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Whirlpool WDT920SADM Gold 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WDT920SADM Clean Up

Appliances Whirlpool-WDT920SADM Clean Up
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WDT920SADM Clean Up

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Whirlpool Gold 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
Regular Price: $849.00
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Chimney Style Wall Mount Range Hood
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Whirlpool Gold 15" Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range - Convection
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Whirlpool Gold 19.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,199.00
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Whirlpool Gold 27" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Canopy Pro Style Wall Mount Range Hood
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Whirlpool Gold 36" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $999.00
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Chimney Style Wall Mount Range Hood - Energy Star
Regular Price: $599.00
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Regular Price: $489.10
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Whirlpool Dishwasher Triple Filtration System

Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher with PowerScour Option

  • TotalCoverage Spray Arm
  • A smarter sequence of spray patterns hits dishes from multiple nozzles throughout the cycle, so you can be sure they’re all clean and ready to go
  • Target Clean Option
  • Intense jets deliver direct cleaning to reach tough corners better and save you from soaking and scrubbing
  • EZ-2-Lift Adjustable Upper Rack
  • The EZ-2-Lift adjustable upper rack smoothly adjusts two inches up or down to fit larger items in either rack
  • 1-Hour Wash Cycle
  • The 1-Hour Wash option will get dishes clean in about half the time
  • Sensor Cycle
  • The AccuSense soil sensor measures load size and soil level during the prewash, and the dishwasher adjusts to the right wash and dry settings throughout the wash cycle to deliver precise cleaning to your dishes
  • Silverware Spray
  • Silverware Spray delivers a concentrated shower of water to the AnyWare Plus silverware basket to virtually eliminate rewashing
  • AnyWare Plus Silverware Basket
  • The AnyWare Plus silverware basket frees up rack space by easily fitting on the front of the lower rack or in the door to make room for more dishes
  • Triple Filtration System
  • This highly effective filtration system helps the wash system provide outstanding cleaning while using less water and energy


Configuration and Overview
Number of Racks: 2
Upper Adjustable Rack: 2 Position or Removable
Water Filtration System: Removable Filter
Control Type: Electronic
Cycle and Options
Number of Wash Cycles: 5
Cycle Selections: Sensor Wash; Heavy; Normal; 1-Hour Wash; Soak and Clean
Option Selections: 1-24 Hour Delay; Heated Dry; Hi Temp Wash; Sani Rinse; Control Lock
Delay Wash: Yes
Style and Extras
Tub Material: Stainless Steel
Rack Material: Nylon
Upper Rack Extras: 2-11" Cup Shelves; 2-No Flip Clips
Lower Rack Extras: Sliding Tines
Silverware Basket Type: AnyWare Basket
Decibel Level: 46
Width: 23 7/8
Maximum Height: 34 1/2"
Minimum Height: 33 1/2"
Depth With Door Open 90°: 49 1/2
Gross Weight: 99 Lbs.

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Review Title: Ultra Quiet | Review by

This machine is ultra quiet. It cleans dishes and silver ware to a shine when using with cascade premium. Goedeker's delivered as promised. I had a good experience, saved some money, and will use Goedeker's on my next purchase!

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

Cleans well. Knifes kept getting stuck when I had the silverware holder on the door. I moved it to the rack and like it so much better

Review Title: Cleaning | Review by

Cleans fairly well. Not all utensils are clean after cycle is done. Glassware & plates clean well. Long cycle times.

Review Title: Very quiet, looks nice! | Review by

I love this dishwasher. I can hardly hear it running. The inside has many different adjustments that make it very accommodating. I get compliments all of the time on how sleek it looks. My only complaint is that some of my dishes are still wet at the end of the cycle.

Review Title: New dishwasher | Review by

I have only had my dishwasher for less than a month. I am very impressed with how quiet it is when it is running. I have noticed that the silverware holder has water on it when the cycle is completed. It's easy enough to wipe dry.

Review Title: surprisingly great! | Review by

Quiet and dishes are spotless. Only drawback is the silverware holder on the door, if forks are put in the front most pockets, if the rotate during wash, loading or unloadingunloading, the bottom racks gets caught.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

I bought this a week ago and am very happy. Does a good job getting the dishes clean and is very quiet.

