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Whirlpool W5CE3024XS 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3024XS Cooking

Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3024XS Cooking
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-W5CE3024XS Cooking

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Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $649.00
22% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $534.10
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Wanting excellence and strong performance in the kitchen doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your ideals. The Whirlpool W5CE3024XS 30" Smoothtop Electric Cooktop is made with eco-friendly materials, being kind to the earth while still being kind to your wallet.

This lustrous smoothtop electric cooktop is made of Schott Ceran Glass. The glass is manufactured without releasing hazardous metals into the earth. It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping, ensuring you a long-lasting appliance and sound investment. Four radiant elements give you the choice between a 9 inch burner, a 7 inch burner, and two 6 inch burners to accommodate a variety of pan sizes. A hot surface indicator light lets you know when the cooktop is still hot, even if the burners are turned off. The smooth surface and dishwasher-safe knobs make the Whirlpool W5CE3024XS electric cooktop quick and easy to clean.

Household tasks have been made easier and more efficient with Whirlpool for over 100 years. Goedeker's has been offering customers the very best products available for over 60 years. We back our word with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See for yourself how much we have to offer you - place your order today.

  • 30" Electric Cooktop
  • Eco Friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface
  • This durable eco-friendly Schott Ceran cooktop is manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the Earth.
  • It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping, preserving the sleek look of your cooktop for years to come.
  • Right Front: 9" (2,500W)
  • Left Rear: 7" (1,800W)
  • Left Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Right Front: 6" (1,200W)
  • Dishwasher-Safe Knobs
  • Keep your electric cooktop looking like new with easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe knobs.
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light
  • A hot surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch even after the heating element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven Compatible
  • This cooktop is built-in oven compatible and can be installed over a single built-in oven for added installation flexibility.


Cooktop Features
Fuel Type: Electric
Cooktop Design: Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Controls: Infinite Switch
Hot Surface Indicator: Yes
Power On Indicator Light: Yes
Simmer Burner: Yes
Element Detail
Number of Elements: 4
Left Front Size: 6"
Left Front Power: 1,200 Watts
Right Front Size: 9"
Right Front Power: 2,500 Watts
Left Rear Size: 7"
Left Rear Power: 1,800 Watts
Right Rear Size: 6"
Right Rear Power: 1,200 Watts
Electrical Requirements
Voltage: 240 Volts
Circuit Amps @ 240VAC: 40 Amps
Overall Width: 30 13/16"
Overall Depth: 21 3/4"
Overall Height: 3 3/4"
Cutout Width: 29 1/2"
Cutout Depth: 20 1/2"

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I spent quite some time researching a replacement stove-top for the one we had since 1995. (A Whirlpool!) It was still going strong until we dropped a heavy iron skillet on it... OOOPS! We had a strong feeling about this product for its features versus price point as we are selling in less than 5 years so this is not our forever home and did not want to go "top-of-the line." However, after installing and using this product I have no issue with it whatsoever at any price point. We are completely satisfies with it and the value we received for our money!

Review Title: This cooktop makes cooking easy! | Review by

So happy! - Heats up quickly! - Love the light to remind you area may still be hot/warm. - So easy to clean too! For the on-the-go family it's perfect !

Review Title: LOVE IT!!! | Review by


Review Title: Generally good product | Review by

Really like the way the burners heat up quickly and cool down relatively quickly. We had old "coil" type burners that took forever to get up to cooking heat, and then stayed hot for so long that food would stick to the bottom of the pot even if you turned off the burner. We considered going to the trouble and expense of switching to a gas cooktop to solve this problem, but after we have used the new cooktop a little, we're glad we didn't do that.

Review Title: I bought two months ago,OMG I love to cook on this stove. Cooks so even and keeping it clean is so | Review by

I bought two months ago. Cooks so even and keeping it clean is so easy.

Review Title: gets hot within seconds | Review by

Great stovetop. If I were to buy again I would buy the same without knobs.

Review Title: Outstanding | Review by

Would'nt own anything else.Beyond our expectation.

Review Title: Whirlpool products | Review by

Whirlpool products are quality through and through. Our dishwasher is efficient and extremely quite. Our Frig has great storage and our new cook top is awesome as it is so easy to clean and heats up so quickly as well as maintains even heating temperature. Thank you Whirlpool for putting quality in your products.

Review Title: Easy to clean | Review by

Especially satisfied with black top. It is easy to wipe up spills. of course some spills get burned on or some bottom pan metal rubs off, since glass is harder than metal. Use of a glass cook top cleaner/polish will effectively clean all of this. Controls are simple to operate. The icon showing the control/burner relationship is on a black surface and somewhat difficult to see. The burners heat up faster than standard ribbon burners. This unit cooks three meals a day and has given no problem.

Review Title: Good function, looks, but hard to keep unblemished | Review by

I love the look, it is very sleek, easy to clean superficially and it heats up fast and HOT! Has quickly developed surface imperfections that cannot be removed with ceramic cleaners and extreme rubbing. Needs 400 amp circuit. Hope the rubber caulking under it lasts.

Review Title: everything sticks to the cook top | Review by

The instructions were hard to understand. looks stylish love the self clean, however cook top is hard to clean and keep clean. One should not have to work so hard. Makes me miss the gas range I gave up.

Review Title: Not as good as natural gas, but close. | Review by

Heats fast and is super easy to clean except I have to take the knobs off if it gets dirty around them. I should have gotten the one without Knobs. Costs more but would have been even easier to clean than this one. I like the drop-n top, so easy to clean. I could not afford the oven, but I have found I do not need one. I have a roaster/toaster oven runs on 110 (lots cheaper to run than the big 210 oven) I keep it in a cabinet out of the way most of the time. Gives me more counter top for day to day.

Review Title: Beautiful and simple cooktop | Review by

This cooktop was on display at Home Depot. We were able to get it on sale which was icing on the cake. It was simple to install in our granite countertop, but it did extend down below into the cabinet a bit, which required some minor modification to fit properly. All in all we couldn't be happier and it works exactly as we expected.

Review Title: Appliance overview | Review by

The stove top works efficiently but I find it difficult to clean. My pervious cook to (GE) was easier to clean.

Review Title: I love it | Review by

Cleans Easy, Heats Quickly, Burner Sizes are good!

Review Title: Heating | Review by

The cook top heats quickly and evenly. Clean up is a breeze!

Review Title: Looks great, so easy to keep clean! | Review by

I bought this to replace another unit, I have been happy with my choice as a replacement. Looks great, low Maintence.

Review Title: this product is great I would recommend to friends | Review by

this product is easy to use, heats up evenly and most of all is easy to clean

Review Title: Best Cooktop Ever | Review by

I never realized how terrible my old cooktop was until I installed my new 30-inch Whirlpool cooktop. It heats up quickly and is super easy to clean. Looks great in the kitchen and I could not be happier with my choice of a Whirlpoll product. I highly recommend this product!

Review Title: I cannot think of one thing I don't like about it. | Review by

Love my cooktop. Looks great, easy to use, easy to clean. Not one thing about it that I don't like.

Review Title: works well | Review by

Even heating. Simmer feature is a huge plus. Easy to clean.

Review Title: I LOVE IT!!!! | Review by

My husband talked me into replacing my 1950's cook top with this one & I couldn't be happier. I absolutely love everything about this cook top from the quick installation, the quickness of the burners heating up, the ease of clean up & the variety of sizes of skillets & pans this cook top will accommodate. This even looks great with my 1950's counter tops!!

