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Whirlpool W5CE3625AB 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3625AB Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3625AB Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3625AB Cooking

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Whirlpool 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $699.00
21% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $579.10
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  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • This durable eco-friendly Schott Ceran cooktop is manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the Earth. It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping, preserving the sleek look of your cooktop for years to come.
  • 6" Warm Zone Element
  • Use this low-powered (20-100 watt) element to prevent food from cooling while the rest of the meal is being prepared.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Knobs
  • Keep your electric cooktop looking like new with easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe knobs.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A hot surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch - even after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • This cooktop is built-in oven compatible and can be installed over a single built-in oven for added installation flexibility. G7CG3665XB and G7CG3064XB excluded.
  • Versatile Heating Power
  • Power Burners and Simmer Burners provide precise heating for big pots of pasta or delicate sauces.


Cooktop Features
Left Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Front Element Size: 6"
Left Rear Element Type: Radiant Single
Left Rear Element Size: 10"
Center Rear Element Type: Radiant Warming
Center Rear Element Size: 6"
Right Front Element Type: Radiant Single
Right Front Element Size: 6"
Right Rear Element Type: Radiant Dual
Right Rear Element Size: 10"/6"
Simmer: Yes
Fuel Type: Electric
Cooktop Design: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Infinite Switch
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Left Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1200
Left Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2500
Center Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 100
Right Front Element Wattage (@240V): 1200
Right Rear Element Wattage (@240V): 2500/1200
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 36 5/16"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 3 3/4"
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.

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Review Title: Dual burner.. | Review by

The only thing I would change is to have the dual burner up front, that is the burner I use most of the time.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

Love the smooth top and easy cleanup. Units get hot very quickly.

Review Title: I really love using my cooktop | Review by

I love the cooktop but what I don't love is cleaning it. I have a terrible time cleaning it without streaking. If there is a secret to streak free cleaning I would love for someone to share that with me.

Review Title: Better than original. | Review by

Replaced "builder quality" unit and feel definite upgrade.

Review Title: Love It | Review by

I love my new glass stove top! It works beautifully now if I could learn how to keep it clean!!

Review Title: A nice appliance | Review by

The cook top works well. The one change I would make is a larger warming area, as this one is small in proportion to the rest of the unit, and more area would be helpful.

Review Title: Not good - don't buy | Review by

Save your money even if it's at a close out price. We didn't have it a day and it had a scratch. My cook ware is fine - brand new in fact. It says it's safe for this type of cooktop so there shouldn't be a problem. I've checked the bottom of every pan and it's smooth as can be. Now I have several scratches. I even decided to use just a green pan on one burner to see how that turned out. After 3 times using that pan, several scratches can now be seen on that burner. Aside from that, if you think stainless steel shows fingerprints, you should see this cook top! There isn't any way to keep this thing clean! In fact, the only thing that WILL work are those Norwex window cleaning cloths. I've tried everything else. I won't be keeping this cooktop.

Review Title: Works great | Review by

I bought it about six months ago. Very pleased. Easy to install

Review Title: Great idea: warmer plate! | Review by

The nice design is made better with the warmer plate option. Why didn't that idea come around sooner? With a hungry family always on the go, keeping meals warm for those coming and going is s big deal. This is a great cooktop.

Review Title: Nice good looking black cooktop | Review by

works well.. easy to clean

Review Title: I love this cooktop! | Review by

I love this cooktop! The only issue would be how long it takes for it to go from a hot to warm setting.

Review Title: Good Value | Review by

Bought this one as a replacement for one we ruined (cracked the glass) . This one was significantly less money than the original but has most of the same features. Seems like it boils a pot of water a few minutes faster than the old one. The warming element is great for glaze or melting butter. Only worry is it seems like the glass top on this model is a little more susceptible to scratches...

Review Title: Just what we wanted | Review by

Having recently bought our new house we needed to replace our cooktop. This was the exact fit and looks great in our kitchen. It is easy to use and clean

Review Title: Quick cooking | Review by

Our cooktop has been wonderful so far. It has been an adaptation to learn to cook on it, as it heats up more quickly than our old electric coil cooker. It is easy to clean and has a sleek look.