Review Title: Love this Whirlpoolo appliance | Review by

This is the nicest dishwasher I have ever purchased. It is very quiet and cleans my dishes better than any other brand I've owned in the past. It looks absolutely beautiful in my kitchen and has given my kitchen the look I wanted to achieve. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and want the best results for my efforts and this Whirlpool product has done this for me. This product is easy to use, looks stunning in my kitchen and so easy to keep clean. There is tons of space to hold my tableware and everything comes out clean and shiney. I am so happy I chose this Whirlpool product over the other brands I researched.

Review Title: Excellent! | Review by

Super appearance. Fantastic performance. Extremely quiet. Best design I've ever seen!

Review Title: Wonderful Dishwasher! | Review by

We purchased this dishwasher through our home builder. We couldn't be happier! Its stainless steel look is clean and simple. It is soooo silent! also love all the adjustments you can make to the racks to fit those od shaped dished and pots.

Review Title: Almost Noiseless | Review by

I bought this dishwasher last month and it does a great job on getting dishes clean. One feature that was unexpected and a pleasant surprise was how quiet this model is. I had to open the door the first several cycles it ran because I did not think it was on!

Review Title: Whirlpool gold dishwasher | Review by

Had a Maytag dish washer for 13 years which served us well, this new machine is super quiet and it gets the dishes clean.

Review Title: Love my new dishwasher! | Review by

This dishwasher is incredible compared to our 12 year old Maytag. The dishes have never been cleaner and the most amazing thing is that you have to be standing right next to it to know that it's running. Unbelievably quiet!!

Review Title: VERY quiet! | Review by

We love this dishwasher! Its hard to know when its running, it's so quiet, which is a huge improvement from our last dishwasher.

Review Title: This dishwasher gets the dishes very clean every time! | Review by

We bought this dishwasher 2 months ago. The dishwasher cleans all our dishes very well. When it cleans the washer is very quiet. You hardly know that it is running. This dishwasher is an amazing machine. I am glad we bought it!

Review Title: Great cleaning power & capacity | Review by

The adjustability is great for the different item I need to wash. Super quiet, don't even that its running.

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

This dishwasher runs ultraquiet. You hardly even know it is on. It looks great. The cycles are long, but that is addressed in the owners manual and is expected. And as recommended, I use cascade platinum action packs. My dishes and silverware have never been so clean!

Review Title: Great dishwasher | Review by

We bought this dishwasher a few weeks ago and just love it. It cleans well and looks very sharp. One of the key features we were looking for was one that had either the silverware tray on the door or a third rack for silverware. Hate how some models take up so much room on the bottom rack with the silverware tray. So far so good!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Got this for Christmas love it runs so quite and smooth and dishes come out spotless

Review Title: Quiet! Sleek! | Review by

Love the buttons on the top, keeping the face clean. The stainless steel interior is nice as well. Large, flexible capacity.

Review Title: Super Quite, clean lines from a tried and true brand!!! | Review by

So far I am extremely satisfied with this model!

Review Title: Quietest dishwasher ever! | Review by

Purchased a month ago and love it! I have to lean down to hear it running, super Quiet.

Review Title: Quiet, quiet, quiet | Review by

So far I'm very impressed with this dishwasher. I can't hear it running! It's amazing! And the quality of cleaning is the best I've ever seen. What a treat to have something that gets the job done so well without making any noise. Our last dishwasher was so loud we'd run it only when we knew we weren't going to be home.

Review Title: Whirlpool gold dishwasher | Review by

This appliance is very efficient, quiet and our dishes are spotless and very clean !

Review Title: Best Dishwasher Ever | Review by

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dishwasher. It is virtually silent when running and get the dishes sparkling clean. The best feature is the silverware rack located on the inside of the door. What a great space saver to load dishes on the racks!

Review Title: Extremely quiet! | Review by

We purchased out dishwasher about two weeks ago now. I spent extra to get the model that was rated at 46 db noise level due to the fact that I am partially deaf. We have company over on a regular basis and trying to sit around the dinner table and have a good conversation when a dishwasher is running is tough. With the new dishwasher it's possible to have a normal conversation and get clean dishes at the same time.

Review Title: So quiet! | Review by

Our kitchen is right by the living room. I'm used to cranking up the TV when I run the dishwasher but not with this stainless steel lined beauty. Does a good job at cleaning as well. Not a big fan of the door silverware rack but fits nicely in bottom rack as well.

