from the cheapest dryer you can buy to this model so I guess I'm just nit picking. I really like the way this dryer looks and it is pretty quiet. My kitties will even hang out in the laundry room if it's on. I really like that the door seems super well made and sturdy when you open it . I also love the moisture sensing controls. Not having to worry about clothes getting to hot is awesome. I give the dryer 2 thumbs up despite the issues with controls.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

I love this dryer! It is large, quiet and dries really well. I never have to restart it to get my clothes completely dry.

Review Title: Decent Product | Review by

I have had this dryer for a few months and happy with the performance up to this point. My washing machine broke shortly after buying the dryer. I was considering a WP washer, but the reviews were awful. I'll sacrifice a matching pair (washer & dryer) for dependability I can count on.

Review Title: the product is nice | Review by

the senser does not work right otherwise it is a good value for the money

Review Title: Great purchase | Review by

Quite, quick and just what I needed. I have been looking for the right dryer and finally got it

Review Title: Efficient! | Review by

I enjoy this machine! I know when I put my clothes in that it will only be a little more time until my laundry work will be all done! Very fast!!

Review Title: This product fills our needs very well | Review by

This dryer is very quiet and does and excellent job at drying even the heavy towels.

Review Title: Efficient, quick drying | Review by

Very happy with this dryer especially paired with its washer mate. Believe the washer is a huge variable in the dryer not having to work hard and for its efficiency in getting loads dry quickly.

Review Title: Great dryer for your money | Review by

This is one of the best dryers I've owned. It's easy to use does a great job and my clothes come out ready to be hung up or folded. I highly recommend both the dryer as well as the matching washer.

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

So far I really like the dryer it seems to work great and gets things dry without causing any damage. I like that the temp is easily adjustable.

Review Title: Very quiet and dries large loads quickly. | Review by

This dryer is very high quality. It is used in a commerical setting and gets used a lot. It is very quiet and you can hardly notice when it is running. Also has a fast drying time for extra large loads. Very easy to use.

Review Title: Love this dryer | Review by

This dryer is the best I have ever owned in all my years on this earth.

Review Title: Perfect Features for ease of use | Review by

Quiet - dries efficiently; all the features i need and use

Review Title: Does a very good job! | Review by

I bought this dryer and a washer to replace broken ones at our beach house. I have been very pleased with everything about this dryer. As you can imagine, it gets lots of use drying beach towels to swim suits to everything else!! Does an efficient job on all items.

Review Title: Great dryer at a great price! | Review by

Bought this dryer at Lowe's on a closeout deal and I couldn't be happier! I replaced a F&P dryer that would take over an hour for a single load. My Whirlpool does the same job in less than 35 minutes! The lint trap is right in the front when you open the door so it's easy to clean out. But the best feature of this dryer is sound level. It's so quiet you don't even know it's on. The end of cycle buzzer is a little excessive, but I can learn to live with that.

Review Title: Very Efficient | Review by

Washer uses very little water! I dried my sheets in 10 minutes!

Review Title: Excellent Dryer | Review by

Purchased this dryer from a retailer in April 2013. I have been very impressed with the design, quality and efficiency. The digital controls are easy to use. The degree of drying desired can be easily established. I highly recommend the Duet.

Review Title: Love this dryer. Simple to use and dries clothes quickly! Am definitely glad I purchased this one. | Review by

Love this dryer. Simple to use and dries clothes quickly! Am definitely glad I purchased this one.

Review Title: It Dries Clothes! | Review by

It dries clothes! Although sometimes it doesn't get them completely dry when using a sensing cycle with a small load. I don't mind this so much, though, because it seems to help reduce shrinking from over-drying.

Review Title: Excellent Product | Review by

What can we improve a product which is the most efficient products we have purchased in a long time. The ease of use, the quietness of operation, even the accessories we purchased making it a stackable to the matching Washer and the extra drying rack has make it one of the most enjoyable and usable dryers we have owned. Well worth the price we have invested into both units. We have had several friend which have seen this Dryer and Washer in operation and they where impressed also with the complete operation. They commented saying, our next one will be like this. I would recommend this Dryer and Washer combo to anyone without reservation.

Review Title: Love my new dryer very efficient. | Review by

The dryer is efficient, guiet and has enough cycles to cover all my laundry needs. Judy WV.

Review Title: I agree with the fact that this product has indeed really great features. | Review by

I never realized how easy it can be to dry my clothes. It is no longer a chore to dry clothes . I recommend it without reservation.