Review Title: whirlpool-30-inch Electric Ceramic glass cooktop | Review by

We have had it about two months and love cooking on it.

Review Title: Best bang for the buck! | Review by

Going from gas or an older style electric coil type range it takes a bit of getting use to since you can see the red glow of the elements cycle on and off. Being a flat surface discovered that some of my pots had bugled bottoms, not the ranges fault and a good excuse to by new ones. Done the entire heat range from boiling to low heat melting of butter and chocolate and must say the range controls work. Stains show easily on the black surface but also clean easily.

Review Title: good value | Review by

Whirlpool - 30-inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop is a good value and performs as expected.

Review Title: This product is EZ | Review by

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to look at!

Review Title: cooktop | Review by

Happy with it so far, still getting used to the different heat on the burners. It is a little hard to keep clean

Review Title: better than regular burners | Review by

i like how quick it heats up and makes food and easy to clean

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I've had my Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop for 6 months now and I love it.

Review Title: very good | Review by

ceramic cooktop looks very good and is easy to clean. very good value for price.

Review Title: Love this update to my 1975 kitchen! | Review by

Love, love, love this cook top! It looks great in my retro (read1975 olive themed kitchen.) The black sleek top brings out the black in my wall paper, and looks fabulous in my green and Earth toned marble-looking counter. I love that it matches my canisters, and small appliances. Most of all, though, I love that it gets hot immediately, and holds a steady temperature until the last sauce is thickened. When all my stirring is done, I just wait till the hot-surface-light is out, and wipe it off with a damp cloth, and it's a sparkly gem.

Review Title: Range | Review by

It's just new, so everything is working perfectly, I just picked it up to replace the one I have before

Review Title: Whirlpool Cooktop Replacement | Review by

Recently, I purchased a new cook-top from Whirlpool and it has made a big difference in my families eating life. We use to eat out a lot because the old style electric cook-top would get dirty and was very difficult to keep clean. With the new glass cook-top the burners heat up a lot faster and the glass top make cleaning easy. We are now saving money by cooking at home during the week. Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: this product is ok and has grear feaures | Review by

product ok, like the style serves our purpose has very nice features

Review Title: Fair for the price | Review by

The medium size burner seems to be a little small in size; It maybe best to have 2 medium burner than 2 small burner

Review Title: Excellent Value | Review by

This cooktop seamlessly blends sleek looks, functionality, performance, and value. This is a marked improvement over our old coil cooktop in all respects. It does require daily cleaning in order to keep it looking good, which can be somewhat of a challenge. The only other observation would be that the dimensions of this unit are slightly larger than other brands/models, which required an expansion of the existing 30" countertop cutout (which created extra work at the point of installation and could pose an issue for future installations, if the dimensions need to be smaller). Overall, very pleased!

Review Title: Love it! Looks great in our newly designed island. | Review by

We love our new cooktop. Fit's well into our newly designed kitchen. Always looks clean and beautiful. Easy to maintain and easy to use. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

Sleek look, easy to use easy to clean, what more do you want?

Review Title: Whirlpool 30 inch Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

Great appliance and has great heat transfer and rapid start up. The unit was easy to install and we love the stylist look it added to our new kitchen Island.

Review Title: Controlled cooking | Review by

I bought this two months ago and I'm pleased I did. Easy install, excellent cooking surface, that maintaines controlled heat, and easy to clean. Great product!

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

I have had it for about 5 months. It is working fine. Sometimes cleaning it is a bit tedious, and some marks have started showing on the surface.

Review Title: I'm extremely pleased with this product. | Review by

This product looks great and is easy to clean. It helped transform our kitchen into one with modern conveniences and visual appeal.

Review Title: Love this cooktop! | Review by

We were putting in new granite counter tops and couldn't bring myself to put our old cooktop back in. Our new Whirlpool cooktop looks great with the granite and works like a dream. It heats quickly and efficiently and heats evenly. I selected this model for looks and reasonable price and have no regrets about my choice.

Review Title: So user friendly!!! | Review by

Beautiful, easy to keep clean inside and out. I love to cook and the heating elements responds to my temperature needs without fail. LOVE IT

Review Title: Great Features! | Review by

I bought this in June 2014 and have loved it! No more heating coils !!! The best features include: quick heating, light stays on when cooling to alert you that the area is still hot/warm, and it has provided extra space in my kitchen for food prep when not in use. Best of all, it looks great in my kitchen!!

Review Title: Ceramic glass cooktop cooks things faster! | Review by

Easy to install, less cleanup and cooks the food faster and more efficient - Love it!

Review Title: Excellent Cooktop | Review by

This is an excellent cooktop. Looks great and is super easy to clean. Plus, it illuminates when 'hot' so it's safe if you have little ones in the house.

Review Title: great cooktop | Review by

bought this cooktop and love it ! its easy to use and it was easy to install. cleans up easy also!

Review Title: manufacturers defects | Review by

I can see manufacturer's defect in the glass cooktop just 10 days outside of the 30 day warranty expiration. I am very unhappy. I have a photo but it will not upload.

Review Title: We upgraded to the glass cooktop from the older style of electric cooktop. | Review by

We're getting used to the different type of burners. While they are much more attractive, they heat up slowly and cool down exactly the same way... slowly. We know this is just a characteristic of electric burners.

Review Title: Great product this is my third Whirlpool cooktop. | Review by

This product is very easy to use. Cooks evenly with all pots and pans.

Review Title: Works great but the black would look cleaner with a pattern surface. | Review by

I do like my cooktop. But because it is black and is in middle of the eating counter not off in an out of the way cooking area, every little spot or streak shows! I wish it wasn�t such a flat shiny surface. If I had to buy a cooktop again, I�d buy one with some surface pattern.

Review Title: 30 inch cook top | Review by

This is my second whirlpool cook top, installed one in main house and just bought a second for our vacation house. Good value

Review Title: easy to keep clean | Review by

bought this cook top in December 2014.the cook top cooks fast and is easy to keep clean.

Review Title: This is a great cooktop. | Review by

Cooktop is easy to use, heats quickly and easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this product.

Review Title: We love this stove top. | Review by

No more messy burners, no more crumbs or liquid spills that drip down below the burners etc. It is so easy to clean.

Review Title: Kitchen Complete | Review by

We searched several months for a drop-in stove which would enhance our kitchen make0over. Some were over-priced, some lacked style, and some dependability. We choose the Whirlpool because all the features listed above made the "fit". Very happy with the performance and style.

Review Title: I absolutely LOVE my my Ceran cook top! | Review by

I built a new island in my kitchen and ordered this cook top to put in it. I love how easy to clean and maintain it is. I even use it as an ironing board! The cooking stations on it are the perfect size for me and my use! It is was very easy to install and wire to my existing electric. It cleans up so nice! I cannot say enough good things about this cook top! I would definitely recommend this to any of my family or friends. I love it!

Review Title: very well bilt and fit perfect | Review by

I bought this Whirlpool 30-inch Electric ceramic glass cooktop with Schott Ceran surface and it works great.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

Using over 2mo best most efficient heating cooktop.

