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Whirlpool GI0FSAXVY Gold 19.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star (View all from Whirlpool)

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Appliances Whirlpool-GI0FSAXVY Refrigeration

Appliances Whirlpool-GI0FSAXVY RefrigerationAppliances Whirlpool-GI0FSAXVY Refrigeration
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  • Appliances Whirlpool-GI0FSAXVY Refrigeration
  • Appliances Whirlpool-GI0FSAXVY Refrigeration

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Whirlpool Gold 19.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star
Regular Price: $3,199.00
26% Off - Today Only!
Regular Price: $2,784.60
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Whirlpool Gold 24" Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Chimney Style Wall Mount Range Hood
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Whirlpool Gold 15" Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor
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Whirlpool Gold 36" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range - Convection
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Whirlpool Gold 24" Stainless Steel Full Console Dishwasher - Energy Star
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Regular Price: $624.10
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Whirlpool Gold 27" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven
Regular Price: $1,349.00
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Regular Price: $1,164.10
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Canopy Pro Style Wall Mount Range Hood
Regular Price: $499.00
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Regular Price: $399.10
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Whirlpool Gold 30" Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Regular Price: $999.00
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Regular Price: $849.60
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  • 2008 ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • You can save money with ENERGY STAR appliances, like this Whirlpool refrigerator.
  • Counter-Depth Configuration
  • You'll have up to 6" of extra space while maintaining all the same benefits, and it fits flush with the counters.
  • PuR 6-Month Water Filtration
  • You'll have pure water right from your fridge. Forget buying bottle water. Time to buy a Nalgene!
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • Perfect temperature control through this innovative system.
  • Adaptive Defrost System (ADS)
  • You'll see improved energy savings and food preservation due to this system monitoring compressor and evaporator heater times.
  • Pull-Out Freezer Drawer
  • An easy slide-out helps you keep your frozen goods organized.
  • Adjustable Gallon Door Bins
  • Never feel stuck with these customizable bins. They'll fit all your needs.
  • Clear Humidity-Controlled Crisper
  • This extra-deep crisper will handle your long veggies, like celery, and keep all your produce fresh.
  • SpillGuard Glass Shelves
  • Cleaning up spills is a total breeze because the SpillGuard shelves catch all liquids.
  • Upper Slide-Out Freezer Basket
  • A bottom drawer freezer puts all your frozen items at your fingertips and makes them easy to spot.


Refrigerator Capacity: 14.8 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity: 19.8 Cu. Ft.
Energy Star: Yes
Temperature Management System: Accu-Chill
Adaptive Defrost System (ADS): Yes
Water Filtration: PuR 6-Month
Glass Shelves: 5
SpillGuard Shelves: Yes
Door Bins: 6
Adjustable Gallon Door Bins: Yes
Humidity-Controlled Crispers: 2 Clear
Pull-Out Freezer Drawer: Yes
Upper Slide-Out Freezer Basket: Yes
Width: 35 5/8"
Depth: 30 1/4"
Depth without Handles: 28 7/8"
Height: 70 1/8"
Height without Hinges: 68 5/8"

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Review Title: Great product | Review by

I love the French doors. Freezer is pretty large and the sliding trays are great. It takes a little getting use to in order to dispense ice cubes and not have them drop all over the floor !

Review Title: WOW there's room for EVERY thing | Review by

No problem fitting the big thermoses or even the big chili pots (after they've cooled) in this fridge. It has handy door shelves and a bottle holder that's perfect for wine or a big water bottle.

Review Title: Love the product | Review by

Easy to keep clean, lots of storage room, over great

Review Title: French Refrigerator | Review by

The refrigerator came with the new house we bought. I love the look of it but the freezer on the bottom developed so much ice (at recommended 0 temperature) that I had to move the temperature to a 6. It is better than it was. We did not get a manual for that appliance and I cannot find the model # anywhere on it.

Review Title: Unnecessary Feature | Review by

Ours came with a water filter that does not work. Have to buy a cap to use when I remove it. I don't see the need for a filter that will need to be replaced twice a year and add a lot of unnecessary cost.

Review Title: Great Fridge...Recommend to all | Review by

This is a great Fridge and it has a lot of room to store all.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love everything about this except the bottom drawer you have to have both doors open to get into it.

Review Title: GOOD PRODUCT | Review by


Review Title: Perfect Size and Features! | Review by

Am so glad that I found this refrigerator. It fits perfectly--counter size!! And holds a huge amount of food in a well-organized fashion!!!

