Whirlpool GX900QPPS Gold 15" Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-GX900QPPS Clean Up

Appliances Whirlpool-GX900QPPS Clean Up
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-GX900QPPS Clean Up

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  • Design Highlights
  • Clean Touch Console
  • New Console Styling
  • Undercounter Installation
  • Features
  • Automatic Anti-Jam
  • Tap Touch Controls
  • 1/3 HP Motor
  • Touch-Toe Drawer Opener
  • Removable Locking Key
  • Bag Retainer Buttons
  • Easy Rollers Rear Installation Wheels
  • Heavy-Duty Trash Bags Included
  • Under-the-Counter Installation


Unit Width: 15"
Unit Height: 34 1/8"
Unit Depth: 24 1/4"
Cutout Dimensions (WxHxD): 15 1/8" x 34 1/4" x 24 3/4"
Drawer Dimensions (WxH): 14 5/8" x 22 15/16"
Compacting System
Two Safety Switches: Yes
27-Second Cycle Time: Yes
Compaction Ratio: 4 to 1
Clean Touch Console: Yes
Automatic Anti-Jam: Yes
Toe-Touch Drawer Opener: Yes
Removable Key/Knob Lock: Yes
Triple-Action Release Lever/Drop Down Side Drawer: Yes
Bag Retainer Buttons: Yes
Quality Construction
1/3 HP Motor: Yes
Twin Power Screws: Yes
Geared Chain Drive: Yes
Easy Rollers Rear Wheels: Yes
Under-the-Counter Installation: Yes

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Review Title: Average | Review by

Had a whirlpool compactor for 29 years. Never needed service. Bought another one and it dosen't have the dense pack feature which is disappointing

Review Title: I definitely would not recommend trash compactor | Review by

This unit does not have a switch which that can automatically hold the compression unit at its low point to compact the trash more tightly before returning to the top. It does not have the compacting pressure as My old unit had. The unit is very difficult to open and close to remove the trash bags. For the amount money I paid for the unit I am extremely disappointed. My older unit held more trash than this unit.

Review Title: DISAPPOINTED..... | Review by

The unit we purchased this year repaced a Whirlpool Compacter we purchased in 1987, yes, it was 26 years old. That unit was great and we probably should have had it repaired rather than replaced.

Review Title: The unit is acceptable for the price. | Review by

The unit does the job but is noisy and does not close easily and quietly. The compact drawer is loose when opening and closing. Overall not bad for the price.

Review Title: Feels Cheaper Than It Looks | Review by

By looks alone (and perhaps price?), this appears to be a sturdy unit. However, we found the "metal" door is thin and flimsy, and does not have that sturdy closing sound our previous (cheaper) compactor had.

Review Title: good looking and dependable | Review by

I am glad I bought whirlpool appliance as they are dependable

Review Title: Bought about 60 days ago. | Review by

Very pleased with the product. If any changes , maybe littl easier to push button to run the compactor and les nise during operation.

Review Title: Great replacement unit | Review by

This unit replaced a different brand. What a difference! The drawer glides smoothly and the step pedal is easy to use. Still quite noisy, though

Review Title: Clean and efficient | Review by

No cans of trash cluttering up my kitchen- my Whirlpool compacter handles all kinds of throwaways quickly and quietly.

Review Title: Wouldn't be without one! | Review by

This is a good compactor. Does a great job, not too noisy. Like the convenience of the foot pedal to open but also the ability to open by hand. My lower rating on quality is that it is not as solidly built as my previous compactor. Would I purchase it again? Yes

Review Title: Replaced older model compactor | Review by

This unit was a replacement for an 18 year old whirlpool compactor. Surprised that the actual technology has changed very little, but the sound level has been greatly diminished. The new unit seems lighter weight and not as sturdy as the unit that was replaced.

Review Title: Nice compactor. Looks great. | Review by

Nice compactor... it would be even nicer if it had the double pack feature.

Review Title: This product is very easy to use! | Review by

This compactor is easy to use, easy to clean and we have had no problems at all with it.

Review Title: Easy features and holds a very large capacity!!! | Review by

I don't know why someone would not have a trash compactor in their kitchen. Your Compactor is simple to operate,easy to unload a large container of waste and and has a classy look.

Review Title: Good product but no instruction manual | Review by

Installed efficiently, operates smoothly but did not receive an instruction manual. If there is an instruction manual. I did not receive one. It does have controles so there must be a right way and a wrong way to operate even the simplest controls.How can I obtain an instruction manual?

Review Title: Great Dish Washer | Review by

I purchased this unit to replace an old loud outdated machine. I love the sleek look (mine is white). I also love that the controls are on the top of the door rather than the front door panel. It keeps little hands away. In addition, it gets dishes amazingly clean while being extremely quiet. One tip . . . be sure to use a rinse aid. It really makes a big difference. I really can't imagine a better dishwasher at this price point.

Review Title: Nice machine! | Review by

This was a replacement for a Whirlpool compactor that lasted more then Twenty years. This one works just fine. Expect to get Twenty more years of service!

Review Title: We're happy! | Review by

This is our third Whirlpool trash compactor and we selected Whirlpool again as part of our kitchen remodel at a vacation home. We are very pleased with the features and design.

Review Title: Convenience | Review by

We live in the country and have to haul our own trash off. The compactor has made my life so much easier. Instead of 3 or more bags of trash a week, now I have only have 1!! So easy to use and to keep clean. I will never live without one again.

Review Title: Problem Solver. | Review by

Have had no problems. Has cured problem I had with pets (cats) getting into garbage. All family have been able to use. Ease of preparing for trash pickup.