Review Title: Cleanest dishes. | Review by

I had wanted a stainless steel dishwasher, This model excelled in getting the dished,glasses,and silverware looking like new!

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Loads easily, cleans well, and runs with very little noise.

Review Title: really like the fearures | Review by

remodeling kitchen and bought these whirlpool appliances over GE due to features and cost.

Review Title: Couldn't be more pleased! | Review by

We have been throughly pleased with our purchase. We can rely on our Whirlpool Gold to clean and throughly dry our dishes every time . We are constantly commenting on how quiet the machine is! I highly recommend this dishwasher. It's worth the extra $100 to get the stainless steel interior. We ended up adding an adding a different silverware basket just for convenience because we didn't care for the door loading style, however it does allow for more dish room.

Review Title: Awesome dishwasher! | Review by

I bought this a few weeks ago. The dishes come out awesomeand the glasses are sparkling! We love the sanitize feature and its super quiet. Looks great in the kitchen too!

Review Title: THE FRONT | Review by

When selecting the appliances we first had to select THE FRONT. Most people know what happens on the inside but the first things guest see is THE FRONT. Secondly we selected the insides. We now have to keep THE FRONTS looking nice as we do not know when guest will arrive. They will compare THE FRONT with the counter top, the wall colors, the floors.

Review Title: Quiet and Very Efficient | Review by

I bought this about a month ago and It is has a large capacity and runs so quietly that you think it is not on. The cleaning job is amazing.

Review Title: Works Great and is very quiet | Review by

Fit right into the old slot and really easy to install. Worlds Great and I can't even hear when its on. Matches my fridge perfectly will definitely stick with whirlpool from now on.

Review Title: Black Ice | Review by

Just upgraded to my dream kitchen with Black Ice appliances by Whirlpool. What prompted me to purchase these products? I purchased the Duet washer and dryer pair in Pewter, when they first came out. It's been so many years ago I can't remember when. I have never had a problem with my washer and dryer to this day. Im loving my new kitchen. It's so efficient.

Review Title: SUPER Quiet | Review by

To be fair, I'm coming from a circa 2000 standard GE dishwasher that was very loud and didn't clean dishes. This model is extremely quiet and cleans very well. I can stand about 2ft away from it and not know that it is washing. Really the only time I hear it is when it drains to the sink (but of course 1/2 that equation is the sink). Install instructions are thorough and should be easy to follow even for a novice to intermediate DIYer. The stainless steel looks very nice. The target clean function seems to work quite well for even baked on crud. If you're coming from an old machine like me, prepare for much longer cycle times. The longest cycle on this model is over 8hrs with soaking, sani rinse etc. Only thing odd about this model is that it has hidden controls (nice) with an LCD countdown of cycle time remaining. This means, you need to open the door to see how long until the cycle is finished, or just wait for the little green LED on the front to go off like I do.

Review Title: Great features. | Review by

This is an exceptional dishwasher and I am very happy with it. I deliberately put the dirtiest dishes (ones I would have handwashed before) in it to test whether it cleans well or not. Always the results are fantastic. Never had a time that something did not come completely clean.

Review Title: Fantastic dishwasher ! | Review by

We bought this dishwasher a month ago and it was one of our best purchases ever. The machine is extremely quiet and cleans better than any dishwasher we have ever owned. The cost of the machine is extremely fair for the product you are getting and well worth the money. I would highly recommend this machine !

Review Title: wonderful | Review by

we purchased this and installed it 3 weeks is not rated as the quietest one but i can only barely hear it run when i stand in front of it....the dishes come out totally clean and no moisture is left inside.....we love it

Review Title: Great dishwasher | Review by

Dishwasher is perfect, does a great job of cleaning dishes, pot and silverware. Light indicating when dishwasher is on is very useful.

Review Title: Great dishwasher. | Review by

Bought this about a month ago. It's very quiet. I love the whirlpool feature of the silverware rack in the door.

Review Title: Quiet | Review by

I bought when I remodeled my kitchen and it is without a doubt the best dishwasher I ever owned. Cleans great and is super quiet.

Review Title: Wonderful Whirlpool product | Review by

This new dishwasher is very quiet and terrific on the day-to-day dishes. I run full loads several times a week and it takes off all that stuck-on food with no problem. I was able to match my previous appliances with the White Ice collection. I plan on purchasing this line to replace them, as needed. FYI, keep your old silverware basket to use in the new dishwasher. There is always room for more silverware!