Review Title: Love having a French door refrigerator | Review by

Love the space inside and the style. Fits perfectly in kitchen. I would give it 5 stars but the only complaint so far is the ice dispenser. Whenever we get ice most of it fall on the floor :(

Review Title: Loud! | Review by

Does everything it should, but the ice machine doesn't seem to work properly. The ice goes all over the place when you press the lever and place a glass underneath.

Review Title: Expensive life disrupter | Review by

Good morning.. oh there's water on the kitchen floor AGAIN!!!@!@ Time to unload it and clean out the drain grommet....again... The door ice is crazy. Plan on picking lots of ice off the floor every time you fill a glass. better off making cube trays yourself. but hey it's counter depth and it doesn't start leaking everywhere till just after the warranty's up

Review Title: Love My New Fridge! | Review by

It is now just over a month since we got the new refrigerator and I LOVE IT!!! The space inside is perfect and I like the alarm for when the door is kept open too long. However, I don't love the smudges... But, getting a good cleaning cloth helped a lot with reducing smudges...

Review Title: RV Fridge | Review by

Our fridge is in our RV and we love having a residential one inside our home on wheels!

Review Title: The frig has some issues. | Review by

This product is providing good service, but several features could use some improvement. The stainless steel doors show finger prints and other smudges that are hard to wipe away. The ice cube dispenser on the left door shoots the cubes out with great force and some cubes are not cut to size when coming out. There is no feature on the frig for crushed ice. The frig interior is well designed in terms of shelf arrangements and drawer locations. We replaced a Frigidaire unit with this product, and it had a better ice cube dispenser and crush option.

Review Title: the ice maker is poorly designed and functions worse than average | Review by

The ice maker fills to the brim and doesn't shut off when full, causing the ice to push open the door to the ice compartment. This stops the dispensing of ice. This has happened on both of these refrigerators I have owned. The pins that hold the door closed are plastic and do not grab the holes in the sides strongly enough to stop the door from being forced open by the pressure of the ice build-up. A VERY POOR DESIGN, and a maddening way to have to endure what on other refrigerators is a very simple process..

Review Title: Works great in our homehome. | Review by

Installed in our new motorhome. It is great. Easy to use, Having ice and coll water is great and it is so much better than the old style refrigerators in motorhomes.

Review Title: Space | Review by

Our refrigerator sits by a doorway that only has 36 inches to pass we needed a counter depth refrigerator. The counter depth feature is awesome not sure what we would have done had we not found Counter depth. We love the water on the door that you can take the bucket of ice out easily.

Review Title: It is so simple....I WANT TO MOVE IN THE MY FRIDGE!!! We love it | Review by

It is perfect for every day and for entertaining. so much space. We just love this appliance!!!

Review Title: So far so good | Review by

The fridge is only a couple months old, but so far we are pleased. Some of the noises are louder than our last fridge, but nothing that really stands out. The only design part I do not like is having to open both doors to open the bottom drawer. Otherwise there seems to be a lot of room for a counter depth fridge and we are pleased.

Review Title: Good counter depth refrigerator | Review by

Designed well for maximum capacity. Runs quiet.

Review Title: Suggestions for Changes | Review by

I have bought 4 new Whirlpool appliances within the last year; Gas Stove, Dish Washer and Gas Clothes Dryer. Except for the refrigerator all l are great.

Review Title: okay features | Review by

I like everything about this product, except the fact that it does not have crushed ice capability

Review Title: Great product in difficult to find counter depth refrigerator | Review by

Looks good, enough room. not gigantic. Freezer is small with compartments getting in the way. but overall good buy.

Review Title: Can get parts to get fixed - leaking water | Review by

My freezer is leaking over and over again. I have visited the Sears Appliance store and no one can get the part to fix it. They send the wrong one everytime.

Review Title: In our RV and very pleased with space in fridge. | Review by

Full size rv fridge - great room inside fridge. Water and ice dispenser is so great to have.

Review Title: Poor ice maker/dispenser | Review by

Although the refrigerator works great, the ice maker/dispenser does not. It is impossible to dispense ice without getting ice chips all over the floor regardless of the container being used to collect the ice. At least once a week, must manually remove ice from ice maker. If I don't, it stops making ice.

Review Title: Love our Whirlpool! | Review by

Our small kitchen could only accommodate an 18cf refrigerator and when we planned a remodel we reconfigured the space for a French door model. We were so thrilled to find this Whirlpool at the right price, the right size and all the features we wanted. Love the cabinet depth! Could not be more pleased!

Review Title: Counter depth model a great fit | Review by

This is the perfect product for saving space and allowing a free flowing design. It has many convenient features and good shelf design. The freezer is well designed with the moveable baskets.