Review Title: Works great. | Review by

We have never owned a trash compactor prior to purchasing this unit about a month ago. Thus far, it has worked very well. Trash is compacted to a point where we are only throwing away one bag of trash every week or two. There appears to be a good deal of power to handle the compacting. There is a toe kick that you push down with your foot to open the drawer. I tend to leave the unit open about an inch so I'm not putting extra wear-and-tear on the pedal due to constantly opening the drawer. Something sharp caused a tear in the plastic bag which then leaked. The unit was easy to take apart to adequately clean the mess. The drawer front is easy to clean with stainless steel cleaner. The controls are at the top against a black backdrop, avoiding finger prints on the stainless steel. We researched trash compactors and read reviews by other owners and felt this was a good unit for the price. We can't really compare it to another trash compactor since this is our first time owning a unit.

Review Title: Saving time. | Review by

I love it. When I was taking the trash out every 2 days now it is 2 every weeks! We have to haul our garbage to the dump. Now it will be much easier.

Review Title: Trash compactor | Review by

Excellent!!!! A compactor is very basic,matches our other new applianced

Review Title: This trash compactor provides all the best features. | Review by

We are very pleased with our new Whirlpool trash compactor. It is a replacement for a 1970's Whirlpool model and the improvements are very nice. I especially like the foot pedal opening since your hands are usually full when you want to put something in the trash. It is quiet; easy to clean; stylish; compacts well and has bag fasteners to keep the bag in place.

Review Title: Great Product with unbelievable features | Review by

My wife and I just remodeled our house including the kitchen. We have never had a compactor, so, this was a first for us. After reviewing compactors online, the Whirlpool was our choice. We are so pleased and proud of this purchase. It has made quite a difference in our trash handling. It is unbelievable how much this compactor will hold. One bag will last us several weeks. We would highly recommend this product .

Review Title: DIrect replacement, smashes the trash. | Review by

We got this unit to replace a 1980's unit that broke when an air freshener got caught in the upper section and jammed the traveling rods. The new one is almost exactly the same, obviously with a more modern front. I got black, which has a "dishwasher" finish, so it's shiny without showing every smudge. I think many of the metal drawer pieces are exactly the same, although this one feels a bit tinny when opening, and I can't open it from the side angle (I have a table within arm's reach) like I could on the old one. The handle has strenghtening strips(little tiny ridges) underneath which hurt if you grab it just so.The cycle run time is substantially less(22 sec compared to 90 sec) and it is quieter. I think the cost ($650) is a bit steep for a unit with so much old metal machining and stamping. I wish the leveling feet were accessible from inside the unit so it could be leveled in place instead of before sliding in. We shall see how long the electronic buttons last as compared to the old turn knob.

Review Title: Excellent so far love it! | Review by

We have never had a trash compactor before, we remodeled our kitchen I put everything in I could fit. I only have to take the kitchen trash out once a week, it is pressed down and neat.. Sure saves on trash bags and is better for the inviroment. Very happy with this purchase.

Review Title: This product is streamline and good design | Review by

What worked for me was the fact that it is the exact size of my previous trash compactor and fits into the space like a glove. I really like my previous compactor and this replacement has made my adjusting to a new product seamless.

Review Title: I like having one, but this one isn't as good as my last one! | Review by

I have had a trash compactor for many years and I purchased a Whirlpool stove and dishwasher last fall, and then won a new Whirlpool stove through our local radio station sponsored by our local appliance store! So since we had just installed the new stove the week before, I decided to use that money towards a new trash compactor to match. My old trash compactor worked a little bit differently where we could "lock" it when we turned it on so when it got to the bottom, it would stop and compact it for a period of time. I really liked that feature....this one you have to wait until it gets to the bottom and then hit the off switch right at the right time. Also, it's really hard to see the light showing it is "off" and then someone tries to open it, not realizing it isn't able to be really have to look to see it. Another thing is it didn't have a carrier with it, so I saved the one from my old compactor and use that, but the handles don't clip down into the side as there isn't a spot for that. Otherwise, I like the looks of it and the fact it matches my new stove and dishwasher.

Review Title: Bought to go with a Kitchen full of Stainless Maytag Appliances | Review by

I have wanted a trash compactor for 20 years. I finally remodeled my kitchen and built a specific space for a 15" unit. I chose this exact model for the features the price and the lower power (less amps) required to operate. I love the looks, and the performance so far is great EXCEPT that the door opening foot pedal was made out of cheap plastic and has broken off (broke in two after two weeks of use!). The door opens mechanically just fine without that plastic pedal, so we did not replace it. The compaction and cycle times are great, the difference in the 40lb bales vs cans full of waste are hard to explain, to anyone that has not owned a compactor. I love the built-it installed look and the convience, just wish they had made the release pedal out of metal not plastic. This is an appliance that just flat works and after you have one, you wonder why you waited so long before buying one. The overall design fits in well with my complete all-Maytag kitchen appliances.

Review Title: Great product | Review by

This product looks great, easy to use, slides right out with use of foot pedal. Only drawback is uses weird size bags.

Review Title: This is a perfect fit! | Review by

We were in need of a new compacter as our old one was installed when we built our house in the late 80s! This new one is so easy to use with a simple push of a button to compact. It is very quiet, has a sleek appearance, and fits right in with our other appliances.

Review Title: GREAT appliance! | Review by

Put lots of time, consideration and research into this purchase and it certainly paid off!. One of the best decisions I have made. Well worth every penny and superb quality! Easy surprises! Would buy another one next time.

Review Title: An very good product | Review by

A great product. Installation was easy The price was reasonable I highly recommend the Compactor.

Review Title: Whirlpool GX900QPPS Trash Compactor | Review by

Overall Rating
This product works very good. My only complaint is that it seems not to be built as sturdy as my previous 25 year old compactor. The only reason we purchased a new one is we remodeled our kitchen and the green compactor just did not match. I am a little concerned about how long this new one will last.

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