Review Title: It's fading | Review by

I bought this cooktop in February 2013 and shortly after using the color faded around the hot plates. The cooktop is not used very often and I maintain it pretty good not using any chemicals to clean, but it is fading under the surface. It is a very high price compare to other countries where you get a whole set with oven for this price. (and I am talking about countries with very high sales taxes)

Review Title: Easy installation | Review by

Installed new cooktop, which was an easy task with instructions provided. It's a nice looking unit and I purchased at good value from Sears. I haven't used it much, but I'm sure it will provide me many years of service just like all appliances that I have purchased that are whirlpool.

Review Title: User friendly design/function | Review by

The clothes washer was purchased for an elderly woman so the bottom line was to find a washer that met the needs of someone physically limited with usage remaining simple. The absence of an agitator is a fabulous idea and the clothes seem cleaner as there is more room for items to swish around; nothing to get tangled or wrapped around. The buttons are clearly marked as to their individual function; nothing confusing. We especially like that the lid is locked while the washer is on unless you of course purposely unlock it. We feel it is very quiet; the laundry room is right next to the kitchen and we do not hear the washer running when we are in the kitchen. Last but not least, is that it is energy efficient and that counts for a lot especially when you live on a budget and are watching and counting your outgoing expenses. We are very pleased with this purchase and when we decide to purchase a dryer, this is where we will go.

Review Title: All the features are very intuitive and easy to use. | Review by

I wish I hadn't waited years to purchase a glass cooktop to replace my coil top electric stove. This Whirlpool product is great in every respect and fits perfectly in my updated kitchen. It is attractive, well designed, and very easy to clean as well. It is very energy efficient with almost instant on. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking to buy an electric cooktop.

Review Title: GREAT! | Review by

I replaced a 15 year old top and this one is faster and so easy to clean!

Review Title: Cost - performance ratio is great | Review by

This cooktop looks great on our dark colored granite countertop. I like the fact there are no trim pieces to detract from the appearance. The cooking ability is very good. We replaced an old-style coil cooktop. No fancy features, no fancy cost!

Review Title: like it...but don't love it! | Review by

The Whirlpool glass cook top is ok to cook with. The glass top is difficult to keep looking nice. It often looks like it has a haze on it...even when I just wipe up drips of clear water. I don't like the big burner in the front. Also the big burner is pretty hot on low/simmer setting.

Review Title: Great value | Review by

I purchased this about one month ago to upgrade my appliances. I chose whirlpool based in reputation and price. It has proven to be a great purchase.

Review Title: very satisfied | Review by

My wife and I replaced an older whirlpool cook top that we used for 28 years and we are amazed at how fast this unit heats. We are very happy with our purchase!

Review Title: This Product works great | Review by

THis product is great, easy to install and powerful when cooking

Review Title: Review | Review by

Had this for a few months and have had trouble adjusting the temperature

Review Title: Perfect and Simple | Review by

This was easy to install and I have no problem cleaning it. Heats fast and even. Had it for 6 months and no issues at all with it.

Review Title: pleased for the most part | Review by

I have been very pleased with this cooktop, with the exception of it being a little hard to clean.

Review Title: Good cooktop! | Review by

Happy about my purchase. This is a great value for this appliance and you will not be disappointed.

Review Title: get peformance | Review by

really enjoying cooking on it pleasure to kept clean

Review Title: easy to clean | Review by

i love this stove top,easy to clean over spills from teenagers. should have done this years ago.THANK YOU.

Review Title: Awesome as always | Review by

Whirlpool products continue to amaze me year after year and always great prices!!!

Review Title: good appliance for us | Review by

we think we got the right product we are happy to use every day

Review Title: 30" stove top | Review by

I only used the top a few times, but I liked the stove top

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

almost always buy whirlpool products because they last. this product exceeded expectations and looks terrific. even heating. easy to use. cleans nice too.

Review Title: Great value and safe to operate | Review by

I give this unit a 10 out of 10. I would recommend.

Review Title: love iy yet cautious | Review by

We the cooktop in Jan. It was installed in Feb. Within two weeks my son accidentally dropped a pan on the cooktop and it broke of a chip about 1 inch wide which then cracked up the middle. Thank you Whirlpool for 30 day cosmetic warranty. The cooktop was replaced. We love the way it cooks just have to be careful of the ceramic top.

Review Title: Overall I have enjoyed cooking on this cooktop. Cleanups are so easy. | Review by

I have enjoyed the features of this cooktop. From boiling water to melting butter it has made my time in the kitchen fun. I set the temperature I need to cook each item and can be sure it will be cooked thoroughly without worrying if it will boil over, etc.

Review Title: Electric cooktop | Review by

I bought this unit 2 months ago and had it installed this month works well good looking and was very easy to install.

Review Title: great value and easycare surface! | Review by

Perfect fit for our newly designed kitchen. Good heating and easy to maintain. Hot surface light shoul flash to be different from ON light. Wowkitchen

Review Title: Sleek look | Review by

We bought this 6 months ago, works pretty good. Left smaller burners don't heat up as much as the front right unless they are on high. Cleans up nice and looks great!

Review Title: Beautiful and functional! | Review by

Our new cooktop adds to the beauty of our kitchen and performs well.

Review Title: stove top | Review by

Love the design. controls on righthand side is perfect for my counter. Very easy to install. works perfect.

Review Title: Excellent Replacement | Review by

Replaced our Jennair with the whirlpool and could not be happier. Placement of knobs better than the Jennair. Heats very even and fast with excellent control of temperatures. It does show soil and fingerprints but the included cleaner works very well with minimal effort to bring it back to the wonderful sheen. Easy to install and very pleased with the purchase.

Review Title: Very Happy with this Quality Cooktop | Review by

Bought this via Costco online. I thought for the price I would expect a low end item. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality. The knobs are nice, thick & sturdy & washable. The burner spacing is great. I can use them all without bumping pans. One note about cleaning- Glass cooktop cleaner is a must. It makes cleaning the surface magically easy. Our last cooktop was a more expensive jenn air model, and many of our pans would wobble on it. I thought it would be a problem on any flat surface cooktop, but they do not wobble on this. Must mean more even heating. I much prefer a gas range, but this cooktop has made electric a nice runner up.

Review Title: Good product. | Review by

The whirlpool stove we bought it is a modern looking, reliable product. The cost of this stove was relatively inexpensive compared to all the amenities of the stove. I would recommend this product.

Review Title: We are enjoying the cooktop very much - very user friendly. | Review by

The cooktop we replaced was an older style Whirlpool and this new one is a great feature in the kitchen now.

Review Title: I love my new cooktop. | Review by

I am totatly thrilled with my new cooktop. So easy to keep clean

Review Title: Beautiful product | Review by

I bought my cooktop a few months ago and I love it!

Review Title: Cooks fine | Review by

Beed using this for about a month and to be honest i find it a little awkward when using few things going at once.

Review Title: This product is sleek. | Review by

I'm very pleased with the looks & operations of this production

Review Title: A great step up | Review by

I purchased this unit as a replacement for the damaged unit installed by the builder in my 6 year old spec home. Overall, we have found this unit to be a very nice step even though it is not an upgraded model (just a later model year from the original). The placement of the burner elements is spread out owing to the movement of the controls knobs to a side "in-line" configuration that gives the unit a sense of spaciousness. It has worked like a charm since installing it and apart from a couple of minor scratches on the glass cooktop surface, demonstrates great aesthetic quality. So far, we love it!