Review Title: Great design | Review by

Installed in new home - Great features, lots of room and LOVE bottom freezer

Review Title: Condensation on door seals | Review by

The unit was installed on a new house. Freezer unit and door seals have condensation and freezer globs of ice. Interior is not segmented correctly for tall bottles and door storage devices are not very realistic.

Review Title: Good product | Review by

Purchased on with a kitchen remodel. Love it. Not hard to take care of. I am not pleased with the design of the shelves. Loose space with the brackets under the shelves. I really don't like the brightness of the lights on the ice feature. Very bright and no way to turn it down.

Review Title: Best Fridge Ever | Review by

I chose this refrigerator as an upgrade for our new home. Could not be happier. Easy to store all my food and trays in the freezer make it very convenient to use. I love it

Review Title: great look | Review by

Just redid the kitchen and wanted the countet depth refrigerator. This 1is very easy to arrange shelves for a smaller cubic size refrig. Ice never runs out and freezer on bottom very handy.

Review Title: Product is very well designed | Review by

Lots of room and Love the bottom freezer storage. Water and Ice dispenser is so efficient and love the filtered water.

Review Title: No storage | Review by

It's a beautiful on the out side. The the freezer drawer. You can't fit a gallon of milk upright. It's not made for a big family use!: l

Review Title: Shelf versatility a plus | Review by

The unit fit perfectly as a counter depth and has more space than I expected. The ice maker through the door works really well and the unit is cooling perfectly. The versatility of the shelves of the door and inside the unit are a great feature.

Review Title: Just average | Review by

The stainless is really hard to keep clean. The ice maker is really awkward and drops ice on the floor, also no crushed ice. The freezer has a large bar separating it into two sides which makes organization hard.

Review Title: Great Refridgerator | Review by

Bought this from Sears outlet with scratched side but this fits into our built in cabinet anyway. It is very easy to use, ice maker works well although sometimes tricky to catch the cubes.

Review Title: Disappointed | Review by

The refrigrratir was purchased before the construction of our new home. There is ice formation inside the unit under the freezer draw. The first technician sent by company did not find anything wrong with the unit, but svknowledged that the ice buildup should not be occurring. A second technician is scheduled to come next week.

Review Title: Refrigerator is plagued with issues | Review by

This is the worst refrigerator purchase...multiple issues and repairs and still doesn't function properly. Issues include: freezer door not sealing properly('fixed' with hair dryer), drip pan on bottom of fridge was cracked and dripped water on flooring(pan replaced), uneven temperatures requiring new circuit board, ice compartment is poorly designed (shelves in fridge near it are unusable since everything freezes); door alarm beeps even when no one has entered fridge in hours (this was 'fixed' and now doesn't go off if door is wide open). Additionally, it is just poorly output is so small that it would be better to not have it at all and bins in freezer don't seem to fit anything well. Overall a horrible purchase and I would never recommend it to anyone. I have never owned any appliance with so many issues and we have only owned it a few months...can't wait to see if it still runs in a couple of years. Based on my experience with this product, I would never buy another whirlpool product or recommend them to anyone.

Review Title: A Great Refrigerator! | Review by

This was installed in our new RV when we took ownership of the RV. My wife and I were both impressed with the layout and features of the refrigerator. It exceeded everything we wanted. Both the freezer and refrigerator temperatures can be individually controlled from the exterior panel. The display shows both temperatures. The unit maintains these preset temperatures flawlessly.

Review Title: This product is super | Review by

Compared to what we had in our last motorhome, this product is a dream. Easy to find things, large bins for meat and vegies. Large freezer and is all well designed. It's a keeper.

Review Title: Great quality | Review by

I bought my french door refrigerator 6 months ago and so far very pleased with the performance and design. The counter depth works great for my kitchen!

Review Title: Nice Fridge | Review by

Fridge is good, but goes through filters too quickly. I know this could be due the water in my area, but the filter prices are way too high.

Review Title: as soon as we bought this refrigerator the ice maker quit working! | Review by

The ice maker is tooooo small! We have to buy ice if we need to fill over four glasses. I ended up having a repairman come to replace the ice maker. When he pulled it out there was a piece of packing that was in the back of the ice maker. Whirlpools quality team should have caught this before the refrigerator was packed for delivery! I'm done with whirlpool!!

Review Title: Great counter-depth regrigerator | Review by

There is lots of space and great for large items, such as a pizza box. Wonderful pull-out drawers. Plenty of room in the freezer.

