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Whirlpool WCC31430AR 30" Silver Electric Coil Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-WCC31430AR Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-WCC31430AR Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-WCC31430AR Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Silver Electric Coil Cooktop
Regular Price: $379.00
32% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $275.29
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  • High-Speed Coil Elements
  • High-speed coil elements heat fast, providing high temperatures for boiling and frying. With chrome drip pans below, spills and drips clean up with ease.
  • Push-to-Turn Infinite-Heat Controls
  • Cooktop controls allow you to select a heat output ranging from low to high with many intermediate settings.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Knobs
  • Keep your electric cooktop looking like new with easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe knobs.
  • Power On Light
  • Chrome Drip Bowls


Fuel Type: Electric
Left Front Element Type: Coil
Left Front Element Size: 6"
Left Rear Element Type: Coil
Left Rear Element Size: 8"
Right Front Element Type: Coil
Right Front Element Size: 8"
Right Rear Element Type: Coil
Right Rear Element Size: 6"
Left Front Element Wattage: 1500
Left Rear Element Wattage: 2350
Right Front Element Wattage: 2350
Right Rear Element Wattage: 1500
Cooktop Controls: Infinite Switch
Dimensions and Weights
Product Width: 30"
Product Depth: 21"
Product Height: 3 1/4"

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Review Title: Great product at a good price. | Review by

We purchased this stovetop for my 86 year-old mother. We needed something safe, easy to use and clean, attractive, and reasonably priced. This product met all our requirements.

Review Title: Works Wonderful | Review by

The stove top cooks great! It's very easy to clean up. Temperature control is nice. We like it!

Review Title: Great counter cooking stove!!! | Review by

Easy to installed and clean and we enjoy everydays cooking. 100 % sastisfaction!!!

Review Title: love my cooktop | Review by

Bought a new Whirlpool 30" electric cook top to replace one I have had for only 6 years. This cook top is very sturdy, easy to keep clean, the raised lip under the burner trays helps keep things from going under the cook top, the closed burner drip pans keep any run overs contained. Heats evenly, is a great.

Review Title: Excellent choice | Review by

We were looking to replace a 30 year old cooktop. No doubt we made the right choice. Looks great, installation was easy, and easy to clean. We made the right choice with this selection. We could have spent a lot more but I doubt it would perform any better than this one.

Review Title: Good basic cooktop | Review by

I purchased this to replace my 20 year old cooktop. It's nothing fancy, but exactly what I expected. The only problem is that it is slightly smaller than my old cooktop even though I measured it.

Review Title: Great cooktop. | Review by

I decided to go back to an electric range after using a ceramic glass top for awhile. I love my Whirlpool Cooktop Range. I will never go back to another type of Cooktop! Great bargain! Grea Stove!

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I have had this cooktop for 2 months, and loving it so far. No problems at all.

Review Title: This product has fast and even heat. | Review by

I was in desperate need of a new cook top, so I researched all cook-tops on line and whirlpool stood out as one of the best. I wanted simple but quality performance. I then went to my local sears store and ordered it. I am so pleased with the overall performance.

Review Title: Made in America | Review by

Purchased product Oct 2014 and am very happy with it. The elements heat up very quickly, the black porcelain is easy to clean and I like the fact that it sits higher on the counter then other brands. Also is much stronger and heavier then other brands. I had previously purchased another brand, but had to return it and is was so light weight and did not sit on the new counter top correctly. It was totally lopsided. Should have purchased the Whirlpool first and saved myself the headaches.

Review Title: Strong, reliable performance. | Review by

All of our kitchen appliances have always been Whirlpool because of excellent features, reliable performance, great customer services, and good value. so when it was time for a new cooktop, we didn't even consider switching brands. And we've not been disappointed.

Review Title: Great affordable price | Review by

I bought this several months ago to repair a cook top I had at a rental property and it has done it's perfectly for the price. Installation was a breeze without much modifications.

Review Title: Great stove top | Review by

I bought this unit for my basement and it is Super

Review Title: solid built cooktop and control panel is in very good location | Review by

I have owned several of your brand name which have given me excellent service for a long period of time without any breakdown

Review Title: Great even heat and quick. Easy to keep clean. | Review by

Great machine. Heats quickly and with even heating. Great to use. Just enough separation in pans and between control knobs. I have enjoyed this product. Easy to keep clean.

Review Title: very nice cooktop | Review by

Love the design and performance! The drip pans don't allow spills to leak into the bottom of the cooktop which is great! There are more temperature ranges than my former cooktop. We are very satisfied.