Review Title: Great Cooktop | Review by

Well worth the money. Great features. It is hard to keep clean. Smears a lot.

Review Title: Easy to clean | Review by

I chose to go with the flat stove top rather than a gas range so I could clean up fast and be assured that the stove top was completely off around my kids or when leaving the house.

Review Title: Excellent cooktop | Review by

Purchased this unit to replace another glass cooktop that was broken due to poor installation from previous home owner. Love the sleek look and it heats ups incredibly fast!

Review Title: Very Satisfied! | Review by

This is the first smooth top stove I have had and I really love it! Easy to keep clean and heats quick and evenly. Extra room between burners leaves space for spoon rests and extra counter space.

Review Title: Heats quick, easy to use | Review by

I replaced an older cooktop with the 30" Whirlpool. This one heats quicker, easier to use and cleans easily. Plus the price was right!!

Review Title: A Complete Dream! | Review by

We absolutely LOVE our new flat-surface cook top. So easy to clean, super-durable. It heats up quickly and evenly. It's increased our counter space for times when we aren't cooking with it. At first I didn't think I would like the white knobs but it does look beautiful in our newly remodeled kitchen. Highly recommend this stove top to anybody. It's so wonderful.

Review Title: Great looking cooktop | Review by

I installed this cooktop myself replacing a 20 year old Whirlpool with the same cut out size and it was a piece of cake. It looks really good and works great.

Review Title: Very nice! | Review by

I wish I had bought this cooktop a long time ago. Great value for the features it has. The layout is perfect for the location it's in.

Review Title: Highly efficient | Review by

I replaced my old cooktop because it became scratched and didn't look attractive. We didn't realize it was inefficient as well until we started using our new Whirlpool. It heats up immediately and looks beautiful to boot because the red burners glow beneath the black surface. It cleans to a bright shine using just vinegar water and a paper towel.

Review Title: This product is just ok. | Review by

There are only two of us in this house. So the big burner in the front right should be in the back left and the smaller one should be in the right front. The burner indicator's are not very easy to see and we turn on the wrong burners constantly. The way my counter is situated, the handles should be on the left side as it interferes with the space where most of my countertop is located. I think there should be more choices of where big and small burners should be and where the handles should be located according to your own situation. They should also be labeled right rear, left rear, right front and left front.

Review Title: Works very well however not quite as easy to clean as indicated. | Review by

The cooktop has a wider control range than my old electric cooktop. The light indicating an area is still hot, although the burner has been turned off, is very helpful. The surface is not as easy to clean as indicated. The black surface shows every smudge. I would recommend this product as it works very well providing even heat.

Review Title: Excellent style and design great features | Review by

Purchased recently and very happy with my purchase

Review Title: wonderful | Review by

I bought this cookbook on an impulse. It was purchased to replace a fifty five year old GE cookbook. This new whirlpool cooktop gets hot instantly. I love how well it does. It is so easy to clean also. I woi ld recommend tjis appliance to anyone.

Review Title: Like the different sizes of the burners | Review by

Heats up faster than my old range. Seems to centralize the heat better.

Review Title: Wonderful Choice | Review by

I remodeled my kitchen and this was just one of the appliances that I purchased. I love the fact that it's not only pretty but so easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Cleaning | Review by

I wish the knobs were a little farther apart to make cleaning between them easier. You have to take them off to clean.

Review Title: Great looking and dependable | Review by

Very satisfied with the look and the overall performance

Review Title: Love my Whirpool Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

I bought my ceramic stove top about a month ago. I just love the stove. It cooks so well and the radiant burners are just great for temp control. It is a breeze to clean and really modernized and updated the 30 year old kitchen at my beach house. My old stove had coil burners with rusty drip pan and rings; now I will not have rusty drip pans that were sooo hard to clean.

Review Title: Look Great | Review by

My first cooktop standalone - I love it looks great in our home and cooks perfectly

Review Title: Great features at a reasonable price | Review by

Great features at a reasonable price. Easy to use.

Review Title: Great looking stove top. | Review by

I bought this stove top about a month ago. It looks great but I have had difficulty cooking with it because it seems to get extra hot. Things I used to cook on medium I now have to cook on low. And even then I'm not sure I'm getting the temperature right. It's going to take a lot of playing with just to find the right temperatures to cook my dishes.

Review Title: Good value for the price | Review by

Clean design Very easy to install Difficult to read painted switch designators, To small paint contras with black beg]background No indication which burner is on

Review Title: Easy Install | Review by

I purchased this about a month ago. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. Within about an hour it was installed and working. Its a great value product.

Review Title: This product is very attractive. | Review by

I love the look of my cooktop in my kitchen. I replaced my old 4 coil burner electric cooktop with this model and I love the room I have on the flat surface of this model.

Review Title: Heats up quickly | Review by

Quality product with sleek design. Easy to clean and use

Review Title: A Pleasure To Use | Review by

I bought this product a few months ago and am really impressed with its performance. Burners with different heat capacities make for easier cooking. Cooking on my new stovetop is a real pleasure.

Review Title: Easy install | Review by

Existing cooktop broke, price and ease of installation made this a good choice

Review Title: my new stove top | Review by

i simply love my new stovetop.i have wanted one like this for several years now.i already had a built in oven for the last twenty three years and I have never had a problem with whirpool because the previous stove top I had was a whirpool stove top and my oven is a whirpool.

Review Title: Nice looking cooktop | Review by

This was a replacement for an existing cooktop which had cracked because of knocking a measuring cup from a cabinet over the cooktop. So far the best feature is the simmer setting. I have had issues with the previous cooktop of not having a low enough temperature to simmer.

Review Title: New Stovetop | Review by

This came with our new home and it's so cool! Love it! Cleaning it can be tedious but it looks great.

Review Title: Great buy! | Review by

This cooktop met all our expectations! Heats quickly, changes temperature quickly and cleans up very easily. I love it. Of course it looks very sleek on the counter too. Recommend it to everyone-a very smart purchase.

Review Title: Not my thing | Review by

We picked this item only because the knobs are in top of the counter instead of being on the front. We have little ones and did not want them being able to play with the knobs. The builder we bought the house from bad this one as the only choice with this setup. Having a chef in the home, we would have preferred another alternative. This glass ceramic seems to be too delicate, already showing signs of damage. We have only used it for 2 1/2 months.

Review Title: Excellent Appliance Excellent Value | Review by

Replaced original Whirlpool cook-top with this one. Even easier to operate and clean.

Review Title: Good features | Review by

Bought this two months ago and am pleased with it.

Review Title: Easy to Use | Review by

We bought the cooktop about a month ago and have loved it. It heats up very quickly and cleans up with minimal effort.

Review Title: easy to use | Review by

easy to use cooktop. some pans will scratch the surface.

Review Title: Excellent Cook top | Review by

I am so happy with this cook top. It heats quickly and accurately and cleans up easily. It is also a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

Review Title: Hot Stovetop! | Review by

We bought this when we bought our new home. The stovetop is so easy to clean and heats up FAST! Heats evenly and gets very HOT!

Review Title: looks and works perfect | Review by

we are soooooooooooo happy that we made another whirlpool purchase . this glass cook top is so neat in our remodeled kitchen. it is so pretty when it it is cooking, and so neat and clean when it is finished it's cooking assignment. we have and continue to be most satisfied with your products.