Review Title: And It's Quiet, Too! | Review by

We had a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher in our previous home for eight years before we moved. It was a great performer. This washer is even better on several counts. First, it looks great. Second, it is the quietest dishwasher ever. It's sometimes hard to tell it's in operation. Third, it has a fabulous looking stainless steel interior with adjustable racks. And fourth, it has a few roster of cycles and options.

Review Title: Very quiet | Review by

I have had this dishwasher for about a month now. My pots and pans that i used to think were clean now look like new. It's really amazing the difference between this DW and my old one. I have an open floor plan and I no longer need to turn the TV volume up to hear it over the DW. You can barely hear this thing running. In a nutshell this DW has impressed me on every level. My only gripe is the digital display. It has a countdown timer built in, but keep in mind this is a hidden control DW and the display is on top of the door (you can't see it when it's closed).

Review Title: So Quite! | Review by

I absolutely love how quite this dish washer is. Very happy!

Review Title: wife loves new dishwasher | Review by

this machine is so nice the new white with the brushed aluminum handle controls in the top of the door looks good works perfectly aluminum tub large loading areas very quiet yea i love this dishwasher

Review Title: Great Dishwasher | Review by

We are very happy with how this dishwasher cleans and dries. It is a very quiet dishwasher. I installed it myself and that was also very easy.

Review Title: Whirlpool has proven good on past purchases | Review by

Our new Whirlpool dishwasher has cleaned our dishes well.

Review Title: Worth the research | Review by

After reading several posts and looking at numerous operator guides I decided to purchase this one. The reasons were the stainless steel tub, above average size heating element, silverware spray arm, two rotating sprayers, adjustable level top shelf, tall tub, adjustable arms on the racks, various settings on the controls (including Sani-rinse,) and quietness. It looks great and is worth the investment. One thing to note is in the owners manual (only) and you will have to purchase it separately to install this item. It is a very inexpensive fitting that will ruin your day when you have to make a unplanned trip to the hardware store. Not sure why that part could not have been procured. However, I love this dishwasher! It is required to use rinse aid in all new dishwashers. I perfer to use good brands of dishwasher soap. My dishes are sparkling clean every time now and I don't hear it running in my family room right next to the open bar of the kitchen.

Review Title: super quiet | Review by

We purchased a maytag dishwasher that turned out to be defective, so we exchanged it for the whirpool an upgraded model and are very satisfied with the performance of our dishwasher.

Review Title: More than we hoped for! | Review by

We had 3 requirements and 1thing we hoped for when we were looking for a dishwasher. We wanted a black exterior, a stainless interior and the Whirlpool name. We got all those and the 1 thing we hoped can't hardly hear it run, it is so quiet! The dishes come out sparkling!

Review Title: Love this dishwasher!! | Review by

This dishwasher is amazing! It works really well and is extremely quiet!

Review Title: Love the features on my 3 new whirlpool appliances | Review by

I purchased these appliances as replacements and have had them for about 5 months and am enjoying all their features.

Review Title: So quiet you hardly know it's running. | Review by

We replaced our base whirlpool dishwasher with this model. Very happy with the change. Cleans thoroughly and runs so quiet you hardly know it's running.

Review Title: Very quite and cleans well | Review by

I bought this just before Christmas 2014 as a replacement for existing dishwasher. This model exceeds my expectations for quietness. The customized wash cycles also clean dishes better than I've experienced with previously owned dishwashers.

Review Title: Great dishwasher and stylish. | Review by

I have had it for nearly 3 months now, and it is awsome. It cleans good and you can barely hear it run.

Review Title: Very Quiet! | Review by

Very Quiet and really holds a lot. Really does a superb cleaning job. This model is actually a little quieter than the more expensive premium brand I had in the past and was much less expensive. Over all a great purchase.

Review Title: great quiet dishwasher | Review by

this dishwasher is great. it's quiet, we can start it when we are in kitchen and dining room and can't even hear it. the cleaning power is great also. I would definitely recommend this dishwasher.

Review Title: Runs quiet and cleans well | Review by

We weren't sure if we needed to spend the extra $ for the very low decibels but for us this model is very quiet. Took us a few washes to get get the glasses completely clean - the Jet Dry rinseaid is a must have. Not a specific issue with this one but rather a comment on all new dishwashers - I wish there was a very quick wash/heated dry one hour or less (even if it required more energy) - the new cycle times of all the new dishwashers is far too long.

