Whirlpool WDE150LVQ 30" White Electric Drop-In Coil Range (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WDE150LVQ Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WDE150LVQ CookingAppliances Whirlpool-WDE150LVQ Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WDE150LVQ Cooking
  • Appliances Whirlpool-WDE150LVQ Cooking

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Customer reviews for Goedeker's excellent service

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  • AccuBake Temperature Management System
  • (2) 8" Coil Elements
  • (2) 6" Coil Elements
  • 4.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Self-Cleaning Oven
  • Streamlined technology makes cleaning the oven a breeze.
  • Skip using harsh cleaners or the mess of foams and sprays.
  • Simply set the range to clean for two to four hours and let the deep cleaning process do all the work for you.
  • Chrome Drip Bowls
  • Oven Control Child Lockout
  • When activated, the electronic child lockout feature disables all electronic control buttons.
  • Prevents children from accidentally turning on the oven.
  • Preheat Countdown
  • Easily keep track of how long the oven will take to reach your desired baking temperature.
  • A display that counts down the required preheat time.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A safety feature indicating if a cooking element is on or is still hot.
  • One Touch Bake and Broil Feature
  • Automatically sets the oven to 350°F for baking or 500°F for broiling.
  • You've got better things to think about than the exact temperature for broiling fish.
  • Put food in the oven, touch a button and walk away.
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Delay Bake
  • Custom Broil
  • The better way to broil.
  • Set your own broiling temperature, between 170°F and 500°F in five-degree increments.
  • High heat perfect for grilling meats or low heat for delicate cooking such as browning meringues.
  • Closed-Door Broiling
  • Frameless Door
  • Full-Width Removable Glass Door
  • EasyView Extra-Large Oven Window
  • 2 Adjustable Oven Racks
  • Power Cord Not Included


Capacity: 4.5 Cu. Ft.
Temperature Management System: AccuBake
6" Coil Elements: 2
8" Coil Elements: 2
Ceramic Glass Cooktop: No
Self-Cleaning System: Yes with Delay Clean
Adjustable Racks: 2
Delay Bake: Yes
Control Lock: Yes
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Oven Hold Warm: Yes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Large Oven Window: Yes
Frameless Door Design: Yes
Metal Handle: Yes
Oven Light: Yes
Power / Ratings
Bake Element: 2,400 Watts
Broiler Element: 6-Pass 3,600 Watts
Left Front Burner: 6" - 1,250 Watts
Left Rear Burner: 8" - 2,100 Watts
Right Front Burner: 8" - 2,100 Watts
Right Rear Burner: 6" - 1,250 Watts
Electrical Requirements: 240/208V, 60Hz, 40A
Note: Power Cord Not Included
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 30 3/4"
Overall Depth: 28 3/4"
Overall Height: 28 1/2"
Cutout Width: 30"
Cutout Depth: 23 1/4"
Cutout Height: 27 1/2"
Approx. Shipping Weight: 160 Lbs.

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Review Title: REally like it! | Review by

Replaced my 30 yr. old drop -in range. Very nice. Concerned about how to keep the black surface shiny. Clean it with Windex, but still looks smeary.

Review Title: This product has been designed with me in mind | Review by

This is the very first Whirlpool stove that I have purchased and I am totally in love with the features of pre--heating and timer delays.This feature makes my life so much easier.The cook top is conveniently designed and is easily maintained.

Review Title: Really nice range | Review by

This was a replacement for a range we have had for years. The new one has many new features which we really like such as the very easy to use oven and timer setting. So easy even my husband can do it. Also very easy to keep clean. At first I was disappointed that the stove top was not stainless steel as our old had been and I was so afraid I would somehow scratch the shiny black surface. So far, so good and it really does shine like a jewel.

Review Title: whirlpool 30in drop in electric range | Review by

range is great-good looking product-controls easy to use,owners manual easy to read. cooks faster and evenly--- better than my last range. Range top cleans and shines with little effort.

Review Title: Very pleased with product and installation was fairly easy | Review by

As of this date (1/06/14) my wife has been using the oven for all the holiday cooking and baking and is very satisfied with its performance. It replaced the old Whirlpool oven we had been using for the last 23 years.

Review Title: Love the stove | Review by

Our stove is black in color and has the coil burners. I have not found the right product to clean the surface top Any suggestions?,

Review Title: Whirlpool appliances | Review by

My husband (now deceased) and I own/manage several apartment projects. We usually purchase only Whirlpool appliances for them plus we have Whirlpool in our home. Whirlpool is dependable. My only negative comment is that you pay for the name "Whirlpool" just as a person does when comparing Cadillac to Buick. I have owned both and currently own a Cadillac DTS and Escalade ESV.

Review Title: Easy install | Review by

I used this range in a rental unit so the wear and tear is quite heavy. My tenants are very happy with it and it was easy to install by myself even having resized the opening in the cabinets. Tenants also like the self cleaning oven, so they don't have to worry about cleaning it themselves before moving out.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Love this stove! It works great! Everything works and it makes great dinners!