Review Title: Very nice product; great value | Review by

Great looking cooktop; easy to use, relatively easy to clean if you keep up with it and not let things build up. Good value for the price.

Review Title: Easy to install | Review by

Love my husband to the moon and back, but he is not a handy man, however he was able to install my electric cook top. I love cooking on it, and actually don't mind cooking because this stove works so fast, easy, and efficent. thanks whirlpool.

Review Title: This countertop brought an air of class to my kitchen | Review by

I made this selection based on the brand and I'm satisfied with my choice. The product is attractive and quite easy to use. It's a beautiful addition to my kitchen. Cleanup is not as easy as I'd like but it is not terribly difficult. It is important for people to know that you must clean product as soon as it's safe, otherwise cleanup will take a lot of extra elbow action.

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

WE bought this cooktop as part of a kitchen remodel. It was simple to install and it works great and is easy to keep clean.

Review Title: Good function; cooktop hard to clean | Review by

I installed this cooktop several months ago. It works well and heats up as advertised. The cooktop does accumulate burnt on food which is almost impossible to remove without a cleaning agent. Also, the area on the perimeter of the cooking "circle" gets water-like marks which seem to be under the top layer and do not go away. Got it on sale so I am satisfied, probably not so much if I had paid full price.

Review Title: functional layout, low maintenance | Review by

This unit replaced an electric coil cooktop. As advertized, it is much easier to clean. It only takes a damp sponge to remove most spills and splatters from the cookstop surface itself. The edges are also thin and sealed well against our laminate countertop, so cleaning around the cooktop is easier, too. We do a lot of wok cooking, so having a large, fast-heating element toward the front is good. Other elements are not as powerful, so we've learned to cook pasta on the big element. Unfortunately, we have to reach around that to make other sauces. Overall, this is a big improvement over our old cooktop.

Review Title: great features and clean up | Review by

I love the easy clean up of the cook top. The quick heat up is great. My husband wanted to get an induction cook top, but I wanted this one. I'm so glad we got this one instead. It's beautiful. I'm a fan off Whirlpool, we also have an oven. Clean up in that is quick and easy to.

Review Title: Awesome | Review by

Easy to fit in during DIY install. Cooks great. Cleans up well. We love it! Sooo much better than the old coil style burners!

Review Title: Not easily cleaned!!! | Review by

The cooktop is extremely hard to clean & scratches very easily!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Title: Like the way the stove cooks but find it very hard to clean. | Review by

The stove never looks clean.. It is very hard to get grease etc. off. I would like some info on what to clean with. Thanks.

Review Title: Good quality at price point | Review by

Simple,clean design, control knobs out of the way. Would be nice to have heat setting reference numbers on the knobs.

Review Title: Very sleek looking | Review by

I am very happy with this purchase. The only thing that I would change is that I would love to have a feature where you can comine two burners to make one larger/longer one. Can't really do that with this cooktop since the burners are offset/slanted. But overall great.

Review Title: I love my cooktop! | Review by

I have been using this product for over a perfectly, easy to clean and looks wonderful with my new counter. I would never go back to those ugly burners!

Review Title: Great choice | Review by

Easy to install and so far works great just backwards from the one I had before this one.

Review Title: free top cleaner | Review by

The cooktop is really nice. The only downside was the free cleaner that came with the top. Hard to get off Too hard to polish.

Review Title: Smooth top is easy to clean | Review by

I love the Schott Ceran surface.. It doesn't show the food particles that splattered on the surface as I'm cooking like my old black glasstop with raised burners did! It's so much easier to clean. I also like the red light that reminds you that the surface is hot.

Review Title: A New World of Cooking | Review by

The Whirlpool Cooktop is fantastic. It is so efficient and so much better than the old ring burners. It cleans beautifully and looks beautiful. It is much easier to regulate than the old electric burners, so it comes very close to gas and of course is much cleaner. I love it.

Review Title: my new whirlpool - 30-inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

I just got my new cooktop installed a week ago, and have been using it quite a bit. The heating areas are arranged in a convenient way, so even my children can easily use a smaller heating area for cooking, and do not have to reach to the back.

Review Title: Great Cooktop | Review by

This cooktop was installed by our Modular house builder. The first cooktop (the exact same model) was damaged by the installer (chipped) but they replaced it free of charge. We are very happy with the choice and look forward to many years of faithful service from a quality brand and a well designed product!

Review Title: Great cooktop | Review by

This was a great purchase. The cooktop heats quickly and evenly and looks great! The simmer feature is a plus.

Review Title: Very well designed appliance/cooktop. | Review by

My wife and I have been enjoying the cooktop's performance on anything we cook. Although we have had it a short time, seems to be an energy efficient device that is well designed for durability.

Review Title: Clean modern design | Review by

The black and white checker design really looks good in my mid century modern home. Very happy with clean simple style.

Review Title: Beautiful Addition to my remodeled kitchen | Review by

I bought this cooktop to install in the new custom kitchen cabinets in my house. It was the perfect selection for my application and looks like it was made for my kitchen.

Review Title: It not only works perfectly, it is classy looking in apperance. | Review by

Compared to the coil design that was replaced,the new design beats it hands down. I appreciate all the safety items that is built in. Cooking has become more enjoyable and I show it off to anyone who comes to our house. Thank you for the unit, it's low price through discounts and the perfect installation.

Review Title: I love the ease of use and easy clean up | Review by

I love my new Whirlpool cook top. It was easy too install, It only took a couple of hours to install. My kitchen really needed a updated cook top i'm glad we chose our whirlpool, our old stove top took for ever to boil water or cook any thing for that matter. I now spend less time cooking meals and clean up is done in no time. I also enjoy cooking more now that I have a good quality stove and my husband even cooks me breakfast once in a while. Now I love for family and friends come over for dinner and holidays. I am no longer embarrassed of my stove top. I love the color and the glass ceramic very easy to clean and looking new.

Review Title: Looks Great Cooks Even Better! | Review by

Have had a white cook top 7 years and love the black so much more. Excellent heating, enjoy cooking even more now. Just clean after each use to help prolong the look . Thanks Whirlpool!

Review Title: easy to use, easy to clean | Review by

Excellent stove that is simple yet extremely efficient. The heater coils respond very quickly and are quick to adjust to changes in settings. Cleanup is a cinch especially since all the knobs simply pull off the adjustment stems to allow for access to those crumbs that make their way underneath the knobs. Excellent product and easy to use.

Review Title: Love my new cooktop! | Review by

We had our old stovetop for so long that we were thrilled to have this beautiful new cooktop that works so well! I do wish we'd picked one with 2 larger "eyes" because it seems to take the smaller ones longer to heat up. Also, I'd been warned about scratches, etc. on the glass but I was so tired of the old elements and drip pans, that I did not care. It is a little more trouble to clean than I had expected, but still better than the old one. Still loving it.

Review Title: Nice cooktop but could use a few small changes | Review by

I've had this cooktop for about 6 months now and I like how quickly up comes up to temp compared to my old cooktop. The surface is like a black vehicle....looks great when it is perfectly clean but it shows dust and every little spot. Super easy to clean though. As for design I wish the large burner was in the back instead of the front. Also wish the "hot surface" light indicated which burner was warm.

Review Title: Very Pleased | Review by

The first Whirlpool cooktop I bought lasted 17 years. When it finally gave out, I knew that I wanted another Whirlpool. I looked at several brands, but held out for the one I wanted. It was installed just before Christmas, and I am very pleased with it. It is an excellent cooktop and when not in use, I enjoy cleaning it and making it shine.