Review Title: Very satisfied | Review by

We like the settings & options. Choose timed or auto cycle. Turn the cycle signal and wrinkle protection on/off. Set the dryness level & temperature to your load. Large enough capacity to dry queen/king size blankets & spreads.

Review Title: great | Review by

this is a great washer. only thing I miss about not having a top loader is having a large tub to fill with water; however, that is the beauty of the front loader - it saves water and we live in the desert!

Review Title: great machine and a SHORT dry cycle | Review by

The machine is quiet and has a quick cycle. I love the savings!

Review Title: This product is everything we were looking for. | Review by

I went washer and dryer shopping knowing I wanted top loader washer and matching dryer. I came out of the store with a matching front loading set, and a whole lot of info on both. I learned the difference between them and what one worked best for us. We have saved money already on our electric bill with the new front load set. Very happy with our choice.

Review Title: Super time savers | Review by

Holds lots of clothes at one time Clothes come out very clean and require short drying time

Review Title: Must have | Review by

Fast quiet, efficient saves energy really great machine.

Review Title: This product has great features! | Review by

While I love my new machine I have one issue with it. We elected not to purchase the storage drawers because we already had storage in our laundry room. But you really need to purchase them because the machines are really low without them. I lterally have to get on my knees in order to do laundry. Therefore there is a hidden expense.

Review Title: Love it. | Review by

Husband actually picked this unit out and I have loved everything about it, fantastic washer. Drys clothes before next load is done washing.

Review Title: This dryer has many user-friendly features | Review by

I love this dryer as the standard cycle is sufficient to dry all my clothes. I also love the air dry cycle.

Review Title: EXTREMELY EFFICIENT! | Review by

This is the first front loading washer and dryer we've purchased and we love everything about it. Our electric bills have gone down, the machines are easy and quiet to use, and we use much less cleaning product.

Review Title: For all the money that one spends on a dryer,...... | Review by

Although we have been very pleased with this dryer, I am amazed that the lint traps haven't advanced beyond the 1950's. They are cheap, not well engineered and do not clean up well at all.

Review Title: Lasts forever, easy to use, features easy to use | Review by

Our home has Whirlpool throughout, we feel it is the best brand to meet our various needs.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I believe this is the dryer I have (since no picture was available). But the features listed are the same. I like this dryer, it really does the job. My clothes are not "steaming" hot when the cycle is finished. As a matter of fact they have much less wrinkles than other dryers...........

Review Title: Great option selection | Review by

I am on the go often. And the options on this unit are perfect for someone who can't stand by to monitor laundry progress.

Review Title: Love it. Have had many others and this is by far the best. | Review by

a turn of the knob is all that is needed. sets the time and temp. Super

Review Title: quick dry! | Review by

THis dryer is easy to program; dries quickly so doesn't waste electricity.

Review Title: Perfect solution for our needs | Review by

We have an old house and the space available for a dryer is limited. This replaced a very expensive alternative brand which didn't last long and was too small to be useful. The size is perfect, the features are everything I need, and the clothes dry perfectly -- not too hot yet dry. Would definitely recommend.

Review Title: Very quiet. Drys fast | Review by

Dryer is quiet and drys faster than my last dfryer.

Review Title: This product has many features | Review by

large capacity gives clothes plenty of tumble room

Review Title: GREAT FEATURES | Review by

this dryer is easy to use and has some wonderul features.

Review Title: Efficiency and style go a long way! | Review by

I am not disappointed by upgrading to this model of Whirlpool dryer. I have had no issues -- thanks for simplifying my laundry chores.

Review Title: I like it | Review by

The sound quality is ok, especially coming from my old noisy Whilrpool. It has great features too...

Review Title: it works so awsome | Review by

its not loud it just works super don't have any thing bad to say about it but good

Review Title: Very easy to use and fast drying | Review by

This dryer is very uncomplicated to use and dries in half the time of my old dryer. You definitely want to purchase the base with this dryer.

Review Title: I love it is what I need!! | Review by

This washer is the best I really recommend to my friends.

Review Title: I love the short drying time. | Review by

What I like the most is how quickly it dries my loads. Even a extra large load of sheets and towels dries in 35 minutes!! Now instead of dreading laundry day I wake up saying, "Let the laundry begin!"

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

My fiance and I are really enjoying this dryer. Its capacity is good and it dries everything pretty evenly. We are also enjoying the high efficiency aspect.