Review Title: THE RIGHT CHOICE | Review by

We have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this range and highly reccommend it yo others!!!!

Review Title: A Quality Product. | Review by

This is a good looking well designed easy to use product. While utilizing computer oven features, it is still is an easy use effective product and fits well into a modern kitchen.

Review Title: Easy-to-use electric range | Review by

Our home is all-electric and the kitchen was built to accommodate a drop-in style range. That limited the choices. The model I chose is simple and has all of the features I like. The shiny black enamel finish is sleek but I have found that it takes a little work to clean splatters and grease spots and return it to its glossy clean look.

Review Title: nice features | Review by

I like all the features on my new stove just wish it had blue lights like the other three items I bought instead of green

Review Title: Broiler settings, etc. | Review by

In general I am pleased with my purchase. This oven is a little shorter than my previous one, but I am getting use to moving the racks. Chose black, but it is hard to keep clean because you must dry so it doesn't look smeared. Ideally I would have liked stainless top and black oven door. I'm confused about the broiler. I need to not only use the second rack but the low broiler setting for everything. Don't know when you could use the high broiler setting. I am going to have service check the temperature of the broiler out for me. Top units are nicely placed and controls at the front are easy to use.

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

Only a little over a month experience, but so far everything is working great! Replaced 28 year-old range installed when house was built, so lots of nice new features. Wife particularly likes self-cleaning feature!

Review Title: dislikes about new range | Review by

timer is not loud enough, black surface is impossible to keep looking good.

Review Title: Really like this new range, would definitly recommend it! | Review by

I have had this new range for 5 weeks, and am happy with it so far. For starters, the installation dimensions for this drop-in were exactly right and it fit into the allotted space perfectly, unlike another brand that we had previously purchased and had to return. The coil burners work wonderfully, and seem to have a broader range of temperature than my old range. I love the design of the oven with the straight control panel in front, unlike so many others on the market with a curved out control panel. I would much prefer to have separate controls for the time & temperature, though. The only time that I have used the oven, I forgot to allow warm-up time before the cook time, and after setting the timer, I couldn't get the set time to change or turn off. I had to wait until it cut off to add more time to the timer. Must have done something wrong! ??? Thought my cake was going to flop, but it turned out OK. But, all & all, I definitely would recommend this oven, it is very well made....a quality appliance!

Review Title: Drop-in range | Review by

I love this range! It would be nice if the top could be raised up for cleaning. This is not a deal breaker, however. Easy to install. Check height of your existing range. I had to fabricate a new range panel under it. Very nice range!

Review Title: Good quality, Black is difficult to keep shine | Review by

Parts of stove are all genuine (no "sticky paper chrome"), very simple to clean around parts but my choice of black would not be what I would order again knowing the difficulty to keep it smudge free.

Review Title: This stove has several good features, some could be improved | Review by

I like the preheat signal in the oven that lets me know when the set temperature is reached . I wish the oven signal were a bit louder and sounded a bit longer. The burners on the stove heat quickly, so I am pleased with the cooktop. My old stove was 45 years old, and had some amenities which I miss on this one--an extra electrical outlet which could be used for a toaster or other kitchen appliance. My other stove also had an analog clock, in addition to the timer. I could use that clock to time mixing, etc. With this stove, if you are using the oven timer, you don't have a clock until you are finished. This stove works efficiently and I would purchase it again, after seeing all the others available. It is very modern-looking.

Review Title: Solid and good features | Review by

The range has a lot of functionality. I would prefer the top be stainless and not black. I miss having the ability to time for less than 1 minute, as well as having a repeating timer alarm. But overall, a great range for the price.

Review Title: Great Range | Review by

I love my new range, it's very user friendly, heats quickly and looks very nice in my kitchen. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is because it was too short for my drop-in space, we had to have a platform built for it to sit on and had to have an insert made for the gap at the bottom.

Review Title: Nice stove | Review by

I bought this and it performs great. I would have preferred to get a white top. The black is difficult to keep looking great. The tape used for shipping left goo that I have yet to get off. The controls have been a challenge - backwards to the old knobs. Do not care for the digital oven settings - would prefer a knob.

Review Title: Not a true 30 " | Review by

I never dreamed that this replacemt for my whirlpool 30" drop in would be 5 " shorter than mine. We had to build something for stove to rest on and cut out sides and back to make it fit. Why would a company make something so short when most standard cabinets are 36 inches tall. I bought it at Lowes and they didn't have one on floor or I could have seen that it was shorter. Also, it is fastened down to keep it from tipping but when I roasted a 22 # turkey and pulled rack out to get turkey out, it pulled stove pulled away from back( luckily it was fastened down). I loved my previous 30" whirlpool drop-in, but not this one so much!

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