Review Title: counter top range | Review by

I upgraded from the old coil cooking to the smooth top and I love it. It's the very best investment ever. The price was so reasonable and the care is wonderful. The cooking is enjoyable, it maintains the heat when cooking like I never imagined. Different from the coil cooking, it is so much easier to prepare anything.

Review Title: This product performs as promised. Very peased. | Review by

I researched several stove top appliance models before deciding to buy Whirlpool. I compared price, design and manufacturer warranties. I found that Whirlpool offered a product that performs very well for an acceptable price. The unit was not an in store item and had to be shipped. Delivery was very fast and the unit was easy to install. So far, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Review Title: Beautiful and easy to clean | Review by

Heats up quickly. The glass top is so much easier to clean than the standard coil cooktop/range, and itlooks fantastic on my new black granite countertop.

Review Title: Perfect fit and style! | Review by

This cooktop was easy to install because it was replacing the same cooktop that was much older and had finally worn out.

Review Title: Overall good product. | Review by

I have always used Whirlpool products and to this day and am pleased with them. Would recommend to anyone needing a new appliance.

Review Title: Disappointed! | Review by

Bought this item to replace a Kitchenaide cooktop of the same size that is 13 years in service. However, we found the lettering difficult to see and could not determine which button corresponded to which burner, this cooktop was very hard to keep clean, I returned it and reinstalled the old one.

Review Title: Love this cooktop! | Review by

I am love with this cooktop. It is so sleek and modern. Heats up and cools down quickly!

Review Title: Hard to keep clean | Review by

This cooktop is very difficult to keep clean. Streaks easily and looks terrible (unless the lights are off)!

Review Title: User friendly easy to clean | Review by

Modern looking heats up fast easy to clean! Love it

Review Title: Whirlpool 30" CookTop | Review by

The Cooktop functions very well and goes well with my new granite counter tops.

Review Title: exact replacement | Review by

This unit replaced an older one-over 10 yrs. of service. All parts and readable instructions were with the unit. Install was a retrofit and worked perfectly. Tried it and realized how slow the old one was. WIFE is very happy!

Review Title: Exaclty what we wanted | Review by

Excellent product. Simple in design, easy to use. We replaced an older traditionla cook top, and are very satisfied with the upgrade.

Review Title: Great Cooktop! | Review by

I had cracked my old cooktop and received this one as a gift. It works wonderfully and I love the different size burners. I didn't have that with my old one.

Review Title: this product is replacing a 1996 Majic chef cooktop | Review by

My old majic chef just started to give us trouble. Some eyes would not turn off properly and some would not heat up right. decided to replace it with a whirlpool product.

Review Title: Glass top range. | Review by

Six weeks ago we purchased a glass top range. Problems: No stainless control knobs as left burner not functioning as expected manual enclosed.....Solution:..replaced switch and then burner as instructed with no change in operation. We gave up and kept unit, but not satisfied... Recommendations: Supply all directional ,material needed for proper operation and maintainance. Educate retailers in the operation and features of products sold. Provide venue for direct contact with Whirlpool staff. Thank you for the opportunity to reaspond.

Review Title: EASY AND FAST | Review by


Review Title: Works and looks great! | Review by

This unit fit into my existing space perfectly! It does take a little more to clean but it looks great!

Review Title: This product is hard to clean. | Review by

If the put the burner on low, it seems to burn quicker than it should. Furthermore, the counter top is much harder to clean than most stoves. You can't clean it with Windex, because it streaks. If you use the regular cleaner you are suppose to use, which I do, it takes so long to clean it. I would not purchase another one like this.

Review Title: 30 inch cooktop | Review by

We have only had the cooktop for a few months and we love it. We purchased the 30-inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop with Schott Ceran Surface, because of the design and the way it looked. It works well with our kitchen design and we cook every night, cleanup is easy. The only thing I noticed is it shows dust more so than the other cooktop I had. The cooktop is a good value for the money. I would still recommend this product.

Review Title: Quality product at a fair price. | Review by

Quality product at a fair price. Installation was a direct replacement and took less than 30 minutes. I had drawers just below cooktop and old unit would heat up anything in drawers. I was concerned with this glass top might reflect even more heat down to drawers. However everything in drawers stays essentially room temp. A pleasant surprise.

Review Title: Quite an Improvement over the Old Electric Cooktop | Review by

I bought this to replace my old electric cook top(with the coil burners) and I have been very pleased with it. It looks beautiful and is very efficient to use. I have even learned to use it for canning vegetables from the garden. At first I thought it was a little more work to keep it clean because everything shows up on the black glass surface. But really it is less work than cleaning the burner plates etc. on the old electric stove top.

Review Title: Heats up Quickly! | Review by

Our previous cook top was a 1970's model/coils, so any upgrade would be great! But, this ceramic glass cooktop is beyond what we expected. It heats up so quickly and maintains the heat so well. I have used gas stoves in the past and thought they were the best, but, this ceramic glass cooktop is outstanding! Oh! And, it was made/assembled in the U.S.A. This is what made the sale for us.

Review Title: Well satisfied with this product | Review by

The all-black styling was our choice; to compliment our granite top kitchen renovations. We are having difficulties, however determining the element choice markings.

Review Title: Good Quality | Review by

It does exactly what we wanted it to do, cooks food quickly and correctly.

Review Title: I absolutely love it! | Review by

I've wanted a flat cooktop for many years and finally was able to purchase one when replacing an old coil type electric cooktop. I'm so pleased with the look and the operation of my new cooktop! It updates my kitchen, looks fabulous, and is so easy to clean ...but the best part is that it cooks much more evenly! I have more room for my cookware than on my old unit, and the option of having just a part of the pots/pans sitting on the heating unit instead of the whole heating unit. This helps when cooking/warming different foods in the same pan. I'm so pleased, and Whirlpool quality has far exceeded my expectations. I'm definitely a fan!

Review Title: Love the knobs on the far right side! | Review by

Love having the knobs on the far right much easier to keep them clean if they are not in the middle of the burners. I tend to use the two most left burners most of the time and rarely even have to clean the knobs. Great!

Review Title: Very Good Quality Cooktop | Review by

After much research we purchased this cooktop. The cooktop is easy to use and can be mounted over an oven. It heats up well and cleans up very easy. The flat, flush look greatly accents our kitchen. We've only used it about a month now and haven't had any issues with scratching but we are careful with it. Installation was very easy and we recommend this cooktop to others.

Review Title: Attractive and Affordable | Review by

This is great for the price, but understand the burners are SMALL. There is NO accu-simmer as reported in the advertisement. You will NOT be able to do home canning. Goes in easily, looks attractive, and was an affordable price. Just pay attention to what you are getting. I will next time.

Review Title: This stove looks great and can not find any issues with my new stove top | Review by

We had the old 4 burner stove top and it was wearing out and my wife and I decided it was time for something different. We looked around and settled on this glass top 4 burner. I only have good things to say about the product. Cooks well heat is evenly distributed and looks great in the kitchen. I would recommend this cook top

Review Title: First time glass ceramic top | Review by

I bought this cooktop a couple of months ago. It was on sale and I like the brand. It is good looking and gives instant heat. I have found that glass ceramic tops are harder to clean and if one moves the skillet/pot, it takes more effort to make sure the utensil is centered on the heated circle. I am happy with it overall.

