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Whirlpool LDR3822PQ 3.4 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Electric Dryer (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-LDR3822PQ Laundry

Appliances Whirlpool-LDR3822PQ Laundry
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-LDR3822PQ Laundry

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  • Key Features
  • 3.4 cu. ft. Capacity
  • 3 Automatic Cycles including Permanent Press
  • Gentle Heat System
  • 2 Temperature Settings
  • Side-Swing Door
  • End-of-Cycle Signal
  • DuraWhite Interior
  • Internal Lint Filter
  • 120-Volt Heat System


Width: 23 7/8"
Max Height: 31"
Height: 31"
Depth: 21 15/16"
Depth w/ door open: 37 3/16"
Drying System
Capacity: 3.4 cu. ft.
Gentle Heat System: Yes
Lint Screen: Internal
Dryer Controls
Temperature Settings: 2
Heavy High (heat): Yes
Permanent Press/Heavy High (air): Yes
Timer Cycles: 3
Automatic Dry: Yes
Permanent Press/Regular: Yes
Timed Drying: Yes
Fluff Air: Yes
Side-Swing Door: Yes
End-of-Cycle Signal: Yes
DuraWhite Interior: Yes
General Information
Electric Heating Elements (watts): 120V/1400W
Motor (hp): 1/4
Installed Cord (ft.): 6
Approximate Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.

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Review Title: Simple, gets the job done. | Review by

I purchased this dryer for my RV. It's small and light weight. The lint trap had some rough edges on the rivets that snagged some towels, but a file fixed that real quick. Great companion to the 2.0 cu. ft. washer, stacks right on top. Simple to use, gets the job done.

Review Title: Compact size | Review by

Takes a long time to dry. Over one hour for a basic small load

Review Title: space and energy saver | Review by

Great size. Doesn't need 220 volt outlet which expands where you can use it.

Review Title: Nice and small but sometimes takes a 2x to dry | Review by

This dryer is very straight forward. No Bells and Whistles. It is a small dryer that sometimes can not fit an entire full load of laundry in it. It has very good ease of use. There are not a lot of options but it gets the job done. It sometimes requires two dry cycles to get clothes completely dry if they are heavy garments.

Review Title: Average at best | Review by

The dryer is easy to use and is relatively quite but not very efficient. Dry times take much longer than I anticipated, even when doing a very small load. The lint trap is poorly designed and oddly difficult to get all of the lint out. The strangest thing about this dryer is that the power button has a light that will flash after a load has stopped and clothes pulled out until, you depress it. I mean will flash for has been the case with ours several times. The stainless steel drum is a quality plus but the cheap, flimsy plastic handle and lid are not.

Review Title: Good | Review by

The lint screen is low and in the back of the dryer, making it a little difficult to reach and clean. The connection in the back of the dryer for the lint vent is a little hard to hook up. We like the size and the drying time needed to dry the cloths

Review Title: Compact dryer, perfect for small spaces... | Review by

I have a spacious condo but unfortunately it has a very small laundry area. Given that there's no room to work with a standard sized unit, I had to find a compact dryer to fit in it... Over all this is a decent dryer, it has nothing fancy or outstanding, but does the job and is compact, just what I needed for my space. I would recommend this Whirlpool compact dryer before any other compact appliance brands (i.e., Avanti), just horrible experiences w/ those...

Review Title: Compact Dryer | Review by

Replaced dryer in RV with this one and really like it!! We pay electric in some parks so drying time is important!!

Review Title: compact and easy foe my 85 year old mother | Review by

works great but the door is hard to close, the latch seems to the problem

Review Title: Great for an RV! | Review by

I chose the separate stackable washer & dryer because I had the combo model by a foreign manufacturer in my previous RV. The Whirlpool does a much better job with less wrinkles & much faster!

Review Title: Excellent for apartments. | Review by

I live in an upstairs apartment, and this product fits perfectly in my kitchen. I am happy I did so.

Review Title: Great for rv stackable | Review by

Bought with rv purchase and has been wonderful. Great for small place and gives great wrinkle free results. Very pleased.

Review Title: Great size | Review by

WE purchased for the motorhome and it sure saves time, and works great.

Review Title: Pretty good for a basic dryer | Review by

This is a great basic dryer that is light (for stacking), quiet overall (except the buzzer when it's done) and dries very well. I wish there was a synthetic setting though.

Review Title: Love how it warms the room in winter! | Review by

Wonderful little dryer, mine just needs help, as it makes loud clunk sound and I can't use it. Hoping the warranty ppl wil fix it!

Review Title: a workhorse | Review by

This is my second of this dryer. The first one lasted for 10 years and only died due to a broken vent in my condo that I was unaware of. I use it every day for my husbands gym clothes. Now that the vent is fixed it works even better;

Review Title: excellent quality | Review by

I bought it in November. The brand is so well known, I couldn't have chosen something else.