Review Title: Utensil container | Review by

This is not about this specific model, but the utensil container on most of Whirlpool dishwashers is lousy. It is plastic and has holes between sections and the utensils get caught between the sections. I have to bang the container on the counter and hope the "fork" falls out. I don't know where else to complain. Other than that stupid container, I love my dishwasher.

Review Title: So Quiet | Review by

I purchased my whirlpool dishwasher approximately 5 weeks ago. I have been so pleased with my purchase. The rack design allows for plenty of space for silverware and dishes. My dishes always come out spotless even with large loads. The exterior has a sleek modern look with the curved handle and hidden buttons. My favorite feature of this dishwasher is that it is so quiet! We honestly can barely even tell when it is running.

Review Title: Quiet, effective, great product | Review by

This is our third (3rd) Whirlpool in eight (8) years. The previous one each lasted four (4) years, almost to the date. Bought a new Whirlpool Dishwasher in 2006, replaced it in 2010 and replaced that one just this past month, 2014. The new one is fantastic for quietness and getting the dishes really clean, especially the glasses and silverware. We just hope it will last longer that four (4) years. As far as dishwashers go, it is neat.

Review Title: Beautiful, queit and great results | Review by

I have had the dishwasher just over a month and love it. I use the hour cycle often which really came in handy on Thanksgiving since I ran it several times. It runs so quietly, it was possible to run the first load while we were having dessert in the same room

Review Title: A quite machine, you never know it is running. | Review by

We bought this dishwasher because we were tired of paying repair bills with our other appliance. It cleans the dishes and silverware and never leaves any food particles.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

Purchased this last October 2014 along with the refrigerator, wall oven, and microwave. The 1 hour wash cycle with heat to dry is a good option as it saves energy, overall. The dishes come out clean and dry.

Review Title: Clean Dishes! | Review by

I bought this dishwasher 3 weeks ago, and have tested it with dried on spaghetti sauce, eggs, etc. The dishes are clean! Runs quietly. I have no complaints.

Review Title: works great, wish i got the no stain, stainless | Review by

My whirlpool refrigerator has no fingerprint stainless and I love it. its truly no fingerprints. the dishwasher however constantly has to be cleaned of water spots, drips and runs, wish i got the no fingerprint stainless for it as well. that being said, it does a great job of cleaning dishes, the top rack is adjustable and even with it in the down position still plenty of room for large plates and pans below.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

Our new dishwasher is so quiet we find ourselves checking to make sure it is still running. It cleans very well, and we are pleased with it.

Review Title: I like this dishwasher | Review by

This dishwasher works great and i like the easy to use display

Review Title: Experience with whirlpool | Review by

I love my new dishwasher! The top shelf can move up so my larger pan will fit! The sound level is awesome! Dishes are clean. I do wish it had a shorter wash cycle for smaller things... Overall very nice and happy to have it.

Review Title: Super quiet! | Review by

So quiet and works great! Long overdue upgrade from our old washer. Very nice looking as well.

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Bought this a couple months ago and it works fantastic!

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

Installed one week ago. Only used once. Very quiet!!! I was pleasantly surprised. Some run programs are very long - like 3 hours. Only used the economy cycle - 1 hour - and it did a great job.

Review Title: great dw | Review by

I bought this from pc richards a month ago and am totally satisfied.

Review Title: Quiet, Efficient, Excellent Product | Review by

Our 15-year-old Maytag finally began to show its age, and its replacement demonstrates how the technology has evolved. Granted, the cycles are longer (save for the One Hour setting), but the quiet efficiency of the product more than compensates for the wait. We're thrilled with this purchase.

Review Title: If this dishwasher was any quiter I would not know it was running. You want clean dishes? U got it. | Review by

I have been using this new DW for several months now and am extremely impressed with how clean my dishes are. This DW is so good; compared to my old one it is light years ahead.

Review Title: My Dishwasher | Review by

It is very quiet & I love the adjustable top rack.