Review Title: great value | Review by

I bought this cooktop to replace the original stove to my house. Easy installation and works very well. Great cooktop for the price.

Review Title: I wish I could help build and test products before they hit the market. | Review by

The top is a single unit, it has no way of cleaning it on a spill over, unless you take it all apart, second the burner liners are cheap when the stove heats up to max. temperature, they turn all sorts of colors, third, when setting the temperature on the burners, they only have three settings high, med, and low oh yes and off...This is nothing more than a get it sold for a home, its not to be used everyday....

Review Title: great value | Review by

I needed to replace an existing whirlpool stove top and this one was perfect. Everything I was looking for at a reasonable price. Installation was quick and easy and I was all set to go.

Review Title: good for the price | Review by

This is a great value for the price just wish they would have added temp numbers to their buttons instead of just high and low.

Review Title: Incredibly good performance at an incredibly low price. | Review by

The cooktop is very efficient. Boils water quickly with high conductive heat output, but also very even low heat for delicate sauces and simmering. All for a low price and with the flexibility to use any type of pot or pan.

Review Title: I LOVE my WHIRLPOOL 30" Cooktop! | Review by

What a quality product! I am super excited to say that my new cooktop is even better than I expected! It is easy to clean, and works very efficiently.

Review Title: I love it!!! | Review by

It is so easy to clean and looks great in my kitchen.

Review Title: Exactly what I wanted | Review by

I got this stove top recently to replace one that had worn out. I'm no contractor but it was simple to install myself. Exactly what I wanted.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I purchased this unit to replace one similar. It was a toss up of this or a glass top. Am glad went this style. The coils heat exceptional

Review Title: it works wonderful | Review by

I bought this product 2 weeks ago its easy to keep clean and I enjoy using it

Review Title: Works great! | Review by

I really like the new cook top, it works great. I love that it has two large burners. My old one lasted 38 years, so hope this one does, too.

Review Title: Very nice, basic range top. | Review by

A very nice, basic cook top. Cooks faster because it appears to heat more evenly across the bottom of the cookware. I like that the drip pans do not have the middle hole in them, as they used to, which means less cleaning of the bottom area.

Review Title: Great Product | Review by

I bought this stove top to replace my old stove top. It heats twice as fast as my old one did. It was very easy to install and looks great. Easy to clean up after cooking. By far the best stove top I've ever owned.

Review Title: great product | Review by

so happy I bought this cooktop. very good quality, easy to install and heat up so fast, I just love it and I was able to get it in black!

Review Title: Cooktop is DREAMTOP !!! | Review by

This cooktop replaced a smoothtop. Heat elements perform quickly/evenly/quietly and do not fluctuate. Cleaning is a cinch! Thank you Whirlpool for making my dreams come true!!!

Review Title: efficient and attractive | Review by

my stove top is attractive and well built. removable dishwasher safe knobs makes washing easier and efficient. I will have to see how long it lasts in order to give it an excellent rating at this point as my unit is only 2 months old. So far so good!

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

The design is sleek and has clean lines (and curves)! I love the way the edges are tight to the counter top which makes cleaning much easier than my previous cooktop. I do hear noises when the burners are heating up which worried me at first. I am happy I choose the Whirlpool.

Review Title: great cooking stovdetop | Review by

I installed this stovetop about 6 weeks ago. Everything works great. It looks very nice and it fit into my existing counter top opening without any modifications. I like the continuously variable heat control, it gives fine control of heat when cooking. This a good quality stovetop.

Review Title: Wirlpool 30" Cooktop with Dishwasher-safe Knobs | Review by

I bought this range in time to cook Thanksgiving Dinner. It was exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price.

Review Title: Product performs as we expected. | Review by

We love the product. Great for a coil cooktop in terms of adjusting burner temp. We have it in a black finish, which shows grease splashes more than other colors might, so it is not easy to keep clean and shiny. I have had some difficulty remembering to turn burner off after use, so a brighter "On" light would be helpful.

Review Title: whtrpool stovetop | Review by

great item good price easy to install good looking fit great into old space anybody could install with ease. spiced up the apperance of my kitchen and made it look more modern. would recommened this to any of my friends as a great item. wish i could post pictures but do not know how. Thanks again whirpool for a great dependable item at a great price. sincirelly Sgt. Charlie Newman "ret" police officer local Medal of Valor and Medal of Merit reciepent

Review Title: Good replacement for mobile home unit | Review by

We have found this cooktop to serve our needs well. One reviewer complained that it only had the medium setting to be useful. We did not find this to be true. We would buy it again--reasonable price, good value.