Review Title: Whirlpool 36 inch electric cooktop | Review by

I bought this cooktop about three months ago when redoing our kitchen and it has been wonderful. I enjoy the convenience of having six burners with a warming zone.

Review Title: Do not buy! | Review by

I bought this a year ago at Home Depot. Right after I got it, it scratched - and not just a tiny scratch. Lots of scratches. Nothing was wrong with my cookware either. The. I boiled water over, WATER - and I couldn't get it off. I then had some grease spatter and tried to get that off. I scrubbed with the product Whirlpool sent me - and it scrubbed the finish right off. Save your money. Buy anything else. I now have a different one from General Electric and love it.

Review Title: Consistent performer | Review by

We had another brand of cooktop and had issues with temperature control. This one has been very good, and it looks really nice with our new countertops. Some issues cleaning the cooktop as the black surface shows everything, but overall a good looking unit.

Review Title: Nice look but hard to maintain | Review by

This is my first glass cook top so I was not really sure what to expect with maintenance. While it is easier to wipe off a smooth surface, I have invested in multiple products to maintain a clean and shiny appearance. Performance is good. I'd recommend that anyone with a glass cook top, scrub and scour the bottom of their pots and pans before using the cook top as residue from pans sticks to glass easily and needs SCRUBBING to remove. Great look but LOTS of maintenance.

Review Title: Great Replacement Cooktop | Review by

Bought this cooktop to replace a previous Whirlpool cooktop that had cracked. This one fit perfectly into the existing hole in the counter top without any more cutting. We were happy with the previous one, and this one is great as well. I wish that it wasn't a clear black, though. The previous one had grey paint flecks which hid grease stains much better between cleaning.

Review Title: Easy to clean - works great! | Review by

We bought this to replace our old coil type electric stove top. No complaints except we can't use our iron skillet anymore on the stove top. Nothing to do with Whirlpool - just the nature of the ceramic type cook top. That's the trade off you have to make.

Review Title: Nice Cooktop | Review by

Bought this to replace an old coil range. This unit is very nice and the elements heat up fast. Nice features and it makes the kitchen look updated. Hope that the top doesn't scratch over time.

Review Title: Boils quickly | Review by

Water boils in just a couple of minutes and the cooktop cools off quickly after use. Love it!

Review Title: Modern without complication | Review by

This cook top is a perfect replacement for our outdated coil cook top.It is very easy to clean looks great with granite and is available without all the bells and whistles we did not want .Hope it lasts as long as our 35+ year old Whirlpool oven.

Review Title: Excellent Stove Top | Review by

Physical size is great, very easy to clean and operate. Also has a great modern look to it. Excellent addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: Hard to keep clean with light shining on it | Review by

Happy with cooking although hard to keep clean especially with knobs, would have chosen push button or not black in color, would have like to see knobs with stainless steel plate where the knobs go

Review Title: fast cooking surface. | Review by

I am really excited and how fast my new range type heats up and cooks my food. It is energy efficient and I am looking forward to seeing a reduction in my electricity bill. It also looks great with my new granite counters.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

I am so happy with the stove top. Cleaning is a breeze and it stays clean. I love the keep warm burner it works great. Thanks

Review Title: Good replacement for a dying coil stovetop. | Review by

Our 4-coil stovetop was dying - bought this as a replacement to fill the 36" hole. It has no griddle, but few current stovetops do. Some installation problems - not all related to the new stovetop. Required a larger counter cutout - saber saw fixed that. New stovetop was a bit deeper, requiriing cutting down the drawers underneath - but as advertised. It's a little deeper. Problems were the long screws coming through the bottom of the stovetop (needed a dremel tool to cut them off) and the electrical connection coming out the bottom (needed to cut away part of the back of a drawer to clear). Design should have brought the cable out the back rather than the bottom. Still learning to use the radiant elements. An infra-red thermometer is a nice tool to have to check fry pan temperatures for cooking. The radiant elements work well, cycling on/off at lower heat settings. Cleaning the stove is easy. Scrape with a single edge razor then use glass cleaner. Keeping it looking new is much harder - the surface shows streaks.

Review Title: Great looks and features | Review by

Just installed this unit about a month ago, and we love it so far. Heats almost instantly, looks friggin' awesome, and is very well built with quality components.

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