Review Title: Great fit | Review by

Fits perfect in RV so I would not have to get the combo. It makes a little noise in the beginning but that is subsiding. Wish the door were easier to open. Overall very pleased.

Review Title: Works Great - Slow To Dry Clothes | Review by

This dryer does a good job. The door is hard to open due to the style of latch. Also because it is a 120v dryer, it takes a while for clothes to dry.

Review Title: Thank goodness it fits! | Review by

This model would fit the entry to my basement. It was reasonably priced, since it seems the smaller models run more $. For large loads, I break them into 2 loads and for large items, ie sheets, need to adjust the load, since they tend to get in a bunch due to the small drum. Overall dries very well. The door handle is hard to get a grip. The door seems to have settled and sometimes hard to get it to close/latch.

Review Title: Compact little thing does the trick | Review by

I had a 1978 gas Whirlpool dryer that was still working but needed a new lent screen; my home warranty company wouldn't repair it because they couldn't find the lent filter and it was a fire hazard. I all but cried when I had to get rid of it. Unfortunately, Whirlpool doesn't make a compact gas dryer, so I opted for this one. I've been nothing but pleased. It doesn't over dry, and it dries quickly. I've not noted a difference in my electric bill either. The buzzer is loud enough that I can hear it when I'm on another floor, but not too loud. It runs a little loudly for an electric dryer, but not enough to bother anyone. I usually just put it on permanent press and let it dry. It definitely isn't as sturdy as they used to make them (the door seems awfully light and flimsy). Still, I recommend it to anyone in a small apartment or townhouse.

Review Title: Small and Efficient | Review by

Purchased this unit for an RV and it performs well for its size and power consumption

Review Title: Simple and efficient | Review by

This no frills simple dryer is just what we needed in our RV. It does a great job and we have used it EVERYDAY without a problem!

Review Title: Great for our use | Review by

This was a great stackable for use in our motorhome. It does a good job even though it's only 120v it just takes a little longer.

Review Title: Product is good for what it is. | Review by

I purchase this dryer because we live in an RV, I am satisfied that this product is the best one of all that I reviewed before purchasing and I would recommend this product but only if the only electrical source you have is 110v and/or you have limited space. Having said that you should understand that because it is only 110v it does not generate the heat of a normal household dryer so it takes longer to dry. It says it has 3 cycles, one cycle is 10 minute air only and the other two are either time dry or auto dry, as best I can tell both the time and auto dry cycles are the same heat temperature (which is probably equivalent to the permanent press/delicate cycle of a normal household dryer) and it doesn't have a cool down at the end of either cycle. If you want to cool down you have to manually set it to the 10 minute air dry cycle. And because of it's smaller size you can't dry large loads of clothes but if you don't overload it I think clothes come out as wrinkle free as in normal household dryers. The only real complaint I have is that first of all the lint filter is at the back of the dryer and lint collects behind the lint filter in an area that has a wire screen over it that can't be removed and the only way to get the lint out is to have a vacuum cleaner that has a tube that will fit thru the holes that are probably only about !/2" square.

Review Title: Standard features, great for small spaces | Review by

I live in a condo, and the ability to get a 120 volt dryer in to a small closet was a must. This unit is efficient, and though I was concerned about 120 volt drying versus a standard dryer, Whirlpool did a great job with this product. Clothes come out dry, and I never have to run the dryer twice to re-dry clothing. I would recommend this product for anyone who lives in a condo or apartment that cannot fit a standard dryer in to their laundry area, but more importantly, this unit is large enough to handle all of the needs of my household.

Review Title: Great for small apartments | Review by

I have rental studios and these work great because they are compact.

Review Title: great features and easy use | Review by

This product has many options for what ever your needs are. Fits perfectly in my closet in my Montana Rv. The noise level is very quiet and runs like a dream. You can't go wrong with this item. I would recommend it to all.

Review Title: Dryer too long in drying clothes | Review by

The dryer is great for this area. It takes too long to dry a load of clothes. You have to put it twice in order to dry one load of clothes.

Review Title: this product is gets the job done. | Review by

We live in an apartment amd my wife wanted a dryer, this dryer is compact enough for us and has helped with not having to hang clothes to dry, We have alarge capacity washer so we needed a dryer that would the the job done and not take up so much space. the price was right too. great investment.

Review Title: Works Great | Review by

We purchased this unit five months ago for our RV. It works great and we couldn't be happier.

Review Title: Does an excellent job. | Review by

In spite of being a 110 appliance it dries quickly.

Review Title: Works Perfect In our 5th Wheel | Review by

We were tired of fighting for washers and dryers in the camp ground. We purchased a Whirlpool washer and dryer made for our RV. We love them both!