Review Title: Great buy, happy consumer............ | Review by

Bought this to replace another brand that we were not happy with. Looked online, did my due diligence, and was happy with what I read. Had it for a couple of months now, extremely happy. Have other Whirlpool appliances and happy with them as well. Another satisfied , and returning, customer.

Review Title: This is very easy to use | Review by

I had a gas stove and was nervous to use electric. This cooktop is very easy to use.

Review Title: Aestheticaly pleasing, functionally perfect. | Review by

I've had this stove top for about three months, and am very pleased with it. I like the slick clean form with the black sheen of the glass. Cleans beautifully. Heats up very quickly to whatever setting selected. Burner size variety and spacing just right. Selector knobs easy to use, clearly marked though it took a few trials to remember which knob controls which burner. I'd have liked a larger, bolder icon for that function especially for those among us who need glasses... overall, highly recommended.

Review Title: Ok but not great | Review by

i know we were going for a reasonably priced cooktop, don't need bells and whistles. it is good looking but i find the elements heat very differently. one is almost too hot to simmer and the other takes a while to get to a high temp. its ok for the price but i would have paid a little more for the next level up. but ... the granite has been cut so i question whether changing it out is an option ... need to look into that maybe ...

Review Title: Perfect cooktop | Review by

Had Bosch cooktop nothing but problems, instead of repairing cooktop after two breakdowns decided to get new whirpool, best move to do

Review Title: great stove | Review by

We replaced a 1976 electric drop in and it was completed my myself in about thirty minutes. All the electric hooked up with the existing box easily. So far we really like it and the speed that the burners are red is about five seconds! The old ones took close to five minutes.

Review Title: 100% satisfied. | Review by

I've had Whirlpool appliances for the last twenty-five years. Refrigerator, cooktop, wall oven, Calypso washer and dryer, etc. We just redid our kitchen, so it was only natural that we choose Whirlpool. We have always been satisfied with the quality and the service.

Review Title: Like the looks and use of my new glass cooktop | Review by

I really like my new glass cooktop, but the only problem I have with it is that if cooking on simmer I have to turn it up a little in order for it to simmer.

Review Title: Great Cooktop | Review by

This new cooktop is very easy to use and I like it very much.

Review Title: Outstanding electric cooktop. | Review by

We absolutely love our new cooktop. It has a flat surface which makes clean-up a snap. Our old model had raised electric pads which were really hard to keep clean. The electricians who installed it marveled over how rapidly the unit heated up. There is also a warning light that remains on after the burners are turned off to indicate the cooktop is still hot. We felt this unit was an excellent value for the money and would recommend it to our closest friends.

Review Title: Couldn't be more pleased! | Review by

We purchased our cook-top three months ago and are very pleased, both with performance and appearance. So easy to clean and love having the extra "counter space". Two thumbs up, Whirlpool!

Review Title: What A Relief ! | Review by

Last Christmas my kids bought me the Whirlpool 30" ceramic glass stovetop to replace my 30-year-old Jenn-Aire. It was like getting out of a covered wagon and stepping into the 21st century. No more scouring drip pans and all the other hassles involved. I'm really pleased with its sleek lines and the efficiency of the burners. Cooking time is minimized and it looks beautiful when not in use.

Review Title: Beautiful cooktop | Review by

Easy install, looks great, cooks almost like gas stove.

Review Title: color and style | Review by

easy to clean but must clean all the time, but easy to do, love the extra burner do wish the bigger one was in the back, color and style works for us

Review Title: Basic unit | Review by

this was a perfect fit for what we needed. No frills; less to go wrong. the element heat up quick and heat evenly. sharp looking in the kitchen. easy to clean.

Review Title: Perfect fit! | Review by

This cook top has been a great choice so far for our kitchen remodel. It looks clean and classy and works great with our new black granite counter tops. The cook settings are a bit more loosey-goosey than we are used to but in time we'll adjust. It seems to take a bit more than soap and water to clean some of the spots that show up. But all in all we like it.

Review Title: cooktop clean | Review by

I have a terrible time cleaning the black top. Even using the cleaner does NOT make the top look good. There is always marks around each burner. Love Whirlpool just NOT this product. I really believe each burner should be heated according to the temperature used. So even though you are using the big burner and you only want med heat only a medium SIZE heating circle should come up not the WHOLE burner. Such a waste of heat.

Review Title: Love the simple lines and ease of cleaning | Review by

I would recommend this strongly. I love it, what more can I say.

Review Title: Perfect replacement upgrade cooktop | Review by

I bought this six weeks ago and it was perfect - features, price, installation, fit/finish. For the price it has everything one could want - especially for those of us updating from ancient coil type cook tops.

Review Title: Product has nice design | Review by

Easy installation and use. Like the size layout of the burners.

Review Title: Had to return it. | Review by

We had it about two weeks. Only the front right burning would work properly. Other burners only would work on high. We uninstalled it ourself and returned it to Sears. We then installed a different brand and all four burners work perfectly.

Review Title: This product is very simple to use | Review by

The stove top is easy to use and heats up instantly...I like the easy clean -up and try to keep it clean all the time....

Review Title: Does exactly what I want. | Review by

I am a single senior and don't do any fancy cooking. This replaced my 30 year old coil burner cooktop and it works great for me, I use it everyday.

Review Title: Oven is great, stove top not so much | Review by

I had a Kitchen Aide before and I though this would be similar. It isn't. The knobs are hard to turn, the temp control and timer are digital and you have to keep pressing the up or down arrow until your temp is found. The cook top is NOT easy to keep clean. Also, there is a ridge around the cook top when debris settles and you need a toothpick to get it out.

Review Title: Much better | Review by

I had a problem with the stovetop I replaced because I could never get it straight which control was for which eye. This is much easier to see which is which. My only disappointment with this is that it doesn't tell me WHICH element is hot -- only that one of them is. However, I believe it is a very good value for the price!

Review Title: good to use | Review by

We used this stove since 04/15/2014, so far is very good.

Review Title: Easy to install | Review by

Was very easy to install. Works and looks great in our kitchen.

Review Title: Great upgrade! | Review by

I have wanted a black cook top for some time to match my other appliances. My old coil burner style cook top was failing over the past year or so, so I went ahead with the purchase. I had to do some minor mods to the counter top (trim the corners), but the install was very easy. The installed cook top looks great! The light show with the burners on is fun too. Nice feature to have a "hot burner" light also. I am very happy with my new cook top.

Review Title: burners heating | Review by

Front big burner hotter than dial says and back burners hardly heat. Have to turn back burners on high to get any heat and front big burner I have to keep on very low or it will burn food.

Review Title: Good basic 30" glass cooktop | Review by

I bought this a couple of months ago to replace an old electric coil cooktop. My aim was to put in something electric that worked well, with minimal fuss and expense. This is a much cleaner look, and much easier to keep clean, than the coils were. It heats up quickly. The knobs aren't too sleek-looking, but I didn't want to pay more for integrated controls. I have to remember not to put hot dishes from the oven directly on the stovetop (which I used to do) so that I don't risk scratching the glass. Also, it requires pots to have good flat bottoms. I tossed an old pot that must have been dented or rounded on the bottom; it rocked like crazy and took forever to heat up.