Review Title: Does the job, no problems so far! | Review by

The refrigerator fits perfectly in the spot we have in our kitchen. For a smaller, counter-depth, as opposed to regular size, I don't notice a huge difference. I was afraid it would seem too small, but it works for us!

Review Title: All excellent but the sound | Review by

Seems like it runs loud most of the time. Not sure why, but it is annoying because of it. Everything else is exceptional.

Review Title: Love the size! | Review by

We bought this about 6 months ago and love the counter-depth size. Despite that it's smaller than a regular-depth fridge, it is still very large and roomy. No regrets!

Review Title: I love my new refrigerator! | Review by

With a small kitchen, I knew I couldn't get a huge refrigerator, but this one is a great balance between size and capacity. I love the french doors and freezer on the bottom. The slide out shelves make it easy to take things out and the shelves are easy to remove for cleaning up those spills that inevitably happen.

Review Title: Great for our RV | Review by

This refrigerator came as standard in our RV (DRV Mobile Suites) It's very similar in layout and size to the one we have in our home. Therefore we are used to using a fridge of this size and configuration. It works well and holds temperature nicely. The drawers in the freezer allow for easy viewing of contents, and the fridge shelf layout suits our needs. My only criticism is the awkward access to the ice maker on/off switch. It needs to be outside.

Review Title: Great Refrig | Review by

This came with our new Motor Home and we have enjoyed it. It is very nice looking and works better than any unit we have had in the past

Review Title: Depth Isn't Everything | Review by

I didn't like seeing normal depth refrigerators imposing themselves on the kitchen so when I bought my new house, I opted for the French Door, Counter Depth model and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too small and looked so much better because it did not stick out like a sore thumb. I have a Whirlpool Kitchen and each and every appliance is nothing less than superb.

Review Title: Great product! | Review by

Lots of interior space! There is a spot for everything. We love the design and appearance. Love the water and ice in the door but wish it were a bit quieter. Overall, a great buy!

Review Title: Easy access & large bins | Review by

This refrigerator makes storing and accessing food easy without bending and twisting. The shelves are the right height, and the bins are spacious. It could use a dedicated wine/bread rack.

Review Title: Problems | Review by

We bought a whirlpool microwave, double oven, dish washer and refrigerator a month ago, and to date, the oven has had its computer changed because the heating was way off and couldn't be adjusted i.e. Lower oven at 360 degs was 35 degs higher and the upper oven 15 degs higher. The dishwasher (so far) has had its water pump replaced. Unfortunately this has not cured the noise and the saga continues. I'm happy to say the microwave and refrigerator both working very well - up to now.

Review Title: This is a good refrigerator | Review by

Overall this is a nice unit and would recommend to anyone looking for a cabinet depth, french door fridge. The only item that would make this better is the in door ice dispenser, the angle at which ice cubes are dispensed isn't as good as it could be. Too often the ice cubes fall onto the ground.

Review Title: Refrigerator and the freezer are much too small | Review by

The refrigerator interior is too small and the freezer is much too small and doesn't hold as much as our previous Kenmore. Also its hard to get tall frozen items into. The ice maker is hard to control and "shoots" ice out too fast.

Review Title: We recently purchased this fridge. Nice design and easy to use. No complaints so far. I like the wide shelves for holding trays etc. | Review by

Great people to work with on repairs and service. Design and user friendly are important to me.

Review Title: This product is definitely an upgrade from other similar counter-depth machines | Review by

I am completely satisfied with the Whirlpool Refrigerator. The only comment I have is regarding the ice maker. It is away from the freezer and sometimes has it's own mind. The door storage is a definite improvement and we are happy.

Review Title: Very good but too pricy | Review by


Review Title: Don't buy this refrigerator! | Review by

While some reviewers like this product, I sincerely wish I had not purchased this refrigerator. THE ICEMAKER HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN! Ice goes everywhere regardless of how close you hold the glass to the dispenser! There are only two people in my household and this tiny icemaker cannot keep up with our ice requirements. There is also no provision for maximum ice capacity. My old Kenmore did a great job with ice! Also, the interior is tiny. This is my first new refrigerator since 1966, and I am really unhappy with it!

Review Title: Easy to use. | Review by

We really enjoy having easy access to all the food at eye-level. The bottom freezer drawer opens and closes with ease.

Review Title: Small but useable | Review by

Nice if doors on fridge would close correctly as the door alarm doesn't work and doors never close correctly .