Review Title: I love my new Whirlpool dryer. I was a little hestitate getting a modern stackable dryer but I can't rave about this dryer enough!!!! | Review by

I love my new dryer. It runs so quietly and dries everything so nicely. It's a great looking machine and fits so well in my space. I am happy with the features I chose. I can't be more happy with the dryer...........Can't wait to buy the matching washer!!!!!!! Also, it was so affordable.

Review Title: The best ever!!!!! :) | Review by

According to my daughter (college student) loves the dryer! The convience of not having to spend money at the laundrymat have helped micromanage her time else where well needed. Thank you.

Review Title: Time Saving, so efficient | Review by

There are 5 of us in the household, 3 boys so there is always an endless need for laundry. I have the Duet set and love them both. Would definitely recommend this set to others.

Review Title: Purchased a few months ago and love it! | Review by

I purchased the dryer with the matching washer after moving into my new home and have been completely pleased with them both. The dryer takes only 30 minutes to dry a full load of jeans or towels and only takes perhaps another 11 minutes to dry my comforters. I would definitely recommend the Duet dryer or washer but only if you are looking for great products at reasonable prices!

Review Title: the dryer works well | Review by

THE dryer works great dry very fast it is easy to clean out the lint and it has a big screen to catch more lint then other dryers

Review Title: love the dryer.very quiet and look great | Review by

I love the front. the feature this dryer has is great.

Review Title: This dryer is easy to use and is very quiet. | Review by

I was shopping for a new dryer and found this model on sale. It did not match the brand of my washer but has met my expectations especially the price. The installation and instructions provided were very easy to follow and set up. This dryer has many very easy to use settings and runs very quiet. This is an attractive dryer in appearance and has a large clothe capacity which met the load capacity needed for my washer. I recommend this product to all.

Review Title: Your clothes will be dry in less time | Review by

This dryer is great! My clothes, even a big load of towels, get dry in less time than other dryers I have used. I love it and have no complaints! I would definately recommend this dryer.

Review Title: love it! | Review by

it dries the clothes so fast.. and is big enough for a large soft rug

Review Title: great dryer | Review by

This dryer works great, is quiet, and stacked perfectly on top of my older model Whirlpool Duet washer with the right stack kit. Clothes come out perfectly dry without being over dried. I had to get a longer power cord to reach my outlet, but it was an easy do-it-yourself installation. I hope it works this well for many years to come.

Review Title: Efficient and effective drying system | Review by

I enjoy using my new whirlpool dryer. It has every feature that provides a state of the art drying method that brings much satisfaction to my family.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

Bought this as a special in the military exchange. Drys very fast, only stays on as long as needed to dry clothes.

Review Title: This product has great features; multiple settings, large load capacity, and energy efficient. Easy to use, quiet, and reliable. | Review by

When looking for a new dryer, I wanted something reliable, affordable, and energy efficient. This product has great features; multiple settings, large load capacity, and energy efficient. Easy to use, quiet, and reliable. This was a well designed dryer and affordable.

Review Title: Great match for new washer! | Review by

I didn't really need a new dryer but thought that since I had to replace my washer, it would only be a matter of time before the same held true for the dryer. This dryer is easier to use with more features than my old one. The wrinkle eliminator feature is great for putting clothes in and not having to come back to it immediately after they are dry.

Review Title: This is a really good dryer | Review by

great dryer. I particularly like the feature that alerts you when to turn large items to allow them to dry completely. I have a king size conforter that I dried completely. NO PROBLEM.

Review Title: Best dryer I've ever owned | Review by

This is a very good dryer. It has numerous features which are easy to use, and some which you would only expect to have on a more expensive machine. This dryer is going to cost less to operate than my old one. The main reason I chose this machine was because it would stack on top of my Duet washer, but besides that it is just a well designed and built machine. I'm happy with this purchase.

Review Title: Very Very Happy | Review by

Well its only been 2 months but I love my DUET SET.. Very quite, customer friendly and easy to use.. Great feature and cleaning very well. My whites have never been whiter and the dryer has a special feature that is set at 35 minute to dry, yet the sensors built in know when your clothes are dry and shuts off saving me money and electric uses.. Washer is very quite...

Review Title: Love this Washer | Review by

This washer is quiet and does the job quickly and efficiently. I am proud to own it. It is an energy saver as well.

Review Title: love the dryer | Review by

Love the quiet run on this dryer and especially the load capacity.