Review Title: So nice I bought it twice! | Review by

Purchased this dishwasher two years ago for my new home, mostly because I loved the silverware holder in the door and the extra room that provided in the bottom rack. When I recently needed another dishwasher for a rental property I own, I moved that one over and bought myself a new one at my local Sears store. There was a Bosch rep in the store at the time who said it was a bad purchase because door silverware racks make the dishwasher too loud...not true!! My Whirlpool is quiet, efficient and gives me perfectly clean dishes every time. And I'll buy it a third time if I ever need to!

Review Title: Whirlpool rules! | Review by

We bought this about one month ago and my husband says he hasn't heard it once! Our dishes are clean and it looks great! I really like the tiny external light that tells us that the dishwasher is ON!

Review Title: Great cleaning! | Review by

We like the silverware on the dot. The one hour cycle is a favorite!

Review Title: Love it | Review by

Washes everything very clean, silverware in the door gives more room for dishes . . . Only downside is the cycle size, but that's the new industry standard

Review Title: Great design! | Review by

I bought this dishwasher a month ago along with refrigerator and range. It looks great in my kitchen. It was relatively easy to install, works great and it's pretty quite. It's too early to rate the durability, so far so good!

Review Title: Amazingly Quiet! | Review by

We recently had to do a kitchen remodel due to an accident and chose this dishwasher as an upgrade, having always been very pleased with the performance of Whirlpool appliances. Could not be happier-it is so quiet compared to other models we have had-have to put ear next to it to be sure it is running! The dishes come out sparkling clean and shiny.

Review Title: Great Features all around, very quiet. | Review by

Great dishwasher, very quiet, cleans excellent.Great appliance for the price.

Review Title: Cleans and dries well | Review by

This dishwasher is very quiet and does what you want from a dishwasher...namely, it cleans the dishes well and dries them. We are very pleased.

Review Title: Nice looking | Review by

So quiet and cleans exceptionally well love my new dishwasher

Review Title: Best dishwasher ever. | Review by

Nice and quiet exceptional cleaning. I love to style and look of how my kitchen looks.

Review Title: Everything I need in a dishwasher! | Review by

This is a fantastic model dishwasher! Easy to install. Easy to use. Dishes come out spotless. And it is much more quiet than I had expected. Almost can't tell when it is running if not for the little green light. Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I bought this a month ago and it works great. We put the dishes in really dirty and they come out clean.

Review Title: Sleek and quiet | Review by

We got this installed over a month ago and we love it. It is so quiet we have had to check to see if it is going at times. It does a terrific job cleaning!

Review Title: The dishwasher will not dry bottom of silver ware, & inside of dishwasher is always wet! | Review by

It is my understanding that to obtain the engery star rateing you had to cut some corrners. I think all new dishwashers are the same. We bought a top of the line Sears, and sent it back within the 30 days for a full refund. With the silver ware tray on the side you can not get as many dishes in the tub, the Whirlpool, you coud at least get more dishes in the tub. It is a shame that our 10 year old Whirlpool was a much better dishwasher, and it was dry on the inside when finished! I don't care about how much engery I save, but I do care about good performance.

Review Title: Too noisy for my liking | Review by

Dont normally purchase Whirlpool but it came with the new house we had built. We did upgrade to the model with stainless inside. Since we had it (1mos) Ive noticed that it is loud and doesnt seem to dry the dishes well at all even when we use the high temp dry cycle. A few times we saw soap still sitting on the door undis-solved. Not a fan.

Review Title: CONTINUAL ODOR | Review by

I have had my dishwasher since February. It runs extremely quiet. The top rack is adjustable. There is an odor whenever I open the door even after the wash cycle is complete. No matter what I try, the odor returns!

Review Title: Whirlpool Dishwasher | Review by

I bought all new Whirlpool appliances, the dishwasher is the only one I am dissatisfied with - top rack, right side, doesn't hold the correct level. Top rack too hard to push back all the way. If it does not go back all the way the door does not close correctly.The dishes do come out very clean after the some 3 hours of wash but they are wet after going threw the complete wash & dry cycle.

Review Title: Hot apearance | Review by

Bought this top of the line Gold series unit a month ago. Installed appearance is top quality impressing all who have seen it. The unit replaces a 20 year old Whirlpool fully operational dishwasher with deteriorating baskets. New baskets cost half the price of a new washer; thus new Whirlpool unit bought. Although features are an update of the old unit, with operation so quiet I must see the blue light to know when dishes are done, the dishes do not get clean on the 'sensor' cycle, nor 'normal cycle'. Yes, we use only your recommended Cascade product.