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

Bought this about a month ago and I am very happy with it.

Review Title: easy to use and to clean | Review by

beautiful works great very happy with the quality thanks

Review Title: I like all the features on my Whirlpool wall oven and cooktop. I would recomend both The price was also a good deal. | Review by

It looks very nice and does a great job. The fan is a little noisey but I am already use to it now, so that's not a problem. It is easy to clean and has lots of nice features. I would certainly recommend it.

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I love this cooktop. It heats up quickly and evenly and is easily cleaned.

Review Title: Great appliance | Review by

I purchased this item about a month ago. It works perfectly and matches my d�cor as well.

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

Really enjoying cooking on this cooktop. Only one thing could make it better. Make it level not raised from counter.

Review Title: Drop in stove top | Review by

This stove top replaced a unit that was installed in 1956. It fit perfectly in the existing opening. Everyone who comes by thinks it is great. Thank you.

Review Title: Wonderful Cooktop | Review by

I replace a 30 yr old Whirlpool cooktop that was still in perfect condition only because I changed appliance color.

Review Title: Very good product at great price | Review by

Worked well right out of box, install was a snap through sears, it's very good range at great price

Review Title: Neat, very easy to clean, cooks well. | Review by

My favorite features of this stove are the black color and the ease of cleaning. The outer edges are smooth and go straight down to the counter without a dirt-catching metal band like my old one had. Also, the coils and drip pans pop in and out easily for cleaning. My only minor concerns are that one of the eyes sits one or two degrees off horizontal (so I never do omelettes on that eye) and the black does show smudge marks easily. However, the smudge marks are wiped off fairly easily with a dry microfiber cloth. I am very pleased overall.

Review Title: easy to clean easy to install | Review by

the cost was fair looks nice easy to install easy to clean and heats up fast

Review Title: This product offered the features I was looking for. | Review by

Love your products. Also purchased a whirlpool refrigerator last year. Very pleased with both, but, do not understand why you only warrant these products for one year, forcing customers to purchase extended warranties. As a consumer, this shakes my confidence.

Review Title: The cooktop is quite sturdy. | Review by

Having used this cooktop stove for eight months, I can confidently say that we have had no problems of any kind. This cooktop stove is firm, not like another brand whose metal was so flimsy that the top actually moved with just the pressure of a fingertip. The stove cleans up easily and the knobs are sturdy. We recommend this product without hesitation.

Review Title: good stove. | Review by

good looking, works great ,good price, that's all we need and I got it.

Review Title: Great Stove Top | Review by

We recently purchased a number of Whirlpool appliances. The cook top is great - cooks evenly and true to the low-medium-high.

Review Title: This product has all the features normally expected. | Review by

The only difficulty with this product is the getting used to the burner controls in relation to the burners physical location. Even though the control has an icon to show which burner is being turned on, it is just too easy to misinterpret it and turn the wrong burner on.

Review Title: Stove top | Review by

The stove top is wonderful. Its easy to clean and an asset to our kitchen.

Review Title: This electric cooktop beats gas! | Review by

Imagine a busy family of six that needs to make mealtime and cooking a happy time, that's my family. This Whirlpool electric cooktop is far better quality than the one it replaced. It is beautiful and has a responsive heating element that beats out gas. It is easy to clean and functions well for a large family like mine. The four separate sizes of burners fit any pan or pot in my kitchen, and the knobs are easy to read and set. A great appliance overall!

Review Title: Remodel | Review by

I bought this for a remodel and I love it! It cleans up well.

Review Title: Electric Cooktop | Review by


Review Title: Poorly made product. | Review by

Purchased this product with it's coil elements specifically because of disclaimers and the sad experiences of others in using glass top stoves for canning. This product cannot take the heat or the weight when used for home canning. It damages itself. The indicator light also failed in under 3 months use.

Review Title: Up to the Challenge | Review by

Replace 28 year old Whirlpool with another Whirlpool. See no reason why new unit will not provide service as good as the old unit. New unit works great!!

Review Title: Great Product for the Price | Review by

We bought this as a replacement cooktop but didn't want to spend a lot of money because our entire kitchen needs a makeover. It has proved to be better quality than we expected. The features are simple and their location on the side is better than the one replaced which had the knobs front and center. The only drawback was that the electrical connections needed minor relocating during installation due to them being installed too tightly against the framework of the undercarriage.

Review Title: great cooktop ! | Review by

I bought this cooktop a month ago, and I really like its features, clean up is a breezee, easy to use and the price is right, I really recommend this item

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