Review Title: reduced drying time | Review by

great dryer! dries towels in half the time of our previous dryer which equates to saving energy and operating expense. the only negative is the dial settings. it's difficult to know which setting is for partial and wrinkle free drying. (we like to partially dry then hang much of our shirts and pants. otherwise, a gteat product at a great price!

Review Title: Easy to use | Review by

I really like the fact that I can dry a load of clothes in the same amount of time I can wash one. Makes it very convenient when you do loads back to back.

Review Title: Excellent performance | Review by

This dryer is the best performing dryer we have had in fifty years of marriage. Installation was a breeze, the controls are intuitively programmed, and it is the quietest dryer by far that we have owned. Would I recommend this dryer to my friends? Absolutely! Would I purchase another? You bet!

Review Title: Great product | Review by

After reading reviews about water problems in the washer, shaking and noisy I was pleasantly surprised that my pair has none of these. For a stack system I was a little weary about performance and noise. These machines are working great and we have had no issues so far.

Review Title: I love the washer and dryer! | Review by

Its great! It dries my clothes great and its easy to use!

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

I love my new dryer. It dries so quick and dries the clothes completely.

Review Title: Proud to show people | Review by

My purchase is just what I was looking for. Really like everything about it. Really like how quiet they are when washing and drying.

Review Title: I love my new washer and dryer! | Review by

My husband and I own a small condo in a ski village in Colorado, and we needed a washer and dryer that would fit in a small closet and that were quiet and efficient. We purchased the stacking kit also, and they fit perfectly! The dryer is so quiet that we can hardly tell it's running, and it has significantly cut down on the time we need to do our laundry before we head home from the slopes. I highly recommend this product!

Review Title: this dryer has many fetures, awsome | Review by

the features on this dryer are awesome. I really like how quiet it runs. don't know about long term, but it seem s to have a lot of quality built in to it.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

I would definitely recommend this dryer to anyone. It is really easy to use. One of the main reasons we bought this type of dryer was because it is stackable. We liked having that option if we needed to use it.

Review Title: This product is easy to use. | Review by

I have found that this product is simple to use and has a variety of differnt settings that make the use even better

Review Title: Good product well made | Review by

I can't say if the sound level is good as it's in a remote place in the house. Other than that, this is the best laundry pair I've seen.

Review Title: As expected. | Review by

My only complaint is the cycle timer.... never accurate. Will show "damp... 7 min" come back in a few minutes and it says "damp... 45min." It is annoying, but not a big problem, I just open and feel the clothes now. Could be made cheaper by leaving that off?

Review Title: Awesome Value! | Review by

We had a Bosch dryer before this that was much more expensive and not nearly as good. We love this dryer! It's quick, quiet and easy to use. You can hear the buzzer when the load is done but it doesn't drive you crazy (and you can turn the buzzer off if you don't want to wake anyone). The lint screen is easy to clean. The features are easy to understand and use. It dries a load of laundry faster than my washer can wash a load!

Review Title: This dryer has many features and is user friendly. | Review by

This dryer has many great features and is user friendly. It also has the sensor drying which makes your clothes come out wrinkle free. It makes doing laundry a much easier task.

Review Title: I've had no problems and would recommend. | Review by

I enjoy the front loading dryer with different cycles to suit my needs and have no problems with the product.

Review Title: This dryer have many great features | Review by

I bought this dryer to replace my 15year old Whirlpool dryer. Love it. The touch up cycle is great. I, one who hates to iron, use it a lot. Will always buy Whirlpool.

Review Title: quiet and dependable | Review by

This dryer is the perfect combo with the matching washer I just bought. It was a difficult decision as I don't have much income. But, going to the laundromat is such an expensive hassle. I am so glad I went ahead and made this purchase. This dryer is quiet and fast. I love the efficiency it has built in. I use it every day.

Review Title: Great dryer | Review by

This dryer dries clothes perfectly with no wrinkles. It does not over dry clothes when put on proper setting. I really like it.

Review Title: It's a great washer. | Review by

I love this washer, I'm not the biggest fan of the cleaning out the rubber line of hair and lint but I do like the fact that it means that the washer is successfully pulling it out of my clothes.

Review Title: Excellent choice and thoroughly drying. | Review by

It has many options for setting for drying clothing. I am not sure why everything is so staticy and wrinkled. I use softener and take laudry out as soon as it ends.