Review Title: More than I expected :) | Review by

We live in an apartment building and the public washers and dryers and never clean. We had purchased a washer a few years back and it was time to get a dryer. For a 120v dryer it dries the clothes much faster then I was hoping for, its the right size for an apartment. Really can't ask for more.

Review Title: I love my compact dryer! | Review by

This Whirlpool was my second purchase of a compact dryer. Unfortunately, I didn't buy a Whirlpool in the first place, and it didn't last more than a year. This dryer is perfect for a small living area or a 5th wheel, as in our case. This dryer heats up nicely and dries clothes very nicely. Of course, like all compacts, it may take a little longer and you may only be able to dry fewer pieces at a time, but it works like a champ.The lint trap is located in the back of the unit and not in the front. This makes it easier for me to make sure there is no lint build up. I sure wish we would have purchased this one at the start. I wouldn't trade it for anything and I am very happy with my purchase.

Review Title: Great for traveling! | Review by

This was purchased for our "Mobile Villa" fifth wheel camper. This is the ideal size and capacity for drying everything from beach towels to hand wash items. I really like the ability to use the timed dry or put on "more dry" or "less dry" and know that when I hear the buzz, my clothes are dry!

Review Title: great features | Review by

very quiet.has time till dryer will shut off had this unit for 2 years no problems

Review Title: Ease of operation | Review by

Bought washer and Dryer. The Combo has been a great addition to our camper. Since we live on the road it makes life much easier.

Review Title: Compact Electric Dryer Perfect for RV'ers | Review by

We have used this dryer for approx. 2 months and really love it. It is perfect us and for our Motorhome.

Review Title: great investment | Review by

Easy to operate. Cuts laundry time in half. Spacesaver.

Review Title: Very efficient | Review by

I had small dryers before and the efficiency was upsetting. This one works very well and has a very interesting load size

Review Title: Perfect fit | Review by

The dryer came with our RV & we are very pleased with its performance.

Review Title: washer and dryer | Review by

I bought the washer and dryer together on my sons bday and I haven't had no problems at all with it I love it.

Review Title: small elelctric dryer | Review by

I really like my new dryer. It is just what I needed for my smaller home.

Review Title: Having an RV with a residential refrigerator is AWESOME! | Review by

This is the first refrigerator that I have owned that has a service door with ice & water with options, I 'love' this feature. The side by side is very spacious and is such a pleasant change from the RV technology that never kept ice cream frozen - it was soft ice cream at best. This is not the case with this refrigeration, it works very well. I will eventually find a cleaner that works better than what I have tried so far on the stainless steel. I have truly enjoyed the interior design and the spaces allotted for your favorites. I have comfort in knowing there is a water filter for the service door and that adds an extra layer of safety for our drinking water. I have other Whirlpool appliances and have trusted and enjoyed everyone of them. I highly recommend the product.

Review Title: Very efficient | Review by

I use this in my RV although it is small I can put almost in it and I like the automatic dry feature.

Review Title: very important, how to care! | Review by

I bought 6 months ago and was used for at list 8 years and it is working like new . I will explain it how. I saw You tube, how to repair, care and clean whirlpool drying machine. So, I opened back cover of the drying machine and clean all the lint or dust. That's all. I am very happy with my purchase. I just paid 1/10 of its price. Also, I am determined if it needs anything to repair, I could able to do it very easy. When, I opened back cover of this dryer, all the parts was in very good shape and there was just few fuse, it is very simple to repair without any electrician. I live in an apartment building in Montreal Quebec Canada. Most of the time in Quebec is cold and drying machine at apartment is blessed. It dry perfectly and not much noise. So happy to have it.

Review Title: GREAT COMPACT DRYER | Review by

Love this compact dryer; it does everything it is supposed to do. It is great for apartment dwellers; dries my clothes very well and does not take very long at all, even though it is 110 volt. With the addition of this dryer, no more Laundromats for me.

Review Title: Great Dryer | Review by

This dryer does as advertised and dries clothes quickly. This size was needed because it is used in an RV and as long as the unit is not over-loaded, it does a great job!

Review Title: Great machine | Review by

I bought this dryer to replace my old whirlpool dryer that I have had and used for 20 years Whirpool products are great and last for a long, long time

Review Title: Great Performer | Review by

We ordered a washer dryer set to go in our camper and this was the dryer we received. I love it. It works as well as the super sized unit in my house. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing a small dryer that gives full-size performance. It measures 31-1/2" tall x 24" wide x 20" deep.

Review Title: Fast drying | Review by

This dryer does a great job. I purchased this model because of it's size. I have limited space.

Review Title: Excellant dryer. | Review by

This dryer is easy to use and has never given any kind of trouble at all. A homerun!