Review Title: Ready When You Are | Review by

Easy to operate and instantly heats up to your desired temperature.

Review Title: Heats Fast! | Review by

I like the placement of the knobs on the side. It heats up fast and hot. It cleans up with just a swipe.

Review Title: Perfect!! | Review by

Very satisfied with function and ease of installation.

Review Title: Happy with purchase | Review by

My husband and I are both very happy with this purchase. Works well.

Review Title: great cooking | Review by

we bought this in December and are totally happy with it.

Review Title: Great product~ easy use | Review by

We recently needed to upgrade the cooktop in one of the properties we own. This was an excellent choice due to pricing, quality, features. We would definitely buy again, if we need another new cooktop in the future.

Review Title: Ceramic Glass Cooktop | Review by

I am enjoying my new cooktop. Only down fall is hard to keep clean, cant just use windex need to buy special cleaner.

Review Title: Waste of money | Review by

Terrible choice of cooktops. Every time I cook, fry or boil anything, I have a 20 minute cleanup from the baked on drips of steam, food, whatever happens to land on the surface. The pans leave small scratches, no matter how careful you are..then it's off with the dials and more scrubbing with the polish. I hate this thing. I bought all matching appliances and this has been the biggest disappointment . Now I'm stuck with it.

Review Title: top cleans up easy | Review by

Easy to install. Cleans up easy. Large front burner has 2 small shadows in the glass. I think their flaws, tried to cleam them with the glass top cleaner, they did not come out. They have not caused a problem with the performance of the burner. If they don"t change I can put up with it.

Review Title: This product has great looks, sleek and clean | Review by

I replaced a 4 burner electric cook top with this Whirlpool model and it looks and works great. It goes well with stainless steel appliances, any cabinet color and any counter top. I am very pleased with this unit and it was very easy to install.

Review Title: GOOD PRODUCT | Review by


Review Title: ASY TO CARE FOR | Review by


Review Title: Beautiful! | Review by

I bought this a month ago, I love it! I would recommend this product to a friend.

Review Title: Rear burner has gone bad twice an poor design | Review by

The Cooktop is a month old and the same rear burner has gone out twice now. The design is opposite of the whirlpool that I replaced this one for and why would anyone place a HUGE burner in the front when big pots are usually cooking slow as this makes you work around the big pots to use the normal sized burner. Bad, really bad.

Review Title: Very Good | Review by

My wife & I have enjoyed using our new cooktop. Learning curve was minimal. Only complain is the cleaning required. Lots of elbow grease needed to clean. The black color may contribute to this problem but the problem needs to be addressed. We are using the cleaner from Whirlpool that came with the unit.

Review Title: I like the burner layout | Review by

The stove top works great,I like the simmer feature.I like the flat surface.The burners heat up very fast and cooks even. I use the large burner for sterilizing jars and sealing.I thought it might not get hot enough for canning but it works great.

Review Title: electric ceramic glass cooktop | Review by

We remodeled our kitchen for our Christmas gift to each other in December of 2014--47 years of Christmases together, and replaced our old Whirlpool cooktop with a new ceramic glass one. Of course, it had to be Whirlpool...we love this brand. It's black and all of our other Whirlpool appliances are stainless and black. People with not be disappointed with any of their products. It heats up fast and cooks quickly. Love, love, love it!

Review Title: Great Value | Review by

Nice Whirlpool Ceramic cooktop. Great price from Lowe's and easy to install. Looks and works great.

Review Title: Great | Review by

Replaced 30 year old cooktop new technology is great. Nice

Review Title: Nice, Sleek and Good Pricing | Review by

My wife loves her new cooktop. There is only one issue though. After using it the very first time it had scratches on the burner. The pot used was stainless steel which should be no problem for this cooktop. If it gets any worse we'll be contacting Whirlpool about a resolution.

Review Title: Everything I was looking for | Review by

The stovetop was a replacement from my previous one which was cracked. It fit perfectly and it was easy to use and easy to clean

Review Title: Nice! | Review by

I have had my stove top for about two months now. Still getting used to things about it. Heats up nice and is super easy to clean

Review Title: Poor Durability | Review by

I just recently purchased this "30 in. Radiant Electric Cooktop in Black with 4 Elements including an AccuSimmer Element" on November 25, 2014 from The Home Depot. Ever since I have purchased this product I have regretted it completely.

Review Title: style | Review by

I bought this cooktop over a month ago because I've upgraded my kitchen and it has been wonderful....I also wanted to reduce grease build up and has done a great job......would recommended it

Review Title: Great Features | Review by

I bought this this summer and I love it! It was easy to install and easy to keep clean. I especially like the simmer burner.

Review Title: Excellent Cooktop for the price | Review by

I bought this cooktop over two months and I am glad that I picked this one. For the price is perfect. There is no need to spend the extra money another one when this one works just fine.

Review Title: Heats fast cooks well. | Review by

This unit was part of a condo package and I have not been impressed with electric cooktops in the past but this one is great. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. My only complaint is it is difficult to keep clean. It is black and shows every spot.

Review Title: like it | Review by

easy to use with reliable performance. we replaced an old GE cooktop and are very pleased with our choice.

Review Title: Sleek Design | Review by

I bought this to replace a really old cooktop, one with coils and drip pans. I wanted something sleek, easy to clean, and easy to install. This fit the bill. It looks great, and is easy to clean and was pretty easy to install, not too much to change from the old cut out, but we did have to make it a little bit bigger. It took no time at all, the biggest time consumer was cleaning up the saw dust to be able to put the new one in.

Review Title: Good value for the price | Review by

Good value for the price. Very good temperature control. Heats food quickly.

Review Title: Good product | Review by

We love the way it looks. The burners heat up very rapidly and are arranged intelligently on the surface. I have only one downside. The ceramic surface is not as tough as my old one. We have been using it about 2 months now and it has some small scratches on it. I have no idea how they got there. You could not scratch the old one.

Review Title: Product is easy to use. | Review by

So far we have enjoyed the couple of months we have had our new glass cook top. Makes for easier cleaning than the old burner with drip pans.

Review Title: Works good. | Review by

We bought this as a replacement for an 8 year old Whirlpool ceramic top when remodeling our kitchen. It is very similar to the old one and are finding that the heat distribution is much better than before. The only problem that we are having is that the burner sizes are in different positions, so it is taking some getting used to.

Review Title: Nice Looking Unit | Review by

We have had this cooktop for 6 months and it works very well. Pretty easy to clean with enclosed cleaner and cooks food nice and even.

Review Title: Perfect Stovetop~ | Review by

We have this very same stovetop on our kitchen island, and wanted the same great stovetop in our new office. Clean up is a breeze and cooking levels are fantastic!

Review Title: Great Look | Review by

I replaced two months ago & I think I did good choice

Review Title: Whirlpool cooktop | Review by

We love our new Whirlpool cooktop! We love how quickly the burners get hot! It looks great in out kitchen too!

Review Title: Sleak and easy | Review by

Visually, a handsome product; so easy to use and take care of

Review Title: easy cooking | Review by

This is so easy to clean, temperature is simple to maintain and meals are produced without needing constant attention.

Review Title: Works great. | Review by

Bought a year ago, still performs as new and looks new.

Review Title: outstanding item | Review by

I bought this cooktop and it is heats quickly and looks beautiful in my kitchen..was a perfect match

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