Review Title: Refrig is great for our "full-time" RV living! | Review by

We are full time RVers and finally we have enough refrig/freezer capacity for this lifestyle! What a pleasure it has been to have such ample space in the refrigerator/freezer. Thanks! j

Review Title: Great appliance, need to have a bigger ice maker though | Review by

Bought this refrigerator as it came with our new house, it's a great refrigerator except it has a small ice maker. Spacious and I like the for alarm feature.

Review Title: Serves the purpose | Review by

Unit is in my new Class A. Disappointed in ice maker storage capacity. Plastic shelf thickness seems inadequate.....we'll see. Otherwise a nice unit!

Review Title: Great fetures | Review by

I bought this 2 months ago and I'm so happy with it. All the shelves come out easy for cleaning. There's plenty of room in it. The only thing that I would like is for the door alarm to beep sooner then 5 mins

Review Title: Perfect for a family | Review by

This fridge is a perfect size for my family. My teenagers love the ice and water feature even though the ice feature can sometimes result in ice flying to the floor. I love the way the freezer is designed, it keeps our food organized, visually easy to see and accessible.

Review Title: Excellent | Review by

Love my new refrigerator. The only issue we are having is that we always end up with ice cubes on the floor, but that is probably operator error. Would recommend to any one.

Review Title: Terrible Ice Maker | Review by

Overall this fridge is not great- just OK, The ice maker is it's biggest flaw. It is downright TERRIBLE. Before this fridge, I had a Whirpool side by side fridge with the ice maker in the door. That ice maker was great! Why would they go to this substandard super small design. After owning this fridge for 3 months, here are my pros and cons.

Review Title: Great features and beautiful | Review by

Love my new gold star french door frig. Easy to use and lots of great features.

Review Title: Good purchase | Review by

No real complaints with this unit. It fits our need perfectly and we love the access with the double door fridge and over under design. You can hear the compressor run faintly, but other than that it has been a great purchase for us. We have had it for about 10 months now, which isn't long, but so far no issues.

Review Title: Very disappointed | Review by

One week after initial use the water valve blew out and flooded my kitchen. The ice maker does not make enough ice and when you press the lever for ice it shoots out everywhere regardless of the size of your glass. I would not recommend this product and I will not buy another one.

Review Title: Love it! | Review by

I love the French doors! It is counter depth and fit in perfectly in my new kitchen design! I can find everything so easily!

Review Title: dislike freezer a lot....and the ice maker | Review by

This freezer has 4 area that are split apart with dividers so you cant get a pizza in there easily. Its just silly to have it with the areas the way they are. Also, makes ice extremely slow. Which living in Arizona you need ice! I wouldn't buy this fridge if I had to do it over again.

Review Title: Very good fridge | Review by

Overall very much enjoy our new fridge. It keeps items colder than our previous fridge did. Lots of useful settings and inside is very modular (customizable).

Review Title: Great features | Review by

I have this model in my motorhome, it has been great.

Review Title: not much room | Review by

this model has very little shelf space. the moveable shelf supports take up the needed space for food items.

Review Title: Love it | Review by

It is a really nice fridge. Have not had any problems with it

Review Title: Product has a nice design. | Review by

We like the digital temperature setting display on the front door. The refrigerator and freezer is too small. The ice maker is too small and does not dispense cubes without them falling on the floor. When dispensing water, the pump unit is very loud. The refrigerator came as an option with our new home; otherwise we would not have purchased this particular model. In our previous home, our Whirlpool Gold,Side by Side, which was 7 years old, had a larger ice maker and the water dispensing motor was quieter.

Review Title: Stylish and elegant | Review by

We recently purchased a new home and our whirlpool refrigerator was part of the incentive package through our builder. We love the style and functionality that it offers us. We have used competitor brands in the past but this is everything we expect and want in a refrigerator.

Review Title: Lots of room for all those goodies | Review by

We bought a new RV and this refrigerator was included in it. I do not like it that the refrigerator width drawer necessitates both doors to be open. It would be nice if the drawer lid could be opened part way with only one of the French doors open. I would also like a separate spigot for water and one for ice. Otherwise the refrigerator works quite well.

Review Title: Ice Dispenser and Humidity Control Features Do Not Work Properly | Review by

Give me a KitchenAid or Jennair refrigerator any time (and I have one in another home). Fortunately, this is our home for only 6 months of the year so we will put up with THE ICEMAKER WHICH HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN! The ice flies out regardless of how close you hold the glass to the dispenser! I have to use a 4� to 5� wide container to ensure the ice goes into the container rather than all over my kitchen floor. It also dispenses crushed ice when there is in fact no crushed ice feature.

Review Title: TERRIBLE | Review by


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