Review Title: Pleasant surprise!!! | Review by

I didn't realize what I'd been putting up with until I started using my new Whirlpool Dryer. The clothes are soft and not overheated when I remove them from the dryer. And it must be the AccuDry System, but I swear there are fewer wrinkles!! My favorite part is the ease of cleaning the lint filter after each load. The filter is large and easily accessible.

Review Title: Fits our life style. | Review by

We live in an RV and it is perfect for us, we just love it.

Review Title: Just what I needed | Review by

I looked for a dryer that would fit into my 700 square foot didn't have a dryer hook so I needed it to plug into a normal outlet.

Review Title: I love it, plain and simple. | Review by

This fits perfectly in my cabnet making it take up very little space.

Review Title: Fit onto our apartment size washer perfect. | Review by

This unit replaced a worn out dryer but the washer was still good. It fit perfectly with the washer and sat right on top as the old one did. I like this dryer better as the drum is bigger and it does a great job of drying my laundry. It has an easy to remove lint filter and there are many drying cycles to choose from.

Review Title: We are impressed, what a workhorse! | Review by

We purchased this dyer for our son and daughter in law after their move to a new job. They had a 2 year old son and another due very soon. They use cloth diapers and with the arrival of their second son have really put it to the test. They are so very pleased with the performance and durability as well as the features of this dryer. Thanks so much!

Review Title: Simple and easy | Review by

LOVE this little dryer. It's perfect for 2 people.

Review Title: Dryer with AccuDry | Review by

This dryer is just fantastic. We have both the dryer and the washing machine which is on wheels and wheels into the bathroom and attaches to the sink faucet. I love them both. We work great and are an incredible answer for those who do not have a washer and dryer in there apartments. Easy to use, efficient and great quality so far. I would recommend them both to anyone in a similar situation as I am in.

Review Title: Quite operation | Review by

Drys very fast, very easy to use. Love this set. Has made living in my rv much easier.

Review Title: This Product is a great space saver. | Review by

I have the Whirlpool portable washer and dryer, great on space when you live in a small apartment, and very simple to connect. I would highly recommend this set.

Review Title: Excellent product | Review by

We use this compact dryer in our motorhome and are very satisfied with the performance and design.

Review Title: This dryer is great and has made laundry a pleasure instead of a chore | Review by

I really love this dryer it runs quiet and is easy to use. The wheels make it easy move to another room, or for cleaning. The best is it dries the entire load from my washer and sounds a buzz to let me know when the cycle ends. Clothes are always nicely dried with few wrinkles and the top of the drier makes a great surface for quick folding straight from the drier. I just love using it with the energy preferred automatic setting. It adjusts the drying time for a smaller or larger load. No guesswork or wasting extra quarters or going out in bad weather. I do laundry at home now and its great!

Review Title: Installed in our new motorhome. | Review by

This is a great dryer. It is installed in our new motorhome.

Review Title: Whirlpool, a name you can trust. | Review by

A great addition to our RV! We purchased the matching washer also.

Review Title: has great features on it | Review by

i am very happy with thes product it does everything i needed and more i would tell any one that this is a good product to own it is quiet and does everything you need it to do

Review Title: Great product for usage in an RV | Review by

The dryer is very effective, it dryes the clothing very well and is simple to use. The drum is a great size for a compact unit.

Review Title: very pleased | Review by

purchased washer and dryer pair are I am very pleased with both.

Review Title: This product is so innovative. | Review by

The stacking dryer really packs a punch for a compact unit. It is efficient, easy to use and so quiet. Perfect for small spaces and high usage. The energy efficiency is a cost saver.

Review Title: Very nice dryer for use in a 5th wheel travel trailer or RV | Review by

We had this dryer and a washer installed in our new 5th wheel RV upon purchase and It has been very beneficial for long trips away from home.

Review Title: Does exactly what we wanted. | Review by

We installed this dryer and matching washer in our motor home. Perfect size for stack installation. Works great.

Review Title: The product has great features. Very easy to use. | Review by

This dryer is very easy to use. It dries clothes just the right amount.

Review Title: Does good job. | Review by

This dryer in motorhome. Does good job and is quiet. Has enough features to do all clothes.

Review Title: Weak | Review by

This dryer won't dry even half a load from a compact washer. It is just not strong enough. There are other dryers out there which will fit limited space and do three times the job.

Review Title: Great little dryer | Review by

Great little dryer. Fit in my travel trailer (I'm a full timer) like it was made for it.

Review Title: Good Little Dryer | Review by

The stackable unit fits well in our RV and does an excellent job for the size.

Review Title: I would purchase this product again. | Review by

Delivery was great....couldn't ask for a better company to purchase from...

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