Review Title: Major flaw, simple fix | Review by

Seemed like a very nice dishwasher until I tried to load it. Much to my dismay, the rollers for the upper rack are mounted below the rack instead of beside the rack. This prevents washing a standard size 12x18" cutting board or a standard 12x17" baking sheet as these items are forced into the path of the upper spray arm by the rollers. I removed and returned the unit and purchased another brand which is capable of washing standard sized kitchenware. So sad, it would be so easy to fix this problem.

Review Title: Could be better | Review by

I'm not that happy with the dishwasher. Most of the times the dishes come out clean, but there are several times that the dishes come out dirty. Also, the dishes are quite wet after and I find myself drying the dishes.

Review Title: Good features, very quiet. | Review by

I have four issues with this new dishwasher that I did not have with my former Kenmore Elite. 1) The silverware rack is extremely narrow and does not hold ample amounts of silverware. 2) The time it takes to do a normal load is 2.5 hours, way too long compared to my Kenmore which took little over an hour to complete the normal cycle. 3) There should be a longer utensil rack on the back of the top shelf to accommodate long handled utensils. 4) There is no gentle cycle for washing fine china and expensive silverware

Review Title: Doesn't clean | Review by

Quiet, but doesn't get dishes clean. Paid too much for this for it not to clean better. Disappointed for most part.

Review Title: Beautiful look And very quiet | Review by

I have been having this appliance for 2 months and am very pleased with the quietness of washing and sleek look. However, I find the stainless on the outside "thin" for when I clean it with a soft cloth the metal bends in and makes a sound, this makes me fear that it could get easy dents in the surface. The inside is heavy duty but I expected for the outside to be the same for the "gold series" at this level and with what you pay. Also, maybe I haven't completely learned the settings yet but even when I use heavy duty setting some utensils are not cleaned all the way...I had an old (1995) gold series before this that influenced my decision to buy another and I have to say the old one appeared to have more room/ organization for the swing down part that would hold knives in place...miss that!

Review Title: Great features | Review by

Very quiet. In the past we always would try waiting to turn dishwasher on for when we left the house, we turned this one on and are still able to enjoy watching TV without turning the volume all the way up!! Great added bonus for us.

Review Title: dishwasher | Review by

We have been using this product for about a month. Love how quite it is.

Review Title: Freezer pull out system difficult at best | Review by

Average height on shelves.Doors do not open wide enough.

Review Title: Love the quiet. | Review by

Replaced a cheaper model by another manufacturer. The quiet and the cleaning are far superior. Would recommend this model.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

So far we are very happy with the dishwasher. It's very quiet and does a nice job cleaning. The dishes don't come out as dry as our old dishwasher but I was prepared for that since the newer models are more energy efficient and from what I have read, that is the reason they don't dry as well. Over all we are happy with the purchase.

Review Title: The only one with utensils on the door! | Review by

Love whirlpool! Love the way it cleans and love the features and the utensils on the door are what stands out from the rest!

Review Title: Nice and quiet | Review by

We purchased this for our new house. It is an open floor plan and wanted a dishwasher we could run and still hear the TV. I hardly hear it running. Love it.

Review Title: Better Than Most | Review by

I bought this dishwasher about a month ago and think it is better than most, but still not great. I don't like the silverware holder having slots...not all silverware shapes fit it so would like it just removed. I got stainless steel interior for faster drying, but still don't think it does much better than plastic interiors. Having the standard cycle takes 3 hours which is great for energy/water consumption, but not realistic for large families. The dishes pile up faster than we can keep up with the dishwasher. Needs a faster cycle b/c we are running the dishwasher almost every day with the number of people. Overall, I am happy with it just would like some adjustments.

Review Title: Awesome features and sleek look! | Review by

Got this dishwasher about a month ago and am very pleased with it! Cleans great and very quiet! The one drawback is that there is not a ton of space between the top and bottom racks so it seems like you can't put too tall of silverware in rack otherwise it will bump together.....otherwise love the look and clean!