Review Title: Quick drying tim | Review by

I love that it adjusts the drying times based on the wetness of the clothes and doesn't over dry them. I also like the wrinkle resistant feature. For those all too common times when you just don't want to get back to the laundry right away. It will keep tumbling it for you.

Review Title: easibility of useage | Review by

Like the way it dry's the clothes especially large items, not too hot easy to clean

Review Title: Nice drum size | Review by

I can dry my clothes first time around. it also dries my king size comforters with no problem. only seen 3 dollars extra on electric bill not bad at all I do 1 to 2 loads a day

Review Title: Makes doing laundry a breeze. | Review by

Easy to use...simple basic extra bells and whistles that I would never use.

Review Title: these products have great features and precision | Review by

Having used other washers and dryers and not getting the results that i want. After a lot of soul searching i decided to take my chances and purchase the washer and dryer duo.

Review Title: Excellent Drying Time! | Review by

I couldn't be happier with my recent purchase of this dryer. I am amazed at how quickly and completely this dryer dries our clothes.

Review Title: Love everything about the dryer. | Review by

It's quiet and easy to use. Love that it is a stack-able or not.

Review Title: This product looks and sounds great! | Review by

My rating only lacked one point on design. The top of the dryer is scratched up already just from plastic laundry baskets sliding over top of it! What's up with that? Also, I can't get out all of the lint with the catcher; I wish it went down further to catch a larger amount of lint.

Review Title: Very good investment | Review by

We bought the washer and dryer and the stacking kit. It was very easy to stack. Overall we really enjoy this set. Because it is energy efficient, we use far less laundry detergent and softener than before, but the clothes still come out clean. I also like that there are so many different settings. I was a bit intimidated with all the buttons at first, but it turned out to be surprisingly simple to operate. The only thing I don't like is that with the washing machine, the spin cycle is so intense that the whole thing shakes and the entire unit started to move forward, out of the closet. My husband fixed that by nailing a piece of lumber on the floor in front of the washer. This prevented it from moving outside the closet during the spin cycle. All in all, I would recommend this set to anyone. It is definitely worth the money.

Review Title: Best product for the money!!!!!!!!!! | Review by

My Wife is a Massage Therapist so she washes a lot of sheets & towels. She said it is very efficient.. She loves her new dryer!!!

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

has many features and easy to use. price is great for all the features that it has.

Review Title: Great Dryer- Very Bulky | Review by

We love this dryer. It's quiet and drys our clothes very quickly.

Review Title: Great product and simple to operate. | Review by

The stacking washer/dryer set fits in a relatively small space and are most efficient and do reduce energy costs.

Review Title: GREAT MACHINE | Review by

I have purchased many machines over my lifetime. I recently purchased a whirlpool set for our vacation rental. These machines get put through the test. Between my housekeeper, myself and my rental guests, they processes lots of laundry. These models have excellent features, and they do a great job. I wish I had this set at home. I would (and have) recommend this set and would not hesitate to purchase these machines again. You won't be disappointed.

Review Title: Good products | Review by

These machines do just what they're supposed to do however don't use too much soap. Use exactly what is recommended or you'll have a difficult time getting rid of the suds in the water. Even after two rinses.

Review Title: This product does an excellent job | Review by

This dryer thoroughly dries my family's clothing under the time allotted on the various features. The dryer is so smooth and silent in drying clothing, that my family tend to forget that it is running. Whenever the time chimes we know that we have expertly dried clothes.

Review Title: Does a great job on all clothes. | Review by

Best dryer we have owned. Easy to use and veryy efficiet as well as cost saving

Review Title: Very happy with purchase | Review by

Happy with the purchase and I would buy another one in the furture

Review Title: a very dynamic machine in performance. | Review by

I have enjoyed my duet purchase. This set is stackable and it performs excellently. It is quiet and very energy efficient. The dryer is really accurate in timing on the load times. I highly recommend this set.

Review Title: very fast | Review by

wide range of settings for any types of clothes holds a large load dries clothes very fast

Review Title: I am very impressed with this product and would recommend to all. | Review by

I love the quetness, style, easy to use and performance on both of these items. There is nothing that I dislike about the product. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience this they will certainly not regret it.

Review Title: Love all the features and the energy and water savings. | Review by

I really like the washer and dryer. I do wish they were a little taller where I did not have to buy the stand to go with it. They should automatically come with it in my opinion. However, my daughter can now reach the clothes and has since taken over a lot of the laundry.

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