Review Title: Super Quiet | Review by

Cleans great. The hidden control panel located on the top of the door gives it a very sleek look. And most important to our household is that it runs extremely quiet.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

Pros:This is a very quiet dishwasher, you have to stop talking and listen to tell if its running. Controls are intuitive. Other:It is a very long cycle, about 3 hours. The quick 1 hr cycle doesn't clean very well, but gets you through in a pinch of you need dishes sooner than 3 hrs Cons:The silverware basket on the door is very awkward to use. Very few utensils fit in the slots, and half of it is blocked by the soap dispenser, so you have to be very focused on figuring out which utensil can fit where. If I could go back and buy a different model I would get one that had a normal silverware basket in the bottom rack, even though it takes up some of your bottom rack space.

Review Title: Looks great!!! | Review by

Dishwasher looks great, runs very quietly, you don't even know it is on.

Review Title: Great dishwasher, with a few minor flaws on the silverware holder | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool Gold dishwasher. It cleans dishes more spotlessly than any dishwasher we had previously. We were surprised that there is no "Rinse and Hold" function, but it doesn't seem to need it. But a few minor complaints: 1) the slots on the silverware holder are pretty narrow, and some of our utensils don't fit 2) that silverware holder is designed to hang on the door or on the outside part of the lower rack. It is not practical to keep it on the door while adding silverware (because they would be horizontal), but I find that when attached to the rack it comes off easily 3) when we first got the dishwasher, we had a problem with the detergent holder door not opening, and figured out it was because knives that were sticking out of the left side of the silverware holder were tall and were blocking it. We now stack knives on the right, and there is no problem.

Review Title: love the quiet | Review by

I bought this dishwasher about 4 months ago. We love how quiet it is. The only drawback would be the utensil holder, when hooked on the door, has to be just right or the bottom drawer gets hung up on the silverware when trying to push the drawer back in place. Other than this, great dishwasher.

Review Title: Great features! | Review by

Got this dishwasher as a gift and Im very happy! Different modes, the inside is all changeable. Very happy

Review Title: Quite! | Review by

The only reason didn't give a 5 star is the door silverware holder otherwise so far well worth the investment!

Review Title: Great Dishwasher! | Review by

This has been a great dishwasher...much better than my previous dishwashers. I have noticed that you cannot put dishes with dried food on it like I was assuming you could. as long as you give the dishes a quick rinse, it works great!

Review Title: Very Quiet Dishwasher! | Review by

We've had this dishwasher for about 3 weeks. We bought this specific model to replace our previous Whirlpool dishwasher because it was the most quiet model Whirlpool offers. Another consideration is that the silverware holder mounts on the front of the lower rack so it doesn't take up unnecessary space needed for dishes. This model is VERY quiet! We were surprised to find out, however, that the usual cycle runs more than 3-1/2 hours to conserve energy. I would have rated it 5 stars, but I think the heated dry portion of the cycle is somewhat less effective than our previous model.

Review Title: Great dishwasher | Review by

Have been using this dishwasher for almost a month. Excellent cleaning and love all the cycles. The only reason I am giving it four stars rather than five is silverware basket is smaller than my previous dishwasher and I am still learning most efficient way to load dishes.

Review Title: Love the SaniRinse feature | Review by

We bought this dishwasher to replace our GE product. My husband and I are divided on it. He loves the dishwasher. I however am torn. While I am thrilled to have gotten rid of our GE products, this dishwasher lacks some of its competitors features. The Whirlpool has less wash options, is slightly noisier, and takes a LOT longer to clean but so far it cleans fantastically. I also like that it cleans with actionpacs versus liquid dishwasher detergent thus making less drum residue. Would I buy it again? Yes, but at a lower price point.

Review Title: Very Quiet | Review by

The dishwasher was extremely quiet, but it did take 3 1/2 hours to run the normal cycle. But we did not mind as we ran it over night. We love the stainless interior it does not get stained by the minerals in our water

Review Title: So quiet! | Review by

I am really happy with this dishwasher. It is so quiet that my sons had no idea it was running. The only negative is that sometimes the glasses have water left on top. We are still figuring out the best combination of settings.

Review Title: Good dishwasher | Review by

Very quiet, and cleans well. Hard to keep front panel smudge free.

Review Title: Dishwasher is great | Review by

I love the adjustable top rack. This dishwasher seems to have more space than the old one, and will hold larger items easily.

Review Title: Cleans excellently | Review by

I love this dish washer it is quit and cleans very well.

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

Looks great with the matching stainless steel appliances. Love the hidden operation pad and very easy to use. Just disappointed with the very flimsy plastic panel underneath (kick plate). Doesn't stay on and it cheapens the look.

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